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Part two, by popular demand.
Old thread: >>38851617

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I hope you don't mind the MtG slant.

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And I'm out anyway.

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Does anyone have that screencap of the guy who made the "I'd buy that for a dollar!" guy from Robocop? I think it was in Shadowrun

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Here, I made this just 4u

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thanks anon - you're a good guy.

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I don't get it, pls explain

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It was a thread about misconceptions about Magic rules. Most players had those.

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I'm going away for a long time and deleting these after I post them. Take care fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls

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>Not posting the whole one

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This is the only response to Slaaneshis.

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But... Butt...

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No one likes Slaanesh. Not even Slaanesh likes Slaanesh.

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Wait, a rifle does only just a bit less damage than a fucking missile or a tank?

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Yes it does. Guns are dangerous in DBZ.

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Did this use to be chandere's name before she got into MTG?

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Killed Bu's dog and majorly contributed to events which left most of the universe dead. And king Kai if memory serves.

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> And king Kai if memory serves.
Yes? I guess the guns are an attempt to kill ki users.

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Didn't kid goku get shot to no ill effects?

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>Krillin could beat up Superman if he wanted to

Opinion disregarded.

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Krillin has a power level at least in the millions.

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by Bulma in the first episode no less. the only character in the entire series visibly affected by bullets is Buu, and he's made of bubglegum, so it didn't hurt him at all anyway.

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And superman is from a universe without bullshit like "powerlevels".

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What is this, I don't even....
What is this a screenshot of?

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Chapter Master and an accurate number of the guard. I think Creed might have to tactical genius them soon.

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chapter master.
An example of /tg/ getting things done.
in b4 NUH UH IT'S ONE GUY GETTING THINGS DONE guy/tg/ is made up of a collection of one guys, yes.

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DC has power levels, they're just not stated. They are, roughly, street, super, planetary, cosmic, pan-cosmic, and Superman Thought Robot.

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I wonder what the stats for Superman is.

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supermans stats are, and I quote,
"as strong as he needs to be for the sake of the plot"

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Depends on who's writing him, and both when in history, and when in Superman's lifetime.

It varies alot, from "Can just about break the sound barrier" to "Can shatter universes with a single punch and fought the concept of entropy to death".

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Good enough.

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>"Can shatter universes with a single punch and fought the concept of entropy to death".
I take the former happened once or is an exaggeration.

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He'd probably beat Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Demonbane, and Getter Emperor in one go at his prime, but normally you can punch him out pretty reliably with just electric-fisted mech.

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Technically an alternate reality version of Superman called Superboy Prime, but punching reality is a thing that actually happened.

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enough to do this


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it's okay because that one got me

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Superman is completely limitless. He is as strong as the plot demands

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I see.

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We've been over this.

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>people complaining about Goku destroying the kryptonite when it was only by fiat that it was involved in the fight at all.
god I hate some of the fanboys complaining about things that don't fit their world view.

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Jesus Christmas, was that intentionally written to sound like every weeb setting description ever?

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>supermans stats are, and I quote,
"exactly the same as every protagonist ever"

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It makes a lot more sense in the comic, these things are only implied.
For example, the Overvoid is the large white expanse of totality, and the imperfection which becomes the universe is a flaw in the Overvoid, implication is a drop of ink on a paper. The "Ultramenstruum" between Earths? A comics pun, the space on the page which can be trimmed in formatting is called the bleed, and comics come out monthly.

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*le superboy prime voice*

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>those hawkmen in the background
I hate that fucker so fucking much.

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Technically, foreground insets.

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Fucker is still one of my least favorite heros. At least from the JL cartoons. Seriously that guy was a huge faggot in that show. Luckily he didn't show up very much unlike my least favorite founder.

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>"Hey Green Lantern! Wanna be a duo? We totally compliment each other, we're like Blue Beetle and Booster Gold! No? Oh, uh, okay, well, uh, see you on the satellite, I guess?"
>"Hey Hawkgirl! Wanna get married? We're reincarnations of aliens who built the pyramids or some shit! What? Oh, I didn't really pay attention to this episode, so, um, y'know. By the way, how is Solomon Grundy?"

He should call himself Spaghetti Man.

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GL was my least favorite Founder. Maybe they should be a duo so I can hope for their stupid jet-rocket to crash into some random ass planet and then the planet fall into a black hole or the Warp or something.

Seriously, fuck that guy.

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Does anyone have the tale of Elsimore, king of the That Guys?

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>Elsimore, king of the That Guys?

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Wait, he was that guy? I thought he was This Guy forced to be That Guy.

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No, that was just That Guy in a room of That Guys, and deciding to one-up them on a legendary scale.

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/r/ing fantasy steve irving

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Fraid I don't have those, but here, have an unrelated tale of aussie wildlife wrangling.

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Fuck, dropped the pic, here it is.

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>This series of .webms
>Iron Warriors
>Not Iron Hands

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Grant Morrison is a hell of a drug.

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Are we looking for /tg/ funnies or /tg/ epics?

Because brothers and sisters, I got muckle of both.

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Either would be great. I'm bored as fuck waiting for a reply to my university application.

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Space Marines have no jurisdiction over a RT ship.

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What a useless fucking image. It should have ended at the punchline. Everything else is clutter and fluff.

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>inb4 everyone calls this forced and awful

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Not /tg/, from a /co/ amalgam thread, but my god does it always crack me up.

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Oh look, dubs.

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And that's it. Might upload from my meager collection here.

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On an unrelated note, somebody here who has that screencap of the anon who fapped in the Gobi desert?

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Truly one of the best, on pair with this

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see, this is what happen when people who were not from /tg/ cap /tg/'s stories.
But bitching about it won't do shit

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Oh Plas

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To this day, this is the first and only time I have chuckled at baneposting.

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I can't fucking breathe.

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There was more art in that thread.

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>tfw your name uses a W as a vowel

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>tfw Welsh people don't know how words work

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>all those guardsmen
>Defences: Light

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They have become a Hivefleet. And which one has the most? That one or the one above it? Also sorry for the wait. I can't tell how many seconds/minutes you replied for some reason. I may have to get a new computer or wipe my hard drive clear to see if I can get rid of everything that is messing with my computer up.

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That's pretty funny actually

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This actually gives me inspiration for a final boss. A rover type robot, equipped with a basic AI, but with an understanding of its own function and capable of learning, is landed on a planet. Over time, the machine and its systems degrade, eventually resulting in this kind of crash. When the robot reboots, the AI is badly corrupted by missing data and the physical degredation of its circuits.

Much, much time passes, and heroes in a medieval setting set out on a quest to destroy a bizarre mechanical overlord and its army of killbots

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No one likes Slaanesh. Not even Slaanesh likes Slaanesh. Slaanesh is responsible for Rebecca Black, and I heard her "Friday" last night in my little brother's room. I hope Slaanesh and all of the dimwitted, cheap multi-breasted hookers are happy. My baby brother is lost to the Eight Pointed Star now.

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>all of the dimwitted, cheap multi-breasted hookers
We're not ALL Dimwitted...

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But that doesn't excuse the fact that Slaanesh may have corrupted my brother. I think I need a Chaos and heresy survivor support group now. I always knew Slaanesh was one of the greater evils of Chaos.

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>But that doesn't excuse the fact that Slaanesh may have corrupted my brother
Well if it'd had been me that done it, you'd be thanking me for your new Sister and your complementary set of tits...
...Also, possibly a Daemon-possessed Tank Girlfriend.

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What is it with you Slaaneshni types and corrupting everything? And you would have turned him into a tank?

>> No.38919438

>What is it with you Slaaneshni types and corrupting everything?
Well, we are Chaos after all...

>And you would have turned him into a tank?
And no, we didn't turn your brother into a Tank, she came extra.
We Daughters of Peace are the giving sort like that.

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Chaos, while completely and justifiably hated has its lesser evils and greater evils. Khorne is the less evil as he just wants to kill things and nothing else. Nurgle and Malice are probably tied in between which one is more evil. But Slaanesh and Tzeentch? The greater evils. If it wasn't for the fact that Tzeentch is widely considered to be the most malevolent Chaos God, I think Slaanesh after this stunt might have taken that spot.

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>I think Slaanesh after this stunt might have taken that spot.
We just turned your little brother into a Sexy Lady Anon, jeez...

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He's 12, Warpspawn.

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That's not Slaanesh, that's just puberty.

Though sometimes the two are confused.

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So puberty turns 12 year old boys to women?

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Sexy women.

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Emps, please die and come back to life. I need you to fix biology.

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I don't get this. Explain?

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Elves skedaddled out of middle earth, prompting 4th age.

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Nice thanks for that.

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Not like that. Emps was a bad father, and He knows just how bad of a mother he'd make.
>Captcha: nagos
Captcha, is that what Tech Priests call female magos?

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the artist really chose that fucking pose for superman punching REALITY?

>> No.38921202

Well would you prefer his TRUE FORM then?

>> No.38921293

I have no idea what I'm looking at here so I'm going to post a possible fragment of the Emperor's soul that gained a life of its own.

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There is another one, though it's not all that much better.

Though I could see Superboy Prime thinking that's a good "punch." Superboy Prime is basically a basement dwelling manlet if he had all the powers of Silver Age Superman.

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...Do you even Animaniacs?

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>unfunny shit.

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I used to watch that when I could but my choice seems more likely to be true. There are signs that point to yes.
Let's see something out of you, funny man.

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Buu, the dog, and Commander Red.

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Does anyone have the caps for Big Boy Blue?

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That thing is almost as overrated as Edgardo.

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I ran out of general /tg/ funny, moving on to 40K only funny.

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And now I'm out of 40k funnies. I have a few more funny ones and then I'll just post everything I've got.

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that's why his movies bomb and his comics are shit

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>that's why his movies bomb and his comics are shit

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Anyone reading? Anyone want me to stop?

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don't stop i'm still here

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Some HFY mixed up in here.

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>> No.38926365

This one's fucking legit. I'd want to write a short story about if I didn't feel like that be some kind of plagiarizing. I'd really like to see more shit like this though.

>> No.38926413

welp time to fap

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>tfw my one reader left to fap

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Nice catch blanco nino, too bad your ass got sacked.

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>> No.38927221

>mithril mace
isn't mithril like, super light?

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>> No.38927266

I know this thread was supposed to be funny but I will always post this.

>> No.38927301

I haven't cried in so long ;_;
Manly tears are being shed

>> No.38927497

The worst part is this dumb nigger tried to play Mechwarrior Online and managed to shit up the /vg/ general for it for about a week.

>> No.38927503


I know man, I know. It was written long before he died but it still hits hard.

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>> No.38927775

What if the Alt universes female versions of them and their male versions met up and got funky?

Like Horus and... Helga? Magnus and Magda? or whatever the fuck...

>> No.38927908

why is it raining in my room?

>> No.38928173

Excuse me while I sob like hell for the next hour.

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>I am Golem 6b, MK II
>today, I saw a manthing with hair on his neck
>his eyes were leaking
>is he watering the ground?
>maybe he wants to make a garden of his own?
>he is inside mancave of concrete, no garden in here
>I make a new door for him, through one of the walls
>I lead him outside
>I hand him seeds and dig him a hole
>he doesn't seem to understand, so I help him with the seeds and then put the earth back
>he has stopped leaking
>does he not like garden?
>Golem 6b does not understand
>I leave him to stare at his lightbox

>I am Golem 6b, MK II
>today, I visited the man with hair of a bear on his neck
>he has closed the door I made with new concrete, perhaps he needs a new door made?
>he sees me coming and shows me where the seed we planted was
>now there is a flower
>he waters it without using his eyes, maybe the leaking is inefficient
>Golem 6b is happy, for I have helped someone have a garden

>I am Golem 6b, MK II
>the first garden is gone, built over by menpeople
>but I have more gardens
>everywhere I go, I plant them
>I walk and walk, round and round
>sometimes, my gardens have disappeared by the time I get back round
>that is okay, there is always more space to plant gardens
>when I am lucky, people have kept them alive for me
>when I am really lucky, people have made them their gardens

>I am Golem 6b, MK II and I am alive
>I am Golem 6b, MK II and life is good

>> No.38929216


Superboy Prime is a fucking tool, so it's actually super appropriate the second time you read it through.

>> No.38930206

Went back and capped this because everything else I have has already been posted...

>> No.38930321

Just sayin', this is from /a/, we probably had some /tg/ denizens there though.

>> No.38930596

Muther-fucker, get that Nurgle-tier shit outta here

>> No.38932673

>But Slaanesh and Tzeentch? The greater evils
You still need to do thing to be evil. Since Slaneesh acomplished nothing...

>> No.38932775


Bome must join the rank of the elect with Old Man Henderson and Los Tiburon.

>> No.38932844

>All hail Lord Be'lacock

>> No.38933499


>> No.38934379

Well I'll be, new content. Don't see that often these days.

>> No.38934451

She's not evil just because of that. She's evil because he's the living God of rape.

>> No.38935266

This is how you make a BBEG everyone wants to kill. Fuck.

>> No.38935273

And ? If you are the god of pain and murder, but that you spend all your time chilling out with pizza, are you bad ?
The obvious answer is no.
Tzeench is plotting.
Khorne is killing.
Nurgle is recycling (via mutating things).
And Slaneesh is getting beaten the shit out of her by the three other on a daily basis

>> No.38935338

Yeah but she likes it, the slut.

>> No.38935351

>Slaneesh is getting beaten the shit out of her by the three other on a daily basis
Mostly by Khorne though

Also, I agree, Nurgle is not evil. Calling him currupting is bullshit, all gods are corrupting (turning people into blood lusted/ thinking/ sexually deviant people)
He is indeed the god of recycling shit (Good nurgle, you remember ?)

>> No.38935377

>turning people into thinking people

>> No.38935420

So that's why Slaanesh doesn't get much attention from GW?
He sure does love testing out new plagues on humans when he could be giving the Eldar a gift to cheer them up.

>> No.38935452

Bullshit, the only Chaos God that could be reasonably good is Khorne. Tzeentch is a jerk that will play with his subordinates or back you into a wall where the only way of survive is to offer your soul. Nurgle fanatics follow him after they have been infected. Slaneesh drags her followers into the deepest of depravities. Khorne only demands blood, and basically anyone bloodthirsty enough to start following Khorne was already like that before becoming a Chaos cultist.

>> No.38935589

Fem-emp makes my privates feel funny. Tomboyish, serious Christmas cake.

But she feels like she'd be too preoccupied with work to have time for love or relationships.

Hell, just look at the family situation.

>> No.38935606

Stop believing in imperium's propaganda, nurgle would never do that
>Don't like Khorne for killing people
>respect him for not preying on the weak
Nurgle doesn't kill people, he helps them survive. From his point of view, he is good

>> No.38935644

and go back when you are up to date

>> No.38935695

stop ! thou are praising the sig fug here !

>> No.38935793

Here, I even got it out for you:
>According to the Tome of Decay for Black Crusade, Nurgle sees his role in the cosmos as a sort of galactic recycler; Chaos rises when life grows so older that order stagnates and decays, meaning its job is to consume and destroy everything, leaving abundant rot for new verdant life to be born from, clean and pure until it ages enough to call Chaos back into existence. Nurgle's job, as he sees it, is to euthanize the galaxy as quickly and as painlessly as is possible, and as far as he's concerned, the galaxy is well past the time where it's time for him to step in, clear it all out and make it into fertiliser to sow the next age of the galaxy.
>Ironically, if this is true, it means that Nurgle and Tzeentch should work together much more harmoniously; Nurgle clears out the old and gives Tzeentch room to create the new. After Nurgle cleanses the galaxy, Tzeentch coaxes life to take shape again and gives rise to the next cycle. It also suggests that this is why Nurgle and Tzeentch are fighting; the God of Change is not doing his job properly, instead perpetuating the status quo for whatever reason rather than letting Nurgle clear it all out so he can start over. It could also be that Tzeentch is still helping him, since his plans might appear to maintain the status quo but really be the seeds of final collapse; as happens with many cases of stagnation, the measures that seem to hold up a society or system eventually become too many and it all collapses at once.

>> No.38935879

Anon, stop. My tear ducts cannot be abused in this way.

>> No.38935974

Doesn't beat having this awesome guy at your side.

>> No.38936008

Crap, fucked up the upload

>> No.38936192

Nurgle is keeping Isha hostage. Some Eldar just wanted their mother back, but Nurgle didn't a family reunion.

>> No.38936584

>The commissar hat
I love that touch right there.

>> No.38939842

I was in that thread!

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