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>A girl with a mask over her mouth begs for you to kill her before losing consciousness

wat do

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Throw live grenades at her until she wakes up. Simple. Need to inquire further.

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If I take the mask off, would it kill her?

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delete this

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I ask her why, while the rest of the party moves in a circle around. The wizard and the cleric do lore rolls for the mask.

> if we have to tie her down because the mask makes her prone to demonic possession, I'm gonna punch the gm so hard.

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Put a rug over her and beat the fucking rug with a baseball bat so you dont get blood on your shoes

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Sorry, as a principle I don't do what strange people wearing masks tell me to.

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You understand she is unconscious, right? Does your character talk to bricks often?

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A man with a strange mask tells you not to kill her

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You know, I came to this thread to say some things, but I have nothing further to add to this.

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She's a big girl.

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For you

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What are you, some kind of anti-brickite?

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I don't speak to bricks, I throw them, words are a useless step to giving them what they want.

They want freedom, and flight gives them that feeling, they want to cause pain to those stupid enough to stand in front of a flying brick, I give them these things.

I am the Brickssiah.

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>tfw when her being unconscious makes it easier for me to gather information

Time to rip thoughts from her head and see what happens.

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>not building with bricks
>fusing them to become one with the Brickhouse and become an unmovable force of the galaxy

Guide them to salvation anon

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>Not adding porcelain and becoming the Brick Shithouse

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Bring her to her mommy.
Everybody lives!

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Wow rude. Off to the rape cave with you.

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Care to join us?

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Kill her. If she has to beg for death I assume there is a very good reason for it and I don't want to be around when it becomes apparent.

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Please no, Bane.

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Please yes

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Drag her to town and trade her for a loaf of bread.

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Turns out she's just a superstitious peasant girl and thought the grackle's call was an omen of painful death. The passed out from running while having a panic attack, and the mask was supposed to act as a charm against hearing grackles. You killed someone over an old wives' tale.

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>an omen of painful death
But the "superstition" was 100% right.

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give her a dozen eggs in a bowl.
I don't want to know her story, but she'll have to eat those when she wakes up.

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Call 911

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>why are you doing this

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the obvious question is

Why does she wear the mask?

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Kill her.
She smells of Chaos.

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it'd be extremely painful

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>building with bricks
I was a boy, once

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Kill her, I mean she asked nicely.

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I don't know why, but all the Bain jokes didn't even occur to me before I clicked this. And yet I am so happy that /tg/ wasn't asleep at the switch.

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Drag her to my inquisitor in hopes of impressing him just so he can shoot her in the head just like those eldar.

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I have never, ever, seen a /thread delivered this fast or conclusively. I'm fucking impressed.

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She's probably sick with the plague, best put her out of her misery before she infect us.

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I ask her if getting caught was part of her plan.

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Kill her

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