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/tg/ humor thread

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My folder was deleted recently, so I have a very small amount of stuff, We need some more posters here.

Come on comrades, Show your glorious history

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>quest are on topic
I actually chortle every time

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The horror of supermodel blowjob island was a THING.

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/co/ is like /tg/ -lite.

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and /x/ and we used to have feelings for each other... i guess...

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/tg/ is the master of trolling

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I swear to god carlos...

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Hey! He delivered my cousin's baby when she was trapped on top of a ferris wheel!

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Old, But good, and insane.

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>spheres of power

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Most naturally our human friends get a mention.

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So much terror... so much nope.

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It helps if you think like a sidereal...

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Because someone's gotta administer lawful hot dickings.

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How has this not been posted yet? It's like mandatory for all greentext and screencap threads.

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>Pity song lyric about an old man dying in his bed...

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Hot Dickings... just GIVING 'em away.

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Batman has the best rogues, outside of spider-man.

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I have this, but i've never read the whole thing, anyone want to summarize it for me? I'll keep dumping until then...

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40k at it's best.

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Worst People You See Anywhere.

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Doc Aquatic, because furniture needs rearranging.

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Dr. Hobo?

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I don't know why i saved this thread about a cowboy...

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I think we redid all of hamlet in Orkspeak once...

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Who are we going to call?

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Don't play Russian Roulette with /tg/, we cheat.

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Just a little off the top...

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Hmm, what was this about?

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Yep. I have the rest

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Ohh dwarf fort mods... so painful.

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Ugh, why is all this text so LONG?

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The Mutant Battle Koalas are what really sold it to me.

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Everyone should remember their first.

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Holy fuckshit man
That's some dedication right there

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Oh gods my chairs why?

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Well, bored now, I'm gonna let someone else post.

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All my fucking yes

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I only have a few

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>tfw woman are a meme
>Tfw not /tg/

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Why most DMPC are bad

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OhtheIrony, the game

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A sentinel and a dreadnought were walking together before a battle when the sentinel pilot said, "Dude, open-topped? AV10? 2 Hull Points? This thing is a walking coffin!"

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ID4chan keep most of the good ones

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Not /tg/ again, but i find this shit hilarious

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That FUCKING guy

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Wow. Just, wow.

I guess that's what you get for all that insinuation, you end up with some insemination.

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Is the name of Strelinkov known here ?
'cause he's a fucking legend

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le weird raep fetish

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Captain Hercules Lucullus Skywalker Master-Commander Poirot

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I'd follow this DM anywhere

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How Feminazis can be killed and why

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Had to post this because reasons

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dem trips shall point the end of my path. Another anon will show the way.

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bump for more stories

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PC plans from /k/

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Does anyone have the image from the first reply in that thread, I can't find it on archive.

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Pretty sure you'd die of heavy metal poisoning before you'd die of radiation. Heavy metals, which Uranium is, are highly toxic substances in their own right. They do some bad shit to your skin, flesh, and bones.

Don't eat heavy metals. Don't eat radioactive things. Don't eat radioactive heavy metals.

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>>/co/ is like /tg/ -lite

no. not even close. it's rapidly turning into a cesspool of shit. avoid.

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My... Cow... Is a lovely... Helicopter

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>Cleaner was a Serbian

Of course he was...

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Dedication to the game right there, I tell you what.

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Statement from my l5r game last night: you can't grapple the ground.

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That's only justification for off-topic shitposting. Fuck this image, fuck whoever capped it, fuck this doublenigger that's posted it, and fuck the original poster for being so blindly cancerous.

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Not with that attitude you can't!

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You say that like quests aren't a thing.

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Hear hear.

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Reminds me of the /b/ version of 'i know that ass'.

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But that's wrong. This is how we get videogame threads and ERPfags

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>1 block
>900 feet
>medieval fantasy

How unrealistic.

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Here's a good one I picked up just earlier today.

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And here's the sequel story.

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This absolutely vaporized my sides.

As a reward, take this story of a terrible GM and an absolutely wonderful PC.

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two amazing comic artist/writers get on 4chan and give OP's niece presents.

With that said, this is TG, not /co/ but we appreciate what you've done for us.

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remember this, /tg/?

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I'm a bit surprised no one's posted this one yet.

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Why hasn't anyone posted the rape factory yet?

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Another story from the same guy.

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I'll give you a couple I remember.

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And here's another.

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Solid Discworld reference, though a little on the nose for me.

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>Serbian Exterminator who used The Fist of God Sepcial
by god, i think i may have had the same guy do the same thing for me.

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Not exactly humor, but has anyone got the story of the Legend of the Five Rings group where a new player's character ran from a fight that ended in a TPK, and the rest of the group spent a whole campaign arc setting up an elaborate scheme to shame him in front of the Emperor?

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So, that means the storyteller's female, right?

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>I Have No Dick, and I Must Whack It
a novel

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No, anon. Clearly this is a case of M-Preg, which is very common these days. You should be more inclusive of these kinds of things.

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And now I have a boner.

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The last post in the first column is cut off.

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Why did I never heard of this ?

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The same guy is also responsible for the All Guardsmen Party posts.

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>All Guardsmen Party posts
post it anon !

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not /tg/, but hilarious as fuck

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What the hell does any of that mean?

Like, is that for real or a joke?

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The saga is ongoing and I don't have screencaps for all of it, but he has a Google Drive page where he dumps the stories.


And here is one more of his other tales.

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>smoothie of water
How does that even work?

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Has anyone ever tried to contact this "Pete Evans" about this article? It really is pretty baffling.

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I had assumed this was a troll of some kind, but apparently he's that far up his own ass. More recent articles have him spouting paleo nonsense.

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>weight watchers ambassador
tfw you notice it

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I'm more baffled by the fact that he has a "homemade" coconut. Like, you can grow coconuts, there are organic coconuts, but how the fuck do you make one from scratch?

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>martial artist character whose power comes from activated almonds

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DAoT tech?

>> No.38869734


Must be. Or he has the power to somehow manifest coconuts from the raw nutrients, building one from scratch at the molecular level.

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And he's not sharing it with the world. But how do you activate almonds?

>> No.38869815


Apparently it's done by just soaking them in water, which somehow "activates" them by... Fuck the reasoning in his article, I guess he thinks that soggy things are just easier to digest than dry things.

Alkalized water seems like he just buys water that's a bit higher on the pH scale... And then he mixes it with apple vinegar, accomplishing nothing.

As for "cultured vegetables" what is that? I know cultured foods tend to be stuff like yogurt and things with live bacterial cultures, so it's just vegetable yogurt or rotting vegetables?

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Or do the vegetables just appreciate Mozart?

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Vegetable yogurt. But how did he get the emu meatballs?

>> No.38869872


I found a tomato that appreciated Strauss once, but that was technically a fruit, not a vegetable.

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Apparently it's just ridiculously expensive to buy, out of the budget for most people. It's also exceptionally lean meat. I know some people farm them, but it's not exactly something you'll find on grocery shelves.

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But they won the war. I'm sure this is violating the treaty.

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And here's my first.

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Holy shit, Shoggy was motherfucking AWESOME

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>tfw only have uncultured vegetables

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This thing is so good I want to rewrite it as a novel or something

>> No.38870291

Hate to break the fun but it's probably intended as a homemade (coconot, carub, yadda yadda) muffin.

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Nah, he's right. Take it as constructive criticism.

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You realize that it is not at all real, right?

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>Guy talking about a story being amazing
>He wants to rewrite it
>Other anon try to start an argument because said story isn't real
Calm your tits, this is /tg/, not /b/

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>guy who always posts Edgardo and pretends it's amazing.

Shouldn't you stick to upvotes on reddit? It's kind of sad when you do it here, and pretty lame that you think that story belongs in a humor thread.

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>no fun allowed

>> No.38870496

Although I have to agree, if this is a /tg/ humor thread it doesn't exactly fit. Post funny stories

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accompanying picture

>> No.38870520

Fuck off, m8. We should endeavour for a higher kind of fun, not a patchwork series of lies with poor pacing and heavy shonen influences.

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>oh no, I got called out on being a faggot! I'd better dank meme for damage control!

>> No.38870527

>guy who always spergs out whenever certain stories are posted but especially Edgardo and Sir Bearington

>> No.38870559

Apparently things are supposedly funnier if you repeat things in big letters and add reaction images.

>> No.38870572

And before you start bitching, your post implies that I am any of these guys (or both)

>> No.38870657

>implying it's only one person, and that it's spergy to call someone's taste shit on 4chan
Have you seen this image?

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Post your names, birth dates, and social security numbers. Also, at least one credit card number, and we'll believe you.

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Don't forget that orc wrestler story.
Believe it or not, posting the three most common stories over and over again gets kinda boring.

>> No.38870741

They are newfags or trolls pretending to be one, stop embarassing yourself

>> No.38870753

I don't even like Edgardo or the Orc Wrestler stories, but at this point I'd like to see it posted once and for people to bite their tongues. I'm tempted to just post them someday to get a rise out of someone.

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that's a good one

>> No.38870891

This makes me think of Pratchett. T-T

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>Dagoth Gares pronounced a curse on me and now I have the corprus disease

>> No.38871184

Thi-this is funneh

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Afte the end of times this is just sad

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Robert Paulson

>> No.38871950

>wait for almost one hour
>no new story
come on /tg/, I'm sure you can do better than that !

>> No.38871981

His name is Robert Paulson.

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This would have been so much better without the mess at the bottom. It doesn't add anything to the story.

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Is this new?

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Fuck I miss Strelinkov

>> No.38873923

And cultured vegetables are just fermented vegetables like sauerkraut, but using other veggies instead of just cabbage.

>> No.38873979

Does anyone have the cap for Sir Dick Cummington?

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The tale of a wizard that weaponized a flying fortress and took on a god.

Or something, I haven't read this in a long time and just kinda skimmed it right now.

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how the fuck

>> No.38875916

i know some of this reaction is just mockery but in case it isn't... kimchi is a good example of "cultured vegetables".

Things like sauerkraut, kimchi, chow-chow, pickles... fully organic and "raw" versions of these products are typically considered "cultured vegetables"

Don't get me wrong, the dude is still a fucktard. But the listing of his diet is poorly written and easily misinterpreted

>> No.38876204

This guy has the right of it, it is literally my family's business to make this stuff, and if you do it well shits pretty good.

>> No.38876366


>implying some video games aren't /tg/-related

>> No.38880069

A /tg/ related videogame is one based off of a boardgame or TRPG. Those threads are never about those.

Just cause it's fantasy flavoured,does not make it /tg/.

I know /v/ is a shit place to talk about videogames and you'd rather do it here but at least TRY to make it on topic.

>> No.38884319

Fucking classic.

>> No.38885389

BTW Is there an anime about tabletop rpg?

>> No.38885442

There's a manga called Quick Start, I remember a tripfag was scanlating it for us, but I haven't head from him in aeons.

>> No.38886700

As in, people playing a tabletop?
none that i know.
based off of tabletop systems?
1d4chan wiko/list of recommended anime

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>> No.38886947

Rolled 14 (1d20)


>> No.38887021

As a fellow mahjong nerd, that dude is 100% not wrong.

Also you can feel a difference between a half-decent home-made project and a professionally made one, much like a dinner table

Also professional tables have cool shit like little drawers to hold your points

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>> No.38887387

I've been on 4chan too long. I kept reading that as Nigger instead of Rigger.

>> No.38887678

/co/ used to be cool. And then Generals happened. And tumblr happened. And /pol/ happened. And that was really all it took, it's fucking garbage now. Still pretty good for recs though.

>> No.38887828

all coconuts are organic. where the hell would you get an inorganic coconut?

>> No.38887885

that image only applies outside of an anonymous image board where you can pretend to be different people.

>> No.38888095

I've seen organic gluten free Himalyan Pink salt advertised on television.

All organic foods mean is that there are no man-made fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals added/used during the growing process.

Though putting 'gluten free' on everything (like meat and vegetables and SALT) is pushing things way too far.

>> No.38888108

Warmachine powered by love sounds like an excellent campaign.

>> No.38888521

The day /tg/ made me not hate drow

>> No.38888550

Nice angle.

>> No.38888555

i am not turning my head sideways to read that goddammit.


Goddammit I did it anyways.

>> No.38888674

Sorry I rotated it that way because it makes it easier to read on my phone.

>> No.38889398


You are not the first to think about rewriting it.
It wouldn't be hard to improve on the original writing.

>> No.38889413


>> No.38889469

>Hey Angry, I'm dad

>> No.38889651

I didn't think it was possible, but this is worst than the original. It's like all the shit in the first one crystallized together into a solid turd gem.

>> No.38889780


To be fair the one on the right is far more eye catching, and just from thumbnails I'm more likely to click on it.

>> No.38889971

Yes, but to be unfair; you're a dumb dumb stupid head.

>> No.38890086

>using worst than
I'd give you explosive wormblosis if I could find it.

Instead I'll post a short screencap for others to enjoy

>> No.38890350

You mean this one?

>> No.38890424

Damnit I love that one.
I laugh every damn time I read it.
Although, I never caught it says wommblosis before. huh

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>> No.38890557

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>> No.38890805

bullshit, i got to a specific barber here in my city primarily because they are the only shop i know of that is conscious of my needs as a practitioner of the paleo-vegan-crossfit-almond-activation diet

>> No.38891982

It was only a matter of time before someone posted that in reply to "I know that bulge"

>> No.38892192

We have also a /d/ version but it's more of the same.

>> No.38892292

Do you ever see an idea and think it's brilliant but then feel sad because you'd feel too guilty stealing it?

>> No.38892474

Just in case you wanted an AUDIO version.

>> No.38892487

I think this post could be used to respond to most /tg/ posts and still be accurate, if hilarious.

As in:

>Do you ever see an idea and think it's brilliant but then feel sad because you'd feel too guilty stealing it?

>We have also a /d/ version but it's more of the same.

>To be fair the one on the right is far more eye catching, and just from thumbnails I'm more likely to click on it.

>We have also a /d/ version but it's more of the same.

Your results may vary.

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You can't steal ideas man, ideas are like fire. You can light one candle off of another without diminishing its flame. Also you can really fuck shit up if you don't control them. You can steal credit but its not like that matters with a tabletop character.

>> No.38892606

that angle

>> No.38893080

I know, but I'd want to add something to make it uniquely mine, but I can't think of anything that wouldn't just detract from that perfect character.

>> No.38893118

>> No.38893234

Too late

>> No.38893293


>> No.38894833

thread is kill ?

>> No.38895095

I still lurk there for the occasional Hellboy story time.

>> No.38895123


>> No.38895165

You can just hear them saying it

>> No.38895212


>> No.38895243

I remember this thread. It was a good thread.

>> No.38895861

please continue

>> No.38895944

Image limit reached.

>> No.38895949

Somebody have the pic where there is all the race of war40k and the psycological description on user of each race ?

>> No.38896567

new thread when ?

>> No.38896666




>> No.38897017

This one is my new favorite.

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