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"The creatures surge forward, the air filling with unnatural high pitched shrieks as the advance. Their black carapaces shine in the dark and their teeth and claws gleam like naked swords.

Roll for initiative."

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Xenomorphs, in my campaign? That would be fucking awesome.

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"Game is challenging and very potentially deadly," does not mean, "GM hates you."
I would say he either hates you or is completely incompetent as a GM if you never fear for a PC death. Or you're playing some kind of system that satires 70-80s action movies for a change of pace.

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>be in a 5e game with my 3 mates
>get into a standard level 1 encounter
>bandit hideout
>8-10 bandits, yo
>kicking ass as 1st level monk
>those unarmed bonus attacks tho
>engagement ends
>DM frustrated the fight was not as challenging as intended
>tells me I can't use quarterstaff versatile for 1d8
>rules clearly state I can
>so do the devs

wat do?

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You know i did deal with that shit a few weeks ago, it was terrible, they busted my robot assistant to bits.
And digested most of my armor by proximity.

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have you tried not playing d&d?

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>You are cursed with constipation.
>You must make constant rolls of under 2X endurance to successfully take a dump. It costs fatigue to try.
>If you fail checks for 5 or more consecutive days, health penalties.
>Fail for long enough, and you die.
>No, deathcurses never wear off. You need a countercurse.

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>MFW all of them fucked off from the Milky Way during the dark age, made babies in another galaxy, ate said galaxies, and later returned as Tyranids.

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If they were the perfect organism before why'd they switch it up?

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Listen to dm

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Tell him to use harder enemies.
And it's like your first fucking encounter, it's not the epic showdown between you and the big bad. Players need to have the easy encounters, otherwise they'll feel hesitant about every single time they enter combat.

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Crossing Xenomorphs with Crysalids.

That't it, I've shit myself.

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So how are the rest of your intestines and bladder?

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He doesn't hate you, he's just shit and taking it out on you. The answer isn't to tell him this or just assume he'll underrated himself, just find another DM.

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>Zerg instead of a Tyranid
You must be fucking new here.

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>Using a normal Xenomorph
>Not using the thing that creates nightmares by existing

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When the Dragon has a hoard of ceramic coins that are now worthless due to the empire that created them having collapsed.

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These fusions started off on /co/ and /v/

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>Playing Magical Burst
>Go through utter hell to get the 13 Oblivion Seeds needed to make a wish.
>This is it, we've done it. We're gonna get our wish, and when we make it we'll have fulfilled our end of this pact to fight eldritch abominations. Freedom and wish, here we come!
>Tsukaima (magic companion animal) speaks up.
>"Good job, you now have everything needed to make your wish. So... which one of of you is the sacrifice?"
>"I said 13 Oblivion seeds was the only thing you didn't yet have for your wish. I never said it was the only thing required."

MFW I realized the GM was going to make our party kill one of our own.
MFW I want to call the GM out on being a dick, but can't because twists like this are kind of what Magical Burst is supposed to be ABOUT.

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You must be new to the hobby. The Tyranids were very different before the Zerg existed.

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Sacrifice the mascot.

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This anon gets it.

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Sacrifice Tsukaima. Never said it had to be one of the PCs.

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He keeps telling you "I hate you. Please leave. Why do you keep coming back?" and then calling the police and taking out a restraining order.

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My Star Wars FFG Jedi game, riding high on the generally easy quests I've given for the past two months, will likely not expect them to show up in the Star Wars universe.

But they will.

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Had to be another magical girl. The Oblivion Seeds served to amplify their magic enough to grant (almost) any wish possible, but consumed their soul in the process.

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So the sacrifice goes god mode for a short bit?

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Oh my god, yes. Turn that word twisting around on that little bitch.

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i think it'd be scarier with the crysalids empty glowing eyes

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Draw straws. Only way to be fair. Cheat

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That's a fucking Shadow. Holy shit, that makes so much sense.

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That's fucking retarded. Dragons hoard gold and gems, not fiat currency. Does he think if there was a dragon in Mexico it'd be content to wallow in a pile of fucking pesos? I don't think so.

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curse aside has anyone played with DMs this hardcore?
Like RPing random maladies or minor injuries that left undealt with could in theory kill you (assuming semi-realistic medieval setting)

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I have, but it's honestly not very fun. Most of the time it's just an excuse for the GM to kill you at randumb. It does very little to enhance the RP at all.

I As a GM I'll use diseases and infections and stuff in my RPs, but I always give the players a way to treat them. If they clean the wounds and wrap them for example, I'm not gonna go "LOL GANGRENE, TIME TO AMPUTATE, FAGGOT!". Anything they can't prevent with simple first-aid is probably a big plothook, like Lycanthropy or something.

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I'm in such a campaign. Wounds are really nasty since healing takes time and crit fail on the healing roll causes infections. (Then again, with the system, crit fail on the healing rolls is simply not possible if your character is resting in a bed for the day. But if you try to bring an injured PC to a fight then the odds of wounds reopening or infection increases.)

GM actually had to change the rules a bit because of how deadly the system was.

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"Roll to persuade the innkeeper to give you information."
Roll Fails. DM makes it obvious at this point the innkeeper is so annoyed with us it would be impossible to get any information from him even on a natural 20.

We all go to bed.

"You wake hours later to heat and screams, the town is burning to the ground around you and hoards of undead are ripping the women and children of the village apart, devouring their still warm flesh. Too bad you couldn't get the information from the innkeeper to prevent this."

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Magical Burst works better if the GM hates you. If your characters aren't going through horror-game levels of psychological trauma, you're doing it wrong.

It's almost like S&M in a way. It's just not the same if the top can't convince you that he actually enjoys making you feel a little bit of pain.

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Did he actually give you any other way to get this information?
If yes, then it's your fault. If not, then it's really just the will of Random Number God; blame everything on him.

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won't you soon have more damage than that with unarmed anyway?

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Why does it turn pitch black? Two of the three original parts are brightly coloured.

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Xenomorph's colors are dominant.

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>Not describing drops of horrible green fluid dripping from their teeth and eating away at the floor beneath.

6/10, DM has potential, but needs to work on his descriptions.

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I have been sorely tempted to have a dragon whose horde is entirely made up of sentimental items of little to no monetary value. Not entirely sure how my players would react to that.

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I like that idea.

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Glad to have helped, lol.

Anyway, they're called OBLIVION Seeds for a reason. How foolish we were to think using something named after an inescapable void would be safe... OF COURSE you need to give it something in return TT__TT

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Leaving this world is not as scary as it sounds.

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>hoards the most valuable possessions and precious memories of others
If D&D, bonus points for having him/her be a deranged silver dragon that gets close to people, learns what they value, then kills them and takes mementos for his/her sociopathic serial killer hoard

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ECL 15 game, party is hired to investigate a haunted mansion.

We go in, place is larger on the inside than the outside, we cant get out. Okay so we head to the first room. DM says theres a bunch of cryptic lettering, alphabets and a body strung up between 2 pillars in the middle of the room.

Everyone fails the knowledge rolls with pretty high DCs. Absolutely NOTHING happens for ages as everyone talks to each other, pokes around the room, but otherwise does NOTHING whatsoever. DM refused to give hints and just sits there watching us narrate our actions to each other.

I am a ranger with good fort/ref saves. I try to get the plot moving by cutting down the body. DM says i triggered an epic trap with a save or die DC of something like 38. I fail. He cites the "occasionally some encounters will be tougher than normal" rule in the DMG. As far as i know the campaign didnt go anywhere because nobody dared to do anything, nobody could figure out anything and the DM refused to deviate from his carefully prepared plan and just sat there watching them do nothing.

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Similar Story

>Playing an RP in an eastern/japan/china'ish setting.
>All of us are agents for the lord of our country, like ninja, but not the retarded Naruto kind.
>Get assigned to spy on a provincial lord
>"OK cool, easy mission, we don't even have to kill the guy...yet."
>While we're preparing, GM has us visit our Lord's weaponsmith and presents us with all sorts of weapons and badass killing-things, right down to ridiculous assassin creed style wrist blades and stuff
>For the most part, we decline. Like we take a few pieces of jewelry that could be used as weapons and stuff, but that's it. This is a stealth mission, we're just there to gather information, we don't wana get stopped at the gate with a bunch of weapons and stuff.
>On the road, the plot turns into ludicrous combat encounters where we're severely outmatched every time
>Clearly we were meant to murder-hobo our way to the city instead of playing it smart
>Everyone except 2 characters died in random bandit raids and monster attacks on the road.
>JFC, how do peasants get from place to place when it's this dangerous out?

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>tfw your GM basically made a chart thing similar to this for a monster that one of the party members encountered
>tfw it was more Xenomorph + Siam from Silent Hill: Homecoming + The Pale Man from Pan's Labyrinth
It felt so Silent Hill-y

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GMs who go after you character's siblings, even when they're nowhere near the action and have nothing to do with it. Sometimes I'm tempted to go a little edge-lord and say my character's siblings are dead or they have non just cos of GMs doing this.

I don't hate the idea itself, and it could probably work pretty well in a game like Magical Burst (since a few people were talking about earlier), but in typical fantasy campaigns I've found it all too often becomes a way for the GM to shit on your character while there's nothing you can do about it. Might as well put a death flag on them as soon as you mention them in your character's bio, because if the GM hates you they're gonna get kidnapped and tortured and sold into slavery and killed even if they're on another fucking continent.

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He captured in a "cutscene" my 7th level sorcerer and put him in jail, then made him "escape" and face a vampire all by himself in a gladiator like match, after dealing like 500 HPs of damage to that vampire my PC died because he ran out of spells.

Supposedly my character was OP, not the druid with a polar bear, neither the cleric, no, my sorcerer because "too many spells!!"

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Who says you need to make that wish?

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Yeah... thats sorta where the session ended. We couldn't decide on anyone to sacrifice, so at the moment our characters are still stuck in their pact (which only ends when we make a wish).

Surely nothing bad will come from us stockpiling huge amounts of Oblivion Seeds because we're too horrified to use them.

JFC I know exactly what you mean here and agree 100%.

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Then find another way to make a wish.

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If the PCs success on investigating something hinges on a single roll, that's the GMs fault entirely.

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Get the pact in writing, then hire a lawyer to look through the terms and find a loophole.


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Occasionally we also use them to kill PCs.

t. DM who once turned a PC's younger brother into a walking bomb

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>Does he think if there was a dragon in Mexico it'd be content to wallow in a pile of fucking pesos?

An extremely nationalistic dragon won't abid foreign currency for its horde. If the local currency drops in value, it'll simply devastate all nations with superior wealth until its nation is back as #1.

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>inb4 you wish her back

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That's where the "almost" qualifier comes in. The dead are dead. A soul that's passed from this world is beyond the reach of everything, even wishes.

There was another game where revival wishes happened. The bodies were moving, sure... but the thing animating them wern't actually their souls, even if they were pretty convincing fakes.


>MFW the ones who had been revived that game were the players (revived by a group of NPC Magical Girls looking for magical "substitutes" for their pacts so they could get out of their own obligations to fight the baddies) and that's how the story started. They didn't even know until they slowly found evidence of it. Oh the great psychological funtimes that were had as they couldn't find anyone they knew, the city wasn't quite how they remembered, and their memories were out of date or just plain wrong for no reason that they could explain.
>TFW they discovered their own obituaries.
>TFW they realized their entire personalities were completely manufactured by magic and weren't real.

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>implying that won't be par for the course when I finally run that AvP campaign I'm planning
The PCs aren't even Colonial Marines, they're a salvage team. This is going to be fun.

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those barbs on their tails look a lot more phallic than I remember.

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They look mildly annoyed that those aliens are trying to hug them in a very persuasive way.

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I told my DM that once.

He proceeded to prepare dungeons with puzzles that requited info to solve.

Info we only had on succesfull knowledge checks that no party member had.

This happend three fucking times after I explained that to him.

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You are now aware that the alien is literally a walking phallic symbol.

Everything about it is a phallic symbol.

It represents rape.

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Helmets don't emote very well.

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Friendly reminder that no matter how bad it is, it could always be worse.

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> Dragon is unusually aggressive and reckless
> Narrowly defeat
> Lair is a cave, perpetually dusty from all the coke/heroin/powdered drug of the dragon's choice it wallowed in on a daily basis, mixed with the corpses of drug mules used as tribute

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if you mean in ten levels, then sure

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But what followers would a Mexican dragon have to do it's petty tasks?

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I've got Xeno variants in two of the three campaigns I'm running.

In my Dark Heresy campaign, they're the result of Tyranid DNA being combined with that of a species inspired be a few of HR Giger's rejected sketches for Alien.

In my World of Darkness campaign, they're a type of malign spirit; but they look less like the version which made it into the movie and more like Giger's awesomely fucked up paintings.

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>Implying EVERYONE didn't already know this

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My character has a little brother who serves as a morality anchor and student figure for him, but is back in his city of origin.
I have a sinking feeling the DM is going to kill him, and when he does, my character is going to unleash rage the likes of has never before seen in the realm the game takes place in.
I have a feeling he's going to go total edgelord before being slapped back into reality and being forced to face what he's done.

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Have you ever seen a fucking aliens movie?

>> No.38852092

Because they weren't perfect, they were just the closest thing to perfect humanity had encountered at the time.

Tyranids >>>>>>>>>>>>> Xenomorphs. They're so much better it's not even funny.

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Colonial muhrines.

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I can't play the game anymore because of the fear it put into me. I think it may have been a team killer too.

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>It has a human face
My fear is scared now.

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