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So guys, this is a normal Civ general.
Whats your suggestions to the CM's of the board?

CM's whats your biggest issue with your players?

What drives you to write?

Also going to be using this thread to ask my own players.
>Work has been really hectic and its only going to get worse for the time being.
Do you want me to keep trying to do the Civ? It will be almost impossible to schedule so itll mostly be by ear. Alternatively I could take the time off and come back later when things have died down. What do you guys think?

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Damn, I saw the pic and got all excited. Don't push yourself if your schedules hectic. Just fight the urge to put it down and walk away forever, we want to reach the end condition, but to do that, we want a good story, and a good story comes from having time.

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Yeah thats what I was thinking, I like to put out good material for all of you and rushing myself/writing while dog tired wouldnt yield that.

With that in mind, I have no intention to leave the civ behind. I even have the opener for the next session already written up and ready to go.

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Yeah what this guy said. Take all the time you need so you can get to a comfortable place again.

You spoiled everyone by running Giant civ 9 days straight and then picking up Lizards with a triweekly schedule.

You deserve a good break to focus on RL stuff. /tg/ will always be there and eager to get back to Lizard Time

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Thanks, I try my best.
>Ran Giant Civ 9 days straight
How the hell did I do that? Some wizard shit right there.

By the boss's estimate this whole thing should take another couple weeks to iron out.

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Questions from a guy who would like to start a civ thread:

When should i open one? In the midday or night time?
Is there something special I can do to attract people to join in?

Because during my last three tries I diddnt manage to get enough attention from /tg/ and so I had to stop.

Hope for an answer, thanks!

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take my schedule for now. Mon-wed-fri 5pm est. Its a good time slot.

>Is there something special I can do to attract people to join in?

Be consistent
expect failure
always listen to your players
have a plan, if you dont think fast on your feet
Expect it to be slow most of the time.

and for the love of god get a trip

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What he said

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And when you get a trip, for the love of god don't use it anywhere else except your thread, anti-questers hate us enough already.

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yeah I only use mine when posting in civ threads

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Correct. Or just civ threads in general. I use mine in civs ONLY, even then never as a player.

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I'm thinking of running one again but I have a lot of problems getting players. I'm not really sure how to do that either.

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Like I said, take the few you get. I start running my threads once I have 3 players. Accept that it takes time to grow.

Hell man, Ive had to cancel some days because nobody showed up. It happens.

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Come on, I wanna see more fatass frog antics.

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I'm considering running a civ quest and making overly elaborate death scenes for minor civ members whenever anything goes wrong... just because I can... who knows, maybe it wouldn't be complete shit, at least I could probably do fight scenes well, and maybe fuck around with a few other things.

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That usually serves to give a sense of failure, so you might want to balance it out with a sense of victory somewhere else. It could be doing the same with your enemies, or anything else, really.

As a hook to reel players in, it's a pretty good one.

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Crog has a point.

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>CM's whats your biggest issue with your players?

They seem to lack initiative.

>What drives you to write?

I'm a bored attention whore and this is my only entertainment.

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>Is there something special I can do to attract people to join in?
If you want guaranteed players, pick a race that everyone likes. Dwarves are pretty popular for some reason.

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>They seem to lack initiative.
Gotta smack them with the initiative brick sometimes

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Ayy thats a thing I do!

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I haven't played Oregon Trail in years.

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I think I'll make more of these.

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>Expect it to be slow most of the time.

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Would anyone be interested in a pseudo-Pokemon civilization?

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Its sad but true.
I have yet to see a single person use this list, but if you want go ahead.
pseudo-Pokemon how?

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>I have yet to see a single person use this list, but if you want go ahead.
I need to find a way to make it popular.

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>pseudo-Pokemon how?
It would feature cute monsters with magical powers.

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Make it less strange? Im reading these races and these quotes? Whatever they are. and there is just not a lot to go on.

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Thats just me.

I think myself fairly flexible with my racial choosing but I wouldnt run any of these :/ I wouldnt know how

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But strangeness is the whole point. :\

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You're linking to someone else.

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Well shit, Im dumb, sorry!

if that is the case then you need to accept that it wont be used often if at all. Strange is fine but strange for the sake of strangeness isnt going to win over many people.
Give me more info, lay the setting down for me. Pretend Ive never played Pokemon

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>Give me more info, lay the setting down for me.
I haven't yet begun developing it. I just wanted to check for interest so I don't waste my time like I have on so many other quests.

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People will be interested if you do it well.

But if you dont wanna disclose anything or havnt put anything together thats fine too.

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I considered ripping off Mage: the Awakening's Arcana for the monsters' types.

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>Mage: the Awakening's Arcana for the monsters' types.

Idk what that is but coolcool. I guess youd need more flesh to it before I can really say I am interested. Ill listen and offer feedback if you want

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Thanks. :)

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still need to compress this down and turn it into proper images... then I can maybe run a civ based on it.

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>always listen to your players
this right here. Last new civ thread we got imploded specifically because the OP went "no, that race choice is boring and dumb. We're picking machines".

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To be fair, I use my trip everywhere I need to be identified period. But my NAME I change depending on the circumstances. If I'm not SPECIFICALLY needing to namefag up, I don't trip fag, period. Like in these threads.

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But he is right. Halflings suck and only Tolkien can do them well.

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too strange and people don't know where to even begin.

It's like how myrmidon civilization started. It's just TOO fucking weird, and then you piss people off.

>inb4 myrmidon-op-jackass asks if people are interested in continuing
>inb4 everyone says no.

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yeah well if you feel that way then TAKE THEM OFF THE DAMN LIST OF CHOICES.

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>It's like how myrmidon civilization started. It's just TOO fucking weird, and then you piss people off

But it wasn't. :\

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We were given 3 names, a weird gate, and a number of units. No explanations beyond that.

Yeah. It was.

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It's no more weird than any other number of quests.

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It was not just weird, it was also ran by a guy who refused to acknowledge what others said, so it just ended being people fucking around and hur dur space travel

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If I remember correctly, you were one of the people who shitposted.

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also most quests start with way more details and the OP doesn't get pissy when you ask for more details IN GENERAL rather than demanding you ask specific questions.

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Because the OP was a dick. Most of us weren't shit posting until the OP actively started saying shit like "I want to be as big as cyclops quest, but I don't want to build the setting, I want the players to build it!"

yes, that is a near direct quote. It's burned into my memory from the stupidity of it.

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So, you chose to be lazy and uncooperative.

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No. The OP did.

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>Myrmidon dick QM confirmed.

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Yeesh, I wasnt part of Myrmidon Civ at all but from the sounds of it, it went south pretty quick. Thats a shame, hope OP gives it another try with a more open mind

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Apparently he was part of a subreddit that made even less sense than his quest. Not that I have anything against reddit in general, in specifics he'll yes, it was

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Dammit autocorrect, I meant hell yes.

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Would you mind giving me the general rundown of his civ?

Im at work so I cant really spend too much time looking it up

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Basically, we were a bunch of ant people who could turn things into gold. We searched about, found a gate of hours we had to guard, learned about +the seven+ who we don't know who they are. Invented space travel, experimented with summoning demons, and then it sort of went kaput. Honestly, the quality of the writing wasn't that bad, on par with skeleton civ quest thing, but the attitude was what ruined it for me, storyskeller gave me the impression that he was really putting his best effort into it, even if the end product wasn't that great. I sort of lost track of it after that and nothing really progressed because no one played. It wildly veered between it looking like he had the whole setting laid out and just didn't want to infodump, and not having any setting at all and being as vague as possible to give him time to flesh it out, which he then never did.
It could have been cool, but cyclops civ style isn't for everyone.

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Thats a shame, oh well.

Did you ever play in one of my civs? I dont run like Cyclops but I like to think I did it pretty well.

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Yes, I was there since the second giants thread. I feel you make a nice balance between militia lobbyist's matryoshka civ (lots of number crunching and strategy) who also runs for house and dominion, and cyclops civ, what with resource management and some minor number crunching as well as big RP descriptions.
I thought once about making a civ, but realized my strengths lie in lore and home brewing wargames, neither of which are really suited to civs. Well, I could make it work, I just don't have that much time.

>> No.38847257

I always advise people to at least try their hand at running a civ. At the very worst it fails and you learn something.

Also Im flattered that you have been a part of my civs for so long, thank you!

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i think you run great civs as well

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Thank you very much.

Have some cute shit from the like, 3rd Lizard civ

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I keep telling you mang, people love your civs

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Hey, StorySkeller here.

Should I try to run Yet Another Skeleton Civilization Quest tonight?

In the last session, one of the players rolled for circumnavigating the world just as I was finishing. I'd like to continue from there.

>> No.38848417

Well I know Jyoti is running Ghouls in a few hours and so does Cyclops.

You can try of course

>> No.38848424

I guess that's a "no" then.

>> No.38848451

>You can try of course

Civs run slow most of the time, 3 in 1 night shouldnt be too trying for the players. Give it a shot!

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No, that wasn't a no. Just saying there will be competition.

Fight for the chance to grow.

You seem to be growing a fanbase, keep trying!

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What the fucking fuck is that
How did you even find this subreddit
How did you find the cms connection?

>> No.38848940

>>38848470 >>38848451

Okay, I'll try then.

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>storyskeller gave me the impression that he was really putting his best effort into it
this is the critical thing that killed what could have been a really awesome quest. Cyclops CM does really really IN DEPTH stuff. He takes what the players make, and then expands upon it into several paragraphs of awesome shit.

Myrmridon civ saw that, and thought "oh, that's cool! I can get the players to do the world building for me!" completely missing the fact that the players only gave direction, all the actual world building was done by the CM.

And that's what made me furious about that civ. Not because of the wish to have players direct the creation of the world, but because the fucker had the GAUL to demand that while only giving the barest bone expansions on questions asked.

Anyway... been wondering about running a Mystic Empyrean Civ. Basically the world has fallen apart, shattered by the anti-reality mist called Aether. Anima, a substance at the core of all things, is eaten by Aether, and the guardians of Reality, the Eidolons (being who wear their souls as skins and gain powers based on their personalities) are driven back. The players start in a world ship fleeing the death throws of their world, and have to survive and try to rebuild reality.

>> No.38852938

Do it, whats the worst that can happen?

>> No.38853039

I would play.

>> No.38853063

Sounds like it could be fun. I'll keep an eye out for it

btw ghouls is up

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I'll need to reread my book, dig up the old texts. Once ran an interactive webcomic game based on the exact same premise and still have fucktons of the notes from it.

The biggest deal is translating the balance system into resolutions.

See there are 7 elements. Rather than rolling dice, the 'realm' you are in determines the 'balance' what sorts of actions are appropriate, it also determines what sort of cultures thrive there.

So a world with 0 Fire Anima is a "Pacifist" world. It's nearly impossible to take actions that are directly and passionately violent. If it has 7 Fire Anima though, it's "Militaristic" and directly violent and passionate actions are MUCH easier.

I need to figure out how to make that work with the dice system.

>> No.38853148

Rolled 7 (1d7)

have your players roll 1d7, modify it how you feel it should be based on whatever. There you go.

>> No.38853177

that's the thing. Tried that. doesn't get accurate results. Beginning to think I should make it so that the roll is modified based on how much anima is present on a world.... link the numbers to anima... but that could get complicated fast.

>> No.38853225

>Once ran an interactive webcomic game based on the exact same premise and still have fucktons of the notes from it.

>> No.38853235

Simple is best. Try to keep things to 1 roll sorta thing, that way you dont fuck yourself over.

>> No.38853245

Website is dead as a doornail sadly. Through a long series of horrendous fuckups.

The best I can give you is the drunk duck or smackjeeves link, which lacks all the lore, the character sheets, and the mechanical base which allowed people to vote on shit.

>> No.38853312

The worst part is that what you draw from the pool of resources alters your results.

So let's say Fire right?

The ring of elements goes:

Fire > Light > Electricity > Water > Stone> Darkness> Air.

I want fire. That's a perfect success. Or "You get what you asked for AND something good ontop of that."

If I draw air or light? That's an imperfect success. A "you get what you asked for BUT something else happens too".

If I draw darkness or electricity? Then that's a partial failure. "You don't get what you want, BUT you get something good anyway."

Stone or Darkness? That's a total failure "something bad happens AND other shit goes wrong too."

Aether is always a total failure for the players and a perfect success for foes. Anima is always a perfect success for players and a total failure for foes.

I want to somehow simulate that system because it makes the WORLD you are on matter, and changes HOW you do things.

>> No.38853327

>I want to somehow simulate that system because it makes the WORLD you are on matter, and changes HOW you do things.
I too wish to emulate this.

>> No.38853362

exactly. So a fire rich world, that is also water and stone poor, means that being a MEAN bastard is far more likely to succeed, no matter WHO it is.

But that you need to be creative otherwise.

also, for the comic: http://rebuildempyrean.smackjeeves.com/comics/1756387/nascent-1/

Here. This is bullshit. I'm really sorry. The original website was rebuild empyrean. I'll see if I can track down the old files and reboot it at some point.

>> No.38853452

Last pages in the comic never got uploaded it seems before we went under. Here you go.

>> No.38853527

Storyskeller is a different guy than the dude who ran myrmydion.

>> No.38853565

I know, that's the point I was making.

>> No.38853595

Yeah that's been established. Storyskeller is actually willing to listen and learn from constructive criticism and not devolve into a pissbaby trollfit like Myrmidon did

>> No.38853626

Thanks! I think I've seen this or something like it somewhere.

>> No.38853683

I'm just really ticked that the website is out of reach to my knowledge... I moved it to cheaper servers than godaddy and I'm gonna have to track down the server provider and sort that out. It's a fucking nightmare.

>> No.38853790

crap, some of the really neat fillers are just gone entirely. I'm really going to have to track down the old website backups

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Have a map of the city the comic was based in.

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Yet Another Skeleton Civilization Quest: Session 7 has now begun.

>> No.38854073

Basically... the original book is more hopeful than the setting we designed, which was WAY more dark. Reality erosion from aether is retroactive, so things eaten by it aren't just destroyed, they never existed to begin with. It makes data gathering very hard on it next to impossible.

Many realms are completely abandoned, their laws of physics corroded and broken, gravity disrupted or even basic atomic forces beginning to fray, making them deadly.

Then there's places that are mishmashes of multiple realms fused together with conflicting laws.

It was really cool while it lasted. Might still write a splatbook on it.

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File: 478 KB, 980x1144, Empyrean Cosmology.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Map of Reality.

>> No.38854370

I really want to make a Civ Quest where you play as a group of Myr shot towards a planet by a sufficiently advanced race to terraform it, only for it to blow up before you get there, meaning you eventually land on some random, ass backwards inhabited planet.

>> No.38854408

That could be fun.

>> No.38855401

My issue is that I want to do it right, which means making a full tech tree of Myr and associated artifacts.

But I hadn't realized that most of the older art (Original Mirrodin) just isn't there at all.

>> No.38855570

It should be, they have a full freaking archive of cards somewhere, everything from like, ice age on.

>> No.38855868

Yes, the cards, but I need the art because I really don't want to go through each and every card I need and pull it out.
That would be almost all the cool artifacts, Equiptment, and Myr from before 2010 that I would need to take the art from.

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Get up, lazybones and join the adventure!

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Bumpin' the thread since I said I'd hang around and my own quest thread is horrendously over-bumped and filled to the brim.

>> No.38863928

Do you want to try this one? >>38853970

>> No.38863971

Feel free to help us design Uguumon! >>38857415

>> No.38864109

Any response to the last message put up? Not in the same boat as them, but they are right about the pattern?

>> No.38864198

Thanks OP for the feels. We really needed them. Heres hoping for good times... or "purer" villains in the threads to come.

Seriously want to unchain some slaves and lead a rebellion... But then again we might have that entire pink spot of the political cloud we need to take care of now... Now that it might technically belong to us since the two ruling bodies ain't bodies no more.

>> No.38864214

Cyclops, I posted one last response to you just before the quest fell off the board, I was wondering if you had anything to say in response?

>> No.38864225

>Any response to the last message put up? Not in the same boat as them, but they are right about the pattern?

Yeah, I know and it'll be bothering me the whole week.

To put it plainly; I'm not entirely doing it on purpose, but if I see an opportunity for an adventure or "plot hook" I'm going to take it.
I don't mean for them to be so tragic or mean or awful, but I like giving you guys the opportunity to feel like "Big damn heroes" when I can.... that and you guys do genuinely fuck up sometimes.

I take all the criticism I get from you guys very seriously since your appreciation is realistically the only valid measure of my story telling quality.
I'm sorry he feels that way, but the only thing I can say is, "I will try harder".

But like I've said before: I don't want to pull any punches; good story telling is exceedingly complicated because on one hand I have to give you something you like, but on the other hand I can't just give you what you "want".

I'm sorry that anon was distastisfied, but you very truly do need to "earn" your happy ending: This story won't be very thrilling if everything goes "according to plan".

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File: 33 KB, 1371x1901, Parrat-Unchained.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly you pulled it off well the first time with Mycea. that was a sacrifice through and through, and its something we helped her do. The Akalade thing was a fluke (that tragic 1) but it salvaged itself.

I do agree about the hydramother thing. It was a sudden end that sort of left us emotionally drained.

Part of it was that it was the thread was saging, everything was wrapping up. I get it man. Though... maybe if it ended sooner? with the Hydramother being sucked away... and foliatom jumping in after... that might've left us going "OH shit THere's Hope Everyone grab on" kind of thing that could've kicked off the next thread.

It would've been that "glimmer" that helps us through the week.

I dunno I'm not a quest master. and I generally love how you do things.. and I'm also probably on the unpopular boat of "Hydramother Deserved It".

So I'm not really one to talk.

I sorta want to do some crazy parrat shit though.

>> No.38864390

True, I agree... But the problem is that we lose the ability to correct it, because it always happens at THE END of threads, which means we lose the emotional drive to keep our plans going... Which inevitably means it will later comes to bite us in the ass since we can't keep our emotional fuel and focus high enough you know?

I'll bet that next week we start other projects, get wrapped up in them, trying to fix this one will fall by the wayside, hydra-mother comes back vengeful or something else related going horribly wrong...

>> No.38864423

Definitely agreed here.

Next thread should have started with Foli jumping in. Not ending this thread. That would have insured we resolve this.

>> No.38864494

be it for better or for worse basically.

A masterful cliffhanger leaves someone wanting more. Or wanting to continue. And they just build up energy until next time. Even if they fail next time. you got positive creative energy brewing.

I survived Humble Storyteller's threads on /co/ a year or two ago, motherfucker was godly with that kind of thing.

>> No.38864550

Have a baseline DC for actions. If players are on a world that supports the action they want to take, ex) violence on a 5 fire anima world, give them a bonus. 6 fire anime, give them a bigger bonus. 3 fire anima, give them a penalty, 2 a bigger penalty, 4 no modification.

>> No.38864609

Hmmm... And the further they fall below that dc the further along the ring they fell? Doesn't simulate the whole 'water being more likely makes fire less likely to be drawn' thing...

>> No.38864661

Same anon here, and you seem to have misinterpreted my criticism. Its not just the fact that you deliberately go out of your way to have the characters die in such gut wrenching ways.

It's that you have them die in ways we could not have predicted, with no way to stop it.
All of them.

You did this with Mycea, but that anon rolled a nat20 so that made it rather bittersweet. You nearly pulled this with Akelade, but at least you gave us chance to get out of that.
But the Hydra Mother got no chance, and instead evaporated crying for mercy and cursing us for our betraying her trust. The only counter roll you counted you instead used to somehow PREVENT her rescue.

You've done this each time in a quest, a medium defined by player interaction, in such a way that left players helpless to stop the tragedy unfold in front of them. And this last time really outdid the others in that regard.

This isn't emotionally satisfying or engaging way to run a quest, and I really get the impression that you're pulling our heart strings like a cat with a ball of yarn. It's left a real bad taste in my mouth, and massively put me off getting invested in any character you introduce from here on out.

>> No.38864705

Salt levels detected, Cap'n.

Levels rising

>> No.38864740

Falling along the ring? I think I missed part of the explanation of this system.

>> No.38864744

so you're basically saying that he's too good at making you feel bad?

>> No.38864752

He's not without a point.

It's why >>38864383
And >>38864494

Were saying the cliffhanger should be handled differently.

It's not entirely salt here. Not that and by the way, just agreeing with his general thrust, even if it hasn't turned me off from the characters. I understand why it has for him.

>> No.38864776

See >>38853312
The last part can be read as Air>Fire.

>> No.38864798

Yeah I'm still emotionally invested in this and its characters. I recognized this pattern as well and now I'm afraid of what may happen to the God-Teens or the Parrats

Can't stay away though

>> No.38864801

There's such a thing. Too much tragedy where the players feel helpless to prevent it, can be disastrous for any form of immersion.

The same is true for always winning.

>> No.38864880

Now I'm even more confused. We seem to have gone from worlds with set attributes that affect actions performed on them, to some sort of elemental roulette.

>> No.38864969

No no, it's that he has done this with every individual character present for more than three threads, and that he pretty straightforwardly stated he's going to keep doing it. It's the abrupt, violent nature of every character involved, and the lack of anything we can do to prevent it happening right in front of us.

It's emotionally exhausting, and gives me a massive disincentive to remain emotionally detached from perfectly likeable characters because of it. He's saying that it's how he generates and maintains player involvement, but for me it's doing exactly the opposite.

>> No.38864996

It's a bit of both.

The world attributes effect how many of each element are in the pool you draw from.

What that draw means depend on which element you are trying to draw, versus the position of what you draw relative to the goal element on the wheel.

So there are 7 fire, 7 air, 7 stone in a realm, 0 of all other elements.

I want fire. I have a 7/21 chance of getting a perfect success, a 7/21 chance getting an imperfect success, and a 7/21 chance of getting a total failure.


>> No.38865049

Foliatom is on official pseudocide watch.
Strikes me as the kind of guy that will do "Anything" to get someone back.

>> No.38865061

Obviously if I wanted to draw say, water, then I'd have 0/21 of getting a perfect success, 7/21 of getting a partial success, etc.

>> No.38865281

>One of the most serious players there
>Always tried to stop people from releasing those meta physical demon things
>Actually tried to advance the Civ
Confirmed for never reading it.

>> No.38865314

Thanks for the explanation. It seems really easy to put into dice though. You already have tiers of success so forget the percent difficulty. In the 7 fire, 7 air, 7 stone example, roll a 1d21. 15+ they get fire, perfect success, 8-14 they get air for imperfect success, and 1-7 they get stone for total failure.

For anything else you'd add up the total amount of elements in a world and use the resulting number as the size of your dice, so a world with 7 elements at 7 strength would have a die size of 49.

>> No.38865390
File: 486 KB, 1350x1200, r_m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38865440

Wow, that's actually fucking brilliant anon. Thank you. It's perfect. Can't believe I didn't think of that myself!

>> No.38865484
File: 159 KB, 600x600, 1uguu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I make Uguumon a civilization quest, an evo quest, or a standard quest?

>> No.38865569

depends. What do you want to do with it?

>> No.38865683

I want to have comfy fun in a noblebright world with cute and friendly pets. Also, I want gentle ribbing of the monster-battling genres along the lines of BESM's Cute and Fuzzy Seizure Monsters.

>> No.38865828

Well the way that sounds is that it might be on an Individual basis. A "Civ" might imply controlling large groups of these monsters or people that tame monsters through the ages. Which again running a society that tames monsters could be interesting.

At least thats what being in cyclops quest taught me... I dunno i dont do many quests so i'm not one to judge.

>> No.38866514

Maybe it could be 5 nations of monsters competing against each other.

>> No.38867382

that could be neat. Honestly you could play up the "approaches" to handling these not-mons. Like do some enslave them? do some do the "friendship power" thing? do others swear off them entirely?

>> No.38868268
File: 655 KB, 1920x1048, CivProof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It is time to rework the image that most people use when starting their Civ threads.

Looking for a few people that want to work on updating the system and the image that is used by the community. I'm the person that revamped the old system into what people are using today, this was a few years ago at this point.

Before I redid everything to be a more description based system the civilization images that were being used had numerical values tied to each of the stats, and each races had perks similar to what is around now, but worded for consistency across the board.

Looking at how the community has used the resource it's pretty obvious that a lot/most of what is written either gets ignored, or serves as a grounds of confusion between CM and Players. I realize that while I redid the stat system to make it more generalized and give power the the CM's, I did the exact opposite with the perks/disadvantages when not simplifying them.

So I'm here to propose a reworking of the entire perks system as well as redoing the formatting on the image to look like a cohesive product. While working in threads is mostly fine I'm looking for a few people that are really into it to add on Skype and to then be able to share working resources with via googledocs and possibly dropbox.

Skype: BubbaChief92

Also here is the start of the GoogleDocs idea with the text that I had from when I worked on it before


>> No.38868320

>Whats your suggestions to the CM's of the board?
Just be calm and follow the rules of your own setting. If your players want to do something that isn't possible by the rules of your setting but roll well, offer a similar alternative, or give them another bonus for the roll rather than just 'this cannot be done'.
Also, listen to: >>38832720, those are some good guidelines right there.

>CM's whats your biggest issue with your players?
I think the only real problem I've noticed is due to timezones, all my posters will appear just as I'm thinking about going to bed.

>What drives you to write?
I've worked on the setting since I was 11 years old, and 11 years later I've finally got most of the finer details sorted, and I'm wanting to just let people experience the world I've made, whether its through civ threads or through the novels I'm currently writing.

>Work has been really hectic and its only going to get worse for the time being.
Oh, I know how you feel there buddy, I have really long shifts that spent a couple of days sometimes, and because its shift work, you never know when you'll next be running because your free time is so patchy.


Ah what the hell, I'd join in if I was able anyway. Sounds like it could be fun. Best way is to just do it and see if people show up, that's what I did with crustacean civ.

You know, I never pay attention to how many other civ's are running when I make my threads, they've never really suffered much for it, but then again I run at stupid times anyway, stupid timezones.

Question from me for my crustacean civ players. It's been a little slow recently, probably because of me going too far into 'event mode', besides that, are there any suggestions you'd like to make for ways to improve the civ? I really want to get it up and running again (I may try a little later on today, but I can't run it late tonight due to needing to be up early for work tomorrow).

>> No.38868552

Dropped you some notes at the beginning based upon what people have been using in their civs. The stat system needs a complete overhaul.

>> No.38868924

Okay, this is a question I always wanted ask, WTF is up with the gnomish rape victims? If it's cause they're so short and tiny and defenseless, why not halflings too?
Also, what was the system of things you wanted to use for this chart? it implies underlying mechanics, but we've never known what they are.

>> No.38868948

It's because of their other trait. The one that makes it so crossbreeding produces children of the other race, but with a higher technical skill.

So evil races want that from them.

>> No.38869344

you could use every card that has Myr type or Myr in its name, and cherrypick whatever looks right, ignoring the card effects?

>> No.38869414


>> No.38869485

>Like do some enslave them? do some do the "friendship power" thing? do others swear off them entirely?

Or should I make a world where human(oids) have not yet appeared?

>> No.38869629

Can you avoid Dungeons and Dragons races altogether?

>> No.38869647

>Elaborate.Ah what the hell, I'd join in if I was able anyway. Sounds like it could be fun. Best way is to just do it and see if people show up, that's what I did with crustacean civ.

I'm trying to decide if it should be done from the perspective of humans who use monsters or from the perspective of monsters in a human-free world.

>> No.38870181

There is certainly a wide variety to choose from outside of DnD.

>> No.38870257

I'd personally go with humans using monsters. Hell, if you played it straight with the pokemon thing, I'd love to see how a pokemon civ plays out from the stone age onwards.

>> No.38870335

Seconding >>38869629
However, maybe make it in tiers with a format that's easy to edit in paint, so people can just offer the ones they want to run? First level could have humans and other standard fantasy races, orcs, elves, dwarfs, ect. The second level could have more original races and monstrous creatures like trolls, ogres, lizards, ect, and the third could be totally non-humanoid aliens like insects and sentient mold and robots and stuff like that.

>> No.38870413

It needs one more level after the third.

>> No.38870426

I wouldn't say avoid them, keep them in, and if a certain QM doesn't want to run them, block out the images or something. So long as its not just ass the DnD races, keep variety.

>personally I have my own list of things though, to be fair.

>> No.38870429

I want to avoid canon Pokemon, so I'll either use Fakemon or something.

>> No.38872062

bump. Anyone want o talk about cyclop civ?

>> No.38872189

We did. See above.

>> No.38872309

I had a proposal for how to approach the gorgon problem if anyone wants to talk about it? Or would that be better saved for the next thread?

>> No.38872358

Discuss whatever you like. We're all friends here. :)

>> No.38872483

I agree that the stats need to be redone, and looking at your suggestions a lot of those were along the lines that I was thinking.

When I did the reformat, I kept all of the perks/disadvantages how they were, so that would be a question for whoever made it a thing before hand, but as >>38868948 pointed out, it makes some level of sense.

Any particular reason as to why? I mean "D&D" races cover a huge spectrum at this point, and it isn't as if any of the races reflect mechanics from D&D.

Having a modular system is something that I've been toying around with trying to figure out the best/elegant way to execute it.

>> No.38872486

Well there's going to be a big power vacuum now that both the Hydra mother and cosmic snake are out of the picture- the empire and dinosaur tribe may go back to fighting or dissolve or something.

As much as the cyclops want to help them it's not in their nature really to conquer- they probably don't want to enforce their own culture on the distinct societies that have developed in both factions.

So, instead I propose something like a marriage- in a marriage both partners are individuals, neither controls or owns the other, but they act together as a single entity. We should offer this same basic concept to the gorgons- they rule themselves how they please but we act together in external matters. If someone declares war on one, it's like they declare war on all of them. If one party is hit by economic troubles, the other steps in to help out. If one group has a problem with the others, they bring it up and work it out like a family. No more secrets, no more murder or raids. Sort of like NATO

Hopefully, by proposing this marriage of nations, we can grow closer and ensure stability with all gorgon factions without actively having to dominate them.

>> No.38872552

>Any particular reason as to why? I mean "D&D" races cover a huge spectrum at this point
I'm tired of the same old elf, dwarf, orc shit. Also, I hate the dungeonpunk aesthetic of Dungeons and Dragons from third edition onward. If you MUST include such races, don't use any similar artwork.

>> No.38872630

Well I'd like to make something that's pretty modular, so if a CM doesn't want certain races, much like the vanilla ones, then they don't have to use them.

As far as art goes however, as long as I'm doing it there isn't much of a chance of not using that art. Because of how wide of a swath D&D art covers it isn't hard to find something fitting for whatever race, and because of it all being D&D art it will have a consistent style to it.

>> No.38872690

Eww. :\

>> No.38872760

Sorry. If you really wanted to have a hand in suggesting artwork you could add me to Skype and then give me pieces of art which all have a consistent look and are easily templateable with white backgrounds and with art that isn't super detailed, I'd likely be more than happy to use it.

>> No.38875104


>> No.38875862
File: 1.37 MB, 1102x671, runde2 tal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do some of you know some kind of other board where people play these kind of civ games?
Some kind of Civ-Game-Forum?
Where more and more active people join?

Or do you find this kind of civ-thread-game just here on /tg/?

>> No.38875909

I haven't found any if they exist

>> No.38875925

If you're doing a one-shot /b/ is a surprisingly decent place to do them. If you're trying to do anything consistent /tg/ is about your only bet.

>> No.38876861

(I've been in a thread like this last week as well)
So I've decided I want to run a civ and started fluffing every race and location I want to use, and finally decided upon iron-age(ish) level of civ and started realising that I have no clue how to... word all of it. Can I get some general writefag-advice for running a civ/quest? (sorry for the vague description)

>> No.38878046

Are there any guidelines you have for changing/adding Races and perks? Stuff that you want us to focus on?

>> No.38878433

All of the edits made to the document end up as suggestions that I'm able to look at and make permenant or not depending, so feel free to work some stuff out as an example.

>> No.38878610

yes, but I've noticed that the actual races have hardly been touched. It may need some direction.

Like whether you actually like the new races made, or if there are certain perks that you will NOT remove, as that would remove the point of the race.

There are some stuff I don't like, but I wasn't here when the original pic was made, so I don't know with what intention certain perks were made with.

If it's a problem of transcribing from the newer pics, I can do a few of the races for you.

>> No.38878715

Well with the new races, I wasn't the one that did them, so I haven't gotten around to typing out all the abilities as they stand which is a pretty big undertaking.

As far as perks and everything else I'm not holding firmly onto anything. I was even tossing around the idea of axing perks all together and give each race a flavorful description which would allude to perks/disadvantages but in a more general sense.

>> No.38879007

New Civilization Quest

>> No.38879022

>I was even tossing around the idea of axing perks all together and give each race a flavorful description which would allude to perks/disadvantages but in a more general sense.
Yeah I always thought that would be the best way to improve it. Perks were just for flavor

>> No.38879034

I have the same problem. :(

>> No.38879380

For now, I'm observing (and joining in on)
Let's see if we can learn from observing

>> No.38881485


>> No.38881569
File: 424 KB, 760x347, cb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yet Another Skeleton Civilization Quest is still in session...

>> No.38883058

Google doc is looking good

>> No.38886410

Is there anyone with even a passing familiarity with anatomy who could give input on traits based on racial biology?

Something like humans being good a running, Large creatures needing better cooling, or X race having significantly longer breath time.

>> No.38886420

>Is there anyone with even a passing familiarity with anatomy who could give input on traits based on racial biology?

What do you need?

>> No.38886465

Well, I'm thinking that if there's anywhere to start making suggestions/changes to the civ pic races, biological traits could give some inspiration.

Humans being jacks of all trades and somehow better at learning skills while ignoring what actually makes them stand out really irks me, but the other races might benefit from this as well.

At the very least, this would become a good shorthand for people who DON'T have any idea of the implications of a race's biology.

>> No.38887164

A friend of mine who's always been bugged with the humans being jack of all trades thing, is actually quite knowledgable on this subject (or so it seems). He has a homebrew for pathfinder he's working on that has humans having lots of things making them better at endurance, and being slightly tougher than most (bonus to con, but not as much as dwarfs get).

Basically, humans are good at going longer without rest, food, and water, surviving in harsh environments, spotting changes in their environment (seeing predators basically, which makes them good sentries, and they can carry on walking after the orcs and elves have stopped to rest for a bit.

>> No.38889683

That's good, any insight on the other races?

>> No.38890516


Please do write, there is interest in here.

>> No.38891352

Not as of yet really, i can have a look when i get home though. Other races tend to be difficult due to them not actually existing, but i know he often takes real animals and evolves them into the other races, orcs were gorillas, for example, and another race began as something similar to mongooses or otters. Elves i remember were a little different due to originating in another dimension or some shit like that.

>> No.38892264

I asked him, and he gave me this:

"Think about how your species evolved. It's easier when you have a reference in the form of an animal, especially if its still living today. Think about where the creature lives, what its habitat is like, and what it would need to survive there. If you take gorillas, and turn them into orcs, then what carries over? A gorilla is strong, vicious if it needs to be, but isn't very good at exerting itself for a good length of time, this lends well to a very strong species that can fly into a deadly rage for short periods of time, but it means they are only really good in short bursts (though they are indeed very deadly in those bursts).
Another thing to note about the gorilla, is it isn't very good at throwing, it doesn't have the skeleton or muscle build for it, but it has long, strong arms, and often walks on all fours, though it is capable of standing upright if it needs to. It has a nasty bite, too. So translating this to a sentience species, we have: A strong omnivore with a vicious bite, frenzy mode, and not very enduring or particularly 'adaptable' (if by adaptable we refer to the human ability to endure almost all environments), and they are probably best off in jungle-like environments. However, these orcs would be very calm and patient outside of war, a side that is perhaps not very often seen by the other races. Now, the process by which we get orcs here is very simple, you find an illustration depicting an orc that you find appropriate, and apply these things to it, and in my opinion, the result works well.
Often the most difficult thing can be deciding what to use as your base animal, but I've certainly found that looking at real animals helps you figure out what your race will be like. Elves in my setting come from elsewhere, and don't follow the same laws, so I'm not going to get into that, but if you use standard elves, then you should most likely go with an ape of some variety."

Does it help?

>> No.38892870

wow really nice man

>> No.38894313

I'll pass it on. Apparently he runs a couple civs on here as it is anyway.

>> No.38895551

Yes I do.

Speaking of which, if any of my players are here, I'm intending to run ogre civ either tomorrow night (like, 11pm GMT), or early the next morning (7-9amGMT). Posted it to twitter as well but I wanted to post here just for people who aren't following me.

>> No.38897148

yes, it helps a lot. I hadn't thought of the "not good at throwing" bit, and having a strategy of sorts when statting each race should help.

>> No.38897185

both of those timeslots are bad for me, but you know I just chime in whenever, anyway.

>> No.38900143


>> No.38902293

ogre civ when?

>> No.38903751

back from my trip. Will be on the google doc shortly.

>> No.38903885
File: 352 KB, 1120x840, ghoulsquad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38904942

anybody got the largest of the civ pictures?

>> No.38907007

Tonight hopefully (note i run on GMT time), failing that, tomorrow morning.

>> No.38907029

Well remember, if somebody else tries to derail the thread.

Focus our efforts in 3 directions

1) Military build up all the way. We got a century, let's use it
2) Expand our Geomancy as far as we can
3) Turn out little corner of the world into a fucking fortress.
4) Unlocking a counter to mind control magic while using that to up our own illusions

>> No.38907824

Ugh, is there any easier ways of compiling and keeping important info? Trying to keep a pastebin and it's a bit of a mess because I lack the focus to do it properly, getting irritated by doing this every thread.

I'll mention this in the 'current issues' bit I'm gonna stick at the top of the thread. It may just be me derping but, who tried to derail it?

>> No.38908434

Before anything else, you've dug this hole for yourself. Each of your races are unique or have unique twists compared to their standard counterparts. You have Noted Individuals spawning faster than they die of old age or retire.

For technology, I advise setting a standard. Like Bronze Age or Stone Age, and just assume that most of that tech of that level is researched.

If not, at least categorize them in ways that apply mechanically: Infrastructure, Resource Gathering, Resource Processing, Military Tactics, Military Equipment, Military Castes/Types, Magic subtrees, stuff like that.

What else needs to be organized?

>> No.38909056

Right, whereabouts would you say we are on the tech standard scale? You've certainly hit the bronze age, but have spent a lot of time after that discovery without progressing to other metals, so you'd probably be a little higher up the scale, but I'm not entirely sure how far up. I'll perhaps work on categorising them further when I have a day off from both work and any other things such as another civ, and I'll get the whole thing organised. Sorry for the long wait for a reply, I had a driving lesson.

As for other things needing to be organised, I think for now I'll just try and go by what you said and see what's left over. Most likely it'll be people, structures, etc.

And cheers for the advice, I know I'm my own worst enemy.

>> No.38909103

i would suggest you base the magical system on the system of shadowrun: it takes into account various cultural aspects but still manages to wrap it all up in one unified ruleset. it only has 5 schools of magic, but you can always give further more specialized modifiers.

>> No.38909164

Then go with the tech Age before that +this,this, and this. I'm only spitballing ideas, I've not actually sure if this will help.

>> No.38909381

i think we need to think on a larger scale than that:
the undead are currently wrecking the elves, who could easily wreck us if they wanted. they are more agile, live longer (giving them much more experiene), magically attuned, more numerous and even physically as strong as we are.
we will never come close to them if we dont optimise the things we have ahead of them, which are basically only two things: the Thick and gut magic. optimizing gut magic is most easily achieved outside combat.
even though geomancy can also have (minor) applications outside of combat, the more drastic gain would be mind magic (without "control") to at least let the ogres share experiences to offset one of our disadvantages towards the elves.
dabbling into geomancy (as well as any other elemental magic) will not help all that much as long as we dont want to destroy a whole city (we dont and will not anytime soon), we really need to become less insignificant in a relatively short time.
havent even been talking about the invasion yet, minor moral compromises will have to be made (even though i dont understand the fuzz against non-oppressive mind magic at all)

>> No.38909877

Okay, well, I'm heading off to work now, but I'll start the thread when I get back, I'll have a look at this thread when I get back (or check in every now and then on my mobile), just make sure that in the next 8 hours, you know what you want me to list at the beginning of the thread.

Hmm, well, you're definitely in the medieval era, and if you had gone into metalworking, you'd probably have steel by now, and you probably would have managed to get quite far. You have a city, and a castle, and some smaller towns and villages, with lots of farmland etc, connected by roads etc. I'd probably put you on the same level as the anglo-saxons maybe, but without the metalworking?

>> No.38910250

We had an iron wood crop. Call it early Iron Age. Greecian city states period perhaps?

>> No.38910267

Make a Google doc and make use of the table of contents feature. Make it so anyone can suggest stuff. Will help keep track of things

>> No.38911205

Thats actually a great idea and i cant believe i didnt think of it before, considering i do that for my campaigns anyway. Cheers

>> No.38911853
File: 220 KB, 731x851, FANTASY RACE SPACE CIV1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bumping with one of the images I've prepared for a new kind of Civ Thread system that might be ready for testing this weekend.

>> No.38911932
File: 824 KB, 1300x724, FANTASY RACE SPACE CIV2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38911994
File: 539 KB, 910x700, FANTASY RACE SPACE CIV3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38912226


Best of luck!

>> No.38914496

Can't wait to see it.

>> No.38914896

Any hints on what this'll be?

>> No.38916555


>> No.38916873

No ogre civ tonight guys I'm afraid, absolutely knackered from a rough shift at work, but I'll get it up in the morning. For now, I'm going to work on getting the pastebin stuff transferred and done properly in a google doc so that everything is that much more streamlined tomorrow. Any requests for stuff you wanna see in the doc that may or may not already be in the pastebin?

>> No.38917236
File: 83 KB, 608x800, FANTASY RACE SPACE CIV5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry, just got back from work. Basically it's a civ thread where the different fantasy races progressed to a point where they are colonizing the stars.
Some of their bonuses will be different, but stats will remain the same.

You'll choose a crew (purist or multi-racial) and choose basic gear.

Then you'll choose a planet like high or low gravity, gas/garden/heavy metal/aquatic/etc.

The players will be using a tech tree based off the one from Sid Meyer's Beyond Earth with a little magic thrown in. However research will take longer, the emphasis will be cultural and industrial growth using available tech to react to the planet (or asteroid belt) you are on.

The choices for player races will be confined to fantasy races, as I want to explore using those races in a scifi setting but you can expect to meet several alien races from many different series such as Xenomorphs, Quarians, Ferengi, Hutts, and maybe even Lovecraftian horror.

Looking forward to seeing how people react to it.

>> No.38917427

So no ghouls tonight.

Tuesday's cursed for me running so running tomorrow and Thursday in a row. Probably gonna be changing my schedule

>> No.38919456

Tech, major events, magical abilities, political situation, maps of territory, description of various settlements.

Social castes and military strategies.

>> No.38920989

Characters, species status, cultural info, place ogres, elves, trolls, and pixies all hold in our society compared to one another.

>> No.38922398


>> No.38922533

All the stuff Slow-Bro keeps in his

>> No.38922980

RIP slowbro

>> No.38925230


>> No.38926215

What does slowbro do in his?

>> No.38928838

Bump. Ogre civ 11 is up by the way.

>> No.38928997

I just keep the basics


>> No.38930090
File: 99 KB, 500x704, 1411000489477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38931618
File: 162 KB, 672x483, 1393270542347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38932793

So, question time.

QM's: Why do you run your games? What drives you to?

Posters: Why do you play civs? What draws you to them, what do you want to get out of them?

>> No.38933132

What the fuck ever happened to the Dwarfs of Urist? Did they die or wot?

>> No.38933449

that shit reminds me of the fucking Ing.

>> No.38934787

As a poster: I generally play in a civ to see what happens. If a race or scenario comes by that seems interesting, I want to see how it turns out.
This is also my motivation if I ever were to be a QM/CM, but then I want to see how the people watching will make it turn out.

>> No.38934904

The CM said later that he realized that he really didn't have time to run the civ, so yeah, I think it's dead. A shame though, he said he ran it without realizing the time demands and basically bit off more than he could chew.

>> No.38934973

Speaking of time demands...
I'm (still, for the past two weeks) thinking of running a Quest-to-Civ, however I am in europe (GMT+1 or 6 hours ahead of EST) time, which seems to be the least active time of /tg/. Do you think (if there is interest at all) that I'd be able to get some solid questees? Who are willing to stay with me for... 4-8 hours? (or what is the 'regular' timespan/time demand for a quest/civ thread)

>> No.38935017

>a fellow euro
Ah, I feel your pain. You can certainly try, but posters will be thin on the ground, and will pop up in droves annoyingly just as you're getting ready to close everything up for the night.

>> No.38935126

Are you also the NoviceCM who ran a civ a few days back? You ran untill like... 4-5am my time, with fairies on floating islands... with Aya the priestess?
I did enjoy that, though I was honestly missing some immersion. (no offence intended, not even sure if it's you anyway)
I really just want to start a game at... 2pm-ish, and stop around 12, but /tg/ just seems so dead around that time, that I'm almost afraid to make a thread.
(namefagging so I don't have to refer back to myself)

>> No.38935229

Ah no, that wasn't me. I was present in the thread for a little while though (like you said, ran until like, 4-5am, I fell asleep well before then), so that's probably where you're getting that from. I run the Ogre and the Crustacean civs.

>> No.38935311

Ah, I see. Well if you see a tribal Ursine quest in europe time, somewhere... probably the coming month, do stop by to say hi, as I hope to be able to run it. (most likely on a saturday, as I have someone for co-writing and inspiration who only has time in the weekends)
And sadly I'm not following either Ogre or Crustacean civs, as the races have previously given me annoying experiences... Could you give me a quick rundown? So I might join a next session? (if you have time, of course)

>> No.38935324

anybody got the original sauce for this

>> No.38935642

Crustacean civ hasn't been going for as long as ogres, and is set on the abyssal plain of the deep ocean. They are somewhat like crab folk, and currently live in housing made from the skeletons of creatures that sank down from above. I kinda feel like that civ is stagnating at the moment, but that's probably because I've got a lot of drama going on in the other civ right now, and a side-questy thing dragged on too long, so hopefully when I next run crustaceans I can get it back on track. It's interesting seeing a how a race evolved as a civilisation in the pitch blackness of the depths of the sea.

The ogre civ is the first civ I ever did, currently on its 11th thread. I did have an image somewhere that sums up all the progress made from the 1st thread to the 8th, but I can't seem to find it. The ogres are marsupials, which doesn't get brought up much but its there, and i like to think its an interesting bit of fluff, and they started off, much like your stereotypical ogres. Eating everything and kicking goats down hills. Then they got into dancing and.... things went a little weird for a bit. Then it normalised, and now we have ogres that are being very diplomatic and haven't had a single war with anybody yet, or even a fight (except with a demon that one time, and a wendigo the other). The setting itself is one i've been working on for 11 years now, and a lot of the time, the best feedback I get is people complimenting the setting, but I think it's interesting to see illusionist ogres being added to the setting.

To be honest, you'd probably get a better picture by asking one of my posters.

>> No.38936237
File: 168 KB, 731x851, 0c097aeebc7bd584453f0c0951f018fab8c7ce32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Still have the original saved. I have a lot from this guy actually. Maybe I'll post them in an art thread at some point.

>> No.38937632

What is that from?

>> No.38939857

NoviceQM has an entire setting planned out, with multiple races that deviate from the standard norm due to global magic-assisted evolution.

He is trying to fit that into a civ format without much translating for speed and efficiency. Those that understand have dug quite a bit into the lore, but it's not terribly helpful for the here and nows of running the civ.

For a first time? Shit son, he's good at this. There is content in there, and actions/write-ins are heavily considered in terms of execution and implications. But good luck having a clear idea of WHAT to do at any given point in time.

>> No.38940454

Storyskeller here.

I'm sorry I couldn't play on Monday. I got banned for posting music on /mu/.

>> No.38940695

never change janitors.

>> No.38940775

I wish like hell I could remember the name of it, but there was a miniseries on Netflix that explored how life would have evolved on another planet. It was all just hypothetically alien creatures and the creation of their own hypothetical planetary ecosystem.

>> No.38940830

When should I post the next session? I'm guessing tomorrow around 5:30 or 6 pm EST, but I'll push it later if the night crowd is big enough.

>> No.38941726
File: 21 KB, 570x285, 1399454664098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The show was called Alien Planet, which followed the theoretical expedition of a pair of automated probes across the surface of the fictional planet of Darwin IV. You can just google Darwin IV for pictures, both from the book and the show. The aliens are kinda nonsensical and inefficient, and the show lacks some of the information of the book (like how the planet is undergoing a mass extinction via lack of surface water, which is why there are so few different creatures) but it's still good.

The book is called Expedition by Dwain Barlowe, and is also very good and goes into a bit more detail of the planet's ecosystem. I would recommend both, and they are quite good for reference pics and inspiration. I've already used several in my own quest.

>> No.38943961


>> No.38946316

There aren't many people who edit googledocs, huh?

>> No.38946556

i disagree with the current considerations: starting race and cultural things should be treated separately. if you enforce a "culture" just because a race was picked in the beginning you lose the prospect of developing it once and for all, the same is true for economy, industry, education.
race stats should be really just biological onces (reproduction, strength, agility, willpower/mysticism), you can add special aptitudes like magic/tech in the flavour text.
starting culture could normally (except aptitudes say differently) be nomadic tribal, which can then be changed through normal cultural evolution.

>> No.38947201

The "enforced" culture can often just be the default or assumed knowledge. Splinter cultures are always allowed.

As for biological stats, why don't you take a crack at it? Noone's stopping you.

>> No.38948108
File: 807 KB, 968x963, Like a Hatchling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what do people think of lewdness in Civs?

Like, my Lizards have a caste called Workers, Workers are the only ones able to breed with other castes and so naturally they are more sexually oriented.

I dont know where I was going with this but I suppose the main question remains.

>> No.38948190

Civs are a lot more impersonal, making it....difficult....for the regular sort of lewds or ERPing.

Only slightly sure the people who add details for culture didn't come for smut.

Maybe if you wrote one paragraph oneshots about individuals seducing/being seduced?

On the other hand, I don't think slime lewds nor stypet race lewds would have much difficulty in this area.

>> No.38948280

Yeah I had no intention to make the whole idea for them being sex fiends or lusty sluts. Workers are just more diminutive in size and strength than most of the other people of the Civ.

Stupid sexy slimes

>> No.38948300

Also pretty sure egg-laying fetish would take well to this format. Not sure about vore, probably not.

But I seriously can't imagine the Civ community asking for lewds. There are other communities in /tg/ for that, which is why I'm here and not there.

>> No.38948451

i didnt dare to just add two stats, also i am not completely certain wether or not to use reproduction at all or if it wouldnt be more usefull to have vitality instead, which is then adjusted by further situational/size mods (if any).
not including cultural defaults for the races would make it easier to become creative about them, leading to more interesting results in their development, which i think is a central aspect of the game type.

>> No.38948460

werent they pretty bulky but slow in the beginning? they have to carry heavy stuff all the time.

>> No.38948472

I meant to add biological stats to each race, so we can see if the difference is useful enough to warrant having it as a stat.

>> No.38948505

They worked together unlike Warriorbloods, they are stronger than an average human but meek.

They do a lot of the heavy lifting because they cooperate with each other.

They are pretty average speed wise.

Unlike Albinos who can run down a horse.

>> No.38951719

Bumping with a question: How do you end a civ well?

>> No.38952271

I have a few win conditions set up for my players.

Alternatively they could all die. So theres that

>> No.38952441

Ah right, I'm planning to get to a certain point in the timeline (from that point onwards I've not set much down for what happens in the setting, so if we progress beyond that I'm kinda stumped for now). I have some basic ideas for a way to end it in a good tone if they survive until then, but I'm wondering if anybody here has ever run a civ to completion?

>> No.38952624

I ran Giants til they died, if that counts.

But their win conditions were pretty simple.

>Discover the methods of sailing from a ruined city to the east
>Join or conquer the Empire of Elves to the southeast
>Rediscover their Old Gods
>Retake their homeland from the humans
>Survive 3 years

I had endings planned out for each of these

>> No.38952741

Hmmm, if you put it like that, then the win conditions for mine are basically: Survive until 2643AT.

>> No.38952796

Well then there you go, you got a win condition

>> No.38952821


Now, how should I go about making it satisfying for the players?

>> No.38952842

>So what do people think of lewdness in Civs?

Someone call for me?

>> No.38952859

I suppose.

So whats your take on it? Do you use it a lot in your own civ? If so how?

>> No.38954384
File: 734 KB, 537x800, 1sa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yet Another Skeleton Civilization Quest: Session 8 has now started!

>> No.38954619

Setting up Ghouls, running soon

>> No.38955424


Ghouls up. Come eat some people and explore the sewers with us

>> No.38957345
File: 1.38 MB, 2600x1625, b96a4c4823967162ddd51546a9dd7a2b83a89217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So just posting some stuff for the Fantasy Race Space Civ.

Race stats will be the same but the bonuses will be different for some races. Here are some samples.

Chance to lose no colonists during combat and industrial accidents
Less chance of mental breakdown in high stress situations
Wins in culture roll draws
Diplomacy Bonus with other common races
Diplomacy Bonus with other races with average lifespan

Long lives mean they retain tech specialists for longer
Face no penalty for resuming tech research that has been put on hold for several turns because of their memory
Adept at handling xeno wildlife
Bonus to ambushes
Diplomacy Bonus with other common races
Diplomacy Bonus with other races with long lifespans

Resistant to Heavy Gravity
Resistant to Heavy Metal Poisoning
Extremely proficient at mining metals (anything below ground)
Diplomacy Bonus with other common races
Diplomacy Bonus with other races with average lifespan

Heat Resistant
Adept at camouflaging both units and buildings
Bonus to Diplomacy with other common races
Bonus to Diplomacy with races with average lifespan

Resistant to High Gravity
Able to adapt xeno tech into their bodies
No need to eat or sleep
Bonus to Diplomacy with Unnatural races
Bonus to Diplomacy with races with long lifespans

Keen Eyesight
Hoarders (able to identify and store valuable materials easier than other races)
Bonus to Gas Harvesting and mechanics with airborne vehicles
Bonus to Diplomacy with Monstrous races
Bonus to Diplomacy with races with short lifespans

>> No.38957754

Liking these so far. Got anything for Goblinoids?

Goblins can dismantle and NEARLY reassemble anything they find, possibly learning how to duplicate the tech.

Hobgoblins are militaristic and gain bonuses to military formations and vehicles.

Industrialists, little regard for the ecosystems of planets

>> No.38959440
File: 128 KB, 1600x1000, 9bb6f940e7f7936375766403de0108f632bf16d7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Too Dumb To Be Afraid (Immune to fear and and corruption)
Major Hunger (Consumes double rations)
Destructive Researchers(Has a chance to learn xeno tech by dismantling items but there it is possible to permanently destroy the item in the process. Affected by different bonuses)
Bonus to Diplomacy with other Monstrous Races
Bonus to Diplomacy with other races with short lifespans

Berzerker Rage
Ability to spot weaknesses in enemy forces or infrastructure easily
Low maintenance, chance to consume less resources
Low Morale
Bonus to Diplomacy with Monstrous Races
Bonus to Diplomacy with races with average lifespan

Spores (Shroom Turf and Mycenea bodies are full of spores that have many different effects on different lifeforms)
Fungal Bodies (Able to withstand great bodily harm and recover)
Needs Shroom terf to breed
Shroom Turf terraforms environments much quicker than most other early technologies.
Delicious to some races
Bonus to Diplomacy with Nature Races
Bonus to Diplomacy with races with Short lifespans

Conversion (Win in combat, turns some enemies into undead)
Mythical Leader (Rare Attunement [Necromancy])
Inexpensive (No need for food, few other costs)
Able to survive vaccum and poisonous atmospheres for longer periods than other races.
Vulnerable (Loses combat in a draw; generally weak against particular forms of magic and tech)
Minor Research Penalty (Mindless Undead have a hard time figuring things out, can be overcome with higher forms of undead)

Refractive (Sees in all directions, can redirect light)
Magical Conduit (Incapable of producing magic, but has high control over it.)
Rocky Constitution (Extreme temperature tolerance, including immunity to vacuum effects)
Precious Population (Requires high heat and/or high pressure to reproduce)
Brittle Body (Injuries and basic ranged attacks use up body mass. Regeneration is slow)
Hunted for their crystal bodies

>> No.38959741

What are the best hours to run Yet Another Skeleton Civilization Quest?

>> No.38960007
File: 161 KB, 871x918, tusked_troll_by_steampunktyki-d5z8ihq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And now I see the typos.

Trolls are a departure from the old version, more Dark Crystal in space now.

Take Root (New Dryads come from saplings, saplings take years to grow and must be defended)
Mechanical Technology Intolerance (Must grow all tech or use magic)
Always starts game with Druid
Fire weakness

>Dark Elves
Mastery over poisonous chemicals
Bonuses to taking and managing slaves
High Morale
Starts with a magitech wizard
Recessive Bloodlines (mating with other races rarely results in dark elves but children of the other race with high magic potential)

Amorphous Body (Resistant to physical damage, particularly slashing)
Hazardous (Acidic/Toxic properties)
Inconspicuous (Bonus to Stealth and Infiltration)
Oil-Water Hybrid (Flammable, reproduction is humidity-dependent)
Weakpoint: Core (Helpless when held by the core)
Hunted for chemical composition of bodies

Rune masters (various uses such as strengthening structures and digital networks)
Weak to fire and acid
Hibernators (hibernates as a race for long periods of time)
Bonus to star magic

Able to withstand high pressures
Weak to dehydration and spending time away from water.
Skilled hunters and warriors in liquid or zero gee enviroments

>> No.38960022

FRSC guy here. Im available on weekends.

>> No.38960079


But I meant, what time? I've been trying 6pm until midnight EST, but the player count is still low. Where are all the skeleton fans?

>> No.38960224

Im generally good from 8pm to midnight ..................Texas time. Im tired and I refuse to google that >_>

>> No.38962479


>> No.38963334
File: 246 KB, 919x698, HumanTest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First real update since starting, unless you're following the GoogleDoc.

Here is a sample of the direction that myself and those I'm working with are thinking.

Comments and concerns?
>How is description vs. perks?
>Do you like the layout?
>Like the idea of variable stats for player choice?

>> No.38963469

>>Do you like the layout?
for the stats might want to get a guide for the colour scheme. otherwise looks fine.

>> No.38963605

Purple > Green > Yellow > Red
Blue is choice which doesn't fall into the scale. There will be some sort of scale on the final version, this is just the first of many.

>> No.38965074

It's a tad large. Maybe decrease the description by one font size?

As for the variable stats, they're...okay. I can see reasons to both have it and not. Try collating everything without the variable stats later on.

>> No.38965417
File: 1.15 MB, 1007x610, HumanTest4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Agreed. Here is something a bit different, and I actually like how it turned out, I can imagine each race being on their own piece of paper, possibly with some coloration for the different races, or something similar.

>> No.38965501

Much better proportioned.

....it looks like a card for a board game. I THINK that's a good thing.

>> No.38965538

Looks good!

>> No.38965648

the average colour kinda blends into the bg.

>> No.38965689

It does, havn't figured out exactly how to fix it yet, since I still want it to be a yellow, but I'm trying a few things.

>> No.38965772 [DELETED] 
File: 1.15 MB, 1007x610, ElfTest1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.38965799
File: 1.44 MB, 1007x610, ElfTest1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.38966122


Does a black or white outline for colored text look too out of place?

>> No.38967834


>I gotchu Slowbro

>> No.38968672


>> No.38968703

Looking good.

Can you post the version of the document you intend to adapt? And if it's not the latest one? Could somebody else post the latest and largest expanded list?

>> No.38968801
File: 1.90 MB, 2560x1440, Race Selection SPACE CIV ROUGH DRAFT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting something I made real quick during my lunch break. Very clearly in the rough draft stage but what do you guys think on the format?

>> No.38968841

Forgot to put the stats in along with a lot of other things. I'm more curious about font type and color contrast.

>> No.38968893

looking good so far.

What stats are you going to use? The traditional ones or something else?

>> No.38969880


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