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One of my players bought a clay jug of roughly 2300 centipedes. I am not equipped as a GM to handle this situation.

What do I do /tg/?

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whatever you do, DON'T BREAK THE JUG

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Tell him to get the fuck out of your house.

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In the game, or did they just show up for the session with a jug of centipedes?

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Have them all eat each other and let the sole survivor grow into a massive 5 foot long centipede that can be your player's companion. Or it could eat him, I'd give it a 50/50.

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This. This is one of those situations where distinguishing between "player" and "character" is very important.

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Unless he opens up that jug on the regular to fed them fuckers (don't mention this or prompt him), when he goes to use them it is just a bunch of bug corpses.

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This is in the game, sorry, I should have specified.

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If a man showed up in my house with that many centipedes, in a jug or a pail or a suitcase or anything, I would immediately vacate the premises and never return

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Let him be one with the centipedes.

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is his character Little King John or something?

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My first thought was not "in the game or in real life?" but "Why a jug?"

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Would come in handy for interrogating an NPC.

>"See my friend over there? If you don't tell us what we want to know he's going to dump a jar of centipedes on you."
*leans in close*
>"A jar. Of centipedes."
*PC in the back smiles and shakes the jar*

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Oh, then is this that thing where all the centipedes eat each other and supposedly the poison gets really strong?

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Shaking the jar seems like a terrible idea

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If he throws it at an opponent the have to make a will save to avoid being afflicted with the "heebie-jeebies"

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If ever bothers to count them, tell him he was only able to find 2999.

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>more than he put in
oh god they're breeding

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Heebie-jeebies? HEEBIE-JEEBIES! Bitch that's a JUG OF CENTIPEDES! Even the bravest of men would run like a sissy!

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That's fairly awesome. Now he needs another 2299 jars of centipedes so he can replicate it multiple time and forge and monster worthy of a title, and possibly a demonic lineage of horrors.

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Oh god... what if he puts pits of monsters int he jugs to feed them? Like the big one at the end. Like... "Oh we killed a dragon. A few drop of dragon's blood and a few bits of meat into my Murder Jar here..."

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>And that, dear Chosen Undead, is how Centipede Demon came to be

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Centipedes are great, they eat spiders.

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IF I should? I know damn well by now spawning a giant centipede demon out of an immense cannibalistic orgy of violence is exactly the thing I should be doing at this juncture.
Get out, spiders are great.

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Being ejected into the cold vacuum of space is great, since it will put out any fires you might have on you.

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>bravest of men
exactly, won't work on a woman
>The Centipedes betray you, because they belong to me!

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Who sells these clay jugs, anyway? And it must be enormous (for a jug, anyway) in order to fit 2300 centipedes inside.

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That's why you shake it in the first place.

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Fortunately I have an instructional video you can refer to. Observe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSemARaqGqE

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Assuming he's got the biggest, nastiest kind of centipedes (Scolopendra gigantca) in there, that's about 45 pounds of centipedes.

Which would come out to around 15 cubic feet, pic related.

Alternatively, that's nearly a half-mile of centipedes, laid out end-to-end.

Of course, if they're smaller centipedes it could be quite less, but I'm sure as a responsible DM you will want to make things as interesting as possible.

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Is it even a jug anymore, at that size? And how does one carry around that? You'll need a cart or something.

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Jug of holding that shit.

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thought experiment. Given the assumptions that

1. if you put centipedes in an enclosed space together, they will eat eachother until there is just one left, and
2. that survivor will have all the combined strength/malice of the rest,

what if you just fill a bag of holding with centipedes? aren't they limitless? If you could fill an infinite space with centipedes, would the survivor of such a nightmare of segments and mandibles be infinitely strong?

But then again, I suppose it would take an infinitely long time to reach that conclusion...

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that sounds like the basis of a dark religion, kinda like what >>38816598 was getting at.

>In the darkness of the universe, beyond the stars, there is an infinite void
>in this void, an infinite amount of centipedes eat each other
>at the end of all time, there will be only One left
>and at that moment, our world will be dropped into that void
>Praise Xthlokchaksh, the Ever-Hungry!

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>2. that survivor will have all the combined strength/malice of the rest
Aside from that horror what's this about centipede cannibalism? I think I heard about that before.

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but bags of holding arent limitless

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>top ranking members of the cult are called Legs of Xthlokchaksh
>there's 100 of them
>the PCs must find them and defeat them before they bring the Ever-Hungry through time to the present
I think I just got my next campaign plot

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>Scolopendra gigantca
>they found one of these fuckers hanging upside down from the roof of a cave eating a bat twice its weight
>a bat

how the fuck did a centipede catch a bat that seems like a thing that shouldn't happen

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Just shovel more centipedes into it.

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Oh, that. I have seen that picture. I've seen pictures of spiders catching birds and snakes. Anything is possible.

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there was an item of the week on Sleepy Hallow that was this
>Gu (simplified Chinese: 蛊; traditional Chinese: 蠱; pinyin: gǔ; Wade–Giles: ku) or jincan (simplified Chinese: 金蚕; traditional Chinese: 金蠶; pinyin: jīncán; Wade–Giles: chin-ts'an; lit. "gold silkworm") was a venom-based poison associated with cultures of south China, particularly Nanyue. The traditional preparation of gu poison involved sealing several venomous creatures (e.g., centipede, snake, scorpion) inside a closed container, where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor. Gu was used in black magic practices such as manipulating sexual partners, creating malignant diseases, and causing death.

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Do you feel the fear? Feel it. Let it course through you.
>Gu was used in black magic practices such as manipulating sexual partners, creating malignant diseases, and causing death.
>Manipulating sexual partners
There is only one person I know of that can be responsible for this.

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I have two pictures I'm not sure if I should use them both but they convey the same thing.

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I offer you this.

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and that was the last time anybody ever saw a tree.

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In case anyone wasn't already convinced that a giant centipede would be an unstoppable menace.

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The full name to this is "Spider that can probably eat you and everyone you love". There are two other pictures of this. One has the spider have a talking part like a vidya game boss and other one gave it and the smaller spiders health bars, but the big one had a mana bar.
So spiders are why there are no more trees on Terra in the future.

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>mfw this thread

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If I remove the centipedes, would you die?

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Look at this, /tg/. Learn the spider, hate the spider.

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Guys, let's switch gears.
How would you handle cool modern or near-future meta-materials as magic items?

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>spider ass
that has very different connotations where I'm from, anon

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Why would you show that?
>Captcha: damon
It's missing an e.

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Oh go fuck yourself.

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Oh, really?

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God damn it, /d/

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It's worse now because it's real.

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>start posting spiders
WELP I'M OUT! This thread was fun before it went into the Nightmare Realm.

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It started with 2300 centipedes in a jug, it was already there.

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Someone post the one with her and the roach!

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This day has been interesting cause of you /tg/. I leave you with this as I retire for the night. I will post some horror for you. It's an Australian spider that can survive underwater and it chases you for no good reason, and it can cause permanent open sores.

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Now just imagine these in "human snatching size"

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They would certainly belong in the third cavern.

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If only life was that cool

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You mean absolutely dreadful.

We would have hunted these things to extinction ASAP.

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I actually have a Witch in a pathfinder campaign that uses the spell Swarm Skin to turn all of her soft tissue into spiders.

She even avoided actually birthing her child by doing that, using her centipedes to move her infant out of her skeletons pelvis, and then re-forming herself.

Happy birthday kid, life is a nightmare.

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Everything alive right now is too easy to kill, we need some mutant super-bug shit to fight.

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We will always have each other. Well, until we run out.

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Shit, meant she turns herself into centipedes. She can vomit spiders, though.

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Typical pathfinder game

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But then we miss out on HFY circlejerking, and what's the fucking point if we can't have that?

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Actually, putting a large amount of insects in a jar and letting them devour each other is the basis to an old chinese curse.

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we usually only extinct things that are completely harmless to us

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That's because all the big scary ones are already extinct.

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>She can vomit spiders
best kung-fu right there

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>that one guy that's been playing too much monster hunter lately

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I made a mistake clicking that link.

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>Easy way out?

They all quickly starve/suffocate to death trapped in a jar with no food.

>Normal way out?

The jar breaks and most of them escape. The camp and belongings of the characters is covered in centipedes.

>Wizard way out?

Rogue wizard casts mass enlarge creature on the jar of centipedes. Say hello to 2300 terrifyingly huge centipedes. They are all hungry.

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>mass enlarge creature
>2300 centipedes
Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.
I am so totally doing that the next time I play a wizard.

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Even our blowjobs are no longer safe!

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Yeah, I bet the SIDF would think so.

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So you're saying it's a pan-arachnid alliance?

>> No.38821280

Well, whatever happens OP, make sure to have this on standby:

>> No.38821310

Whoops, meant to link:

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Alright before I address the problem at hand, I think we should address the elephant in the room: WHAT SORT OF FUCKED UP STORE SELLS CLAY JUGS FILLED WITH 2300 CENTIPEDES?!

>> No.38822585

A wizard store.
Alternatively, he just hired a bunch of urchins to collect centipedes for him at a copper per dozen or something. Street urchins can be a very useful resource for the savvy adventurer.

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Did... did you just have that on hand?

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Is there something that isn't the basis for an old chinese curse?

>> No.38822766

Opium, unless you count the curse of the white devil.

>> No.38822783


Tobacco? Although they probably smoke /something/

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I knew we'd learn the truth about Putin sometime

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She is a fucking cutie patootie spider or not

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This is as scary as it is arousing to me, is it normal /tg/?

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Have centipedes tell him jokes on night.

>> No.38823276

no you weird fucker

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>Elemental plane of centipedes

>> No.38823388

So, he wants to transform himself into a centipede-that -walks? You know, like worm-that-walks, but 10 times creepier.

>> No.38823415

It is, actually. People asking "am I normal" in hopes of being told "no, you're special" is a very common thing.

>> No.38823645

Scarousal is perfectly normal. Proceed.

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Centipede fetishist from OP here, going to answer a few questions. Firstly, in the game you fuckers. Why would I have 2310 centipedes in real life and where would I get them?

A jug was the most convenient and cheapest thing. Gotta think price-to-performance, man.

The centipedes in the jug are each (In inches) 6*0.25*0.125. That means each centipede has a volume of 0.1875 cubic inches. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. In my initial math I got lazy I guess, because the total should be 1232 minus a few for breathing room, not 2310. I guess I didn't expect my GM to allow it. I'll fix that on my sheet now.

Funny you mention that. I actually thought of food before-hand. I'll pick up random vegetation and throw in bits and pieces of corpses every once in a while. It's fool-proof, I promise.

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This thread needs skeleton spiders.

>> No.38825283

you mean this one?

>> No.38825327

What was the idea behind Centipede Jug?

>> No.38825366

>One of my players bought a clay jug of roughly 2300 centipedes.

Why was this available for sale? Who the hell was selling this?

>> No.38825464

I like to imagine the GM was scene setting
>[OK, so this NPCs supposed to be a creepy magic item seller...]
>"You glance across the shelves... a collection of shrunken heads, a picked organ of unknown species, a jar of live centipedes..."
And then the PCs decided they needed to own that. I've played and I've GMed, but I will never understand why players get so attached to the idea of spending imaginary money on certain specific imaginary things.

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>The face in the last panel

Every fucking time

>> No.38825650

>Centipede fetishist from OP here, going to answer a few questions. Firstly, in the game you fuckers. Why would I have 2310 centipedes in real life and where would I get them?
>centipede fetishist

Wat. You mean you... What, want to fuck one or something? What am I even reading

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I would assume for the same reason people buy silly real things with real money. Because it amuses them.

>> No.38825701

What can the HD of a single non venomous centipede be? 1/8? 1/10? Even lower?

I'm thinking Animate Dead for a jug of UNDEAD scorpions that are 100% loyal to you

>> No.38825960

I remember that being the basis for a living, weaponized curse in Tokyo Ravens.
I sure hope your playing doesn't know how to use magic.

>> No.38826032

Yeah, I don't understand that either. Although I suppose that gets close to "the stupid shit you spend money on is completely different to the entirely valid purchases I make" territory.

>> No.38826078

>pan-arachnid alliance
Impossible. Arachnids are antisocial psychopaths from the moment they are born. The few social spiders that exist are aberrations in the many, many eyes of other arachnids.

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I love this thread.

>> No.38826128

>Centipede fetishist
What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

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In addition to the old myth of Gu poison, there's a manga from the 90s? based on it, where they do this in a scifi context. TotallyNotWeyland-Yutani keep dropping the galaxy's deadliest creatures on a planet to see what will happen.

Shit goes unimaginably wrong when the captain of one of the marine squads they routinely send on one way trips to this deadly, deadly hellscape survives for a few hours, long enough to be eaten by the creature that was inevitably going to end up winning this planetary battle royale because it can assimilate favourable traits of creatures it kills. It decides said Marine's brain is probably his best trait, which ends up being most of his memories along with it.

The planet then becomes tectonically unstable and is hit by a supernova or something, whatever, its utterly destroyed, but the survivor of the experiment just rides the debris wave out as a insulated little ball of hate until it fools a ship into picking it up and the hell is unleashed. Like you'd think with the mind of a man it would be more merciful than just a Giger alien or something, but this dude was so very, VERY fed up with people after being betrayed and effectively fed to that planet.

>> No.38827131

I'd love to know the title of this.

>> No.38827208

But was there something that has the combined stregenth and malice of all those creatures?

>> No.38827354

Yeah, spider web.

>> No.38827445

This is such a good thread.

Really inspiring for my insect loving druid culture.

>> No.38827541

>Not making his soul immediately vacate his body for disrespecting your home
Step up, milk drinker.

>> No.38827583

Those look like daddy long legs. What the fuck were they doing? I've never seen them do that before.

>> No.38827647

i think they stay warm like that

>> No.38827728

I find this way more adorable than I should

>> No.38827761

>posts picture of an arachnid
>"insect loving druid culture"

I am disappointed

>> No.38827777



I'd be interested in more inspiration for an insect based druid

anyone have some stuff they're willing to post

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>> No.38827792



>> No.38827806

I was disappointed because spiders aren't insects
That's not to say I'm not interested

>> No.38827809

As the anon who made the "Examples of Play" that led to others making the short-lived Arthropocalypse game on /tg/ years ago, it pleases me that we are still shit-scared of the crawlies.

>> No.38828177


It's called the Kodoku Experiment or something similar.

Basically they are trying to find out what is the most lethal animal in the galaxy to use as a super weapon and they shove them on a useless tectonically unstable planet thats due to pop.

Captain gets left there as the human variable and he gets taken over by some life form. Said life form gets jettisoned into space in some sort of carbon shell until a space ship grabs it and it fucks everything up while heading towards another ship.

Pretty good apart from the ending parts.

>> No.38828292

> you will never have a centipede friend who will hold you when the world's too much.

>> No.38828724

U will never be a young human Druid who sails across the ocean in a giant peach with all his kawaii insectoid allies.

>> No.38829301


>That poor dead lizard
>That music
>That sticker at the beggining
>That fucking thing

Not like I needed to sleep, like, ever again

>> No.38829492

There. Are you happy now?

>> No.38829759

>Is one of them Skitter?
>Is one of them liable to get the power to control bugs any time soon?
>Have any of them read Worm?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, be very, very afraid for the sanity of their enemies.

>> No.38829792

Ask him if he if's chinese comic books.

>> No.38829868


>> No.38830033

So, are you planning to use them as a weapon of mass terror or something?

>> No.38830053


>> No.38830083

Nigga you drunk but I got that reference.

>> No.38830179


>> No.38830186


>> No.38830223

Worm is awesome, thanks for that! Skitter and centipedes, what a scary thought. She usually only wore the flying ones, though, IIRC.

>> No.38830241

So did I.

>> No.38830261


>> No.38830309

it habens

>> No.38830862

If he dies let him become a worm that walks made of Centipedes.

>> No.38830899

So the PC becomes the Centipede god?

>> No.38831009

But that's wrong anon

>> No.38831048

Spider propaganda.

>> No.38831082

>Everything alive right now is too easy to kill,
Yes human, keep believing that, let us develop our antibiotics resistance.

>> No.38831108

No anon, it's the truth, spider are your friends.

>> No.38831165

That spider is wearing a dew drop as a hat. While that is adorable I can not completely trust it. But what I can trust is a Portia Spider.

>> No.38831229

What happens if you seal yourself in with the centipedes and end up as the last thing alive? Does that give you centipede powers?

>> No.38831253

He is the Centipede all-father.
He fed them, protected them, gave them a home.
Now its their turn to help him.

Cue a session where the PCs play semi-awakened centipedes gathering ritual components.

>> No.38831279

For those of you who don't know, a Portia Spider uses other spiders' webs to trap and kill them.
Look at these Cracked articles to learn more.
How would that go?

>> No.38831331

a game where everyone plays as (semi)-awakened bugs seems like something that could be pretty interesting

>> No.38831375

>(semi)-awakened bugs
>tfw you wake up one day and realize you're actually an arthropod
I think I've read one or two manga like that.

>> No.38831405

Any Hawaii anons here?
These things will do a fucking stealth drop on you after they crawled onto the rafters or on top of a door

>> No.38831409

Probably really badly, you could always not tell the PCs what they are though, give them the stats for say, Formorians or some other insect race, tell them its a one off you fancy running and that the great God of their people is dying.
So the High Priestess sends them out to gather allies, learn the dark secrets from the Worms of the Earth and enact the most terrible of rituals, learned from the ants, to grant themselves a hive mind and become the body of their Master.

>> No.38831419

I came

>> No.38831453

Like Tokyo Ghoul or Arachnid?

>> No.38831492

He probably meant the magic kind of fetish

>> No.38831526

There's a special kind of magic when you put centipedes on/in your genitals, yes.

>> No.38831565

Sounds like Black Crusade.

>> No.38831909

Its over, spiders and centipedes have won.

All is lost

>> No.38832169

Well, I was doing a character sheet at the time. I noticed the price of centipedes was 1cp, so I wondered how many I could buy and put in something. I honestly have no idea what I'm going to use a jug of centipedes for, but it's gonna be good.

>>38826128 >>38825650
Not an actual centipede fetishist. Centipedes give me massive heebie-jeebies.

Well, I could imagine a jug of centipedes being pretty effective. I guess so.

>> No.38832218

Jug breaks

>> No.38832311

Then the portal to the Centipede plane is created.

Enter if you dare.

>> No.38832443

>tfw you wake up one day and realize you're actually an arthropod
>I think I've read one or two manga like that.

That's Kafka you incredible plebe.

>> No.38832487

There's probably a couple of manga with that premise. Hell, there's probably a couple of everything with that premise. Kafka's influence has spread far and wide.

>> No.38832613

>implying the metamorphosis in The Metamorphosis isn't meant to be read as figurative

>> No.38832716

...clearly i need to model a giant centipede or giant wasp so that it may spread death and misery

>> No.38832751

This thread has gone from centipedes to spiders and then to /lit/.

Its starting to get really scary

>> No.38833288

Not in the least bit surprising. When discussing arthropods, spiders are guaranteed to get brought up eventually. When discussing centipedes in narratives, someone will almost certainly make a reference to Kafka.

>> No.38833391

Highly incorrect. When humans came into the world it was a truly horrifying place, filled with innumerable giant predators that thought we were tasty and tons of things that loved to parasitically snack on us.

Have you heard of screwflies, for instance? They like laying eggs on live creatures and unlike normal maggots like eating live flesh. People infested with them become a writing mass of pain as the swarm devours them alive. These are real, we wiped them out in some parts of the world. They still remain in others. I highly advise that you do NOT look up screwflies.

On the larger scale there were once birds that ate humans like Haast's Eagle. Birds large enough to actually swoop down, catch a human and carry them off to eat them. They thought we were tasty. We wiped them out.

Wolves, saltwater crocodiles, lions and sabertoothed tigers ate people early in our history; we've managed to kill off the most aggressive of them and completely wipe them out in many areas. Indeed, had we not put the brakes on it we WOULD have wiped them out totally.

There were also dire wolves and cave hyenas which were likely to have preyed upon humans. In the case of Cave Hyenas it's all but certain they did, we have plenty of evidence for it. Those species no longer exist.

Then you have monsters like Megalania which is an ancestor of the Komodo Dragon. It was huge, it ate people, and its bite was poisonous. It was an ambush predator. Guess what doesn't exist today? Oh yeah, the closest thing to actual dragons to once exist and eat people.

Humans have wiped out every large predator species that preys exclusively or primarily on humans, and we've made massive inroads into killing off human parasites such as botflies and even illnesses such as Smallpox.

We are not something you want to try to eat. The things that have tried are scary as shit and they did not survive the attempt.

>> No.38833696


An addendum to that. And I get a major kick out of the thought of humans once having to avoid getting eaten by giant carnivorous kangaroos.

>> No.38835092

organic stuff decays in bags of holding.

>> No.38835327

this reminds me

>> No.38835403

This reads like some sort of apocalyptic logbook.

>> No.38835424

That's because it is one. Didn't you know? The spiders won.

>> No.38835489

Are spiders or centipedes the more apex of apex predators?

>> No.38835953


>> No.38836622

Do any of Ovid's stories feature bug transformations?

>> No.38836828

>we wiped them out

As much as I hate to interrupt your HFY it's more like the decreasing levels of O2, changing climate, and other evolutionary pressures made super predators slowly shed their giant bodies

While I have no doubt that "FUCK KILL IT WITH FIRE" played a strong roll in humanities survival, evolution did as well.

>> No.38837703

Jesus Christ anon, that pic will give me nightmares for years to come. Every time I find a turd or clod of mud anywhere I didn't expect it I'm going to soak it in gasoline and throw a match at it.

>> No.38837875

Actually no. We're not talking dinosaurs here, a number of those species were directly wiped out by humans. That's not an HFY, that's just the facts.

Dire wolves? Extinct by human hands.
Man eating eagles? Extinct by human hands.
Screwflies? Wiped out in many parts of the world by human action.
Smallpox? Eradicated by human action.

Don't overreact to HFY and assume that we have never done anything - we really DID wipe out most of our predators.

>> No.38838730

yo I loved that movie

>> No.38838780

it's extremely literal with what happens, though obviously it has symbolic implications.

>> No.38841800

>Insert Bag of Holding in regular bag.
>Insert regular bag in other Bag of Holding.

>> No.38841824

>Oh hey what's this bird doing the-NOOOOOPE!

>> No.38841936

This picture is incomplete as it fails to point the poison-injecting mandibles of doom.

>> No.38841954

>get sent to the Astral Plane

>> No.38841955

This kills the boner.

>> No.38842007

>And this, fellow paladins, is why you must always SMITE the witch, then burn the body for good measure.

>> No.38842018

a REGULAR bag in a bag of holding doesn't do that.

>> No.38842027

You'd think the guy would throw some harsher insults.

>> No.38842053

Yes, but there's a bag of holding in the regular bag.
If that regular bag then goes into another bag of holding, it is still a bag of holding going into a bag of holding, regardless of the layers of regular bag in between them.

>> No.38842093

>Centipede fetishist
From a NOPE thread to OP's magical realm. We truly have gone full circle.

>> No.38842164


>> No.38842374

Looks like OP opened a can of worms.

>> No.38842406


>> No.38843083

It's like you don't even fearboner.

>> No.38843461


>> No.38843936

As an aussie this thread makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thankyou for reminding me of my homeland /tg/

>> No.38844260

Did you notice it prioritized eating the brain first so that the thing couldn't fight back?

>> No.38846046

Have it so that if you throw the jug to the ground. It is like the this.


>> No.38846105

I had the idea of shapeshifting into a swarm as druid for quite a while. But the system (13th age) doesn't handle that RAW. How would you roughly handle such a thing in a d20-ish system? I'd like to eventually become a worm that walks

God damnit. I need that comic.

Shit, thanks for reminding me, need to continue reading that

cheesus crist

>> No.38846124


No need to go as far as Hawaii, for all those interested these fuckers abound both in Italy and Greece. I supposed also in the rest of the Mediterraneum

>> No.38846134


I always envisioned the protagonist as a big beetle

>> No.38846146


Smallpox was our sole victory in the microbiology war. They are winning currently

>> No.38846160

Just wait for some anti-vaccer's kid to somehow catch it.
That shit will be back in force, along with diphtheria. The Great Western Plague will be devastating.

>> No.38846173



>> No.38846185

I remeber a thread from yesterday where a DM was questioning why on of his players' characters has 100 candles. The argument of "well, I had the money so I bought it." Applied there as well as here.

>> No.38846198


Smallpox is extinct though.

What you are thinking about are measels and pertussing, which are having a field's day this year.

Well, natural selection at work. At least the treshold for "fit enough to reproduce" has become "my parents trust modern medicine"

>> No.38846212

Lot of legs for a centipede.

>> No.38846214

Jesus Urist how horifying

>> No.38846221

It still exists in surprisingly non-secure research labs.
Fuck, they just recently found vials of active smallpox in a cleared out FDA lab that nobody could account for.

>> No.38846234

He didn't turn into an insect, he turned into a 'vermin.'

Something inhuman, unnatural and disgusting. Kafka had some..issues.

>> No.38846238

Comme ca?

>> No.38846249


Yea, I know he intentionally avoided to mention how it looked, it was just how I always thought of it

>> No.38846264


Yea, however it is no longer found in the environment

I would put my bets on anthrax for an epidemic

>> No.38846278

There is actually a legit fantasy series where the big evil dark god is a giant centipede who eats knowledge

>> No.38846301

That sounds pretty cool, do you know the name?

Centipedes are actually quite bro though, in that in terms of keeping household pests under control a house centipede does the job like a spider on crack.

They're be pretty freaky if giant/man-sized though. Those bat-eating centipedes are freaky enough, and all that shit about how they attack their prey.

>> No.38846370


Shadows of the Apt. It's a series based on the premise that ages ago the world was invaded by giant magic insects and the only way humans survived was by forming bonds with specific types of them. They get to not be eaten by giant insects and they also gain certain qualities of their ancestral insect though at the cost of having their minds influenced by their behavior.
Also there's magic and steampunk/early WWII tech and shit.

>> No.38846451

Anon, he bought a jar of centipedes. He won't mind terrible ideas.

>> No.38846560


>> No.38846686

I can never find it, but somewhere there is a video of a spider getting four of its legs ripped off. And a centipede being disemboweled by a mantis.

>> No.38847368

>this horrorshow of a thread

>> No.38847521


Well, depending on the game you could do a variety of things.

Like in PF I know there is such a thing as Centipede Poison. So for Rogues / Alchemists, this is quite a lethal item.

There's also a weapon called a Skinchuck - a severed head filled with insects. You throw it and it splits on impact, causing the Swarm to attack whatever it was thrown at.

The clay jug is essentially a Skinchuck.

>> No.38847822

link to full?

>> No.38848517

>> No.38849247


Oh my...

>> No.38849395

Follow-up comic's good too.

>> No.38849425

Happens more often than you realise.

>> No.38849626

that spider but is so happy

>> No.38850566

What's the source of this .gif? A modern GuP?

>> No.38850572

That is exactly the kind of daughter I want someday.

>> No.38850990

Can you imagine being small enough that you had a skeleton but a centipede could still eat you?

>> No.38851172

Not our predators.

>> No.38852518

>On the larger scale there were once birds that ate humans like Haast's Eagle. Birds large enough to actually swoop down, catch a human and carry them off to eat them. They thought we were tasty. We wiped them out.
Yeah, except that's mostly wrong you silly bastard. The Haast's Eagle preyed mostly on moas, giant flightless birds. Humans were only introduced into the eagle's environment in about the 13th century. While the eagles probably did kill humans they likely didn't feed on humans exclusively and when they did aimed for smaller women and children or lone, unarmed men whom them probably didn't "carry off."

Furthermore the Haast's eagle is believed to have died out due to the extinction of the moa and the destruction of habitat to make way for human settlement. The moa were hunted to extinction by humans because they are giant, dumb, flightless birds that make great meals. Less of a "fuck you eagles" and more of a "we need food and shelter and don't have time to deal with eagles." Sort of a failure on humanity's part for not being able to sustain their food source.

Don;t get me wrong, I think humanity is awesome but not because we kill shit. Humanity is awesome because we build things and actively make our living conditions better.

>> No.38852571

hes like gaara with centipedes instead of sand

>> No.38852596

This reminds me of that thread about the star made up mosquitos.

>> No.38852727

>not posting the whole picture

come on

>> No.38852763


What is that anyway? Looks damn cool.

>> No.38852830


>> No.38853027

Carnivorous caterpillar native to Hawaii. The horror.

>> No.38853415

This whole thread reminds me of home.

I loved living on the farm but not finding gribblies every day is really nice.

>> No.38853428

Rolled 5 (1d6)

>> No.38853489

What is the context of this picture, anyway? Because it's pretty damn fantastic.

>> No.38853493

Naaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba

>> No.38853629

>Hey, guys, funny thing happened to me the other day. I woke up and realized I'm a spider person. Who'd have thought, eh? With that in mind, I figured I'd try out this whole cannibalism thing that seems to be all the rage.

>> No.38853726


The dude whos face I crawl around on at night looks exactly like the jug poorer. It's creeping me out something fierce.

>> No.38853851

>The centipedes in the jug are each (In inches) 6*0.25*0.125. That means each centipede has a volume of 0.1875 cubic inches. There are 231 cubic inches in a gallon. In my initial math I got lazy I guess, because the total should be 1232 minus a few for breathing room, not 2310. I guess I didn't expect my GM to allow it. I'll fix that on my sheet now.
And by "fix" you mean change it to "1 jar containing 2 gallons of centipedes"

>> No.38854121


>> No.38854181


Eh, I'd still hit it.

>> No.38854486

Ah, that takes me back.

>> No.38854516


Spider, get off the internet

>> No.38855421

Are centipedes the natural predators of spiders, or does it sometimes go the other way?

>> No.38855809

The Ur-Quan are like spiders then.

>> No.38856983

Make me.

>> No.38857698

Make him play diablo shaman

>> No.38857772

In my campaign?

>> No.38858075

More like a WEB'M

>> No.38858215

Do NOT spoiler links like that jackass

>> No.38858494

>Egg Laying, Cat ears, Anal, Group Sex, Animal Ears, Huge Penis, Double Penetration, Animal Girl, Ahegao, Dog Ears, Dark Skin, Monster, Monster Girl, Bestiality, Loli, Watersports, Catgirl, Scat, Gender Bender, Shota, Rape, Futanari, Incest, Impregnation, Dog Girl, Pregnant, Teacher, Breast Expansion
I am not nearly /d/eviant enough to fap to this.

>> No.38858604

Scat had only one page and there was no drinking of piss
Plot is also quite interesting

>> No.38858678

There's also one with a giant hornet fighting a centipede

>> No.38858738

All the ones by that author have such cute plots.


>> No.38859303

>This manga has many unsightly parts.
>But generally, 7 years change a person.
>So please be nice to me.
I am not sure if I should laugh or not

>> No.38860554

Something like these things?

>> No.38860922

what the hell kind of system are you playing that lets you buy centipedes at character creation????

>> No.38862538

Oh, you.

>> No.38863252

I hated that scene

Friend of mine used it to scare his cousin though. He got up to use the bathroom while they were watching it late at night, just before that part came on. The female lead runs into a rotten log to escape those things. It's at that point that the audience sees a HUGE centipede descend from the top of the log and rear up to strike her

My friend chose that moment to come back from the bathroom. He saw what was happening, so he snuck up behind his cousin and the moment it lunged forward he grabbed her neck. She FLIPPED OUT. Was so funny

>> No.38863336

>centipede jars OP
>nerf pls

>> No.38863394

>forgot pic

>> No.38863944

Actually, what system DOESN'T let you buy centipedes at chargen? As long as they're equipment or pets in some sourcebook, most games probably let you spend starting money on that.

Even in games without that it's easy to get around. You can make a Fate character with the Aspect "I have a jar of centipedes" or a Nobilis of Centipedes.

>> No.38864674

>>38816162 (OP)
Did he turn little black worms into centipedes?

>> No.38865080


>> No.38865134

That only works for flying bugs. What if it cause the centipedes to mutate and grow wings? Thank God they're not Hot Pink Dragon Millipedes. Yes, that is a real bug.

>> No.38865369

It works on anything if you spray enough to drown it.

>> No.38865379

But how much is needed for that many centipedes?

>> No.38865450

fuck that, how much is needed for the giant centipede that ate the other ones?

>> No.38865462

At that point, you duct-tape a Zippo in front of the spray nozzle and have yourself a little centipede barbeque.

>> No.38865506

I say flamer thrower.
Let fire cleanse all impurities.

>> No.38865565

>jars have one centipede each
step up nigga

>> No.38867038



>> No.38868105

TK is the best

>> No.38868947

That's not just any snake. That's a coral snake.

>> No.38868969

only because someone puts them there before taking the picture

>> No.38869055

So what I'm gathering from this thread is that ultimately a jug of wasps is going to be more directly useful in combat than a jug of centipedes, but the jug of centipedes has more utility out of combat?

As long as we're collecting swarms of things.

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