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A general thread.


>Rules databases



>Novels Archive


>Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer: Babby's first intro to 40K


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you might be on to something

though the narrative of trying to increase margins also fits with what the company was going through during that time

either way there are a lot of stories out there of frustrated FLGS owners

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Why don't Orks in 40k get any of the awesome stuff that Orcs get in Fantasy? The whole Squig thing could be used to create some awesome fucking mounts or beast squads. I really think outside of Squiggoths and Bomb Squigs, that they are just a forgotten part of Ork kulture. I think different breeds could be created and that would allow us to get some new units. If tyranids get fucking floating testicles, we could at least get some stuff that isn't a shit Gorkanaut.

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Because GW doesn't want to make rules for units that don't have minis. Especially for orks since they're the easiest army to scratch build stuff for.

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I still laugh at the idea that GW seriously expected us Ork players to fork over 300 dollars for a single unit of Mek Guns.

Though I will say the Grot crew are awesome.

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They should have made a plastic Squiggoth kit instead of the naughts

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The Orkanauts have their place in the Ork arsenal just like a Squiggoth does.

That being said Squiggoths have their set of dis-advantages just like the Orkanauts do.

In fact the squiggoth isn't even capable of harming an Orkanaut or for that matter a Mega-Dread in melee out side of a Smash attack perhaps.

In fact just going off of its stats alone I believe an enemy Deff Dread is a considerable threat to one.

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It's been my favourite model since DoW, but fuck it's so under represented.

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I'll also add the Gargantuan Squiggoth can also be outclassed by Stompas that are cheaper than it is.

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So Crusaders squads, good or bad?

I've always been told to never use MEQ for assault, what do you guys think about it?

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I'll take the durability of an MC over the durability of a walker any day

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Fucking Maulerfiends one shotting my Gorkanaut with a single 6...

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I'd rather stick with walkers myself. MCs have their advantages but walkers have their own as well.

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I think that they are one of the better troop choices out there.

Make two different types of squads with them: Large assault squads with chainswords and neophytes and 5 man objective holders with lascannons/plasma guns

The crusader rule is pretty handy, and so is taking a power weapon on your sword brother.

they will fold against any dedicated assault units except for maybe wych squads and ork boys

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An "antagonist" that's not evil, something more akin to a hurricane or a volcano. There's no malice or evil behind it, just a force that's threatening life.

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Reckon most people would be okay with me using a thunderhawk gunship as a thunderhawk transport?

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So what is the consensus on Blood Slaughterers of Khorne? 4+2d3 S10 AP2 attacks on a charge, Front/13 Side/12 Rear/10 HP3 with 5++. Can be taken in backs of 1-3 and cost 130 pts per/model

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yeah, the maulerfiend can be pretty nasty and it's made for taking out vehicles. only ws3 but 3 attacks on the charge with 2 melta bomb hits if it's attacks hit. oh and with deamonforge it also rerolls failed penetration on s10 powerfists

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It was more that it was over the course of two combat phases were we both wiffed our attacks, though I landed one and got a concussion on him. But I then wiffed all my attacks, he missed all his, and blew up my 5 HP Gork with a single roll. Made me salty.

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Taken by itself, cost seems fine I suppose, but overcosted for a squad of 3 imo

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The "Concussive" rule doesn't affect walkers. Only things that can be wounded.

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For the Dred Mob list, does FW approve of the 35 point Kans or should they be brought in line with the codex points? I want to run the list but I also want it to be legal.

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sorry, but that sounds hilarious seeing 2 giant robots flounder about in combat before one finally goes for the throat

pretty good for their points, they beat out helbrutes

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Oh it was incredibly thematic, and added a lot to our narrative. But frustrating none the less.

Makes sense, forgot wounds on vehicles aren't considered wounds.

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Against other walkers you might find more utility out of the Morkanaut as its shooting tends to be better against vehicles.


I'd just use the codex profile for them myself.

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After reading Imperial Armour 13, I've started to realize the Chaos Marine codex would greatly benefit from have a similar "devotion" system to the one for Arc-Demagogues.

Imagine this, 3 generic HQ choices:
Daemon Prince
Chaos Lord
Exalted Champ (w/ sorcerer stateline)

Lords and champs would have access to several different mantles:
Sorcerer- giving force weapon, psyker lv1, and familiar option. Lord can be lv2 for additional points. Maybe Tzeentch lets you buy an additional level?
Dark Apostle- gets the rules the current one has (maybe Demagogue rule has larger range for Lord?). Gets Dark Crozius which works like 3.5e one (4++ save). Lord can be lv1 Psyker for more points. Can't take jump pack.
Warsmith- 2+ armour save, power axe (maybe w/ random demonic profile, like the FW fantasy Chaos Dwarf sorcerer weapon?), mechatendrils, the rules the current version has. Can't take jump pack (or bike?). Has +1 BS and -1 WS.

I'd also like to see the return of veteran skills, but whatever.

I still have no idea how to fix Possessed.

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What the fuck is up with Necron codex? it's 7th edition fantasy daemons levels of pure bullshit.

seriously they clearly don't pay any point for the resurrection protocols and some f their options are underpriced even if it was removed

who though that t5 w2 jetpackers with 3+ armor and protocols are woth 40 points? more like 60. same with tomb blades, 24 points for str 6 small blast that ignores cover on t5 3+ jetbikers.

and let's not even get started on the bullshit that are decurion and wraiths

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Protocols don't mean much when you don't need to kill your enemy to win. Play to objectives and shoot down their vehicles. Without those they're just a bunch of muhreens with boltguns.

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>Marines with boltguns
More like assault marines on drugs and rock&roll

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>Start reading the Horus Heresy novels
>Sons of Horus encounter a civilization ruled by the emperor of mankind
>False Emperor refuses to surrender, and sits on a golden throne
>is killed by Horus
Wow, how subtle and creative. And people say it only goes downhill from the first three books. How much downhill could it possibly have from the beginning of book 1?

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>I still have no idea how to fix Possessed.
Make them beasts and give them Rending.

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God I remember my first time reading that, I had no idea what the fuck was going on and thought I was reading a book from the middle of the series.

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how do you make transfers not have that shiny film that sticks out on top of the paint?


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There's a thing that melts plastic from transfers, I can't remember the name.

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Buy Micro Sol and Micro Set

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Oh shit, perfect. Thanks.

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Why is writing combat so hard /tg/?

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Thinking about buying loads of cheap dark angels tac squads (dark vengeance) and starting a shooty army, is it worth it?

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I have new necron tournement list, I would love some critque.
1850, unlimited detachments allowed, area terrains are 5+, the missions will be a mix of maelstrom and eternal war in one. Homemade tactical objectives. Forgeworld allowed.

1 naked lord

3 immortal units in scythes

2 units of 6 wraiths with coils
1 night scythe

3 units of 3 heavy destroyers

Have I covered most areas that would be scary at most tournement scenes? I have about 60 points left to use.

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It gets almost impressively bad (not in a good way).

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Probably not.

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Both destroyers and tomb blades are extremely tough and mobile for their points

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So you could have a daemon prince warpsmith?

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M8 Wraiths are criminally underpriced. universal FNP++ is also criminally underpriced as well.

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You may want to mess around with formations, I've never seen a list like this, not sure how it'll perform.

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Lads, I was wanting some feedback on my current version of my 40k ruleset ive been working on. I've had a few games with it now with my friends and they've enjoyed playing it so far. I'm just working through the kinks at the moment to try and make it more readable and clear.

Is there anything you guys think needs adding/taking away/changing at all?

The overarching idea that I've been working with is to create a balanced, interactive and intuitive ruleset while also keeping the majority of the core rules from previous editions (the spirit of 40k) intact.

Any comments at all would be appreciated!

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For why? Salvo Bolters sound pretty sweet and deathwing look pretty kewwwl.

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Dark Angels are pretty low tier right now

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Salvo bolters are better on Bikes then Tacticals, might even be worth it more in Termies deep striking.

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There are a few more moments of foreshadowing (a couple of examples in the spoilers below). It seems to be a thing they were going for.

From book 2: Horus entering a corrupted starship, getting separated from his bodyguard, and reaching the bridge alone to fight a corrupted/possessed former friend and ally.
From book 3: The traitors assault the loyalists (from their own legions) who are dug into a palace, but are unable to fight their way in.

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I don't really see why though. What makes them so much worse than regular marines?

They have all the same shit pretty much, just some extras as well.

Yeah but with bikes you're paying more per bolter and it doesn't work with stormbolters.

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>Trying to figure out where I can put Terminators in my list
I want to play at 1000 points but I might have to just move up some. Hmm.

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>fix possessed
rending an- ya know what? just make them the 30k possessed. at the least possessed are playable if expensive. warp talons and mutilators on the other hand...

i like your idea on devotions though. chaos marines are missing subcommanders but then it makese sense since no chaos lord would want to shave his power with that many people, can't trust heretics/traitors afterall

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It gets better. I agree that opening was pretty shit, but I got hooked afterward.

>> No.38724351

At 1000pts, your list will likely have to be based around terminators.

>> No.38724402


My list is probably really bad then. Back to the drawing board.

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Do realize that terminators are very bad units.

>> No.38724477

Only lords and exalted champs. Daemon princes are their own thing.

>> No.38724512

It sounds mostly pointless then. Nothing would really change game-wise you'd just cost it differently.

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Terminators are bad? Damn it, I loved how easy the DoW II campaign got once you could slap Terminator armor on your dudes. Wanted to do that on table too.

>> No.38724638

Just go for it. It doesn't matter if you lose alot, it's so much sweeter to win with a fluffy list instead of a minmaxed one.

>> No.38724698

Why can't Dark Apostles take termie armour?

>> No.38724734

I'm thinking about getting into 40k playing tyranids. Can anyone tell me a little about how they play? I heard they were nerfed recently

>> No.38724794

They are god-awful in 40k. they cant survive for shit and are horribly overcosted.

>> No.38724915

Assault termies with storm shields are alright, durable but costly and they can't shoot. They are only good for area denial/ if you can give them a locator beacon/homer so they don't scatter/ if you put them in a landraider.

Normal termies are bad, since they can't get a 3++ save.

Deathwing knights from DA and GK terminators are also good, though the latter only with Draigo.

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> Haven't played 40k since late 5th ed
> Ran a gunline IG army
> Decide to check out what's changed mechanically out of interest since then

> IG are Astra Militarum now, k
> wtf is a Taurox, why does it look so retarded
> Tempestus are more faux-Latin now, minis are cool tho

> Get to Leman Russes
> Old army was built upon classic battlecannon Russes
> They're complete shit now because Lumbering Behemoth got taken out (why?)
> Eradicators, once almost useless, are now the best

Seriously though, the fuck were they thinking with the Russ? That ordnance-snapfire bullshit completely turned one of the IG's most iconic units into a niche variant.

>> No.38725018

apostles don't really add much, same with the warpsmith. they were probably added because they want chaos to be more loyalist like

>> No.38725024

they are heavy tanks now dimwit! move 6' fire for effect! done, they aint the best but aint the worst

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>That ordnance-snapfire bullshit completely turned one of the IG's most iconic units into a niche variant.

Quit being a nigger and realize its a buff for leman russes!

Back in 5th you could only move 6'' and fire the main gun plus one other gun, now you can move 6'' and FIRE ALL BARRLES HOT, its much better now for most Russes while the Demolisher and Battle Tank just got a slight nerf while making them more moblie.

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I was in the UK for a holiday once and I was surprised to discover that it was a whole lot easier to find GW's stores than it is to find third party stores and the third party stores that usually do exist cater to different games and niches like boardgames and rpgs. This is in stark contrast to America where LGS outnumber a GW at least 2 to 1 in the more populous cities.

I wonder if it is because of this cultural difference that GW as a whole has never really factored in LGS to push product and have preferred to rely on their own channels be it the webstore or their own brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, while this works to a degree in UK and possibly continental Europe, it doesn't work so well in most parts of America.

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GW strangled out the local game stores in Britain. America is a completely different market they choose not to understand.

>> No.38725470

My friend did that. I think they are collecting dust now...

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Well that's just how the dice rolls. Unless of course you're losing your gorkanauts consistently to a maulerfiend, in which case I'd check the dice that player is using.

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Not the anons from before, but here's my breakdown.

1. Their special units are more expensive than the other marines for a marginal increase in ability. In some cases they are more expensive than options fielded in the marine dex for roughly the same capabilities. Case in point, ravenwing bikes vs white scar bikes.

2. Their "chapter tactics" are pretty meh over all, especially when compared to their marine brothers.

3. Decidedly average special characters and their generic HQ options are actually more expensive compared to Codex Space Marines.

It's not all bad though and there are good things to see in the Dark Angel codex. It's just an overall underwhelming package.

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>can't understand jokes
>expect anything coming from GW's IP not to be meant for teenagers

It's OK, anon. Go read some more Atlas Shrugged and Moby Dick.


>> No.38725844

What chapter are you playing? Grey knights and Space Wolves get terminators for cheap and Blood Angels and Deathwing can do all terminator armies too. Out of the lot I'd argue that the vanilla marine dex has the worse terminator units because they get barely any love from any of the chapter tactics presented in the marine codex.

>> No.38725877

>tfw the only store i can get to without it being a great effort is a tiny as fuck room hidden in the back of a building and a fat dude with really weird curly black hair works there

fuck boston

>> No.38725892

Did they? That is an interesting topic, I'd say. Could you tell us more? Were local gaming stores more of a thing in the past? When did the shift happen? Anything large enough to attribute to said shift?

>> No.38725902

I'm playing Ultramarines right now but I'm starting to dislike Macragge Blue and may switch to a new chapter.

>> No.38725916

well, I hope GW's new CEO tries to do something different.

GW makes more of its money off plastic than it did a few years ago. This is perfectly fine, especially right now since ebay is less of a problem for them than before, but as recasts continue to improve in quality and quantity it will be a greater concern for them in the future.

They have famously stated that 3d printing will not be a problem for them. In the near feature I believe they are correct (a 3d printed space marine will not have good detail unless printed with very good equipment and refined afterwards), but lets see if this continues to be the case. I believe that their larger vehicles, especially the titans, are prime candidates for those looking to 3d print.

>> No.38726019

Ah. I rather like the Macragge Blue paint myself but that's a different story for another thread. Well, if you're doing ultramarines, terminators are not your best bet for a melee beatstick unit. If you are keen on them, keep them down to 5 man and either deepstrike them or footslog them if you are running assault terminators. I'd advise against a land raider at 1000 points as that's a massive point sink and once dead will cripple you rather than help you. A land raider past 1000 points is a good idea, however. Hope this helps

>> No.38726026

houston is a good location for wargames. on my way to college i pass at least 2 GWs, possibly 4 and then there's 3 or so lgs around houston.

>> No.38726084

I just really love Terminators and plan to only play this list with friends anyways, so maybe you can help me figure out where to push some Termies in.

Captain, Sternguard squad,2 Tac squads, Assault Squad, Devastator Squad. Every squad that isn't a Tactical is a 5 man squad.

>> No.38726183

I reckon that college towns make for great LGS opening spots. Population boom with freshmen coming in, mostly young adults with a wide variety of interest, you get the idea. It struck me as weird when Philadelphia had nearly zero LGS and not even one GW until 2009 I think. There were 2 comic book shops which sold magic cards and some rpg material but none of the big wargaming names. You had to go out of the city to find a GW. Weird but thems the breaks

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I've waited forever to post this.

>> No.38726248

yeah there are plenty of events going on at any time. it might be a real estate issue over in philly. gw likes to set up a shop and if it fails they'll close it and open up another shop somewhere else cheaper.

>> No.38726317

which was the intent

>> No.38726390

For starters, I'd drop the assault squad. Maybe even the dev squad, depending on how blinged out your captain is. Does your sternguard have any transport? If not, get them a rhino or drop pod. Next your captain should be in artificer armor. Terminator armor is a valid option if you plan on deepstriking him with the terminators. If not, artificer + stormshield + burning blade will suffice for 1000 points. Slot him with the sternguard in the transport of choice. Now, onto the terminators.

Decide if you want to run assault terminators or vanilla terminators. Vanilla terminators have the benefit of being able to do something the turn they deepstrike in while assault terminators are just generally tough nuts to crack. Both are roughly on par with each other at 1000 points but vanilla terminators lose their luster at high points levels. If you are planning on deepstriking the terminators, get teleport homers on the tactical squads. If you're going with assault terminators, 3 hammers/shields, two lightning claws. If you're going with vanilla terminators, I'd get a cyclone missile launcher and call it day. Remember, keep em at 5. Anymore and they become a point sink.

Will there be anything else?

>> No.38726499

Question: Artificer Armor. Is there a specific way I am expected to visually denote that my Captain is wearing it, or is it merely something my opponent has to be aware of?

And as for transport, I had the Sternies riding with the Captain in a Razorback, one Tactical squad in a drop-pod since I loaded them up with Melta equipment, and the other tactical squad is in a rhino.

Should I change around those transports?

>> No.38726537

So, what's the best faction this days for assaulting?

>> No.38726540

Yea, I hear the new LGS that opened in philly is the center of a thriving community which is always good. Sucks that it took them so long and after I left school but it is what it is.

Looking back, GW's management of the American market feels to be one born of ignorance. I mean, they sell to LGS, LGS sells to the public, everyone wins. Granted, GW probably doesn't win as much since they would be selling the items to the LGS at a lower cost and the LGS can proceed to undercut GW's own prices by selling the items at a discount to boost their own sales and that leads to a decline in sales in GW stores.. Granted, this is all conjecture but it does paint a compelling tale

>> No.38726558

No no no no

what you need to do, is give ALL your sternguard combi meltas and a drop pod.

drop them behind a leman russ, combat squad them, and laugh at the carnage they cause

>> No.38726619

While it is best to model accordingly, as long as your opponent knows he is your captain and he has artificer armor, that should be sufficient. if you want to go the extra mile, forgeworld sells some bitching captain esque models that come with ornate armor to use as artificer armor.

No, your transports are fine.

>> No.38726656

In light of >>38726558's comments, consider a drop pod for the sternguard once you bump them up to 10 man strong. This allows you to use them as an alpha strike unit. They will probably die in the following turn, however. But for 1000 points, your transports are fine

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>So, what's the best faction this days for assaulting?
>assaulting in 7th

>> No.38726706

Alright, I'll take all of that into consideration and continue to work on my list.

I'm thinking about just bumping it up to 1500pts but I'm not sure if my friends want to move up as well.

>> No.38726713

Imperial Knights? Unless you're looking for a specific flavor of assault. Are you looking for high speed assault? Horde style assault? Tough as nails assault? So bad it just might work assault?

>> No.38726766

Is anyone else here bothered that the way that vehicles work in 40k, it has always been more efficient and reliable to rely on multi-shot midstrength weapons like autocannons/multilasers, rather than the weapons which in theory should be for tank-hunting purposes?

How would you alter the rules for vehicle damage, if you wanted to make the single-shot tank killer weapons work better in comparison?

>> No.38726784

Still possible to win assault.

A man can dream.

>> No.38726826

nids can be pretty good is assault

>> No.38726853

Assault is generally a "secondary sweep" thing as opposed to the primary role for your army. That said, armies with the ability to do well in assault include Biker/Thunderwolf combos, Wraithknights/Swooping Hawks (the Hawks themselves don't melee infantry worth a damn, but they dismantle vehicles like few other units), and the assorted flavors of Necron units.

If your tournament scene/local group allows Void Shields, then the Green Tide is making a minor comeback. Me? I'm wary about its long-term viability.

>> No.38726900

Remove HPs and give significant bonuses to Anti Tank weaponry on the damage chart, maybe bonuses depending on where the shot hits too. The addition of HPs and needing a 6 + an ap2 gun at the minimum on the vehicle damage chart made it so that glancing to death is far more efficient than a single shot melta or lascannon.

That said I am not bothered though I chalk that up to playing GK. What lascannon? What melta? My anti tank answers are psycannon and dreadknight

>> No.38726990

>Comes 9th
>Making a comeback

>> No.38727022

Same deal with Necrons. Back in 5th, glancing just meant "oh, suppress some return fire." Now, it's just a ticking time-bomb.

That said, I could easily imagine the following:
>Every vehicle gets an extra HP.
>Vehicle damage becomes +3/+2/+1 for AP 1/2/3 weapons.
>Tank Hunter lets you reroll the damage result, instead of penetration.
>Explodes removes an additional D3 HP in addition to the 1 for penetrating. If this attack occurs/results in the vehicle having 0 HP, it explodes like normal.

Or something like that. Fiddle here, tweak there.

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>first the new harlies
>then the bloodthirster
>then this
Does the new sculptor have a hard on for leaping figures all of a sudden?

>> No.38727098
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>Tankbustas are AP3
>Can't bust Tanks


>> No.38727122

Well seems like you're not interested in Imperial knights so here's a couple of options from the top of my head. Note, these suggestions assume a more laid back environment. For a more cutthroat meta, that is a different matter entirely.

1. From the imperium of man we have Blood Angels and Space Wolves as the top contender. Both have great assault style detachments and great assault units in general. Grey knights take third but to them assault is just another tool in the box and not the defining factor. Still, s6 ap3 attacks that can ID should on basic troop choices should not be sniffed at. White Scar bikers also do assault well but are better at shooting.

2. From the xenos we have nids and orks who can do horde style assault lists decently well. Nids also can flood the field with monstrous creatures that are super beefy and can punch reasonably well. Necrons come with a left hook with their wraiths being one of the best assault units in the game. Fortunately, wraith spam does come with a tax so it is not so easily achieved.

3. The new kid in the eldar block - the harlequins - pack a decent punch in assault and being able to run and charge after turn 2 is a great boon. Wraithblades in raiders could make for an interesting assault combo as well.

4. And last but not least, let us not forget chaos. Daemons are all assault and they do okay with daemon princes and greater daemons taking to the skies. but I save the best for last. I said there's a so bad it just work assault list and the CSM have it. Kharn's butcher horde. 1 Kharn, 4 csm and 4 berserkers. If they roll a 10 or more on the charge, they double their attack characteristic. For every 6 rolled on to hit, they get a free attack. This free attack can generate more free attacks. Will it win you games? Probably 1 out of every 5 games, assuming a laid back meta.

Hope this helps

>> No.38727139

The yiffs. It's not the thunderwolves that make it, it's them combined with the ability to drop in a load of nasty CC dreadnoughts (that are hard to kill) in turn 1. You either shoot the dreads and then the thunderwolves hit you, shoot the thunderwolves and then the dreads hit you, or shoot both, wipe out neither and get hit by both.

If you're determined to use a load of termis, remember you can combat squad them to put two assault cannons or whatever in the same 5-man squad. Put a few chainfists in the other and send them forward to open tanks. It's still not very good - termis are overpriced for one wound models - but can make them slightly more useful if you're taking them anyway.

>> No.38727145

Just needs more rokkits!

>> No.38727172


I hate that too. I cringe when I think about how fragile the bloodthirster looks. I hope it can be made to stand with its hooves planted firmly on the base

>> No.38727190

Making vehicles more prone to exploding in one shot isn't the best idea I feel.

>> No.38727218

Not exactly related, but I'd add a special rule "Krak" which adds 1 when rolling on the vehicle/building damage table. Basically so krak missiles and the like (krak grenades, that eldar S8 AP3 missile, the t-fex's rupture cannon) can actually be used for antitank without having to add yet more AP2 to the game.

>> No.38727280

I always imagined that Tankbustas should have the ability to throw out a S8 AP 1 Armorbane small blast barrage for every 5 Tankbustas that forfeited shooting. I blame Dawn of War 2 for that though.

>> No.38727341

Most vehicles will be able to resist a one-shot explosion at full-health. The idea is that exploding becomes more likely as the vehicle takes damage (especially in addition w/ all vehicles getting an extra HP base. So Rhinos w/ 4 HP, Buggies w/ 3).

So a Rhino that was at full health has a 33% chance of being destroyed from an explodes result. One with only 2 HP left would be guaranteed to explode.

Or so the idea goes.

>> No.38727459

I'd like to see the damage roll disappear entirely and just have pens do more hull points.

>> No.38727492

"Double Hullpoints for every vehicle."
"For every point you penetrate a vehicle's armor by, inflict one Hull Point"

Something like that, you mean?

Or alternately, a WMH damage grid? (But then at 40k's scale...eeek).

>> No.38727519

Gives yet another bonus to high strength, low ap ranged armies. Orks get fucked, and Tyranids have like Warp Blasts?

>> No.38727576

It'd make stuff like the tyranid rupture cannon actually useable. My problem with the vehicle rules is that a single pen can make the vehicle useless, even if it just shakes it.

>> No.38727683
File: 30 KB, 700x367, Tank_Hunter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any homebrew rules for a sabre tank hunter?
I really want to field an SM StuG.

>> No.38727773

Question. I believe that I read somewhere that troops under Inquisition control don deep red armor. Is that true? Or am I misremembering something?

>> No.38727781

What's /tg/ "consensus" about the SM veterans? I'm trying to make an army based on the Mentor chapter and to show their level of experience I thought of making the army with many veterans

>> No.38727959

Take the gun off a valdor tank hunter and you get a sabre

>> No.38728018


There actually is at least one GW in Philadelphia now.

Off the top of my head there are two LGS that I know of at which 40k is both sold and played and a comicshop/LGS where 40k is sold. There is another LGS that last I knew also sold 40k, but it wasn't played there.

>> No.38728053

Sternguard are good. Vanguards aren't. Command Squads are good.

>> No.38728103

No way. Where abouts in Philly, do you know?

>> No.38728203
File: 505 KB, 1920x706, Judgement.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38728228


>> No.38728314

I've been working on homebrewing an alternate to the "Lots of Detachment types"/"FOC swaps." A "flexible CAD", in a way. Some people like it, some people hate it.

Basically, you have 3 of each slot type. HQ/Troops/Elites/FA/Heavy Support.

You choose *one* of those slots, to take an "additional" mandatory 3 units, which don't count against the limit. For example, if you take an Elite focus, your army is a minimum of 1 HQ/3 Elites, and can have 3 additional Elites, 3 Troops, etc. Basically, depending on the slot-focus you select, it changes the framework your army is built around. (continued)

>> No.38728336


Oh, thank you very much, anon. I probably would have killed myself if I had ever played an army that would have displeased you. Thanks again for making me know your really important opinion about it

>> No.38728342

In my Battlescrib it brings up the option for "Legacies of War" on my Dreadnoughts. What are these?

>> No.38728380

They're from Imperial Armor volume 2 I believe

>> No.38728388


Get the fuck out

>> No.38728395

A lot of this is "WIP". Any of these armies let you reroll your Warlord Trait.

Additionally, depending on the Focus you have, your army gets a different bonus:

* An HQ Focus gains High Command: This CAD may adjust all HQ pre-game ability rolls (including Psyker Powers, Daemonic Gifts/Chaos Boons, Illuminor Szeras' troop modifications, The Mirrorcodex's abilities, etc) by + or -1. The Warlord Trait is NOT modified by this.

A Troop Focus gains Solid Backbone: Troop units (including Dedicated Transports) gain a 20-point rebate they can use on upgrades. This rebate may not be used on extra models, or as part of purchasing the Dedicated Transport. It may be used for special/heavy weapons, character wargear, marks, biomorphs, etc.

Necron Troops with Solid Backbone reroll 1s for Reanimation Protocols, and their Dedicated Transports ignore Shaken/Stunned results. This is due to their Troops having no wargear upgrades.

Astra Militarum Troop units that are bought as part of a Platoon only get a 10-point rebate. Blame the Departmento Munitorium. :)

An Elites Focus gains Special Forces: Think "Been There, Done That" from Ogre Kingdoms. Each Elites unit (except Dedicated Transports) selects two USRs at army creation from the list below. No two Elite units in the same CAD may select the same USRs. The list is below: Deep Strike, Furious Charge, Hit & Run, Infiltrate, Monster Hunters, Move Through Cover, Precision Strikes/Shots, Rampage, Relentless, Stubborn, Stealth, Scouts, Split Fire, Tank Hunters.

A Fast Attack Focus gains Maneuver Warfare: Any Fast Attack unit in this CAD may make a 3" move in the assault phase instead of charging. "Jet" units (Eldar Jetbikes, Jetpack Infantry, etc) Fast Attacks add an extra D6" to their Jetpack move roll, and drop the lowest.

* A Heavy Support Focus gains Big Guns Never Tire: All Heavy Support units in the CAD resolve their Snap Shots at BS 2. You still may not snap-shoot weapons that normally cannot be snap-fired.

>> No.38728441

>A lot of this is "WIP". Any of these armies let you reroll your Warlord Trait.

Wow, it's nothing.

>> No.38728474

No, stupid. Forget the fact that you don't like Battlescribe. What is your problem with OTHER people using Battlescribe.

It's like going up to an open window and screaming "I don't like when other people fly on planes! you should use boats and cars to reach destinations!"

Thank you.

>> No.38728476

Ah, I figure "Rerolls Warlord Trait" is standard. The majority of "Alternate CADs" (with exception of the Decurion) have that, alongside with their "It replaces Obsec."

>> No.38728487

Would help a lot without constant "Like X only with Y instead."

Clutters up and adds back n' forth work.

>> No.38728492

For this exact fucking reason
>In my Battlescrib it brings up the option for "Legacies of War

You don't know anything, you're dumb and lazy. Get out.

>> No.38728527


There was a list of different 40k squigs in a recent Codex Apocrypha article.

As to why there isn't as much as much focus on them in 40k compared to Fantasy, probably has to do with the fact that in Fantasy, squigs are one of the few things that can serve Orcs and Goblins like vehicles or walkers serve Orks, bar Snakebites.

>> No.38728583

>If you don't know something you shouldn't ever learn about it
I am neither dumb nor lazy. I decided to come here WITH MY BRAIN, to a place where there are people knowledgeable on the subject. Which took effort and digressed from my daily activities, which takes care of the lazy.

I came here seeking information. It's not like that's from a Codex >>38728380 it's from a specific Imperial Armour, and definitely not common knowledge.

>> No.38728668


>what is google

I need a fa/tg/uys opinion on land raiders. I know crusader would be the most common body choice but I'm dying to try a redeemer. Is it worth it?

>> No.38728759

>What is google
Google gives you about 5 links for this >http://legaciesofwar.org/about/

Entering "40K" or "Dreadnought" surprisingly doesn't clarify the search any more

>> No.38728793

Thats because they're legacies of glory, not war.

>> No.38728821

Confused about the way multiple detachment works...can i take a CAD detachment with my warlord in it and another CAD from different army?

for example can i take Tau CAD detacthment with my warlord and tyranid CAD detatchment?

>> No.38728848


Those links explain it more than clearly. IIRC it's able to be taken once for every 1000 points and on any vehicle.

Most people won't let you take legacies anyway. My flgs doesn't even allow fighter ace.

>> No.38728867

I want to say yes. Because you can take as many CADs as you want, and it says everything in a CAD must be from the same faction, but it doesn't say anything about separate CADs

>> No.38728874

Technically, yes. You can have as many detachments as you want and just need to pick a Primary one to pick your Warlord from.

Good luck finding a tournament to play more than one CAD at tho.

>> No.38728937

It's for game against my brother's necrons. he hasn't lost a game yet and told me to make the most powerful list i could make,i was thinking of bunch of riptides and flyrants

>> No.38728943


Redeemer loses you 2 slots I believe, and it's impossible to line up the sponsons.

BUT, they cost the same price, come from the same kit, and if you find the Hurricane Bolters are underwhelming because you don't really play a lot of horde and a few extra bolter shots isn't appealing, then use the Redeemer since you get at least one AP3 template.

But Crusader should be your default pick in general.

>> No.38728960


Go Unbound and aim for tabling him or knocking out all his objective secured units if you want power. Being Battle-Forged just hinders you unless you're playing one of the top armies.

>> No.38728981

>My flgs doesn't even allow fighter ace.
>no dog fights
>no skies of death
>just boring OP flyers arms race and reserve wars

It's like they hate fun.

>> No.38728992

It's actually 10 points cheaper :^)
And yeah I do find the hurricanes seriously underwhelming. I only consider the redeemer because games at my flgs use a lot of ruins. And if I can even afford to fill a 16 slot transport I have my stormwolf which is even more cheaper than a crusader.

>> No.38728994

normal land raider transports ten, crusader sixteen and redeemer 12

>> No.38729024


Yeah a stormwolf with IWND and a techmarine inside would be sweet. It's still rapes everyone's vehicles anyway.

>> No.38729124



>> No.38729188


Thanks for the corrections, I was too lazy to look it up properly.

You can tell I only use Spartans and classic Land Raiders.

At least I got the capacity half right, since it's two bulky slots for Terminators.

>putting regular infantry in AV14

Stop playing Honor Guard and Death Company guys.

>> No.38729486


However, many tournaments have restrictions on how many detachments you can take and often don't allow duplicates. Also, most tournaments don't allow Come The Apocalypse allies.

>> No.38729546

what is the latest publication of the fighter ace

>> No.38729576

>not decurion
u tryna lose

>> No.38729630

Naked lord is pointless, take a cryptek

>> No.38729735

I didn't notice hvy destroyers had reanimation untill now. thanks anon.

>> No.38729808


Read the Forever War, or Chasm City, if you haven't. They helped me.

>> No.38730036


>I cringe when I think about how fragile the bloodthirster looks

Why would it be fragile?


Shield of Baal: Leviathan

>> No.38730084

>Shield of Baal: Leviathan

>> No.38730174

eldar LoW: scorpion or cobra? i like them both, not sure which to eventually get.

>> No.38730480

Why stop there?

Noise Devotion
>Gets MoSlaanesh for free (it would be covered in the cost)
>Would get access to noise weapons
>Can exchange one weapon for Slaaneshi Daemon weapon

Berserker Devotion
>Gets MoKhorne for free
>+1 A, +1 WS
>Access to Brass Collar
>I dunno, more knorne stuff.
>Access to Khorne Daemon Weapon

Plague Devotion
>blight grenades, poisoned weapon option, FnP
>Nurgle options, etc

The Tzeentch devotion would be part of the sorcerer one, as you said. It would let them take an extra psyker level. So, up to level 2 for a lieutenants, up to level 3 for lords.

Maybe there could be upgrades that would be fluffy upgrades for Night Lords and Alpha Legion.

>> No.38730977
File: 893 KB, 2057x957, Night_lords2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Choose one.

>> No.38731213


Far right. You know what they say about a man with big horns! And an even bigger gun...

>> No.38731229

That he's overcompensating.

>> No.38731298

That his wife is really unfaithful

>> No.38731304

Mercutio ez
least likely to leave you behind or wear your skin

>> No.38731418
File: 426 KB, 438x441, itssobad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the fuck do I attach this motherfucker to a base? He's not resin, like the newer Dante castes and I picked him up in a bargain bin at my FLGS when I was grabbing shit to start my army the other day.

Also, how do I stop paint from flaking off metal models? I hit the whole model with primer spray before painting but it still chips off stupidly easy if it's bumped wrong.

>> No.38731482

Wash it with soap before priming.

>> No.38731517


Is there a sealant or something I can spray that will accomplish the same thing?

>> No.38731815

Are their instances of a Lord General from Krieg? In charge other other IG assets that are from different planets?

How does the krieg officer system work if they are all clones?

How does this work in conjunction with the rest of the imperial guard?

>> No.38731924

Just wash the model with dish soap and water with like a tooth brush.
Models have release agents on them to help get them out of the molds. Those release agents also stop paint from adhering to them properly.

then after they're painted, use varnish.

And to attach that dude, just pin him to the base.

>> No.38732153

>Throw a layer of Balthasar Gold onto an unprimed model to test out a scheme
>The paint sticks and looks nicer than if I had put a spray layer below it
i thought i had to prime to get this to stay on

>> No.38732169

What is the deal with so many Tyranid formations having a 'tax' of 3 Tyranid Warriors attached? i.e. Endless Swarm, Living Artillery Node, Wrecker Node.

>> No.38732177


I mean this particular model. He's painted, I can't wash him in dish soap now. I have zero experience with this stuff, I've painted five marines, a tank, and that Dante.

Thanks for the advice though, I'll try to find some varnish.

>> No.38732269

So theres an escalation league coming up for 40k at the local GW. Im going to bring my 30k Emperors Children.

The guy said it should be fine, but would you personally refuse to play against a 30k army?

My reasoning is that nothing 30k could bring would be as broken as the stuff that's already in 40k

>> No.38732303 [DELETED] 
File: 82 KB, 535x543, 3xzmou2d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they end the setting, and then leave you to hang for like 4 months?

And this is to IMPROVE sales?

>> No.38732521
File: 137 KB, 600x620, only 75 points.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wall of Martyrs: Vengeance Weapon Battery
>bs2 battle cannon for 85 points

Either i'm a fool or this fortification isn't half bad. if i want a template i gotta take a skullcannon at 125 or a soulgrinder with phelgm at 165. hell i don't even see people talking or even taking these things.

synapse tax

i wouldn't but i wouldn't wanna play against fulgrim or another primarch

wrong thread buddy, you want the one with whfb in the title. also it's like ultimate crisis or new 52 in comics, they're gonna reboot the system soon. or so we hope

>> No.38732560

I was probably gonna bring Fulgrim actually, since Primarchs are the coolest part of 30k

>> No.38732574


>> No.38732649

According to the Vraks books, and other FW books if I remember correctly, no.
Krieg advancement seems to stop at regimental, or at least small battlegroup level. The Imperial Armour books explain that Krieger officers just aren't up to the political or wider strategic concerns required by higher ranks, like generals. They're too direct and limited in training. They can kill the shit out of a city or planet, but don't play well with others.

The books specifically state the Imperium assigns non-Krieg officers to be generals of Krieg armies. I think the named officer from the Necron vs Krieg IA book is an exception.

>> No.38732806

actually on second thought bring the primarch, i use deamon princes that cost about that much

>> No.38732812

>I mean this particular model
oh. if you want to keep the paintjob, repair the paint then varnish it. Then be more careful with it.

>> No.38732888

Base that shit brown first, yo.
My Balthasar Gold is thin as fuck, but after highlighting it'd fool anyone.

>> No.38732897


>How does the krieg officer system work if they are all clones?

They're not clones, if they were they'd suffer from extremely bad luck.

>> No.38732955

I've been thinking of picking them up myself to replace my Defiler.

>> No.38733104

so the lamenters are clones? it suddenly makes sense

>> No.38733270

actually you could convert your defiler into a vengeance weapon

>> No.38733419


Matte varnish or metal prep primer.

>> No.38733659

Actually with Kharns butcherhorde you only get double attacks if you roll exactly an 8 on charge distance.

>> No.38733737
File: 2.06 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup /tg/, I just bought used necrons, preprainted, for 80 bucks.
Pic related

In case it's hard to see, this is what's there:
28 warriors
9 scarab swarm bases (3 per base)
And one overlord with a staff of light. Did I do good for a first army?

>> No.38733808


You got ripped off.

>> No.38733839

It's a start. Get some ghost arks and stuff to run Decurion pronto.

>> No.38733885

Are Warhammer 40k Conquest discussions allowed here?

If so, do they have any plans to release any new Astra Millitarium Warlords? I personally do not like the current one, and was frankly disappointed. I was hoping for a more Commissar Lord Type warlord. (But that might not fit in "conquest")

>> No.38733935

you paid about store price. Which is shit

>> No.38733987

Really? Going off the going rates, it'd currently be about the same to assemble it, before paint and starter tools.

Barring the slight price limitations, I intend to buy a doom scythe, a ghost ark, and a squad of lychguard. Is that a good way to round this off to 1000 points?

>> No.38734019


It does get better! I can't get my head around the posts that say "Oh the first 3 are great but the rest are shit". The first three, especially the third, are 'passable' at best.

"A Thousand Sons" and "Betrayer" are solid reads. I liked the latter so much that I bought the NL Omnibus and couldn't put the damned thing down, ADB is amazing.

>> No.38734063
File: 1.11 MB, 2560x1440, 1341941256892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I recall enjoying Know No Fear

>> No.38734177


Painted models are worth less than new ones. Like a lot less, unless the paint job is amazing.

>> No.38734324

True, but the guy I bought from is a friend, and he is going through financial troubles, so I overlooked the pricing a bit.

>> No.38734382


I know DA is regarded highly by tg, but I've only read the first one he did for HH (I think it's the very first one) and "The Unremembered Empire".

"Unremembered..." was a great concept, but just got silly. I wish it'd focussed more on the political shit that Guilliman would've had to deal with, less of the Primarchs smashing one another.

Admittedly, "Betrayer" ends with Primarch-smashing, BUT I felt that there'd be such an interesting bromance between Lorgar and Angron up until that point that ADB had 'earned' a scene like that. It also seems kind of silly that Lorgar would stop Angron right at the end there, but once I read up on the greater context of the 'Shadow Crusade' it made sense.

What is a really good Abnett book?

>> No.38734399

Foreshadowing is at least a little subtle.
The "false emperor" in book 1 is cracking a dumb unfunny joke and then elbowing your friend in the side repeatedly saying "did ya get it? did ya get it? see what I did there? did ya get it?"

Book 2 is a lot better but book 3 is the only one that isn't horribly painfully obvious. But I guess that's what you get when you have McNeil and Abnett writing.

>> No.38734402

>I know DA is regarded highly by tg

The fuck are you on about, the entire BL franchise is hated by /tg/.

>> No.38734426

Eisenhorn and Ravenor;
Everything he's written after titanicus is trash. Which includes Unremembered Empire.

>> No.38734438

Sup friends, guy from last night here that was talking about the 5 player Chapter falling to Chaos.

The Campaign launches tomorrow and we've got everything worked out, but I have a question for you. We still can't decide what the new Warband should be called once the Silver Hands are corrupted.

>> No.38734445


Speak for yourself

>> No.38734601


How about you lurk more, newfag.

While you're at it, go start a BL general instead of shitting up this thread.

>> No.38734673


>How about you lurk more, newfag.

Believe me, I'm aware of the rants that surface fueled by muh Index Astartes and muh Perpetuals.

>> No.38735318

Why does everyone complain about tyranids being underpowered? They look great, to me.

>> No.38735397

They had a...rough time in 5th edition, and the few good units they did have that edition got nerfed in the 6th ed codex.

Pretty much every Nid army will base itself on 2-3 Tyrants with dual Devourers with Brainleech Worms, just because otherwise, armor can roll over you.

>> No.38735509

That's just Dan Abnett trying to be fancy. There's still planet of nice HH books, provided that you don't take yourself too seriously.

>> No.38735567
File: 1.02 MB, 390x261, ap050Y9_460sa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Implying that all anyone cares about is powergaming

>> No.38735685
File: 23 KB, 600x337, BuZr7eCCMAEOFiY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't believe everything that you read on the Internet, buddy.

>> No.38735746

Have you seen it in person? If so, you're a dumbass. If not, then stop talking shit.

>> No.38735809


>> No.38735973

So gamewise orks are basically 'nids with dodgy vehicles instead of giant amounts of monstrous creatures, right?

Is there any reason to play them over 'nids, other than liking the aesthetic? I like both and I'm trying to decide which to go for.

>> No.38736072
File: 40 KB, 422x500, minirules.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any meaningful differences between the current 40K mini rulebooks (Shield of Ball vs Dark Vengeance)?

>> No.38736096

Unfortunately it can depend very much on the local community. I recently moved to a new city and the crowd here is a lot more casual in their army lists than where I used to play.

I'm pretty happy mind you, because I can finally use cool, fluffy units like Genestealers and Tervigons and still win games. Before I had to use the usual multi-Flyrant, minimal troops lists to even have a chance.

>> No.38736104

In theory, Orks have more "raw power/brute force" than the Tyranids. They don't get fearless troops as a rule, but they get...a questionable form of Dutch Courage that lets them ignore failed morale tests in exchange for killing themselves. All Orks shoot like Imperial Stormtroopers (that is, they can't hit worth a damn) but throw out a curtain of bullets making their firepower ironically reliable. While they have troop transports, they're either expensive-ish (Battlewagons), or made of paper (Trukks).

Tyranids don't get transports, but they do get a limited set of psychic powers. Both Orks and Tyranids have a very limited set of spells they can work with, but the Tyranid ones are mostly about "Buffs/debuffs" and manipulation, while the Ork ones are about shooting things (Literally, 5 of the 7 Waaagh powers are witchfires of some form or other). The big difference is that Orks only get "Weirdboyz" as their psykers, whom are infantry Orks that cannot take any equipment, while the Tyranid ones are either big monsters, or units with a forcefield save.

Also, Orks have a *really* overcrowded Heavy Support slot. Which...really hurts when it's time to build an army. Tyranids are usually able to crowd out their entire FOC without too much issue.

Powergaming is one thing (and let's face it, we like when an underdog wins). Pulling punches is another thing altogether.

>> No.38737022

Lore-wise, aren't Orks the strongest Psykers in existence but they're too stupid to realize their power?

>> No.38737101

If there were then the differences would've been FAQ'd

>> No.38737124

Outside of the gestalt field they have that makes their wonky physics work, no.

>> No.38737234
File: 19 KB, 181x279, sarcophagus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to the fold, brother. May the light of Sanguinius guide your path.

>> No.38737308

They look pretty nice, if you like the paint job you've at least saved yourself a lot of time

>> No.38737352

i think eldar might be the strongest psykers, or at least the ones with the most precision and skill. orks have a lot of psychic potential because the group gains psychic hype so to speak.

>> No.38737645

Quick question guys, if my unit ignores terrain and charge a unit with defensive grenades in cover, do I get +1 attack and hit on initiative? Example harlequins with flip belt, beast unites and jetbikes with skilled rider.

>> No.38737669

You ignore terrain, not defensive grenades, so you dont get any attack bonus.

>> No.38737757


Humans have the ability to be more powerful psykers, but the range for power in human psykers is much larger compared to Eldar I believe.

>> No.38737776

Another idea I might want to test if 6x unit copies becomes too problematic would be "maximum of 4 of a particular unit type". Ergo, if doing Tau with an Elite focus, 4 Riptides max.

Personally I consider most "spam" armies overrated, but "but 6 riptides" tends to be the most vocal complaint.

>> No.38737805

Do I hit at I1 or my normal initiative?

>> No.38737811

Normal initiative.

>> No.38738276


Eldar have higher floor, lower ceiling, and higher average psychic power.

Humans have a bottomless pit for psychic power floor, and an almost limitless ceiling. If you are lucky and hit a high spot on the chart you will be much stronger than an Eldar, but on average, most Eldar will be better psykers than the vast majority of humans, who outnumber them by quadrillions and most of whom aren't even psykers.

>> No.38738582
File: 38 KB, 296x400, 3rd_Edition_FCover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started 40k with 3e and then stopped playing until recently in 7e. What would happen if I used a modern codex with an older ruleset?

What would 3e look like? 4e? 5e? 6e?

>> No.38738621

Sounds interesting.

>> No.38738897

All right, /teej/, I've been considering making a Space Marine army as a little side project, and I've been wanting to do a chapter that is heavy in psykers, like a loyalist Thousand Sons. What codex or chapter tactics would best fit something like that?

IE, which Space Marine chapter arguably has the "strongest" psykers or chapter tactics that could be fluffed up as being compelled by psychic powers?

>> No.38738898
File: 215 KB, 806x955, Allied det.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting back into Warhammer and have been reading the 7th ed rules. I came across this page an thought "wow, I get get a lot more stuff from allies."

However, when I do any searches online everything I see is stuck on the old way where its 1-2 troops and 0-1 for Elite, Fast, and Heavy. What is going on? Which one is right?

>> No.38738938

You just described your pic accurately. 1 troop and 1 HQ minimum, with an optional elite, heavy support, fast attack and extra troop
Don't let the stacked boxes in the actual diagram fool you. Someone wasn't paying attention there.

>> No.38738960

Blood Angels if you go full psychic dreadnought or grey knights.

>> No.38739189

I've been wondering...Is there any reason I can't take storm shields on my Grey Knights Termies, or at least the Justicar? The codex says I can take stuff from the special issue wargear, and the storm shield is listed in the codex.

>> No.38739221

what i like about 7th is how it shows the difference in powers between the different races. loyalists don't have a lot of lv3 but they have hoods due to being more wary of sorcery then chaos marines who have a lot of options for powers. astra/ig have lots of options because they employ millions over a few with amazing power. orks get another warpcharge in large groups

>> No.38739235

The Storm Shield is not listed under Special Issue Wargear
So no

>> No.38739259

Did you check the "super special wargear list"?

>> No.38739277
File: 110 KB, 1024x768, 3ZndsKR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tell me that again after referring to the picture attached.

>> No.38739291

How many points is it?

>> No.38739293

looking in the wrong place, find the smaller table that lists point costs

>> No.38739306

That's the thing. It doesn't list anything for points cost on that stuff. The page with the units just says I can take stuff from the list.

>> No.38739328

Theres your answer, you cant take it as it isnt listed with the rest of the options.

>> No.38739339

Well godang, now i know why the resident grey knight player here is always depressed.

>> No.38739388

The only unit I'm seeing with it listed is Draigo. If he is the only one that can take it that's some shitty wording and codex formatting on GW's part for saying that units can take shit from that list. I'm not saying that a 2+/3++ termie wouldn't be absolutely fucking broken, but damn, at least make it easier to understand what you can and cannot take. Some poor idiot like me may have been about to glue some shields onto their guys and get laughed at.

>> No.38739448
File: 47 KB, 600x800, DSCF0004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When brainstorming with a friend about 30k stuff we noticed a rather silly rules interaction. Mechanicum Myrmidon Destructors have Preferred Enemy (Everything!) and can take a torrent template weapon with fleshbane and AP3. Castellax Battle-Automata force fleshbane attacks to reroll successful wounds due to the Cybernetic Resilience rules.

So... if you drop a template on them, you then roll to wound... and then you pick up all of those dice and roll them again because no matter what the result of the first roll must be rerolled. 1s reroll due to PE, and 2+ reroll because successful wounds reroll from Cybernetic Resilience. Wonderfully silly.

Best part? It's actually fairly likely to happen in a Mechanicum versus Mechanicum game. Irad Engine Myrmidon Destructor squads are rather popular (and that AP3 actually makes them pretty good for shooting Castellax), and Castellax are a mainstay in a lot of AdMech (and Legion lists).

>> No.38739477

Thank you, that was bugging me. The problem is with the visual. Needed to look closer at the words.

>> No.38739507

on the topic of castellax, is it worth keeping the stock chargers or are the battle automata power blades worth taking ever?

>> No.38739575

I really don't know anymore. Depending on who you ask the shock chargers either count as a single paired weapon, or a set of two weapons. Power Blades are definitely a set of two weapons. It really comes down to whether they already have +1A in CC from two CC weapons, or if the Power Blade upgrade is that. Rending does fuck all, since because they have Smash they both A) already have AP2 on ALL attacks and B) Smash is usually better for blowing up tanks anyway.

From what I've read/heard FW official clarified this issue in a FAQ on their Facebook page, but that page no longer exists and that FAQ also no longer exists anywhere else. Haven't been able to get a response from them about it myself, either.

As it stands I think the rules lawyers win and Shock Chargers count as a single melee weapon without FW saying anything to the contrary. It's a stupid situation either way - either you have an upgrade that does literally nothing because Shock Chargers give them +1A CC, or you have to take Power Blades or have a rather shitty amount of attacks in CC for a monstrous creature. With any luck they'll just update the rules in a future book but that's not looking likely right now.

>> No.38739762
File: 86 KB, 800x680, castellax-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will say this: the model for power blades looks stupid as fuck, and only has the multi-melta which is hands-down the worst main weapon option. Shock Chargers are nice if only for WYSIWYG reasons. And they keep 'em cheap. A big reason why Castellax are so good is because they do so much for so little.

Now I just need to figure out how to paint them so they don't look like derpy sadfrogs... I'm half tempted to try sanding those eye-things off the dome, but I highly doubt I can get them to match the curve.

>> No.38739806
File: 87 KB, 800x680, goblin shredder pepe edition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for comparison

>> No.38739817


walkers fucking suck. period. unless it's less than 50pts, don't even consider taking them because every fucking neckbeard try-hard net list faggot spams melta anyways

>> No.38739893

It depends largely on the paint. Citadel paints are a tad thicker than say Vallejo and don't actually need primer to stick on citadel plastic. A primer will definitely make life easier in the long run as not all paints stick as well on unprimed plastic. Primers can also act as a decent undercoat which is always handy

>> No.38739941


Walkers have their uses just like anything else.

>> No.38739989

Only Draigo gets it. No one else can take it. The reason it's in the Special issue Wargear section of the codex is because Draigo has it and it's there for reference. As for what you can and cannot take, that's what the wargear page is for. If it is not there, you can't take it, period. The Appendix at the end of the book simply gives you an explanation of what each piece of wargear does.

>> No.38740041
File: 109 KB, 480x1038, list.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And they are?

>> No.38740045

And if the grey knights could take storm shields on 33 point terminators, everyone else would be depressed. It all evens out in the end

>> No.38740082

I would never refuse a 30k army. I might give they guy shifty looks if he's proxying or using obvious shitty recasts, but they're still a load of fun to play against. And, like you say:

> nothing 30k could bring would be as broken as the stuff that's already in 40k

Primarchs can make powerful force multipliers, but you have to be playing 2500+ for the force to be large enough for that multiplying factor to be amazing. The only real exception is Lorgar because Lorgar Transfigured is OP as fuck. Even that is largely because Invisibility is stupid and broken, so if you houserule invisibility as everyone should then he's not amazingly stupid.

What points levels is the league playing at? You're probably gonna have a really bad time for the first few sets of an escalation league as 30k legion lists are very clunky and samey at low points levels. Just something to keep in mind. When you have nothing but a bunch of overpriced tactical marines with no special weapons and no ATSKNF at like 500 points it's hard to really do anything. That said the new Delegatus HQ (pic related) can let you bring a small cheap force that's a bit more flexible, so that might be an interesting way to start.

>> No.38740172

Immunity to s5 weapons and below in their front and side arc usually and being capable of firing more than 2 weapons comes to mind. It should also be noted that a Dreadnought fighting an MC that isn't the dreadknight or carnifex will probably eat the MC alive in cc.

Personally, the problem isn't with the walker rules, it's the fact that most walkers suffer from the dreadnought syndrome. They don't do enough damage in CC or shooting and prior to 7th, went down like a sack of bricks the moment AT guns looked at it. 7th improved their survivability by a notch and the 7th ed codices introduced more specialized walkers designed to push shit in. In short, walkers are getting slightly better.

>> No.38740210

If all Dreadnoughts had Rampage, they'd be a lot better.

>> No.38740232


Its also worth mentioning Super-Heavy Walkers seem significantly better than Gargantuan Creatures are.

>> No.38740235

So what can I do to beef up my GK's? In my collection are : 1 Stern, 1 Coteaz, 1 Librarian (I use Coteaz as a second libby), 2 Nemesis GKs, both have swords and psycannons, 1 has gatling psilencer and the other has the incinerator. I have 10 purifiers, 4 halberds, 2 swords, 2 incinerators, 2 psycannons. 5 Purgators, 2 psycannons, 1 incinerator, 1 psilencer, and justicar has a hammer. 10 terminators. 8 halberds (2 of which have psycannons over storm bolters), 2 hammers. and a Rhino. I was thinking my next purchase would be a Land Raider or more Termies while possibly selling off my power armor guys. They seem absolutely useless most of the time I play them.

>> No.38740323

You were asking for the /tg/ consensus. You got given it.

>> No.38740336

I'd rather not bring in super heavies as they skew the arguments in all sorts of directions but yes, super heavy walkers are much better than their MC counterparts

That could work. Giving dreadnoughts A3 with the option to take a second power fist or the ability to double up on lascannons, assault cannons and multimeltas could work as well. Basically give the dreadnought more options to be a specialized unit rather than a jack of all trades that doesn't do anything particularly well.

>> No.38740556

>Giving dreadnoughts A3 with the option to take a second power fist
literally the IA13 chaos dread
they can even get rampage

>> No.38740856


Its also worth noting quite a few Monstrous Creatures can't really harm AV 13 in close combat outside of Smash attacks. This means that in theory:

>-Contemptor Dreadnought
>-Deredeo Dreadnought
>-Mhara Gal Dreadnought
>-Ironclad Dreadnought
>-Mega Dread
>-Kustom Meka Dread

Would shrug off basic Strength 6 and weapons that are listed as having the "User" for the strength value (unless I am missing something).

>> No.38741087

More terminators never hurt. Draigo definitely doesn't hurt as he increases the killing potential and durability of the unit at least twofold. With regards to power armor GK, I am a big fan of interceptors, doubly so with falchions but naked interceptors with incinerators are still great fun. Strike squads are useful primarily as MSU to pay for the troop tax but in most cases, terminators are better than strike squads. Purgators are straight up useless unfortunately. It doesn't help that they share a slot with the NDKs which are strictly better for a slight points increase.

Due to the limited choices in the GK codex itself, consider looking outside of the codex and ally in answers to any perceived weaknesses. Inquisition and Assassins come to mind, but being Battle Brothers with Armies of the Imperium really opens up your choices and as such there's no right answer to whom you should ally. Hope this helps

>> No.38741123

Get a Dreadknight or 2, get some paladins and a Stormeagle to roll in with.
The ICs by and large are useless, just roll with the libby or Draigo.
Purifiers aren't the ballers they used to be sadly, so don't depend on them like you used to.
The backbone of your force should be strike squads or termies, choose which and decide from there. Remember that you rely on close shooty, so honestly, expect dudes to drop like flies sometimes, but you can generally give as good as you get so long as you are cautious.
Also, assassins, use them. A vindicaire when you know AV13+ is an issue, a eversor for mobs, a culexus for psykers like nids, gk, eldar (also most SM armies have a libby).

>> No.38741189

The formation with all four assassins is a nice complement since it gives you solutions for everything. If you're playing in a format that restricts the number of total detachments you can bring it's important as normally an assassin detachment is only one dude using up that entire detachment allotment.

>> No.38741216


Where are the rules for these anyway?

>> No.38741217

You have to be careful with assassins though, as they die easier than you'd think

>> No.38741356


I believe in Stronghold and also inside the kit.

>> No.38741366

I wouldn't take the formation, because most armies don't have everything the assassins are designed to combat.
As it comes to GKs, only the vindi truly brings something that can't be replicated, eversor is good for typing up groups.
I've had success using eversors charging thru da woods and smashing into a mob of nobs with a warboss, only to have my paladins pincer smash in later.
Lots of choppy was had that night, and I gained a new respect for orks being tenacious bastards once stuck in properly.

>> No.38741398

I run Chaos Space Marines. I want Chaos Renegades as allies. Can I take a Renegade Allied Detachment and still upgrade the Arch-Demagogue to a Bloody-Handed Reaver?

>> No.38741416


Cheers. I'm a bit wary of whether the Stronghold rules are still allowed; some of the stuff mentioned in it has different rules in the 7th ed rulebook.

>> No.38741418

Did you turn on the light sabers?

>> No.38741461

If someone is selling 3 chaos space marine Defilers, two have twin linked flamers with flail arm and the third only has a flail arm and a missing weapon, How much do you think they'd be worth? None are painted nor primed

>> No.38741549

I need SoB advice. What is the go-to list for them nowadays? No allies or Avenger.

>> No.38741658

>I hope it can be made to stand with its hooves planted firmly on the base
no, no it cannot. not in the slightest

>> No.38741667

Yeah, after the 2nd round in combat. Still managed to hold on strong, especially after he had a mob of boyz crash the party.

>> No.38741694

Sounds like a glorious fight. I am a bit envious, not gonna lie.

>> No.38741727

A model that has been assembled but not painted and is being sold without bits should sell at 60% of retail value.

>> No.38741811

Heres a simple question for yas, cover save. It states that if 1 model sees the enemys units as in cover, all their shooting gets cover saves. But, can you just not shoot with that model? say you have 20 ork boyz and the one in the back is behind a roc and only see the tops of the heads of all the enemy models theyre firing at, can i just say he's not shooting this time and deny my enemy the cover saves?

>> No.38741821

Thank you

>> No.38741838

It was the single most baller smash facing I've ever had.
Especially after the 2nd round with the mob of 20 some boyz and the eversor going full WRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY!! on them, finally getting force up and slapping down meganobs while my librarian dueled the warboss and repeatedly fought to a draw.
Finally struck him down after 3 rounds of being stuck in, most of the paladins down, the eversor still kickin with da boyz.
Good times.

>> No.38741936

Yeah, shooting is something you can choose not to do with certain models.

>> No.38741980

>can strip HP off lighter tanks
> all equip with melta bombs

Sure looks like you know how to 40k

>> No.38742022


It's mindboggling that i cant just divide the shooters between the ones that give cover and the ones that dont. i guess i miss focus fire..

>> No.38742059

btw, if the boy in the back has a different weapon with a separate strength, he's rolled separately, does that still give cover for the whole group shooting?

>> No.38742077

Just do it last and your opponent won't notice, but technically I believe it would.

Why are you taking big shootas/rokkits in your mobs anyway?

>> No.38742104

i dont even have orkz, just using it as example. Thanks.

Played with the dark vengeance missions yesterday, every damn model has his own weapons so it takes forever, and with a custom table with hills doing cover saves was a nightmare.

>> No.38742528

>Dreadnought fighting an MC that isn't a carnifex will probably eat the MC alive in cc
In my experience it might as well be a Carnifex

>> No.38742564


What is your experience then ?

>> No.38742582

Link for the pasta:

40k 7th edition quick reference sheet(s).
Print, play and never chase a bookmark or appedix reference again.

>> No.38742692

My fexes tend to die miserably when they are up against another MCs or a walkers.

>> No.38742752
File: 337 KB, 1196x1236, dreadknight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the MCs I most commonly face with my Orks, my most common opponent fields two of them
>Murders boys and bikes with torrent template and large blast
>WS5 I5 Double-power fists insta-quish nobz and tear open walkers before they get a swing
>2+ save, 5++ (which is always psykered to 4++), can rain turns of dakka on them or hack at them with dozens of choppas only to watch those 1s refuse to come up
>Move 12 a turn and can zip 30 once a game, impossible to corner, can avoid lanes of fire and helps line up devastating templates
>singles out klaw nobs in assault with challenges

>> No.38742777


No Kustom Mega-Cannons ? It seems like they could make a mess of Dreadknight.

>> No.38742833

If they don't scatter away
and it fails its ++
and there isn't terrain it can use to avoid them

>> No.38742955

Which army has the best terminators?

I've been reading a lot of dexes and chaos seem good just because they can all take combi-weapons but they lack storm sheilds so I'm unsure.

>> No.38743025

Space wolves.
Cheapest termies with counter attack usr and acsess to wolf claws.

>> No.38743029

Vanilla Terminators are good for soaking up heavy fire and taking down MCs in CC.
Chaos Terminators are good for Deepstriking with a lot of Combi-weapons, shooting, then dying. If they somehow survive, then they can assault whatever sent that AP2 their way and immediately get wiped out in overwatch.

>> No.38743128

The inv save is twice as likely to save you as overwatch is to hit you.

>> No.38743194

well if you take Tzeentch mark you got a ++4 which is only 1 worse than a stormsheild and you still have a combi-weapon, a power weapon and you cost less than assault termies.

Isn't counter attack kinda pointless on assault termies?

Can't think of many units that would willingly charge assault termies...

>> No.38743197

More like "Which army has least worst terminators?"
All terminators are bad in one way or another and its usually that they are hideously overcosted.

>> No.38743224

I still don't understand some of the nid statlines...why do creatures that exist only for the sake of close combat(haruspex and full close comba fex) only have ws3? and hive guard have ws 4 and bs 3 for some reason...

>> No.38743234

But they look cool so it's still a relevant question. A lot of people play this game for aesthetic rather than to have a big gay army that looks stupid (dreadknights & centurions) but wins every game.

>> No.38743235

Might be pointles but it's for free on the cheapest termie in game.

>> No.38743330

Many units willingly charge assault terminators. Stuff that might kill them, fearless chaff that could tie them up for rest of the game etc.

>> No.38743342

also it's cheaper then most mcs. it might be better to get more cunning then trying to outfight them. they're not a unit you can easily outdo with orks, even a warboss isn't a sure fire win against them.

chaos terms are cheap true, but loyalists win out. grey knights might be the best bet since the army really relies on them

i got a crazy idea, give your nob choppas instead of power claws for a game. due to how challenges work in 7th you can have the squad fight after the characters slug it out. though it won't amount to much.

warbuggies are cheap enough to work as a mild distraction and can outflank. deffkoppas can scout. you also got some artillery options

>> No.38743431


The next warlord for AM/IG is Inquisitor Coteaz.

>> No.38743589

Which is still a 33% chance versus something like a Plasmavet squad which will pack 6 S7 AP2 shots.
True, they are cheaper.
Though a unit of 5 MoT Combi Terminators is only 16pts cheaper than Hammernators, and they're not as intimidating as the latter.

>> No.38743706

I'd go with GK. They got a points decrease, access to the psycannon, comes with force swords standard and hammerhand all for a measly 33 points a body.

>> No.38743719

GK terminators are 33 points a body, as are Space Wolf terminators so Chaos now shares the title of cheapest terminators in the game with two other codices.

>> No.38743768

Well possible, but if those termies deepstrike and pop a landraider then they've already earned their points back pretty much.

>> No.38743878

You and me both, I mean sure, low weapon skill makes it easier for higher WS units to hit them back with their puny strength AP- hits, but making really mediocre in CC really annoys me since it is hard to get into CC in the first place. Not to forget that
The scything talon re-rolls allowed units like Carnifexes to hit hard in CC even though they had a WS3. Taking those re-rolls away and leaving the WS untouched was a really dick move from Cruddace

>> No.38743880

Of which one will hit on overwatch

>> No.38743925

>Not to forget that
... WS4 would still allow them to hit most things on 4+ anyways, so why not give that. I hate it that Carnifexs have as much trouble hitting Guards man as it has hitting a Space Marine. Where's the sense in that? I must ask

>> No.38743951

Yeah Dreadknights are kindof OP, they are the one of the two reasons GK are top tier, the other being psykers.

>> No.38743999

They can't take storm shields though, so without Draigo they are poop. (with him they are excellent)

I don't know, they're basically sternguard that are also terminators. 5 combi-plasmas are pretty scary, and they're only about 5pts each

>> No.38744014

monsters the size of trucks are great for smashing stuff but they fumble easily i guess. it's hilarious thinking about say the whfb slaughterfiend using it's ws8 to actually outfight say an orc or bretonnian lord because it is just a simple giant monster

on the other hand it's expected to see a deamon prince dismiss a guard commander because he barely knows how to use a sword by comparison

>> No.38744040

Unfortunately this means that clsoe combat monsters are doomed to suck ass unless given shit loads of attacks(8+)

>> No.38744071

I'd give scything talons rampage, because, you know, scything. Bonus of that is it makes it a good choice for MCs while no really affecting hormagaunts so they can stay cheap.

Still don't understand the WS3 thing though.

>> No.38744153

Talons were great when they had the 'reroll 1s to hit with one pair, reroll all misses with 2 pairs'. It let low WS MCs like Fexes get a good number of hits, made it a real viable choice to leave an MC naked
Sad they took away that great rule with 6th edition. That alongside the old Living Ammunition guns would have made a nice theme amidst Gaunts of using rerolls to drown the enemy in saves

>> No.38744268

I'd still go with rampage, with 2D3 additional attacks (+1 for two pairs of weapons) for two pairs. Basically I think ravagers and trygons are awesome and would buff the fuck out of them. It's probably a very good thing I'm not writing rules.

>> No.38744354
File: 569 KB, 681x1023, Wrong Turn At Albuquerque !.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One thing I've always wondered, why are so many of the Tyranid Monstrous Creatures only Strength 6 ?

And for that matter how is it a Carnifex and Old One Eye have higher strength than Trygon or Mawloc ?

>> No.38744413


Can always just Stompa it into oblivion if no other option presents itself. .

Also I thought Ammo Runts allowed you re-roll the scatter ?

>> No.38744483

s6 is pretty respectable. twice the strength of the average human, can instant kill tau/humans, and same strength as chaos great deamons or princes.

i think monsters need like >>38744268 suggests or bonuses against certain foes. i can see why gw nerfed smash, but it makes sense for mcs > walkers/tanks

>> No.38744618


> mcs > walkers/tanks

That only holds true for certain cases. There are quite a few walkers that some MCs aren't capable of harming in close combat with their regular attacks.

>> No.38744766
File: 182 KB, 548x1072, ChaosSpaceMarineSuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found this on Twitter.

>> No.38744823


No chain axe ?

>> No.38744841

ya got me there

>> No.38744873

I'm not sure how well that would work mainly because of how psykers work now. But I have been wanting to try the 3.5 CSM book in 7e.

>> No.38744892
File: 131 KB, 554x1099, CorrectProportions.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well it's still incomplete so we'll see, you got to give him extra points for getting the proportions right though.

>> No.38744963

I just realized the reason he doesn't have the helmet in that first photo is because it wouldn't fit.

>> No.38745001

honestly, you'd need to spent a good few days redoing the 3.5 book to bring it up to par for 7th.

though i am slightly interested, 1k sons for example auto passed psychic tests and possessed could buy powers. ahriman wasn't a touhou like he is now, but he was a threat. shit, now i gotta break out the 3.5

>> No.38745018

Honestly I've been thinking of doing that and talking it over with my group to see if they want to do the same with their armies.

>> No.38745139


I do agree on the proportions. It appears he definitely did his research as far as constructing it.


> touhou

What is that referencing in relation to Ahriman ?

>> No.38745175

ahriman can put out a lot of witchfire attacks and is one of the most powerful psykers in the game. ya know, like a touhou.

>> No.38745190

Magic Bullets spam

>> No.38745195


I'm not quite seeing the connection.

>> No.38745259


Oh okay. Normally when I think of Touhou I think about that funny shrine maiden and her kleptomaniacal friend

>> No.38745278


see >>38745190

touhou is a bullet hell game about little girls full of outrageous magic power. i think even the weakest ones can toss out enough power to level mountains. think blaster mages/wizards from tabletop games as well


>> No.38745284
File: 187 KB, 766x766, Painting-Space-Wolves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38745290


I have to wonder do most doors have enough clearance for him to walk through if hes wearing that.

>> No.38745722

I'm playing eldar. What's the best group configuration for a unit of regular codex harlequins? I recently bought two regular boxes, a deathjester and a shadowseer. Is it worth playing them vanilla or is using the new codex mandatory?

>> No.38745838

New codex mandatory. With what you bought you could make a nice ally detachment. Shadow seers are quite nice

>> No.38746027

But if I realllly just want to use the codex? Is the best bet to just max the squad with 7 harlies and kisses, a troupe master, a death jester and a shadowseer?

>> No.38746049

>defiler remake
>200 points
>12/12/10 4hp bs/ws/i3
>demon engine, it will not die, deamon forge
>battle cannon with barrage, can take mark/deamon of ...
>2 power fists, reaper autocannon and heavy bolter
>can replace autocannon with havoc launcher for 10 points, or heavy bolter with heavy flamer for 10
>can replace weapons with fists for free
>mark of nurgle gives +1 av and shrouded. 40 points. 20 points.
>mark of slaanesh gives +1i and fleet
>mark of tzeentch gives +1 invul, reroll 1s to save and 1s to hit/wound. 30 points.
>mark of khorne gives +1 attack, rampage (model counts as 10), counter attack, rage. free

>> No.38746229

Im confused by one thing.

A FMC can choose to either glide (become a jump MC) or swoop (flier).
So, does it retain the Jink save it has in flyer mode... when it switches into glide mode? If so, why?
Id be thinking, that since it counts as Jump when Gliding, it would lose the flyer given rules and gain the Jump rules instead.

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