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We're being whores and you can't stop us!

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... Kay, I had a few less pics than I thought. Back me up while I hunt more down, bros

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As an aside, how does /tg/ like their brownies?

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I find all of these acceptable. All that matters to me is the hips, thighs, and tiddies.

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I want to break me off a piece of that chocolate.

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All are acceptable, but Bedouin Dreams, Okinawan, Indian Summer, or California Gold are preferred.

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Gotta say I'm a fan of dark vanilla.

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The top row and Turkish Rosewater.

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Dark Vanilla and Dusky Dravidian

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All are good, but I favor Dark Vanilla, African Queen, and Evening Elvan. Am I the only one here that likes the darker varieties?

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as long as it's brown i'm off like a rocket, but california gold, bedouin dreams, and evening elven really do it for me

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Maybe I'm retarded but I feel like she's holding that weapon upside down.

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So what exactly defines cheese and cake?
Is it in the amount of exposed surface area?
The way it's positioned and presented? The kind of feelings it gives you?

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>muh DICK

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Well usually it means the woman has some meat on her bones and generally looks delicious.

However some of these girls are a bit on the thin side. Like the succubus in the second pic.

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I always assumed it was no overt nip or vag

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It's a pretty retarded weapon. Especially held like that. The hook is especially stupid.

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Dusky. Could do with a garnish of minty frosting, though.

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Ask yourself this - would the image look out of place in, say, Sports Illustrated Fantasy Swimsuits Edition.

If yes, because not lewd enough, then it's not cheescake.

If yes, because too lewd, then it's porn.

... basically cheescake is everything JUST before the line demarking NSFW.

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Oh no disagreements. It's just. My brain is saying, "What a horrible design and she's not even holding the fucking thing properly!"

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In all shades, from all places.

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art meant to titillate without being explicit.

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Goddammit. She's doing it as well. FLIP THE FUCKING THING AROUND HARLOT!

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this count?

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Get out, fatty.

> How did the term “cheesecake” pinup originate? According to this 1950s magazine: “… A New York news photographer once asked a woman to lift her skirt ever so slightly to make a better picture. The beautiful woman complied. When the editor, something of a gourmet, saw the picture on his desk, he exclaimed ‘Why, this is better than cheesecake!'”

Commonly attributed to a man referring to the deliciousness of a woman's figure, it's just sexualized images of clothed women.

> 5 ft. 5.5 inches tall; 35 inch bust; 22 inch waist (approximately 2-3 inches less than the average American woman in the 1950s and 12 inches less than average today); and 35 inch hips, with a bra size of 36D.

Marilyn Monroes measurements, before you talk shit about what hot women in the '50s were like.

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Womanlet confirmed.

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I wasn't going to talk shit? I was apparently mistaken. All the other cheese cake threads I'd seen tended to have women on the curvier side.

I had thought it was a twist on say beefcake. Where the guys are large and ripped.

You don't usually see Loli's or stick figures in these threads.

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Women who are sexualized without being pornographic?

> Posts Abomination

That's getting dangerously close to furry.

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I'd make her my prisoner of war if you know what I mean

She'd get missing in action if you know what I mean

Various war crimes outlined by the Geneva Convention would get violated if you know what I mean

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You say that like being a short-stack is a bad thing for woman.

Why u no like short-stacks, Anon?

Also, the modern average woman's height is 5'4". And they get to cheat with heels, anyways.

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Anyone else find the shells-in-panties simultaneously hot and autism inducing?

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Because I prefer deliciously tall amazons.

I mean, I'd still fuck her though.

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I will accept curvy. Sorry, the "meat on the bones" phrase is just said by too many women who are just fat fucking slobs these days.

Curves are good, A curve is not.

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To be honest the ones in her cleavage are bothering me the most. I know they probably won't go off. But they're aimed right at her.

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Curvier women tend to be sexier because boobs and hips, and they tend to appeal to the vast majority of viewers regardless of their other fetishes.

It's harder to be sexy when you've got nothing to show. (Although there's obviously an upper limit too.)

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It is good. Also, porn.

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a bit

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No harm no foul. Haven't heard "meat on her bones." Used by land whales but if that's what it conjured up my bad.

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>implying that sisters of battle wouldn't always be at least deliciously toned

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Dammit, girls, protect that skin!

I don't want to be feeling or staring at cunt-to-knee scar tissue!

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thank you

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You're welcome, I guess? For what?

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in an actual knife fight that is actually the best way to hold the knife. though that probably doesn't count as a knife

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My nigga. Though I enjoy all colors, all the way to beautiful pale white.

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>redhead with hair glamorously unbound and likely to get into her eyes
>wearing latex dominatrix getup instead of armor
>people are arguing about the way she's holding her goofy animoo swords
>not perhaps grasping that they are props in a picture of a gorgeous redhead in latex

nigga u srs?

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All of them work for me.

My MH Huntress' are always Amazon Chocolate

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oh you know, butt stuff

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Butt that's heresy?

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Uh, no. No it's not. A reverse grip SEVERELY limits your options to having to stab in a downwards direction to do anything.

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all butts are not heretical, but all heretics have butts

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>not bringing a gun to a knife fight

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Maybe if you're fighting somebody is a huge fucking coat or something. Typically icepick grip screws with your range. If you hold a knife point up you can literally fall on somebody with it and fuck them up.

If you want to win a fight with a knife, you hold it upright. If you want to fucking murder somebody who doesn't see it coming, icepick.

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Sometimes you can't get to your gun, but you CAN get to your knife and stab them. Then once he's no longer trying to grapple with you, you pull your gun and shoot him.

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Like how? The classic knife in back downward strike?

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Come on dude. Post big or go home.

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>bringing a Claymore to a fuck you fight

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The anons responding to this saying that icepick limits your range and versatility are wrong. It's a more versatile grip defensively and is likewise harder to defend against.

On the other hand, you're fucking retarded for claiming that there's a "best way" to hold a knife in a fight. Both grips have advantages and disadvantages and if you confine yourself to one, you're going to get fucked up by a fighter who isn't a stupid fanboy.

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>vagina is between her ass cheeks

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dude what? look up fucking knifefighting before you open your mouth about it on the internet.both people almost always die in a knife fight but if one somehow lives it was because he was using that grip

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>not bringing a claymore to every fight

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if a guy with a drawn knife is within 15 feet of you and you havent already drawn your gun you are dead. fun fact.

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>Ordo Mechanicus girls
>"25% of my body remains flesh."
>"Guess which 25%."

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I have a few dangerously-borderline pics.

Sure, I got them from character art threads. But it's always risky.

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I want to fuck a halfling.

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Holding a knife in a grip that isn't in line with your forearm is by definition going to leave you with a shorter ranger. Go ahead and hold a knife in your hand in a regular grip right now, put the point against a wall, and stretch your arm and body until you are standing as far away from the wall as humanly possible without taking the point offline. Now, without changing where you are standing, go ahead and put the knife in a reverse grip. You won't reach.

The icepick is not a 'defensive' grip, one does not truly 'defend' with the blade of a knife in a knife fight. It's for getting in puncture angles that a forward grip cannot conventionally achieve, like straight downward into the shoulder, or up into the offside armpit. It's for either murder or armor penetration, and doesn't make sense in a modern knife fight context. Go ahead and watch the rest of that guy's videos on the same subject and he elaborates on this. It's also an instinctual thing related to how we naturally would use our fists as cudgels.

In the meantime, more ass.

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another person who knows nothing. a knifefight is about slashes not stabs, when you stab people with knifes you GUARANTEED get stabbed back. slash their arms to shit every time they try to stab you and you actually stand a small chance of surviving

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>tfw you will never pick her up and throw her onto the bed
>tfw you will never make her scream as you hammer her cervix
>tfw your manlet dick will never make her hung halfling husband look tiny

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Slashing with a reverse grip is much worse. Go ahead and try right now, it's a fucking mess requiring you to use your entire arm for simple movements. a forward grip both always has the blade edge and point online at all times and allows you to use your wrist to move a blade.

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Like I would allow such primitive savages to lay hands on any piece of our craftmanship. Away with you!

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This makes me sad.

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Harpies have boobies. Why isn't she breast-feeding her babby?

>> No.38645706

I have watched the rest of his videos on the topic. He clearly states why everything you just said is wrong.

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special for thread

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fuck if I know

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She always looked like she was trying to work out if it would fit.

It took me ages to realise she was comparing the tattoo to an engraving.

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I prefer the former explanation

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>AzN halfling

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There's also the fact that if you look closely at the statue...

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I love you /tg/

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No, just a North Korean woman.

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Why does everyone have this saved as a halfling? She's clearly an elf?

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>Rocket Cocket

What do you roll for vag space?

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Nigga you know that's Lidda right?

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>he thinks only elves have pointy ears

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I don't have my copy of F.A.T.A.L. with me right now, sorry.

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I love this one solely for the play on words.

And because that picture always irked me when I went past it in the PHB. It's just so out of place.

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>I don't know if I can fuck this thing, but damnit I'm gonna try

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I was ignorant, please forgive me. For real though, the proportions are all wrong, that's not a halfling, no matter what they say. Her head would be the size of an apple.

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Aren't halflings basically small, otherwise nromally proportioned, people, as opposed to gnomes and dwarves who have wacky proportions?

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>Typically icepick grip screws with your range.
If you wanted range, you wouldn't have picked a bloody knife.

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Well, they are based on hobbits, which are proportioned like children, so big heads, small bodies. And most art I've seen portrays them as slightly more normally proportioned midgets. Having them have the same proportions as humans doesn't make any sense given their size though; their brains would be miniscule.

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Knives are never a preferred weapon. They're an "oh shit" weapon when they're all you've got.

>> No.38646245

Oh hey, we're talking about how knives and daggers are worthless trash that everybody holds wrong. I'll just be over here with one of the crown jewels of western swordsmanship

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You say that like it means anything. Most of the brain is devoted to coordinating sensory and muscle function, and less body means less of both. Plenty of small animals are capably intelligent (eg rats, birds).
Most-to-all of third edition D&D's art is of the mostly-proportional variety, whereas fifth has... this abomination.
I prefer the former.

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That's not a halfling, that's a genetic deficiency.

>> No.38646311

>foot smaller than mouth
>head literally 30% of the total mass
>either thighs significantly longer than shins, or incredibly long torso
>terrible anatomy all over the shop


>> No.38646408

how gauche

>> No.38646490

Yeah, if you discount the prefrontal cortex entirely. FYI I literally dissected a brain today so I'm current on my neural anatomy. If a halfling is ~3ft tall, their brain is going to be at most half the size of an adult human's, and that's a significant reduction in surface area, which is the significant factor in things like complex reasoning and transfer of short term memory to procedural memory. For all the same reasons that microencephaly is associated with profound mental retardation, a standard human-proportioned 3ft tall person would be incapable of higher functioning. They'd be at best on par with pigs and other intelligent animals.

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Also, I have a metric shitton of halfling art, and none of it is human proportioned. Pic related.

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Weening her off milk and onto solid food. The baby has feathers and not just down, it's obviously growing out of the nursing age.

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''I'm sorry John, we can't /ss/ee each other anymore. The SJW's won, but I'll alway love you like the good boy you are...''

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literally /pol/.

why are you here if you're not going to post smut, faggot?

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This counts for me.

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Orkish Headbutt?

or maybe

No wonder the Elysians get buttfucked in the fluff

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Man, look at the fire in that boy's eyes. He's going to grow up to be a hero and avenge himself on the lord that forced his mother into marriage.

That or an outlaw who hates the kingdom and would see it burn to ashes. Either or.

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Dusky Dravidian is Best.

>> No.38647826

She's the iconic 3rd halfling, nigga. Step your game up.

>> No.38647839

you're thinking of dwarves, Anon. Halflings have pretty normal-ish proportions.

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>Posting Wakfu/Doofus in a cheesecake thread


>> No.38648052

I love these 'vaguely historical twisted to sexy' things. They even got the orientation of the helmet crest right!

>> No.38648089

Disgusting Genzoshit everywhere!

Look at that woman she is not even holding that shield it is just floating behind her arm it doesn't even have reflected light on the inner side. Dem legs, one is about 20% longer than the other even if she is standing on tiptoe. That cape why is her body casting a shadow on the ground but not on the cape. How does that cape even wave? Skin reflects more light than metal armor? Why is that sword made out of cardboard?

Oh wait, don't tell me, it's magic!

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>> No.38648136

I don't understand the purpose of "cheesecake" there's nothing good about it, if its softcore porn its unappealing, if its supposed to be cool sexy women it fails to make the women look interesting because they're trying to hard to make them look sexy and fails at that.

>> No.38648228

>if its softcore porn its unappealing
Your opinion is that only hardcore shit is erotic.
Your opinion applies only to you, anon, and you may have it, yet also keep it to yourself.

>> No.38648250

>Your opinion is that only hardcore shit is erotic.
Didn't say that at all, it fails to appeal as softcore because its shit not because its softcore.

>> No.38648279

>Your opinion applies only to you, anon, and you may have it, yet also keep it to yourself.
You go on about what is not important, and ignore the important part.
Dude, we don't care that you don't like the thread or the topic.
It's some /v/ tier shit, imma go into this thread and tell everyone they are wrong for liking the topic kek!

>> No.38648354

>there's nothing good about it,
Yes there is. Good looking women in cool settings and outfits that inspire imagination on top of being sexy.
You don't need or have to 'understand' something that's meant to inspire emotions, you either like it or you don't. And if you don't, it doesn't mean that others don't like it either.

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>> No.38648376

How can anyone be inspired by something so unimaginative and bland, and its not sexy. All I see cheesecake trying to accomplish are making two things that are mutually exclusive cool and sexy, failing at both.

>> No.38648397

>mutually exclusive cool and sexy
Yeah, dude, you can stop now, we don't care.

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I've never understood why people always leap to the defense of the SJWs, or immediately claim there ISN'T a conspiracy. Seriously, man; Shit's suspicious as fuck.

>> No.38648475 [DELETED] 

Because it has nothing to do with this board, or it's contents.
Contrast that with /pol/, where it's a thing to wander on to other boards spreading their opinion as tho other people want it.
We want the zealots on both sides to fuck off.

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>> No.38648562

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>> No.38648599

Armor nipples will never not be weird to me.

>> No.38648624 [DELETED] 

It's a combination of "moderate" sjw sympathizing cowards trying to keep heat of each others backs, people who can't handle the truth like this little tard >>38648475 and general idiots who actually believe sjw aren't a very active thing in chan politics

>> No.38648647

The titties are a lie

>> No.38648699 [SPOILER] 

Now, thats just a domestic disturbance

>> No.38648700 [DELETED] 

I've never understood why people always leap to attack SJWs, or immediately claim there's some kind of conspiracy. Seriously, man; Shit's retarded as fuck.

There was nothing SJW going on, but then your ass got all pained about nothing at all and you had to start whining. Go back to /pol/ if you can't stop being buttblasted, that's what your containment board is for.

>> No.38648735 [DELETED] 

>I've never understood why people always leap to attack SJWs

For the bonus Power Attack damage

>> No.38648778 [DELETED] 

>chan politics
Fucking seriously?
Here's an idea; most of us don't give two shits, and /pol/ and tumblr are two sides of the same echo-chamber coin.

>> No.38648779 [DELETED] 

This is jumping privilege

>> No.38648804

This has weird Rob Liefeld proportions. That being said, dat ass...

>> No.38648818

More goblins pls

>> No.38648832 [DELETED] 


See? Nothing to see here, citizen, move along. Remember, just smile and wave.

>> No.38648855

Amazon chocolate with a pinch of cinnamon plz

>> No.38648864 [DELETED] 

Is that supposed to be /pol/ or an sjw talking?

>> No.38648926 [DELETED] 

What's the difference?

>> No.38649017 [DELETED] 

/pol/ is somewhat satirical. I'd assume /pol/. Once I heard them describe themselves as such:

/pol/ is based upon using the ambiguous nature of obscenity in a progressive sensibility - that is it acts as the uncouth bonding agent to our camaraderie. Our solidarity as a userbase is predicated by this lexicon of bigoted sardonicism and black or gallows humor. We're far less bigoted than people would like to believe here. However, the subtle context and symbolic nature of our ribbing and vehement exchanges is often overshadowed by the face of its content - which is often quite vile and unapologetic.

Its fancy words but basically equates to: We talk shit we don't mean. Its an inboard joke.And to a degree I'd have to agree with that, as /tg/ and the other boards I frequent do maintain their own inner group dynamics and methods of communication.

>> No.38649023

what have we here?

>> No.38649054


>> No.38649064

That melon is gonna get it

>> No.38649117 [DELETED] 

>We talk shit we don't mean. Its an inboard joke.
I dunno. i expect some of it is a joke, but a fair number of the people there actually believe the bullshit they spout.

But it's not really /tg/ related or at all related to the thread, so hurr I'll shut up.

>> No.38649465 [DELETED] 

I laugh my ass off when I see people on /pol/ saying "oh yeah, we don't mean the stuff we say on here" and that guy's explanation struck me as hilarious too. "Deep down, /pol/ is politically correct like me!" Give me a break.

So yeah, you're pretty much right.

Not exactly cheesecake but Constanza expression.

>> No.38649542

that pic is cute!

>> No.38649607

Areolaes (sp), not nipples.

>> No.38649634 [DELETED] 

It's easy to laugh off when you aren't the intended target of the "stuff they don't mean".
The nigger shit on 4chan is something I brush off 98% of the time, but 2% of it, I wonder about the guy (or girl, I'm not naive enough to think that gate doesn't swing both ways) on the other side of it, knowing the general inclination of human thought.
I deal with it and move on, but I'm not dumb enough to believe shit like >>38649017 on face value, it gives too much credit to humanity.

>> No.38649693

I wanna know more about that bat

>> No.38649837

Incidentally, a girl char similar to Elric would be easy as hell to fetishize.

>proud, but having to beg for help all the time
>totally helpless without her sword
>in a weird quasi-erotic relationship with her sword

>> No.38650192

Is the lack of Luis Royo in this thread because everyone in the universe has already seen all his stuff? Because if not, I love these pics and his weird vampire angels, and how a lot of his art would be perfect for Only War Techguards.

>> No.38650379

She does have good trigger discipline.

>> No.38650399

Why is a first shirt running around in a combat zone like that? Shouldn't she be doing something like paperwork for her squadron?

>> No.38650440

It would be hot if the shells weren't 2 dimensional. it looks like they are tattoos or stickers because they don't visibly distort the panties.

>> No.38650444

Muscular, and with a tail

>> No.38651396

Thank you for this

>> No.38651592


It's like someone made these specifically to trigger the boobplate-autists

>> No.38652273

I am fully erect and my sides are completely destroyed

Thank you so much, based anon

>> No.38653236

Hmm. Let's try it.

Any artists here? Tall albino elf woman holding enormous, sinister-looking two-handed sword, pls. She is beautiful and sad.

>> No.38655397

>all this new character art

>> No.38655448

This thread requires more chocolate elves.

>> No.38656668

Yes he's serious you ignorant fool. That character is from a game and holding her signature weapons.

>> No.38656762

Indeed. In fact I think that it requires ALL the chocolate elves.

>> No.38656912

I pretend the biological differences in this image are because she's an elf.

>> No.38656935

captcha: draps

>> No.38657780

You know, I jumped in at third, and now I'm on 5e, and I've noticed there aren't any more icons like Lidda and Mialee and Tordek anymore.

Wait, I take that back, I forgot about the comic. But still, that makes me wonder.

Who were the other icons of the edition?

>> No.38657934

Second didn't have characters that were continuously depicted in the art. The closest thing were the authorial characters that started being written into the persistent settings at that time.
I can't speak for fourth.
Pathfinder tried to do the same thing 3.5 did, in every respect.

>> No.38658806

What was Pathfinder's like? I never read PF's handbook, because I already read 3.5, why would I?

I do remember someone telling me that the PF pantheon was way hotter.

>> No.38658866

Half of these are poor examples if you ask me. You should know by now most sane guys here like a fine balance between women being badass and looking physically attractive.

The rulebook references characters from the novels a lot as archetype examples. Drizzt, Artemis, etc. While not original icons to the edition, they are probably trying to educate newcomers to the D&D multiverse instead of making new characters.

>> No.38659395


boo, also it would be about degeneracy of /ss/
I always thought /ss/ was a board here

>> No.38660124

Tits the sorceror, elf the rogue, gnomish-halfling the bard, some dual-wield fighter who is shown being killed in every encounter or else being healed by the cleric, black bitch the paladin, badass old guy the wizard, and some other dudes I can't remember.

As I said, they tried to do what 3.5 did, and have a set recurring cast of class archetypes in the art. They weren't memorable, managing only really to make the bard famous accidentally and produce some colorful cheesecake.

>> No.38660203

On "not4chan" it was a board.
Same with loli, and other pedophile-esque boards.

>> No.38660519

I actually liked the PF iconics as much as and sometimes more than the 3.0/.5 ones

>> No.38660786

Cynthia really changed after becoming sinnoh league champion.

>> No.38661083

>> No.38661485

>if you ask me
And nobody did
While you may not be wrong, fuck the fuck off, fucker

>> No.38661823

by "not4chan" do you mean 16/4 chan?

>> No.38661903

Elfbutt tho

>> No.38661959

not4chan was a thing. Tha'ts not a pseudonym for anything. Dead now though. Also, 16/4 is 4. Did you mean 16/2 chan?

>> No.38662130

no such thing as a male elf

>> No.38662166

What is even the point.

>> No.38662339

Even twiggy elves need something up top.

>> No.38662525

Some dudes are gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

>> No.38662582


Most of the gay dudes I've met have loved boobs. Hell, most of the straight women I've discussed it with have loved boobs. Boobs are just great.

>> No.38662782

Because gay is a choice.

>> No.38662804


Don't be like that.

>> No.38662827

flat is justice!

>> No.38662853

>Boobs are just great.

>> No.38662910

Saying that it's a choice implies that being straight is a choice.

Seeing these as choices implies that you can understand being tempted by either.

>> No.38662960


>> No.38663016

So chaste... so warm... so boob.

>> No.38663034

A true miracle of time and space.

>> No.38663106

Now, how might a person drop sweatertits or something akin to sweatertits into their setting without setting off anyone's magical realm radar...

>> No.38663136


Send your party up north. Gotta stay warm and cozy when it starts getting colder.

>> No.38663138

>animals that produce wool
>cold climate
>healthy females

>> No.38663264

Back in the days before 7chan, not4chan was a site that hosted the boards 4chan refused to host.
In fact there were a number of chans from back then that don't exist anymore, 12chan used to be the pedophile chan for instance with boards dedicated to child models and such.

>> No.38663301

See, I always feel like the obvious answer to "How do I make x happen in game without going magical realm?" is simply to say fuck it and run a magical realm game over skype or roll20. Fish around on the ERP threads. You'll find players no matter what gets you off.
I currently play a hot brown-skinned witch that wets the bed when she gets too stressed. She runs a small country, and as it happens, has a pretty sizeable supply of spare bedsheets and diapers. Feels good man.

>> No.38663314

Also gurochan and 420chan.

>> No.38663394

I think it probably is. It's also the right choice.

>> No.38663398

But usually the goal (I assume with him) is to run a completely dead-serious game while subtly sprinkling your realm in at the back of your mind. I've got curvaceous as-fuck elves, but their entire deal is that they're constantly dealing with infighting in their city states and are dangerously close to having their culture fall apart.

They just also happen give the best head and titfucks on the planet.

>> No.38663411


There is no bad reason for sweatertits.

Living the dream, anon.

>> No.38663516

...Okay anon. You win. I'm in love.

>> No.38663556

>constant infighting and society on the verge of collapse
So you're playing them like the Drow should be played?

>> No.38663577

>Tfw all the ERP games I've joined have never worked out.
Either the DM or players kept running off, they start getting into the deeper shit that I'm not so fond of and ignore the things I do like completely, or on one occasion they got the "brilliant" idea of using voice chat for the game, and I had to leave because I didn't want to listen to sweaty neckbeards talk about how hard they hammer the futa's ass.

I guess it's mostly my fault for being too vanilla though. Every time fetishes come up, I'm the one that has the weakest fetishes. Not that there's a lot of things I'd immediately say NOPE to, but it gets old watching others have their vore/futa/scat/furry scenes while I stay back at camp and get nothing because I don't like either.

>> No.38663648

>voice chat on an ERP game
First of all, why the fuck?
Second, are you implying more than one of your DMs has had this idea?
And lastly, WHY?

>> No.38663674

Higher scale. They (as a subrace of elves) are the only race with a unified government. They control a large amount of land in a coalition of city states, and these states are about to eat each other and plunge the whole thing into collapse. They're basically asking to get invaded, and not in the fun way.

Drow are basically slave soldiers being corralled by upper-tier Lolthbeasts like Driders, as she tries to kill everything and everyone.

...You know, because you didn't ask.

>> No.38663722


Sweaters have that power, Anon.

>> No.38663729

>unified government
>coalition of city-states
Sorry, nope. Couldn't keep a straight face.

>> No.38663767

That is an extremely sexy line.

>> No.38663770

You know what I mean. They're the only ones where the entire race has a single country.

>> No.38663794


>> No.38663820

No, the voice chat thing's only happened once. And the reason for it was because the lolsorandumb girl in the group (there were two girls and three guys counting the DM) decided that "writing is haaaarrrd", and bugged the DM until he went through with it.

I'm not exaggerating when I say she was lolsorandumb. We'd be in the middle of a scene and then suddenly she'd just start going on about the shows she likes out of nowhere, and would continue until long after the scene was over. Admitedly though, when she did shut the fuck up and write, she wrote some really hot stuff.

>> No.38663840

Goddamn, I thought that was a latex-clad sweaterpuppy. I was disappointed when it turned out to be just some monstergirl

You have no idea how close my dick was to exploding, anon.

>> No.38663841

i like the first two rows but have a fancy for the scent of cinnamon

>> No.38663998


Sorry I couldn't make your dick explode, anon.

>> No.38664088

So is there a name for these boob-window sweaters? Some kind of widely-accepted search term?
Also, is this picture-based CAPTCHA program making anyone else nervous?

>> No.38664111



>> No.38664127

Okinawan, Amazon, and Elvan, although I suspect that's more to do with how their faces are drawn.

>> No.38664221



>> No.38664284

I don't follow.

>> No.38664396

I am just about out of /tg/ related sweatertits

>> No.38665230

It's ok anon, this thread went somewhere great thanks to you.

>> No.38665501

Since when have ears and a tail been considered furry?
Since never

>> No.38665848

>> No.38665865

>> No.38665898

Not gonna lie, thought that was a massive schlong from the thumbnail.
Glad it wasn't.

>> No.38665964


kek. Dark Elf Beast Tamer from Dragons Crown is love.

>> No.38665981

>glad it wasn't
What are you, gay?

>> No.38666020

Penises make it hard to go down on a woman.

>> No.38666060


>> No.38666061

I'm going to be hitting my players with this piece of art when they meet an exarch-level Archfey soon.

Hopefully the tits will encourage them to stick around. But they absolutely need to run the fuck away.

>> No.38666098

Makes it easier for her to go up on you.

>> No.38666105

Haha I love this guy even if I don't recal his name. Think he is Korean or something?

>> No.38666191

Came to the thread for some cheesecake, stayed for this comic.

>> No.38666198

I have no idea. I'd bone his work, though.

>> No.38666250


>> No.38666292


>> No.38666317

I know what's on that Skelly's mind.

>> No.38666359



>> No.38666423


>> No.38666449

Look deep into that face and tell me otherwise.

>> No.38666451


>> No.38666753 [SPOILER] 

Not really cheesecake but the other DC Sorceress pic I have had been posted and I always think of her when I hear a "boner" joke.

Also loli Sorc the cutest.

>> No.38666830

What if I don't want that?

>> No.38666872

Battle fagpipes. My god.

>> No.38666886

Then you're properly playing the rape game.

>> No.38666931

Oh... I hate that game!

>> No.38666959

That's the spirit!

>> No.38666974

Loli sorceress is pretty cute. She's not the sexiest though, that belongs to vanilla.

>> No.38667074

Can we play a different game? The not rape game maybe?

>> No.38667105

>> No.38667142

The reverse-rape game?

>> No.38667157

>> No.38667173

I don't know what that means but anything is better then the rape game.

>> No.38667275

>> No.38667279

Reverse rape is a tag used on Pixiv nip image site, think deviantart and some other places to denote the girl raping the guy.

>> No.38667382

But that's the same as the rape game!

>> No.38667469

>> No.38667502

Role-reversal keeps the game fun anon!

>> No.38667574

Is that Annette-san?

>> No.38667738

But I don;t want to play this game! No one wants to play this game!

>> No.38667818

I want to play the game. As the "loser".

>> No.38667820

>cheesecake bodicea
Saved. Got any more cheesecakey historic figures?

>> No.38667822

That's the spirit!

>> No.38667869

That's the spirit!

>> No.38667962

A few, but I don't exactly have a folder for them or anything.

>> No.38668085

>> No.38668117

Brown elves truly are superior.

>> No.38668239

>> No.38668309

>> No.38668366

No, that's the exact opposite of the spirit.

>> No.38668531

I prefer to play the rape game after a bottle and a half of vodka

>> No.38669455

Amira is top-tier waifu, Anon. Great choice.

>> No.38669507

>implying scars aren't hot

>> No.38669561

Honest and truly, anon?

>> No.38669590

And on the topic of pre-industrial nomadic Iranians, how about a Scythian lady? Herodotus said that it was impossible for a Scythian woman to secure an advantageous marriage unless she first presented the head of her fiance's clan with a dowry consisting of the SEVERED HEADS OF THE CLAN'S ENEMIES.

>> No.38672498

New thread?

>> No.38672547

>I do remember someone telling me that the PF pantheon was way hotter.

Pathfinder's pantheon is laden with all sorts of delicious sexual bitches.

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