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>/tg/, year of our Lord 2015
>every character other than white, 25-35 human men are weaboo fetishit magical realm

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You misspelled weeaboo.

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This is going to be a quality thread with zero shitposting whatsoever.

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It might be because the majority of players are white men, 25-35, that are into anime.
It indeed MIGHT BE SO.

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Anon, we both know that isn't true.

White, 25-35 year old human men are just as weeaboo fetishit magical realm as any other choice.

The one true way for designing characters is rolling. For everything.

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This. Rolling everything > your special snowflake mary sue weaboo fapbait

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One caveat: you must use d6s only. Using any other dice type is also snowflake weeaboo fetishism.

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By the age of 23, Alexander had become king, pacified the Balkans, invaded Asia Minor, and won the first of his 3 great battles vs. the Persian Empire. Not that you want Alexander the Great to be the model for all your PCs, but the point is that folks got a lot done when they were relatively young. Writing off PCs younger than 25 is kind of like writing off sports stars younger than 25.

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Don't te nonsense, the only reason someone could possibly want a young NPC is to fulfill their sick, weeaboo fetishes!

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As a Forever GM, I feel your pain.


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>tfw 20 or so notspanish that dresses like a tercio soldier in renaissance
Am I magical realm fetishits?
Weeaboo is already a given since we're playing anima.

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>Not that you want Alexander the Great to be the model for all your PCs
You're right, I want Genghis Khan to be the model for my PCs.

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>Implying white, 25-35 human men are immune to magical realms

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>i have destroyed my life with pizza
FTFY, you victim-complex tumblrista

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Im a noob GM who started running a game for his friends out of necessity. They are all new to the game except for this one older dude who has played for several years.

the veteran player has the most cliché character, a half elf rogue who unbeknowst to him, is the bastard son of some noble.

Now the noobs characters blew me away.
A dwarf named "Big Dick" wielding two war hammers who he refers to as "his balls".
A high elven wizard who runs a brothel and uses illusions to make his whores look more atractive.
And middle eastern inspired cleric who sells exotic carpets.

Sometimes I love my friends.

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>A high elven wizard who runs a brothel and uses illusions to make his whores look more atractive.

This guy seems cool. I like this idea. I'm totally going to steal it for my own campaign.

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>you misspelled weeaaboo

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Good lord that is incredible.

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character creation made easy
roll a d10 and add 24 for age

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>every character other than white, 25-35 human men are weaboo fetishit magical realm
that is not true...

according to /tg/ (and accounting for all time frames in which conversation could occur) everything is weaboo fetishit magical realm,

no matter how bland and/or useless you make your character SOMEONE will think it's weaboo fetishit magical realm. or unoriginal garbage.

you cannot win.


no exceptions...

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This is wrong.

Characters that are weaboo fetishit magical realm tend to be overrepresented because of the frequent bitching threads/that guy threads, and people that are after the special snowflake experience tend to choose exotic races or classes in order to be "unique".

This does not make every single non white human male in the 25-35 year age range character all of those things you listed by default.

It's the same reason that when you see negative product reviews, they're overwhelmingly negative. If you have a bad time you're more likely to bitch about it, but if it does what you want it to you'll use it and forget/not intend to submit a review.

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What the actual fuck is that thing?

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Stop trying to be different you mary sue self insert faggot, conform like everyone else shitlord.

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>weaboo fetishit magical realm
Do you even know what these words mean, you fucking retard? Explain to me how an arabic weapons merchant fulfills the requirement of any of those buzzwords

I can't believe I took the bait.

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The problem isn't that OP doesn't understand the buzzwords, the problem is that everyone else doesn't. OP doesn't have to duplicate the reactionary ignorance that anons would use to write off your special snowflake Mary Sue as weeaboo magical realm bullshit that escaped the lewd containment thread, /tg/ will produce the genuine article if you give them time.

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Your'e forgetting.

>If you want martials to do anything other than be attack bait at high levels, you're a weaboo.

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Tome of Battle is way too anime because it allows martials to throw fireballs, walk on air and attack 9 times in 6 minutes without using "magic". Wizards use magic, fighters fight. I don't want your weeaboo bullshit, I just want to keep my purely occidental D&D core setting with Shaolin inspired monks that can run down walls, heal themselves, use ki and talk to animals without using magic!

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There is a difference between inheriting a birthright that did 75% of the work for him and accomplishing a lot from scratch.

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Anyone know what this is from?

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>tfw not white
>I play white white human characters anyway

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You Arab too bruh

Although I play a lot of other races too, unless we're doing DnD, in which case white dwarf or human every time.

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But that's a reasonable objection.

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Question: in a setting where fireball-tossing magic is possible, why is it so offensive to have people be superhumanly skilled at fighting?

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>You Arab too bruh
Nah, I'm black. I play a lot more races than human myself though, but when I'm human, I'm usually a white male.

I played a black dwarf once though in a somewhat non-serious Pathfinder game. He was a fun character.

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>year of our lord 2025-10
>still playing humans as a race

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See thing is, I'm a huge history buff. So when we're playing something based in the real world like WoD or Shadowrun, I can't resist playing/making NPCs from nonwhite countries for the history of it.

I wanna play an Assamite who still hates the French for what they did during the Algerian War of Independence., for example.

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>There is a difference between inheriting a birthright that did 75% of the work for him and accomplishing a lot from scratch.
25% of what Alexander accomplished before age 25 is still really impressive. And even if the inheritance of the revolutionary fighting force his father built played a pivotal role in his conquests (which it certainly did), Alexander still proved himself an able military commander by age 16, and a gigantic fucking badass well before he had lived a quarter century.

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>You're right, I want Genghis Khan to be the model for my PCs.
Temujin hadn't done anything of real importance before the age of 25, and if he had died at the age of 32, like Alexander, nobody would ever have heard of him, outside of historians studying the specific period. So honestly, the 25-35 age range probably works less well for him than Alexander, but because it's too low, not too high.

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holy shit, what a rant

I wonder what the actual rant was, though.

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>MFW that is the actual rant

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>Nigga, what is los tiburon?

(Also fuck that, he should be named "El tiburón", because what is correlation between articles and substantives in Spanish, but that's beside the point since the character was obviously made by a non Spanish speaker, and NGAF.)

Also even if chocolate elf is MADE for fetish weeabo magical realm nobody here calls you on it.
I rarely call tumblr, if ever; but please leave your tumblr SJW at the door. It's not needed and we love you anyway.
To be fair there are people that get splerg'd all over the ceiling if you even dare to suggest wizards doing anything better than stage magic, IMO both groups should die, the point of roleplaying is enacting your own myths and having a fuckload of fun.

Non white, not giving a fuck about races, played 2 albinos, 2 crackers, 1 arab, 1 nigger, 3 brown indeterminates, and 1 greenskin. Nobody was human BTW.

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>playing characters that have races
What is this, the 90's?

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Stop taking this thread in the direction OP wanted.

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>Also fuck that, he should be named "El tiburón"

That has always bothered me too! I thought I was just being nitpicky when I thought it. Thank God someone else has actually felt the same thing. Now I don't feel so weird.

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It's actually fairly similar, except criticizing him for being a chuuni.

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What's a chuuni?

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>Gilbert Gottfried will never claim your ass

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If you want to roll for everything, play FATAL.

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I'm a creature of habit

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Y'see, that's why I use /tg/'s advice, tempered by common fucking sense.

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Do you mean "American"? Because you better not be lumping us Irish in with the Spanish.

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It's almost like seeking the approval of anonymous strangers on the internet is a waste of time or something.

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Oh jesus, that burn.

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Someone who pretends that the imaginary is real in order to make life more interesting.

LARPing, but you actually believe it's real.

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Otherkin, then?

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Looks like only the dead have peace from Mary Suedom.

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Or any kind of I AM CHOSEN ONE supah-speshul powers/status.

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He also had the benefit of having one of the finest armies of the age being handed to him on a silver platter because of his lineage. He's not like a Caesar, who had to claw his way up to the point he could change the world taking a lot of risky gambles along the way.

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Just make anything man, nobody likes the french.
No one.

Cumskin pls go.

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I used to pretend that my dad was a secret agent and that's why he was never home.

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I also felt this way and I don't even know Spanish.

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>playing systems where race doesn't matter
>playing systems that have character classes

What are you, some kinda fuckin commie?

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I used to pretend that that my life has value and i don't deserve to die.

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Last time I did that I got a 158 cm tall, 51kg, long blond haired tattooed 17 year old priest of Shallya with golden ear-rings and four sisters.

Random dice is magical realm weeaboo fetish bullshit too.

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Last time I did that, I got a nail bat-wielding fujoshi android who loves to play matchmaker.
There is no escaping the magical realm.

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>My character is dead.
Fucking Sue.

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Nice shonen faggot.

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Yeah, otherkin. They aren't all furries. They have deitykin now.

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>tfw asian
>finally play an asian character for the first time in my life
>tfw not the same kind of asian as me
I'm not sure how my latent Asian racism feels about this.

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That's a specific kind of chuu2 (third kind).


Fun fact: all weeaboos are also chuu2s.

>tfw I used to be all three types

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No bully!

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Too bad.

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ya think?

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You earned that though. The dice gods deemed it so.

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it doesn't help one of mine is a furry and i've got nobody to replace him, because the people who want to join have shit schedules that makes it a complete pain in the ass since its contradictory to everyone elses schedules.

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>mfw there are people in the world who actually think like this

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IDK OP, Vampires seem to appeal to ladies a lot
>mfw we in your games, turning your women into satanic sex slaves

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why am I feeling things over this pic OP?
there's no good reason for it, and I've certainly looked at actually feels-y things without feeling anything

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When the Supernatural becomes commonplace, or something along those lines.
Pretty funny, main character is a wanna-be edgelord.

>> No.38671128

The only class that can do even slightly magic shit in there is crusader (which are like way toned down cleric/paladin types) and the swordsage (an actual magic guy with overt supernatural shit). People prefer warblades generally.

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I'm glad I read this thread because it further solidifies that the reactionaries on this board who think there was a "good old days" are cancer.

In the "good old days" of /tg/, OP would be shitting himself to death due to the sheer number of generated furry characters /tg/ produced.

neo-/tg/ makes a character.jpg

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Me too, buddy. Me too. ;_;

>> No.38671544

>this racist bullshit
My group once had someone like you, we kicked him out for thinking that whites were smarter than African Americans and demanded we stopped giving racial bonuses to black characters that white ones didn't get

>> No.38671566

That's a whole lot of assumptions made off a post talking about magical realms.

>> No.38672311

I'm pretty sure he posted in the wrong thread, anon.

>> No.38672354

>be white
>play an asian character for the first time
>fight with the other white guys asian character over geographical origin differences.


>> No.38676379

No, that's pretty accurate roleplaying. Fucking [Asians who aren't the same kind of Asian as me] are all imperialist slatterns of low upbringing and poor moral character!

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I never believed that

>> No.38676522

That is less weird that the other kinds.
I suspect most people wish they had the authority of a god.
Just about everyone knows that it is untrue though

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