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>Hello smiling nun, how are you?
I am feeling... Peckish.

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For this jump only, in the name of hilarity and shenanigans. Because so far, that is my life both in the Chain and real life. So long as someone finds it funny, shit's borked.


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>For this jump only
Come back next jump to hear about OAA and her new boyfriend's misadventures.

>> No.38609891


Also, thank you for having that much faith in me, but I wouldn't be that lucky.

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Pic related?

I'm not sorry.

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I seriously thought about taking Skullgirl and then using the Girl Genius Locket to seal away its powers... but then I decided that even if that worked, I would prefer my "UNSEAL ALL LIMITERS" mode to not come with a side of inevitable genocide.
Nah, my unsealed mode for now just makes me and everyone around me burn forth with the mad light of Inspiration. That's... probably good enough?

> Location: New Meridian [Rolled1]
> Age: 19 [Rolled4]
> Race: Feral (Cat) [-100CP]
> Street Smarts [Get a Freebie!]
> Like The Back Of Your Hand [-150CP]
> Life Gem [-600CP]
> Hideout [Get a Freebie!]
> Money Under The Matress (x3) [-50CP]
> Infinite Blade Works [-100CP]
> Armory [-100CP]
> Purrfect [+100CP]

SO, between THIS, the Baroque's "Mutated Being", the "Evil Reborn" from Soul Calibur, and the Backup from Futurama, I might in fact be really, really, really hard to actually kill.
Also, I can possibly just... like... bleed forever now.
I might actually have infinite blood.

Is this broken yet? This might actually be too much. Maybe I should redo this build...
Oh, but I REALLY want Street Smarts and Back Of Your Hand. Yeah, the gem was more of an, "Oh, well, while I'm here...!" deal.
Well, I guess I can still get murdered by complete vaporization.
And I still have no desire to fight anyone.

... anyway.

>> No.38610145


CORRECTION: I'm going to have my ROBOTS fight the Skullgirl. Then I'm going to have the Skull Heart sealed away and see if I can't perhaps bleed it dry with some kind of unnamed life/death energy suction device.
My robots will be ordered to murder anyone who gets in their way. It's for the greater good! I'M SAVING THE WORLD AND YOU'RE TOO DUMB TO REALIZE IT.

There is a nonzero chance that these robots will all die in the wake of horrible skull-themed horrors and I will fail entirely at my objective of obtaining the plot thing.
Oh well! That's life.

Other than that I guess I'll just hang out in the city a lot and tinker on stuff.
And bleed fucking everywhere.

> "Haha you faggot you totally thought I was dying."
> "... ?! THAT WASN'T FUNNY"
> "You're right! It was BLOODY HILARIOUS"

>> No.38610262

What are some good magical abilities that would also have a decent costume if turned into a Dress Sphere in FFX?

I can see Harry Potter giving someone generic wizard robes but I'm not sure what would be good for a Dragonslayer sphere.

>> No.38610338

Not related to your question, but I also want to ask something about that jump.

What's the difference between a Dark Aeon and a normal one?

>> No.38610372

Darks are very powerful. Not quite sure why, will have to look into it.

>> No.38610400

So am I to pick one of the canon aeons from FFX and make it all dark looking and stronger for that cap?

>> No.38610428

Dark Aeons are actually canon. Just look'em up.

>> No.38610433


Red why do you do this.

>> No.38610438

This is what I've got on the Avernum Jump this far

I would welcome questions or suggestions.


>> No.38610449

I'm just talking about what the effect of the capstone in the jump is.

>> No.38610492

Kotananon? Might want to re-think the whole "bleed everywhere" thing. It would be a sure-fire way to get the attention of Eliza, and if that happens, well, you'd be in a whole mess of trouble.

She can control blood- and in her route it shows that if she has enough of it she can create a kaiju body made of the stuff. It also empowers her, and she is in fact, drawn to unique and powerful sources of blood.

When she meets Ms. Fortune- the cat with the canon Life Gem, she dismembers her and stores her body parts in their own little jars so she can keep drinking from her forever. Apparently, the Life Gem makes your blood extra-delicious.

So imagine if she ever got word of you, or even got near you- how savory do you think your magic-loli-spark blood will be?

>> No.38610531

So everyone should murder Eliza before she gets a taste of kaiju blue, got it.

>> No.38610533


You'll actually earn bonus points with Double if you manage to kill her.

Now if having said bonus points with Double is a good OR bad thing... I have no idea.

Likely a bad idea.

>> No.38610559

>Is Wretched Egg
So what, are we playing tug of war now?

>> No.38610562

>So everyone should murder Eliza.

Made it easier for ya.

>> No.38610566 [SPOILER] 

Oh come on, it's the first and only time you're going to be a giant draconic amazon lady. As far as I know.

Besides, I've been waiting for FOREVER to use that picture. Much like how I'm gonna bug QS with this one due to being a sometimes-female fluffy wrench wench.

Yet another difference between us. You're willing to have stuff implanted in you that could be a weakness. I didn't want the Life Gem due to the danger it presented. Hilarious pun though.


>> No.38610593

The origin of Dark Aeons is never actually disclosed. So yeah, might as well go with "Dark and Awesome". It's... Bad dark, though. Corruption dark.

>> No.38610611

No note about the Blessed Athame being able to cut nearly anything? That's what I recall of the description in game.

>> No.38610617

Apologies if I seem like I'm encroaching on Justice's turf, but are you SURE she can't become good somehow?

>> No.38610619

>Besides, I've been waiting for FOREVER to use that picture.

Dare I ask how many others you have in stock to torment him with?

>> No.38610637

Why do the Summoner capstones seem to have downsides built into them?

>> No.38610639

The Athame are from the second game which I never got to play. The wiki just said they can cut through magical barriers and break-down magical seals

Though the fact it specified "razor sharp" might have been indicative of the "cut nearly anything" bit

>> No.38610663

Wakfu. Wakfu.

Eliza / Neferu murdered a goddess' children to reach her level of power, ensured the destruction of an entire civilization, and in the present day frequently kidnaps people to feed her blood addiction / method of staying youthful because of Sekhmet's powers.

And in her story mode, kidnaps Miss Fortune for use as an eternal blood bank, traps Filia to try and kill her so that Samson's ripped away from her host, and goes on an almighty unholy rampage through the city in a blood kaiju suit.

She is irredeemable. Much as killing her might not end well - It has to be done.

>> No.38610681

Yeah, Eliza is one of those characters that probably needs to die. She's nearly destroyed the world on at least one other occasion and is several centuries old, at the very least.

If she ever makes it to the Trinity Church basement, she can take control over the accumulated blood of the thousands of victims of the Skullgirl that lay there. With the sheer volume at her disposal she doesn't need the Skullheart anymore- all that blood makes her more powerful than anything the artifact can provide.

At that point, its implied she lays waste to the world once again, plunging it into a state of chaos.

>> No.38610701

There's no real explanation about what exactly the Dark Aeons are, just that they're much more powerful than Normal Aeons are. But since they become companions - the normal Aeons could grow too and match them - eventually.

Somebody asked last thread about FFX including International/HD Remaster. Yes. It does. It also includes LM. Those dress spheres you'll have to find yourself though, I left out Psychic/Mascot so they wouldn't be the default choices.

>> No.38610739

Well my alternative is being hunted by Sin actively. I want to help Yuna, not make her life harder.

>> No.38610770

It's in the first and third games too(or at least in the first game as it is on steam and in the third exile game), in the first game you use it to cut the bottle that seals the big bad demon, so that you can kill him, and it's in game description is,
>This is a small, enchanted dagger, reputed for its ability to cut into practically anything, even magical things. It is often used to inscribe and scratch out runes.
In the third exile game I don't recall the description exactly but I am pretty sure it was a statement about it having it's power do to being blessed repeatedly enhancing it until it could cut practically anything. And you use it to cut the soul of Linda made into a portal to hell.

>> No.38610813

Fair enough, I'll add that to the description

>> No.38610820


This is how Eliza picks up Ms. Fortune, at the end of her route she has her head on a plate and her body attached to her throne with a collar.

>> No.38610827

So I guess NOW is a good time for a point-blank Dragon Slave?

Well, alright then. I'll probably hate myself in the morning, considering I even felt remorse for the Beholder Incident, but what must be done must be done.

You realize, of course, that if I ever go to Silent Hill it's all over.

>> No.38610848

... technically I wouldn't DIE...
... I'd just be stuck in jar hell for the rest of ten years...

Anyway, I was mostly talking about bleeding everywhere as a sortof personal in-joke, because part of my build involves a high interest in creation of a Sanguine Star, whose primary drawback is that it takes FOREVER to make one due to the vast amounts of blood required.
But if I can just bleed forever, then...

I think it's too late to consider that a sticking point, since I took the Heart of Darkness from Hellsing as a ticket to immortality.
If anything, that heart might actually have been combined with the Evil Reborn power from Soul Calibur (which generally takes the form of your heart, of which I'm pretty sure I only have one, although it's possible I installed a heart pump at some point as a backup module), which basically says you don't die unless THAT's destroyed, and even allows you to move between bodies if you can perform the necessary (difficult without a body) surgery.
Moreover, the "Mutated Being" perk from Nechronica, as the Baroque's specialist perk, allows you to move parts of your body around at will. So, say someone aims at my heart, I can actually move my heart down a foot to "dodge". Fuck if I know how that works, anatomically. And if I utilize that ability to basically "stick" the life gem onto my already existing heart, then... ...

I'm not quite sure.
I think I might be really hard to kill, with one point of supreme critical weakness.

>> No.38610860

Act as her running decoy while she deals with Spira's other hijinks.

That said - The Dark Aeons are corrupt, but it's nothing you can't purge, and the corruption would disappear once you leave the world anyhow. (Detached from original source, whatever it was)

It isn't that the Summoner capstones have drawbacks attached to them, it's that Summoners as a whole are surrounded by sacrifice. It's not a path that you decide to pick willy nilly. Every Summoner knows full well when they get to the Final Aeon, they die. You don't. You might get hunted by Sin, or get stuck with EdgyAeon, but you're the first summoner to get to the end and somehow live. If you see that as a drawback...then it's up to you?

>> No.38610944

Is that also why Dark Knight was left out? I can see that being an immediate pick for a lot of people.

If I use more than one of the same Dress Sphere in that special grid would they be stronger or would it be pointless?

Right now I'm thinking of going for Gunner, Gun Mage and White Mage as my starter orbs and then pick up Psychic along the way.

Is it possible to make modifications to the Gunner gun?
If I'm reading it correctly Gunmage lets me replicate enemy attacks through my gun as long as I tank it first?

>> No.38611012

What place would you guys recommend to read to understand the Forgotten Realms jump's classes? I mean, knowing actual SKILLS would be nice, ya?

>> No.38611024

>mfw you combined ALL OF THOSE THINGS
...all you need now is Evangelion to become an Angel and you've essentially become invulnerable safe for a critical weak point to take massive damage.

Though even with all of those, I like to assume your reaction to anyone attacking you is pic related.

>> No.38611041

She can be defeated in other ways. But to say she is quite strong is an understatement.

Unluckily for her. She's facing a Jumper.

>> No.38611052

Oh, one thing I asked that I don't think got answered. I'm choosing between the canon Aeons as my Dark one, right?

>> No.38611059

> tfw I already did that.
I... I didn't even mean to.

I just didn't want to turn into tang.

>> No.38611076

>Red posting with a Kotana image
Does this make you purple?

>> No.38611129

You don't exactly lack in choice.

>> No.38611135

Yes, I left out a lot of the later "key dress spheres". Not to say you can't find them yourselves.

If you had any of the Cap releasing skills (Soft Cap, 1000 folds), then yes, training the dress spheres will raise the effects of the skills. If not, there's eventually a natural limit on their efficiency.

Once out of FFX, modify the items with whatever skills you have. It *is* a gun at the end of the day.

Gunmage is the equivalent of Blue Mage. You experience the skill, then you learn it. There are limits though, like you'll never *learn* something like a Stand.

I spent three days searching up every class's SRD specs and skills, along with magic available. Painful.

>> No.38611171

I'm fine with it, I just wanted to know. I like a lot of the aeons.

>> No.38611175

Yes. If you got every single Aeon from Valefor to Magus Sisters, pick one of them and make them their Dark equivalent. I remember Dark Shiva was a bitch to fight.

Then again so was one of the Dark Magus if you weren't maxed out lol.

>> No.38611200


I'd recommend a better jump.

>> No.38611212

Fair enough. I mostly went Red because all those building/programming perks. It was way too useful for me NOT to use. Angel... it's turning yourself into a being of thought and ego. For someone who tries their most damned to have a malleable sense of self save for a few things, along with trying not to get too overconfident? Not exactly a good combination to do to oneself. Darkstalker's Blood Magic perk is probably as far as I'd go.

As such. I'll have to risk the Tang.

I was only giving a reaction pic for Konota to use, damn it!

>> No.38611265

Let's not start ok?

>> No.38611415

I wouldn't say those perks are all that great. They're not pure garbage, but they're far less useful than the perks the angels and pilots get.

>> No.38611419

So I assume using a Dress Sphere of my own magic wouldn't give me a boost?

I hadn't planned on learning anything as complex as a Stand, I was after learning various energy attacks like a Cero or magic spells I come across.

>> No.38611513

It's your own skills...so not really, no. I mean there is the versatility of being able to "wear" your skills - that favors some magic types more than others. And being able to pass it off to companions is nice too...

>> No.38611571

I find that rather attractive, in a way I can't relaly explain

Ar Tonelico musical magic-something cyberpunk and shiny
Umbra Witch magic-skintight leotard/catsuit
Magical Index magic-Whatever the hell Aleister Crowley thinks looks pretty

>be wretched egg
>meet blood bitch
>"Oh no! Not our delicious magical blood! Whatever shall we do!"
>turn into mass of fire and shadow pseudopodia
>she runs away
>turn back
>she lunges for the kill
>waggle blood
>turn back into mass of fire and shadow tentacles
>she runs away
>turn back
>turn back into mass of fire and shadow tendrils

This is going to be a fun jump!

>> No.38611574

Red, question about Asgardian from Marvel Heroes & "A Funny Thing Happened". When you pick an element, what do you channel this with? Is it like Mjolnir? Or is it more like Loki's illusion magitech? Something that he comes by naturally? What elements are there? Is it classical, Air, Earth, Fire, Water?

>> No.38611615

I mean Marvel Cinematic Universe.

>> No.38611628

>Magical Index magic
>School Girl Uniform.

>> No.38611641

Nothing wrong with a nun and/or eldritch horror fetish.

>> No.38611645

Are there any jumps where I can bring my full WWII Platoon with me, or are they doomed to only step in in segments when I need someone for my Call in the Cavalry ability?

>> No.38611650

It is pretty great being able to pass on my magical skills to my companions, now everyone gets to be a wizard!
I'll probably import one or two companions into Sphere Hunters so that they can do the same with their skills and pass them onto me.

>> No.38611669

> Angel... it's turning yourself into a being of thought and ego.
You know... his isn't something I delve into... ever, but... I thought it would be fun just this once to talk about The Monster That Is Me.

First, take the Strong Spark from Girl Genius. I'm now completely insane and already devoted to SCIENCE!, burning forth with the light of inspiration. Now let's go ahead and add in Muse from Civilization, which causes the people around me to also be struck with flashes of inspiration and obsession, completely out of my control. Now become an Angel, so that I'm a being of thought and ego, soul and body indistinguishable from one another.
And I've even got a Reality Marble on top of that.

At some point, through all the angelic-themed and MEGA-STACKED science perks, I became less of a mad scientist and more of an IDEA. I am turning into something less myself and more like the very concept of mad knowledge.
I hold it all back with the Locket. The Locket keeps me sane. It holds the madness at bay and separates me back into a "human" shell. The Locket protects Me from what I am.

And now I've basically turned immortal, held together by an incredible device of magic and technology combined, a construct of mad engineering and dark powers of infusing life.

I am like a hair's breadth from going completely off kilter on the best of days, laughing madly on top of a lightning struck tower climbing into space.
It's both terrifying and alluring and tragic and awesome.

>> No.38611673

>that pic
>Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Can this be a jump? I actually enjoyed the series- plus there is a whole lot of tech and lore that goes largely unexplored. The Mechs are pretty cool too.

>> No.38611715


Ar Tonelico magic usually comes with its own costumes anyway, for effect.

The trouble comes when they're built automagically from the memories of victory over personal trauma...

>> No.38611985

In terms of raw power, maybe. Angels... well, are fucking ANGELS, and Eva pilots get a boat load of amazing potential due to the things they can do with their Eva and more. So it's an understandable feeling, and I admit I was seriously tempted myself.

Thing is, I tend to lowball things when I feel it would grant me an additional boon in the long run. I do a shitton of coding and magical spell writing via computers in my jumprun, and so the Specialist's perks? AMAZING. Same thing with creating the huge transformable cities and the Metaphysical Biology perks. I feel they would give me much more bang for my buck in the long run, especially when reverse engineering stuff. I'm much more weaker than people who picked Angel sure, but I have more fun with what I chose.

Yeah, that... I won't lie. That's both really neat and REALLY FUCKING SCARY. The idea of slowly becoming a concept is kind of terrifying, and I'm not sure I'd ever have it in me to become a being of pure thought. I've got the Strong Spark (controlled), but stuff like Muse, Reality Marble, etc... I just skipped. I like the idea of being grounded. But there's always that fear that I may have gone utterly mad in my own way. That I accidentally did something to myself that I can never reverse.

And yet despite that, I want to keep going on my journey. This probably isn't healthy. Still, that's one of the things I've always admired about you: Your willingness to just say 'screw it' and push on.

>> No.38612101


Tentatively done, might revise some things depending on reactions

Also remember, this is the jump where OAA finds his Waifu, pic related, thanks to a roll of 96 when I asked the RNG

>> No.38612231

Won't lie-we were very, very intrigued by Pattern Red stuff and we're seriously considering going full Specialist when Rebuild of Evangelion jump comes out.

As for having fun-We understand the fear of uniting soul, body and mind. But-while in our current state we're incapable of having a coherent concept of fun, we imagine if we could we'd be having lots of it! To see the multitudinous patterns of energy that permeate the universe, to stride the Earth while bending physics to make your passage comfier and to transcend limitations experienced by both biological entities and spirits. It's truly like the difference between sleepwalking and being awake to behold the world in all its beauty and terror-and to lay your own upon it in equal measure

We didn't actually take Angel for the purposes of raw power; we took Ineffable, not Unassailable. We took it because it opens up entirely new avenues of exploration

>still being limited to the Spiral instinct's enforced humanoid form
>not taking off your flesh-mask and embracing your data-self

Has it ever occurred to you that you are feeling "off kilter" because you are continuing to progress in an outdated model of existence, instead of achieving a form holistically aligned with your innermost self?

>> No.38612248

If you can distinguish it from regular Tenchi there's no reason not to, it's an alternate reality.

>> No.38612267

His waifu is photoshopped?

>> No.38612289

Erika Redmark, the person in the 300 CP drawback.

That's the best picture I could find that wasn't a sprite

>> No.38612351

Why does his wife have two arms.

>> No.38612380

>SO, between THIS, the Baroque's "Mutated Being", the "Evil Reborn" from Soul Calibur, and the Backup from Futurama, I might in fact be really, really, really hard to actually kill.

I just abuse the hell out of pokemon save spaces, sure I have regen perks and all that, but I'ld rather redo the fight with preptime if you get to the point you can kill me.

>> No.38612398

> That's both really neat and REALLY FUCKING SCARY.

I imagine myself as constantly torn between the two extremes and it's GREAT.

I feel like it makes a good story. There's something really primal and terrifying about slowly becoming an aspect of thought itself. And not just any thought, but the very concept of Moving Forward and Discovery and Learning. A thought like that could accomplish amazing, unbelievable things. Where would it end? Maybe it would never end.

But becoming just a thought would crowd out all other thoughts. Becoming a concept like that so completely, I feel like I'd lose myself, and from a story's point of view I feel like there's something touching about shrinking back from that because you think you'd miss the times you just sat down with your friends and had lunch together, or walked through the park and looked at the trees.
And you wouldn't, really, because that part of you would be DEAD. But I feel like it's really interesting for someone to not want to LOSE that.

This, as well, really highlights my weirdass interpretation of jumping, in that it's one half "wish fulfillment" and one half "trying to make a neat story out of horrible self-insert fanfic at cost to myself"

And I don't know where it ends. Hell, this all happened gradually, without any planning beforehand. I didn't set out to become a thought.
I feel like my last freakout would be epic, though.
> "I'm not a god. I'm the thing that MAKES gods."

>> No.38612466

It's set in an entirely separate dimension from the main series, and stars Tenchi's younger brother (who isn't even born yet in the OVAs). Part of the plot involves how he was summoned, and how he's going to get back home. Lots of giant pseudo-magic robot piloting combat stuff.

Interesting trivia: The two-tailed squirrel critters in the part of this pic on the left are all over the place on Geminar, where they have space elves.

In Photon (a very old series by the same people), the space elf girl has one of them as a pet. Same universe?

>> No.38612537

Like I said, go for it. It might be a good idea to take cues from Tenchi and have the 400-tier perks and all the drawbacks have suitors after you. It fits the genre and is hilarious.

>> No.38612548


Wait wait hold up, I thought there was no multiplayer. Wouldn't OAA have to roll for that success?

Or is everyone just doing it for him because of horrendous luck at rolls?

>> No.38612563

Whelp posted the changes and the new supplement to the public access drive.

>> No.38612572

It's called joking and banter, Mr.Space Alien. It's something us humans like to do.

>> No.38612597

Post them here. People generally do not like you only posting things in the drive.

>> No.38612618


Although let's all be fair. OAA's poor luck with women and dice might be lightened if he has a wingman / wingwoman.

>> No.38612690

>Thing is, I tend to lowball things when I feel it would grant me an additional boon in the long run. I do a shitton of coding and magical spell writing via computers in my jumprun, and so the Specialist's perks? AMAZING. Same thing with creating the huge transformable cities and the Metaphysical Biology perks

Yeah I am so torn on those options. Being an Angel or piloting an Eva is fun, but Specialists are skills that could let you do amazing shit down the line. Backed with other science perks and magi-tech the skies the limit.

>> No.38612762

Specialist perks are pretty low power and easily replaced by other jumps.

>> No.38612817

>perfect programming
>metaphysiological PhD

As someone who went Angel-that is some seriously good shit that I ain't seen in other jumps

>> No.38612830

No other perks are literally going to let you build items that use the human souls. And I don't know of any that specifically covers mega-scale objects. You are probably fanwanking the crap out of something else to get that far.

>> No.38612833

Sadly, I don't have enough knowledge of the series/setting to do the jump justice. (I didn't even know it had been translated, or what the english version of the name was.) If anyone else is interested, they should go for it though.

>> No.38612836

Let's just be honest. Going any origin besides Pilot or Angel will just result in getting Tang'd.

>> No.38612849

Pretty much. You're doomed if tang counts as death.

>> No.38612856


>Friendly Face (1000)
>Artifice (850)
>Crystal Magic (550)
>Magic (450)
>Cash (400)
>Map of Avernum (400)
>X's Notes (-200)

>Cold Blooded (-100)
>Mushroom Mambo (0)

Quick question, how does taking Slith for race compare to the Cold Blooded drawback?

>> No.38612858

You can just get rid of adam to prevent that.

>> No.38612882

Here you go! All the changes being made to LoSS. Up next is the supplement.

>> No.38612914

Eh, you're a freak of the race and can survive in normal human temperatures if you don't take the drawbacks

>> No.38612919

You might be able to just go with the ol' "hide in the warehouse" strategy, being in another dimension might be enough to avoid it.

My plan was just to use that perk from Castlevania that gives you absolute dominion over your own soul and just say "no" if they try to tang me.

>> No.38612947

Supplement part

>> No.38612953

>Power of Dominance

Did anyone NOT take this?

>> No.38612955

Pretty sure Pilot and Angel are going to get you tanged, too. It will just take a little longer. Evangelion's rough, I'm still not sure how to survive it

>> No.38612963

How so? You think my super robot and my team of Transformers all using AT-Fields can't handle EoE?

>> No.38612996

AdmiralAnon here. Yeah, let's upload this before I forget to do so. Again.

Christ, I can be a lazy son of a bitch when I want to be.

Also, stacked Dragongirl OAA? bueno.jpgYes, I'm a horrible person.

>> No.38613002

I didn't.

>> No.38613064

That's not how you spell "completely normal human being"

>> No.38613077

Easy. Go to space, watch GNR from mars.

>> No.38613080

It's 800 CP, which is a bit expensive if you only use it to protect your own soul, so people who don't want to bind monster souls to themselves might not find it worthwhile.

>> No.38613083

Oh, nice. Thanks, man. A question, though: If I take Give Me Deus Ex, can I speed the adjustment process with Praxis software bought in-jump?

>> No.38613093

My own durability stack goes something like this:

The first line of defense is the AT Field. I went Hybrid so I could take this, I just can't think of anything else like it, anywhere else in the chain. So, Behold the light of my soul, bitches.

But let's say somebody's got the force to knock through that barrier. It's not unheard of. I'm also a meltdowner and can use that to form a beam shield against the attack. And a Force Bubble. As well as Energy Coat (and a lot of magic buffing perks to back that up)

So lets say they do something crazy like drop a nuke on me, or something else powerful enough to pierce all four of those defensive fields. Lets say they did it to me while I was unarmored too.

I've got Ain't got Time to Bleed(80s), Dreamer, (Bebop), Inferior Human Organs (Zim), Greater Durability (Madoka), Superhuman Toughness (Marvel), Shit Brickhouse (MGN), Tis But a Fleshwound (Modern Action), Impacable (Black Lagoon), And, My Spleen! (No More Heroes) That will all help me Rhinohide that damage. Worst case scenario is that it knocks me to a knee, into Fight For Your Life mode, whereupon an ally can lift me up, or I can execute a mook in my viscinity.

And now they're screwed. If they can hit me that hard, if they can seriously swing hard enough to put me on the ground through all that, they're now facing the light of my soul a second time. Via my payback semblance(RWBY).

Whatever just hit me? It's coming back at them ten times harder. Probably in the form of a berserker rage swung Mjolnir.

And if it DID hit me hard enough to do enduring damage, I have a good number of regenerative options. Innate regeneration from Madoka and infamous, I can summon a healing spring thanks to Odin in AoM, and it's doubly effective because of Mother's Spring Therapy. And if I don't feel like going for a soak, I can always sink into a tree with Redwood Soldier Meditation.

So, I think I've got "surviving damage" pretty much down pat.

>> No.38613108

Okay, true, I guess I should have said "How I'm going to survive it without running away from the plot completely." I mustn't run away.

>> No.38613113

Metaphysiological PhD is AWESOME. There have been other perks that would allow you to construct things with souls to varying degrees, but that's the first perk I've ever seen that just straight up says, "You know how this shit works."
As a lover of SCIENCE! and having long since wanted to be one of those weird metaphysics scientists who becomes cutting edge at stuff like chi and souls and hearts and things, it's basically my dream come true in perk form.
Which is why I couldn't possibly skip that jump, and why, even as a cowardly Angel, I had to buy it.

You're probably right in that I probably won't feel "complete" until I choose one side or the other. But I'm not willing to let go of my humanity just yet.
Humanity is a special thing, however flawed it may be. I still believe that. Even now.
After all, they have coffee.

>> No.38613119

awwww yeee we get to punch people out like a Jensen

>> No.38613162

IIRC, instrumentality can not happen until after the Angels are killed iirc becuase you could possibly hijack it. As such its possible you can stop EoE simply be existing.

>> No.38613163

In that case, steal ADAM and chuck him in the warehouse/space.

>> No.38613185

>"How I'm going to survive it without running away from the plot completely."
Clearly the solution is to adopt >>38612963 and run straight into the plot. Video obviously related


>> No.38613207

For that matter, simply vaporize him and Lilith.

>> No.38613236

Lilith did nothing wrong.

>> No.38613245

There's some trickery going on with the souls of angels that makes that not 100%. Probably still works though.

>> No.38613249

True. But even without Adam she remains a potential threat to the human species. Best to remove her.

>> No.38613262

that's true of you too

>> No.38613298

Less so. For one thing, I don't have dominion over all human souls. Makes it much harder for me to cause the apocalypse.

>> No.38613334

It's not like she did anything with that dominion for the several thousand years she chilled out underground.

>> No.38613356

Sure any Jumper is a threat to the human race, but we are the ones making the choices here.

>> No.38613386

No actually she has been kept impaled and dismembered for thousands of years. At this point its a mercy killing.

>> No.38613426

And Metaphysical biology would probably make it easier to plan for that so you can dispose of them safely.

>> No.38613452

I might actually trade out dragon for cheetah with this capstone.

>> No.38613572

I only see a list of hotfixes, not a changed jump. Sorry, but I don't think a lot of people are going to want to deal with trying to go between two pdfs to catalogue changes.

Yeah, it... something about mixing them all sounded like a bad idea to me. I still wanna learn as much as I can, explore and create so much! But sometimes keeping some things separate seems proper.

...of course, Elona making my biology partially magic in nature may have changed that. I don't know. Shit.

>"I'm not a god. I'm the thing that MAKES gods."
...the scary thing is I may be headed down this road due to all the researching and analytical plans I've been making. The idea of BEING a goddess is nervous to me, but studying them? Finding how they work, even uplifting a person in really rare times? THAT intrigues the hell out of me. Probably why I picked up all these perks. But... yeah, a bit issue is not wanting to lose myself. I love learning and seeing how things tick, but I don't want to turn around and find I can no longer identify with the person I once started out as.

It's one thing to willingly transform yourself and become better. It's another to do so at the expense of all you once were.

Yeah, it's some SERIOUSLY good shit. Perfect programming, soul knowledge... it's not as awesome as INEFFABLE ENERGY BEING OF GLORIOUS DIVINITY, but sometimes you need to make sacrifices for the long road. Hell, it says you could eventually divine every secret with Metaphysical Biology... imagine if someone could MAKE Angels with that.

I didn't. Fuck stealing souls.

>> No.38613701

You go XX chromosome instead of XY to please some giant omnipotent interdimensional god-lady for ONE time...

>> No.38613751

You get that response BECAUSE this is the only time you've done it. Makes it more notable. If you were constantly swapping back and forth between jumps no one would comment.

>> No.38613754

That's why I never go XX
XY all day erry day

>> No.38613788


Fuck, you make a good point.

Yeah well, sometimes The Lady demands hilarious shenanigans occur.

Like that time I dropped a Siege Tank into Mordor.

>> No.38613792

I didn't. I did, however, take every kind of magic. Including the ability to cast "Dark" magic.
I also took the drawback that makes Dracula come back five times during the jump, and the drawback that makes him come back right at the very beginning of the jump.
I imagine towards the end we were developing quite the rapport.

Like, at the beginning, we were just doing the whole, "DIE MONSTER YOU DON'T BELONG HAHA" bit. But towards the end we were having actual philosophical conversations about the nature of man and darkness and inevitability. Ending, as always, in one final battle to decide the fates.
He had his viewpoint... and I had mine.

And I think, in the end, we both learned something about ourselves that we had once cast aside.

But no, I am not into stealing souls. Those are not my souls, they belong to people.

>> No.38613801

Hey, it's got nothing to do with your genes. We'd be just as interested if the change was only to phenotype and not genotype.

>> No.38613860

I handed Sauron the ring then punched him in the Schnoz

People like to say that's bullshit, but people forget that Sauron's boss got his shit kicked in by a Human back in the 1st age, as Sauron got his shit kicked in by a Dog.

And he's weaker than back then, even with the Ring.

>> No.38613885

But it was the best dog ever.

>> No.38613890

>That's why I never go XX
>XY all day erry day

Be careful of jumps that turn you into a bird then man, the females are the ones with the different second gender chromosome.

>> No.38613907

True, but that's ZZ and ZY. Birds are weird.

>> No.38613953

What jump turns you into a bird?

>> No.38613981

Power of Dominance doesn't let you steal peoples' souls, though. Just monsters. No need for guilt. Granted, it technically says "inhuman", which implies you could potentially use it to steal the souls of creatures that possess personhood but aren't biologically human, but I choose to believe it means inhuman mentality and spirituality, not biology.

>> No.38614195

You're on /tg/. Half these buggers love their half-breed ladies.

Surprised it hasn't gotten lewder to be honest, we're almost /d/lite as it stands.

>> No.38614229

>Half these buggers love their half-breed ladies.
No, no. Nobody can be that SICK, right?

Guilty as charged

>> No.38614259

If only we had competent staff that could excise the cancer.

>> No.38614266 [DELETED] 

>implying I haven't canonized all sorts of /d/-tier stuff for my chain, but just haven't shoved it in the face of /jc/
Some of us have discretion

>> No.38614276

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon might, if you pick one.

Jurassic Park lets you be a Dinosaur, which is what birds were before they flew, so the gender chromosomes will be the same there.

In Winnie the Pooh you can also be a bird of some sort.

>> No.38614280

Those of us on the other half certainly find it gross though.

>> No.38614289

Yeah, we keep that shit on the down-low for a reason.

This guy>>38614259 specifically.

>> No.38614329

OK I need jumps with divine abilities and magic
I'm going tank healer/ buffer. Any suggestions?

>> No.38614336

The only real issue with specialist to me is that being a giant monster was always a childhood dream of mine. When we played Zoo in Kindergarten other kids were Lions and Bears, I was Godzilla.

Having said that Specialist is just too good to past up.

So here is my plan to avoid EoE. While I'm not outlining everything it mainly needs Transformers, Danny Phantom,Vampire: The Requiem and other super robot shows.

-You can start as far back as 10 years.
-Take over Japan Heavy Chemical Industries to finance my project and change the name to Kanzaki Heavy Industries. With me as CEO.
-Use James Bond perks to turn Ritsuko into my Bond Girl.
-Learn how to power an AT-Field with a Spark.
-My transformers body is already about the size of an Eva with Astrotrain perk.
-Outfit my transformer form with an AT-Field.
-Make several other transformers with that tech, I can make a spark every nine months, plus however long it takes to make these bodies.
-Find out where Seele is located and moniter them with Ghost clones. Probably blood bond those motherfuckers.
-Troll Gendo in the first episode revealing one of my transformers to pwned Sachiel.
-Hire Shinji as a temp at my company and take him on life affirming adventures and teach him to be a good person.
-Troll Gendo.
-Use Danny Phantom abilities to sabotage Mass Production Evas.
-Troll Gendo
-Kill Seele
-Troll Gendo
-And finally troll Gendo.

Missing anything?

>> No.38614355

I'm glad I can do my part to keep this place relatively sane.

>> No.38614367

Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, and Ravenloft have clerics, but Van Helsing is my personal favorite for that type of stuff.

>> No.38614370

You know, at first that seems like a very good joke, then you think about it and its an accurate statement.

Then you laugh even more.

>> No.38614387

Bayonetta, Warcraft, and Van Helsing are all pretty good.

>> No.38614411

Oh man. Jensen as a companion for 200 CP. Gonna go around the multiverse punching EVERY civilian.

>> No.38614523

Pretty much any MMO related Jump is going to have a White Magic/Healer/Tanker/Buffer class.

>> No.38614570

I am working on the Lewd guide for the next time the Lewd jump-chan bs starts again.

>> No.38614589

>van helsing
That's my 20th milestone jump.
But I'll look into Dark Sun and Warcraft.

>> No.38614601

Lewd guide?

>> No.38614638

So what, it's going to be a list of every perk and item you can use to turn non-lewd jumps lewd, so that dedicated lewd jumps are unnecessary?

>> No.38614673

Will look into it.

>barely past my 10th jump
Goddamn it.

>> No.38614704

What jumps have you done?

>> No.38614715

Are any of the cybernetics perks not included in Give Me Deus Ex? I'm guessing Integrated Weapon Systems and Dedicated Capacitors?

>> No.38614761

Not every, but enough yes.

>> No.38614769

Alright, let's redo this thing

Drawbacks: Drunk With Power, Malicious Curiosity, Malicious Interests, The Call (1900)

Unnatural Size
High Magic Output
Magical Sustenance
Magic Eye
Colossal Grace

Drop-In, Dragon

Elemental Synergy (1600)
Elemental Training (Free)
Unbreakable Will (Free)
Elementism: Convexity (Free)
Crystal Rewiring (Free)
Dragon Time (1450)
Basic Melee Weapon: Axe (1400)
Pool of Visions (1000)
Training Room+Dreamscape Training (400)
Friendship: Dragon (0)

Companion drawbacks: SuspicionX2, Malicious Curiosity, Malicious Interests (800)

Opposable Claws
True Elemental Affinity
Doubled Growth Rate
Agile Wings
Tough Hide
Bloody Magical


Medical Knowledge (Free)
Elemental Training
Elementism: Poison (Free)
Unbreakable Will (Free)
Shamans and Witches (650)
History Buff (600)
Architect's Eye (0)


...and apparently I have hidden deaths as an idiot savant, because clearly I bonded over the ostracised poison dragon over our shared fascination for magitech, with me lamenting my FUCKING USELESS TALONS HOLY SHIT and patiently learning the secrets of non-euclidean architecture in exchange for angrily mauling the shit out of anyone who looks funny at my new best friend.

And then fucking Spyro shows up, and I spend the entire journey alternating between taking out my impotent rage on hapless minions and roaring I TOLD YOU SO at the other protagonists by abusing my future pool thing.

man, things were simpler for us before we became a collective consciousness

>> No.38614835

>Surprised hasn't gotten lewder
Its weird talking about our sex lives in /tg/ but they do exist, they do.

>> No.38614857

Don't post that shit here.

>> No.38614903

What if it's like the multiplayer supplement - full of potatoes?

>> No.38615029

>-Learn how to power an AT-Field with a Spark.
I have an idea for how to do that relatively easily. Sufficiently Analyzed Magic from the FF8 jump lets you make devices that produce magical effects based on what you fuel them with. Use electricity to fuel it you'll get lightning magic, explosions and you'll get force magic, stuff like that. So why not fuel it with souls? A Spark is basically a machine for converting energy into soul-stuff. Energy goes in, personhood and identity come out. You can reinforce a Spark by feeding it more energy, so have the magic engine feed off their Spark and their Spark feed off a reactor. Then since you have a soul-fueled magic engine, it should be able to cast magic manipulating souls, such as AT Fields. You could probably get a fair bit of flexibility out of it. You might even be able to produce a device that infuses ranged attacks with soul magic, so that your Cybertronians don't even have to get close to penetrate them.

>> No.38615055


This >>38614638 basically. Probably not comprehensive but will cover perks in three categories.

"Legal" perks stuff that might at worse be considered sqeezy.

"Morally debatable" stuff like harem perks that guarantee girls but is kinda debatable.

and "this is bad and you should feel bad" perks. You know, the stuff I will take. Like Vampire blood bonding and Majesty

>> No.38615093

Dude. If you held the ring, you would be unable to give it up. There is a reason Gandalf refused to even touch the damn thing.

>> No.38615098

Sorry. but I'm not..

>> No.38615150

Do not post your shit here.

>> No.38615170

Err yeah, might be best if you keep that to yourself. It's not really necessary and a lot of people don't wanna see all the ways you think stuff can be lewd. Best keep it private yeah?

>> No.38615178

Will this include lewd drawbacks?

>> No.38615182

And saved, thank you.

>> No.38615228

You don't have to read it. And we have enough lewd jump discussions happen to make it an easy way to avoid the discussion.

>> No.38615236


Doesn't your Jumper also go shirtless 99% of the time?

>> No.38615240

Glad you found it useful.

>> No.38615272

Wasn't thinking that far, though Tenchi jump actually has most of its harem stuff as drawbacks actually that lose there negative qualities after the jump. I was going to include those.

>> No.38615304

You don't have to post your pervert shit in this thread you freak, keep it to yourself.

>> No.38615354

What if you feul a device with raw magic? Will it come out as super optimized and controlled version of said magic?

>> No.38615363

If you wanted to stay away from nastiness you wouldn't be on 4chan.

Your typing says no, but your presence says yes.

>> No.38615375

If you feed it generic energy it probably works like generic FF magic like the stuff in game.

>> No.38615378

Err no, not how it works. You're encouraging lewd discussion just by mentioning it, an posting it will also do the same. Having it available will make it more likely for people to talk about it. You aren't giving us an easy way out, you're making it harder.

>> No.38615404

Blue board, fucker.

>> No.38615407 [DELETED] 

Wait. Wait, hold on a moment. I don't think you can use two supplements at the same time... can you? I don't think you can?

Can we get a ruling on this?

>> No.38615416

If you do finish post link. I need it for scientific ...reasons yeah.

>> No.38615454

He's working up to a proper temper tantrum, so that he can get temp banned for violating global rule #3. Again.

Seriously though, 1) this is a blue board, and lewd stuff really should be sent elsewhere, and 2) at this point, it's just feeding the troll. Let's try and have a thread where nobody gets banned, eh?

>> No.38615468 [DELETED] 

>seriously thinking the lewd catalogue will cause any change
we already have had shitstorms over infection & corruption perks spanning multiple threads, and lots of banter regarding sex-god perks. People detailing which perks they'd need to fuck hermione, and exactly which perks would properly sustain a harem. There is literally nothing about this list that would corrupt your 'oh-so-pure' virgin general.

>inb4 'l- l- lewd' stuttertyping faggots

>> No.38615484

People don't want to here your pervert porn shit. Fuck off.

>> No.38615491

>which perks they'd need to fuck hermione
No perks needed.
Only nice, thick books.

>> No.38615515

Except it's completely unnecessary and is only going to start stuff. We don't need a catalogue.

>> No.38615540

Doesn't make it unnaughty you puritan. It only means we can't post porn, lewdness is fine.

But let me tell you how badly you are digging your hole.

I have a lot of stuff I want to make for Jump-chan, I have two jumps I want to do now and a whole slew of ideas. Lewd guide is a far off project with maybe some brainstorming behind it.

You are doing nothing but making it look more appealing. So I would suggest you apologize and let the issue drop. And maybe I will consider your complaints when it comes around.

>> No.38615565

Please. It has ads for Onaholes on it. Tg is not worksafe and it never has been.

>> No.38615569

Your pervert shit is NOT fine. Nobody here wants you. Fuck off to your magical realm.

>> No.38615580 [DELETED] 

You have to be over 18 to post here kiddo, shouldn't you be studying?

Don't worry, there won't be any nasty pictures to get you in trouble in math class

>completely unnecessary
So is 90% of the bullshit discussion here, and large amounts of the supplements, and (gasp) already existing lewd perks.

>> No.38615594


Hey now, it's not just the size of your book that matters - it's how you wrote it.


If you mean DnD-style divine magic, then the various DnD jumps do that fairly well.

But snagging a Blue Power Ring from DC makes you a pretty fucking amazing cleric.

>> No.38615596

>He's working up to a proper temper tantrum, so that he can get temp banned for violating global rule #3. Again.

Wha? I've never been banned before. What are you talking about?

Well I got banned from /co/ like once.

Who do you think I am?

>> No.38615610

Wait, are you seriously posting pornographic furry OCs? Fuck right the hell off.

>> No.38615612

He's got a point when he says we don't need to see your creepy guide of every way you like to fuck fictional characters.

>> No.38615628



I'd prolly wear bandages / bindings while in SKullgirls though. Not that it'd matter, in that form I don't got the chest of some of our existing female jumpers.

>> No.38615638

Hey Gold, someone in the other cyoa thread is trying to steal your jump.

>> No.38615639

It's on the backburner unfortunately. Too many ideas in my head. I'm trying to finish one jumo, then do Gijoe.

>> No.38615647

> Well I got banned from /co/ like once.
See? Again.

> Who do you think I am?
Someone who needs to calm down.

>> No.38615656

>So I would suggest you apologize and let the issue drop. And maybe I will consider your complaints when it comes around.
Christ, are you really acting like this much of a faggot?

>> No.38615695 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry for making you angry with my reaction image, I can only hope to appease you in the future great anonymous

We also don't need to listen to each others' creepy, edgy self-insert masturbatory fantasies but hey, that's why we're all still here.

>> No.38615711

Nobody here likes hearing edgy shit. Nobody wants to listen to your magical realm pervert shit while you wank off. Fuck off, and fuck off twice for being a furfag.

>> No.38615719

Yeah no, you're pervy shit is worse, no matter how you try to dress it up.

>> No.38615750


So you are demanding I get it done as soon as possible is that it?

Because I can't be more clearly on the issue, apologize, and maybe I'll probably not lose precious time on my gijoe jump.

>> No.38615777

>But it wasn't global.

Who are you talking too?

>> No.38615796


>> No.38615799

To be honest, I'd rather you didn't post it. It's already causing trouble and it's probably best to not continue it. I mean, I know you are likely just some troll, but I'm hoping you at least have some decency.

>> No.38615805

You want to know what else is unnecessary? Your bullshit.

>"tee hee, i'm gonna write a lewd guide and you fags can't stop me!"
You're being a retard. You're being a shitposting retard the likes which we only wish we could avoid. We avoid lewd because we don't want to end up like CYOA general, who only talk about dicks and futas all the time like it's some /d/elightful cancer zone. But hey, I guess sucking people off is your idea of "fun".

Keep that shit to yourself. We don't want any bullshit that even justifies the idea of Corruption of Champions or worse. Fuck off.

Nah, you're a douchebag. I don't think anyone needs to apologize because you wanna dickslap us.

>> No.38615833

no red. I simply made the supplement free for companions to use. And I just realized I didn't put in companion import rules....FUCK. For those curios they follow the same rules as purchased companions. But limited to 4 gaining the full (+800cp) benefits set. You can take up to 2 more drawbacks to give companions more cup if you wish. Or spend 400cp to import up to 8 (+600cp each).

I really hope this rebalanced version is better and not skewed too heavily toward dragons.

>> No.38615849

I did want to try and play around with Praxis as an in-universe theme... but I couldn't come up with a good way to do it.

If you want to say they're a thing in-universe and not just game mechanics and spend money to grab 'em? Go wild, though they'll be pretty expensive.

>> No.38615853

You know what? Hold that thought for the next month or so.

We will have that conversation when you all have a reason to get your panties in a twist.

>> No.38615870

Or you could never post your shitposts and fuck off for good. We'd be way better off.

>> No.38615879 [DELETED] 

Oh boy, can't wait to start that shitstorm again.
Want to skip right to the chase and call us all degenerates before storming off in a tantrum back to /pol/?

>implying I'm the guy writing it
I just think it's stupid that lewd shit is discussed on a nigh-daily basis but as soon as someone wants to waste his autism cataloguing it you pitch a fit

There are still rules in place regarding lewd jumps (which this markedly isn't) and the ability for an anon to just skim a guide instead of bothering the general with how to achieve his /d/ fantasies isn't going to turn us into /d/- quite the opposite, it'll clear up people who would otherwise be asking about it in the thread.

Well, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the issue of how lewd /jc/ can get I suppose

But despite that, there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop him from posting it except pitch a fit, and that gives me great schadenfreude

>> No.38615885

Please don't. We really have no need of it, and there's no need to do it solely to annoy people.

>> No.38615915

>us all
There is no 'us all'. It's you. And you alone. You're the one shitposting, you're the one posting your gay furry mascot, you're the one threatening us with lewd shit. Fuck off for good, because you're all alone in your cancer.

>> No.38615943

Global rule #3 includes:
> You will not post any of the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies

This is what Mr. Rage anon has been doing, with constant "fuck off"s, calling random posters furfags, demanding that people leave 'his' board (through attitude, not words, for those who are unable to understand non-literal speech) and generally trying to derail the thread.

Violating a global rule in a board can get you a temp ban from just that board, the "global" part of the name just means the rule applies everywhere.

Seriously, settle down. It's usually about every third thread that someone like you goes off the deep end into a rage-fit because of someone doing something they don't like, then they get banned. Your behaviour is exactly the same as those previous rage-anons who've gone byebye because they couldn't behave in civilized company.

>> No.38615952

Well, the game treats it as if it's in-universe and not just a mechanical thing, so that's why I ask. As for them being expensive, I think at this point I can afford it. Still, it seems a bit cheat-y to unlock them all at once. I'm going to fanwank that they work, but unlocking too many augments at once is dangerous even with Praxis software. So I can use them to speed the process up, but not skip it entirely. Yeah, I think that works satisfactorily. Thanks for the response.

>> No.38615986

You're responding to the wrong person. You're also a moron for not noticing there's at least four people actively tell you to fuck off.

Also, it's not random. I know who fucking Marty is, and I know what you're doing.

>> No.38615996

>There are still rules in place regarding lewd jumps (which this markedly isn't) and the ability for an anon to just skim a guide instead of bothering the general with how to achieve his /d/ fantasies isn't going to turn us into /d/- quite the opposite, it'll clear up people who would otherwise be asking about it in the thread.

Thank you my dear anon. That was my intent at least.

>> No.38616015

Your intent is to encourage it and make this place shittier with your perversion.

>> No.38616024

Just the dedicated capacitors. 'Give me Deus Ex' does net you Armblades. Because fuck yeah, armblades.

>> No.38616063

Perhaps you should have worded it that way then, or at least not actively tried to anger people?

>> No.38616078

We don't even need your intent. The rule has always been to keep the lewd to yourself. We don't need this place turning into /d/.

>> No.38616171

The only people trying to actively anger others are the people throwing around cussing and insults. I did nothing of the sort. They are trolling this thread and I can't stop trolls.

And that is basically what I said to start, >>38614570

The fact you missed this due to the trolls exaggerating the issue is there fault, not mine.

>> No.38616204

You're making lewd shit. We don't want lewd shit. We don't want your lewd guide. We don't want you trying to turn this into a perverted circlejerk for your own sake. fuck off.

>> No.38616208 [DELETED] 

PDF version of the Avernum Jump

>> No.38616221

Though the armblades are the Integrated Melee Systems; the Integrated Weapon Systems are one of your arms transforming into a machine gun or laser rifle or whatever, which Jensen didn't have.

>> No.38616227

Quit using the royal we, as if everyonel had a stick up their asses, Anon.

>> No.38616230

Can you not upload here or something?

>> No.38616231

No, you demanding apologies for disagreeing with you and threatening to make it solely to anger people is angering people. In fact, you are the one who seems most like a troll, not them.

>> No.38616232

So change of topic. We already have the more well known people in /jc/ - the amazon, the mad genius, the eldritch abomination, the god of fluffy, etc. - but what about everyone else? What is your theme, if you have one? Do you play by the rules, or do you like to take things into your own hands?

>> No.38616243

Thanks for putting that into PDF for me.

>> No.38616245

Keep the lewd to yourself. We don't need this place fucked up by CoC or anything of the sort.

>> No.38616251

Well-I guess some faggot's been impersonating you to get a rise out of people. I'm personally rather indifferent on the lewd, so-meh. We've survived worse, we'll survive worse.

Spyro jump has me thinking-what other good perks are there out there for architectural design?

>> No.38616256

There's been far more posters against you than there has with you, idiot.

>> No.38616292

I. Wanted to ask /JC/ a simple question. Are there any rules or special conditions you add on to your chain? Are there any rules you break for improved fun and profit?

I make it so I can never ever be human and can't import more than 4 companions, but I also ignore pod rules and use the housing supplement instead.

>> No.38616316

>Well Known People get brought up Again
>I'm forgotten Again

>> No.38616318

I've got the whole Farming/Cooking thing going.

Been leaning more towards a general Plant build though. That count?

>> No.38616346

Please don't tell us about how you break the rules. House rules are perfectly fine, but we /really/ don't need to hear about how you ignore the rules and use unofficial stuff to break them.

>> No.38616348

PDF version of Avernum. No one saw the first one. No one.

>> No.38616361

Well since no one saw the first one
Let me thank you for putting that into PDF format for me.

>> No.38616372

For the Uncharted Waters jump, is the upgrade for Armaments also free for pirates?

>> No.38616375

You uh, you might wanna check that intro/location/origin thing. It repeat itself in the pdf.

>> No.38616388

I'm not even the guy, I just don't believe that recognizing lewd options exist and discussing the perks present in jumps that can be used that way is the end of the thread. You're doing your best to kill discourse over something that's already here. I've actually been one of the guys firmly against lewd jumps every time they're mentioned. You're just insanely puritanical.

>> No.38616390

I've got a necromancer/undead build. I use souls and blast them at people as my weapon, raise the undead, all that necronerd shit.

>> No.38616423

It allows you to colonise anything and goes really well with art and tech perks for advanced techno structures. Also as an added bonus it allows you to accommodate for everyone and anything. Moles built a whole functioning metropilous for a race with no thumbs using no magic.

>> No.38616426

Special conditions? Eh, I just go with whatever feels thematic at any given moment

And these days-consensus is it's best not to break hard and fast jumpchain rules so. Eh.

>> No.38616435


As far as how perks work in other Jumps, I house rule that I can either change my form into the one of that jump, or use them as I see fit in any form.

That way say in the Worm jump, my base form is a Case 54, which means I'm a clearly mutated superhuman. But I use several other jump forms to pretend to be different capes and villains. So I can act freely.

I also faked being a Super Boomer with my Repliod form in Bubblegum Crisis.

>> No.38616466

The operator.

>> No.38616493

I try to play "by the rules" of whatever jump I'm in
I won't use Magic in Mass Effect, I won't use guns in Avatar, etc.

At least normally. I'll do things I feel I can "get away with", like using Firebending to make my gun cool faster in Mass Effect.

And if need be I'll start using more and more outlandish stuff to suit the situation

>> No.38616495

Not the fella you were originally replying to-I'm actually annoyed by that guy who devotes dozens of posts to whining about something or other-but I totally agree on both counts. I think we've more or less settled into an unspoken "don't ask don't tell" system for dealing with lewds

>> No.38616507

> Theme
Being a tiger, hotblooded heroism, challenge-seeking, and fabdominals.

>> No.38616518

I go for a mix of Complete Monster and Cannibal myself.

>> No.38616578


Huh, should've seen that one coming.

To clarify-do you operate sophisticated machinery, program digital mainframes or do espionage stuff?

>> No.38616584

I have three themes I play up. The first is a dual sunlight/plants theme, sort of embodying the "source of life" concept. Hamon, Wood Release, Grossly Incandescent, Light of the Traveller, Sadida...lots of light and plants. The second theme is causality warping. I like powers that let me mess with how space-time is suppose to work. Precognition and clairvoyance, time manipulation, probability control, those are my big three focuses. I can't deal with direct mechanical physics, no telekinesis or anything like that, but the rest of it is fair game for me to mess with. My final theme is weird biology. I've got a bit of a hatred for villains who proclaim themselves the ultimate human, or the next step in human evolution, or stuff like that. So I've modified my biology to be ridiculously exotic while still obviously of human descent. And then I give them a chance to examine me. Most of them come away from it with a strong need to drink. Call yourself the next step in evolution after taking a peek at my insides, I dare you.

>> No.38616585

Once it's in my Pastebin It's's finalized and Cannot be altered Unless the jump is changed to disallow Your current build, if you can get something with points you can't get it In universe,Your goal is to keep the lady Amused So you must describe what you're doing to amuse the lady For ten years, no reroll's Without a damn good explanation and consequences, and if you do decide to roll for Location. You cannot change your mind and go pay for it,Also I try and use real dice Whenever possible Rather than a web-based random number generator.

>> No.38616643

The latter. Though less espionage and more special forces, guns-and-explosives type deal.

>> No.38616646

>kenkou cross

Apart from all else-it's always bothered me that the guy can't try a statuesque to save his life. I mean-they're pretty much all waifs. Even that pic you posted seems suspiciously skinny in parts

I take it you regularly murder and torture main characters?

Have you been to Sugar Bowl or Winnie the Pooh yet?

>> No.38616657

The juvenile Delinquent Biker gang leader with the awesome Coat who rebels against the very universe

>> No.38616669

My houserules jump uses housing supplement, 2 jumpers - only one can take drawbacks for CP and drawbacks affect both Jumpers. 8 companions between the 2 jumpers. 2 items maximum, 6 skills maximum 3 passives maximum to carry over.

My normal Jump I just follow normal Jump rules.

>> No.38616670

Today, a thought came by that, as pic related expresses, amused me.

How would you guys like a Toontown Jump? Granted, you'd need to wait a bit until OOTS and Cardfight!!, but it's a thing that could happen.

>> No.38616685

I think I've got a build for Deus Ex HR.
Deus Ex: Human Revolution: 1000/1000
Age: 24 Gender: Male
Background: Drop-In
Location: Rolled Panchaea
Perks and Abilities: I'll Never Stop Looking (100), Sneaking Mission (200), Augmentation R&D (200), Mister Jensen (200), Give Me Deus Ex (400), A Lucky Find (100), A Next Step (200), Ghost (300) -500/1000
Augmentations (Get +100 for Drop-In Augmentations): Infolink Telecommunications Package (50), Sentinel RX Health System (50)
Items: Body Armor (Free), Floral Pea Coat (Free, Brown), Sunglasses (Free, Deep Red), Weapon (Free, Longsword Whisperhead SERSR), Apartment (Free), Kubrick (50), Money (50) -600/1000
Drawbacks: The New Black and Gold (+100), I Wear My Sunglasses At Night (+100), Pacifist (+200), A Nexus of Crime (+200) 0/1000
I have no idea what I am doing but I am going to try and help Jensen as much as I can.

>> No.38616702


I break any rules as suits me - but only for the experience. As it's basically a guided daydream, ignoring too much structure makes it dull and sloppy.

For example, I completely ignore the restrictions on companions, but as I have very little desire for many in the first place (and wouldn't take them if I genuinely thought they'd be happier staying) it doesn't come up much.

I don't always let things stack - I have them mostly overlap or just not multiply. This is just because after a few magic boosting jumps, for instance, there's no real way to actually understand how powerful you are. It goes beyond understanding, and that's not interesting for me.

Also, as after a few jumps it's trivial to learn most of everything in each jump, I'm considering setting the points to 1000CP (used as normal) and ~500LP (things that can be learnt in-jump).

Obviously these things are just personal preference.

>> No.38616707

That reminds me, you mentioned a while back that you had built a giant banchou robot. Are you aware of G-Burnkwaran from Super Robot Wars? I figure you might want to pick it up while you're in that jump and have a chance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxQG4d6DqWQ

>> No.38616714

I make it an effort to collect all the damn music in any world I go into - and play concerts everywhere I go.

>> No.38616715

Which Toontown are we talking?
The shitty MMO
Or the Toontown that showed up in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

>> No.38616740

I've two builds. Once's Music. The other is being a normal dude in every single jump. It's fun.

>> No.38616750

Was going for bara version of Sobec god of protection and fertility. But then I went with a friendly eldritch abomination with a bend for healing and protecting the weak also empowering mortals to challenge gods. tl; dr friendly bara dragon nythanyaltep.

>> No.38616753

I'm about to restart my chain, and I'm thinking about my theme. "Punk wizard" comes foremost to my mind, but the Hellblazer jump had shitty mandatory drawbacks.

>> No.38616773

Hm...Nothing I break really. I've just set myself up so that any non-Earth world I go to generally will always have at least 1 ingredient that will boost my Gourmet Cells.

Thats about it really.

>> No.38616781

Oh dear, where to start! I could go on about it for pages, but that might get awfully disturbing. I did turn SoL into a tasty farming place, and Toriko was incredibly fun.

>> No.38616782

Actually this is my second build. The first one got way too OP for my liking, so I scrapped it and made this one.

>> No.38616787

The MMO. It was pretty much the first thing I ever actually participated in on the Internet, and I dunno, I figure it might make a fun vacation spot at least.

>> No.38616792

That damn Char! He's come here to laugh at me!

>> No.38616797

I want this. So badly.

>> No.38616815

Shhh! That was a one time thing, Val. I thought we promised to never talk about it outside closed doors.

>> No.38616817

Fair enough.
I just couldn't ever get into it, and it was one of the first things on the internet I ever participated in as well.

>> No.38616822

Ain't nothing stopping you from becoming a punk wizard in Dresden Files.

>friendly bara dragon nyarlathotep

Ahaha, sounds like the good counterpart to kalameet/midget tosser/antispiral anon

>> No.38616836

I have two. The first is that I can turn any perk on or off as desired, so as to blend in or give myself a challenge. The second is that, while during the jump it's locked on, after a jump I can turn any disadvantages on or off at will. This is mostly so I can do things like import Jurassic World to certain jumps without having to have rampaging dinosaurs in EVERY jump.

>> No.38616847

On my second build, tons. Gotta stay a normal human, can't use supernatural powers, must manually learn skills, instead of buying them from perks ... There's quite a few, but it's a challenge build, so it's to be expected.

>> No.38616857

My theme is the megacorp. I symbolize the entrepreneur, the warlord, the discoverer, the inventor, and the conquerer. I ultimately bring order to places that need it and merely play king maker in places that do not. I have more resources than God and so have rules I will never need to break, I will not exploit the common man, but allow him to rise in an orderly and peaceful fashion. I will not destroy the innocent or the different, but I will ensure their protection.

I will make a megacorp that will prove they can be good as well as evil.

>> No.38616893

>I will make a megacorp that will prove they can be good as well as evil.
Isn't that what the owners of Google tried to do?

>> No.38616899


A bloodthirsty, power-hungry harlot. I took no chances and tried to avoid as many casualties as I could - even with my old comrades in the Black Egrets aiming to capture me. I needed to keep Eliza away from them. Took our fight to the rooftops and skyscrapers.

And left her there after Sekhmet, Eliza- No. That is not the leech's name. Eliza is just some singer down at a bar in the main city. This was an ancient queen. Neferu.

And with a final, flame-wreathed scream, I killed her Parasite - Sekhmet - and ended the Bloody Queen's reign on the Medici skyscraper.

>Ace Attorney
Age: 29-years-old
Drawbacks: N/A
Final Point Count: 1,000 CP
Origin: Rookie Attorney

-I'll Allow It (Free)
-Bluffing (Free)
-Spirit Channeling

-Attorney's Badge (Free)
-Sharp Suits (Free)
-Office (Free)
-Forensics Kit
-Book of Law

>> No.38616903

Well, it's going to be fun to see how you cope with Ravenloft. Or for that matter, Asura's Wrath.

>> No.38616919

I'm not seeing a genderchange. You're still going as a girl?

>> No.38616936

eep, Ravenloft is kinda a no go for me haha. I'm afraid I'd get stuck rather quickly.

>> No.38616971

Heh, Ravenloft's not safe for everyone, but at least you're smart enough to realize it.

>> No.38616976

>tfw forgotten

Less depressed than Justice over there, but still sadfaced. ANYWHO~

Major themes? Kinda started after I took Aion and became a Balaur, but before that I had stacked up the Fire and Smoke/Vapor control powers. Since then and past that, the theme's been steadily 'DRAGON.'

Although since Supernatural, when I became a Pagan God of Agriculture, The Wilds, and Rebirth (which, from what I have learned from the Anti-Spiral, Rebirth could also stand for fertility somehow?) I am definitely taking on a more nature-y aspect.

Especially with my Force of Nature being 'wherever my flames touch I have plants growing almost immediately.'

>> No.38616996

Take my hand Eliza
And stay the night with me.We'll walk these halls together
There's so much more to see.

>> No.38617006

Jurassic Park. 'Life Finds A Way.'

I don't need to pay for gender swaps, just need to spend a length of time for the sequence to go.

>> No.38617011

He/She has a perk from Jurassic Park that lets you swap gender. It's based on frog DNA

>> No.38617012

You planning on beat up Tiamat to usurp being the head dragon goddess?

>> No.38617018

>Rebirth could also stand for fertility
So lewd.

>> No.38617044

Sometimes, if I think a perk is over or under priced for what it does, I'll stretch my interpretation of it a little bit to better fit the cost.

My other house rule is "no companions," they just stay in their world. What I was considering doing, however, is saying that, since I can't take them with me, I get something like a "free" companion or two for the duration of the jump. Narratively, these are just people I happen to meet and hit it off with, and I give them a couple hundred CP to help me design them. The biggest rule for this is that I can't use this CP to give them stuff that I then take from them.

>> No.38617063

It's OAA. The poor guy wouldn't know lewd if it came up and bitch slapped him.

>> No.38617066

I know. That damn mass of tentacles says he isn't lewd, and then boom. Fertility comments.

... Why would I do that.
That sounds silly. And also a way to get myself killed and murdered in new and unique ways.

>> No.38617095

Gonna need a Burn Heal

>> No.38617101

Ahem. I do know lewd. I believe what you MEANT to say, was:

>It's OAA. The poor guy couldn't get lewd even if there were succubi involved.

>> No.38617163

Trickster mentor. I'll put people though bizarre nonsense if I see they can learn from it or come out a better person. I also enjoy rewarding people with exactly what they ask for. I have the best interests of people at heart, but I'm not above teasing people for a little bit of fun or selfish reasons too as long as it doesn't hurt them in the long run.

Sometimes I slip into being more trickster than mentor when faced with especially vile/proud individuals.

>> No.38617169

> Like there is a ice cube's chance in hell that succubi would EVER be caught dead involved with OAA.

>> No.38617195

Plants. I make them, I grow them, Im pretty sure I can build a city in one tree, and as of last jump my plants can even resist fire.

Next I plan on making a red thorn tree. Going to merge kryptonian dna, hydra plant, thorn bush, and red robe of death. The idea is to plant it on gods to bind them.

>> No.38617198

See, there we go.

And still we may never know why. The fucking Mall Santas in the Christmas jump somehow got some. But the original never shall.

>> No.38617200

Ouch, gonna need a Senzu for that one

>> No.38617227

Maybe you're cursed. did you piss off a witch?

>> No.38617240

And I will succeed where they failed!

Or at least enjoy myself

>> No.38617241

Because you're the new dragon girl on the block.

>> No.38617253

The guys, on the other hand, are all over that cute dragon-girl who showed up in town recently.

>> No.38617262

I'm tellin' you, mate. Jump-Chan. She's keeping the other women away while waiting for you to reach your true potential.

>> No.38617272

>And I will succeed where they failed!
Making even better robot death machines?

>> No.38617296

Maybe because the original has no game whatsoever? Or maybe you don't actually exist? Are you sure your chain isn't some hallucination caused by Katve? Maybe you're dead and this is your hell?

>> No.38617384

I don't think there's much of a theme to my abilities, I try to go for breadth instead of investing in the depth required for a theme.

I try to help as many people as I can, even with little things, and I've invested in nonlethal takedowns so that I don't hurt people when I have to fight. For my theme though, the best way I could put it is "save everyone." I truly believe that there's hope for everyone, and I try as hard as I can to get people to a better place. Diplomacy instead of just razing the enemy, for example. I don't even really want to hurt villains, my go to method for them is to use punches+befriending until we get to the point where they're willing to listen to me, then I try to help them with whatever issues they have and put them down the road to redemption.

>> No.38617398

Eventually it's going to get to the point where even Slaanesh would say no to you. Which would be hilarious

>> No.38617419

Ahahahah. That's just silly anon. Why would any of that... ever be a... thing?


Anon. Anon listen to yourself.

Why would that be a thing.

>tfw can only hope.
>tfw just as unlikely as women being interested.

Umm, lessee. I new a self-proclaimed witch back in high school. Then again, everyone back in High School was kinda fucked up.

Well that's one Chaos God I can say I'm safe from.

To an extent.

>> No.38617445

i couldn't find any better pictures of tigergirls

they were all furries

>> No.38617476

So Jumpers, any enemies managed to follow you to another jump?

>MFW this nigga became so evil he dropped into Ravenloft and was waiting for me as a Dark Lord.

>MFW when this nigga tagged me with a small robot that piggybacked me out of Ravenloft after I killed him....again!

>> No.38617493

Glad to give you new ideas for your writefagging! I'm here whenever you need me!

Your jumper is going to be so fucked up in the head! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH...what?

>> No.38617501


Thanks to Generic Magical Girl transformations, I'm taking the Captain Marvel route, except I'm much more interested in advanced technology (I picked up a Treeship in Tenchi Muyo and a B-grade power ring via Infinicon's Wonder) and magic (looking forward to OOTS and Discworld). So... Flying Magical Brick with a Starship?

I like to wander around, see the sights, help people, have fun, just be this harmless guy, y'know? But if I need to break open the can of whoopass... well, basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMzqTe4SKXI

Except sometimes with more Magical Purification Blast and Storm Control. Or, very rarely, ortillery (e.g. Terra Formars).

>jumpchain house rules?

Perks may take effect immediately, or develop over the course of the Jump, my choice (but no changing my mind later).

I also have self-imposed conditions for my current chain, due to my chosen theme.

• No taking origins/perks that mess with my personality (so I'm usually a Drop-In).
• No taking perks that automatically alter other people's minds to suit me.
• Avoiding perks that grant skills as opposed to powers. Want kung fu? _Learn_ kung fu.
• No taking drawbacks that force a world to be worse for the inhabitants.

>> No.38617507

So are you admitting you're staying a girl to try and attract boys?

>> No.38617530

N'aw, flopped back over for Ace Attorney.

With that done though, let's see where I get tossed next.

>> No.38617536

Oh I've already did that. I had to in order to save the world...Honest!

>> No.38617940

Hear Ye, Hear Ye
The dice gods have decreed
That OAA has managed to get a girl

One "Seras "The Big tittied police girl" Victoria"

That is all

>> No.38617986

Better screencap the roll man. If it ain't a nat 99 it's no dice. OAA's got too many disabilities going against him - mayonnaise magic aside.

>> No.38618006

That reminds me of a question I wanted to ask.

If you become Alucard's fledgling, do you replace Sera or is she still there too?

>> No.38618042

I assumed she was still there

>> No.38618108

I hope so, I wanted to pall around as her 'sister'.

>> No.38618305

Did he go Abridged Hellsing?

Tell me he went Abridged Hellsing.

>> No.38618333

He did.
I can't help but imagine Alucard commenting a play by play on OAA's and Seras' sex life on the intercom.

>> No.38618337

Yes, yes he did.

And it will be fucking hilarious.

>> No.38618353

Yes. Yes he did.

We've been spending the past I dunno how long helping brainstorm writefaggotry.

Let me just say: Alucard gives a play-by-play over the facility's intercom.


>> No.38618386

" No, grab it! She's not a flower!"

>> No.38618393

He did
Alucard locked him into Seras' coffin with her

He burned Schrodenger to death when he hit on Seras, before Alucard could shoot him

>> No.38618420

"So, my fledgeling (which some people would say makes her my daughter) is shacking up with the traditional enemy of my species... in my basement."

Integra: "Oh god dammit who let Alucard get the interco- WAIT WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT MY EMPLOYEES."

>> No.38618421

"Down boy, bad! We don't -burn- the cat, we chase it up a tree!

Unless you were trying to prepare some Chinese food."

>> No.38618450

>So, my fledgeling (which some people would say makes her my daughter) is shacking up with the traditional enemy of my species... in my basement."


>> No.38618453

"aaand now he's going for the- DAMMIT BOY, GO AT IT SLOW. YOU'RE HOW MANY FEET TALL?"

"just because you are a werewolf does not mean you have to be a hound dog"

>> No.38618500


A reminder that Seras Victoria is a virgin as well.

This is awkward on /two/ fronts.

>> No.38618533

Pip might be bonded to Seras at some point as a familiar

>> No.38618544

The two virgins.

The interdimensional anti-ladies-man.

And the big tittied police girl vampire.

This will be so very amusing.

>> No.38618572

Pffff'. If anyone Pip's going to /support/ OAA through this.

While being as Canadian as possible to try and throw him off.

>> No.38618595

This is something you watch for plot.

>> No.38618598

what's a pip?

>> No.38618619

For those interested, its a 13 episode series you can find on youtube:

>> No.38618627

Ohhhhh...there will be plenty of "plot" going on, especially if Alucard has any say so.

>> No.38618660

Well if it's Abridged Alucard, I foresee a lot of:

>"She won't wait forever you know. I mean she has the capacity to, but you know what I mean."

Plus, >>38618393
seems entirely like something he would do. The 'knock him out, lock him in the coffin.'

>> No.38618676

Well. The first pod I use of the two I have and it's on ZELL DINCHT, MASTER OF HOT DOGS.

>> No.38618682


>> No.38618685

Ah sweet, had no luck finding it. Thanks much, anon!

>> No.38618699


>> No.38618700

Should I ask why?

>> No.38618701

A mercenary that works with the Hellsing organization who, due to being the first human blood Seras drinks directly from a person(it was voluntary on his part, they were both dying and he wanted her to drink and regenerate herself) winds up with his soul bound to her shadow and blood as a familiar. He's pretty fun, lots of snarky commentary due to his role as the designated only sane man of the group. But it would make sleeping with Seras kind of awkward, since he's right there. All the time. He literally can not leave her side, the best he could do is the metaphysical equivalent of shutting his eyes and putting his fingers in his ears while humming.

>> No.38618836

Because I'm going to make him the True Hot Dog magus, the chosen one of the Legendary Weiner. The wielder of the Apocalyptic Buns.

That and I feel bad for the poor kid.

>> No.38618875

Anon that entire sentence makes me think you're messing with dark powers beyond anyone's imagination

>> No.38618882

Alright, so manipulate events so that never happens. Understood.

>> No.38618901

Godspeed anon, godspeed. Just keep him away from Dr. Frank N. Furter, I don't think you want him involved with THAT hotdog.

>> No.38618926

That event is what finally lets Seras accept her place as a Vampire, it's kind of important for her growth as a character

>> No.38618940

I can ensure that he dies from it or soon after.

>> No.38619018

Hey gu-
>it exploded
Umm... Oh. Oh dear. Well then.

Ten years of learning the ropes of law, order, government, and various other tricks of the trade of lawyers (and criminals) alike. The trials were... oddly boring most of the time, aside from the occasions where I had to grab evidence and the like for my mentor, Mr. Edgeworth. Odd name, that one. Still, the abilities I learned here - both mundane and... oddly supernatural - will prove helpful.

Time to move onward.

Age: 21-years-old
Origin & Objective: Hellsing Organization
Drawbacks: It All Started On A Midnight Stroll In The Woods... (+0), Schrodinger's Cat (+0)
Final Point Count: 1,000 CP

-Feared (Free)
-Werewolf's Curse
-Weapon Channeling

-Uniforms (Free)
-Hellsing Arms Anti-Midians 13.7mm (Free)
-Hellsing Arms "Jackal"

Objective Reward (400 CP):
-Puppetmaster's Strings
-War Veteran
-Holy Bayonets


>> No.38619040

tru wub

>> No.38619130

Tell me.

What will happen when Schrodinger tries to use the 've vould make beautiful children' line?

>> No.38619132

It's happening.jpg

>> No.38619135


>> No.38619158

See>>38618393 and >>38618421

>> No.38619160


>> No.38619170

So is this the only girl you went for and actually got?

>> No.38619192

"Ve vould make beautiful ch-"
"Down boy, bad! We don't -burn- the cat, we chase it up a tree!

Unless you were trying to prepare some Chinese food."


>> No.38619202

OAA Ronery no more.

>> No.38619215

"Und Like Zat ze var begins"

"Did my dog just accidentally a war?"

>> No.38619223

All the proof we needed that anyone can get a waifu, if they just put their mind to it.

>> No.38619274

Or if they get the help of a 600 year old Vampire who wants a laugh

>> No.38619278

Yes. Yes it was.




Pretty much. I have several dozen stacks of fire abilities and where my fire scorches I got plantlife growing.

Alucard won't have TIME to shoot the bastard.

What's even more hilarious about this is that I rolled Kemomimi in CATastrophe, so I'm kinda like him. I got cat ears and tail. I'm like a damn tumblr-sue reject.

>> No.38619296

Alucard will thoroughly enjoy the next ten years, that's for sure.

>> No.38619302

>Implying most jumpers aren't like that sooner or later

>> No.38619307


Whoops, my bad.

>> No.38619326

>I'm like a damn tumblr-sue reject.
We all are, at this point. There isn't a single one of us who isn't some sort of cyborg dragon ninja vampire.

>> No.38619347

Don't forget Kitsune
Almost all of us have at least one thing of Fluffy Tail

>> No.38619362

"Make a move, moron!"

"No seriously, make a move. I'm not going for that what with that beast of a woman Integra, so someone's got to give her a romp in the woods."

>> No.38619425

Is it an enthusiastic romp in the woods? Because weird shit happens with enthusiastic anything in the woods when Alucard's involved.

>> No.38619473

We all are, by this point.

Over three hundred jumps, I'm some damned cyber/monkey/vampire/dragon/kaiju/demon/angel/elf/bunny combination of sorts. It is stupid crazy.

And yet it's STILL not the most fucked up thing in /jc/.

>> No.38619490

Fellow jumpers, how do you keep your non-immortal companions alive and youthful?

>> No.38619496

>enthusiastic romp in the woods

Oh jeez. Dare I even ask what Alucard would make happen because shits and giggles?

Would there suddenly be Nazis. Will that be a thing.

>> No.38619523

jumping(and eventually you can make them all immortal anyway)

>> No.38619545

Either the philosopher's stone in Harry Potter or Youth Eternal in Soul Calibur. jump maker for the latter confirmed it's immortality, and you can teach the secrets to others, if memory serves.

>> No.38619546

Use surgery to replace the aging bits with younger bits.

>> No.38619555

I just assume they reset to the age they started at.

>> No.38619556

Nazi vampire zombies.

and Seras' heart all over that tree over there (again)

>> No.38619558

Companions technically stay close to your age / are frozen at their current age while they follow you, but keeping people youthful?

Well. Nothing that a good diet, good exercise, and a massage can't help with.

>> No.38619567

One of the perks in Tenchi gives you a 1st Generation Juraian Royal Tree. Those have the ability to make people biologically immortal. It takes time to reach full capacity, but by the time it's 100 years old it can maintain an unlimited number of people at once. Even before that it can keep your standard eight companions youthful.

>> No.38619590

Well, speaking of Hellsing- I went werewolf, and the first thing I did was bite and infect my companions. It's a huge instant buff!

>> No.38619614

Or Shape them using Geneforge to make them immortal

>> No.38619620

A One Armed massage?

>> No.38619639

Behold! A half robot, half angel, half demon jumper wielding her preferred weapons!

>> No.38619651

>fry Schrodinger to a crisp

>the rest of the arc turns into - besides the plot of Hellsing Abridged - OAA and Schrodinger angrily clashing over Seras.

On that note, how are you approaching this romance? You are kinda mute as a Werewolf in this jump - how will the moves be put on the young vampire?

>> No.38619675


>> No.38619727


Do any of us actually look like this?

My preferred form is simply a handsome black man in a suit.

>> No.38619732

Pic related if they're willing. If not, that's their choice - their ages basically reset with mine every Jump anyway.

>> No.38619765


If I don't do it with the quartet of Tenchi trees... SPLICING. Demonic splicing to make people immortal.

>> No.38619779

Mine is myself but better, the most Gary Stu thing my normal form has is silver hair
Because fuck you my hair is naturally fabulous, making it silver makes it even better

>> No.38619800

I do when I want to fuck with someone.

>> No.38619849


>> No.38619892

Eh. Preferred form is simply the 16' tall fellow (unless I need to shrink down to fit into buildings). No shirt, strong and reinforced armored kilt, hiking boots with good socks. Hair's up in a ponytail (until I can get some hair manipulation perks. Unfortunately I missed Hair Magic in Fairy Tail). That plus the cat ears + tail if I want to fuck with people.

Now when shit hits the fan? FULL DRAGON.

>> No.38619898

I go simple most of the time.

>> No.38619926


Aside from the muteness, the Jump doesn't say Hellsing werewolves are immortal.

>> No.38619951

>No Shirt
Is it weird I like to dress like Natsu?
My only 'shirt' is an open vest
I might change into something more appropriate if needed, but that's my preferred dress style

The Captain has been around since WWII like the rest of Millennium

>> No.38619966

Note in the Jump:

>-Vampires and werewolves will not age.

>> No.38619975

The jump isn't the be all end all either. Werewolves in Helsing at the very least can go several decades without ageing a day.

>> No.38619991

I run around as as a tall, but well with in normal height ranges, blonde guy that looks like he spends a lot of time swimming. Not terrible gary stu on that front at least. Ability wise, after a few dozen jumps though... well it just kind of happens. To all of us I'd say.

>> No.38619998


I kind of revel in it, but my form is mostly a young man with darker skin and black hair in casual clothing...with wolf ears and tail.
Everything else is pretty normal until I start hulking out.
Then it'd be a firey lucario cyborg with kung fu aura powers. and Hamon.

>> No.38620010

>The Captain has been around since WWII like the rest of Millennium

Ah, thanks. Although it will be hard for me, my companions, and anybody else I infect to communicate without speaking.

>> No.38620041

Get creative, you can think of something.

>> No.38620047

Telepathy is your friend.

>> No.38620054

>entire party of werewolves is now JumpChain: The Silent Film

>> No.38620068

>16' 5"

Do you wear it traditionally? Seras might be in for an eyeful in some spots.

>> No.38620080

>Make little cards that have sentences on them
>Use magic to hide up sleeves
>Use magic to always pull out the most appropriate one

>> No.38620100


True. I'll make sure to pick up telepathy in the Pokemon Trainer jump beforehand.

>> No.38620107

Why do you think she got with him?
Besides Alucard's intervention I mean

>> No.38620152


Seras hooked up with One-Armed Anon? How? It was hard enough to get him a Sekirei.

>> No.38620155

>not just doing slight of hand to get the one you want
>do you even razzle dazzle?

>> No.38620164

It's Alucard do you really want to say no to Alucard?

>> No.38620173

>Jumpers being "rehabilitated"

>> No.38620175

He rolled really REALLY well, go up the thread we all went nuts when it happened

>> No.38620184

Fuzzy Tails. No really, I needed a way keep my companions alive through Tropico with that one defect where you are there hundreds of years. I had the assassin's creed ability to let me transfer skills and abilities by blood as well as gotten a kitsune form from Inukami. So everyone either got the lifespan of a kitsune or if I couldn't transfer just that got a kitsune form. So Fuzzy tails solve yet another problem.

>> No.38620195

He actually put off Sekirei until he could get a better plan together to fight Minaka and make sure everyone gets their happy ending.

>> No.38620197

To expand, I really fucked with the Mass Effect Council.
[Enter, Jump Anon, cursed with unsurpassable beauty and the lifeblood of many races long since extinct]
>Jasminye Star Sapphire, you stand here accused of mu-Wait a minute. You're supposed to be human.
"I am human. I am also Salarian and Hanar and Elcor and Angel and Nekomimi and demon and incubus and succubus and din-"
>Okay okay we get it. We'll just Mark you down as "Other." Would you kindly explain then why you are often seen as human?
"Yes. Well it was all a powerful illusion so I could hide my terrible beauty and live life like a normal person free of judgement and lust and hatred and-"
>Yes yes. All irrelevant. You stand before the Council accused of the most treasonous crime of murder of a respect Spectre by the name of Saren
"Oh, I didn't kill Saren"
>Then what happened? You were the last person to see him alive and reports say you had disagreements with him beforehand.
"I didn't kill him. I ate him, silly."
>Y-y-you ate him?
"Of course. How ELSE was I supposed to free his soul from the darkness of his body and allow him to be the true Hanar he always wanted to be."

>> No.38620214

Rehab? What do you mean, rehab?

This one's fine, see! She's just sitting there.

>> No.38620225



Will do.
Still counts.

>> No.38620252

The perk you're thinking of only lets you confers abilities they already had the potential to use. It doesn't let you transfer powers or forms, it's just stuff like teaching people magic. The author clarified that after people got really excited about how potentially powerful it was, but never actually altered the text.

>> No.38620319

>"They all look and act so normal, it's hard to believe what they used to be."
>"If they do remember anything from outside this universe, they don't make any indication. I suppose it's probably best if they don't, easier to adapt that way."
>"It's almost funny, all their power and not one of them were able to stop it."

>> No.38620352


>Parasite and Living Weapon changed to 200 cp.
>Added Drawback cap.
>Added Friendly Face, Partner in Crime, Small Army, and Skull Radar.
>Parasites now become seperate beings at endjump, but are defenseless until they fuse with their hosts again.

Next on the chopping block: Redoing Etrian Odyssey!

>> No.38620360

Stop what? Playing along with the idiot psychologist while he was looking becaause they were bored?

>> No.38620367

we have one of those age adjusting machines from KnD

>> No.38620369

You, sir, are pure evil for even suggesting that.

>> No.38620388

Time to be infected with a parasite!

>> No.38620396 [SPOILER] 

My preferred form? Pic related. Then imagine such a being at 23'7".

>16' dragonboy
>wears a kilt

>implying my multitudes of separate lines of thinking with all my psych perks means I can't counsel myself of anything
In all truthfulness... yeah I imagine some jumpers actually do need a LOT of therapy. Whether it's experiencing a really big defeat, or killing someone for the first time... you never know what sets people off.

>> No.38620401

>Redoing Etrian Odyssey
My body is ready

>> No.38620409

>What happens during SCP jump

>> No.38620443

Damn good picture Red

>> No.38620447


>That pic

What if you need to look normal?

>> No.38620459

You mention he swims through the crystal, but what does he actually look like?

Also, I just want to say that jumps written with personality are my favorite kind, so this jump is super cool in my book.

>> No.38620461

Well I am also a god of Genetics. I am not quite Red level but I can certainly change someone's species so now even if it didn't work as I thought it did, now it does.

>> No.38620507

> Red
> Look normal
Pick one, and only one!

>> No.38620514

I think i mention that he's snakelike? Kind of like a cross between a snake and an eel. He puts himself where your spine would be.

>> No.38620515


That sucks.

>> No.38620558

Oh, you did say. My mistake.

>> No.38620570

Actually doesn't jump-chan cover this? Jumpers that go into a new jump pretty much get reset to the age limits of the jump anyway. At least I assumed so.

If not.

>> No.38620601

Companions aren't jumpers.

>> No.38620645

certain jumps last for longer than 10 years or even 100 years so some form of longevity will be necessary for your mortal companions.

>> No.38620646

Companions aren't jumpers
But they are set to a similar age to yourself
This was clarified a LONG time ago

>> No.38620670

Honestly most of mine are crazy people that need a firm hand....

So I ghoul most of them. Those not on any sort of "probation" are giving a non-addictive serum based of my vitae, all of the perks non of the addictive, blood bonding, side effects.

>> No.38620678

That caused a shitfit. Nobody uses that shitty rule because it makes characters you want older than you into teenagers or characters you want younger into old men. It's fucking stupid.

>> No.38620697


Yeah I meant companions. They reset just like Jumpers do.

>> No.38620714


>> No.38620724

But it still confirmed that their age is reset, no matter how you want to fanwank it, by Jump-chan

>> No.38620734

Err, pretty sure that either way it's kinda up to the individual jumper.

>> No.38620738

QS told me way back that it's up to us to fanwank at what age they get reset to. So we're not forced to make them the same age as us.

>> No.38620752

also, having all your companions die of old age by like your sixth/seventh jump with them would be really, really sad

>> No.38620767

Shapeshifting/sizeshifting perks, my friend. Always plan for a 'disguise' form when you need to break from huge.

There is a reason I ALWAYS opt to design my demon form rather than go with some standard gig. I want to be fucking fabulous.

>> No.38620844

>"Hell, I don't know why your benefactor didn't mention them, I just work here, for all I know there are more like her out there."
>"All I know is that there were once dozens, maybe even hundreds like you and them wandering about, but they started disappearing at one point. Next thing I know a bunch of regular looking people start popping up here with no idea how they got here, and a bunch of universes seem to be inaccessible."
>"Can't say what's causing this for sure. But if I were you I'd keep an eye out, because something or someone clearly doesn't like people messing with the normal order of things"

>> No.38620939


Location: Trinity Church
Age: 22-years-old
Drawbacks: Purrfect (+100), Action (+100), Marked (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Origin: Black Egrets

-NOOOOO! (Free)
-Switch Out.
-Last Hope
-Like The Back Of Your Hand

Equipment & Companions:
-Armory (Free)
-Hideout (Free)
-Money Under The Mattress
-Partner in Crime (Derun the Spirit of Intellect)
-Living Weapon: Trycka

Origin: Black Egret
-Ahad Anatomy (Free)
-Living Weapon: Set
-NOOOOO! (Free)
-Armory (Free)
-Switch Out
-Money Under The Mattress
-Infinite Blade Works

>> No.38621024

The plan is still to act as the Shyvana to Parasoul's Jarvan the IV, which includes helping her put the moves on that second-in-command.

And during all of this. Hunt the Bloody Queen Neferu.

>> No.38621031

I'm looking for some feedback or opinions on a Stand I might be going for as I thought it could be fun.

Its ability would be to effect the nearby area and people with common tropes from various film genres. I would be able to choose who gets effected by what too. Possibly different forms with different stats for each genre?
Not sure if I'll keep it effecting people or just the environment.

A few possibilities:

Action - Environment easier to break, things blow up incredibly easily, people more likely to talk/rant before killing, walking away from explosions, other possible tropes?

Horror - Vehicles break down, bad phone signal, people act dumber, much more likely to trip and most importantly black guys have no chance of surviving.

Any suggestions for cliches or tropes for these or from other genres like Comedy or Romance?

>> No.38621045

Bonus points if you pelvic-thrust while using Trycka.

>> No.38621123


-Background: Black Egrets (900CP) -I don't even... fine, let's do this.
-NOOOOO! (Free) -Whatever, let's do thiiiiis.
-Singing Voice (800CP) -LISTEN TO MY VOICE!
-Themed Powers (500CP) -I am a fucking CARTOON CHARACTER.
-Last Hope (200CP) (Discount) -All the medical knowledge EVER. We're gonna abuse this.
-Artificial Parasites (-400CP) -I'm going to think of many different options with this thing.
-Hideout (Free) -Whateeeevs, I'll deal.
-Armory (Free) -Lots of guns? I can do
-Refuel Station (-500CP) -Well well well, I'm gonna make use out of you.
-Marked (-200CP)
-Heartseeker (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Grand Cathedral, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


>> No.38621242

JUMP 12 - SKULLGIRLS – 1300/1300
Glass Canopy
AS Labs Origin (300)
Parasite(200) (Ralston)
Ahad’s Anatomy(free)
Brain Thane(400)
Refuel Station(free)
Artificial Parasite(300)
The Hurting(100)

+Marked (200)
+Action! (100)

>> No.38621334

Hey /tg/, outside of prototype, skullgirls, and geneforge, are there any other perks that let me play god with genetics?

>> No.38621356


>> No.38621365

Resident Evil

>> No.38621406

Jurassic Park

>> No.38621447


My main plan is to completely dismantle the Medicis with my previous information-dealer experience, and my other target is Eliza right now. I have an inkling Eliza's gonna give me problems, but my big problem is gonna be getting the drop on her. Medicis and Cerebella will be a problem too, but I think I can convince Peacock to join me in My Medici-killing crusade.

>> No.38621547


Lord of Light has a couple of options.

There's human genetics, which is mostly about literally playing god.

And there's the Mother of the Terrible Glow option, which is about horrible "throw magic radiation at it until it becomes useful" squamous and rugose underwater monster style genetics.

>> No.38621584

I love me some MOTTG. I believe I'm the only one that went with a build that had it, but it was a hoot.

>> No.38621911

Are there any perks that let me tank nukes? If not is there any way to build up to it? Also might need some philosophy and psychology perks, magical or otherwise.

>> No.38621930

FISS, from PS238. Ultimate physical tanking perk.

>> No.38622012

Kaiju form in Pacific Rim lets you do that, you just need to find a way to shrink it down to normal size. (DC works great for it)

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