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I think I recognise that artist.

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>Slaanesh influence on a low-key imperial world.

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I'd play the shit out of this.

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Always a classic.

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Enlighten a noob

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It lets you end your first turn with your hand, library, graveyard, and battlefield empty. How can your opponent do anything other than surrender?

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>Nazis hit the bathtub side with the hammer
That's nice, what's the movie/ad/thing?

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Dead snow 2

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B-b-but if he just passes then it is your turn and when you can't draw you lose...

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Is it just nazis invading peoples houses and ruining their casual everyday time together?

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This is perfection.
I only felt like this when i watched the Castlevania Speed run

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Nazi zombies

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this. or could someone tell me why it isn't true?

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But in so doing, it comes to light that his deck and play were meaningless, thus causing the ultimate defeat - an artistic rebuttal of the human identity.

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but you still lost scrub

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It's tool assisted, so it's not technically 100% legit.

It's still damn cool, though.

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How so? Artistic victory is best victory, you neolithic plebian.

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>gets thrown out window
>immediately run over by a tiger
sides destroyed

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super cool

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I am confused by that filename

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ITT: MTG Players don't understand jokes.

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>no spiders

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Not /tg/ related butt fuckit

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DM says there won't be any railroading.jpg

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A Tale of Witches is some shitty magical girl quest themed after Strike Witches, which is a shitty magical girl anime.

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>Blood on gloves

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i like you.

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Huh, I didn't even remember it was saved as a gif. It's just a still screencap, swear on my fatguy honor.

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this is what always happens at my group.

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I grinned.
Best fucking animated part of the entire thing.
Days I regret not knowing shit about smithing: +1

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From what I remember the lizard dudes beat back Cocytus and join forces with Spooky skeleton-man so it's not all that bad.

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Anime fucking loves destroying the moon.

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Anime has a hardon for the moon in general.

They don't call Japan "moonland" for nothing.

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>/tgesg/ in a nutshell

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>most powerful sailor?
>sailor moon
>by far the smallest celestial object with a sailor
>princess of the solar system
>her light saves the entire galaxy

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In this case she wants to blow up the moon so she can tell YHVH how much she loves him, because you see, she's a ancient Babylonian priestess that survived to the modern age via genetic memory that only awakens when exposed to the waves emited by warrior songstresses because she just has that big of a hardon for the big G.

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What is this? I laughed.

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The after affect of the party's attempt to save the forest from attackers

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Makes perfect sense.

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Note: She wanted to do that because she wanted to make God YHWH her husbando and he didn't want any of it.

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That sounds full-retard.

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Yah, God blew up the Tower of Babel so she'd stop nagging at him.
Symphogear never took itself seriously. Hell, the dude here stopped a rocket-powered sword/rider-kick with nothing but sheer manliness.

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Yuusha Yoshihiko.

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Still sounds full-retard.

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Musclegirl, catgirl, white hair, brown girl.

>Hell, the dude here stopped a rocket-powered sword/rider-kick with nothing but sheer manliness.
And later on survived the onslaught of a girl capable of pulling a quarter of the moon out of the sky.
(Not him)
It's very dumb, but that's not the point.

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the answer: not enough

that's kinda the point

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Don't forget TF, Lycanthropy, furry, bestiality, and AraAra. Also there was the time she was dressed up as a waitress.

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>It's very dumb, but that's not the point.
That's my point.

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She also has huge, tits and isn't afraid to flaunt 'em.
And the time she was dressed as a wrestler.

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If fucking /a/ can enjoy the goddamn show without nitpicking it then so can you.

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I don't want to watch something full-retard, so I won't.

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Of course not. She's as old as civilization. She's got nothing to hide.

> good self is gay hebephile
> evil self is... straight-ish, or at least assuming YHWH is male in that verse

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Man, Aisha is such a perfect Waifu

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I never understood where the stereotype of Americans clapping at everything came from. I'm an American and I almost never clap at anything, but then again I normally don't go to major cities.

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I think it came from /tv/ making fun of Americans clapping at movies. But it evolved into "Americans clap/tip for everything."

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>I never understood where the stereotype of Americans clapping at everything came from.
Citizen Kane.

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So its just an annoying and retarded britbong meme? that explains it.

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As far as I know, which admittedly isn't much, yes.

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Reminder that the US is as big as Europe and contains multiple cultures.

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>implying britbongs will ever believe you
all jokes aside I grew up as an army brat, so every four years I'm used to moving to a different state. never did i meet anyone who clapped at everything that wasn't a reard or autist, and I've met plenty of literal autists.

If I take off that armor, will you die?

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Where is this from?

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Little Witch Academia. small one episode special done by Studio Trigger.

its absolutely adorable.

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best file name I've seen in a while

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Wait a second, this shit got a manga now? Fuck, I'm tired of waiting for the LN to get translated.

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The manga skips most details and turns people shitting themselves from terror into comedy relief. It's also monthly while the translations for the novel come out every weekend.

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Yeah, I'd let her blow me with the spider still in there.

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What's it called? Looks interesting.

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Just go read the novels on skythewood's blog.

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Yes, the Inquisition now has beastmasters.

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I get mildly frustrated when people don't understand what sidereal means. It means 'relating to distant stars' not 'any old weird shit'

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The fuck? Every time I try to go on his blog, it brings me to an origami video on YouTube.
Is there a mirror?

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Sauce on this? I love the animation, it's so nice

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It's right here >>38613343

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It's a reference to Exalted.

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explain that to the weebs who made Exalted

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Exalted. Look it up.

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Nevermind, should have F5'd first

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Well, I have no idea what the hell was wrong when I tried from Google. Thanks, anon.

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>Duel Decks Jace vs Vraska.jpg

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Who won?

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In the game Exalted, there's a "race," for lack of a better layterm, called the Sidreals.

Their abilities revolve around unmaking reality.

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Adding a bit more detail than "FUK U READ BOOK", my favourite bullshit supernatural martial art from the Sidereals book is the one where successfully "parrying" an attack rewrites history so that it was aimed at someone else. How the fuck are you supposed to roleplay that one? "Oh, yes, the party of Solars just got ready to kick off with the Sidereal master, but then they changed their minds and started beating the shit out of each other instead."

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No problem.

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>How the fuck are you supposed to roleplay that one?

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It's a MtG joke, sonny.

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>Not Wizard or Sorcereror some other fullcaster

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Thanks for enlightening me.

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I would happily say that to your face, but if I tried it would retroactively be established that I was saying that to the face of someone nearby and completely unrelated. That's what would happen.

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I didn't think about that. Thanks for giving me that idea.

>> No.38614202


5e has resolved the dilemma, Bards are now full casters. (And fucking terrifying at times.)

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>How the fuck are you supposed to roleplay that one?
Since when were you under the impression that you were under the impression?

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Well it's a bit different since King Crimson removes/alters future events instead of past ones, but I know literally jack shit about Exalted so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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Terrifying how? But that means I can cast spells and dance madly.

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See, it's already working.

>> No.38614295

why did they patch this out.

>> No.38614297

Thankyou all for clearing up that confusion for me.

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Okay, I keked harder than I should have

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Why does that look like the most terrifying thing on that list.

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That's a trap.

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check again matey, mouse over the filename.

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I guess I got that one picture called "Anon got tricked" or something in my head on this.

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These are never not funny.

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Its okay anon, we've all been tricked by it before.

>> No.38614568

Is there something I'm missing here?

>captcha: socur
Is that some kind of cheap Chinese ripoff of soccer?

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It fooled me once, so shame on me. It won't fool me twice.

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Oh. Fuck. Took me a minute.

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I suppose it's mostly about their spell selection. Lots of mental compulsion, lots of psychic damage (my party's Bard go-to attack is Dissonant Whispers, which does both). And they're full casters, so at high levels they get spells like Power Word Kill or... can't really finish that sentence, because any Kefka Bard is going to cast nothing but True Polymorph for lv9 spells. How else will you show them your Final Form?

Dude, not cool.

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| |i
|| |_

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It's like I'm actually playing Spelunky.

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>> No.38614721

Thanks. Now I know what do when I play Not!Kefka the Bard.

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Got some storytimes

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>> No.38614782

Bu be trying to be preemptivly not fooled, you ended up being fooled by yourself and, by extension as the cause of the paranoia, the "Anon got fooled" pic.

meaning despite your best efforts, it was your own caution that made you get fooled a second time.

congratulations, you've been bamboozled by trying to avoid being bamboozled

>not "You see this giant enemy crab..."

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Please indulge us.

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But how?

>> No.38614853


I'm betting that the weebs who made Exalted know that, since the Sidereals are all about stars and astrology.

>> No.38614977

I immediately thought of this

>> No.38614980

Careful, screamer.

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I just receded into myself

I could have done with never seeing that in my life.

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>Captcha: orcif

>> No.38615464 [SPOILER] 

Totally a hot girl inside this spoiler, guys

>> No.38615493

We have to go deeper

I'm going to guess Emprah or Dredd first, but will check it anyway.

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Comrade Bonevich's Wild Ride.

>> No.38615555

Huh, you told the truth anon, colored me suprised.

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>> No.38615640

Oh wow. What is this footage of?

>> No.38615662

>Vecna robotics

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One of the many nuclear tests the US did in Nevada.
The thinking on that one was probably to prepare the troops for moving in on a target(like a Russian city) that had just been nuked.
A lot of the guys involved in those tests would go on to die of cancer.

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>> No.38615957

What the fuck is happening in this picture?

>> No.38616010

Unexpected kek is best kek.

>> No.38616012

Artillery-fired nuclear weapons testing

>> No.38616016

Exactly what it looks like. Testing atomic bomb-firing artillery. And the effects of a bomb on various objects.

>> No.38616043

Nuke delivered via cannon rather than missile or plane/bomb.

>> No.38616115

>"my campaign is inspired by real history, and real historical battles."

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>> No.38616340

China being generous.

>> No.38616379

That's exactly how it works, yes.

And also why you don't try to to beat up Sidereal sifus.

>> No.38616440

that looks so dumb, what's the name of the chinese cartoon so I can watch it's full sillyness?

>> No.38616469

read the thread

>> No.38616543

You're also forgetting the standard Sidereal perfect dodge, Duck Fate.

>Solars can perfectly dodge any attack, even undodgeable ones
>Sidereals tell causality to come up with a course of events where the attack missed, even undodgeable ones

>> No.38616651


That got nerfed heavily in Ex3, I'm afraid.

>> No.38616700

>Not posting better version

>> No.38616746


>> No.38616829

What is CHIM?

>> No.38616862

Well, in Ex3 you just need the one Charm (or was it a spell? I forget) that lets you wipe out an entire region every year.

Which begs the question of why - and how - does civilization still exist within Creation as of Ex3?

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>> No.38616952


God Kings Shrike / Dogstar Ruminations. To the best of my knowledge it's supposed to be used in the same manner as when Moses told the Pharaoh about the coming ten plagues.

Also, Sidereals keep everything in check, as always.

>> No.38617020

Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
no more

>> No.38617366

Krieger-san, dame! ~<3

>> No.38617854

>It was much too big to be called a sword
>Heavy, thick, and far too rough; indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron

>> No.38617899

>> No.38617943 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38618192

>> No.38618246

>> No.38618275

>> No.38618556

What in the holy fuck did I just watch?

>> No.38618651

Why is it that almost every time someone uses a two-handed sword, it seems like it's amazingly large but somehow crappy?

>> No.38618927

Huh, there are multiple versions of this? The last one I saw was the one where the Trojan Horse broke, an elephant came out, grabbed another racer, and used it to pummel its way to victory.

>> No.38618942

Because they're copying Berserk.

>> No.38618950

Please tell me you have this and will post it.

>> No.38619039


>> No.38619099

Something tells me that the cursed island of Nippon is to blame for this

>> No.38619120

So what kind of music do they play? Dungeon metal?

>> No.38619209

Yes, but Japan also gave us the cursed island of Lodoss.

>> No.38621287

>Mahler's songs
>the length of the songs!!
This bothers me.

>> No.38621317

Those clouds that appear before they ignite is all the moisture in the objects turning IMMEDIATELY into steam

>> No.38621377

Pictured: Men.

>> No.38621721

You know, I'm not sure I would turn down a chance at doing something like that even knowing the risk. Just being able to say 'yes I was trained to storm a city during a NUCLEAR ATTACK' has a certain appeal.

>> No.38621814


He kinda has this look like "Fucking Thursdays"

>> No.38622170

Holy Shit I didn't know you existed.

>> No.38622207

I swear at one time Pewdiepie played it

>> No.38622281

Kind of reminds me of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. Which makes me sad. So much potential, killed off so soon.

>> No.38622332

Once again proving that pedophile scum are neither funny or creative

>> No.38622357

So goddamn true

>> No.38622390

>> No.38622924

It was a draw leading to the sudden deathmatch he as responding to.

>> No.38623245

>> No.38623438

are those unown?

>> No.38623472

Made me kek

>> No.38623507

>butch and femme but no bear and twink
This is as pointless as it is stupid.

>> No.38623684

Was there ever a continuation of this?

>> No.38623741

This shit looks like something you could summon demons with.

>> No.38623811


>> No.38624431

For what I remember Asshole-guy became the favorite uncle-like figure to Captain Foreveralone's adopted daughter and, at /tg/'s counsel, gifted her a pony named Proditor, meaning "betrayer" in latin.

>> No.38625385


I'm tempted to label this "Average day in the world of Shadowrun", but I'm honestly not sure if giant crabs counts as "average".

>> No.38625508

there's got to be at least 10 of these. look them up on youtube or something.

>> No.38625759

>improved power attack

But that's great otherwise.

>> No.38625783

this is the greatest

>> No.38626148


>> No.38626225

>> No.38626286

>> No.38626333

>that dead skin on her left foot

>> No.38626343

>> No.38626346

I think that's one of those mini-sock things for wearing in low heels, so your feet don't chafe.

>> No.38626392

I'm pretty sure it takes significantly more force than that to take the pin out of a grenade.

>> No.38626514


>> No.38626546

>When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not your friend.gif

>> No.38627091


>> No.38627150


>holy shit the cosplayer isn't the trap

>> No.38627796

You probably could, but whatever demon you summon would probably be really akward to interact with.

>> No.38629008

Please give me source

>> No.38629194

If a lightsaber blade has no mass and already cuts almost anything, there should be no reason to come up with different shapes for it, such as axes or katanas or silly shit like that picture.
How could a wider blade improve its function? I guess you could hit with the flat side, but then it wouldn't slice clean through stuff because it's a superheated beam, not a sphere of annihilation.

>> No.38629317

It's one of a number of images making fun of the hilted lightsaber from that trailer.

>> No.38629362


Oh hey, it's KYM.

I used to be a mod on that site.

>> No.38629569

Cool story, bro

captcha: heyah

>> No.38629660

Any idea what movie this gif is from?

>> No.38629738

Black Dynamite

>> No.38629758

Black Dynamite. watch it. It is hilarious

>> No.38630041

>not recognizing Monty Python

>> No.38630164

I would play the shit out of this

>> No.38630257

i live in california, and everyone claps when someone gets on stage, when someone finishes a song, when someone announces the next band, when someone starts a solo,when someone finishes a solo.

fuckers clap at EVERYTHING at a concert. in mexico you clap at the begining and at the end, i assume its like this elsewere, i didnt realize it was strange until i started going to and watching concerts in other countries.

>> No.38630428

strangely more intimidating than dark spirit omega shenron.

>> No.38631044


>> No.38631458

Read the filename. Whoever saved that image is implying special snowflake lightsabers are a good thing and Disney are "overconservative pussies" for not taking the concept even further into absurdity.

>> No.38631484

>everything posted on 4chan is direct in its meaning; nobody is ever facetious
You must have a hard time around here.

>> No.38632481 [DELETED] 

Okay, I understand male-to-female and female-to-male transsexuals. Seems like a hard life, and I hope they can find happiness and acceptance.

But the rest of these are bullshit and they're just making shit up because they want to feel special.

>> No.38632517

Okay, I like this one better than the actual thing.

>> No.38632624

First of all:
>Strike Witches
>Magical Girl anima
Secondly, AToW is a quest about a Witch School (actual magical witches, meaning contracts with gods and spirits, mystic rituals, alchemy, soul modification, curses and blessings, etc.) in a 19th century-esque fantasy setting designed by an autistic German.

>> No.38632673

So Blatant Fetish Quest but less evil and less single mom SoL?

>> No.38632728

Yeah but is it any good?

>> No.38632911

There's a sock on that foot. I do believe it's torn.

>> No.38632930

It isn't particularly blatant, fetishistic or evil. It's basically a LoTR take on Little Witch Academia.
I'd say it's decent. The setting is original and nobledark as fuck, the world-building is damn extensive (though you don't need to know most of it to follow the quest), the characters are varied and distinct enough that you can recognize them just by the way their speech is written and the QMC has an abundance of personality.
The main flaw is that the QM is slow as fuck,sometimes taking days to write a single update. It's best read in a bunk, rather than actively followed.

>> No.38632971

>It isn't particularly blatant, fetishistic or evil
>It's best read in a bunk
I'm getting mixed messages here.

>> No.38632974

There was a quest named Blatant Fetish Quest that took place at Scholomance, a school for the supernatural.

It was actually really good, personally, even though I had to skip the porny stuff.

>> No.38633039

what was this from again ?

>> No.38633091

Record of Lodoss War, probably.
/tg/ the Anime

>> No.38633163

Well, I guess you might need a literal bunk if you have a fetish for highly insecure tomboys and subtly dominant noblewomen, because there isn't any smut or romance so far (and probably won't be any).
Haven't really gotten to BFQ yet, since I've been mostly working through Banished recently and the next ones on my backlog are Totemist and Zombie & Witch.
>/tg/ the Anime
>not Slayers

>> No.38633209

yeah that was the one
thanks anon, saved me a couple of hours googling "fantasy anime"

>> No.38633314

>if you have a fetish for highly insecure tomboys and subtly dominant noblewomen
Do you not?

>> No.38633341

>Haven't really gotten to BFQ yet
Don't bother. It's notable only as an example of what unabashed evil looks like from the inside.

>> No.38633411

I do, but AToW is too vanilla for me to act upon those fetishes.

>> No.38634052

That most certainly is not.

It's one of the old technicolor era King Arthur movies.

>> No.38634369

>Shadowrun game set in the early awakening.

>> No.38635157

It's also a great example of a dark magical school, with the students in a running tournament for survival/a passing grade.

>> No.38635243

That's arguable. There's not really that much "school" going on, just living in a tower and vey occasionally giong to class or having an enemy briefly.

>> No.38635445

You motherfucker. Why didn't I look to see if it was a .gif.
I jumped out of my chair and fell to the floor after screaming.
My neighbor came over to see if I was ok.

>> No.38635529

>Haven't really gotten to BFQ yet
Everything you need to know:

It stars a half-Incubus girl (which means futa) named Max Power. She lives with her dad, a full Incubus, in a tower, together with her two lesbian lovers. One of them is a powerful wizard (as is Max) and the other is a serially reincarnated girl that embodies #YOL∞ and is associated with the Chinese government and possibly triads, through the birth of her current life.

They also keep two mind-raped lesbian sex slaves. One was mind-raped because she was an enemy, the other because the players didn't feel like giving the incubus dad a handjob.
They have a dryad baby, who is blind but has magic sonar and a penis, and when the quest ended a new dryad baby was just born. Whether or not it would have a penis was the shitstorm that ended the quest.

Oh, they also have an animalistic construct that breathes acid steam, to which they attach a dildo for sex sometimes. And none of them wear clothes, except when going to magic classes.

They also like going to Paris to party.

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A lot of American children get applauded for everything they do by their parents, making everything boring and thus creating generations of incredibly spoiled children. Combine that with religious extremism and antagonizing every other country in the world. That's what america looks like to outsiders.

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