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Does anyone wanna play some videogames?

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Now I can't decide which God or Titan I want as a parent in Percy Jackson.
Kronos is obviously amazing for time and plant powers.
Hyperion could be good for fire, light and even super speed.

Prometheus could be interesting as he's the "Titan of Forethought and Benefactor of Mankind" Any idea on what that abilities that would get me?

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I'm not sure if I get what this is supposed to be? Is this supposed to be based off Tron and stuff?

Where's the adventure? Do I just sit somewhere and make videogames for 10 years?

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>inb4 Jumpers go the EA route of vidya development.

>numerous DLCs and Microtransactions.

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Yes, it's supposed to be like Cooking show or Nine-five, or Generic Medical Drama. You spend ten years on earth doing a regular job.

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Hey we brainstorming a Gi Joe jump, would anyone lose their shit at this franchise list?

-Original Cartoon series

-Comic book franchise

-Sigma Six Gi Joe

-Gi Joe Renegades

-Movie series

-Valor vs Venom series

-Gi Joe/Transformers

Yes the ones not here are deliberate on our parts.

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>not importing Lovecraft Gods
>not choosing to be the child of Azathoth
>not broing it up with Nyarlathotep

>> No.38589058

Eh. I'd avoid the crossovers - as cool as they'd be.

Movie series has to be a drawback.

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Can I be from Cobra-la?

>> No.38589085

>Good at writing
>Good at innovation
>Can come up with memorable mascot characters
>Easy to get the rights for games you don't own
>Ability to make sequels better than the original
>Able to convince your bosses to give you time to finish instead of rushing it out
>PR Skills
>Your games get put on every console

>You suck at vidya
>You spend every free moment shitposting on /v/
>You can't use any of the money you get for personal use, it all goes towards making the next game

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>implying I would nickle and dime my player base.

>> No.38589126

>yfw you're anyone who's already been to SAO, Battle Network, and Virtual World

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Oh, that one is just asking for a drawback that forces you to stay for longer. Something... Something akin to Art from Musician. Stay until games are acknowledged as an art form, maybe?

>> No.38589158

> Game Dev Tycoon Jump

>> No.38589180

Would "and knowing is half the battle" be a drawback where you have to deliver those kinds of messages, or a perk that makes you good at reconnaissance/delivering those kind messages?

>> No.38589199

I've never really been able to get into anything Lovecraft, partly because of people jerking themselves off at how cool Cthulu is.

>> No.38589222

Can there be a perk that lets whatever software you make be run on any device no problem, no matter how shitty?

>> No.38589254

Need a super optimization perk, or innovative programming perk

>> No.38589264

>not playing the billionaire who is bizarrely inept at business paying people to play your games.
>not making sadistic games where the players are encouraged to steal resources from other players in game that can be traded for money
>not using the gaming industry as a vehicle to manipulate the masses into your loyal slaves
>not using the games to teach people real magic
>not then using a world of loyal magic slaves to enact rituals that shall give you incredible power
>not then using that power to make better games

>> No.38589274

Wakfu, are you planning on reenacting SAO with yourself as Kayaba?

>> No.38589303

Oh no, nothing so crude.

Sending the players through a cruelly difficult-to-solve mystery, though?

THAT can be done.

>> No.38589312

...You aren't?

>> No.38589387

>See pic

Come on man don't be like that. The movies were cool.

Why do think I opted out of a drawback where you're forced to make true virtual reality. Almost any jumper could accomplish that in a week given what worlds we have.

Maybe, I've been trying to figure out something that would be a good "stay here longer" goal. I'm also worried about making it a drawback since you'd basically be getting paid to stay an extra 40 or so years making videogames.

I'm liking these ideas.

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So if you had the opportunity to take one of Quicksilvers jumps and jump it as a fanfiction version, which jump would you take as the base, and what fanfiction?

I'd take Mass Effect, with the fic "Renegade Reinterpretations". The first contact war actually matters a lot more in that fic, which contributes to the politics much better than it did in the original series where the Turian counselor seemed to be pissy at humans for no real reason.

>> No.38589426

> Land in the 1970s.
> "So, we've been thinking about making this new game called 'Space Invaders'!"
> "That's cute. VIRTUAL TIME!"
> "Aaaahhh! What is this?! WHAT IS THIS?!?!"
> Walk around the office shooting fireworks from your hands.

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Is FreeLC unlockable upon beating a certain threshold acceptable?

Take 4 MMO's, have them each have a "checkpoint." When any one of the "checkpoints" is reached? All four link together for an ultimate showdown.

Then, set a fifth one in the aftermath of the other four and have people try to solve the most ridiculous mystery possible.

>> No.38589432

Its either that or IDW comics. And it could be worse than the movies...

>Or setting up incredibly complex accidents for you to come in and stop at the last moment.


Thanks for reminding me. I'll put that in the brainstorming.

>> No.38589494

I'd also go for Mass Effect, with the fic "The Meek Shall Inherit the Galaxy". It's notable for being a "humans make first contact with the quarians instead of turians, become major galactic power" fic that manages to avoid simple conflict resolution. There are still some scenarios that wind up happier than they would in canon (Jack has a MUCH better life, for example), but on average things get more complicated as a result of the AU, not less.

>> No.38589646

>all these coding jumps coming out
>my DPP is getting a tremendous workout
>all this coding experience
>mfw I could essentially use it to do so many different things

Heavens preserve me, I'm running into too many jumps where my desire to study magic has given me far more power and control than I initially felt I would have.

Different question, folks! With B5's new jump with the Civ 4 thing, and the Yggdrasil tree that's going to be included ALONG with Manyfist's WoW jump with the Well of Eternity water... I've come to a terrifying realization. I have no idea how to test the fruit ethically.

The Well of Eternity is the WoW magic, which can expressedly CHANGE people if there's enough magic. Then there's the superdimensional energy from the Tenchi Jurai Trees, and the intense chi from infusing the Well with it from the Lego jump. Then there's the combination of the fruit from the Shadow of the Colossus jump, and we're looking at some INCREDIBLY SCARY fruit. I wouldn't even know the slightest thing of what it would do. Would it 'uplift' someone? Would it just horribly mutate them based on their idea of 'perfection'? Does it push them to a certain design like it turned trolls in WoW into Night Elves?

My initial idea is to run a ton of computer simulations, but that only goes so far. How do I test such a thing ethically and safely?

>> No.38589697

Animal testing, like everyone does.

>> No.38589759

anything that produces non sentient human replicas. Of course they might wind up ascending from the sheer cray of the fruit.

>> No.38589845

Clone some Johj and test it on them. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

>> No.38589847

>first questions

Alright let's try to break it down. The Well only started mutating people when elves started using it WITH arcane magic AND to summon demons. I'm not as familiar with the Lego chi, but according to the jump it seems fairly natural too. The Jurai trees, from what I hear, are big superprocessors that generate plank-width energy wings-but still trees. The Fruit from SotC just straight up heal you-so, given everything you're mixing so far is all natural? I'd say-expect similar effects as the reward of the secret ending for Terra Formars jump-except possibly faster and with more of a magical bent given the immense energies you've saturated in that thing. I'd say if there was a risk you'd have to look out for, it's the superdimensional energy somehow igniting and blowing up all the latent magical energy in your well.

As for computer simulations, what I recommend is for you to clone some baseline humans and-


-dammit. Alright, how's this-clone individual human organs, tissues and bones, and then sprinkle the water on them. Rinse and repeat (pun totally intended). Since you have all the learning perks, you should be able to put together gaps in information once you've tested the water on individual human organs and bones. A shame your code of ethics probably prevents you from growing a soul, and seeing how that interacts with the water. Hmm-could you make a cyber-elf? Those might be a good model to see how the water would interact with a soul, but I'm not too sure

>> No.38589852

Do it on clones of yourself?
If I'm not willing to try something on myself then I usually stay away from it, it's why I didn't make myself into a Homunculus.

>> No.38589892

If I had the option?
I dunno. Glorious Shotgun Princess might be interesting.
Actually, that's the only one I can think of.

>> No.38589901

It turns people into antispiral anon, or something similar I'm pretty sure of this. As far as ethical testing, depends on which ethical system you want to apply to, could be tricky. As far as safe? you do that by only doing the test if you are in another reality at the time.

>> No.38589916

The Command and Conquer Crossover with Mass Effect

Or Glorious Shotgun Princess

>> No.38590012

You realize of course that this would allow people to simulate an infinite number universes on a gameboy, right? As in, any machine capable of running code now becomes an infinitely powerful supercomputer drawing no more energy than it would normally.

>> No.38590101

Here's an idea for how you can test the effects of the water on a human soul

Metaphysical Biology, PhD gives you a solid foundation of the anatomy of a soul. As human souls are generally considered life force, what you could do is-take some of the solidified chi from Legend of Chima, and use a combination of magic, chi manipulation and your own knowledge to shape it into the approximate "structure" of a human soul. For more realistic effects, use Knowledge=Numbers from Generic Virtual World to map out a human /mind/ and connect that to the chi-mass in order to determine how effects on the soul would alter the mind. What you might also consider is reverse engineering the structure of a Cyber Elf to replicate a human mind. The tricky part is connecting the insensate soul-mass with the human mind; we recommend a system based on the Magitech available in Thundercats for creating a neuro-bridge between the soul-model and simulated brain.

>> No.38590108

>kill Percy because that will mess up the Prophecy of the final battle between the Olympians and the Titans, although killing or imprisoning Artemis will speed it up 2 years. As for how the hell your mother had Chronos's child while he was in pieces in Tartarus I leave for you to decide.
>Any particular questions on specific portions of the setting other than that?
So I shouldn't pick another titan via blood of kings?

(I know someone was talking about Oceanus, and Hecate, which I think would be cool) also your post seems to imply that the campers don't know who your divine parent is (is that correct?)

>> No.38590207

Which jumps give decent time related perks/powers?

JoJo could probably offer something decent with Stands.
Percy Jackson has the Demigod option, think it would offer immunity to timefuckery like Percy has against water?
Might be pushing it but I've seen mentions of Luck Dragonslayers so maybe Time ones too? No idea how it would work.

Would Oceanus offer anything different to Poseidon?

>> No.38590260

Wakfu has Xelor, who are built around time shenanigans

>> No.38590293

Quicksilver style from DMC makes you immune to time manipulation, and let's you keep up with speed fags

>> No.38590334


Well. That's another high school graduated - another world explored and fun had with myself and my companions. And of course, yet more striking out.

Lady. Lady. I hope this is sincerely funny for you, because this is getting aggravating. I have tried every damn option I can - and when soul-filled music doesn't work? Uuuargh. Very well.

At least I'll be able to bring -some- smiles with this next adventure.

>Replacing Santa Claus for 10 years
Age: 22-years-old
Origin: Drop-In
Drawbacks: Job Hazard (+100), The Nightmare Before Christmas (+200), Hoof It (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP

-Holly Jolly Criminal (Free)
-A Single Night (Free)
-That's What Christmas Is All About (Free)
-Summon Cocoa
-Summon Nog
-Christmas Ghosts
-Santa's Helpers
-Spreading the Cheer
-Business Sense

Items & Companions:
-Mall Santas
-Book of Carols (Free)
-Hot Cocoa
-Magic Hat

So let me get this straight. Santa, this year, is a 16' 5" tall, shirtless, muscled dragon-boy with hair just as long as he is tall. And the Mall Santas have somehow mimic'd this appearance.

Well. Christmas is gonna be interesting for 10 years.

>> No.38590343

I think your best bet's against time fuckery would be Blazblue's Observer though that does negate some time powers of your own, and DMC's quicksilver style that just lets you well,
>You're also able to function during other people's time altering shenanigans, so you don't have to worry about getting blind-sided by some one-trick time-pony.

>> No.38590398

And just watch.

The Mall Santas are going to be uber popular with the female demographics. Probably numerous hook-ups will occur. Meanwhile, up in the North Pole:


>> No.38590414

Glorious Shotgun Princess started off extremely well, but it kinda lost me towards the end. I read it, but it just seemed kinda off at the end.

And I've not seen the C&C one. Tiberium or normal?

So how long until Quicksilver kills us all and takes over the base?

>> No.38590455

If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's Red Alert.

>> No.38590467


Cerberus is replaced by The Brotherhood of Nod, and Kane makes a dramatic re-appearance, after being thought dead(again), during the trial of Saren

It was a dead fic the last I checked

>> No.38590508

>Ahh yes, "Scrin". We have dismissed these claims

>> No.38590658

There's also the Touhou time perk which gives you control of Time and possibly space with some training.

Also there's the timestop ability in Madoka.

>> No.38590764

Testing it on animals seems pretty iffy, all things considered. Certainly POSSIBLE, but it runs into the same issues as the clones, in that I could accidentally ascend them or something MUCH worse. What if I accidentally turn them into demigods or something? Likewise, trying to test them on terminally ill patients seems like I'm being a culture circling the weak to take advantage, and that leaves an ill taste in my mouth.

There was also the theory where the Well turned Trolls into Night Elves, and while I don't think that theory was confirmed it IS something to consider. The superdimensional energy is a concern yes, but the SotC wiki says the fruit actually does increase your max health stat, which was why I grabbed it to begin with.

But... you may actually have a good point. I could clone individual pieces of a body and test the fruit's/water's effects on them along with using the DPP to accrue data to assist with the simulations that can be done with it. I can also collect data from myself due to the fact that the trees are bonded to me, and as such share its power. The differing points of data SHOULD be enough for me to collect a proper solution without actually biting into the fruit just yet.

Hrm... I'm not so sure about using the Metaphysical Biology perk to create my own artificial soul, BUT using that I could potentially add the energies of the fruit/water to a collected vat of spiritual energy and use my knowledge to collect information on THAT. It's seeing how the energies react with each other, so as a result I could glean some important facts just by how spirit energy and the water's energies react with each other. To say nothing of learning how that may all react with a bona fide soul by seeing how things go with that and simulation data. Yes. YES I COULD MAKE THIS WORK.

Thank you 4chan, you all are awesome with brainstorming.

>> No.38590778

No Gods, Only Guns.

>> No.38590798

The enemy of my enemy
Is my Enemy's Enemy

>> No.38590800

How strong do you need to be to fight a Servant on par?

>> No.38590863

10x normal human Strength is E rank, D rank is 20x, and so on
A + next to the letter means it can be doubled under certain circumstances, so B+ can reach 80x human strength in the right circumstances

EX means the power is too great to be scaled

>> No.38590865

Maybe slight differences, no horses and more raw power? I don't know it was discussed elsewhere

>> No.38590885

Servants are crazy fast, pretty stronk, and can turn into ghosts at will. So ghost cutter, or some other means of hurting them will be necessary. That's just the generic bits, NPs mean it'd be a case by case basis. What grail war you going?

>> No.38590946

There is one important detail here, if a skill is a B+ then it doubles under certain circumstances, but an A+ may well just be 100x human strength.

>> No.38590966

>a few girls are grumbling at the holidays
>they see the mall santa is replaced; no more jolly overweight man with a white beard; it's replaced with a draconic, ripped man who's body is so well-sculpted it puts marble statues to SHAME
>the draconic man also has gloriously divine hair going down to their ankles in a ponytail
>the man traces the patterns of scales on his body down to his abs. "Have you two been good girls this year~?"
>every woman within line of sight of him LIGHTS UP LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE

>meanwhile, the original OAA is screaming his head off and ripping out his hair as it regrows at the sheer irony of it all

>> No.38590993


>> No.38591046


>all the mall santas are tall, stronk dragon-boys. Shirtless, ripped, and every other descriptive adjective ever.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that the female side of my family would enjoy this. Enjoy this whole-fucking-heartedly.

>> No.38591056

Does the poison dragonslayer in FairyTail do anything good or essential later on?
I'm thinking about stealing his dragon lacrima for his powers.

>> No.38591082

Your suffering, it amuses me

You arrive after he's already bonded to it
And he turns into a good guy later on

>> No.38591130

Shit, I'm a straight guy and I'd still enjoy the eye-candy.

>> No.38591172

I thought it was possible to take one from someone, is that not what future Rogue does to Sting or did he take his powers a different way?

>> No.38591219

Good? Yes. Essential? No. Though he does help in a fight that everyone loses anyway.
They can probably be removed, there was talk about the removal of Laxus's lacrima by his father, because the thing is so valuable.
That's just double element, dragon slayers can apparently take on a second element when they are strong enough and have the chance to absorb the magic of another dragon slayer.

>> No.38591240

No fucking idea, and String is also a 1st Generation Slayer

>> No.38591301

Sting and Rogue are third generation, they have both training and a lacrima.

>> No.38591308

No real reason not to pick another titan with Blood of Kings. Oceanus would probably get you a powerset themed after the unknowable depths of the ocean than Poseiden's more sea focused one (mostly seeing through darkness and some stealth stuff, more raw power than finesse in the hydrokinesis and no horses, storms, or earthquakes, maybe some mutation or summoning if you're his direct child).

As for the timefuckery with children of Chronos while you'd likely be able to tell when something was going on you wouldn't necessarily be able to counter it (Using Jojo for examples while you could likely easily figure out what was going on with King Crimson or the World you wouldn't be able to counter it directly, Made in Heaven you could counter in your immediate location).
The campers by default don't know who your or their parents are, gods will claim their favored children via omens but many are left unclaimed (even when it becomes bloody obvious who they're the child of). While your plant powers could be Demeter, Persephone or any number of minor fertility gods there's only one god of time.

>> No.38591338

Didn't they also kill the dragon?

>> No.38591346

I'm what now?

>> No.38591355

Can godslayer magic be something like pure magic or does it have to be a classic element of some kind.

>> No.38591389

An Element
Dragon, God, and Devil/Demon Slayers all use the same elements

Known ones are, Fire, Air, Iron, Poison, Light, Darkness, Ice

>> No.38591391

Apparently not, Hiro Mashima apparently likes to retcon deaths.
Seems to be the same rules as the other slayer types so I would assume an element, fire, sky, and lightning for the ones that have shown up.

>> No.38591470

I figured it was something different as he mentioned stealing it rather than just gaining it, the wiki also says he killed Sting before taking the power.
Not that it matters if the poison guy turns good, I'd only take it if he stayed a bad guy the whole time.

>> No.38591562

Then you are out of luck, after the end of the arc he was introduced in he spends time in prison, and the worst thing he does from that point on is be involved in a prison break. Currently the manga has just finished a time skip, he's one of the characters I am most curious about, such as the question of if he and his waifu are together now or not.

>> No.38591617

They can't be harmed by conventional weapons, are almost always incredibly experienced warriors, and have powers that can level mountains or override the laws of reality.

It really varies from Servant to Servant though. Medea is crap in close combat and mainly relies on beam spam and teleporting to fight. Someone with sufficient mobility perks and a magic piercing weapon should be able to kill her.

Fighting Saiba would be utter hell though. Almost immune to magic, can't be hurt by conventional weapons, nigh-precognizant, unnatural skill, inhuman luck... And that's without mentioning Excalibur. Killing her in a straight up fight would be hard. Best strategy is to outlast her with hit and run tactics or mass summoning. Well, assuming Rin isn't her Master.

The point I want to make is that Servants aren't predictable. Archer is just as strong in melee as he is at range, Assassin is the best swordsman in the fifth war, the fourth's Berserker pilots a fighter jet.

>> No.38591674

So thread, who should by servant be for Fate jump? Girl or guy doesn't matter, male figures being genderflipped is already a thing.

>> No.38591766

I'll just have to find a dragonslayer willing to share an element with me, Wendy seems nice enough to do that.
Having both God and Dragonslayer wind magic looks like it would work well too as they both heal different things.

I'm still a bit behind with the anime but Cobra was saying some ominous shit about Tartarus when going back to prison so I wasn't sure if he was actually good or not.

>> No.38591768

Zhang Jiao, leader of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, is my Caster.
Decided to turn him into a qt Grill

>> No.38591771

I just imported a companion, and gave her a crazy noble phantasm. For the record it is Hooligan Tuesday from light of terra, and her noble phantasm is the entire armory of the Imperium of man, accessed kind of like Gilgamesh and his Gate of Babylon, only with fewer swords and more starship cannons.

>> No.38591787

Mulan, taking the genderbent drawback for extra hilarity.

>> No.38591808

Nah Tartarus is just ominous.

>> No.38591818

If you don't want to go through the mess of making your own servant, you should stick with someone canon. If so, I'd recommend Saint George, as he is the most minmaxed servant, or Karna, as he is one of the most powerful.

If you want to put together your own sheet then go Genghis Khan.

>> No.38591832

You turned Ping into a woman?
How could you turn the Manliest Man to ever walk China into a woman?

>> No.38591840

You mean a male Mulan? Kind of not what I was going for.
I want someone original, yeah. Also if George is canon he's a dude in canon, can't do anything about that.

>> No.38591939

Its just disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

Turning that massive chunk of male testosterone and making it girly, it sickens me.

>> No.38591945

Yeah, Air/Sky is a nice element. And Wendy a best.
Which is why I went Air Dragonslayer with an offensive bias. I figure I can convince Wendy to teach me a healing spell or two in exchange for being taught more offensive magic. And hey, I get a little sister out of the deal.

The only question is what I should take as my second element. I was thinking Steel, but Lightning could be nice too.

>> No.38592010

I should mention that Saint Georgius is a cut character and hasn't actually appeared in anything.

>> No.38592025

His Noble Phantasm is running you over with a god damn train.
What's that? You say that goes completely against the story?
I ask you how you ever thought Japan would tell a piece of American Folklore correctly.

>> No.38592145

Air plus Steel sounds good, it could really add a decent amount of offense to the air and who knows how it would effect the steel that you can cover yourself in.
Gajeel looked amazing with his shadow steel.

I'm planning on going in as a Water dragonslayer and getting Wind from Wendy, not sure what kind of combo that would make but it could get stormy.

>> No.38592152

>Johnna Henry
>Tough brown amazon
This has its appeal.

>> No.38592285

If I had to pick a canon servant I would probably go with either Caster from Fate/Extra, or Berserkalot.

Making one I would probably would go with Percival and genderbend him or go with Galahad. Percival would probably an Archer or a Lancer while Galahad is Saber.

>> No.38592349

When it finally gets down to live testing I use brainless clones that are either on life support or kept alive by an artificial brain depending on what I'm testing for.

>> No.38592388

>, and use a combination of magic, chi manipulation and your own knowledge to shape it into the approximate "structure" of a human soul.

Or it may be easier to use a Spark from transformers instead. After all it is basically a soul already, use that as a basis, use Metaphysical Biology to alter it into a human soul.

Hell I was planning on using it to make AT-feld using transformers.

>> No.38592454

Herro jc, would yall prefer if the capstones in gunnerkrigg court where
>just 600cp no drawbacks
>600cp but better than normal plus drawbacks
>800 cp no drawbacks
>800 cp plus drawbacks and very good
drawbacks would basically be like normal jump based drawbacks but no cp for taking them.

>> No.38592479

Perks with inbuilt drawbacks suck.

>> No.38592497

I personally would go with your choice of CP amount with optional drawback in exchange for a boost.

>> No.38592716

I dunno, a Spark might be radically different from a human-type soul looking at all the crazy shit Transformers can do. Like having Primes. At least what ex-antispiral anon was suggesting involved the spirit stuff taken from a world of actual organic life forms.

'sides, Red doesn't like mucking around with actual souls for whatever reason.

>> No.38592777

Voting tentatively for

>800 CP no drawbacks

but I'd have to look at the exact capstone in question.

oh god you're thinking of giving us Zimmy's spider-otherworld aren't you. That thing I spoiled? That would be thematically appropriate to have a drawback for. Otherwise, don't see the need for drawbacks on perks

>> No.38592826

I agree with >>38592497 but among the options you laid out I'd pick 800 CP no drawbacks.

>> No.38593296

What are you fighting for?

>> No.38593366

Truth, Justice, and the American way.

>> No.38593507

Music? Also songs. Justice too.

>> No.38593519

I fight for my friends!

>> No.38593550


>> No.38593551

Some nebulous idea of "the greater good" that's probably horrifically ineffectual?

Heck if I know.

>> No.38593587 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

I do it for her

>> No.38593678

go fuck yourself

>> No.38593721

And boobs

>> No.38593732 [SPOILER] 

>> No.38593736

Butts are better.

>> No.38593760

To stave off boredom.

>> No.38593778 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.38593781

For a better tomorrow.

>> No.38593787

Thems fighting words sir.
It's all about the hips.

>> No.38593801

Well of course. Good hips and good butts are inseparable.

>> No.38593830

But its still a soul and it can actually have an organic or semi-organic body, that is a thing you know. It doesn't have to be identical, just close enough to be used in this case and I don't see why not.

>> No.38593847

I realize with all my companions in Fate, running Zero, I'm playing the 8th Assassin (Rebuilt Assassin of Red with some minor modifications)....and it feels like the arc in Black Lagoon where there's a Seal Team invading Roanapur.

>> No.38593850 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.38593864


>> No.38593865


>> No.38593878

What are some decent music or sound based powers? (excluding ar tonelico)

Cobra from FairyTail has some decent sound based offensive magic and can even "hear" someones thoughts.

>> No.38593881

I'm looking for a way to create a devils arm (from Symphonia). What would my best bet be?

>> No.38593906

Do they need to be offensive? If not theres a Musician jump.

>> No.38593916

Hold up, let me take a look in my build. But go to that one jump with Djinn, and get wind magic. DMC also has devil hands, which can take any form, including (as noted) a kickass guitar. And of course, Musician Jump.

>> No.38593935 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 


>> No.38593942

>But go to that one jump with Djinn, and get wind magic
You know that Sound is an individual djinn element, right?

>> No.38593946

Guitar magic from Fairy Tail.

>> No.38593947

Get the roar/shriek powers from Pacific Rim and Godzilla, and for a big boost get Sonokinesis in the Marvel jump.

>> No.38593950


The universe is power, pure unstoppable POWER!

And I will be that force!

I will be that POWER!

>> No.38593956

I ran everyone as a Bard in FR.

>> No.38593960

Ah, right, my bad forgot. Also, Macross.

>> No.38593966


>> No.38594002

I fight to make each world a better place. I fight bring hope to the hopeless and justice to everyone. I fight so that Lunar Legend Tsukihime can actually get a good anime adaptation! So far the first two have proven much easier than the last.

>> No.38594022

Right, so Macross, Sabaton, Borderlands, Shadowrun (Types of Adepts), FR, Bravely Default, Nechronica, and any jump with sonic.. anything really. Except for actual sonic.

>> No.38594042

Also Disney Princess, and Kirby.

>> No.38594127

Doesn't have to be offensive, anything with good utility or even just fun would be good to have.

There certainly are a bunch of related powers then.
All those can be added onto the usual list of super customizable jumps of Marvel, Percy Jackson and JoJo.
I think Smite has something that would work for it too.

I bet Percy Jackson could give a great musical legendary implement.

>> No.38594157

Since song and music related powers are the gimmick of my jump, I try to keep tabs on them. Didn't consider Smite though, thanks for that.

>> No.38594175


In other news the Space Station 13 jump should be done by the end of the week; sorry guys, I've got a lot of work to catch up on in real life.

>> No.38594186


>> No.38594264

I don't watch Gravity Falls, but I popped over to the thread right quick because I wanted to see everyone freaking out. From what I could put together Stan isn't really Stan, he's his twin brother who stole his identity. Also, the real Stan showed up at the end of the episode.

>> No.38594319

It's mostly hype worthy because hints about something to this effect have been subtly hidden since the first episode. Hell, decoding the hidden frame at the start of the first episode gets you "Stan is Not what he seems"

And thus, /gfg/ put together all these myriad clues, from offhand comments to suspicious set-pieces to obscure native mythology references, and made the 'twin theory'

which was confirmed as official

thus hype

>> No.38594356

Yeah, I won't lie. It's mostly due to the issue of not wanting to be in that position myself. I wouldn't want to be taken away and experimented on like that, much less 'created' for the sole purpose of experimentation. That would suck if I woke up and got told "Congratulations, you were created to test this! You could easily die so oh well!", so I'm not exactly keen to do it to others. It just feels like it's a really bad line to cross, and I'm not sure if I could come back from it. Granted, this means people like Konotanon and ex-ASAnon will easily learn more in a shorter time, but I feel more comfortable doing this.

I know QS has the same idea, but he's gotten minorly lax on it due to using Infectious Bite to turn people into fluffy kitsunes thoroughly. So I guess it's a case of how far you're comfortable with that sort of thing. I just know I only mess with souls if someone gave me absolute consent and gave me a precise idea of what they wanted. Experimenting or just 'flubbing' it is RIGHT OUT.

>> No.38595315

Why don't you just Geneforge a body minus the head? That way you can have guilt-fee human test subjects, of a sort. Simply create some sort of artificial regulator to keep the blood flowing and lungs pumping, and there you go! No need to get this crazy into things.

>> No.38595537

By that point I'm going with the prior-agreed plan of just cloning different organs and bones to test those. It takes a bit longer sure, but I'm being more thorough in my testing. Besides, the other major issue was the function on the soul. Magic definitely seems to touch more than flesh when it comes to the mechanics of some worlds, and it makes sense to account for such things as well. Hence the work-around of the vats of spiritual energy to mix in with that.

Sometimes you need to make some serious work-arounds to account for restrictions, anon. But the advice is appreciated!

>> No.38595544

So from ravenloft I chose innate divine spellcasting. If I go to FR and chose cleric will it make divine spellcasting stronger or at least easier?

>> No.38595689

Since they use different versions of DnD, I would assume you gain access to both and there differences.

>> No.38595723

>Kyubey as a Servant

>> No.38595753


>> No.38595770

Most likely stronger and easier unless you purposefully don't fallow the same god or same "class". For instance if you got divine casting in Ravenloft then became a druid in FR it likely isn't going to help you unless you were specifically worshiping nature or a nature god.

>> No.38595927

Do most people just fanwank that the FR god dependent magics become normal magics once you leave the realm with that god in it?

>> No.38596019

I would imagine so or they just say they are a priest/cleric/paladin/favored soul of Jump-chan. Which could wind up very funny if they wind up gathering a fallowing for her.

>> No.38596247

>Jumping all a plan
>Multiversal Plan to Start Jump-Cults.
>Jump-chan most powerful God in multiverse due to cults everywhere.

>> No.38596730


>> No.38596780

Woh....Woh woh woh!

Whats this about being able to gain a 2nd element? How does that work?

Someone please explain this to me cause I now have a reason to actually be involved in Plot in Fairy Tail it seems. Just to meet Dragon Slayers

>> No.38596870

You guys probably all thought this was a joke, didn't you? Well guess what, it's finished now.

>A whole bunch of stuff
>I forgot what most of it was
>Increased the price of Prokaryotic Being to better reflect its power

If you want to yell at me, it'll have to wait 'cause I'm going to bed in an effort to avoid the inevitable shitstorm.

>> No.38596895

If you train/fight enough you can eat a second element getting a HUGE boost in power and versatility. It apparently hurts like hell though. Especially easy if it comes from another slayer regardless of type.

>> No.38596970


>> No.38596976

You can just do it as a cleric of a philosophy that just happens to be the teachings of the god you used to worship. Or yes Jumpchan if you want, frankly a bit too meta and ill defined for me.

>> No.38596989

If I'm prokaryotic do I lose all my organelles?

>> No.38597064

Is this supposed to be a less funny version of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo?

>> No.38597072

I'm not sure how to respond to that.

Going to the wiki now.

>> No.38597099

What does the prokaryotic perk do thats worth 2k?

>> No.38597103


>> No.38597124


Look upon it, ye mighty, and despair.

>> No.38597364

I think my I.Q. dropped a lot from watching that. My head hurts now. What was I talking about?

>> No.38597419

Why, the end of days, of course.

>> No.38597492

>Gundam V Jump when so I can save all those sacrificed women (and Usso's innocence)?

>> No.38597560

>dat spoiler
That is a surprisingly honest depiction of the vast majority of shounen.

>> No.38597588

About a month or two ago. We've already got a Gundam jump, just use that one. You can start at the beginning of any of the series in the timeline you got for location. So just jump Late UC and you can stand up to the victory.

>> No.38597626

>Saving Usso's innocence
You'd have to eliminate the whole Zanscare before they even start dood

Then again >>38597588 Late UC Gundam Jump starts at F91 iirc, so you'd have plenty of time

>> No.38597653

Okay still confused about duel Elements for Dragon Slayers.

So can a Dragonslayer just learn to absorb various elements over time?

Say, as a Fire Dragon Slayer, could I with a couple hundred years of training learn to eat Water, Wind, and Earth?

Does fusing elements actually do anything? If I was Fire and ate Wood would I become something like an Ash Dragon Slayer?

>> No.38597799

Kind of. You can become dragon AND some other slayer type(god, and devil) of the same element. Or a slayer of the same type but different elements. At least that's what happened in the show. Don't remember about the manga.

>> No.38597832

Excuse me, but in FFX jump, are the events of the audio dramas canon? Meaning that Tidus' head falls off and Sin comes back?

>> No.38597872

Can you have more than two types? Or is it something they haven't touched on?

>> No.38597889

So I could be a Fire Dragon Slayer and a Fire God/Devil Slayer since they are both fire?

How does it work as a Duel type? Can I just practice eating other elements? Can I have more then 2?

>> No.38597891

That...actually happens? Wow that's kind of creepy and depressing even if I hate tidus.

>> No.38597923

Yes there's a huge amount of relationship drama and bitching between him and Yuna and OC donut steels trying to court them and you get the idea.

>> No.38597994

Yeah I guess still hurts like hell and possibly deadly since you have 0 resistance to it. In the show the MC ate a fire godslayer magic and an electric dragonslayer magic on two different occasions it was mostly temporary though. A metal dragon slayer managed to gain a permanent secondary element shadow. There might be a way to gain a permanent secondary element or slayer type but I forgot how.

>> No.38598034

FFX and FFX-2 only, extend to LM if you want. No 2.5, No Will.

The reason I had it only up to LM was because frankly, half of the stuff afterwards and the novels in between don't even make sense. They just stuffed in more drama for the sake of drama. Hell, we still don't even know why Tidus/Yuna break. They spend 2 games trying to say "Oh these two are destined couples" then just drop the ball randomly for no good reason.

>> No.38598041

Hm...Sounds like something I'd have to do some trial and error with.

Happen to know how the synergy works? Do duel elements make new elements? Say Fire and Earth to Magma? Water and Wind to Ice? Or is it just a fan-wanking thing?

>> No.38598150

Actually, as far as we know draining another type of slayer is very temporary, enough for a single attack. The only one that is shown to stick is draining a second element of the same type.

>> No.38598181

What if you were, say, a dragon slayer, and managed to find a way to learn a different type of slayer magic? Could you absorb another element permanently from that type then?

>> No.38598217

Err, to be honest, only dragonslayers have shown any ability to gain a second type at all. We simply don't know much at all about godslayers or devilslayers in general

>> No.38598268

On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad of an idea is it to pod Gavrill and introduce her to Abridged! Alucard?

Any thoughts on what might happen?

>> No.38598289


>> No.38598315


>> No.38598355

Fanwank something for the combo possibilities. I vaugly remember that certain generation of slayers weren't all natural and had an item implant to kick start their training...a licrima?lacrima? Can't really remember the name but it's a thing. Or you can be taught it by either another slayer or a creature of that type.

>> No.38598356

Gavril needs to be tossed into the sun

>> No.38598394

Eh, I'd say this is a fair bit beyond mere fanwank, since we've been shown that the slayer types have some extreme differences. Not to mention only 1st generation dragon slayers seem to have the ability to eat another element.

>> No.38598458

Well, I think you could probably just learn godslayer magic more then once if you found the right books, and devilslayer could probably get you more then one if you have multiple tattoo things passed down. Dunno about whether god/devil slayers can eat other elements though.

>> No.38598743

Hmmmm... Looks like I'm eating her soul with Dark Binding then.

How mad will Fran and Veronica be with me if they find out I killed their older sister?

I was planning on ambushing her when she gets left on the island with all the lady-cop clones.

I figure with two Devil arms, Lumen Sage abilities, Monster Hunter experience, RWBY dust tech, Metal Gear cyborg-ninja stuff, and 9 Captain-type mist werewolves we can take her.

Would complete dismemberment and setting fire to the body be enough to put Gavrill down?

>> No.38599596

Are there any perks that make me short? Maybe molecule sized?

>> No.38599761

Size minus from loss supplement, girlchan drawback, shortstack racial choices. Shrink power from DC.

>> No.38599963

Oh and lots of shrinking based magic but and the pikmin jump in general. You might have to start stacking shrink skills or magic and jumps where you start off small.

>> No.38600486

So, for someone who knows RWBY better than me... With Sufficient Science and Engineering perks I ought to be able to work out how to build weapons that combine like that myself, right? I'd like to consolidate more of the weapons I've picked up since visiting RWBY...

>> No.38600512

You should probably be OK, but there does seem to be an element of sub-space/reality warping type shenanigans going on with how many of the things collapse and deploy.

That said, several characters have made their own weapons- in the end it'd take some time but will probably be doable.

Personally, I'd say that if two jumpers of equal engineering skill made a variable-weapon after careful study and research, the one with the perk would always be stronger.

>> No.38600592

I feel like between all the science and engineering stuff I've grabbed, especially with how heavily invested in being a spark I am, and having to maintain my "Chaotic Golden Godlike Draco M5/GP" that I built (and later enahnced a couple times) in RWBY I'd probably have a decent handle on how all that works (and since I intend to patch in Digistruct tech from borderlands, matters of spatial conservation aren't terribly daunting)

It's just a little frustrating that I've got so many weapons laying around and only two hands to use them. Sure, I've got that Okami technique to let me wield my weapons in mid-air through mental power, but most training for weapons emphasizes wielding them by hand, so it'd be nice to consolidate a few things together and build some more multimodal weapons.

(And if you're wondering, my legit RWBY weapon was a Borderlands Glorious Draco, combined with the AoM God's Hammer, the HP Goblin Sword, and the Raildex Metal Eater M5, later given a Golden enhancement in Magical Girl Noir, and given a Chaotic Enchantment in Samurai Jack.)

>> No.38600680

Has the Carnival/Phantasm Jump been finished and uploaded yet?

>> No.38600786

It's finished, but Rukipedia hasn't gotten around to converting it yet, though I believe he said he was in the process of doings so.

>> No.38601000

Almost a pity Carnival doesn't have any more magic circuits lol. I realize my Jumper has 130 now.

>> No.38601027

It's a bit off that it doesn't, if you think about it.

>> No.38601114

I think its meant to be a comedy place, which is why almost all the perks and items are just joke stuff, rather then things that are outright useful.

>> No.38601125

>tfw never thought this would actually return to being a thing

Whelp. Reposting updated build.


...that explains everything. It also means that those drawbacks are absolutely not worth any amount of CP.

Rolled some kind of white, flat-surfaced area. Could be worse, we guess?

Drop-In. Cue immediate activation of all NOPE type perks acquired in Girl Genius, Johnny Test and Star Trek TNG

Fightan' (Free). We-wow. How is that a perk?
Shut up (Free). We have a sinking feeling that we will have to use this a lot
That Explains Everything! (600). Oh okay, so this is kind of like that Overcoming Sample Bias perk right? That sort of makes sense, we guess
Botched Abortion (400). It is a sad state of affairs when being an aborted god is the second most easy to understand aspect of a setting.
Nobody else is shocked? (300). We know. It's. It's kind of depressing
I sure hope we don’t run into any more Bushido Blasters… (200). This is kind of useful too, we guess?
Background (0). This is /not/ a setting where we want to draw attention to ourselves.

This world is beyond salvation. There is only one sensible reaction to this madness: Hole up inside our Reality Marble and unleash a nuclear holocaust on everything outside. Before finishing off the survivors with http://pastebin.com/ej8szZ0j.

>> No.38601146

What could she have possibly had sex with that a being as horrible as you could've been born? It's no wonder she tried to get an abortion when you were the ultimate end result.

>> No.38601156

Jesus christ, being a bit harsh there mate

>> No.38601162

His whole theme is eldritch horror.

>> No.38601180


I heard that a lot of people were wanting this to be finished, so I decided to stop playing monster hunter long enough to crank this out.

Coming in the future is more equipment options, but in the meantime, I have a Silver Rathalos set to make.

>> No.38601190 [SPOILER] 

I really, really hope this isn't the right answer
But look into your heart, you know it is true

>> No.38601198


I am jealous of your ability to hunt monsters.

>> No.38601206

Question, for any Jumpers and anons who took the drawback The Rose in Disney Princess.

>The Rose (+400 CP) – A rose that will slowly wilt over your ten year stay. If you don't
>receive true loves kiss before the rose dies, you die. The true love can be anyone that:
>isn't driven by lust or desperation, but genuine feelings of love; hasn't been manipulated
>or magically compelled into loving you; and you must love them back with the same
>caveats. If you've opted to bring in a companion that you have a romantic interest in,
>they will only remember living and growing up in the setting, but will maintain their
>same personality. Upon the kiss, the companions memory will be restored. Go get 'em,

How did it work out for you? What was the solution? How long did it take? etc.

I'm pondering taking it, because on one hand, story potential. On the other hand, am I really the kind of person deserving of that kind of love? Y'know, stupid sappy questions like that.

>> No.38601277


>> No.38601291

The anti-spiral is an aborted spiral? That explains everything!

>> No.38601304

Took out a Frenzied Deviljho the other day. Felt really proud of myself.

>> No.38601332

Nice job, there's some pretty cool stuff in here. I especially like the Parasites, you clearly put a lot of effort into thinking up interesting traits to give them. That's not to say the other stuff isn't good, though, I'm really like this jump overall. It's going to be hard to make a build for it.

>> No.38601419

Alrighty then, tentative build!

Drawbacks: Purrfect, Action, Wanted (1400). Bizarrely enough-according to some of the perks in our arsenal, by default every world we visit basically has every. Criminal organisation. Ever kowtow to our whims. We're not sure how that works either-but we DO know we could conceivably muster quite a resistance against the police getting uppity with us.

New Meridian

Medici Mafia, Age 21 (1300). We're some sort of murderous circus performer. That is slightly more disturbing than being a divine abortion.

Themed Powers: Time-Space Fluctuations (1000).
Pure of Heart (700). WAIT WHAT, how are we qualified to take this?! Okay-in our case? We can only assume that it got skewed to something like "your psyche is so alien that your axiometric obsession with duty registers as innocence to others"
Artificial Parasite (100). Once we tweak out all the messy meat parts, this might be a fine upgrade to the nanoswarm
Infinite Blade Works (Free). We are the bone of our sword
Refuel Station (0). Hey, who knows-we might have to refill a cyborg while we're here
Hideout (Free)

To the criminal underworld in general's surprise, we just sort of show up one day with the accolades of the Mafia's higher-ups. And then immediately the door gets broken down for like, a dozen super-cops to start fighting us. A shame the Skull Heart is pretty useless to us for gender reasons; we'll just have to study its energy signature and see what can be made from that.

>> No.38601826


Girlchan in Paradise
> What Place?: Some Sort Of White, Flat-Surfaced Area [Rolled6]
> What You?: Drop In
> Fightan’ [Get a Freebie!]
> Shut Up [Get a Freebie!]
> Hot Heat [-100CP]
> I Sure Hope We Don’t Run Into... [-100CP]
> Nobody Else Is Shocked? [-100CP}
> Background [-200CP]
> That Explains Everything! [-400CP]
> Sack Full Of Quarters [Get a Freebie!]
> Wrist Communicator [-100CP]

> "Oh my god, where the hell are we? We're trapped in some sort of... white, flat-surfaced area!"
> ...
> "Konata, how did we escape?"
> "I just left."

> "Hi, I'm Konata. I'm a dimensional traveler scientist who'll provide you with exposition and gadgets to help you solve problems when I'm not being quirky and useless!"
> ".... that explaaaains everything."

> "Konata, how long are we staying here? This is just a challenge jump, isn't it?"
> "Ten years."
> "Fuck my anus."

> Me: "Don't worry! With my super science skills, I'll send you to the... shit. Line?"
> Kenstar: "Darkbadland Moon to fight -"
> Me: "DARKBADLAND Moon to fight the evil... Darkbad... shit. You know whatever I'm done. Here's a rocket."
> Kenstar: "LET'S GOOOOOOOOOguys!"

The rocket was just a car I painted the word "Rockit" on.

>> No.38602083

think of the children +200
La push Washington USA
seventeen years two months old
Myth buster -50
enlightened free
student identification free
occult knowledge, free
quirky -100
self-control -200
anti-vampire -150, discounted with Myth buster
unlimited snack cakes -100
exchange program -300
our monsters are the same-300
no sense -100
quirky -100
spending money X 2 -100
enlightened free
student ID free

enlightened free
student ID free
anti-vampire -300

really nice chest -100
quirky -100
flashlight -100
enlightened free
student ID free

Waddle Dee retainers
fast learner -300
enlightened free
student ID free

Tyrion Lannister
sparkly -100
really nice chest -100
spending money X 2 -100
enlightened free
student ID free

enlightened free
student ID free
really nice chest -100
reflexes -200

enlightened free
student ID free
no sense -200
really nice chest -100

*The plan: massive magical teenage biker gang! Research a cure for vampirism and lycanthropy, give vampires and werewolves a choice between it and death, especially Edward and Jacob ,Make sure Bella knows how especially average she looks as all the new girls iou know those thousand or so waddle-dee retainers break her emotionally afterschool. *

>> No.38602192

If you take take artificial parasites Would that give you the knowledge to Create or modify living weapons? #He says looking at Set And pondering.#

>> No.38602202

We haven't seen anything other than a Dragonslayer gain a second element but I think to keep them equal in the jump it would make sense for others to be able to do the same.

I have no idea if it would be possible to be a Dragonslayer, learn Godslayer magic from a book and then gain a second Godslayer magic.

I'll have a bunch of magic and learning enhancing perks so hopefully I can learn as much magic as possible.
RWBY has the perk that lets you learn lost arts twice as fast and the slayer magics are all considered lost magic.

>> No.38602540

>rule 63 Mr Bones

2spooky dude, now I have the greatest of heart attacks

>> No.38602679

Mr Bones x Skullgirl OTP

You can make it happen.

>> No.38602705

>>MFW Anonymous thinks Mister bones Is capable of affection or romance

>> No.38602724

And you think the Skullgirl is?
No no good sir. They simply become a duet of wordly destruction.

>> No.38602735

I-I'm back...
>Someone did a Gargoyles Jump in my absence
Well at least someone fixed that broken promise I made.
Glad to see this place is is still going strong.
I don't want to go into too much detail but I kinda came into a really bad jam IRL. Just so you know I'm fine now and am still working on jumps (A kingdom Hearts jump, and gauntlet bonus round/drawback, expanded/rebalanced LoSS jump, and a GW2 jump.) If you have any LoSS based questions I'll answer 'em. Can't stay for long though. But I'll be back in a couple hours.

So...anything happen while I was gone?

>> No.38602749

A lot happened, JoJo is gone for one, and not going to come back it seems.

>> No.38602750

GW2? And what's this about a gauntlet?

>> No.38602756

Oh man, you missed a lot. Where you been?

>> No.38602767

Where to begin? The number of Jumps in existence has likely either doubled or tripled since you last showed around here, there's been all kinds of new mechanics introduced, there's been more arguments than ever, and somehow we still haven't utterly disintegrated - which says some good things about us, I think!

>> No.38602768


EH!!! SPYRO IS BACK!!! Thank goodness, lot of people thought something had happened to you. Sorry to hear something actually did happen. . . I hope everything is okay now bud.

>> No.38602772

Christ, man, you've been gone for a while. Uh, yeah, a LOT happened.

>> No.38602777

Theres over 300 jumps now.

>> No.38602792

I took Unnatural size Twice,And doubled growth rate, imported my Dragon form as my kaiju Form in Godzilla and spend over 425 years as a Dragon about how big would you say I am?

>> No.38602794

Oh, hello there! Long time no see.

Question about Convexity, the dragon element: Exactly what is being emitted? Plasma? Some sort of energy wavelength? Would you say its energy output is superior or inferior to Gauss weaponry?

Finally, would you say the Ineffable perk from Evangelion jump, the Cosmic Fire perk from Light of Terra Part 3 or a level 5 Pyrokinetic Esper ability from Raildex would enhance your ability to wield it? And I know what you're thinking-there's a perk in SAO that lets you merge your alt-forms, which is why I'm wondering how Convexity would function with those.

>> No.38602802

hey tetra did you take cactuar in the ffx jump to x20 your size?

>> No.38602808

Haven't done that one yet.

>> No.38602812

Yeah if you wanna get swole its a must

>> No.38602927

Unnatural size was supposed to be only taken once, and it only really affects standing height. Not mass as heavyweight GREATLY improves strength scaling and overall mass/density. But with all that you outclass a cat 10 kaiju a new class level would have to be made for you. Possibly have your own gravitational pull if chosen with heavyweight.

>> No.38602983

You should've me that a bit more specific,I thought You could take them more than once, and that mountain range thing Was if you dumped everything in them. And I did take heavyweight... Unnatural size: larger X 2
double growth rate.
Heavy-set (Muscle head)
true elemental affinity.
Tough hide
Also , do you have to take true elemental affinity twice if you have more than one element?

>> No.38602989

>MFW Anon's thinks his headcanon should be canon for another Anon.

>> No.38603015


Also, what are the limits to Shape customization? When I imported my companions, they got the following.
shape customization: think toothless with muscles and tiny screaming faces for scales.
shape customization: a smog spewing mass of Gigeresque pipes that glows with an eerie green light from every orifice wings are in fact a smog trail coming from a pair of backwards mounted exhaust manifolds on her back
shape customization: a three-way cross between a rabbit a Dragon and Mrs. splosion man
shape customization: a detailed wireframe model of a Wyvern made of glowing white lines

>> No.38603019

Im not seein the pacific rim jump where is it

>> No.38603029

Eh? Should be on the drive in the Complete With Images Folder, in Everybody Else's Jumps.

Here's my copy

>> No.38603048

Thanks I didnt see it.

>> No.38603121

I Forgot to clarify. Convexity is pure raw magical power and is the most versatile when combined with foreign powers as it is like draconic metamagic. It combined with elemental synergy makes your dragon form/form chosen with this power a magical swiss army knife as it let's you augment ANYTHING if you know what you're doing. Only the most gifted dragons could use it for ritual casting and the main villain used it along with magitech to create world ending golems and endow other creatures to natively use dragon magic circumventing the 3 elements limit entirely (aka turn anyone innate dragon magic conduit). Which is why I'm adding a mandatory drawback for it.

Pretty limited as it was only designed for dragons really, but I'm fixing that with WAY more bonuses and clarifications also true elemental affinity only has to be taken once to apply to all elements you currently have from the list have but doesn't extend beyond that.

Trust me when I say after the changes many may have to redo their builds. As I intend to make the main villain from the series recruitable(though heavily depowered magically but still the world leading, fate defyingly sharp)

>> No.38603167

Huh. Well, will have to wait and see, I guess. I take it the mandatory drawback will be the "mad with power" one? Since that'd make most sense with being juiced with cosmic mojo.

>> No.38603186

If you are going to make a mandatory drawback please add more drawbacks to take, it's kind of limited right now in that area.

>> No.38603291

>Spontaneous Razor plus Infinite Blade Works
Well I know what I'm doing if I ever take this jump.

>> No.38603346

I made a pdf of the God Hand jump without the white bars on every pages.

...not sure it's actually an improvement... it's kinda ugly to begin with.

(I'm not the author)

>> No.38603405

....you're fucking joking. You cannot honestly be this much of a cunt.

>> No.38603424

Seriously? After all the shit storms we've been having just about uploading without permission you go and pull this shit? Just fucking leave man.

>> No.38603455

I... don't get it.

I was cleaning my folder and found this. So I posted it.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

>> No.38603465

get rekt

>> No.38603473

Dammit Spyro! You have been missed a great deal! Shit has happened. Things went down. I somehow have 60 ghosts following me.

Shit is crazy.

>> No.38603477

You altered someone else's work without any permission form the author and then post it like it's perfectly okay.

>> No.38603512

I "altered" nothing. I made a pdf of the images in the drive.

>> No.38603526


Yeah! Red built a nuke bow, Artie went omega fluffy mode, Wakfu is a sea cow centaur thing with hips. There's lots of cool new people for you to meet too! Fuck, how long ago did you leave again? That guy who tossed midgets at people became the Anti-Spiral! There's a One Armed guy who people call best Waifu. . .

Ahhh. . .you're gonna have fun catching up.

>> No.38603531

umm, not the same anon, but you kinda did just say you made a version of the pdf that you changed.

>> No.38603571

Your neglecting to mention my awesome coat

>> No.38603586

Perhaps it might have been better to post about it in the thread before hand, perhaps asking around if the anon who made god hand was here and if he could give the go ahead. While the alteration is pretty much just graphical, doing that would at least calm some of the hotter heads around here before they blew up.

>> No.38603590

I wrote:
>I made a pdf of the God Hand jump without the white bars on every pages.

I picked the jpg(s) on the drive, dropped them in an odt file, exported it in a (non compressed) pdf, and posted it.

Which makes me a cunt apparently.

Whatever, I'm done.

>> No.38603612

There is no alteration, whatsoever.

>> No.38603614

You aaked about glasses, why not merge glasses with goggles, goggles with a visor, visor with a bike helmet. That chain should let you fuse your glasses to a helm. Or just alchemy your glasses onto a pothelm.

>> No.38603616

I believe the issue might have been that we already have a god hand pdf, and that recent events with a similar issue a day or so ago have made some people touchy about it. I don't believe you did something overly wrong with this, but there are people who overreact to this kinda stuff.

>> No.38603712

That'll work. :-)

>> No.38603713

I didn't even know that there was a FFX jump but looking at it I'm definitely going to be a Sphere Hunter.
I don't like that we have to use souls to make new spheres but I'll just have to find a way to make it work.

Stacking several spheres doesn't improve their power does it?

>> No.38603738

As far as I remember from X-2, they are kinda like an item you equip, so I think they are one at a time. Been a while since I played it though.

>> No.38603848

Yeah that's what I remembered but the Dress Grid item lets you use all of the spheres in it at once.

I hope that the guns from Gunner can be customized or improved with new tech that I find.

With the ability to make new dresspheres based on my own magical abilities I'll definitely be making as many people as possible into either Dragonslayers from FairyTail or generic Wizards from HP.

>> No.38603867

If you take Artificial Parasites, would it be too much of a fanwank to claim you made an artificial version of one of the parasites from the parasite option and implanted it into yourself?

>> No.38604297

Not that same anon, but that isn't his problem if people are "touchy" about a subject and therefore react like an idiot.

I'm kinda on the fence on the subject as far as altering another's work, but this isn't a big deal in this case.

Lets not turn into the Mugen gaming community now, this isn't sacred script here.

>> No.38604329

Actually you have choice of 3 possible mandatory convexity drawback. A new chain of drawbacks as well. Most of it turning the Dark Master into creepy nemesis that only desires to bend you to his will at all costs and a crisis crossover with your home, racial specific drawbacks also beef the drawback on drunk with power and the call to 300.

Convexity has one more issue. You can cripple your internal casting ability if you push yourself too hard. Happened to the main hero twice due to inexperience and extreme stress.

Dragon magic is tempered by a combination of willpower, mental health, and mass. Overloading yourself can make you crazy.

Almost forgot to mention that if you take convexity and all the training perks you do become the second most experienced in the world by default. But good luck finding training beyond that without some villainous help.

>> No.38604405

This is a community, and it's only fair to expect at least some level of courtesy towards the people who make content. If he is doing something involving another person's work, regardless of the extent, it's perfectly reasonable to at least expect some form of heads up.

>> No.38604459

>Take Seeing Double
>Also take Summoning Magic from NGNL
>Summon someone you know whenever your ability to mimic them starts to fade

>> No.38604522

Also I have a bit of a problem. I kind of don't have access to the original documents for my LoSS jump, and supplements so bare with me here when I upload all the changes and additions in a separate document.

>> No.38604528

I was looking at the Dress Spheres in FFX-2 and there are some that are only available in the International and HD Remaster versions, would they be available while I'm there?

If so then I'm going straight for the Psychic one because it lets you convert Fire, Ice, Lightning and Water damage into HP.

>> No.38604760

Ah, shit-late to the party

I think the original documents are on the google drive? I've got 'em right here if that would help

>> No.38604794


Sounds like a reasonable assumption to me. We have people going to different iterations of the DC universe, after all. Personally I like the DCAU

>> No.38604932

Ok so now I have plant sorcerress from ff8
smite plant theme, and my artifact greatly increases plant growth
earth pagan god from supernatural
pooh bear plant growing perks
animal crossing golden waater can

And Im going chronis as my percy jackson father.

What do you guys think? Do I have enough plant perks to grow my own kingdom of great tree in a year?

Im going to add more as I can as they come up. Anyone know of any plant perks I might have missed That I can grab?

>> No.38605051


Holy shit you're back.

>> No.38605074

>There's a One Armed guy who people call best Waifu. . .


>> No.38605117

True, you cant get any even with a wingman.
Sorry oaa that was uncalled for.

>> No.38605373

To avoid future hassle and trouble.

If Im gone for over a month or so I am fine with my jumps being editted.

I would rather they didnt get deleted but edited is fine.

>> No.38605424

Harvest Moon is always good for growing shit
Forgotten Realms lets you be a bonafide 3.5e druid, which I'm pretty sure does plant shit in some capacity
You could take a type of plant as your divine Aspect in Lord of Light
Likewise, Okami lets you become a nature kami if that's your thing
I think Tenchi Muyo has some plant-related abilities too, though IIRC they're more for /bonding/ with plants and I'm not sure if that's your thing
If Hermit Purple is any indication you could get a plant-themed Stand in JoJo, as well as Hamon which regenerates dead plant matter
Forestry from Dogs of War passively encourages plants to obstruct your opponents
Geneforge is always good for shaping organic life as a whole; I suggest going Life Crafter for ReShaping but also grabbing the Innate Genetic Understanding perk for maximum life energy manipulation
Pikmin has Secrets of Nature; I'm not familiar with the franchise but the capstone itself mentions weird alien plant shit which might be worth a look, I dunno
Buffy has Green Tongue lets you talk to plants-and that somehow encourages them to grow. Yeah, I dunno how that works either.
Both Generic Sugar Bowl and Tropico jump have perks that lessen the impact of any technology you have on the environment. I asked Wakfu-and Sugar Bowl's tech is apparently crazy good for the environment, something like 200% clean energy. Still trying to wrap my head around the implications of that.
Lastly, Zim's Time-Stasis field item could help you accelerate plant growth.

>> No.38605490

And one more thing-maybe Resident Evil's virologist if you need mutagenic agents for affecting your plants.

...I'm really not sure about this suggestion actually and you should probably double check with Red (the creator of said jump) but if you wanna assimilate a forest into your organic city somehow, that's how I'd go about it as a starting point. Don't get me wrong-it'd take you a while to set your germ knowledge from zombies to plants, I just think there might be something worthwhile in dat biological knowledge.

>> No.38605515

>a type of plant as your divine Aspect in Lord of Light
I'm pretty sure that's not how that works. Plant growth, or just growth in general would be more applicable. Though that would also depend a bit on what your attribute is as to how you can use it.

>> No.38605571


>> No.38605584

I forgot to post I went plant god inLOL. so I have that one.


>> No.38605606


>> No.38605615


>> No.38605782

No answers to this one?
Shit, maybe I just asked at a bad time.

>> No.38605784

God of Flowers is listed as a potential Aspect. But since it's all derived from [spoiler[sufficiently advanced scientific energy fields somehow aligning with universal constants[/spoiler] it could go either way, really.

>> No.38605819

Sorry man, I didn't take it so I ain't in a good position to advice you.

I know this sounds extremely pessimistic, but considering we ARE on 4chan my only advice is: Stock up on charisma perks, stock up on harem protagonist perks, and if possible import a companion you've been in a relationship beforehand so's you have a rough idea of how to approach them.

>> No.38606088

>Spyro is back
>People tell him the insanity he has missed
>No one brings up me breaking Reality through sheer speed
Feels Bad.
I mean I know I'm not waifuable like OAA, but still.

>> No.38606207

Speed is fine and all, but Red's bow is amusing and OAA's situation is humorous.

>> No.38606216

This is a bunch of anons that anyone can add stuff to either in the google doc or here. You have no excuse to get your panties twisted about someone making a PDF of a bunch of images.

At best just its just good enough to tell him if he wants to do more try to get in contact with the anon who made whatever else he wanted to change.

>> No.38606267

is harvest moon a real jump yet? you know with a pdf and everything?

>> No.38606329

Last I checked, yes. Posting it for reference.

>nuke bow
...I think it's a bit more crazy than a nuke by this point.

>> No.38606373

Red, let's be completely honest
If you could fire that thing from Space you might be able to glass a planet with that thing.

>> No.38606384

What you really need is a variable power setting on the bow.

>> No.38606399

It's okay, Justi-sama. Nobody mentioned me, either. It's sad, but I guess I'm just not waifu material.
We can be notwaifus together!

>> No.38606401

But that means you have to be an elf for 10 years.

Is it really worth it?

>> No.38606413

Pretty sure she got some form of optional non lethality for her attacks so she can hit a country with it knocking out everyone but killing no one.

>> No.38606437

Sounds good to me

>> No.38606440

fuck my mother phonechan does not like to link posts properly

>> No.38606523

You mean you and your insane plan for dick copters isn't memorable Konatanon?

>> No.38606560

...I'll be honest, maybe? If I used the right arrow, I probably COULD use it to glass a planet with its sudden 1200 arrow payload. Or worse yet, fire it as a Zentraedi. Tree sized arrows. Or as a Kaiju to fire battleship-sized arrows. Worse yet? The arrows can strike up to 10 targets before fading, each... and they all can change course/correct themselves. So I've essentially made Hellsing's Rip Van Winkle look like a fucking amateur.

Imagine how jacked up the power will be once I'm bonded to my trees that's near bursting with superdimensional energy and Well of Eternity magic.

See >>38606413, from Elona. Wonderful Elona, capable of striking someone at full force but only dealing non-lethal damage. It's beautiful.

>> No.38606581

That's because with how tiny you are we're afraid we'll be accused of pedophilia if we waifu you.

>> No.38606582

Ahem. Your army of attack dick-copters is more memorable than anything I've done.

Here, let's swap positions. You and Justice can be the waifus.

>> No.38606594

>That entire post

Have we done this before? I feel like I've read that exact post with the same picture before.

Deja-Vu man

>> No.38606595

Don't mean to be a bother, but how is that Worm jump coming along Worm Anon? I hope everything is going well for you in this wacky wild world.

>> No.38606702

To be fair, we are on 4chan

>> No.38606778

I don't waifu Red or Konata because they've made it clear they don't want to be waifued

We're on 4chan, I don't give a fuck if people know I like loli. Shit when Bleach jump came out my first reaction was "Yes, I get to get Nel!"
My second reaction was "Yes, I get to get Harribel."

Flat chests, Large chests, Medium Chests, a true lover of breasts loves them all.

Asses and Hips ain't bad either

>> No.38606790

I like to think there's a little dial on the side with numbers 1 through 10 representing shot power, but if you go to the 10 position and keep turning you find the 1 position has been replaced by a number 11, and turning past that replaces 2 with 12, and so on. The actual maximum number on the dial has yet to be reached, if it exists.

>> No.38606792


>> No.38606801


>> No.38606929

This is why i tend to go for all-around hotness instead of focusing on a single attribute. I've got great boobs, abs, and hips. That way, everyone can find something to like!

inb4 Slut

>> No.38606938

Ex-antispiral anon posted this http://pastebin.com/ej8szZ0j a while ago. Where would this go on the scale?

>> No.38606969

Meh. I imagine most Jumpers go for a similarly balanced spread of hotness, as appropriate for whatever gender they are at the moment.

Though I reckon the tigerstripe hair you got going on would probably stand out as an attribute

>> No.38607080

Ahem. It was an army of spy drone dickcopters, and they were unarmed.
Their main defense was that they were programmed to crash towards the nearest person in their death throes if shot down. Also, everyone but Sniper has shit aim.
Although it's a little weird how THAT'S the go to response for "crazy shit I've done". It was just for the one jump.
Clearly I need to do more batshit crazy things.

> You and Justice can be the waifus.
It would never work. SCIENCE! and JUSTICE! just aren't compatible when taken to our two extremes, although there's some debate as to which one can be yelled more loudly.

Besides, he's got a harem going, and I don't do second acts unless I'm getting drawback points for it.

Yeah, I'm just joking around. As I've said before, I'd make a pretty terrible waifu.
You know. Unless being totally ignored and/or dismissed over long periods of time is your thing.

>> No.38607171

You deserve all the love. Especially if you're willing to risk your jumps on finding it.


>> No.38607227

Thank you, I never saw it posted in thread or found it in the drive(either it arrived while my computer was dead or I simply overlooked it)

>> No.38607305

Skullgirls Universe-
Rolled for Free Pick, chose Grand Cathedral
Rolled for 16
Anti-Skullgirl Labs
Free Cyborg
Discount Brain Thane
Last Hope
Free Hideout
Free Refuel Station


I can't argue against that.

Makes sense. I tried to do that as well even though I'm a dude, just a perfected version of myself and reasonably balanced
Except my hair, my hair is fucking fabulous

I think he meant you and I are the Waifus the thread goes crazy over(Like OAA), not you being my waifu.

>> No.38607388

A question about wyvern form- are we restricted to the canon Spyro wyvern form, or can we choose to look like something more traditional? Pic related.

Spyro-type wyverns are butt-ugly after all.

>> No.38607607

Quick Question: What should I look up to learn more about the 'Mysterious Cells' from FF7?

>> No.38607647

The mysterious cells are most likely JENOVA and that is bad new to deal with.

>> No.38607685

>Yes, it's supposed to be like 3 not very good jumps.

Image your previous jumps brother. Clone wars is begging for it.

>> No.38607772

Jesus Christ, he made a .pdf and changed absolutely none of the content.

What the fuck is wrong with you pricks?

>> No.38607807

No touching. It's a rule.

>> No.38607818

Eh, Generic Medical Drama isn't bad. The other two are rather spotty, though, yes.

>> No.38607862

Whoops forgot to install the 600 cp drawback cap

Sorry, Justice, next version will have a cap on drawbacks

>> No.38607892

Thread, I asked the dice gods if OAA would find a Waifu if I bothered to make an Avernum Themed jump. I rolled a 96 out of 100, not only is that a high roll it's a backwards 69. He's guaranteed to find a Waifu

So, I've begun http://pastebin.com/93601bqg

Hope you like the Intro at least

I'll get rid of Acrobatic

>> No.38608203

Geneforge anon here, I was actually working on one, just slowly. Though I don't mind you making it, or us each making different Avernum jumps(your intro suggests it takes place during the first game, or possibly before, and then if I am right about the timeline ending around or after the third but not extending into the forth) I'm just surprised. Besides it would take me forever to finish mine, as I have to get through enough of the games to really finish it, and I also don't know when I would set mine, Geneforge was easy because there was only one period where the events of the games were on a wide scale.

>> No.38608222

Intro looks alright I guess? Though,

>race of cat people named Nephilim

This mildly upsets my inner Bible geek

>> No.38608281

Yea it's a weird name choice, never figured it out myself.

>> No.38608285

First game yes

Yeah, it's weird

>> No.38608337

Going to have a first expedition drawback? Because as I was playing through the first game and reading the stuff about them they sounded like a hell of a drawback, particularly with the everyone died and things really sucked.

>> No.38608357

I was going to, starting locations will also be up momentarily.

>> No.38608423

Locations are up

>> No.38608450

If you have no respect for the authors, you need to fuck off.

>> No.38608541

So Life Gem basically enforces a persistent lose condition on a Jumper. Can you please make it so we can experience these wounds later, or for them to disappear over a length of time, not returning should the Gem be removed afterwards?

>> No.38608645

In what world is it disrespectful to remove what was clearly a byproduct? It's like if someone changed the borders slightly on the pages in a Harry Potter book and everybody instantly took it as a great insult to J.K. Rowling. The white bars obviously weren't on purpose and really didn't look great. Moments afterwards one guy calls him a cunt and another tells him to leave. It was a fucking insane kneejerk response to something that wasn't a problem at all. Arguably the worst thing he did was call the original jump ugly and people say worse stuff about jumps than that every day.

>> No.38608652

... Death is already a lose condition anon. If you've gotten to the point where having your organs carved out wouldn't be lethal the life gem is already redundant.

>> No.38608680

It's extremely disrespectful and a violation of author's rights to alter their work without consent.

>> No.38608709

I can survive having my organs carved out.

What I can't quite do, is survive decapitation (Maybe...). And controlling my detached limbs is quite nice.

...Or are there any other perks like that in some other jump?

>> No.38608720

Nechronica. None of your individual parts are vital if you're a Doll.

>> No.38608729

Depends on whether you consider accidental white bars work. Those are the bits that got changed.

>> No.38608750

No, taking someone elses images and altering their format is an alteration of their work. Doing so for your private use is accepted, trying to upload and and replace the author's original work is disgusting.

>> No.38608757

I like the function of some of the parasites but the downsides and personalities just makes it not worth it to me, hopefully the artificial ones can help with that.
How strong are the psychic powers from Brain Thane?

>> No.38608784 [DELETED] 

Alright fess up, who told tumbler about us?

>> No.38608796 [DELETED] 

This is some creatively bankrupt shitposting on your part.

>> No.38608824

Razzle Dazzle has one, I believe.

>> No.38608839

There's one in the Lego jump. There's also a perk in the Futurama jump that gives you a parallel-functioning backup brain in your abdomen in case you lose your head permanently.

>> No.38608877 [SPOILER] 

Another. Solid. Ten years. Of straight-up bullshit. The mall santas were my clones in appearance, and what did I have to deal with during the holidays? Them apparently using my appearance to hook up. MEANWHILE, IN THE NORTH POLE. I'm tearing my hair out in aggravation.

Blerugh. Moving on.

Location: River King Casino
Age: 19-years-old
Drawbacks: Action (+100), Purrfect (+100), Wanted (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,400 CP
Origin: Black Egret

-NOOOOO! (Free)
-Switch Out
-Last Hope
-Spontaneous Razor
-Like The Back Of Your Hand

-Armory (Free)
-Hideout (Free)
-Refuel Station
-Infinite Blade Works
-Money Under The Mattress

Right. First plan for this jump. Kill pic-related.
Second plan? No idea, but The Lady ruled for us to use Life Finds A Way to go female for the Skull/girls/ world, so we must comply.
16' 5" tall dragonlady, HOOOOOO.

>> No.38608919

Even one arm is a lady now. Guess that's why he could never get girls.

>> No.38608936

>16' 5" tall dragonlady, HOOOOOO.
And yet you still claim you're not for waifuing.

>> No.38609024

This. It's usually best to spread those kinds of things out to ensure the whole package is just one gloriously divine example of beauty. Also TIGAHBROOOOOOOOOWS.

>all of that
Oh jeez, I remember that thing. And he calls MY ideas crazy.

>16' 5" tall dragonlady


-Background: Anti-Skullgirl Labs (700CP) -I don't even... fine, let's do this.
-Last Hope (100CP) -All the medical knowledge EVER. We're gonna abuse this.
-Artificial Parasites (-200CP) (Discount) -I'm going to think of many different options with this thing.
-Hideout (Free) -Whateeeevs, I'll deal.
-Refuel Station (Free) -Well well well, I'm gonna make use out of you.
-Purrfect (-500CP)
-Action (-400CP)
-Wanted (-200CP)
-Marked (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Grand Cathedral, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING. I'm guessing what I have is pretty sweet, but I don't know! Who are you people?! Hello smiling nun, how are you? I'll pay my rent AS SOON AS THESE PEOPLE STOP SHOOTING ME.

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