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Let's talk about Fantasy Flight, /tg/.

What FFG games do you play?
What do you like about them?
What do you NOT like about them?

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Great components, art budgets, miniatures and all that
Terrible rulebooks, boxes that have no way to store all the cool shit they give you.

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They have games with awesome mechanics and awful rulebooks.

Go look at the current Game of Thrones rules/FAQ if you want the best example.

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They tend to take good franchises and IPs and shit all over them with sub par quality in terms of games.
This is going to sound horribly askew, but they need a German management and approach to game design to fix their shit. Crystal clear rules and solid editing would go a long, long way to fixing everything wrong with this company.

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Let's see...

A wonderful use of hidden information, that makes for a very tense and cerebral game. (Most of the credit goes to Garfield though, FFG just resurrected it.)

But because hidden information matters so much, you HAVE to keep up with all the new cards and the shifting meta, or you'll have no idea what you're doing. So, regular purchases. And everyone always seems to be gearing up for the next tournament, there's no such thing as "casual decks". Also, 2 players only.

>Chaos in the Old World
A very successful mix of eurogame long-term strategy and ameritrash unpredictability. And with 4 gods and always different starting positions, the game doesn't get old much.

But yeah, the rulebook thing. And there's no guarantee that the randomness won't give one god an advantage. Also, 4 players only.

>A Game of Thrones
Intensely cerebral and diplomatic, with a Diplomacy-like mechanic enabling profitable mid-battle betrayals.

But, the rulebook thing again. The 6-players only again. The asymmetric-and-random-so-probably-unbalanced thing again. And it's SLOW. So playing it requires getting together six players who all love *this* much strategy and convince them to spend all afternoon on it when playing two or three other games is arguably just more fun for the duration. Which is why I only ever got one full game in.

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>sub par quality in terms of games.
I don't know what you'd call "par quality", but FFG games consistently get good reviews, high BGG rank and many fans. They're not as good as they COULD be, certainly, but still above-average at worst.

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Great games. It's just a shame that they are such resource hoards in terms of time, money and cardboard.

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Quality is more than looking nice and a good idea. It's the entire package, and they're notably massively lacking in the editorial department. Even the positive reviews of their games tend to mention this. It's also why they're not really "big" here.

Shitty editing drives a lot of folks here up the wall.

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they don't have any original ideas other than cardboard efforts at DRM.

all their best games borrow rules systems from other games.

Xwing copys 1:1 rules from Wins of glory/war
Dust Warfare is maybe a bit more of a effort but now that game is dead and Dust Tactics Battlefront v2 make the Warfare rules kinda dated now.

FF games don't do ORIGINAL game design IMO they just a churning out house and "product maker" any one who rates them as good designers is niave and mostly just projecting (fun nights had with mates in iP universes and not the actual design put into the game)

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Oh, almost forgot:

>Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3e
Can't do it justice in a paragraph, this is just the tl;dw.

Chock-full of new ideas for roleplaying game design, many of them quite good. A solid attempt at D&D 4e-style tactical combat. High production values, with many helpful player aids.

But lots of those ideas look fresh out of the brainstorming session, with barely any polish and often some glaring flaws. It feels like buying an Early Access from a particularly creative dev who then vanishes. And since it's so rules-heavy, exception-based and player-aid reliant, it's tough to house-rule. And you're paying some serious $ for all that production value. Also, that damn rulebook thing; worse than even the FFG usual.

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You don't need 6 players for Thrones at all. I play regularly with 3 other people. Hell, Joust (1v1) is the most popular gametype. Which is kind of a shame because 3+ players makes for a much better, if slower, game

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We are not talking about the same thing.

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Welp. you're right. Yeah I meant the LCG

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Only FFG game I have is The Horus Heresy. Id say its about as fun as balancing the books for a small business.... with a calculator and a pencil.

Ive played it 3x with the same result:
Everyone thinks it sucks, no one wants to finish it. It's way to complicated; tedious would be a vast understatement.

I'm on the fence about getting Imperial Assault. When I saw the contents of the box though.. It looks a lot like it would be The Horus Heresy game reskinned as Star Wars.

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I have all the 40k RPGs and xwing.

They don't really do the RPGs well overall, but are fun anyway. I dislike only war, rogue trader and black crusade, simply because of my local players can't handle it. Dark heresy 2 is fine except for that they removed money. Deathwatch is the easiest for new players to the system.

Xwing is good, but suffers from having certain "best builds" and it's difficult to avoid this and just fly shippies around going "pew pew pew"

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>Deathwatch is the easiest for new players to the system.
Couldn't disagree more. Mechanically Deathwatch is one of the most complex of the five 40k RPGs.
Their new rulebook approach, of having a single "learn to play" book and a separate "rules and terminology" book is a much much better approach. Imperial Assault and Conquest both make use of it and I think it helps dramatically. It's not perfect, but it's way better than anything they've put out prior to the last few months.

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I play X-wing and Eldrich Horror. Have also played Descent and Battlelore

I like the consistently fantastic production quality

I hate how luck-based almost all of their games are. I feel like instead of introducing depth they use luck as the main component in producing replay value. Their idea of "depth" then comes from things that very very slightly alter your chances with the dice.

I've had games of X-wing where legendary pilots like Wedge or Vader (rank 9) would be on the tail of an academy pilot (rank 1) at range 1 and would literally completely miss for 2 or 3 attack phases in a row. Shit like that is completely unjustifiable. I totally understand it goes both ways but it simply doesn't make sense. I also know the dice will "even out" over time but I guess sometimes it just makes for very poor experiences. The same boss in Eldrich Horror for example can either be a breeze or can simply crush you depending on how you roll for the first few turns. Very swingy.

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What? Imperial Assault is a re-skinned Descent, not Horus Heresy. Those minis are 28mm not 6mm.

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Yeah Thrones was the first LCG they did and it shows, there are so many band-aids on that rulebook right now

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Imperial Assault is a re-skinned Descent and is MUCH better than Horus Heresy if you are looking for something lighter. Watch some youtube vids of it being played then decide if its something you could get into.

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Deathwatch is a good starting place because the characters are stronk as fuck, they'd have to be intentionally trying to get anything more than a little hurt - These are characters that grenades bounce off of and bullets don't kill.

However, that's just being easier because the characters are harder to kill rather than easier because of any change in system. The system is exactly the same as any other game, and any Space Marine has a great deal more skills and starting abilities than any of the other games so far. Especially with the implants.

However, I'll still say it's the easiest to get into because every time I try to bring in new players or try a new system we always get the selection of faggots who try to eat bullets, think they're invincible, or poke Inquisitors to see if they'll really die.

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