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Let's talk about all those times you were "that guy", /tg/

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If you realize you're that guy, you aren't.

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One time everyone in my group was having fun.
This made me mad,

The end.

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define that guy. If you mean fucking over everyones fun for your own sake then the last time i did that is when i was 13 (im 20 now). If you mean fucking over the campaing by randome shenanngins then im guilty of beaing a that guy

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>Just starting out playing DnD
>Back when I was still watching animu all day every day
>We're playing DnD
>I roll a fighter whose brother killed their entire family, so he began training to become a fighter, so he may one day find his brother and get revenge
>Everyone else at the table was more experienced in RP'ing than me and all of them rolled "interesting" characters that were fun to play, not dramatic and whiny.
>First quest takes us to a city where we have to help the governor against a band of raiding orcs
>I'm constantly talking bullshit about "my pain" and how we have to look for clues in the city about my "brother"
>The entire table meanwhile is more focused on having fun - making jokes, not acting serious etc, while I'm being a sperg.
>While fighting the orcs I for some reason decide I'm going to interrogate the orc over my brother
>For some reason I thought the DM was going to play along as I was bugging him about we HAVE to have my character face his brother at some point
>Roll high for intimidation and interrogation
>"The orc literally has no idea what you're talking about"
>Begin to be whiny bitch about it.
>First session ends because I get angry at the DM for not playing along
>Next session nobody brings it up, but still I'm bugging the DM about "my brother"
>"Okay, since last time you guys collected your reward and got asked to mayor of the city another favor - help him investigate a cult in the city tha-"
>"-That will have clues to my brother and his disappearance?"
>"What? No."
>Game goes on, as we're investigating the cult I start talking about my brother again "Guys, I think my brother is somehow related with this cult!" and I kept doing that shit for like 2 more sessions
>Fighting cultist leader, I'm giving a bunch of fucking retarded and cringe worthy "one liners" about "I'm going to show you my pain" and shit like that
>Literally cringing as I remember all of this
>Defeat the cultist leader and I decide to interrogate him as well

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Group and GM made '/k/ visits elfland and kills everything'. I made an orc monk chick with a staff and they were all soldiers with guns

Looking back I kinda was That Guy accidentally.

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Obviously your DM saw that your character lacked hatred. He was training him to hone his hatred to become strong enough to overcome his brother.

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Back when I was around 14-16 there was a time in which I was discovering my fetishes, kinks, and general likes and dislikes when it came to romance/sexuality. There was much masturbation to be had and I probably let my magical realm slip into my art and writing.

Not sure if I ever took it too far, at least where other people could see. I've always been kinda sensitive about not being an asshole. Which might be an asshole thing to say.

Sorry. Have cool art.

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>"Have you seen THIS MAN?"
You needed more love and sorrow with the hate, anon. And hamfisted screaming.

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Jesus Christ anon. Why not have it be the mother that killed the entire family and the little brother disappeared as your character and he escaped?

That way you could have been Itachi who was way cooler!

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I only play tier 1 decks, even in casual formats and settings, only combo decks too, if I don't win no one can have fun, what's the fucking point of playing? Fucking betas

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>High roll
>My character grabs his throat "Now," he says with hatred in his voice "Tell me everything you know about [insert brother's name]"
>"I have no idea who you're talking about"
>Throw a tantrum about it and get into an argument with the DM, miss 2 sessions because I was angry at them and didn't want to play with them anymore
>We eventually make up and I come back
>Everyone levelled up, so I say my character should auto-level up
>Argue with the DM again, he caves because he doesn't want to argue anymore and says fine
>We go on for a couple of sessions without incident, my character being cringey and boring the entire way
>Eventually we track down an assassin to a tavern, where we face off with him
>"He's my brother's student!" I keep saying to everyone
>Eventually we beat him and I inerrogate him again, roll a low roll several times so I begin to torture him
>"He literally does not know who you're talking about"
>Everyone laughs
>DM can see that I'm getting upset so he throws me a bone and says the inn keeper heard me say my brother's name and says he passed by here a couple of days ago going into the direction of the city
>Party sets off to track me brother
>A very cringeworthy moment was when we were setting up in the inn in the city and everyone was shooting the shit and laughing and my character was standing on the roof of the inn, staring at the full moon and saying "Soon brother, you will feel my hatred"
>We get tasked by a merchant to help save his kinapped daughter, she was nabbed by a cult
>"My brother is the leader of the cult!"
>DM: "No he's not..."
>Start throwing another tantrum
>"Fine, whatever, he's the leader"
>We make our way through the cultist fortress, get the daughter and as we're going back I'm already being a bitch and saying "no we can't go back, my brother is here somewhere!"
>We get confronted by another group of cultist
>Beat them eventually
>I grab one of the cultist by the throat and say "Where's my brother?"

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>"I am your brother"
>Get angry at the DM because I wanted have an epic one on one fight with my brother, not a quick skirmish.
>I say my character takes off his mask and knows he's lying because he doesn't look like my brother
>DM is visibly annoyed at this point, actually stood up and left to get some coffee and a smoke without saying anything and rubbed his face when he came back and said "Fine, whatever."
>We find my brother standing in a hallway waiting for us
>My character says "You guys go, this is my fight."
>DM begins to suck his teeth at this point
>Party is against it, but I start saying they HAVE TO leave
>They leave
>I face off against my brother
>DM is rolling without a cover, so I know he's not cheating
>Fucks my character up in a couple of turns, puts me down -5HP
>I start getting upset again, DM says "Why did you tell your party to leave when you're fighting a boss?"
>Party comes back because they had a bad feeling about it
>Kill my brother without me
>I throw a gigantic tantrum and get kicked out for like 10 sessions or something like that

We eventually made up and I stopped being such a gigantic faggot, we played together for a couple of years after that and we're all friends to this day, I kept the same character and I played him melodramatic as a joke after that and I had a few throw backs to my brother and my whiny days while playing.

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> First D&D tester session, 2 veterans introducing me and another newbie
> Pre-rolled characters, simple dungeon, super easy
> "Your backstory is that you were the only 4 mercenaries in the inn at the time, get paid to do shit"
> Old crumbly castle, missing villagers, find out what happened
> "This is a tester, after this we can play a real campaign"

> Tester involves lassoing zombies together and using them to bait traps
> Pushing a heavy scythe down some stairs to mutilate a fleeing Dwarf
> Looting everything that isn't nailed down

> Final boss fight is 2 wraiths
> Fuck these guys have so much HP, there's obviously a non-combat option because we will get #rekt
> Elaborate system of teleporting, claiming magic tokens and deepening shadow
> And a single captive, unconscious villager in a ritual
> "Work the puzzle out before you die"

> Proceed to destroy the magical tokens because we are retards
> "I use all the acid to destroy it."
> "...Are you sure? You have 3 turns to change your mind."
> "Yes, ALL the acid. Melt that fucker"
> Realize that the tokens were helping us and that we have turned a boss battle into an impossible one.

> I step up to the challenge
> "OK so we are fucked guys. There's one thing left to try."
> "I propose we murder the captive"
> "She's obviously important, they clearly need her for the ritual and it's not like we are going to win this fight otherwise."
> "After all we are Mercs and not heroes. It's an investigation, not a rescue mission. Also we aren't continuing the story so no loss for breaking it".
> Proceed to slowly murder her over the next 3 combat rounds while teammates actually beat the Wraiths down.
> DM deliberately plays easymode because we are clearly retards, manage to beatdown Wraiths and ignore his puzzle
> Left with a half-murdered unconscious citizen for absolutely zero gain

> Healing check, NAT20. DM suggests we rescue her.
> Leave her back in the dungeon
> "Lets continue this story next week!"

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At least you changed, anon

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I kinda basically indoctrinated someone/abunchofpeople into shipping my OTP over the course of two months. The OTP in question consisted of characters in a series that that person was writing a fanfic of. The fic got a huuuuge amount of people following it due to drunkenness, suffering, and lesbians combined with a crazy amount of GLORIOUS COMBAT. My OTP won along side the lesbian ship that was kinda cracky, but made sense within the fic itself.

If you know what I'm talking about, I have no regrets. Red/Blue and White/Black forever.

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>>"I am your brother"
>>Get angry at the DM because I wanted have an epic one on one fight with my brother, not a quick skirmish.
>>I say my character takes off his mask and knows he's lying because he doesn't look like my brother

Your DM missed a golden opportunity here
>Pull off mask
>It's your character
>Your character was your characters brother all along

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That's not that bad.

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I once charged straight at a retreating enemy even though the rest of the party was letting it go. He got his head bitten off by the enemy leader because of that.

My new character is basically a Snape-voiced healbot cleric who also shoots holy laser beams on the side.

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>M&M game
>I was that DM
>spent every week coming up with ridiculous and freaky new villain encounters for the players to gang up on and beat the shit out of
>none of my players signed up for that, they wanted intrigue and internal struggles and character progression
>i just wanted an excuse to host a superhero fight club where god-men beat each other to near-death constantly with little finesse or plot involved
>get mad that nobody is enjoying my fight club game and have Superman parallel show up and beat bloody murder into the players who are all spiderman-tier at best

does that count?

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What a fucking nerd, like fucks sake you are a massive nerd

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hey, he said he was 13

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>My new character is basically a Snape-voiced healbot cleric who also shoots holy laser beams on the side.

I am so okay with that you don't even know.

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Once a nerd always a nerd

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Online game, like four sessions in it turns seriously magical realm, I seem to be the only guy not on board with it, and I duck out. Sent everyone an email saying it was best I just put some distance there because I had become uncomfortable, and dropped the account.

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You are on /tg/, home of 40k and D&DO autists. Known for the frequent loli themes and the kobold porn. People here pirate game rulebooks, not movies or vidyas. You are either delusional, or you don`t understand the site; its a fucking nerd hive.

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Every time I see someone post stuff like this unironically, I'd like to imagine they're probably an even bigger faggot than everyone else in the thread. As in they're so insecure, that they try too hard to hide their power level and look like a jackass.

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Not that guy, but you simply can't be on this board without some degree of tolerance. You can't call the guy a faggot when he's trying to smooth things over after two guys just got done having a pissing match, either.

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During my teenage years, the majority of my D&D characters were elf fighter mages who used katanas. Thankfully this was before katana + trenchcoat was popular, but still.

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Shit, my bad. I meant to quote him to support him on refuting

>"What a fucking nerd, like fucks sake you are a massive nerd".

Meant to refer >>38545401 that is probably a bigger faggot than all of us and is incredibly insecure about it.

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Here's an idea. Perhaps a challenge. Post about a time when a group member being an incomprehensible fuckwit actually improved the game.

>I'm busy playing an edgelord drow assassin because I think I'm hot shit because I went to RP servers on NWN
>friend rolls another rogue, except he goes the social/clever yet chaotic-retarded route
>campaign starts with us escaping a slave ship after it's bombarded by cannon-fire
>on the beach, lolrandumb decides to take a cannonball he found in the sand
>"never know when you might need a cannonball"
>"it's heavy as fuck, man"
>" *shrug* "
>I silently grump that he's busy bringing his "lol randumb" antics into my srs brooding time
>lolrandumb rogue decides he wants to seduce women at the bar
>it is determined by his low wisdom that he chooses to seduce Helga, a renowned (and ugly as sin) heavyweight wrestler
>they go back to Helga's place where he tries to rob her blind
>she does as Helgas will do and tries to wrassle him
>one round before he'd go unconscious from being in a headlock, he escapes and knocks her out
>drops the cannonball on her head
>holy fuck he killed Helga
>he later returns to the party with no explanation
>successfully disguises himself as a stalk of corn, nowhere near any corn fields
>guards searching for the murderer of Helga pass him by
>what the fuck is even going on

I eventually caved and went along with his antics and then good times had and memories were made.

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We had this healer who frequently talked to ghosts and helped them rest, usually, when he accomplished that (killing a murderer, delivering last words, saving a family) the DM made him stumble into treasure.
The DM sent us a ghost to expose the plot. Other guy wants to get it in on all this ectoplasmic loot.
The ghost (death by suicide) finish its speech and jumped out of a cliff.
Player followed.
DM warned him not to.
He does it anyway convinced of treasute.
His character became a pancake and we all was certain that he was drunk, which he wasn't.

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A player's greed knows no bounds, truly.

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More of a group effort and nothing that bad, but I still feel a little guilty about it to this day.

One of the players in our group when we were just starting out decided he wanted to try his hand at DMing. So he sets up a little adventure about a ghost girl tethered to a house by a lake (that he told me later he lifted wholesale from vidya) with the idea being that we'd investigate the spooky house, figure out some riddles and put the girls soul to rest. Apparently he'd written down the puzzles and made some new ones and everything.

We burned down the house within about five minutes of finding it, leaving the DM to stare at us with sad, sad eyes and mumble, "Well, I guess she goes away then."

Poor guy. I still feel bad about that.

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I remember trying to play a good character in an otherwise neutral party. One of the players desperately wanted this meteor fragment from this noble because he was an artifacts. The noble never showed it to him and the character went to the guys house disguised as a rival noble and burned down the nobles house. The players had already played out being super desperate to get this meteor fragment and flat out said he would kill someone over artifact related stuff, he threatened me because he thought my illusion was a iron golem earlier. But I never saw him do it. So I had my character ask him what he did when we saw the burning house and told him he should turn himself in. It was pretty that guy of me to meta like that, but I realized it and left the group to enjoy themself.

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I was That Guy last Friday.
I was invited to this big event where the regular party members are the BBEG's (they're doing an evil campaign) so the DM invited other players in as a rival adventuring party to infiltrate their fortress and defeat them. PVP-type of deal, right.
The DM and two of the players are neighbors (same apartment building). One of the players is hosting in his place.
He has two rooms in his apartment. I was told that one group would be playing in the living room while the other group would be playing in the bedroom. We would all squeeze into the living room when the rival parties come face to face.
That's how the setup was explained to me beforehand.

That's not what happened though.
One group got put into our host's apartment, the other group got put into the DM's apartment.

The DM has two dogs. Two poorly trained, undisciplined dogs that bark at strangers and try to jump up on people. The DM puts us in a room with his dogs and leaves. The dogs see their master gone and a bunch of strangers they don't recognize. They get territorial.

I have a problem with this; I'm cynophobic.

I ended up being That Guy who freaked and left 'for no reason'.

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You realise your on /tg right?
We're all nerds and if your not, coming here makes you guilty by association

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I once played a profusely racist elf who hated the short races.
I made one of the other players feel so bad he didn't want to play anymore and the GM had to step in and talk with me. To this day I'm ashamed that I didn't notice he wasn't comfortable with it.

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>Play an impulsive character because I can't roleplay consistently for shit, so choosing a character that acts on the first thing that comes to mind is very easy to do
>Because of this keep getting set on stupid paths that eat up session time
>No one else ever wants to do anything in character at the time when I'm pulling off this stupid shit
>Feel bad because I know that I'm "stealing the spotlight" and acting like a royal prat, but I don't know what else to do that is not just rolling dice for combat

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