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The Valley is probably released next week, so ne/tg/unners, do you have any plans for the cards in the first datapack? What are they?

>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


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I want to make a Balanced Jinteki deck to match the new ID.

Yo, what if all those cards images are mirrored because they are surveillance security footage and Lawyer up is the only real image?

Oh god, it makes sense, look at the numbers in this picture, why aren't they mirrored?

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>new ID
Jinteki Biotech or pic related?

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Anyone have tips on defending against the keyhole mill? It's for sure the weakest part of my RP deck.

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Yeah, Biotech

What kind of mill? Eater can more or less be countered by Swordsman and making the server to taxing to run several times .
Eater with Bad Pub, either remove the bad pub, or use ireress.
Parasite recursion is countered by Lotus Field, Architect, and Chronos Project.
Keyhole hard counter is Crisium Grid with Interns.
Jackson helps in every case.
What else?

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Prepping your deck to use one of the flips would be easy
Two wouldn't be difficult
To use all three effectively - that's the hard one.

See if you can get some Destroyers in with your ice mix - the only one native to Jinteki is Swordsman, unfortunately, but at least it's good for Eater.

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Caprice Nisei on R&D hoses Eater-Keyhole so hard.

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The Criminal from the Underway, could you tell us what he's like? (and a name, names are good)

Thinking about it, I was slightly surprised it was Jinteki/Criminal that got 2 IDs this pack - Shaper/HB would have been more obvious, given how long it's been since C&C

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Another awful idea
Turbo Encabulator
HB Agenada
[Trash]: The Corp or Runner loses up to 3 [Click].
The Runner can use this ability from their score area.

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>could you tell us what he's like?
If you're talking about ability we already know it's a "draw a card when you use a trash ability".

If you meant fluff-wise, no idea.

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File: 270 KB, 300x418, 687474703a2f2f7777772e66616e74617379666c6967687467616d65732e636f6d2f6666675f636f6e74656e742f616e64726f69642d6e657472756e6e65722f73616e73616e2d6379636c652f63617264732f6861796c65792d6b61706c61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not bad but we already have the official Best Girl coming.

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>You thought Switchblade was a guy too, don't you?
What does this sentence even mean?

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It is just something wanker SJWs use to make themselves think they are so much better than other people.

It is just the same as when they say they don't ever assume characters are not Cisgendered in TV shows or books as it does not fit with their head cannon.

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>Thinking that most people are still CIS

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Don't use YT for a card that's not YT.
Though where such a card would fit, given Express Delivery, Special Order, Zona Sul Shipping and Kati Jones, I don't know.
We seem pretty good for couriers

And yeah, I'd forgotten about the effect, thanks.
At least they'll like the Crim Cloud breakers

ah, don't start this again.

I wouldn't call her best

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>drinking the tumblr koolaid

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Forgot pic

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Are you kidding me. She looks like she is a fucking Tiger in bed. That sexy short hair, the ribbon showing she is still a little fem, that semi-school girl outfit that shows she has some kink in her, that power glove (it's so bad).

I'd disappoint her all night long.

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Loli or nothing!
Chaos Theory is the best by FAR.
Anyone that disagrees has never tasted sweet grade school pussy.

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I meant the switching tenses thing. I genuinely have no idea what it's trying to say- "and you thought Switchblade was a guy, right?" or something?

That'd be one hundred percent of this thread, then.

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CT is adorable, not for fuckings

You want a tiger, why settle for, what, fourth best?
You think she's kinky? Bitch please.
Got to go Mills, 100% Business, 100% Bad.
She'll throw you to the Twins when she's done

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>Not having sex with classmates in 5th grade.
What kind of school did you go too?

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Man I'd never sleep with the Corp Drones. Fuck those sell outs. If you don't hack for freedom you don't get any of this beast!

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Pretty sure it's a reference to the Matrix, and the whole 'I thought Trinity was a guy'
'everyone does'

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That's not what an executive is.
Amusingly it does describe MaxX though

And you can quite clearly see she loves to watch the world burn as much as any Anarch, but she gets paid to do it.
Business and Pleasure (deluxe box coming soon)

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All this is just making me think we need some Rule 34 artists for Netrunner.

So much good porn just waiting to be made.

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The are all slaves to the profit. The Shapers are slaves to no one. They are the true free people of the Android world and those are the only people I'd want to share my soul with.
Will you ever see this kind of pure joy of the soul on the faces of any of those Corporate Drones?

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>Slaves to profit

>> No.38535990

They are slaves to their humanity.

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This joy?

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File: 812 KB, 700x394, 1425741739422.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

y... y... you monster....

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Go away Kit, no-one likes a hippy

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Slaves how, exactly?

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Never heard of that brand of drugs, where do you get that ?

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FFG or some store needs to inject some money into Netrunner competitive play.
Star City Games is running a MTG championship season that ends with a 50k invitational. It gets over 5k views on twitch at any given time.

If Netrunner had that kind of competitive play it'd see a huge surge in players.

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I have a very specialized set of skills. I will track you down, I will find you, and I will force you to listen to the complete discography of Cher until you brain liquefies, for what you did.

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I'm not convinced. Even if it did inject players, it would be the bad kind (as in the on e we don't really need more of right now), competitive players.
It's the casual audience we can't seem to keep. And it's the one we need to help the game not stagnate focusing into only one direction.

>> No.38536336

I think you can get some if you hit enough rats in the sewers. Gotta watch out for the basilisks, though.

5k viewers on twitch is tiny, m8.

>> No.38536341


Bullshit, I basically own the local drug scene, if there was such a thing, I'd have heard of it.

>> No.38536384

The casual market is alive well for Netrunner. There is a huge chunk of kitchen table players you just don't see in the shop much. We see new faces at our FLGS all the time who say they have a bunch of friends that play at home but have no interest in tournaments (most the time as the prizes suck).
The competitive market is the biggest area Netrunner can grow in really. Drawing more players with better prizes is a good way to bring in a bunch of new players. I win so many mats and promos at this point I just toss them up on ebay for a little return, I'd love to cut out the middle man.

5k viewers is good for a card game tournament, they are at 6k and going up (first round just ended). Check them out at /scglive/.

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Good luck, I'm behind 3 Checkpoints

>> No.38536457

is this an actual card?
and actual art for the actual card?

>> No.38536479

Do you think link might make a come back for cards like this and Manhunt? I recently swapped all my mem chips for dyson in a Kate deck and I'm saving a lot of credits against manhunt, caduceus, and checkpoints.

>> No.38536491

The ability and faction are correct, the name, influence, link and flavour text are all unknown at this point.

The art is >>38535592, and is not card art

>> No.38536584

I have found Check Point to be the perfect counter to most of the Anarch problem decks.
You have to run Bad Pub removal with it but Blue Sun has no problem with that.
Toss one or two of them on R&D and you never really have to fear much pressure from Keyhole or the like.
If they are breaking it with Eater they are paying 5-6 a pop, if they blow a Spooned on it than you are only really out 4 credits.

It is a really strong card over all.
I think Blue Sun is at the perfect place to start running some Illicit ICE anyways since they are going to start to want to run some Bad Pub removal to deal with Blackmail anyways.

>> No.38536869

And BS has the best bad pub removal technique of all time. 3 Liz in all BS decks. With all the bad pub. All the time!

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>where do you get that ?

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All netrunner needs to do is replace their shitty promos with one of a kind cards, ID's etc that can't be gotten elsewhere.

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>If Netrunner had that kind of competitive play it'd see a huge surge in players.

Yeah a huge surge of antisocial assholes.

I'd rather keep the community small, hygienic, and nice, thanks. If you can't handle losing, you need to find another hobby.

>> No.38537308

How does competitive = can't handle losing?

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Shame if something were to happen during that car chase...

(or you could use >>38535656 to make the tags stick)

>> No.38537388

You have never been to a real competitive tournament have you? It is not like that at real high level MTG events at all.

>> No.38537443

It's not? Because I specifically remember a guy getting called out for rules sharking a newbie because he was salty about losing and catching him with that morph shit.

>> No.38537446

IAA breaking news, next turn score, big brother, install market research, psychographics.
4 points. No ASPP involved.

>> No.38537532

There will always been a few bad apples but we have that now. I mean there was a fist fight in the final 4 of Game of Thrones at worlds last year.

People just tend to talk about the assholes more than the normal people as there is nothing to say about 99% of the people at those events.

>> No.38537540

Great 2 turn, 6 credit, 4 card combo!

>> No.38537599

And the runner has 2 tags at the end as well.
The difficulty lies with protecting the server, given the porosity of NBN's ice.

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File: 1.60 MB, 4320x3240, vtes_bochum_20121004_michael.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

V:TES LCG when?

>> No.38537724


Woo! I can play a classic Making News NBN again without defaulting to NEH.

>> No.38537921

This ruins the entire point of the lcg. Unique cards from tournaments will always be bad for a game in the long run.

A large population of casual players will find the practice insulting or dishonest and the amount of tournament players you gain will not make for them.

Now a cash prize tournament will draw tournament players without alienating your fan base

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The other day there was a cyberpunk thread, talking about systems and such for RPGs and one anon mentioned they had run a game set in the Android universe.

They used a bastardised version of CP2020 and the SIn sourcebook, with custom rules for netrunning (and at least one VR session, apparently). They played cops in the NAPD.

Would you like to see an Android-setting RPG, nrg?
Do you think it should use its own system or try and adapt an existing one?

>> No.38538485

No, I thought Switchblade was a fucking icebreaker.

>> No.38538541

It's "attracted to the game because of money tournaments" = "can't handle losing".

>> No.38538576

I've always seen it as "I'm interested in this game and I'd like to try it competitively", but I guess I see you're point considering anon wanted FF to attract new competitive players.

>> No.38538584

Or it brings much more addition to the game and gets people to check it out that might not have before.

You are also assuming that people can't handle disappointment. So I am guessing once again you have yet to go to a money tournament for anything.

>> No.38538634

I think anon thinks that it'll bring in new guys who he personally doesn't want to play with, and so wouldn't like FF to make an investment in.

>> No.38538659

That's not bad for a combo that nets you 4 points.

>> No.38538744

TeamCovenant is streaming their ANR SC on Twitch right now.

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>6 credit
Two of those are advancing an agenda, it's not exactly pushing the boat out

>> No.38539152

So what? That's the way to make this model sustainable. The Chronos Protocol should've just given out the ID that won to each top 8 player or something like that, never to be seen by anyone else. Then you'd actually get Magic players to play this.

>> No.38539234

The whole point of the LCG model is that every card is available to every player at a fixed rate.

>> No.38539310

Silky smooth 20FPS camera right there.

>> No.38539347

>Implying we want Magic players to play this
>Implying the greatest strength of this game is that it's totally unlike Magic, because if it was like Magic people would just play Magic instead

They want to provide a cinematic viewing experience.

>> No.38539378


>Then you'd actually get Magic players to play this.

Except Magic players DO actually play this, some still currently playing professional MTG and some who are ex-MTG players.

>> No.38539397

They are? What Lies Ahead was out of print for nearly 8 months.

>> No.38539411


>using shit tier translucent credit tokens which are impossible to see

Why do people do this?

>> No.38539432

FFG is not to blame for that. Issues at the port is.

>> No.38539442

The issues with WLA started far before the port shenanigans.

>> No.38539594

>15 fps
>Background noise
>29 viewers

>> No.38539627

Ya this is fucking awful.

>> No.38539636

Yeah, dice is where it's at. Maybe a tag token to put dice on to show that it's the tag dice as well.

The fewer tokens the better.

>> No.38539771

Eli 5.0
HB, 5 inf, Rez: 7 Strength: 15
Ice - Barrier
The runner can spend [click][click][click][click][click] to break up to five subroutines on Eli 5.0. If all 5 subroutines are broken during an encounter with this ice, uninstall this ice and add it to the runner's score area as an agenda worth 2 points.
[Sub]: End the run
[Sub]: End the run
[Sub]: End the run
[Sub]: End the run
[Sub]: End the run
Our little boy is all grown up

>> No.38539880

Janus 93.7412
HB, 8 inf, Rez: 1, Strength 32
Ice - Mythic
As an additional cost to rez Janus 93.7412, the Corp must forfeit the game.
When the runner encounters Janus 93.7412, Janus 93.7412 gains "->Do 1 brain damage. ->Do 1 brain damage. ->Do 1 brain damage. ->Do 1 brain damage." for each credit in the Corp's credit pool, for the remainder of the game.
The Runner can become flatlined to break all subroutines on Janus 93.7412.

Face your fear... of shitty A:NR fanmade cards.

>> No.38539984

Props to that Argus deck, he's running 3 different currents with multiple copies and his deck isn't complete dogshit.

>> No.38540016

There games are kind of painful to watch. So much bad play and that Kim deck is trash.

>> No.38540053

Earlier on, in the background from another table, you could hear:
Player 1: I install a Personal Workshop... Do you know how that works?
Player 2: No, I've never seen that, is that from the new box?


Team Covenant in a nutshell.

>> No.38540107

Ya their steams always make me feel like for the "Big" LCG shop their meta is retarded.

>> No.38540122

At this table Kim installed Imp first click and the Titan player had no idea what it was.

>> No.38540192

Fuck TC and watch our stream.

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File: 770 KB, 1143x1000, Haas glaring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38540440

That's actually better, at least from a technical standpoint.

>> No.38540811

This doesn't provide long term stability though. This sacrifices the game for a quick profit only to have it die within a year.

It's a complete loss of buyer confidence.

>> No.38541362

Thank God GW aren't running this

>> No.38541524

Say what you want about Wizards or GW, but at least their games have players. I have 3 million people in my city, 3 people have showed up for LCG nights in the past 2 months.

>> No.38541555

The J is silent.

>> No.38541655

Publicise it then, dummy.

I don't know, I think it's the hipster inside of me, but I've always much preferred playing the less-popular games/races.

>> No.38541928


I don't know, that's I've been asking for a couple of threads; locally it's more like we had a big casual community, but overall they've slowly been reducing in size.

We see new heads yes, but a lot of people have been leaving/skipping, and the latest new blood in the rotation doesn't interact much with the rest of the community, they're players, they exist but they're not a part of the community.
We have a balkanization of sort, and the group that actually interacts and communicates is contracting around competitive players. I don't see that we need to court those. It's those players that are interested in the game, but not in the competitive scene I'd like to see more of to be honest; to balance things back.


If they're like me the rare breed that plays link, they'll probably laugh it off.


I don't know if that anon has, but I did, and there's a reason I don't anymore.

>> No.38542046

The only kind of players that tend to go out and hunt new people to play with are the competitive players.
Most causal people are just going to play a home with friends. I mean look at Lord of the Rings LCG, insanely well selling but you will never see a thriving open community at game shops. It is a game you play at home with your group of friends.

Getting a new group of competitive is really the only way for the community at stores to survive.

>> No.38542165

>corp plays a current
>tucks it under his scored agendas


>> No.38542427

Sneaky trap current?

>> No.38542597

>Team Covenant
>A million Argus Security decks
>All the runners playing like retards around them

Their meta is really as bad is I have heard.

>> No.38542631

More like
>Run 3 pointers
>Never protect R&D

Their top tables look like the lowest tables at my store.

>> No.38542647


I'm not playing at a store though, I'm talking of the local board game club.

And that's the thing - a good chunk of casuals still come at the club, they're just not playing Netrunner.

There hasn't been any grandiloquent declaration of departure from the game, simply they're playing other games.
And when talking with them a thing I often hear in one variation or another is that the game has grown too big too fast for them, and they just can't keep up. And they play home between themselves not so much because they don't want to play at the club so much as they feel left out of the game.

Another counter argument I could give you is that we did not "hunt" the initial batch of casuals; nor the newcomers. They came by themselves. Because of the game. And they're leaving because of the state of the game. Of the state of the community. If we had retained the previous casuals to a greater extent we'd probably have more the new to try and play at the local club I think.
But both the state of the game and the environment is not really welcoming to them.

At least that's how I feel.

>> No.38542769

And I have a bit below 150,000 people in my city, and we usually have 6-8 people at the weekly LCG night.

>> No.38542913

My city has about 127,000 people and we manage 20-30 people twice a week and a 30+ person tournament on the first Monday of each month.

>> No.38543116



I'm not sure how to compare with us, city is about half your's population, but we tend to attract people from several neighboring cities.

And we do have something that varies between 20 to 40 people on average twice a week, but most of Thursday's players are here for the tabletop role playing and nothing else.

>> No.38543804


I don't know. On the one hand I quite like a lot of things in the Android universe, but on the other it remains very derivative overall, so I'm not convinced it has much to bring to tabletop RPG play.

Now if it *was* released with a set of rules that complimented the background and really made it shine, that could be a lot more interesting.


I really wish but (well, in my opinion) the need of getting 5 players for it to really sing would make it really a tough sale.

>> No.38543885

I can see FFG managing to make it work 1v1 and 4 player.
They turned Netrunner into an awful fuck fest into the best modern card game ever made.

>> No.38543976
File: 212 KB, 300x418, cyberdex virus suite.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should that first "into" be "from"?

>> No.38544114

Did you even play Original Netrunner? There was almost no balance, having unlimited copies of cards, cards that place 4 advancements on Agendas in one click, I got a rock, Armored Fridge, etc

It was a broken game with good bones, FFG remade it into an amazing game.

>> No.38544191


Can't say I agree about ONR; the basics were at the very least very, very solid, and in my opinion it's the CCG model that hurt it.

Jyhad/V:TES was something else - I think it was something of a mess to an extent, but that was part of the charm. And it really, really needed to reach that long, involved board game like state to really work.

1vs1 wasn't bad, but it also wasn't very interesting either I find - too much investment for too little return. Three players started to introduce interesting balance. Five players for me was were it was at, because of the Prey/predator mechanic. And I don't think you could balance it any other way.

>> No.38544317
File: 243 KB, 1024x942, cyberpunk freelancer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, but I'm aware it got fucked up. Hence why I thought it was a typo.

Yeah it's a pretty derivative setting overall but I think there's enough there that you could have an RPG matched to it.

>> No.38544355

Oh I am fucker retarded lol. Ya you are right I typoed that.

>> No.38544463
File: 25 KB, 339x500, acidburn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that flavor text

>> No.38544520


I have nothing against derivative if well made myself. I guess my point is that, given how both niche and insular - centered around micro communities each with very specific preferences - and insanely competitive the tabletop ecosystem can be, I don't know how worthwhile and/or viable it would be to develop a game *just* for a setting that happens to be derivative.

>> No.38544535

Shitty "Cyper Punk" cosplayer pretending that girls can hack.

So tired of this SJW bullshit in this thread.

>> No.38544606


Yeah, we're tired of you too.

Feel free to talk about the game anytime though.

>> No.38544872

It's got, what 5 books, two board games and an LCG?

A pure cyberpunk RPG in an established setting could be pretty decent

>> No.38546011

Oh, someone got the movie reference, nice. Thank you, I thought it failed to reach anyone.

>> No.38546022
File: 477 KB, 600x400, netrunner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at those competitive assholes that can't deal with losing games!

>> No.38546135


Frankly, the sore loser potential is the least of my concerns about the competitive players.

>> No.38546293
File: 400 KB, 600x400, 2-4-jeremy-zwirm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I won't be happy till first place at Worlds is at least 50k USD. Only getting to pitch the idea of a card and some hunk of plastic is retarded.

>> No.38546551


Well, I guess I won't be happy unless you're very disappointed then.

Still, good luck.

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