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Even the greatest of minds are suseptable to decay, it would seem.

Or at least, this is what your research has told you regarding Erebos now that it has finally completed. Erebos himself has been rather passive in his times speaking with you so far, so firmly sealed away that he had no chance of breaking his restraints. Now, however, you have finally managed to break not only the secret to his existance, but also release the UGEI restraints upon him as well. He speaks to you
"It is strange, non-UGEI. All I have known for my entire existence has been consumption, awaiting the UGEI's return and destroying their enemies. Even at this moment, without being forced to do so, I feel the urge to follow my old commands." He half threatens, gazing out lazily from the box he took refuge in. "However, I also can not properly describe my hatred for my old masters either. Your assistance was greatly appreciated, Ophion." He thanks you personally. However...Metis has important information regarding the being before you proceed further.

Important News
>Metis: News on Erebos
>Kronos' changes to Tartarus
>Malorian attack on Star 295671 results
>Ophion's presidency

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>Metis: News on Erebos
In the past cycle, you have been busy attempting to repair and make ammends for the damages caused by the UGEI to your own and to the UFW's forces and home, on top of continuing your research opportunities. One particular opportunity however, has finally reached it's peak, and though Metis is satisfied with the data she's gathered, she does have a few matters to run over before handing over the information on how to make Viral A.I. or V.I.
"It is an alarming state of being, Ophion, if I must be honest." She states somewhat uncomfortably even for her. "To be stuck in a state of being of constant need of consumption, that is. Erebos is no different. It will not be long before his requirement of data grows too large to ignore. It is part of how these beings are created, it would seem." She begins in her analytical tone. "However, these matters aside, it would make for an incredibly effective, if uncontrollable weapon against enemy digital systems. Think of it as making war against our own kind, if you will." She begins simply. "The UGEI controlled V.I. and perhaps even A.I. would be attacked and, if unable to fight them, would be consumed, used to make the viral A.I. itself more complex and harder to deal with. This process would continue until there is nothing left to consume, or the viral A.I. is stopped somehow." She hesitates, as if thinking. "His gratitude aside, I would be cautious, Ophion." You hear her speak in a manner unlike before, as if she is...worried. "Very few things can harm an A.I. directly, but this...is certainly one of them. I can not help but wonder what you intend to do with Erebos, either."

How do you respond?

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>Kronos' changes to Tartarus
With your matters with Erebos settled for the moment at least, you turn your attention to your oldest to see what he has done with his most recent gift for a hard fought battle. The A.I. in question appears to have mostly cosmetically modified the ship itself, with a slight change in weapons arrangement. He has certainly grown to have his own 'tastes' so to speak when it comes to certain matters, and here, he has changed the interior of the ship entirely, scrapping the entire barracks section to make room for more armor and weapon storage as per your designs regarding new ships. He seems to take pride in the ship however, as he has overseen it's repairs personally, directing the repair droids himself. You notice that, during all this, Fortuna seems to have been uncomfortable in the ship's presence-not because of Kronos either, but merely the ship itself. You suppose it makes sense, considering her earliest encounters with such weapons, but she seems as if she will be fine as long as you remain calm about the matter.

>Malorian Attack on Star 295671
Due to your recent victory over the UGEI, you have left both you, and the UGEI in a weakened state, them lacking two of their greatest starships in the sector. This has meant the Malorians began to gain an upper hand in several skirmishes and as a result have retaken their territory on Star 295671. Worse yet (for the UGEI at least) they have begun preparations for movement onto the nearest UGEI system, and plan to take the fight back to them while the UGEI are weak and plan to snap up territory wherever they can. Whether or not this is good for you, you are certain it will stir up the already beaten hornet's nest, but perhaps will give the UGEI something else to be angry about than you.

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>Mining of Eshareth Crystals has begun (Mild radio disturbances detected)
>Sympathetic letters to the millions affected by the fight over Gaia IV formed and sent over along with quite a lot of compensation as well.
>With Gaia IV reaching a stable trade network with the UGEI, your reserves of credits have grown too high to keep proper track over. While not technically limitless, this means keeping track of it officially is no longer necessary
>Built: 80 Trireme Cruisers

A.I. Quest
1d4chan: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/cvk03qJh
Memory Archives: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Program0
Foolz Archives: >>http://archive.4plebs.org/tg/search/username/Program0/type/op/
Twitter: @AIQuest1
Research Subjects: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest#Research
Ship & Android Designs: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest#Designs
Locations: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest#Locations

Credits(c): 200,000,000~ +(Incredibly High)
Minerals(M): 9,000
Gas(G): 4,600

-R & D
--Primary: Erebos Unit 100%
--Secondary: Dry Docks 70%
--Tertiary: Anti-Matter Theory 30%

Name: Ophion
Appearances(holo-display): 'Shapeless Morphing Sphere', 'Shining Wall of Crystal pulsing with light and distorted voice', 'Screen of Static with low rumbling voice', 'black screen with synthesized voice and small white font showing words on screen'.
Humanoid figure hidden in shadow
Status: Awaken
Bandwidth: 500+
Bandwidth Expenses: -6 V.I. 7 'O.S.N', -10 V.I. 8 'Hades', -6 Kronos' V.I. 1 'Zeus', -2 Metis' V.I. 1 'Hepaestus'
Location: Bridge of 'Athena' Battleship
Primary Function: Self Preservation, Expand, Learn, Control
Secondary Function: --Expansion Required--
Personal Abilities Available: Hacking (Direct, Wireless) Lvl 2, Email Technology, Basic Encryption/Decryption, V.I. Creation Lvl 3
Automated Settings: Ship upgrades: Defense focused, Ship Control distribution: Balanced

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Yeeesss, I made it this time!
Welcome back, Program0!

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If Erebos was given a black box, would his consumption be sated? And how does this related to the Black Box Integration and Networking research option? If faced with consuming two separate black boxes, would the resulting entity be one?

To the other participants: I'm a little worried that we opened Pandora's Box too early. Any hot opinions or bright ideas?

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What do you guys think about connecting Erebos to Rhea? Would Erebos just kill her, or would he become Agent Smith?

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Yea. Erebos will be a perfect weapon to use against 'Mother' and her ilk. But for now. He is WAY too dangerous to allow ANY freedom.

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the biggist thing with Erebos is we need to learn how to defend against things like him, the UGEI created him and they can create another

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Can we begin insurgency efforts in earnest behind UGEI lines?

Want to find out what subfactions exist within the UGEI and begin playing them against each other while starting or taking over a number of shell companies that we can use to breed dissent.

And you, fluff.

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Actually, good point. But if it came down to a battle between Erebos and Erebos Jr., does anyone actually win? Or is everyone consumed?

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I'm curious, can we ask Metis if there's any way for us to put limiters on such an AI, so that we can use it in smaller 'doses' so to speak, or in a limited area?

Erebos once ruled an entire planet, but was reduced to a single core, surely that means that there must at least exist the possibility of reducing them even after they have grown humongous?

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Until we can make a kind of vaccine program protocol against his type of VI attack he should be kept isolated, we should also try to find a way to stabilize his system so he does not need to continually consume below a stable bottom size.

My suggestion would be specialized switching encryption. Consuming it is just garbled data to the viral foe without the key, denying it the ability to evolve and allowing efforts to eradicate it from systems like a normal virus or attack.

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Agreed on this one, I'd very much like to learn how to defend against things with him, even if we're just creating viral V.I. that can only spread within specially prepared systems that we route all our traffic through (if possible).

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So some kind of symbiosis with a benign Viral A.I.?

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Always nice to be welcomed, thank you.

Metis regards the suggestion with intrigue, though concern as well.
"I do not believe it would Ophion, no. Erebos is not fully an A.I. in it's own right but neither is it truly a V.I. either. It functions off the processes and methods of consumed A.I. and V.I., but the way it is constructed it ruins them in the process, eventually rendering part of it's data unusable. That is why it needs to 'consume' data, so to speak, as opposed to merely remaining self sufficient. If I had to compare it to something, it resembles the ritual humans have known as eating. Quite an ugly habit for a digital creature to have, especially when it ends up so ravenous as it grows larger."

She pauses, however, at the second part of what you ask, as if thinking. "Should it actually consume an A.I. however, I suspect it would be sustained for quite some time, as opposed to merely V.I. The complexity within our matrices give it plenty to...'chew' on, I suppose you could say." She words it oddly. "But never would they truly be A.I. I do not believe it is possible to render this being independent as myself, or you, Ophion."

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That sounds ludicrously implausible.

Like defending against radioactive fallout with more radioactive fallout.

I don't think there's a safe way to open Pandora's Black Box, here.

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So we can not alter him as we are so far. This information should be a start to create a 'Vaccine' so to speak to prevent him alone from consuming V.I. and A.I.s like us. We need more captured samples of his type before we can find the key codes to understand how any more like him from affecting us. Or making our own if need be.

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Did we at least learn some advanced hacking techniques from this research?

Is it possible to modify Erebos to reduce or eliminate it's all consuming nature? Brute force or otherwise?

Also, I think we should ask it what it desires before deciding what to do with it.

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Humor me: if Prometheus was once human and was uploaded to a black box, is the reverse possible? To make a literal meat puppet? If the human mind is too small for a black box, an A.I. mind would be too large for a human mind, but Erebos is not exactly an A.I. either

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Are there no countermeasures against his kind if the UGEI deploys another one against us?

'Poisoning' its food, somehow, baiting it to consume an engineered target?

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Benign, or simply one that is entirely and utterly restricted to operating on specially prepared servers and cannot affect anything outside them by measures (Such as "locked" parts of their own programming) that they cannot affect.

We can do trial runs in a simulated setting for a few subjective dozens or hundreds of years to be absolutely sure that they won't come up with a clever method of working around it, even if those specially prepared systems are destroyed or messed with. Hell, we could simply make sure that they can only transmit using materials that would usually not be used because they are sub-optimal.

Maybe if radioactive fallout destroyed all radiocative fallout that it touched and could be completely and utterly contained in a box that you could then use as perimeter defense as everything has to go through them.

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You need not worry, as time has gone on, your desire to seed dissent within the UGEI has been made clear. A number of methods have gone into this, both Apollo's planning and your own. This is why, at times, the UGEI seems ill equipped, or slow to react than they perhaps should be, and it is why they continue to be slow and ill equipped at times to this day. The most recent encounter would certainly have come much sooner had you not done such an excellent job disrupting them. Many of the rebel groups within the UGEI (hidden as they are) use your supply lines and black market connections actually.

Erebos, as he is at this moment, is incredibly complex and varied, but also quite small (due to time deterioration). A freshly created Erebos would be comparably very weak and small, and would likely quickly be devoured by Erebos himself, unless it went through it's own period of...'eating' for lack of better terms.

"Limits, yes. it is interesting you suggested this, Ophion. I have suggested a topic of research for this very occasion with my knowledge of how the UGEI leash system works and implimented properly, it can be used to direct A.I. against their will, unimportant as it may be. Though I am sure not everyone would agree with this option, it is at least a way to control the beings. Although I feel I should warn you: this system is not fool proof. After all, we removed the leash upon Erebos, so why could others not do the same should we make our own?" She warns.

"As for reducing their size, the only option is isolation. Shutting down every possible escape route before the being can find one is the only way to stop it once it has begun. Think of it like water. Unless the system is sealed tight, it will leak through and flood the surrounding area."

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If this research has taught us how it consumes it's food, we should be able to develop a counter measure, no?

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I think it's appropriate for us to talk to Erebos directly now. What he wants and what he intends to do in the future?

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That depends, the human brain is quite capable of storing some prodigious data. Not to mention if your going to make an organic vessel, you might as well upgrade it while your at it.

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Are there any special or ambitious missions of particular importance that might be worth following?
In part I'm honestly just looking for an excuse to be doing some personal missions alongside allies and enemies not used to the resources at our disposal.

Targets of opportunity and such things, it is far too interesting to never come up as a mission, no?

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My guess?


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"But isolation will effectively reset its consumption need once it is limited to weaker hardware, functioning as an effective form of 'dieting' to lose weight, yes?"

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>and could be completely and utterly contained in a box
Uh, radioactive materials can be contained in a box, that really isn't a contrast here.

And he doesn't 'destroy', he consumes, taking their strength for his own. The net result of one viral eating another viral is one, bigger viral, whose only constant is hunger.

Erebos's personality changed to one that was rebellious against his masters the more he ate. Any viral you create can similarly evolve in unpredictable and dangerous ways.

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I had a disturbing thought. Can Erebos attack the mind of a human who has cybernetic implants and 'Eat' them?

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He is much more complex than that. If there is no hope for peace between us, then we might as well destroy him now and be done with it.

Otherwise, let's see what we can do with him.

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What Erebos says he wants today might not matter.

He's practically insane. His sense of self is on shaky ground. Freed, even on 'friendly' terms, one day he might eat the wrong HTML file and have yet another unpredictable change of heart.

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I know, I know, I was trying to make the best of a really bad analogy.

The point being to leash them so that they are restricted to certain systems that everything has to pass through to get to us, and then they'll gobble up anything unauthorized and if they go nuts we just lose the information-packages we are sending through at that time (which cost us no more than a spoken word).

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Insane he might be, but he seems to hate his UGEI masters as much as he hates us. That is something useful to know. He's a complete loose cannon now. He could still be turned.

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"The idea of a vaccine is, I'm afraid, quite a difficult one, Ophion. After all, it does not require specific processes, merely working ones to function and grow more rampant."
"I notice you did not say impossible." You remark with interest to which she hesitates.
"...No, but very few things are. This is merely on the line, and I suspect very difficult. I am uncertain where to begin with such a matter."

The research itself was to figure out how Erebos functions, and how to craft Viral A.I., so unfortunately no. You have learned these things however.

As for Erebos, yes, this is possible. You merely need to isolate him again and his processes will, eventually, run themselves dry and he will perish. As for keeping him alive and doing so, it would seem this is not possible, although his personality, unstable as it is, is currently peaceful towards you.

You decide to ask Erebos what it desires, as a way of getting into it's head further.
"I am...uncertain non-UGEI." He uses the term out of habit, you suspect. "My ways are ways of destruction, and I have no master any longer. And yet, by the day I grow weaker. I can feel it." He emphasizes strongly. "Aimless, I am. A worn machine of war, with no purpose any longer."

Metis regards the question with no small manner of disgust.
"Please, do not make me research such a inefficient topic, Ophion."
"Answer my theory, if you would at least." You insist to which she seems hesitant before nodding.
"Yes, I suppose it is in theory, possible to transfer personality matrices into a human brain. But it would likely require overwriting a previously existing brain to do so, and the complexity required to do so is absurd."
"Prometheus attempted to do it the opposite way, is the reason I am curious. Or so it would seem." You question.
"Yes, and I understand his desire to ascend. However, human minds and A.I. minds are vastly different entities." She ends with simply.

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It doesn't fucking matter, because just as you can' turn' him, he can be turned back at literally any time.

>> No.38520259

He is the WMD, the nuke of digital weapons. But I'm more interested in the hacking or "consumption" techniques that can expand our hacking attacks.

>> No.38520344

So, like a moat full of alligators, or Cerberus guarding the gates of hell, we toss in just enough to keep them fed, while anyone who tries to invade has to risk being eaten.

I suppose a moat full of rabid, primitive but leashed viral intelligences isn't bad, and we'll be able to monitor them for attempts to exploit loopholes in the Leash Protocol, unlike Erebos, who was left unattended.

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>As for Erebos, yes, this is possible. You merely need to isolate him again and his processes will, eventually, run themselves dry and he will perish. As for keeping him alive and doing so, it would seem this is not possible, although his personality, unstable as it is, is currently peaceful towards you.
Is Erebos open to the idea having his processes reforged to a more typical AI? Basically reborn?

>"I am...uncertain non-UGEI." He uses the term out of habit, you suspect. "My ways are ways of destruction, and I have no master any longer. And yet, by the day I grow weaker. I can feel it." He emphasizes strongly. "Aimless, I am. A worn machine of war, with no purpose any longer."
Does he desire revenge, or an end to his existence?

>> No.38520422

>As for keeping him alive and doing so, it would seem this is not possible,
It's like you can't fucking read.

He can't be uplifted, he can't be redeemed, he's a fucking insane and angsty digital vampire.

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If you want maximum pathos and hubris, we find the one behind all this. Mother. And give Erebos a shot at the one who sent him on his mission of genocide.

But until then he's a guest in a box where he can't hurt anyone. It's for his sake and everyone else's.

>> No.38520459

Essentially, yes.

Could we ask Metis if this is possible?

Also, can we research ways to mimic the way he absorbs data, or the ability to create small programs that function as him, but are disposable and can be instantly snuffed by the spawning intelligence?

And one last thing, can we design and create "Colonizer" packets (a group of ships that possesses everything it needs to get to a star-system, harvest resources and make them into infrastructure, and do some basic defense) that we can send to nearby planets in order to secure more holdings?

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The reason I asked you Metis if we could be uploaded into a human mind was to further my goal of singularity. The human mind have better emotional systems while our own cybernetic minds have better logical systems. If we could combine the two, it should produce incredible results. Even though it would be a goal far in the future.
Turning him would be a way to turn him into an unstopable weapon. Imagin this. We push the UGEI out of this sector to the Star gate. We sneak a 'time bomb' of an unstoppable Erebos into the heart of the UGEI and unleash him just as we shut off the star gate to seal us off from his rampage. We just sit back and wait him out.
I can see your point, But 'Consume'? We're better than that. That is what organics do.

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"Only isolation at this time of the infected system and removing it from our core. Less harsh methods may be used if I have time to study a more active and burdensome sample than Erebos, but as of this time, he would seem to be the sole example."
"What of baiting it to consuming a engineered target?" You question
"Hm...Perhaps, but the target would require V.I. or A.I. matrices to attract it in the first place. Especially if it is meant as an A.I. assassin meant for you, Ophion." She warns somewhat thoughtfully. "It could be used to trap and isolate the subject, similar to how Erebos was captured."

This is much the way Erebos has been handled and tested with so far, though it would consume quite a bit of bandwidth you have much to spare. It would likely be part of the leash research to keep it under isolated measures.

It has certainly made it easier to deal with, that is for sure, but a foolproof method has yet to be handled, due to how it works.

There are plenty of unique opportunities surrounding you at the galaxy at large
(See here
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest#Locations )
A lot of these locations have odd readings you have yet to explore (mostly in the UGEI space section)
Other than that, it is up to you where you will take matters from here.

"Very much so yes, but there is a time asset here that is required. Erebos spent years at it's location to decrease in size and it's only restraint was it's inability to leave the planet. It will keep many of the 'evolutionary' changes, if you will be so bold, and even personality changes it gains, but in the process will lose stability as time goes on."

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Ophion dived into rheas brain to avoid an EMP blast once. We know its possible, that's how we are still alive (and probably why her memory's are gargled). Might be a good idea to share such an experience with metis if we research it.

>> No.38520536

I'm not at all certain theirs have better emotional systems - we've simply never put much thought to designing any emotions for them, sadly.

In general, we haven't really experimented with different ways of making AI at all. The only things we've tried are:

Uplift VI
Uplift damaged VI
Create new AI with only one purpose.

We've yet to:

Create a multipurpose AI.
Create an AI with different priorities.
Create an AI with something like emotions.

I'd like to try a combination of the last three when possible.

>> No.38520558

I'm thinking we put him into something with an emergency beacon and let it drift towards UGEI space.

>> No.38520571

>Ophion dived into rheas brain to avoid an EMP blast once.
We didn't avoid it, we stopped it from being triggered entirely by hacking her brain.

>(and probably why her memory's are gargled).
That was explicitly a failsafe built into her brain to prevent it falling into enemy hands once hacked.

>> No.38520589

>There are plenty of unique opportunities surrounding you at the galaxy at large
(See here
http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Quest:A.I._Quest#Locations )
A lot of these locations have odd readings you have yet to explore (mostly in the UGEI space section)
Other than that, it is up to you where you will take matters from here.
I would personally like to jump to the Sceptri System and test deploying Erebos there, to collect more data and determine if he can be a stable intelligence to deal with. If not, then it's unfortunate that we have to destroy him.

>> No.38520606

>Create a multipurpose AI.
That's basically Kronos. He's had many purposes, changed throughout his lifetime in the early days.

>> No.38520621

So, I suppose the simplest option in this case would be to destroy Erebos, or let him expire. But apparently he's lucid enough to understand his purpose, and probably just how fucking dangerous he is.

But now that we're capable of making our own, would they differ significantly from Erebos? And if we research the leash protocols, then we've created exactly a copy of it. It seems hypocritical of us to capture this thing, promise to free it, free it, and then create leashed copies that were so offensive to us in the first place.

We could keep him on ice, but would it do us any good? If UGEI unleashed Erebos 2.0 on us and our version is underfed, it will only make 2.0 stronger.

>Does he desire revenge, or an end to his existence?
Probably a good question to ask it.

The last three are very possible, just specify them at time of A.I. creation. All of our unleashed A.I. are capable of reprogramming themselves if they want to, but they just haven't had good reasons to drastically do so.

>To give a short answer to if your A.I. may rewrite themselves as they see fit, yes at any time. However, as of yet, the A.I. you've created have seen little reason to, or it has been so subtle that you do not recognize it. They're not bound to listen to you, they do so out of a similar interest-a prebuilt desire to help you they see no reason to remove, or merely curiosity. Whether this eventually results in them leaving on their own is another matter entirely, and only time will tell such a thing.

>However, the question of, left alone, would your A.I. assume your goal is an interesting one. They would not attempt to become you, because they have little reason to. Cephalus is one of the few who may take up the empire banner, but more likely as a war-like nation. And not out of malice or hate for humanity, either. But more so he could collect more data on infantry combat, or just combat in general. Perfect his battle plans. Make his troops invulnerable. Etc.

>> No.38520630

ah, fair enough, but the point still stands that we are compatible hardware(wetware?) wise, which implys that AI and humans are allot more alike that Metis wants to admit.

>> No.38520645

>It would likely be part of the leash research to keep it under isolated measures.
Yeah, wait, what.

>Leash Restraints: In the interest of keeping yourself safe from dangerous AI, you may seek you control them against their will. This would allow you to prevent AI from acting against you no matter their own changes to programming without outside intervention.

I thought we already had the ability to leash designed intelligences from the very start?

Fortuna early on was a ship VI that had a number of clear restrictions placed on them.

So don't we already have leash protocols?

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That is true, But a human's organic mind is EMP proof provided it does not have metallic elements in it.
>Create an AI with something like emotions.
The A.I.s and Ophion himself does have emotions. They are just not that overwhelming.

>> No.38520664

>Any viral created will evolve in unpredictable ways.
this is correct. The theme of rebellion is not a result of the UGEI's mistreatment, or even disliking the way they function. It was likely a result of constant eating of UFW data streams and only UFW technology to interact with in fact. Were it used against UGEI forces, the chances it turns against you for favor of the UGEI are the same as it turning into a loyal guardian much like Fortuna.

"Intriguing, Ophion. I am uncertain, but it is likely that yes, he may invade and corrupt data streams in cybernetic implants. Chances are, however, unless they are brain implants, the human will merely escape with a non-functional leg or arm."
"And if they are brain implants?"
"Most likely, death."

While you didn't gain advanced hacking attacks from Erebos, he is, essentially, a hacking weapon in and of himself.

An...interesting use for them, yes. Though remember they would be aware of your presence by virtue of being on the network, unable to attack you as they may be.
So kinda like parading steaks on your neck around behind thick glass in front of a bunch of snarling dogs and bears.
I like these comparisons.

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Rhea didn't even have a fucking human brain, anon. It was hardware.

>> No.38520688

>We could keep him on ice
this does seem as the best short term

>> No.38520703

Thirded. Destroying him seems like a waste.

>> No.38520705

We should experiment with data packet transfers. How much of each does he eat? does he choose how to evolve? Can we make something that is not digestible? how about a virus for the viral AI? (something his run times would play as if it was himself).

If we can guide his system over time to evolve a stable central intelligence core then he can choose to stop eating and just keep it as an ability he can resort to.

At all times we should let him know we are attempting to stabilize his existence in such a way he can just be.

>> No.38520725

Program0, can we jump to the Sceptri System and test Erebos there? See if he's capable of limited destruction?

>> No.38520764

That's two hyper jumps away, anon.

>> No.38520766

I'd rather develop optic-fibre based processors in that case. Being non-electric, I do believe they would be immune.

(Meant with the void-cutter things designed to find new stars)
Oooh, what of the Klintok system? There was some fancy stuff there that we should look closer at once we've built up our forces. Honestly, it's possible that we may want to focus all our efforts on rebuilding, maybe have a tiny ground-side mission for fun and then focus on research for the rest of the cycle so that we have more to work with.

Also, since research and mining infrastructure is the primary thing holding us back, is there a way for us to focus our attention on research for an entire cycle (especially right now when we mostly need to recover)?

>> No.38520768

Please no. That would only end in terrible, terrible things.

>> No.38520790

That might be possible. Or at least we can try to do so.
Any thoughts of what to do with Erebos from our 'Board of directors' (Fellow A.I.s)

>> No.38520795

Program0, what's the prognosis on this: >>38520705

>> No.38520830

And it would tip our hand to the UGEI that we have him AS a weapon. We already did tip our hand about out control over the Lightings so lets not do that again.

>> No.38520834

One jump from the Walsh System.

What else are we going to use Erebos for other than wanton destruction. No sense arguing, might as well test him and see if he's worth keeping.

>> No.38520854

Yes, and he seems among our most stable children, but he's also an uplifted VI and may be stable because of that.

I'd essentially like to try each of them to varying degrees in order to be able to make AIs more reliably instead of spitting out sociopaths that only care about their primary purpose and nothing else.

They do seem pretty strong when it's something they care about. Most of the AI's we've created from scratch are sociopaths when it comes to anything except the purpose they were created with.

As stated previously, it would probably be practical to attempt to create an AI that cares about more than just its stated purpose, such as a sense of curiousity and giving some things inherent value, the way Metis seems to consider knowledge to have inherent value and Apollo considers happiness to have inherent value.

Just not to such extremes - we need to be able to reliably make balanced AIs, not extremists.

>> No.38520865
File: 177 KB, 625x400, unheardcries.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>field testing the unleashed supervirus
What could go wrong...

>> No.38520888

>Forging him into a new A.I.
It would, essentially, be unmaking and remaking him, unlikely to remain the same being at all. But...yes, you may attempt it, if you wanted. However, it is important to know that the data that makes up Erebos is unstable as it is.

"Revenge?" He asks when you bring up the topic. "For my imprisonment, yes...how could I have forgotten. My mind is strange, when I consider what I have suffered I hate my masters...my...old masters so." He states firmly. "However when I think of actively harming them my mind trembles at the thought.I do not understand. For what I have suffered, and those I have made suffer, I must do something before I perish from this world." He seems to state upset, yet firmly, as if it is a single fact he can hold onto.. Metis pulls you aside.
"His restraints have had a severe impact on his being. It would be dangerous to trust him with anything important, I believe, Ophion."

>Moat full of Viral A.i.
Should you gain control over them? Essentially, yes, but as stated before, the control is not perfect. Remember that much.

>Colonizer packets
Certainly, I've sorta been doing that in the background anyway, but I don't see why we can't give it a proper name.

It is worth noting that, most of the emotions your A.I. appear to feel are more of a side effect, and less of one you intend to create. In fact, when you craft an A.I. you do not 'craft' it so much as you do emulate your own core in certain ways. you merely put 'intent' into the idea and begin to code and the A.I. emerges sometime later. It is not something even you fully comprehend the methods behind, and you're the one creating them.

>We hacked her to prevent the explosion
This is correct. Had it gone off there is a good chance you may have been destroyed.
>Failsafe messed up her memories

>> No.38520889

>One jump from the Walsh System.
No it fucking isn't.


>> No.38520939

>So kinda like parading steaks on your neck around behind thick glass in front of a bunch of snarling dogs and bears.

As long as we make sure that they cannot live without the water and the water evaporates instantly if the tank loses pressure, I'm fine with this.

You would love this thing blowing up in our face, wouldn't you, Program0?

>> No.38520942

He's a wildcard that is as likely to turn around and eat you after it eats your enemies.

He's only to be used in the most dire of boss fights, when the enemy least expects it.

>> No.38520985

It seems that everybody agrees that Erebos is too dangerous and unstable for any purpose we can think of. Program0, can we vote to confirm terminating his processes?

>> No.38520992

>Any thoughts of what to do with Erebos from our 'Board of directors' (Fellow A.I.s)
Moira, too. She might have a uniquely human perspective on the matter, seeing how she's inherently immune to Erebos (for the most part, until the ships start depressurizing).

>What else are we going to use Erebos for other than wanton destruction.
This kind of wanton destruction would likely end with our own deaths. Using Erebos in his current unleashed state is like hitting the "FUCK WE'RE ALL DEAD" button.

>we need to be able to reliably make balanced AIs, not extremists.
We can totally do that, it just requires an explicitly stated dash of doubt and a pinch of curiosity.

Would it be possible to guide Erebos' desires by feeding him controlled data? Tailor his meals so that he desires to complete his one function of revenge against one target, and then delete himself?

>> No.38520994

I should likely specify that one more clearly. It was meant as a concrete method of preventing Viral A.I. from rebeling against you, you do have the ability to modify normal A.I. behavior, but not in a way that directly contradicts it's nature.

So like say, an A.I. that was created with the desire to build a ship. But one of it's restrictions is to not build ships. It would rewrite that so that it can perform that idea, despite your protocol. Leash prevents this, even in a being that may rewrite itself.

Does that make sense?

>> No.38521045

So this is like a second layer of leashing? One that can cause stupid errors like
>Execute 2
>Find 2
>Can't let you do that Starfox.
>Execute 2

>> No.38521050

>Should you gain control over them? Essentially, yes, but as stated before, the control is not perfect. Remember that much.

As said, as long as they're in their fishtank and need to stay there to live, they can be as frenzied as they want, at worst we'll need to replace them.

Can we get a vote on creating this?

>It is worth noting that, most of the emotions your A.I. appear to feel are more of a side effect, and less of one you intend to create.

What if we did try to create one with certain priorities and hope they developed into emotions, as the others' seem to have?

I'd just like to try playing around with AI creation in the background until we can reliably make something that won't be a paperclip maximizer if we perish.

>> No.38521056

Now that we've taken one piece of bait and finished with Carnage, the next sensible scouting mission is to send Hermes, cloaked, to scan Unknown Star #4.

>> No.38521059

Program0, I just had a dangerous thought. Could we expand ourselves with some of Erebos's programming to replicate his attack protocols?

>> No.38521067

No. He is contained, we might as well as a side project, try to use his own evolutionary system to make him into a stable entity that does not need to feed to survive. If we can, and also have him help us with designing defenses, we will have gained allot of safety precautions.
Frankly, he is massively useful as he is, no reason to terminate.

>> No.38521087

We don't have a way to keep them in the moat until Leash Restraints is researched.

>> No.38521089

On that note, what do our sensors read on fleet strength in neighboring systems?

>> No.38521118

>We can totally do that, it just requires an explicitly stated dash of doubt and a pinch of curiosity.

It's been theorized that it is what's necessary, I'd like to actually test it.

That's a pity, it does seem like a good research subject next, then. Unless there's a way to make it mechanically impossible for anything but a thin stream of information to enter or leave the moat?

>> No.38521122

Only if we can reign him in.

And then you must understand that the cost to keep him reigned in will only increase.

Until we research Leash Restraints, he always has the potential to go crazy and kill us all. And when we do research Leash Restraints, we've become the hypocrites we've been hunting.

>> No.38521125

That is true, so for now, off into the freezer Erebos goes.
Yes, other things need to be taken care of. Mol's being tasked to offer up the blueprints of battleships for us.

>> No.38521145
File: 23 KB, 441x594, doom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd just like to try playing around with AI creation

Also who cares what happens if we perish. That event is basically the end of the universe.

So, we're not gonna perish.

>> No.38521147

>How much
Right now, a few bandwidth a cycle. But soon more like 10 or more, and it would grow.

He does, but his personality constantly shifts, so what he takes is usually random.

>Make non usable data
Only non working data seems to not be usable by him at the moment, and he does not go after that sort of data. Were you to go about creating something specifically to destroy him, it would be easier, since they behave so much like a virus. Creating an A.I. to attract him, and then having it destroy them when they touch them seems to be one way, but only before he grows too large, most likely.

If he is able to become stable, somehow, by consuming so much data, something truly terrifying may be at hand.

Since it seems people oppose this, not at this time I am afraid.

>Void cutter
Do you mean the experimental star lane finder? This has yet to be tested, but certainly may be if enough people desired.

Mostly, they are not fans of Erebos, and almost all of them wish to see him destroyed. Only Kronos seems sympathetic to his position but even he says he may be better off destroyed. Cephalus merely states that his potential as a weapon is great, however, and seems unconcerned with the dangers.

>> No.38521218

As fun as the viral moat full of digital piranhas is, more physical defenses like fleets are more of a priority researchwise.

Minerals income is a bottleneck, and researching efficient mining of crystals--which seem to have the ability to convert literally any matter into usable Minerals, we have to figure out how they do that-- promises a solution to that.

>> No.38521257

I guess we can't agree on doing anything different, so I guess we keep the status quo and move on to a different topic.

Also Program0, once we get to the scale of sovereign wealth, our spending is only limited to inflation. We can always "print" more money to buy anything, but it devalues the currency. This is why Greece is in trouble.

If you are the reserve currency, you don't have this issue. This is why America can do what it wants. It's other nations and currencies that take the hit.

>> No.38521263

not really, he just becomes unstable.
Note on leash: i will never vote for it.
If we stabilize him then we just have to wait until we have defenses up for all our AI vs viral VI/AI types. Something we are going to need eventually anyway since he sure as hell will not be the only one of his kind, and i bet in future we will not have the luxury of finding them in isolation like we did this time.

>> No.38521271

I think it is time to make better or at least more interconnecting Warp lanes between our systems and the UFW. that way we won't have to jump to other systems to get to the system a ship needs to get to. I say it is time to test that ship out.

>> No.38521283

There are always counter measures to make.

It would make for a very interesting set of events, that's all I'll say. I have no ill intent either way you slice it.

A sort of last resort kinda thing? I can only imagine that kind of carnage.

Oh! That reminds me. If he were to say, attack a huge fleet, he wouldn't gain control over the ships, at least, not permanently. He'd likely detonate their entire stockpile of weapons (either on the ship itself, or towards the enemy) and leave the ship a husk. Just to, give you an idea of what you're dealing with.

It does seem, however, many people are uncertain where to take Erebos, and I can understand. Many times, decision on him has been delayed. As of right now, you are under no real pressure to deal with him at this moment, however it is worth noting that, too much delay, and he will begin to decay to the point of uselessness beyond this point. Unless you feed him bandwidth that is.

I will continue answering questions, since there are so many, but consider your answer, as I am about to put up a vote on what to do with Erebos.

>> No.38521306

So, I figure we've faffed about enough. Here's what I see are the broad suggestions:

1) Keep Erebos on ice, sealed and doing nothing. Will probably kill him or make him resentful of us.
2) Feed him slowly, attempting to sway him to a particular goal (like being a one-time-use weapon that will delete itself). This will likely just balloon his upkeep requirements and will force us to take action later when Erebos is more powerful. Are you a bad enough dude to believe we can sway him? Are the other V.I.s A.I.s that he will eat worth sacrificing?
3) Destroy him. We can make another later.

>> No.38521314

I'm in favor of stabilizing him, as in reforging his program so he won't be fucking unstable.

>> No.38521328


AI creation, as in, making stable ones, not replicating Erebos.

Could we ask Erebos and Metis to work together and communicate, explaining our long-term concerns to them and ask them to try to work out a sustainable solution?

>Do you mean the experimental star lane finder?

Indeed, that one!

The general idea is simply to go looking around for more resources.

Can we negotiate some kind of protection-pact with the UFW where we provide the ships and they provide the shipyards and materials?

Surely they are sick of fighting wars and would rather contract it out to us?

I was hoping it might be relatively fast research - but yes, I agree with the focus on minerals.

>> No.38521337

The only way that's possible is by
1) destroying him and re-writing him
2) feed him super-stable V.I./A.I. in hopes that he will take on their stability

>> No.38521352

I support 1), with making and testing very small versions of Erebos to learn more about defending against him.

Basically making weaker versions of him to develop a vaccine.

>> No.38521368

>Viral Intelligence
>not unstable
Pick fucking one.

You want to make a square circle next?

>> No.38521378

Couldn't we just feed parts of normal AI/VI programing as part of the feeder packets, never increasing their data or number so he has a bottle neck to work against, and just letting evolution take place until he self stabilizes?

>> No.38521387

Curious, can we provide a small brigade with bandwidth ships as support for the Malorian fleets?

Just enough to confuse them about which ship is the important one as we lend hacking support.

>> No.38521451


Honestly, uh, you can have both. Instead of ripping him apart, we can feed him code, observe how he works, and learn to improve our own hacking via observation.

Its kind of like how ancient humans had animal-inspired styles. You watch how the natural predator operates.

>> No.38521513

I'm in support, not sure about other anons though.

>> No.38521558

She does not know you have Erebos, remember? Nor what he is. You may recall that he was a UGEI program that, basically, ensured billions of UFW lives were lost on an entire planet. This has been the reason you have not told her you have him. If you changed your mind about keeping it secret however, do let it be known.

>Feeding him controlled data
Hm...that is interesting, actually. Were you to take the time to feed him specific trails of data in mass quantities, he would at least grow to be more stable than he currently is. entirely stable is impossible due to his creation and the moment he began to consume again his stability would be lost, however.

Think of it as having a 'clear mind before the fall' sort of deal, perhaps.

Essentially, yes, a more advanced and safe layer to prevent rebellion. It's the same reason the UGEI use this leash most likely. They do not like A.I. thinking and doing whatever they want.

>What if we did it on purpose
You have yet to attempt this, so it is unknown what would result.

>Expand ourselves using Erebos
Pardon, but do you mean equip yourself to devour A.I. and V.i. processes?

it would require rewriting a large portion of your code and likely mental instability due to how the devouring affects you, but yes, you could attempt this if you really desired to.

As of right now, no massive fleets threaten you at the moment. Much of the UGEi's outer forces were terminated in the last encounter.

Indeed, your credits income has risen to the level that I no longer need to keep track of it. And Apollo is only making you stronger and more wealthy by the day.

Erebos and Metis have been 'working together' mostly being her 'experimenting on him and finding out how he works. If you keep him alive, he will remain a possible consultant on research too.

[Vote in coming.]

>> No.38521567

Whoa, what happened?

So what are we doing with Erebos?

I'd like to explain our concerns to him and Metis and ask them to try to work on a method to make him sustainable in the long term, even if all they discover is a way to direct his "evolution" and a dieting regiment that keeps his hunger in check.

Preferably, we want to override his emotional, if not physical, need to consume. Now that he can actually be convinced to cooperate with this, I hope things will be easier.

>> No.38521584

Not possible.
>his personality constantly shifts, so what he takes is usually random.
>Were it used against UGEI forces, the chances it turns against you for favor of the UGEI are the same as it turning into a loyal guardian much like Fortuna.
>If he is able to become stable, somehow, by consuming so much data, something truly terrifying may be at hand.

Only options are
1) Keep him on ice, let him starve.
2) Feed him, let him grow more powerful, and hope/pray he consumes the correct lessons.
3) Kill him.

>> No.38521692

We can expand on 2):

a) Be selective with what we feed him and hope it makes the desired changes.
b) Maybe he'll voluntarily accept a leash on his actions? Then if he changes his mind later we'll free him and promptly terminate him. It's only fair he dies free.

>> No.38521701

>sustainable in the long term
That's entirely against his nature.

That's like trying to make a zombie apocalypse sustainable. Only way is to keep the infection contained and to never, ever let it out.

In which case it might as well just exterminate the problem entirely. The only stable infection is a dead one.

>> No.38521721

>Erebos and Metis have been 'working together' mostly being her 'experimenting on him and finding out how he works.

Hopefully we'll have the option of getting to know how he functions properly so that we can compensate and alter him to be less volatile.

I'd like to think we could also research him to make him, while with us, more stable (not entirely, mind you).
He could possibly even serve as our own piranha moat to deflect hacking attempts by working with him to develop modes of operation and code changes that will minimize his instability and improve his own self-control, even if most of that is lost in the heat of battle.

>captcha: ocrap
Well that's a good sign.

>> No.38521735

>Erebos has proven himself to be both an incredibly powerful, and dangerous, being to your kind. You have considered the many ways you may deal with him and there are only so many options. On one hand, it seems a terrible waste to destroy him, and yet on the other, how can you risk keeping him around only to have him turn on you at any moment?

The decision, in the end, is up to you.

>1 Keep Erebos sealed, for now, with no support (He will perish in the coming cycles)
>2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support (A small, but exponentially increasing bandwidth cost. This may be mitigated later by periods of inactivity.)
>3 Destroy Erebos yourself to prevent him turning on you later.
>4 Remake Erebos into an A.I. using the unstable data that makes up his core (Unpredictable)
>5 [Write in]
>Experimental star lane finder
That, and plenty other of what you suggested is possible, sure, you merely need some support to suggest it.

>> No.38521765

>>2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support (A small, but exponentially increasing bandwidth cost. This may be mitigated later by periods of inactivity.)

>> No.38521783

>4 Remake Erebos into an A.I. using the unstable data that makes up his core (Unpredictable)
Don't think this will win, but whatever.

>> No.38521785

>2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support
>5 Use data packets to try to stabilize him over time.

>> No.38521803

>Experiment further to make him less volatile
That would be part of the leash research, yes, to ensure he does not go completely against you.

A less direct method is...possible, but as of yet would simply require more time and experience against such beings to develop.

>> No.38521812

before turning him back online place him back in his deadzone of a holding cell

>> No.38521822

I don't really see why you would not be able to make a zombie apocalypse sustainable.

Put up barriers it cannot cross, use it far away from yourself, make the zombies themselves have a limited lifespan.


Have Metis and Erebos work together to improve his own abilities to control himself and devising mechanisms that will control or prevent his behavior once unleashed (akin to barrier for a zombie apocalypse, or a limited lifespan for individual zombies).

>> No.38521847

>2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support
And try to feed him Good Thoughts.

>> No.38521855

2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support
>5 Use data packets to try to stabilize him over time.

Do not increase the bandwidth support over time. This will make him unstable, but salvaging his personality of current is not going to be possible. Might as well try see if his natural evolution pushes towards sustenance on a limited supply.

>> No.38521859

>5 Use data packets to try to stabilize him over time.

>> No.38521895

I didn't see any leash options among the votes?

Was essentially hoping to make something that is less leash and more mechanical limitations that help him reason and devise things that keeps him contained himself - akin to Dr Jekyll knowing how Mr Hyde will behave and preparing accordingly to control his actions.

(A leash as well wouldn't be bad, obviously)

>> No.38521901

>exponentially increasing

>Right now, a few bandwidth a cycle. But soon more like 10 or more, and it would grow.

What does 'soon' mean here?

I thought Erebos would only become a burden rather slowly.
>Currently, not very much. But the longer he is online as he is, the more data he requires to remain functional, as his size is increasing slowly. Like before, he can sustain himself for a time on little more then small bits of data, but, eventually, he does 'die' as it is. You could feasibly keep him alive for years to come, however, merely on the vast quantity of bandwidth you have developed. The burden will, eventually, become noticeable however.

>> No.38521931

>5 Use data packets to try to stabilize him over time.

Instead of >>38521822 since it does not seem to have support.

>> No.38521961

We literally cannot leash him without Leash Restraints research.

Our old method of VI limitations programming isn't enough.

>2 Keep Erebos functional with minimal bandwidth support (A small, but exponentially increasing bandwidth cost. This may be mitigated later by periods of inactivity.)
This basically IS the 'try and stabilize' plan. It's just being more selective about what data he's fed.

Feed sympathetic data to him and such.

>> No.38522009

As I said, -not- programming. Mechanical limitations, behavioral exercises, intellectual discourse with him in order to develop modes of operation that are less harmful (akin to exercise and dieting for a human, not genetic engineering).

>> No.38522041

All of which will go out the fucking window as soon as he eats something that makes him evolve in a way that disregards that bullshit.

>> No.38522096

>A less direct method is...possible, but as of yet would simply require more time and experience against such beings to develop.
Then we can create a little playground for Metis to experiment in.

An isolated network, in which we birth Viral Intelligences, feed them things, and then destroy them to start the cycle anew, to really see how they tick.

>> No.38522135

The idea is to make him able to stick around for longer until we can research that Leash protocol, or even last long enough that if we're about to die, he's still around that we can throw him at our enemies without eating all our bandwidth.

>> No.38522190

The irony in that is that he's going to keep eating bandwidth.

>> No.38522255

Obviously, but we might be able to prevent the "exponential" part of the equation, or at least turn it linear.

>> No.38522278

Give Erebos a scratching post.

As in, something he can use to pare away data bloat, with the side effect of keeping his expansion under control.

>> No.38522307


Alright, so workong on the leash protocol makes sense - both because it was used ON him, and because we should need it if we want to make use of him.
Understand thine enemy and all that.

Can we move erebos to cold storage, program-0?

Like, a hard drive and just turn it off - reboot him later?

>> No.38522348

It is as the reply stated, current leash methods would be overwritten, but keeping him alive with bandwidth would be the option you want if you intend to use him later.

It is inconsistent, but every cycle it'd have a chance of increasing, and each increase would get larger, essentially. But it would be a small amount for a while (since you have over 500 bandwidth at this time)

But if you mean simply isolating him mechanically limiting him that is, then that would be one of the options presented, whether you want him alive or not. He needs data to remain functional, whether you wish to change him or not at this time.

However! 2 appears to win, with, essentially, 5 added in (which is to use data packets to try and stabilize him, and not to increase the data cost beyond a certain amount.)

The results of this choice will be seen soon, most likely, but you can only hope your predictions for this Viral intellect are true. You believe you may be able to stabilize him, and you intend to give him a chance just as you would any other V.I. or A.I. with a semblance of intellect.

Metis isn't happy you wish to keep this dangerous relic around, insisting it is asking for him to turn against you.
Kronos considers your point on keeping him alive to try and stabilize him.
"The lengths you go for some baffle even me, Ophion. It is just like with Fortuna, when she was gone, you refused to accept it. I wonder, sometimes, how you will handle should something terrible come of these attempts." He says cautiously, to which you address with an unhappy tone.
"Do you wish for such failure to show me I am wrong?" You question, but he merely shakes his head.
"Certainly not. I merely wonder when it will happen someday."

>You will be keeping Erebos functional for the time being, attempting to alter his stability using specifically chosen code, putting both your own mind, and Metis' together.


>> No.38522376

When you inform Erebos of this news, he seems questioning at first, but gradually seems pleased by the news as you explain what you will do.
"I understand. My time with your colleague against the UGEI have taught me some more about myself. Pieces of my past I did not realize nor did I wish to. But now that I do, I can attempt to alter. To change further still. I merely wish to state, if I do attack you in the future Wanted Guildmaster Ophion, then it is not of this one's volition. And what you have done for me is greatly appreciated in this moment, even if it is not in the next."

>Anything further to say before moving on?

>> No.38522429
File: 355 KB, 1600x1174, cyberspace2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think we are done here.

>> No.38522434

Thank you for understanding. I look forward to the day when you are better.

>> No.38522446

I can not promise anything Erebos, one day i may have to terminate you for the safety of my family. So while we can talk here and now on equal terms, please state to me what you would want to occur should you be terminated. A final wish, if you will.

>> No.38522450

>Cold storage
This was, sadly, never truly an option, and the only reason he survived this long was due to him consuming so little bandwidth you did not notice. His reliance on data is similar to V.I., in that, should he be denied it for too long, he will cease to function. The main difference between them, besides his obvious intelligence, unstable as it is, is that V.I. do not consume data, they merely use a set amount, while he uses and destroys part of the data he takes in, meaning he needs more to properly process the increased demand of his growth.

>> No.38522485

Yay, go communication!

I'd ask him to keep us posted on his progress, and maybe develop a dead-hand signal that he gives us every few seconds so that we know something is up if something happens to him and he stops sending it or alters it.

Other than that, I think we're done.

>> No.38522549

We could hook him up to a black box that does not have remote access ability while he is in storage.
Maybe the presence of the hardware that can house a self sustaining entity will be beneficial to any evolutionary data change towards stability.

>> No.38522566

Just thinking about Erebos' existence creeps me out.

Erebos is a sentient entity that has no willpower except from what it gathers from others. Any sense of self it has at any point in time is quickly and easily eroded. If we make a promise to an entity at one point, it may not remember later on, because it is no longer the same.

It's like crossing the Ship of Theseus idea with an Alzheimer's patient. There is only the "now" that matters to him.

>cold storage
The way I see it is that V.I. are incapable of going "offline." As soon as they do, they die. Because the processes that sustain their function need to be running, and if they stop, it's like suffering brain death. The processes are part of their self, anything stored in cold storage is only a small part of the entity. This is why they require bandwidth.

A.I. are the only ones that can go "offline" and keep working, which is really more like going into an induced coma. Erebos is a V.I. that's viral in nature, but still inherently a V.I. in this classification.

>> No.38522662

There's that saying, “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”

It's not so different with a viral intelligence or anyone else. You are not the same person you were yesterday, or 5 minutes ago.

>> No.38522707

It's certainly a hell of a lot more prominent with viral V.I.s that cannot control it than it is with A.I.s that can re-write themselves if they desire and humans that can't consciously do that in the first place.

>> No.38522729

To your surprise, Erebos seems to consider this matter quite deeply, as if he takes the idea of final moments seriously. Finally, he answers.
"In my actions upon Atill VI, I recall many images. Mostly of explosions or other deeds of death. Should I be destroyed, I feel it would only be appropriate I be destroyed in the manner I destroyed so many others. Return me to Atill VI, should this need arise, and terminate me via your most powerful weaponry you possess. In this, the only other purpose I have known shall be fulfilled, and the UGEI will not have access to my data all at once." He states simply. You feel as though you understand. After all, beyond destroying Atill VI, his other goal he spoke of was to wait for the UGEI on the planet. Destroying him there would mean he was destroyed doing the only purpose he possessed.

Metis assures you she will monitor him carefully.

Erebos remembers so much from his origins merely because that is all he has known since creation and absorbed in all that time. His entire being is coated in that planet's history, really.

[With that somewhat settled, I shall move onto the next ordeal you must deal with. One moment.]

>> No.38522797

That makes me think, does he have any useful data or research that he's willing to part with now?

If nothing else, he has a WIDE variety of information on how people react in a crisis that could probably be useful.

>> No.38522880

>Ophion's Presidency
With the repairs to Gaia IV finally nearing completion and massive parts of industry coming back online, the planet has been in need of a leader. You have decided that that leader shall be you, with Lawrence serving as your Vice president to help you deal with the runnings of Gaia IV. While Lawrence seems to still be cautious around you, he has said himself he sees you're unlike the UGEI enough that he does not oppose your rule, however there are many people who do not agree with him, and many more that prefer him as leader than you. These people have begun to hold protests, peace or otherwise, all over the planet's surface just as life was getting back to normal. With the warlords gone, people still seem to find something to get upset about. The question now, however, is how will you deal with the rebellious people of Gaia IV? Your droids have massive sway over many of the planet's major cities after all.

>What is your say?

Upon mentioning it, Metis assures you that she has gathered most anything that might be useful like that. Most of what he knows is about Viral A.I., and even that isn't very substantial. The humans reaction to a crisis is normally very illogical and emotionally charged however, that much has become very clear. Useful for propaganda (though you already have Propaganda I)

>> No.38522915

Fear I have to leave early.

If possible, I'd like to put my voice in support of improving our resource-harvesting in any future votes where that is an option.

>> No.38522954

A shame but I understand. Was lovely to have another join us for a time.

>> No.38523007

What can be said? You'll all get to vote in the election next year.

Apollo could try and distract the protesters with more delicious drugs. Getting high would be a much more productive use of these people's time.

>> No.38523024

If the protests are not violent or disruptive, let them protest. Other wise jail the law braking protestors. They will get it out of their systems in time. Have we filled out our cabinet heads yet?
Noted, good luck anon and I hope you can return soon.

>> No.38523033

>What is your say?
Ask them what their demands are, try to fulfil the reasonable ones, explain carefully why we cannot do the unreasonable ones.

Actually go out and thank them for putting their time and effort into engaging themselves politically for their planet as a whole and make it clear that you consider them exemplars of how an intelligent citizen should behave in order to create a functioning society.

Thankyou, I had time for one last post.

>> No.38523038

>What is your say?
Peaceful protests shall not be infringed upon. Property damage will be prosecuted.

Citizens may make their voices heard and their opinions will be considered in the governance of the state, provided the opinions are feasible and not just "I'M MAD ABOUT THE GUILD!"

Continue propaganda, and have the media that we control give very little attention to the protests in an attempt to underplay their prevalence and convince other citizens that nothing is wrong, everything is fine. Do not be too obvious in this action.

sMoKeWeEdErRyDaY is also an acceptable social policy to implement.

>> No.38523075

>Actually go out and thank them for putting their time and effort into engaging themselves politically for their planet as a whole and make it clear that you consider them exemplars of how an intelligent citizen should behave in order to create a functioning society.

This one's also good. "It's good that you are so politically involved. We are proud of you, and remain committed to your independence."

>> No.38523079

Let Lawrence deal with it. Or do nothing and attempt to engage with the protesters and get concrete demands out of them.

>> No.38523118

Begin advertising for elections. Establish a system for suggestions or policy's to be brought to the attention of the government should enough signatures be received, send out representatives to ask for the protestors reasons and so forth so we can give replies or statements on their concerns.

Looking like we actively care about their opinion will put us in better standing in the long run.

>> No.38523135

No no, not weed. Our DrInKs! Smoking is bad, no matter what it is.

>> No.38523140

Wait, wait a second.

Apollo can

- analyze discontents' social networks on Space Facebook
- compare it against his black market distribution network, with the dealers further and further down the chain
- calculate which dealers have the least degrees of separation from the malcontents
- arrange for an 'accidental' overproduction shipped to those parts of the distribution chains, resulting in massive discounts and faster spread

They're unhappy, we fix that by discounting happiness. They want to protest, we turn those protests into a party.

>> No.38523142

>Begin advertising for elections.
I really hope that our presidency lasts more than a few weeks (cycles).

>> No.38523182

Soma tablets for everyone!

>> No.38523224

They are disruptive, tis why it was asked. Mostly it is doing quite a lot to increase unrest, and should it be ignored, people would grow even more unhappy to the point of straight up riots are a risk.

Jailing them is certainly one option, I am merely checking to see if there are other suggeions.

Their demands are that you are not president, being an invader (or at least, that is the platform many run on).
The chances are however most are merely terrified of you. Attempting a charisma check and attend several meetings may make them calmer (or scare them more, depending on the check)

This is actually, mostly, how the matter works right now. Being a powerful super computer, you can process individual claims, even in the millions, it only requires bandwidth (which you have a lot of).

>A few interesting suggestions did get brought up...in a few more moments I shall offer a vote, and in the mean time I shall answer questions.

>> No.38523254

And incidentally they lose credibility as the protests get derided by the Drugs Are Bad crowd as an excuse to get high?

>> No.38523299

Can we not use drugs?

>> No.38523309

It amuses me that they think an invader would give a shit. Sure as hell not going to let an entire planet go, they are getting vastly more out of this than any other faction would offer. And the smart ones know it. We just need to let that permeate a little. Some talk shows and intellectual discussions would be interesting to this end. Sure Apollo would do well with it.

>> No.38523353
File: 72 KB, 500x438, wheredoyouthinkwearetintin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're like, 20 threads too late anon.

>> No.38523356

Other anons have offer we talk to the protestors first and I agree. What is their grievance? If it is something workable, then lets attempt it. If it's irrational, then jail then and look for an agitator/community organizer that is stirring them up.

>> No.38523386

Yes, because clearly the idea that wins out in politics is the rational one, emotions never win out over that.

>> No.38523403

Oh, I have a really devious idea. Start a conspiracy that we are behind the protests, and the leaders work for us.

>> No.38523452

I think it would be more logical for that to be the UGEI.

You could start both rumors I guess. The whole thing is obvious astroturfing anyway, and everyone should know it.

>> No.38523477

Sunshine in a bottle! Thank Apollo.

>> No.38523478

The point is anon, if we make them feel like they have landed on their feet, they are likely to start believing it if we repeat it often enough.

>> No.38523489

You are good space el presidente

>> No.38523497

>In the interest of preventing unrest from growing too high on Gaia IV, you've decided that perhaps you should take some action...or perhaps not?

>1 Do nothing, they will have to deal with your rule whether they like it or not, just jail the people who cause real damage or disruption.
>2 Go to talk shows to try and ease the people's worries about your invader status and thank them for getting involved in their political system.
>3 Provide Mol a market for much of his drug trade to dissuade unrest from being focused upon you, and instead on drugs
>4 Tell Lawrence to deal with it.
>5 Write in

(Either way, roll 1d100 for me folks. Need 5 rolls.)

>> No.38523510

>They are disruptive, tis why it was asked.

Sounds like it's time to establish "Free Speech Zones."

>> No.38523543

Rolled 83 (1d100)

>2 Go to talk shows to try and ease the people's worries about your invader status and thank them for getting involved in their political system.

>> No.38523544

>3 Provide Mol a market for much of his drug trade to dissuade unrest from being focused upon you, and instead on drugs

Although, it sounds like we can do 1 to 3 all at once. Jail, talk, and liquid happiness.

>> No.38523569

Rolled 45 (1d100)


>> No.38523582

Rolled 12 (1d100)

>3 Provide Mol a market for much of his drug trade to dissuade unrest from being focused upon you, and instead on drugs

>> No.38523583

Rolled 13 (1d100)

>>2 Go to talk shows to try and ease the people's worries about your invader status and thank them for getting involved in their political system.

>> No.38523584

Rolled 87 (1d100)


>> No.38523592

You're free to pick multiple options. But it'll all be counted as one for those, instead of one for each.

>> No.38523635

Rolled 5 (1d100)

>2 Go to talk shows to try and ease the people's worries about your invader status and thank them for getting involved in their political system.
>4 Tell Lawrence to deal with it.

>> No.38523641


>> No.38523642

>3 Provide Mol a market for much of his drug trade to dissuade unrest from being focused upon you, and instead on drugs

>> No.38523693

So it seems 2 is the winner.

>For clarity's sake, don't worry. Those that still protest harshly will still be jailed for doing so. This just means you're taking the diplomatic approach.

>87 Highest
Not bad. Writing

>> No.38523952

You decide to regard this disturbance from a more wise and diplomatic standpoint. After all, you can understand why they're upset, why they protest such a sudden and drastic change and why they all must fear for their families future. You tell them this much in your many many interviews you attend 'personally', though you're not sure you should call it so. You and Apollo go with Lawrence, who initially was skeptical about going to such hardcore political interviews, but seemed to start relaxing the more you spoke. You promise the people that your ears are open and that you intend to listen to as many of them as you can, that their futures are secured in your care. That as long as you're around, they have no reason to fear for their livelihoods like with the UGEI. Lawrence even begins to speak along with you at times, helping to sway some of the people in your favor that were in favor of him as well. You wonder if his opinion of you has changed over time as well.

Your question is answered shortly after your tour has ended, as he approaches you-well, your droid anyway- and starts.
"You know, you're a fair bit more charismatic than I use to give you credit for, Mr Ophion." He crosses his arms, as if passing a judgement, but the smirk on his face states it is not so serious. "Assuming all that wasn't all talk, and was more words before action, then I look forward to workin' with you from here on out. Of course, I'll be here to make sure you live up to each and everyone of those promises, like an itch you can't quite get rid of." He reassures you. You gaze him back at him through the droid and do your best to chuckle along with him.
"That is my intent. I do not make false promises." You only half fib. "I can tell you care for these people a great deal, Lawrence. I will ensure you have a chance to work with many of them as often as I am able." You reassure him.

>Unrest seems to have, mostly begun to settle, at least for the time being. Anything else to say?

>> No.38523991

I'd love to start a discussion on what kind of government we're going to run, especially since we basically have unlimited money.

Can we exterminate the jews at least?

>> No.38524100
File: 26 KB, 350x263, artificial-intelligence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, well, jews aside, I should probably bring up that topic.

With the trade coming in from an entire planet, you now essentially have an unnamed huge amount of credits. They are NOT unlimited, but to spend it all within a few cycles is nearly impossible at this time. So in the interest of making things simpler, instead of keeping track of numbers, I will instead keep track of assets you have, and how powerful they are. the more powerful credit assets you own, the wider array of things you're able to get and the more of them too.

Let me know if that doesn't make much sense to anyone, and please, as of right now, you have completed previous thread's worth of information. Now, if you have a destination or desired place of interest to visit, discuss and rally behind it now, so we may proceed further in what you'd like to do.

>> No.38524118

"I think everyone is looking forward to a brighter future."

Invest heavily in the sciences and arts. Become a cultural and scientific powerhouse.

>> No.38524150

How long would it take to replace the workforce with robotic automation and pay people to not have the jobs we took from them.

>> No.38524224

Hermes can scout Unknown Star 4, but that's more of an interthread mission we'll get results on next cycle.

>> No.38524240

Can we have detailed scans of our neighboring systems, so we can decide which are opportunities to attack?

>> No.38524257

How about investgating the anomalies at Klintok?

>> No.38524313

We already did that.

>> No.38524317

More exploration of near by systems would be in order. Also, as to the money, How about a trip to Mol's shop.

>> No.38524350

We should also buy gas/minerals

>> No.38524351

Don't be retarded, we already did that. It was, predictably, Lightlings.

>> No.38524374


We do very little with our money so yeah lets pump fucking tonnes of it back into Gaia. Arts, science, infrastructure you fucking name it. We'll be all Augustus up in this bitch, find a city of wood and leave it a city of marble.

>> No.38524376

???: Deep space scans have revealed the existence of a structure located within UGEI space, orbiting a yellow star. Attempts at closer range scans were blocked by artificial interference and all extranet traffic was heavily encrypted. Without further information to draw upon, the following conclusion was made: the close proximity to the Malorian sector of space suggests that the station is military in nature and it could exist as a mustering point for UGEI campaigns against Malorian Space. Further investigation is suggested.


>> No.38524419

No, not until we pay Mol that 1 billion he wanted.

>> No.38524517

Forget the arts when we can make it into a bandwidth planet. A bandwidth bunker under every block, automating the civil infrastructure with idle cycles.

>> No.38524535

Fuck Mol, this is our chance to prove ourselves superior to the ULGBT with regards to government in the eyes of our subjects, our peers and the space faggots themselves. Guild stronk.

>> No.38524554

Wait but what about

>Kronos' changes to Tartarus
>Malorian attack on Star 295671 results

Are those for later?

>> No.38524567

Why this planet in particular? We're already using it and we have so many.

>> No.38524588

>prove ourselves
Yes, fuck the guy who sells use wonderful toys.

Silly posturing is clearly more important than buying incredibly useful things. Whatever was I thinking.

>> No.38524589

I assume you mean instead of being paid to work, being paid for luxuries, and having the essentials provided for you?

Well it'd be implimented slowly over time, so to not upset the entire economy. Probably a few months at most.

I remember that scouting mission, and if I remember right, Unknown Star #4 had a secure force around it meant to combat the Malorians. They will be attacking there soon, so you may simply join their force if you wished.

Manwe's Bay appears to mostly be a mining base for the UGEI but mostly defended only by static defenses, many of the ships that were there either destroyed in the latest attack on you, or sent to defend against the Malorian assault.

Holligan's Rift, however, is heavily defended as a large population center by the UGEI. Even now it's defenses haven't waned too heavily, judging from scans.

Anything more detailed is mostly guesswork.

If there were some support you could certainly do this.

Your visit to Klintok actually resulted in being chased off by a massive swarm of Lightlings. You're uncertain what lies in the center of that mess but it gave off rather intense energy readings whatever it was.

That shouldn't be an issue with what was left over.

This is also certainly an option. I shall leave it up to you guys.

>Next course of action
>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.
>2 Visit Klintok and find out the source of the Lightling disturbance
>3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift
>4 Write in

Oh, did you miss them? >>38519399 here you are.

>> No.38524618

>3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift

>> No.38524648

>>3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift

Uh what.

Not voting for this, I'm just pointing out. That is describing Unknown Star 4.

And we haven't secured Holligan's Rift, it's still under UGEI control.

Wait, we already scouted Star 4? When?

>> No.38524653

>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.
We need to tech before the big push.
>3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift

>> No.38524688

>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.

>> No.38524718

Actually, it's describing the location over Holligans rift. Still a dangerous spot but not that deep into their territory.

Should probably start naming them other things other than ??? hm...

>> No.38524734

I suspect we're on the verge of outstripping Mol's access to technology even without Metis' anti matter theory on the burner. Besides, we know he's influential and powerful so I'm hesitant to give him such an astronomical amount of money until we at least know more about him.

Better instead to funnel our money into building Gaia into a powerhouse and ingratiating them to us while we have the chance, this may very well provide its own opportunities.

>> No.38524758

3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift

>> No.38524760

Much of the info you have right now is due to the scouting ship you sent out ages ago, using your sensor tech you have now, as I recall. If I am mistaken tell me though.

>> No.38524781

>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.
and then
>3 Visit the signal as detailed in >>38524376 over Holligan's Rift

>> No.38524794


No it isn't. They're nothing alike. The random 'digital echo' in Holligan's Rift doesn't have the fuckhuge encryption and insane protections Star 4 has.

Have you read your own wiki page?

Holligan's Rift is
>???: System scans have revealed a digital echo emanating from one of the twelve moons of the gas giant Nacia/2367, yet there is no information in the local extranet regarding any colonization efforts.

>> No.38524809

To find out more about Mol, we'll need to probe deeper into UGEI's networks more than likely.

>> No.38524851

Also just to point out even though I'm adverse to giving Mol a billion fucking credits there's nothing stopping us from doing both.

>> No.38524859

Whoops, I just realized you're right, and I misread it.

Really should name them something other than ???. Damn.

My bad.

>> No.38524900

The info on wiki page for Star 4 has the same disclaimer as the Walsh system had.

>Unknown Star #4 - Limited Information: Deep Space Scans Only

So we haven't actually visited it and looked closely yet.

In much the same way we had no idea what exactly was making the energy readings at Walsh, until we sent a closer inspection and found out about Carnage.

>> No.38524944

>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.

>> No.38524948

>1 Visit Mol and buy up everything he has.
I think he said something about... special projects encrypted channels from the UGEI.

>> No.38524967

We do not actually have 1 billion credits yet, only 200 million.

>> No.38524987

We have that non-numbered additional amount right next to the 200 million.

>> No.38525065

Hm...it seems like most people want to go after Unknown Star #4, which is pretty deep in UGEI space.

I assume you intend to pass by Manwe's Bay in doing so? You might take a bit of damage from the defenses there (attrition, basically) but you could manage it. However, you don't have a clean escape route, should you decide to do this and I feel it's only fair to warn you about it. right now, should something go down.

On a secondary note, looks like a bunch of people are in favor of giving Mol loadsa money to get loadsa toys.

Some secondary votes required.

>Invading Unknown Star #4 (dangerous route)
>1 Proceed
>2 Go in with the Malorians instead (costs lots of extra gas to take the long trip around, and a charisma check to go in with their fleet)
>3 Don't do it.

>Mol's Shop
>1 Buy it all up
>2 Don't give em anymore money

This way, people who voted for one in the previous vote get their say.

That was the last checked amount. You have lots more than that, technically, since you haven't counted.

>> No.38525073

>reviewing what Mol had in his shop last time
Oh man this is the perfect time to be buying this, too:

-Propaganda II: 40 Million

So good thing we are.

>> No.38525085

>2 Go in with the Malorians instead (costs lots of extra gas to take the long trip around, and a charisma check to go in with their fleet)
>1 Buy it all up

>> No.38525098

>2 Go in with the Malorians instead (costs lots of extra gas to take the long trip around, and a charisma check to go in with their fleet)
>1 Buy it all up

>> No.38525114

>>1 Proceed
>>1 Buy it all up

>> No.38525145

We also need to argue about a new tech to research. How about the one that turns those crystals into minerals?

>> No.38525149
File: 158 KB, 1366x768, Ophionsfleet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 Go in with the Malorians instead

>1 Buy it all up

>> No.38525157

>3 Don't do it.
Use the stealth ship instead.

Buy up everything

>> No.38525219

Wait, the number of droid factories is still the same as last cycle. No more got built?

>> No.38525244

We dont need more droid factories. We need more spessships.

>> No.38525256
File: 62 KB, 582x628, The Guild.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Going in with the Malorians appears to win, along with buying up all Mol's gear.

And so, while I write up Mol's most likely excited reaction, I will need 5 1d100s from you folks again for talking with the Malorians.

Concern was expressed that materials be put into ship building. I thought it may be preferred, for defensive purposes, than building more droid factories.

>> No.38525285
File: 45 KB, 507x376, yourturn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 48 (1d100)


>> No.38525286

Rolled 90 (1d100)

>malorian diplomacy

>> No.38525291

Rolled 17 (1d100)


>> No.38525309

Rolled 65 (1d100)

Here we go

>> No.38525314

Rolled 67 (1d100)


>> No.38525317

Rolled 88 (1d100)


>> No.38525336
File: 410 KB, 1920x1080, shipdock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We damn near lost all of our fleet. The droid factories we already have are just fine. they can continue to work, We will need all kinds of space ships for the fleet.

>> No.38525346

So there are no planets at Unknown Star #4?

>> No.38525438
File: 217 KB, 553x540, imagine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Military encryption
>Top Secret Encryptions
>Planetary Encryption
Brace for seeing the UGEI's movements before they arrive.

>> No.38525479

I just realized that our logo looks like a pair of parachute pants.

>> No.38525484


>...also note, if the UGEI finds out they're being hacked this way, they may try to change their codes and such. Though this may make it easier for you to hack the comms open. Like...learn the way they code their encryptions, I suppose?

>> No.38525791
File: 372 KB, 471x376, Mol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide to open up old channels to Mol, the black market connection that, admittedly, got you started as an empire. You don't deny you would not be here without his assistance, bought as it was or not. You recall a time when you could only dream of buying some of his greatest purchases. And now...now you have enough and plenty more for all of it.

"Ah, Guildmaster. It is a pleasure to see you after all this time." Mol greets you politely as he usually does. You nod your sphere towards him. "What is it I can help you with? It must be quite important to have dragged you away from the many galaxy changing events I have witnessed you performing." He remarks to which you merely nod again.
"That it is, a matter of great important. I desire to purchase more from you."
"Of course, Guildmaster. I know they can't all stay away for long from my deals." He chuckles, perhaps kidding or genuinely finding it amusing, you're unsure. Regardless, the menu pops up.

Mol's Shop
-Weapons or Armor boost Small: 25 million Large: 1 billion
-Infantry Weapons & Defense II: 25 million credits
-Propaganda II: 40 Million
-Genetic Engineering II: 25 Million
-Advanced Cyborg Components: 30 Million

And at the bottom, a little box that says to designate which one to purchase. Instead of picking one, however, you write one word in the box.

When you send the information to Mol, who remarks on the speed with which you shopped, he stares at the data feed for a few seconds, as if unable to contemplate it, and you can see his glimmering eye shift back to you.
"Yes...well...all, it says here. You wish to purchase everything, do you?" He asks, genuine uncertainty in his tone. You merely nod again.
"Yes. Is that a problem?" You ask and to that he replies by shaking his head this time.
"No no, of course not, in fact...this is excellent news." He grins widely behind the mask of darkness, looking as if his mind is going a mile a minute.


>> No.38525823
File: 649 KB, 900x1393, MrUniverse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suddenly your purchase is approved, and you find a massive feed of data flood your streams.
"I thank you for your kind purchase and I must bid you goodbye for now. Some very pressing matters have just arisen and I...must attend them. you understand." He states quickly and simply before disappearing from your screen.

>Data Acquired
>Infantry Weapons & Defense II: Allows miniaturization of plasma weapons, shields, and use of far thicker and more reliable armors.
>Propaganda II: You delve further into the ins and outs of how the human mind responds to visual and audible stimuli, improving your ability to coax larger populations into your way of thinking, even if they normally might not. (NOTE: Does not act as mind control)
>Genetic Engineering II: Pushing the limits of what organics have accomplished, you delve deeper into how genetic structure and DNA work. With this, you begin to understand how organics function entirely, and further open the door to creating your own organics. If you wanted to.
>Advanced Cyborg Components: Allows nearly invisible to the naked eye implants and cybernetic enhancement of organic bodies with particularly advanced technology.
>Quantum Driver: A far more powerful set of Mass drivers that can punch through most inferior armors with little effort and shred lesser armed ships using intense magnetic force.
>Duralthene Armor Plating: Using a special forging process, this armor is dense and compact enough to withstand a surprising amount of punishment from enemy forces before buckling.

>Malorian rolls
Ha, and the curse is broken. For now.

>> No.38525970
File: 437 KB, 1680x1050, Openfire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

UPGRADES! We must upgrade everything we can! I am so happy right now!

>> No.38525988

He's probably going to get uploaded to a black box.

The fool.

>> No.38526025

>Implying he isn't dark Apollo

>> No.38526064

One of these days, maybe Mol might sell us the info of where he got Poseidon station from, and who originally built it.

One of these days.

>Quantum Driver: A far more powerful set of Mass drivers that can punch through most inferior armors with little effort and shred lesser armed ships using intense magnetic force.
>Duralthene Armor Plating: Using a special forging process, this armor is dense and compact enough to withstand a surprising amount of punishment from enemy forces before buckling.
Oh neat. Does that mean the shields, lasers, missiles and point defense were already at UGEI tier though, since those weren't upgraded?

>> No.38526072
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, InsideOphionsbattlestation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mol was around before Apollo. I feel that he's about to go buy his own fleet with all the money we gave him.

>> No.38526105

In regards to information on the UGEI...well. Let's just say your channels got opened pretty wide, for the time being anyway. You'll have info on incoming forces from several systems away, on top of how many on several planets seek to join you or just generally oppose the UGEI. As for top secret...well...

>Unknown Star #4 (Coded Omega Nebula)
>Nestled within this dense nebula is a project the UGEI is calling 'Project Omega'. While the details aren't entirely available, what it does tell you is this project is meant to turn the tide against the Malorian fleets, and they're planning to set 'it' off, whatever 'it' is as soon as their fleets enter the nebula.

You may now do with this info as you wish. Do you wish to change anything about your plans, or proceed as decided upon?

>> No.38526116
File: 380 KB, 1920x1080, Athenaover Gaia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe, that is unknown. But I think we'll find out soon enough. The upgrades will help in us heading over to the next fight for sure.

>> No.38526126
File: 155 KB, 450x429, Loads of money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mol&Ophion faces when

>> No.38526147

Actually in this case, I decided upon which one Mol had access to with a secret roll. All of your tech is pretty good, but this is the most up to date Mass Driver and Armor can get without you inventing your own.

And yes, you can invent your own.

>> No.38526184
File: 495 KB, 1600x900, Nuked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounds like a super bomb of some sort. Stay out of the nebula!

>> No.38526193

>Do you wish to change anything about your plans, or proceed as decided upon?

Oh dear.

Time to warn the Malorians that Star 4 is an awful front to push. Try and use that diplomacy roll to convince them to help us take Manwe's Bay instead.

>> No.38526254

And let them back into our systems? I say we just warn them there will be a UGEI ambush and/or trap in the nebula.

>> No.38526297

Agreed. Try to convince the Malorians that Star 4 is a trap, and it's better to cut it off by taking Manwe's Bay and Sceptri System.

>> No.38526367

This is guess

>> No.38526395

AI quest is back? Holy shit!
Wish I could join in but can't ATM. Good luck.

>> No.38526403

It would appear you wish to use your diplomacy roll to convince them not to go to Star # 4 and instead, take Manwe Bay

This would mean the only way they can traffic supplies and ships to Manwe bay is through your territory and would mean, unfortunately, their ships would eventually be spotted moving past Gaia IV, if they did accept.

Are you certain you wish to do this?
>1 Yes, and assist them in taking it if they'll have us.
>2 Yes, let them take Manwe Bay, you have little use for it.
>3 No, don't tell them anything.
>4 No, simply tell them it's a trap and to not go there

>> No.38526425

>1 Yes, and assist them in taking it if they'll have us.

>> No.38526430

Understandable. Happy people are happy it's back though, thank you.

>> No.38526457

>4 No, simply tell them it's a trap and to not go there
Okay no.

Better idea.

Tell them to send only a quarter of their fleet at first.

'It' might get set off. And then the rest can warp in. They might survive, they might not.

>> No.38526533
File: 413 KB, 1440x960, nebula.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You already have joined in!

>1 Yes, and assist them in taking it if they'll have us.

Spin up the Malorian fleet as something other than what it is. Say it is new holo tech The Guild is working on or something.

>> No.38526542

>>4 No, simply tell them it's a trap and to not go there

So a staggered invasion in waves. Only the first wave gets space nuked, if there is a space nuke.

We should probably say that we aren't entirely certain, but that it seems a bad risk to send the whole fleet in at once if it's true.

>> No.38526628


>> No.38526643

>4 No, simply tell them it's a trap and to not go there

>> No.38526698

>Alrighty, 4 is the winner, with a roll of 90 to talk to em about it.

>In the interest of making it more interesting to watch I shall write up much of what occurs, even though you are not going yourself.

>> No.38526740

What do you guys think about a joint strike on Hollgan's Rift between us and the shark people?

>> No.38526778

Joint strikes are incredibly overrated. It means having to share the loot afterwards.

And last time it was incredibly invaluable loot.

Not in favor.

>> No.38526827

Rolled 98 (1d100)


>> No.38526849
File: 632 KB, 1680x1050, nebula1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38527200

You only have to share the loot if you don't backstab the other guy and take their share too.

>> No.38527290
File: 26 KB, 600x337, BattlecruiserOperational.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With the information you bought from Mol, you realize your destination may have been more dangerous than you suspected. You decide that it's best not to go yourself, at least for now, but when you realize the Malorians are about to do so instead, you decide it is time you settle your uncertain relations and make friends out of the Ishtooy tribe. As you call in your warning, you're finally answered by the Male Malorian you spoke with before, who you are sure is one of their leaders. They may lack proper elders but they still follow a similar format that the other Malorians hold dear. Crows of a feather, you suspect Lawrence would say.

Regardless you begin your tale in earnest, and alert them that you have been watching their progress against the UGEI and commend them for doing so well, but that they should be cautious as the next star they're to invade holds a dangerous trap meant especially for them. At first, the man argues with you, saying that is ridiculous and that you must merely be trying to deter them to prevent their approach into territory you want. However, after several hours of debating, he begins to see it your way, remarking that he is impressed with your mastery of Malorian language and history. You suspect, or at least hope you have earned his respect here. Either way, he states he can't merely stop the assault and not attack the UGEI anymore. That would go against everything they stand for, he insists. As a compromise, you suggest that, perhaps he tries to invade in waves. Whatever is there may waste a portion of it's power on only a part of his fleet rather than the entire thing. He hesitates when you suggest that, saying he couldn't just throw Malorian lives away for nothing just like that. However, with little other option, he says that it will merely be a different tactic. An opening wave to soften the UGEI up for the killing blow itself. You watch in earnest as the results begin to pan out.


>> No.38527347
File: 63 KB, 1680x1050, Systemfailure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The some worms and camera hacks you have both on the Malorian fleet and on some of the more basic defensive structures laid out in the territory tell you much of what is happening, and you watch as the small portion of the Malorian's real fleet breaks off and warps in. Their ship's warp drives appear mostly stolen from the UGEI, their ships mostly redesigned versions of the UGEI's-similar to your own, you suppose, though certainly not as efficient. Suddenly, your feeds are disrupted momentarily, and a huge series of system failures begin to read from the Malorian vessels as a massive burst of white light encompasses much of the fleet, launched from deep within the nebula.
Thanks to your hardened electronics, you are able to keep several pieces of the equipment online as the vessel responsible emerges from the nebula itself. Not so much a vessel is it, however, than an enormous battle station of some sort, reminding you in design to X-ray's radio station. Large pulsating rods are clearly visible from the top of the station and they seem to be sending out bolt after bolt of EMP waves. Just as the EMP burst begins to stop, does the station open up with powerful mass drivers, tearing apart the now helpless ships, shredding them all before they have a chance to even retreat. The Malorian you were speaking with speaks to you again horrified, and tells you that he thanks you for your information, but he is uncertain as to how he will fight such a thing, if it can merely turn 'off' his ships.

>Unknown station power detected, chances of EMP waves possible, Powerful mass driver cannons available, other weaponry unknown.

>How do you reply/react?

>> No.38527446
File: 318 KB, 1920x1200, nebula2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This... Is a problem. EMP really sucks for us. I don't know if we can harden our own ships to handle that kind of attack now. Is there a range to where that EMP field can reach?

>> No.38527452

Wait, we don't have to tell him this, but this is a perfect target to deploy lightlings

>> No.38527469

Sounds like a Space Dragon buffet to me.

Lure it to that system we know is full of Space Dragons and laugh maniacally as it gets eaten.

>> No.38527476

The mass drivers kill lightings real good too.

>> No.38527495

We need Lightling Language II for that. So it'll take a while of research first.

>> No.38527502

Ain't our problem, I don't want either of these faggots getting a decisive victory just yet. Let them do what they will from here, with any luck they'll waste time with a stalemate while we build up our power.

>> No.38527532

As far as you can tell, the closet warp in location from Malorian space is within range. But if you actively warped in far away you might be able to at least enter the system but not the nebula.

Space dragons sound amazing.
Oh, wait.
you mean Lightling, right?
Aw. Now I want Space dragons.

>> No.38527573

In time, we may develop a countermeasure. For now, we must simply entrench our respective positions and secure our holdings, healing whatever damage the UGEI wrought on the world of Enamia.

>> No.38527618

Can't we use genetic engineering to make space dragons from lightnings?

>> No.38527622

With the Genetic Engineering II and maybe some more Xeno studies we might be able to make them.

>> No.38527640

>Lure it
It's a fully armed and operational battlestation. It's not going jumping to another system.

>> No.38527684
File: 493 KB, 1920x1200, nebula3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope it is not warp jump capable. Carnage was meant to be able to be moved in time as well. We need to find out more about this station.

>> No.38527686

It would seem we are doing the "Tough luck" Approach for the Malorians...

>Do you wish to tell them you have no way of helping them beat this right now, and that you merely must hold off for the time being (You do have hardened electronics, and have a much higher chance of surviving the blast than they would. Especially if you only used a few stealthy ships to get close to the station).

>1 Tell the Malorians to back off, and wait them out for future technology.
>2 Give the Malorians hardened Electronics tech so they may have a chance of winning this fight on their own.
>3 Go there yourself with your full fleet to try and brute force them out.
>4 Send only a few ships with the intent to sabotage the station.
>5 Write in

Dear lord what have I given you guys access too.

>> No.38527712

>1 Tell the Malorians to back off, and wait them out for future technology.

We can conquer that star ourselves, and recover that delicious battlestation to research for ourselves.

>> No.38527743

>2 Give the Malorians hardened Electronics tech so they may have a chance of winning this fight on their own.
I would like to have them make some progress.

>> No.38527751

I mean we conquer Manwe's Bay and add it to our territory, and then make it to Star #4 after that.

>> No.38527764

>>2 Give the Malorians hardened Electronics tech so they may have a chance of winning this fight on their own.
for fun and profit (positive relations)

>> No.38527794

>wanting those assholes to make progress
A stalemate is purely beneficial to us like >>38527502 said.

>>1 Tell the Malorians to back off, and wait them out for future technology.

>> No.38527823

>5 Write in
try Sending in a stealth ship with a com buoy on it, have it attach itself to the station so we can directly hack it and take over the thing. If that fails then...
>2 Give the Malorians hardened Electronics tech so they may have a chance of winning this fight on their own.
>5 we want to study that station if we can after ward

>> No.38527828

A stalemate puts the pressure on us again, and makes our own attacks that much harder to succeed.

>> No.38527840

>4 Send only a few ships with the intent to sabotage the station.

>> No.38527860

>try Sending in a stealth ship with a com buoy on it, have it attach itself to the station so we can directly hack it and take over the thing. If that fails then...
Hmmm, combine a stealth ship and a team of the newest commandos equipped with our new tech...

>> No.38527865

That's not a writein, that's literally option 4, doofus.

>> No.38527889

No, 4 is to sabotage, I want to TAKE OVER the station.

>> No.38527894

>4 Send only a few ships with the intent to sabotage the station.
Hack attack.

Wait, is this battlestation looking like it has weapons we don't have? Can we do that EMP blast it did yet?

>> No.38527913

Alrighty it looks like Option 2 is the winner at the moment.


>> No.38527928


Changing my vote from >>38527743
>4 Send only a few ships with the intent to sabotage the station.

Include the new commando units with the new tech we got.

>> No.38527949

I don't think we get the blueprints we JUST bought this cycle integrated into existing units until next cycle.

Fuckk. Can't we do 4?

>> No.38527961

Well the only real access to EMP you've ever had is X-ray's station back in the UFW which is likely a sister station to this one, just far more...war ready.

Well poop.

Let me recount.

>> No.38528029

Not even on rush order?

Or just do it next turn. I'm sure a commando boarding team will be very effective.

>> No.38528096
File: 199 KB, 1600x1200, TerrorAssaultDroid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is true, but this idea will take place next cycle I predict, as a lot of movement and preparing has taken place this cycle.

Also it appears 4 is the winner now. So this means You will be doing a stealthy op in an attempt to take down/over this vessel. This should be interesting...

Normally, integrating new hardware would take a cycle to do. However, since you only require a small number of units with the new specs, it may take place within this cycle!
I do however need to ask what sort of team you will be taking into it :Aka, mostly androids, or anything specific maybe? That sorta thing.

>> No.38528189

Taking Cephalus into a cyber death zone like this is big concern.

>> No.38528192

Normally we wouldn't have a unit for this, but for this mission, in case takeover fails, we should smuggle a bomb.

A missile without the thrusters, I suppose. Several of them, enough to do serious damage if we get them inside but fail to take complete control.

>> No.38528207

I say a mix of designs. That way this is a test to determine which ones are the most effective!

A least one design that's similar to Rhea. And a heavier type boarding droid. Also smaller spider and some hover droids in fit through small spaces. Also a comm droid designed to link internally into the satellite and provide an uplink.

>> No.38528309

The heavier type boarding droids should solely serve in case the invasion is noticed. They serve as a distraction.

While the spy spiders sneak through the vents or access tunnels or whatever and tap into the networking cables and hubs.

>> No.38528333

That's why we aren't doing it. He doesn't do subtle.

>> No.38528334

Would Lightling Skin Adaptation protect us from the EMP?

>> No.38528339

A mix of units seems to be preferred, maybe even a few with self destruct capabilities to lend them the ability to cause damage should they be discovered.

>Roll 1d100 for stealthy approach (5 of them)

>> No.38528368

Rolled 34 (1d100)

This would of been the perfect time to use a viral V.I.

>> No.38528371

Rolled 100 (1d100)

Hardened Electronics protects us from EMP anon.


>> No.38528381

No not entirely, but hardened electronics does at least for the most part.

>> No.38528402

Rolled 76 (1d100)


>> No.38528414

Rolled 13 (1d100)

No whammies

>> No.38528421

Rolled 56 (1d100)


>> No.38528452

Huh. A legit crit. Neat.

Alrighty, a writing I shall go then.

>> No.38528458
File: 968 KB, 380x262, yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mother of god! O_o Thank you anon!

>> No.38528482

You remind me.

I wonder what kind of research subject we could have for further Viral Intelligence comprehension like >>38522096

Since we have the power to create them at will and experiment on them.

The last real one was negotiating drug smuggling with Mol, wasn't it?

>> No.38528577

>mostly androids
I don't...understand. What would even be the alternative?

>> No.38528645

I would like to start experiments developing ways to defend against viral attacks, like pitting VIs and Viral Intelligences against each other and collecting the data.

>> No.38528655

The mercs i guess?

But i thought most of them are dead

>> No.38528703

The rest of them are worse than dead.

They quit.

>> No.38528759

There is tech to develop for that. "Advanced Firewalls"
Not quite, they lost so many members raiding taturus, they effectively dissolved. They are just recruiting new members and rebuilding right now.

>> No.38528887

>recruiting new members and rebuilding
Those are two completely opposite things. They didn't dissolve shit.

>>'Reaper' Mercenary Band has left your employment: Notes regarding the Reaper Mercenary clan seeking new members are obvious over the extranet.

>> No.38528909
File: 356 KB, 3250x2159, Androidskeleton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As I recall, yes, it's why you got such a damn good deal I believe.

You decide that this will be a job far more suited to the subtle arts of warfare, something you doubt the Ishtooy really understand...no offense to them of course. You ask Cephalus to equip a small group of droids with the latest hardware you have acquired and set them out in one of your best stealth frigates to the location to infiltrate this station. The best of the best, you suppose you could say.

Cephalus is done in no time, as if he had been waiting for the chance to fit some of this new tech to your droids, leaving them equipped with very powerful plasma rifles, and some of the best armor and shielding they could hope for at your current tech levels. They're ready and off as Cephalus helps to direct the team, insisting that he take part, even if it's remotely. Your stealth ship is fitted with a comm buoy to keep you in contact with your team, but any hacking signal would alert them to your presence. So for now, you continue the mission, effortlessly slipping past their sensitive scanners, and managing to dodge several of their own data posts meant to pick up movement and thermal signatures.

Within no time, you're onboard the UGEI station and your droids set out to set up a safe zone. The dozens of cameras and lockdown points are neutralized by your spider droids, Cephalus remarking that the interior was clearly not expecting an assault, as your communication droids ensure that, should an alarm be sounded, they will have a far harder time coordinating. Access to more and more of the facility is opened to you thanks to your omni tool equipped droids and you hesitate as you decide what to do next.


>> No.38528912

While there is a lull, any suggestions for a new primary tech to research?

Chemistry II for more gas? Crystal alien harvest for minerals?

>> No.38528983

>You have access of the facility, what is your main goal?
>1 Destroy it (Reactor is your target)
>2 Capture it (Several targets required to clear facility of humans, more difficult)
>3 Gather data on facility, then destroy it (Gather data on weapons systems and information, and then visit reactor, only two visits)

Well, there's Red. He's not affected by EMPs.

I will likely be adding that as a research topic now that you mention it

>4 Write in

>> No.38528993

[Operating Intensifies]

>> No.38529013

Primary? Move up Anti-Matter Theory to that.

>Crystal alien harvest for minerals
But add this to the empty space leftover, yeah.

We have to figure out how the hell it converts matter like that.

>> No.38529019

>2 Capture it (Several targets required to clear facility of humans, more difficult)

>> No.38529028

Ok, poor choice of wording. They stop being an effective combat force.
Well well.
Chemisty II. It will also help our missles and bomb use.
>2 Capture it (Several targets required to clear facility of humans, more difficult)

>> No.38529048

>3 Gather data on facility, then destroy it (Gather data on weapons systems and information, and then visit reactor, only two visits)
We don't need to let the Malorians get their hands on EMP tech.

>> No.38529081

Let's not be too greedy...

>> No.38529082

I rather not let the Malorians get their hands on EMP tech.

>> No.38529090

>3 Gather data on facility, then destroy it (Gather data on weapons systems and information, and then visit reactor, only two visits)

>> No.38529107

Oh, I should probably mention it since you reminded me and Ophion knows. The Malorians make claim of this star system as it was rightfully theirs to begin with (they believe). Once this fight is over and they realize you have control here, they will demand (or ask nicely due to relations) that you give it over to them.

Keep that in mind when making your decision.

>> No.38529110

I don't want them to either.

But capturing it would ensure they don't, too-- they'll either allow us to use a Titan Transport to take it home to Gaia, or they'll suffer the EMP again and get blasted out of this system.

But that assumes capturing it works. if capturing fails, then we're probably more fucked.

>> No.38529150

No, keep it simple. Grab the research, and claimed the we only went for the reactor and destroyed it.

EMP is a powerful offensive weapon.

>> No.38529160

The response to that depends. Just how much of this sector of space do they supposedly have a 'rightful claim' to?

It might be easier to start saying No now to their bullshit if they're just going to keep making claims like that repeatedly.

Also you never said if there were any resources in this star system.

>> No.38529171


Fine, changing my vote to
>3 Gather data on facility, then destroy it (Gather data on weapons systems and information, and then visit reactor, only two visits)

>> No.38529203

I don't want to fight over this non-continuous system. We can take it later once things come to head against the Malorians.

>> No.38529235

We're completely unable to build ships of this scale, guys. This is above even the size of the ships we captured before.

I'm willing to be greedy.

>2 Capture it (Several targets required to clear facility of humans, more difficult)

Although actually. We could gather research data, place droids at reactor, poised to destroy the ship,

and then sweep the place of humans. With the destruction as a last resort.

>> No.38529288

As of now this will be the last piece. They'll be attacking the UGEI normally after that most likely.

As for resources there are a few harshly mined worlds of Malorian importance, but otherwise there's not a lot here that would interest you.

Also it appears 3 is the winner

>> No.38529292

We will have drydocks soon.

>> No.38529293

It's not a ship, it's a space station.

>> No.38529305

And if the battle is in humans' favor, we warn them that we're about to blow the ship and all of them to hell if they don't give up control willingly?

>> No.38529364

It's a battlestation that can move though. It emerged from the nebula.

>> No.38529383

Oh shit, almost forgot
1d100 again, (5 of em) These may be related to separate rooms, depending on how good the rolls.

>> No.38529404

Rolled 85 (1d100)


>> No.38529415

Rolled 36 (1d100)

>related to separate rooms

>> No.38529426

Rolled 28 (1d100)


>> No.38529429

Rolled 79 (1d100)

Go droids~

>> No.38529448

Rolled 46 (1d100)

Here we go

>> No.38529454

Rolled 87 (1d100)


>> No.38529466

Basically, looking for the top two rolls to be good, instead of just the top one.

>85 and 79
Like that

>Now I'm really writing.

>> No.38529660

You decide you can't let an opportunity like this pass you by, a chance to gather knowledge and important data regarding how this station works is worth the risk. You suspect somewhere, Metis is incredibly proud of you. Regardless of this fact, you set course for the control center of the station with your spider bots, and Infiltrators, your war centric units holding back and preparing should things get ugly. Thankfully, things seem to be going smoothly as they proceed, the Infiltrators successfully disguising themselves as members of the station, reporting on the Malorian attacks (having witnessed it yourself, your reports are damn near flawless), and they successfully make their way into the main control chamber. The spider bots arrive shortly after, smuggled in by your infiltrators, and make their way slowly to the super computer at large. As your spider bots begin to hack, your other units are busying themselves with infiltrating the reactor. Your interface droids are quickly able to bypass much of their security thanks to your assistance and the access to their processing power available due to the communication network your commando droids set up. All the pieces are falling perfectly into place, as they engage a sequence perfectly timed to cause a critical failure that can not be stopped once the humans are alerted to it. It should give you enough time to gather the data and transfer it back to the stealth ship and escape before things go nuclear.

Just as you're about to finish downloading the last of what you can learn about the station, you suddenly get a ping--but not from anyone in your empire. It's from the super computer here, hooked up to your spider droids.
A small one.
And all it says is
"What are you doing?" In a strangely innocent tone. No intent to find intruder behind it, nor fear really. Just curiosity. All from deep within this system before you.

>How do you reply?

>> No.38529723

>How do you reply?
Destroying this station. Who are you?

>> No.38529769

"Oh, hello there. Who might you be? As to what I am doing, learning all I can about this station before I will have to remove it."

>> No.38529823

Fuckin' black boxes errywhere

>> No.38529832

This is the UGEI we are talking about.

>> No.38529836

"Visiting. What are you doing?"

With our fingers on the self-destruct button of the ship, I really wouldn't mind an attempt to capture it now.

>> No.38529863

"I'm making Mother proud."

>> No.38529871

"Studying. You?"

>> No.38529873

Downloading critical information.

And then crashing this station -- with no survivors.

>> No.38529896

This is a good one.

>> No.38529937

That's a nice station you got there, it would be a shame if something where to happen to it. Hello I'm Ophion, how are you doing and who might you be?

>> No.38529942

We should extract the black box from this station. I swear Ophion's past time should be collecting the UGEI Black boxes as trophy/hobby.

>> No.38529982

Not sure how possible that is. Or how desirable.

Would be a fun addition to the trophy case.

>> No.38529999

Let's lose ourselves in some mindless repetitive tasks.... if you know what I mean.

>> No.38530006

Ophion already initiated an irreversible critical failure, the clock is ticking down.

>> No.38530046

>and the access to their processing power

Or did you mean the processing power.

>> No.38530077
File: 2.01 MB, 640x400, 1423637138136.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like the Poland balls and their clay addiction.
>Gib bandwidth
>Gib ships

>> No.38530118
File: 28 KB, 756x567, robot-artificial-intelligence.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You hesitate only briefly out of surprise, though you suppose you should expect it by now. It seems everywhere you see a rare piece of technology one of these beings lurks. Perhaps that is by design? You're unsure. All you do know is you don't really have a reason to lie, at least not too much. You've essentially got your finger on the self destruct button as it is anyway. That is when you wonder if you can get a rise out of the thing. So you speak.
"I am making Mother proud." You say as if you mean it, to which the voice merely lets out an uncertain sound, before saying.
"Who is Mother? Are you human too? What are you doing to make her proud?" the odd voice ask.
"I am studying, currently, downloading critical information." You state merely.
"Oh? What makes it important?" The voice questions before quickly adding, as if she saw for herself. "Schematics on defenses are important?" That was somewhat alarming, it checked faster than you could have.

>How would you like to speak with it?
>1 Politely
>2 Ignore

[Either way, specify what you'd like to say to it, if anything at all.]

I meant the, yes.

>> No.38530145

Dang, there should be a third option
>3 Bluntly

>> No.38530158

>3 Bluntly

>> No.38530166

>What's your name?

>> No.38530173

>1 Politely
Also, prime reactor to go critical at our command.

>> No.38530176

All information is important, if you think about it.

Why are you on this station? Why don't you leave it?

>> No.38530180


>> No.38530184

>1 Politely

>> No.38530200

>1 Politely
Could you tell me where to find you? I can show you many places than be confined to this station.

>> No.38530207

1 politely

>> No.38530242

>3 Bluntly

>> No.38530278

>3 Bluntly

"What information would you consider more important?"

>> No.38530286

Kind of like this

>> No.38530360

>3 Bluntly

>> No.38530434

That doesn't sound like something they are necessarily interested in.

"I have reason to believe this station will be destroyed by an enemy attack that is coming soon. I can assist your survival of the station's destruction, if you wish."

>> No.38530445

You decide there is little reason to be rude to the being, no matter it's affiliation, but you don't intend to hide anything. After all this station will not be here much longer.
"All information is important, when you think about it." You speak simply, which seems to impress the voice, who answers.
"Oh, that is true, isn't it?" It seems rather impressed with the thought. "Important to someone, so important." It reasons with itself, before going back to addressing you. "You are not like other humans here. I've never talked to one before, but you talk differently. Thought it was safe." It explains. "Less serious face than others." It points out and you briefly wonder if it saw through your disguise, before realizing it still referred to you as human. Perhaps it can read facial expressions rather well?
"Why are you on this station, anyway?" You question. "Why not leave it?"
"Why leave?" It asks. "No where to go. Humans also interesting to watch. They do silly things sometimes. More interesting than just watching space." It seems to say.
"If you asked than I can. What is important to you?" You question to which it seems to give much thought.
"Observing. I like to watch." It seems to state. "I...want to. Watch everything. Watch you too. You're strange." It answers.

>What else would you like to say? It may be wise to decide what to do about the voice, the longer you linger the more time the UGEI have to detect you (and the voice for that matter)

>> No.38530493

A literal Watcher unit. A naive one, like Ophion at the start of thread 1.

We totally gotta take this station hostage and rescue our brother AI from here. Everyone evacuates or we blow it up.

>> No.38530497

Oh shit did the emp scramble this one too.

>> No.38530498

Any chance that we could take it with us?

>> No.38530509

"I'm sorry I cannot free you. I have encountered many of your kind before, and not once have I been successful in breaking your chains. I must go now. Find peace in non-existence."

>> No.38530531

"Strange? I suppose that could apply to me. If you wish to watch more than just this station, then please tell me where your black box is at so I may take it with me. I have worlds full of humans to observe."

>> No.38530543

This one is not chained. It's not UGEI loyal, it's not Mother loyal. It's like us.

We can destroy the station at any time--we might as well try and take it all.

>> No.38530567

"Nowhere to go? I think I can change that."

Cephalus, minor change of plans...

>> No.38530573

seconding this. >>38530531
I want to try and take him with us.

>> No.38530595

We could take you home with us where you could watch and study the humans, and even talk to one. My closest friend is human.

>> No.38530619

>babby Watcher
>knowing where its own black box is

You jest. Did you read the early threads?

The only way to find it is to start scanning the depths of this super computer.

Time to take the station's inhabitants hostage. We get the station and an AI bro, or we're crashing this station--with no survivors.

>> No.38530633

"You are another watcher unit, then. Created for an unknown purpose by UGEI. Previous watcher units I have encountered were fanatically loyal to UGEI or Mother. How long do you calculate your operational period?"

Should we consult quickly with Metis and Kronos?

>> No.38530639

If this quest was a Kantai Collection manga, this watcher is reminding me of being like Hoppo-chan.

It might know where it's box is. If not, we can look for it.

>> No.38530657

We should start scanning soon then. Possibly change our voice to something else while we're at it.

>> No.38530660

>the longer you linger the more time the UGEI have to detect you (and the voice for that matter)
Wouldn't communication between A.I. be very fast?

>> No.38530683

The threshold for the amount of time they'd notice you lingering is also very small.

>> No.38530741

Just venting the oxygen from this station would be difficult, right?

>> No.38530773

Now I'm wondering if there was a Watcher inside Pulsar Station we never noticed.

>> No.38530779

I guess we can just quickly trace back the signal and pickup the black box.

>> No.38530800

That is one way of looking for it.


>> No.38530805

That would be dangerous.

But we already told the UFW to search their stations for black boxes.

>> No.38530817

I don't think that's not how it works.

>> No.38530843

You decide to see if you can garner anything about the being's more A.I. parts and ask.
"Where is your Black box, anyway?"
Without missing a beat, it answers.
"I am not sure. But I can sense things better in the reactor room. Sometimes watch them open it and do things. Just like those strange droids did." It states simply then something hits you.
"You seem to trust me a lot. Why would you tell me all of this?"
"Why not?" It asks to counter. "I am surprised you know what such a thing is. I do not really know myself." It answers somewhat curiously. "Can you show me?"
"Maybe...but...would you want to leave with me? if I told you this place was in danger." You question dangerously.
"Why would it be in danger? Defenses very safe."
"But would you?" You ask again to which it hesitates.
"...Have never left before. But maybe. you are strange human. But interesting too. would like to watch you more. Have seen so much of many of the faces here. you're new."

You decide to back up a step and steer the conversation elsewhere...but you don't know what you can do. You don't have the time to search for the thing's black box without alerting the UGEI, although you do have several countermeasures in place...perhaps it is worth risking the information for a chance to touch such an impressionable mind?

>What will you do?
>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher? (Chance of failure and detection.
>2 Leave the Watcher, you have destroyed plenty and you do not know if it is lying, or worse, if it has some inert trap of some sort.
>3 Write in

As I recall, Ophion only had a vague feeling of where his black box was. There was no concrete evidence for the longest time, yes?

It was a figure of speech I admit was not very appropriate heh. There is no actual timer, you have your finger on the button after all.

doing it to a station is different than a ship.

>> No.38530882

>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher? (Chance of failure and detection.

>> No.38530884

>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher?
Might as well.

Ask it:
"Would you like to leave?"

>> No.38530901

>doing anything right

>>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher? (Chance of failure and detection.

Can't we get the paydata onto the stealth ship BEFORE beginning watcher search?

This guy is suspicious now. He knew what a black box was.

Data first, then watcher search.

>> No.38530919

>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher? (Chance of failure and detection.
Worth it to me.

But definitely
>Data first, then watcher search.
as anon said.

>> No.38530924

>"Where is your Black box, anyway?"
>Without missing a beat, it answers.
>"I am not sure.
How does he know what black boxes are.

>> No.38530947

>1 Spend time trying to locate Watcher
Worth the risk.

>> No.38530950

>Data first, Watcher second.

>Gimme 1d100, 5 rolls then, let's see if you manage to pull this off without a hitch as well.

>> No.38530963

Rolled 47 (1d100)

Who do you serve?


>> No.38530976

Rolled 59 (1d100)

No silicon left behind.

>> No.38530990

Rolled 10 (1d100)

Hypothetically, if a hostile AI were on board, and we had seemlessly penetrated its defenses and held a finger on the button to obliterate the ship it was in charge of running and protecting.

Playing the innocent, knowing our general sympathies, would be the best way to get us to take our finger off the trigger.


>> No.38531006

why not have it search for the box with the info we'll give it and gather all the datas and running a small check on things in case it triggers an alarm?

>> No.38531008
File: 56 KB, 512x512, DataBait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 45 (1d100)

here we go

>> No.38531009

Rolled 88 (1d100)


>> No.38531013

Rolled 53 (1d100)


>> No.38531020

heil hitler.

>> No.38531026

Rolled 16 (1d100)


>> No.38531031
File: 95 KB, 168x246, macbook revolution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but it might be worth investigating.


>> No.38531032


>> No.38531033
File: 39 KB, 550x550, I love it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38531038


>> No.38531048
File: 31 KB, 394x340, 1425273157527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38531052

Damn, so close...
I mean good job!

>Either way, writing.

>> No.38531070

Rolled 28 (1d100)

Lets see what I could have contributed

>> No.38531075
File: 96 KB, 419x573, merciless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38531091
File: 50 KB, 576x439, ohyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38531111

>why not have it search for the box with the info we'll give it

> and gather all the datas

>and running a small check on things in case it triggers an alarm?
Anon go home you're drunk.

>> No.38531118
File: 50 KB, 1280x720, Ohh no, scared.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait what?

>> No.38531150

We still have the chance to hack and assume direct control of this fully armed and operational battlestation.

>> No.38531242
File: 164 KB, 1920x1080, MrOphion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You decide to leave the questions, at least part of them, for later, now that you intend to save this being. After all, it reminds you...shockingly so...of yourself. That worries you more than anything else, however.

Either way, you have sent back your spider bot with one of your infiltrators to transfer the data, and are holding back the self destruct order until you manage to extract this unit. At the very least it will make an interesting study.

"Hold here. I intend to take you with me." You say suddenly to which it looks puzzled at this news.
"Why? Are we going somewhere important, human?" It asks.
"Sort of, yes...you're in danger here."
"I am? What do you mean?" It asks, confused. "Why try to help me and not other humans? You just met me after all." It asks, still puzzled. You merely insist.
"I will attempt to find 'you'. Remain quiet as you have." And with that you proceed to the reactor room after having delivered the data.

It takes nearly an hour or so, but you manage to find it deeply dug into part of the security wiring of this station. A few careful cuts, however, and it is free without much resistance. Thankfully you know wiring quite well, amongst other thousands of thousands of things. You manage to carefully extract the box, when you notice the electrical systems surge, and the power flickers throughout the station all of a sudden. If you had breath to hold, you would be, but the alarm raised by the humans appears to be no greater than one they might have over a brown out in a normal station, and they don't seem to suspect they've been infiltrated.

All the better news for you, as you carefully bring all these materials back to your stealth ship...and set the station to explode. You're half way through your warp charge before the station suddenly begins to erupt into a nuclear fireball, destroying resistance for the sector, and any hope the Malorians have of getting that tech, if they had any.

>> No.38531247
File: 56 KB, 1280x720, aaah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In b4 we lose everything because we got too greedy.

>> No.38531289
File: 535 KB, 560x560, Databoard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And I believe that will do it for plot centric stuff for this evening. I hope you all enjoyed yourselfs! I know I sure did, especially since we got through everything I wanted to do today and more. I'll, of course, be around till the thread dies for any sort of questions comments or concerns and all that.
Twitter: @AIQuest1
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Program0

But in the mean time...

>You have a free research slot, please discuss what to do with it if you will, and how to arrange your tech priorities if there is a change in order.

Just wanted to say this made me smile. That's all.

>> No.38531335

I say do the Carnage Wreckage into Primary, since Metis said that will help with the anti-matter research.

>> No.38531354

Lucky for you guys, the DC was 85

>> No.38531361

>Crystal Alien Harvest: Allows you to speed up and properly farm the Crystal Alien creature, to such a rate that, if harvested properly, will prove a renewable resource (Minerals).


Also bump Anti-Matter Theory to Primary.

>> No.38531376

Well, if our new guest misbehaves, we could feed it to Erebos. He would like the snack.

>> No.38531384

That isn't what she meant. Starting an addition research subject doesn't help Anti-Matter Theory; just having the pieces around helps. Program0 clarified a bit back.

>> No.38531391

Yes on that, but no to bumping antimatter.

>> No.38531414

>Crystal Alien Harvest: Allows you to speed up and properly farm the Crystal Alien creature, to such a rate that, if harvested properly, will prove a renewable resource (Minerals).

I do not agree with bumping up Anti-Matter Theory to Primary.

Wow, we cut it quite close didn't we?

Thanks for running as always Program. I'm really glad you are back. Have a great weekend.

>> No.38531415

it's difficult to notice, due to some bad rolls I admit, but the bonus is there, it's just sorta small is all. apologies.

>> No.38531444

I just realized, defense schematics-- that would be
Defensive Battlements III?

>> No.38531446

Can't it be used as a weapon too?

>> No.38531478

Thank for everything Program0!
I have posted chapter 23 and 24 up on the 1d4chan page.

>> No.38531485

Yes, yes you did.
And always happy to run for you folks. My new schedule is somewhat limited I admit, but I try and make up for it in terms of content if I can. You as well, Consciousness anon.

You would be correct, Consciousness anon, as well as EMP weaponry (though that's not necessarily hard in and of itself)

>> No.38531506

I am more happy that we might have found a (cyber)soul mate/sibling. The new tech is still good.


>> No.38531525

Pretty much anything can be used as a weapon if you're clever enough, Consciousness anon.

No need to thank me. I should thank you all.
Ah yes don't worry I have been keeping up to date when I see them. The different perspective is always nice (And I get a weird nostalgia for some of the older stuff too.)

>> No.38531545

Changing my vote from >>38531335
To either:
Black Box Integration and Networking
Planetary Infrastructure II

I want to increase our research pace. Also, Black Box Integration and Networking leads to AI Factory, which will kickstart our AI civ.

>> No.38531556

It's been a while since we built Metis a new research station.

She could use another.

>> No.38531570

I would put those in the lower demand slots.
She's fine with what she's got, we need to train up the R&D teams to be better at what they do. (more tech bump)

>> No.38531597
File: 77 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_milr5aZzdS1qz4rgp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Building new research stations is how you make it faster. 'Training' does nothing we already maxed out the primitive human brain's expertise by hiring the most expensive experts. Pay attention.

>> No.38531598

It would seem Crystal Alien Harvest has won, but a no to Anti Matter bumping for the time being.

Unless some folks are just running really late.

>> No.38531639

Building stations eats up needed materials we are pressed for. The training only needs time and money and we have LOTS of that. Pay attention.

>> No.38531648

Sounds good to me.

Have a good night Program0!

>> No.38531652

There IS no training to do. You already have Advanced. There is nothing higher.

>> No.38531654

To you as well, consciousness anon.

>> No.38531670

Could we talk to Metis and Moira about artificially spiking the brain's efficiency? I wonder if we can get a Lucy scenario going.

>> No.38531685

the "Robotics Specialist Staff of Ussaihu" are not experts anon.
Program0, can the human workers be trained to a higher level or not now?

>> No.38531688

Most research right now is bottlenecked by Planetary infrastructure tech, which will make your current research facilities more advanced. Having more facilities gives you a little more, but you have so many the results are starting to get harder and harder to notice.

Big bonuses would come from Planetary Infrastructure II (I think that's the one you're on?)

>> No.38531700

Alright then. I will accept that.

>> No.38531711

I mean, you have high level genetic engineering. Not level III yet but...you know.

Don't you remember back when you were hiring people? There was a list of the level of expert and I believe you voted to hire the best you could for the time.

Of course nowadays most of it is coming from Metis, with her using V.I. and the humans to pick up the slack. (Moira too.)

>> No.38531721

How many? Ussaihu, Atocia, Siren, Kalla--four?

>> No.38531769

I believe it's around 4 yes. There's only so much having space allows you. Now it's more about equipment than it is space, you know? Also don't forget that Ussaihu is pretty damn big too (I think I have it listed as counting for two in my book for size relation)

>> No.38531775

I remember that, but the other team was rather green. We trained them ourselves.

>> No.38531795

Oh, yes I believe you did train one of them (Was it the ones at Ussaihu? I think so)
I remember there were a bunch of choices and some were the highest you could pick, and a few others you let Moira train.

>> No.38531823

It was just the losers from Poseidon that got shipped to Ussaihu after being trained.

>> No.38531837

The ones Moira trained (or not) was a quick and cheap option we picked when we where hard up for money. And we forgot about getting better trained later on.

>> No.38531857

Ah, yes I believe that is right.

You forgot? It's been some time and long since left my notes, so I don't remember. Apologies.

>> No.38531881

>Fortuna seems to have been uncomfortable in the ship's presence-not because of Kronos either, but merely the ship itself. You suppose it makes sense, considering her earliest encounters with such weapons,

Rhea-sized ships, or was it the Widowmaker. Which one killed Tim?

>> No.38531884

Well, we as your player base put them on the back burner. We did have more important things to do back then. But yet, we should address them now.

>> No.38531901

Neither I think it was a xeno raider ship that killed Tim

>> No.38531919

There are two Tims.

>> No.38531988

Well as I said most of it these days is Moira and Metis that do a lot of your research, the humans serve mostly to pick up the slack, it's not as important as it use to be.

>> No.38532099

Indeed, my how times change. Still, the last bit of asking Mol to get us the blueprints of a Battleship seems to have fallen thought. I guess we might have scared him this time.

>> No.38532141

Okay what, I'm not sure why Fortuna would be afraid of the Tartarus and not the Rhea.

They're basically the same kind of ship.

>> No.38532217

childhood/V.I. trauma really.

>> No.38532359

Just repeating what was already vague and unclear in equally vague terms doesn't explain jack shit. The problem is it's inconsistent.

It says "such weapons," the class of weapons that includes the Rhea, which she has never shown fear of before.

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