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Dragonlord Kolaghan 4BR
Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon

Flying, Haste
Other creatures you control have haste.
Whenever an opponent casts a creature or planeswalker spell with the same name as a card in their graveyard, that player loses 10 life.


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Is there a legitimate use for that ability at all? I'm trying, but I can't see this card being played in any format ever.

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Haha, what the fuck? I guess its 6 cmc so it won't hit the field too much, but that's still crazy.

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>flying, haste
>all of your creatures have haste
>also has a weird ability

i could see it being played in limited :^)

also you'll notice that this guy actually enforces edh rules (only one of each card)

>> No.38460156

>is an ability that punishes opponents for running multiple copies of creatures/planeswalkers useful?

>> No.38460163

Thoughtseize a 4 of creature like meme-rhino

Play this creature and swing for 6. If they dont have removal they lose. It's good to play on curve after Stormbreath and after the new 4 drop dragon

Could possibly ramp out in a jund deck

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>> No.38460172

Casual bait through and through.

Holy hell I would be so mad if I pulled that in a draft.

>> No.38460174

But the rules don't need enforcing. There are only a couple rat cards and Shadowborn Apostle that this thing can trigger off of.

>> No.38460175

If you can get it out before storm combos off, then you win.
By the time you have enough mana to cast this, storm would of either comboed off or conceded.

>> No.38460176

>Hero's Downfall a creature or planeswalker
>Until Kolaghan dies you basically have removed any repeats from the game.
>Also tells delve to go fuck itself

>> No.38460192

Wouldn't the delved cards be exiled as a cost and not be in the graveyard once the second copy is cast?

>> No.38460193

Delve actually tells the dragon to go fuck itself. You got heroe's downfall in your yard and one in your hand? Cast something with delve and remove the downfall in yard.

>> No.38460194

Are you simple, anon? Decks in most formats (EDH and cube being the most notable exceptions) play multiple copies of creatures and/or planeswalkers. Having this Dragonlord on the field means your opponent is very likely to have one or more dead cards in their hand until they draw removal.

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came here to post this

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I'm glad I'll have delved away every copy of something meaningful before this even dreams of hitting the table.

also shake shake shake senora

>> No.38460224

Singleton formats like EDH are the worst place for this card.

>> No.38460232


I wonder if this card could be viable in a Grixis control.

>> No.38460233

Actually wait. HIs ability only works on creatures and planeswalkers anyways.

You can freely cast your heroes downfalls and storms and thoughtseizes.

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Pretty bad

>> No.38460252

Wow you figured out how to read

Nice! Maybe work on reading comprehension next

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>> No.38460284

Sorry, I was being charitable and assumed you misread the card rather than being that fucking bad at magic that you think it's a good effect if it only hits creatures and planeswalkers.

>> No.38460290

I was meming. Sorry if that confused you.

>> No.38460329


>>6 hasty evasive power.
>>Haste everywhere
>>t5 slaps much removal
>>Elder Dragon
>>Enforces EDH rule


>> No.38460341

Honestly I like Ob Nixilis better.

you can force his ability and it hits lands.

>> No.38460357

This would be one of the worst pulls ever.

>> No.38460381

Better than the hobo with antlers.

>> No.38460405

>implying anything can be worse than Archangel's Light

>> No.38460421

It's still a 6/5 hasty flier with a fervor slapped on

>> No.38460440

Seems pretty marginal. A big, flying, hasty dragon is cool and all but Thundermaw Hellkite this ain't. I'd say the closest comparable card to Kolaghan is Hellkite Charger. Big, dumb beater that'll get some quick damage in, with extras that're mostly just irrelevant. After turn 6 the haste isn't going to matter much (if you're aggro you should have won already, if you're control you have better cards to play), and the anti-duplicate tech doesn't stop removal spells and gets fucked by delve.


>> No.38460627

They did it
They made an ability so disappointing it literally overshadows the rest of the text, resulting in a net loss in hype for the entire set.

>> No.38460717

It's like that for nearly every mythic spoiled every set

>> No.38460747

Has there ever been a mythic more disappointing?

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>> No.38460778

I don't know,that's at least EDH playable.

>> No.38460780

Hobo with antlers will be an expensive card in the future because it's a biorythem you can play in commander.

>> No.38460793

Kolaghan is also playabale
Let's put it this way
Kola could be a rare with only minor changes
Archangel's light could be an uncommon with NO changes

>> No.38460795

Life gain that only does life gain is 100% bad in commander. Thanks to commander damage and the rampant use of infect.

Also why would you run archangel's light to gain 40 life when you can play fruition for one mana and gain the same amount of life.

>> No.38460799

and a 6/5 flying everything has haste for 6cmc isn't? Archangel's is LEAGUES behind this trash.

>> No.38460813

>paying six mana to enable haste in red

Hell no. 2/10, I'm angry

>> No.38460823

It doesn't just gain life though.

>> No.38460856


mah nigga

>> No.38460868

We might as well now go into the
"If you have to pay mana for counter spelling it is shit" territory

>> No.38460871

reshuffling your graveyard at sorcery speed is not a positive thing though.

So it's actually even worse.

Hey sexy.

>> No.38460898

That one card that gives haste and +2+0 on entering
Mass Hysteria

I'd consider all of these over the Dragon if I needed mass haste.

>> No.38460920

and we just entered that territory

>> No.38461018

I'd totally play this over Archangel's Light because that ability looks like fun.

>> No.38461561


Only time I'd want the Boltwing is to boost Proshh or some other fatty- It is still relevant but Ogre is definitely better than Kolaghan

>> No.38461702

You would be mad at a 6/5 flier with haste for 6?

>> No.38461833

>Silumgar sucks
>Kolaghan sucks
As a grixis control player, this is really disappointing. At least you got doubledubs OP.

Why would you want a "don't cast that spell or else" effect for 6cmc when pic related exists? They're not going to cast it anyway, so it's not like the damage will make much of a difference, but why would you give them the option?

>> No.38461893

Ogre Battledriver dies to bolt. It's far easier to remove than Kolaghan.

>> No.38461918

when's the last time you've seen somebody resolve stain the mind?

>> No.38461925

My friend did last FNM in UB control, it's surprisingly efficient.

>> No.38462191

On my last fnm both players sided in stain and game three one stained for stain while the other had two stains in hand. And still lost to landflood.

>> No.38462234

confirmed for never drafting to win, a 6/5 haste flyer for 6 is great in draft

>> No.38462599

Well that's disappointing. Kola v1.0 was better.

Why'd it have to hit only creatures and PWs anyway? That's lame.

>> No.38462621

>neither Kolgahan will ever see play in the decks they are made for

its quite funny, its like Wizards doesn't know how to give aggro mythics.

>> No.38462645


They need to do way instain mother.


>> No.38462654

>Wizards is like "here guys, here's your Red Black Aggro-Control dragon you asked for


>> No.38462655

Also, 'fervor with wings' has to be THE most uninspired design for 'fastest dragon on Tarkir' I can think of

>> No.38462685

>fuck em, just slap on a red and a black ability from previous cards and call it mythic

>but sir, its 6 mana, no red black deck will ever play this

>I said FUCK them Johnathan, and I men it.

>> No.38462714

I want aggro-control to be a thing

>> No.38462758

What do you want, that on four mana? 6/5 hasty flying is solid disregarding the text box.

>> No.38462766

>Printing this in the same set as delve
It's like they want it to suck

>> No.38462778

no, I want my aggro card to be playable in the aggro deck, it doesn't have to have 6 fucking power.

its Limited only, the card, but with a secondary effect that is shit for limited, G fucking G.

>> No.38462807

>Kolaghan's Dragonlord self is inferior to her 1,200 years previous self


>> No.38462816

7/10 going straight into my home brewed standard jund deck that won our last standard FNM.

>> No.38462876

There's a point where things stop getting better and start getting worse in age.

Wish I could win FNMs with shit brews. Where are all these casual filled FNMs at?

>> No.38462885

What about kitchen table

>> No.38462928

Ayyy señorita, qué alas más bonitas

>Implying I won't play her in EDH anyways
Bitch please

>> No.38462946

I don't think anyone in /tg/ has heard about that format, anon.

>> No.38462958

Which sucks because it's more relevant than edh

>> No.38462959


The difference between you and me is, that I'm an actual good player, so I can win with almost anything.

Get good bitch.

>> No.38462989

There is no delve in this set.

>> No.38462996

>the secondary effect not doing anything most of the time makes this solid limited card unplayable in limited
or am I reading that wrong?

>> No.38463002

I enjoy all formats the same, and I don't get all the hate towards EDH. I think it is fun.
Also, isn't kitchen table the most relevant format of them all?

>> No.38463023

Wasn't necessary in the slightest m8

>> No.38463028


Mad because you bad scrub?

Your post basically read
>BJAGIASHG why can't I win with anything fuck I'm so bad!!!!!

>> No.38463033

>6 mana for a 6/5 flyer
>shit in limited
Okay have luck trying to do anything at the prerelease against people who actually know how good it is

>> No.38463068

No, I'm not mad, I don't care about winning. In fact I sometimes play chaos decks or group hug decks because I have fun doing it.
I'll admit your post made me feel a little mad because it annoys me that a person can be as dumb as you.

>> No.38463080

If you're winning with shit brews your local meta is bad and I don't understand why you feel so accomplished.

>> No.38463111


You don't care about winning because you are genuinely shit at the game, thus know you can't actually win regardless of what deck you run.
Go be a retard somewhere else.

Not everybody is a terrible player like you. A good player can make most decks work, you're one of those net decking retards who can't think for himself. Hell I bet you haven't even won your last 3 drafts in a row.
Get the fuck outta here scrub

>> No.38463222

Stop baiting and fuck off to /b/

>> No.38463306

It's funny because when you start to become a good player, you realize most brews are shit that's purposely sub optimal for the sake of novelty, so you try to make a good brew out of the cards given to you, and you know what you get?
One of the decks in the top 8.

>> No.38463321

Last sime I saw your faggots saying "This is the worst mythic ever", it was about Wingmate Roc. I'm not being fooled twice.

Realk talk though, this card has potential. Not going to say it's super-duper great but it does shut off most of the power of the midrange decks. I could see this working in a RB/Mardu control.

>> No.38463322

Not that anon, but are you also top in your class in the Navy SEALs and a trained sniper with over 300 confirmed kills?

>> No.38463359

Not him but m8, honestly, if you can't win an FNM with anything, the problem is you, not the meta. FNM isn't super competitive.

My place have all sorts of tier 1 decks, there are like three people playing good Abzan Midranges, a guy with Mardu, two Sidisi Whips, myself with UW Heroic (though not the traditional version)... and still one of the guys showed up with RB Minotaurs one day and stomped everyone.

The next week he got 0-4. Still, you CAN win FNM with anything that have cohesive strategy.

tl;dr he's right, you suck.

>> No.38463367

>glimpse the unthinkable
Good luck playing creatures ever again

>> No.38463369

But it's also 2 mana and 1 colour less

>> No.38463385

Where are the spoilers, wizards?

>> No.38463393


>> No.38463399

Fuck are you going on about? You're agreeing with him.

>> No.38463404

Mtg card smith is ugly looking, why do people still use it over the set editor?

>> No.38463406

Nice fake bruh.

>> No.38463412

It sure has become easier to troll nowadays

>> No.38463415

7/10 u got me there for a moment u cheeky cunt

>> No.38463417

There's a difference between roc and this. I knew roc was gpod but fagtrons on this site shit post. This card doesnt have much potential. If it was in straight red or black then it might but the hybrod colours restrict its playability. And r/b/x doesnt need a high mana finisher.
Roc is good because it makes 2 sizeable bodies, fits into abzan and can gain life to hepp stabalize. This guy gives creatures (that you probably played before it) haste (useless) and has an ability that relies on your opponent having to play a body, which they will usually just hit it with removal.
6/10 all in all, might see a bit of play but its not the all star that can upsurp abzan

>> No.38463418

Wrong set symbol/10

>> No.38463423

Whenever /tg/ slanders a questionable mythic/rare, I take it as a sign to buy as many as I can.
>Domri Rade
>Thassa, God of the Sea
>Master of the Waves
>Stormbreath Dragon
>Elspeth, Suns Champion
>Sylvan Caryatid
>Courser of Kruphix
>Sorin, Solemn Visitor
>Wingmate Roc

inb4 "b-b-but /tg/ thought these were good since they were spoiled"
You fucking know they didn't

>> No.38463438

Implying tg doesn't think that every new set and new card is pure shit until some pro player gets to top8 with it
>Captcha: Cadia

>> No.38463441

>You fucking know they didn't
pretty sure master of the waves was a hit because /tg/ loves gimmicks

>> No.38463470

Nope, people hated it. They thought mono blue devotion was trash

>> No.38463485

No need to alienate yourself anon

>> No.38463486

I mean, what creatures are they going to play?
Frostburn Weird?

>> No.38463519

Whatever you know what I mean

>> No.38463525


>> No.38463540

Why? I posted the thread with a link to thw deck when it first came out. People said it was trash meanwhile I grabbed 19 master of waves before the proce spike

>> No.38463545

Sure you did.

>> No.38463551

I shouldn't but I actually really want to play with this card now and just nail Rhinos to the fucking wall

>> No.38463552

Sure buddy, you're the only one who knows anything, do you feel special now?

>> No.38463556

Yeah, I remember when /tg/ said black lotus was shit so I picked up 52 last week for $20.

>> No.38463557

If you meant this block, sure.
If you meant in the draft, sure.

There are objectively, literally no delve cards in this set and there will be none.

>> No.38463561

looks bretty good.

>> No.38463582

And then what, just wait for them to Elspeth you to death?

>> No.38463588

Play the second for Elspeth


>> No.38463595

Thanks for agreeing with me >>38463552
Well I guess it's bittersweet but I don't mind.
Damn, I didnt know it was that low, did the china proxies do that?

>> No.38463609

Just snapcaster flashback you clown

>> No.38463615

Most people were discussing standard applications of this card. Having delve in the same block pretty much completely invalidates its second ability so why add it at all? The likelihood of drafting multiples of a creature are low to begin with

>> No.38463631

Now they're $20000 so you're out of luck. Was a good buy though, I traded them all in for a goblin boom keg since /tg/ said it was shit and I know /tg/ is always wrong. I think I'll do pretty good.

>> No.38463632

So whats this ebin new banana meme?

>> No.38463633

If they're delving out creatures so they don't take 10 to play new ones it means they can't whip back the old ones?

>> No.38463642

Well best of luck friend-o.

>> No.38463654

My place has people that qualify for pro tours and consistently make day 2s of opens.

I'm not saying I'm good but I'd do a lot better if I was sitting across from some scrub who plays RB Minotaurs and not someone who's been playing at a competitive level for like a decade longer than me. Maybe I just need to find a new shop.

>> No.38463662

>Other creatures you control have haste.
>print (pic related) in same set

The fuck, Wizards?

>> No.38463667

Personally I think you'll have trouble making the $1040000 back from a single goblin boom keg but good luck. /tg/ really thinks that cards shit so I imagine the price will hit $900000 at least.

>> No.38463671

>ugin's nexus

>> No.38463677

Double haste>haste

>> No.38463679

You're projecting so hard right now.

>> No.38463684

I heard that doesn't mean anything, but /tg/ is always wrong so I guess that means you get to attack twice with double strike.

>> No.38463698

Me what? Oh no, I'm just agreeing, /tg/ know nothing, you clearly know everything and we should all take your advice.

>> No.38463705

This synergizes well with the Ponyback Dragons

>> No.38463721

>not dragonback brigade
get it together man

>> No.38463725

>Only whip decks use murderous cut, dtt and cruise
What are you talking about? What about when whip rotates? This ability would have made much more sense on a creature in the next block

>> No.38463731

I'm not even that guy, I just find one person getting assblasted over the notion that /tg/ makes some terrible predictions a little sad. Oh well, have fun posting how broken X mythic is in a few months.

>> No.38463762

Lurker here, english is not my first language. What means exactly that? I see this regularly in /tg/, nowhere else.

>> No.38463767

I'm not even that guy either, I'm just retarded.

>> No.38463782

It's what someone who is losing an argument says to deflect attention from their faulty arguments

>> No.38463788

The only difference is the initial 2/2 will be flying, the Brigades are still Gobbos.

>> No.38463791

>yfw KTK and FRF will rotate out without DTK

>> No.38463804

But I already have 20 copies of X mythic because /tg/ said it's bad but super smart anon and super smart me knows the game better, because reviosinist history and memes and super smart.

This is also my first post ITT.

That is what a falacy is not specifically what projection is.

>> No.38463821

Meanwhile, everybody here posted UR robot list.
/tg/ is really bad at magic

>> No.38463829

It's funny, if they had replaced new Kolaghan's abilities with this card's I would have fucking loved it.

>> No.38463847

It's used in many places to define a sort of denial. I didn't read the full reply chain but it looks like the guy you quoted used the word incorrectly, as people generally do on this site with words like autism.
>Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against unpleasant impulses by denying their existence in themselves, while attributing them to others.

Since more spoilers are appearing in an half hour, I'd like to take this opportunity to say KOLAGHAN A SHIT one last time

>> No.38463848

It's like you don't like to go fast

>> No.38463850

this card a shit

>> No.38463859

It means that you go more fast, human. See, in past dragons not fast enough, but now we double speed.


>> No.38463869

>mfw when I made a robutts deck and it was shit

>> No.38463877

Fuck you anon, I'm no coward.

>> No.38463902

So what meme does each brood identify as?

Slumgar: ylyl banana
Kolaghan: sanic
Dromoka: ....
Ojutai: ....

>> No.38463918

I think ojutai is stronk leader

>> No.38463925

So thats like you find out that a anti-gay politician actually deep down likes dudes, and his wife is shocked, or something like that? Thank you, specially for the warning that its as misused as autism. Maybe thats why I didnt get the meaning, because each time the context was different.

>> No.38463949

Atarka: ebin memes that are totally not forced

>> No.38463964

>So thats like you find out that a anti-gay politician actually deep down likes dudes, and his wife is shocked, or something like that?
Somewhat. Like me saying "You will never amount to anything in your life and will forever live in your mothers basement" while I am l lead a shitty in my mothers basement. You are projecting your shitty life unto someone else.

>> No.38464040

>You are projecting your shitty life unto someone else.
So like the middle aged woman that yelled at me saying I wont go anywhere in life because, while working in a post office, I explained to her that I am not the person in charge of getting her welfare cheques to her, and to not swear in the p.o.

>> No.38464053

>So thats like you find out that a anti-gay politician actually deep down likes dudes, and his wife is shocked, or something like that?
Very close, if not exactly that. I think projection is more like denial in the form of an argument where you ignore accusations laid against you and then turn it around and use the same accusation on your opponent. The example you used sounds more like a persecution complex that stems from deeply-rooted biases. "I may be attracted to men but at least I have a wife and powerful job unlike those fruity faggots at the rally downtown."

I'm not a psychologist though so this is speculation on my part

>> No.38464073


>> No.38464094

What the fuck, that's absurdly powerful

>> No.38464098


>> No.38464100


>> No.38464103

It comes with SIX loyalty counters and costs 2WU. The +1 looks absolutely dangerous for Control decks to use (although almost half their decks are lands) and the -2 looks abusable to all hell. The ult is kinda cool, but who cares about ults.

>> No.38464106


>> No.38464111

wow really? cmc 4 loyalty 6? link?
The abilities are quite powerful too.

>> No.38464128

Absolutely fucking disgusting.

>> No.38464132

I'm looking at this card, but I just can't think of anything else besides how irritating people are who vehemently deny that things like this are going to happen.

>> No.38464137

>she fits right into Narset EDH

>> No.38464140

>not UWR
This is as expected

>> No.38464148

Abzan babby detected. Bow down to Jeskai master race.

>> No.38464149

>Your opponents can't cast noncreature spells
Fucking really?

>> No.38464154

My dick

>> No.38464155

>> No.38464157

>/tg/ likes it

Confirmed for shit.

>> No.38464163

Jeskai is dead, faggot. Go suck the ojutai cock

>> No.38464167

>> No.38464181

Welp, looks like we found our chase-rare.

>> No.38464183

>3/4 for 2cmc

>> No.38464188

What the fuck? Why isn't she red? Why does she wear a shitty golden armor?
At least she's alive :/

>> No.38464192

Dragon Tribal! Please let them also reprint Dragonspeaker Shaman!

>> No.38464196

So, who said that the art could absolutely never ever be Narset and that Narset would never ever be a walker and that Narset would never ever lack red?

>> No.38464198

>This card
>Not Dragonspeaker Shaman
Onslaught confirmed for too for standard

>> No.38464204

Super solid in limited. Temur prerelease it is for me, then. Don't even care what Atarka looks like, she can't be as bad as Kolaghan

>> No.38464209

Buttmad kolagayn detected

>> No.38464222

The actual good dragon is the top 8 promo.

Might be worth some dosh.

>> No.38464226


>> No.38464228

No fetchland confirmed

>> No.38464230

It's not enough that they wasted a Planeswalker slot on this cunt, now you have to gloat about it like some kind of faggot too?

>> No.38464237


>> No.38464239

New World Order, you suck.

>> No.38464246

>> No.38464249


>> No.38464260

>He doesn't know that evolving wilds was first printed in Zendikar block

>> No.38464282

I did, honestly did not expect it. I still don't like the gold armor but it could be worse

>> No.38464283

New hotness

>> No.38464285

Yes, because you were so completely fucking wrong despite your adamant argument and the fact you called absolutely everyone else shitheads.

>> No.38464287

>> No.38464295

Hooray for worse raise the alarms?

>> No.38464296

>I didnt read the thread

>> No.38464301

I was the one who said it, see

>> No.38464311

>> No.38464319

Hell yes.

>> No.38464325

>> No.38464328

Every time I read that I think of Power Ranger Megazords, it just sounds so goofy.

>> No.38464337

>> No.38464356

>> No.38464358

How much do you think she'll be going for?

>> No.38464366

I like it!

>> No.38464369

And now you're proving that you are a shit head, congratulations

>> No.38464398

I build an Animar morph EDH deck for shits and giggles (Animorph) and this card put a big grin on my face. And its only an uncommon!

>> No.38464403

It kinda makes that ability useless -- this card is NOT designed for EDH at all.

>> No.38464408

Like sarkhan except she'll sink lower

>> No.38464409


It reminds me more of Animorphs, and then I get sad there isn't a good Animorphs system.

>> No.38464426

Marange riger prowler got rekt

>> No.38464427

poor guy

>> No.38464447


>> No.38464449

>There is a skeleton inside of you right now
>And it wants out

>> No.38464456

Sultai is literally the most rekt faction in the history of mtg

>> No.38464461

yeah for a creature half the size without haste and flying.

>> No.38464463

no way.

(she's modern playable)

>> No.38464465

People doubted Courser and Elspeth?

also I remember Wingmate and Sorin
>THIS is what they call a mythic these days?
>Is this really a mythic?
>This isn't even as good as the first w/b Sorin!
>at least the buff was permanent of Lord of Innistrad

>> No.38464477

>+ ability doesn't provide card advantage most of the time
>- ability is meh, might name card drawing better
>Emblem is garbage
6/10 would not pre-order

>> No.38464493

I assume this guy got betrayed by the nagas/raksashas too.
He's given power to return from the graveyard unscathed. One day he return after a fierce battle as usual, but something is different. His return is only half, his body kept decaying until he's a skeleton.

>> No.38464500

ulting Narset is how you win in the mirror

>> No.38464502

Goblins are goblins. They have many many more cards they interact with than soldiers/humans.

>> No.38464503

No fucking way is she modern playable, her plus ability is terrible and her emblem doesn't do anything.

>> No.38464504


In a control shell, her plus 1 will net you a card at a decent rate. Her minus 2 is amazing for a control deck and she is white, which means the deck can play elspeth as a finisher.

White, blue control COULD be back, depends on if we get more card draw and better counter spells

>> No.38464511

>- ability is meh

>> No.38464517

Confirmed for next staple

>> No.38464525

Courser was shit because it didn't let you play an extra land like Oracle of Mul-Daya.
Elspeth cost 6 mana therefore it was too slow and unplayable.

I'm seeing a potential Esper midrange brew with these guys and Sorin being the core.

>> No.38464526

Courser flies under the radar like Reckoner, no hate or anything. people just think they're average.
Elspeth seems unplayable at first because of her cmc.

>> No.38464528

>(she's modern playable)
Not even close

>> No.38464534

Yeah, everyone should go out right now and pre-order to inflate their price astronomically

>> No.38464541

Wizards did say they removed the 4 mana wrath.as they found control to be too good. Narset was probably one of the reasons why
>dig through time
>any removal
Also triggers with prowess. This card is nutty

>> No.38464548

Courser was the only playable card from an entire set.

>> No.38464552

It'll inflate on its own, silly anon

>> No.38464568

i said the second one. not upset I was wrong, but don't look forward to her waifufags riding high

>> No.38464575

Is Narset better than Venser for my White/Blue Planeswalker slot in my cube?

>> No.38464577

>-2 narset
>then i cast ruse cruise for 1, delve 7

>> No.38464580

is the blue regent the only one unspoiled now?

>> No.38464585


>> No.38464586

Yeah, fuck non-creature spells. Who even plays those?

>> No.38464591

U/W control confirmed back.

>> No.38464598

>implying she's going to be used for anything besides her -2

>> No.38464601

By the time you get to ult her, the decks who care will have already won

>> No.38464604


Wow its shit. She does nothing but draw cards in UW. She can't defend herself. She can't win the game on her own. Her ultimate does nothing against most opponents. Only have counterspells to rebound? That sucks, better be ok with losing to an on board creature. Shes not even UWR, the most obvious thing to do with her. I'm just aghast at how fumbled this walker is.

>> No.38464605

Gods no, Venser is such a great walker that enables strategies.

This card is actually pretty weak in cube.

>> No.38464609

I see UB control splashing white just for Narset.
The deck is nearly devoid of creatures anyway.

>> No.38464616


Nobody doubted that Wingmate was strong, it just didn't feel very mythical.


Whoa now, let's not be discounting Brimaz, here. He's playable too!

>> No.38464617

looks reminiscent of King Ghidorah in Godzilla movies in a way

>> No.38464621


At that point they HAVE to be able to kill your narset that turn or its ogre. And even if they do they are way behind.

>> No.38464629

>waifufags undoubtedly going to be all over their planeswalker
>slumdog millionaire becomes even more attractive because he makes her his bitch

>> No.38464637

I don't know what deck you are running to think that you can make this your turn 4 play and not just die immediately.

Not to mention there aren't even any UW decks running around anymore.

>> No.38464642

You do it the turn you cast her so you get the cards regardless silly!

>> No.38464644

they actually contrast each other pretty well. venser lets you durdle etb effects and gives unblockable if your deck's creature heavy. narset gives rebound and pulls noncreatures off the top if you're more into spells. run the one your deck can use better

>> No.38464652

U/B and U/W matches will just be good games of magic

>> No.38464656

I'm leaning towards agreeing with anon. Play her turn 4, she gets eaten my creatures. IF she doesn't you could board wipe and rebound that board wipe, but that's turn fucking five.

>> No.38464660


I know. But then if they dont kill her that turn you can -2 the best card you found out of the 6 you just drew. And you cant come back from that.

>> No.38464661

missed you were talking about cube and not a deck. run the one more likely to play nice with available WB strats. or run both

>> No.38464662

>card draw is bad in control
Anon please

>> No.38464670

>Not just casting Narset on 6 lands for a Rebound Dig
>not knowing how to play control strategies

>> No.38464693

Well, she would have 7 loyalty if you plus her.

Not every deck will have 7 power out and immediately just be able to off her. I would say the high loyalty vs. mana cost is the most interesting part of the card.

>> No.38464695

Reliable card advantage is good on control, Narset is not that

>> No.38464699

There's Bile Blight and Drown.
There's also a couple of stuffs in BNG for UW heroics.

>> No.38464718

>not casting Narset on 9 lands so you have counter spell mana up and dig mana up

>> No.38464720

Its conditional card draw that does not affect the board.

U does not need more card draw in standard, there are 3 really good spells already. UW needed a way to affect the board since black has the only wrath that doesn't take two turns.

>> No.38464722

Narset would be decent for U/W heroic I imagine. Decent amount of non-creature spells and double heroic trigggers

>Gods no
Please tell me this is a typo

>> No.38464731

You haven't seen the latest scg opens where the board is clogged by green creatures?

>> No.38464732

Who the fuck plays Narset on t4?

>> No.38464734

ah yes. the ol' follow up an ugin with narset play

>> No.38464737

>UW needed a way to affect the board since black has the only wrath that doesn't take two turns.

What? End hostilities came before Crux.

>> No.38464740

>rebound that board wipe
literally why even bother?

>> No.38464746

>Narset would be decent for U/W heroic
Hell no, have you seen UW Heroic? A 4cmc spell that doesn't buff or protect your guy is way too much

>> No.38464753

Well, sure, but that's generally not by turn 4. I agree that Narset isn't terribly powerful, but she's not as easy to remove as some think. 7 is quite a lot.

>> No.38464754


This is possibly better than shaman, costing less and also much easier to fit in multicolor builds. I like it!


Lots of loyalty, but walkers that can't protect themselves are almost invariably shit. That plus means that you have to be creature light to get the most out of her, but it needs creatures to protect itself.

>> No.38464758

Silumgar can make her his waifu, what a piece of shit. 1/10(pity point for the decent art), another steaming pile for the $.05 rare box.

>> No.38464760

Completely forgot about end hostilities since the only control lists I have seen the last 3 months were UBx.

You right anon.

>> No.38464761

forces aggro to wait one more turn, furthering how long you have to stabilize
that's why planeswalkers are so good right now, like sorin. The board is so clogged with creatures that getting to a walker that's about to ult is extremely hard to do.

>> No.38464770


Hardened Scales into T2 this for a 4/5 will be a thing in standard.

>> No.38464772

Deter your opponent from casting creatures for 1 turn. It might not kill anything but it's a huge boost in tempo play.

>> No.38464776

Because then they can't play anything without it being wiped next turn, netting you a whole free turn of tempo advantage. How do you not get that?

>> No.38464782

So does new jace and shit gideon.

Guess how much walkers that don't affect the board see play?

>> No.38464789


The big problem here is its UW. The only thing you can get off of card draw in those colors that could actually advance the board state is Elspeth. UW has no board wipes. UW has no removal. Counterspells drawn do nothing in conjunction with rebound.

>> No.38464794

Ignore Silumgar posters

>> No.38464798

Keep saying that while I'm rebounding Jeskai charms in your face son

>> No.38464800

All of my wants

>> No.38464807

>Planeswalkers are good because they are hard to use
What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.38464815

Of course Silumgar wants her, she's bananas.

>> No.38464817

You are indeed correct. Delve cards get around this very easy.

>> No.38464827


JMTS mainly brainstorms and Fateseals, remind me how he sees no play.

>> No.38464834

dies to slumgar, not worth the risk

>> No.38464847

Not that anon but you are fucking retarded.

Papa Jace caused the goddamn jace test you faggot.

>> No.38464848

New Jace is a bit of a rare case. He really does nothing.

I don't think Narset is as unplayable as he is. Possible, of course.

>> No.38464851


>> No.38464855

>Playing the mythic version of Silumgar

>> No.38464864

Could the new Narset work in Jeskai builds that use Ascendancy? Rebound means ascendancy pumps twice off of every spell (albeit not on the same turn but that's still advantage), also means your burn hits twice. I always seem to run out of cards in my hand unless I draw into dig/cruise so the card draw isn't terrible either. Ult seems relevant because Jeskai has a tendency to go wider than whatever creatures opponents play and you no longer have to fear wraths.

I'm rather new though so I could be totally off the mark.

>> No.38464869

>he doesn't add to slugmar's opulence

>> No.38464883

>end hostilities
>valorous stance
also, card draw is great with rebound. Plus, it's not like you can't play a third color for more removal.

>> No.38464897

>reading comprehension.
Im saying that because the entire format is full of memerange stuff, it's hard to get your wall of creatures through you opponents wall of creatures. Walkers are good right now because there's so many bodies in front of them to block for days.

>> No.38464899

Jeskai tokens might find a use for her.

>> No.38464909

Sure it's reliable. In standard, run scry lands and rebound your treasure cruises. If you run Chain Veil, you can do both in a turn.

>> No.38464914

New Ojutai revealed!

>Flying, Flash
>When Ojutai enters the battlfield, it gains +1/+1 counters equal to X. Draw 1 card and gain 1 life for each +1/+1 counter on Ojutai
>As Ojutai resolves, sacrifice it

>> No.38464916

I don't think this is what you'd want for that kind of deck. If you're running out of cards she'll only net you a card every so often. Chandra/Outpost siege would net you more cards more often.

>> No.38464939


Well that's a major revelation there

>> No.38464941

Her first ability is incredibly unreliable, even with scry lands

>> No.38464942

6/10 would only play if it had delve

>> No.38464950


If you're playing a control deck and your opponent hasn't killed you by turn 5, you're already probably going to win anyways.

Narset is shit because playing it on curve is at best going to draw you a card if you're lucky. Assuming it survives, you could minus it, but that also requires you to both

A) have an instant or sorcery you can cast


B) have it be one that you are fine with casting at sorcery speed on your own turn, tapping your mana to do so and not leaving it open to respond on your opponent's turn

Control decks don't like either of those. She can't protect herself and does nothing the turn you play her unless you're at six or seven mana.

>> No.38464962


>> No.38464973

This is going to be worth a lot

>> No.38464979

>If you're playing a control deck and your opponent hasn't killed you by turn 5, you're already probably going to win anyways.
Disregard post. He's a retard.
Standard is a lot slower than that

>> No.38464982

The best card spoiled today was Scaleguard Sentinels

>> No.38464988

Control decks don't like having an instant or sorcery to cast?

>> No.38465002

Taigam looks pretty badass. Hopefully he's at least on par with The Silent Popsicle

>> No.38465003

Bar none. Gonna put one in edh if I can get my hands on a foil before the price surge.
I think 3 in modern and diffidently 4 of in legacy (can discard to liliana +1, and brainstorm is legal there)

>> No.38465009

Dragon Tribal is officially playable. Thunderbreak Regent becomes a turn 3 play with this fucker. Two of these out, Kolaghan becomes is playable turn 4. I like it.

>> No.38465011


Agreed: It's a 4-of in Green Devotion

>> No.38465030

Why is Taigam a monk? Isn't he a Sultai?
Is this one of those alternate history thing?

>> No.38465033

Source fucking needed.

>> No.38465043

in this timeline, Taigam didn't defect into sultai and Narset was banished from the Jeskai

>> No.38465054

He's trolling because he's wrong, don't pay any attention to him

>> No.38465065

The setting/characters have changed because of the events in FRF.

>> No.38465066

I knew Dragonspeaker Shaman wouldn't get reprinted because they don't make Barbarian creatures anymore but i was still hoping for something as good...Meh, it'll do I guess

>> No.38465069

Taigam was originally Jeskai in Khans timeline before defecting. Looks like having a literal dragon for a boss kept him in line.

>> No.38465074


>In this timeline Jeskai and Sultai died out hundreds of years ago


>> No.38465077

>>As if Serum Visions isn't a Modern Staple

>> No.38465089

Taigam was a Jeskai that defected because Narset was doing Narset things originally. In new timeline he's the leader of the Jeskai and Narset was exiled.

>> No.38465097

Why do you have to be such a massive faggot all the time. You know what I meant

>> No.38465109

So you want to pay 4 mana to cast a second serum visions and gain 4 life?

>> No.38465115


Yeah, that's why I said turn 5 instead of 4 since all the wipes cost 5 now. Also why I said "probably" since there aren't many great control winncons as there used to be.

>> No.38465122

lololol. Salty as fuck are you?

>> No.38465158

Our happy little community will be much better without your ironic/unironic shitposting. Please see yourself to reddit and have a nice day!

>> No.38465164

Yeah i thought he was 100% Sultai, not a defector monk. Makes sense then.

>> No.38465169


They certainly don't like doing it on their own turn unless they have enough mana to keep up a couple counters or removal spells. A good control deck does most of their casting during other people's turns. Narset is just too damn slow to make it worth tapping out on turn 5 just to get an extra copy of whatever spell next turn.

>> No.38465173

All the art used in the UR article is named "cardart" in the filename and has the right dimensions, so I'm gonna post them just for speculation's sake

>Mana rock

>> No.38465191

>Nonbasic land?

>> No.38465194

Hey Im not the one that's ass blasted because he was wrong and someone corrected him. How about instead of being incredibly upset about others you acknowledge your mistakes and move on?

>> No.38465203


>> No.38465206

I like this reprint because now red decks get to go this into turn 3 rabblemaster

>> No.38465217


It looks like a Tarkir Island

>> No.38465218


The traditional set unplayable artifact rare.


The traditional set unplayable land rare.

>> No.38465220

>Morning Aerobics

>Dragonlord Ojutai

>> No.38465230

Art is too good for a manarock.

Its some limited only unplayable artifact or equipment.

>> No.38465240 [DELETED] 

I'm not wrong, I'm just not typing out Not-Jeskai and New-Sultai every time I post. People know what I mean and only faggots like you will have enough autism to tell me that that isn't what they're called anymore

get over it and stop shitposting

>> No.38465241


>> No.38465244

Ojutai's Macarena

>> No.38465254

>bashed as fuck art

It gets worse by the day.

>> No.38465256

More like you play Serum visions the turn before you play Narset. When you scry 2, you make sure the second card is a noncreature spell you can use on turn 5.

In formats where Top is a thing, Narset becomes even better because you can always make sure the top card is always a noncreature spell.

>> No.38465257

>Dragonspeaker Ishai, legendary bird

>> No.38465265


Its not like we already have convenient names for U/W and U/B.

Just start playing in M15 did we kiddo?

>> No.38465270

>The traditional set unplayable artifact rare.
baseless bitching aside, this is likely one of the 'mana rocks that turn into a dragon' that was mentioned by Mark Gottlieb.

>> No.38465276

>blue's version of Dragon Tempest?

>> No.38465281


If it was clone the phantasms would be facing him.

>> No.38465287

still shitposting

>> No.38465290


You can clone creatures you control too

>> No.38465292


Phantasmal Image?

>> No.38465298

Ojutai meditating (while shitting)

>> No.38465300

Dragons seem too distant to be that. The focus is more on Ojutai, so likely a generic blue instant or sorcery appropriately flavored.

>> No.38465310

>In formats where Top is a thing, Narset becomes even better because you can always make sure the top card is always a noncreature spell
Are you honestly suggesting Narset will see legacy or vintage play?

>> No.38465312

>I'm not wrong, I'm just not typing out Not-Jeskai and New-Sultai every time I post.
>I'm not wrong
>I'm just wrong and refuse to accept it
You're wrong and real salty anon

>> No.38465314


Even in the art of clones where you can ONLY clone your own stuff, the clone and the target are facing one another.

See: Mercurial Pretender

>> No.38465318

How much will rebound clone cost?
Wouldn't have high hopes on that, might just be a dragonspeaker aven as a class.
Whenever you cast a dragon spell, draw a card

>> No.38465322

>Scroll of the Losers
>Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a lore counter on Scroll of the Masters.
>0: What, were you expecting something useful?

>> No.38465327

do we have the
>That's definitely the art on his actual creature card
art yet?

>> No.38465343

Rolled 7 (1d20)


Oh god please please please

>> No.38465345

Actually, it's a little bit better than that:
>>Pay 1 to look and arrange the top 3 cards of your deck
>>See no non-creature spells
>>Tap Top to Draw, then put Top on top of the deck
>>Use Narset's +1, reveal Top, put it back into hand.
It's sorta beautiful.

>> No.38465348


Its not any kind of clone effect. Art says more unblockable to me than clone.

>> No.38465353 [DELETED] 

Still shitposting

>> No.38465354

Dragonlord Ojutai?

>> No.38465373


>> No.38465376

Either this >>38465276 or this >>38465220

>> No.38465386


>> No.38465398

>putting that in Standard
Hahahaha no

>> No.38465413

She combos extraordinarily well with Top and Mindsculptor. Why wouldn't she?

>> No.38465422

this whole universe is fucking nonsense to me

how could any other species survive let alone flourish in a world where 10 ton eating machines exist in such numbers. I guess you could say that U/B ones are just basically Komodo dragons but fuck

>> No.38465435

Rolled 18 (1d20)


Let's not forget Brainstorm

Hell, I can see her in Counterbalance

>> No.38465443 [DELETED] 

Still shitposting

>> No.38465447


>> No.38465455

because her mana cost makes her compete with jace. And top decks are very very tight right now so adding random cards is difficult to do, especially for a simple card advantage engine

>> No.38465467

They are born from Dragon Tempests, pretty sure they don't need food / eat just for fun.

>> No.38465469

>She combos extraordinarily well with Top and Mindsculptor
Jesus christ the things I see. Why not play Ugin with that logic, he kills delvers!

Pro tip, legacy can be too fast at times for even Jace, which is why frequently decks run without him. So why the fuck would a card that is worse in every goddamn way see play over jace?

>> No.38465472

Because the dragons want to rule above all else, and they need subjects to do that. Also, Ugin *did* give them magic to fight the dragons the last time this started to happen, and hopefully he'll do so again.

>> No.38465480

That's... must be pretty hard to make.
I mean, it's a pretty big metalic statue and given how it's shaped, manadging to distribute its weight correctly must be quite an achievement.
> inb4 it's a petrified dragon.

>> No.38465505

>She combos extraordinarily well with Top and Mindsculptor
If you are untapping with Jace you have won the game.
Please stop talking about legacy.

>> No.38465511

Ojutai seemed like a bro.

Does a thousand years mellow out a dragon a bit?

>> No.38465518


>> No.38465519

See >>38465270, it essentially *is* a petrified dragon,

>> No.38465528


Even when your universe is a fantasy one, you still need to keep it the slightest bit grounded and believable. You can't just explain everything with "It's Magic". That's why LotR is so good. It's a grounded, almost believable fantasy universe

What the fuck am I ranting about, it's a fucking mtg story. They're just slopping it out to sell cards. Must contain autism

>> No.38465544

Or the totem cycle from Time Spiral

>> No.38465557

literally magic

>> No.38465566

Pretty sure the Mardu love being united with the dragons. Not sure how the other clans feel about being ruled by dragons other than everyone hating that fucking dick Silumgar

>> No.38465575

shhhhhhh, let's wipe away those salty salty tears

>> No.38465593


There goes your right to complain

>> No.38465607

He was already pretty mellow. I think he was the most easily swayed into uniting with the old Jeskai

>you'll never train to be a cool martial artist under a smart cool guy dragon

>> No.38465617

MTG is high fantasy, unlike LotR. Narset gained magic powers just by studying really hard at the age of 10, and mana kinda just floats around the land. Animals absorb that power unconsciously and use it to fight against dragons. The elk, elephants, and krushok we've seen so far in the block can get up to 6/6 in size or larger. And remember what all the rampant mana did to wildlife in Onslaught block?

>> No.38465632

I bet you feel really special for posting that

>> No.38465655 [DELETED] 

Still shitposting

>> No.38465689


>> No.38465725

Still feeding him, and thereby shitposting yourself.

>> No.38465747

Mardu seem mostly fine because Kolaghan least wants direct rule - she just expects them to either keep up with her or get killed.

>> No.38465754 [DELETED] 


>> No.38465779

So what other walkers do you think we'll get in this set?

You don't really think they'll do another Sorin or Sarkhan do you

>> No.38465827

Well if they don't reprint Sorin how will we know he's still doing nothing?

>> No.38465832

My dragon boner calls for Bolas

>> No.38465873

need a walker with green in it

>> No.38465883

We still need a green walker for the set.

Considering it's an ally-color set, I am placing my bets on a RG walker because WG won't be done, with a white walker already existing in the set as Narset.

So, my bet is that we might be a RG Sarkhan. I can't imagine any other potentially green walker with a stake in Tarkir.

>> No.38465887

I hope that we get a Bittersweet Revelation at least.

>> No.38465897


Based on the flavor text so far the Dromoka brood have a trust-based relationship with their ex-Abzan subjects while everywhere else still has rebellions the dragon overlords put down.

>> No.38465939

Fuck that

Sarkhan should be our next Boros walker because we haven't had one of those in ten million years and he wants to impress his waifu Narset by being in old Jeskai colors

>> No.38465955


We're all but guaranteed to see Sarkhan, Unbroken as a new walker, probably RG. The Penny Arcade pin all but spoiled his reappearance.

I can't believe how many people here can't see how shitty Narset is. Walkers that don't immediately draw cards or protect themselves are almost invariably shit. The last Jace, the last Gideon, the GW Ajani...the list goes on. She's slow as shit. Minus can't be used the turn you drop her on curve unless you've got some Gitaxian Probes or something, the plus is unreliable, the minus requires an additional card AND tapping out to play something at sorcery speed on your own turn. Lastly, the ultimate is laughably shitty against most matchups and will not win the game by itself, unlike just about every other walker in the history of control builds.

>> No.38465957

They're doing another Sarkhan. The PAX Pin and box art confirm it. His name will be Sarkhan, Unbroken. Aside from that, we know nothing about him.

I'm hoping for another Bolas. He showed up on screen for God's Sake. But the fact they didn't make one last set makes me doubtful.

>> No.38466000

Sure, she can't protect herself, but if your opponent can swing seven at you on turn 4 you're doing something terribly wrong as a control deck.

>> No.38466025

Sarkhan has shown absolutely no white traits ever.

Not only that but with a white walker already in this set, we won't get another.

>> No.38466066


They don't need to target her at all. The theoretical advantage of rebound is basically crapped on by the fact that you're not actually getting the benefit of the free spell until turn 6. An aggressive deck will just ignore Narset entirely and be happy you wasted your 5th turn tapping out for whatever spell you're rebounding instead of holding up counters or boardwiping.

>> No.38466075

He's more likely to be UR than WR. That's why a lot of people had him pegged as Temur. However, if even Narset couldn't be 3 color, than I guess we can consider it a wash.

>> No.38466078

if you're playing correctly, they most likely won't have enough to kill her after you cast her on turn four in time for you to cast an End Hostilities with Rebound

>> No.38466085

Good luck casting good spells before turn three in this shit standard

>> No.38466100


>End Hostilities with Rebound

But that's stupid. Really, really stupid.

>> No.38466102

...Why wouldn't you just rebound a board wipe?

>> No.38466108

it was a joke man, calm down

>> No.38466119


>> No.38466128

We've got 2 white walkers remember? Sorin solemn visitor.

Wanna bet we'll see Nissa? With all the hints at eldrazi we're getting that'd be neat. Though does anyone really want little miss "I doomed the multiverse"

>> No.38466131




Dash is a thing that exists.

>> No.38466133

trips confirm. Narset a shit

>> No.38466153

>Keeping the board clear for a second turn while keeping all your mana up for counters and drawspells is bad

why is /tg/ so fucking bad at magic

>> No.38466156

If I was angry or in a state where calming down was required, I would have said at least one of the following:
>Kill yourself.
>Fucking EDH shitlord.
>Are you retarded?
>/tg/ is bad at magic.
Or any other number of common phrases used as insults.

But I didn't so I don't need to calm down, I think.

>> No.38466162

In the UW control deck, I.mean

>> No.38466167

Shes shit.

But standard is really goddamn slow with coursers and siege rhino's fucking aggro decks in the ass.

I could see her as a 1-2 of, she improves your already good midrange matchup but also gives you a secondary angle of attack against the control mirror.

>> No.38466169

Set, not block. There's plenty of evidence of color-crossover of planeswalkers in blocks but not in sets.

>> No.38466193

fair enough.

Doesn't change that I want a green walker.

>> No.38466202

I actually think the counters and card draw are fine, it's the spot removal that I find lacking in u/w

>> No.38466209

>that stupid looking armor

I hate the Dromoka dragons so much, look at that bellowing ugly piece of shit, they had to fashion their armor in resemblance to THAT, ugh.

>> No.38466216

all right, fine, just chill out

>> No.38466220


So if I understand you correctly, your gameplan here is to tap out on T4 for Narset, plus it, maybe get value, let your opponent do whatever the fuck he wants, minus the Narset, End Hostilities, pray the opponent doesn't have a Valorous Stance or other thing to save their beater, let them do whatever the fuck they want on the next turn, then finally rebound your board wipe to gain literally no value.

Oh, /tg/...

>> No.38466225

True, though that's assuming dash sees a ton of constructed play. (Most people still play Stormbreath over Kolaghan.) You're basically giving yourself a turn where you're opponents won't have anything permanent left on the battlefield. If that's not control, I don't know what is.

>> No.38466230

And you'll probably get one. I doubt it will be mono though.

>> No.38466238

they had to have helmets in the shape of her stupid dragon head

>> No.38466253

I preferred the persian/turkish feel old Abzan had too, but
>not liking flying laser-wumpus dragons

>> No.38466262


Stormbreath rotates this year. We also haven't seen all the Dash cards out there.

>> No.38466267

Assuming your beater saves from the first End Hostilities, you'd still need a second Valorous Stance for the second wave.

>> No.38466322

Both shards of alara and scars of mirrodin had two walkers that shared a color in their first set

>> No.38466339

It would be the coolest shit, if they didn't look so damn ugly. I was actually hype for Dromoka the eternal as well, but all this new art of them just makes me envious of the other dragons that have at least some semblance of cool.

>> No.38466368

typical /tg/ naysayer that doesn't know what a good card looks like until it shows up on MTGTop8 lists. You doubted Sorin, you doubted Elspeth, you doubted Courser, you doubted Wingmate Rock, and now you're doubting this.

Because you're bad at magic

>> No.38466387


That still equals another turn of attacking, and they have no real reason to not send it at your face. Creature decks invariably don't care about letting Narset ultimate and her minus only helps them out by tying up the control player's mana during their own turn.

Narset's shit. Shittier than the last Jace, which is still more likely to see play than her because at least his plus filters your draws, feeds delve, and he can actually protect himself and get closer to winning the game with his ultimate.

And no one even plays HIM, so what chance does Narset have?

>> No.38466398

I for one think Narset will go into Jeskai tokens, which already have have little creature spells, almost always blokers to spare and can probably get the most value off her -2 with tokens, draw and removal.

>> No.38466406

What was there to even doubt about Courser?

>> No.38466413

Two instances does not equate to plenty. In any case, with no green walker so far, I'd say a greenwalker is guaranteed.

>> No.38466425

We're pretty early into spoiler season, but so far it doesn't look like much is going to dethrone Stormbreath in current standard. The dragon support we've seen actually makes it better. (Though if your opponent has his little Goblin Shamans reducing his cost, I'll admit good luck getting Narset to work.) As for post rotation, the only comparable threat we've on the curve is Kolaghan, who can get out same turn due to dash, but unlike Stormbreath doesn't stay there. Sure, it'll avoid a boardwipe, but it sure would be a pain to cast him over and over again.

>> No.38466428

Where is mah boi Sorin?! He shouldn't be solemn anymore in this timeline, dammit!

>> No.38466454

>Narset preordering at $35
What the hell? Wasn't Ugin only $30?

>> No.38466465


Except I didn't doubt any of them. Sorin and Elspeth could protect themselves and immediately impact the board state, unlike Elspeth.

Courser was clearly pushed to not only standard but even potentially modern play with his fat bolt-resistant ass, incremental life gain, and semi-drawing card advantage. Roc is obviously a standard-only guy, but he was fine.

You're not dealing with the fact that certain trends are universal in planeswalker playability, and protecting themselves is damn near at the top of the list, next to impacting the board immediately.

What deck would play Narset over the Living Guildpact, especially when you have blue running Dig and Cruise?

>> No.38466478

We've got Wumpuses in DTK, in fact.
chandere pls go

>> No.38466484

>Sorin, Visitor

Narset isn't nearly the next Mind Sculptor that people are making her out to be, but she's still really good and a lot more playable in standard than Ugin is. Ugin was preordering for like 40 though I thought

>> No.38466487


*unlike Narset

Pardon my typo.

>> No.38466521

I for one like the appearance of our Dromokan overlords.

>> No.38466529

Narset, despite some obvious drawbacks, is at least costed where she should be. Despite Ugin's flashy effects, hewas obviously going to have some problems seeing constructed play.

>> No.38466542


>more playable in standard than Ugin

And then /tg/ went full retard. I suppose you forgot Nykthos and Frontier Siege are things that exist? And that a colorless walker that can immediately boardwipe is going to be a shit-ton more useful than a lady who can only give you a random shot at replacing herself the turn you drop her?

>> No.38466559

so depressing that even just that 1 extra mana makes him almost useless in tron, ie, the only deck that would play him.

>> No.38466564

Narset is a cute girl.

Ugin is a dragon who new players had no idea who the fuck he was

>> No.38466579

>>What deck would play Narset over the Living Guildpact, especially when you have blue running Dig and Cruise?
I think you answered your question?
>>play her on turn 5
>>-2 your treasure cruise.

>> No.38466589

>Comparing Narset to Living Guildpact

dude, you've had turns 2 and 3 to deal with shit they've tried to do. You'll be playing her onto an empty or almost empty board and she most likely survives any damage long enough for you to untap with counter and removal mana. She goes to fucking 7 toughness. Or you just wait until turn 6 after countering and dealing with their shit to get a rebound Dig. Do you understand how strong a Rebound Dig is

>> No.38466624

>still seeing play
>Frontier Siege
>being played in anything after those one time thing decks from pro tour Fate


Wanna know what Ugin ACTUALLY sees play in? U/B. Ugin is a U/B card

>> No.38466637

>What deck would play Narset over the Living Guildpact
As a person who opened 2 Jaces in booster league and two outside (and no other walker from m15, thanks Maro) I can tell you:
every that can afford it. Sure Jace feeds delve and protects himself in some way, and his ultimate usualllywins you the game, but other than it (which you won't use unless you build a deck around him, trust me, I did) it has no way of producing even slight card advantage unless you're willing to bounce tokens. Now, Narset is the exact opposite- she creates value. In a proper deck her +1 is card-draw over 50% of the time, her -2 can produce insane value and sometimes outright win the game if coupled with digs, cruses or even removal. Her ulitimate, while does not win you every game, cripples all decks by making at least a sixth of their cards dead. She's in no way going to dominate, but I can see her being a player, especially after rotation.

>> No.38466648

I'd prefer to play her on turn 5 to cruise. That way I can play Elspeth on turn 6.

>> No.38466655

I wouldn't call Narset as hot as Chandra is or anthing, but she's definitely a way cooler, more likable female character

>> No.38466660

>Frontier Siege
>being played in anything after those one time thing decks from pro tour Fate
It literally just got second place at a GP.

>> No.38466683

Disregard me I'm retarded, that was outpost siege. Damn things need to have more unique names.

>> No.38466685

Your argument was there was no evidence and I provided you with two separate instances. Shards block even has another red walker in it and Scars provided the precedent for "not ever color needs a walker."

>> No.38466698

How the fuck did that happen? Even if you only started playing yesterday, like half the cards in the last two sets mention him.

>> No.38466703

>Control decks
>Doing things on turn 2 and 3
Get a load of this guy

>> No.38466718


How exactly did blue-white get the requisite 7 cards in the grave to pay for that on turn 5? I'll be generous and assume 2 fetches, but where did the other five cards come from?

The answer is magical Christmastland


Have you missed GR Devotion showing up everywhere, somehow? Turn 4 Hornet Queen is a thing.


What answers does blue-white have at 2 and 3 mana? 3 gives you Banishing Light, but what the fuck are you doing on turns 1 or 2 in UW control?


Narset creates value UNRELIABLY and does not present an existential threat to creature decks. The correct answer is almost always going to be to ignore the Narset and smash the face of the player.

Narset will end up seeing about as much play as the last Gideon.

>> No.38466727

>not running a playset of ram in your main
Scrub alert.

>> No.38466785





Man, check out all those Frontier Siege. Not even the one fucking Mono Green deck that's done shit in 30 years runs it. And yeah, look at all those Ugins! In fucking Blue Black

There was only one instance in forever where Ugin was played in something other than U/B, and that deck wasn't running Frontier Siege either.

Narset is more playable in standard than Ugin. Come call me retarded when the tron lands get spoiled

>> No.38466786


>Nyx-Fleece Ram
>maindeck in control
>calling other players scrubs

>> No.38466811

t2 Nullify, t3 Dissolve. Man that was hard

Implying anyone but RDW has a t1 play

>> No.38466843


>this unreleased card that does nothing the turn you play it is more standard playable than a card that's seen tournament-winning standard play

It's like watching a special-needs kid stick his tongue in a power socket. You know you should stop him, but it's too funny not to let him keep going.


You're only proving how insanely unlikely your scenario is, and that STILL doesn't give you enough cards for your Cruise

>> No.38466884

implying we didnt fetch once or twice

implying we're even cruising at all

If we're trying to rebound Dig, we're doing that turn 6

>> No.38466982

T1 Fetch, Creature T2 Valorous Stand that Creature T3 Divination T4 Disdainful Stroke, Disdainful Stroke, Chump Block

I did it with one fetch, even in those colors. But like you'd be going a third color. Go bant and you'll get access to Satry Wayfinder, go Esper, and you'll get bile blight and thought seize. It's not that difficult.

>> No.38467002



Assuming the fairly generous double fetch:

T2 Nullify
T3 Dissolve
T4 Some other card that goes to your grave

That STILL puts you two short of the 7 cards you need to delve to play Cruise for U alongside Narset on Turn 5. It's just an incredibly stupid hypothetical to try and make Narset look playable when it's not.

Even if you're Digging instead, you've basically spent two or three turns dicking around trying to gain advantage with Narset that any competent opponent will have closed out the game by then.

Face it. She's shit, even by the low standards of Standard! UW control would much rather keep up counters like Ojutai's Command or otherwise find a way to survive to turn 5 to land a sweeper.

Unlike almost every other planeswalker, she's only good if you're already in an advantageous position where you can afford to waste your own turns tapping out to get a free rebound. You're never going to be happy to see her in topdeck mode, and she'll probably never be the answer you're digging for with Dig through Time.

>> No.38467024

ugh, just wait and see

>> No.38467041


>1-drop creature
>in UW

Son, you're only digging yourself into a deeper hole.

>> No.38467081

that's a different guy

>> No.38467151


Maybe, but it's still a bugfuck retarded idea to have a deck that's running one-drop creatures AND Narset, who requires a high amount of instants and sorceries to have any chance of worth whatsoever with the plus ability.

Honestly, if your argument is that a planeswalker is good if you wait a turn longer to cast it than playing it on curve, you're already in trouble. Doubly so when you're in UW and using your 5th turn to do something OTHER than playing End Hostilities.

>> No.38467161

>New players
>Reading flavor text
I can't blame them with how shit flavor text has been lately.

>> No.38467196

Let's try this UBW

T1: Fetch Island
T2 Island Nullify
T3: Fetch Swamp Nullify, Thoughtseize
T4: Swamp Disdainful Stroke, Bile Blight
T5: Plains Narset, Cruise

>> No.38467216

dude, a current control deck's whole shtick is playing something a few turns later so you can have mana to protect it. That's how it's been since AEtherling. You don't play your win cons on curve

>> No.38467248

Narset isn't a win con though.

>> No.38467317


That is a pretty great Christmasland scenario, yes. It also requires perfect mana since you've got UU and BB all over the place in a three-color deck.

It's even worse when you consider all the duals in standard ETB tapped.

>> No.38467320

But you still need to protect her because she doesn't protect herself

>> No.38467348

What are painlands?

>> No.38467359

Not ally colored

>> No.38467399

No shit, the other guy says in control you play a win con when you can protect it.

And my point is Narset isn't a wincon. Its a really crappy draw engine which you play on curve not caring if it dies or not.

On a side note, what the fuck is going on with captchas?

>> No.38467442


And here we have the essence of why Narset is shit.


Control walkers have always been able to be cast on curve safely. Elspeth shit tokens or board-wiped based on what was needed, Jace could sap all the attackers to make them ineffective, and so on.

The best-case scenario for Narset is dropping it, managing to luck out into replacing her, and then tapping out next turn to get some flashy spell with rebound. It's slow, requires other cards besides herself to function effectively, and cannot win the game with the ultimate outside control mirrors. She's a win-more card that's only good if you're already advantaged enough to waste your own turn tapping out for instants and sorceries with rebound. She won't turn games around if you're losing, unlike the previously mentioned better walkers.


Which can't be fetched for and only serve to help aggressive decks finish out their games against control. Control does not like painlands for that reason, and we don't even have the ally colors unless those are getting printed in DTK.

>> No.38467447

Why would you play her on turn four to die and not even guarantee a beneficial effect? I agree that she's not good and not a win con but it just seems like a waste of mana

>> No.38467482

I 100% agree that the card is pretty weak anon.

Just pointing out that its not a win con.

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