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The object to your right names your next character.

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>inb4 mouse

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Black Mouse.

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>"Weird Japanese Back-Scratcher Thing"

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Wow, sorry.

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Johann Seltzer.

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The object to my right is a character sheet, so yes.

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>Bottle of Corona Extra
...B. Corona Extra. I can dig it.

>> No.38379717

Black chair

>> No.38379719

Lynx "Africa" Dry, famed anthropologist and UN peace envoy.

>> No.38379742

Power Cord. Welp, luckily I'm playing ShadowRun

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Adata Harddrive. Hmm. What a coincidence.

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>Sam Sung
That could actually work.

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Am I a fence or a bounty hunter's target?

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A fat decker?

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Milk and Cereal. Possibly twin characters?

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GraphGear 1000.


>> No.38379844

Broken Wing

>> No.38379851

...Cherry Pepsi

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Well, if I ignore the mouse and power cord...
> The Price of Inequality

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>TI-89 Titanium
I guess I'm playing a robot this time.

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Don't judge me.

>> No.38379990

>Sony Xperia Z3
Soni Experia, pilot of the experimental Z3 whateverthehell.

That was easy.

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white wall

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>> No.38380079

Vidro Escuro

>> No.38380089

>Box of screen-cleaning towelettes.

>> No.38380094

>big bag of Barbecue chips

>> No.38380116

>Magic: The Gathering Giftbox

Nerds will love me.

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Walter White?

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Yeah, ok, I can get behind this.

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Name tag.
Nam Etag?
Na Metag
Namet Ag?
Now I wonder what my next character is going to be.

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There's... mileage in that. I guess. Depends on the system.

"'Sup. The name's Spoon. Don't ask why."

>> No.38380258

I like to think it'd be a (setting-appropriate) massive brute who got the nickname by never washing and giving people the impression that things might be growing out of him

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Hitachi wand?

>> No.38380278

not bad.

as for me:
> Axe Deepspace
barbarian extrodinaire.

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Empty oreo box.

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Just got home and changed out of my suit which I hung on the closet door.

"The Suit" sounds like the name of a superhero.

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That's a vibrator, anon.

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Copy of Don Quixote.

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Con Quixote?

>> No.38380479

Qon Duixote!

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I'm in the bathroom with a tablet taking a dump. To my right is a roll of toilet paper.

So I guess my next character gets torn up over taking shit from everyone.

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Hm, not bad.

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>>38379719 here. We have equally terrible taste in deodorant.

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Ash Can,

Djinn rogue, I guess.

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Red "Gator" Ade.

I can work with it.

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What kinda fucked-up name is that.

>> No.38381163

with a hint of lime ;)

>> No.38381233

>mfw the object to my right IS a Diet Pepsi

>> No.38381270

Ursula K Le Guin

>> No.38381286

>Glass of Arizona Arnold Palmer lemonade/iced tea

Arnie Palms, face extraordinaire, former Eagle Security Insurance Representative from the PCC.

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>> No.38381355

Kat. Human rogue.

>> No.38381376

>A usb with "James E. Raynor" on it
...I feel like I'm cheating

On the other hand
>Click Fan
I can dig it

>> No.38381411

>Glengoyne 25 years old
Glenn Goyne, a 25 year old Scotsman that seems aged beyond his years. Mellow and laidback attitude. Slightly fruity.

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Canon printer

>> No.38381833

University "Nurse as Educator" Textbook.

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>> No.38381929


I could also just use my dog's name, but that might be too much easy mode.

>> No.38382065

You can use the dog's breed, as kind of a halfway point to easy mode.

>> No.38382098

Labrador it is then.

>> No.38382120

... Mono black devotion.

>> No.38382487

Not Cat Rogue?

I wish Cat Rogue's group hadn't broken up. Those were interesting stories.

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>Jade Cocoon
time for insect waifus

>> No.38382806

Not a very sturdy identity to be sure.

>> No.38383190

>nail clipper

>> No.38383267

Assuming Mouse doesn't count?
Water Bottle

>> No.38383405

A figurine of Charlotte?

This will not be the burly knight I was planning on.

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>> No.38383586


> pile of pizza boxes

I guess I am... Domino DiGiorno, the Red Baron?

>> No.38383619

It's a good day.

>> No.38383693

>Not having Sir Charlotte the Burly pick up his weapon of choice to use during combat

what are you, straight?

>> No.38383739

My brother.

>> No.38383782

>Botle (pronounced BOAT-lay) D'eau
A french explorer looking for Polish springs that great fortune or something

>> No.38383896

Aw fuck.

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>> No.38384033

Either Prinny Mousepad or Dr Pepper

>> No.38384094


>> No.38384146

I guess my characters name will be:
Samsung Galaxy

Clearly a Star Wars character

>> No.38384151

Veggie Ritz would sound like an interesting name.

>> No.38384215

Chocolate Almonds

>> No.38384251

Actually considering her cliche was "girl disguised as a boy" I can make this work.

Sir Charles it is

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>> No.38384301

iPhone 4s.

The fuck kind of character is this?

>> No.38384389

>having a girl with a girl's name pretend to be a boy instead of having a man with a girl's name being manly

I'm disappointed, but not surprised

>> No.38384397

>Whiteboard Marker
Well this should be interesting.

>> No.38384415

>Forbidden Knowledge

>> No.38384453

excuse me sir may desk have a source

>> No.38384496

Family size bag of Doritos

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>> No.38384530

Vanilla Coke.

>> No.38384533

Microphone? Well, Better than mouse.

>> No.38384620

Not even the right Ocelot.
[Spoiler] Just needed an excuse to post Ocelot [/spoiler]

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>> No.38384749

Book. Could be worse.

>> No.38384805

Still not enough

>> No.38384842

Innocent carton.

Too easy:

Innocence Carter, Victorian lady. Enjoys sewing, embroidery, music and exploring creepy old houses in order to work out exactly what is going on with all those reports of hauntings.

>> No.38384867

The true weapons to surpass metal gear

>> No.38384879

Pelt Redwing, outdoorsman extraordinaire!

>> No.38384890

Let's teach tostitos a lesson

>> No.38384922

Equally, if I'd been lying in bed: a pair of socks.

Para Sax, shadowrunner.

>> No.38384933


>> No.38384958

bop it

sounds like a fun guy

>> No.38384966

my bed? I guess my character likes to sleep

>> No.38384985

An oxygen tank with a non-rebreather mask.

... I got nothin'.

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>> No.38385072


I at least have a normal name.

>> No.38385152

Get out.

>> No.38385539

>Captain Morgan
Always wanted to play a pirate!

>> No.38385632

Silly Puddy. I guess I'm a sentient slime.

>> No.38385709

Box of bones?

>> No.38385753

Window pane... Wind opain? Win do pain. Win dopain?

>> No.38385794

Agrax Earthshade

>> No.38385844

Actually sounds like a cool barbarian shaman who specializes in magics of the Earth.

>> No.38385934

Timecard, the gambling wizard.

>> No.38385959

Wynn do'Paine

>> No.38386264

>PS3 Remote

Rhys Mote

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>> No.38386428

>Bag of Rold Gold Pretzels: tiny twists

Rold Twist?
Gold Tiny?
Gold Pretzel?

>> No.38386497

if it's a stick figure comic i drew on a piece of paper, is it the paper itself, the name of the comic (untitled 2/28/15) or a character's name in the comic (unnamed stickman)?

>> No.38386532


Works for the setting.

>> No.38386566

>Bass Guitar

I can work with this.

>> No.38386592

> a signed Lithograph of the Batman Beyond opening

Awesome, I get to be Batman Beyond.

>> No.38386606

>untitled 2/28/15

>> No.38386615

"Red" Solocup

>> No.38386693

>Bad dragon

Guess I'm making a dragonborn.

>> No.38386729


We are Geth.

>> No.38386745


Fuck it, i'ma be a slavbarian.

>> No.38387468

I guess I'm an old timey prospector?

>> No.38388557

Pizza Roll

>> No.38388581



>> No.38388741


A wizard who never reveals his appearance. Not because he has anything to hide, but
because he's not even sure what he looks like, or if there's even anything there under his robes.

>> No.38388773

Paper Plate.

>> No.38388795

Amon Amarth

>> No.38388827

Make him able to mimic all attacks and you got Gogo

>> No.38388877

Wine Bottle.

>> No.38388969


At least I have the decency to put my lotion on the LEFT.

>> No.38389009


> Hurricane beer

Fuck yeah

>> No.38389058

Gargoyle Stash Box.

Fuck it that's the name of my next shadow run character.

>> No.38389115

Caffeine. As in a bottle of powdered caffeine

He's a neurotic, strung-out, manic rogue who gets antsy when they're not doing anything and tends to rush around and try to charge into things head-on.

>> No.38389172

8/10, good taste anon

>> No.38389201

Vaseline... The Bard

>> No.38389212

powdered caffeine are you browsing 4chan at the lab anon you should be working not browsing

>> No.38389241

because being a chemist is the only reason i can think of for somebody to have powdered caffeine

>> No.38389243

>Gore Magala figurine.
Mag Al Gore?

I don't know.

>> No.38389264


Coffee is way too fucking expensive as a caffeine delivery system. You can buy anhydrous caffeine online and it's way, WAY cheaper per 100mg.

caffeine is really bitter though, it's best to put it in some kind of food or at least wash it down quickly.

>> No.38389266


>> No.38389287

i see

>> No.38389295

"Book" a nerdy, sheltered human but the most badass hacker in the Shadowrun universe.

Could also be a prude, snobby wizard for either Pathfinder or D&D, I'm okay with either option really

>> No.38389337

Magazine? Shitty name.

Clip? Meme-tier name.

Bullet! Excellent fucking name. So using this for an underworld assassin or something who only goes by a code name.

>> No.38389372

I'm left handed.

>> No.38389409


Hmm, might use that for my "psionic" face-mage in shadowrun.

>> No.38389436

Dr. Pepper?

I guess I'd like to be a pepper too.

>> No.38389467

Bus Seat. I like it.

>> No.38389511

Goldtwist, the Small

>> No.38389514

M9, robot maybe?
Pistol and handgun don't sound very good.

Well it is my lethal force option, Lethal Force sounds good

>> No.38389567


Lazy Susan.

>> No.38389597

Nemesis Prime.

>> No.38389639

Sounds like a good name for a comic relief robot character or something.

>> No.38389877

I think I'll go with Nam Etag, a man of from an a place that no one seems to have heard of who is mute, and thus communicates everything through writing on pieces of parchment. He seems to keep a piece of parchment with his name on it with him at all times to make introductions easier.

>> No.38390829

Walt B Lanket.

Meh. I've done worse.

>> No.38391067

Kirkland Signature Daily Multi

>> No.38391082


...protein powder

>> No.38391257

Wastepaper Basket.
Rogue Trader.

>> No.38391443



Introducing Pi S. Pi, some sort of weaboo-y character probably with really uncreative parents.

Friends call them Sonya for short for some reason.

>> No.38391513

Bathroom sink

>> No.38391529

Dark Souls 2?

I'll name him Draksultu. He's foreign.

>> No.38391596

>Domino DiGiorno, the Red Baron?
that's so terrible i actually like it. Stealing this to use in a Super game. They always expect flying bricks, WWII dogfighters, not so much.

>> No.38391628

just behind that was some hairspray

>> No.38391634


>> No.38391635


>> No.38391636

"Dice" or a little further to the right "Remote Control"

>> No.38391645

how about
Praysey Shunportleble
some sort of cleric that works at ports & shipyards giving blessings to sailors before they shove off

>> No.38391659

Obama Graphitti


Hard Hat

...I'm at work.

>> No.38391676

my cat Gabby (named because she never stops trying to verbally communicate)
seems my name is Meow Meow Chirp Purr

>> No.38391683

NerfDart Pill-Bottle?

>> No.38391734 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38391928

The two aren't exactly exclusive. You're gonna be somebody's paycheck, you just gotta make sure it's not somebody you don't want it to be!

"BBQ" Chip? Sounds great!

Pronounce it "if-oh-nay" and it could work

>> No.38391958

couch dog

>> No.38391978

I can't stop laughing.

Please kill me.

>> No.38392008

Since my new DW fleet is sat next to me in prep for painting: Fury Frigate, Nemesis Battlecruiser or Death Bringer Submarine.

Death Bringer... Pshh, nothin' personnel, kid.

>> No.38392010

A... nuclear physics textbook.
I guess I could name them after the author?

>> No.38392047


You wouldn't happen to be a little girl, would you?

Are you up to something?

>> No.38392065

>You wouldn't happen to be a little girl, would you?
I'm pretty sure that was quantum physics, not nuclear.

>> No.38392075

ceramic plate covered in the remains of a sandwich, olives and tomato.

>> No.38392090


>> No.38392140


Still pretty suspicious.

>> No.38392174

Well yes. But this is 4chan. Who isn't suspicious?

>> No.38392197

>Directly to my right
>Gold-leaf lettering "Baldwin"
Alright then.

>> No.38392205

Keith Stone
Damn, He's Smooth.

>> No.38392225

Playing mathfinder together anons?

>> No.38392227

>"'Sup. The name's Spoon. Don't ask why."
I want to believe that could work regardless the system.

>> No.38392320

I like the idea that he's not in fact a Captain.
It's just his first name.
Your character keeps getting pushed into official choices and duties against their will.

>> No.38392363


We Drunks UNITE!

>> No.38392418

Zeiss the lens cleaner

>> No.38392424

Love it.

>> No.38392433

Well, this is embarassing... Hello, my name is Lord Toilet, pleased to meet you

>> No.38392443

>Spirit Token


>> No.38392476

Lorde' To Liet!

>> No.38392742

> brownie

guess I'm plating fae

>> No.38392761

>My character is named Girlfriend
Doesn't work.

>> No.38392807

>>My character is named Girlfriend
>Doesn't work.
Neither does this site you lair.

>> No.38392822

Just call your character Palm

>> No.38392834


I get it.

>> No.38392835




He is a fat, perverted black Cowboy who takes shit from nobody and doesn't need no man because he's a hetereosexual Tyrannosaurus.

>> No.38393107



Choco Tredes.

Is that even a valid name?

>> No.38393172

>suitably edgy
>suits an assassin/rogue character
>generic at best
>cute as fuck
>strange name character hooks
Jar of Pickles
>seriously what sort of fucking meal is this?

>> No.38393178


Great name.

>> No.38393371


I'm playing as sewing machine oil?

>> No.38393508

Beer stein?

>> No.38393514

>Dr. Pepper
Not bad for a Shadowrun character.

>> No.38393607

Coffee Table.

>> No.38393645

>Connecting With Law

Sounds like the name of a Judge Dredd sequence.

>> No.38394203

A Reimu plushie

>> No.38394218

>Empty Bowl

Huh... sounds like a monk...

>> No.38394236

I'd go with Reggie Vitz.

>> No.38394341

Dr Winston Pepper: certified physician, avid singer-songwriter and ex-military. Used to be a sergeant.

>> No.38394428

>Jim Kitag
Looks like it's time to go play Call of Cthulhu.

>> No.38394459

Ash Trey
I can dig it

>> No.38394475

>A mug of green tea

Uh... Ryo Kucha, oddly-named ronin?

>> No.38394510


-I'll play an Asian burglar.

>> No.38394524

I guess it sounds like a name at least

>> No.38394546


>> No.38394558


>> No.38394577


>look to my right
>its coca-cola

Seriously OP, are you out to start a fight with me or what.

>> No.38394678

>Arco R. Berband
>Nautica Wallent
>Ada Pteru Fujit
>Red G. Paddington

huh. I should save these. These all sound better than the names I've deliberately made.

>> No.38394715


>> No.38394772

H.P Tower.

>> No.38394967

A pill bottle of citalopram

>> No.38395052

Cital Prampil

>> No.38395150

>Not Epad
>Notepa D.
>N. Otepad

>> No.38395172

Bic médium

>> No.38395190

printer... urr i could work with that i guess

>> No.38395199

Mountain dew.
Oh god.

>> No.38395203


That'd actually do for my next character.

>> No.38395215


I pity me.

>> No.38395432


>> No.38396003

And I have his/her brother/soster - Epson Printer.

>> No.38396013

Hearted lovejar

>> No.38396027


>> No.38396037

I totally loved that Freedom Force character.

>> No.38396045

you are a man among men

my character is now aurora

i'm a lucky fuck...next to my right hand is an Aurora Stealth fighter blister from Noble Armada

or, i'm accidentally a mary sue.....

>Aurora Noblestealth

>> No.38396055

beer. unless i can use the name of the beer, which is trader jose.

>> No.38396080

Cheese Slicer. That could work in a lot of settings.

>> No.38396082

My name is Sir Lavatory. I shall wash the evil from this land!

>> No.38396099


>> No.38396100

Tea spoonenmug

>> No.38396124


>> No.38396129

Absolutely disgusting. I'm just glad that I specced desecration demons at 1.50.

>> No.38396134


>> No.38396155


I shall temporarily remove all pain from these lands!

>> No.38396236

Calculator the mad numerical god.

>> No.38396269


>> No.38396286


>> No.38396307


Dual Shock

The superhero with TWO electric superpowers!

>> No.38396314

Rostad lök bin

>Rostadlök bin Svendsson, First of his house, Lord of the northern mountains.

>> No.38396326

Floral Teacup, halfling druid.

>> No.38396339

khalil Mamoon. Works for me.

>> No.38396360


>> No.38396362

Behold the powerful Herodotus: The Nine Books of History

>> No.38396453

Exibel Charger
Sounds like a proper name

>> No.38396460

Anta Cid, Wizard of regular strength.

>> No.38397078

Nestlé Purelife, Half-Elf Cleric.

>> No.38397440

Italian Mexican. He's kinda hung up about his ancestry.

>> No.38397461

I always knew that caffeine was addictive as shit.

>> No.38397577

Red Knife...Sound so edgy it hurts...

>> No.38397723


Oh, okay.

Let's try this again, now that my console isn't on my right side...

Stylus Battery.

Hmm. Maybe a weapons platform golem who gained sapience and humanity as a result of a programming oversight?

>> No.38397928

I'm a drow

>> No.38397958

To my right?
Lets see... I have napkins, books, junk mail, cup of pens, papers, cigarettes from months ago, and an alarm clock.

>> No.38397974

Puffy Goldenpillow - seems like a good name for a halfling bard.

>> No.38398032

>Bottle of water
>Crossword magazine

What the fuck?

>> No.38398159

A water elemental called Water
Mighty monk Sam Sung Fon
Battle cleric Cros Sword

>> No.38398736

>not a water spirit named Bot'El-Khidi

>> No.38398811

*sigh* shower

>> No.38399047

Sallah al-Shīshe, the chain-smoking Human Bard

>> No.38399074

Glass Water

>> No.38399126

aqua vitrum

>> No.38399219

> Charger

I guess I'm a soldier/merc who picked up that nickname after leading a reckless charge?

>> No.38399243

Water Bottle, brand "Elisabethen Quelle"
Well, Elisabeth then

>> No.38399276

A mug that says 'mb', 'www.mbairsystems.co.uk'

I guess I'm Embair, gentle-hearted pyromancer, warmer of tea.

>> No.38400384

plate the almighty.

>> No.38400426

>a spool of wire
Uh, Detective Wireson?

>> No.38401568

Vanilla Cream.

Fuck my life.

>> No.38401703


Huh, might make for a good rigger name, or a Warforged name.

>> No.38401839

Bloodletter ! Good thing i paint keep my minies beside my PC.

>> No.38401844

Bed Sheet
A handsome and daring rouge from the kingdom in the sands!

>> No.38406133

Throw Pillow

I'm not even sure what kind of character this would be

>> No.38409020

>"Earmuffs" bowl from Moe's Southwest Grill
>Moe "Earmuffs" Africus
>So named because of his rather large, sub-standard auditory augmetics, Moe is otherwise a fairly diligent Enginseer.

I can dig it.

>> No.38409352

>X-55 Rhino
Robot pilot from the far flung future. Comfy, flexible, but for some reason it always seems like you're going to break him from just pushing his buttons.

Still hasn't snapped yet. Crew is suspecting he's fucking with them.

>> No.38409469

My next character is named cup

>> No.38410914


>> No.38411000

Starbuck S. Tumbler, space western captain.

>> No.38411213

Chocolate milk, two legs to a table, or the whole table if you want, a teddy bear and a safari hat.

>> No.38411327

Same here. Good thing I have a new PTU character to name. This'll be funny.

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