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All word and pixel /tg/-related lewdness is welcome here, so long as the rules are followed. Writefags, consider pastebin/1d4chan rather than dumping for long stories. Drawfags with uncensored pictures need to host their images offsite and link to them. For those of you visiting from other boards, err on the side of censorbars and spoilers if you're hesitant.

People especially appreciate it when you give them meaningful feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. It's easy and both writefags and drawfags will love you for it.

In any case, enjoy! Remember to play nice and that all contributions and requests are welcome!

DISCLAIMER: Although requests are encouraged to promote a constant flow of new content, unfortunately not all of them can be fulfilled even at the best of times; don’t take it personally if we don’t get to you right away. Please try to expand your ideas - a bare-bones request doesn't give us much of a good idea as to what you want. Remember- have fun with it!

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Master smut list:

A guide to constructive criticism, because "Your writing/artwork sucks" doesn't help anyone get better at it.


Currently we are creating a set of guides to aid new and upcoming smut writers, if you feel as if you can contribute anything, please do so in-thread!

Completed guides:

Smut Writing for the Sexually Inexperienced: http://pastebin.com/znDUfbtB

Writing from the Female Perspective: http://pastebin.com/M5FNyVWH

Guide to writing monsters in smut: http://pastebin.com/iXjPcUTb

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Newfag here. Doesn't this have its own board?

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Yes, /tg/

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Not as such. The porn boards are just image dumps.

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You cheeky fuck, I'll give you that one.

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Someone goofed and made another thread.

Though I am a fan of the maiden in distress OP, this one is just fine.

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This belongs here.
ERP belongs on /soc/ because reasons.
Imagedumps belong on /e/ or /d/.

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i have always thought it odd that it was the erp that was deemed not related and not the weekend smut thread

i dont care about the erp thread and i like the weekend smut thread i think both are related but the erp was more related

still i suppose erp had somewhere else it could go smut thread does not fit anywhere else

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i feel we should do something to honor nemoys passing

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ERP was doomed because they were a hookup thread. If you ever looked into the threads, they were just there to talk about another website where they would then chat with each other.

While they were roleplaying on that site, the rules put hookups on /soc/. So that is where it went.

Really, very little of it had to do with the fact that it was erotic.

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I suggest we post smut, and live our lives to the fullest, in his honor.

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ah i see


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It's illogical to mourn someone you never met. In fact, all mourning is highly illogical. doesn't make me any less sad

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I did write a script to commemorate his passing, but not sure if it's /tg/ enough to be posted here.

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its /tg/ enough anon its /tg/ enough

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Bitches for Spock?

>> No.38359639

bitches for spock yes

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Finally got home form work and I was just about to make /wst/ Where the fuck is it? Edition

I'm a bit disappointed now

On an unrelated note, a recent thread about eidolon waifus drifted to discussion about a shota synthesis summoner and his MILFy yandere eidolon/living armor waifu
I would like to request a story about that, or something similar

Posts are here

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They should be space bitches. Maybe even space elf bitches

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I only got bitches for Khan.
They fine though.

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I had hoped to have this finished by now, but I fell ill over the week. Still, it shouldn't take much longer.

Power from Pain 2 - WIP.
M/F, contains /ss/ anal fingering, orgasm denial, public sex, oral sex (male on female), handjob, non-sexual blood and death.

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How about instead, a story gets posted.

>Step 1: Steal an image
>Step 2: Upload image
>Step 3: Link the story (Don't forget the title)
Mind your Man
>Step 4: Tags and Synopsis
Tags: Fantasy, Hetero, Dubcon, PsionxHuman
This was a request. Someone wanted a psion trying to use her powers to seduce a soldier, and getting more than she bargained for. I... forgot about it for a while, but here it is.
>Step 5: Witty comment
Ice to meet you.

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>"I only wanted to be a ninja"

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Post "Works of Art"

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In case anyone missed it, abyssal mermaid thread from a few days ago:

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>that huge-ass subs font

literally wtf?

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Hey guys, is there such thing as a Female Mandrake? The DEldar Mandrakes

>> No.38360113

For reference;

Now you know what Spock likes

>> No.38360122

It would be called a womandrake.

>> No.38360136

requesting the cap of the boyfly story, I have a friend who needs to be creep'd out.

>> No.38360154


There isn't a model for one, but that's probably because they don't wear a lot of clothing. I don't think there's anything that says there can't be female Mandrakes though.


This idea pleases me.

>> No.38360158

I've never thought about that. I can imagine one, easily. But I don't know enough lore on the mandrakes to figure that out.

I mean, if the Mandrakes are truly just DE that were into the kinky stuff before the fall, there should be plenty of Femdrakes to go around.

>> No.38360165

Didn't XS or someone actually write it recently?

>> No.38360169

I know what you mean but my mind went to a completely different place

>> No.38360196

oh god that typo made me think it too. I meant botfly story that was too /d/ for /d/.

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>This idea pleases me.
I would love to read something like that from you, especially if included the disposed of his clothes idea, her acting as a tentacle pit bodysuit for him and/or taking control while he's wearing her
Though if you pick it up feel free to take it wherever you wish

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Oh look, the Weekend Shit Thread! I noticed that you're around, the number of very retarded magical realm threads is unusually high. Kindly fuck off, assholes.

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Request I saw in another thread I was just reminded of and would like to second

>Somebody needs to draw a armored knight on a computer with his dragon waifu laying on her huge pile of treasure eyeing her knight husbando seductively in the background and make this post into a image macro.

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You can do better than that anon.

>> No.38360314 [DELETED] 

Enjoy your weekend, anon.

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Slow thread. Here, have an argument.

>> No.38360656

Another request inspired by another thread

>Now I can't stop imagining someone forcing fullplate armor onto me.
>Just imagine the whole party ambushing him, pinning his naked form to the ground, and locking him in a set of heavy armor he's not quite proficient enough to get out of himself

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We have two stories. It's just reading time.

>> No.38360986

What's there to argue about?
I mean I'd prefer the winged ladycat to have tits but it's still sexy

>> No.38361011

Hey there, cutie~

>> No.38361064

Our threads have been slow recently, but do you want a couple of slow threads with actual content or four threads full of shitposting and arguing over how fetish X is better than fetish Y?

>> No.38361118

I don't consider fetish talk shitposting. Only guys like >>38360283

>> No.38361171

>Only guys like >>38360283
How are requests shit posting?

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Because he has to personally approve of each and every one of them before they can be considered proper requests.

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Question: /tg/ sees a lot of art of rugged barbarian types and/or girls with animal features, but they never seem to have hair anywhere but on their heads (or tails, if they have them) what's with that?

>> No.38361362

Oops. I'm on mobile misclicked. >>38360281 is who I meant, but it had been deleted.

>> No.38361411

Because hairy girls aren't your average sex fantasy?

And Conan style art is based on Arnold body builder types, who were usually well oiled.

>> No.38361481

I for one, utterly loath bodyhair, it, NTR, and bearmode guys are pretty much my only turn offs, I can tolerate pretty much anything else

On the other hand, that only applies to humans/near-human characters, and it might be a bit furry of me, but I'd love more of the monstergirls/boys to have a bit more fur

>> No.38361499

Because we're not furfags.

>> No.38361520

These two posts make me smile

>> No.38361532

I have an idea for a story, if anyone wants to take it.
Food as seduction theme w/ human male and female cook.
Fantasy setting, city w/ multiple races living in relative harmony.
Male is a captain of the city watch; he's relatively high ranking, but nothing too major. Anyway, he comes back to the barracks after a long, tiring day dealing with brawls and petty crimes and such. He comes back so late that the mess hall is closed, but the assistant cook offers to make him something anyway. She's had a crush on him for a long time and wants to use this chance to show him what she can really do.

Cue food porn and slightly awkward, but adorable, romance. And happy awkward sex, too.

Male: preferably human, or other "manly" race (maybe half orc? Leading to him not thinking anyone would be interested and therefore being completely oblivious to her coming on to him?)
Female: I like me some shortstacks, a halfling or dwarf girl would be nice; but if the writer prefers something different that would be okay.

Any takers?

>> No.38361549

Okay, there are some furfags, but they are a minority and not looked well upon.

>> No.38361571

>shortstacks can never be human
What's with that?

>> No.38361580

Human body hair is more coarse than fur is.
Not really furfags, just more people into xenophilia. They want to fuck weird things, not be the weird things or wear costumes of them.

>> No.38361637

I meant, you know, armpits and crotch. I think you protest too much.

>> No.38361648

I'd give it a read, not to fond of manly men but I'd check it out

>They want to fuck weird things, not be the weird things or wear costumes of them.
Not wanting to fuck girls in slutty monster costumes is the reason I generally dislike monstergirls, too human to be a proper monster, I'd prefer smut about a furryesque monstergirl cause it's more exotic

>> No.38361718

I'm fine with both types of monstergirls, but prefur the girl monsters. It helps that quite a few monstergirls are actually just renamed Greek/Roman monsters/mythical beings.

>> No.38361720

Eh, "manly" can be a fairly flexible word. I just think the story would work well with a gruff, no nonsense type of guy who is impervious to flirtation. Much to the female character's annoyance.

>> No.38361838

I agree. It feels like some people get pissy at monster girls for no reason, they've only been a thing for forever, they aren't an artifact of anime or something.

>> No.38361868

How bloody is this one, at least compared to the last one? It's got some tags that are a bit scary, might give it a pass. The last one wasnt my alley, but it was very well written and had some great dialogue.

>> No.38361891

Furfags aren't just people who wear costumes and are halfway to otherkin. They're also people who want to fuck furry things.

>> No.38361901

I have an idea. A female Blood Angel chapter serf with a lewd facial expression or something to a fangirl about to squue(I think is right) is watching the BAs take a shower and hands them towels when the BAs are done. She then goes somewhere private and starts playing with herself. Fingering, mashing her tits together and pinching her nipples would be nice.

>> No.38361910

Damn, hard to beleive I posted that almost a year ago.

I should finish that series of drawings.

>> No.38362117

You probably should, Keys. And your art style's improved to the point that it might be a good idea to redo the old one if only to see how much you've gotten better.

A pic of Xeno that doesn't make her look like an idiot- a very rare thing indeed. I'm impressed.

>> No.38362308

Been hanging out in the flockmod, haven't you? Are you asking for a drawing, a story, or either?

>> No.38362342

Either one is good. And flockmod?

>> No.38362384

Protein goes apeshit for the Blood Angels and made a character almost exactly like the one you described, albeit in more comedic situations than lewd ones. I'll pass that request over if Protein shows up.

>> No.38362391

Good job Fubot. I'm happy to see you are still making good stuff.

Could ya make some CLANG doe?

>> No.38362438

Flockmod is a website that lets people collaborate on drawings.

It is also useful to watch someone draw.

>> No.38362440

Who? I guess he'll like it then. But I suggest that the Blood Angels have confused looks on their faces on why the chapter serf is fangasming.

>> No.38362471

Oh. Thanks, FUBOT.

>> No.38362480

I would really appreciate if someone drew a cute, girly goblin prince with a grass and maybe feathery sort of thong/skirt and beads and bangels everywhere.

And if anyone had the picture posted before of the qt goblin boy, I would appreciate that because I didn't save it.

>> No.38362482

For those who may be interested; a WIP of what I'm currently working on, since it's turning out to be a lot longer than I expected.

A female Inquisitor gets more than she bargained for when attempting to negotiate an alliance with a Dark Eldar Haemonculus. Currently there's not much actual sex, but non-con, bondage, some minor cutting/bloodplay, clothing destruction and licking should about cover the applicable tags.


>> No.38362498

One of the flockmod regulars and a drawfag.

>> No.38362520


>> No.38362552

Thank you.

Any elaboration on what you want? Oddly enough call me a race traitor I don't usually think of robutts when it comes to smut. Then again, most of my personal Sci-fi settings don't have them in abundance.

>> No.38362632

Amidst all the bitching & debate about shortstacks & monstergirls, I find this scenario alarmingly adorable & rife with opportunity for taste, texture, & flavor imagery, particularly as foreshadowing for the sensory details in the sex.

I want this. I want this enough to write it myself, & I already have like 2 jobs & warhams to keep me occupied. Please someone :(

>> No.38362805

Any interesting art requests?

>> No.38362865

Smutomancer, why don't you try writing it yourself? You can do it- you've written smut before. As cliched as this sounds, all you have to do is believe in yourself and you'll do just fine.

>> No.38362900

Young, blushing satyr getting blowjob or handjob from a matronly nymph.

Android girl in two pieces. Upper body is on a stand, busy making tea, while her scientist boyfriend tinkers a bit and does some maintenance with her lower body.

>> No.38362905

What do you like to draw ?

>> No.38363297


Warning: More generic eldar smut request here (I know Macha is kinda oversmutted at this point, just requesting anyways).

Well, I'd like to see that Macha joke illustrated with Taldeer having sex perilously close to her while she does mundane things: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Macha%27s_Vacation

I just want to see a snuggly Macha pouting while LIIVI and Taldeer clearly have sex right on top of her and then having a bit of the semen leaking right out of her vag onto Macha's face.

Or one where Macha is just eating with a neutral look on her face while asking Taldeer to pass the salt while she's getting doggy style rammed by LIIVI. This might be easier to draw though.

>> No.38363375

I enjoy drawing cute things. No underage. I also enjoy drawing beefy men. Monsters with weird anatomy. Anything a little off is fun too.

>> No.38363420

You can never have too much smut so don't feel bad.

>> No.38363446

Request/Idea here. Lonely fa/tg/uy is painting a Sister of Battle at home while being sad about being forever alone. After he finishes the model he half seriously prays to the Emperor to send him a waifu and then goes to sleep. He wakes up to find the SoB model he just painted has become a real life sized Sister who claims to have been sent to him by the Emperor to be his magical girlfriend. And thus sexy times ensue. Next morning the neckbeard wakes up alone and concludes sadly that it was all a dream. However then the SoB walks back into into the room with a smile on her face, carrying the delicious pancakes she just made for her beloved neckbeard.

>> No.38363466

Have an example we could look at?

>> No.38363517

A Syfy original.

>> No.38363591 [SPOILER] 

Reposting lamia:

Feelings on shortstacks? Feelings on shortstack x bearmode lumberjack?

>> No.38363620

I would request a female blackguard softly but firmly ravishing a flustered young priestess, either with her tongue or fingers. It shouldn't be very rapey...

>> No.38363622

Especially of Macha and Taldeer. You can never go wrong with the classics.

The irony is that she's not actually oversmutted if the list is any indication. It just seems that way because we talk about her a lot.

Knowing you, I'd have to ask on what you mean by "bearmode" first.

>> No.38363648

>knowing me
My tastes are disappointingly vanilla.

>> No.38363668

I know that, just checking to be sure.Especially since the last thing that halfling fucked was the balloon-parasite thing.

>> No.38363742

>shortstack x bearmode

Yes please. As long as that doesn't imply an actual bear.

>> No.38363746

Seconding this

>> No.38363865

Hey /wst/. I'm sick as fuck. Can anyone recommend me some fics that involve nursing someone back to health?

>> No.38363866

Is that good?

>> No.38363911

The Littlest Nymph: The Sultry Swamp, XS' botfly story Parasitism, Monster/Mask's Caught in the web docs if you count cyber limb maintainainace as nursing

>> No.38363925

SciFi originals are, interesting.

>> No.38363928

I don't think we have any of that, I'd love it though, especially if it involved literal nursing

>> No.38364059

I was told I could find Warhammer 40K catgirls here. I've never come to /tg/ despite liking Warhammer, but this has peeked my interest. Anyone got any good pictures? I'm looking for the ones more like anime catgirls. The guy also called them feldines or something like that.

>> No.38364060

>The Littlest Nymph
I remember those stories. They were fun.

>> No.38364086

Might have done real well, if we ever got any art.

Don't know why Cute never did anything for it. He would have been perfect.

And then there were never any (many?) stories for his evil queen he made.

>> No.38364157

Apparently she's getting a whole comic, but I haven't a clue when it'll be done.

>> No.38364172

If you does not mind 40k, I would ask for a blushing howling banshee wearing only the loincloth of her shrine and her soulstone.
I won't mind if lewder things happen.

>> No.38364329


There's three stories for Dark Queen Tenebra on the list. One by DLFG, two by CB (one of them is only a portion of a larger story that is as-of-yet unfinished).

>> No.38364341

Did that goblin trap story get finished?

>> No.38364417

That's good. It makes me feel better, overall.

>> No.38364466

I don't think it was started.

>> No.38364515

Was that the one where a goblin prince is passed off on some adventurer for his work, and it is a trap?

>> No.38364598

Requesting a story based on the Water Caste Tau engaging in diplomacy. Tau is engaging in 'diplomacy' with a Sister of Battle Emissary or other Imperial diplomat in the shower by washing each other's backs and fronts with lots of rubbing against each other and appriciation of each other's techniques.

>> No.38364651

"A Tale of White" rocks ass pretty hard.

>> No.38364727

That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun... but muh canon autism just can't get over the idea of a "Sister of Battle Emissary." And a Sister w/ a xeno...
Well, if it was written well enough, I'm sure I could enjoy it regardless.

Cautious bump to this idea.

>> No.38364824


I never started it. I assume because of this post people wanted it and are still interested?


I would still really like this pic though. The goblin in it was smoking a gold(?) pipe and had like leather thong and the grass skirt thing.

>> No.38364836

A Dialogus looking to get a better grasp on xeno tongue and customs? Y'know, so she can- so the Imperium can figure out how to dominate to xeno whores more efficiently.

>> No.38364934

I'd read it

>> No.38364948

Did someone want Felinids?

>Requesting a story based on the Water Caste Tau engaging in diplomacy.
I do so love Diplomacy Tau, especially this pic I got of her with a CuttleDaemonette!

>> No.38365000

I need lewds of my current PC. Mainly due to demand from the regular draw thread earlier this week. Anything will do fellow draw friends.

>> No.38365066

Yeah, but I already have that pic, sorry. I also got the one of the one tickling the girl in her undies and pic related

>> No.38365081

That sounds good, I forgot about the Dialogue. The Sister of course will be planning on purifying herself afterwards. Of course, The Tau will help with lots of washing and anointing, perhaps with some discipline with wielding the crop. Purely for diplomatic reasons of course, one must be properly antiquated with the various rituals of a visiting culture.

>> No.38365134

Is that supposed to be her or what?

>> No.38365158


>> No.38365409

Dude, you got free art from greenmarine earlier this week. Lucky fuck.

>> No.38365459

Oh hey I requested that I think

Cool, good story, I like the psion character

>> No.38365469

What? No this was awhile ago. The idea to get lewds of it came from a draw thread this week. But DAMN does Green do some good work.

>> No.38365870

Good to hear you liked it. I hate to disappoint.

>> No.38366045

What about this one?

>> No.38366290

Oh shit, that one's super cute, I may use it as my phone wallpaper. Any others?

>> No.38366423


>> No.38366540

Sorry bro, but that's the tickling one I described. It's the thought that counts though.

>> No.38366590

I think this is the last I've got...

>> No.38366807

I'd like to request some /Biz/-tan X /Pol/-tan hentai art. In particular I want to see them fucking in the doggy-style and the cowgirl position. As well as some cumshot scene, one with Pol cumming while Biz is titfucking him and one where Biz is jerking Pol off onto her face. During most of these scenes I pictured Biz having the same seductive (I'm gonna eat you up) look that she has in pic related. In the story I have in my head Pol is tries to resist being seduced by the evil Jewish Capitalist Biz cause he thinks she's trying to poison him with mind control serum or a sex spell or something. At first Biz lets him think this is true but at the end she reveals that she was horny and she just wanted mess with Pol. Though during some of the scenes like the doggy style one I did picture her face to look like she's feeling it too and has a calling out with pleasure look on her face.

>> No.38366841

Sorry buddy, here's another.
tfw lewd is kil

>> No.38366996

Double nice!

>> No.38367078

>Felinid drop troops
>not naming the image "they_always_land_on_their_feet.png"
For shame.

>> No.38367220

I love the look of sudden realization on the felinid.

>> No.38367313

Well they are the Carlos McConnell 501st Flying Pussyfoots, OF COURSE they always land on their feet!

>> No.38367401

I quite enjoyed it, though when they went out I was wondering what he was wearing, or did I just miss that part?

>> No.38367511

Rogue covertly fingering the female party cleric under the table during a meeting with a potential client.
Gender of rogue is optional.

I would like to see this as an image or read it as a story. Would any brave artist or writer care to indulge me in this request?

>> No.38367568

This is how you make a request. This anon is a friend to smut.

>> No.38367623

Try /co/. We don't do board-tans here.

>> No.38367669

Wait. What if we did board-tans as characters in 40k?

>> No.38367689

If anyone wants to write this, it would be amazing if it was written entirely in dialogue.

The appeal of such a story would be in the humour, not the sexiness

>> No.38367691


Some kind of paradox. Better not risk it.

>> No.38367696

Please eat a dick and die.

>> No.38367698


>> No.38367703


I like this idea. and I'm about to be starting a new game where my character is the rogue.

Consider it stolen.

>> No.38367748

male dwarf rogue

making up for an insult against dwarven subtlety

>> No.38368029

Not on your life, sport. Again, try /co/.

>> No.38368067

I think that even if it was something that could happen (I mean, no rule is stopping it), it is probably just the wrong artists. While they haven't been nice about saying it, it probably would be best to look elsewhere.

>> No.38368094

Modern society still seems to have a predominant view that female body hair is disgusting and unwanted. Personally, I don't understand it, and would love to see more art or stories with women who don't bother to keep their vulvas and armpits perfectly waxed when crawling through dungeons or living as one with nature, but it's probably not going to happen until society's view changes once again.

>> No.38368145

I think it is a bit of an overshoot to go straight to complaining about shaving hair in general.

Personally I could care less about body hair, as long as it isn't burly chest hair or something (that would be strange).

I think anon was more talking about animal fur on people that are like half-tiger.

>> No.38368161

we all know sisters love the pussy -cat

>> No.38368217

I thought so too at first. But either he clarified in >>38361637 or someone posted for him. Either way, I second the position.

>> No.38368269

Oh, you're right. I am the wrong one.

>> No.38368655

Well, I've finished a second story for this week (I'll post it later after my other half has checked it), so I guess I could take this. But that would really depend on A) if my particular style is what was preferred and B) this whole dialog only thing.

I like dialog as much as the next anon, but I don't know if I could muster that without something super short.

>> No.38368716

Interested in this one.

>> No.38368718

Done actually playing tabletop for the night and am 5000 words into editing/rewriting dvati threesome. Not sure why I didn't realize how long this was when we wrote it the first time or how much more text this takes but am determined to do this.

>> No.38368728

But where else is there to go? So far as I know /tg/ is only board with smut threads like this. The only thing that comes to mind are the porn boards but all they do is post stuff that already exist, they don't make new porn. Which is a shame I must say. I've got lots of ideas and I'd love to try collaborating with a drawfag.

>> No.38368732


It's on my list of things to write, but that doesn't mean much these days. I don't have as much time to devote to writing as I once did.


All the blood is kept to scenes involving gladiatorial fighting. It's not sexual, and no named characters are injured or killed.

Sorry for the late replies, I just woke up.

>> No.38368795

>Missed a question


He was wearing a short set of robes more of a skirt really around his lower half and a collar. I think I mentioned it, but I might go back and add in some extra description.

>> No.38368926

I've seen drawthreads pop up on /h/ occasionally, and I suppose you could try /ic/ as well since drawfaggotry is their reason for existence. Sorry that we couldn't be of more help to you, but to be quite frank there aren't actually all that many active drawfags in the thread at any given time, let alone ones who care for the board-tans.

Worst case, you could always try to get a commission and we'll be happy to see the pic. That's always the most effective solution if you're willing to pay the money for it.

>> No.38369187

Good night American /wst/. See you tomorrow!

>> No.38369278

Okay, I dare say I'll figure out something eventually. If I ever get my idea finished I'll post it in a future smut thread. Thank you very much for the advice and for being kind. Have a sexy Queen Elizabeth the First.

>> No.38369320

Hello everyone.

Sorry for disappearing for a while, needed to handle stuff in other projects and relax for a bit.

I'm back now, though. Thing is, I can't quite remember what was on my agenda. Shota und Panzer then, well, what else?

Also, should Shota und Panzer take place in the 40k universe or some other sci-fi alt/world universe?

>> No.38369363

Is that just shota driving tanks?

>> No.38369394

It's a female tank commander getting into a hot sweaty orgy with her shota crew.

>> No.38369518

Me and a Dvati Makes Three
Tags: Male Dvati (twins) / female human waitress, MMF threesome, oral, sex

Pretty lighthearted story about an abnormal dvati pair stumbling on a waitress who falls for both of them.

Dvati are in the Dragon Compendium for 3.5 if you want to try playing them or want to look them up, they're kind of complicated in a cool way.

>> No.38369525

40k makes everything awesome! I vote for it as the setting.

Can there be a loli crewman too for a bit of Loli x Shota action?

>> No.38369955


I liked this one. You managed to keep the brothers different enough whilst still getting across the shared consciousness stuff. The little bits of naivety were neat as well, like they weren't quite used to human society.

If I had to make a complaint, though, I'd say that the ending felt a little rushed. It got the job done, but I felt you could have described the brothers' orgasms a little more.

>> No.38370136

A while ago I drew some bug girls and this a follow up comic I did the other day, too lewd to post here.


>> No.38370190


>*Angry moth noises*

Top kek.

>> No.38370195


>> No.38370216


>> No.38370218


Has anyone ever edited a pair of bongo drums in there? It looks like it would be perfect.

>> No.38370251


>"So that's why they call her pussy-eater..."

>> No.38370507

So, I'm almost finished my current story and I've got two ideas for what to work on next. Either the lewd summoned armour idea mentioned earlier in the thread, or a fic about an adventure party receiving a "blessing" from a temple prostitute.

I'm leaning towards the lewd armour one, but I'm interested in hearing opinions.

>> No.38370653

Idea of sentient items is still around? I have something written up. No smut yet, just the beginning.


I need to edit the dialogue still, but I haven't found motivation to write more just yet.

>> No.38370729


Yea, the dialogue could use a bit of work, but the idea's there. P good. A sentient sword dropping spaghetti around girls is funny as well.

>> No.38370745

and then you could write [creative moth noises]

>> No.38370772

Alright, I've finished my DEldar fic. I've added some bits here and there as well, mainly to add a little more description to Lython's outfit in parts.


M/F, contains /ss/, femdom, anal fingering, orgasm denial, public foreplay, oral sex, handjob, non-sexualised blood and death.

>> No.38370776

I just realized you actually meant bongo drums and not a bong drums as a euphemism for tits.
I-I'm going to bed guys.

>> No.38371021


I've always wanted to see a 40k version of the excavation of Pompeii. I have this idea that i have yet put to the pen but i feel i'm not good enough a smutwriter to get it working. Eitherway here is the general outline:

>after no small amount of backdoor negotiating the inquisition agrees to let a few eldar guided by a seer's council member excavate some old eldar ruins on an imperial world that used to be eldar.
>the inquisition wants to watch to make sure they are not being lied to, and they have been promised an Imperial relic that were taken during the great crusade by Bieltan.
>the eldar were told it's the ruins of an old eldar bastion with a powerful relic that could aid against chaos nearby.
>as they uncover the final chamber the regional ordo xenos and the farseer herself have arrived unnanounced.
>turns out it's just an old outcast brothel

>que embarassed farseer trying to explain away all the mon-keigh penis statues and engravings all over the walls and the uncovered chambers.
>que lots of straight faced inquisitors taking no small amount of delight at the humiliating error.
>heresy ensues back at the camp between acolyte and the young macha who at this time is only a seer's council member

It's basically a /tg/-macha backstory

>> No.38371050

Make it any farseer besides besides the Dawn of War ones and it sounds pretty good!

>> No.38371078


I was thinking Eldrad was up to his old trolling again or something like that. The "tip" came from Ulthwé after all.

The characters are pretty interchangeable, it's the culture clash that's the meat of the story.

>> No.38371108

I just wanna imagine a farseer that doesn't have long black/red hair with whiskers on their face.

>> No.38371291

Yes they have.

>> No.38371795

/co/ doesn't have dedicated smut threads but stuff like what you're asking for does pop up occasionally, try to start a board-tan thread and ask after a bit

>Also, should Shota und Panzer take place in the 40k universe or some other sci-fi alt/world universe?
Fine with either

Lewd armor please

>> No.38371831


It's everything I could have hoped for.


I've started throwing ideas around for the lewd armour story. I can't really see if getting finished this weekend, but you never know.

>> No.38371895

It's a good start, and I like the musclegirl because musclegirl, I'd like to read more

Liked it, especially the eating her out in public, for some reason I really really like the idea of a sub under a dom's skirt eating them out, especially if the skirt completely covers them, kinda wish her skirt was large enough to do so

>> No.38371961


I can't remember if I described her skirt as being any particular length, but I imagined as being quite long, like a latex butcher's smock. I've always used stuff like Blame! as inspiration for Dark Eldar aesthetics.

>> No.38372156

All dialogue would kill this idea because someone would have to say put loud that the girl is getting fingered. It wouldn't even across well as a voiced script.

>> No.38372546

I have no problem with that, but of course it could be a Warlock or some other novice Seer instead. What is the term for a novice Seer, anyway?

>> No.38372573

Do the eldar have novice anything?

>> No.38372609

Shortseer? Nearseer?

>> No.38372629


I think a Seer Council is made up of Farseers and Warlocks, so I'd possibly go with the latter.

>> No.38372688

There's some here

>> No.38372702

They have to start somewhere, after all. Even space elves can't know everything about their roles off the bat.

>> No.38372749

Knowing the quality of 40k lore... I mean, there could have been no novices for the last 10000 years, and they've just been cycling through people with previous experience.

>> No.38372791

True. That said, an expert Bonesinger is highly unlikely to know the first thing about being an Aspect Warrior if he/she hasn't already been on that path, but that's not all that important right now. The important thing is that the original anon idea is good and I would like to see it done.

>> No.38373320

Sadistic little affection story. No love there, just affection....the kind of affection that drives people mad. Very nicely detailed. I like how she's toying with him psychologically. Someone's going to try and use him against her, and he'll make the hard choice.

Line 152: "She was be" needs to be "She would be"
An interesting turn about on mind control. I enjoyed the glimpses into how she used and felt her power, and him being overwhelmed was both funny and tragic.

That was a very interesting story. Alien mindsets and alien bodies with a curious and slightly kinky barmaid makes for a nice little story. Perhaps a touch abrupt in the ending, but very nice to read.

Very good beginning, and the rambling dialogue of a mind gotten lost is pretty accurate. No, I won't explain. I'm looking forward to more of that developing story. Personal note, I would differentiate the adventurer's voices a bit more, either through slight accenting or through him hearing their voices differently. Again, that's a personal opinion.

>> No.38373701


Hell, it might be worth using a Bonesinger for the story. I mean, the puns alone would be worth the price of admission.

>> No.38373765

I'm somewhat surprised that hasn't been done already. We're practically sitting on a gold mine, folks.

>> No.38374484


>She can sing my bone, if you know what I mean

...And I got nothing. We got a pun master in the house?

>> No.38374541

Come on, just think of all the "boner" quips.

>> No.38374588

You'd make the worst skellington.

>> No.38374631

Did you know that if eldar don't get their soulstones destroyed, they have to go fight in the wraithlord wars?

>> No.38374769


I'd jump her bones and make her sing?

>> No.38374995

Here y'all go:
>"The craftworld sings to me and I respond in kind."
>"Look, it changes as I play!"
>"My music is a pillar upon which whole worlds have been built."
>"We are shaped by fate just as we shape it."
>"My music will shape the wraithbone."
>"Show me a place that is ready to receive the gift of the Eldar."
>"Engage with care."
>"Unleash the swordwind!"
>"Strike swiftly and true!"
>"Nothing remains unchanged by the music of creation!"
>"Take me to where I may call forth the Wraithbone."
>"Command me to build."

>> No.38375161


>Erm Well mon-keigh, thats one use of wraithbone we do not condone.
>judging by the endowment of the male in the pictures engraved onto the wall they don't need to either now do they?
>You could almost say he jumped her wraithbones... hehe
>Why is the eldar males ears so small.. and not pointed at that?
>Isha save me...

>> No.38375213

It's been a long time since we got a new greentext. Please continue.

>> No.38375661

I need the full version of this pic. For reasons.

>> No.38375683 [SPOILER] 



>After a long sigh followed by drawing a deep breath, Eirella decided to answer the nusience standing to her left. "Thats because it is a m... not an eldar male..." Her voice was barely a whisper as it trailed off at the end of her reply. She tried to look anywhere but at these foul walls, or at the young mon-keigh “inquisitor” at her side. Calm your soul and your mind her farseer had said. Her farseer never had to explain something like this though…

>"What? Is it Dark Elda then? Tau? Can't be, it's far to old for th- Oh.. OH!" Inquisitor Cadmus exclaimed as the realization dawned on him. Carefully, he stole a glance at the witch on his side. She was entirely focused on not looking at the intimately detailed and highly suggestive illustraitions decorating the chambers walls. Nor would she look up to meet his gaze. He could see the faintest outline of crimson on her cheeks. Hehe, was she blusing? A smirk snuck onto his face, Pressing his advantage he decided to test the devious creature.

>”Those Runes down there at the base of the wall, what do they say” Khaine take him, anything but that! Eirella tried not to let her embarrassment show as she glanced over to the referred text. Try one of our fine selection of mon-keigh speciems for those of you with tastes to the exotic… Here you can see the "catachan" specimen preforming our customer favourite, the catachan crabwalk. There was no way in Ishas name she could let him know that. "I can only recognise the rune for cadian there, but what does the rest say?" Panic rose in her chest as the monkeigh asked his question, the damned grox was more learned than he let on.

>> No.38375808

Methinks you have a good start to a story here. Keep going, will you?

>> No.38376147

>>"Show me a place that is ready to receive the gift of the Eldar."

I can think of a few places, if you catch my drift.

I'm talking about penises.

>> No.38376432


>”It does not say Cadian, It’s the name of the world you call… Catachan I belive…” Her voice was as firm as wraithbone when she replied, trying to crush her witchblade while she admired the undecorative floor. “Right and I assume that the male shown here is from there, originally” The monkeigh stated as if it was unremarkable at all. She glanced over to the wall again. The illustration showed what was undeniably an elder woman with her head thrown back in ecstasy mounted, legs spread on the groin of a very… muscular mon-keigh male. Isha preserve me. She swallowed and finally tore her eyes away from her discomfort. This was unprecedated, she had been prepared for anything but this. She closed her eyes. How could something like this befall her she thought as she felt a faint tingle working its way up her thighs, passing by their apex after lingering before finally shooting up her spine and out her enlonged ears. “So you are saying the… man is from catachan” Eirella nodded in silence. There was not a moment in her life before now where she had wished death upon the gods, but on this day she wanted nothing more than for Cegorach to laugh himself into oblivion. Never trust a harlequin.
>”Ah.. And the runes I assume describe the um… act we see so lovingly rendered before us?” She nodded again, still with her eyes closed. Cadmus was trying his best not to let his amusement show, least it all end. “Throne I thought I’d seen it all” It was obvious the Xeno was embarrassed. She was blushing heavily and had her eyes closed. Her legs were pressed together so her heels toutched as far as he could see through the cloth hiding them. He could notice a faint movement of her hips as she took a few deep breaths. What? Was she fidgeting? He raised an eyebrow, still looking at the xeno curiously. He had heard that elder were more emotional than the sons and daughters of terra. Throne this was getting better and better.

>> No.38376630

Hell yeah,shake this thread up,anon!

>> No.38377141

I've started work on that lewd armour story now. No smut written yet, but I've got the backstory written out. My only concern is that it's too much of an info dump.


I'll probably post again when I've got more written. If anyone has requests or suggestions, things are pretty open at the moment.

>> No.38377224


>”Still I must admit I find this… interesting.” He looked over to her and found her still with her eyes closed. This time she showed no sign of having heard him. She must be in deep thought, although her blush was even more pronounced and seemed to have spread to her ears as well. Smirking ever so slightly, he took a small step closer. Consorting with xenos was forbidden. Cadmus knew that. As a young acolyte of the ordo xenos he knew it better than most. But that did not mean mankind could not gain from having the xeno work for the emperors cause, knowingly, willingly, or not. Still, what he had found here today would still strike even the most diehard radical dumb.

>He looked over to the wall again. The xeno female shown seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself, leaning back and supporting herself on her partner’s muscular torso. The naked man she mounted had his hips thrusting high and his shoulders pressed onto the floor. His brow was furrowed in effort as Cadmus imagined the man must have been straining quite a bit in such a position. Had it not been a xeno, the catachan’s father would have been a very proud man Cadmus reflected with humor. Glancing over, the xeno was still focused on anything but her surroundings, eyes still closed. Though her mouth had opened just a tiny bit. “Though it is a little embarrassing…” He took another careful step when did not reply. Her hair was conveniently tucked behind her hear. Soon.

A quick note, you may call me Muttonchop and I will probably finish this with a pastebin once we get to the good part.

>> No.38377442

>Savage creatures
>there’s not much reason for one to fuck something outside of their species

>> No.38377932

I like it, I don't think it's too much of an infodump, as long as it's only to set the stage

>> No.38378138

Sounds good to me. Welcome aboard.

>> No.38378190

Why is Bayo a jewy bitcoiner in this picture?

>> No.38378261

nsfw, of course

>> No.38378294

We're talking about "Palace of the Winter Queen" in the Rizon chat, for those who are interested.

>> No.38378355

channel name

>> No.38378361


>“Still the galaxy is a large place, as unlikely as it is something like this had to have happened at some point in time...” He trailed off again when she did not acknowledge him, though her ears twitched slightly when he spoke at such close proximity. Alright, here we go. Carefully Cadmus drew breath and leaned in as close as he could.

>Everything happened at once. A shudder forced its way through the xeno woman as Cadmus blew a gentle stream of air along the length of her reddened ear. She arched her back as the breath of Terra reached the tip of her ear.
>“wh-haaa...” a small sound escaped her lips that sounded suspiciously like a moan. Her blade dropped gracelessly to the floor as she clasped her hands infront of her chest.
>In a moment she had managed to compose herself. Her eyes shot open and her posture returned to its normal stiffness. Slowly but deliberately she turned to look at Cadmus with narrowed, slanted eyes. Oh my.

>“What. Was. That. Monkeigh?” She hissed through closed teeth, carefully controlling her now deep breaths. Emperor protects. Cadmus swallowed hard as he slapped on his very best winning smile, trying to think of what to say.

One or two more posts and I will put whats on here and the rest in pastebin.

>> No.38378563

You might want to try asking again once the greentext is done, stories posted during it tend to get completely ignored, which is why I absolutely hated when we had it posted in thread in the past

>> No.38378628

I probably wouldn't mind, but I don't read 40k stories, and 90% of green text stories are 40k. A number no doubt skewed by god emperor.

But hey, the threads have been slow, so we have the posts to spare.

>> No.38378634

Do I request images here, or somewhere else?

>> No.38378643

I'm not that a big of a fan of that either, but given how slow we seem to be these days I think I can let it slide for the moment. Just don't make it a habit and everything will be fine.

>> No.38378652


>> No.38378665


Well, it's in the very early stages at the moment, so I'm not desperate for immediate feedback or anything.


For lewd art? This would be the place, but things have been quiet this weekend, so you might not have much luck.

>> No.38378671

Here, of course. They may not always be accepted, but there's no harm in taking a chance.

>> No.38378990

The newest chapter of Star of Nal Hutta should be finished. I'll post it once I'm back in front of a PC.

I figured we would be on thread 2 by the time I got home. Now I'm not so sure.

>> No.38379208

I'm interested in some eldar Phoenix Lords smut, such as Jain Zar. Any pics or drawfags here?

>> No.38379520

Requesting more art of Sororita in the same bikini she's wearing in pic related, please. Anything at all will do, whether she's kissing the Guardsman in pic related, modeling, anything's fine as long as it's more art of her in the bikini.

>> No.38379685

Ooh my god, I can't get enough of the Sororita's panties! That design is just incredible!

>> No.38379702


>”Er, well… What do you mean?” Cadmus raised an eyebrow as he went back to his training. When confronted, feign ignorance. He stepped back, as he suddenly felt smaller with the xenos keen amber gaze upon him.
>”Do not play the fool with me monkeigh!” She shook, herself unsure if it was because of anger or embarrassment. It was probably both, his actions had been to deliberate to be a coincidence.
>Eirella stepped closer. “Why did you preform Isha’s kiss on me like that?” She asked impatiently. While it was not unheard of for her darker or outcast kin to abduct and use monkeigh to sate the needs of their flesh, it was not a fact the Eldar of Biel-tan were proud of or preferred sharing with anyone, especially with humans.
>”You mean your ear?” Cadmus quipped.
>”And blowing air on it is called Ishas kiss yes?” You learn something new every day it seems, Cadmus every reserve of his iron will not to smirk.
>”Yes.” Eirella sighed and turned her head away, either not knowing or caring of his amused but composed state.
>“They are- They are very, what is the word you use? Sensitive, I belive.”
>”Sounds about right” Cadmus mused out aloud.
>“Though I did not know that they were, I was just trying to rouse your attention as you did not respond to me.” He lied. The xeno woman once again eyed him suspiciously as she considered what he had said.
>”Besides, ears are the last parts I’d expect to be sensitive given the examples our two friends over there provide.” He chuckled as he nodded over to the wall, trying to divert her attention from his wavering resolve. It worked.
>"Do not remind me" She answered. Drawing another deep breath and closing her eyes yet again to force the persistant image out of her head.
>"Besides, you never answered my question about what the runes meant" Cadmus again went on the offensive.
>"This place was a... pleasure port. I believe those are the words." She admitted in defeat.

>> No.38379791

What does it mean when I find the hive mother the most attractive?

>> No.38379811


Bah- i hate firefox some times

>”And blowing air on it is called Ishas kiss yes?” You learn something new every day it seems, Cadmus drew on every reserve of his iron will not to smirk.

Pretend it's an edit.

>> No.38379840


Don't worry, that's perfectly normal.

One of us. One of us.

>> No.38379909

It means you have a minor case of serious heresy.

>> No.38379971

What does it say about me if I can't find Shadowsun attractive because she has a canon-breaking noselette?

>> No.38380137


Damn, Daemonette looks like she's got some abs.


You've got a better eye for detail than me

>> No.38380206

>she eh that joke's getting old

>> No.38380344

For all of /tg/'s talk of Loli Daemonette I see no smut of her anywhere.

Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

>> No.38380420


What joke?

>> No.38380457

The joke is hermaphrodites. Not really much of a joke.

>> No.38380732



>> No.38380947

Thing is, hermaphrodites can count as both male or female. It's what hormones their body produces that matter, which is why they'd either have boobs or not.

>> No.38381252


>A Pleasure Port she said? With that Cadmus assumed that the runes had to be some kind of information. The room itself was about the size of a large bedchamber, a theory further reinforced by the fact that below the picture an elevated marble platform were placed. It would make a rather large bed had it been clad with the currently absent essentials.
>“Brothel is the word we’d use” Cadmus added helpfully.
>“Close enough.”
>”Eitherway, I seriously doubt we can find something here that would be of much use against the ruinous powers.”
>”Of that we are in agreement.” She answered amused as a musical laughter escaped her.
>”It’s Cadmus by the way.”
>”What is?”
>”Me, I am Cadmus”
>”Oh.” She digested the information as a slight smile found its way to her lips. “Eirella”.
>”A Pleasure, Eirella.” Cadmus nodded as he wondered why he had not introduced himself earlier. She raised an eyebrow at his wordings, probably not knowing the phrase.
>“Still I should apologise if I hurt your ear, it was thoughtless of me.” She turned her head back to look at him, this time with a curious gaze of her own.
>”It was… not painful.” She admitted hesitantly, again turning her eyes away.
>”Oh” He feigned surprise. Let’s see where this went.
>”If you don’t mind me asking. Why?” Cadmus gestured to the engraved wall again, this time genuinely clueless. He heard the Eldar woman draw breath, finally turning to face the wall.
>”You monkeigh are… larger… than Eldar.” She said absentmindedly. While it was true that elder were typically taller than a human of the same gender, the human would be considerably bulkier.
>”Large as in heavy? Or?”
>She turned her head back to him with her eyes low enough to fall upon his belt buckle before she remembered herself enough to tear her gaze back up and to the wall. “Some of the runes are… measurements of various sorts.” Her blush began to return.

>> No.38381352

I'm not normally one to really like bloodplay, and DElder stories tend to to end up in just plain torture too often to leave me anywhere near comfortable around them. . .

But you alreadyl did one DElder story that was rather good, so I'm watching this.

>> No.38381458


Seems like there's a lot of Dark Eldar stuff around at the moment. Did something stir up new interest or what?

>> No.38381495


I'll just keep on trucking ahead untill we run into L for Lewd. This buildup will run a bit longer than i expected.

>> No.38381930

I think they will always be popular.

>> No.38382123

I wish there was a fic of an Eldar psyker losing their grip on themselves, and getting possessed by a daemonette who influences them to do a bunch of lewd shit in their craftworld and spread the taint all across it. Bonus if the eldar is aware of what the daemonette is doing but can't do anything to stop it.

>> No.38382264

How common would this be? I thought elfder had their psyker stuff on lock compared to humans.

>> No.38382316

>How common would this be?

Very very rare. If it was at all common, there probably wouldn't be any Craftworld Eldar left by now.

>> No.38382328

Maybe an eldar tries their hand at seeing into the future, but sees a future with HEDONISM and can't get their mind off of it, preventing their mind from reaching futures without PLEASURE, opening it up for EXCESS?

>> No.38382376

I guess it doesn't help that most stories are told from the human point of view, but I can't think of times where eldar get possessed. But I guess it is bound to happen occasionally.

>> No.38382418

Hmm, what if this daemonette has tried doing this before, and can impersonate an elder's mannerisms and thoughts to the point where it's an art?

>> No.38382437

One of the untitled fics by anon mentioned something similar to that; it was with a Warp Spider who suffered a teleport attempt gone horribly wrong.

>> No.38382494

> I can't think of times where eldar get possessed

One incident spring to mind. In Path of the Incubus, a Warlock is being unknowingly manipulated by a Lord of Change, though the possession itself only happens right at the very end of the book when he draws upon too much psychic power and unknowingly invites the Daemon in. On the whole, Eldar becoming possessed does seem to be extremely rare. It's not that they're inherently any more resistant to Daemonic intrusion, they're just far better trained, educated, and equipped than the Psykers of other races.

>> No.38382565

Sooo, maybe a young eldar trying to get the answer to next cycle's test?

>> No.38382592

Love your stuff Moloch. I think Power from Pain is one of my favourite things that's been written since these threads began. I like how you get to see things from Melisidae's perspective in the first and then Lython's in the second. Are you planning on writing a third or are you done with the series for now?

>> No.38382661

Abusing, or simply using one's Psychic Powers for petty or frivolous ends, is heavily looked down upon, at least on one Craftworld - to the point where if they feel the misdeed was too extreme, the guilty party is severed from their psychic powers and forced to eke out a virtual pariah (as in, 'excluded from society', not 'has no soul').

If you were going for a more comedic tone then I guess it could work, but not if you're trying to play the setting straight.

>> No.38382680

Okay, so maybe not through the mind, but through the body? Like, a daemonette just poofed into a pink cloud when an eldar attacked them, a cloud which seeped into their eldar body. When the eldar gets back in the craftworld, the daemonette takes over the body? But it would also have to shut off the mind for a bit...

>> No.38382721


I don't have any concrete plans for a third part, but I'd certainly write one if the right idea came along. I mean, I only planned for it to be a one-off, and then I thought of the public oral scene. The entire second part evolved from that.

>> No.38382738

That mind and soul wouldn't go down without a fight, and I'd bet that any Eldar would rather die than become a vessel for one of She Who Thirst's minions.

>> No.38382767

>eke out a virtual pariah

Eke out life as a virtual pariah, I mean.

Essentially, there's no reason why an Eldar couldn't be possessed - they're flawed and capable of making mistakes just like any other sapient being - but there'd have to be a good reason for it, and IMO the consequences are likely to get very dark, very quickly. Less 'sexy misadventures', more 'screaming horror as the Craftworld is reduced to a dead husk floating in space'.

>> No.38382825

Well as long as there is sex first, that sounds OK. They're just elves.

>> No.38382839

Humor me for a bit and let's say that the eldar fails hard at fighting this daemon? I know the possibility of a daemonette ever getting on a craftworld through infiltration is a little less slim than an Ork sneaking onto a craftworld, but let's just imagine the fun things that would happen if the daemonette got on a craftworld and had to hide and corrupt other people to hide their relatively dimmer aura?

>> No.38382848



>> No.38383008

Now that I think of it, there is some precedent to that in the fate of the Craftworld Kher-Ys. I'll let Lexicanum fill you in on that part.

>Kher-Ys attracted the attention of the Chaos God Slaanesh, who coveted it for himself. But the Webway portal of Kher-Ys was protected by powerful runic wards, unlockable only by a psychic key held by an Autarch of Kher-Ys, and the Silver River that led to the Gate was regularly patrolled by Eldar warriors. Unable to enter the Craftworld, the Daemons of Slaanesh instead gathered around it, and attempted to seduce those within with their enchanting voices. Most ignored the siren call, but some fell for it, and wandered from the sanctuary of their Craftworld. One such Eldar was Autarch's maiden daughter, who was bewitched by the Keeper of Secrets known as Heartslayer. The Greater Daemon then disguised himself as an Eldar male and traveled down the Silver River to meet the girl. In her passionate love, he was able to persuade her to return with him to her home, where he stole her father's key and opened the wards upon the Webway.

>The Daemons of Slaanesh poured through. Daemonettes fell upon the Aspect Shrines, Huntresses ran rampant through the arcing forest domes, and The Masque weaved her deadly dance with the Howling Banshees, ever eluding their blades. In the chaos, Heartslayer was able to enter the Avatar's chamber, where he was just starting to wake from the death and destruction being wrought upon Kher-Ys, and possessed him. Led by the newly-possessed Avatar, the Daemons gorged themselves on the Eldar of Kher-Ys, and Slaanesh claimed his prize.

>> No.38383023

Hmm, what does the daemonette do with those it finds boring or earn its distaste? Does it just break the soulstone, pinch their head off and send it to Daddy?

>> No.38383081

>And the Autarch's daughter and Heartslayer lived happily ever after.

>> No.38383120

However, their children were incestuous abominations, and their children were also incestuous abominations. Just a lot of incestual abomination to be found in that family line from that point on.

>> No.38383196


Remember folks, never trust your daughters, they might just bring home an abomination from beyond time and space and then let their new boy/girlfriend rape you to death because of their naivete.

>> No.38383260

>Like you weren't the reason for her boy/girlfriend's existence
>I just realized that this was doubly incestual

>> No.38383282

In other words, par for the course by the the low standards of a Keeper of Secrets and its depraved Eldar love-slave.

>> No.38383345

Isn't there a Kevin Bacon movie like that?

>> No.38383400

The answer to that question is always yes.

>> No.38383401


>”Huh?” He had not missed her quick glance. THAT he had not considered, strangely obvious though it might have been.
>”So ours are... well… bigger?”
>Cadmus glanced down self-consciously, he was not showing anything. He may be a little above average, but hardly by enough to make anyone jealous. Besides, there was no way Eirella could know any particulars. Or was that a general opinion of humans amongst elder? Intresting.

>”Yes” She exhaled, no doubt finding the subject as awkward as he did.
>”Heh, I guess that explain a thing or two.” Cadmus noted with smug amusement after a breif pause.
>Again he noticed the red beginning to return to her ears.
>She did not answer.

>This young monkeigh irked her. Never in her life had she felt this embarrassed, and why in Khaines name did she admit something like that.
>Like the simple creature it was the monkeigh found enjoyment in the fact.

>Her body betrayed her yet again as the image of the two lovers on the wall returned to the forefront of her mind. Even though she had not taken a lover in centuries, much less a monkeigh one, it was not hard to find whispers of their... attributes, outside the craftworld that is. In her youth it had piqued her curiosity more than once, but as she turned to the path of the Seer later on in her life she had not given it a second though. Isha, it had been so long.

>> No.38383480

Excuse you, but a Keeper of Secrets and an Eldar Princess have the highest standards. Those they deem subpar get locked in the attic, while the others get to pleasure mummy and granddaddy.

>> No.38383494


>With resolve she turned to look at the face of the human. His brown eyes met hers with youthful curiosity, how different they looked compared to the hateful glares she had seen in the eyes of so many of his kin.

>As she studied his face she took note of his features. Humans were more of a paradox to the Elder than they wanted to admit. They were so similar, yet so different. It was as if someone had took the features of her people and simply made them more compact, more powerful. They lacked the grace and fluidity of motion that were hallmarks of the Eldar, but instead they moved with purpose and clarity.
>His jaw was coarse and wide, his eyes large and curious at the same time compared to those of an Eldar. His hair had been cut very short in typical Monkeigh fashion, then there was that unmistakeable outline of hairgrowth on his jaw, upper lip, neck and cheeks. She briefly wondered what it felt to the touch.
>Again she felt that accursed warmth build in her chest and stomach, slowly making its way up her body and to her ears
>She should not be feeling this way

>> No.38383539

Oh god his true name must be J'sef Friz'l

>> No.38384722

I'm interested in this, but I'm going to wait until it's done so I don't ruin it for myself.

>> No.38384789


>She turned to face him with sudden and renewed resolve. As Cadmus met her gaze he found that it had softened somewhat. As they both beheld one another in silence, the previous discussion forgotten, he found himself properly taking in her features for the first time since they had met the day before at basecamp. Her hair was a very dark brown bordering on black, and was kept long, securely tied into a tail that was angled up and back from her head.

>Her eyes seemed to be slightly higher up on her face compared to a human and they were angled downwards towards the bridge of her nose, and they were narrower than those of a human. This gave them a very… exotic appeal which he found himself silently appreciating more than he should. The nose itself ended in a delicate point.

>The lips was the second more noteworthy feature. They were slightly puckered and delicately curved compared to those of a human, glistening with allure even though he doubted she used cosmetics as an imperial noblewoman would. The mouth and jaw itself looked as if you took a human face and compressed it slightly from the sides. This had the effect of dragging it out into a face that looked longer than that of a human woman. It was exotic and undeniably beautiful. He swallowed hard. Was it getting warmer in here?

>Cadmus then turned his eyes to her ears. If any feature of Eirella truly stood out, it was her ears. Like the rest of her kind they were much longer than a humans and pointed upwards. He had seen them twitch before, which ment that they were far more controllable than his own were. And as he had heard they were sensitive, but untill today he had little in terms of ideas on what exactly that meant. Were they ticklish? Sensitive to temperature? Erogenous? More than one part of him wanted to find out.

>Emperor what would her response be if he touched one? Even if just a little.
>He noticed her eyes had turned from his face to the hand he had slowly, unknowingly risen.

>> No.38384816

Hey, can "Dickloose" be one of those write-off thingies?

>> No.38384834

What's that, might I ask?

>> No.38384895

Footloose with dicks I assume.

>> No.38385000


And the first:

Well you can probably see were this is going by now anons. Im EU so it's getting really late here. I need to get some sleep. I will probably finish this tomorrow if i can find the time. If not then it will be done in time for the next thread

I will try to reformat this from greentext without changing too much of it all and put the complete version of it in a pastebin.

We're just getting started and it's already at 2600+ words. I promise I will finish this. Expect the smut to be pretty vanilla, not overly emotional.


>> No.38385057

Looking forward to it. Over here it's not even Sunday, so you should be good.

>> No.38385368


Well the thing is I got classes on monday and stuff to do tomorrow evening, but I'll do my best to finish it before then. I'll get a pastebin account sorted where I'll post this story.

I also have another one but it's based on WOW though. I saw a request for a story featuring the smexy old bastard in the pic and his almost 7 foot tall Night Elf bodyguard. I havent written the smut for it but have the rest done. Hopefully it will be done by next week aswell.


>> No.38385487

>Classic tale of emotional rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of sex choreography and fantastical and horrifying performances. When a Daemonette possesses an eldar on a craftworld, s/he's in for a real case of culture shock. Though s/he tries hard to fit in, the Slaaneshi can't quite believe s/he's living in a place where rock music, recreational sex, drugs, hedonism, more drugs, excess, orgies, tentacles, rape, tentacle rape, really extreme drugs, and dancing are illegal. However, there is one small pleasure: a troubled but lovely blonde Eldar lady with a jealous boyfriend. And a bigoted farseer, who is responsible for keeping the craftworld Slaaneshi-free. The daemon and his/her corruptees want to do away with this oppression, especially since a warp storm is around the corner, and there's only a 1/4 chance of it being good unless s/he does something to get the sticks out of everyone's butts and stick their dick in them instead.

or something like that anyway

>> No.38385535

Our threads tend to stick around for quite a bit, so you should be okay. Also, don't be afraid to use the name field if you like. I know at least a few people here are fine with WoW stuff, so feel free to do a bit of that too.

>> No.38385620


Will do! Now it's time for napkins, and bed. Farewell!

>> No.38386095

Thank you for reading it guys! When I edit I will lengthen the ending.

I called Monster over and we watched this, stunned but amused. I think it still counts as an anomaly.

Like a town that hates sex until a young stud rolls in?

>> No.38386470

I think the ruling was because /wst/ stuff is usually based in /tg/-related materials. Y'know, you've got yer 40K smut and yer D&D smut.

>> No.38386551

And Shadowrun, and World of Darkness, and any sufficiently generic fantasy setting that could be covered by GURPS/D20/most other systems available these days, and so on.

>> No.38386560

>Like a town that hates sex until a young stud rolls in?
Stud, slut, same difference, y'know?

>> No.38386712

Well in footloose it's Kevin Bacon who teaches them how to dance.

Personally I kind of want something like Footloose where a teenager who likes DnD rolls into a religious town during the height of that scare and makes friends and teaches them how to play DnD and how to roleplay and use their imaginations and have fun. It wouldn't be a smutty story.

see >>38359409 for answer

>> No.38387761

i have heard your call and i will try to sketch something tonight

>> No.38388459

i have read some black library and this is fact

>> No.38388756


Nice, are you going to refine this?

>> No.38388829

yep! i keep trying to upload where i'm at and it keeps saying there's something embedded in the file so just imagine the lines going on

>> No.38388846

there we go

>> No.38388884


Oh my. That's quite a lewd face. Very good stuff, thanks.

>> No.38389162

Very nice.

>> No.38389383

Very nice indeed.

>> No.38389484

and done! black carapace left out because no one can agree what it looks like and it gets in the way.

>> No.38389530

this makes me very happy

>> No.38389550

As far as I know, it's under the skin anyway so it wouldn't show up. The second part will have to wait for next thread, we're close to autosage already.

>> No.38389568

I find it mind blowing that they can have an RPG system where every PC will has an item as a basic piece of equipment that they cannot remove, but still no one can accurately describe it.

>> No.38389590

What can I say? GW doesn't really pay attention to shit that should be obvious.

>> No.38389603

>Close to
Page 11, a few new threads away from death.

>> No.38389610

>GW doesn't really pay attention.
That is more like it.

>> No.38389620

Excellent point.

>> No.38389655

good! i like to make people happy

some people draw it as little nodes on the skin in places, other people make it into this actual carapace, so idk. sometimes its both.

still no idea what a techpriest cybermantle thing looks like. its described but pretty vague

until next thread then

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