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Didn't see a general thread and here we go again. The ride never ends.

I wanna scratch build a drop pod for my army, but I need to know the size. How tall is the model, what's the size of the footprint. LoS and all that jazz.

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Fuck me didn't notice there was a general. Repostan':

I wanna get into the lore of Warhammer 40k. It looks like a bad ass universe, but I just don't know where to start. There doesn't seem to be any "introductory" book series or anything. I've read that the Einhorn Omnibus is the place most people start. Is that as good a jumping in point as any?

I'd like to get into the tabletop game as well at some point, but I just don't have the perquisite $87 Million at the moment.

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Goddamnit, why didn't you post the pasta?
Now we're going to have a bunch of fags asking for scans/links and now we can't just say check the OP faggot thanks to OP is a faggot

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If you're a filthy pirate, torrent some of the Black Library audio dramas. Listen and figure out what army sounds cool to you. Then buy someone's already painted ragequit army on ebay for $300. Resell it when you're tired of the game.

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Relax anon, no need to shit your pants.

>Rules database
>Novels Archive
>Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer: Babby's first intro to 40K

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I really like CSM, but I feel like they're just not as good as my Necrons so I don't want to invest as much in CSM. What could pass as a decent 1000pts CSM list?

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I love Nurgle, but don't they cost too much for low point games?

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thanks man

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no sign of a download for the new harlequin codex?

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The initial investment isn't as bad as peoplw make it out to be. I started with 50$. I got assault on black reach, split it with an ork player and guys I had met at the LGS helped me put it together and went over list building while doing so.

You don't need paints right away, make sure you like the game first. Glue is cheap enough, as are hobby knives.

As for stuff to start reading, I started with Caiphas Cain, Shira Calpurnia, and Salamanders books.

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buy a little at a time. either from ebay or chinaman or discount sellers. paint it up. make it 500pts at a time. play small games. continue building up over the year. by the next year you should have a fully painted army you will be proud of and then start another army or continue expanding if you so wish.

thats it. thats the dream.

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If you buy piecemeal you are guaranteed to buy shit you don't need because what is useful for lower points games in many armies isn't what you want in standard or large games.

You will end up spending more in the long run. Save until until you can drop at least $300 at once.

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no, based Bran Stark died

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Shit he was the main source for D&D and 40k for me

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Could a pirate cause so muchos trouble that it es given a tarde warrant so it becomes a Rogue Trader and stops fucking up with the imperium?

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Possibly. Though he'd have to cause trouble in a non-heretical way.

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The logistics of 40k starships prevents practically any unapproved operators from being able to maintain ships. 100% of human pirates are already Rogue Traders being paided by the political rivals of their targets. Any other pirates are xenos.

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Is the over 400 € costing modular citadel gaming board anywhere close to being worth all that money, or should I just construct a modular game board myself?

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Lets make an MMO ...without any story , or quests or anything ! We'll just give the players some pre-made charactars and let them fight it out on some otherwise empty maps.

Hey it's cheap. You don't have to write artificial intelligences, you don't have to write a story , you don't have to figure out a charactar advancement system, an auction house , anytyhing like that !

It's just a take the money and run kind of deal.

Of course, ifyou're a player, the only think you're thining is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!!! I'm tired of Swtor , I'm tired of Wow ... when is the next replacement going to show up ???

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I have the pdf, it's 52mb though.

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Uuh! Can you share it please?

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Are you a trust fund baby with a silver spoon in your mouth? If you've got dosh to blow, go for it.
I'd rather spend 60€ on blue foam, plywood, sand, glue, and spray paint.

I hear the official GW tables have slippery hills, you really can't put a figure on the slope without it sliding down because of the paint they used.

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Seriously though, Nurgle marines (T5 dudes with a 3+, 5+fnp), a few melta guns, Typhus (a fuck ass psyker with a 2+ 5++ 4+fnp, makes plag marins troops and allows Plague zombies which are fearless blobs of objective secured, and add some helldrakes to ass rape, and noone will play you within a week

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That depends. Where the table is going to be located (your house, club cave or FLGS)? How many people are going to be using it? Can they split the cost with you and help painting it? Details would be nice

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But only b/c of the helldrakes.

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Question about bombs and bombing runs. If I'm reading the rules right, bombs are dropped in the movement phase on any unit the flyer passed over, counting as a weapon fired in the following shoestring phase. The CSM Hell Talon carries eight (!) bombs, can I drop more than one bomb (up to my weapons-fired limit) per movement phase? It'd be pretty sweet to rain down four ap2 haywire large blasts into a parking lot.

If yes, do they have to be on the same unit? Or can I fly over two units and drop a bomb on each one?

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So anyone got any thoughts on this Battlereport right here ?:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBsiqUx9WDc [Embed]

Its Tau vs Orks and apparently the Ork player is utilizing both the Green Tide formation and a Kustom Stompa (not things you usually see together in the same list).

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Get better, Helldrakes arent imba in 7ed, only decent and you will only need one of those. The 45° LOS really makes them a lot worse. I would always play against Death Guard, whatever the player decides to bring. You kinda cant break chaos space marines.

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So the new Bloodthirster is up for pre-order on GWs website.

Interestingly its almost half the price of the Forge World Blood Thirster .

There are apparently three different variants you can build:

>The Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster is armed with a wrathaxe - a double-headed axe that bears two equal-sized blades - and a bloodflail. The head is designed to represent the classic Bloodthirster hounds face, framed with the Khorne icon.

>The Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage is armed with an enormous double-handed axe. His head has a fanged maw with a forked tongue protruding between the teeth, and there are four horns atop his head.

>The Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury is armed with an axe - a double-headed version with two different sized blades - and a long whip. As with the other Bloodthirsters there is a specific head for this variant; the most gruesomely skull-like of the three.

Any thoughts in particular on this ?

(Image is that of the new Bloodthirster kit).

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It would mostly be for myself, as I barely got anyone to play with, let alone a dedicated gaming club.
I guess that making it by myself is the smarter, or at least, cheaper option.

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>Any thoughts in particular on this ?
I'm just glad the pillar of fire is optional

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In that case it's not worth it, the price it cost could buy you a pretty big pile of plastic crack to paint and field

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Hurr hurr hurr.

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Smaug anal devastation?

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Flyer question the next: Hell Talons
In the gear it says "Two Reaper autocannon"
Does that mean twin-linked, or actually two?

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Two separate guns. Unless FAQ say otherwise.

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Does it say twin linked? Or does it say two reaper autocannons? Its simple anon, you can do it, just take your time.

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Also, reaper autocannon is already twin-linked, which should be a bit of a hint.

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Well it says "Two Reaper autocannon" exactly as I have quoted it. I wasn't certain because the word autocannon, on the page, is singular.

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Kinda similar question here.
Are the basic shuriken catapults the Wraithlord has on it's arms twinlinked, or does he just have two shuriken catapults?

Seeing how I am running him with a scatter laser too, it is actually pretty important for me to know if those catapults aren't twinlinked.

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>I wasn't certain because the word autocannon, on the page, is singular.

And? This isnt some logical puzzle, stop reading so much into it.

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I dont know, what the fuck does it say on the entry? Twin-linked or not? COME ON PEOPLE THIS ISNT FUCKING HARD, HOW DO YOU EVEN MANAGE TO READ A FUCKING BOOK?!

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>yfw crisis suits

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No need to be cunt m8. I just wanted an outside opinion, as I had an argument about it with a player I met at a gw store, who claimed that they were twinlinked. As I said before, my wraithlord has scatter laser, so all his guns are basically twin linked if any of my laser shots hit. The dude claimed that I couldn't shoot both of my catapults because they were also twinlinked.

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Y'know, you could just be helpful, and feel good about yourself. What about your personality requires you to talk shit on someone you just helped?

Granted, the 4chins isn't my hugbox. Doesn't mean you have to go out of your way to be a dick.

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>The dude claimed that I couldn't shoot both of my catapults because they were also twinlinked.

This is when you laugh and tell him to read the fucking rules.

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The plural of cannon is cannon.

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Or you could read the damn entry and figure it out on your own, if you question whether two guns means twin-linked then whats stopping you from questioning a leman russ with 2 heavy bolters from being either two heavy bolters or a single twin-linked heavy bolter, its fucking stupid and it all comes down to one thing:


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I'm not a huge fan of the sculpt. It is obviously detailed and big and blah blah but there's just something about it that bores me.

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Perhaps I should have, but at that situation, I didn't want to start arguing about rules interpretation with that faggot.

Calm the fuck down m8.

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Dont listen to this fuccboi

Spending 200+ pts on a single troop choice is retarded

For 1000 pts, id suggest spawnstar or something, its reallt fucking hard to make chaos work.

Either take 2 sorcs on bikes, 2 squads of spawns and invis the spawns to glory (with cultist squads and whatever AT/flyer you want) or you go BELAKOR, chaos mini smashfucker lord and spawns, invis them and go run up and beat shit up. Same deal for AT

ALWAYS do 10-20 man cultists for troops, its the only fucking way. Also if you are playing maelstrom of war all i can say is good fucking luck imo. All of our everything costs way too much

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Chaos flyer dudebro, reporting in: Hell Blades pay literally half price for reaper batteries compared to Hell Talons. It seems odd, but I suppose it balances out the fact that the latter also has a TL-lascannon and eight bombs and is a flyer with 4 HP.

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so i have a giant boner for Salamanders. I got into 40k less than a year ago. What are some good books for me to read if I want to read about Salamanders

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Sh-shit, really? I feel fuckin' dumb now.
Fucking cumguzzling autist.

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I bought the newest edition of Warhammer 40K at my LGS. I'm still reading through the books but I look forward to being able to enjoy the majority of /tg/.

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Thats what you got out of that?

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>We ask because, to us, reading it wasn't clear.
>Demand that we just. . . read it again.
>As though that didn't occur to us
Believe it or not, anon, different people process things differently.

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Nick Kyme's books.

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I'm new to 40k but want to build a harlequin army with deldar allies. How the hell do allies work? Does an HQ come by himself? How many allied units may I take?

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Reposting here I guess?

So I'm wanting to know what would be a good way to expand my Imperial Guard. What stuff should I get next? I'm thinking an Aegis would be a good place to start. Priests seem good too. I've barely played with them since shortly before the 5e codex, though the other day I took some voxes and tank radios with officer heads from tank sprues to make a master of ordnance and officer of the fleet.

Current inventory:
Company command squad with standard, master of ordnance and officer of the fleet
Lord Commissar
Two platoon command squads
8 squads of guardsmen, with a few metal meltas and plasmas but mainly GLs and flamers (Did they ever make plastic plasmas and meltas?)
In total, 6 autocannon teams, 3 mortar teams, 7 missile teams
Half squad of ratlings
Half squad of stormies
2 standard leman russes
2 chimeras
2 scout sentinels
armored sentinel
Terminator armored inquisitor

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Harlies don't have HQ

>> No.38360612

Some Veterans in chimeras perhaps?

>> No.38360652

It's not like veterans are modeled differently than regular guardsmen. The plan is for 6 of those to be line squads with autocannons and 2 to be riding the chimeras as veterans.

>> No.38360689

Also I do have a few catachan models I can mix in with the veterans to make it clear the squad's different.

>> No.38360872

The Codex and 1d4chan tactics page say they do.

>> No.38360874

Frankly I'm in no hurry to keep playing Sisters. It's been the same basic list construction since 2010, I'm ready to step away from them and just do something new, something not in metal, and honestly I don't what else I want.

About the only thing I don't want is to bunker up in a boring ass gunline.

>> No.38360909

The term 'allies' is only used for looking at the chart to see what good/bad things happen when they're near each other.

You can take any combination of detachments and formations, the 'allied detachment' is just if you only want to have to take one troop choice and the army doesn't have alternatives. Harlequins don't have HQ so can't be an allied detachment, but you can just use one of their detachments or formations.

>> No.38360915

No they don't

>> No.38360928

Then someone fucked up or you're reading it wrong.

>> No.38361112

thanks anon

>> No.38361196

So I posted it in the other general thread but since this is the active one I guess I should just mention it again here:

I've been playing Sisters since 2010 and want to do something different, but I don't really have any ideas what I want to do. About all I do know is that I don't want to play a gunline.

Any ideas /tg/?

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Choose the impossible. Choose Commoragh!
You're never ever leaving
Also anyone got the Andrew Ryan Commoragh screencap? Googlefu isn't working.

>> No.38361319

Look at models, go for what interests you

We can't really decide that for you

>> No.38361320

>I've been playing Sisters since 2010
>Since 2010
Clearly you unrivaled testicular fortitude. I'd suggest Chaos Space Marines. Focus on either Thousand Sons or Night Lords.

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First attempted model.
Few things
>Forgot to buy red for eyes
>Forgot to set up a pallet to thin paints
>Didn't buy any layers, shades or washes because was not confident in skills
I know he looks shitty but any advice on how to improve simply using base paints would be awesome.

>> No.38361444

Oh but we can
>Focus on either Thousand Sons
Literally the gunliniest unit in the book.

>> No.38361451

I do admit Dark Eldar do look interesting, but will you kindly try selling me on them?

More seriously, I like some of the models but I have no idea what to do with the army.

Played C:WH, the WD codex and the current one. The list really didn't change, it's more the points cost that did.

I think I don't think I want to downgrade to a worse army honestly.

I know, but ideas can't hurt. Mostly because I don't have any. If I did I wouldn't be asking.

>> No.38361516


Well there may be some Forge World options for you to consider for an army.



-Astra Militarum Armored Company

-Dredmob Orks

-Mymeara Craftworld Eldar

-Dark Harvest Necrons (Sautekh Dynasty)


-Chaos Renegades

-Tyrants Legion (Space Marines commanding human auxiliaries)

-Space Marine Siege Vanguard

>> No.38361647


Sexy models, it's a good Just as Planned army.

Also 3 Incubi, a Klaivex, and a Succubus in a Venom is the greatest Reverse-Harem waiting to happen. It's also brutal as fuck in assault. You let the Klaivex take the challenge and die, while the Succubus murders the rest of the squad.

Furthermore a haemonculus with WWP and a 20 man blob of Kabalites would be amazing if anyone had the balls to do it.

Basically DE is the sophisticated "Rock out with your cock out" army inb4 Orkz
Go big and pull off hillarious victories or die like an amazing bitch.

Reavers will murderate Gravcents, and for that matter any invisible unit, and have good light armor shredding.

Kabalites in a Raider with splinter racks will murderate a lot of things too.

Scourges are cool as fuck.

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I know, I should have, I don't know why I forgot to set up a pallet to do so.

>> No.38361752

You need to prime the model before painting.

>> No.38361763

I did, I used Armory Black Primer.

>> No.38361812

Aren't like half of those no good anymore thanks to there being 2+ editions between when they were released and now?

Can WWB still be blocked by people parking their asses in the way?

And I'm glad it's looking pretty decent.

Huh. Looks like part of the bolter is unpainted, but that might be the lighting.

And yes, thinning paints with a little water will make your life easier. More coats that leads to it being smooth is better than less coats that come off as rough or have brush strokes.

>> No.38361843

I thin the unpainted looking part is from my shitty attempt at Leadbelcher and Eshin Grey.

And I will definitely make sure to thin my paints on the next model.

I fucked up two of the transfers so now two of the 10 in my squad don't get the Ultramarines chapter symbol. Oh well, maybe I can draw it.

>> No.38361960

If you're going to do transfers work to cut as much as the clear transfer out as you can to let it mold over the model. When doing shoulder pads it'll help a lot. The other thing you need to do is put a gloss coat down over where you're going to put the transfer to make your life easier. After the transfer is dry, gloss coat it again (this locks it on better), considering using your base color over the clear edges if they stand out too much and then clear matte coat it (you can use the Lahmian Medium to do it) to take the shine back off it and you should be good.

>> No.38362001

I mean yeah, but it's still pretty tough to cover that much of the board to give you absolutely no chance of getting the deep strike off.

After all it's no scatter so you can pick the absolute perfect spot.

>> No.38362062

>Can WWB still be blocked by people parking their asses in the way?
No. Webway Portal is now a one-time perfect deep strike.

>> No.38362131

Slightly on topic..

Anyone here have experience ordering from chapterhouse? I placed an order through their website on Feb. 12. Paid with credit card, it processed immediately. Recieved an order confirmation email immediately, nothing since then. I emailed them on monday inquiring about shipping/orders, still havent recieved a response.

Is this normal for them? Im a few days away from reporting them to my bank, which will without a doubt get me my small sum back. Id rather have the stormraven conversion kits though..

>> No.38362169

Ah yeah, listen to >>38362062 I thought you meant like if the field got blanketed (which a few hordes *might* be capable of doing.

>> No.38362183

Not him, but I have the same question about Chinaman, specifically Cool Cast or Not. Order is now two weeks overdue

>> No.38362221


I just primed three marines. Can I leave them on my desk overnight and start painting them tomorrow morning?

>> No.38362245


>> No.38362251

Will you be alive tomorrow?
Primer flakes easier than most things, so don't be flinging them around and you should be cool.

>> No.38362252

Of course. I keep some canned air nearby to blow any dust off before painting.

>> No.38362257


>> No.38362278

Okay, I double-checked. I misread warlords as HQ. You guys were right, I suck clocks. What about my other questions?

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File: 74 KB, 960x402, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read 1d4chan and go earn your lumps trying to sift through the mountain of shit on dakka dakka. Nobody wants to help you now after you, an admitted newfag, tried to tell us what's what.

>> No.38362339


>> No.38362591

Oh so it's better now. Previously it was a marker that could get blocked.

That's good.

Take a detachment or formation of Harlies and slap that shit with your other army. It's that easy.

Seriously, read your rulebook about how to build armies. It's not rocket surgery.

>> No.38362717

Are there any rules for Dark Angels and/or the Lion in the HH series?

If so what book are they in, and if not when are they expected?

>> No.38362911

Not yet.

>> No.38362977



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Was The Lion autistic /tg/?

Also post yfw The Emperor gets a model and rules before Sanguinius does....

>> No.38363101

Don't even need a pallet tbh; just stroke the edge of the brush along the pot lid.

Doing it in 4 layers is better than one big goopy layer.

Also, prime the model.

>> No.38363131

Chinese new year.

scam; chapterhouse got shut down a while ago.

>> No.38363160

Order was dispatched on January 12th, so...

>> No.38363176

Once upon a time he was secretly gay, but it was the 80s and that did have a stigma to it that has been changed, so now the dark secret is just that there are traitors in the chapter.

Beyond that, there is a story (I think it was Dark Angels by Gav Thorpe) where a Fallen was talking about how the Lion didn't trust parts of his chapter, which lead to the problems later. This desire for secrecy and lack of trust was presented as the Chapter's flaw.

They weren't shutdown completely and are back now.

>> No.38363601

Was looking to create a Dark Angels HH army.

What would El Jonson looks like on the table top /tg/? Is there a baseline for a primarch stats, what would his Sire of the Dark Angels look like?

>> No.38363670
File: 623 KB, 1836x3264, 20150227_223447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried doing what you said.. does this basing look a bit better?

>> No.38363685

Honestly I couldn't tell you as the Primarchs do vary a bit, nor do I know much about the Lion prior to his death to guess.

He's not a primarch that I know a lot about.

>> No.38363723

I think you need this:

>> No.38363758

Problem with that is he's using all those shades and washes and layers. I'm using purely base paints right now, just trying to get a hand of things. It's not like I plan to field these guys, yknow?

>> No.38363814

Pure base paints won't get you very far. They're too opaque to properly blend or layer very well.

Also you can still watch for the technique because holy crap you're using too much paint.

>> No.38363832

Fair enough, you'd know better than me anyways.

>> No.38363856

I'm introducing someone to 40k and want to make em a 500 point list to start them off with. Super casual, nothing serious. Tactics wise, they like long range firepower to soften up the opponent and then close combat to take them out. What can I build them, using the vanilla Space Marine codex, that can satisfy this? Granted it may not be optimal, but it's just shooting the shit over Vassal so it won't be competitive at all.

>> No.38363927

3rd through 5th ed player here.

I stopped playing when 6th edition dropped. What have I been missing out on?

>TFW haven't touched my armies since then
>Only have one Leman Russ model out on display

>> No.38363984

>Play Dark Angels Deathwing
Is it safe to crawl out of my hole or will i get my tender asshole stretched by every other army?

>> No.38364016

I'll be honest, at this point I'm pretty sure you're trolling. But the point is that even if you don't have the tools you need on hand studying new techniques can still help. I'm watching a NMM video right now for example (they're good for studying blending).

>> No.38364044

Just practice with them until you find what works for you. Don't worry about advanced techniques now. An easy way to thin at first is to wet your brush, get rid of the excess water and dip it in the paint then wipe the excess paint away. It helps keep the paint thinned, and while it's not the best way but it works until you get more comfortable.

>> No.38364155

I'm not trolling, sorry if it comes across that way.

I'll try this as well. Thanks.

>> No.38364213

At the very least, I'd take the example of about how thick paint should look when you base coat from the video I linked. It's not an advanced technique and will help you in the future.

>> No.38364331

>>38363856 here, bumped it up to 600 points. Think this could be a fun list to play with for a first timer?

Chaplain, jump pack, combi-flamer - 115
Scout squad, camo cloaks, 4 sniper rifles, missile launcher - 84
Scout squad, camo cloaks, 4 sniper rifles, missile launcher - 84
Assault squad, 2 flamers - 95
Assault squad, 2 flamers - 95
Dreadnought, missile launcher, lascannon - 135

I'm thinking maybe Raven Guard chapter tactics

>> No.38364338

Libby ML2
2x5 Tacs
melta in one, Plasma in the other
Drop pod for the melta squad, Razor for the other
5x devs with 4x Lascannons

Done, leaves 5 points

Ultra marine tactics

>> No.38364374

Is Dark Eldar raider rush still an effective tactic

>> No.38364399

I'll try to get that kind of thickness. Sure it will take a while but I bet the result will be nicer than the two models I've made.

Thanks for the tips, sorry if I seemed like a twat.

>> No.38364458

>What are some good books
Not gonna happen, unfortunately. From what I've seen, only Nick Kyme writes Salamander novels/stories, and he's a terrible writer.

If you can trudge through it, read the Tome of Fire trilogy. It's all Salamanders

>> No.38364463

It's not really you, it's just that tone and intent are hard to judge, and on a place like 4chan you assume after a while that people are pulling your leg for a laugh.

That or I'm jaded as fuck.

>> No.38364486

I finally tracked down a copy of Fireborn so I can hear how shitty it is and see what people were bitching about.

H-ho-how much is this going to hurt?

>> No.38364493

I think I realized my problem. The set of brushes I got are all detail brushes, none of them are as big as the one he used for the base.

I feel stupid now.

>> No.38364526

Im thinking

WS6 BS6 S6 T6 W5 I6 A4 Ld10 Sv2/4+ <-- Baseline

He was a peerless swordsman, swifter than Curze. He was capable of fighting Russ to a standstill.

He was in the running for warmaster and had the most victories in the great crusade. some fluff suggests him to be a strategic and tactical mastermind.

So maybe.
+1-2 WS, +1 I

In terms of Sire of the Dark Angels. He was a mysterious motherfucker, and tactical genius so i'd give him something similar to the Alpha Legion, allowing him to convey a special rule from a set list to the whole army, and/or a way to disrupt reserves.

>> No.38364536

It's possible to use detail brushes to do it, but it takes a lot longer.

It took forever for me to break that habit. Especially when doing vehicles.

>> No.38364548

Hell may as well get Korvydae and drop the second scout team

>> No.38364550

if you replace the raiders with venoms and by rush you mean sit back and fire splinter shots then yeah

>> No.38364575


Well I hear that audio book does not speak favorably to the effectiveness of Sisters of Battle against a Dreadnought sized Daemon Engine.

>> No.38364577

>He was capable of fighting Russ to a standstill.

Thats not a feat, anyone can beat Russ.

>> No.38364603

He also was raised first as an animal first and a person second. Perhaps a little bit of that could be in his rules?

>> No.38364604

Read Salamander first, Fireborn is the second novel in the trilogy.

It won't hurt too bad, it's just... It's hard to get into because the author doesn't really suck you in. At least, that was my experience. Didn't grab me by the balls and was kinda bland with his storytelling. It's not atrocious writing by any means, especially when you compare it to the Space Marine battle novels. Those are fucking terrible, and I couldn't make it past the first few chapters in the White Scars novel.

>> No.38364613

>peerless swordsman
>most victories in the great crusade
Dude Ultramarines LMAO
I think he should definitely get some reserve buffing stuff.

I mean fuck son have you even looked at the other primarch statlines?

>> No.38364620

Are there separate rules for him in the 40k universe?

>> No.38364721

So I've heard. That's why I'm going to listen to it. I want to get past the internet hyperbole and conflicting re-tellings from 12th hand sources.

No it's not. Fireborn is the audio book between books 1 and 2.

And I'll read them eventually, I mean it can't be worse than Ian Watson's Space Marine and the weird gay overtones.

Not yet. Rumors are a Khorne supplement will be coming out to let you use them in 40k. Probably be some rules in a WD between now and then too.

>> No.38364766
File: 707 KB, 1836x3264, 20150227_232230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I made a better one this time. It doesn't look as thick as the previous two to me... or am I just trying to convince myself?

>> No.38364846

Mostly better. You need to make sure of two things:

1. Previous coats are dry before you jumpy on putting a scone one on.

2. You have pooping around the feet again, this means you have too much paint on your brush when your painting. Wipe off extra paint from the brush on the edge of the bottle or on a paper towel to refuse how much paint is on it.

>> No.38364850

>No it's not. Fireborn is the audio book between books 1 and 2.

Shit, you're right. I'm thinking Firedrake. My bad.

>> No.38364878

For sure, he seems like he had massive issues with communication and coordinating outside his own troops.

Hence the +1-2WS. Did you read the whole post?

>> No.38364880

Alright cool, thanks man.

Now if only I could stop fucking up these transfers. I'm gonna need a fuckin' box of them if I ever try to make an army.

>> No.38364971

Wipe off your brush on the rim of the paint jar, so you have less paint on it when you paint.

Dab, you'd stroke. Dab it on, and you are more accurate and have finer control.

>> No.38364992

Gav Thorpe's Dark Angels book might have some insights you like into his motivations (namely his lack of trust and how he was a beast first and a man second).

IIRC that Ultramarine video has a bit about transfers at the end.

>> No.38365011

I did, and it was so terrible I couldn't stop AYY LMAOing


>> No.38365034

>scam; chapterhouse got shut down a while ago

No they didnt. They temporarily shut their website down while they removed/changed anything that violated the judgement.

>> No.38365062

make him WS8, same as Horus and Angron, S6 because he doesnt seem to be particularly strong and I think that in order to figure out what his rules are you should define what the DA rules will be and then one up them with the Lion.

I think DA should be able to give plasma cannons to anyone who can take a heavy flamer and plasma blasters as an upgrade for plasma guns.

>> No.38365385

Nah, not wanting to touch Forgeworld in an introductory game.

>> No.38365765

Pay attention to how he strokes and paints. Very small strokes or just pushing the paint on, very slowly and in one spot at a time.

>> No.38366088

Noted, but with the special weapon squads available would there be much point in giving them more access to plasma?

What could some suggestions be for DA rules then, in their codex the rules favor range combat, mostly short-midrange, and their Deathwatch rules are similar.

Maybe +1BS or Re-roll hits at 12" but that seems more like an Imperial Fist bolter drill.

>> No.38366148

Plasma guns don't get hot in exchange for losing rapid-fire.

>> No.38366150

Rerolls to hit or BS2 when firing Overwatch, Fearless or +1WS when in CC.

>> No.38366333

What are the chances of Chaos Space Marines receiving a new codex or a new supplement this year?

>> No.38366373

0, they might get a new detachment + formations.

>> No.38366452
File: 813 KB, 1050x700, Vassal 40kMap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I load a map I previously created in Vassal? I'm trying to make one ahead of time for a tutorial game tomorrow.

Also, does this map look like it has an appropriate amount of terrain?

>> No.38366729

So I haven't played since about Jan last year and I run a mostly bike DA army ( BK's, RAS, Sammy, RCS, etc... with a squad of DW termies and some Greenwing). How much has bike based 40k changed with 7th?

>> No.38366798

Terrain looks good, unfortuneatley I know fuck all about VASSAL

Bikes are pretty strong. Ravenwing suffers from lack of grav though.

I'm tempted to tell you to grab Azrael instead, but Sammy is still really good and the only true combat character in C:DA

RW bikes are a little more expensive than they oughtta be too.

Greenwing in pods ain't bad. Company vets with melta guns are ok too.

>> No.38366895


>I'm tempted to tell you to grab Azrael instead, but Sammy is still really good and the only true combat character in C:DA

I got Azrael too, never used him though, got some DW knights too (only 5 so far and not impressed with them from deep strike), been meaning to get some vets and put them in a pod. My current GW is 2 sets of Tacs and 5 man Dev Squad.

I'm looking at the new jink rule, would it still be worth getting a Dark Shroud for cover shenanigans?

>> No.38367031

2+ cover is pretty dank.

Azrael is good with big camping squads.
DWKs are cool in concept, but fuck are they expensive.

I would say cull some of the Ravenwing (maybe two 5x squads + BK), grab a command squad with the dakka banner and do the Bolter bunker thing behnd an aegis. Perhaps a predator or two as well.

>> No.38367969
File: 289 KB, 1372x637, removenow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tau do not belong in the setting

remove tau


>> No.38368041

if you thin your paints (which you should) it may take more than one coat to get good color, especially for more vibrant colors. Too much thinned paint and it will just run everywhere or glob up. Patience and practice are the key. Don't feel ashamed of your mistakes as long as you learn from them.

>> No.38368102

The problem I have with Tau in terms of gameplay is that there is little distinction between a competitive list and a casual list.

All you need to do to table the enemy in low point games is throw a riptide in there

>> No.38368805

Trust me, washes are amazing. They are liquid talent. If you can't buy pre-made washes, mix a darker color of you paint then load it down with water until its super runny, then wash your model. Thin your paints so that they are the consistency of milk. Paint that of a primed and shaved model. Be sure to rinse the model off after you shave mold lines, then prime, then base coat, then wash, then layer, and finally highlight. Having only base coats isn't an excuse, just mix with your blue with black to get a shade, or mix with white to get a highlight. Remember not to load the model up with one thick coat of paint, three thin layers is better than one thick one- even if it takes more time to paint.

>> No.38369101

Anybody have that "roll a space marine chapter name" table floating about?

>> No.38369152

while there must be a winner and a loser, i think that most people would agree that fielding a riptide in a low point game would be a really garbage thing to do in order to secure victory, and will earn you no friends in a hobby that requires friends to even participate in.

of course you could win the game that way, but you lose the hobby because everyone then identifies you as a right bastard and you get no more games unless you amend your dickish ways in short order.

>> No.38369835
File: 90 KB, 800x742, 258658_md-Bad%20Moons%2C%20Freebooter%2C%20Orks%2C%20Warboss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where to get "Land Ship" miniatures? As in like, tanks with sails and rigging and stuff like that? I would love to have a flashy ride for my Freebooterz. Also, how hard would it be to convert a Warboss into a freebooter? What kind of materials would I need?

>> No.38369993
File: 215 KB, 630x866, 1422604306338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dark eldar raiders are an interesting place to start. Rhinos, alternatively plasticard which is all a rhino really is. A box. Just brain storming for you here. Bits off a stompa, battle wagons.

>> No.38370004
File: 1.32 MB, 935x586, pay no attention to the thumbnail.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminds me of my first paint job. Ah fond memories. You'll get better anon keep at it. Pic related is what I'm up to now after years of painting.

>> No.38370775
File: 265 KB, 450x375, VRjd4on.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But why iz it not red?

>> No.38370785

The highlighting of the blue needs a lot of work.

>> No.38371104

Blue iz da luckiest kolour ya git! If we'z got da luck a' Gork n Mork, we'z no need ta go fast!

>> No.38371164

Supposed to look uneven and rough.
I've got 30 of them if I paint them all red how do I tell which is apart of which unit?
>inb4 not running a horde of 30 ork bikes

>> No.38371386

>Furthermore a haemonculus with WWP and a 20 man blob of Kabalites would be amazing if anyone had the balls to do it.

Some guy did that in the latest MWG batrep. It got rekt by the space wolves frost cannon.

>> No.38371583

Does anyone have the pdf of the new Imperial Armour book, the Siege of Vraks one? Has anyone played a game with the Purge formation or with the Ordnance Tyrant? The seem like fun options but I don't have the rules in front of me.

>> No.38371644

>Aren't like half of those no good anymore thanks to there being 2+ editions between when they were released and now?
They've since been updated to current.

>> No.38371658
File: 85 KB, 642x361, DropAssault-Half-Sheet-642x361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

any of you guys playing this?

Is there a /tg/ chapter?

>> No.38371816
File: 2 KB, 125x114, 1407262606080s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do people always boast chaos cultists? Why not just have bare CSM? Cultists are just super squishy and I feel like they can't do as much as normal marines.

>> No.38371863

Cheap. Fills troops slots. That's it.

>> No.38371911

fills troops slots? if you see your troops as just fillers, what do you rely on to win then?

>> No.38372037

I get that back in gorkamorka and before Ork boyz were scrawny gits that looked like ugly humans.

But why do people complain about modern orks being "overly muscled".

I've met highschool football players with about as much meat as boyz; it's not unlikely that a society with an infinite supply of food (squigs) and the societal compunction to work out and get bigger would produce guys looking like that.

Also, how to sporefags explain the dicks on the gorkamorka orks and the female cheerleader?

>> No.38372058

At this point you need to strip the entire model back to barebones.

After that you can follow the advice and do a slow buildup of extremely thin layers.

When I paint I can barely see a tiny dot of the color on the tip of my brush.

>> No.38372424


More realistic tactics. No really. A lot of people don't like it though because it means assault is very situationally useful, it makes aircraft very difficult for the unprepared to deal with and gimps any army GW didn't create "realistic unit role" for. If you play guardsmen or anything trying to mirror a real military force you are fine. If you are playing an army with units designed to look cool or don't have front line roles (orks, nids, dark eldar) you are stuck spamming your handful of good units unless you want to autolose.

>> No.38372585


> front line roles

Such as ?

>> No.38372604

See, >>38372585
I was just about to ask that.

Boyz are pretty fucking meaty; and if you don't think they're thick enough for a front line role you can take ard' boyz.

>> No.38372634

the rest of the army

standard chaos marine squad is okay for the most part. double special weapon, marks, ccw/pistol/bolter. the downside is they're meq so a full squad costs like 200 points.

while if you go with cultists that can get you twice as many bodies for holding objectives

>> No.38373063

What do you mean by "frontline role". It's not we have units not meant for combat (sadly. could be awesome models)

>> No.38373183

Their main problem is transports. They have great troops with no good transports to get them anywhere.

If chaos SM had drop pods (and their cool units didn't cost way too many points) they'd be great.

>> No.38373418

I feel like that's probably on account of the Dark Eldar player's lack of skill. You're supposed to put the blob inside 18" so that the flyers can't do that (barring hovering, but who would do that against someone running Scourges and ravagers?)

>> No.38373457
File: 51 KB, 500x305, 515PETUmSKL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just ordered pic related (the price was too good) and I'm thinking about putting it together as a 'loaner army' for my group. Would it be too terrible to have a 1750 point, 24 model army? I know that non-assault terminators aren't that great and they take up a lot of elite slots, but I checked out the Strike Force Ultra formation and it seems like it'd work well enough (maybe alongside a small CAD loaded up with beacons to assist with the deep strikes).

Also, what's the best way to build all this? Its 10 termies of each kind, termie captain, a land raider, a dreadnought and a stormraven. I'm thinking of putting thunder hammers on 4/10 of the assault terminators and building the captain as Lysander. Other than that, I'm not sure what the best options are (I'm new to 40k and not a Space Marine player)

>> No.38373558


Equivalents to contemporary Main Battle Tanks
Equivalents to contemporary Tank Destroyers
Equivalents to contemporary Infantry Fighting Vehicles
Equivalents to contemporary Self Propelled Guns


Basically armies like Orks or Dark Eldar have units you would not see in regular frontline use. Dark Eldar do have a legitimate Tank Destroyer (Ravager) but everything else is the kind of stuff you would see rebels or petty warlords using (raiders, venoms, trukks, war buggies, battlewagons) and stuff legitimately no one would actually use for battle, let alone war (Talos, Wyches, Kanz, etc, the type of stuff you would see on a televised battle arena, not a military role).

>> No.38373690

Ugh, WHTF is wrong with her fingernails... Nurgle alright.

>> No.38373704


I got to agree with this. Barring units that are simply OP due to their special rules or strength the units that preform best in 40k are ones designed effectively for the role they are supposed to fill. Look at the Land Raider for example:

With it's stats and weapons and transport cap it should be a great unit in marine armies. However because it was modelled after an archaic tank design with it's primary weapons positioned in the stupidest way possible it is not worth it's points or preforms anywhere as good as it's stats would imply it is divorced from the physical shape of the model.

If you were to keep the stats and design a new model with roughly the same displacement but hull with it's TL-Lascannons and TL-HB placed ventrally in an ascending manner (like the front of a ww2 ship) it would be great. The Lascannons each with a 270 degree field of fire and the HB with a 360 degree field of fire at the highest point, everything about the stats left the same, it would be great for the same points cost.

>> No.38373717


I mean dorsal, not ventral. You should know what I mean though.

>> No.38373773

Ran into some money, wanna git some grey knights.
Should I get a Strike Force or Terminators? I'm already getting a Librarian for my HQ.

>> No.38373776

Recommending a writer who has space marines apologize for being black

>> No.38373783

If you aren't a SM player, you wanna sell the Captain to me? Termie Captains are complete ass.

The problem with using that kit a an army is that it has no trips options and the formations for it are sorta lackluster, however they are better than using Combined Arms Detachment Terminators.

Personally, if I had to, I'd use the Skyspear Assault Wing
1 Stormraven, 1 Assault Termie squad, 1 Tac Termie Squad, and 1 Venerable Dread.

Take a look at this 1250 points I just made

No upgrades (rides with AssTermies in the Raven)

>5x Scouts
No upgrades
>5x Tactical Marines
Plasmagun, combi-Plas
Drop pod

>5x Sternguard
4x Combi-melta
Drop pod

1st company skyspear assault wing
>5x assault Terminators
4x TH/SS 1x TLLC
(go in the raven)
>Tac Terminators
Chainfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher
>Venerable Dreadnought
No upgrades
>stormraven gunship
TLMM, TLLC Extra Armor (always take this if you're using it as a transport, stun lock is a horrible feeling)

For larger points, seriously consider getting Tyberos from Forge world. He makes a squad of all Lightning Claw Terminators troops (the red brethren)
Then stick them in a Land Raider Crusader or Redeemer (so you can use that Land Raider!)

Dropping the Chaplain and adding Tyberos/Red Brethren/LRC
Comes up to 1800 points. If you drop the scouts you have a 1750 list right there.
You're also using all the units but except the TacTerms and captain from the box!

>> No.38373801

Space Sharks land raider conversion AYY

>> No.38373890

Cool. doesn't the strike force come with terminators?

You get basically a free dreadknight, 15 pagk which is good for a squad of 10x purifiers and 5x interceptors.

after that i'd pick up a raven and another box of GKT

my list core is usually 1 ML 3 libby

10 GKT
10 purifiers (5 shooty, 5 choppy, combat squadded for muh warp dice)
5 Interceptors
1 dreadknight
1 stormraven

The bulk box is a good deal imo, as you'd use all but the land raider

>> No.38373905

Incidentally Land Raiders make nice transports for Inquisition Melee teams, so you can even find a use there!

>> No.38374058


If they did that every army would be too similar from a model perspective though. I see your point from a gameplay perspective but GW can't seem to restrict their sculptors.

>> No.38374060
File: 192 KB, 1280x800, imperial sniper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting into 30k. I still can't figure what legion to pick.
Alphas, Fists, Pertubro leading termie blobs, I like them all. But Im gonna wait until ultras before I make the purchase.

Also, if youre BS6+ can you re-roll a snap shot?
Do vehicles use the legions rite of war?
Can you assault a unit if you used infiltrate with scout?

>> No.38374063

I think cutting the Hammerfall and keeping the Skyspear formation is a good idea if I try to spruce up the list more. One change I'd be tempted to make is keeping the Landraider in there somewhere. That said, Sternguard + Drop Pod is on my list of wants for Space Marines (I was heavily considering the current Strike Force for that) but it'd probably be a while before I make the purchase.

Worth noting is that I also have 15 Tac Marines, 5 Scouts, 5 Assault Marines and a rhino to pad out the force in the meantime.

>> No.38374093

Cool, yeah Sternies and Vanguard vets are some of my favorite kits.
so wanna sell that captain?

>> No.38374124

Nah, I'm a big fan of Imperial Fists so I'll probably keep itand try to dress him up as Captain Lysander.

>> No.38374142

I actually don't think the land raider is poorly designed. It maximizes transport capacity and protection with the lascannon added on as an afterthought.

It does really well as a transport, but ends up head and shoulders above the kinda crappy alternatives, and so receives a draconian price tag in spite of having relatively poor offensive capability.

>> No.38374215

but lysander has an amazing model, plus the sprue is a pre-fitted clam model, you'd have a very tough time making a decent conversion, oh well

>> No.38374306


Well every tank engineer post-1918 disagrees with you. If you is meant to be an APC stripped off the weapons to reduce its points making it effective for it's indended role.

The number of half ass'd dual-role units that are forced to pay to be mediocre at both in 40k is unacceptable

>> No.38374357

CSM have drop pods
They just require a FW book, cost 100 points, have no guidance system, and have a 1/6 chance of eating a random man. But hey, at least your guys can stay inside if they want and and assault when they hop out the next turn

>> No.38374463

Yeah I started trying to thin more as I got through the models I have. Still didn't come out as nicely as I'd hoped but they at least would look ok on the table when playing with friends.

Gonna spend a while looking into thinning techniques, and setting up pallets. Want to eventually have marines that don't look like butt under a brighter light.

>> No.38374478

>tfw Vanguard Vets will never be good
>tfw when a Vanguard vet with Storm Shield costs 8 points less than a Terminator.
Why live?

>> No.38374674

I dont know about in 30k, but snapshots mean you are reduced to BS1, so I would imagine you cannot reroll even if you are BS6+

>> No.38374715

Snap shots so not change your BS, however they are resolved at BS1, so either way, no reroll. This is important when you think about PoTMS

>> No.38374771

True, good catch

>> No.38374832


new chaos codex or supplement when

>> No.38374886


Your that guy who wants 40k to take a page from DZC and have all armies just have slightly different versions of the same thing for all the unit types with only a handful of exceptions?

That is what 40k used to be before the bloat. Just look at 3rd and 4th edtion books. 40k could have been good, they decided to never trim the fat.

>> No.38375032


Wait, does that mean that PotMS is resolved at BS1 if the vehicle went to combat speed ?


>> No.38375386


>> No.38375466
File: 26 KB, 324x400, 10248485912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw fielding a decurion detachment with a justicar battalion for the firs time

>> No.38375478

first* fuck

>> No.38375501
File: 18 KB, 500x400, meltagun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Noob question:
When a melta weapon says you roll an additional D6 for armor penetration, does this mean you can get two glances/pens with one shot?

>> No.38375508

I'm about to buy $1500 worth of Space Marines miniatures for $200.

Did I do good?

>> No.38375523

No. It's like this.

>roll to hit.
>roll to penetrate but you roll 2D6 + the weapon strength to determine if you pen/glance.

>> No.38375524

Nup, just roll 2d6 and add the str 8 to see if you pop the armor value

>> No.38375543

no, you add them together

>> No.38375547

I've done that with orks over bartertown and ebay.

Have a pretty big force and it only cost me a fraction of the price.

>> No.38375563

Awesome, thanks for the quick responses guys.

>> No.38375713

No, you got ripped off ;_;

>> No.38375719


I know right

>> No.38375747

Assembled a Tervigon last night.

How many Termagants would it be reasonable to have on hand for what she'll queef out?

>> No.38375794

20-30, although my tyranid friend always runs doubles so he doesn't get HUGE amounts

>> No.38375800

123 on average.

>> No.38375965

I played a lot with the old necron codex, but stopped a little before the 7th edition one came out. My friends are getting into seventh, and want me to play with them. I'm down, but I don't know much about the new codex. Could anyone give me any tips, or a crash course with the new one? I loved the old crypteks, monolith, warriors, tesla and lord, but heard they changed all of that.

>> No.38375970

Also, make her hq or troops with the 30 gants?

>> No.38376053
File: 198 KB, 522x815, NoiseMarine0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the viability of Slaanesh CSM armies nowadays? Yeah Nurgle marines are pretty good, but they're kinda boring and I'm thinking of trying out some Noise Marines soon.

>> No.38376068

Troops so they grab ObSec.
They've won some tournies recently (read 6 months)

>> No.38376082


Not at all. Mono-Slaanesh daemons can work but Marines are way to expensive for being 1 wound.

>> No.38376086

about three fiddy

>> No.38376097


Depends on your local metagame.

>> No.38376131

I'm playing regular eldar, how big should my harlequin squad be and how should they be equipped?
I'm thinking of 8 kisses, 1 troupe master with a power sword and a shadowseer. Is that too big? Should I remove some kisses since the squad will never reach the enemy without casualties anyway?

>> No.38376141

Noise marines sound fun, but those saves combined with wounds has prevented me from bringing them

>> No.38376143
File: 93 KB, 596x790, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey fellas, I will post this again.

https ://kickass. to/warhammer-40k-pdf-library-t9575373.html

Warhammer 40k PDF Library.

>> No.38376171

I'll add it to the OP Pasta if I get the chance to make one before some newfig does

>> No.38376184

I only play with a group of 2-3 players, 2 of them are SM players. I can always count on at least a land raider or storm raven in just about any size game, as well as FW characters made from shitty conversions that aren't even close to what they should look like (or riptides standing in for knight titans). Also deal with shenanigans like 4 melta command squads with stormshields and an apoth in drop pods.

>> No.38376197
File: 68 KB, 453x604, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Well every tank engineer post-1918 disagrees with you
It's not a tank.

>If you is meant to be an APC stripped off the weapons to reduce its points making it effective for it's indended role.
You're not a tank engineer are you?

>> No.38376447
File: 960 KB, 1307x548, Tank.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's not a tank.
I'm not him, but...

>You're not a tank engineer are you?
He was suggesting using it as an armored troop delivery system. Taking off the Weapons to reduce the cost would make it more viable in terms of Listbuilding. Whether that applies in the wonderful world of the 41st millennium...I think the answer is obviously no

>> No.38376533

Hey, I'm thinking about getting into 40k around Fall, trying to work a lot over the coming months so I can splurge on units.

I want to do a 1500pts Ultramarines list, but I'm not sure of how to compose such a list without owning models. Would it better to just buy models and start putting them together and deciding if they go in my army, or would it better to draft up a list before I start building and painting?

>> No.38376559
File: 28 KB, 350x209, Night_Lord_Rhino.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a certified tank engineer, I want to weigh in and say that chaos has the best tank designs. I know you swine wouldn't know this, but in tank engineering school they teach us all about how quality is directly related to spikes.

>> No.38376590

You're going to probably want to get the codex and read up on what you want and like. There are useful pictures, if you're interested in what they look like. Just make a list, and buy what you need. This saves money, doesn't waste materials, and will allow you to plan so you can jump right in.

>> No.38376593

>Would it better to just buy models and start putting them together and deciding if they go in my army, or would it better to draft up a list before I start building and painting?

Depends. Are you buying units because they look cool and want to focus on the hobby aspect? If that's the case, buy what you like. If you're more interested in the gaming aspect and want to get more serious with it, work on your list first. Watch battle reports and stuff, test your lists on Vassal, etc.

Either way, you can't go wrong with the SM staples: tac squads, drop pods, rhinos, thunderfire cannons, etc. Just about any list can benefit from units like those.

>> No.38376624

Ah yeah I should probably do that. There's a PDF in the op, right? Could I download that on to my phone?

>> No.38376655

A little bit of both. I want to make them and display them around my room but I also want to get a few friends into it and have them play with me - never at stores or anything, just with my friends.

>> No.38376698

One thing I don't understand, is what exactly "is" Power of the Machine Spirit? Space Marines, the Emperor's finest rapid-strike force can only get it on their super-big Stormravens and Land Raiders, but apparently all it takes for the Guard to turn their Russ into a smart-targeting vehicle is for a nearby Enginseer to wave his hands and say some magic words (which for some reason, Techmarines cannot do with *their* vehicles).

What's up with that? And on another note, Predators should have PoTMS so you can use them as actual tanks, rather than glorified pillboxes.


>> No.38376720
File: 242 KB, 600x857, Brothers ! To The Buffet !!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So some rumors from Natfka concerning a possible Kroot release in the future:

>Kroot Mercenaries are in the rumor mill again. A full army release the size of Harlequins are being declared, which would include many of the old Kroot mercenary units and a large centerpiece kit.

>Really? Alright, lets walk down this path, that Kroot Mercenaries are now in development. It would be very cool to see this happening.

>Please remember that this is a rumor, and I would make sure you drink lots of water after the required salt.

>via Voices in the Trees from Larry Vela on Bols
>– New Kroot miniatures have been physically sighted in various staged of the development process
>– Multiple new kits are coming in what looks like a “full army (aka Harlequin sized) release.
>– Many of the units from the old Kroot mercenaries list will reappear.
>– The army will receive at least one large centerpiece kit that hails from the Kroot homeworld of Pech
>– This new army is believed to be scheduled well past 9th Edition, so look for it at the very end of this year, or shortly thereafter.

It seems GW is really touching on the sub-factions this edition.

>> No.38376734

There are a few ways to get the codex for free, but I'm not too familiar with reading it on your phone. I would recommend downloading a free app called Battlescribe. It can be very useful in making lists and is very friendly

>> No.38376773


please make some close combat unit

don't even have to be good, just give them cool melee weapons and stuff and I will buy them

>> No.38376885

So where do Centurions fit in in the Company Organization?

I know bikes are Assault Squads, but who pilots the Centurions? Are they 1st company vets seconded to whatever company needs them?

Cool, well based on your responses I would say Grab a box of Sternguard, 2 boxes of Tacticals, a box of devastators, and the Space Marine Commander Box. That'll give you plenty to work with and you can make some great kitbashed models.

Probably grab a Razorback, a drop pod, and a rhino.
it should be around 1000 points and is a good balance. If you're playing ultras I would never deviate from that core.

>> No.38376924

So, we have a lot of army tacticas, and a psychic phase one...but I'm thinking some segments could potentially use merging/deletion.

A "Vehicles 101" section would probably be useful, just so we don't have to copy-paste "How to use a Rhino" across many armies.

>> No.38376936

Oh this looks pretty useful, thanks man. >>38376885
Oh man, those Sternguard guys look like they're gonna take a lot of work to paint.
I should probably practice on spare Tacticals, huh?

>> No.38377102

Devastators and Assault marines, dependent on what variant of Centurion is being used.

>> No.38377149

Can't find Vehicles anywhere on that, know where they'd be?

>> No.38377180

If a Kroot book comes out, i will fucking jizz in happiness.

>> No.38377223


>not a tank
>tank right in the unit entry

Please leave forever.

>> No.38377264


Do not invest in this game at all until you have people 100% committed to getting into it too. If you are unwilling/unable to play at stores you are basically fucked otherwise.

>> No.38377308

Well I mean I do plan to have a second army once I finish my Marines so my little brother can play when I visit, so I think if my friends get to use the second army when they're around they'll be more willing to get into it.

>> No.38377317
File: 742 KB, 645x859, Ultramarines Doctrines.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No problem! As far as modelling and painting, the sternguard kit is great because you can customize your units (make sarges flashy, give captains cool guns with straps and drum feeders on guns). Sternie bits are harder to detail paint though, so practice on tacs.

I just made this list and it's about the most quintessentially Ultramarines 1000 pt. list i could think of. I'll put little descriptions of what everything does for you as well.

Primarch's Wrath (a super special relic gun)
He's gonna ride with the Sternguard

>5x Sternguard Veteran Squad
1x Heavy Flamer, 2x Combi-weapons (special multi purpose guns that still use sternguard special ammo and a special one shot gun)
Razorback (it's a tank with a gun on top, holds 6. 5 sternies+ Captain=6

>10x Tactical Marine Squad
Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Combi-Plasma (big anti monster/heavy infantry guns) A lot of people shy away from the Plasma cannon because you can't dismebark and shoot with it, but it's fantastic at nuking deepstriking units.
Rhino (tank with no gun, holds 10)

>10x Tactical Squad
Melta gun, Combi-melta (close range tank eraser)
Drop Pod (drop in, erase a tank) it's worth noting that Sternguard in drop pods do this very very well with combi-meltas, Meltacide is the term. Eventually you'll probably, but you said you just want casual stuff

Fast Attack
>5x Assault Marine Squad
2x Flamers (it's a thing for clearing mobs, and goes well with Assault marine up close and personalness) Probably not great, but Ultramarines have a special rule that benefits them, more on this later

Heavy Support
>5x Devastator Marine Squad
4x Lascannons (Long range anti tank)

So Ultramarines have these things called Doctrines (see pic).
Once per game, you can use each doctrine, but not all on the same turn.
Cont'd next post

>> No.38377345


That is still an awful plan. Sorry, not trying to rain on your parade, its just a really bad idea. In order to play warhammer you NEED a strong local community, the game genuinely does not work otherwise.

>> No.38377352
File: 53 KB, 470x302, 1GK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So ive started Grey Knights. Got myself:
>Brotherhood Champion
>5 Interceptors with single Incinerator.
>10 Man Strike squad. 2x Psilencer Justicar with Daemonhammer
>5 Purgators 4xPsycanon
> Stormraven

Ive been using a razorback and a couple of rhinos along with an old SM dreadnought to make up 1k/1250 for a few games. Im wondering, what should I get next?

Im REALLY struggling against necrons. I came up against a C'tan who took me off within 3 turns with his Ap3 blasts along with gauss fire against my armoured units. How am I meant to engage units like that? The short range seems to handicap me and I dont see myself winning in closecombat even with hammerhand. The standard Necron with a cryptek in the unit seems solid to kill even with AP4. I just feel hopeless. Halp /tg/ :(

>> No.38377376
File: 104 KB, 389x700, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Point s values are invented by the patriarchy to keep boots on the ground.

Oh god, it's you.

>> No.38377436
File: 208 KB, 630x225, It was right in front of me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically you use the doctrines to amplify your force application.

need to reposition your devs? Devastator doctrine (relentless lets them move and shoot at full Ballistic skill)
Need to erase some infantry? Tactical Doctrine, everyone rerolls ones, tactical squads reroll EVERYTHING
Need to make a clutch charge to contest an objective or tie something up in close combat before it reaches your line? Assault doctrine, (your assault marines move farther and everybody can reroll charge range)

I agree with this

pic related, thanks

>> No.38377462

wtf are you on about? No, you don't NEED a strong local community, you can do just fine with a buddy or two who wants to play. I've been playing with the same 2 guys for a few years now with no issue. Before I moved here, it was 3 guys at the last place I lived.

As long as you've got someone willing to play and learn, you can play the damn game successfully.

>> No.38377526

To be fair to him Rhinos/Razorbacks are called tanks in their entry, yet they're not what we would call a tank IRL.

>> No.38377560

>>Brotherhood Champion
Please be kidding. get a librarian. Seriously why do you have a 150 point Combat character and no squad to deliver him? Also, he's not good in close combat anymore.
>>5 Purgators 4xPsycanon
Fuck off. Anyone and everyone knows these are shit, just get Purifiers and do the same thing. 15 points nets you a good defensive AND offensive Psychic power, as well as a 2 Warp Charges
vs Necrons that might actually be a nice idea as it negates their their RP
looks ok, add a daemonhammer perhaps
looks good

wtf am i reading???? git gud scrub

If you don't want termies, at the very least grab a Libby and slog him with the Strike squad

>> No.38377566

Thanks anon, you're fucking awesome.

Was filling this out in Battlescribe and it totalted to 990pts so I may have misunderstood something.

The values are as follows:
Captain: 110
Sternguard: 225
Tac Squad 1: 215
Tac Squad 2: 195
Assault Squad: 95
Devastator: 150

Any idea on where I messed up?

>> No.38377643

Instant death doesn't negate Necron RP, it just reduces it by 1.

>> No.38377653

I was kinda interested in running a Fallen Angel army (or at least a Chaos army with a couple of Fallen Angels thrown in). Does anyone know if Cypher would be a good unit to run with Chaos Space Marines? And if so, would I come too terribly close to being "that guy?

>> No.38377656

What are you misunderstanding? Those points are pretty spot on.

>> No.38377675

Cypher sucks, so you definitely would not be That Guy,

>> No.38377704

Plasma tacs (rhino)should be 225
Sternguard (razor) should be 205
Melta tacs (pod) is correct
Assault squad is correct
Devs are correct.
Captain is correct

It totals at 980 >>38377656 actually
that leaves 20 points for a close combat weapon on your I'd either drop one flamer on the assault squad and give the captain a powerfist, or keep the flamer, and grab a lightning claw for 15

>> No.38377705

I guess I thought by 1000pts, it had to add up to exactly 1000?

>> No.38377737

I should have mentioned 1000 was my parameter, I undershot it by a little, you could do this >>38377704 or grab more combi weapons for your sternies, or even artifier armor for your captain (this will protect him from power swords, and you'll probably see one or two of these at 1000 pts)

>> No.38377758

Badab War is literally ww2 in space:

Astral Claws = Germany
Executioners = Finland
Lamenters = Italy
Mantis Warriors = ??

>> No.38377763

Okay, trying to figure out where the disparity in the Plasma Tacs is.

>Rhino, 35pts
>Heavy Weapons (1): Plasma Cannon, 15 pts
>Sergeant: Space Marine Sergeant with Chainsword and Combi-Weapon, 24 pts
>9x Space Marine, 126pts
>Special Weapons (1): Plasma Gun, 15pts

Sorry if I seem like an absolute idiot and it's super obvious where the error is, I'm going to use being tired from having my wisdom teeth removed as an excuse.

>> No.38377833

>Mantis Warriors = ??

>> No.38377841

Can anybody recommend me a solid 1000 point BA list?

>> No.38377854

Try France, jobbers

Oh, fuck me, I had upgraded the sarge to veteran sarge (gets an extra point of leadership and an attack for 5 points) for some reason.
If you did make anyone a Veteran sarge, I'd go with the melta squad's one to keep them planted firmly in the enemies ass.

Yes, what do you want for your HQ?

>> No.38377887

If you have a solid list with a librarian as HQ that would be nice.

>> No.38377942

Ok, gimme a few

>> No.38377954

Ah, ok.

Can I not make Sarges into veterans on this app? Will have to keep that as a mental note then.

Thanks a shit ton man, I know what to buy now.

Just a few quick questions: Which model am I buying for the Captain, and is the Primarch's Wrath included in a kit or is it a separate purchase?

And secondly, how do I indicate that my Sergeant is a veteran?

>> No.38378053 [DELETED] 

If your using battlescribe you can tap/click on the squad then on sergeant and then you get a list of the options for the sergeant. If that makes any sense.

>> No.38378111

Yeah I did that, and it only gives me weapon choices and melta bombs and teleport homers.

Weird. Battlescribe Mobile, right? That was the one on the Play Store.

>> No.38378124

Wait nevermind I had to click the circle, I'm stupid.

>> No.38378147

GOAT kit, add sternguard bits to customize.
>primarch's wrath
Any boltgun you like will do, you could eve use a stormbolter or whatever

>veteran sagres, make em look flashy using bits from the sternguard sprue.

No worries anon, glad to help. It's a lazy Saturday for me (the calm before midterms)

There's also a desktop version

>> No.38378150
File: 239 KB, 300x429, harlies2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Been out of the hobby a while, since 5th edition, are the Harlequins are an independent army?

I was gonna start an Eldar army with heavy emphasis on the Harlies. Anyone know how they mesh?

Also, just as an aside, anyone know of any good gaming stores in L.A.?

>> No.38378175


>> No.38378181

Awesome anon, thanks a fucking ton.

Time to make myself a shopping list and get to practicing proper painting skills. You're a wallet saver, you know.

>> No.38378307

So, I moved:



And wrote a bit on making a TAC army work, using a high-level overview of several generally-successful tournament armies. Let me know your thoughts on it so far.

>> No.38378316

>I have no friends to play games with

You don't need a tournament-neckbeard to play. Just a friend or two.

>> No.38378523


NEVER take Vet Sgts.

>> No.38378584


>> No.38378586

Why not?

>> No.38379413

>GOAT kit
whats a goat kit

>> No.38380168

Greatest of all time kit

>> No.38381720
File: 11 KB, 200x300, 1301060007352.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Started assembling the Deathstorm box I bought some time ago.
I never realized how fucking easy Spesh Muhreens are to assemble.
Compared to the Eldar, Dark Eldar and Tyranid models I have been collecting for all these years, Space Marines are fucking babby tier in assembly.

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