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>brightly colored pastel skin
>cute faces
>horse legs
>believe in such faggotry as the "greater good"
>band together and defeat greater threats with the power of friendship
>sunshine and rainbows

Admit it: Tau are 40k's ponies.

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>cute faces

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How dare you touch my waifu anon.

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>he thinks ponies have cute faces
Also, Space Marines have way more pastel colored armies than tay

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That might be right. I have a friend that would probably a fan of Tau, Sisters, and 1k Sons. And she likes pastel goth. I'm kinda scared that she would use them for those three armies. Imagine the horror.

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Making taufags 40k bronies.


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>implying it's not the orks

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>shitposting this hard

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>Can't even believe this ponyfag

It's like tau came out after ponies became a thing or some shit

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>horse legs

Excuse me, commissar?

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But they don't have cute faces.

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>That little bright spot in the armor.
Are you fucking telling me that's what guardsmen's lasguns do.

Are they seriously expected to kill anything.

Isn't throwing your weapon at the enemy more effective.

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I believe the tau have found a way to make people think what adorable is. They're not. This is.Maybe the battery pack was low and that drains power?

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Forgot to link >>38339896

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Once more the Tau are not cute. They are aliens, do not buy into Tau propaganda.

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Preach it in the Emperor's name. Why go for a filthy xeno when you can have a nice Imperial woman?

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yep, tau have hooves.
they also are very physically weak and easy to rape if you are into that.

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Then what is this >>38340012

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