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Pics, stories, inspo, questions about paladins and other knights of the good and the just

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posting time limits are literally the worst

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side note, I've always liked the lighting in this picture

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some tangentially related stuff in my paladin folders

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/r/ing Mr. Rogers shopped onto a Pali body.

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btw my definition of paladin is pretty loose for the purposes of these threads, basically just "sword/board + morals", so... yeah

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I love me a good paladin. Dunno why. I just like them. Clerics, too.

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you're lucky I'm a photoshop wizard

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I especially like inspo/story threads, get me thinking about characters I should make more easily than pics

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This one's a good short thing, the last line is a bit forced. I feel like a lot of pally-ish things on /tg/ are like this, w/ posters trying a bit too hard to sounds justice-y

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gotta do some hw, so I'm gonna stop dumping for now. Hopefully some others pic it up, thanks to other peeps who posted

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This is one of my favourite paladin pictures.

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I'm playing in a friend's homebrew system, and soon I'll have the option of choosing a class specialization for my lawful good fighter. I've been thinking of taking Paladin since it suits my character, plus the fact that the party has no casters at all and I could help balance us out with holy magic. To understand why I'm reluctant to go through with it, take a look at the actual party first:

>Dragonborn warrior dude
I forget his exact alignment, but he's either neutral or lawful evil and is constantly suggesting we just burn down everything we encounter and kill everything that opposes us. Some of the other party members agree with him but I always talk him out of it. He hasn't done anything particularly evil yet, but he could explode at any moment and is the only PC that's strong enough to kill me if I piss off the party.

>Homebrew race rabbit-man rogue person
Ignoring the red flags that he's a homebrew furry race, he's a borderline chaotic random rogue who is always going around stealing shit, even from NPCs who have helped us. He even jewed our archer by looting arrows before he could, then selling the arrows back to him at a jacked up price.

>super edgy half-elf archer guy who is mute for some reason
Neutral alignments and generally a good guy. Constantly backs me up when I try to talk the other two out of doing crazy evil stuff. As of last session however, the NPC girl he had a crush on betrayed the party and he went on a super edgy murder rampage (against actual bad guys, thankfully). Could potentially end up leaning towards the evil side like the other party members if we don't resolve his brooding subplot soon.


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That's a woman, though.

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Did anyone post Sir Weyland?

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uh I do not know what you are talking about, that is clearly Mr. Rogers

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Not yet but I'm posting this one too.

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To avoid being That Guy in this party of misfits, I've been playing my lawful good fighter as a well intentioned idiot. For example, we were visiting a clothing store once and I had just purchased some new boots. Suddenly, furry guy starts making stealth rolls and shit in an attempt to rob the store owner. This is happening right in front of me, the lawful good fighter. So I take into account my low intelligence and describe how I'm obliviously trying on my new shoes and completely missing my buddy stealing shit literally right next to me.

I do similar things whenever the rest of the party wants to do random evil shit so I don't ruin their fun, while still getting to be a good guy myself. It works well with the tone of the game too since we're not a super serious group, and the fighter comically being oblivious to the illegal shenanigans of his buddies actually works. I do tend to step in when there's no possible way I couldn't notice something, such as the time when they actually asked me if I wanted to help them rob the guy who put a job on the noticeboard instead of helping him.

So anyway /tg/, my question is, do I attempt to be the Paladin of Obliviousness and comically travel with this band of hooligans? Or should I just spec into something else and avoid potential conflict within the party?

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With tits, you dolt.

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It depends on the temperament of your party.

If your party would get a bit pissy if you tried to direct, criticize, or guide them, play a paladin for laughs and continue what you're doing currently. After all, it's all just for fun.

If they are in it for adventure and wouldn't mind having their talents redirected.. I played a paladin...ish character (w/e he was a barbarian with a very black/white moral code) who basically became the party face when everyone realized that where I went, crazy shit was going to go down, and that if they redirected their criminal ways to looting the people I called baddies, they'd get filthy rich. If you're strong enough, you might be able to pull off the same.

tbh I think just goofing around sounds a lot more workable in your situation

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those are just Mr. Rogers convenient chest pockets



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I want him to read me a tale.

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You're dumb.

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There once was a paladin.
He was strong and brave wanted nothing more than to serve humanity and spread the holy light.
He used to help everybody wherever he could and everybody loved him
That was until he became a self-righteous asshole, started slaughtering everybody for the greater good and his group kicked him out

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I guess it didn't get across well that it was a "herp derp I made a shitty image on purpose but am pretending I didn't notice and am dumb" joke, so ... yeah, that was sorta the point, but it was a dumb joke, so either way you're right

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Shepard is a paladin now?

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Speaking of Paladins. There's a serious problem in one NWN1 server... they have a massive paladin city, but all of them are cleave and smite paladins... don't believe in redemption, actively have attempted to try and slaughter entire evil groups down to the children.

Bahamutians also going around trying to genocide and our neuter anybody with chromatic blood.

It's bad guys.

I wish the people playing on that server read threads like this because honestly, 80% of the smart players side with the edgy as fuck 'necromancer city' simply because said edgy as fuck city stopped actually doing anything evil once it became clear the DMs of the server would totally wipe out evil factions if it suited their favorite-pally-nazi players... so yeah, lots of skellingtons, mostly bros.

If you're interested in upping the content of the player base, come to Amia Isle. The paladin player group has mostly cleared out of Kohligen, off doing some kobold tribe thing I think... so it's ripe for good paladin players to come in and solve the problem.

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And this doesn't make it even better?

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I have a paladin who does nothing but scream whenever talked to or whenever he tries to say anything, makes for awesome encounters with anything especially since he sounds like a mix of bobcat goldthwait and Gilbert Gottfried.

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>please come to horrible idiot paladin land

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This seems relevant in the evil smiting department.

I was looking up some Digimon stuff and found the entry for Skull Mammoth.

"It was a Mammothmon, revived from an ancient glacier, that continued to battle with Virus-species Digimon. As a result, its whole body was eaten away by a virus, and became nothing but bones. Despite dying, its survival instinct as a Vaccine was strong, and so in order to continue battling it exterminated the virus. However, it unexpectedly lost all of its emotions and intelligence beyond destroying Viruses. Even though its body has become nothing but bones, it continues to battle in safety because the DigiCore shining within its chest is undamaged."

So basically, this beast follows it's code to destroy viruses (which are generally evil.) to the point where they destroy all of it's flesh. However, it keeps on fighting basically as just a heart/soul supported by bones.

That seems pretty hard core.

However, is SkullMammothmon a paladin, /tg/?

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point is the horrible paladins are off being on their NOT PALADIN characters at the moment, so if there's a chance to make a break in this, it's now.

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Depends. Can he discern between virus types that aren't dicks and those that are? Most viruses are dicks but it's not universal.

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The fuck is nwn1 and how do I join you? This sounds fun.

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10/10 would pay to play.

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That would be awesome
I just loved the freedom to scream like a retarded monkey and bash them in the skull, also why the church kept me off of arrests afterwards.

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So how would I go about makin' this fuck as a paladin?

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Whoop, hit submit too soon.

To elaborate, I need a paladin NPC for a game I'm DM'ing. Figured I'd have a bit of fun with it and toss ol' Vashy at 'em, see how many of my players pick up on it.

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neverwinter nights, on a private server called "amia isle" (google it, full access information is there). you can get the game dead cheap on gog.

Just keep in mind the paladin squad is rather sporadic and got friends in the gms of the server (though some of them left recently) so can't go blabbing the plan you know?

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Tell me /tg/, is it bad that I just really like the idea of a crazy crusaders burnin' and pillagin' and then when somebody tries to ask why they just scream "DEUS VULT!" over the traditional form of paladins?

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Just make sure you call 'em crusaders and not paladins.
They're different classes and everything.

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Will do.

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Joshua Graham is best Paladin

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To date this remains one of my very favorite stories.

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Oh, sweet summer child.

Come to Arabel.

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Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.

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Plan? You where talking about shit I've never heard of in an mmo, castration, family lines, player controlled cities. This sounds amazing! I'm probably not paying for the game though

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Cleric story here. Fuck, I must dump this shit somewhere.

>Be LG Cleric of Heironeus.
>Do a lot of good shit between quests (organise orphanage/school in the slums), but be very paranoid and inquisition-like. Suspect EVERYONE!
>Have "Alignements are relative, lets discuss a single action for an hour" DM
>have NG caster in party, who is also good (only?) friend of a DM
>caster decides it is a great idea to mess with my cleric alignment-wise all the time. Basically nag nag nag regarding LG. Every fucking deed.
>Have a drink with DM OOC, have a drink with caster player OOC, stating obviously "guys, this is not fun for me, can we lay off the nagging part"
>DM: this is in-character behaviour, sorry (rephrased: I will not go hammer down on my friend who already has a Cohort I gave him without appropriate feats for no good reason but being DMs pet. Also kept casters alignment NG after he killed a bunch of tribe leaders for "Greater good")
>caster player: "my character is alpha. He listens to one. He is psion. He is and must believe in himself".

Thats the point i deprted the group

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Neverwinter nights 1 persistent world servers are really the best example of an RP MMO. Back in the day they'd cap at around 70ish players and 5-10 dms on any given major server.

These days, the numbers suffer a little more. But it's the closest that I've ever found to a PnP MMO. It's worth the 5 bux or whatever Neverwinter Nights diamond costs on GoG.

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Holy fuck your server looks involved as shit to get into!

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Oh, I'm not Amia guy, I'm just someone who plays NwN. There's a lot of servers. CoA. EfU. Sinfar. Arelith.

If you're worried about installing files and extra stuff to play on a server, most have installers. Arelith doesn't require anything but vanilla + the expansions.

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"A thief stole my omni-watch, could you g-"
>*gesture backwards with head*
>"I have to go."

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But lances and polearms are fun, Anon. It's a Justice you can dispense over a greater Zone of Smiting.

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>buncha zombie jerks trying to harsh your chivalrous vibe

That's messed up, bro.

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>Be NG (DM fiat, all god have paladins) Paladin
>Tenant essentially boils down to "don't be a dick and we're gravy"
>Gets crit-killed by a scorching ray, comes back as a fucking Bugbear
>Rescue some mute elf cleric, she has a thing for me and I think she's cute and nice and totally hides the fact I lost my charisma bonus getting reincarnated so my lay on hands is shit
>Her family is trying to revive a dead god, she's the selected champion
>Every step closer they get, the more of the elf gets erased and replaced by the god
>Don't know how to feel about this
>There's a lawful evil sorceror in the party
>Agreed to not dick over the party, but that's just about it
>Not very pleasant, nor very receptive to humor
>She's gone out of her way to offend my sensibilities
>Gone from trying to being my usual jolly self to a hardass gearing up specifically to kill her

I don't want the fight to happen, but everyone feels it coming.
Not sure how to deal with a mild amnesiac who has lineage to someone who became a Merilith and fought gods, and probably plans to do the same thing.

How do I deal with touch spells in 3.5?

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Get that cool armor shit that makes you immune to Death effects, and find some way to mitigate/eliminate ability drain and ability damage, I guess. Also, fix your shitty build by getting some CHA pronto, so you can have saves again.

You CANNOT beat magic users without saves out the ass unless you're really lucky and they're pretty stupid.

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I've just recently got Death Ward full plate, and I'm taking levels in Knight to tank more effectively (more for flavour than anything, really), boost my Will saves and get 30ft speed in armor.
I should probably get a CHA enhancing cloak or something.

It's not a game where everyone is going SUPER OPTIMAL, so I'm not terribly worried about the sorceror's player going power game on me. I just don't want my Paladin dying to her character, is all.

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Eh, you gonna need some saves, son. The cloak is essential. If you're taking Knight levels for that crazy Enforced Difficult Terrain shit, you should score one of those Magebane Polearms (like a Guisarme or some shit) so you can unleash the full force of wide area rape upon this offending magic-user.

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I have Improved Disarm, so would it be worth going for a Ranseur, or a Glaive for maximum damage potential?

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