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5e General

Homebrew rules to speed up adventures and waste less time, post them

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>Core Books

>Spells listed by class, along with crib sheets and rules summaries:

>Pre-Made Adventures:
>pw: tiamatlives

>Unearthed Arcana: Eberron Material
If you don't like it, ask if you can use the stuff from Keith Bakers website.

>A wealth of random generators

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Why do people keep using pathfinder images for 5e?

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Is going to a D&D encounters night at a store worth it for finding a group of people who will want to play an extended campaign outside of the store?

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do you already know at least some of the players?

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No, never been to one and I'd be cold calling if I did. My room mate might be keen to tag along to one but he's not in town yet.

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Because 5e doesn't have much content so far anon

I hope they bring back the OGL and Paizo starts making campaigns for 5e
So I don't have to go through the work of converting them myself

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with the character sheet, also give me an idea of where you want to go with your character, your character in 5-6 levels or so. no need to be detailed, classes, feats and items is enough.
do that both for the fluffy and the crunchy side, and we'll get along famously.

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I'd personally prefer if Paizo stayed far away from something that's actually turning out decent.

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I just want them to make adventures and campaign, not adding broken classes and shitty feats

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I know, but I'm not a fan of their adventure design either.

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How should I reveal maps to players as they explore them?

I thought about having two map types, a more zoomed out general map that isn't entirely accurate in terms of scale, and whenever fights break out I'll draw the room accurately on a grid

Or maybe I should go to a store and tell them to print a bunch of A3-sized grids generated from this site http://www.incompetech.com/graphpaper/plain/
A3-sized might be enough to draw a dungeon in it, or maybe half of it there and the other half on a different paper?

What's your solution?

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Good morning gents. You may remember me from....Saturday? Anyhow, I've tinkered away at homebrewed monk paths, and I've ended up with this. It's equal parts tribute to a guy I played with in my very first campaign ever and Hamon.

Sacred Sun-Fist of Pelor
>Level 3: Your unarmed attacks count as dealing Radiant and Fire damage. Anyone struck by them is considered to be exposed to sunlight for the next round. Undead defeated by your unarmed attacks disintegrate entirely.
>Level 6: You may spend 2 Ki points to deal additional damage equal to your Proficiency bonus with every successful unarmed strike you make this turn. This damage counts as Fire and Radiant.
>Level 11: Using Flurry of Blows grants 3 extra attacks instead of 2, and you gain resistance to Necrotic damage.
>Level 17: When you make a sucessful unarmed strike, you may spend 3 Ki points to unleash Pelor's Burning Hate. The target must make a Constitution save. If a living or inanimate target fails the save, they take 8d8 Radiant and Fire damage and go Blind; if they pass they only take half damage. If an undead target fails the save, they are destroyed completely; if they pass they still take 12d12 Radiant and Fire damage. This ability can only be used once per long rest.

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construction paper to hide areas. In my defense, I am terribly laid back.

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You don't need A3's. Print yourself on A4's and tape them together. Or cut each room into its own piece and place it on the table as they explore

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>dealing Radiant and Fire damage
What does this mean? Half and half? Or you need resistance to both at the same time?

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Recently rolled a Rock Gnome Wizard that's going into Necromancy. Chose that school, because a friend of mine is taking up a Paladin, and well I have to dick with him in some way or another. Messing with the dead seems like a good way to do that. Thematically it seems like a fun school to mess around with, what with the morbid theme and all. My question is, is if Multi classing into a cleric down the road would fit? Maybe following Kelemvor through the study of death? I really want it for certain cleric spells, like gentle repose and inflict wound, which really help suppliment the necormancy path. Heavy armor doesn't hurt either.

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>cut each room into its own piece and place it on the table as they explore
That sounds cool but I think it would get messy as you keep playing, with the paper rooms moving around and such during play

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the True Necromancer in 3e was a cleric/necromancer, thematically it fits.
why you'd do it, that's an other thing. at least make sure you can Create Undead before multiclassing.

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Does anybody think the divide by 3 round down is a bit harsh for multiclassing arcane tricksters/eldritch knights. It's a bit silly that an ek 5/ arcane trickster 5 casts only as well as ek 3 / arcane teicskter 3

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The second one, plus resistance to the bludgeoning that you get on any unarmed attack.

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When it comes to full casters like wizards and clerics, it's generally better to not multi class. The exception to this rule is class that let you continue to gain spells in the other class, like. Certain prestige classes might.

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Do you mean the Animate Undead?

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dunno. the one with mummies.

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looks good my man.

So for the level 17 ability, if you land 3 unarmed strikes, could you burn 9 ki points for 24d8 damage?

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Ah sorry, I gotcha now. I hard to open my PHB and look through all the spells. Lv 6 Necromancy spell, Create Undead.

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man, he said once per long rest.
it's weaker than the Open Palm thing, but it doesn't take an action, which is great.

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I will take all this under advisement, depending on how the campaign goes I might still MC Cleric at some point for flavor and fluff. Like I said, inflict wounds and Gentle repose seem like two decent spells to have.

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The PHB isn't explicit on when to round, so Arcane Trickster 5 / Eldritch Knight 5 could be third-caster 10, which corresponds to row 3 on the multiclassing spell slots table. Rounding each individually puts it at row 2.

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So they need three types of resistances for one attack that only uses one die for damage? Maybe you should reassess this or break up the damage die.

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>Letting a necromancer receive divine powers from Kelemvor

Sure if your DM is retarded.

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Finding a god that represents Death that is NOT some how evil in some way, is difficult. Hades is Lawful Evil in the PHB, so I am open to suggestion here.

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I imagine that lots of uncreative DMs just use the FR names and domains and make their personalities whatever fits for what they want. Anon could be in that situation.

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as a wizard, why do you care about alignment?
pls leave your sense of right and wrong at the door.

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I don't care about alignment, but my DM might. My wizard is Neutral as proof of that. I am just trying to figure a way to get to Cleric 2 MC (at the least)in at some point in the game.

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You could make your dungeon maps as discreet tiles and only lay down the next piece when the players have seen into it.

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Hey Nextnerds, if anyone calls your edition shit I want you to ignore them and keep having fun. Also how are Bards?

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What did they list the rest of the pantheon been?

Hades seems downright reasonable compared to the others

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Just fine. They get superhorses now.

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Thats the ex-gf of one anon, dont make him sad.

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If not Death, then perhaps a knowledge domain would work? There is a a god of wizardry or two I believe.

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>I really want it for certain cleric spells, like gentle repose and inflict wound, which really help suppliment the necormancy path.

You get Gentle Repose on your wizard list. Take magic initiate cleric if all you want is Inflict Wounds.

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even without shitty superhorses, they're fine.
more than fine, they are the best skillmonkeys, have high level spells (from all lists), only lack an at-will big damage source, but a little multiclassing can sort them out.

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>Finding a god that represents Death that is NOT some how evil in some way, is difficult.
I cracked open my 1e Deities & Demigods for you and I've got Yen Wang Yeh, neutral Chinese Judge of the Dead, Anubis, LG Egyptian Guardian of the Dead, Osiris, LG Egyptian God of Nature and of the Dead, Tuoni, CN Finnish God of the Underworld, Rudra, LN Hindu Storm God and God of the Dead, Yama, and LN Hindu Demigod of Death. Whether or not these deities would smite you for necromancy is an entirely different issue, but they exist.

TLDR: Gygax wanted me to let you know you're a faggot.

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>only lack an at-will damage source

They could also just use Magic Initiate to pick up a damage cantrip if they want to hide in the back like a wizard.

Or just use a short bow since they're proficient and probably have a good dex mod.

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but that would be half assing it.
get some warlock, some sorcerer, maybe some rogue and fighter too... and then you'll be a bard.

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Is multiclassing a bunch of different classes a thing in this edition? I guess I can't complain about more freedom and options but having so much stuff to look up is a little intimidating.

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If a game is actually going to 20 (which they pretty much never are so this is only a theoretical issue) a bard really only has two levels to play with for multiclassing.

You can do it, but more than a splash is generally mechanically inferior.

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Fuck multiclassing, almost nobody apart from munchkins does it

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The idea was that the level 3 ability would make allow you to get around pretty much any resistance or immunity to Bludgeoning one might encounter, plus exploit any vulnerabilities to Fire and/or Radiant one might encounter. I haven't thoroughly reviewed the Monster Manual, but I believe these wouldn't come up often, so it's not overpowered compared to the other level 3 monk abilities.

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So crossbow expert looks broken as fuck combined with sharp shooter, is an EK or BM fighter more suited for a crossbow build?

>> No.38330198

Would letting someone take a modified monk that keyed off strength for what wisdom normally does for them be balanced?

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Why would a munchkin mutliclass? There are really only a few edge cases where it actually improves the character over sticking to your main class.

>> No.38330220

Only if you're prepared for ludicrous amounts of grapple.

>> No.38330278

That was sorta intended. I didn't want it to be too much better overall though, but I don't know if losing the wisdom save synergy is much of a balancing point? Should I cut somewhere else? I thought of just having a Str based path but not supporting the build at level one seemed odd.

>> No.38330281

EK is good if you want to spell+attack (and keep a concentration spell going, otherwise you could go bard with swift quiver and go spell+2 attacks).
as a fighter-fighter, fighting with fighty weapons like a fighting man, BM is always the answer.

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I really like the initiative score optional rule in the DMG. I have the initiative order ready to roll before my sessions, so we jump right into combat with no slowing of pace.

>> No.38330313

It honestly shouldn't be all that noticeable a change in power. Assuming you hadn't made the change his highest two ability scores would be Dex/Wis, with the change it'll be Dex/Str, where literally the only difference is he loses out on a lot of skill bonuses but becomes an awesome grappler.

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What class would Nier be? Tomelock + Fighter?

>> No.38330439

Crossbow Expert lets you make two ranged attacks with a 1d6 weapon at the cost of a feat, or lets you attack normally with a weapon that does, on average, one more damage than a longbow on a hit.

So with Crossbow Expert and Sharpshooter you can do things like have an 11th level Fighter attack four times at -5 on each shot for 1d6+Dex+10, whereas a Longbow user having spent only one feat would attack three times at 1d8+Dex+10.

That's good, but hardly broken. Particularly if you consider the opportunity costs involved, namely the investment of a feat and the use of your bonus action. Recovering charop addicts are just getting a hard-on for a rare opportunity to squeeze a little extra DPR out of their characters.

>> No.38330484

Depends on what the munchkin is trying to accomplish, as optimizing DPR, hit points, and AC aren't the only ways to represent the Lollipop Guild. It's true that sticking to a single class in 5th edition is generally preferable.

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Where are you getting that -5 from and why doesn't the fighter use a heavy crossbow?

>> No.38330792

Sharpshooter lets you take a -5 penalty to hit for +10 bonus damage.

>> No.38330868

I can't believe I didn't already know that about sharpshooter.

That also explains why they're using two hand crossbows instead of a heavy. Thanks.

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Wondering this myself. Trying regardless because my schedule fucking sucks and most of my friends are already in games and I'm sick of theorycrafting and one shots.

>> No.38331165

I am monitoring this thread with interest

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>Level 3: Your unarmed attacks count as dealing Radiant and Fire damage. Anyone struck by them is considered to be exposed to sunlight for the next round. Undead defeated by your unarmed attacks disintegrate entirely.
Definitely not overpowered, but perhaps a bit bland. Maybe instead of a passive ability, something that uses Ki to do extra radiant damage with these riders?
>>Level 6: You may spend 2 Ki points to deal additional damage equal to your Proficiency bonus with every successful unarmed strike you make this turn. This damage counts as Fire and Radiant.
Okay yeah, maybe this should be the level 3 ability.
>>Level 11: Using Flurry of Blows grants 3 extra attacks instead of 2, and you gain resistance to Necrotic damage.
WTF. Why does everyone think you can just keep adding attacks? Monk damage is not that bad, and this would make it too good.
>>Level 17: When you make a sucessful unarmed strike, you may spend 3 Ki points to unleash Pelor's Burning Hate. The target must make a Constitution save. If a living or inanimate target fails the save, they take 8d8 Radiant and Fire damage and go Blind; if they pass they only take half damage. If an undead target fails the save, they are destroyed completely; if they pass they still take 12d12 Radiant and Fire damage. This ability can only be used once per long rest.
Sure, why not.

>> No.38331227

Consider giving them the option to choose between the three at will then. 3 types of damage in one die doesn't seem right.

>> No.38331245

BM trip attack can knock (Large or smaller) dragons (and other flyers) out of the sky from arrow range.

>> No.38331257

Maybe the weekday crowd will be more willing to help me name a sword?

What do you think a fighter/wanderer type dude would name a sword he found on a zombie that lets its user temporarily turn into a zombie once per day?

>> No.38331271

because Paizo's depiction of goblins is pretty gud (look, not even WR can fuck them up) and all 5e art is terribly generic

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>Blade of the Walker


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That -5 to hit is troublesome but the +10 to damage is generally worth the additional risk.

Say you're a 6th level variant human fighter
(not a champion because /tg/ bears an irrational hatred of champions). You took xbow xpert at 1st level, sharpshooter at 4th level, and just bumped your dexterity from 16 to 18 when you hit 6th. You have the archer fighting style, so you have a +9 to attack with your heavy crossbow or hand crossbow (let's assume you own both).

Facing an opponent with an AC of 18 (an NPC knight, perhaps), you have some choices to make. Attack with the 1d6-damage hand crossbow three times (twice from extra attack, once from the feat's bonus action) or attack with the 1d10-damage heavy crossbow twice?

If the target is out of range of the hand crossbow, obviously the heavy crossbow is a more appealing option. If the target's in range of either:

You hit 60% of the time against AC 18, so the hand crossbow will be doing, on average 3 * (0.6 * (3.5 + 4) + 0.05 * 3.5) = 14.025 damage. The heavy crossbow, on the other hand, will be doing 2 * (0.6 * (5.5 + 4) + 0.05 * 5.5) = 11.95 damage on average.

With sharpshooter there's an option to reduce your attack roll by 5, which changes the math considerably. Now the hand crossbow is doing 3 * (0.35 * (3.5 + 14) + 0.05 * 3.5) = 18.9 and the heavy crossbow is doing 2 * (0.35 * (5.5 + 14) + 0.05 * 5.5) = 14.2 damage on average.

Note that the extra attack doesn't require a second hand crossbow. You don't need to go all John Woo if that's not your style.

>> No.38331304

That sounds like something only a crazy person would use

>> No.38331368

You're reading it wrong, I believe. It's because they're not full casters or even half casters, so their progression is slower. You should be casting as a 6th level caster, with 4 level one spells, and 3 each of second and third.

>> No.38331393

Unliving Blade

>> No.38331403

Raven Queen from 4e.

>> No.38331405

What if instead of adding yet another attack, he made it give the option of turning the two extra attacks into a single attack that has advantage and deals double damage? It's less of a boost and sorta interesting.

>> No.38331429

I didn't want to get into the mechanics of it because that's all anyone would discuss last time, but it's not like you trade your character sheet for the zombie stat-block from the MM. Roleplay-wise, yeah, you need to be a bit off to play with a sword that was certainly made by some evil being for some long forgotten sinister purpose.

>> No.38331437

This meme was never funny.

>> No.38331521

Fuck yeah, Yama.

>> No.38331657

It will multiclass better. A friend of mine was theorycrafting a Barbarian Monk when we ran into the Str/Dex/Wis problem.

>> No.38331720

Love me some PF Goblins.

>> No.38332112

>How should I reveal maps to players as they explore them?

My DM gets a bunch of paper, covers the board with it, and moves it out of the way to reveal stuff the players can see. It works just fine. Of course, the players aren't total shitlords, so YMMV.

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Running a sandbox game and I was hoping to make a short questline about helping !Not pic related and wanted to give my players the choice of a permanent reward at the end of the quest. Some kind of blessing inspired by Tarkus. I was thinking:

Blessing of Attack: Either +prof bonus or double damage against enemies large size or bigger
Blessing of Defence: Either +prof bonus or static AC bonus (proably 5 or something) against enemies size large or bigger
Blessing of Spirit: This is mainly where I'm having trouble. Want something that really captures the "FUCK GIANTS" feel but I'm coming up blank.

The catch for all of the blessings is that if combat starts with a plus sized enemy and ends with it still alive the blessings will be lost unless the thing is killed within the next... week or so let's day.

If anyone has any ideas for other kinds of blessings then please do speak up, I wanna see if more people are interested in this sort of neat stuff.

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Forgot to add the pic.
Hurr durr.

>> No.38332168

Can somebody with a better grasp of Photoshop grab these for me? There's one in the corner of the first page of every class, and I think they're neat.

>> No.38332184

>Tome Warlock with a tome that floats around you and speaks like it's better than everyone else
I have my next character. Maybe the spells can originate from the tome as well

>> No.38332264

>+5 AC

>> No.38332357

They always force Hades as Evil because they're dumb as shit. He's clearly Lawful Neutral with arguable Good tendencies, really. Sort of the opposite of Chaotic Neutral Zeus, who probably has Evil tendencies more often than not, right?

>> No.38332403

Bad News

>> No.38332415 [DELETED] 

Can someone post that map of the 4th-dimensional tesseract dungeon?

>> No.38332444

>Homebrew rules to speed up adventures and waste less time, post them
I have yet to see any ideas in this thread that streamline 5E. Most needlessly complicate things, as munchkinders and autisiacs are wont to do.

>> No.38332452

Veil's Trespass
To Dust
The Silver Key
One Way Ticket
Last Horizon
What Dreams May Come
That Good Night

Not sure what kind of a feeling you want the blade to evoke. Does it have a history? How does it's power function? What is it's effect?

>> No.38332469

He's memeing? I just assumed Bards get a free horse now like Paladins did.
Spoonfeed me.

>> No.38332564

Blade of Rotting Vengeance

Zombie Sword

The Black Blade of Unliving Darkness

Dick Chopper


>> No.38332582

The Cone of Cold trick, I'm sure some other anon has that picture that explains

>> No.38332596

I'm more worried about accidents or dice moving the papers around and accidentally revealing more, it would ruin it for the players

>> No.38332647

+5 AC is a slow burning Win Everything reward.

Double damage is fucking insane.

>> No.38332716

>Note that the extra attack doesn't require a second hand crossbow. You don't need to go all John Woo if that's not your style.

It doesn't RAW, but we all know that it's clearly intended to.

>> No.38332788

You can use Magical Secrets to take Find Steed. Find Steed says that any spell with a target of self also effects your steed. Cone of Cold says it has a target of self because the cone comes out of your square. LOLOLOL YOUR HORSE CASTS CONE OF COLD SO FUNNAY

>> No.38332814

I seem to recall one of the devs tweeted to the effect that getting an extra shot with the same hand crossbow is exactly what they intended. Not that twitter matters, of course.

>> No.38332940

It's history is unknown since the guy the party meets from whom I intend them to inherit the sword just kind of stumbled upon it in. I don't know if they'll keep the sword for long enough to make it worth writing a detailed back story, since the PCs are wary of things involving undead.
It's power functions sort of like a soul jar, but animates the body like a zombie and lets the user still control it.

I like the names you've given. I considered Charon since there's a bit of a Roman/Greek god thing going on in the background. The important aspect I'm looking for in the name is that it's something a "I hit things for a living" guy would come up with. >>38332564
Zombie sword is more along the lines of what I'm looking for, but maybe it's a bit too on the nose?

Thanks for the ideas, though.

>> No.38333014

Computer or tablets work. Sometimes I'll have the dungeon map open on my computer and I use the snip tool in windows to send them the section they see or are in.

>> No.38333054

>Finding a god that represents Death that is NOT some how evil in some way

Not really a god, per se, but close enough maybe?

>> No.38333100

Pharasma says you're a faggot, but will judge your death fairly anyway.


>> No.38333102

True in 3.5 but in 5e that 2 level dip into fighter for that delicious action surge, second wind, and heavy armor proficiency is nothing to sneeze at.

>> No.38333191

note that you may want to start as a fighter, since if you multiclass into it later, you don't get heavy armor proficiency (p164 PH).

>> No.38333235

>any spell with a target of self also effects your steed. Cone of Cold says it has a target of self because the cone comes out of your square.

That's not even true. It's any spell which targets only the caster. If you're not retarded you understand that Range: Self is not Target: Self, and that even if it was the creatures being attacked by the Cone count as targets.

And, even if you changed Range: Self to Target: Self and ignored that creatures directly subject to the affects of a spell are also targets, "target your steed as well" would then pretty plainly read either as "you attack your steed with a cone of cold", or that the point of origin is at some point where you're physically touching your steed.

Seriously, the same assumptions that make that trick work also make most spells in the game not function. It absolutely requires willful misinterpretation.

>> No.38333266

Guy at my table did this for eblast. Honestly with all his skills and the bardic inspiration/cutting words, he's the most useful support al in the group.

>> No.38333306

WotC posted them to an official pinterest at some point.

I'm pretty sure you have to actually make an account to access them, which is ultra-shitty, but they're there.


>> No.38333320

That's why I said it was never funny. It's not even as funny as Peasant Railgun.

>> No.38333422

What's the deal with twinned spell meta magic? Can a sorcerer cast haste on himself and his bro and maintain concentration? Can his sorcerer bro cast fly on him and himself at the same time?

>> No.38333446

Vigor Mortis

>> No.38333470


>> No.38333482

Someone remind me: why spells can fix a broken limb?

>> No.38333495

Fly increases the number affected by spell slot, so I don't think you could do that. I think you might be able to twin Haste, though, which doesn't have any higher level expansion because it's a really goddamn good spell (though honestly it should).

>> No.38333512

Well Greater Restoration can restore lost limbs, I don't know if the other healing spells cover broken stuff

>> No.38333579

You can twin Fly et al. when cast at the lowest level

>> No.38333669


Hades' alignment is an annoying Planescape holdover more than anything else, just as Charon must be Neutral Evil because the Styx goes through the lower planes and has always done so since 1st edition. At worst he's evil in the way Mephasm, the friendly devil in NWN2, is.

>> No.38334242

>THAC0 will never ever return

>> No.38334250

I think Persephone is why Hades always gets stuck in the Evil alignments. I think he's LN leaning TN.

I really enjoyed Age of Mythology for making Poseidon the asshole, but that might be the nostalgia talking.

>> No.38334295

>That's not even true. It's any spell which targets only the caster. If you're not retarded you understand that Range: Self is not Target: Self, and that even if it was the creatures being attacked by the Cone count as targets.
None of that is remotely true or necessary. The targets section plainly says spells that effect an area target their point of origin. Such spells could just effect everything in the area. As it is, nothing defines creatures in the area as targets for most area effecting spells. It's just implied, at best. So we get these arguments.

>> No.38334352

Healing spells restore all wounds anon, a broken bone is a wound

But D&D is not meant to handle such wounds at all, don't put them in your game or bad things will happen

If your fighter gets crushed by a golem, just let him take a lot of damage and be restrained under it, don't break his bones

>> No.38334362

How often does Pact of Blade warlock need to switch out his hex on different targets?

I have been thinking of doing a fighter 1/warlock x build with polearm master. Then I realized that you hex target bonus switching compete with polearm master's shaft hit. Does this mean a greatsword would be the better weapon for a bladelock?

>> No.38334445

>I think Persephone is why Hades always gets stuck in the Evil alignments.
>MFW banging chick who has Stockholm Syndrome for you is consider far, far worse than outright rape
>I mean, Zeus fucked an unwilling woman while he was in the form of a bull once, are you really going to tell me he's neutrally aligned while Hades is evil?

>> No.38334475

bladelock with polearm has an impressive potential damage but struggles with action economy, sadly. Greatsword lacks that potential but it won't let you down anyway

>> No.38334494

so I just bought the pathfinder rulebook and bestiary online, how bad did I mess up?

>> No.38334506

You can get all that shit for free online in both a Paizo-official and fan-run Wiki form. So: badly.

>> No.38334522

This anon is right. >>38334352 Unless their limb is completely crushed to the point where only Regenerate can help anymore, just make it hit point damage.

>The Rape of Persephone
>Not Rape
>Abducting your niece and tricking her into becoming your prisoner/wife

Hades isn't a good dude and there's no two ways about it.

>> No.38334545

Your experience may differ, but I've gone to a couple of different DnD Encounters, at different stores and at each one got shoe horned into a table and was unable to switch tables.
The first store I went to, the DM and his group were munchkins focused solely on combat/strategy and moving pieces around.
At a different store I still got shoehorned into one table, but this DM and his current players were far more interested in actually role playing. There's a lot more narrative and puzzle solving and working as a team to accomplish things outside of combat. There is of course still combat, because they're running HotDQ, but there's a lot more description.
Lot's more:
>My Warlock chef charges an Eldricht Baste and fires it at the ugly mercenary. (Roll a 5), you miss and the ugly mercenary laughs at you and makes a rude comment about your mother.
Rather than:
>I move to this square and attack this guy. (Roll 20). You crit, he dies. GG.
So it's kinda hit and miss and I got lucky. Your experience may vary. Hopefully, your stores let you change tables if you don't like your group too.
Going to start DMing a homebrew campaign for the two forever DMs at that store and going to ask a couple of the others if they want to join.

>> No.38334627

I'll be DMing for the first time in years on Wednesday, I already played with the group for a while but as a player

I already have detailed maps, background info, stories, descriptions etc for everything. I have the encounters ready too, for the next month of sessions at least, since they require conversion (campaign is for PF normally)
I'm now building various handouts for the adventure, notes, journals etc they can pick up so I can straight up give them to the players,
I also need to build a timeline so I can put the various events and plot hooks in an order, giving players freedom in between.
I also need to translate all the descriptions so I don't have to do it on the fly during the session, so it can be more natural

Any more suggestions on how to prepare?

>> No.38334629

Zeus told him to do it, m8s. That's like...father's blessing, right there.

>> No.38334643

Here's a question for you, 5e General: Say you have the opportunity to play a gestalt character for a full campaign. No matter what you pick, you won't have to worry about MAD. Whatever you pick, the rest of the party will willingly and happily make gestalt characters so that the party will be well rounded.

What gestalt combo do you pick?

Personally, I'd pick Berserker Barbarian and Champion Fighter, bu that's because I've always been a martial at heart.

>> No.38334662

Yea, that's the conclusion I am getting too. Since Hex can be maintained for 8 hours at mid levels, all greatsword bladelocks has to do is bonus action mark somebody. Smack for 2 greatsword hits + hex damage, rinse and repeat. Polearm would do the same thing, except they would not get the third hit until round 2. So I assume the longer it last the better the polearm master is?

Then we would be doing math based on 2d6 vs 1d10, which should only be a difference of 2 damage, but it gets skewed a bit toward GS's favor due to fighting style. On the other hand, with reach and sentinel, you might be able to get one more hit from reactionary, but then again if you grab sentinel + Polearm master + warcaster, you won't be have access to GWF until level 13 or so.

Ah I am so conflicted.

>> No.38334667

I'll remember that the next time someone's drunk ass slut of a father tells me "It's cool, just pass the weed."

>> No.38334670

What are your ideas on permanently scarring or disfiguring PCs, and how to tactfully go about it?

>> No.38334687

Yeah, I suggest you do my prep work for my campaign...please.

>> No.38334720

Seem like you got the game stuff down, I'd actually prepare a bit more on non-game things. Like snacks and music, get a labtop or something next to you and bring out your inner DJ. Music is so incredibly important, at least for my sessions.

>> No.38334731

>permanently scarring or disfiguring the PCs
Either scar is one that makes the PC look dashing, or it's one that is easy to hide.

>> No.38334737

Play Dark Heresy instead of DnD. Really just play a game where players aren't too attached to their characters. People tend to get upset when they lose a toe, even if they don't get a mechanical disadvantage, but if you're in a system where those sorts of things are built in they don't really have a leg to stand on.

>> No.38334739

Number one thing is to make sure the PCs are cool with it, because people get upset when their precious characters get permanently disfigured.

The rest just have to make the incident believable. Not much to it without details.

>> No.38334745

All Warlocks of varying pacts and maybe one War Cleric.
One or two Warlocks takes the Darkness Invocation, and all of them take Eldricht Sight.
>Warlocks just cruise around in a ball of darkness blasting the shit out of stuff, while the War Cleric provides heal for an AoE damage and general melee kickassery.
In fact if I ever play a War Cleric, his name will be General M. Kickassery.

>> No.38334764

Prepare yourself for you beautifully prepared campaign to get turned on its head. It will happen, and when it does, let it. It's impossible to prepare for every situation and you shouldn't try, just make sure you can roll with it when it does.

>> No.38334784

It's not exactly like the majority of the rest of the Greek pantheon was much better.

>> No.38334796

hahaha, is this some kind of joke that you've made a 5e thread with a Pathfinder illustration?


>> No.38334815

Not the big ones, but the less mentioned gods like Hephaestus were pretty chill.

>> No.38334845

>don't have a leg to stand on
Literally. In a Rogue Trader Campaign (next step up from Dark Heresy), I play the Captain, and he just lost his 2nd leg. He has been forced to let his Ork mechanik build him 2 mechanical legs. He thought about going full potato and replacing his legs with a small tank, but then the DM said the Ork would have to preform more DANGEROUS SURGERY and I decided against it.

>> No.38334916

Play in the Iron Kingdoms setting. If they lose an arm, then they get to replace it with a kick ass robot arm.
If they need to cast spells though and have two robot arms, then they need to get a special arcane transistor type thingy and perform the Find Familiar Ritual on it in order to use it.
>Get Multiple Robot Arms
>Become Full Metal Fantasy Dr. Octopus.

>> No.38334947

The players in my campaign started the game out with fresh and optimistic characters (to be fair, it was our first time DH). all of them ended up as miserable, broken things. scarred, maimed, disfigured and defective, and that's just the start of it. allot of their chars had a nice mental scar or horrible traumatic experience.
but hey, they did save the sector by the end of it all.

>> No.38335319

In 3.x isn't WeeJas or whatever her name is LN goddess of Death and Magic?

>> No.38335344

Use polearm master if you want to be the master blaster and stab bitches when they get close. Use GWM if you want to be the swordmage, enhancing yourself with magic and cutting bitches left and right.

Polearm secondary, Eldritch blast primary vs. Greatswording all the way.

>> No.38335383

Yep, and Knowledge, too, but she hates faggoty necromancers that do gay shit with the deceased. I imagine Anon wants to fag out with "morally pure necromancy" or some other idiocy, so she's a very poor choice for him.

Excellent deity, very cute, but not a good choice for that guy.

>> No.38335482

So if im planning to make MTG homebrew out of 5e cause i like the system how good or bad would be 5e.

>> No.38335490

Yeah I used her in my first "big" campaign when the players found an ancient lich emperors sword. She commanded them to go and destroy it to keep the Lich(who once attempted to claim a godhood himself) from returning and wreaking havoc and causing her a headache. They ended up bribing an ancient red dragon to burn it but instead he just melted a different sword and added that one to his hoard.

That was a fun campaign.

>> No.38335506

Why didn't they make the warlock spells that are all about nightmares between dimensions and such GOO exclusive? How do fiend and fey pacts get access to that sort of thing?

>> No.38335525

The sword housed his phylactery also

>> No.38335546

My point is that if you call Hades evil, you're going to have to call the rest of the Greek pantheon evil.

>> No.38335574

Nobody said Hades belonged in Evil though. From what I saw everyone felt as though he belonged in Neutral.

>> No.38335585

Warlocks are only going to know the spells they choose to know. Fiends are all about tentacles and darkness, and Fey are associated with nightmares, so it should be reasonable to fluff any spell you do learn to match your patron's style.

>> No.38335596

Also consider that there are magic items to boost strength considerably, and no such things exist for wisdom.

>> No.38335607

All the D&D books list him as evil. That's who I'm arguing against.

>> No.38335869

Being married will do that to your alignment.

>> No.38335900

Technically, back then, it WAS cool.
Just pass the ambrosia.

>> No.38335926

I thought I remembered that some city states were more progressive than that, but I'm wrong all the time.

>> No.38335976

You stupid fool!
You should have done it! How could you not?

I hope that at least your new legs are huge and imposing? At the absolute minimum they must not be any less awesome than an ED-209's legs... Though something with thrusters would be even better. I mean think about it. You could be the GERWALK of the rogue traders.

>> No.38335978

That's pretty fun.

>> No.38336001

New proposal for Sacred Sun-Fist of Pelor:
>Level 3: Pelor's Burning Hate
>You may spend 2 Ki points to deal additional damage equal to your Proficiency bonus with every successful unarmed strike you make this turn. This damage counts as Fire and Radiant. Anyone struck by it is considered to be exposed to sunlight for the next round and undead defeated by your unarmed attacks disintegrate entirely.
>Level 6: Solar Body
>You gain resistance to Necrotic and Cold damage, and your unarmed attacks also count as dealing Radiant and Fire damage.
>Level 11: Heavenly Light
>You may cast without material components Blinding Smite, Daylight or Revifify for 3 Ki points, Lesser Restoration for 2 Ki points or Cure Wounds for 1 Ki point. You additionally gain the Light and Spare the Dying cantrips if you do not know them already.
>Level 17: Burning Hate Overdrive
>When you make a sucessful unarmed strike, you may spend 3 Ki points to unleash Pelor's Burning Hate. The target must make a Constitution save. If a living or inanimate target fails the save, they take 8d8 Radiant and Fire damage and go Blind; if they pass they only take half damage. If an undead target fails the save, they are destroyed completely; if they pass they still take 12d12 Radiant and Fire damage. This ability can only be used once per long rest.

>> No.38336127

>This damage counts as Fire and Radiant (as well as bludgeoning).
If you can find me another example of one damage die being tied to multiple types of damage I'll go away, but until then I'm going to complain about it every time.

>> No.38336195

I would counterpoint that there's nothing in the Monster Manual that has Resistance to any Two of those damage types, making 3 damage types just a flavor thing, but I need to check the Monster Manual first.

>> No.38336246

Maybe, but lots of things are vulnerable to them.

>> No.38336327

Say I take warcaster as a cleric. Say I use my reaction to cast guiding bolt. Is it disadvantage because its ranged?

>> No.38336344

Let's play this game.

What are some monsters you wish had been included in the Monster Manual?

Additionally, what are some of your own monster creations? Anything particularly fun or creative?

>> No.38336413

I run a houserule where you can ignore damage that drives you under 1 HP and go back to 1 HP, but you get crippled each time you use it. I had a list for the parts you could give up and their effects, but i dunno where the list for the last game i ran went.

That way, it's in the hands of the players whether they want to die or live on as a mess.

>> No.38336442


For the most part it got all the stuff I like the most so that's pretty awesome.

>> No.38336517

Sadly, no. The crew in fact put teleportation tokens in them to beam me back to the ship since I keep dying... I'm asking my DM now though...

>> No.38336530

Use a halberd and use both GWM and Polearm Master. Dip a level into fighter for armor proficiencies and Great Weapon Fighting style.

>> No.38336538

>doesn't know the word rape can mean "theft" from the latin rapere
>he thinks the Sabines were actually systematically sexually assaulted

Honestly dude read a fucking real book once in a while.

>> No.38336578

Aasimar were in the DMG though so it's like whatever.

>> No.38336585

I'm going to be GM in a campaign with flatmates and friends in a few months and I'm looking for a good system to use for a fantasy campaign in a semi-homebrew setting which I'm writing up. I don't have much GM experience and only one of the group has any real experience with DnD, the other played a lot of Star Wars and WoD stuff and the third has virtually no experience.

tl;dr Is 5e a good choice for newish players or would I be better served elsewhere?

>> No.38336607

Beholder Mages
Elder Brains and multiple Mind Flayer types

>> No.38336616

It's probably the best dnd for newbs

>> No.38336664

You can't prepare for every situation, but you can prepare tools to make your improvisations look more planned.

>> No.38336766

>applying one definition to a word, then a different definition to the same word and feigning superiority
Unless you're agreeing with me that it was rape, even if not by the popular definition, I have no idea why you posted at all.

>> No.38336835

>whether they want to die or live on as a mess

0 HP isn't dead

>> No.38336888

The phrase "Rape of Persephone" refers to her kidnapping only. The modern meaning of rape does not apply to it.

>> No.38336960

Sure looks like definition 3 to me you colossal sack of shit.

>> No.38337015

>origin of rape
>rapere: To seize

Dipshits gonna dipshit.

>> No.38337029

My DM made Wee jas' temple into an evil death cult and described her as a malevolent goddess of magic and death when bringing a new player up to speed.
>mfw he said the group has grown to trust each other when we haven't
>mfw I originally suggested going to Wee Jas to have Speak with Dead ritual performed because she wasn't one of the evil death gods.

>> No.38337050

Look closer.

>> No.38337091

You fucking idiot we aren't talking modern definitions

>> No.38337102

Except that the definition in question is almost never used in modernity. In fact, the only time that definition is used is in reference to classical works such as "The Rape of Persephone" or "the Rape of the Sabines", where the original language is clearly intended to mean "seizing" rather than "sexual assault".

>> No.38337105

I don't understand what you're even trying to say to me.

We both know when you said
>The Rape of Persephone
>Not Rape

You were conflating it to the much more commonly used meaning. It is nowhere near as evil an act and you fucking know it.

>> No.38337121

Time to convert to Vecna the Evil God of Kicking Puppies and Yelling things out loud.

>> No.38337124

Why. Why couldn't he at least give the explanation that it was, like, a cult of Nerull masquerading as a temple of Wee Jas to lure in sacrifices? Why would Wee Jas be evil? Your DM is a fucklord.

>> No.38337192

Or you could include the third line in which I began with "abducting" and at no point said "sexual assault."

>> No.38337231

That's true, but as he points out
Claims that Hades kidnapping her isn't as bad as Zeus, who rapes people.

Except that Zeus similarly doesn't "rape" people in the modern sense, depending on your sources. He just has sex with a lot of them. So >>38336766's complaint is that some posters are treating Europa's 'rape' as a different thing than Persephone's 'rape'.

Either they're the same thing (both are kidnappings) or they're not, but you can't badmouth one god for rape and praise another for a different kind of rape.

Wee Jas is LN with LE tendencies. She's minorly racist (imagine if a Victorian England Goddess was still operating in modern society)

As a further point of argument, she's actually perfectly fine with Undead un like what >>38335383 claims, except when it steals souls from their proper place. Make as many zombies and skeletons as you like, especially if you made a legal deal with their living selves to do so, but if you drag some dude back as a wraith against his will, THEN she gets upset. She's also super against resurrection magic unless consulted first.

A high percentage of her followers ARE evil.

>> No.38337303

Bear in mind, at level 6 a monk's unarmed attacks become magical weapons. After reviewing the Monster Manual, these are the monsters whose resistance and/or immunities are bypassed by the level 6 power:

The monsters whose vulnerabilities the level 6 powers exploit are:
Twig Blight
Shadow Demon
Dust Mephit
Mummy Lord

I could go back and list them all specifically, but I can assure you that the great number of monsters whose resistance was bypassed by the level 6 power that all monks get makes this a fair power.

>> No.38337401

The high priest was originally asking that we sacrifice someone in exchange for the ritual.
Hell, the deal the Drow managed to work out (what I meant when I said the party doesn't have this deep bond the DM says we have) is that we have to find some chucklefuck named the Blind Wizard so they can abduct him and feed him to Wee Jas or the Fighter and Sorcerer (the drow) will have their souls taken.
and now we are in a slave pit with no memory of the deal but it's been at least five days since we were attacked and sent down here (I know this since I did a heal check on our new scars, and we only have thirty days before our friend's soul is forfeit, oh and the drow's soul too.

>> No.38337435

>Except that Zeus similarly doesn't "rape" people in the modern sense, depending on your sources. He just has sex with a lot of them. So >>38336766's complaint is that some posters are treating Europa's 'rape' as a different thing than Persephone's 'rape'.

People aren't talking about Europa when they say Zeus is a rapist. They're talking about Callisto. She took a vow of chastity, and Zeus took advantage of her.

>> No.38337564

And how will you treat an attack made against a Shadow Demon who is resistant to Fire but Vulnerable to Radiant?
Will a Red Dragon who is immune to Fire damage be immune to the whole attack? Only part of the attack? How much?
Prior to your attacks counting as magical weapons what will you do against creatures like Night Hags who are resistant to both Bludgeoning and Fire damage?

Just make it so you can take your pick between the types of damage, split it into multiple dice, or change so it's just radiant or fire.

>> No.38337584

That's not uncommon. But by that it's supposed to mean sacrifice an ITEM. Your most expensive piece of nonmagical jewelry or so forth. Wee Jas doesn't kill PEOPLE.

So yeah, your DM's going overboard.

You may want to read the thread. The post that started this argument literally directly uses the Europa story.

SEE: >>38334445
>Zeus fucked an unwilling woman while he was in the form of a bull once,

I'm not saying Zeus DIDN'T rape people by the modern definition, but most of his stories weren't about that, and that distinction was one of the points brought up in the argument.

>> No.38337635

I just don't see why fire is necessary for what you're trying to emulate. Radiant lets you punch vampires and zombies better. Why do you need to punch through trolls better as well?

>> No.38337644

>You may want to read the thread. The post that started this argument literally directly uses the Europa story.

Well then that guy's retarded.

In fact we're all retarded. Let's burn this motherfucker to the ground.

>> No.38337688

>In fact we're all retarded.
Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.38337705

Depending how it goes, I might just drop. I love him to death and he's a good DM, but it becomes to complex and game of thronesy for me when we are in city filled with and ruled by shitlords of varying degrees.
for christ sake, I just wanted to find rare books and study different cultures so I could take them back west.

>> No.38337952

My DM includes the dimensions of the room in his description and I draw it on graph paper as we go.

>> No.38338004

>And how will you treat an attack made against a Shadow Demon who is resistant to Fire but Vulnerable to Radiant?
>Will a Red Dragon who is immune to Fire damage be immune to the whole attack? Only part of the attack? How much?
>Prior to your attacks counting as magical weapons what will you do against creatures like Night Hags who are resistant to both Bludgeoning and Fire damage?
I believe there an official ruling somewhere that says unless you're resistant/immune to all relevant kinds of damage, your resistance/immunity does not effect multi-type damage. So that's that.

My friend from 5 years ago had fiery fists, and so for him I will include fire. Also, it seems to be the unfortunate case in 5e where undead are not vulnerable to Radiant damage. All of the anti-undead comes from the level 3 power (as vampires take damage from sunlight and most undead suffer disadvantage when in sunlight) and the level 17 power.

>> No.38338011

Raven Queen despises necromancy. She wants dead things to stay dead.

>> No.38338158

A fair assessment.

Now, anyone have some ideas how how to make a "Muscle Monk" Archetype?

Like, I had the idea of an Orcish/Hobgoblin school that focused on strength and power as its goal.

So far all the ideas I have are
>Shielded By Strength: At 3rd Level, an Iron Mountain disciple may use your Strength modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier for AC. Further, you gains proficiency with the Intimidation skill.
> Iron Ki: At 6th level, the Iron Mountain disciple gains new abilities. You may spend 1 ki point to cast one of the following spells: Branding Smite, Enlarge, or Warding Bond.
>Mountain of Health: Starting at 11th Level, the Iron Mountain disciple has mastered a style of enduring every blow levied against him. Once per long rest, you gain resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage for the next minute.

I'm not sure on the last one, or what could be put in for 17th level.

>> No.38338171

>I believe there an official ruling somewhere that says unless you're resistant/immune to all relevant kinds of damage, your resistance/immunity does not effect multi-type damage. So that's that.
So between your 3-type damage literally nothing is resistant or immune? And that feels balanced to you? Maybe if nothing is vulnerable as well it could be balanced, but it sounds questionable as hell to me.

>> No.38338204

There was a guy earlier thinking of applying Str to all the things that Monks normally get from Wis. That's probably the best way to do it.

>> No.38338278

The only monster whose resistance is bypassed by the level 6 power and that power alone is the Demi-Lich; dozens upon dozens of monsters have their resistance bypassed by the power all monks get at level 6 (their unarmed attacks count as magical weapons). Really, the vulnerabilities are the significant part of the upside to the multi-type damage.

>> No.38338432

And you're bypassing dozens and dozens more. If you hit a Night Hag at level 5 with Pelor's Burning Hate she would normally be resistant to your Bludgeoning and Fire damage, but since you threw a little radiant in there as well she takes full damage. And that's just one example. No other class with or without items can do that with one attack.

>> No.38338554

in the PHB appendix, aside from kelemevor, you also have wee jas, anubis and nepthys (first two are neutral, nepthys is good)

>> No.38338569

If you didn't have the feature, you'd still have magical bludgeoning. The only creature that resists magical bludgeoning is a Demi-Lich (well, that and a raging Barbarian). I don't think bypassing the resistance of 1 creature and exploiting the vulnerability of 8 other creatures is terribly unbalanced. Besides, if you use all 3 at once, it's no different than if you were just using the best one at the time.

>> No.38338661

>If you didn't have the feature, you'd still have magical bludgeoning.
>at level 5
But that's wrong.

>Besides, if you use all 3 at once, it's no different than if you were just using the best one at the time.
Outside of metagaming you don't always know the best form of damage to use against an enemy. I'm sure everyone here has cast a spell only to have their DM chuckle and inform them it had to effect.

>> No.38338868

>at level 5
It's a level 6 power. LEVEL 6. All monks get their second path abilities at LEVEL 6. The same level they get their 'your unarmed attacks count as magic weapons' ability. It makes a difference for exactly 9 monsters. That leaves over 150 monster the DM can throw at you where it will make absolutely no difference whatsoever.

>> No.38338872

Kelemvor is extremely evil though.

>> No.38338956

In this >>38336001 post you said:
>>Level 3: Pelor's Burning Hate
>You may spend 2 Ki points to deal additional damage equal to your Proficiency bonus with every successful unarmed strike you make this turn. This damage counts as Fire and Radiant.

In this >>38338432 post I specified that you were at level 5 using Pelor's Burning Hate against a CR 5 creature. Please read the entirety of the posts.

>> No.38339061

Alright, so that one power doesn't get blocked by any resistances from level 3. Boo. Fucking. Hoo. It's barely noticeable after level 6, and I'd have to look again, but I don't think it would make a difference against any monsters of CR 5 or lower.

>> No.38339233

>use the dungeon generator
>"skeletons hang from the walls"
>tell party this
>they meticulously spend time grabbing each skelton and crushing it into dust

Ever had players with autism before?

thanks paladins!

>> No.38339236

>CR 5 or lower.
Well, I just told you Night Hag, which is CR 5. There are also Fire Elementals (CR 5), Magmin (CR 1/2), and Fire Snakes (CR 1), and those are just creatures who are resistant/immune to two of those damage types. Many more are resistant/immune to just one of them.

Maybe the fact that in no other place does more than once type of damage comes from the same die anywhere in 5e should clue you off that you're in the wrong.

>> No.38339336

In one of the Adventurers League adventures, there is a room where skeletons drop from the ceiling, so I think your players are justified in doing that

>> No.38339372

I'm currently working on a homebrew feat and would like some advice.
>You may trip a monster up to two sizes larger than you.
>If a monster would Swallow you whole...
and that's where I'm not sure on things. Would it be cool to be able to choke the monster from inside its throat and what would be the mechanics for that?
Also in previous editions (mainly 3.PF) it was often beneficial to just get eaten and fight from the inside. (Pic related). So instead of cutting yourself out after dealing enough damage, you could choose if you wanted to stay inside or not.
I know that the MM currently only has a few monsters with the Swallow ability, but I would be adapting other monsters for the campaign.
I also don't know what to call this feat, but I generally want it geared towards fighting huge and larger monsters. I'm open to suggestions and advice.

>> No.38339522

Its pretty accurate. Wee Jas is like Jigsaw -- she draws people into her realm, and subjects them to increasingly brutal trials they have no chance of escaping from, until they finally die. A lot of "non evil death gods" are still unpleasant in the extreme.

>> No.38339532

We are talking about a difference of, under the best possible circumstances in which a level 5 monk spends another Ki point to use Flurry of Blows and hits with all 5 of his attacks, 15 damage. With only 5 Ki points, the biggest difference between short rests would be, again under best possible circumstances with all all attacks hitting, is 24 damage. This does not break the game.

>> No.38339554

All death clerics are evil, even if their god isn't. Read the book.

>> No.38339606

Fedoras need to leave

>> No.38339750


What I do is hand them graph paper and tell them it's their responsibility as players to draw the map accurately. I give them accurate descriptions, and draw the shape of the room and it's features up on a white board I have.

Then I make them go room by room, unless they clearly have disabled EVERY trap and have plenty of resources to make it meaningless.

>> No.38340054

I gotta say, this element from old skool D&D was a bit of a drag.

>> No.38340198


This is more or less what I do, though I don't provide the graph paper. If a situation arises where somebody asks me to clarify where everything is in a room that their character is currently in, a sketch it out for them, show them my sketch, then put it back in my binder when they understand what's up.

I've got enough to juggle as DM without being the party mapper.

>> No.38340225

And what have the books been saying during this argument you have been having with them?

>> No.38340256

The 2e starter set I had actually had that as a really specific player role/duty as well, with mapping guides on the backs of several of the character sheets.

>> No.38340280


Now, why would a torturer and rapist be evil?

>> No.38340363

I'm trying to refluff/modify Totem Barbarian into a fitting bronze age demigod warrior. I'm thinking of just refluffing all the totems, but replacing the rituals with Augery and Unseen Servant.
>Augery being sacrificing an animal on an alter then having strange dreams or something, Unseen Servant just being a servant.

Two questions.

1. Is there a better more thematic ritual than Unseen Servant for level 3?
2. I need a ritual to replace the level 10 Commune with Nature.

The idea is a barbarian who rides around on a chariot, shoots arrows at people, wears sandles, robes, alot of jewelry. Basically Sulgi, as a PC.


>> No.38340712

the core rules are as streamlined as it gets

I make a quick reference sheet for the party with all of their important stats, most importantly passive perception/insight/investigation, AC with/without armor, spell save DC, languages, and senses

and you should too

pluggin my homebrew
alcohol, firearms, spells, mouse-people and other shit here

>> No.38340870

You could make Unseen Servant into a Very Noticeable Servant in the style of Enkidu.

>> No.38340932

Fighter/paladin. Horrible murder for everything.

>> No.38340996

Simple: Oathbreaker Paladin/Necromancer. +cha to saves and +cha +int to damage of your skeleton friends

>> No.38341082

I'm really not sure why Zeus being a petty tyrant like his father needs to have a bearing on Hades. Besides the kidnapping and forced sex element, there's also that it fucked over the entire world's climate permanently.

>> No.38341110

Exposed to sunlight is too strong, many monsters have sunlight sensitivity

Also vampires

>> No.38341154

Rogue/Bard. I will be handling all skills from now on.

>> No.38341304

Missed the necromancy part, only saw the death god part. Cheerfully withdrawn.

>> No.38341335

Better safe.

>> No.38342291

>Also vampires
I have no image to express the "what the hell did you expect" that I am feeling right now. But perhaps you are right. Perhaps it should be that the sunlight should only kick in if you manage to deal 10 damage to one creature in a single turn with this power?

>> No.38342577

Sunlight exposure could just be against undead and outsiders.
Sure it's still strong, but it's a niche build for a character that's supposed to be hunting/destroying undead and it's not official material.

>> No.38342655

It's my understanding that only undead and a few underdark creatures are effected by exposure to sunlight in the first place.

>> No.38343108

Have the strike count as exposure to sunlight OR damage, not both.

That's not that far off from the hamon concept you're going for anyway.

>> No.38343330

Right because it would only be a single target. The fact that fly can hit multiple people at higher slots with a single concentration should prove that using twinned spell to duplicate concentration would work

>> No.38343493

Has anyone made a homebrew Warlord class yet?

>> No.38343741

The main issue with classes that are simultaneously full of control+utility AND hardy survivors capable of taking hits and mixing it up all day in 5e, is that it doesn't really fit the other classes.

Even war clerics are anemic as fuck in melee past the first couple rounds for example, whereas in 4e, where the warlord originates, wizards can mix it up in melee reasonably well with close blasts.

So its not at all clear how it'd work.

>> No.38343906

Thoughts on an evil dragon offering as a reward for service to a PC them becoming a Half-Dragon?

>> No.38344230

HUGE HUGE HUGE power upgrade, just keep in mind its easily on par with gaining a legendary magic item or artifact

>> No.38344274

I don't think that's how half-dragons work. I'd only do it via a magic item.

>> No.38344339

You'll play your valor bard or your battlemaster and you'll like it goddammit.

>> No.38344478

So, I can use all of the listed the races on page 282 as a player race, right? I've been looking to make a Goblin bard.

>> No.38344506


pg 282 of the Dungeon Master's Guide

>> No.38344511

Ugh PF Goblins are terrible.
Same goes for PF Ogres and Kobolds.

>> No.38344533

You could if your DM okays it, but they're not balanced against the PHB races.

>> No.38344548

It's the Disney™ version of Hades voiced by James Woods.

>> No.38344551

Those are specifically listed for NPC stats because they're not suitable at all for a PC who is balanced to play with a group of proper PC races.
Monster races as of the current time are not supported outside of the DM making custom rules and giving you the okay.

>> No.38344557

DM's discretion, because some of those guys have actually useful racial stats and it may muscle in on the turf of feat-variant humans & tieflings.

>> No.38344691

You could say he called in a favor from tiamat

>> No.38344858


Thanks, anons. I'll go ask my DM about this when I get the chance.

Here's what I had so far, before coming here. Items marked "*" identify bard equipment and "+" notes soldier equipment.

>> No.38345255

Oh wow. Those are nice.

They are great for converting to SVGs as well. Then you can open them up in Illustrator, and copy paste to photoshop, and use the vector shapes there however you want, at whatever scale you want.

Good stuff.

>> No.38345281

So my rogue is hitting 2nd level next week. I realized I haven't sneak attacked once in the two sessions I've played so I really want to make myself more useful.

What are the best uses for cunning action? Any cool tricks?

Can I really sneak attack anything that's being threatened by a melee party member? I'm throwing darts... I just don't want to look like a dickhead at the table by doing a sneak attack every round - but is that what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing?

>> No.38345307

>Can I really sneak attack anything that's being threatened by a melee party member? I'm throwing darts... I just don't want to look like a dickhead at the table by doing a sneak attack every round - but is that what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing?


>> No.38345335

That is exactly what you need to be doing. Your party will thank you for your damage.

>> No.38345493

fuck. thx yall

>> No.38345503

So, on Sunday I'm about to play my first session of 5e, as a DM. Nobody in my group outside of one player has played any pen and paper RPG before, and he's played a very limited number of Pathfinder sessions. I've played and DM'd both 3.5 and 4e, played more than DM'd in both, but I've got some pretty good experience. This is just my first time with this system and I'm pretty nervous. Any tips?

>> No.38345545

Not much, 5e is much more easier to DM due to having very low number crunching. Just relax, put on some good music and food and enjoy yourselves.

Allow creatively freedom, one of the biggest difference between PF and 5e is that everything you do in PF need a feat. Want to grapple? Feat, want to trip a bitch? feat, etc etc. 5e does not have much of that, so if they want to do some bs, let them do it while narrating the action.

If you did fine DM 3.5, you will do just as well DMing 5e.

>> No.38345613


Thanks anon, I'm just partially worried about losing one or two of them if things get too complicated.

>> No.38345657

SVG Class Icons. Open with Illustrator or Inkscape. Should be able to copy/paste from there to photoshop easily, if desired.

Scales to any size.

>> No.38345664

Oh god no, 5e is great for beginners. You should be way more worried if you took some beginners to 3.5/PF.

>> No.38345738

Its just a breath weapon and resistance

>> No.38345770

Don't forget to add your ability modifier to the damage

>> No.38345807


I'll write that in later. Thanks for the heads up.

>> No.38345817

Cunning Action allows you to Hide, Disengage or Dash as a Bonus Action.

Hide: A small Rogue, or one with Skulker Feat can hide behind other characters. Hide. then shoot a Light Crossbow with Advantage, which allows you to sneak attack enemies that are not within 5ft of an ally.

Disengage: Dual Wield and engage in melee, then disengage and deny them a chance to attack you without provoking opportunity attacks from your fellow melee allies. Dart in and out of combat.

Dash: Is a messenger running to warn others? They cannot outrun you and your Light Crossbow. Dominate every chase scene. Is someone chasing the party? Circle around and onto a rooftop or something and ambush the pursuers, luring them away from the party. They'll never catch you.

>> No.38346042

A few generals ago, someone posted a idea for a fey-patroned warlock. Someone that was all but friendzoned but got magical power.

What if a Warlock's patron was his other-worldly Waifu?

>> No.38346083

You'd have to go with GOO pact if you want it to be your waifu though.

>> No.38346120

A few aspects to consider:
Which patron type? Probably Fey or GOO rather than fiend.
Unrequited or mutual attraction? Is the patron even aware of it?
If mutual, what level of sexual content is your group comfortable with? Can you make it work without being a creep?

>> No.38346145

IIRC that possibility is actually mentioned in the warlock's fluff in the PHB

>> No.38346468

>Hatred Justice.
I hope you're not a Zarus sympathizer. We could have problems.

>> No.38346483

Hitting something with your offhand is listed as a bonus action and cunning action... is its own bonus action. Can I do both? I found people on reddit arguing about this

>> No.38346486

Wrong, only oathbreaker need to be evil to take it

>> No.38346547

Like >>38346145 said that is fluff. And I remember someone discussing the idea of maybe a Forgotten Old One being someone's love interest and coming up with the idea of that Warlock's goal being trying to summon their patron so they can fuck it.
Coincidentally I have a question related to Warlocks. I'm allowing my gf to play in the Campaign I'm DMing a Drow Female that's scared of Spiders and basically fled from home and exile because of this and has to live on the surface. I told her she could but has to play it as the most sexist female towards men and will probably be outright hated by a lot of people and she's was fine with it. So I then thought it would be cool if she pledged herself to some other non-Drow Power as a savior to help her escape and she agreed.

So then she decided a Warlock was the most fun and I gave her a list of possible Patrons and for some reason threw down Shar. She came back then wanting Shar thinking it made the most sense and wanted a pact with her and won't take anyone else and she refuses to be a Cleric since she was one last game we played.

So how can I go about allowing a Drow be a Warlock of Shar? Is it allowing too much to let her do it?

>> No.38346595

>Can I do both?

No, you can take one bonus action a turn. All Cunning Action does is give you a particular set of bonus actions you can perform.

>> No.38346605

>You can take only one bonus action on your turn, so you must choose which bonus action to use when you have more than one available.
PHB p.189

>> No.38346632

Who is the best God for a cleric who wants to be Judge Dredd? That is, follow the law at all costs and punish lawbreakers with death.

Lawful Neutral aligned Cleric

>> No.38346645

k, I was just confused because >>38345817 was telling me to dual wield attack and disengage in the same round

>> No.38346675



>> No.38346679

>Allowing too much
Only if you're a staunch Forgotten Realms grognard who would never take this kind of shit, but since you're considering the option, I don't believe you to be one of them.

Depends on how you interpret the class. You have to remember the only real example of a Warlock in old FR lore was "Haask, Voice of Hargut" and he's the most extreme example of a Warlock as he actually had his elder evil patron bound inside of him.
Just defining warlocks as "People who make a pact with an ancient entity for power", it becomes hard to not have Shar as an option as she's pretty much the second/third oldest being (tied with Selune) in the Forgotten Realms timeline.
Though her pact would be a bit weird, considering Shar's final goal is to end all of existence and return it all to the void.

And if you're really against having it be Shar herself, use an aspect of Shar.

Aspect 1:
The Nightsinger is a 12-foot-tall presence whose female form is masked in feathers of all sorts that trail away into an increasingly intangible cowled cloak of gigantic proportions that merges into any shadows and darkness present. She sings continually, even when simply speaking, and her song is hauntingly beautiful and tragic.

Aspect 2:
The Dark Dancer is a 7-foot-tall, lithe, exquisitely beautiful human woman who dances gracefully and alluringly, her jetblack body sparkling with stars and her dark eyes two hypnotic orbs that can emit both harmful and beneficial gaze effects.

The Nightsinger representing Shar's more "I will destroy you, everyone you love, and everything you know" side.
The Dark Dancer representing her more charming and subtle side, where the destruction she causes is less direct and more through the fact that people go insane just seeing her beauty, and even crazier when she urges them ever so slightly to do bad.

>> No.38346689

Just make it a fey pact, and fluff it out by saying that the pact allows her to tap into the Shadow Weave.

>> No.38346699


>> No.38346706

I'm not too well versed in Forgotten Realms mythos, but since the Underdark seems to be part of Shar's domain, I find it a bit odd that she would make a pact with a Drow that left it due to fearing spiders.

Also, based on the class description warlocks generally don't make pacts with gods, but I don't think you should be strict about that if it fits the character otherwise. However, the god should fit one of the three patron types. Alternatively, you could customize new patron features instead.

>> No.38346736

Tyr. Back in the AD&D days he even had a sect of his church that went around the land learning all of the laws, and bringing JUSTICE to the unjust. Due to their harsh interpretations of the law regardless of good or evil, they were known to the common folks as "Tyr-rants."
They had the most interesting situations, such as the one in Raven's Bluff where they stood up in protection of a cult of Sharess, because while the other churches in the city were heavily against this cult of Hedonists scooping up worshipers and having open festivals and gatherings in celebration and reverence of their goddess (who is outlawed in a number of civilized lands mostly for political reasons), it was the followers of Tyr who pointed out the law specifically says they are only barred from establishing a church, and as they had not established a church or other central building of worship, any attempts to evict them for their religious practices would be illegal and met with the harsh punishment of the law.

>> No.38346766

what setting?

in FR there's amaunator (LN) and bane (LE, but you can play a neutral worshipper), but i think either or both those gods have died or something because FR is like that.

how about zeus? you can play a tempest cleric and go around smiting wrongdoers with lightning.

>> No.38346804

I hadn't thought of aspects.

I'm actually fine with it since the reasoning was well thought out. Her character apparently hates Spiders and by extension Lolth to such a degree that she's willing to do anything to destroy them so any deal with any patron that would be central. And maybe Shar as such a big fan of Loss would really like a character that made a pact with her and lost everything in her old life as a Drow.

Is a fey pact the closest to it or would it be so fluffed I may as well just make a new patron type?

>> No.38346849

>Is a fey pact the closest to it or would it be so fluffed I may as well just make a new patron type?
I could easily make arguments for Great Old One or Archfey. Fiendish would be a bit harder though.
But custom ones are always fun if you think she'll appreciate that.

>> No.38346853

As far as I understand there's some Drow who reject Lolth in favor of Shar so I guess there is precedent for abandoning Lolth for Shar.

I guess though Warlocks typically are in pacts with other ones there isn't technically a rule against it. I can honestly not think of any reason not to do it myself which is why I ask.

But anyways it seems I should allow it so the question is how to fluff the stuff already in the PHB or make up something new.

>> No.38346874

well, some gods are both gods and demon lords (like lloth) so they can have both clerics and fiend pact warlocks.

that doesn't apply to shar, but you could easily make something up along those lines. in fact, it's not even necessary for shar to be a fiend, an archfey or a GOO, she just needs to know the secrets of one of those groups and pass them on to the warlock.

>> No.38346924

I'm perfectly fine with homebrewing up something as opposed to messing things up.

That also makes sense too as she could just hand down orders but think that she's better off using some GOO stuff.

But then again I'm a big fan of the fluff and making up new stuff so I guess whichever is easier.

>> No.38346938

>I guess whichever is easier.
I mean whichever is more enjoyable first then easier.

>> No.38347076

Except that the two-weapon fighting rules specify light melee weapons, while handcrossbows are ranged. Yeah, houserule away, but raw 2 handcrossbows are useless.

>> No.38347081

If you want ideas for homebrew

You could convert some of the special Sharran spells from AD&D into powers.
Sharran Specialty Priest Spells of AD&D2e:
>Armor of Darkness: Provided minor damage reduction 1/round and a minor AC boost. Infravision, bonus against charms.
For that one I would just take the infravision and resistance to charms. If she wants the AC boost there's the invocation that gives at will mage armor, and damage reduction is kind of rare as fuck now.

>Whip of Shar: Summon a whip that can be used for melee attacks. Whip did very little damage, but anyone who was hit by it had to Save or be unable to Attack for 1 round. Hitting the same target more than once in a row gave them a bonus to their save. Undead hit by it are turned.
Not sure if it belongs on anyone other than a Bladelock. Make it so she can turn any bladelock weapon into a Whip that deals little damage, but makes a creature unable to attack for 1 round. Can't use it against the same creature twice in a row. Might still be OP then.

>Creature of Darkness: A vaguely human-shaped shadow splits off from the caster, the caster can see through its senses, move it around, and any light sources it touches (magical or non-magical) are put out or dispelled by its passing. If the shadow envelopes someone that person looks as if constantly in deep shadows, making them unidentifiable. If the shadow envelopes the caster, the caster can levitate or feather fall, but the spell ends.
This one is fun in that it can be as simple as "You put out all light sources within X feet of you, and surround yourself and up to 2 others in shadow. You all get advantage on Stealth checks and even when spotted, you look like a shadowy figure.

>Darkbolt: Fire laser beams every round, that pass through non-living matter, and silence any targets struck by them. Hitting an undead with a Darkbolt stuns the Undead.
EB now silences on hit, or stuns undead. She is now the magekiller and undead stopper.

>> No.38347144

Hell yes that's a help. Thanks. Converting some AD&D Spells would go a long way for me.

Better than just making essentially Flame Hands but changing it from Fire to just Darkness.

>> No.38347166

with crossbow expert you do not need and form of two weapon fighting to fire two crossbows. or you know use a shield and just one crossbow.

but if you really want to do well, take two plates of adamantine and sandwich your character between them, make a mini mobile fort with arrow slits to fire out of. This is not two tower shields mind you it is a fort that provides either full cover or 3/4's

>> No.38348139

Hespatus tried to rape athena. It failed because he's a quick shooter and ruined his pants before he even finished jumping at her.

>> No.38348268

Didn't 4e have a shadow pact? What was that fluff and mechanics like?

>> No.38348301

We accidentally revealed a succubus in the town we're visiting. She wants my soul. What do?

Is there a way I can acquire protection against charming?

>> No.38348333

Succubus is CR 4. Just murder it's fucking face

>> No.38348342

Does anyone have any ideas on the Battle Master's Evasive Footwork manoeuvre is supposed to work?
The text of it says "When you move, you can expend one superiority die, rolling the die and adding the number rolled to your AC until you stop moving."
Do you guys reckon this should mean the fighter gets the AC buff until a round comes in which he doesn't take a move action (i.e. could remain buffed for an entire encounter as long as he moves every round) OR alternately that the buff applies for the one round in which the fighter moves (i.e."stop moving" being the end of that one particular move action)?

I'm obviously unsure about this. It seems to be either quite good or very bad, depending on the reading.

>> No.38348343

We're 3rd level... and I'm going to assume she won't just wait around to fight us head on

>> No.38348367

And how many of you are there and what classes and races

>> No.38348380

I think it lasts for one move action, i.e. that one turn (not even a round). In which case it would only really affect AoO's.

>> No.38348385

Its used for when your movement would activate opportunity attacks

>> No.38348410

>what do
Lawful Hot dickings. Failing that, sacrifices.
>way to gain charm resistance
do what she wants and sacrifice villagers to her so that she won't charm you.

>> No.38348635

Well fuck your shit too.

>> No.38348648

So you make them a half-dragonborn?

>> No.38348703

Check out the Half-Dragon entry in the MM

>> No.38348707

Hah. Butthurt a little bit?

I find my games are much better off without the retards and hillbillies; fuck, are hillbillies ever irritating and obnoxious.

As for Kobolds, there's nothing "Wrong" with Paizo kobolds; they'e just boring in comparison to the 3.X Kobolds.

>> No.38349170

dear all
just to post something that i just found
rutracker . org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4777783
with love

>> No.38349223

We already have all that

>> No.38349262

do you have all this?
reddit . com/r/dndnext/comments/2awvcp/help_me_complete_my_list_of_5e_compatible/
if yes, share next time

>> No.38349264

Cut a pieces of paper on top of the map and take them off as they explore? It would also be difficult because either the pieces are the size of the rooms (so they know the general layout) or you have to rearrange the papers as you reveal stuff.

...Or get a whiteboard and draw the map there.

...Or use a projector to show the map from your computer and have some kind of method of revealing only the pieces you want.

>> No.38349313 [SPOILER] 

>he doesn't even 5th Edition

Guess who's back? Back again?

>> No.38349406

The red knight?

I never touched 4e and what I know of the 3e realms comes from the 3.0 FRCS and playing NWN so I have no fucking clue.

>> No.38349470

Why does he wear the helm?

>> No.38349523

Not really, presumably you'll only have a few at rooms on the table at once.

Remember an 8 x 10 room grid represents 80 feet. That's pretty dam big if you're thinking in real life terms.

>> No.38349562

He's probably wondering why you would break a mage's Weave before throwing him out of this Material Plane.

>> No.38349612

If a mortal on the Material Plane can summon an extraplanar being from their home plane, then, using in universe physics as opposed to game rules, is it not possible for an extraplanar to cast a spell that would similarly yank a mortal off the Material Plane?

>> No.38349693

I think there's some element of that with Gate and how sigil works in Planescape.

I would probably allow it as a ritual with some prep work, although possibly only with Gate.

>> No.38349883

Could you still put somebody inside of a force cage?

>> No.38349885

Beautiful. A setting where once in a while people, monsters and animals just disappear for a few minutes and come back injured after being forced to fight for some conjurer wizard.

>> No.38349899

Hey guys, I read in eberron that lycanthropes (even werewolves) don't have to be evil. This dact makes A lota people not like the solver flames genpcidevof lycans. Does this also apply to vampires? If they don't have to be evil , why doesn't everybody just become them.

Would this mean in eberron they are just a huge mechanical boost woth no drawbalc?

>> No.38349927

Werebears are said to be naturally evil, but eventually most overcome it. I think it's really just there so people won't abuse the insane upsides

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