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To help you on your adventure, you will have a canine companion. You will raise him/her up to help you in your quest.

The first option available is as such, though there are representatives of other breeds.

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Among the others is the GSD

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Can we skip the slow posting of options part and get to the part where I find out if I can have a Coon Hound?

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but is there a bully?

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I'm on to your game OP. You give us the dog, we raise him/her, form an emotional bond with the dog, then you kill the dog for feels, and I murder everyone in Africa.

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Do I have to? I am not fond of having a possible liability following me around,

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Quiet kills DD after she betrays you, which is just minutes after you develop an emotional attachment to her as well. you stalk her to the top of Mother Base, kill her, and she falls down to land next to DD's body.

you know it will happen. he. will. break us.

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Is this a Kingsmen thread?
Can this be a Kingsmen thread?

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I kill it once our provisions run out.

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I choose huge.

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Do you even Ovcharka?

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Would you pull the trigger?
Also can we agree that Mr. Pickles is a great name for a yorkie, so cute

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I hope the pug goes with Eggsy on spy adventures.

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I've never been much of a dog person, and I feel like for as cavalier as he was about killing a fuckload of people later in the movie, he sure was butthurt about the doggie

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>not getting one of these and naming it Clifford

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It feels almost weird seeming people react like that to a pet death. Maybe it's because I have never had one but I have never understood how a person could form such a strong emotional bond to a pet.

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Kingsmen 2: Pug Life
Epsy must rescue JB when dogs worldwide are disappearing. Can we save humanities best friend?
Fuck that sounds terrible, I bet it is already a movie.

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If it's a war dog, it should probably be a mastiff.

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A pet is more loyal than your blood.

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get pic related. call him Barbas.

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more like JB gets an intelligence boost at turns into a chav version of Frank from MiB.

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Christ, it even looks like a drunk Irishman.

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Can't wait for that full release.

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For dogs at least I would say it's because they're practically synonymous with loyalty, which is pretty high up on the list of traits considered virtues. And all they ask of their master for their unwavering loyalty, is to not be treated like shit. You can barely take care of a dog, but so long as you aren't actively antagonistic to it, it will never turn on you if it has accepted you as it's master.

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Vaguely related due to dogs, is the Huntmaster Cavalier any good in Pathfinder?

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and there's also the fact that, in fiction, at least, pet deaths are so petty. BBEG steals the hero's shit, kills his girlfriend, burns down his house, and then shoots his dog. it's like the story of Job. even when you lose everything, there's always one last thing to take away before you've really got nothing left.

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Play a halfling cavalier and perch yourself on the back of a riding dog.

You can use all your abilities even in places too small for a horse, AND you get a dog.

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But what draws me to the Huntmaster is the flavor.

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>Not getting one of those and naming in Arceus Novemnus

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But anon.

Riding. On. Your. Dog.

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>having just one dog
>not bringing a whole pack of warhounds

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Dogs are great but the instant I catch wind of a gryphon I'll feed the fucking mutt to it as a treat if it means the slightest chance at getting a gryphon companion.

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>betraying your dog

What does it feel like to have feces where your soul should be?

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Seems a little too Ranger-esque for a cavalier in my opinion.

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if you were a paladin, you would have fallen just for that post.

but even if you did fall, your dog would still love you.

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The sad thing is, the dog would willingly give up its life for your worthless, black-hearted, traitorous ass, because it loves you.

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It feels like 200 pounds of pure flying feathery clawed power thats what.

Falling isn't a problem when your beast companion can fly.

And now that I have a beaked avatar of righteous fury I'll tear asunder what gods or demons stand between me and the soul of my departed canine companion, rip him back from the clutches of death itself and fly back to the land of light and breath, borne along by wings of unfaltering baddassery.

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No, because we bred it to have no choice in the matter.

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no. you won't. because you have enacted the deepest betrayal there is. and the deepest circle of Hell is reserved for men such as you.

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Just because it both wants to and has to love you doesn't make it's love any less real.

>wait a minute, so this human thing wants me to be it's best friend, and in exchange it will feed me and let me sleep in that house thing it has?
>sucker, I would have been his best friend for free!

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That's kinda the Huntmaster's schtick. He's a Cavalier with a little bit of Ranger in his blood, trading out heavy armor and mounted combat for his dogs.

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Law of the wild nigga, why would a ranger have any problem with a sick badass animal like a gryphon eating an evolutionarily stunted co-dependant barely-beast like a dog?

I'm not going to hell for feeding my dog squirrels, why would I go to hell for feeding my new gryphon my old dog? They only live like 10 good years and maybe 10 more progressively shitty ones if you baby them anyways.

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What a cool guy.

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Edgy is has literally become more misused than the word "literally" by faggots like you.

I'm not edgy, I just like gryphons.

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You're specifically coming into a thread about dog animal companions to go "hey man, killing dogs for profit is pretty great, I'd love to do that." Derailing the thread to try and show off how hardcore you are.

If that isn't the definition of edgefaggotry I don't know what is.

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While I do agree that feeding the dog to the gryphon is a bit excessive, are you telling me that you would not trade a dog for a gryphon?

Look at that mother fucker. That is both an eagle /and/ a lion!

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Not really, and not in this case.

"I'd feed my dog to a gryphon it's shit and deserves to die for being co-dependant. I'll do that and I dont even care. This is who I am. nothing personnel......pup"

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Good luck taking it anywhere without the local authorities freaking out and turning a ballista on it.

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Really, though, it's only the worst part of a lion.

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A reverse gryphon would just be silly.

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Ideal gryphon is body of a lion, complete with a mane, but the face and front feet of an eagle.

Just imagine an eagle with a lion's mane. Imagine it.

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>Just imagine an eagle with a lion's mane. Imagine it.
It just makes me imagine pigeons fluffing up their necks.

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Nigga if we're using imagination then I'm not settling for a gryphon, my mount is a female gold dragon that is also my wife.

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>Animal renowned and feared for it's incredible pouncing capability
The hindquarters and tail are what give it incredible bursts of speed as well as near perfect balance. They're the best feature of a lion by any measure.

It's the combination of the absolute power of a lion's pounce, the unforgiving lethality of an eagle's razor sharp beak, and the inescapable clutches of it's talons.

It's the best sum of it's parts there is.

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>not husband

>> No.38328287

>bursts of speed
>near perfect balance
fucking... what?
You realize that lions are the slowest and clumsiest of the big cats?

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If we can have anything then I want a phoenix.

>> No.38328298

Mudslime spotted

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Gay dragonfucking is two steps over the line.

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So... Is just posting laughably incorrect statements a hobby or did you actually think that was somehow a legitimate thing to say?

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Dongs that aren't mine are not really my cup of tea, so I'll stick with the female dragons.

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>Two steps

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Name a big cat proportionally slower or less agile than a lion. I dare you.
Cheetah? Tiger? Jaguar? Cougar? Nope.

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...or you could just pay a wizard to polymorph your dog into a gryphon and thus get a loyal gryphon companion instead of a vicious asshole that'll abandon you at the first opportunity.

At least that's what you'd do if you weren't a treacherous edgelord.

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Your mom is nowhere near as fast as a lion

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Imagine having a gryphon that behaves like a dog.

Imagine watching it fumble around in the sky because it does not know how to fly correctly.

>> No.38328409

No, but yours is!
fast being a euphemism for extremely easy to have sex with

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Can't I just get a wizard to make my dog several times larger and give it wings?

Or forget the wings and give it magical flight instead.

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Cheetahs don't pounce, they run. Tigers are a fair point, they are definitely bigger and stronger, but they rely more on wrestling their prey down with their size than the speed burst of a pounce. Jaguars also pounce decently but they rely more on ambush and positioning and generally hunt smaller game because they're smaller than lions.
And cougars are just watered down lions, they pounce well sure, but they're tiny and the average human can fight one off.

Lions aren't as strong as tigers, fast as cheetahs or sneaky as jaguars, but they out pounce them all. That's why if you swap out the front end with an eagle, a creature BUILT to attack prey using an incredible burst of speed, that normally it would have to fly up and dive to ever achieve, and you've got the perfect animal.

Not that I don't think a tiger/secretary bird gryphon wouldn't be radical, or a lynx/owl for that matter, just that the hindquarters of a lion are most definitely it's best feature for mixing and matching.

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What kind of dogs (and/or other pets) would you imagine typical fantasy races having?

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Think about how fucked up pugs are. People spend generations breeding a fucked up worthless animal that can barely breath just because they wanted it to look extra silly and weird.

Now think about every monster who's origin is "a bored wizard did it" and combine those two schools of thought.

Middle and lower class would have probably the same type of utility and or family dogs we have now, but the upperclass would have the most fucked up dogs imaginable. Some king probably has a breed of dog that is born half inside out and dies in a week as a sign of his excess.

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Gryphons are retarded creatures.
>Let's take an Eagle, scale it up so that it's too heavy to fly and attach to it's backside a lion, a non flying creature designed for running.

>> No.38328543

What if one of your companions decides to kill the dog for his amusement or because he's a dick that wants to fug with the game?

I'd DEMAND a nat 20 on that sweet killing blow I'm dishing out in his ass.

>> No.38328550

Well by that logic dragons should not be able to fly either.

>> No.38328554

>tigers don't pounce
>lions can out-pounce tigers

>> No.38328566

Toy breeds:Only exist because dog breeders in the 1800s got bored. Also fuck show breeders for what they've done to german shepherds, it should qualify as animal cruelty.

>> No.38328571

I did math about a dragon 45 feet long and 18 feet at the shoulder as if it had the same dietary requirements as a human and such an animal would need 4-5 cows per day.

Per day.

>> No.38328595

That's not that many cows. Have 3 or 4 villages you raid, you could do it.

They'd hate you, but you could do it.

>> No.38328606

Why is she staring at it's dick?

>> No.38328615

Not unreasonable to demand as a tax for protection or "protection" given a dragon's power.

>> No.38328638

Not forever.

In my lore dragons have wings because they are gorging animals. A crocodile can eat over 100% of its bodyweight in food, which would be like 22 tonnes of cow, which would last for about 23 days IIRC. I don't have my working open in front of me. The dragons have wings so that they can gorge, recover, and then migrate. They have to be intelligent to be able to know where to migrate to because its more complex than flying south for the winter. Basically they are isolated nomads who eat an area to depletion then leave. Like locusts, essentially. Incidentally, that amount of beef would last a human for decades.

Of course, then the industrial revolution happens. The story opens with little Timmy telling his mother about a new piece of machinery that farmer Tobb has bought. It's called a 'tractor'! As productivity increases dragons are freed from their nomadism - those that managed to evade being shot out of the sky by cannons during the renaissance, which isn't many - and must find a new place in a world without myths or legends anymore.

The story is really about modern society and it's more of a vehicle for my political views on Australia's problems with good government and my proposed solutions, and not dragons. I'm just autistic like that.

I don't plan on trying to get it published.

Yes, well, that's how the particular dragon I based the maths on gets his living currently. A small border town between X and Y always gets fucked over by Y. Dragon settles down and protects it for a few decades because X is unable to do so. A few wars later and the world learns not to fuck with him. He remains the last dragon known of to exist in "civilised" areas. Other dragons exist on the frontiers (which couldn't be expanded during the Age of Sail like they were in our world due to sea serpents) but they're unused to humans and make mistakes that end in death warrants from the quasi-military, cannon-equipped Animal Control.

>> No.38328647

I gotta coon hound.

>> No.38328651

Anon, that sounds like a hell of a story.

>> No.38328660

I didn't say tigers don't pounce, I said they rely on their weight and strength more than lions.
Lions and tigers are so similar that comparing them is difficult, they're built much the same, they hunt much the same, they're both excellent pouncers. But a lion's pounce is faster and harder than a tiger's. The tiger pounces onto an animal and then muscles it down. A lion pounces INTO an animal to knock it down. These are minor differences, and a tiger would probably destroy a lion in a fight, but if we are specifically talking about the fastest hardest pounce, it would be the lion, not the tiger.

My original point was that the hindquarters of a lion are the best part to put on a composite animal, not that lions are the best animal.

A tiger gryphon would be tougher, but I feel like an eagle's dive hunting meshes better with a lion's hard speed pounce than a tiger's method of hunting. they're similar, but it just makes more sense to add a harder faster burst of speed to an eagle's assets than it does to add the tiger's bigger stronger but slightly less explosive pounce.

But again, I wasn't arguing against other cats originally, I was arguing against a lion's hindquarters being it's worst part when they're objectively it's best, same as any feline.

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Wasn't there a reason for some of those features, way back when?
Like dachshunds, for bashers iirc

>> No.38328677

We already have one.
our gm has already said he'll die of old age at the end of the campaign

>> No.38328679

Fucking Polish Griffin riders

No sense of right or wrong

>> No.38328695

Got plenty sense of those.

the first is the hand my lance is in and the second is the name of the squinty eyed chinaman on the other end of it.

>> No.38328698

Dachsunds aren't toy breeds as they used to bred for an actual purpose, hunting vermin. The europeans could have just stopped killing all the cats but that would have required them to give up the black plague which was considered the height of fashion at the time. Good luck getting a table at a fancy restaurant if you didn't have at least one open festering sore on your face.

>> No.38328704


Their babies are cute as fuck. Admit it.

>> No.38328712

Good job taking all the magic out of a mythical creature, anon.

God, I hate when people do this.

>> No.38328713

Some breeds had reasons, like better noses or hunting vermin(though that didn't ever actually work), some had "reasons" like running extra fast at the races and some had fucking bullshit reasons like "hey look how fucked up this dog's face is. haha. I'm so rich."

>> No.38328721

Everything is cuter as a baby.

>> No.38328723

Rivaled only by the Chimera babbys

>> No.38328727

is this adorable monster thread now?

>> No.38328734

Dragons really aren't usually viewed as magical in that sense, anon. Maybe Cataclysmic Dragons or the Dragon of Tyr, but they're usually not like Spectres or Phoenixes or something that operates incomprehensibly.

>> No.38328735

nigga that ain't what baby eagles look like.

>> No.38328741


It's really not as exciting as you might think it sounds. It's pretty mundane as far as fantastical elements go. The brief plot is

1. village doesn't need the dragon anymore because in the pre-great-war period constant low-level raiding is basically gone and the dragon costs a shit-ton to feed, even though they can manage it.
2. dragon moves overseas aboard a colony-bound battleship, finds gainful employment there defending colony (population: a few hundred thousand in various towns and cities) from native wildlife (deathworld-tier, think starship-troopers kind of conflict but with 1910s technology and the animals aren't smart)
3. colony is in conflict between the natives, which are non-human and sort of like small gorillas but more walk on four legs and have dog-like snouts. below-human intelligence generally, but above animal (think niggers hahaha funny joke amirite?), primitive society, but better nutrition is making them bigger, and smarter, and these super-natives don't like being taken advantage of
4. colony is also experiencing fascist and communist agitation from humans as well as other things
5. one thing leads to another and open revolt happens leading to a syria-tier clusterfuck, heavy weapons destroyed, supplies depleted, native wildlife devouring humans who are devouring each other
6. the dragon is this god-like force that can decide the conflict whichever way he wants
7. foreign overseas nations are sending their own troops to "peacekeep" (read: steal the colony)
8. great war begins over this
9. situation worsens as colony is cut off from mainland
10. everything ends poorly for all parties

The moral is that the colony is "destroyed" as an independent being by external enemies because of internal problems that mirror the ones we've got. Australia in 20 years.

>> No.38328750

I derailed this thread and I feel no guilt whatsoever

I would actually never sacrifice my dog for a gryphon, nobody is that heartless. Family member maybe, but never a dog.

>> No.38328760

Which family member

>> No.38328762

It's not a story about magic.

It's about politics and I'm trying to get the right "atmosphere". I'm not shooting for anything gritty or so trite, but simply a believable, logical world. I want people to think "yes, that is how things work," because if they don't they won't take my message seriously.

Dragons are cool and fun and I like the image of this powerful protector who must make a choice, and when he fails to act decisively in the right way it has consequences and that when he does do the right thing the failures of others undermine him.

It's hard to encapsulate that kind of "power" in a mere human.

>> No.38328770

Who gives a fuck? It's a fucking gryphon man

>> No.38328786

I'm pretty sure you want to rethink that idea. Getting murderhobos emotionally attached to something is a bad idea.

>> No.38328795

>Australia in 20 years.

I'm not seeing, to be honest.

>> No.38328833

You have to remember that your average stereotypical Australian is 99% more racist than your average stereotypical deep south American.

Although these specific stereotypes do have a lot of basis in fact. See: White Australia policy.

>> No.38328842

This isn't /pol/ so I'm hesitant to start spewing my bile but basically we're being fucked over by 457 visa workers and exporting everything of value while foreign investment buys up everything we can't export.

Australia will not belong to Australians if we keep it up. Our culture is fragile enough as it is without actively attempting to stamp it out.

We just finally fucking started having one in the last few decades, too.

Anyway that's all I'll say on the matter.

As far as the colony goes, it doesn't actually get destroyed. It suffers from the consequences of the wars for a few decades under a foreign yoke and eventually becomes more autonomous and more settled until it turns into just another country.

>> No.38328861

It's always so easy to tell that Australia was originally a British colony.

>> No.38328876

Don't forget it was a penal colony. That's important too for maximum bants.

>> No.38328918

So basically.

America was populated by the successful criminals and lunatics.

Australia was populated by the unsuccessful ones.

>> No.38328919

Was it Victoria that was the only state that wasn't founded for convicts? It was just founded BY them.

Weird how they don't find that as funny as I do.

>> No.38328921

pick neither, just glass the entire continent

Your dragon story is dumb and autistic

>> No.38328938


Mate, please. Australia hasn't belonged to the Australians since the white invaders arrived :^)

>> No.38328960

Almost exactly true.

Have you ever seen the list of crimes for people who got deported to Australia? We're talking things like people stealing cloth and cucumbers mixed in there. A lot of them weren't really criminals, just the socially undesirable.

Meanwhile the US was initially populated by religious extremists who wanted somewhere they could be bigoted about religion without criticism, followed with a healthy dose of slave traders, followed with a large dose of people running on the attitude of going to "make their fortune". Selfishness is practically built into the constitution at this point.

>> No.38328961


vic, SA, and WA IIRC

NSW was a penal colony and was NT, QLD and NSW and was split up l8r.

Tasmania was the aboriginal containment zone.

hence why I'm not trying to get it published anon.

I'm writing it for me. You don't have to like it.

fugging white devils git off moi land

>> No.38328977

Aren't dragons cold blooded?

>> No.38328985

Yes if they're gorging. No if they aren't.

Or whatever the story requires.

>> No.38328986

You're honestly like if the deep south of America was dropped in the middle of fucking nowhere. The only thing holding your country together is the superiority complex you have towards the Aborigines.

>> No.38328991


>> No.38329003

So if they aren't gorging they would need half a cow a day, right?

>> No.38329010

But haven't you heard about muh HDI?

>> No.38329030

>not getting newfoundland dog
>great with kids
>loyal to a fault
>holy shit that's a large dog

>> No.38329042

Meanwhile, the Aborigines are laughing because of how whiny you fuckers are despite not getting even remotely as bad a deal as the one you handed out when you were the foreign conquerors annihilating the native culture.

Not that Aussies have ever had a culture that couldn't be described as "chavs in a deathworld".

>> No.38329066


Well, there are theories that dinosaurs were warm blooded. You could probably apply them dragons as well.

>> No.38329081

4-5 I think.

I should probably check my actual math but that's what I remember the answer being.

Okay fuck it I'll go find it for us all.

Okay so I was wrong.

Using average data for an Australian adult male we get the dragon being 512 times heavier using square cube law, which = 43 tonnes. That required 800,000+ calories per day.

Rough estimate for a cow if it's cooked efficiently and accounting for the different types of beef and eating only the beef is 513,751 calories. So that's a cow and a half or so a day. Incidentally that's enough to last a human for 257 days.

Crocodiles cannot eat over 100% of their bodyweight they can eat 23%. A Burmese python can eat over 100% and this can last them a whole year. The dragon, if it ate like a crocodile, would eat 10.35 tonnes of food and it would last 25 days and be 39 cows. It would feed a human for 27 years.

Them's my maths.

>> No.38329083

Honest question, has anything worthwhile come out of Australia?

>> No.38329097

Yeah, and letting foreigners overrun their country worked out so fucking well for the Aboriginals, didn't it?

I don't get you people.

>look at how fucked over the aborigines got
>this is proof that there is nothing wrong with foreign infiltration of your nation


>> No.38329099


More than you might think.


>> No.38329107


Australia's a world-leader in 3d printing too, apparently.

>> No.38329132


So literally just Wifi. Well, and the boomerang. Can't leave out that nifty little thing.

>> No.38329149

Boomerang isn't even Australian. Aborigines invented it long after other cultures had better tools.

>wikipedia lists pre-european inventions
>two entries for 45,000 years of history

>> No.38329171

That's a very flaky comparison at best. Scaling up in size commensurately scales down your food requirements - because you have a larger surface/volume ratio you need to expend less energy on maintaining body heat. That's before we even get onto the vast differences between the mammalian and reptilian diets and digestive systems.

A more sensible choice for diet would be something reptilian for starters. But add into that the energy needed for flight and things rapidly start spiraling out of control.

Birds range in daily dietary consumption from upwards of 100% of their bodyweight (hummingbirds) to closer to 4% for ravens.

Komodo dragons can eat 80% of their body weight in one meal, but they can also get away with only one meal a month at that kind of yield. They're also much lazier than your average dragon. Crocodile numbers are similar, but again they can get away with a lower caloric intake because they spend so much time in the water.

So assuming you just scale up a Komodo dragon (10'/300lb) to roughly estimate mass, a 45ft long dragon would be on the order of 28,000lbs. So your range is anywhere between a hummingbird's ~28,000lbs (~19 cows) per day, a raven like ~1100lbs of meat (1 cow) a day, up to a crocodile/komodo like ~22500lbs (15 cows) a month.

>> No.38329174

>mfw I look up boomerangs
>mfw they were mostly "non returning"
>mfw they were literally called throwsticks
>mfw a boomerang is just a fucking stick that you throw
gg Abos, gg

>> No.38329197

So are you saying that all of these new foreign interests are vastly technologically, socially, and economically superior to you in every way? To the degree that they think the best thing that should be done with all Australian Citizens is to put them in reserves as far as possible from where everyone else has to look at them? That they're actively trying to separate you from your children because you can't be trusted to look after your own? That they're regularly lynching and killing you with no legal repercussions apart from a small number of outlying cases?

Actually, now I say it out loud, that's exactly what Australia is. A containment zone for terrible white people.

>> No.38329205

>That's a very flaky comparison at best. Scaling up in size commensurately scales down your food requirements
I completely agree. I'm just not a vet or biologist so I figured a rough estimate would be enough.

It doesn't seem to vary a huge amount though from those rough estimates. Mine were high, but my animal was also twice as heavy so not as high as I would have thought.

I think that choosing something reptilian is perhaps a little off though. Dragons are scaly but apart from that they're more like a dog than an actual reptile in shape and activity, esp. regards the flying. I just picked human because the stats are there and easy to get and I'm intuitively familiar with them.

Of course, our conception of dragon might vary.

>> No.38329236


Didn't America treat the Indians the same way?

>> No.38329238

Aussies aren't even terrible white people, they're just sort of subpar.
Now Balkans - those are terrible white people.
Australia is really just like the dumpster of the world. Anything utterly uninteresting or pointless gets put there and just sort of sits in stasis. I'm not even sure time passes, in Australia.

>> No.38329239

I'm saying that foreign interests aren't Australian interests, which is why they're called foreign interests and not Australian interests.

No matter how you dress it up with white guilt the fact remains that if Australia is going to have its own culture it needs to have its own people, its own companies, its own government and its own interests first.

That's just common sense.

Whether or not you want Australia to have its own culture is up to you, but I do. I like what we have and I want to keep it. I don't believe Australian culture is "superior" or anything as stupid as that, I just believe that if I'm comfortable in this culture it's natural for me to be opposed to changing it.

We get no advantage from being some grand multicultural experiment. We just cease to exist. Imagine mixing paints. When you put them together in a bucket you don't get a rainbow, you get brown.

>> No.38329252

Yeah but the feds eventually apologized, and now Native Americans don't have to pay taxes and go to college for free now. Plus they get casinos.

>> No.38329254

America treated Indians in a lot of different ways, which is part of the problem.

Everything from "all Indians should die" to "we swear we'll never bother you again, we apologize for everything"

>> No.38329265

At least Australia has consistently told its natives to get fucked and stay fucked.

>> No.38329304

I'm saying you have no culture, never had a culture, and never will have a culture.

Again: chavs in a deathworld.

>> No.38329312

i love those dogs, but their life is so short i just cant get one.

>> No.38329314

choice banter m8

>> No.38329346

they have as much choice as you do.

>> No.38329350


So this is what it feels like to be on the receiving end of racism.

>> No.38329367

It's not racist if it's true.

>> No.38329387

Then why is it racist to say Aboriginals have never and will never produce anything of value and the dispossession of their land by Europeans was a net benefit to the planet?

>> No.38329415

Don't take any offense to this yankee son of a bitch, he's just venting since he's kind fucked up America so badly.

>> No.38329416

Because everything white people say is racist in some way.

>> No.38329446

Because it implies that the white Aussies (as much as they would like to associate themselves with Europe, that feeling is not mutual) are in any way better than the Aborigines.

>> No.38329482

That's just because there was no plant suitable for widespread domestication that lived in Australia.
>Pictured: the only economically significant cultivar to come out of Australia

>> No.38329512

Cadbury eggs?

>> No.38329515

because the only way that the white aussies benefit the planet is by not being on the rest of it.

>> No.38329520

Jared Diamond pls go.

I agree with you, but also want to point out Aborigines hunted their domesticable animals to extinction..

>> No.38329562

Have you been to Australia? At least you can have a moderately good time with Aussies, the aboriginals are just literally brain dead though, they cause traffic accidents all the time, because they sleep on the roads at night, because they noticed it's the only thing that retains it's heat at night. Much like the Koala, I am convinced they lack the capacity for connective thoughts

>> No.38329740

Look, mate. Australia was the place where we dumped our trash after the American colonies rebelled.

>> No.38329975

Slightly more on topic

>> No.38330301

I'd still like people's thoughts on >>38328486, if we're done bashing Australia for now?

>> No.38330356

i like elves having wolf-dog looking dogs. very large and regal looking to match the regal looking armor on the elf

>> No.38330382

Foul mouthed wasteland dwelling yokels would have a dingo.

>> No.38330542

>Literal Winged Hussars

I'd play one. What's the stats?

>> No.38331006

Probably a lot easier to kill people trying to actively kill you in your head, first off. As for the others, could have been oversight on his part initially, or seeing as they were with the villain could be seen as justifiable to his world view. Meanwhile, the dog had been his friend and an accomplishment on his part, never threatening him or anyone he knew.

>> No.38331019

Not as many caves to go spelunking in

>> No.38331775

I'm saving all these puppies

>> No.38331791


>Caring about Kojima's games after MGS2
>Caring about Kojima at all

>> No.38331843

more wardog storytime

>> No.38331912

Rising was fun.
MG is fucked though, it makes anti-sense at this point.
>BB works for the US
>Then he's a gun-for-hire that actively opposes the US several times
>gets an nuke and builds a shittier version of REX
>starts working for the US again, somehow
>goes rogue and builds a MG that's shittier than the china-bootleg REX he had earlier
>Oh, and he and Miller had cyborg parts for a bit. In the 80s.

>> No.38331939

Nigga you high. There is no fucking way anyone is gonna hit a mobile air target with a renaissance era cannon. Quad barreled 20mm autocannons and timed flak shells can barely do the job reliably. On top of that, to even take the shot, it's going to have to be mounted in some weird stationary bracket just so it can elevate high enough to try. Literally the only chance that a cannon would have to kill such a creature would be in an ambush situation where the creature had already landed, and multiple cannons were laying in wait, and that's going to require some measure of stupidity on the part of the dragon to work. And you should never rely on an enemy's stupidity when it comes to battle plans.

>> No.38331956

And a lot of ancient civilizations like the Egyptians had them too, not even Australia but Abbos are like the stupidest breed of human in a hard fight with the Khoisan.

>> No.38332009

>metal gear in 70s: cool railgun, onboard AI, armored legs, requires dozen missiles to destroy, well known weapon system
>metal gear in 90s: shitty missile, no AI, unarmored legs, falls apart after couple grenades/C4s, totally unknown weapon system

>> No.38332017

The Abbos lirerally burned nearly all the forest of Australia while hunting. Fuckers didn't even know how to create fire like the Tasmanians, they carried ambers and stuff to get new fires going..

>> No.38332159

A dachshund. The aren't named "badger dog" for nothing.

>> No.38332228

Give me one of these majestic fuckers.

>> No.38332272

Can't dragons eat stones, gems, and minerals. As well. The draconimicon explains that they do eat a lot, but there's a lot of time between feedings.

>> No.38332275


Those two games and the first MGS are probably non canon at this point

>> No.38332291

I think they're going to be retconned to an extent with phantom pain.

The MG games got a lot of retconning after MGS.

>> No.38332318

Alano, the Dog of the true Murderhobos.

>> No.38332346

>Those two games and the first MGS are probably non canon at this point
>MGS 6 is just a revamped MG
>7 is just a new MG2
>8 is a balls out crazy MGS
>9 is just Raiden walking up from a VR session before starting a shot-for-shot remake of MGS2, pulling the rug from under us by making us think that MG, MG2, and MGS were non-cannon when really MGS:PW, 5, 6, 7, and 8 were dreams all along

>> No.38332366

Shame though, MS2SS was my favorite MG game.

>> No.38332392


Blame Kojima and his inability to stop making MGS games

>> No.38332413


You want some of this, bitch?

>> No.38332635

For when you need to clear out that gremiln, pixie, or other varmint related problems.

Also if your character wears a kilt.

>> No.38332823

Nah, call me again when you killed so many amerindians than your owner receive a one and half pay of a crossbowmen monthly for your deeds.

>> No.38333558

every time i see a scottie i cant help but think of the most outrageous highlands accent.

>oy laddie! we're goin' to t'e loch to hunt Faeries!

>> No.38333610

As it should be, except less burly Scotsman and more Scrooge McDuck

oh, wait, thats the same thing

>> No.38335165

I could see elves using hunting dogs, though probably not the smaller sorts like terriers - they don't look "noble" enough.
But sleek, fast hounds seem suitable

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