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>Metal Valkyrie Psychic Dunk Edition
Is it Tuesday already?

>> No.38301560

on a scale of 1 to 10, how Metal is the Valkyrie Psychic Dunking here?

>> No.38301582

Has been all day.

>> No.38301584

How many times have you restarted your chain if any?
I think I'm on my third now.

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Pretty /SCREECH/ing Metal

Ummm... Four. Going on five times now?

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>pic related

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Actually, yes, but only for another hour.

Also, perks in Total War are almost done, and boy do Independents (Drop-Ins) get something special.

Have you ever wanted to interrupt the Reconquista with your very own Horus Heresy of sorts?

Clarification following intial responses.

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I actually have not yet.

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I've started a fifth one, but I'm too intimidated at this point to actually work on it. There are too many jumps, too much to plan for. I don't know where to begin, anymore. I think I might just randomize the order for once, see how that goes.

>> No.38301639

well lets see it then, don't keep us in suspense ya bastard.

>> No.38301652

Once. I just sorta half assed my first jump, then decided I wanted to do a themed jump.

About four or five jumps into my current jump things went off the rails, but a new theme developed and I've been running with it since. I really enjoy the narrative I've built with this jumper.

>> No.38301661

So we'd be some sort of...Moorish Chaos Marine? Alright, I'm listening.

>> No.38301673

Current version of it (perks are going 1-2-4-8), let me know if it needs buffing:

Revolution! [800 CP, discount Independent] – When it comes to the settled societies you face, you can find many dissidents among them. Enough, even to launch a grand rebellion – one that might even be called heretical. Should you decide to lead such a rebellion, any such ill-contents will rise with you in the name of whatever cause you deem fit. This will never, however, be more than half the number of the military of whichever nation you rebel against.

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But yeah - roll up a sizable rebellion at the drop of a hat.

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>perks in Total War
Are we going to have a companion import option? Will we be able to import ALL our companions?

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Well, I took the PhD in BBall in Barkley's Slam Gaiden, and I DO have some psychic telekinesis powers scattered around from Metal Gear and the new Psychonauts... and I got some singing experience from Metalocalypse... and with the new Valkyria Chronicles jump, I can make pseudo-Valkyria robots, which has most of the same letters, and are also actually made of metal? So I can actually make an entire Metal Valkyria Basketball Team assisted with my psychic dunks.

Do I win?

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Not even once.

Maybe it's me being an autistic fuck like that. Or maybe I've just invested too much. I don't know. But I really like where I've gotten, and finding new jumps makes me sit back and think of what I have as well as what I can do to make workarounds and creative constructions to make some staggering things. Plus... well, to me it feels better than just going "Whoops, better remake my build 'cause I missed something."

Things like Evangelion or Bloody Roar or Terra Formars? Or even Light of Terra or Supernatural or MMZ or Mob Jump? The choices they give are fucking BRUTAL and make me seriously think about what I really need, or if I feel I have to suffer for the sake of really getting stuff I want.

Honestly, jump-building itself has been a blast in creative thinking, and I can't possibly restart my chain now as a result. Even if I suffer immensely due to some choices.

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>Companion Imports

Yes, as either Agents or Generals.

>ALL of them


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File: 85 KB, 720x480, 5bbss5d_tengen_toppa_gurren_lagann_the_movie_-_lagann-hen_5b8a75a4575d-mkv_snapshot_01-43-32_5b2010-01-30_20-34-465d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I can get behind this

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I think I can get behind this

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I seem to remember there being a perk that let you go into a montage to skip things, what jump is it from? (if it actually exists)

>> No.38301909

I think it was one of mine? Check Heist.

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>dat spoiler
Please, Wakfu. I need to let the meguca out.

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> traveling along a dark street alone in Magical Noir
> suddenly a huge squadron of magical girls appears
> there might be as many as thirty of them
> "You're dead now, Jumper!"
> Jumper says nothing as a portal opens up at their feet
> suddenly magical girls
> billions and billions of magical girls begin pouring out without end
> Jumper just laughs
> Jumper laughs and laughs and laughs

>> No.38301999

>currently your army has more officers than troops
>they start making the most nonsensical chain of command possible

>> No.38302000

I finished my 1st one without taking an end jump. Now I'm doing a second one with all the jumps I want to take personally.

After that's done, I'm going to go though a third chain with all the jumps in random order, and have 40K as my end jump. Or possibly Homestruck if the creator is still planning on converting it.

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>Pink Tide: Total War

>> No.38302019

So what are some options for taking peoples souls? We have pagan god which just kinda dropps them in your lap when the person is sacrificed to you, hellsing which makes you have the ability to absorb the person sorta, bleach which allows you to make shinigami, any more Im missing?

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I don't restart my chain, I just insert new jumps into the chain at points I think would be good.

>> No.38302086

Fullmetal alchemy

>> No.38302103

Crossroads from the Musician jump lets you make deals for people's souls.

Soul Eater lets you eat souls, but the jump notes that this is a bad idea unless you follow restrictions I can't recall right now.

Elder Scrolls has enchanting, which is an entire field dedicated to entrapping people's souls and using energy you can get from them to give your equipment magical effects.

>> No.38302143

That's the one! Thanks.
It sounds like it would be useful for when I'm doing various building things, could I still use my powers in the montage? To do things like enchanting an object?
Is it just during planning/preparation or could I activate it for a training montage or to skip past a few days I know will be boring/tedious?

>> No.38302144

>Bring in my Thinkamancer and Dittomancer from Erfworld

>We're mixing Strategy games

>> No.38302150

Those are good thanks. Im gonna get that crossroads one.

>> No.38302156

"Oh wow. Look, it's a general!"
>"How can you tell?"
"She's got a private AND a sergeant."

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I'm tempted to. I really am.

But megucas are not something Total War is prepared for.

At least not without a major Drawback.

>> No.38302191

>Soul Eater lets you eat souls, but the jump notes that this is a bad idea unless you follow restrictions I can't recall right now.
Mostly it's a system that amounts to eating only the souls that the god of death says you can, which are basically all really evil people, and witches. It's 99 evil souls then a witch's soul which then turns the demon weapon(only demon weapons get to eat souls anyway) into a Death Scythe, granting them more power as a demon weapon and some abilities in line with the abilities of the witch.

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The 21st Officio Assassinorum is officially designated as The Chromatic Tide, but your enthusiasm is appreciated.

You will have a place in Empire. Good day, citizen.

>> No.38302276

You're only making this sound more and more appealing, Wakfu.

>> No.38302289

Yes and Yes. You can continue to operate at full capacity, and you can skip pretty much anything (though it might be disorienting if you're montaging through normal life and suddenly you get attacked).

>> No.38302305

Only once, and I haven't deleted the old one or anything. I just wanted to do a fully randomized run and see where that takes me.

>> No.38302315

Whats the musician under?

>> No.38302336

It's under complete but needs images.

>> No.38302352

Too many times to count. I just can't decide on how I want to do companions. On the one hand, I dislike having to force companions to pretty much chill outside of the universe, not doing fuck-all. That is really lame to me. On the other hand EIGHT SLOTS + PODS FOR 200+ JUMPS.

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Once, the first time I had no real direction to it an quickly realized I would get utterly wrecked in a lot of the high-power settings. So I went back, and that's the current chain I'm working on.

I drew up a list of "core" jumps I needed to cement my build, and from there I've been jumping willy-nilly.

>> No.38302453

I love that picture and I love you for the Namefile on the picture.

>> No.38302508

>pic and file
That is so accurate it is painful.

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Well, let's put it this way.

You know how in Medieval, you have the Mongol invasion and then the Timurid invasion?

Well, the Mongols won't be alone this time if you take this +600.

First, it's the only +600 that doesn't take away your non-leadership perks.

Second, remember that one army/force/person you really did not want to ever run into again? Well, they're back, and they are evenly matched with you in both power and army, with but a single variable - are you a better commander?

It gets worse, too. You know that foe you thought you were safe from, either from them not knowing you during their Jump or them not even having a Jump?

They've shown up with an army better than yours in every way save for the leadership, and Timur is working for them.

Reapply to Rome or Shogun's events as you will.

>> No.38302603

>Pic and file
LIES! I would totally use it to cure cancer. And then I would turn people into dinosaurs. If they want to be dinosaurs anyway

>Reven Shows up
No. No. No. No. No. No. I spent the entirety of KoTOR avoiding the Main Plot because of this insane bullshit!

>> No.38302636

Yeah. That's why you get to bring in every Companion you have with it.


Heck, the name of the Drawback itself is just one word: "YOU."

In bold underlined italics, even.

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File: 19 KB, 700x355, MulticlassToEnlisted.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38302699

You know in "Game terms" I will have a Massive Advantage in Total War.

I took Fisher King in King Arthur. Considering my attitude realms under my control are safer and the people are happier.
That means I can ignore Public Order buildings if I need to so I can stop the enemy

>> No.38302710

does that make him a double private?

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>that filename

Nooooooo, I would never squander my technology/magic/skills like that! I mean... I'm all for curing illnesses! Prolonging life and all that! I would never try to find a way to create a transformative method that empowers people based on their idea of an 'ideal' self regardless of species.

I mean, w-whatever gave you that idea?

>> No.38302750

>Handsome Jack leads a super powered Chaos Army against me and The Chromatic Tide
...let's do this.

>> No.38302782

Only if he started as a Private the first go around, which I doubt because it's very hard to pull off.

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> Aizen: "Hello, Konata."
> Me: ...
> Aizen: "Do you remember me?"
> Me: ...
> Aizen: "I found it quite interesting when you tried to kill me with those metal men of yours."
> Me: ...
> Aizen: "Did you think that would work?"


>> No.38302795

Handsome Jack teaming up with the Ruinous Powers?

That. Sounds. Awesome.

>> No.38302810

This is technically true - which is why the Drawback ramps up to match you.

On the other hand, in the normal game, yes, that will go hilariously in your favor.


Now where have I heard that before? Possibly at a high school of sorts?

Don't worry if you don't know what I mean by that.

>> No.38302819

I'm pretty sure a cure for cancer may be an important part of preventing a number of the ways of modifying people from going wrong, or that the things you have to include to prevent things from going wrong would also cure cancer. I mean cancer is a few steps down from the likely problems with most such plans anyway.

>> No.38302886

I'm mostly for the curing of cancer because doing so helps people
Also it's how my mom died a few months ago

That is another reason I'm not taking that drawback. I have many reasons for it.

I do have one question though. Is there a Madness Drawback? The Speeches Mad generals give are always awesome

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>"...um... shit. Hi Orikan."
>"Yyyeeaaaah, look in my defense you were trying to kill the galaxy."
>"...please tell me your plan isn't to kill me."

I cannot take that drawback. It would kill me. Orikan would kill me.

>> No.38302933


Oh yes.

>> No.38302978

Yeah, if you took LoT and didn't die then I think that pretty much sets you up for a rematch.

>Total War: The Terraning

>> No.38303002

>Total War
>After Civilisation
>Your Civ is a random Faction on the map

I think I need to go Shogun Era, otherwise my Youkai don't make any sense

>> No.38303017

>No mother fucking "I killed the entire jedi council and took over the galaxy for 20 years" Sidious.
No, I fucking blew up a starship to kill that guy, that perk is not worth having fight him.

>> No.38303028

Just throw him down a hole, he can't do anything.

>> No.38303038

>Killing Sidious
>Not interning for him
>Not taking copious notes
Damn, son, it's like you aren't interesting in learning from subject matter experts.

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> curing cancer
Hey, I totally did that! Sorta.
I mean, mostly I just stole the formula for the anti-cancer drugs in Transmetropolitan, but that totally counts.
Totally counts.

>> No.38303055

Sidious is a political Genius, not that bad in Total War

Reven is a Military Genius, much MUCH more dangerous in Total War

>> No.38303100

Now, some clarifications:

1. No Jumper vs. Jumper shenanigans. Sorry, folks.
2. I might be tacking on a +400 supplement to that Drawback to let you face ALL of your old foes on the same terms.

>> No.38303171

I was willing to learn from Dooku, he's still cool, sane, and at least somewhat honorable/trustworthy.


I think if anything, I'd give the secrets of FTL travel to many of the worlds I visit. Being able to leave the confines of our planet will always be a major boon to humanity, no matter what the circumstance.

Imagine if they had that capability in Avatar, they could just look for unobtanium on lifeless rocks and make colony worlds to take some stress off earth.

>> No.38303199
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More or less. I broke the Deadlight, so I had to fight him. I only just survived by the skin of my teeth, and even then I lost my ships due to attempting a distraction. And a few limbs. And part of my head. And my entrails.

Basically, he fucked me up HARD. The idea of fighting him is something I really, really don't wanna entertain the idea of.


>> No.38303232

Welp. We now have a stronger, ridiculously more limber, fast body now. Also a home-away-from-home to make use of. Also, decided on my Pokémon team:

Espeon (evolved from Eevee starter)

Now. Now, it is time FOR
Location: Chicago
Age: 22-years-old
Conduit Type: Smoke
Drawbacks: Stalker (+300) (Ice Conduit), Listed (+200)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Origin: Prisoner

Additional Powers:
-Regen (Free)
-Extra Power (Bloodthirsty Blades)

Gear & Supplies:
-Biocapacitor (Free)
-Conductor Weapon (Sledgehammer)
-Glock 17 Handgun

It's time for some shenanigans down in Chicago. I got the powerset from my Infernape form as well as my Smoke Conduit, so right now it's time to whoop all the asses as a masked vigilante while dealing with my own, personal villainess - the ice-cold serial killer known only to the rest of the world as The Icicle. Let's do this.

>Spoiler #2

Oh you have no idea how much I want that. And with all of them being boosted to my level of power? Same with the 77 Knights of the 77 Rings Challenge?


>> No.38303240

Wait what, where is the 'your civ is a random faction on the map.

>> No.38303251

>Dat second spoiler.
Does that mean we can potentially see some of our foes fight against each other? Because I've really been wondering how the Reapers would fare against the Borg...

And this would also be after Dogs of Wars, so It may even allow me to include the Orks and the Dark Elves, and Potentially even Zeus if I take this after SMITE...

>> No.38303255
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"You thought you were going face someone else? No it's me DIO!"

"Toki yo tomare!"
"Soshite, toki wa ugoki dasu."

>> No.38303261

Mate, I think he means they're all allied with each other.

Against you.

>> No.38303284

You Civ shows up as either Ruins or a legitimate people in any future jumps

>> No.38303299

See, here's the thing: Orikan doesn't scare me. Between Kwisatz Haderach Candidate and Of Destiny Born, I can't actually be seen by precognition. And I have pretty substantial precognitive abilities of my own. So him doing the "I foresaw this, you are nothing more than a puppet to me, nothing you do will work" schtick means nothing to me. It didn't even intimidate me. I knew the encounter with Orikan was coming, and I spent the entire jump preparing for it. Meanwhile, he had no idea what I was planning. It ended badly for him. Especially since using Therapy no Jutsu meant that by the end of the fight he found himself admitting he was wrong to even try to oppose me.

>> No.38303321

So, you're telling me that I have to fight The Shoe from Monopoly... again? What horror is this?

>> No.38303330

It shows up as ruins and as a cultural embassy in major cities in case you want to jump-start that civilization again.

>> No.38303354

I think you're missing the park where they're scaled up to be a threat. Remember: drawbacks override perks.

>> No.38303369
File: 101 KB, 410x410, jacknoirintensifies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, but you brought it on yourself.

He heard that I might be adding an import option for factions you've lead previously.

And I might.

There is no Faction table to roll on - just pick one of the named playable states on the map (unless you're a Drop-In, in which case you pick a rebel settlement or army.)

No, you can't be the Papal States.

>All allied with each other. Against you.

Yes. And they're ALL at your level of power.

And remember the second part - it gets WORSE.

That foe you thought the Lady herself was keeping you safe from.


>> No.38303371

Why not combine the best of both worlds and remove the problems that Palpatine has and use Bane? Yeah, he's not in any jump, but he's much better at evil than Palpatine.

>> No.38303382

No, I just mean that Orikan wouldn't be the "foe I'd most fear encountering again". He wouldn't be my opponent, someone else would be.

>> No.38303386

>That foe you thought the Lady herself was keeping you safe from.

Shit, I'm gonna have to think. Which one would that be.

>> No.38303392

I ended up as space faring Alt-Russia with faith powered house holds courtesy of Mantra tech.. on the other hand... if we had a draka jump I would love to unleash the Caucus on the worms....

>> No.38303397

>That foe you thought the Lady herself was keeping you safe from.

>> No.38303419

Why you not want dragon/pagan god/ whatever as pope?

>> No.38303454



An army of Johj.

Lead by Jesus Johj.

All of them increased in power to equal you.

>> No.38303469

The regular Pope/Roman Senate/Ashikaga Shogunate still needs to be around for the "people keep declaring Crusades/full mobilization/Realm Divide on you" Drawback.

>> No.38303477


>> No.38303502

Ahh, but nothing gprevents us from taking over the papal state and installing ourselves as pope as well as king correct?

>> No.38303509

Chain ender, right there.

Planet-cracker Johj are no go.

>> No.38303527

Yeah, I'm fan wanking that as a non-possibility. I'm totally calling that a non-option. Nope.

>> No.38303538

>That's it! Everything dies!

>> No.38303544

Well, yeah. But you'd have to do that in-'verse.

>some folks actually took Lina Hates You or Saitama Hates You before this.

>> No.38303557

Excellent, have to control religion to gain total world domination after all.

>> No.38303563
File: 453 KB, 975x1520, Transmetropolitan_13_p13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh fuck.

>> No.38303566

... I can lead a pagan horde across Europe though right?

>> No.38303580

For as much as I hate the Johj and their Mary-Sue status here on /jc/ as the go-to hardmode for things, I have to agree that magic using Johj pretty much ends shit.

>> No.38303596


Remove Teuton, Lithuania stronk!

>> No.38303607

C-can there be an option to have them all NOT be allied from the get-go?

Oh, and are import settings an option? I may try my hand at Hyrule: Total War yet.

>> No.38303623

But anon.


Murder all the things?

Murder all the things.

Honestly, they do get a bit blown out of context.

Still a horrifying (or awesome) foe.

>> No.38303628

Horde Mechanics where in Barbarian Invasion, which was about 500 years after Basic Rome.
Every faction in Basic Rome is Pagan

Medieval has no Pagan Factions, though I suppose you could try and restart the faith
excluding the expansions that focus very specifically on certain areas within a short time period

>> No.38303637
File: 63 KB, 600x762, you made your bed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mod imports

Possibly. What would be a good price?

>NOT being allied from the get-go

Pic related.

>> No.38303656




>> No.38303657

>Still a horrifying (or awesome) foe.
Meh. They're terrifying as written with their intelligence and biological super adaptability, but they just don't do anything for me.

And I'll admit to being a little salty about them and that jump just fucking DEVOURING /jc/ for what felt like a couple of weeks.

>> No.38303682

Too bad for the people who took the Star of Indra drawback in Lord of Light. Or the people who took "You Made Her Cry" in Asura's Wrath. Or pissed off Chakravartin.

>> No.38303688

Eh. Different strokes for different folks.

Now. What about someone who took the 'You Made Her Cry' drawback.


>> No.38303690

Wow, almost like it was a well written jump that offered lots of things, with plenty of unique combinations! Besides, it was only a few days at best.

>> No.38303723

Damn, this is has got me wondering how horrifying OAA has made the drawbacks in AvP. I mean, we are dealing with Giger stuff here, it has the potential to be pretty awful.

>> No.38303749

>Too bad for the people who took the Star of Indra drawback in Lord of Light
Bad but by no means the worst drawback enemy to follow you into TW. Honestly, the idea of openly facing something from the Lovecraft jump gives me more pause.

No, no. The jump is very well written, that wasn't my objection. And I admit flat out that I'm just being salty. I just don't find the source material interesting at all and all the gushing over the Johj just turned me off.

It's a good jump, and I jumped it, but it just brings back eyeroll memories.

>> No.38303752

You know, as much fun as you're having, can you actually give it some thought? Seeing Dio and his cadre of vampires try and hold the Papal States when the Johj horde move in from the east actually interests a few of us. Hell, you can keep them being hostile to the jumper. I just want to see how the face of Europe or whereever changes due to this.

I was thinking the Free Pick option, like how the Sports jump lets you fanwank an entire setting if you roll it for example.

>> No.38303769

Well, there's one he leaked where a water source was tainted with that chemical in Prometheus.

And was spreading. So, you've pretty much got a rage virus / alien infection swarming everything.

>> No.38303792

Personally, I think you should leave mods out of it. There's not really any way to balance it at that point, and it can really bleed over into other existing jumps.

>> No.38303793

>that example

You know what? That actually does sound really interesting now that you put it that way.

>use a mod with Free Pick

That works, too.

>> No.38303801

This is why I honestly prefer playing CKII except when I expressly wish to lead armies on the battlefield

>> No.38303802

Shit, that virus can probably aerosolize. Horrifying, airborne alien plague.

>> No.38303806

The normal result in the jump is supposed to have multiple HIVES of the damn things. Extrapolate from there in an exponential scale and I hope we're getting close to 1% of what he intends for us.

>> No.38303820

See for me, Xenos and Giger are more horrifying when the setting is intimate and there are fewer of them. Hordes of Xenos will never haunt my dreams. But I'll admit to sweating the following scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiMTno50JxY

>> No.38303832

The hive deal is 3d8 + 5, so you have a potential for 29 different hives to have to deal with.

>> No.38303848

I can see where Third Age, Hyrule, or even Amazon might cause such an assessment. Europa Barbaorum or Stainless Steel, on the other hand, likely shouldn't.

So both sides have points and it's on me not to get in over my head.

>> No.38303849

Well, some of us are going to be an agent of that horror, you know. Queen of our own hive.

>> No.38303869

Isn't it wonderful? I thought I was going overboard with up to 9 queens in regular Alien jump, but this is magnificent.

>> No.38303900

Perhaps keep setting specific mods out? A lot of the mods are just to enhance gameplay or make it more realistic, which translating it to a jump would naturally do.

>> No.38303925

That sounds like a fair compromise. Thoughts, everyone?

>> No.38303935

It gets worse. You roll a 1d8 for each hive to see what Queen you get.

1-2: regular Queen.

3-4: Empress (adds two more Hives to the total number)

5-6: Predalien Queen

7-8: Queen Mother (bitch who can give BIRTH to Queens. Meaning that number will skyrocket in short order).

Worst part is? There are a few cities on this planet. And little to no military presence due to Wey-Yu fuckery.

This is gonna suck. Hard.

>> No.38303943

Maybe add it as a 100cp purchasable option if you roll Free Pick?

>> No.38303960

I'm good with that.

>> No.38304019

It's not Alien until it scares the shit out of you with sheer tension. Don't get me wrong, I loved the second film, but if you don't feel constantly threatened something is wrong.

>> No.38304084

Eh. Thing is, apparently he's trying to add a lot of stuff from the comics and Extended Universe of all of these.

Meaning it's going to be a mixed bag for some. You're going to have the pitched, heated battles. You're going to be running for your damn life. It's all at random.

Again, mixed bag. You'll get your tension-filled 'oshitoshit' moments, but also your fast-paced 'OhshitOHSHIT' moments.

Also. Kind've hard to communicate tension in Jump format. Unless he goes Light of Terra format with this.

>> No.38304097

>I loved the second film
Spess 'Nam is an iconic movie, and its got more xenos than xenos, but it does lack the tension of the first film.

>> No.38304197
File: 27 KB, 125x226, ForTheLordGodOmnipotentReigneth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Unless he goes Light of Terra format with this.
We couldn't get so lucky... could we?

>> No.38304227
File: 602 KB, 1306x1208, Xenozilliote.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love it- I can't wait to pit my Geneforge critters against the might of the Xenomorph horde.

I've got the first two genetic pieces for my masterpiece minion, I just need some Xenomorph bits to make it complete.

Then we'll see who has made the better monster.

>> No.38304320

I doubt it would be fairly interesting though.

>> No.38304340
File: 1.78 MB, 2000x2200, Xeno-Crysalisk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Almost forgot! I have these babies to complete for my basic infantry.

They shoot acidic spines that burrow into targets and deposit a Xeno-Crysalisk pupa, it then eats its way to maturity in around 30 seconds and comes bursting out of its host in a shower of gore.

I can't wait to introduce them to Jhoh!

>> No.38304348

Luckily, I got a fix for that. Had it planned after a suggestion actually.

>Narrow Halls (+??? CP): The experiment was re-assigned, and after your introduction to your faction (whether it was Predator, Marine, or Xeno), you were abducted - and everything went black.

>You awaken in a small, metal cell with the door wide open. Aboard a massive, derelict space station. Abandoned... Except for you, four comrades that you met from your faction introduction, and a host of enemies.

>The number of Xenomorph hives is set by default to 4. The number of Yautja / Marine enemies is immediately set to 4.

If you take any drawbacks, they're modified to fit the new setting. Such as the Engineer chemical infecting the water supply.

Tight hallways, ambient noises, the works. If you prefer a more... 'personal' encounter, this will be it.

>> No.38304391
File: 512 KB, 720x738, Hot Zealot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love you OAA!
>pic unrelated, I just never get to use it and I really want to

>> No.38304463
File: 124 KB, 786x1017, 1389792884567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So when you mean only 4 marine enemies, I hope you mean like 4 squads or like 4 or 5.

>> No.38304490
File: 55 KB, 500x200, Heresy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38304559
File: 105 KB, 600x500, poster2771.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38304564

As for the LoT stuff.

Look. They came out with a LOT of shit in the EU for Aliens, Predators, and AvP individually. I had the idea for a narrative at the start but cut it due to not feeling like I should, not wanting to seem like I was stealing ideas from other jumps. However, I could. I could do so.

Originally? Was thinking 4 Individuals for Yautja and Marine factions.

But against 4 entire hives... Mmm. Might go with 2 Squads / Hunting Parties of 4 for each, and drop Hives down to 2. Make it a bit more balanced that way.

What do all ya'll's think?

>> No.38304582

I don't think you should do the narrative thing, really. It annoyed the piss out of me with LoT because of the personality transplant he gave us.

>> No.38304599

MMm, point. Trying to maintain a neutral personality would be difficult unless I kept it to the opening style of ALL THE SCIENCE TALK & COORDINATES & SHIT.

>> No.38304625


As it is, I'm taking liberties with what narrative I have to railroad into the position for the CYOA aspect of the Jump to take place.

>> No.38304633

Ah, you were the pissy little shit who couldn't recognise what is fluff text and what is a part of a jump?

>> No.38304646

Nope, I actually wasn't involved in that conversation.
What. Kind of confusing read here.

>> No.38304683

Once. After about a dozen jumps, I reconsidered my plans, and decided to start in GMG instead of Pokemon, then jump randomly after that. It's worked out well so far.

Yeah, that's the easy-mode option for dealing with cancer. It's not a 'cure', since people have to take the pills basically for the rest of their lives, but it's not a big deal, since they're cheap as Tylenol.

>> No.38304735

I got narrative to try and lead the Jumper to the position where the faction choice of the CYOA would take place - e.g., in that main cavern where you decide to either go left and go Pred, go right and go Marine, or stay in the cavern and go Xeno.

Mostly the 'personality' stuff is just thoughts like

>Why am I suddenly rushing downwa- Oh, that's the floor. Ow.

Tried to avoid any major personality shifts and keep it neutral. But unfortunately I also tried to inject some humor. Who knows how it might work out.

>> No.38304757

It'll probably end up fine. Wish your internet didn't hate you.

>> No.38304762

Actually it's go RIGHT and go Pred, go LEFT and go Marine.

Hands, you betray me.

>> No.38304770

Does anyone know any anti-anti-magic perks? It just occurred to me that my magic-intensive build could be hard-countered pretty handily that way. I wouldn't be helpless, I invest in other types of power. But it would shut down a lot of my options if I got hit with an anti-magic field or similar.

>> No.38304841

>Does anyone know any anti-anti-magic perks?
What about anti-anti-anti-magic perks to counter you? Where do I find those?

>> No.38304844

Your fists.

>> No.38304859
File: 51 KB, 900x491, i am so high right now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38304871

Always a good idea to carry around a large revolver.

>> No.38304888
File: 95 KB, 470x594, I cast gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pleb. Ranged is where its at.

>> No.38305044

I'm honestly surprised none of you ave mentioned guns yet.

>> No.38305106

Revolvers are two above you

>> No.38305116

HISHE should be required viewing for jumpers. Practical solutions are best solutions.

>> No.38305156
File: 58 KB, 625x434, Can'tSee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38305226

This is a case where 'multiple power sources' is a good idea. Ki and/or psionic abilities are probably not affected by any given antimagic effect, superpowers are almost certainly unaffected, and superscience definitely works.

Having a broad base of power gives you options. If the antimagic is a voluntary effect that someone is generating, psionic or superscientific mind control can compel them to deactivate it. If the antimagic is being produced by a device, a straightforward physical assault augmented by ki and superpowers should let you destroy the device quickly. If the magic is a reality warping effect, high-level ki and psionic powers could let you reality warp right back, at least enough to let you access your own mana. And, of course, any given target using any given effect could always be indirectly attacked with robots or orbital bombardment or something, if you're willing to put in the effort to develop the required tech base and firepower.

Even if you're used to relying on your giant hammer, that doesn't mean you have to use it for everything, and devise elaborate solutions for preventing you from losing it. Cultivating a bit of flexibility will help in all kinds of situations where your main plan fails or is unworkable.

>> No.38305238 [DELETED] 
File: 212 KB, 700x796, 24f8464a675c2a3205641bd0dee165f9_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pokemon Trainer Jump

Caul Thrax
Gender - Male
Age - 17

- Johto

- City Life (900)

- Alex(Charmander, F, Modest)

- Physical Fitness (800)
- Free Running (800)
- Combat Training (700)
- Psionics (400)
- Savant (-200)

- Handgun (-400)

- Marked (-200)
- Scared (0)

- Next Adventure

Wondering off in tall grass, and getting chased by Poocheyena at the age of 10, has left me deathly afraid of pokemon. Luckily I can keep that under wraps for most part, because I'm good at hiding it. It's reason why I took so long to become a poketrainer, years of therapy.

However there's one pokemon that was immune that's Alex. She was our house pokemon, kinda like house pet. She was my birthday present, before the incident. I had forgotten to take her with me, when it happened.

However Charmanders are prized pokemon, so Team Rocket is after my pokemon. It's why I carry a pistol. It also helps that I'm Psychic, something I found out after Poocheyena attack. I tried to keep it under wraps and throw it out when I need too.

While I lack a lot of social graces, I did graduate school with perfect grades. Something of a Savant or or something. I guess side effect of being Psychic or it could be reverse is true, as well.

After 10 years of running from Team Rocket and Wild Pokemon. I find it's time to leave to our next journey. Hopefully it will be less painful.

>> No.38305271
File: 212 KB, 700x796, 24f8464a675c2a3205641bd0dee165f9_large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Caul Thrax
Gender - Male
Age - 17

- Johto

- City Life (900)

- Alex(Charmander, F, Modest)

- Physical Fitness (800)
- Free Running (800)
- Combat Training (700)
- Psionics (400)
- Savant (-200)

- Handgun (-400)

- Marked (-200)
- Scared (0)

- Next Adventure

Wondering off in tall grass, and getting chased by Poocheyena at the age of 10, has left me deathly afraid of pokemon. Luckily I can keep that under wraps for most part, because I'm good at hiding it. It's reason why I took so long to become a poketrainer, years of therapy. However there's one pokemon that was immune that's Alex. She was our house pokemon, kinda like house pet. She was my birthday present, before the incident. I had forgotten to take her with me, when it happened. However Charmanders are prized pokemon, so Team Rocket is after my pokemon. It's why I carry a pistol. It also helps that I'm Psychic, something I found out after Poocheyena attack. I tried to keep it under wraps and throw it out when I need too. While I lack a lot of social graces, I did graduate school with perfect grades. Something of a Savant or or something. I guess side effect of being Psychic or it could be reverse is true, as well.

After 10 years of running from Team Rocket and Wild Pokemon. I find it's time to leave to our next journey. Hopefully it will be less painful.

(Condensed it all into one big paragraph)

>> No.38305289

MGNJ update!
>New items
>New drawbacks
>Clarifications on things

>> No.38305310

What's clarified?

>> No.38305329

some items
some drawbacks

>> No.38305356

oh yeah, also changed New Officio and You have my Curiosity a bit
the latter was supposed to be like this from the offset, but I kinda forgot

>> No.38305428

Not perks, but Invoke Magic spell from D&D, and Cheater of Mystra (Initiate of Mystra feat)... also from D&D are some of the most explicit I can think of. That makes FR a good run for this sort of thing.

>> No.38305600

Mystra is the worst magic god in anything.

>> No.38305642

Constantly dying does that to you.

>> No.38305685

To clarify...
It works against fighting for power in overlapping opposed antimagic fields, one of which is your own, by playing your way to opposed caster-level checks even for those trying the same exact strategy against you, while also maintaing your own power if wanted. You need to be extremely powerful to pull it off against every possible enemy though. Or at least that's how I remember it, and it's the closest I can think of to antiX3-magic. What book's cheater of mystra from again?

At the very least, you can use Invoke Magic to spin up one of the various lower level antimagic spells (there's a wait-it-out debuff ray version), and those should work even when subjected to an antimagic field.

>> No.38305689

At least she's consistant.

>> No.38305921

Do pokemon Abilities still have an effect in other jumps? Like if one had Pressure would it make people use twice as much magical power to attack it?

>> No.38306012

Only in Pokemon form. Pokemon powers are much less effective when you're not shaped like a Pokemon. So it'd still increase the MP (or whatever) that people need to use against you, but not by all that much.

>> No.38306027

>Only in Pokemon form.
Unless you've jumped SOA and have taken the Final Form perk.

>> No.38306095

That's the plan, I'm always going to be at least a little bit Spiritomb to get that sweet normal, fighting and psychic immunity.
I'll probably manifest it as spectral/ghostly hair.

>> No.38306239
File: 54 KB, 480x318, 1381801683788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which jump has the perk that lets you combine 20 odd mundane things to upgrade something similar?

It's like taking 20 regular swords and combining them with an enchanted sword to improve the enchanted sword, or something like that.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.38306255

>It's like taking 20 regular swords and combining them with an enchanted sword to improve the enchanted sword, or something like that.
To my knowledge, none of them do that without dong breaking fanwank.

>> No.38306299

Unholy Heights.

>> No.38306303

Lets Give It A Boost from Unholy Heights is what you're talking about I think.

>> No.38306333

Probably unholy heights, though you can only combine mulitples of the same thing to make a better one, you won't be able to make that magic sword better unless you have lots of the same magic swords.

>> No.38306355
File: 902 KB, 1437x1080, Zim_and_the_duct_tape_hamster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's also Zim's Duct Tape Fusion, though it's a bit difficult to work with, and I don't think you'd get a genuinely magic sword out of it without starting with vaguely-magical sword feedstock.

>> No.38306372


I trained in my art of the Smoke, and managed to make the Bloodthirsty Blades of a Video conduit my own - blades of vapor that exploded after making contact with an opponent. I clashed with The Icicle time and time again, and each time we both grew in power. Until finally. With one, well-placed shot from the Glock. I won.

It felt... It didn't feel good. Despite her twisted view of the world, my clashes with The Icicle had caused small amount of emotion to develop between us. I had looked forward to these fights with her, as long as nobody else was caught in the fray. But that night on the bridge... With a child almost dying from her wild attacks. I had to end it.

Arceus, why does it hurt. She was a murderer. I did... what I had to.

>Mass Effect
Race: Human
Age: 29-years-old
Location: Citadel
Origin: Drop-In
Class: Vanguard
Drawbacks: Rogue AI (+200), Shepard's Flock (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,300 CP

-Close the Distance
-Not A Stupid Grunt
-Supportive Mindset

-Loadout (Free)
-Medi-Gel Kit x2
-Elite Ordnance
-Extra Credits

Right. The plan is, practice Vanguard. Practice all the Vanguard. We will run into Shepard and co. frequently, so we should definitely try and work with Shepard as often as possible, while not being an actual party member for them as it risks dying in stuff like the Suicide Mission.

Drop a few hints here and there, a few leads. And try to ensure that as few people die to the Reapers as possible.

>> No.38306395

Manguard is the best class.

>> No.38306397

Technically no, but it doesn't really give a clear relation to item numbers and what you boost.
>Lets Give It A Boost - 600 - Discount Angel Most things work great but, sometimes that just isn't good enough. Sometimes they need alittle extra to get the job done. With you "alittle extra" seems to mean double. Any item you have can have it's effects doubled permanently while also having usage costs halved. It increases all the "stats" of the item you use this ability on so, a hammer hits harder and more accurately while that magic staff you have would shoot more powerful spells at half the charge cost. To do this you simply need multiples of the item you're going to boost. Around three of them, while this would be pretty easy for a hammer or something similar, you'll be pretty hard pressed to find three Death Stars in a decent amount of time. you could improve unique items with regular mundane items but it will take alot more of the mundane kind to double the unique item. that awesome sword that can cut down a skyscraper? You'd probably need about 20 regular swords to improve that.

>> No.38306404

What are the difficulties found in Duct tape fusion?

>> No.38306413

It takes a long time and looks stupid.

>> No.38306443

Manguard with a hammer and a shotgun.

>> No.38306453

Like how long? I mean, after hundreds of years, time gets pretty relative.

>> No.38306455

Let's Give it a Boost is an abnormally powerful effect, but it does have one caveat; you can't use it more than once on the same object (as it doesn't even imply that you can keep re-doubling the same item for infinite power). So once you've doubled the effect, that's pretty much as upgraded as it's going to get. That's not a problem if you're working off stuff you can mass produce, but you'll want to be careful when Boosting artifact-derived stuff, since doing so early means seriously limiting the benefit of future upgrades.

>> No.38306463

Umm, where on earth does it say that? Are you just enforcing your own view on it again?

>> No.38306467
File: 325 KB, 1360x768, jumperstaring.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nyarlathotep shows up AGAIN
>presumably with an army of Deep Ones, Cthulhi, brainwashed Night-Gaunts and enslaved Shoggoths
>possibly a few grafted weaker Great Old Ones as siege weapons/generals/command centers
>Scaled to be a threat at our current level of power
>and it may or may not be the Pope


Aaaaand now we know who is going to be his second in command. Possibly. He did go down real quick when we shoved an orb in his shit, so we're not sure if he'd qualify when our only /other/ confrontation was in a street race-

-or that fucking joker. Welp.

>Godammit chakky, why won't you stay dead?
>Reincarnation son

>> No.38306478

Well, for one, figuring out exactly what it would do. It's very open ended, particularly since word-of-author is that it actually manages to work right compared to the mere 'crazy aliens with a roll of normal tape' we see in the show, so we don't have any examples as to how it would work.

Also, as the description mentions 'advanced alien technology', it might only work on tech, though the Zim universe is weird about that sort of thing and doesn't have too much of a distinction between tech and magic at high levels (spelldrives, the halloween episode, etc).

>> No.38306685

It doesn't mention any limit like that, it sounds like it can be used as much as you're willing with the problem being it'll use up more and more each time.
After 7 goes you'd have used up over 2000 of the original.

>> No.38306740
File: 7 KB, 400x300, Thundercats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, I'm going to bed. Please leave comments for me that I can read in the morning.


>> No.38306793

It doesn't explicitly say that, no. I'm working off the fact that the perk doesn't say you can easily redouble the power of things infinitely, so it's not at all reasonable to assume that you can boost things up to literally infinite power with one perk.

Perks generally aren't written in legalese, so "it doesn't say that you can't do this" is usually seen as an invalid interpretation. If you don't agree, it's your right to do so; I'm only pointing that out as a common-sense "this is the way /jc/ generally interprets perks" thing.

If you prefer to make a pistol capable of destroying the universe with a day's work, a warehouse full of guns, and the unchecked reality-destroying power of exponential progression, feel free to fanwank that you can kill absolutely everything ever with the result of one perk and some cash. Of course, that makes for a really boring story, and one which is far less interesting than even stuff like MoeAnon's "Prototype beats everything" stance, but Jumpchain is singleplayer. There's always going to be cases where no one said that a given perk doesn't give you infinite power and make you the god of all of everything, but we generally don't fanwank like that here.

The perk isn't actually written that way, so you're explicitly fanwanking to make that happen. That said, exponential increase of the amount of items used is a semi-reasonable limitation, if you're going to assume the possibility of multiple doublings.

>> No.38306842

Considering that you yourself are essentially doing the same thing but in reverse, by applying limits that do not have any basis beyond 'this is what it is generally interpreted as" you don't have much room to talk. Especially since you are the one usually pushing the 'fanwank absolutely anything' cart.

>> No.38306888

Eh, it's pretty unclear in any case. Either way, whether you decide it has a limit or not, you're fanwanking it, since there are no indications or evidence to support either more then the other. In the end it comes down to what people prefer to use.

>> No.38306904

That better be a badass luck perk to be worth 600 points. Otherwise, it's looking good so far.

>> No.38306939

I've already explained the basis. "This power does not say you can do X, therefore it does not do X" is common sense. For any given power, it may be more or less reasonable to let it do X anyways. Fanwank is what lies between the rules as written, and the story that results.

Generally, fanwank that involves gaining infinite power is frowned upon. See: GardenAnon, who wanted to gain all the associated powers from the superpower wiki for each of his perks, up to and including reality warping.

There's a damned good reason why we don't accept "it doesn't say I can't" as valid, and a difference between "I can't stop you from fanwanking yourself into having infinite power" and "I approve of your fanwank".

>> No.38306972
File: 444 KB, 1920x1200, jumperbeingfabulous.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But until that fateful day-Valkyria Chronicles Jump!

Drawback: The Valkyur Have Returned, Enemy of the State: Principality of Gallia (1500). And activating in-universe shitstorm in 3...2...1. Also HA, we almost feel sorry for the peaceful territory loaded up on natural resources who's trying to pick a fight with a cosmic entity

East European Imperial Alliance

Capital of the Empire

Scientist, Age 23 (1400)

Valkyria (600). Well look at that, we shit magical crude oil. Which is going to make Maximilian froth at the mouth when his attempts at ordering us around are met with patronising head-pats and passive-aggressively setting his pants on fire. Max is a jerk.
Educated Young Man (Free). We are the very model of a modern major general
Valkyrian Science (450). We've information mechanical, historic and chemical
Manufacturing Line (250). We're very good at industry and mass producing commodities
Safety Goggles (200). And we never start experiments without wearing a pair of these
Valkyria weaponry (Free). We know the mythic histories, the Darcsens and the Yggdist faith
Class Loadout: Medic (Free). And we're proficient in medicine; this medi-gun is mostly safe
Destined Meeting: Selvaria Bles (0). In short, in matters vegetable, Valkyrian, and mineral we are the very model of a modern Major-General!

We're basically Valkyria Chronicles' Dr House, if Dr House was a mountain-sized eldritch god and also an engineer. Un-brainwashing Selvaria's loyalty will be a priority. Which is going to be doubly tricky when we spend most of our interactions bickering because we keep pranking Maximilian by portalling him onto the battlefield. Or teleporting away his clothes. Or casting illusions that make him think he's covered in bees-and then actually release bees when he least expects it.

And he can't get rid of us-because we're the only entity who can create Origin ammunition which give the rank and file a fighting chance against the oncoming valkwhatevers

>> No.38306993

Just note that "unique items" bit. If more than 1 can/does exist, you still need 3 basically identical copies.

>> No.38307006

And again, you try to enforce your interpretation, this time on what 'fanwank' means. Frankly, you seem to be particularly focused on this one perk. And Gardenanon was a completely different situation, since the jump maker himself told him that was not how it went, and that the perk explicitly states you only gain kinesis over your chosen item/area etc. This power does not explicitly spell out such things. You can argue the same 'it doesn't say you can do this' point all you want, but the fact remains that all the perk says is that you need to have multiples of the same item for it to work.

>> No.38307046

not a complete solution, but Jackie Chan's "Magic must fight magic" perk might be partially useful there.

>> No.38307080

... You lost me, how does your magic only being beaten by magic help if you can't use magic, especially when most anti-magic effects are themselves magic?

>> No.38307104

It also doesn't say that you can use it multiple times. *shrug*

Frankly, the perk was poorly written, so there's some interpretation required in any case. These points were brought up when the jump first came up, and the jumpmaker didn't bother fixing them, or doing much else with the jump.

It's kind of a poor case to be basing stuff off of, but since it's already an absurdly powerful buff effect, being able to layer it at all is ridiculously overpowered. Since "I win everything forever" is boring, limits are appropriate; if a perk is poorly written and overpowered, interpreting it strictly helps keep the story you're telling somewhat coherent.

If you disagree, I can't stop you; have fun with winning everything forever.

>> No.38307119


Aw man. I saw the logo and for a second there I was all jazzed up about getting to help the original mumm-ra defend his planet against an invasion of furries. then I saw the 2011.

>> No.38307122

I'm not even him, but in this case it seems like you have a personal grudge against, and an issue with, this. Both of you need to drop it.

>> No.38307133

Look on the bright side, there's nothing stopping a separate jump for the original series.

>> No.38307137

If it's not a magical source of anti-magic, it can't touch your spells, since they must be fought with magic.

>> No.38307146

I suppose that's it then. Some people like writing stories with challenge, even if by the nature of a purely imaginative game like this it is solely a self imposed one. Others like having power fantasies where they can do as they wish but still want some basis in rules to assist in their imagined story.

>> No.38307222

I got that, but given the source material, non-magical effects would still stop casting in the first place.

>> No.38307300

I didn't say it was a complete solution. Just a partial one. Personally, I combine it with GMG's Anti-magic. If they're using a magic-powered antimagic, I can counter it with that. If they're not, then I'm well protected enough by other means to cast successfully short of some pretty gruesome interruption.

>> No.38308137

What do you guys do while traveling? If it's something with an autopilot, you won't be glued to the screens, and travel might takes days or weeks depending on the setting. Surely you have something you like to do during that time.

>> No.38308302

Masturbate in strange places.

>> No.38308535
File: 175 KB, 1080x1204, Nintendogs jump.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always been on the one chain, but the problem is that it is nebulous as all hell beyond the first 5-10 jumps due to the fact that new content is coming out all the time, sometimes necessitating a re-write to accomodate the new content earlier (psychonauts is a good example of this. I gotta set it in at something like jump 7 or 8 now). The nebulous nature of the chain for me is mostly due to the assumption I have that the benefactor shows me ALL my choices for worlds we can go to right after pokemon, and even though I'm making the best of what I have available to me, it is not the full spectrum of worlds available to me, and as such, I cannot make a coherant chain because of that lack of knowledge here that I would otherwise have in-chain. Thus, everything gets shunted into nebulous 'arcs' that are generalized into which century worth of jumps they take place in because I can't be more specific. Its confusing sometimes, but it hasn't changed since I started.

>filename related

>psychic johj at my level of power

>Not just teleporting everywhere you need to be
>MAYBE flying everywhere at high-mach speeds if you want the scenic route

That being said, probably meditating. A calm and collected mind is a prepared mind.

>> No.38308667
File: 22 KB, 320x240, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should have a drawback oh "Old Snarf (600cp) - What happened to the adorably cute dragon kitty? He's no more, instead you're stuck with Old Snarf. You can't harm him, he'll always appear by your side, and he won't shut up. Not only will he not shut up, he's constantly causing trouble for you. Yet you're always one to be blamed. Only you will experience this, everyone else will see just the New-Snarf. Oh, and there's an entire planet full of the Old-Snarf, that you might have to deal with.

>> No.38308674

This is why I picked up the montage perk so that I can skip boring travelling and get a nice little montage instead!
If I actually decide to travel without the montage then I guess I'd play various games with companions, we must have picked some interesting ones up along the way.

>> No.38309071

About the Valkyria Chronicles perks, is the only way to get Ragnite is to either be a Valkyrur or stock up while you're there?

>> No.38309331

That...is an excellent point anon. I'll add in an item to take care of that for the next update.

>> No.38309403

Question about FF8: On a scale of good to bad, how good an idea would it be to attempt to talk down Ultimecia from her vague destroy the world plan via stacked charisma perks, Persona's psychology proficiency and both Mass Effect paragon/renegade interrupt perks?

>> No.38309474
File: 625 KB, 700x988, Gijinka_Tyrantrum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think a human form Tyrantrum would look like? I'm thinking of picking it as my starter because it would be awesome to ride and y'all know you want a T-rex.
I've only seen decent images for males but none for female versions, I imagine it'd be muscular like Wonder Woman.

>> No.38309504

bad she doesn't really want to destroy the world she just wants to be able to control all of it by merging all time into the one that she controls

>> No.38309514

She's a massively powerful sorceress from the future who's hell bent on ruling all of time and space. I doubt any amount of charisma and persuasion would work.

>> No.38309529

Is orihime in bleach a bount?

>> No.38309552

I think she's a Fullbringer since the Bount were just anime filler.

>> No.38309582

Fullbringers were just manga filler. You know it's true. But yeah, that arc established she was one of them. Chad is, too, despite not using a talisman like the other Fullbringers use. Apparently his talisman his own body. Seems like cheating to me, personally.

>> No.38309680

I actually stopped reading it in that arc because it felt so much like filler, what was the reason for that guy looking like Aizen?
I also think it wasn't needed to make them fullbringers, Aizen said it was the Hogyoku so why not leave it at that?

Completely unrelated but I just rolled an 8 for location in FMA and will be picking a homunculus, which one should I go for?
So far I'm thinking Greed since it's early on and durability is good to get but I'm not sure how much his shield can take.

>> No.38309834

You can get durability just about everywhere, but Envy's near perfect shapeshifting only comes around once in a green sun.

>> No.38309859

Yeah, Greed's probably a good one to go for. It's got some nice power behind it. Plus, since it's the only Homunculus in canon to change incarnations, people won't even look at you funny for having it. Just walk up to canon Greed and say "Yeah, dad made a backup copy. What a dick, am I right? Anyway, want to get a beer, catch up on what we've been doing since we were in the flask together?" And since Greed is the nicest of the Homunculi, he'll probably say yes.

>> No.38309892

Greed's the nicest of the Homunculi, because he wants _everything_, including friends. Presenting yourself to him as "yeah, I'm your sibling" - that's something he would totally decide he wanted. Because it's a thing. And it's his.

>> No.38309900

True. But that doesn't change that he'd be genuinely nice to you. Sure, he sees you as a possession, but you're a treasured possession.

>> No.38309909

Even though the sweet ride item says it has to be available in the 21st century, wasn't there some girl with a Leman Russ tank?

>> No.38309910

Bradley was pretty nice. For you know being Wrath.

>> No.38309918

It's definitely a nice shapeshifting perk but most of what I want from it I get from Marvel, it's up there at the top of the homunculus though along with Greed and Wrath.

Greed was a bro later on, I liked his relationship with Ling.
I started rewatching the series today and holy shit I don't remember the Nina/dog chimera thing and Hughes death being so damn early.

>> No.38309958

I like Wrath, just because the Ultimate Eye sounds like a really neat ability. It's crazy powerful at peak human, so it stands to reason it would be utterly ridiculous once you're superpowered.

>> No.38309971

>Disliking fluffy tails
Well, looks like it's time for a good-ol' racial cleansing!

>> No.38310175

It liked to establish the tone of the series quickly. Death of a minor but loved character, followed shortly by the death of a MAJOR loved character in the middle of a conspiracy? That's going to set a tone on who is allowed to die very quickly.

>> No.38310356

Ultimate Eye + x-ray vision + super speed would be crazy powerful.

Does Envy retain full strength when in a smaller form? I was thinking of using it alongside a kaiju form.

>> No.38310530

I used to love dragon forms, ive long since turned into a fliffy tail nut.

>> No.38310537

Fluffy dragon?

>> No.38310552

Gods no. Kitsune. Why are there no good male kitsune pics?

>> No.38310556

First Time Jumper Enters the Fray!
And to start off...

POKEMON TRAINER JUMP! Because shouldn't everyone?

Starting region: Orre(FUUUUUUU)

Drop-in(b/c 0pts)

Age: 17(cool story bro)

Starter: Eevee, F, Rash (I'm a cheapass)

Skills and Abilities:
Pokeglot(600pts) (600)

HM Collection (50pts) (650)
Hypervisor(200pts) (850)
Bicycle(50pts) (900)
Laptop(100pts) (1000)

Flaws: Screw that, I've got enough trouble with Orre.

So. I had plans...then Orre. Yeah. Just to add a pseudo-plotline, I'm going to say that Cipher shows up once more under Ardos's lead, creating Shadow Pokemon once again, and culminating in the creation of XD002 - Shadow Giratina. Ardos is smart enough to attack Krane's lab first this time, but he only sends a strike force that's weak because plot. I show up in the middle of the attack, grab an Eevee, and wreck shit. The lab sets up to protect themselves and gives me the Snag Machine in hopes of replicating Michael's success, and ADVENTURE happens!

Eventually, after I beat the shit out of Cipher, I call in the favor the purified Giratina owes me, and call upon Celebi and Shaymin to seed Orre with green and growing things, and Lugia to call rain upon the region to let them grow. Orre is made not a hellhole, but a paradise.

Final team: Espeon, plus whatever I can end up finding.

>> No.38310696
File: 575 KB, 1088x757, Priscilla.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wanting to be Priscilla

>> No.38310697

Ultimate Eye + Byakugan + X-ray vision + Synesthete = I NEED NO EYES TO SEE EVERYTHING!


>> No.38310716
File: 198 KB, 1366x768, Kitsune6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because to Kitsune build is to know pain. You have to be committed, jumper.

>> No.38310764
File: 73 KB, 416x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Usually kitsunes were females, males are rare. Multiple tails are even rarer.

>> No.38310809

There's a girl with a tank, and there's Leman Russ, and both of them are Warmasters, but there's no Leman Russ tanks afaik.

>> No.38310869

the two vehicles I used to inspire this were
1) Shpeltiger, Wendy's bike based on No More Heroes
2) Sleepy Sue, Odette's old APC, names after sleipnir

>> No.38310891
File: 251 KB, 663x745, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38310902
File: 190 KB, 900x872, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38311595

Question about You Can Have Both, You Know from Generic Sugarbowl Jump: How exactly does this perk enhance your technology? And what is the scope to which it can be applied?

>> No.38311615

Aww yiss. Orrewellian4lyfe.

Wait. That's not right. Fuck Orre.
I got out of there as soon as possible with my starter.

>> No.38311616

Clean and efficient energy.

>> No.38311708

How clean and efficient?

I'm not sure, in retrospect, if it was worth the 800 CP compared to the other capstones

>> No.38311714

It sounds like it's 1000% environmentally friendly.

>> No.38311758

>nature spontaneously springs up around your tech

Ehhh. Um. I don't have anything AGINST nature per se, but most of my tech is like-attack drones the size of spaceships armed with plasma cannons which can level cities, tanks armed with psi amps and transforming vehicles imbued with bound demons. It all has a very military bent, is what I'm saying.

On the other hand, does this mean it'll make the terraforming machine from Godzilla Jump work REALLY well?

>> No.38311795
File: 62 KB, 500x500, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Gender - Male
Age - 27

- Charmander

- Import (Alex) (850)

- Crush
- Natural Talent (750)
- Synchronized Souls (450)
- All Terrain Hiker (100)
- Hyper Kinesis (-300)

- Explorer/Rescue Badge
- Aura Ribbon x 2 (-400)
- Heal Ribbon x 2 (-600)

- Treasure Town

- Followed (-400)
- Move Loss (-200)
- Distrusted (-100)
- Unlucky (0)

As someone who's new to this, being a Human who's afraid of pokemon to an actual pokemon is kinda odd. I mean I got over my fear and there's no team rocket. So I have a few burning questions about all this.

So, I was given a choice of Pokemon for my PokeForm and I went with Charmander. I owned Pokemon Red, and my starter for that game was Charmander. It was also the only Pokemon I had in last Jump. So while I'm a Pokemon, and finally I can hold a real conversation with Alex. I've been informed that I'm a defective Charmander. Only having three moves. At least I don't need moves for physical stuff.

It wasn't long before we started getting bullied by Team Meanie. They loved to pick on us. They kept trying steal our stuff, what bunch of assholes. Despite being defective I sure can keep up with the best, it was like I was in perfect harmony with my body. Also I noticed a bond with Alex, like we were tied together in a way that we were one.

For most part we explored, after doing main story. Alex and me evolved into Charizards. Something that Alex never got to do before. I'm also first one to admit I never pick up romantic clues, until it's painfully obvious. Who knew that alex would pounce and lay a big fat one on the snout?

I thought I was unlucky in romance as I was in Jump. We never did find a lot of items. Just some ribbons. I guess that's alright. It was fun just exploring, and battling. After 10 years of being a Pokemon, I think I'm about to have my answers answered.

>> No.38311800

>Bound demons
You sure that is a good idea?

>> No.38311802

no anon, just make it work on burning nature for fuel and you have a perpetual energy machine

>> No.38311817

> 2015
> Not binding demons

No Anon, you are the demon.

>> No.38311843

I don't get fascination with binding demons/daemons.

>> No.38311911
File: 115 KB, 800x1150, maximumenthusiasm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...hold on a minute

>alliance with zoats in Light of Terra: pseudo-tyranid tech
>Ar Tonelico towers can be partly biological in nature
>perpetual energy machine schematics from Invader Zim
>terraforming machine from Godzilla
>nanoswarm from Iji can drain energy from things
>All Spark Chosen, Master Builder and Cybertronian Forge

I'm not /quite/ sure where I'm going with this, but I take back everything I said, this is an awesome perk

>> No.38311947

no anon, you are the orbital sound based death lazer.(that still works in space, it vibrates existence or something)

>> No.38311982

So I picked Alien in The Sims 3 Jump just for the ability to impregnate men. Who else picked Alien for that reason?

>> No.38311992

>All this talk of binding demons.

I'm pretty sure Red isn't into that, jumpers. If she is: great. But she's gone on record as not being into lewd.

>> No.38312010

Under the event where you chose not to start with a Pokemon at all in Pokemon Trainer, would the first and only Polemon you catch be your partner instead under starter import in Mystery Dungeon?

>> No.38312011

Two awful posts in a row.

>> No.38312043

It took me a moment. Still pretty bad mon, and I'm into that sort of thing.

>> No.38312052
File: 2.68 MB, 415x233, 1400218185988.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, what's going on in this th-



>> No.38312187

I don't think the CYOA is designed in mind with the idea you would /not/ choose a starter but that seems a reasonable assumption, yes

>> No.38312224

Oh come on, the binding joke was funny!

>> No.38312268

Is this some kind of scheme to catch and quasi-starter a Legendary?

>> No.38312364

I took damned in pokemon and had a certain somebody give me sanity distorting nightmares every other night. Then I caught the bastard with a master ball. And now it falls in love with me. Multiverse's biggest tsundere.

>> No.38312390

So, how many problems in-Jump can you solve just using the Horse Talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures? I'm pretty sure everyone loves me in Dark Souls.

>> No.38312394

I'm so glad I don't pokewaifu, it makes it so much easier to ignore certain posts.

>> No.38312405
File: 52 KB, 583x405, idonteven.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As worrying as that spoiler is, I have to admit that from a gameplay perspective pokemon-human relations are largely defined by humans ordering pokemons to beat each other up, then stuff them inside of little balls and then wait until they become loyal before repeating the process

>> No.38312408

Nobody really cares or needs to be informed of your disdain or that you're ignoring them.

>> No.38312432

As many as can be fixed with a greatly buffed Medi-Gun from TF2, I guess. Or I dunno, elder scrolls healing buffed with Thousand Master Conjoined Conjures'd with Dresden Files and supplemented by Magic Troll if you wanna be a mix of Merlin and Dr House

>> No.38312435

Horse talisman could be fairly useful as long as you sneeze on it if I recall or was that just another means of activating it I forget.

>> No.38312490

This is why I chose not to be a trainer. No different than a bunch of low lives making dogs mawl each other to death. I'm treating my Darkrai with some proper care and respect.

>> No.38312503


You caught Darkrai with a master ball.

While having no Pokemon.

Nor, presumably, any other powers (assuming the standard Pokemon first thing).

Despite Darkrai being in your mind and presumably knowing what you're planning.

Legendaries are kinda scary. It strikes me that the most likely result of this plan is that, with its high Speed, Darkrai attacks you first and probably one-shots you, banishing you home before you accomplish any of your plans.

>> No.38312515

The Horse Talisman is also a curse-breaker. First episode with it, outright curing a petrification spell. Plus instant 100% curing is always nice.

Later on they just use it, point and heal style.

Hell, it'd get the metal shards out of Tony Stark's chest because it's THE healer.

>> No.38312577

Huh. That's cool I guess. I just like healing beams myself; would rather rig up a medi-gun with outer-Jump enhancements to break curses 'n stuff

Well, good on ya. Thought you'd be having it for dinner instead.

Though...>>38312503 raises a good point. It is a Legendary, and you don't even have shounen protagonist perks yet to diplomance it

>> No.38312580

I seem to recall the text for those drawbacks saying ... wait, no, I guess you CAN catch Darkrai. You just can't catch whatever legendary is actively hunting you. Still agreeing with >>38312503 though.

>> No.38312628

I'm not sure if you can break a curse that is so deeply ingrained into humanity's very essence by pointing a magic rock at it.

>> No.38312631

I'm gonna have to agree with >>38312503. The idea that you could overpower Darkrai on your first jump, so easily, without all the majority of your fanwanked combos is... very very unbelievable to say the least.

It's almost as bad as Gold saying he can beat Darkrai in a battle of the mind with his pokemon-level psychic powers alone.

>> No.38312635

I have plans involving seizing power from Team Rocket and Plasma with a combination of espionage, cyber warfare, and guns. After I manage to secure my position, I'm taking a ship to Full Moon island for Cresselia's feather which she drops as soon as you encounter her as protection against Darkrai's dream based abilities. Then, it's a matter of catching him off guard by sending a few grunts as distraction.

>> No.38312641
File: 128 KB, 635x478, Big_O_-_Armor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Am I doing this right?


Name: Celandine "Panzer" Fausti

2000 CP

Age: 16 (rolled)

Officio: 2nd (rolled 15)

Origin: Eversor

Skills: Contracted (Free) Made the pact
Swole (100cp) Huge!
-Swoler (100cp) HUGE!
--Swolest (100cp) HUUUUUUUGE!
Shit Brickhouse (300cp) Regen and endurance

Items: Apartment (free) Room and board
Cash (50cp) Dosh for whatever is necessary
Grief Seed x3 (50cp) Bought an extra one
Masterwork Weapon (600cp) Huge gauntlets with pressurized pistons inside, "Hands of the Goddess"
Golden Weapon (600cp) Cursed weapon
-Import Golden Weapon(100cp) Make masterwork weapon golden weapon, amp up the power boost

You Had My Curiosity (+200) Pinky is watching
-Now You Have My Attention (+400) Pinky can directly cause suffering and fuck shit up
Holding Back The Darkness (+400) (max 1000) Arrived shortly before WPN, gotta fight it
-Procession of the Damned (+200) (max 1000) Join the poor bastards who had to fight it in Japan

Goals: Flying uppercut Walpurgisnacht (dream big!)

>> No.38312645

I dont know who that is.

>> No.38312665

On one hand, demon sorcerer's magic rock, on the other, there are quite a few other curses to break. Like Queelag Spider Butt.

>> No.38312673

Oh, I know I can't beat him head on. That's why in the few moments when he loses grip on where I am from having the feather, I'll come in for the capture. I know the risks, but I know it's not impossible either.

>> No.38312685
File: 153 KB, 1185x720, 1414011845023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>casually taking over two Pokemon criminal organizations
>the Great Devourer claiming to have subtlety
>thinking you can just find Cresselia as easy as in the game
>thinking you can make her cooperate just as easily
>thinking Darkrai won't try to screw you over the second he realizes what's going on

>> No.38312686

I honestly don't think Dakrai is one of those legendaries that can't be beat and captured. He needs a well trained pokemon team, though.

>> No.38312724

Ok, that's something more like an actual plan. It doesn't sound terribly feasible, though; you just can't get ahead in the Pokemon world without having Pokemon.

> it's not impossible
Let me put it this way. Given everything you know about the Pokemon universe, what percentage chance would you say that your plan has of succeeding perfectly? Would you be willing to roll to see if it works?
More to the point, would you actually be willing to risk all the future power and potential you could get in the rest of your chain, instead of, say, getting a Lucario or something to leverage type advantage?

> defeating Darkrai with pokemon-level psychic power
> Darkrai is totally immune to psychic power

>> No.38312734

Lonely dragon-human crossbreed, with a fluffy tail. Optional boss from Dark Souls.

Look, it's not /physically/ impossible but as >>38312685 points out you're just one kid, proposing to take over TWO criminal organizations, get the guaranteed cooperation of Cresselia without being a pokemon protagonist, navigate the entire world seamlessly and assuming that Darkrai is an idiot who will let you plan ahead of it, all the while maintaining the mental and physical stamina to shrug off psychic assaults and/or criminal assault.

Besides, if we're talking about pokemon morality-the system may have issues, but what happens to all those abandoned pokemons owned by the criminal trainers? Assuming you haven't gunned them down during your little misadventure

>> No.38312777
File: 201 KB, 682x1023, laughingfatty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>immune to psychic power

oh my sides

Credit where it's due, Gol /did/ mention Darkrai fucked him and his starter up real bad during the struggle. Did not know about the immunity thing until today though; hope the guy has a backup plan because this one ain't gonna work.

>> No.38312789

Rolled 1 (1d3)

...Fair point. Though I'm quite adamant on not taking a starter, I don't think I'm apposed to changing up my build to include Aura. I'll see what I can do.

And for the dice roll, let's give it a shot for shits and giggles. 1 or 2 is a fail, 3 is a success.

>> No.38312802
File: 20 KB, 251x251, 1390522877573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rolled 1 (1d3)
Not just a fail, a CRITICAL fail.

The great devourer gets devoured.

>> No.38312823

But if there is no Great devourer how can he keep the universes in check from making too many universes?

>> No.38312825

Oof. Guess I'm taking Aura then.

>> No.38312844
File: 256 KB, 599x387, considerthefollowing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aura vs Psionics

Ah yes, the old question. Jumpers-which did you pick and why? Or did you pick both?

Savant is fine, too

>> No.38312850

To be fair, those organizations seem to get regularly Routed by twelve year olds on a whim. One just wants money (which you can figure out tons of ways to get it legitimately very quickly in Pokeverse), the other is a bunch of Eco-Terrorists who are complete pushovers to anyone who threatens enough. Just convince them that Darkrai is forcing some trainers to battle their pokemon repeatedly and they'll fall in line.

>> No.38312869

Savant because my memory is shit in real life.

>> No.38312876

Savant. Their will be plenty of opportunities to acquire magical powers of many different flavors. I personally would rather shore up my mind, and my basic capabilities.

>> No.38312878

Savant is mandatory, it's just way too good. I'm taking Aura personally because it's fighting type, versus Darkrai's dark type.

>> No.38312883

I took both. Because why not? I want to spend my time exploring the human/pokemon link and the largely untapped potential of humanity in the pokemon world. Getting a head start by already having aura and psychic potential and knowledge is very helpful to that goal.

>> No.38312887

Savant and Aura.

>> No.38312890

There is another. I think Valeria was turning into like... Rule 63 MoeAnon or something with how she was devouring everything.

Yes, but they also had pokemon and a metric shitton of plot armor. MoeAnon has none of these. He's fucked bad.

>> No.38312891

Does this mean I could try and do the same with one of the friendlier legendaries like Lugia?
I'm sure it would be incredibly difficult but I'd kill to get either a Lugia or Entei.
I'd even give up one arm.

>> No.38312908

Lugia is a lot friendlier than Darkrai, but you still want to have a team of strong pokemon. While it's unlikely Lugia will hurt you, it's extremely unlikely Lugia would consider joining you unless you can broke to it that you're a strong, brave, and capable trainer.

>> No.38312923

Prove. Don't ask me how that turned into broke.

>> No.38312924


>> No.38312938

Savant makes most of my builds. Especially early on, because that accuracy in Modern Action Movie where I get Practiced Practice & Still Got It? The memory is great too.

>> No.38312942

By stealing all it's valuables, cash, friends, and job?

>> No.38312969 [SPOILER] 
File: 93 KB, 500x650, 1424889754153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, Dark types are outright immune to Psychic type attacks. It's kinda their thing.

Savant. And not really any Pokemon, actually.

I fanwanked that my Inceptor managed to usurp the role, somehow. I am becoming increasingly suspicious that his continued presence is actually doing terrible things to the worlds I pass through. Pic related?

>> No.38313014

To add, I went with Pokeglot because reasons.
Actually it's less "I gotta have Pokeglot" and more "Don't want psionics. Don't want Aura. Savant is bullshit. Save stats is heretical bullshit"

>> No.38313021

Actually, I should add I usually take Psionics as well because human Psychics in Pokemon are capable of crazy stuff. Including turning people into dolls and teleporting.


>> No.38313044
File: 703 KB, 960x1920, Gijinka_Lugia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd hope that I could convince it without having any previous pokemon so I can import it into PMD but that'd be so much harder than having a team with me.
The plan would be to have the Hermit perks along with Aura so that I can take a diplomatic route and still have some offensive abilities. (I always have to pick pokeglot)

Then again this all assumes that it would be possible to import the first catch like that.

>> No.38313055

I think partner is only the one you get at the start of pokemon cyoa, as an import.

>> No.38313059
File: 326 KB, 561x590, 1368305801344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aura and Savant.

Empathic senses along with blasting spheres and barriers? Starting out? That's a pretty nice set of moves for a kid, and I'm sure it'll become more useful as time goes on. Savant is just because I feel I don't have a good memory or intellect... so obscene calculation skills along with perfect memory AND good aiming skills? Hell, that's quite a find for me. I feel fairly confident that I can survive fairly well with that.

>> No.38313071
File: 87 KB, 204x221, 1362888946715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38313077
File: 130 KB, 800x906, 8653651e0b9083c0182a0ccaf0b8c49a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mechanic and Technician. Both.
Even way back in Pokemon I was a gearhead. I kept my motorcycle in perfect order, and my prosthetic leg was always working fine, even when I had to replace parts. I had a tool set and a bandana and it was awesome. All my friends knew that I was the one to go to if they were having tech problems.

I got Aura in PMD, though, by virtue of being a Riolu. And Hyperkinesis. My reaction time shot way up in that jump. It was actually really cool, because I could tell the very stark and obvious difference immediately, and I didn't even have new memories to muck around with the realization.
That kind of thing doesn't really happen anymore, what with all the stacking and diminished returns.

>> No.38313124

Yeah, I was just going with the others mentioning it as a possibility. If it was possible I'd definitely want to try it but as it is I don't think it is.

>> No.38313170

I won't lie. The Savant+Hyperkinesis combo starting right out is bleeding sick.

I'm fairly certain I began laughing like a lunatic at realizing just how far I had been improved.

>> No.38313202

You know there is a move that lets you affect dark types with psychic power, Miracle Eye.

>> No.38313228

Which is also good for boosting your accuracy (by negating their evasion boosts), if I recall correctly.

>> No.38313230

So jumpers, what style of combat do you prefer? Hand to hand, and getting up close and personal with your foes? Ranged combat, with guns, magic, or some other means? Do you like to sit back on the sidelines and let your companions do the fighting? Or some combination of styles?

I prefer a fusion, really. A combination of Monkey and Tiger styles from Wuxia, the Ruyi Jingu Bang, a fusion of ki and fire techniques, and any gun styles I can pick up. I like knowing I have options when going into fights.

>> No.38313302
File: 101 KB, 200x204, 6b1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hand to hand with guns.

>> No.38313314

Hand to Hand or using my Sword

>> No.38313325

Fists+Magic. I muscle wizard.

>> No.38313346

I usually default to mixing Hamon with Waterbending, usually while wielding some kind of slender fencing blade.

>> No.38313360
File: 69 KB, 294x467, Lucky☆Star.full.62259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty adept at Drunken Fist and Aikido styles, swordfighting (I prefer one sword), and am a crack shot with a sniper rifle.
Mostly if I'm not fucking around I just hurl magic at people, though. In ridiculous displays of overkill. The other stuff is all practically just showmanship.
That's if I don't just get some 'bots to do it for me, anyway.

>> No.38313385

You use waterbending with a weapon?

>> No.38313402

Summoning is my usual 'combat style'. I have magic that lets me teleport 'minions' and 'objects' to me (Kirby's Royal Magic), so I can basically conjure up robot armies (provided that I've built them in advance).

If I'm seriously fighting, that's basically how I do it; I summon Bolos and various auxiliaries into the positions they request, enhancing their tactical mobility while staying out of the front lines (usually because things that I fight seriously against are things that pose an actual threat to me).

All the rest of my techniques, powerful though they are, more or less constitute "not fighting seriously". Serious opponents are Kaiju-level threats that need to be hit with Kaiju-level firepower; anything less I can easily subdue via a variety of lesser means, which I play around with at whim.

>> No.38313404

Do you not?

>> No.38313405

You can use bending with different styles, so waterbending with a weapon is possible. And add in the hamon and it sounds like a pretty good combination to me.

>> No.38313410

Ok using the omniscience build you guys helped me with as well as various rumor spreading and charisma buffs feeding faith power to me as a god I am about to jump dresden. Once there I plan on making my own version of the archive, binding all the worlds knowledge into one book similar to the book of sands. textbook sized.

You think this is gonna piss people off?

>> No.38313411

Adaptability from Wuxia. I combine it with various reflex and body coordination perks (mostly Hyperkinesis) to repeatedly strike the same point with narrow blasts of pressurized water.

>> No.38313421

Not something we see with waterbending in the show, though. It's the only bending nobody's used with weapons.

>> No.38313430

Giant swamp mecha and ice blades dont count?

>> No.38313436

I wouldn't could roots and a piece of ice as weapons by my consideration, no. I think you knew what I meant too.

>> No.38313448
File: 161 KB, 720x405, 1267323413735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plenty of things.

It could be using my bow, it could be using my Ruyi Jingu Bang, it could be swording things up, it could be martial arts, it could be using pistols or my buster cannons, it could be a metric shitton of magic, it could be scheming!

Different situations call for different actions. I like to think of my fighting style as "grab bag". In the sense that I'll have more tricks than the other guy.

>> No.38313457

Savant and Psionics. Get on my level, scrub.

>> No.38313468
File: 99 KB, 225x350, luolang3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In our FINAL, true form? Fusion. Not out of choice necessarily; at that point we're a massive glitch in reality larger than some landmasses with tentacles, eyes and fists forming and disappearing in midair in a vaguely kaleidoscopic pattern, bathed in lilac-white fire and an information-component playing havoc with the very fabric of reality itself. At which point ability usage starts becoming...very esoteric.

Strangely enough? Our human form's combat style is the basic sword and board, honed through millennia of experience.

Except the "board" is an incredibly buffed portal, and the "sword" is an extendable blade onna stick involving components like the sword Galaxia, the Tisiphone Edge, the Scarlet Devil's Sister's Lance and the Lance of Longinus. Basically, we're wielding weapons of mass destruction Link-style

When unarmed and in human form, we default to wrestling. Mainly lucha libre, but with elements of jujitsu, systema, pankration and judo thrown in for flexibility

>> No.38313478

They make weapons from water, but sometimes steel is better.

>> No.38313493

Yes. And everyone who ain't pissed off will want you on their team.

Good luck dealing with the personifications of winter and summer as well as 3 whole courts of vampires, being pressured into accepting a fallen angel into your head and fighting off eldritch abominations which are immune to almost all DF magic.

>> No.38313564

For my Party Jumper Van build: nerve strikes if I'm being non-lethal, yelling if I am being lethal. Exploud could kill a man casually by yelling (since they can make earthquakes by sound alone) and thanks to PMD I can too. Not to mention the Thu'um. Also sound is really hard to block.

>> No.38313592 [SPOILER] 
File: 191 KB, 500x594, 1424893082641.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, I didn't intend for perks to be stackable, but there's precedent I guess...
>Celandine "Panzer" Fausti

>> No.38313609

Ive got a shoggoth form and magic from y
twelve jumps, and my tech is magic proof thanks to banjo. I think I can hold them off if not win. Im pretty much immune to mind magic now too, time magic could possibly hurt me though...

>> No.38313639

Bloodbend self

>> No.38313713

I'm not going to lie: I don't think shoggoth form would stand up to the true heavyweights in DF. Then again the true heavyweights never show up personally when they can get their minions to slow you down and cripple you, to set up forcing you to come onto their turf where your powers are weakened.

Where'd you get immunity to mind magic from? Some DF mental whammies are based around the human mind recoiling in horror from looking at something explicitly eldritch. Nemesis, the probably BBEG, is a viral consciousness that can hijack the minds of things which normally cannot have their minds hijacked, like fallen angels (or at least their hosts) and Winter Sidhe

>> No.38313729

>sword and board
>sword and sword
>blaster mage
Using hybrid from smite to channel my multiple sources of wind magic through my weapons, meaning they fly around at mach speeds. My personal combat form is some bizzare combination of shadows wind and lighting that makes me hella fast. All my secondary weapons are enchanted to explode with a ton of power all at once and then discarded in a technique involving requip and quickdraw talents. I can activate my boots of blinding speed plus my nonsight based senses to fight at utterly rediculous speeds. My primary weapon is just a sword enchanted to be magicaly sharp and destructive without ever running out. Modify my own movement with the hybrid and wind powers mentioned up earlier plus enchanted to all hell armor designed to not restrict movement. Overall, a blindingly fast fucker. If someone really pisses me off I pull out the black lance, which is a mage spell designed to go through magic resistance.

>> No.38313748

Ive been stacking mind protection buffs since day 1. Ive also got a helm of thorn that I have been enchanting since marvel, though actually Im not sure if it works against dresden magic, do out of jump magics work against in jump magics?

>> No.38313841

also you can get psi in other jumps, but aura is a bit more unique

>> No.38313852
File: 2.93 MB, 2500x2500, Shg2_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> the human mind recoiling in horror from looking at something explicitly eldritch
> shoggoth form

I seriously doubt a Shoggoth is going to care about seeing eldritch horrors. This is explicitly a post-Lovecraft inhuman abomination, who has seen far worse. When it sees another horror through its dozens of spontaneously forming and melting eyes, it mutters "Tekeli-li" in seventeen voices, and the horror notes it as a rival, not mere prey.

>> No.38313877

Hence why I took it. Seriously I can take the stabs burns and bullets but dont fuck with my mind. Thats ME in there.

>> No.38313902

Now as someone who went Shoggoth as well, I'd worry about the Winter Court since they are constantly fighting off Eldritch abominations from swarming the Nevernever. But a Shoggoth seeing this that should not be just walked by a mirror.

>> No.38313941

From what Ive seen they dont seem to bother with the ones who make it passed the wall though.

>> No.38313957

Kirby has a hellishly useful perk giving a COMPLETE immunity to mind control.

Immunity to "recoiling in horror"... Pretty sure there is something for that in at least 1/4 of the jumps. Can't name any right away... Anyone?

>> No.38313974

So, I was thinking while I was watching Fairy Tail. The Guild kinda falls apart during the 7-year timeskip. What with the Guildmaster and all the big-name Wizards being in stasis, and presumed dead.

What if the Jumper purposely doesn't go to Tenrou Island? For the purpose of keeping the Guild together, and getting everyone working/training.

>> No.38314001

I was thinking more that-the shoggoth is still, in the grand scheme of things, a type of sufficiently advanced alien. Specifically a slave race that outlived its masters. And the jump /does/ specifically state you retain a human mind.

To be fair, it's not physically seeing DF horrors that brings the hurt-it's trying to view them on a spiritual level. On the other hand-their mental attacks are VERY good. As in-wizards who have more experience in mind magic, and who specifically prepped to defend against it, than Dresden have been utterly outclassed by their mental whammies as well as their complete immunity to conventional magic. Probably nothing short of, I dunno, the circlet from Adventure Time (it does block the Lich's mind attack, which works in a similar manner) or the Helm of Xorn could tank it; it's implied to be a spiritual sort of corruption.

>> No.38314003

Guild civil war.

>> No.38314064

I have the circlet, I incorporated it into my helm of thorn. I got it the same time I got the glasses of nerdicon.

>> No.38314118

Perhaps "falls apart" was the wrong word
Everyone stayed in the guild. They just stopped going on jobs, stopped training, and got really depressed.
One of them threw himself into food so much he bloated up like a whale

>> No.38314142

You could take the lead in the guild if you are charismatic enough, or you could go to the island and get everyone out of there before it goes boom. Hell just get Doranbolt to stick around until they actually need to evacuate, and have him teleport them to the ships.

>> No.38314213

I stayed and kept the guild going while they where gone, it seemed the best thing to do.

>> No.38314231
File: 113 KB, 490x700, 13741903_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> trying to view them on a spiritual level

That seems like a bad idea, really; one of the flaws of DF-style magic. But there's a lot of Basilisks in the world, and you generally want protection against that kind of thing, not increased awareness of them.

Speaking personally, I replaced my eyes with quasi-equivalent digital sensors in Transmetropolitan, which lets me run my vision is through a variety of filters and processes before it even reaches my brain. The resultant modification to incoming visual data should be enough to scramble most basilisks, but if necessary, I can switch my visual processing more or less off entirely, falling back on symbolic 'matrix-like' pseudo-visual perception, in addition to my array of nonvisual senses.

>> No.38314304
File: 1.98 MB, 250x200, 1424816939313.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let me go back and check.

Looks like Mechanic and Savant.

I'd have taken Technician, but I really needed Freerunning.

>> No.38314328

Final Version. Fixed some spelling and grammar errors.

>> No.38314542
File: 341 KB, 505x614, heyyouwatchyagonnado.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38314573
File: 769 KB, 1434x1434, 1385176351702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38314791

It'd piss Natsu off massively knowing he was overtook in power by the weaker ones I bet.
Wasn't there a scene like that between him and the sand guy?
Try and recruit the twin dragonslayers while you're there.

>> No.38314855

Sure, why not
I'll also make Jet and Droy be like the Edolas Versions of themselves, you know, really freaking strong.

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