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Whats up /tg/, So I need you to be my Dr. Phil today.

I've been a GM for about 8 years now, I used to run campaigns at school classrooms and now in a college dorm.
Long story short, a 7/10 chick has decided to hang out with our group of friends. We don't party, we don't drink and we don't go out much. So why? I don't know. I think she watched too much big bang theory or just wants new friends. But we let her in our circle because she seemed nice.

One day she saw us play pathfinder and she wanted to try. We showed her the ropes on how to play the game and how to roleplay. She liked it a lot and she still plays with us.

HOWEVER, I've been fumbling all over the place ever since, spilling spaghetti and making stupid rule/plot mistakes. My PC's get distracted by her too. Even if she smells nice, looks nice or has cleavage ITS ALL A DAMN DISTRACTION. PCs even got into a fight in-character because they wanted to fight over her in a strange meta fictional way - like they mean it in real life but at the same time they don't. It's getting really weird but we'll miss her if we kick her out.

What can I do as a GM /tg/?
FUCK why is life so hard?

Pic not related but still a girl.

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Just get control of your goddamn dick and then treat her like you would any other person who treats you like she happens to be treating you.

There's no complex solution to this.

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Orgy, clears everything up.

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God made girls to make you stumble and keep you humble.

Deal with it.

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Tell her to bring female friends

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You know what to do.

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Apply your D.

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Remember that the best way to get her respect is to treat her as just another person, and focus more on "being her friend and fellow player" than on "getting in her pants."

Remember also that she has or probably will gain a boyfriend who is outside the group regardless of your actions. That's just how it goes.

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Ok, tip: see her and treat her like one of the guys. She will feel accepted, part of the group, AND will instictively feel your confidence and "uninterestedness", which might get her interested in you. If its important that all your group be less clumbsy around ger, share this tip with them too.

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Are you 16 or less? if not, you should be able to function in relation to human beings.

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Whack off before you DM to clear your head.

No, not in the bathroom of the game store you minge. Do it before you leave the house.

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Ask her to suck your dick off before the session, so you can focus.

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Is actually right if you're that easily distracted by a pair of tits. Tell the other guys to do so as well - just (I don't know why but I feel like I have to stress that point) don't tell them with her present. And make sure they don't DO it with her present. Basically do not talk or do anything genitalia-related in her presence.

is also right but let's keep it realistic.

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>What can I do as a GM /tg/?
Grow up.

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You need to what you want.
You can try to get in her pants seriously or just play with her as a fellow gamer, but if you stay between the two you will certainly fail at both.
Want to have a relationship ? Ask her out.
Don't want to ? Find something that cockblocks you and move on.

BTW, does she have a BF ? Simply mentionning it usually works wonder to calm the most exited young males.

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>you need to DECIDE what you want.

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Fuck her and let everyone else know you're doing it. Some of them will quit in a bitter bitch fit, but it's for the best.

He's not the only one doing it.

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Alternatively, apply your /d/.

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This is probably one of the most beta things I've ever read.

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Literally the only answer.

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You sound so beta it hurts. And i'm beta.

get your shit together, she probably has a boyfriend already

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You have 3 options
1. Try to get in there. Results may vary between failure or alienating most of the group that likes her.
2. Treat her like a friend rather than a potential partner. You don't need to bang everything despite what some.... /d/eviants say
3. Point it out to her and see's what she says.
Like most humans people are willing to compromise, just don't ever be a dick and say you can't come.

As you said she could be deliberately looking for a nerdy boyfriend or she could be honestly looking for a group of people to get to know.

The key point is don't be a dick.

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What is love
Baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me no more
Baby don't hurt me
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Oh, I don't know why you're not there
I give you my love, but you don't care
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I know we're one, just me and you
I can't go on
What is love
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Is it love
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Whoa whoa whoa, oooh oooh
Whoa whoa whoa, oooh oooh
What is love?
kill yourself

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I maintain that the quality of /tg/ would improve immensely if the 4chan administration hired all the virgin posters a hooker for the night.

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Ayup. Go watch hardcore porn, rub one out and desensitize yourself to the sight of boobs.

Believe me, tits become a lot less distracting when you have them around you more often.
And your balls aren't approximating the color of the sky.

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Wacking off probably won't solve your problems as well as everyone in here is suggesting. It will relax you but those thoughts won't go away. In fact, your attraction to her will probably increase. Like does anyone in here stop feeling horny for the rest of the day after they jack off? I could pretty much keep jacking off every hour as long as I had stimulus and fluids. Pretty much only actual sex seems to put my drive to rest.

When you like a girl, which it seems that you do, you can pretty much just fumble around her until you either miraculously get her to go out with you or until she's not cool with it. Alternatively, you can try and bring another girl into the group. Having two girls might distribute the tension a bit so you're not just fixated on one and your horniness doesn't feel as purposeful.

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Take a shot and win/lose and get it outta your system and move on.

Or be a fucking scummy pussy who can't deal with his feelings and fucking let the ballhurt consume you until you drop your spaghetti in a fucking festival of autism.

Because the second scenario will happen sooner or later.

You will drop your spaghetti.

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It does not solve the underlying problem but it releases tension.
Sure he could fap till his arm falls off.
But most people should be a lot cooler around others after a good fapping. Especially if you fap regularly you should take the edge off the urge.

And there's a simple trick. Look at the girl and think about everything related to her period.
That should do the trick, for all non-fetishists.

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Doing it over long periods of time reduces your sensitivity breasts and shit like that. At least that's how it works in my experience

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Sit down and talk with your players. If she was an anonymous account name playing via roll20, would they act this way? You all need to learn that females are just reskinned males and that you shouldn't make a big deal over them.

The condition in which the happiness of another is essential to your own. This isn't a difficult question. Don't complicate it.

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>implying males aren't reskinned females
have sex with everyone

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As a guy who's sampled from the full buffet table, men are hairy and gross and hard and make gross noises. Chicks are soft and delicate and smooth.

Gay sex is straight sex for plebs.

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>"uninterestedness", which might get her interested in you.

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I ~am~ a big fan of Courage Wolf's advice: "if it's pretty, fuck it. There is no gay. "

But to be realistic, there is a serious problem with the perpetuation of the myth that males and females are fundamentally different. They really aren't.

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I know man.

I've passed up so many amazing girls because I thought ignoring girls actually worked.

>yeah gurl
>im so aloof and mysterious
>just like an anime hero
>psss... nothin personnell gurl

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Life gets so much easier when you stop putting the pussy on a pedestal

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>that fucking feel
>that moment when I realized anime logic doesn't carry to IRL
>the subsequent years of semi-reliable poon

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Phoenix is a defense attorney.

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Doesnt sound like shes being disruptive, or that her behavior is off. You dont have to be awkard/overweight/nerdy to have an interest in this hobby.
I suggest you and your group get your shit together and just accept her. If none of you can handle spending time around an attractive/friendly girl - she'll be gone soon enough and you can all go back to the safety of your bubble.

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Your face is a defense attorney.

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Convince her to wear comfy clothes to sessions, because they're supposed to be generally relaxing and fun.

Congratulations, she will now be wearing baggy clothing/hoodies which will negate most of her sex appeal enough for you to control your boner.

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No need to worship women, but they - are - different. There's a big biologic difference, and on top of that they're both often raised differently.

>inb4 biology means nothing
If anyone says that there is no use arguing because they went of the deep end.

>inb4 u saying women can't be this or that?
No but men and women have different propensity for things.

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Not gonna lie, chicks in cuddly warm clothes are the best.

>> No.38287369

Common midconception, ignoring just means you don't treat her special or like a women you want to bang. Just like some random person.

>> No.38287371

>females are just reskinned males

That is not actually true.

They are the default state of the species homo sapien, upon which maleness is a modification.
Insofar males and females of the human species are markedly different in several absolute and gradual ways.
This is then further modified, codified and cemented by social convention.

But for the intends of modern RPG, they are mainly also human. They may have markedly different views of certain things if not privy to the savvy veteran RPers mindset. However, given a proper introduction and experience with male social structure they usually fit in quite well because they are still human.

Now the main causes of friction will usually be the difference between male and female socialization and the different mindsets regarding certain activities as they appear mainly in gaming. Like how killing common enemies is not seen as a big deal, mostly and how deadly fights are being the norm rather than an extreme event.
But, while outlooks towards specific activities central to the game can be adjusted with relative ease, differences in socialization take more time and effort to bridge.
Usually because the mechanisms of conflict resolution are different.

Naturally the social dynamics generally change with overall mixed groups as opposed to a single male/female in a group of the opposite sex.

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Love it when girls wear casual comfy clothes

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>Convince her to wear comfy clothes to sessions

>she comes to the session wearing a comfy woollen sweater
>with a boobwindow

>> No.38287407

It's not a comfy woollen sweater if it has a boob window.

>> No.38287424


That's just a hole for draughts.

>> No.38287438

But if it has no window, she's going to get all hot and sweaty under that sweater. And the perfect little pearls of sweat will roll down from her bosom, around her cute navel and ever ownwards into the steaming pink folds of her...

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Well yeah, duh. A woman in a baggy sweater and loose jeans is more attractive than one in a bikini, because when thdy pay attention to you they are respecting you (in that they think you are more than just an easily manipulated and over-hormonal adolescent) and themselves (as they are displaying confidence in their own ability to hold your attention withojt displaying the parts of themselves society says men fixate on).

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Courage Wolf is life and light.

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You need to play with people who aren't sad, pathetic virgins.

>> No.38287466

Steaming and pink. Yes, because uncomfortably warm clothes always arouse women.

/tg/ has strange ideas about sex.

>> No.38287480

>this is what virgins actually believe

"Ignore" as in don't put her on a pedestal, you fucking mongoloids.

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They are though, biologically and mentally. This is actual, scientifically proven fact.

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Please leave and never come back.

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Anon, the word 'ignore' is a fairly specific and fixed-meaning word. It's not something like postmodernism or cultural marxism that can mean whatever you want it to at a given time.

>> No.38287513

Actually they called that one Insanity Wolf.
Most of his advices concerned activities deemed criminal in all societies.

No, man. I was just trying to demonstrate how baggy sweaters do nothing to stop the fantasies of the blueballed and the determined.

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Goddamn hadjis on my /tg/.

>> No.38287532

He's not wrong

>> No.38287547

>his huge sweeping assumption that women who dress dumpy respect you more than women who dress well is correct

fucking lol'd

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He's not coherant.

Something about bikinis and respect and something that sounded vaguely white-knighty but I cant tell.

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yeah, it gets awkward when it has to leave to work on a case and mfw my face is gone for the day

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Every guy at the table has to convince himself that she'll be happier and more attracted to the ones who don't get thrown off by her presence.

Works pretty well for grills in real life, too. Just takes a bit of practice to avoid swinging the opposite way and acting unnaturally aloof.

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File: 2.81 MB, 1280x720, they took MY FACE.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Depends on what you mean by fundamentally.

>> No.38287579

I refuse to believe that in OP's whole group there's not a single guy capable of flirting.

Shit's so easy.

>> No.38287587

Well that was awkward

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Worst case scenario: You ask her out, she says she'd rather remain just friends.
You agree because you don't wanna lose her as a friend, time slowly goes on and you just have to quietly reminder yourself she doesn't want you.
You try to move on but there's always a little part inside, nagging you wanting what you can't have. You start to wonder what is so wrong with you that she doesn't want you, then you think that there must be something wrong with you and that no woman will want you.

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now imagine that thing just flying off on its own mid-conversation
imagine that face just floating out the door, with nothing attached to it

>> No.38287597

And the guy that originally started that vein didn't use the word "ignore." He described treating her like one of the guys.

No comment on whether that works, but the people arguing against him are the ones changing what he's saying, not him.

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Look, just have a wank before every session. It will clear your head.
Just, wash your hands.

>> No.38287635

And wash your buttcrack.

>jerk off session sweat streaming down your buttcrack

>> No.38287663

She rejects you and you deal with it like a man by not giving a shit anymore, rather asking her to introduce you to her hot friends

>> No.38287719

How fucking intense are your sessions that you develop that much sweat?

>> No.38287749


Motherfucking Wisdom Anon

>> No.38287750

Lets handle this OP

First question, how many people are in your group?

>> No.38287761

Chicks are either the best wingmen you will have, or the absolute worst. And I've yet to experience anything inbetween those two extremes.

>> No.38287821

>girl wingmans me straight on in my first relationship
>shit goes down
>relationship goes down like atlantis
>wingman girl takes off with my ex girlfriend

Ain't even mad. It was a valuable learning experience.

>> No.38287844

It always is. I'm never mad with my exes when we break up.

But that doesn't mean i speak to them ever again

>> No.38287985

I'd like to add that while, yes, there are differences in how women and men socialize overall, and while it's wise to keep these things in mind, but don't automatically assume every girl will function strictly by the rules of their gender. Don't assume they'll have a problem with munchkin-ing, because maybe they don't give a fuck. In short, keep social dynamics in mind, but treat people as individuals.

>> No.38288008

My "comfy" clothes include yoga pants...might want to be careful about that.

>> No.38288018

>Don't assume they'll have a problem with munchkin-ing

My little sister munchkins so hard. Then again, she's a huge WoW freak so she's always going for the new meta.

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I felt this was worth saving, because I believe it's a dilemma for the ages...

best advice I can think of is. do nothing, eventually you will get over it...no I'm not good with women, all of my conquests have been pity fucks from concerned citizens...

>> No.38288063

>best advice I can think of is. do nothing, eventually you will get over it...no I'm not good with women, all of my conquests have been pity fucks from concerned citizens...

If that's your best advice, you might as well shut the fuck up man.

No advice is better than bad advice.

>> No.38288147

>girls in hoodies somehow aren't cute as fuck
>girls in tracksuit bottoms somehow aren't cute as fuck and totally huggable
>girls with their hair loose or just pushed back somehow aren't cute as fuck
Are you a moron? She needs to look too presentable for the neckbeards to feel they have a chance, not like the kind of girl they'd cuddle with on the sofa while watching chinese cartoons.

>> No.38288308

One time my grill players worked out that I occasionally get distracted by bewbs, so they organised to all show up in the most low-cut thing they had available (it was summer, so there were many options).

That was a hard session in more ways than one.

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1. Accept the fact that western women are untrustworthy cunts who view you as a walking wallet/dildo to be disposed of when you are no longer convenient to them.
2. Go to Vietnam, Thailand, China, etc, and obtain a superior east Asian waifu.
3. ??????

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>fuck her maybe once
>wake up missing all your money, electronics and a kidney

>> No.38288456

I'm confused.
Are you talking about the whte woman or the asian one?

>> No.38288487

Have a wank before the session. Turns the hormones off.

>> No.38288495

Asian one obviously.

White people have souls.

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File: 1.29 MB, 1255x1432, uuglack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38288563

Oh yeah. I had one friend who when introduced to our group she says "Can I kill the other players for experience?", it was pretty hilarious. She turned out to be a pretty solid player. Her characters back story was kinda neat too. She was playing a male dwarf but was sort of playing like an elf at times. We all eventually concluded that he was an orphaned elf raised by dwarves. It was fun.

>> No.38288577

virgins...virgins everywhere....

>> No.38288598

>no capitals
>no spaces
>psh.....nothing personnel kid elipses
>surprised by virgins

Welcome to /tg/.

>> No.38288635

>Chinese girls being anything other than overbearing cunts
Even the Chinese disagree with you man. Here's a news article via Chinese /r9k/


>> No.38288789

Grass is always greener on the other side.

> German girls are terrifying bulldozers who will get their way with you, says the German.
>German girls are tall and say what they want, says the Japanese.
>Chinese girls are overbearing control freaks says the Chinese.
>Chinese girls are active and frugal, says the Japanese.
>Japanese girls are deceiving, manipulative cunts who leech away your money, says the Japanese.
>Japanese girls are cute and take care of the home, says the Chinese.
>Japanese girls fly at the first guy to cook and iron his own shit, says the German.

>> No.38288825 [DELETED] 

>Japanese girls are honorary aryans ven zey aid der third reich, says the Germans

>> No.38288897

Basically everyone believes their own women are horrible and other peoples are better, but that isn't true except for Polish girls

>> No.38288921

Polish girls are 8/10.

Tend to be physically good looking, good in bed, personality of a chunk of plywood.

I guess when your whole culture is based around being conquered and eating sausage it doesn't leave much room for anything else.

>> No.38288935

>Conquered and Eating Sausage

Oh my, anon ...

>> No.38288945

>personality of a chunk of plywood.
In my experience it's the other way around.

The looks of a chunk of plywood left out in the rain, and the personality of a party jammed in one person.

>> No.38288961

This accounts for all groups of people. The lesson here is, human beings are all equally shitty in their own unique and wonderful ways.

>> No.38288976

have you tried not being a GM for autistic manchildren?

>> No.38289052

>death grip mode

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I dont even have a reaction pic strong enough for this....

>> No.38289154


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>> No.38289712

Well, I just started sweating profusely when I masturbated because I fucked myself with a prostate stimulator till I leaked from both ends and every pore.
That's way more intense than just fiddling with your funny bits.
I'm still feeling rather exhilarated.

>> No.38289830

>7/10 girl is a distraction.

Sounds like you all need to get out and meet people.

>> No.38290189

more stories plox

>> No.38290246

Just go read trap hentai anon.

>> No.38290273

>can't focus on anything else
My god, I can't imagine being this pathetic.

>> No.38290316

I clench my fist and beat it

>> No.38290359
File: 1.47 MB, 1280x720, dem traps.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably for the best

>> No.38290386

What's this from?

>> No.38290411

6'3" Teutonic conqueror, actually.

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File: 820 KB, 275x207, .................................................................................................................................................yes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38290478

I'm not in OP's group, but that is my fetish.

>> No.38290748

I'm just saying that if a woman shows up to game night dressed like Velma Dinkly and holds conversations all night, i'd ne more attracted to her than if she walked in dressed in a bikini and dangled her tits in my face like you or i would dangle a treat in front of a dog.

>> No.38290765


different kinds of attraction you fag, it's usually nicer to fuck the hot one

>> No.38290783

hotness is fine, but if they aren't intelligent enough I just can't get an erection...

>> No.38290812


Then there is probably something wrong with you, dude. That ain't a matter of preference, that's biology

>> No.38290891

dressed in a bikini and dangled her tits in my face like you or i would dangle a treat in front of a dog.

I'd just say "nice", and offer her a beer. I don't see any problem here

>> No.38290962

Such a beta faggot.

>> No.38291009

>upside down iPhone

What the fuck.

>> No.38291041

It's the same woman. Neither is hotter, but the one that respects me will get my respect and attraction in return.

>> No.38291103

Can we get a sauce on OP's pic?

>> No.38291106


I'm trying to imagine any of this happening in reality and I just can't. Where the hell do you guys get this from?

>> No.38291186

Incidentally, chick in the pic is Love Gisele

>> No.38291252


it's just a hypothetical situation anon

>> No.38291374


Anon. You need to find some *other* chick, and do her. You will then come back with renewed confidence and share this discovery with your tribe. You will lose precious game time, but you will lead your people towards new horizons, towards a world where your whole existence does not hinge on the approval of a single cool chick, and where you don't fall heads over heels in love with the first attractive female in the vicinity.

Truly, you shall become a paragon for nerds everywhere.

>> No.38291532

Stop being a virgin and you'll be fine.

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>mfw this actually worked when I did it. I thought it was bullshit.
If you're just friendly in passing but don't act extremely interested, you actually get more attention. Too much interest -is- a thing.
Maybe it's because I'm cute...? I dunno.

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>That's way more intense than just fiddling with your funny bits.
> fiddling with your funny bits

also because i couldn't find it, i wanted to post the "Now this is podracing".jpg

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