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So, /tg/, what are your experiences with players playing characters with an opposite gender to their own?

What are your own experiences with playing the opposite sex if you dare to share?

Did it come off as magical realm-y?

Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

Did it add to the character in any meaningful way, or was it just blown off as a minor detail?

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I exclusively play female characters because I want to be a girl. I try to make a character I feel would actually be enjoyable to play as well as tell a story with, I dont want my story to entirely be "im a girl". Its pretty much blown off, besides a few minor interactions like when I bought a dress. I would probably engage in more femininity if my group wouldn't all call me gay.

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I just play like a socially well-adjusted human being. I don't go out of my way to call out attention to the fact that my character is a woman. It actually comes as a surprise to the players that weren't paying attention when I introduced her.

Really, the only problem I've had with it is the other players seem weirded out by it for one or maybe two sessions before they figure out I'm not That Guy. Then it's just like any other game where I play a man. Except her gender occasionally comes up in-game or when someone makes a gender related joke, but it's all in good fun.

As for why I cross-play. I'm not going to bullshit you. There IS a certain magical realm desire at work. I just keep that shit contained to fap time. I've also been roleplaying off and on since the 90s. I have lots of experience running male characters and playing a female one that is acceptable at the table in front of other people is a huge challenge that I thought I was not up to, but I'm enjoying now that I feel like I can pull it off. And it was easier than I expected

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I just play like a socially well-adjusted human being. I don't go out of my way to call out attention to the fact that my character is a woman. It actually comes as a surprise to the players that weren't paying attention when I introduced her.

Really, the only problem I've had with it is the other players seem weirded out by it for one or maybe two sessions before they figure out I'm not That Guy. Then it's just like any other game where I play a man. Except her gender occasionally comes up in-game or when someone makes a gender related joke, but it's all in good fun.

As for why I cross-play. I'm not going to bullshit you. There IS a certain magical realm desire at work. I just keep that shit contained to fap time. I have lots of experience running male characters and playing a female one that is acceptable at the table in front of other people is a huge challenge that I thought I was not up to, but I'm enjoying now that I feel like I can pull it off. And it was easier than I expected

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No way sicko. Nobody should ever play outside their born gender. That's why when I DM, there are only male NPCs. ONLY. The people, the animals, the intelligent magic items. No queers here, ya'hear.

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I played my first character's adopted daughter for a little while. Didn't get very far with that, as the campaign devolved quickly. More or less played her as a remake of her father but as a Druid with a sick Gryphon pet instead of a Rogue.

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My college DnD group once let our GM's girlfriend run a campaign and she requested that everyone play a character that was the opposite of our actual gender.

I put in a female halfling sorceress, our normal GM put in a female half-orc barbarian, everyone else put in clones of Red Sonja's slutty cousin. Including our other female player putting in a chainmail speedo male Red Sonja.

We killed the others and had our own adventures. Was awesome.

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I got into the habit of it from playing video games where I want to look at a lady's ass instead of a dude's. It just carried over naturally to d&d.

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I did that once, conceived mine though. Blackguard begat by sorcereress daughter. She favored Necromancy.

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As a new-ish player (I've got about three campaigns under my belt), is this something I should generally avoid, or does experience have nothing really to do with it?

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>So, /tg/, what are your experiences with players playing characters with an opposite gender to their own?
My experiences are singular
>What are your own experiences with playing the opposite sex if you dare to share?
I was a female druid after a chance encounter with an enchanted belt
I summoned elementals and turned into a bear
>Did it come off as magical realm-y?
I don't think so, I didn't even really choose to be female though I did choose to not try to have the curse removed
>Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
I was a druid who summoned elementals and turned into a bear
>Did it add to the character in any meaningful way, or was it just blown off as a minor detail?
A little of both because I was pretty new to dnd and wasn't sure what to do anyway

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I have a chart I roll on for each new character I make. Gender and sexuality.
So far i'ts been leaning towards females of varying sexualities. No lesbians, but one assexual, one hetrosexuals and two bisexuals so far.
Men I've gone with has mostly been straight. 3 straight and one bisexual.

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Female barbarian obsessed with finding a worthy husband to sire her children. Whenever she found a man who was a capable warrior she would try to goad him into fighting her to see if he was a worthy opponent, if she fought them and won she would mock them, if she lost she would attempt to convince them to sire her children.

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2 straights and one bisexual male.
That said.
It's gone well. Around our table it's not really that uncommon. People mostly stick to their own but we're a few that plays a little from all of them.

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This too too good idea!

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It's really a personal thing. Play one when you think you're ready and with a group that you either are already cool with or don't care about. You'll probably make mistakes. Just learn from them for next time. Be prepared to shrug off some silent judgment early on. Try not to take it to a magical realm... unless you're in a group that's cool with that sort of thing. But those are rare.

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I want to erp with my bf but he wants me to play as a male character since I always play female characters in every other campaign-he usually plays females.

Should I be worried, /tg?

I'm kinda annoyed because I pretty much have no choice but to play a male in every video game ever, and now that he's finally agreed that we could try something different wants me to play as as a different gender.

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>What are your own experiences with playing the opposite sex if you dare to share?
Fourteen year-old me's fighter/thief, half-elven, lesbian whose only weapon was a whip.
>Did it come off as magical realm-y?
>Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
As fuck.

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Every cross playing person I've ever been introduced to when playing whatever rpg is weird as fuck.

I always play male because reasons.

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Do what you want

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Do you mean you want to be a girl like everyone on /tg/ wants to be a little girl, or do you mean you want to be a girl, as in your transgender? If you're trans, that's not exactly playing the opposite gender, is it?

Regardless, it sounds like your friends can go fuck themselves. if they think that showing any sign of femininity means you like fucking dudes, it seems like they're probably afraid of something if you catch my drift. Just be yourself, it doesn't really matter if they think you're gay.

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>If you're trans, that's not exactly playing the opposite gender, is it?
It's larping.

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I've recently made a female character for the first time ever. She's a fairy cavalier who rides a dire corgi into battle.

Long story. The short version is I made it for shits and giggles.

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Half of my party is playing people of opposite genders (we're four guys and two girls in person, and three girls three guys in game)
Literally no one gives a shit, they all play well and gender doesn't come up often save with ooc jokes.
It's something that in my opinion should not matter to the players, and should I roll a female in some campaign and someone would have a problem with it then fuck them they can deal with it. It's not like they'll complain if someone plays anything other than a human.
If you're not comfortable with the idea don't.
My best friend ERPs online a lot and when it comes up on conversation he's told me that a lot of straight ERPers will play opposite gendered characters and do what they would like to be done to themselves, so may be something to think about.

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>shits and giggles
Only acceptable reason to be playing a different gender than your own.

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>Only acceptable reason to be playing

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It sounds like you're worried if he's gay or not. Everyone is at least a little bit gay. Even homophobes. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8772014

He's probably just curious about it and you're a safe person to him. Safe enough that he's comfortable to ask it of you. But basically, do this >>38267809 while keeping in mind that he's opened up to you in a pretty damn intimate way.

If he actually is gay, as you worry, and he ends up leaving you... Well, it wasn't going to last in any kind of healthy way regardless and you're both probably better off in the long run.

Also, don't do anything /tg/ says. Ever. Seek actual help if you really need it.

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It really doesn't matter one bit if it comes to ERPing. What is important is for it to be consensual and for at least one party to be a proficient writer in that sort of realm. Otherwise, it just would not be enjoyable, regardless of the genders used.

What you should be worried about is your eloquence (not that I would know how good you are at it, but still). Everything else will come.

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Fair 'nough.

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I played a little girl on a bet. Fairly fun. The idea was she was trying to get enough arcane power to build a body for the ghost of her dead grandfather. Choice quote from the party fighter: "Jesus fucking Christ. Someone just threw a bloodstained death threat tied to a brick through the window, and you're still the creepiest thing in the room."

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You. I like you

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I am currently playing as a little girl, and it doesn't come off as magical realm or Mary Sue. Even better, I play to both the age and gender, though mostly the age I suppose.

She's a summoner with a bear that wants to set everything on fire. Yes, I apologize for nothing. To avoid the lolrandom of the fire bit I ask the 'leader' for permission.

Frankly I'm surprised I was able to juggle so many red flags at one time while still making everyone smile.

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Played a transsexual super-luchador loosely based on pic related. Have been trying to hit on an NPC inspector/elvis impersonator since the begining of the campaign. It's been really fun so far.

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Im not trans, that shit can fuck right off. I dont believe anyone can completely be the opposite sex, though they can come admirably close. I simply want to be a girl, something that won't happen anytime soon.

As for my group, everyone knows im a huge faggot, I just dont like it laughed in my face. We all make fun of each other but its not something I want to take center stage and have laughed at

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I keep holding out hope for nano tech, surrogates style androids we can pilot, or some other kind of technology that lets me be a girl temporarily. Skyrim with an Oculus Rift or roleplaying is as close as I can get for now.

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It's never been an issue in any of the groups I've been in. Lots of people do it.

As far as I'm concerned, people who freak out about it are more likely to be magical realming in some way. I can't think of any other reason that the gender of the person playing a character would be an uncomfortable issue except that they view characters in the game as something to project their sexual desires onto.

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I'd settle for some dream-controlling machine or drugs. Mite b more accessible/doable.

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Why do you want to be a girl?

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I repeatedly play characters of the opposite sex AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME AHAHAHAHAHA

Really, though, I just play whatever tickles my fancy at the moment, I don't favor any particular gender/race/age/etc or anything.

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Girls are cute

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So you want to be cute? Why?

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I want to dress cute and be cute and get fucked in a vagina

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so are kittens

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It's kinda just like, you have masculine people who I find completely unattractive and feminine people I find cute. It's kind of an overall aesthetic thing, I just think that feminine people look better, and I would prefer to look like that

I also desire to be a spaceship, with a puppy or some comparable animal as an avatar to interact with the passengers with.

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a cute spaceship?

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I'm a faggoty transhumanist who read too much Iain Banks.

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>>It's kinda just like, you have masculine people who I find completely unattractive and feminine people I find cute. It's kind of an overall aesthetic thing, I just think that feminine people look better, and I would prefer to look like that
Story of my fucking life.
I wouldn't take it as far as actually becoming a girl but unfortunately they only cater to the needs of the larger minority of trans people. There are no hormones to make you more feminine without immediately giving you tits and killing off your balls permanently.

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90% of guys that play as women are annoying pieces of shit.

They come in two flavors:

Faggot that doesn't understand that real women aren't stereotypes like in their chinese cartoons, and faggot that gets all grandstandy and shit about how they play women "right".

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Most people don't play female chars differently than their male chars.

I loathed playing female chars (playing as a tau gave me a painful sensation in my nose, so playing a female char...), until I got married. My wife loves how I play female characters, and she gave me a deeper appreciation for women. I try to have my female chars act a bit like her: courageous and very tough with regards to physical and emotional pain, deeply compassionate but with a devilishly wicked sense of humor, and of course, sweet and prone to cheerfully doing what she's told.

Its significantly easier to play as a girl char than a boy nowadays, as I tend to feel that if a male character doesn't take charge and assert himself and successfully protect those around him, he's a bit of a failure, but a female character doesn't have to be strong all the time, and certainly doesn't have to give orders all the time.

So I play the two very differently, and its actually a lot of fun.

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>Most people don't play female chars differently than their male chars.

And of course, I'm hardly implying this is a bad thing, just that its entertaining to delve into the psychology of a character very different from you.

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The cross players in my group include:
- Nice guy who is very team focused, though a bit of a drag when he GMs (he wants harmony among the players and freaks out when we talk shit)
- Total crazy pants who is legendary for having his chars betray the party or kill other PCs (but he's been well behaved for the past few years)

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>as I tend to feel that if a male character doesn't take charge and assert himself and successfully protect those around him, he's a bit of a failure
While that may be true in today's society from an evolutionary/social darwinism standpoint, I find that a little silly in a roleplaying game.

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I've never played a female DnD character...on purpose.

My lawful evil sorcerer was changed into a girl against his will by another PC. Long story, not gonna tell it, involved some bullshit magical artifact. Long story short, he fucking hated it, the only thing keeping him from attacking the PC, who was a female thief, was that she was kinda needed to reverse it. Anyway, it took a good long couple of sessions to get him changed back, and then he finally got back at her.

Her player was expecting some kind of revenge, and was even gearing her up for the inevitable showdown. So my lawful evil sorcerer lived up to his alignment and sealed her inside her tent while she was asleep, and burned her tent to the ground with her inside, asleep, and without any armor or magical items to protect her, while casting every offensive spell he's got into it.

I might be the That Guy of my group.

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I never realized how much DMs use bullshit magical items until now. Must be because I don't play DnD.

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My experiences with other players playing opposite sex is pretty much the same.

When it's women playing men, it's fine. No problems.

When it's men playing women, it's fucking horrible that guy magical realm bullshit. Always fucking slutty whore lesbian fetish shit. Example: in a cape game, some fucko plays a sluttier version of the nu52 Starfire, already noted for being canonically sexually promiscuous. Goes on to have the character nude 24/7, includes fighting other superheroes who wanted the char to put on clothes in backstory, and comes up with idea that character's body fluids contain a chemical that functions as an artificial sweetener for humans since they can't metabolize it.

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I've played opposite gender characters before (and am actually playing one at the moment, although mostly because the team needed a gender balance).

>Did it come off as magical realm-y?
I do my best to avoid this. The closest I think we ever came was when I ended up playing the only male character aboard their starship. Inadvertent harem anime was go, but we lampshaded it spectacularly and it was hilarious. Everyone (I think) had fun.

>Mary Sue/Gary Stu?
No. I'm not really into gaming for wish fulfillment. I just like to take a break from my real grind.

>Did it add to the character in any meaningful way, or was it just blown off as a minor detail?
If it doesn't make sense to specifically go for the opposite gender, I will default to playing my own gender (which is not fluid or anything). My group includes a couple of gay players and they fairly often play as women. It's what they want to do so no reason to give them flack about it.

One is playing as a man trapped inside a woman's body due to the accident that got the group together in our current game. Pretty serious stuff.

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>When it's men playing women, it's fucking horrible that guy magical realm bullshit.

Honestly, I probably go more into that guy territory when I play as a guy. I feel more comfortable doing shit like hitting on NPCs, making dick jokes, and in general acting like a degenerate when I'm playing a male character.

Whenever I play a female character, I always act like a pure maiden uninterested in sex and somewhat more competent than my male characters.

I don't know what this says about me besides maybe I'm a chauvinist.

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Let's see, what have I done before and why (these are all in Pathfinder):

>Half-elf Monk (nun?)
Wanted to play a Weeaboo "I know kung-fu" character. When picking the kind of character I wanted to rip off...base my inspiration on, all I kept thinking about was Chun-Li from street fighter. Closest she got to magical realm was I may have over described her body proportions, especially her hips and thighs.

>Merfolk Barbarian/Sorceress/Dragon Disciple
Concept was based on Eastern myths of carps turning into dragons. If your going to be a merfolk you may as well be a mermaid, or at least that was my thinking. Got magical realm-y thanks to That Guy in our group and she was kind of min-maxed. Otherwise, just a carp-like mermaid that turned into a dragoness.

>Goblin Alchemist
For the most part, straight forward "goblin that likes to light things on fire" type playstyle. Made her wicked smart, so she was always coming up with good plans. Crossed into the magical realm toward the end of the campaign. She took an NPC Ogre as a lover and had a kid with him. I tried to gloss over it and say "well that's all that happened" without detailing their relationship and how it worked. However the GM insisted I explain the mechanics. Needless to say, it involved creative use of Enlarge/Reduce Person potions and Alchemist Elixirs and Mutagens.

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Currently playing a male wizard. It's not really any different from playing a female character--it's just one more aspect of the character. Since I am not generally playing myself when I roleplay, though, it's not really a big thing.

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I've played female characters several times as well as has some members of my group.
for the most part it's just a normal character no one really brings much attention to it and only rarely changes how things go (certain in game interactions for instance)

I enjoy sometimes playing a female because of the different options it sometimes unlocks.

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>bullshit magical items
Is it still bullshit if the change is mechanically insignificant and technically reversible?

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I just play whatever character I get inspired to play. Sometimes it's a guy, sometimes it's a girl. I kind of see it like writing a story. If I were to write a story with exclusively male or exclusively female characters, it would be odd. If I happen to think of an interesting character I can work with who's of the opposite gender, then so be it.

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Not really too relevant, but my sister played a very similar character once. Her parents were murdered by a necromancer who saw magic potential in her, so he made her his apprentice. After some years, she murdered him in a ritual attempt to bring her parents back from the grave. It didn't work, so the then 11-year-old little girl set out to find the magical means to do so.

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You're just lucky enough to have never met any fujoshits.

As a rule of thumb anyone playing the opposite sex must make their character heterosexual. This weeds out fujoshits and yurifags.

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So I gotta ask is there any real difference?

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My bro and I often play as twin sisters or at least two girls who are buddy-buddy. Works well and we play off each other a lot since his playstyle is more introvert and analytical where I'm more extrovert but kind of indecisive.

Our characters are often made as a duo in mind, like playing as a couple of half-giant step sisters. Bro plays a quiet ice giant who cooked pastries and confectioneries while my character was an overtly ambitious fire-giant who wanted to build up her family's influence.

Before that it was a crystal-forged warblade powered by the soul of a warrior woman and a lamia priestess of the sun.

After that it was a would-be town guard girl and her minotaur step-father who was trying to teach her how to smash evil in the name of justice. She spent a night with a powerful mage and noble after getting really drunk at a bar and when she woke up in a mansion with expensive gifts she pat herself on the back for not being as bland and uninteresting as she had resigned herself to be.

We almost always play female characters, though they've never gotten magical realmy.Iit traipsed the border a couple times for me but it never went into it. At least one of the players seems to suspect we're gay or something, though

Playing girls was never a big deal except for a couple of fun jokes here and there and an awkward moment when our GM's son, a history buff, noted that in a fight, if our norse half-giants lost to a guy, that guy would have rights to take us in as brides

That put a damper in that game. Some time before that I once played a droid-obsessed girl who was barren to try and avoid any kind of issues but the GM took that as a hint and instead had some super shapeshifter monster take the form of a kid around her all the time. Also turned awkward; I never thought he'd do it.

When it comes down to it, the gender doesn't mean much, but bro and I prefer to imagine girls for stories and mental pictures instead of guys.

>> No.38275690

I've played dudes all the fucking time. I've played with guys who played women. The only time it's gotten weird is when one player insisted on playing as his anime waifu in World of Darkness. We're roleplaying. Get the fuck over it.

>> No.38275713

Only time i ever played a woman was shadowrun 3rd ed when j had ruthiem polymers built into my dermal armor. I was playing a tech-ninja and I just didn't feel comfortable running around invisible naked as a man.

>> No.38277768

First time I roleplayed, it was in an MMO, and I played a female. It was weird how easy it felt to slip into the role. Every character after that until recently has been female as a carry-over from playing females in MMOs for the view. The gender rarely if ever came up in those games, as several other players also played outside their own gender.
Now, the gender of my characters isn't even concrete until someone specifically asks, and even then, it quickly becomes minor detail that gets glossed over unless the GM specificifically asks for a particular gender to do an action.

>> No.38278254

I've had a situation where I played a female character and every single male character the DM put out hit on me vigorously.

Half the time it was in-line with a character type the DM was going for, the other half of the time I think he just went with the idea that "women get hit on violently in a fantasy world" and rolled with it. It was done in kind of poor taste and made me not really want to play a girl anymore.

Of course that DM was kind of crappy in general (very "I gotta kill the players" mentality), so I tried it again later in different games and had fun with it.

>> No.38278283

Are you me

>> No.38278407

I intentionally alternate my characters physical sex back and forth between male and female. If I've got a particularly interesting mentality for the character, I might adjust the pattern a little bit, but I find that this leads to me making more interesting characters.

I've played several characters where it took the other players several months to figure out their actual gender. I played a eunuch once. They don't typically fall into a given typecast mentality based on their gender, and it almost never becomes anything even approaching sexual at the table. Typically the group enjoys the characters, regardless of their race, sex, gender, orientation, alignment, or identity. I can't tell if this is because they are useful or genuinely fun to have around though.

>> No.38278408

I play whatever sex most suits the character concept. If the sex does not matter for the character concept, I flip a coin. If we're playing online and the DM gives a "play your own gender" rule, I play the opposite for lulz. I think I play as a woman slightly more often than I play as a man.

Me playing as a girl has never been "magical realmy", even when I literally played as a prostitute (it was a good way to start with more money in Pathfinder). Every person I played with was more interested in Adventure than fetishes, and so lacked the paranoia towards sex that people on /tg/ sometimes display. Even if people play their ideal mate, they focused on the game as if that fetish did not exist.

As for whether it was meaningful or not, it depends on what counts as "meaningful". I play to the stereotype and make a lot of gender-related jokes, and the backgrounds and contacts my characters had would not make sense if they were the other sex. My characters would still be good if I played them the other gender, but they would be fundamentally different characters.

>> No.38278445

It doesn't bug me. Played a woman at a convention game twice, given that one was a vampire single mother in 20s Germany and the other was a mousy librarian roped into hunting a serial killer, I had other things to worry about than magical realming

>> No.38278957

I'm playing a chick at the moment.
But she pretends to be dude so doesn't change much. Rest of the party doesn't even know, in-character at least

>> No.38279110

no u me

>> No.38279259

I really don't care, though all of my characters at the moment are male, if only to not weird out the rest of the peeps I play with or, if they're cool with it, place too high expectations on me.

Well, that, and I need to just get my roleplaying down with the familiar stuff first before trying to handle a subject this many people may see as sensitive.

Mostly, though, I don't really care.

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I play characters of both genders because I really don't give a fuck. There's no meaning behind it. If I feel like making the character female, I make it female. Same for male. I try to make them actual characters, not defined by their sex.

It helps when your group aren't a bunch of faggots about it too.

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Did you ever challenge your party members to fights to see if they were worthy?

Did you find someone worthy?

Did you ever squirt out those children?

>> No.38280005

One of my characters is a female Orc ranger. She had over 18 str in 2nd edition, so when she moved to 3x she became a monster. However, I insisted she could still only speak orcish (low int) and since no one else speaks it, I just string nonsense together. Everyone always loves having her come along on adventures because they love the character. It isn't creepy or magical realmy in anyway for anyone at the table.

>> No.38280968
File: 108 KB, 382x403, 1407477039158.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I usually play female characters because I'm trans and I need wish-fulfillment in my RPGs. Nothing really out of the ordinary compared to the genius supercomputer wizards that the STEMfag in my party plays and the Senator Armstrongs that the /k/fag plays. People play characters that they like in some way, and those characters usually have at least a couple aspects of their players in them.

>> No.38281493

I play male and female characters. Never had a problem with either, never had a problem with someone having a problem with either. I'm pretty much Forever GM, though, so this is rarely something that comes up.

The ratio is probably skewed towards female, but, then, that's because those concepts actually get accepted more often.

That's not a very funny or interesting answer, though, so I will mention that I have witnessed an amusing number of my cohorts getting challenged to actually make male characters since they make so few of them, and then watched them actually struggle trying to make fun concepts.

>> No.38281497

>What are your own experiences with playing the opposite sex if you dare to share?

Having played both genders, it was more fun playing the opposite gender (female). Though that's most likely due to the fact that the groups that were cool with it were better in almost every regard.

>Did it come off as magical realm-y?

Closest it came was when the GM had creepy dudes hit on them while they were drunk. Otherwise, it never neared magical realm.

>Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

Nope, they are very much flawed people. Though this can also be influenced by how you handle their actions out of character. If their flaws and fuck ups are viewed and treated as such out of character, it's unlikely that they're Mary Sue.

>Did it add to the character in any meaningful way, or was it just blown off as a minor detail?

Usually, at the very least, it affects romantic potential. How important it is also depends on things like setting and so on.

>> No.38281826

I'm closeted trans (at least closeted to my gaming group), I play both male and female characters (I would play exclusively female if I wasn't worried about looking like that creepy guy who only plays scantily clad lolis).
Generally I'm pretty good at playing both, but my male characters usually end up being sexy young hunky homosexes anyway.

>> No.38283753

I have 2 ladies in my group, both have played male characters on occasion. One actually defaults to male most of the time (because it usually provides more reasonable options in historical settings and she's the type who likes to smash things even in non-smashy games) while the other plays a female character whenever a "typical" female role for the setting makes sense, but just plays a male whenever the game would take a bit of stretching to work a lady into it (it's never too hard, but she was a man for a WWII soldiers game rather than try to get a nurse or something in there, she was a male monk in a realistic medieval setting so we didn't have to make up an attached nunery, and she played a male orc once for shits and giggles.)

Note: I have never asked either to play a male, I'm always willing to work with them to do whatever, it's something they suggest on their own because they'd rather not deal with one or two characters being out-of-place with the group.

All the men in my group are too manly/homophobic to play women, I'm the only one who ever does a lady-voice, and that's because I'm foreverGM.

>> No.38284021

Look up Bailey Jay you simp.

>> No.38284028

So you're saying that you put yourself inside male characters and perform for the group?

>> No.38284532

I'm planning to play an alien with a broken translator whose voice modulator is set to sound like a little girl. It's like the Orz with added moe and even more murder.

>> No.38284574

I played a qt paladin/sorceress once. Hands were held. Shit was so cash.

>> No.38284580
File: 211 KB, 992x665, You Could've Given Her the Snikt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38284594

Stick it in his butt

>> No.38284605

I want to tenderly make love to qt Shadowmoor elves

>> No.38284710

>She's a summoner with a bear that wants to set everything on fire. Yes, I apologize for nothing. To avoid the lolrandom of the fire bit I ask the 'leader' for permission

I see you lolfag.

what's your rank?

I never played opposite gender mostly because of the voice, do I try to pitch my voice or do I speak normally and just say that she's totes female sounding?

>> No.38284722


>What are your own experiences with playing the opposite sex if you dare to share?
I have several; Hard gay werewolf rocker in Dresden, Elf ranger I used to play in Pathfinder, Fey'ri rogue I'm playing(She's shapeshifted at all times, party thinks she's a he) and a brawler I'm going to be playing.

>Did it come off as magical realm-y?
I don't think so, Not describing whore armor or shoving imaginary tits in everyone's face.

>Did it come off as magical realm-y?
Saddens me to say it was only a minor detail, my group doesn't into character development or backstory very much.

>> No.38284881

One of the girls in our group mostly plays guys, a couple of the guys play a random split of both, and everyone else tends to stick with what they've got. It's never really been an issue.

>> No.38284923

I flip a coin. Don't think that the gender of my characters has ever influenced anything, though.

>> No.38284933

Though I kind of want to start using the sexuality system from Dwarf Fortress

>> No.38284977

the only difference was, instead of being pretty much a male warrior version of Lina Inverse, she was pretty much a warrior version of Lina Inverse. with, y'know, bigger cans.

>> No.38285128
File: 322 KB, 450x268, needless.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing changes

>> No.38285364

I don't feel as responsible and connected to the character so It lets me losen up, designing females is more interesting both in attire and background and single sex parties are kind of boring sometimes.

Although I try to keep the balance between female and male characters for the sake of my own sanity.

>> No.38285436

Baily Jay is not transgender. He doesn't have GID and fully recognizes himself as a gay man. He made himself up like a woman for a fetish thing with his spouse.

You simp.

>> No.38285513

I've had it work out well over half the time. I play as females, and other genders about every 1/3 times. I have had males play females okay, and only once it ended only once. a samwich maker. I've had females play females end worse more often. In less it's a big part of the character it's just a minor detail.

>> No.38286408

I've played a changeling who had multiple female characters in his repetoire. There were 3 that he came to use often. The first was a comely half elf girl that had costumes dressed to the 9s. That character was a high society girl, meant for infiltration and deception.

Another was a short girl who could pass fir a halfling. She was the street thief. She wore drab clothes, except for her coat, which was glamored to look like anything he wanted it to.

And third was the street walker. Half elf as well, but a bit more buxom, and a little more curvy. Was used in most situations where just getting the targets attention was enough.

Now, I was playing a bard with this changeling, so skills up the wazoo, and was more into doing aid another actions rather than directly attacking. Though, I did pick up bull's strength specifically for faking being a warrior. Anyways, my DM was getting frustrated that my character was able to talk most merchants and contacts into sweetening the deals, especially after getting glibness.

So he staged a fight where we all had to fight, instead of me providing flanking, aiding, etc. and he did it when I was the half elf aristocrat character. We win, but we didn't see that it was actually a set up to kidnap my character.

The group who attacked us were a bunch of orcs, who were in need of ransom money for their war or whatever, and kept badgering my changeling about my house, and where it was, but it was all a made up story. No such house existed, and she was only the bastard daughter of the non existent lord.


>> No.38286818

Now, I couldn't change back to normal, or any of my other forms or I would be exposed and probably killed. So instead I told them that I had a messenger in the group who was capable of accessing my father. They thought it prudent to also send my father a toe. I had to convince them to go with a locket of hair, since upon seeing that his daughter was hurt, would send unbridled fury upon them. They agreed, and told my character to take off the dress as further proof. They send a messenger, and there I was, a half elf waif in only a slip, surrounded by orcs. The leader was once again reminded about the fury of my father if it was found that I was hurt, and I was left mostly alone. Well, until night fell.

That's when the guard of my cell decided, fuck the boss, gonna get me some half elf booty. This was good, since I could fascinate him as a bard. I had him spell bound with (made up) stories from my father, as I made my way to the bucket that was my chamber pot, and waltzing around, til I finally whanged him upside his head. I stripped him and hid the guard in the straw that was my bed, and sauntered out, wearing his face. Locked the cell behind me, and walked away casting glibness.

The other guards saw me leaving looking like the other guard, and asked about my (former) prisoner. I told them she was compliant, after a brief struggle, but she knocked over the bucket. She was still there crying. The others got up to go visit the cell. I sauntered out of the derilect fortress, and back to my group. We returned in the morning and killed them all, with me as my half elf's body guard, with bull's strength cast. It was a glorious fight.

>> No.38286996

I've never dared to actually play female characters, but is it a bad thing that I always think they'd be different from my male characters?

Overall my male characters are pretty chill dudes. Usually end up being the straight man of the party. I like playing as paladins, but I usually find a way to make them laid back enough to make sure the rest of the group has a say.

But if I made a female paladin, I think she'd be really brash - sort of a "let's go out and hit the evil!" without thinking of how they should go about it. Whether I mean it that way or not, they'd probably take the lead and drag the party with them.

Not sure why they're so different.

>> No.38287512
File: 52 KB, 640x536, 5e0dc86615adbe0c925a0474e4706c38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I play opposite gender'd characters all the time. But we also play online, so it's less weird.

Generally it's just an aesthetics choice.
"I want to play a hyperactive ditz character. This'll come off as more "cute" if I'm a girl, so I'll play a girl."
"I want to play a giant meat truck. I don't really feel like making gender statements today, so it's a guy."
There's nothing really magical realm about it, and most of the people in my group have done the same for different reasons.

>> No.38289562

I tend to change which gender my character is every time I start a new one (with a few exceptions).

I find that playing the opposite gender does change the way the game plays for me, even if it is subtle.

It's weird because right now, I'm playing a hermaphroditic character trying to keep people from seeing them as female.

>> No.38290392
File: 112 KB, 960x679, 10980758_406509142845280_9199228804382016306_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a Dark Heresy party where a two male friends are playing females.

One is a female lesbian priestess who loves the other PC.
The other PC is a straight Sister of battle nearly 1:1 ripped from Dr Who? (the female side kick lady, im not a whovian)

Party politics has gotten weird......

>> No.38290956

Only once did it get interesting when a guy in our group got his character pregnant so he could abort the baby to perform magic.

>> No.38291260
File: 113 KB, 520x355, Laughing Nipps.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the female side kick lady
>from Dr. Who

>> No.38291352

In denmark, it's not really seen as a huge deal except for horror campaigns, for some reason.
I've had plenty of female characters, as has other players. It really depends on the character you set out to create.

>> No.38291489

As long as she's different in character and not a "That Guy" generated waifu, I think it's okay. Just don't try to hard to "be a girl" either, just be natural and play normally. If you ever wanted to, that is.

>> No.38291507

>the female side kick lady from Dr. Who
OHHH, HER? Yeah, she's so great!

>> No.38291982

Thinking it over, I can only remember one distinct character a player had of the opposite gender. It was a guy playing a girl, and it went pretty well. Mainly because between the serious paladin girl and the terminally flippant male bard, it struck a fun party dynamic. She was a little more tidy than the rest of the party, and more willing to care about NPCs, but that could have easily been part of her paladin nature.

Despite my character's playful flirting, it never got magic realm-y.

I personally haven't played a woman, other than as a GM.

>> No.38294125


We have 3 members of out gaming group who consider themselves the opposite gender. The pronouns get annoying.

>> No.38294952

Played with a Loki-like shapeshifter once. Being a guy/girl alternatingly. Might sound like a set-up for some weird shit, but he was just an asshole to everyone, especially NPCs. It was a little bit silly.

>> No.38294964

>Choose to play a witch
>Witches should be female right? So I will play female
>End up choosing human and stupidly setting the age at adulthood for humans
>Realize too late I can't do the voice
>End up doing an old crone's voice for a 29 year old woman
>Everyone makes fun of me

My one and only experience with it.

>> No.38296105

>1:1 ripped from Dr Who

The moment she tries to make friends with a xeno, put a bolter round through her skull.

>> No.38296486

Guy in my campaign plays "Tina" the psionicist. The dwarf cleric keeps flirting with "her". As does my Chaotic Evil hireling. And my ogres. And almost all other males.

>> No.38296499

>Not talking in an Ahnold accent and claiming you're only trying to sound like a proper witch
>Get to ze cauldron!
>Put that eye newt down! Now!
>Your clothes, give them to me.

>> No.38296524

Sauce on that webm ?

>> No.38296714
File: 28 KB, 400x300, Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Mr.-Freeze-Batman-and-Robin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.38296747

Legend of Korra series finale.

>> No.38296974

Just for clarification, in the actual finale they did not kiss. They just stared at eachother and that was it. Good animation though on the edit.

>> No.38297011

We have a theme here man. The character is still a witch.

>> No.38297199

>Do you mean you want to be a girl like everyone on /tg/ wants to be a little girl, or do you mean you want to be a girl, as in your transgender?
>or do you mean

>> No.38297273

>Baily Jay is not transgender. He doesn't have GID and fully recognizes himself as a gay man. He made himself up like a woman for a fetish thing with his spouse.
>You simp.
None of that is true at all. She is a straight transgirl and has GID as much as anyone can.

>> No.38297915

I can't blame Wolverine, a woman making it clear she's consenting while also making it clear she's going to be antisocial and unfriendly about it seems sort of pointless.

>> No.38297973
File: 78 KB, 293x247, nohomers2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I put an s on the end of transgenders, didn't I?

>> No.38298199

Sort of true, but the last few campaigns I've been in were with DMs who think the way to up the ante are "every NPC you meet and all the townsfolk you run into are brutalized to death," so its sort of a drag to play a guy character who can't protect jack.

Main exception is in 40k rp, since being the authority figure there is not only fun, but borderline required because imperial parties tend to absolutely tear each other to shreds unless kept in check.

>> No.38298287

>Own experience
I play a character, and use a slightly higher pitched voice

that's about it

>> No.38299244

So... Luna Gabriev?

>> No.38299301
File: 57 KB, 247x323, yes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i need this chart if you can post it, i need all the charts actually.

>> No.38299310

They were all playing as guys so they made me play as a girl.

>> No.38299807

>Don't expect me to enjoy it
Most men would take that as an insult, I don't blame wolverine for turning that offer down

>> No.38299860


1d8, have fun.

>> No.38300000
File: 206 KB, 600x706, trigger.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You say opposite and gender like they are binary

>> No.38300119


I've played:

One Otherkin Genemorph who was an asexual Horse-Person.
One Male to Female Cocaine addict.
One transvestite dwarf nicknamed "Goldmouth". He was trained in the "Oral Ways" by the Tongues.
One bisexual Ratling.
And one closeted gay Vampire/50s misogynist.

I just need a straight woman to complete my collection.

>> No.38300161

Is that you Lace?

>> No.38300167


I see what you did there.

>> No.38300251
File: 113 KB, 297x430, 1392512742365.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38300310


>> No.38300443


>> No.38300666

I'm trans, so whether or not a character I'm playing is the opposite gender depends on who you ask I guess.

>> No.38300691
File: 20 KB, 300x188, 1405135730913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm trans


>> No.38301211

The worst of that second group are people who don't understand that there are emotive differences between the sexes.

>> No.38301231

Every now and then. I feel like playing the opposite gender helps me distance myself from the character and not just be myself as [INSERT CLASS HERE].

Only one remotely magical realmy situation came up, and that was my character trying to seduce a corrupt city council mayor to get him away from his bodyguards so we could kill him without any collateral damage.

>> No.38301266
File: 10 KB, 392x424, 1408263492416.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>playing the opposite gender
>magical realm

/tg/, we need to talk about how you've killed yet another phrase, consigning it to the meaningless void alongside That Guy and Mary Sue.

>> No.38301321

No one is saying it's automatically magical realm. They're asking if it comes off as creepy fapbait to others when you play that character. It's down to the individual experiences and not the concept as a whole.

Every notable phrase is a buzzword 10 minutes into its existence by the way.

>> No.38301424

No, he's a bisexual drag queen. He does not have Gender Identity Disorder, and I challenge you to prove that he does.

>> No.38301515

Look at this shit >>38301231

Just plain seducing a guard. And that faggot calls it magical realm. He wasn't even the goddamn GM.

>> No.38303009
File: 47 KB, 540x540, reaction image frasier ffs niles.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>thread asking "did it come off as magical realm"

Reading comprehension skills: ZERO PERCENT

He said "only one remotely magical realm" situation, not that he said it was.

At this point you're going out of your way to be pissy.

>> No.38303098

>Mary Sue
>That Guy
>ever having an agreed upon meaning
The only solid consensus anyone has ever had on these meanings is "character I don't like" and "person I don't like" everything else was subjective depending on the person, or else we'd have to admit that here are "good" That Guys and "well-done" Mary Sues.

There's a reason why those terms are argued back and forth all over the place. I mean a tolkien setting could be magical realm with the GM was jerking off to elves using bows or dwarves living in mountains.

>> No.38303499

Pretty much everyone in my group, myself included, alternates between male and female characters. Gender isn't exactly glossed over as a minor detail, but it's not a defining trait, either.

Usually when I try to think of a character concept, it just somehow naturally falls into either gender. Sex and sexuality tends to come up far less in my female characters than my male ones (not that it's something all that common in our campaigns to begin with) - I'm familiar with the male sex drive, but I tend to play my female characters like they didn't have one.

>> No.38304624

What a horrible waste of quints

>> No.38304878


>> No.38306964
File: 198 KB, 435x207, Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 4.04.35 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yfw futa elves are canon in 5e

Also op I just come up with what sex my character is during creation. It IS a minor detail compared to the things that matter like their stats and what they DO.

>> No.38307051

It's funny, you all play stereotypes based on who you wish you could be.

Personally, I like to try and play characters that aren't at all like me. But then again, I'm a writer so I find it's good exercise.

Techno-phobic religious mage in Shadowrun who is convinced that magic comes from a deity? Check.

LE Fighter who refuses to admit it, and insists that he's a bastion of morality intent on redeeming his evil compatriots, who always has a rationale for his evil? Check.

Female bard who is straight, but trying to find a committed relationship? Check.

Some people play to be someone they want to be, some play to be someone they would never be.

>> No.38307079

I've done both. Which gender I go with is kind of a gut instinct thing, mostly. Like, I played a female heavy weapons specialist in Only War, because a big part of her conflict was that up to this point she'd kind of been in command of the group and was sort of squad mediator/team mom, and so she chafed under the new command and had to bite her tongue when the squad would act up because she was no longer in charge.

It could have worked as a male character, but I feel like I would have leaned towards a more macho interpretation of the issue and it would have been very much the whole 'yelling at the drill sergeant' cliche rather than the more subtle play I was allowed because the character was female.

>> No.38307127

Futa elves have been canon in pretty much all my games, so that's no big change for me.

> It's a fantasy realm, Anon.

>> No.38307152

See, it's weird that you assume there couldn't be that sort of subtle play with the character still being masculine.

Your interpretation of it is more representative of someone who hasn't ever had a good masculine role-model, than anything to me. I mean, the whole "stoic adherence to the new heirarchy" is pretty stereotypical masculine actually.

Remember, as a man, if you're not leading you're following.

> Has never had to deal with a 2nd lt.

>> No.38307242

Well, specifically with male professionals, jockeying for position tends to be more overt in my experience. I mean, it's probably different in the military because there's sort of a shared understanding that you don't want to do anything that'll fuck things up because of the risk there, but my work experience has generally been that men tend a lot less to 'grin and bear it' when they feel their authority has been challenged or usurped.

Because her role beforehand had specifically been less about leading and more about mediating, it was easier to play it off as 'well, I'm still able to keep everyone's shit together from the back-field', and so realizing that she had lost some of the respect she used to have when she lost command was a big part of the arc.

>> No.38307362
File: 343 KB, 510x884, 1407254091926.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play FATE
>decide to play grill for first time
>make 20something year old engineer, focus on buff/healing.
>reasonable backstory.
>stupid enough to do this when I know my GM is obsessed with CUHRAYZEE.
>GM decides my backstory isn't interesting enough and that I am now raised by catfolk.
>sure, why not?
>other players assume my character is underaged because I didn't immediatly go for being sarcastic,edgy or slutty.
>sure, why not?
>I alter the character a little, go straight into roleplaying common traits of Autism
>only one person works it out, everyone else assums I'm doing Kawaii Animu.

>> No.38307742

I play the token girl in the group. Felt a bit of a sausage fest (and only non-variant humans...)

I play some of my fetishes subtly. They are none the wiser.

>> No.38308255


>That's cool, I didn't expect you to enjoy being sodomized anyway.

>> No.38308618

Are you the party's designated semen receptacle for when everyone gets too stressed out, or would that not be subtle enough?

>> No.38308809

If it sounds weird, i play the opposite sex better in terms of role play.

Mostly because playing my own sex, i tend to default to just being myself in another universe. I know it's a bad habit, and one i really have to break... but playing the opposite sex means that i am quite definitely playing someone else, i have to act differently, think differently, react differently.

Playing the opposite sex is basically my good role play crutch.

>> No.38308924

I once played a rather frigid cleric of Pharasma in a PF-module. Saw nothing wrong with it, it was just a character. A tengu barbarian kept hitting on her constantly though since she was only woman in the party.
I usually play males though, gender really depends on what I see as fitting for character.

>> No.38308932

I play some roleplay games online with genderswapped people. They all come across as slightly weird. One of them was a girl playing a guy and I always felt awkward around them and didn't know why before I knew that fact.

Another one was a fat, balding, 53 year old man playing a beautiful young dragonness. I couldn't cope. Felt too weird.

That said, I have seen it done right where I didn't even suspect until they told me. Usualy girls playing as guys.

>> No.38309153

But then he could brag about it with all his mutie homies later. Their sort loves to boast about fucking flatscan butts, didn't you hear?

>> No.38309405

I do all the time, but I usually roll them tougher and grittier than any of my male characters.

I enjoy crafting characters, I've got a huge thing for back story, but I've never got the whole 'my character is a projection of myself' thing. Whilst every character you make will always share some part of you, because you're the only experience to draw from when doing so, I try to make them autonomous.

I can see how it can make people uncomfortable, though, people playing against their gender, a lot of the time when I come across it, it feels like fetish material and fantasy fulfilment. I guess it is for me too, but apparently I'm more convincing, I've had people presume I was a grill for some time. I guess that's what you get for being a little boring and making pretty grounded characters instead of elven sluts and the like.

I've actually gone a couple of games without anybody asking / caring / realising I was a guy. Feels kinda strange though.

>> No.38310667

It's somewhat annoying. I find I have to remind people I'm playing the opposite gender this time when they refer to the character as "he". Besides that, it isn't much different than playing a male version of the same character. There are few instances to express gender in the average adventurer's life.

From other players, their gender swapped versions play just like their same gender characters, except one guy who goes out of his way to make his female characters overtly girly all the time. Then again, I've never seen him play a male, so maybe they're girly too.

>> No.38310732

They know, they just don't want to make it awkward by pointing it out

>> No.38310767
File: 21 KB, 249x400, DrGirlfriend_ver2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obviously she just smokes a lot

>> No.38310782

I wanna bang her just to hear what it sounds like.

I've got a weird thing about women with odd voices...

>> No.38311065

I started playing female characters in videogames, back when all the unique, best-in-slot items in Dragon Quest games tended to be female-exclusive.

I noticed a disturbing trend that more often than not, equiptment would be gender-locked female as opposed to the opposite. So it was simply a pragmatic decision because it was mechanically superior.

Over time it grew on me, and in general I feel female characters have better overall options socially. There's a degree of charm and underdog-ness to it that I can't really explain. Removing masculine expectations, I guess? Liberating, in an awkward sense.

>> No.38311307

>Male-to-female transgender
>Mostly played straight men in tabletop
>Don't even fantasize about them

Fuck. There's something that appeals to me about playing the righteous, honorable, masculine sort that has nothing to do with the sexual. Last PC I played was a D&D ardent who came from a fallen noble house and intensely valued honor.

>> No.38311382
File: 119 KB, 491x530, swoon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Will you be my knight in shinning armor?


>> No.38311420
File: 293 KB, 1275x709, issue6dickbutt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.38311450

My barbarian is the daughter of subsistence farmers living hand-to-mouth, who send her into town to find work when it's not harvesting or planting time. She had zero training and didn't like to spend money on herself, but she was in town when orcs attacked, and that was when she raged for the first time, slamming a beer stein into a raider's head hard enough to leave an exit wound. Given these facts about her, it simply makes the most sense for her to be a tavern wench when the raid happened, and that requires her to be a woman. Her background also explains why Int is her dump stat instead of Cha, while being a woman gives her an excuse to have 16 Con at level 1

I don't have such good reasons for the other female PCs though. My sorceress is a woman because I find the idea of playing a monstergirl who's hideous instead of a supermodel funny. Not every child if an interracial marriage comes out looking stellar, especially if there are gnolls and demons in the family line.

>> No.38311483


>The dark knight 'rises'

>> No.38311508
File: 21 KB, 300x374, dickbutt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the idea that Midnighter has one of those giant whiteboards somewhere full of newspaper clippings and red strings, with a big ol WHO IS SPYRAL'S NEW AGENT at the top in marker

And under every thumbtack is more Dickbutt.

>> No.38312498
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My group really doesn't give a shit. I think all but one of us have played a female character once or twice, and only one of us really used it in their characterization.

It's weird to me that some groups are actually uptight about this shit.

>> No.38312941

>roll up a female elf
>other guy of group rolls up a female elf too
>group gives us strange rooms
>mine is a dancer-turned-thief
>his is a sex-slave-turned-street-shaman
>group gives only him strange rooms
Sometimes you need someone to show how not crazy/magical realm your idea is.

>> No.38312945

>I never played opposite gender mostly because of the voice, do I try to pitch my voice or do I speak normally and just say that she's totes female sounding?
If you can do it well, that might be creepy for others at the table. If you do it badly, it would be comic relief and YMMV. I just speak normally and refer to my character in the third person. "She says 'why don't we just bash the door down?' and then she looks at the Barbarian expectantly." for example.

>> No.38313019

>his is a sex-slave-turned-street-shaman
That actually sounds kinda cool.

>> No.38313042

No different than usual, I guess I can flirt with more people as a woman, but if I play a bard type I think it won't matter what gender I am.

>> No.38313051

It did turn out to be in the end, he played it well and managed to help me out quite a bit. Physical Mask is a hell of a skill, especially when you're sneaking into a brothel and the person sneaking in knows how brothels operate.

>> No.38313091

So you're
>not really sure about your moral standing and think you're a bad influence on your friends
>gay and not really looking for anything

>> No.38313162
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I'm MTF transgender and I only play female characters because if people started referring to me as a guy at the table I'd get stressed out and confused as to whether they were talking IC or just misgendering me.

>> No.38313191


>> No.38313197

I'm not sure whether that's cute or cringeworthy.
I'll go with the prior.

>> No.38313198

Internet sure has a lot of trannies.

I guess that explains why /soc/ exists.

>> No.38313416

>There's something that appeals to me about playing the righteous, honorable, masculine sort that has nothing to do with the sexual.
That sounds sexual to me. If I made a character like that, it would be because I wanted him to fuck me.

>> No.38313502

Anon you made the claim, you should back it up. Everything I can find that references Bailey Jay calls her a trans woman.

>> No.38313507

I always play girls. My friends assume I'm a homo (I'm not) but they're cool guys so its not a problem.

>> No.38313518

I make characters trying to do balance them 50/50
(i haven't played any nonbinary/sexless character yet, though i will, eventually, since i fucking love Warfoged)

Now, for some reason, most games where i played a male character didn't last or died really soon, so it *seems* like i play female characters only.

>> No.38313540


Not that bigoted faggot, but most trans* are actually autogynephiliacs, not "real" trans*. A man who transitions later in life is almost certainly an autogynephile, real trannies transition as soon as they are legally capable of it and identify as exclusively female from early childhood. Oh, they're also exclusively interested in men, sexually.

>> No.38313573

That sounds like some basically impossible to quantify shit so I won't derail the thread arguing with you about it, I will point out that lesbians and bisexuals disprove your last point though.

>> No.38313584
File: 18 KB, 500x500, 4293200-3824519191-8d0.j[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's try not to veer too far off topic here.

>> No.38313614


Lesbians and bisexuals aren't trannies. There is a LOT of disinfo about trans*, with people keen to enable them leading to a whole generation of autogynephiles transitioning and deeply regretting it.


>> No.38313668

Well that link doesn't work

>> No.38313717


Huh, gay. It was a collection of articles and research on trans*, highlighting the difference in outcomes between autogynephiles and "real" trannies.
tl;dr- If you've ever fapped to the thought of yourself as a woman, do NOT get a sex change. What you have is a fetish, not an identity disorder.

>> No.38313774

It's not precisely that the link doesn't work, but it's a private page and you need to be invited

>> No.38313784


A mirror!
>A COMMON UNDERSTANDING OF male-to-female transsexualism is that all MtF transsexuals are, essentially, women trapped in men’s bodies.The standard narrative of men who become women goes something like this: “I have always felt that I was born in the wrong body. I have always been feminine in my interests and feelings. My desire to change sex is about my gender identity and not my sexuality.” This narrative, which Dreger (2007) has termed “the feminine essence narrative,” represents both what most laypeople believe to be true as well as what transsexuals are likely to say publicly.The narrative has been extended to an etiological theory, which Lawrence (2007b) has called “the brainsex theory of transsexualism.” The transsexual advocacy website, transsexual.org, puts this theory succinctly: “A transsexual is a person in which the sex-related structures of the brain that define gender identity are exactly opposite the physical sex organs of the body.”

>The standard, feminine essence narrative, and the associated brain-sex theory, are incorrect, in the sense that they do not represent reality, even if they do correspond with many transsexual individuals’ beliefs and identities. The best scientific evidence (discussed below) indicates that there are two distinct subtypes of MtF transsexuals, and that the feminine essence narrative at best approximates the life history of only one subtype. Paradoxically, this explanation of MtF transsexualism persists because it is the explanation preferred by the other subtype, to which it does not apply at all. The popularity of the feminine essence narrative reflects factors other than the strength of scientific support. Its persistence has likely had negative consequences for both science and transsexuals themselves.

>> No.38313791


Overall, generally it went fine. I've had more of a problem with playing a character that matched my own sex than playing one of the opposite sex. The only real surprise was when I rolled up a sexually confused dude. That threw most of the straight guys in the party for a loop.

>Did it come off as magical realm-y?

Nope, pretty much exclusively stayed in 'Bros beating up monsters and boozing' territory.

>Mary Sue/Gary Stu?

Maybe the first one or two were a Gary Stu of some sort, but I was pretty new to table top when that happened. Recently it's only come up when bathhouses/rooming becomes involved.

>Did it add to the character in any meaningful way, or was it just blown off as a minor detail?

Generally got blown off as a minor detail after the fourth or fifth time. All male party, mostly male players. No one cared eventually.

>> No.38313797


And the pubmed article

>> No.38313837

When I play women, it's generally just like playing femshep - basically the same, except more entertaining when I encounter sexist NPCs.

Most of my friends who swap genders w/ a character are the same.

Basically the only time I've ever seen it as a problem is when the one guy who has issues w/ women makes a lot of female npcs that are uniformly either overbearing or deceptive seductresses, plays a women slightly magical realm-y, or DMs a group with a woman in it. Only really happened when one of my friends DMd, though, and it wasn't.. that bad, we basically ignored it until he started creeping on one of our friend's character.

The rest of the people I know are well-adjusted enough to not be a dumbass about it, though.

>> No.38315326
File: 2.57 MB, 220x212, 1412539437928.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems you have found yourself a pretty good group then. The majority of the time it's about the maturity of the group you're in. If you make a female character, and you're not leading it to magical realm territory it should be alright. If any one else has a problem with it outside the DM, then it's their own problem, and need to get over their hangups.

The campaign I'm currently playing the DM doesn't allow crossgender play. At first he said it was fine, then changed his mind before anyone made their characters. Stating that it breaks immersion with the deep voices we have. As well as keeping referring to the female characters as "he" instead of "she" would make things confusing, and break immersion.

I normally agree with what our DM stated, however he then allowed the female of the group to roll a male Half-Orc. That Half-Orc must be a eunuch or sucks helium from balloons on a constant bases.

Although the game is online. Were using mics only, and no video so we can't see what we look like.

DM might be a hypocrite.

>> No.38315662

I understand people's concern on the voice thing, but in my experience it stops mattering the moment you're into the roleplay. Ever listen to an audiobook?

>As well as keeping referring to the female characters as "he" instead of "she" would make things confusing, and break immersion.
I'd consider that a *symptom* of poor immersion, not a cause of it.

We've adopted a rule where once the session starts, we refer to each other only by our character's names (specifically avoiding things like "anon's character") unless we need to discuss something OOC. It definitely helps the group learn about each other's characters faster.

>> No.38316644

The DM just bullshitted you guys. He didn't want guys playing girls because he's afraid of That Guy.

>> No.38317990

Call him out privately on that criticizing the hypocricy. Just ask if you can generate your next character as either sex as the rule was already broken and you have been rping in an appropriate manner so far.

>> No.38318627
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As this thread winds down I gotta say that I'm impressed. It has been mostly unshitty. I'm proud of you /tg/

>> No.38320005
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>So, /tg/, what are your experiences with players playing characters with an opposite gender to their own?

Did it once, and 20 years later everyone still thinks I'm gay.

>> No.38320351

How were you playing RPGs in 1995 and still ended up on /tg/ today?

>> No.38320387


I clicked on the link on the front page?

>> No.38320414

I actually meant what life choices, but it's ok, that reply says it all.

>> No.38320499


I don't even get what you're implying. Is it that people should not play RPGs their whole lives, or that they shouldn't attend internet communities their whole lives? Either way it's nonsense.

>> No.38320684

There's a difference between internet communities in general and /tg/ in particular.

>> No.38320775

I try to mix it up each time. Half the time I don't even know until I'm playing and someone asks which gender I am.

I then awkwardly roll a die and tell them.

As a result, my characters rarely if ever have any basing in gender.

>> No.38322729


Oh, hey, more Blanchard autogynephilia bullshit.

Yeah, no, he has been BARED from the APA as he, along with the people who publish research aligning with him, have been found to tamper with data to support their claims, or do "clean room studies", in which they have no actual sample size and it's merely hypothetical speculation.

Autogynephilia has been bunked.

>> No.38326406
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>I summoned elementals and turned into a bear
>I was a druid who summoned elementals and turned into a bear

what the fuck why cant i stop laughing at this

>> No.38326413
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>> No.38326457

I played a female drow once, because I wanted to play a paladin variant and drow society is dominated by women. It was fine.

>> No.38326462

>playing women online
everyone's pretty much cool with it, I get to play as if I'm in a Ridley Scott movie
>playing women in person
Rape, rape jokes, funny looks

>> No.38327528

As a DM, the biggest thing that people don't talk enough about is that people treat characters with a different gender than their player differently from one where they match.

If you have 4 female characters in the group and one of them is played by a dude, I can guarantee that he'll get treated differently by the other players in most cases from how the girls playing girls get treated.

This, and that people usually have crappy reasons for playing the opposite gender is why I discourage it in my games.

>> No.38328687

Treated differently how? Are you sure that it's not characters being treated according to the player's gender, regardless of the PC's?

>> No.38331055

I think she was just being tsundere
>Okay, fine, we can have sex, but don't expect me to enjoy it. Geez...

>> No.38332001


The APA is a joke, its infested with SJWs. Autogynephilia has NOT been debunked, the "feminine essence" model is the one that has been debunked. Most people who think they are trans* are not, they simply have a fetish. Don;t think a fetish could dominate someone's thinking to the point where it ruins their lives? Google "nullo" or "BDSM lifestyle", there is no drive stronger than the sex drive in humans.

>> No.38332428

>It's not like I want your thick Mutie cock, b-baka.

>> No.38332471


>not only have the SJWs infiltrated the media and academia, but also the medical field!

Are the SJW's by any chance shapeshifting lizards? Because this is increasingly sounding like a conspiracy.

>also, people who have dedicated literal decades of their own lives to further human understanding of mental health and psychiatry know nothing
>get all your knowledge from me, a random asshole on the internet!

>> No.38332506


You're a moron.

>> No.38332547

There is no distinct line between related concepts like AGP and trans. They're all just matters of degrees on a spectrum that, at the opposite end, includes the cis and vanilla.

>implying it wasn't deliberate

>> No.38332621


There are clear differences in outcomes for the two groups, as well as clear differences in the presentation of the illness. Ignoring this harms trans people, and ESPECIALLY autogynephiles misdiagnosed as having a "female soul" or whatever the voodoo diagnosis is these days.

>> No.38332739
File: 14 KB, 180x280, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Great! He actually ended up making a blog about his character, a female Twi-Lek:

>> No.38332784

>There are clear differences in outcomes for the two groups
I don't believe it. I think you're looking at the results afterwards and making up the distinction retroactively.

But show me a source and prove me wrong.

>as well as clear differences in the presentation of the illness.
What differences?

Neither is an illness.

>trans people
What does that mean? "misdiagnosed as having a "female soul" or whatever the voodoo diagnosis is these days"?

>> No.38332891


Sauce is already linked >>38313797

>What differences?

Autogynephiles present much later, have sexual fantasies involving being or becoming women, and are typically attracted to females, either "straight" or bi,or are "asexual", ie, masturbators. Trans present very young, do not fantasise or become arounsed at the thought of themselves as a woman, and are exclusively "gay", ie, attracted to men.

>What does that mean?

The original "theory" for why autogynephiles should be encouraged to mutilate themselves went that there is a "feminine essence", that these men were in some mysterious way "female" so the surgery is a correction, not a mutilation. This "theory" proved to be untenable, and gave way to the "brainsex theory", which states that some people have "female" brains in male bodies. The problem with this theory is that it isn't true, so it's gradually being abandoned too.

>> No.38334495

He probably got turned into a bear because summoning those elementals was just unbearable for him !

>> No.38334761
File: 49 KB, 1316x216, saving for use in any future lolfemalelol threads.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

While not entirely relevant to OP's post, I generally try to do this when I make characters. But for the ones that aren't NPCs I always end up playing girls because despite being friends with a lot of guys my stint with a few years of depression caused gender/sexuality issues hasn't made me write the opposite gender any better.

>> No.38335087 [DELETED] 

Not him. But I've seen it happen where social darwinism takes over and the dude playing the girl becomes the omega (is that a thing?) of the group.

>> No.38335232

Not him. But I've seen it happen where, in an all male group, social darwinism takes over and the dude playing the girl becomes the omega (is that a thing?) of the group.

I don't know what he's saying though about treating a dude differently in an otherwise all female group.

>This, and that people usually have crappy reasons for playing the opposite gender is why I discourage it in my games.

I think you should discourage That Guys in your game more and cross-gender roleplay less. Admittedly a lot of guys playing girls are That Guy but I don't think that they should all suffer for it as a generalization. Would you let a guy play a girl if you knew he was a cool player already?

>> No.38335377

I don't have a MUSE subscription. Please screencap the relevant portions.

>Autogynephiles present much later, have sexual fantasies involving being or becoming women, and are typically attracted to females, either "straight" or bi,or are "asexual", ie, masturbators. Trans present very young, do not fantasise or become arounsed at the thought of themselves as a woman, and are exclusively "gay", ie, attracted to men.
Those are all just matters of degree. There is no distinction, just extremes, and the different forms of diversity don't even strictly coincide, which is enough in itself to disprove there being two distinct groups.

>there is a "feminine essence", that these men were in some mysterious way "female"
>This "theory" proved to be untenable, and gave way to the "brainsex theory", which states that some people have "female" brains in male bodies.
That's the same theory...

>it's gradually being abandoned too.
Abandoned by whom? It's the prevailing view among policymakers.

>> No.38335422

>Play a female Paladin
>Miss a session, rest of the party is held prisoner by trolls
Long story short, the DM had anal sex with me

>> No.38335481
File: 995 KB, 1024x600, So Hard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're going to have to fill in some details, Anon.

>> No.38335821

Play a shardmind or a warforged for an opposite gender.

>> No.38336590

>Those are all just matters of degree

Do you know how science works? Like, at all?

>That's the same theory...

No it isn't. One is an appeal to magic, the other makes predictions. Sadly, those predictions turn out to be wrong.

>Abandoned by whom?


>It's the prevailing view among policymakers.


>> No.38336694


>> No.38336723

You forgot your screencap.

You think there is a definable distinction where there isn't.

You think magic becomes real is the word "brain" is used.

>> No.38336804


No, I think "feminine essence" is voodoo,while "brainsex" >implies something real. But brainsex doesn't hold up to investigation, so it's simply wrong. It is at least closer to being science than "feminine essence" was.

And I didn't screencap because sauce has already been given. Learn how to read. >>38313784

>> No.38336955
File: 441 KB, 1436x1038, u_wot_m8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It also doesn't mesh with the idea they also have that gender is a social construct. One or the other of those things could be true, but the two of them together are incompatible.

Me, I believe that existence precedes essence, so nobody can be born with an essence.

>> No.38337013

>It also doesn't mesh with the idea they also have that gender is a social construct.

Yes, reality seldom meshes well with magical thinking.

>One or the other of those things could be true

I'm going with the one with evidence.

>I believe that existence precedes essence

Meaningless distinction.

>> No.38337046

I never played a female, but on two occasions I had female players in my Earthdawn group who played male characters.
One was a trollish Beastmaster and since the player had a very tomboyish personality it really worked out well.
The other one "tried" to play an Elven Scout and it unintentionly came out flat gay, though her character was supposed to be heterosexual. In fact he probably was the most skirt-chasery in the group but simplay the image the player constructed in our heads always concluded in a gayish version of Robin Hood.

>> No.38337065

Evidence is best, of course, but in an informal debate where it would be awkward to cite sources, pointing out contradictions in the other side's arguments will serve in a pinch.

>> No.38337073

>what the fuck why cant i stop laughing at this

Because you can't Bear it

>> No.38337158
File: 4 KB, 300x57, payload.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If you're a sophist and care about nothing but "winning" a discussion then I'm sure relying on logical fallacies is great, some of us just want to know how things really are, behind the rhetoric.

And I'm going to have to stop posting, these fucking CAPTCHA's are driving me crazy.

>> No.38337221

>meaningless distinction
The meaningless distinction is the distinction between which traits of a thing are essential and which are accidental. Someone doesn't "have an essence" until they decide for themselves what they are and which of their own traits they value.

The way things really are can't be a contradiction. You can't use pure reason to affirm that something does exist, but you can use it to show that two incompatible things can't exist together.

>> No.38337318
File: 21 KB, 300x200, payload (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The way things really are can't be a contradiction

Sure it can, reality doesn't care about your ideas of logic. The universe is quite possibly self-created, without a beginning or end and yet finite in duration. The Universe is full of stuff and yet the total energy of the Universe and everything in it is zero. Nature deals in contradictions all the time.

>> No.38337379
File: 13 KB, 253x199, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An endless but finite thing isn't contradictory. I ate one today.

>> No.38337393

>The meaningless distinction is the distinction between which traits of a thing are essential and which are accidental.

The specific shape an essence takes might be accidental, but the property of having an essence is universal, it is synonymous for "exists". It doesn't make sense to ask which came first, that's like asking "which came first nature or nurture?" or " which came first space or time?".

>> No.38337488


Regardless, the universe is replete with logical contradictions, the very substructure of matter is probabilistic and statistical in nature, there is no way to work it out with reason, you have to actually look and see what you find, ie, appraoch the question empirically.

>> No.38337497

Underrated post

>> No.38337593

>No, I think "feminine essence" is voodoo,while "brainsex" >implies something real.
"Brainsex" is the pseudoscience term for "feminine essence."

That's not closer to science. That's voodoo dressed up as science instead of naked voodoo.

>sauce has already been given. Learn how to read.
You pointed to the wrong post then. And ignored it when this was pointed out. That's being deliberately obtuse.

In any case, your "source" doesn't back you up and just claims it's already proven by other reports.

If you want to make these claims, you should check that they're true and be willing to show the facts to others who doubt you.

When you don't, you look like just another pseudoscientist thinking what he wants and not taking a second, or even a first, glance at the facts.

>> No.38337676


Brainsex is disprovable, and in fact has been disproved. "feminine essence" is pseudoscience, brainsex is just bad science.


I'm not here to hold your fucking hand, newfriend. If you don't know how to read citations that's your problem.

>> No.38337842

Brainsex isn't disprovable because it can't be defined. That makes it pseudoscience.

"bad science" is not the term for wrong theories anyway.

You point at the wrong source twice and ignore it when this is pointed out to you. That's not failing to hold hands. That's not caring about sources.

Which you don't, because you're just another pseudoscientist, no different from those who claim reports prove their brainsex voodoo is real.

Up your form if you try to engage on this topic again.

>> No.38337935

>Brainsex isn't disprovable because it can't be defined.

Wrong, it makes physical claims about the structure of the brain, these claims can and have been investigated and disproven.

>"bad science" is not the term for wrong theories anyway.

Did you have a point with this non sequiter?

>You point at the wrong source twice and ignore it when this is pointed out to you. That's not failing to hold hands. That's not caring about sources.

You don't think a link to the pubmed article counts as a source? You know they have references on those things, right?

>> No.38337948
File: 62 KB, 298x364, 93482-4923-323.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First time playing a RPG with a group. Want to play a female character.
>Long time /tg/ lurker, know about magical realms.
>Be thinking how to evade magical realm-y stuff.
>Oh! I know! I shall make a half-orc that loves fightign, no way people can think I'm weird.
>The Half-Elf Rogue hits on me, saying he can teach me some tongues.
>The female Halfling Druid has hots for me, competes with the Half-Elf for my attention trying to teach me to like nature more.
>The Human Sorceress says she would love to test my strenght against her black tentacles.
>Ended up with greenskin and muscle girl fetish by the end of the campaign.

>> No.38338005

>I've seen it happen where, in an all male group, social darwinism takes over and the dude playing the girl becomes the omega (is that a thing?) of the group.
How does he become the omega?

>> No.38338048

Are you me? Because that's exactly how I feel as well. I'm not a woman, and that's probably never going to change. I just wish I could be. I wish I could be beautiful - I wish people would pay attention to me just because I exist, or go out of their way to make me feel wanted, or act like an idiot because they wanted my approval. It's a classic power fantasy, plain and simple, and I understand that it's not actually something I can attain.

I just wish it could be.

>> No.38338094


It's called autogynephilia and is very common among men.

>> No.38338138

And women.

>> No.38338155


It's a teenage boy thing. Tho even for an adult it's ergi.

>> No.38338161

Faggots and creeps generally.

>> No.38338162

>>The Half-Elf Rogue hits on me, saying he can teach me some tongues.

Well, it seems I have found my next pick-up line, ladies and gentlemen.

>> No.38338172

That would be autoandrophillia.

But yeah, that's also fairly common.

>> No.38338197


Women fantasize about becoming women? Odd.

Afaik, autoandrophilia is not common. The much smaller number of female-to-male trannies would support this I think.

>> No.38338223

AGP is extremely common among women.

>> No.38338249

How do you even tell when one of the group is being it?

>> No.38338250

I know TONS of chicks who are into the idea of fucking people with a dick.

It's why strapons exist.

>> No.38338322


Hmm, that's true. Maybe it just doesn't become fetishised in women as easily as it does in men, female cross-dressers and transexuals are much rarer than male ones.

>> No.38338369

>becoming women
Yeah that's not what the conversation is about.

>> No.38338372


I can't parse your post, please rephrase.

>> No.38338393


Also gay.

Understandable, GW1 always looked better staring at a slender asians ass while I clicked things to death.

You've got a /d/eviant streak, bet you like being insulted by girls you homoslax.

This, being a rather masculine male I can't even imagine how to play female? I'm just not as strong as males and better at talking. Every female character I've played as (which is two by the way because I rolled shit stats for a big stronk fightman) ended getting fuck murdered hella quick.

Currently GMing a RT game in which loads of characters are female. Wasn't intended but I don't really give a shit.

That sounds really, really bad son. GO see a doktor.

Commit sudoku you girlhomo

I doubt that's because you played a female character mate. Some straight blokes just come across as mad gay all the time. Do you take ages buying drinks then settle on a bottle of wine, or shop online a lot? Do you like cock?

>> No.38338450


What are you talking about you moron? Can you even read? How are you even operating a computer?

>> No.38338468

>I made a backstory where my barbarian is walking the world in a coming of age ritual, where all the member of the tribe leave it to explore the world and return with knowledge and/or power.
>During that time we are foribiden from searching for partners since we aren't considered adults yet.
>Let them know about it, I took the extra lenght and said that I needed to bring back 20 books containign prescious informations, 10 Greatswords of masterwork quality, 10 Plastemail of masterquality and 50 Plats.
>They spend their off-time just doing that, trying to one up the other while I have simply no idea how to react. Flirt back? Go along? Stop?
>Gm gets fed up with it, gives me a genderbending belt.
>They stop doing it, but they declare they would love to cure my curse.

It was a crazy ride, it ended giving me my own magical realm but I doubt it came off as Mary Sue. Her parents were a female orc barbarian and human wizards. I like to think that her different gender made it more fun to play. Still friends with everyone, but now I'm playing as a human wizard.

>> No.38338583

Why are you so butthurt when people contradict your idea AGP is exclusive to men?

>> No.38338619

How do you tell when one of the group is omega? Literally, I don't know what to look for. Thinking back to groups I've been in, I don't know if one of the players would be called omega or not.

>> No.38338665

I'm fairly certain that AGP logically and tautologically is limited to guys, anon.

In much the same way as lesbianism is limited to chicks.

>> No.38338669


What the fuck is AGP? The post you quoted was talking about autogynephilia, retard.

>> No.38338723
File: 96 KB, 575x534, sex-differences-brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually, Brain sex has been proven. A lot. You can see the differences between male and female brains on fMRIs, during postmortem disection, etc.

By the way, trans folk who transition at a young age (aka, before their 50s) have brain layouts similar to female brains. The studies that say they are that aren't are usually cherry picked by the researchers to be very late transitioners who didn't have problems before mid age. You people need to learn how to read sample selection. Sample selection can reveal researcher bias, especially in the soft "sciences". Often, they have an ax to grind, have a decent idea of how something really works, so they use it to manipulate samples before testing to manipulate outcome data to fit a specific agenda they are pushing.

Feminists have been doing this forever. Feminists also hate trans folk as transsexuals debunk their crazy "gender isn't real" bullshit hard. In fact, most of the AMA research into transsexualism has debunked most of feminism's bullshit. Feminists got mad and made genderqueer as a result as an attempt to debunk transsexualism.

Picture related. It's the differences between whitematter flow patterns in male and female brains. The top pattern is typical in males and FtMs. The bottom pattern is typical in females and MtFs.


There is a ton of pmed articles backing up this shit too.

Feminists mad!

>> No.38338735


If you don't know, chances are it was you. Boys have a very strong innate sense of hierarchy, there's always one boss and one grot.

>> No.38338778

As of late, I've been playing a lot of female characters. No one really cares because why would they? It's just one of the things that people have noticed as a trend, like "Oh look, X is playing a bugbear, Y is playing a character beholden to sacred vows that he'll forsake by next week, and Z is a girl."

My girlfriend has written up a male character for an upcoming DnD thing, but of course that wouldn't raise your eyebrow, would it?

>> No.38338805

I dislike feminists, but you really cant group them into one like that and hope to be accurate.

Different people, different approaches. One big split is between the androgynists ones who suggest almost all 'gender' is a social construct. Others maintain that sex and gender are very real and biological.

Most of the REAL crazies fall into the latter, because men's brains are therefore angry and primitive and aggressive and shit.

Generally it's only the radfemmes that take serious issue with the trannies though, but they do so for a million reasons.

>> No.38338941


That is true. But the ones who started that all gender is a social construct is an offshoot of radfem... which is also the root of the terfs. It's all circular bullshit.

I take an odd view on this stuff because I'm IS; so I take a lot of issues with feminism in general.

Also, forgot to turn off the trip from /lgbt/, but whatever. It's up. That's it.

>> No.38338968

>By the way, trans folk who transition at a young age (aka, before their 50s) have brain layouts similar to female brains

Why did you spoiler your entire case? Blanchard predicted just that in his work, this is the group he identified as "true transexuals", the early-transition homosexuals.

>(aka, before their 50s)
Actually this group transitions as soon as they legally can, sometimes sooner.

>> No.38338971

I've played three characters and they all were super evil. One was a monk who was based off the Chinese Red Guard. She would beat enemies to death, which isn't usually that evil in a DnD game, but she used unarmed strike and usually did nonlethal damage. The lethal.damage was always a conscious decision. And this was a Kingmaker game, so even when I let a character live I usually sentenced him or her to work in one of our state-run brothels.

Another one wasn't actually female, just a hermaphrodite. But because she used seduction and most characters were male, she was mostly female (the system was Monsterhearts). This character was an experiment by the KGB to corrupt American youth and that's what she did. When the monsters attacked she had little or no.combat abilities, so she happily sacrificed her own friends and followers to the monsters, using them as human shields and bait.

The third female character was a necromancer oracle (Pathfinder). She would kill with no qualms and then reanimated the bodies. Even children. She framed people and tricked allies into getting their souls trapped for eternity (mostly by abusing the other players' tendency to metagame and assume I was lying whenever I rolled bluff). She also had a boyfriend who she abused. She was Dhampir and would treat him like walking rations, use him to test for traps, and as a packmule/mount.

I wonder if the way I play female.characters means anything about me and my relationship with women?

>> No.38339056

LGBT is a damn good place to learn this shit imo, unless it's done some changing from when I lurked there about a year back.

Lots of positions, lots of opinions, people from tumblr and people from /pol/, faggots, dykes, trannies and asexuals all pulling eachothers' hair and screaming.

Really enjoyable place to hang out. It was like if someone released the rage virus on a pride parade.

>> No.38339217


>Why did you spoiler your entire case? Blanchard predicted just that in his work, this is the group he identified as "true transexuals", the early-transition homosexuals.

Haha, no. You and blanchard are both confusing sexual orientation with gender. Lipstick lesbians are a thing, you retard.

>Actually this group transitions as soon as they legally can, sometimes sooner.

Correction. They transition as soon as they think they can get away with it. Or they kill themselves. These days, it just so happens to be as soon as they legally can, if not sooner. I know I started hormones as soon as I got out of HS and got a job.

Some of us are not so lucky and don't get to move on this until later. But most will either kill themselves or start hormones before the age of 32.


>It was like if someone released the rage virus on a pride parade.

Isn't that what most pride parades are like? I avoid those things as they are really hostile to TS and IS folks in my experience.

And yeah. Lots of opinions (/pol/) vs people with actual facts and pmed articles. Honestly, I think the place is mostly /pol/. I mean, /pol/ is hardcore gay, after all.

>> No.38339316


Yeah, no. You're deluding yourself, and you look like a man in a dress.

>> No.38339475



I never produced enough testosterone, sorry.

>> No.38339515


Whatever idiot. You've mutilated yourself and you'll never be a girl, good work genius.

>> No.38339640

I tend to play females (so cross gender), unless I'm playing a type of character where one gender seems more fitting (for example a James Bond type ex-secret agent I have in Shadowrun atm...wouldn't be the same as a female)

Dunno how it started, guess it is a mixture of MMO experience, the parties of my first few groups being total sausage fests and thus getting me interested in doing something else, as well as getting a premade female char in my first ever PnP test run.
Its certainly not magical realmy, if anything my males are actually worse in that regard. My groups tend to be OK with it and are usually more surprised if I'm not rolling a woman.

>> No.38339723

No hostility in the shit I've been around. I went to watch a few in london with my fag friends, there were tons of trannies and the like in there too. Good spirits, everyone was all cheerful and shit. 8/10.

>> No.38339773


Could never have been a man either without medical intervention. Would just have gotten fat and all eunuchy, then developed osteoporosis. Besides, why would I want to be a man?

>> No.38340266

I played a few characters. It never went to any magical realm, and it never mattered much. It informed their characters a bit, but that's it.

Because it's not a big fucking deal.

>> No.38340547

I usually play females but not always. I also try to give my chararcters a range of different sexualities. It makes for an interesting roleplay challenge, kind of like trying all the races.

>> No.38340846

That's not right actually though. It's arousal at the thought of oneself as a woman. Turns out, women can think of themselves as women too.

>> No.38341221


This. The guy who came up with AGP was under the belief that not only did women not have fetishes, they didn't even have sexual fantasies. They basically had no sexual desire according to him.

Raymond Blanchard is a really fucked up Freudian quack.

He does have an unusually keen understanding of how paedophiliacs operate mentally. Unusually well. Almost as if he were one.

>> No.38341598

Sex, gender, sexual orientation, fetish, sexual arousel, etc in my own simple minded personal opinion is that people discussing this subjects tend to mix up the terms. Talking of sex snd gender as the same thing or sexual arrousel with sexual orientation.

For me a male has XY chromosome and a female has XX chromosome.

Gender can be a social construct but I'm sure most of it comes from genetics, like for example the ability to see more shades and colors resides in the X chromosome, so female are more likely to have this skill and so have an easier time for asthetic and well socially it is expected for them to know the "melon" colour.

To put it simple humans are not equal the amount of different variable, culture, races, etc makes it hard to study human behavior beyond just biology.

Hell you can get better and get sick because some how your brain can do it.

>> No.38341604

I played with girls and I'm wondering what I missed out on.

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