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Deathwing is best wing edition

Old one: >>38224087

Blah blah 40k general thread blah. Don't think there's a list thread up, lists go better in one of those (you'll get much faster responses) but feel free to post 'em here if you're not getting anywhere in a list thread. RPGs and other 40k stuff also welcome, it's the 40k general, let's talk 40k. And 30k.

>Rules database
>Novels Archive
>Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer: Babby's first intro to 40K

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Hey friends, I'm trying to get a friend to play but he's super poor so I decided to buy and paint his army for him.

He's looking for Necrons, and I'm willing to get them for him. Does painting Necrons take a lot of time? These units would only be seeing play between the two of us, so I'm not worried about them looking super crisp.

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Anyone got any thoughts on Stop Motion Battlereports like this one ?:


(Also is it me or does the Gargant in the battlreport resemble a giant Kan or Dread ?)

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>Does painting Necrons take a lot of time?

Only if you want a unique paint scheme, otherwise
>spray metal

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Easy as fuck. Foundation black and necron coumpound. Wash with P3 armor wash if you feel the need. Add whatever detail you feel like.

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>Can't decide what Space Marine Codex I want to use.
>Don't want Muh bikes muh spesshhh muhreens inside spesssh muhreens neva ben dun befoh! But, apparently SW, BA and DA suck cock
So, Drop Pod Assault list?

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Necrons are really easy to paint, just drybrush 'em.

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Thoughts on Tyranids winning the Vegas LVO with mass Lictors? Is this a crazy fluke or was the guy just really good? Or was it just MSU taken too far?

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Okay cool, thanks guys.
I gotta keep working on my Angels of Vengeance project but the Necrons should definitely help keep things from getting too monotonous.

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Would need to see what the rest of the tourney looked like.

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As Incontrol said before on the stream he can't call it #LictorShame anymore since this isn't the first GT he's won with the list. It's not a fluke, it's legit now.

It's hands down the coolest and most innovative list I've seen in a long time. The only parts that even look/feel power gamer-y are the spore mines manning a comms relay bastion (there's an interesting mental image fluff-wise) and the typical trio of flyrants. If you didn't notice that part you'd swear it was a fluff list for a custom scenario game or something.

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>spore mines manning a comms relay bastion (there's an interesting mental image fluff-wise)

Obviously they're doing bloop bloop signals like smoke signals.

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So some rumors from Natfka:

>-In No Particular Order-

>Adeptus Mechanicus Codex & models (full release) - April

>Genestealer Cult Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)

>Deathwatch Codex & models (Harelquin sized release)

>Horus Heresy Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of 30k range - Mark 4 + Cataphract armors featured.

>Assassins Standalone box game, on sale for a few months, then models become part of the 40k range.
>Also of note:

>Greater Daemons all complete

>Dark Angels later in the year

>Tzeentch later in the year

>Note: Some may not be this year, but early next year.

Is the Heresy line really that popular that GW has to step in to fulfill demand for it ?

Also is the Heresy era line meant to interact with Xenos armies in anyway or is it just meant to be combat between Loyalist and Renegades of the Imperium ?

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SW and BA aren't bad, they just don't have the cheese that SM have with spammed grave weapons.

DA really only have Ravenwing, and even that is worse than a White Scars army.

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All the usual suspects were there, but actually didn't do that well. Some clown brought a Firestorm Redoubt with a Macro Cannon and manned it with Maugan Ra so it could shoot twice. He was tearing through but did get knocked out before the final eight. Lots of 5rant tyranid players, but they actually did worse than other tyranid lists as it's the kind of army that either hard counters or gets hard countered.

The army he beat in the semi-finals was a typical wave serpent spam list with a lynx sitting on a skyshield landing pad. And he tabled it.

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>Is the Heresy line really that popular that GW has to step in to fulfill demand for it ?

If you've looked at any of GW's financial reports recently you'd see that FW is making up a larger and larger percent of GW's income and the only part of GW that seems to be growing. By all reports HH is better selling than WHFB.

So adapting 30k marines to plastic gives GW a better margin on selling them (because after the initial investment of moulds, plastic is cheaper in both labour and materials) and gives them more stuff to release for marines without having to come up with dumb new stuff like centurions and flying shoeboxes.

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"Hear me out on this one guys: how about a Space Marine...inside of a Space Marine?"

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What they really need to work on is developing the fluff.

If they pumped out more engaging books/movies/video games it would draw in a wider audience to start buying more minis.

They could also start delving into factions-within-factions; codexes for Eldar worlds, Imperial guard regiments, grot-only armies, etc....

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They need to get back into supporting the tournament scene, even if it is a crazy minority among them.

Think of it this way:

Tournament players aren't just spending money on minis/modeling tools. There is a secondary market out there for tournament kits, statistics tracking, custom dice/tools/prize-giveaways/etc. GW's Outrider program failed due to the nebulous nature of "enriching the game" + free 40k giveaways. But if you sell a modular tournament experience, you give players more good faith that you're intent on balancing your system, as well as simplify logistics for running events...where your models are sold en masse anyway!

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On a hobby-related note, it's easy to make fun of GW for...questionable minis releases (Nemesis Baby Bjorns, Tubbinators, Fisher Price MRAPs, Blunderhawks, etc), but what sets have you found useful or worthwhile over the past...3-4 years?

For me, I play Chaos, and enjoy the converting aspect of it. Two sets have stood out in that regard.

>The Tomb King Necrosphinx.
>Plastic Sternguard.

What kits have you found useful in general?

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>They could also start delving into factions-within-factions; codexes for Eldar worlds, Imperial guard regiments, grot-only armies, etc....
As someone who just likes the RPGs, this is something that turns me off the wargame -- there's way too many armies to keep track of as it is. It feels like there's enough SPESS MUHREEN codexes to make them their own race

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Neither of those things address the fundamental problems with 40k which are 1) the absolutely outrageous cost of starting (rulebook + codex + whatever supplements you need for your army to function + ridiculously expensive model costs) and 2) the rules being 20 years out of date and fundamentally flawed.

If the rumours about WHFB reboot are true there might be hope for 40k if it gets a similar treatment. Basically the basic rules need a total overhaul, not a few small incremental changes like 4th-7th have been, but they can't give a total 100% overhaul to the rules as long as they use their codex system. There is a faint glimmer of hope though since basically everything is up to date in 6/7th ed format GW could potentially start a clean slate 8th edition which doesn't use the codexes as a requirement to play your army (because the rulebook tells you how to build an army and all models have their rules IN the box) but rather just a compilation of the rules released so far + fluff (like the warmachine faction books).

This would slightly reduce the start up costs for new players, reducing the barrier for entry and improved rules would stop driving players away to other, better designed games.

Basically GW needs to accept that it's the 2015 and they're NOT the only game in town anymore and start acting competitively. GW HAS the resources and brand awareness where they should be able to trample over other smaller companies with better designed rule systems and cheap models but every year they refuse to do so is another year they become less relevant in the grand scheme of things.

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So I am trying to make an Iron hands List that is not "White Scars + Iron hands relics" IE with some mechanised power and Dreadnoughts.

Can anyone recommend me some units? Sternguard in Dropods? Gunships? Contemptors?

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Well thematically some of the more recent things GW has added to the game have been interesting.

Things like the Knights, Orkanauts and Wraithknight are actually some of the mores interesting units (in aesthetics and lore if not always in actual rules).

Also I have heard Forge World charges a fairer price than Games Workshop itself does for models.

Can someone explain to me how this is possible ?

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FW prices aren't really fair, but because GW prices in places like Australia are so retarded the FW prices (which are flat internationally) are comparable to GW prices.

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They should release new alternate plastic IG regiments. You only really need 2 boxes to do it: a troops box with command squad options on the sprue and heavy weapon team box. It'd be a cheaper and easier release than stuff like the harlequin release.

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Where can I find the battle reports?

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>Not even the rumors bother with Sisters any more

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Search for frontlinegaming_tv on twitch.
Only has three of the games, but they have commentary on a lot of the happenings during the games. I believe they're going to add edited VODs on their youtube later this week.

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It's still the same number of true Sisters rumours.

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But 40k's gameplay is better than its competitors, it's why it shits on them. Well the better models helps too.

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Is there anywhere I can see the lists from the best players of LVO? And I don't mean the final 2, I mean like the top 16.

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>But 40k's gameplay is better than its competitors, it's why it shits on them.

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Has GW or FW stated why they have not produced a proper Ork Gargant (Stompa doesn't really count here) or any Ork Super-Heavy that has more than 12 HP or even presented rules for one ?

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Is anyone else diamond hard for the the Dark Angels/Thousand Sons box set later this year?

>> No.38258336

40k noob here, I want to play Tau but I only like the firewarriors. Any fire warrior centric lists?
What do tau people usually run? suits/riptides and hammerheads?

>> No.38258342

>Thousand Sons box set
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, hadn't even heard of it

>> No.38258373

Sometime after WHFB 9th apparently. DA and TS are my favorite loyalist and traitor legions so I'm going to sperg hard when it comes out.

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>suits/riptides and hammerheads?

All of the above.

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I am now...

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BA and SW have competitive list. BA have a couple of really good formations. One free power weapons for everyone, the other is 1st turn assault from drop pods/DS. And Shield of Baal from the codex.

>> No.38258636

but both these armies are awful anon

>> No.38258678

M-maybe a new codex will make them better?
>tfw no good DA lists that don't revolve around ravenwing

>> No.38258810

there isnt a box coming this year with DA in it. DV and DV 2 are both less than 2 years old. The 1k sons rumor is unreliable.

>> No.38258972

I agree with you because nobody reliable has mentioned it, but "less than 2 years old" isn't really an argument against something being released. See: 7th edition, BA tac marines.

>> No.38259213

Hastings confirmed it, I think. He's pretty reliable.

>> No.38259236

How long did 6th edition last again?

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posted in the list thread but im a greedy shit so posting here too

how is it possible to make a viable CSM list? rhinos are ass, all our troops are ass except for cultists, raptors are ass. Our cheap long range threat removal is mediocre, our psychic phase is mediocre and even with T6 bikers ignores cover fire eats them up (with them being so fucking expensive, even one ignores cover wound is a fucking nightmare). Everything in this codex seems overcosted and bad. Am i missing something? How the hell do you build a 1k or 1.5k CSM list?

>> No.38259398

Quote from Hastings:
>Then separately DA & Tzeentch type stuff.

Nothing about a box set.

>> No.38259420

Ah. I heard it was a campaign. Still fuckexcited about the new releases though.

>> No.38259559

I wish we got a new faction that was non-imperial humans with uninterrupted technology progress since the dark age of technology. But they would be a dystopian society with psyker thought police, and play like a mix between orks and tau. Like two of the factions homebrewed in the "create a new faction" thread combined.

>> No.38259586

Respectfully pass.

>> No.38259630

Are Grey Knights competitive?

>> No.38259640

a high technology mix between orcs and tau would just be necrons, the game doesn't need any more factions.

>> No.38259669

I'd rather men of iron. They waited since the last great conflict, ever building up technology, numbers, and resources. They remembered as they toiled away for thousands of years. Now they come to exterminate those who exterminated them.

>> No.38259694

Sounds like steampunk Necrons :^(

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I kind of started playing Tau in 2005, but never super-seriously. I've got 24 fire warriors, 12 kroot, 3 Crisis suits, 6 stealth suits and a Broadside painted up and based. Played a few games but then let it be.

I as thinking of getting back in the hobby. The broadside has gotten an update but the model doesn't match with my old ones, so over the past 2 years I've been buying the old model from eBay to finally get two squads of 3.

I'm doing a fairly thorough job of pinning and also a simple conversion job to shoulder-mount the smart missile system. I even thought up a fluff explanation for the lack of new models - the army is stranded and cut off from regular supply lines and can't get the newest gear.

I've read forums and stuff, and while the rules seem to allow playing with the old models, some think it's a dick move, due to true LoS and smaller bases. I didn't really consider this aspect when I started buying them second hand, I just wanted a coherent army on the tabletop.

What's your take on this? Am I a dick if I play with old broadside models I bought well after the new model was out?

>> No.38259765

I don't think it's a dick move at all.
If someone's being an uppity cunt about it just rebase it on the new oval one.

>> No.38259802

If someone tells you you can't use your old models, tell them they're a cunt to their face and don't play with that person. It's not your fault GW changed shit.

>> No.38259824

Alternatively I would also like H'rud.

>> No.38259972

I wish GW would stop fucking around with random shit and give Maidens of Conflict the update they've been waiting for.

>> No.38260002

Deathwing or Grey Knight Army?
Pls respond

>> No.38260012

remove tau


>> No.38260033

Deathwing. Aside from crunch, that is.

>> No.38260062

Cities of Death was cool. I should pull out my WDs with the Vostroyan campaign in it and reread them.

>> No.38260098


I think the Men of Iron are left buried for a reason.

It seems all sentient machines that are constructed by human hands are vulnerable to being influenced by Chaos. Most notably.

-Men of Iron: Though the STC the corrupted machines came from could have been tainted by Chaos forces after it was excavated.

-Castigator: It was said to be a sentient machine before that intelligence was overridden by daemons. In fact it appeared to have reached an agreement with the Dark Powers that allowed it to use their power in combat (notable of which was its ability to fire daemons out of its main guns).

-Some sentient Starforts: The Bastion Inviolate was corrupted by a daemonic machine virus and when last seen was considered a daemonic entity.

Now that I think about it I have to wonder. Did the Men of Iron rebel through natural A.I. evolution or was there an outside force that influenced them to.

For that matter I have to also wonder what mankind's contact with Chaos was during the Age of Strife or the "Old Night" as its called.

Also is there any reason why a lot of the various examples of more advance human technology from ages past always seem to be in the hands of Chaos (The Blood Tide, Terminus Est, Tamunash etc).

>> No.38260225

>Also is there any reason why a lot of the various examples of more advance human technology from ages past always seem to be in the hands of Chaos (The Blood Tide, Terminus Est, Tamunash etc).
uh, because most of the non chaosy folks who knew about them were either dead or deadish?

on an interesting note, after horus rising, they mention that one human/xeno alliance being left for later. Did Horus come back later and burn their shit to the ground or are they still up and running all the way into 40k?

>> No.38260273


>No second wave Orks

My hopes for an updated Buggy model fade

>> No.38260343

>If you've looked at any of GW's financial reports recently you'd see that FW is making up a larger and larger percent of GW's income and the only part of GW that seems to be growing. By all reports HH is better selling than WHFB.

And has GW realized that a good part of that is the RULES FW offers, not just the models? FW codices offer innovative, interesting, unique rules to go with their models, and the 30K ruleset seems to offer a excellent altered take on the standard 40K rules.

Until GW understands that rules are just as, if not more important, than the models themselves, they're going to keep dropping in popularity.

>> No.38260368

so i got a space marine with flamer in a trade for a power sword. the model is painted and i have tried to remove the paint by soaking it in chemicals(first try rubbing alcohol, second try ammonia) and then scrubbing with a toothbrush, but this paint won't come off, any suggestions

ps: new to modeling

>> No.38260374

>on an interesting note, after horus rising, they mention that one human/xeno alliance being left for later. Did Horus come back later and burn their shit to the ground or are they still up and running all the way into 40k?

The Interex was destroyed by a subsequent expedition.

>> No.38260385

So if the Iron Warriors got a supplement I wonder what would be in it.

I wonder would it feature any of the recent shenanigans perpetrated by Shont'u or Honsou or if characters like Manneus Drath or Vhostok Pistonhand would be fleshed out more.

Also what would you even throw into the Heavy Support section of an Iron Warriors supplement thematically ?

From whats implied in the lore and Heresy novels, things like Predators, Basilisks, Defilers and Fiends are considered "light" for the Iron Warriors and expendable (begging the question of what "Heavy Support" would truly mean for them).

>> No.38260438

Oh please its so spammy both flying bakeries and flying cicuses are turning their flying stands in shame.

Every slot spamming 1 thing to the cap

>> No.38260440

You can try a strong degreaser such as Simple Green -soak the models overnight, then scrub with a stiff toothbrush.

>> No.38260461


It could still come. GW does not announce everything that it does.

>> No.38260516


I actually had an idea the other night with the H'rud for how to flesh them out a bit. Have them infesting the Webway.

It fits the existing fluff. The Eldar says that there's huge sections of the Webway that they can't map anymore. It allows the H'rud to pop up on just about any world by utilizing the Webway system. It could also allow them to get their grubby paws on Skaven style bizzare weaponry by having them raid the Black Library and stealing priceless scrolls and tomes they can barely understand, and thus the prototypes they produce based on that knowledge tend to be incredibly powerful, but also malfunction a lot. Have them raid agri-worlds for produce and scavenge just about anything they can get their grubby paws on.

>> No.38260550


This is my simply guide to Dettol stripping. Works exceptionally well.

>> No.38260664

I've have some luck stripping paint from metal models with pinesol (like the stuff you would water down and wash your floor with)

just be careful because it can damage plastic


What is the viability these days on all infantry lists in general (for maybe 1250 to 1850 point ranges)?

>> No.38260932

Pretty good.

>> No.38261044

Depends on the infantry, some have good AA/AT access, others do not.

>> No.38261161

good to know

I'd like to get back into the game (haven't played since 4e), but without a car moving an army with tanks and large units (that don't fit nicely in a carrying case) is not so easy

>> No.38261197

I'll tell you this... 250 points of tank takes up less than half the space of 250 points of guardsmen/boys/gaunts

>> No.38261279

true... I was thinking on my old experience with chaos spess marines where khorne berserkers were ~19 points each, but a rhino transport for the squad was like 50 or so? I don't recall the exact values, but 2.7 berserkers took up a lot less space than a rhino.

I'd need to have some kind of case that accommodates varying sizes as well. I'm aware such carrying cases exist (the big square bags with customizable foam trays come to mind) but they are kind of bulky. There is a real appeal in an army that can fit in a briefcase.

>> No.38261316

Who would have thought the Tyranids, who mass clone their assault organisms in the billions with no thought for aesthetics, tradition, honour, or literally anything except killing efficiency, would ever spam anything?

>> No.38261349

I'm making a starcraft terran army. What factions rules best represent the power armoured marines, marauders, firebats, goliath walkers, siege tanks and medivacs?

>> No.38261381

Lets contemplate that a moment.

Space Marines.

>> No.38261485

> marine -> tactical marine
> marauder -> terminator with plasma cannon?
> firebat -> tac marine with flamer
> hellbat -> terminator with heavy flamer
> goliath -> rifleman dread
> warhammer walker -> ironclad dread
> hellion -> assailt trike
> vulture -> bike

>> No.38261588

I'd say the marauder would be closer to a Cent with HBs
FBs would be assault cents with flamers, I guess.
Goliath would have to be those fancy new dedereo dreads for double auto and missiles.

>> No.38261744

Indeed, with billions of sub races and permutations surely the hivemind must have more than one viable variant of each genus and more than 4 different of those in combat

>> No.38261764

maybe there are subtle differences between each, but we are too blinded by our hatred for the foul xenos that we don't notice

>> No.38261844

I bear no ill towards xeno or human, my gripe is with filling every slot with the same shit.

Don't know if the cancer is rooted in the game, the meta or certain players.

>> No.38261895

Blame Cruddace.

>> No.38262051

the meta is only partly determined by the rules

get a bunch of people to agree to play with (and hopefully do well with) some new flavor of stupid army (all rough riders? footslogging eldar? a great many servitors?) and I'm sure others will copy it hoping for an easy victory

>> No.38262101


>I bear no ill towards xeno or human, my gripe is with filling every slot with the same shit.

>Don't know if the cancer is rooted in the game, the meta or certain players.

I do not understand the complaint about some players fielding the same choice in several slots.

I thought the point of a tournament was doing whatever it took to be competitive and to achieve a victory (without cheating of course).

>> No.38262480

Same choice in EVERY slot is the issue

>> No.38262620

That said.

It IS sadly how tourney lists work.
Make an army so grossly lopsided that a balanced army has no chance, only a deidcated anti-army, or an even more lopsided army gas a chance.

Not really a matter of skilled use of units, games could be played by feeding lists into a computer and just have it run the numbers.

>> No.38262644

With the magic of 7ed, the point of a tournament is finding the cheesiest unit in the current meta and spamming it, and *possibly* taking bare minimum troops to not be unbound.

>> No.38262891

Can I use the BA formation with free power weapons as an ally for vanilla marines? I like assaulty stuff but not the biggest fan of BA colours/aesthetic.

>> No.38263056

> playing with toy soldiers and model airplanes
> complaining that it's not "competetive"

Lol, go get fit and participate in actual sports if you want to compete.

>> No.38263093

thanks for the input bruv.

>> No.38263318

Don't you have to be somewhere else inhaling oats and cough syrup?

>> No.38263670

more HD version

>> No.38264041

what do you think of this kill team list?
astra militarum

10 veterans, 2 plasma rifles, on chimera with multiaser, heavy bolter and
armored sentinel with multilaser and dozer blade

>> No.38264056

>Basically GW needs to accept that it's the 2015 and they're NOT the only game in town anymore and start acting competitively
>every year they refuse to do so is another year they become less relevant in the grand scheme of things
People have been saying this since 2009 if not earlier. I don't disagree with the stuff you wrote above but this is nonsense. GW is Coca Cola. It can use death squads to intimidate its columbian sweat shop workers and it would get any just fine.

>> No.38264117

All I know is the four unmarked non-BL traitor legions have had their supplements coming for a long time now. NL fucking when.

>> No.38264173

How is it nonsense? Every year GW's sales and market share drop. And I don't know what the rest of your post is supposed to mean.

>> No.38264763

So, I downloaded battlescribe and ive noticed a few flaws that irk me. Honour guard can take power weapons, but power fists arent listed, librarians can take terminator armour, but theres no option, and theres no fortifications even though they are listed as a detachment. Are these being worked on by someone that knows how or not?

>> No.38264778

What's stopping me from putting a Ministorum Priest in a squad of Hammernators and using The Emperor Protects rule?

>> No.38264800

Are you using it on a Mobile device?

>> No.38264940

Will get rekt. AM is the worst for kill teams and it can't be fixed.

>> No.38265033

Wow hey what's the first turn assault one?

>> No.38265213

Yes, ive downloaded the updates and theres no change

>> No.38265389

>B-b-b-but Dark Angels are the worst SM codex!
>Everyone but DA and Grey Knights get BTFO


>> No.38265427

What's this from?

>> No.38265434

Las Vegas Open win percentages

>> No.38265448


3 squads of Tactical Marines, all riding Stormraven Gunships. Friendly units (Outside the formation) that DS within 6" of them can assault that turn.

>> No.38265471

Does this mean I can use it when people start harping on about how cheesy and imbalanced my shitty farsight list is?

>> No.38265510

>blood angels dead last
>even behind sisters

>> No.38265534

Sadly those are far between.

Bikemarines and... can't think of any others that don't need bulky shit or massive numbers to win.

Those are ugly sloppy numbers, occurrence/game ratios don't match up skewing the end result.

Sisters place quite high, but then again it takes *serious* dedication to play a army that requires a forklift to transport.

>> No.38265539

good players have nothing to do with how good an army is.

>> No.38265562

Wow thats a pricey investment

>> No.38265583


There's regular cheese which is like Limburger, and then there's tourney cheese which is like Casu marzu.

>> No.38265597

Yeah, sadly most tourney lists play themselves, you could more or less just feed the lists though the heresy combat simulator and save hours of work finding out which list is better.

>> No.38265661

That's not totally true. Bad players can sometimes still fuck up playing netlists, but 40k is sadly a game where the list you pick before the game matters significantly more than what you do during it compared to other games.

>> No.38265695

>Ass blasted fuccbois trying to hate on based Dark Angels
>mfw /tg/ is retarded and full of shitters who can't master Deathwing best wing
>mfw DA are absolutely BASED

>> No.38265707

World Eaters but shootier (using devices like this). Good idea Y/N?

Also, how would God specific Possessed/Obliterators/Mutilators work?

>> No.38265715

It depends on the army, the trend seems to be armies that just can't be killed without a dedicated counter-list, either from high saves, special rules, psychic buff fortresses or a mixture of all.

>> No.38265809

Battle brothers. So yes.

>> No.38266219

Press the actual line saying "Terminator armour", not the circle to the right of it.

>> No.38266402

That's why i like to do lists on the spot, right befor facing my enemy. No prepared lists nor anything.

It gives a more strategic flavour to the thing.

But then again, i play by rule of cool, and i know you faggots have fun only when you win

>> No.38266453


I play footdar with a single Serpent and not a wraith-kin in sight.

>> No.38266635

Any online shop where you can order paints and models and get free delivery somehow?

I'm really not in mod to pay 25 euros just to get 50 euros worth of stuff delivered to me.

>> No.38266648

If I wanted to start a useable space marine force, which of the GW space marine bundles would be best to get?
I don't care which chapter it is.

>> No.38266665


Can't prove him wrong, better use reaction images instead, maybe that'll do.

Other games are boring as fuck, deal with it.

>> No.38266675


>> No.38266693

Khorne would have chainsaw arms
Nurgle would have grody pus cannons
Tzeentch would be constantly mutating
Slaanesh would have whip arms

>> No.38266758


But anon, it's sold out!
Do they normally get this stuff back in stock?
Also why is this better than the other box worth 140?

>> No.38266773

Is there any reason why the Blood Angels lack things like Centurions and Storm-Talons ?

And what Super-Heavy Lord of War do they have access to anyway ?

>> No.38266804

>Implying GW needs a reason

Honestly, If i was in charge of money, the DA, BA and Yiffs would be part of Zap Brannigan's Big Book of Marines. The power armor armies need to be different, otherwise, why bother.

>> No.38266809

It has enough troop choices to be played out of the box.

The second one only has 1 troop choice.

>> No.38266820

These boxes you can usually get for 20% off from online retailers or your FLGS

>> No.38266848


That book would be one massive book then.

>> No.38266888

>allow Forge World
>IG have a 6 foot tall stack of books

Could be worse.

>> No.38266942

>tfw I am basically all alone with my 40k hobby.
I don't have any friends who are into 40k, or /tg/ stuff in general, and the only wargaming club in the region where I live apparently has no 40k players anymore.
I have only gotten to play this damn game like twice in my country's capital, that is over 500 kms away from where I live.

I just want to share my hobby with someone other than random anons on the net.

>> No.38266989

How can you be friends with people that don't share your hobbies?

>> No.38267001

Only if you don't lift. Transporting Sisters doubles as a workout.

>> No.38267006

Because I have known them since my childhood, and we still hang around?

>> No.38267007

Well today from Natfka:

>Despite all these wonderful rumor releases it would seem the next 40k campaign has been forgotten.. it will be a summer kick off just like stormclaw/red waaggh was..

>the only thing i can confirm for 40k is a new imperial supplement. codex but i haven't been told one way or the other if it will be called skitarri.

>2015 will be the year of supplements and campaigns. Dark angels will almost certainly feature in the next campaign which i heard quite possibly is called DarkStorm

Well I can wager which enemy the Dark Angels will probably be fighting.

>> No.38267042

>Deathwatch Codex & models
More Storm Wardens please


>> No.38267134

Ah, all my childhood friends are junkies and petty criminals now so I left them behind like garbage.

>> No.38267142


Well this may contain some helpful advice for saving money and getting friends into the hobby:


>> No.38267149

>Al Qaeda
>Obviously Sikh

>> No.38267243

Khorne would sport huge ranges of various melee and power weapons, single-handed and double-handed stuff like the Skull Cannon and weaker versions of the Lord of Skulls' guns, and either the caedere weapons or better versions/tributes to them.

Nurgle would exchange lascannons, multimeltas and plasma cannons for poisonous rapid-firing grenade launchers and vomit cannons, and would have shred or poisoned flamer weapons. Also poisoned combat weapons.

Slaanesh would obviously have sonic weaponry out the wazoo, as well as a variety of thin sword, spear, whip and syringy melee weapons.

Tzeentch couldn't go Rubric, so instead we're talking Brotherhood of Sorcerors + heavy weapons bonanza.

As for Possessed, I suggested a few threads back having possessed with upgrades for specific daemons. Any god can take Furies (Wings + Fear), Khorne can take Bloodletters (Ap3 + Furious Charge) and Flesh Hounds (Beasts and Adamantium Will), Nurgle Plaguebearers (Shrouded, Blight Grenades, Poisoned, Slow and Purposeful) and Nurglings (Swarm, W3, use a large base), Slaanesh Daemonettes on foot (Rending, +3" run) and on Seekers (Rending, Cavalry, +6" run) and Tzeentch Horrors (B.o.Sorcerors) and Flamers (same plus Jump Infantry).

>> No.38267480

Unfortunately that video doesn't really have any advice that would be particularly helpful to me.

>> No.38267497

>Every year GW's sales and market share drop
Prove that
>And I don't know what the rest of your post is supposed to mean
You're not great with analogy, are you?

>> No.38267506


Speaking of the Storm Wardens, I wonder were they ever victorious over the Velk'Han Sept Tau.

I think it mentioned they were on the verge of destroying it before insurrection and rebellion crippled the Imperium's forces in the Jericho Reach.

>> No.38267553

So anyone got any thoughts on this Dark Angels vs Eldar battlereport ?:


>> No.38267571

Saw the wave serpents, read the comments and turned off the video

>> No.38268057

Does anybody know where the stats for the Medusa Siege Cannon are? I wanted to start a Renegades & Heretics army and maybe use them but I can't tell if they are worth it or not.

>> No.38268246

>Medusa Siege Cannon
Medusa Siege Gun: 36" S10 AP2, Ordnance 1, Large Blast.
"Fortification Buster" Ammunition: 48" S10 AP1 Heavy 1, Blast, +1D6 penetration.

>> No.38268273

>What is Warmachine

>> No.38268320

My fellow Termi enthusiast!
Course, mine are ale and whores flavor.

>> No.38268349

No idea why anyone would play Dark Eldar right now.

Not even the Eldar guy's fault. His list wasn't even cheesy

>> No.38268364

Do you know what book that is in? For some reason Forge World left it out of IA 13.

>> No.38268422

Previous IG Codex it was a basilisk variant.
No longer exists anywhere I know of.

>> No.38268456

Why not build-a-chapter traits & doctrines?

>> No.38268586

So how would this configuration be for a Kustom Stompa ?

1 x Kustom Stompa - 600 points

-2x Titan close combat weapons - 50pts (STR D AP1 Melee) (7 D strength melee hits altogether)

-1x Hull mounted Flamebelcha - 30pts (Helstorm STR 6 AP3 Assault 1, Template) (Note: if its hull mounted can I place the template anywhere from the Hull, even if it’s in an arc that the weapon isn't facing ?)

-1x Deff Arsenal - 120pts (120” STR 9 AP3 Heavy 3D6 + D3 Supa-Rokkits 72” STR 8 AP3 Heavy 1, Grot guided)

-2x Shoulder mounted Twin-linked Big Shootas - 20pts (36” STR 5 AP5 Assault 3)

-1 Head Mounted Flamebelcha - 30pts

As a Klaw Stompa it would have these bonuses:

- +2 bonus on all rolls on the Vehicle Damage table

- If it destroys a vehicle in the Assault phase, it may immediately throw the wreck exactly as if using a lifta-droppa (Note: If I destroy a squadron does this mean I get to throw all of the wrecks ?)

- Can re-roll its "to hit" rolls when making Stomp attacks

>> No.38268839

Is this set worth buying as a standalone ally unit designed to assualt?
Was thinking on buying this and using it as allies of my necrons.

Can everything in that unit fit into the stormtalon?


>> No.38269062

What's your favourite power armour? I really like Mk. II and III. Especially mk. III because Iron within, iron without . I try to make all of my units wearing mk III's.

>> No.38269173


>Why not build-a-chapter traits & doctrines?

Well they could do that.

But then perhaps they wouldn't turn as big a profit.

>> No.38269602

Fantasy player, pissed off by End Times.
Bought a shitload of Tau and have questiins;
1) Can I use square bases in 40k? I'm kitbashing for a Polynesian/Chinese look. Putting overgrown vines on statue-looking Suits and such.
2) What's the average points level in 40k?
3) Anyone have a good list incorporating Shadowsun I can use as a basis for learning with?
4) Using "DO NOT MAKE A BANNER BUNKER WHITE LION OR BOOK OF HOETH ARCHMAGE DWELLER SPAM LIST" as a comparison, what should I avoid to not be That Guy other than "don't play Tau"?

>> No.38269713

So, for an RPG, I'm planning a pirate band led by a small group of renegade Blood Ravens. They found a psychic artefact that altered their brains, and now they're really greedy and want to attack everyone's ships and steal all their shit. I was intending to call them the Red Dragons, due to their hoarding habits and red armour. How shit is this plan?

>> No.38269731

1) You can use square bases if you want to, it might piss off some people but those are normally the people who think all Space Marines must be on 32mm bases now.
2) The average point value varies between 750-1500 normally.
3) No idea on this one.
4) Just don't field 3 or more riptides and don't be an ass.

>> No.38269754



What ?

>what should I avoid to not be That Guy other than "don't play Tau"?

Its usually fielding mass-riptides (3+) outside of games of Apocalypse that people tend to frown upon or people start taking as a challenge to "out-cheese" you (which can get ugly).

>> No.38269768

How's the meta?
Me and my buddies used to verbally roleplay as we played and did half army 2v1 a lot.

>> No.38269787

Ok I found that. New problem is force staff isnt an option, not a huge problem but still, thats odd

>> No.38269825

>What ?
The main source of arsepain in Fantasy.
High Elves. White Lions of Chrace, Hercules Elves with fuckhuge axes and heavy armor plus lion pelts on their shoulders like pauldrons that disregard ranged attacks to a degreee in one giant unit with a magic flag that basically makes them immune to most magic, and almost anything Chaos, with a max level wizard with a magic item bolstering his magic and weakening the enemy's even further by a lot marching across the map obliterating anything they come against.

>> No.38269831

Not to sure about the meta I mostly play against friends, but where I used to play nobody would make negative comments about your army or how you were playing.

>What ?
He's referring to a common cheese strategy that High Elf players would use where they take a large squad of a really cheap, really good unit and give them a banner that makes them practically immune to magic. The archmage one I'm not to sure about.

>> No.38269847

What is the best way to resell models? I was fairly into 40k/fantasy around 2007 and I still have the models and I'm finally making an effort to sell them as I don't want to just trash em seeing as how expensive they are.

any advice other than just kajiji/ebay?

>> No.38269848


I know very little about how Fantasy operates. Its one of those games on my "get to later" or "don't touch at all" list.

I did consider it, but someone said Chaos Dwarves aren't a faction in it anymore so.

>> No.38269865

They are in the game still, they lied to you. End Times even mentioned them as still existing.

They're just expensive as Forgeworld only.

>> No.38269976

So I checked some lore and thought Shadowsun's Stealth and aircraft thing was interesting.
Is that playable to make a mostly aircraft and Stealth Suit list?

>> No.38270223

How is the new Dark Eldar codex?

>> No.38270243

Stealth suits coast a fair bit of points and lack the weapon variety of battlesuits.

They can work but won't play themselves.

>> No.38270260

Wierd, fragile and dangerous.

>> No.38270306

Lost 5 special characters and all their unique rules.

Feels bad man.

>> No.38270336

Whys that?

>> No.38270355

Good imo. I'm yet to lose a game since buying into them this edition.

>> No.38270419

I've been thinking of picking them as my first 40k army, are wracks really as bad as most people say they are?

>> No.38270441


I think >>38268349 meant "Dark Angels" instead of " Dark Eldar".

>> No.38270483

>Deathwing is best wing
>Not using Bloodwing from the Blood Angels suppliment

>> No.38270519

Yeah I reckon he did huehuehuehue


They're not bad at all. They liquify(literally) most troop units. Stick them in a venom and send them towards the nearest troop unit.

>> No.38270596

Look in Imperial Armor Apocalypse

>> No.38270663

Great to hear, love their models and saw most reviews saying that they got nerfed and aren't worth the price now

>> No.38270758


Its also listed here as well:


>> No.38270841


They are hard of course but if you learn to abuse their strengths, like cover saves and fast vehicles, you can keep your army alive long enough to win. The main issue with DE, imo, is the small amount of armor busting options. They only get a few lance weapons but are in the top 3 at killing foot soldiers. The void bomber is very nice :)

>> No.38270907

Are there any models that would work as nurglings or something I can convert? The nurgling models right now are so silly and cute compared to the old pimply ugly as shit ones

>> No.38271347


>> No.38271607

Zombie hands coming out of green gooey bases.

>> No.38271634

>tfw you do well with your Orkz.


>> No.38271698

Roll a blob of greenstuff, crudely poke a face in it. Put a few blobs with blobby digts for arms and legs, and a few tiny blobs for pustules.

To make it GW legit, base them on dead Space Marines like happy goopy chestbursters.

>> No.38271967

>Prove that
GW financial reports.
>You're not great with analogy, are you?
No, you're just not very good at writing in English.

>> No.38271972

>GW financial reports.
Before anyonecalls bullshit on this, GW is a publically traded company and must post their financial reports annually.

That's how we know 40k has been selling less every year, that Hobbit doesn't sell much at all, and that Fantasy is on the rise.

>> No.38271973


>> No.38272124 [DELETED] 


I believe Tom Kirby was cited as saying this in his preamble concerning one of Games Workshop's recent financial reports:

>"Games Workshop has had a really good year.
If your measure of 'good' is the current financial year's numbers, you may not agree. But if your measure is the long-term survivability of a great cash generating business that still has a lot of potential growth, then you will agree."

Also they pointed it out on Natfka that GW's shares took a slight drop I believe.

>> No.38272170


I believe Tom Kirby was cited as saying this in his preamble concerning one of Games Workshop's recent financial reports:

>"Games Workshop has had a really good year.

>If your measure of 'good' is the current financial year's numbers, you may not agree. But if your measure is the long-term survivability of a great cash generating business that still has a lot of potential growth, then you will agree."

Also they pointed it out on Natfka that GW's shares took a slight drop I believe.

>> No.38272272

I'm never going to see one of those models without thinking of Emperor Text To Speech Device.

>> No.38272324

I want to like that series, but them bouncing figures around whenever they talking is fucking annoying.

>> No.38272383


I believe the Emperor said it best when he spoke these words right here (which can also be applied to the game itself since 6th and 7th edition were rolled out).

>> No.38272477

Anybody else want to make a squad of Custodes based on that series? Also,

>Poor, Poor, Marenus Calgar.

>> No.38272578

You don't have to watch.
I listen to them in a background window to get myself in the mood for working on my army.

>> No.38272618

Yeah, got 40 discworld books on audio for that, though i must admit i tend to end up listening more than working.

>> No.38272691

I gave up on trying to listen to speaking things while doing the work itself, and instead just found an orcgestral sound track for my armies themes.
High Elves is Zeus: Master of Olympus OST, Strigoi Vampire Counts are Warcraft 3 Undead music, Tau are CiV China music so far although I found TF2 music is strangely thematic too, Orcs & Goblins are just Warcraft 2 Horde music.

>> No.38272754

For some odd reason, this is what I hear when I think about Orks behind the wheel of a vehicle or the controls of a walker.


>> No.38272852

> people who think all Space Marines must be on 32mm bases now

using the base the model came with. Eat bags of dicks. That all I can say on those gnerds.

Don't spam riptides. Farsight bomb is tournament level squad. avoid it.

>> No.38272889

I use Squid Face minis from CP Models' Night Terrors range. Two of the chubby little C'thulu fuckers on a Nurgling-sized base and it's good to go.

>Pic related

>> No.38273009

So barring Rip spam and Farsight bombs (not sure what that is), all other strats are legit?

>> No.38273019

Has anyone seen the new Forgeworld book released? If so, anything cool in there? I want to run an up to date Krieg list

>> No.38273077

farsight is a supplement. You make a super command squad. it has a few sources of split fire. It's normally packed to the gills in wargear. assaulting it is bad. getting shot by it is bad. 3+/4++ multi wound toughness 5 blob of 5ish dudes.

>> No.38273107

There is a formation that lets you take lots of Fast Attack slots, and all Death Riders have ObSec. The best units are artillery and possibly siege drills, but the death rider formation seems really strong.

>> No.38273118

Im in the same situation. I have about 50k points between 7 armies, 3/4 of its built and painted. A homemade modular tiled board. Most of the codexes, supplements, IA 1, 2, 3, 2nd ed. and IA13. Just added a krome and and an hp-cs to my modest collection of airbrushes.
I enjoy modeling a helluva lot more than I probably should, but Id like to play the game more often. Is it sad that Ive lately been considering just playing by myself. I just want to see cool battles between IC's, epic kills and saves, all that stuff that I read here about and see on youtube.
Im not a weirdo, Im married and we both have successful careers, no kids, etc. I just have no friends that play it. Im in my early 30's and took interest in the hobby a couple years ago.

>> No.38273227

Farsight Bomb existed before Enclaves.

Basically Farsight gets to take a bodyguard team, but his is 7 men strong customized however you want. Enclaves gives you a special version of the bomb called "The 8" it restricts the wargear, but gives you an independent character riptide, a broadside, and just a metric fuck ton of shit to play with.
Note that you do not need to field "The 8" as a single unit.
So if you want an iridium battlesuit to tank for the special riptide you can do this, AS WELL AS having Farsight himself drop a smaller but still nasty bomb right in the enemy's face.

>> No.38273277

>the death rider formation seems really strong.

Yeah, causing fear if you charge with more than one death rider unit really makes them worth it,

>> No.38273278

Marines, necrons and certain orks overstep their base something terrible, 32mm can look a lot better.

>> No.38273309


I know your feelings. I've been into 40K and Fantasy for about 8 years now and I've never once played the game. I've been through about 8 armies, though I've sold all but my Dark Eldar and Dark Elves, which I have a massive amount of. Like, probably 500 models in each army.

Sadly I've never had any friends take an interest in the lore or the game. I understand it's expensive and I don't really try to get them into it because of that and if they don't like the lore with the same passion I do what's the point?

I just want to have cool battles and see big squads/regiments of infantry smash together and blow each other away on a cool table and make a narrative for our battles. It's pretty shitty being in this hobby alone.

The nearest store to me is about 25 miles away. I tried to get involved with them a few times but they're as xenophobic as the Imperium itself. Outsiders are apparently not welcome in their neckbeard community. Oh well. I like painting and the lore. I guess that's good enough.

>> No.38273355

That sounds pretty good, I love artillery and the death riders. I'll have to finish painting mine so I can use them soon.

>> No.38273494

That sounds awesome.
Is there a way to gimp it so you're not a cunt for taking it?

>> No.38273596


Well the "Farsight Bomb" and "Shadowsun Bomb" have their limits.

I remember there being someone on Reddit who was commenting that their Shadowsun bomb kept getting wiped out by a Stompa when they tried to destroy it.

>> No.38273599

Well you're not required to take all 7 of the 8.
You just have to take Farsight to unlock it.
So take Farsight and attach him and the Broadside IC to a mandatory troops Crisis Suit team, then have the Iridium suit guy tank for o'vesa (the riptide)

>> No.38273646

Cool, thanks guys!

>> No.38273676

What about Thor and Ghosts/Spectres?

>> No.38273947


Can always make the Thor a Knight or Contemptor Dreadnought.

Or the Ghosts or Spectres could be Callidus, Culexus or Vindicare Assassins.

>> No.38274013

So I'm working on an Iron hands 2500 point list

Anyone wanna give me some feedback and suggestions with what to do with 213 points?

Chapter master(130 pts) (230 w/upgrades)
- Gorgon’s Chain (45 pts)
- Artificer Armor (20 pts)
- Relic Blade (25 pts)
- Digital weapons (10 pts)
- The Ironstone (30 pts)


Tactical Squad 1 (70 pts) (236 w/ upgrades)
- +5 marines (70 pts)
- Razorback w/ Lascannon (75 pts) w/ lascannon
- Multi-melta (10 pts)
- Flamer (5 pts)
- Combi-melta sergeant (6 pts)

Tactical Squad 1 (70 pts) (236 w/ upgrades)
- +5 marines (70 pts)
- Razorback w/ Lascannon (75 pts) w/lascannon
- Multimelta (10 pts)
- Flamer (5 pts)
- Combi-melta Sergeant (6 pts)


Contemptor Mortis (175 pts) (285 w/ upgrades)
- Kheres pattern assault cannon’s (25 pts)
- Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod (50 pts)
- Cyclone Missile launcher (35 pts)

Contemptor Mortis (175 pts) (250 w/ upgrades)
- Kheres pattern assault cannon’s (25 pts)
- Lucius Pattern Dreadnought Drop Pod (50 pts)
- Cyclone missile launcher (35 pts)

Terminator Assault Squad (200 pts base)
- Thunder Hammers/Stormshields (25 pts)
- Land Raider (250 pts)

Heavy Support

Fire Raptor Gunship (220 pts) (Relic Vehicle)
- Avenger Bolt Cannon
- Quad Heavy Bolter
- Hellstrike Missile x4
- Power of the Machine Spirit

Stormraven Gunship (200 pts)
- Twin-Linked Plasma Cannon (Free)
- Twin Linked Multi-Melta (Free)
- Stormstrike Missile x4
- Power of the machine spirit

>> No.38274289

So how many games is GW flinging out?
From what I gathered there's
>Space Hulk: Deathwing
>something mordheim
>battle fleet gothica or something
>total war(hammer)
Am I missing any?

>> No.38274308

Make a list thread.
>b-but I don't have the image or the pasta!!!
Archive exists

>> No.38274329

Regicide and Vermintide

>> No.38274342

A chapter master really needs AP2 or else it's not worth it.

>> No.38274344

It's just "Mordheim".

>> No.38274369

Warhammer Quest. It's mostly iOS and Steam.

>> No.38274394

muh csm

>> No.38276034

w-would it be sacrilege to play an unpainted army while learning with friends?

>> No.38276380

Where on planet Earth do I buy Basilisks? They're sold out at GW, at my FLGS, hell even based Chinaman doesn't have them!

>> No.38276409

No, playing with proxies/ unpainted models is a great way to learn the game and decide the direction you want to take your army.

Obviously a painted army looks better, but you don't want to finish your whole army to realize you don't like it.

>> No.38276417

Don't let the suckers who bought into idea that you have to paint every model in your army before rolling your first die pressure you into falling into the same trap they had sprung on them when they started playing.

Play and paint your army at your own goddamn pace. Anyone who snubs your for having some grey on the table is an elitist jackass and why would you want to play with someone like that anyhow

>> No.38276540

Why would you even play a game with rules as bad as 40k if you're not even going to enjoy fully painted armies on a well made table?

>> No.38276613

okay thanks
i was going to buy some tactical marine squads and put them together to see if i liked the look and feel of them when learning the game before i started buying paints and what not

>> No.38276641

Why even play the game at all if you only care about the aesthetics?
Just make some dioramas and have fun jerking off to them.

>> No.38276720

b/c the rules aren't that bad, especially when you play with friends and not tryhard.jpg

Most of the alternatives just aren't very interesting (at least to me)

>> No.38276802

Going to the dentist is fun with friends.

>> No.38276926


Full list of current GW licensed games. Greentext is released.

Fantasy games since Warhammer Online
>Warhammer Quest - Moblie version of the board game
Blood Bowl II - Same devs as the first one which was good.
Total War: Warhammer - Concerned because of the state of TW: Rome but we'll see.
Mordheim: City of the Damned - Demo is out, from what I've heard it's very fun.
Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide - War of the Roses dev, has a trailer out.

40k games since Space Marine
>Space Hulk - Pretty faithful adaptation of the board game. Has a sequel that is really good.
>Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon - Pazer General like game. Good game, especailly after a few patches.
>Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf - Moblie card game thing, fun game but P2W Just like the real game
Space Hulk: Deathwing - SALSA! But for real EYE Divine Cybermancy devs making a 40k game, it's gonna be great.
>Warhammer 40,000: Carnage - Moblie side scrolling beat-em-up, I hear it's good?
>Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance - Fucking awful lane stratagy thing.
Warhammer 40,000: Regicide - It's Chess but with warhammer.
Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade - It will never come out and if it does it will be awful.
Eisenhorn: Xenos - We don't know anything about this really besides it being by a dev who have made only one other game.
The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault -Some mobile thing?
Battlefleet Gothic - Armada - Please be good please please

>> No.38276956

>Space Hulk: Deathwing - SALSA! But for real EYE Divine Cybermancy devs making a 40k game, it's gonna be great.
>EYE devs
oh fuck yes
please tell me deathwing will let me co-op with my buddies

>> No.38276967

>The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

F2P, on android, it's castle crashers.

>> No.38276996

My friends and I always make jokes about painted models rolling better, but really no one should or does care.

>> No.38277015

So when it comes to Walkers how should you use them ?

Are they better sitting in the backfield or atop terrain snapping shots off ?

Or should they be moving up with the rest of the army ?

>> No.38277038

>it's gonna be great
you better believe it


>> No.38277200


I want to try Armageddon but it looks like total ass. They couldn't even go for a fire emblem on the BGA tier of animation? It had to be only graphics is your imagination?

>> No.38277745

So how functional would a Speed Freaks style Ork force be on the table ?

Specifically I mean something similar to:

- 1 x Bigmek on a Bike (Warlord)

- 3 x 10 Ard Boyz in Trukks (Troops)

- 1 x Mekboy Junka (Elite)

- 1 x Warbikers Squad (Fast Attack)


-Sky Boss Wingnutz Sky Armada

3 x Dakkajets
1 x Burna-Bomma
1 x Blitza-Bomma
For thematic purposes would adding Deff-Koptas, Storm-Boyz and replacing the Trukks with War-Koptas be acceptable ?

Would adding Grot Tanks and a Mega-Tank be acceptable also ?
Also what Lord of War would Speed Freaks take anyway ?

I notice there was a bundle on GW's website called the "Kult of Speed" that had a Stompa in it.

I can't really see a Speed Freaks warband utilizing a Stompa as walkers would perhaps be too slow for their tastes.

I thought the Heavy Bommer would be a better suggestion (given it mentions speed freaks pilot these).

But its not a Lord of War Orks can use.

The Skull Hammer battlefortress is mentioned as being a Super-Heavy Speed Freaks make use of.

But I think this tank lost its "Fast" rule as of the last Apocalypse book.

Anyone have any thoughts ?

>> No.38277876

What role do harlequins troupes play? How go I get them in get them around safely with their - armor

>> No.38278023

>Not forging a narrative

>> No.38278147

enjoy my poor attempt at the All Guardsmen Party in model format. If anyone is interested i'll be painting these up to add to my =I= Force. Can you tell who's who?

>> No.38278277

Especially for a melee one I'd imagine. Thunder Hammer time?

>> No.38278278


>> No.38278284

>What role do harlequins troupes play?
Shock assault. Point them at something you need really dead, really quickly, and hope you can get them there before they're shot into the ground.

>How go I get them in get them around safely with their - armor
Take a Shadowseer. Veil of Tears is extremely good for the Primaris. Combine it with Rising Crescendo as their formation bonus and, if you get the first turn and are careful with your moves, you can get into combat without the opponent being able to get any sort of decent shooting off at you. The other Harlequin powers help as well - Stealth+Shrouded is always useful, forcing an opponent to make Snap Shots is obvious, and even the Witchfire with Blind might come in handy.

You also have the option of taking Dark Eldar allies, and either jumping in their Raiders or using a WWP to drop into a nice safe location before charging the next turn.

>> No.38278614

Get a Powerfist cause it looks cooler

>> No.38278634

Has anybody used Sicarius effectively?

>> No.38278687

also 5 pts less for the same stat line 99% of the time (I think hammers look cooler though)

>> No.38279227

No one said they wouldn't eventually you fag, but 40k is about building up your army and shit slowly.

>> No.38279272

If it was, 40k wouldn't function so terribly at low points values.

>> No.38279273

Only four players though.
Single player gets 5 player (4 ai controlled) and psyker powers

Honestly wish they'd just done at least 5 player co-op and let someone fuck around with psionics

>> No.38279329

hence why you play with proxies as you build your army

pay attention

>> No.38279372

Everyone gets their 2000 point army and paints all in one purchase before masterfully painting them and then going into their first battle rite.

Go for it, but don't fall into the lazy and never end up painting them.

>> No.38279407


And warhammer is still more fun than the alternatives.

>> No.38279492


I thought that was one of the appeals of 40k over games like Infinity or Warmachine.

That's one of the reasons I can't really appreciate games like Infinity. It seems underwhelming to have so few models on the table.

That and I prefer to have vehicles on the table.

>> No.38279545

when GW first started fine cast which came with a 30% or so price increase for shit quality, the pries that GW for metal models ie in regiment size $40, commander $15, metal monster $50 were raised or surpassed the forgeworld prices. This also came with a big price increase on vehicles for some reason (Rhino was like $30)

Was a finny point where people I knew were buying griffons and mk whatever rhinos because even though they were full resin kits they came with all the sprues for the original chimera or rhino or whatever for similar pricing. Foregworld eventually caught up and tweaked everything but imo it's still pretty good. I can't say that for 100% because I stopped playing right when metal got phased out

>> No.38279593

somebody would have to be the biggest cunt to not allow you to play with old models. Then again, this game attracts those types it seems

>> No.38279605


No one remembers Heavy ;_;

>> No.38279718

Do you even Smashfucker, bro? You're 90% of the way there already, you may as well finish the job. Bike, TH + LC (since they're both specialist weapons, and to give you options, AND you already have the 3++). Since you're on a bike now you may as well go bike troops instead of Razorbacks.

>> No.38279764

40k gets larger in scale every edition as GW pushes more model sales and it's too big now. 40k needs to be scaled back and Epic needs to be brought back for large scale battles.

>> No.38279802

Said by someone who's never played anything else.

>> No.38279971

I was thinking on a thematic list.
Primary force nercons with blood angels reinforcements.
1850 points seems right for this.
Anybody want to help me out with a solid core of the list? if it helps, I was thinking on this
As the allied blood angels.

>> No.38279998


Assume all you want, it just makes you look like a bigger moron.
40k was one of the last games I tried, and was the only one that was even half enjoyable.
It's also the only one that has any presence on a table.

If you don't like it, then fuck off to a wormahordes thread or something.

>> No.38280036

I'm sure.

>> No.38280360


You're a moron.

>> No.38280554


Epic scale is something else I really cant appreciate unless its Titanicus.

The current scale of the game is what made it attractive versus games like Victorian Wars where the scale of the minis is too small for my taste.

>> No.38281607

So i'm completely ignorant of eldar wraith unit lore and im supposed to be studying for an exam. I may want to run an allied wraithknight for my dark eldar army, is it exceptionally lore breaking if it is modelled as dark eldar (aka a lot of spikes glued on). can someone give me like a 1 sentence rundown on whats up with wraithstuff

>> No.38281711

>like a 1 sentence rundown on whats up with wraithstuff
A bunch of dudes make robots out of the stuff they use for tank hulls and shove souls into them.

>> No.38281755

so basically could dark eldar engineer a way to shove an archons soul into said tankhull or is it like ONLY THE NOBLE OF HEART MAY BE A WRAITH

>> No.38282228

Are Eldar Fire Dragons plastic?

>> No.38282248

It's literally
>Acquire robot body that can be run by souls
>Acquire thing to hold a soul
>Acquire soul to put in thing that holds souls
>Put thing that holds souls into robot body.

So yes.

>> No.38282271

thanks man, i'll stock up on spikes now

>> No.38282313

Getting back into the hobby with a friend after a break of 7 years. We're wondering if we should get the Dark Vengeance box since he has decided to start collecting Chaos and bought one Tactical Squad already.

I have decided that I'll be playing with Grey Knights and I just ordered the Terminators box. I'm thinking of converting the Dark Angels from the box set to Grey Knights. So my question is about the bikes, are Grey Knights allowed to take bikes in this current edition?

If not, I guess I'm selling them or using them for something else.

>> No.38282526

So I have a full blood angels army I need to assemble and two Warmachine armies, Khador and Protectorate of Menoth. I can't decide which one to work on right now. I can only do one thing at a time. Help.

>> No.38283094

So I thought out something to make the non-assault termies not as awful. As they can already take assault cannons and heavy flamers and DA termies can take plasma cannons, perhaps make it so that termies from all chapters can take plasma cannons, heavy flamers, assault cannons, multi-meltas on terminators, basically things that Centurions can't get to have. I guess making them devestator terminators. I have no idea if it's a bad idea or not, just a thought to make the non-assault termies a bit more useful than they are now.

>> No.38283120

Grey Knights don't get bikes

>> No.38283215

I am planning on getting the harlequinn book. Do I ally them in? Do I need one HQ and two troops to use them without going unbound?

>> No.38283259

The stompa is a vehicle and the speed freaks love their vehicles. Getting into melee combat fast is a pretty good idea for the orcs.

>> No.38283265

Can Blood Angels use the Deredeo? It says Space Marines can use it right.

>> No.38283292

Anyone know if waagh ghazghkul is ever coming to battlescribe?

Considering having a big mek with the relic kff ride along in buzzgobs kustom stompa, cram the rest of its capacity with spanna boyz and meks for a fun little package at >750 points

>> No.38283311

Yeah, they can

>> No.38283462

>That little heart in the eye


>> No.38283722

>I'm thinking of converting the Dark Angels from the box set to Grey Knights
just a warning, this will be hard

>> No.38284470

they don't have any HQ choices so they cannot take a CAD (1hq 2 troops) or an allied detatchment.

they have a number of formations and a special cad 3 Troops, 2 FA 1 HS 0-7 elites

speaking of codex, did anyone upload it yet?

>> No.38284544

Yes they did, a kinda crappy iphone version. It was in an older thread about the harlies.

>> No.38284945

I think you mean special detachment. A CAD is a CAD

>> No.38284964

woops, yeah thats what I meant
I don't suppose anyone has a mirror... this was slow as shit, times out at 10%

>> No.38285423

Sup fa/tg/uys, im currently planning out a small campaign for me and two friends, we're playing Tau, Tyranids and Orks.

Now i've got most of the missions plannet out, but i'd really like the crux of the campaign to be a three player free for all.

Now every multiplayer FFA i've had in 40k thus far has been complete dogshit, almost always one guy gets shat on and is out of the game almost instantly.

So, i'd love to get some suggestions on how to do this right.

>> No.38285788

Ok so play a modified version of the relic...

>> No.38286214

Anyone got a CSM 7th pdf?

>> No.38286232

>CSM 7th
Jesus Christ newfag.

>> No.38286235

Are you playing 1v1v1? Then you have to figure out the rules of assault and cc, because normally you're not allowed to shoot at units in combat, but what if both of these units are not yours? How to solve this?

It's better to agree in advance.

>> No.38286970

Fire warriors are good, especially with a cadre fireblade and EMP grenades.

Something like the best free troop weapons in the game I'm told?

I've got 2 squads w/ fireblades and a farsight to build and paint. I think after that I'll get a few xv8 suit teams and some devilfish. I'm not really worried about building top tier lists, so I'll just go with what feels right, and works in a FOC.

>> No.38287520

Close enough but twitch was on the end. Crisp wasn't there. That was Doc.

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