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>Sorry, man. My girl thinks you're kinda of a creeper. You're gonna have to find a new group.

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Are you a creeper anon?

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Got girl problems? I feel bad for you son. In all seriousness fuck that guy and his bitch, I'm sure other groups will take you in if you look.

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/r9k/ get out

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Things that don't happen general?

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Maybe you should stop being a creeper.

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I sniffed her dice ONCE.

Her d20 was purple. I thought it would smell like grape for some reason.

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um that is sorta creepy dude

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Okay, you really should have maybe made sure no one was looking first, because regular people don't do that.

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I mean, the only information we have here is that someone thought you were being a creeper, to the point where you had to be kicked out of a group. Can you tell us more?

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I'm not OP but it wasn't just the dice thing

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It's a die, dude, not her freakin' panties. A little odd, maybe, but hardly creepy.

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Are you sure you want to know?

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In all seriousness though what's her boyfriend like? People will try and pull all kinds of lame and self-serving drama bullshit if they're not used to being in a relationship.

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Maybe you should stop being a creep

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I don't know man. I'm not a chick, I don't have to be paranoid about everyone wanting to fuck me all the time.

To her it probably looked pretty bad.

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nah, thats some creepy shit

i wouldn't kick someone out of a game for that alone, but...

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Have you considered the possibility that you might actually be kind of a creeper?

Have you considered the possibility that if the GM actually wanted you around, he might have objected to his GF wanting you gone?

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True but maybe he was thinking with his dick. Saw his girlfriend make a remark or insinuate she didn't like op so he thought he'd but his foot down like one of the cool kids.

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As a female tabletop gamer... Yeah, I'd be weirded out by that too. I think you need to consider the possibility that you're a creeper, OP.

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You do know most creepers don't know they're creepers. Reflect on your overall actions, OP, are you sure you did nothing wrong?

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what kinds of relationships have you been in where you felt like you needed to impress your girlfriend by kicking some dude out of a tabletop game?

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So completely justified, creep.

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None, but I don't need to have been in a relationship to know what sluts are like.

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Prude. #Free2Sniff

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>calls women sluts
well no wonder you've never been in a relationship shitbox.

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>maybe he wanted to look cool in front of his girl
>fucking sluts, making their boytoys kick me out of games
>I've never been in a relationship, why do you ask?

okay bro

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None like that, but I've seen some pretty pathetic needy bullshit in my time. Though usually by normals weirdly.

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Annon... Your creeper vibes are coming through the screen.

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And you're confused as to why you were kicked out of the game why, exactly?

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/r9k/ plz go

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>Sorry, man. My mods thinks you're kinda of a creeper. You're gonna have to find a new imagebord.

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Anon near constant exposure to onahole ads have doomed us all...

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Ad block

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People are petty faggots m8.

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Thank you OP, I feel so much better about my life now. I mean there is so much hope and I feel compelled to really go for the brass ring.

My life starts today

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OP, just get rid of the fedora and the problem will solve itself,

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From what I can tell, OP let Fedora into his heart. It's too late.

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Jesus Christ, guys, I'm not actually OP nor do I think that is a reasonable opinion to have of women. I was trying to make a joke. Thought that I was being obviously hyperbolic enough to make that apparent.

OP is probably a fine person who is only KIND of a creeper.

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>implying this actually happened

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/cgl/ is unable to recognise trolling. It's a well established fact.

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>Thought that I was being obviously hyperbolic enough to make that apparent.
>what is Poe's Law
I am 100% positive that I've heard at least three other anons say that before you, in other situations, completely seriously.

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People on the internet are weird and lack self-awareness. What you think is over the top is perfectly normal for them.

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I would reflect on your actions and your words

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Actually I was trolling, but every time I do that I just feel really bad about it and try to take it back. I think I'm trying too hard to fit in. I don't even know why I browse here anymore.

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>Actually I was trolling,
Yeah, that's what you said already. And?
>every time I do that I just feel really bad about it
So don't do it anymore.
Is that really so hard?

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>sorry man, We're gonna kick you out because my gf is joining the group in your stead. The group agreeds.
>but I'm the GM
>yea, I'm gonna run it now. I don't think she'll like your campaign

The kicker: she only joined to spend time with me because we're childhood friends and when they started dating he got super protective and jealous of us. She left the group, and him, after her character was introduced via being held captive by a tentacle monster that he insinuated raped her character (her fetish, hey each to their own). He did this infront of the other 3 guys who as she described were way too into the game, and throwing her side glances and grins.

I still have no fucking idea what he was thinking.

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>I don't even know why I browse here anymore.

don't forget, you're here forever

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You're probably just entering the phase where you try being funny. It too shall pass.

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holy fuck that's like a new level of that guy

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Your friend wasn't thinking, your friend was douching.

Because he is a douchebag.

Your lady friend was dating a douchebag and neither of you realized until all this happened.

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Its also possible the GM didn't want you around for other reasons, but instead of confronting you he used his gf as a scapegoat

Without the benefit of tonal signefiers or like a picture there is no way for us to read it as a joke. Plus its kind of a typical /tg/ thing to say (sorry guys)

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Wait, so if they broke up, what's your group like now?
Are you back in?

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It'll pass. Most shitheads eventually grow out of it once they get a job and don't have tons and tons of time to burn and realize that it is literally pointless.

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I think thats one of my nightmares

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For the sake of my sanity I'm going to say that never happened.

There is no way that fucking happened. It couldn't have. Stop lying on the fucking internet man, there is no point of lying on the internet. Lie in real life instead.

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Yea. I never really liked him, he was an alright guy but just gave me bad vibes. Y'know when your gut just says "yea nah, this fuckers hiding something". I told her all this (on the rare chances we got to speak) but to her he was caring and looked after her (rough life). But yea after that he came to my place threatening me to give her back. Guy went super possessive. Luckily she got accepted to uni down south and off she went.

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He lost you anon, so he wasn't thinking hard enough.

>> No.38209982

Creep shaming is basically slut shaming but for nerds. It's only acceptable because fat, ugly men aren't a protected class and petty people enjoy shitting on us.

Hot guy does it:
>>lol sniffing my dice? They aren't scratch and sniff anon, you're silly :)
Low value male does it:
>>UM? CREEP. EW. Oh my god, gaming is such a toxic hobby. You people should have to carry cards or something so we know how to avoid you. I'm leaving and I'm going to tell everyone an extremely vague story about how you offended me by being sexist and rapey.

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My guess is that it's a self-defense thing. He keeps trying to troll because he's hoping that if he shits up the board enough, maybe it'll lose its attraction and he'll be able to go have a life.

>> No.38210013

Seek revenge. Impregnate her and force him to raise the child.

>> No.38210021

You're trolling even more blatantly than I was.

>> No.38210033

Welcome to reality, where people don't like ugly people.

>> No.38210035

The best trolls are based in truth, anon.

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Nope. Y'know the guys you hang out with because you've known them for a while? Yea they were them. Left and never looked back. I eventually had to tell him to fuck off and confront him because I'd keep getting letters to her in my letterbox. Fucker was whack. >>38209953
It happened. I can find the texts in my phone if you give a few to scroll through the metric tonne of them.

>> No.38210053

Jokes on you, you fucking troll, I shit on both and don't give no fucks.

Don't like it? Keep it in your pants. I don't come to the gaming table to listen to your slobber on about what you'd do to Keira Knightley's feet. I come to pretend I'm putting a sword through not-arabs in the not-byzantine empire for the glory of my not-german family which serves as retainers to the local duke.

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The best trolls are lies so ridiculous that they wrap around and resemble the truth again.

>> No.38210063


Get /fit/ and hope you have good genetics. If you're handsome, you will mysteriously stop being thought of as creepy.

>> No.38210077

Stop naming your fedoras

>> No.38210078

Maybe you should stop being creepy then.

>> No.38210090

Reading this thread confirmed my suspicions that OP is a weirdo who doesn't realize he is a weirdo.

>> No.38210112

I enjoy how oddly specific your reasons for.coming to the gaming table are.

>> No.38210120

Of course it's a frogposter.
Why is everyone from /r9k/ such pieces of shit?

>> No.38210132

I just wish that frog was an autoban.
Because jesus christ every time it shows up it's on a shitpost.

>> No.38210134

It's a prerequisite to going on /r9k/

>> No.38210139

You get off your computer right now, go over to your "friends" house and kick that fuckers ass. He fucking humiliated your childhood friend and went behind your back doing it, and it sounds to me like it's not the first time. He doesn't sound like he deserves either of your friendships.

>> No.38210145

Son once is too many times

>> No.38210172

Creep shaming and slut shaming are nothing alike. Slut shaming is shitting on women for having fun, creep shaming is shitting on people for being weird to the point where it's socially unacceptable.

>> No.38210182

Yeah they say the first. And then when the hot guy that is probably fitter than the average nerd and therefore more threatening isn't there they tell all their friends that you're a freak and to stay away from you.

If you act like a weirdo you get labeled as one no matter how hot you are. Crazies are not treated well unless the people around you are just as fucked in the head or are desperate because they can't do better.

Pretty people just get tolerated for longer. Saw it happen in high school over the year. Guy went from being well liked by everyone to avoided by almost everyone. Does help that we lived in a moderately close nit town. Last I heard he was getting therapy.

God fucking damn it. I hope you and the girl never have to see that guy ever again. Best of luck.

>> No.38210193

It's bait anon, let it die.

>> No.38210234

Already did when we confronted him. Nothing too serious, just a few stitches and black eyes. Sent to lockup for 24hrs, showed cops letters, got off with provocation and got a restraining order. Which is great because I purposely turn up to the mtg tournaments at the LGS, not to play, but to stop him from joining them. Last I heard he burnt his whole collection because "what's the fucking point!"

I'm a petty man anon.

>> No.38210263

If this isn't a troll I weep for the human race

>> No.38210266


>Creep shaming and slut shaming are nothing alike. Slut shaming is shitting on women for being loose and degenerate to the point where it's socially unacceptable, creep shaming is shitting on unattractive people for being eccentric.

>> No.38210273

>Which is great because I purposely turn up to the mtg tournaments at the LGS, not to play, but to stop him from joining them. Last I heard he burnt his whole collection because "what's the fucking point!"
That sounds like a real dick move, man.

>> No.38210282

Try and move on bro. You'll be a wrinkly old neckbeard one day and you won't be chill about the past then by accident.

>> No.38210295

Based if true

>> No.38210307

>Your "friend"
>Kicks you out of the group because something a girl says
>Not even a girl who meaningfully contributes to the group
>Just a girl who sucks his dick

Sounds like you have a bigger problem than being kicked out of your group: you have shitty friends. Break off all contact with that "friend" of yours and find a new, better group. One without bitches that dictate the f low of the game purely because they suck the GMs cock, maybe one with blackjack and hookers.

Nigger, please. The GM's girlfriend is one of the most common and persistent problems in DnD groups.

>> No.38210310

Easy there Roger Elliott

>> No.38210321

be less of a creeper and this wouldent happen

>> No.38210324

I really agree, didn't he already lose the girl, get punched in the face, and (I'm assuming after what he pulled) ostracized from his friend group? why put him through more shit? why not just let it die?

>> No.38210327

You can tell it's /r9k/ by the low quality of the post, the frog, and the obvious lies.

>> No.38210359

gotta establish dominance, man. show everyone you are in charge.

>> No.38210360

>low quality of the post
What, this board of all place suddenly has a quality quota?

>the frog
I've seen it on /a/, /int/, /pol/ and /d/. Memes tend to spill over.

>and the obvious lies
Again, DMs girlfriend is so common there's no reason to believe it's a lie.

>> No.38210397

>so common there's no reason to believe it's a lie
How many times has it happened to you?

>> No.38210400

I browse /r9k/ in the same way a Pathologist would examine a cadaver.
I've found that the general /r9k/ poster, or "robot" as they call themselves, primary flaw is narcissism.
This doesn't mean they think they're perfect or anything, just that they're shit like O-"I sniffed her dice"-P.
As well as things like thinking their meme's are legitimately funny.

>> No.38210409

There are few things sweeter than the taste of petty revenge friend.
I suggest you try it some time.

>> No.38210421

Jesus you just reminded me of how much of an "ah shit" moment it was between the news saying "he visited a website" and knowing that it wasn't 4chan they were talking about

>> No.38210438

>What, this board of all place suddenly has a quality quota?
global rule 6:
The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

You might get away with that shit on /b/ or /r9k/, but on slower boards like this it sticks out like a sore thumb.

>> No.38210439

Man, it's not fucking hard to not be a weirdo.
Being a weirdo doesn't entail your personal interests or anything, it's just the presentation.

>> No.38210456

>get punched in the face
Actually that was me. I didn't punch him once. Pushed him back? Yea. Try and restrain him? Yes. When the cops turned up a 6'3" /fit/ guy hand a fat guy on his face pinned to the ground. Of course I was going into lockup.
>ostracised from his group
Not really. From what Ive picked up they still play with him.
>I'm a petty man anon
Oh I'm good friends with the owner, we shoot the shit and chat about family and whatnot while the tournament is on. I help him run the tornament or run one-shots for the kids of tournament goers to let them focus.

>> No.38210480


His name is Pepe, you swine.

>> No.38210498

No one cares

>> No.38210502

Oh I know.
I just call it a frog because I know it gets under your skin.
I bet you don't even know where he's from.

>> No.38210503

>tfw also petty and spiteful

I totally condone your actions since you are also constructive while doing them. Have a smug anime girl.

>> No.38210517

That's a strange way of spelling frog.

>> No.38210528

He's the shitposter frog.

>> No.38210533

Well in that case running intro games makes it all ok in my book

>> No.38210536

Not smug enough
good on you anon

>> No.38210537

>>I'm a petty man anon
Yeah, I noticed and ignored that. It's a shitty excuse to act like a shitty person. Come on, man.

>> No.38210569

>The average is 5.5? I thought it was 4. This is very unsettling.

>> No.38210582

One way or another it's for the best, anon.

>> No.38210583

Man, you're screwing over a shitlord AND helping your local LGS, you deserve a beer.

>> No.38210611

>fucking with someone elses dice
you're lucky they didnt hang you there and then.

>> No.38210612


This anon has the right of it.

I have been consistently called "attractive" (not cute, attractive or "hot") by women throughout high school and college, yet I'm a 24 year old kissless virgin because of my laundry list of eccentricities and toxic personality.

>> No.38210626

It's the only Pathfinder group within 50 miles.

The fuck am I supposed to do now?

>> No.38210637

Thanks anons.
>intro games
Haha I doubt that they are allowed to be called that. It's basically me describing to 5-8yrs olds that theyre off to kill dragons and be super cool Heroes. It's basically them saying what they want to do, roll a dice and either slip over/do something silly/win/or win awesomely.

>> No.38210642

Then work on your personality. Recognize your flaws and work to change them.

>> No.38210643

>It's the only Pathfinder group within 50 miles.
One way or another it's for the best, anon.

>> No.38210645

Yeah, I don't really think I'm that attractive, but some of my friends, including a gay guy, said I was.
Too bad I'm the real life version of George Costanza, minus the bald and short.

>> No.38210646


>> No.38210650

At least you recognize that you've got issues. Eccentricities are one thing, everyone has them to some degree it's just a matter of addressing them.
I myself can be very toxic especially in competitive environments, it's something to work on little by little comrade.

>> No.38210653

Are you going to suck the GM's cock?

>> No.38210654

>Recognize your flaws and work to change them.

That sounds like a lot of work...

>> No.38210683

depends entirely on whether the problem is with you or them, but odds are good either way that you're not going to enjoy playing with that group.

>> No.38210698

I thought it was 6?

>> No.38210699

You're a cool guy, anon. I'd like to have a beer with you one day. Make sure your childhood friend doesn't end up with anymore shitty neckbeards.

>> No.38210702

>>Player with the best venue has "single player gamer syndrome" and a loose grip of the rules
>>Always shows up though.
>>Other players have a loose grip on rules.
>>Only dedicated player is an asexual woman who is bad at rp but okay at rules.
>>Other three players in town are Rules Lawyers who turn every game into a heist.

Fuck it , I'll just get drunk before hosting.

>> No.38210703

What if I just hang around outside the GM's house and breathe loudly against the kitchen window?

>> No.38210710

If you're not going to work on bettering yourself, you have no right to complain. Sometimes you need to work to get things anon, that's the way the world works.

>> No.38210717

Gamefinder threads

>> No.38210719

>Irl costanza

Theres a method to beating your problem. Think "what would I normaly do/say in this situation" then do the opposite

>> No.38210734

Oh God, I realize only now that it was me. Well, on /r9k/. At least I added piss in what was already a sea of piss. Oh God.

>> No.38210738

The joys of our predilections.

>> No.38210740

Have you tried not being ugly? I mean, we'd all appreciate it.

>> No.38210745

>Only dedicated player is an asexual woman who is bad at rp but okay at rules.

Huh. Most females I know are the opposite.

>> No.38210752

Yep, I wouldn't give these jackasses up for the players I had before though.

>> No.38210759

>I myself can be very toxic especially in competitive environments, it's something to work on little by little comrade.

My toxicity is a little more complicated.

I'm a natural manipulator and compulsive liar. I've fixed the compulsive lying after that got me in a heap of trouble with University (I sat my parents down and said "here is everything I've been lying about, from here on I'm not going to do it again.")

The manipulation is a bit more difficult, since I have trouble really catching myself doing it until after the fact.

>> No.38210794

You just sound like a pretentious retard to me.

>> No.38210822


As I said.

Compulsive lying.

>> No.38210826

and sniff his dice when he's not looking...

>> No.38210836

Compulsively autistic

>> No.38210845


Well you're a compulsive BITCH.

>> No.38210856

>ask DM for a lil dice sniff
>looks at me weird and tells me to fuck off
Fucking creep-shaming

>> No.38210897

Can I compulsively suck your dick?

>> No.38210914

should have waited another 40 or 50 posts before dropping this one.

>> No.38210920

Have you tried not playing Pathfinder? It might cut down on the amount of cock you guzzle

>> No.38210924 [SPOILER] 


>> No.38210927


Only if you yes please.

>> No.38210936

>mfw I just bring my own bag of dice to sniff
You guys are just stupid. Now no one can tell that I'm a creep.

>> No.38210965

Thank you, I quite enjoy that particular scenario, I just wish the games I played irl were half as fun.

>> No.38210994

>bring my special dice bag
>red d4 smells like cherry
>blue d12 smells like blueberry (roll barbs just to sniff this)
>orange d20 smells like tangerine
>errybody wanna smell my dice
>but they can't
>because I play online
>because I'm under house arrest

>> No.38211047

What for?

>> No.38211061 [SPOILER] 

>because I'm under house arrest

You know what to say next time anon

>> No.38211091

Sniffing dice belonging to other people obviously.

>> No.38211123

My major flaw is how fucked in the head I am.
And not in that crazy bitch type asshole way that I see a lot of people who say that about themselves are.
I'm not manipulative or mean to anybody, I'll stand my ground sure, but I like to think I'm just an all around good character.
No, what I mean by being messed up is that it's all internal directed at myself. This manifests as being sardonic and
humorously negative about stuff. I don't actually shit on other peoples time, I just joke about it to make them laugh.
There's a lot of stuff to it too, but it basically boils down to I keep others at arms length to avoid even the chance of hurting them.
And that in turn only makes them more interested in me more.

>> No.38211168

>Man, it's not fucking hard to not be a slut.
>Being a slut doesn't entail your personal interests or anything, it's just the presentation.

>> No.38211183

You don't even know what you're saying at this point.

>> No.38211188


>> No.38211189

have you tried not being a creeper, anon?

>> No.38211193

Ah, it's not too bad, my friends find it endearing and I've been single long enough to not give a shit.
I suppose that's another difference between me and Costanza.

>> No.38211213


oh boy

>> No.38211227

>loose and degenerate
God, slut shamers confuse me so much. It's like you don't even want to get laid.

>> No.38211231

Real men like sluts

>> No.38211238


Only virgins, fathers and old men value virginity.

>> No.38211240

Real women like weirdos

>> No.38211271


Why do you care? Some women are sluts anon. Some are bitches. Some are nice.

>> No.38211274

It's a beautiful world

>> No.38211281

Have you tried not playing D&D?

>> No.38211289

fuck the boyfriend. Assert your dominance

>> No.38211291

This thread is utterly retarded.

It's like sitting in on the Uganda igloo-building society.

>> No.38211309

My point exactly, everyone should have a good life, be desired but not fetishized and be excellent to each other. Still some of the loaded words and phrases are fun for grown adult to through around behind closed doors.

>> No.38211315

Ya, but at least it's the fun kind of retarded. At least my drunk ass is having fun

>> No.38211324

You shouldn't disparage Uganda for taking a serious stance on climate change.

>> No.38211352


The D and D Effect. Basically, if a girl likes you, she'll interpret any action which can be taken as creepy or sweet in a positive manner.

Stand outside her window with a boom box? If she likes you, it's romantic. If she doesn't like you, she'll call the cops.

>> No.38211368

>ITT: That guy in denial.

>> No.38211380

This post made me knock over my beer XD
Thankfully its in a sippy cup, so no harm done

>> No.38211399

Sounds like a good GM following /tg/'s advice and evicting a player causing problems for the group.

If one of my players raised an issue about another I'd probably do something similar.

>> No.38211400


Not the guy you were replying too, but it's happened to me 3 times.

>> No.38211402


Why are you drinking beer in a sippy cup.

>> No.38211449

Because I usually drink it from a baby bottle, but all my rubber nipples are in the washing machine.

>> No.38211455

In case it tips over obviously....Why arent you?

>> No.38211469

>Washing your rubber nipples
>not licking them clean

>> No.38211471


Have you seen how black the niggers in Uganda are? No shit they take it seriously.

>> No.38211472



>> No.38211480

Man, all I did was say her breast looked very rubable.

>> No.38211535


My name is Anon, and I don't use coasters.

>> No.38211556

>all the fucking normies on /tg/ who defend women

>> No.38211574


I was legitimately disappointed when I discovered the RRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE isn't meant to emulate the guttural scream of a desperate man-child, but the high-pitched squeal of a frog.

>> No.38211590

>normies defending women
>not fedora wearing neckbeard whiteknights

>> No.38211594

>all the anons on /tg/ who've been with real people enough they don't care one way or the other as long as they're good at the game

Nice to see you again /v/.

>> No.38211599

i-is there a difference?

>> No.38211604

Jesus Christ

>> No.38211609

Wait, what??

>> No.38211628

Kill yourself. I was here when /tg/ was nothing but a Warhammer thread once a week on /b/.

4chan has been co-opted by normalfags, especially /tg/, which seems really social-justice friendly.



>> No.38211655



>> No.38211657

This is depressing.

I'm 80% sure you're joking and it's STILL depressing.

It's like a glance into the metaphysical depths of the human condition.

>> No.38211669

> being weird is worse than being a disease-spreading whore


>> No.38211671


Yes, the former elicits images of a fat neckbearded loser screaming like a stuck pig at whatever perceived slight the post accuses... While the latter makes us imagine Pepe is screaming, and since frogs go RRRREEEEEEEE he goes RRRREEEEEE.



>> No.38211684

>implying being a disgusting basementdweller is a respectable lifestyle
>implying you have any worth
>implying driving you off the internet isn't a good thing

>> No.38211690

The REEEEEE meme came from /v/. Not my fault you don't act your age.

>> No.38211712

>from /v/

>> No.38211717


Maybe tomorrow, I need to jerk off and shitpost on 4chan today.

>> No.38211720

Ok it stopped being funny. You can fuck off now.

>> No.38211731

By Diana, it's like a mix of a distressed cat and a bicycle.

>> No.38211739

>wanting some kind of douche to raise your beautiful little baby

>> No.38211761


Kinda Explains everything doesn't it?

>> No.38211778

I thought /tg/ had mods?

>> No.38211779

>replying to the wrong comment

You make me laugh. I haven't been so happy in ages. It's wonderful.

>> No.38211787

>>the baby is born with cerebral palsy and glass bones
>>the mother didn't want to abort even after her doctor told her that the child would be born with these conditions

>> No.38211795

It depends on the continent/country. But from what I remember world average is somewhere around 5.5".
There simply aren't enough 7" and longer dudes for it to be 6".

>> No.38211804

i remember when pepe was just feels good man frog who lived the diaper life and enjoyed the feel of poop spreading on his own buttcheeks

what's happened to him...

>> No.38211805

It sounds like someone poked a hole in the frog and all the frog air is leaking out.

>> No.38211808

To me, they will always be neckbeards whose impotent rage has transcended words

>> No.38211810


Yeah, definitely older than /v/.


>> No.38211815

This, I could get past. It's a fucking dice, who cares if you smell it (even though that's kinda weird).
This.... this almost certainly means you're a creeper, OP. Sorry

>> No.38211819

Dark days, friend.

>> No.38211831

>having shit genes

>> No.38211833

I remember when the memetic shit 4chan spawned was at least funny.

Reddit and the knowyourmeme generation happened.

>> No.38211839


that's wryyyy, not wreeee

unless newfags don't even know the world noises

>> No.38211843

>I remember when the memetic shit 4chan spawned was at least funny.

No it fucking wasn't. It was always stupid.

>> No.38211847

That is an old and unrelated maymay.

Takes me back to before this shit.

>> No.38211858


He pulled a Gary King.

>It never got better than that night! That was supposed to be the beginning of my life! All that promise and fucking optimism! That feeling that we could take on the whole universe! It was a big lie! Nothing happened!

Rather, most of 4chan pulled a Gary King; they got older, life got rougher, and they grew bitter.

>> No.38211859

>Blaming Reddit and knowyourmeme for 4chan's own shittiness

>> No.38211862

Those statements are not contradictory.

>> No.38211869


Why don't you get up from your computer and play a vigorous round of j-walking at your local freeway?

>> No.38211876

>not knowing a time before reddit and kym

Sweet spring petal, I envy you.

>> No.38211878

>kinda of
This bothers me far more than it should.

>> No.38211880

>most of 4chan pulled a Gary King; they got older

I'm not too sure about this one.

>> No.38211893

>you now realize there are people on 4chan whose first exposure to WRRRYYYYY was through the new anime

>> No.38211917


>Implying it isn't

Newfags gunna newfag


>> No.38211918

If it were a guy's dice, everyone would think you're weird. Not kick you out of the group.

Sexism in action.

>> No.38211924

Yo what.
I thought it was that. Like http://vocaroo.com/i/s0VqXGPhNTXt

>> No.38211937

>fat legbeard sniffs a guy's dice
>everyone at the table not feeling uncomfortable for the next 3 minutes

>> No.38211939


Their bodies got older.

>> No.38211963


Chad Thundercock wins yet again!

>> No.38211976

Damn, that was pretty good.

>> No.38212000


>> No.38212026

Can we just agree that anyone who uses that shitty frog meme is probably a creeper and deserves to be shot?

>> No.38212034


Pepe is not shitty.

I mean, he shits and pisses himself because he enjoys the sensation, but he's not "shitty."

>> No.38212037

Hear, hear.

>> No.38212045

Yeah, that's agreeable. people who use shitpost frog are just terrible human beings.

>> No.38212053

>shitpost frog

I love it.

>> No.38212067


I didn't realize there was a newer one with the same (or similar, I guess) noise. I'd like to go back to not knowing, but I can't. Ah, well.

>> No.38212098


You can't unring a bell.

Or in this case, unscream a frog.

>> No.38212100

I agree.
Though this does beg the question of what's eventually going to culminate from /r9k/'s continual derriere devestation.
First it started with just feels, then it was envy, then it was anger, then it was demanding they have a gf, and now.
Now they've just gone insane because they all refuse to acknowledge themselves as the problem.
Or are even worse incapable of realizing and understanding they're the problem.

>> No.38212103

I thought it was this.

>> No.38212110

suicide cult?

>> No.38212111

>shitpost frog

>> No.38212118

Oh god please yes.

They'll be remembered, but not missed.

>> No.38212124

>First it started with just feels, then it was envy, then it was anger, then it was demanding they have a gf, and now.

Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.

Which is a stupid as hell belief because fear can lead to hate, suffering lead to anger or any other combination.

>> No.38212132

Fear leads to pantshitting, pantshitting leads to showers and showers lead to gas bills.

>> No.38212135

you can kill the frog, at least that will stop the screaming.

>> No.38212139

the bald and short is the whole costanza

>> No.38212151

if we're lucky, suicide.
if we're unlucky, mass-scale rogering

>> No.38212153

> be me
> manager at FLGS
> wife and I end up in a lot of different games as a result
> move in with a fellow gamer
> gamer roommate has plans for his gf to move in with us when she graduates from college
> FLGS goes out of business
> sadface.jpg
> roomie says we can't have games at the house
> his gf came by the FLGS a couple of times while visiting, said "some of the people were skeevy"
> finally agree to have only two games, everyone has to be gone by 10pm
> fast forward to last week
> almost time for Monday night Delta Green
> that guy arrives first
> knocks, no answer
> shouts at the door, no answer
> lets himself in, takes his shoes off, sits down at the kitchen table
> roommate comes out of his bedroom, freaks out
> roommate's gf freaks out
> we apologize, have a talk with That Guy about his behavior, tell roommate it won't happen again.
>roommate's gf is still freaked out

And that's the story of why I can't have games at my house anymore. Luckily, the FLGS is reopening soon, so it's not a huge issue.

>> No.38212167

>you can kill the frog

Pepe has already tried, it's impossible.

>> No.38212182

>pantshitting leads to showers

Pepe doesn't take showers, he uses moist wipes.

>> No.38212193

Negro this isnt your board.

>> No.38212203



Wait a second.

I thought /r9k/ was just a bunch of people having a chuckle, I didn't realize they were completely serious.

Regardless, this thread has given me the giggles something fierce and, since I'm on this right in front of a big window, I've got a feeling the neighbors will see my manic laughter and think me mad.

>> No.38212216


It actually is, I've just traveled beyond /tg/ and picked up a thing or three along the way.

>> No.38212223

unfortunately for humanity, they are serious

>> No.38212226

How the hell did you get a restraining order on him after beating the shit out of him?

>> No.38212243

More like caught a few diseases...

>> No.38212248


Such is the risk when sampling the local flavor.

>> No.38212251

Man, how did an experiment based on a proposed algorithm by Randall Monroe to stop copypasta and encourage thoughtful posts turn into THIS?

>> No.38212258

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and see you as a brave traveller who has braved the savage lands of r9k and come out alive.

>> No.38212262

>Ctrl "creep"
>32 results
>Not a single mention of this guy

>> No.38212265

Wait what?

I have no idea of the history of r9k beyond knowing some people who came out the other end suffering from PTSD and autism.

Was it actually an experiment board?

>> No.38212273

>Group invites shy girl, she's interested in playing but horribly antisocial
>We all invite her, get pizza, her favorite soda
>Fiance sits next to her and gal pals with her, everything's going well
>Creeper joins the group
>Hits on her every session regardless of if we tell him not to
>Kick him out of group for her
>She still doesn't come back ever again

Fuck you Steven if you're fucking here. We still talk about what a shitty person you are.

>> No.38212285

Apperantly, /r9k/ was supposed to be /b/ without overused memes.

>> No.38212286


I'd say this experiment was a success.

In the absence of copypasta and repetition people go insane in much the same way a person who woke up every day to a different house layout would go insane.

>> No.38212300

But it spawned some of the least funny and most overused blogpost memes there are.

>> No.38212308


>> No.38212318

That's the irony. It failed, now we have to suffer the consequences.

>> No.38212326

Get out.

>> No.38212355

it started out when the hardcore users of 4chan managed to get a form of talking like real human beings -early r9k. unfortunately, this lead to many of them realizing that they were pretty far down on the 'human being' scale. this degenerated overtime into sadness, then moot nuked it, which caused a gradual transition to rage, instead. I suspect not much of the old /r9k/ crew (pre-ban) is left; most likely many are either better or dead

>> No.38212382

>then moot nuked it, which caused a gradual transition to rage

Radiation tends to do that to you.

>> No.38212458

You a dumb nigga.

Perhaps you should explain that you're not a creeper you're just stupid as shit?

>> No.38212459

No. Please god no.

>> No.38212478

what do you mean moot nuked it?

>> No.38212481

>accepting that you've been told the entire story

Considering memefrog, OP was probably hitting on her constantly. Also he introduced her character by saying she had been raped by a tentacle monster.

Even with the information we have that smells of mouthbreathing and undertable boners.

>> No.38212499

pretty sure the tentacle monster story was from a totally different anon, just fitting the theme of the thread

>> No.38212504


What do you think he means? Moot called for one of the most desperate, and memorable, events in a forum'a history.

An idiot cull.

>> No.38212517

no no, i know what a nuke is. i mean what exactly happened. what kind of things ended up banned.

>> No.38212539

no, he literally deleted the ENTIRE BOARD. just one day, BLAM! no more /r9k/ (or /new/, which was the /pol/ of it's day. that one did permanent damage to /k/)

>> No.38212547

Tell us more

>> No.38212561

oh. god damn. i heard he also did that to /fur/ or whatever it was called

>> No.38212591

He followed her home one day and poked around her backyard. stole her cat and only gave it back after making her tell him he is cute.

>> No.38212602

was before even my time, so I dunno

>> No.38212622

He kidnapped a cat?
Holy shit.

>> No.38212652

haha what? who the fuck does that?

>> No.38212683

/r9k/ is completely serious

>> No.38212704

jesus fuck does nobody call it sadfrog.jpg anymore?

>> No.38212736

those days are long over

>> No.38212805

Your roommate sounds like a bitch.

>> No.38212834

I'm getting too old for this shit

>> No.38212847

Just tell him to can it and have your creepy friends around? As long as you give notice about when they are coming around, I can't imagine that it would be a problem unless he is being unreasonable.

>> No.38212850

>wife and I
>move in with a fellow gamer
> plans for his gf to move in with us
Why not live with your wife anon? What happened?

>> No.38212905

What the fuck is FLGS supposed to stand for?

>> No.38212920

probably live some place like san fran where rent is a gorrillion dollars a month, so's you need four people in a place to afford to live

>> No.38212930

Gawdayum, I'm assuming this is bullshit but even still, holy shit.

>> No.38212938

Today is going to be a good day.

>> No.38212944

>Dude tripfags as WildAlaskan
I can only assume that log cabins and igloos generally go for relatively low rent rates up there.

>> No.38212945

Why wouldn't the wife be involved in this situation then? Wouldn't he plan to move her in with himself, and since his room mate clearly has a girl living with them, it should be fine.

>> No.38212952

Former Local Game Shop

>> No.38212962


>> No.38212972

If they were in why the hell didn't they answer the door?

>> No.38213037

Obviously they were too busy fucking

>> No.38213111

Randall Munroe came up with the ROBOT9000 concept - a bot-moderated chatroom where anyone who posted the same post as someone else, ever, would be kicked from the chatroom for a time that increased the more you did it. The idea was to encourage thoughtful responses (because you couldn't just say "Yes" or "Yeah" or "Fuck you" because they'd already been used), discourage copypasta and encourage originality, and make things a lot harder for spammers.

It was implemented in an IRC channel, and showed success. Thinking it sounded like a good solution to the problems that plagued /b/, he implemented the algorithm as /r9k/.

The rest is incredibly pathetic history.

>> No.38213314

I know I do that so the cops don't know I'm drinking while driving

>> No.38213446


>> No.38213478

Oh god. My fucking sides.

>> No.38213685

>ITT: Creepy drunks versus muhh board culture

>> No.38213751

seems more like a cringe thread to me.

>> No.38213796

Those aren't exclusive anon, it can be both

>> No.38213938

but a 'versus' implies an argument.

>> No.38214467

what the fuck no

>> No.38214700


>> No.38215458

Move out of Australia and stop playing Pathfinder. Problem solved.

>> No.38215643

It's not even creepy, just a bit weird

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