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You encounter Cultist-chan and Xeno engaged in a vigorous slap fight. It has not yet descended into a full blown catfight but it does appear that there may yet be hair pulling. As of yet, neither one seems to have noticed your arrival. What do you do?

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Walk away. They can handle themselves.

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hit them both with a flamer.

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Xeno will win without my help. I guess I cheer her on.

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Tell them they could make some serious money if they ditched the clothing and added some mud.

>tfw when someone swaps the mud for prometheum

I love happy endings.

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I close my eyes and focus. I call upon all of the Dark Powers to grant me the focus and will required for the incredible feat of Magic I am about to attempt. I open my eyes, focusing on nothing, and proceed to cast three spells simultaneously.

[Conjure: Lawn Chair.]
[Conjure: Popcorn]
[Conjure: Raybans]

Assuming my brain doesn't explode, I then cast Conjure: Mineral Oil and lean back into the chair to relax.

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Xeno is worst meme

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She's in good company with Cultist-chan, then.

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Realize that chaos is real. Dedicate my soul to Tzeentch. Acquire money, power, and women.

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/tg/ is the worst meme.

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I like Blue better

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i sell them them both a used camel

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>not the best meme

its like you dont even /tg/

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>40kids fapbait
>good anything

It's like you believe what you're posting.

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wow, so your one of thouse? One of the people who takes 40k as serious business? Im sorry mate, i did not know....sorry for your loss of brain

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And what part of my post implies any of what you just said on any level?

You're clutching straws like a smackhead in McDonalds, brah. Try harder.

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Start masturbating furiously? Not that I'm so into either of them, but I do love me a good catfight.

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Xeno wins. Xeno always wins. Xeno is a winner.

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yes but cultist will just be raised again and will hound xeno endlessly

and the chaos gods will get sick of having to raise her constantly and send somebody powerfull to fuck xeno up

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That's cool, that's cool... Xeno can just trap Cultist in a tesseract vault. Can't raise her if she's not dead.

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I purge them in the name of the emprah

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>What do you do?
Film it and sell the video to old Japanese men on the internet.

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actually that's exactly what she did on her twitter account

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Xeno has a Twitter account? No, wait, of course Xeno has a Twitter account. Because Xeno is an attention whore.

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Unzip my fly and get ready to congratulate the winner.

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So, I'm curious, don't Xeno and Cultist have crazy powers? Like, can't Xeno turn into a swarm of scarabs and can't Cultist channel blasts of pure Warp? Shouldn't a fight between them be some kind of epic throwdown?

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Cultist's only power is that she smells really weird.

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Nah, she's got more powers than that.

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Start taking bets.


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She has the favours of all 17 chaos gods. for some she's but a minor follower, for others she's the sole follower.

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There are not that many gods.

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not based khorne. its like you want you skull near that throne..

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She also has SoB clone-daughter thing that hates her, so theres that

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I'm sure it's just a phase. Teenagers always rebel against their parents.

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There are the small gods and lesser warp things.

And has risen from the dead many times.

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>And has risen from the dead many times.
Literally every Chaos cultist has the potential to be rezzed and by the own rules of her plot armor, the gods would only keep rezzing her if they find her slapfight with Xeno amusing. The moment it got serious they would probably get bored of her and she'd lose all her boons.

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And then use minimal effort to bring her back because it's just slightly worth the effort.

Also she's the biological daughter of the Emperor. Having her as their pet is a beautiful insult.

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>And then use minimal effort to bring her back because it's just slightly worth the effort.
Not if she doesn't amuse them
>Also she's the biological daughter of the Emperor.
When did this Mary Sue bullshit get thrown in there? Goddamn Cultist-chan a shit.

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Summon the Inquisition.

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Report every single shitty ass smut image and hope the thread dies or a janitor deletes it.

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Not really. Physically weak, smells funny, no psychic powers, messed up teeth, speech impediment, not particularly bright, no particularly pretty and probably the result of a one night stand.

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