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I require artwork of the Imperial Guard.

Bonus points for being units not from the big famous worlds.

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Original army was pretty cool.

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Can we post Imperial Navy too?

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Why not?

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tfw no art of based Arkans and their steampunk powered armor.

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Where does one buy Death korps of Krieg recasts from Chinamen

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Cross-eyed commissar coming through!

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>what happens when IG and tau ally up

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I do like drop troops.

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nice shop, anon.
would open in a new tab and lol, again.

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such a qt

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>I came here to fuck bitches and burn heretics, and i just ran out of heretics.

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Were the Harakoni ever mentioned in any substantial fluff besides one BL novel where the Iron Hands got them massacred?

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I read that as
>I came here to fuck bitches and heretics, and i just ran out of heretics.

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Why are they feeding bullets into a heavy bolter?

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yeah, wouldn't that tear the guy's arm off with it's firerate?

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You will never march Arkan minis to war playing I Wish I Was in Dixie Land

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The point is that bolters don't fire bullets...

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>bolters don't fire bullets

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They fire bolts you idiot.

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i really hope you are of joking.

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Dude you're really posting a techmarine meme, then posting an image of a bolt, and trying to say bolters fire bullets? Do you know what a stub gun is?


>Bolter Ammunition (a bolt) is primarily a solid .75 calibre slug. Conventional solid slugs utilise a propellant charge contained in a casing that, when ignited, forces the bullet out of the barrel. In contrast, a bolt is self-propelled; it features its own integrated solid propellant that propels the bolt at high speeds, essentially acting like a miniature rocket. The propellant itself is shaped to control the bolt's direction and speed; however, this method of rocket propulsion would normally warp the barrel due to gas pressure. The Bolter uses an ingenious method to prevent this.

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Bolts is the name for the ammunition used by Bolter weapons, though I'm not sure if an official depiction of them exists.

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>The Boltgun, also commonly referred to as the Bolter, is the standard weapon of the Adeptus Astartes and Adepta Sororitas. A .75 caliber weapon, the Boltgun fires a self-propelled explosive 'bolt' which explodes with devastating effect once it has penetrated its target, effectively blowing it apart from the inside. Finely hand-crafted by Space Marine Forges or the Adeptus Mechanicus, Boltguns are heavy, sturdy weapons with a powerful recoil normal humans would find difficult to handle.


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those are 100% imperial tech though, there are multiple (ok, 2 with official names, but still) IG regments with jump packs...

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i know that, the boltgun is a gyrojet powder rifle hybrid.
doesn't mean that everybody but the most anal of space marines and techpriest doesn't call them bullets anyways.

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>doesn't mean that everybody but the most anal of space marines and techpriest
And everyone in real life and on the internet I've ever heard in my four years in this hobby except for you.

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your average guardsman isn't going to know or care, and your average human isn't going to know or care either, everybody but the most anal of people in the setting is just going to call them bullets.

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Do you have any canon sources for that? I've never heard them called anything except for bolts. Categorically, they are more similar to a rocket than a bullet. Regardless, the image we are talking about clearly has ammunition with a calibre that doesn't match the calibre of the bolter's barrel. It's an error.

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I'll dig out my copy of the Emperor's finest to see, but I'm pretty sure Cain mentions bullets and not bolts.

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>one of like two pictures of a black guy in 40k

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Are you just pulling that out of your ass? Because I don't think humans in real life call the ammunition they use for grenade launchers "bullets." There is a massive size and effect difference between a bullet and a bolt from the perspective of the average human. I don't think you have a strong grasp on this concept.

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nope, he just refers to them as "rounds"
yes i am, but do you honestly think that your normal imperial citizen, who only hears tales of Space Marines and regards them as legends, knows that their rounds are called bolts and not just bullets?

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Did Fantasy Flight have a female IG book, or something?

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Shes from Catachan and you can't make me believe otherwise.

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This might be a bit old school for some of you young types.

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Last Chancers?

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I wish we got more fluff on these guys/ Really dig the look

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The best of the best coming through.

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He's clearly holding a shotgun.

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Why is everyone so shittily double-wide in 40k art?

Did someone turn up the gravity on every planet? Do they eat like Americans?

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Anon that's the most obvious shotgun ever seen

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I've seen this picture a bajillion times and never knew there was a brutha in there until you pointed it out.

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Brotherhood of Steel, why are you 40k?
Looks like a space cop to me.

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Grade A waifu material

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I don't think this is regulation

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That Adepts face...

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I know that August Gallardi, one of the MCs of a Fanfic, is a Harakoni Warhawk who got drafted into the Inquisition.

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>more similar to a rocket than a bullet
lolno. They are more similar to bullets, mostly because they are literally huge explosive bullets.

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I didn't know twin linked lasguns existed!

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This. Bolters, for all intents and purposes, are just normal guns but bigger and more exaggerated.

I think it was a Space wolves hh short story I read that said the reason why space marines favour more primative weapon designs like bolters and solid rounds in general instead of more advanced energy weapons was the shock and awe factor that comes from the brutality of them.

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If it's Necromunda, it probably is.

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Do the higher ups just consider it a waste of time to attempt to enforce standards?

or were the standards never created in the first place

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Point is they're clearly firing traditional bullets in the picture and not bolt shells

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>charging powerpacks by the fire
That's a nice touch.

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Imagine it - the only moment you get to have a break in the fighting is to wait so you can reload your gun.

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I got so much art, /tg/, you don't even know.

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Yeah, I know what the fa/tg/uys want. John Blanche.

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If I don't see some order in the ranks I swear to the God-Emperor...

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Yes, this is technically a hive ganger. But it's cool art.

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He will ferret out all heresy.

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I think the standards start to break down the longer you're in field. Like Apocalypse Now! where there was no standard the ranks are made up and the points don't count for anything.

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No one's gonna weasel their way out of his punishments

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He's a stoat-hearted commissar, that he is.

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Depends on the officer in charge and the realities of the situation.

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Still my favourite pieces of IG art.

To think that there would have been a model for all such regiments (or at least enough variety to convert each one from GW parts)...

Though, the one-sided gladiatorial armour of Remus reminds me of DE Wyches. Maybe...

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Probably depends on the unit's origins too. Would imagine that regiments formed from hive gangers, feral/feudal world warriors, etc. are given MUCH more freedom regarding behaviour and attire compared to, say, Mordian Iron Guard.

Who knows, maybe that particular regiment's regulations even dictate that the gangwear IS the official uniform? (Which would hilariously lead to the Commissars BLAM!ming anyone caught wearing something too formal.)

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No, they just mix males and females in Only War, the rpg about the Guard.

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May be young but I have an awesome dad who gave me awesome comics.

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Rolled snake eyes

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Why are Praetorians so based, /tg/?

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That dude to the bottom of the image

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Why are these not a thing?

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But they are


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I like mixing styles.

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>Sir! There's a flying skull and it's kinda scary!
>Not now, corporal, I'm fighting a battle.
>Sir! Sir! My sword is on fire and there's a tiny man by me, should I be worried?

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Wow, this is awesome. Got any more?

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I find it hilarious that these two guys just decided to have a prone face to face knife fight at the head of this massive charge.

>>FU M8!
>>Nay! Fuck YE Heretic!

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Any art of the Kanak skulltakers?

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Observe his left hand, anons.

>> No.38215657

You mean the one with the flamer in it?

>> No.38215719

Breddy sure that's a cable leading to the chargepack on his back m8

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I think this picture defines 40k tactics
>heretics are dug in
>land 2 kilometer long ships 100 meters from the line
>disgorge countless troopers alongside tanks
>immediately affix bayonets and charge
>tanks are deployed completely randomly
>general is at the front line

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Sadly no, there is only so much gimp's blur tool can do, it needs the paintings being put together to have very similar styles in the first instance.

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That's a good taste in fanfic there anon.

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>general is at the front line surfing on a tank

>> No.38216234

Another kinda cool thing about them is that it's possibly they're a reference to a nation from one of the weirder Gundam shows.

>> No.38216269

Idk about canon, but i seem to remember the Harakoni as being one of the few IG regiments in DoW Retribution that you fight against.

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Why do they make heavy bolters so huge when the feeding tray is as far front as it can go? What is the rest of the space for?

>> No.38216289

Or a flamer fuel line.

It looks a lot more like a flamer than a lasgun to me.

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Don't forget Marshall Primus Byzantine of the Adeptus Arbites who turned up in a few one-shots in Warhammer Monthly.

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So what does that say exactly?

>> No.38216703


Imperial Guard

Now in Russian

>> No.38216767

Must be a false image edited by the chaos gods to deceive us

>> No.38216808

They certainly we're molded by GW to fight like ww2 russians...minus heretical things

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Looks like a biker

>> No.38217732

Cadians would look so much better if GW didn't have a massive hard on for pauldrons.

>> No.38218088

I figure they would end up looking like Elysians without the Pauldrons. In one model set I substituted Elysian heads and left the pauldrons off to form a unique squad. It looked cool as hell, but no pauldrons.

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I always assumed it was a crazy amount of recoil bafflers, after all, it is a rapid-fire rocket lawnchair.

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Well, technically these are Hive-world assassins.

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Good stuff. I love how old-style Blanche the Vostroyans are.

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>externally propelled slug

>self-propelled explosive

>self-propelled explosive with a secondary initial, external propulsion

Not sure you really understand the difference between a rocket and a bullet.

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>Literally the second image on that page is a sketchy drawing of some chick giving a Guardsman a boobjob


>> No.38227237

Maybe there is a long tube behind where the bolt ignites to eliminate the need to vent exhaust gases out somewhere other than the barrel. So like an actual recoilless gun.

Or GW can't into guns.

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For when you're finally sick of holding the line.

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holy shit, when are THOSE models going to be released?

>> No.38233634

Never. Sorry. If we can't get them to do Steel Legion again, or Catachans, we're not getting a new regiment.

>> No.38234251


WTF is this tumblr bullshit?

>> No.38234276

That's... pretty much exactly what my IG look like. Just needs more Catachans, Elysians, and the Commander being replaced by a DKoK Officer.

I don't have shit taste, I just have shit consistency.

>> No.38234355


vegas irregulars?

>> No.38234853


>> No.38238419

>dyed hair automatically makes one a tumblr wannabe

It's like you don't know that Hive Worlds routinely press huge swathes of gangers into service as a form of soft-cleansing.

>> No.38238856

I'm assuming you're only commenting on the sketchy part, because there's nothing wrong with the Emperor's finest getting the attention they deserve.

>> No.38238901

I think the main problem is that there's nothing to suggest the image is 40k. There needs to be a servo-skull in the background, or a cherub, or something.

>> No.38239228

Yeah, you've got a point there. On the other hand, the first image is a chibi Krieger and the third is a member of the Cadian Special reserve "Remove Chaosbab" division.

>> No.38240127

The lack of detail on the plasma gun (?) in the foreground is a bit odd, considering how lovingly everything else seems to have been rendered.

>> No.38240135

Deadlines? Maybe the artist ran out of time.

>> No.38240168

Fuck you flyboys, army only

>> No.38240492

Where's the image that compares the different divisions? It ends with the Imperial fleet complaining about crummy reception

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Last remnants of the previous wave I guess.

>> No.38241266

You could easily do this with Army, Airforce, Marines and Navy. Imperial navy should be Coast Guard or something.

>> No.38241288

There are people that aren't space marines that use bolters. Like commissars, imperial guard weapons teams, and pretty much every imperial guard vehicle.

>Bolters, for all intents and purposes, are just normal guns but bigger and more exaggerated.
No. The difference between bolters and autoguns is the ammo. A bolter is a bolter since it shoots bolts and not solid shot.

>> No.38241290

Pretty sure that was the original comic.

>> No.38241303

Nice. I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw that.

>> No.38241320

This is what Imperial Navy play in their leisure time.

>> No.38241455

>i wish it would suck more


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Because British.

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