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>you are an elf.
>everybody else in the setting is a PC controlled by someone from /tg/

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>When everyone's a PC
>Then no one will be
>Unless you're a Raksha
>But those guys are fucking weird and don't work on the normal laws of Creation

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This upsets me because it implies QT elf girls were turned into gnarled bat-eared flat-chested orcs with voices like 50something cockney chainsmokers.

>captcha: amsad

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you can hear them too? thank god, I thought I was going crazy!

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best case scenario, your breeding stock

worst case, dead

also where is that pic from I see it everywhere

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some tumblrina drew it. it expands upon LotR movie lore and may or may not be canon with Tolkien's works.

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>playing with the godawful fetish-obsessed memefaggots that are /tg/
I'd rather play vidya with /v/

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>Not canon

>Yet this is held true by the wise of Eressëa, that all those of the Quendi who came into the hands of Melkor, ere Utumno was broken, were put there in prison, and by slow arts of cruelty were corrupted and enslaved; and thus did Melkor breed the hideous race of the Orcs in envy and mockery of the Elves, of whom they were afterwards the bitterest foes. For the Orcs had life and multiplied after the manner of the Children of Ilúvatar; and naught that had life of its own, nor the semblance of life, could ever Melkor make since his rebellion in the Ainulindalë before the Beginning: so say the wise."

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It's not canon. At no point in Tolkien's fiction does anyone actually confirm definitively what happened - people just offer their opinions, like in the section you just posted. Tolkien never settled on exactly what the origin of orcs was.

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If orcs are elves then, just using simple logic, either orcs are not inherently evil or evil is stronger than good in the LotR universe.

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Or all things can be corrupted.

You know, like that major and central running theme through the entire setting?

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If corruption is without redemption, evil is stronger than good in the LotR setting. If corruption comes with redemption, then orcs are not inherently evil, just societally evil.

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we've had this discussion before. tolkien, in his letters, actually said he regretted the idea that orcs were unredeemable. it was absolutely abominable to him that melkor could entirely corrupt something beyond redemption, and as a catholic he believed that any creature with a soul could be redeemed

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that is correct, corruption and redemption. tolkien was catholic, he believed all creatures with a soul could, theoretically, could find salvation.

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In which case it's morally wrong to genocide LotR orcs. Once Morgoth/Sauron is dead they could be rehabilitated.

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Same could be said about the world wars.

However unfortunately Gondor didn't really have the option to sit down orcs and council them until their self-esteem recovers, it was kill the orcs or die to the orcs.

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>However unfortunately Gondor didn't really have the option to sit down orcs and council them until their self-esteem recovers
I don't know about that, what threat are the orcs to them really with Sauron gone?

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What threat are hundreds of bands of trained warriors who have spent their entire memorable life in the service of a dark lord and taught to despise and kill humans?

You tell me, anon.

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>implying just humans

Orc SOP is if ain't me hang it from a tree.

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Isn't that literally how ISIS got started?

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as noted in the appendices, I think, the orcs were hardly a threat in the 4th age. the orcs were scattered, and gondor didn't really bother with them, aside from driving them back to whatever mountain strongholds were left.

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They've got SoP now?

War. War has changed.

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Whereas they should have actually invited them into Gondorian lands and established farms for them. Orcs would have made a valuable labour workforce for the human kingdoms, and in time would have integrated.

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/v/ is more clever than you give them credit for.
Punished Chris is a riot

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Its quite possible they were only no longer a threat precisely because of said genocide.

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While I agree with you, I dont think any historical nation would be too onboard with playing host to their enemy's army after such a bloody war.

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>rape them all
>no one can object because it's not rape if it's an elf

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hardly. As beings with elvish souls, they would be returned to the halls of mandos, where they would likely be healed or cloistered away in introspection until they could be let live in valinor. most likely they would be treated in the halls of neina, valor of compassion

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>Punished Chris
>google away

This is going to be a good game. Even if the game itself sucks, it has amused me enough at this point.

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there was no genocide, it occurred nowhere in the text, stop trying to grimderp

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All the art Anonymous Assgony inspired was fucking great too.

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elves had glorious floofy 80s hair?

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its as close as cannon as we will get, don't just be a neigh sayer for the sake of it.

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The best elves always do.

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yes, and morgoth corrupted them with sex, drugs, and rock and roll

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just imagine the toughest, meanest, nastiest uruks and orcish generals, sitting in a pretty garden, confused by their new elvish forms, being lectured by neinna on the value of patience and kindness and manners.

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Now imagine said orcs being sent to the corner for trampling the pretty flowers.

>grug hate corner

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This is a potentially awesome scenario. I want to see a comic.

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This is a hypnosis thread. Jesus saves! Dice checks are in order for the rest of us heathens.

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rise umbar, umbar over all.
all hail melkor, rightful lord of all.
trust no elf, follow no anuir,
may valor burn

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>Meat will never be on the menu boys
Gazdok wants be back in Mordor. ;_;

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rise umbar, umbra over all.
may king excellent foster us, guide us unto glory and lay wrath upon our enemies.
hail melkor, rightful lord of arda,
hail tar-mairon, rightful lord of the world.
suffer no elf, suffer no anuir,
may valinor burn, or bend knee to the lords of sea and lands unnumbered.

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they have plenty meat in valinor. you just can't eat the elves.

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To the contrary, they can finally open that restaurant and serve anything non-sentient they want on the menu.

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But it's the most delicous and soft meat.
Not like Dwarfs or Hobbits that'll give you food poisoning.

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Orcs were clearly way more numerous than elves. Wouldn't this mean Valinor or atleast Halls of Mandos would be full of ex-orcs?

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lmao. Elves. Not even once.

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that makes me think of massive, post-orcish cities of eerie, semi-industrial elves, built in the far flung regions of valinor. they would combine elvish craftsmanship with countless generations of orcish engineering and experience, and they would be truly marvelous to behold. however, there would be elves/orcs still attached to the old ways, to some minor extent, and thus the cities would be under the constant watch of the valar, with maiar regents or agents, lest those factions spread darkness in the land of light.

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how would famed orcish generals be received in mandos I wonder. my guess is they would be put in the same portion as feanor, as further punishment for both parties

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Ayyy, now you know the true evil of Sauron.
He kidnapped qt3.14 girls and turned them into gnarled men.

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Considering Black Speech was debased Valarin, these orcs-turned-elves might prefer learning that instead of any Elvish tongue. Elves might get quite pissed after the Valar make these post-orcs their new pet subjects.

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>not knowing that orcs go to the halls of melkor to wait for their masters return

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>three sevens

Stop posting Mairon.

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As I am also a PC, I go Slavic elf.
Fighting in the woods and mountains, constantly.

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Is there an elvish equivalent of cheeki breeki?

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whatever this faggot is saying

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>Daring to suggest that there are any elves, save the most manly retribution of Scyrah.

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Cheekäe Bräeekee?

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I wonder if anybody who hasn't read the Silmarillion could guess which two of those in the pic are men.

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Well, I'd say the two on the right. Knowing the fanart about it I should probably say the outer both, but eh.

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By observing this thread, the result is clearly seen: everyone else in the world is engaged in some form of vague discussion that has no relevance to the quest at hand, and whenever you try to join in, they shun you as the elf-girlyboy you are.

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I see no men. only elves.

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>turning qt3.14 Elf girls into ugly orcs
Why would somebody do that?

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Because they got butthurt that they had to share the world and now want to smash it apart.

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Do you want the good news or the bad news?

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I cast Grease and get ready.

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Probably middle and right.
Even elves carry a modicum of masculine features, and those eyes are it.

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It was a trick question. You failed the test, faggot.

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This pretty much. I've played with a lot of people FROM /tg/, but playing with the smutfag pedos who clearly are only here to shitpost and hardly even play games, that's terrible.

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Or they become the subjects of Mandos, just like the noldor to aule and vanyar to manwe

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Yeah, one of my longest running gaming groups are a bunch of people from /b/ like 7 years ago now, and I still have a lot of trepidation to opening up any kind of game with people from anywhere on modern day 4chan.

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I would rather fuck the last version than the first.

does that make me into a weird guy?

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/tg/ gamefinder is fine imo, I've found nothing but great to average players there bar like three (considering I've hosted for over 30 players now, thats a good haul).

That being said, I hear running DnD or PF attracts the shitters.

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Oh no~
All these people are going to fuck me whether I want it or not~

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Colour me shocked.

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Never go to Valinor anon.

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>Become Sotha Sil
>Those who hate me can't even find me
>Those who love me can't even find me

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>it implies
As if Tolkien's fucking books didn't. As if not even Hackson's movies didn't.

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I give consensual love with handholding to the white knight in exchange for protection from the edgelord mcelfrapist

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Melkor. Why were you so based?

You never want to do anything but mess shit up and disturb the status quo. What else could any insecure person who feels that they don't belong ask for? You were the Six Pistols to Eru's Sinatra.

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Please don't bully. It's not easy speaking a language where the words for six and sex are the same.

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Thought it was a vampire?
Anyway, 2 and 3 are fucking cute.

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Tolkien orcs are messed up trauma victims, not like modern green orcs with tusks.

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Still looks like a vampire to me.

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You just show you inner plebness by that.

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As you should, boipussy

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As I recall, orcs didn't have souls. Which doesn't mean evil is stronger than good, it just means the only thing in the LotR universe that can make souls is God.

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Clearly orcs had souls, first orcs were stated to have been Elves and they also had been stated to reproduce in the same manner as other Children of Iluvatar.

Also Tolkien's struggle justifying their evilness.

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There are a bunch of different possible origin stories for Tolkien orcs, and as far as we know Tolkien never strictly settled on any of them before he died. One is that they don't have souls and that they're just meat puppets. Another is that they're debased and tortured elves, in which case they DO have souls (elven ones). Either way killing them is ok since in the first case you're not killing anything with a soul, and in the second you're freeing a tortured soul from a mutant body.

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I don't see how any of that means they had souls. Reproduction certainly doesn't mean they have souls, since they could just reproduce another souless organism.

It seems unlikely to me that they were tortured elves, given how many of them there were.

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They do have souls, that's the point. Melkor can't create, he can only corrupt, that's part of why he started all that shit. Tolkien couldn't decide on an origin for them though, they came either from elves or men. At some point he wanted them to be mind- controlled mud dolls but I'm pretty sure he discarded that idea.

I personally like they first came from elves, later from men theory.

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Suicide is a free action

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>It seems unlikely to me that they were tortured elves, given how many of them there were.

There was an entire race of elves, the Avari, who disappeared. They might have been orced. And after the first "batch" was made we know they were capable of reproducing with one another anyway, so even if they only started with a handful they could breed them like cockroaches after.

Another possible origin is that Morgoth made them from stone. Another is that Sauron made them, from Men.

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sauron pls go and stay go

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