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Hey, everybody! Abyss-anon here.
The last thread turned out to be very popular, so I though I'd do a sequel.
Now, in the first thread I mostly just posted horrifying creatures from the deep sea, so for the follow up I thought we could think of ways to use the stuff we learned in our games.

It's true that you average campaign probably doesn't involve going several kilometers underwater, but as we saw there is a lot of cool and scary stuff out there, which could make an interesting campaign. So I'll be going over some idea I came up with, or picked up from the last thered. Feel free to post your own, as well as post pictures of cool sea monsters and the like. My image folder seems to be limited to actual animals (which are plenty monstrous enough) and monstergirls, it seems.

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So, why would your part want to go into the abyss in the first place? To be honest, you probably don't want to, as it's not a nice place. But there could be some plot hooks that force the players to go on an undersea voyage.

For a science fiction or near future game, there is the idea of undersea mining. VHMS (vulcanically hosted massive sulfide) deposits form around undersea geothermal vents, and iron-manganese nodules can be found laying around on the abyssal plains. Both could be a potential source of ore minerals, if we had the technology to effectively mine them. Perhaps the PCs are working in an undersea minign colony, or investigating some kind of disturbance there.
Ocean exploration is another possible scenario, with the PCs being crewmembers in a submarine.
Both of these are applicable not only here on Earth, but oceans of some alien planet in a science fiction game. Who knows what kind of creatures you could find in the depths of an ocean planet?

For a fantasy game, you can have your standard fish-people, mermaids, sea monsters etc. and of course the setting equivalent of Atlantis or similar legendary sunken city. Maybe the PCs have to journey to sunken R'lyeh to stop Cthulhu from waking up, or into the ruins of Atlantis to retrieve ancient magical artefacts or supertech. Fantasy proved a lot of opportunities for cool sea monsters and stuff, even if they don't make much biological sense.

Or maybe something the PCs want ended up falling into the ocea, and now they have to retrieve it. Too bad it fell right into an oceanic trench.

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The deep sea makes for a good setting for a horror game. Inside an underwater base or a submarine you're locked in a clautrophoby-inducing place, with nothing outside but darkness, water and crushing pressure. If anythign goes wrong, you will likely die as there is no means to rescue you in time. That alone makes for a stressful situation, without adding any Deep Ones or sea monsters. While such a tone probably wouldn't fit a high fantasy game or something, having a Call of Cthulhu game set in a submarine or something could work really well.

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Another cool idea that somebody introduced in the last thread, but sadly didn't really get developed much there, was a game where you play as members of an underwater civilization living in the abyss. I though that was a really cool idea, and could use some worldbuilding. In fact, that was pretty much why I made this thread.
Such a game would in a lot of ways be different from one where the PCs are surface dwellers diving into the deep sea, since instead of being outsiders "invading" the abyss, with equipment (either tehcnological or magical) that allows them to survive there, the PCs are natives of the place, and have to play by its rules.

So, let's forget for a while that having a civilization develop in the deep sea would be for all intents and purposes impossible (let's assume Poseidon did it, or a bored wizard). If a civilization did exist there, what would it be like?

The central "theme", so the speak, of the abyss is the scarcity of resources, and the need to make most of what you have. That is the primary reason why some many abyssal creatures have evolved into bizarre and nightmarish forms (the secondary reason being that nature hates you, yes, specifically you). There is little food or resources down there, distances are long and danger can lurk anywhere. What would a civilization built to survive in such conditions be like?

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I actually don't want to share this because its something I just thought up for my setting and I wanna be special, but consider this:

A race that uses bioluminescent bacteria trapped in extremely hard organic resin to construct shimmering clothes, weapons, treasure, pilot-able crafts and buildings that look like they're made of blindingly bright, pure light. Maybe some objects are dimmer and have different colors, or maybe a weird default color. I don't remember the hue that's most visible to deep sea fish, I think it was red though?

Mine are fugly looking by normal standards anglerfish people with tentacle beards and dreadlocks that have a pompous superiority complex by nature and a culture that places heavy emphasis on good and just action. Essentially sea elves but not terrible.

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In the last thread the idea of a nomadic civilization was brought up. While abyssal plains are mostly empty, occasionally the carcass of a whale or other large marine animal falls from above, providing food and shelter for thousands of organisms (there are infact several animals and bacteria evolved specifically to live in whale carcasses). Our civilization could roam the abyssal plains, looking for remains of dead leviathans that would act like oasises in the desert. They could eat the meat and fashion tools, weapons and armour out of the hide, bones and teeth.

I think that idea would have a lot of potential for a cool campaign. The PCs could be scouting ahead to find leviathan carcasses and safe routes to travel between them, and protect their people from raiders and giant sea monsters. Sea monsters could also be hunted for meat and supplies, which would probably be extremely dangerous but also very rewarding (fitting another common "theme" of the abyss, a mindset of "I don't care if that thing is twice my size and wants to eat me. My options are try to kill and eat it, or starve to death"). Pretty much all equipment would have to be self-made. There is no magic-mart to buy health potions and +1 flaming longswors in the abyss. Players could fashion new equipment from parts of slain monsters and stuff.

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Red is the least visible colour for deep sea fish, as it is the first wavelenght to be absorbed by water. As such, most deep sea fish lack the ability to see red alltogether. The exeption is this lovely lady and some of her relatives, which also posses red light organs to act as spotlights only they can see.

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>Good and just
They're also know as sea devils for a reason. Anglerfishfolk are clearly lawful evil.

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Underwater australia except everything is just more bitey.

And everyone is ugly yet adorable bards who spend the time doing bardic things like underwater singing or fancy light shows.

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Fighting sea monsters and fashioning weapons and armour out of their bodies sounds like a cool idea. Kind of like Monster Hunter, but underwater.

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>I actually don't want to share this because its something I just thought up for my setting and I wanna be special
Nigga /tg/ is used by people all over the world, from berlin to moskow, to new york to fucking india.

Why the fuck are you scared that your thing that the roleplaying world will never probably see will be mentioned in a thread where not even a 20th of /tg/ will visit?

Post your shit man.

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I was thinking about introducing creepy abyssal mermaids into my next game. Does DnD even have stats for mermaids? I'm inclined to say yes. I could just use those and give em darkvision and swallow whole or something (it's not the deep sea unless something swallows you whole). Though the players might call Magical Realm on that they'd be right.

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>Liking vore
Major autism.

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Imagine a horror game set in an underwater mining facility. Equipment has been breaking, and workers that have gone out to fix them have started disappearring. A storm at the surface is making extraction impossible, so you're stuck down there. You look out through the armourglass window, and for a moment you though you saw something huge moving in the darkness just beyond the reach of the lights.
Roll for sanity, bitches.

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So, how should we flesh out an abyssal civilization? Things we've got do far:
>Nomadic, travel around looking for food and resources in the barren abyssal plains
>Fashion tools and equipment from leviathan bones and remains of slain monsters
>Preyed on by sea monsters, but also hunt them for meat and parts
>Make use of bioluminescence
>They have bards?

What are these guys, anyway? Deep one style fish people? Mermaids? Crab people? Giant isopods?

Also, plothooks relating adventures in the deep sea?

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Just your ravager people tribes trying to survive in the land down under the sea.

Let's say deep ones, full fish face and shit. Completely monstrous or else it's just not feeling abyssal enough.

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Fuck, I mean average.
Also for plot hooks? Evil seaman trying to get to the mythical "up above" by sacrificing everything in the abyss (Magic logic, remove the abyss and you'll automatically end up in the top seas.)

Relatable yet still very antagonistic.

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Anybody got a link to the previous thread?

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Deep sea diver passing through.

I'll answer any decompression/bends/injury/environmental hazard/etc.... Questions that anyone might have for the setting.

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Sure, what kinda environmental hazards are there?

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If I was living in the Horrible Underwater Vore Dimension, I'd probably want to blow it all up and get the fuck away from all that shit, as well.

Though I think a game where they players are beings living in the abyss would be less suited for "save to world" plots and more for "how are we going to survive untill tomorrow" plots.

Fantasy games where the PCs have to journey to the bottom of the sea to stop evil fishmen from waking up Cthulhu, or something, would work, though.

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No see, the save the world thing is what makes it so big. The fact that they have to go from "I am the only way my family gets fed" to "Holy shit, my whole family will die and I can no longer feed them if this guy gets trough with his plans, time to defeat his five monster generals."

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The hazard that gets talked about the most after dives is the marine growth.

90% of what you touch with bare skin is going to give you a rash, or deep scratches. An additional 5% gives you terrible burning, made inflamed by the 100% oxygen you have to breathe during decompression. Purple branching sponge is my bane.

Ocean currents are also a huge factor. For an average working diver, wearing anywhere from 40 to 70 lbs of equipment, an average 1.2 knot current is like a giant fat guy leaning on you for support. During the winter, it's likely that ocean surface currents reach up to 2.5 to 3 knot currents. This is litterally deadly and Non-diveable. That's fast for most rivers. Not even fish can swim up current.

The three animals that bother working divers most are barracuda (attracted to the shiny things), trigger fish and other territorial fish (attracted to human fingers), and jellyfish (attracted to you! And would love to hug you)

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This thread is relevant to my interests.

I've been thinking about a high fantasy underwater setting for a while, and as said before, one of the main races were going to be isopod-folk from the depths. Once upon a time, they found something down there, and now they've got the highest tech level both in the abyss and in the setting as a whole. Everyone else is trying to figure out how to make 1250's tech work underwater and these guys are full-on sci-fi.

So is this idea already stupid, or does it just need better explanations for everything?

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Horrible Eldritch Gods work as a good catch-all explanation. Undersea trenches seem like just the kind of place where you're likely to find one, and Nyarlathotep did give mankind the secrets of nuclear fission one time (mostly to see us blow ourself up with nuclear fire. I'd say he's dissapointed that it hasn't happened yet, but being an immortal and unkillable god, he has all the time in the world).

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Welp, 4chan doesn't keep any written content if you go back to enter the captcha when it tells you, so my whole idea I wanted to contribute just got lost.

Bumping good thread instead.

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>horrible eldritch gods

Sold to the anon who reminded me that Nyarly knows nuclear fission.

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Can anyone link the previous thread?

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Well shit, that sucks.
Would you agree that the deep underwater is basically underwater australia?

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I typed it out again as best I could remember because I wanna share it.

A spheroid dimension consisting of a sky for storms, rain, wind and snow. Absolutely 0% landmass above the water, nothing really under it either, Sometimes vast ice shelves form for centuries at a time and the inhabitants of the plane adapt to the frozen masses and drill upwards from the ice and become amphibious, either dying off or adapting back to the ocean. Other solid masses include the shells and bones of dead ocean creatures that compress over millennia to form floating underwater masses with critters living on or in them, maybe sometimes even driving them around.

Life in the plan, higher up, consists of hivemind schools of fish, cabals of octopuses and lesser squid, nautiluses, crustaceans that do not crawl but swim, and more magic creatures. Deeper down exist societies of anglerfish creatures, viperfish packs, tentacled horrors and colossal floating anemones and less describable things. These deeper entities tend to provide myths and nightmares for higher-living life forms.

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No , underwater Australia means Irukandji jellies in shallow beaches

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This might help...

Cerulean Seas Azure Abyss

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Deep-sea vents would be a big thing, the sort of stuff wars would be fought to control. They'd be where you'd go to smelt manganese nodules into usable metal, or pick up new fungi colonies to feed on in the Great Emptiness, or to trade baleen and meat from that whale carcass you found last month.

Also, deepwater reefs would be home to civilizations. No heat, but still a decent amount of food to be found.

The critters that can safely travel to the photic zone would be the merchant princes of the setting, and especially the ones that can even survive on land for brief periods.

And then there would be the vast horrors: creatures that spend hundreds or thousands of years as quiet filter-feeders, right up until they and a few others of their species have consumed enough to allow for a period of greater activity. Once the pheromones released as a signal of another horror's readiness wash over a fully-fed horror, it awakens and seeks out two things: others of its kind to mate with, and anything it can catch to feed its eventual offspring.

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Oh, and another thought: Yggdrasil kelp. Holdfasts in the abyss, probably the parts where the crust is thin or nonexistent and thus the roots have access to the mantle for nutrients, and leaves in the photic zone, to photosynthesize and provide energy.

On a different note, you could get a decent survival-horror game going just by taking IRL fishing and whaling of the last 100-150 years and thinking about the effects it would have on an underwater civilization.

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Swallowerfish mermaid would be scary as hell. Cases of the fish swallowing prey twice its length and ten times its weight are fairly common, and they have been known to eat even bigger things (I believe the record is four times its own size, though that was apparently too much and caused the fish's stomach to burst). In DnD terms they can swallow whole things at least one size category bigger than themselves, maybe two. Now convert it to human sized and give it hands and sentience.

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Cool ideas. I was also thinking about collecting manganese nodules and smelting them at undersea volcanoes and smokers. Doubt it would work according to real world science, but it's a cool idea and fits the setting.

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Go watch Leviathan and/or DeepStar Six

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There's also underwater rivers and lakes. Should be something that could be done with that.

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No problem. I've got the other 4 books for Cerulean Seas as well. I'll post them if anyone wants them.

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you should read The Sphere

>> No.38178990

Please do.

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How legit is the water-oxygen breathing seen in The Abyss?
Or was Hollywood on the level for once.

>> No.38179385

well by using a fluid rather than air it would help keep you from imploding, and there are hyper-oxygenated fluids that can be breathed. so it's plausible.

>> No.38179447

They're all to big to post, but here are the links.





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According to wikipedia, the scene with the rat breathing that stuff was actually filmed in real life.

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The problem with applying it to people is that we need a substantial amount of oxygen, and thus need to exchange large quantities of that liquid in order to have enough oxygen in our lungs to not suffocate. Our lungs aren't built to push that much liquid (or any liquid, really) that quickly, and mechanical pumps would probably cause physical trauma.

What you could try to do is fill the lungs with a neutral liquid so the pressure doesn't collapse them and then oxygenate the bloodstream directly. It'd still be difficult and pretty much guaranteed to kill the person if it breaks, but it should be workable.

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I might as well post my ocean floor mini-campaign idea.

Fairly modern day in my setting, roughly 1970's level tech. They've done some deep-sea stuff, but other than a single trip to the bottom ala the Trieste, they left it alone. It was neat, but they didn't find anything truly of interest.

So imagine their surprise when they receive a radio signal from down there.

They send a bunch of unmanned bathyspheres to investigate. Interference ensues, they all lose contact with the surface near the signal and become lost. The only exception; one bathysphere managed to take a single picture before the signal cut.

An extremely water-worn metal entry hatch. Not all that different from the submarines currently in use. Definitely man made, but seems very ancient.

The plan made is thus; send down a manned bathyscape, with a hatch that can attach to the one seen in the photo. A small group of volunteers are gathered to go down and see what the hell is up with this.

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In my setting, there was a Golden age of Magic. Like, you couldn't even buy a shirt or piece of paper that wasn't enchanted for durability and cleanliness kind of thing. Very high magic.

People eventually discovered that the closer to the core of the planet the caster was, the easier one could wield magic. So, a magic workshop/research base/enchanting lab was set up on the ocean floor. It comprised of many huge bathyspheres mounted to the ground, all hooked up together to make a sort of enclosed city.

The engineer behind the project was a noted magiphobe, and designed his Rapture (working title) to operate without magic. "It would take just ONE dispel magic, just ONE anti-magic field, to ruin EVERYTHING!" as he'd say. He admitted that magic would be needed to build the thing, but in every aspect, he made sure it could be sustainable without magic.

Which was lucky for the thousands of people that lived there. Fifty years later, all of the magic on the planet gets taken away, leaving it mundane as dishwater. Everything that was enchanted, which was nearly everything, crumbled to dust. Including all that magic paper everyone was using. Having relied on magic so heavily, society entered a new Dark age and had to basically rebuild to account for having no more magic.

But, Magiphobe that the head engineer of Rapture was, they used mundane paper, and clothes, and bathrooms, and walls, and farms, etc. Compared to the rest of the world, Rapture of all places managed alright. Therefore, the only written history of the world with magic lies in Rapture.

Thousands of years later, the PC's explore an abyssal city built of dozens of massive bathyspheres, where a small subsect of humanity has survived, and bring back the only record of the magical world.

It needs a lot of work on finer details, but I like the concept.

>> No.38180929

So, presuming a setting that has tech, say, about 20 years ahead of us now, it'd be possible?

>> No.38181013


It'd be realistic.

>> No.38181794

sounds pretty cool. do magics come back?

>> No.38181968

Yes, although probably still not all that good. For that you'd need some sort of artificial gill to filter oxygen out of the water so that you only need to carry a small emergency supply of oxygen with you.

>> No.38182074


This game started both my deep[ interest and deep fear of our oceans.


>> No.38182255


Might be cool.

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No, it doesn't.

But there's magic on other planets. The Apollo missions suddenly become even more important.

>> No.38186143

>you though you saw something huge moving in the darkness just beyond the reach of the lights
But the lights are what broke down...

>> No.38187937

Damn, nature. Stuff like this, along with shit like cordyceps and parasitoid wasps is the best argument against intelligent design. Certainly, no loving god would create shit like this. Unless god is into vore and body horror.

>> No.38187992

That made me think of an interesting question: what sort of religions would the abyss-dwellers have?

>> No.38188148

gods of light and vision, illuminating the dark, bringing clarity to the obscure and drawing insight from the obtuse, but bringing with it the unforgiving horror inherent to knowledge of the enigmas kept in the dark. The abyss protects those in it with its blanket of ignorance. Promethean knowledge brings with it responsibility and consequences that not all are worthy or capable of handling. Incidentally while many deep sea creatures do seem to have primitive or just underdeveloped light sensitive eyes, there are species of underground freshwater fish that have vestigial eye balls and have actually developed solid skin over top of their eye sockets, so they blind eyeballs and no eyelids.

>> No.38188287

Light, aside from the fairly weak bioluminense would be a pretty alien concept in the abyss. Considering how many animals use glowing lures to draw in prey, light would probably be seen as a very treacherous thing. It helps you see, but gives away your location, and also is often found attached to something with way too many teeth that wants to eat you.

Tangetially related, but there was a neat bit in the crustacean civilization quest that ran earlier this week where a member civilization (whihc is lives in the abyssal plains) invents a bright light and looks up, illuminating the horrors above. They smash the light very quickly.

I looked to the sky and I understood almost
as light of the phophores glowed.
And above me the thousands of shapes in the twilight
I only saw as shadows in the gloom.

>> No.38188378

How often do deep sea fish need to eat, anyway? If one of them catches another fish bigger than itself, how long does it actually spend digesting it? Weeks? Months? Years?

>> No.38188557

The problem with the oxygenated liquid you mention is the mechanics of lungs. Rats that they submerge in the the liquid end up for completely messed up lungs from the body continuing trying to breath.

I suspect that even we were able to get an appropriate liquid, we would not be able to over the body's "holy fuck im drowning" reflex.

>> No.38188578


It work the other way around. Australia is the overwater abyss

>> No.38188717

Australia's monstrosities have the courtesy of keeping a definite form. The abyss doesn't.

What video last thread had the mass of pure terror?

>> No.38188786

Sound, smell and taste would be a big deal, though, since all of those things can travel much further underwater.

Emptiness and vast distances would also be a thing; prayers for good hunting or safe travel would be important, and hospitality would be central to encounters with and between nomads.

And then there would be the divers from above. Living whales, pinnipeds, squid, and the strange metal shells of the humans. It would be for them what an alien invasion would be for us.

>> No.38188811


Behold a horrible eldritch god from beyond space and time. Or possibly a mass of siphonophorae. They're rather hard to tell apart.
The video doesn't really give a good sense of scale, but apparently that thing is enormous. Like, over a hundred meters from tips of the tentacles to the...Other tentacles.

>> No.38188829

God that was good

>> No.38189601

Wait, what the actual fuck?

There's an anime about Moe elder gods?

>> No.38189655


Japan does this shit all the time. Are you surprised?

>> No.38191051

Well imagine it like this, one of the tentacles in the bottom is as thick as a human torso.

Now compare the size of the bottom to the rest of that thing.

>> No.38191092

It's called Hayore! Nyaruko-san, and I'm suprised you've manged to avoid knowing of its existance at all. It barely has anything to do with the Mythos, aside from character names and some Mythos cretaures appearring. The characters aren't even actual eldritch gods (they're just aliens). There was a pretty funny post here (or was it /a/) where somebody wrote the synopsis of the plot of the first few episode in HP Lovecarft's writing style.

Fun fact: Despite fundemental christains having a hate-on for Charles Darwin, Darwnin himself never though his theories on evolution contradicted his faith. What did give him a crisis of faith, however, was learning about parasitoid wasps. He said that he was unable to reconsie the idea of a loving god and a world where such things are allowed to exist. I wonder how he would've reacted to the creatures posted here and the previous thread.

>> No.38191155

/tg/ seems to have a thing for vore and unbirth, considering how often they keep appearring. Now, mentioning vore in a deep sea thread is to be expected, what's with it being the Underwater Vore Hell and all, but we also can't seem to get a single thread about dragons without the discussion turning to "spelunking".
I can hardly say that I've seen every post or thread made on /tg/, and off the top of my head I've seen:
>dragon-vore and unbirth
>unbirth succubus
>Lilium (the interplanetary vore-goddess succubus), and vorecubi in general
>drow unbirth
>orc vore
>several variations of the concept of "all-devouring vore-loli"

>> No.38191172

There was that centaur too.

Speaking as a vorefag, I find /tg/ and vore kinda unsettling. Always seems to have the most autistic of posters into it.

Dunno what that says about me.

>> No.38191184

The way and the style it's posted in makes me guess that the vore guy may just be a few people.

>> No.38191187


>as a vorefag
>Dunno what that says about me

That you are autistic.

>> No.38191206

I mean maybe?

But then again I've never once in my life shitposted about it, cos frankly threads which become literal neckbeard circlejerks are the worst kind of shitposting.

>> No.38191216

>There was a pretty funny post here (or was it /a/) where somebody wrote the synopsis of the plot of the first few episode in HP Lovecarft's writing style.

For the love of God, I must see the synopsi of which you speak.

>> No.38191229


Oh yeah, those are pretty nice.

>> No.38191331

Used to have em, but then my computer died, so I don't have the screenshots anymore. Sorry.

Well, I think I'm responsible of Lilium the intergalactic vore-goddess, since I was the one who joked that if she gets more powerful by eating souls of her worshippers, then if she gets enough worshippers she could become powerful enough to just eat the world. Some people ran with that idea and you know the rest of the story.
I take no responsibility for anything else, though.

>> No.38191801

>all-devouring vore-loli
I know I probably shouldn't ask, buut what the heck is that?

>> No.38191941

>The characters aren't even actual eldritch gods (they're just aliens).
Do you even Lovecraft?

>> No.38191943

Seems pretty self-explanatory to me.

>> No.38191956


What part of it don't you understand?

>> No.38191981

I know most Lovecraftian gods are technically aliens, just very powerful and, well, alien ones (I'd consider the Outer Gods like Azatoth, and Nyarlathotep true gods, though). But in the anime they're pretty much your "normal" aliens. As in there is a race called Nyarlathotepians, of which Nyaryko is a member of. They're also apparently all fans of Erath popular culture after viewing broadcasts from Earth.
That's a very different kind of alien than strange otherworldly beings not made of matter as we know it and posessing powers that can only be called magic.

>> No.38192012

I know what those words mean individually, but put together they just raise questions.

For starters, why? And how exactly does an "all-devouring" vore-loli differ from your common or garden variety vore-loli? Why is this distinction necessary? How can a loli be "all-devouring" anyway? And, again, why?

>> No.38192138

Just search for the tripcode in the archive.

>very different
>than strange otherworldly beings not made of matter as we know it and posessing powers that can only be called magic
Not really, as that also happened in Nyaruko.
Have you actually read Lovecraft and watched/read the series? The Nyarlathotepians are the individual masks of Nyarlathotep, as shown in Nyaruko's marriage registration.

>> No.38192358

The show still has very little to do with Lovecraft, as making unspeakable eldritch horrors into cute little girls is pretty much the opposite of Lovecraft stands for.

Though Nyarlathotep might actually do that. He already takes a human form pretty regularly, and is kind of and asshole. He's probably appearred as a cute girl at least once.

>> No.38192492

>For starters, why?
Because some people are perverts
>how exactly does an "all-devouring" vore-loli differ from your common or garden variety vore-loli?
A regular voreloli will eat you (or maybe she only eats other lolis. idk). an all-devouring voreloli will eat you, your lunch, your dog, your house etc. And she's still hungry afterwards.
>Why is this distinction necessary?
Knowing the difference could save your life.
>How can a loli be "all-devouring" anyway?
In fantasy anything is possible!
>And, again, why?
Perverts. see above.

>> No.38192783

Imagine being the guy operating the submarine. You're cruising along, and suddenly from the darkness appear this writhing mass of tentacles. As you approach you realise the scale of the thing, as it dwarfs you craft. That calls for a few san checks.

>> No.38192817

How many posts and no mention of Peter Watts? This is how you abyss http://www.rifters.com/real/shorts.htm

>> No.38193237


I really should've completed this series

>> No.38193304

Hey! Not all of us are perverts. Some of us just like the idea of cute little girls doing cute things while devouring everything in sight.

...Ok, you win this round.

>> No.38193339

Sometimes I feel like the sane man in the madhouse.

On an unrelated note, from where I am seeing just the bottom of the OP pic, it kinda looks like the bottom of Danny Trejo's face.

>> No.38193355

Yeah, I wonder what was going through the guys head. I considere myself pretty knowlegeable about deep sea critters, and I never knew about giant flailing masses of tentacles floating down there (though all things considred, it's not that suprising. Everything down there is made atleats 50% of condensed terror).
Obviously the person controlling the sub is more knowlegeable about these things than me, but I still can't imagine any response but "welp, we've woken up the Great Old Ones. It was a nice planet".

>> No.38193387

>looks like the bottom of Danny Trejo's face.
Goddamnit, you're right

>> No.38193798

You're not alone. I also don't know why "all-devouring voreloli" is an idea some people feel should exist, and apparently in multiple occasions.

And I also think the bottom of the fish's face looks like Danny Trejo's.

>> No.38196804

But aren't cute little girls also unspeakable eldritch horrors IRL?

>> No.38199390

I don't think cute girls drive people insane by their presence, or are so powerful and alien that they pay as much attention to us than we do to ant.

That's kind of the problem with making any Lovecraftian entity (except Nyarlathotep who, if we are to continue the analogy, is the kid setting ants on fire with a magnifying glass) interract with humans. They operate on a completely different level. Them interacting with humans as equals is like a human treating ants as his equal. They either don't notice us at all, or brush us aside without really caring.

And that's another reason why Derleth and his attempt to insert good/evil dualism into the Mythos sucked.

>> No.38199800

You haven’t encountered many cute girls, have you.

>> No.38199884


>I don't think cute girls are so alien that they pay as much attention to us than we do to ants.

What do you think cute girls are?

>> No.38199916

...On the second though, I didn't really think that through.

You know what I mean, though. Cthulhu stirring in his sleep is enough to give nightmares to people across the world. Him waking up when the stars are right is an end of the world scenario. That kind of being doesn't, and can't interract with humans as an equal.

And while cute girls may indeed drive men crazy, they generally don't end the world. Unless we're talking about the aformentioned all-devouring vore-lolis, but I rather wish we didn't.

>> No.38200132

Sounds a lot like Lady Gaga to me.

>> No.38200677


>> No.38200792

>not Anonabyss

>> No.38200847


My nigga

Achiles Desjardins did nothing wrong

>> No.38200935

I didn't name myself.

Also, this thread didn't turn out nearly as well as the last one. That pdf was cool (I don't play PF, but maybe I can steal some concepts from that one to my games), and there were some cool worldbuilding ideas, but the latest posts are just...wtf.

vore, lolis, vorelolis, Cthulhu Mythos lolis (not that I don't approve the Mythos)...

>> No.38200949

Well, yes. That tends to be the case when someone removes your capacity for morality.

>> No.38201133

So, abyssal farming. Would it be reasonable to herd some sort of filter-feeder across the empty seafloor or through the water, using various of their products the way human shepherds use their sheep?

And what about burrowing critters? Surely there might be things in the ooze, or even in the dirt and rock beneath the ooze.

What sort of epic poetry might still echo through the deep for centuries after the original poet expired? The sonic environment in general would be a key part of the abyss, since sound down there would more-or-less be what light is to the surface world.

>> No.38201314

I could see isopod farming, or if we're an intelligent culture we would try to breed whatever we could get our hands on to try to make more of it so we can eat more and increase our numbers.
Assuming of course, we eat food and not terror.

>> No.38201348

Isn't food falling from the sky in the form of the aforementioned "marine snow?"
Maybe we could "farm" that somehow

>> No.38201483

Could harvest tube worms

Could farm giant sea pigs and giant sea cucumbers as grazers.

Isopods would make a good herd animal. Their chitin would be important in crafting

>> No.38201588

speaking of crafting, what sort of domicile or buildings would/could exist at that pressure?
I imagine temples made out of bones that would be used for markers or the like by the nomads
I wonder if neutrally buoyant creatures could be useful in building/crafting, ect

>> No.38202150

>Unless god is into vore and body horror.
Book of Jonah

>> No.38202712

>tfw getting a raging boner in Sunday school

>> No.38203374

Pretty sure that's normal.

>> No.38203421

Nobody removed his capacity for morality. All Alice did was get rid of guilt trip, the rest was a placebo. He just did what came naturally.

>> No.38203490


Not him, but nah, not really. That's not normal, especially not at the age most people go to Sunday School.

>> No.38203550

>he's never tugged it to Saint Sebastian being shot full of arrows


>> No.38203691

That's not necessarily true. I got hard whenever I saw women tied up in cartoons. For some reason I remember Pokemon having a lot of that. Now I'm really into bondage

>> No.38203918

The Bible has more rape, murder, incest and adultery than an average example of Japanese porn.

>> No.38208629

That got rid of his 'normal' conscience, too. He didn't feel guilty about doing bad things for *any* reason.

>> No.38209741

He never had a normal conscience. He only ever refrained from engaging in sadistic behavior because his parents monitored his behavior 24/7 or because he feared retaliation. As top lawbreaker he was completely immune to any sort of repercussions when he started murderfucking women

>> No.38210414

I'm amazed we've gone this long without anyone mentioning Pacific Rim.

>> No.38213882

bump for horror

>> No.38216030

Bump for old James Cameron movie.

>> No.38217110

Crabman bump!

>> No.38220385


>> No.38220506

In a science fiction campaign, how would I be able to make a plausible way for players to interact with these creatures, so they become more than just window dressing on a deep-sea adventure? What would make them a real threat to people?

>> No.38221160

I guess this qualifies as a bump?

>> No.38222313

Giant Mantis Shrimp of Doom bump!

>> No.38222676

What a QT. I'd let her swallow me any day

>> No.38222906

>> No.38222931

>> No.38222952

>> No.38223047

"This is a Moray Eel that was disfigured somehow, probably at birth."

Sure, sure. And failing that, it was swamp gas...

>> No.38223463

Hm. Two size categories is a jump from Medium to Huge. Aboleths are Huge. In principle a swallowerfish mermaid could eat an aboleth, although this might not be a great idea.

Lord only knows how the actual fish manage to capture prey. Your quarry is twice your length and presumably unhappy about being eaten whole and alive. How do they do it, and how do they survive afterwards?

Abyssal civilizations would make incredibly creepy allies. You're fighting some monster underwater and then the mermaid just straight-up EATS it...

>> No.38223717

>Lord only knows how the actual fish manage to capture prey. Your quarry is twice your length and presumably unhappy about being eaten whole and alive. How do they do it, and how do they survive afterwards?

I think the boring answer is that IRL abyssal creatures are low-energy weaklings so the one two punch of being a flimsy beasty and being suffocated means they can't struggle very well

>> No.38224097

>Yes, although probably still not all that good. For that you'd need some sort of artificial gill to filter oxygen out of the water so that you only need to carry a small emergency supply of oxygen with you.
Not too much of a problem, actually. Check out Rebreathers: you need to carry a supply of Diluent gas (non-oxygen, usually either Nitrogen/Helium) that isn't consumed, and Oxygen that is. If you're going for superdeep dives, then at the pressure the Oxygen would be stored at you would be using a VERY tiny volume with each breath, in order to keep the Partial Pressure below fatal levels.
You could extend your O2 supply by storing it cryogenically as a liquid, and 'boiling' it off as needed to breath. Not long-term storable due to the need for cooling, but excellent storage capacity.

>> No.38224232

Set the campaign in a Europan-style ocean on an old planet orbiting a red dwarf, where multicellular life has had an extra few billion years to evolve. Life there usually runs more slowly, in a very literal sense, but most of the local flora and fauna have evolved ways to speed up and respond to sudden changes in the environment, whether those be shifts in energy/nutrient availability or high-metabolism predators/grazers trying to take advantage of slow reaction times.

The human presence on this world isn't remotely prepared for all the surrounding life to shift into hyperactive mode, and since they're the ones who caused the shift they'll also be its primary targets.

>> No.38224574

>For a science fiction or near future game, there is the idea of undersea mining. VHMS (vulcanically hosted massive sulfide) deposits form around undersea geothermal vents, and iron-manganese nodules can be found laying around on the abyssal plains. Both could be a potential source of ore minerals, if we had the technology to effectively mine them.
Interestingly, we DO have that technology. We've designed and started building the machines. The holdups are actually regulatory; partially because most of the interesting parts of the ocean floor are not national territories, and partially because chowing through large swathes of marine ecosystems might not be a great idea.

UN ISA started issuing the first licenses for deep-sea mining of ocean ridges last year.

>> No.38224646

So run aliens that would exist on or near the surface, using abyssal creatures as a template?

>> No.38225309

Or have the humans operating in the deeps.

>> No.38225848

I'd prefer mermaids, though a bit on the uncanny valley side

I know one was a sphere of annihilation with a loli like coating, and oddly enough, those ones seem to be heavily motivated by people finding the idea of feeding her cute

>> No.38225958

Submersible Exo Mech,
by Anthony Scroggins

"While a land based military exosuit has already been designed for "Contact", the Terror from the Deep expansion was our first chance to show one off so I designed an aquatic version. Much like the submersible power armor, this exosuit mech is adapted for high water pressure and has multiple water jets built in for maneuvering. The shown mech isn't a combat variant, so is only equipped with claws and a winch rather than any weapons."

>> No.38226015

Submersible Mech
by Fausto de Martini

>> No.38226056


>> No.38226140

Robot Mermaid,
by Bruno Gauthier Leblanc

"While teaching my first class at syn studio I had to come up with a subject for the students to practice thumbnailing. Off the top of my head I came up with robot mermaid. I did a class demo and ended up having so many ideas that I decide to finish it at home. Here's the result."

>> No.38226249

>> No.38226487

Robotic Rescue Division, U.S. Coast Guard; static test
by Chris Stoski

>> No.38226529

Robotic Rescue Division, U.S. Coast Guard; pool test
by Chris Stoski

>> No.38226566

Robotic Rescue Division, U.S. Coast Guard; would-you-trust-this-face test
by Chris Stoski

>> No.38228765

So what would the abyss-dwellers think of our shipwrecks?

>> No.38231965

same as we humans would react to aliums space ships.

>> No.38234790

Loot and plunder?

Well, I suppose they would have a few useful things. Bronze, for example.

>> No.38235286

>horrible vore mermaids salvage the ships
>horrible vore mermaids with advanced technology
>horrible vore mermaids that can visit the surface

>> No.38236741

>horrible vore mermaid xcom

>> No.38237934

In the case of the swallower fish, it apparently chomps on the prey's head and then sort of "walks" its way towards the tail by moving its jaws.
Other fishes do it differently. Anglerfish open their mouth very fast to suck the prey in, while gulper eels just have huge mouths (they mostly eat a lot of very small squids and shrimp, but if a big fish swims into their mouth, they don't mind).

>> No.38238215

>Abyssal civilizations would make incredibly creepy allies. You're fighting some monster underwater and then the mermaid just straight-up EATS it...

From another thread where people where making an abyssal horrorterrorgirl playable race (basically everything horrible about deep sea fish condenced into a monstergirl. Also, they can survive on land, because fuck everybody).

>Party has snuck into the dragon's lair, and are discussing their plan to take down the beast
>Suddenly she just slithers up to the dragon and uses her hypno-lure to charm it
>She swallows it whole while the rest of the party stares in stunned disbelief

>> No.38238579

We've already got Terror From The Deep.

>> No.38238860

>Horrible vore mermaid invasion

I think I've found my next campaign plot. Are the PCs bad enough dudes to oppose the vore-mermaids?
Though I'd have to find some players that won't mind the magical realm-ness, and if I did that I might as well just let them play as the vore-mermaids.

>> No.38239040

Well, first we'd need to work out stats for the playable Horrible Hore Mermaid race.

The thread where people were working on the Abyssal Horrorterror Girl race has since falled off, so I suppose we could continue the work here. It's even related to the thread subject.

The ideas from that thread, as far as I can remember.
Appearance: humanoid torso with snake/eel-like lower body for slithering around. Black slimy skin, hundreds of needle-like fangs, glowing lure on the head.
Stats: -2 cha (most people are creeped out by horrible things from the deep sea), +2 str +4 con (built to survive great presure differences)
Special abilities: darkvision, ability to breathe on land and underwater and survive pressure at great depths. Lure can be used to cast charm person as a spell-like ability. Swallow whole as a racial ability, and ability to use it on targets up to one size category larger than self (possibly two, but have to do a con check or suffer damage from stomach rupturing). Bite attack that if hits, gives bonuses to attempt to swallow the target.
Other things: possibly racial feats to increase effectiveness of swallow whole; allow swallowing of larger size creatures, increase damage dealt to swallowed target, make it harder to escape from the stomach.

>> No.38239217

>I might as well just let them play as the vore-mermaids.

>Campaign where everybody plays as abyssal vore mermaids. PCs are to lead the invasion of the surface world and wipe out any resistance.
>They do this by eating anybody who opposes them.
>Start out small; assassinating important surfacers and eating the bodies to leave no evidence, etc.
>As the PCs level up, their abilities grow in power. In the end, they'll be fighting and devouring armies.
>Campaign ends when all surfacers have been eaten and the world claimed for the abyssal mermaid empire.

Wish I could get some players willing to enter the magical realm...

>> No.38239236

we were also thinking +4 con and +2 str

Sorry for not stating them up like I said I would, things happened

>Wish I could get some players willing to enter the magical realm...
I would dare to enter

>> No.38239365

That was kinda weak, build up was nice but it ended on an "OOOOO SPOOKY HUH?!" campfire ending.

>> No.38239375

Thing is, they would instantly die if they aren't strolling around in full on pressure suits.
So no vore for them.

>> No.38239430

Eh, it's fantasy. Go for "Aquaman" rather than realistic deep sea biology.

>> No.38239446

If that's so then a buncha primitive fucknuts ain't gonna do shit considering they basically cargo culted their way to the surface.

Vorefags BTFO.

>> No.38239533

I'd be up for either

>> No.38239774

That's why the SAN check's required.

>> No.38240071

There ya go, /tg/. A quick sketch of some of the lasses of UNDERWATER VORE HELL

We need more creepy mermaids.

>> No.38240195

Good god

muh dick

>> No.38240210

Vampyroteuthis Infernalis a cute.

>> No.38240650

>look up the last abyssal thread
>single celled organisms the size of a fist

>> No.38240716



>> No.38241500

>>look up the last abyssal thread
>>single celled organisms the size of a fist
>Mfw reading that

>> No.38241613

>What is a fertilised bird's egg?

>> No.38241640

>> No.38241674

Ah. doesn't sound nearly as freaky when you put it like that.

>> No.38241708

I've had the idea of a Necromantic civilization that builds itself entirely around great coral structures.

Unlike the corpse-raising surfacers, Necromancers in the depths below are first and formost builders, making use of one of the abyss' most common resources, the dead. Great spires of rainbow coral and ivory whalebone, citadels of the watery world, all erected through the spells of sorcerers.

>> No.38241728


An egg?

>> No.38241746

Actually, my first thought was right, and you're both wrong. From the other thread:
>The picture is a test, or a shell formed by a single-celled amoeba from ocean floor detritus. The ameoba lives inside it. This is hardly unusual, but what makes this thing so strange is the size.
Single-celled creatures tend to be microscopic, but here we have the ultimate example of deep-sea giantism. This amoeba is the size of a human fist! That's probably billions of times bigger than your everyday amoeba!

>> No.38241916

It's not an Amoeba, it's a Xenophyophore. The Daily Fail, as usual, is completely wrong.

>> No.38241922

My point wasn't that it's an egg, my point was that eggs can be fist sized, and are single-celled organisms. At least to begin with.

>> No.38242072



Same here: I was saying you should hardly be surprised by something like that, because fist sized single celled organism are common.

>> No.38242076

>my OC is still in use

>> No.38242169

So, Sloads?

>> No.38242566

Amoeba can also be used as a common term for a single celled organism with ann amorphous body.

>> No.38242905

Yeah that's what I mean, it was the first in a series I meant to do

>> No.38243293

Awesome. Poor vampyroteuthis girl/boy. S/he's gonna get ate.

I'm thinking about making a separate thread for fully statting the abyssal monstergirl race discussed above. I could try writing it up, but I'm not really familiar with DnD/PF, so no idea what level adjustment they should have etc.

>> No.38243628

That's sort of a cop-out, though, because most of a fertilized egg is not metabolically active. The actual embryo develops from some relatively normal-sized cells.

You CAN do that, but it's a terrible idea, because the diversity of the unicellular eukaryotes greatly eclipses that of the multicellular ones. Kind of like referring to all arthropods as "bugs."

This is fantastic, anon. Love the huge eyes and the creepy stare.

There are also moving grape-sized protozoa on the sea floor: http://scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2008/11/22/giatn-gromia-amoebas-may-accou/

>> No.38243754

Besides from the stuff from >>38239040
I think we just need level adjustment some ironing out of details. I'd give her both charm person and charm monster as SLAs, since it would make sense that the lure would also work on monsters.

As for the feats, I'm thinking of having two versions of each, one at mid level and one at high level, though not sure of level. As in

Swallow whole size increase: 1st feat: increase size limit by one (so can swallow huge creatures, and colossal ones with risk of taking damage). 2nd feat: increase size limit by one again (can swallow colossal creatures without risk of damage. Is there even a size category beyond colossal?).
Swallow whole damage increase: 1st feat: double the damage. 2nd feat: either triple the base damage (so 50% more damage than with 1st feat) or double the damage again (4 times base damage).
Escape difficulty increase: 1st feat: double the difficulty of test. 2nd feat: triple the difficulty, or double again, or make escape impossible.

>> No.38243851

Nice. You gonna do some more creepy mermaids? I would definitely love to see more.

>> No.38244036

10/10 would flee from in terror

>> No.38244237

MM2 if I recall had a size category option for "Colossal+" that had its own various effects, but anything beyond Colossal could be swept into it

>> No.38244318

I've drawn a few creepy mermaids, hell, I'm working on some for a commission.

Not sure how much time I can devote to doing doodles for the thread though. I'll see what happens. Might wanna do some Giant Isopod gals or wooly crab girls.

But I am rather curious to see if the anon who mentioned GMing something actually has plans.

>> No.38244409

Colossal+ creatures tend to be epic level stuff, though, right?
Maybe she should also have an epic level feat that boosts the swallow whole size category up one more time, so she can swallow any creature (though this would mean she could also swallow things a size category bigger than colossal+ at the risk of taking damage. Since colossal+ is already "anything bigger than colossal", wth would colossal++ even be? Eating the world? Or just letting her eat two colossal+/four colossal/eight huge etc. creatures).

>> No.38244534

A lot better than I can do, especially if these are just doodle. This (>>38174173)
took me 30 minutes and it still sucks (though the "joke" in this picture is that it's actually traced from an actual illustration of the fish. It might not look great, but I made sure the fins have the correct amount of rays, and other pointless scientifically accurate details. She's missing one pair of fins though, as I couldn't figure where to place them on a mermaid body).

Also, I doubt I actually get to include abyssal mermaids in my game. I'm only running Rogue Trader at the moment, and I don't think they'd really fit there. If I ever get to GM a DnD game again, I'll see if I can actually do so. I'd like to, not just because of magical realm but because I love weird deep sea critters.

>> No.38244618

...I'm now imagining how "The Little Mermaid" would play out with one of these. Rescued from a shipwreck by OH GOD NO FUCK FUCK WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S IN LOVE WITH ME

Here's a description of a sea monster from Lovecraft's "The Horror at Martin's Beach" which seems in keeping with the thread:

"The object was some fifty feet in length, of roughly cylindrical shape, and about ten feet in diameter. It was unmistakably a gilled fish in its major affiliations; but with certain curious modifications, such as rudimentary forelegs and six-toed feet in place of pectoral fins, which prompted the widest speculation. Its extraordinary mouth, its thick and scaly hide, and its single, deep-set eye were wonders scarcely less remarkable than its colossal dimensions; and when the naturalists pronounced it an infant organism, which could not have been hatched more than a few days, public interest mounted to extraordinary heights."


>> No.38244649

I've been considering, based on this thread (well, mostly Peter Watts, but the art's been saved) doing an Eclipse Phase game, either on a high-pressure Exoplanet (deep sea gate), or on Earth as surviving humans use the ocean to hide from deadly robots (it doesn't work).

>> No.38244745


I made the mistake of watching the move. ruined the premise three times over for me.

>> No.38244845

God I remember this game. My brother and I must of sunk twenty bucks into it playing it from start to finish in one go. We were obsessed and would not rest till every last delicious sea creature was served up on a platter.

>> No.38244954

I was thinking more a modern game. Fluff that in order to satisfy environmental concerns licenses to mine the ocean floor come with the requirement that all mining machines are either remotely operated or at least constantly monitored (so no autonomous mobile machinery). Companies that take along researchers get tax breaks, so the party can have marine biologists, geologists and geophysicists as well as engineers.
After a few aborted efforts to string fibre-optic tethers from surface vessels which proves not to work - with the tethers either becoming tangled, snapping from shear currents (no matter how touch your cable is, it's gotta stretch 3km-8km unsupported not including side motion) or from surface vessels bouncing in mid-ocean swell - the few companies willing to continue set up deep ocean habitation facilities in order to run mining operation 24/7. These could either be a combination of Hydreliox and hardsuits (explosion danger) or a future low-viscosity liquid breathing fluid. Both make for quite unpleasant environments and puts the PCs under some stress to start with dealing with normal day-to-day life at 600 ATM of pressure.

Maybe a certain mineral-rich region has a reputation for machinery failures, severed control tethers, and mobile platforms just plain going missing. The PCs get to grab a mini-sub and go out in person to figure out what's going on.

>> No.38245025

Or for a more Sci-Fi bent, take the plot and backstory of Blue Submarine 6, and dike out Zorndyke and replace his creations with abyssal creatures. Have the icecap melting and sea level rise be wither some natural cataclysm (e.g. sudden Methane Hydrate/Clathrate release) or set it further in the future and have it be Global Warming.

>> No.38245414

Wait, are you my brother? If so, wth are you doing on /tg/, you don't even play /tg/-related games?

Or it's just a weird coincidence. Me and my brother once played through this game in an arcade. Took most of the day, but it was awesome.

>> No.38245467


>> No.38245571


c'mon, UN, what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.38245636

I'd probably have the epic version simply give a bonus to keeping stupidly huge stuff down

>> No.38245850

I was thinking about other feats to increase the escape check for swallowed target. Maybe the epic version could make escape impossible. Though that may be too powerful (though epic level abilities in general tend to be bit borked power level-wise).

I'd probably need somebody else to do the ironing of details. I'm not experienced enough with these kinds of things to know whether the rules are completely broken or not.

>> No.38246044

That's sorta the same issue I run into when I make stuff, I'd probably stat them up first and ask what other fa/tg/uys thought should be their LA

>> No.38246049

stomach space in d&d is usually put in terms of medium-sized creatures

so the Voremaid could eat 2 medium-sized creatures by default. this limit is doubled per size category decrease, i.e. 4 small, 8 tiny, etc. and halved per size category increase, i.e. 1 large creature max.

and then if you took a feat to increase that limit, it'd be 1 huge/2 large/4 medium/etc.

swallowed creatures usually take acid and crushing damage every turn and can cut their way out if they don't die first. not sure how bludgeoning damage works

whether damage dealt to stomach applies to the rest of the creature depends on the creature, but in this case it logically would, so you want to render your victim helpless first

>> No.38246055

>> No.38246417

Well, the current version is +2 str +4 con -2 cha, charm person/monster as spell-like ability (representing the lure), darkvision, ability to breathe underwater, and of course the swallow whole ability (which works on creatures at least one size category larger than user).

Plus some racial feats to boosts effectiveness of swallow whole (increasing the size limit definitely. I think feats to increase the damage and dififculty of escaping would probably also be necessary, as it's not much use if you can swallow a dragon, only for it to easily rip its way out, or take pitifully low damage every round).

>> No.38246694

There should probable be some penalties to speed and dexterity (life in the Abyssal zone is SLOW) and possible some damage taken from light exposure (due to the low light conditions, skin is unpigmented. Sunburn can occur to internal organs).

>> No.38246760

This is somewhat unrelated, but what did ancient cultures think of life and the bottom of the ocean?

>> No.38246824

She's supposed to move on land by slithering on a snake/eel-like tail, so penalty to speed makes sense (and also penalties to running or jumping). Not sure about dex, since dex is one of those stats that effect a whole bunch of completely different things. Would makes sense that she is bad ad dodging, but not so much for fine motorics to suffer. Also, isn't dex used to grapple, which is kind of needed to use swallow whole? Taking damage from prolonged sunlight makes sense, as well, though not sure how it woudl work out (is there an existing creature that takes damage from sunlight? Not vampire-level of "bursn into flames when out in the sun", though). Plus, it would mean she has to carry a parasol while outside, and horrible eldritch horrorterrorgirl with a parasol just seems cute to me.

Actually, there was one ability that I forgot: bite attack (what's with the sharp pointy teeth and all), which gives bonuses to attempt to swallow target if it hits.

>> No.38246877

>> No.38247277

How about a feat that reduces the degree to which she's incapacitated after eating?

Things an abyssal mermaid on land might be confused or freaked out by: the sun, clouds, plants, weather, gravity, the idea that you shouldn't eat an entire cow in one gulp.

>> No.38247289

The main use for the swallow ability and increasing the size limit is actually the ability to swallow multiple small/medium targets. Swallowing a big creature would generally be an "awesome but impractical" ability, as it could break out quite easily, or would have plenty of time to seriously damage you before dying unless it was incapacitated or at low health (pretty useful for killing things with regeneration, though, since acid damage tends to cancel that. Just swallow the troll when it's at low hp).Small and medium enemies have less health, and lower str makes it harder for them to free themselves.

Plus it's pretty good for destroying enemy morale. If I saw an abyssal horrorterror showe two of my friends down her throat, and now looking hungrily in my general direction, I'd probably leg it.

>> No.38247406

I was thinking of also giving her a "flash digestion" ability, which could be used once per day to instantly remove incapacitation after eating something huge. No real "lore-reason" for how that would work, but if she did end up swallowing that ogre or whatever, that way the party wouldn't have to wait for a week before her belly shrinks to the point she can properly move.

Also, I like the idea of a "cute" (as cute as a slimy serpentine terror with hundreds of teeth that can swallow a man whole and still be hungry afterwards can be, anyway) abyssal horrogirl being confused by surfacer customs.
It's really bright everywhere, there's loads of food and most of it doesn't even try to eat you, and apparently eating some things is a bad thing.

>> No.38247941

I doodled a bit more in between some other stuff.

Man, it's hard to figure out emoting once you get the face too far monstrous if you're trying to avoid squashing and stretching. I'm gonna have to do some work here.

>> No.38248097

It's cute, I like it

>> No.38248236

- Bioluminescence (red and blue are the most common colours), both in lighting areas, and pulsing frequency
- Fin angle and spread, gill flap angle and spread
- Actuated eyeballs (protruding eye that steers rather than rotating in a socket)
- Mobile fronds (like long thick hairs)
- Unhingeable jaw (read of lower jaw can be moved up-down-in-out to act as 'cheekbones' for expression)
- Ability to 'puff up' neck (used by fish to create a filled volume, which they can then rapidly empty by moving the flesh back down inside themselves, creating a vacuum and sucking prey in front of their mouths into the cavity)

>> No.38248245

They didn't

>> No.38248448

>Man, it's hard to figure out emoting once you get the face too far monstrous
I thought this was cute way round it. (Also: ew, all these waifus are chordates, gross)

>> No.38248869

That's a good idea! And honestly I tried to do some giant isopod/wooly crabs first, but wasn't happy with their designs.

I will keep all of these in mind

>> No.38248881

>> No.38249593

Well, it's not the only problem a deep-sea creature would face on land. There's the barotrauma, the lack of internal support, the desiccation, and of course the inability to breathe air. Whatever lore-reason explains away those would work fine for granting a flash digestion ability too. A deep mermaid seeking to explore the land would probably need the assistance of a magic item or somesuch. There was a cool thread a while ago in which the OP asked how to play a mermaid on land without going for the "they have legs when they want to" cop-out, and one anon suggested having the character ride around in an animated walking bathtub.

>It's really bright everywhere, there's loads of food and most of it doesn't even try to eat you, and apparently eating some things is a bad thing.
There's something great about a horrorgirl being unnerved by terrestrial settings in the same way that we're unnerved by the deep sea, despite hailing from the UNDERWATER VORE DIMENSION and consequently outmatching many normal terrestrial critters. What would she make of a forest? There is absolutely nothing like one in the abyssal plain.

>If I saw an abyssal horrorterror showe two of my friends down her throat, and now looking hungrily in my general direction, I'd probably leg it.
I would nope the fuck out of there after losing friend number one. There are many hideous ways for adventurers to die, but "swallowed whole and digested alive [as per the acid and crushing damage] by an abyssal horrorgirl with a grotesquely expandable, saclike stomach" is up there with getting your brain extracted and eaten by an illithid. Might be worse, actually; death by illithid is probably faster.

I love the way this character is shaping up to be terrifying, alien, and endearing all at once. She'd make a wonderful genuinely well-intentioned hideous abomination, the most unsettling and unreadable friend you could ever have.

>> No.38249690


But you can't stab the Mind Flayer from the inside while he's very slowly digesting you.

>> No.38250863

In the same vein, here's a thread from /x/ where the OP claims to have been a commercial diver. From what I know, most of the details are right. There used to be an archive of the thread that had the images as well, but it seems to be dead.


>> No.38252224


outsiders never need to use Planar Adaptation to make Prime Material non-hazardous to them, but she could be an exception. the caveat would be that Underwater Vore Dimension would need to literally be a different dimension. a place deep in the Plane of Water, maybe, where the boundary to the Far Plane is especially thin?

>> No.38254208

Considering drawing deep sea abysswaifu up there as a geared out adventurer, and struggling to think what kind of class (if we're going with DND I guess?) To drop her into

>> No.38254366

I would just have it operate under fantasy monster logic so it could survive on the surface as well as in the depths

Stealthy hunter and all that

>> No.38254451

warlock 5e with great old one patron

>> No.38255683


>> No.38257524

There's also these assholes.

>> No.38258083

I needed practice and this thread is neat

>> No.38258581

Ranger, favored prey/enemy: humans

>> No.38258954

I actually just played a game of Call of Cthulhu set at the bottom of the ocean.

It was an adventure called "Grace UnderPressure". Pretty fun. No one died, surprisingly, although a few people got really close.
Our marine biologist failed her biology roll to identify an animal that was described by another PC as "a giant squid".
It went something like this:
> Giant squid? Never heard of it. Doesn't sound real.
No, you don't understand, it was a squid that was giant
>"Giant squid". Nope not ringing any bells. Trust me, I have a PhD.
You know what a squid is right?
> Yes, of course
And you know what a giant is, right?
> Look, I don't see where this is going
> Uh huh
> Yes
> Nope, never heard of it

I blew up a star-spawn. That was fun.

>> No.38258995

That fucker looks like an aquatic Candlejack.

>> No.38259137

did the PC feel compelled to ask to take a closer look at that marine biologist's doctorate? because I sure would have

>> No.38260040

Well, it was probably a colossal squid anyway. Makes sense she couldn't identify it when told it was a giant one.

>> No.38262497

>I love the way this character is shaping up to be terrifying, alien, and endearing all at once. She'd make a wonderful genuinely well-intentioned hideous abomination, the most unsettling and unreadable friend you could ever have.
I really wish I could draw better, as I really want to see a comic about cute deep sea abomination doing cute and terrifying things.I have a thing for creepy and grotesque looking girls who despite their appearance act like normal girls and do cute things.

Yeah, making her literally come from Underwater Vore Dimension would bypass a lot of the problems. Though they could just be handwaved. I mean, realistically you'd have to deal with not being adapted to move or breathe on land, and suffering explosive decompression on surface conditions. But that would make the race practically unplayable, so it's probably better to handwave it and make her work like aquaman (who can breathe underwater and in air, and instead of exploding in the surface gets superhuman durability to handle any pressure differences).

>> No.38262823

Rogue I think might be best fit thematically, but a grappling-focused monk would sync well with the swallow whole ability. I wonder what kind of faith an abyssfu monk would have, though. Their clerics probably worship some kind of eldritch underwater vore god (because that's the only kind of god you get down in the abyss), or just the Great Old Ones. Or they're like the deep ones, who'se main religious figures (besides Cthulhu), Dagon and Hydra, are just really big and old deep ones (deep ones are immortal and keep growing untill they die, so the ones that survive to be very old are also very big).

>> No.38263197

>"swallowed whole and digested alive [as per the acid and crushing damage] by an abyssal horrorgirl with a grotesquely expandable, saclike stomach" is up there with getting your brain extracted and eaten by an illithid. Might be worse, actually; death by illithid is probably faster.
At least with illithids, your brain doesn't actually have any pain receptors, and I'd imagine getting a tentacle jammed into your brain is pretty much instantly fatal.
If you get eaten by an abyssal horrorgirl, you're trapped in a cramped space, being suffuocated and crushed, while having your skin and flesh seared off by her stomach acid. Add to the horror the sheer confusion over what the hell just happened (I doubt the average adventurer would expect the weird fishgirl, who is about his size or smaller, suddenly swallowing him in one gulp). Not a pretty way to die.

Assuming you still have your weapon. If she disarms you beforehand (or uses the hypno-lure to get you stand still and drop your weapon), you're probably screwed. If her stomach is stretchy enough to let her swallow a whole cow or something, you're probably not going to be able to punch your way out of there.

>> No.38263460


>you're probably not going to be able to punch your way out of there

Do you even monk, bro?

>> No.38263627

>I wonder what kind of faith an abyssfu monk would have, though.
Well, the deep sea, being mostly empty and lacking sensory stimulation, would be a pretty good place to meditate in. Maybe the abyssal horrogirls are actually a deeply spiritual and philosophic race. Though with this being the Underwater Vore Dimension, their philosophy would probably be the exact opposit of those monks that are strict vegetarians and go out of their way to not harm any living being. Maybe they place spiritual significance on eating things. Something like "eating something allows you to gain its power" or "to become one with existance, you must make existance become one with you".
Their martial arts would probably be focused on grappling and swallowing their opponent.

>> No.38263837

>Tangetially related, but there was a neat bit in the crustacean civilization quest that ran earlier this week where a member civilization (whihc is lives in the abyssal plains) invents a bright light and looks up, illuminating the horrors above. They smash the light very quickly.

Heh, I thought that was a good touch. I should keep an eye on these threads more, really. At the moment I'm just watching the episode of 'blue planet' that focuses on the abyssal plain for my inspiration.

>> No.38264016

If she eats one guy, that's horrifying but you probably figure she can't do it again. After all, her swallowing one person already seems impossible, no way she can...Oh shit, she just showed another guy down her throat! No way you're going to stick around to find out just how many she can fit there!

>> No.38264532


While I initially thought rogue as well (or monk for optimised swallow whole), ranger would also fit pretty well. Rangers are all about surviving in the wild and living off the land, which would fit with living in the resource poor abyss.
Maube even a druid, but not one of those "ccute fluffy woodland creatures" druids. More like "nature is scary and everything wants to eat you" druid.

Can't see her having an animal companion (most animals would probably not want to be anywhere near her, and she'd probably eat it anyway) or shapeshifting (she's already an abyssal horror, why would she shift into something else?).

>> No.38264667

Animal companion is obvious: a male of her species. Shapeshifting is also obvious: it's a lure.

>> No.38265165

I'm conflicted. Abyssal horrorgirl swallowing a dude and getting a huge belly bulge is hot, but imagining the poor guy dying in a horrible painful manner is a massive bonerkiller.

> philosophical and spiritual abyssal horrorgirls

That seems pretty cool

>> No.38265848

>but imagining the poor guy dying in a horrible painful manner is a massive bonerkiller.
Ignore that part, it's what I do.
Alternatively cultivate sadism.

Though just handwaving it away as painless or possibly even pleasurable digestion (either could be done through some neurotoxin or similar) is probably the best

>> No.38265980

Eh, just imagine that some of the dudes are being swallowed for reproductive purposes.

>> No.38266059

So assimilation rather than digestion?

>> No.38266291


Well, okay, still digestion, but only after he dies. Or if she can't afford to supply his metabolic needs.

>> No.38266331

Well, deep sea anglerfish do reproduce by having the male merge with the female, atrophying to the point where all that is left is his reproductive organs.

>> No.38266371

>Abyssal Mermaid biting off your testicles and keeping them alive inside of her
Jesus Christ How Horryfying

>> No.38266415

Check out this fish nerds

It's called the Barreleye

It's skull is actually see-through and it's eyes are those weird green orbs in the middle of its face. It uses them to look upwards at potential prey overhead.

Those black dots in the front aren't eyes, they're olfactory organs.

>> No.38266426

fug forgot the image :DDDD

>> No.38266428


>It's skull is actually see-through

It looks like all the fish is see through.

>> No.38266505

Nah, she'd swallow you whole and you'd merge with her flesh, slowly being absorbed by her body until you've been reduced to nothing more than a set of cock and balls kept alive inside her

>> No.38266506

Anybody got some good story ideas featuring creepy deep sea waifus? I feel like wanting to write/draw something.

>> No.38266530

>tfw you're the bard in party with abyss-waifu
>lately she's been eying you with a strange look
>tfw you have no idea if she want to eat you or fuck you
>ftw you don't even know if there's a difference

>> No.38266569

Deep sea waifu trying to romance/eat that cute cleric shota in the adventuring party she's joined

>> No.38266606

Start taking psion levels, you'll at least be able to still interact with people after your abyss-waifu fucks/eats you

>> No.38267454

They're Stoics, I would imagine. Their world is huge, sparse, dangerous, and dark; even with the advantages conferred by intelligence and civilization, the ocean floor couldn't possibly be a nice place. "The world is beyond your control, but your reaction to it is not" sounds like a natural fit. Besides, having their outlook revolve entirely around food seems too one-note.

We do need more of the technology and social organization side of things.

If you're thinking about setting the character on land, the easiest way to answer this question would be to ask what on earth they're on land for. An explorer boldly charting the unfathomably strange surface world would have a different skillset from a treasure hunter.

How about an inverse shipwreck? They lose something on land and have to undertake a difficult expedition to a (presumptively) hostile environment to get it back?

>> No.38267478

"Underwater Vore Hell: The School Years"

>> No.38267561

Eh, them being a stoic doesn't sit well with me, patient yes, it's empty down there but when something happens you have to react, (usually by fleeing or eating)

>They lose something on land and have to undertake a difficult expedition to a (presumptively) hostile environment to get it back?

Cute, nit normaly find of hard vore though

>> No.38268434

>minmaxed barbarian horrorfishgirl and her minmaxed psionic tumorharem
Jesus Christ how horrorfying

>> No.38269852

>Eh, them being a stoic doesn't sit well with me, patient yes, it's empty down there but when something happens you have to react, (usually by fleeing or eating)
The Abyssal zone is really, ludicrously energy-poor. Just actively swimming around is a quick route to starvation and death. You float with the currents, and only take any action when right on top of a predator/prey.

>>They lose something on land and have to undertake a difficult expedition to a (presumptively) hostile environment to get it back?
If anything starts to generate internal gas, then it will quite rapidly float up out of the Abyssal zone, and keep on going to the surface.
Given the lack of resources, the only materials to make anything from would be other Abyssal creatures. Skins, soft scales, membranes (jellyfish), fine cartilage, spines & teeth, etc. If something slightly stretch somehow got a pocket of gas in it (e.g. from a small bit of decaying flesh) it could easily float away.

>> No.38270053

>Now, mentioning vore in a deep sea thread is to be expected

I don't know about you, but if someone tried sneaking vore into my campaign setting they would get the ban hammer real quick. There's nothing worse than a game getting ruined by some faggot who want to rp their feitsh.

>> No.38270332

Just finished this. Conidering my meagre drawing skills, this is about the nicest work I can do.

>> No.38270420

Well. Presumably they have some kind of structures and technology. I like the idea of the technologically advanced isopods living on the sea floor, actually. So maybe something very important, an artifact that they can't reproduce, is lost in a submarine earthquake and carried to the surface waters by an upwelling. The horrorgirls know that surface currents could carry it for thousands of miles, so they face an immense challenge in locating and retrieving it. And they know, from shipwrecks, that something lives on the surface, creatures with big brass heads that build odd structures from a pliable yet tough material foreign to the ocean. Only the very bravest would journey to the blinding, heavy world known as "land." And that is how you get cute abyssal horrorgirls confused by surfacer customs.

This is a really good question, and I've spent some time poking around Wikipedia trying to answer it, but it does seem like "They didn't" is about right. The Inuit goddess Sedna comes the closest to being appropriate for the deep sea, I think, but all told nobody seems to have considered the ocean floor as being a different environment from the rest of the ocean until science enters the picture.

Stoicism is more about self-control in the face of inevitable misfortune than it is about passivity. Bad things happen, but you can corral your emotions and choose how you react to them.

...Yeah, but deep-sea fish do in fact commonly eat things whole. Blame evolution for catering to vorefags. I think that you might be able to make it work in a campaign if you played up the "creepy and unreadable" part, although I would also argue that the abyssal horrorgirls make more interesting allies than antagonists.

>> No.38270532

She's perfect, well the bottom of a full belly would probably extend into the tail rather than stop at the hips like a human would

>> No.38270538

Hell, you could even just do a story of a social group of abyssal mermaids who value their most prized possession as the blessed artifact that drifted down through the murk from the lighted shores above...

A basic magic item that produces food once a day. The spoon you put in a bowl to make gruel. Something so common and easy for a wizard to make on the surface, but of immense importance to them. The spoon breaks one day, or is swallowed up by a boiling vent?

Time to go to the surface to get another one.

And then the realization that the surface world is FULL of food. And stuff that isn't food but is also important? A hard introduction to a world beyond the next meal. Weird two-legged things that talk about honor or royal lineage and other weird concepts.

>> No.38270926

You know, although this doesn't quite fit for a game, I rather like the idea of abyssal creatures finding surface life incredibly enduring and fast moving. Consider what we can easily quantify based off of real world data: normal human movement and endurance, for example. While humans are far from fast in comparison to other land creatures, humans are almost definitely faster on land than an abyssal creature, especially in any sort of difficult terrain, even more so if it has some sort of verticality. Even assuming that they can move on land at any appreciable rate, they aren't exactly designed for going fast in that setting. Endurance would also be another big difference, given that even a regular human is evolved from an endurance hunter, and abyssal creatures primarily drift around until prey or predators show up, from what I remember. For any surface expedition by abyssal creatures, some sort of ranged combatant that uses the terrain, ambushes, tracking, and stealth in a manner that they don't know of could be a true horrific monsters for them. Hell, bows are probably something that those that haven't been to the surface have never seen before, given their effectiveness underwater.

Imagine slithering after the creature that killed two of your companions before you could blink, only to see it flicker in between some of those weird tall green and brown things that fell over, over giant rocks, and over all just being more agile that one should ever be able to be without water. This happens again the second that all of you let your guard down, as more of you fall before you even register its presence once more. This happens again, and again, and again, as you get more run down and tired from the unceasing attacks, until only a few make it back to the water and safety, almost ready to collapse from fatigue.

>> No.38271042

I was debating on whether to make her anatomy work more fishlike or humanlike, but decided that since mermaids are supposed to have a human upper body, her stomach would be placed like that of a human. Also why she has boobs despite not having any use for them.

In this much crappier picture I did earlier, the mermaid's stomach extends to the tail like it would on a fish (moslt because said picture is directly based on a drawing of a the swallower fish).

>> No.38271422

That one's better, just needs the stomach to tapper off with eel tail

>> No.38271619

Thanks. Here's a revised version. Should try shading the smaller pictures, but considering the method I used (I suck at shading, so I just used the gradient tool), it would be way more trouble than it's worth.

>> No.38271728

That is pretty much exactly what I had in mind

>> No.38272146

I love this idea.

Imagine being the first poor sod to get to know one of the deep mermaid explorers. She seems friendly enough, albeit naive and awkward. She appears grateful for the parasol you gave her to protect her skin. Sometimes— rarely, briefly— you feel like the two of you have something in common, even if it's a sentiment as basic as sadness over the loss of a friend or the satisfaction of an interesting conversation. Abandoning this literal fish out of water seems somehow heartless.

But she hails from a hellish nightmare world you can scarcely imagine, and she looks the part. She represents a civilization of unknown power with unknown motives. She's unpredictable; you can barely read her expression and you can't tell what she's thinking. And you've seen her swallow an entire cow past a mouth full of needle-sharp, backwards-pointing teeth into a stomach more elastic than you thought anything could ever be.

You know, in the back of your mind, that she could eat you alive if she wanted to, and you probably wouldn't see it coming.

Do you trust her, /tg/?

>> No.38272681

Well, she hasn't eaten my so far, despite easily being able to, so I'm quessing she'd friendly enough, or at least doesn't consider me a threat or food (and being considered "not food" is probably the highest honour I can expect to be bestoved on me by something from the Underwater Vore Hell). So at the very least I should stay on her good side.
Also, letting her go off on her own is probably a terrible idea. Having a human accompanying her helps clear any misunderstandings, and hopefully keep her from eating thing you shouldn't eat (other people, for starters).

>> No.38272745

One thing to note is the jaw unhinges from the back. This means that it doesn't just open comically wide, but the lower jaw is completely separated from the rest of the skull (the upper jaw is actually separate too, both free-float in the head).

>> No.38272761

>Do you trust her, /tg/?
after I get a ring of acid resistance/anything else needed to survive being vored

>> No.38273224

Now I really wish to see this written as a full story. There's a lot of potential plothooks going on. How does she interract with humans? Can her companion teach her human virtues? What do they think of each other? Does she actually consider him a friend, or just useful tool/emergency food supply? Does he consider her a friend, or a frightening creature he tries to stayo on the good side of to avoid getting eaten? How will the abyssal mermaid society react to the discovery that there is a whole new world on the surface? Will they try to invade it, or establish trade with surfacers? Will somebody get eaten? And more.

>> No.38273272

Sure. She could kill you, but so could anyone else. Are you constantly worried someone you know is going to draw a knife or bash your head in with a rock?

>> No.38273677

Just archived this thread for posterity.

>> No.38273727

>What is archive.moe?

>> No.38273869

Once this thread drops off (which will be soon), I wonder if I should start one specifically for abyssal horrorgirl. We still seem to have discussion going, and could try to hammer out the stats and fluff for the race.

>> No.38274000

A pile of shit.

>> No.38274057

If you do, could you try to start it in a way that would head off a vore fetish thread? I know /tg/ is /d/-lite and all, but the actual character(s) here seem way more interesting than the vore part and might even be usable in an actual campaign, if the players aren't completely weirded out by them.

>> No.38274117

You can generally trust most people to know that killing other people is wrong, though. Sure, the might be complete sociopaths, but probably aren't.
She's utterly alien, and lacks understanding of most basic human customs, so there's no telling what she might think. You probably have already had to tell her that eating people is a Bad Thing, and there's no telling if that will stick.

Also, being unnerved is pretty natural reaction to seeing her swallow something bigger than you (or herself) whole. That's not something that is supposed to happen.

>> No.38274283

I would try, but considering one of her core abilities is to be able to swallow things whole, it's pretty hard to keep the thing from coming off as Magical Realm. I doubt any but the most open-minded GM would ever let you actually use a custom "horrible vore.mermaid" race.

I'd like to see the race fully statted anyway, since we've already done some work there, but I'm actually more interesting on seeing if this could be turned into some writing.
I've felt pretty much from the introduction of the concept that the Abyssal Horrorgirl works better as a specific character in a story than asa generic playable race. The literal "fish out of water" scenario, her reactions to the surface world and everybody else reaction to her, weird schenanigance caused by her strange abilities, etc.

>> No.38274666

If she's part of a social species (and if she isn't, why is she intelligent and able to communicate?), she probably won't be a sociopath either.

>> No.38275158

She's from a completely different kind of enviroment and from a culture with a radically different world view, so it would be very different to know what she thinks of you. If she does consider you a friend or an equal, you're probably safe, since as you mentioned if she's from a social species she's probably not entirely sociopathic. But if she doesn't consider humans to be "people" like her own kind, then all bets are off.

For the record, I still support acquiring abysswaifu. Though just in case, buy that ring of acid resistance, and ensure there is plenty of food at hand.

>> No.38275348

As a bard, the answer is obvious. No matter how alien she might be, or if she has hundreds of needle-like teeth and can easily swallow me whole, she is still female and therefore it is my sworn duty to seduce her. Cause that's what's being a bard is all about. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

>> No.38275395

I don't think you could as >>38274283 pointed out, and I don't necessarily think you should, deemphasize the fetish nature of it sure, but "maybe considers people food" and "can't swallow things bigger than she is" should be kept as part of her creepy/cute nature. Play it off for laughs or something, like have a scene where several girls are drooling over a hot adventure because of beefcake and she's also drooling over him because of all dat meat.

>> No.38275972

>this exists

>> No.38276125

Yeah. You can't really take vore entirely out of a concept that started as "everything horrible about the HORRIBLE VORE DIMENSION combined into a monstergirl", but you can avoid presenting it in a purely fetishised light.

I admit that the concept initially caught my attention because its a vore-mermaid that can swallow stupidly huge things whole, but I'm now more interested in seeing a heartwarming story about a abyssal horrorgirl exploring the surface world and learning about human culture and things like friendship and love. And possibly occasionally swallowing stupidly huge things.

>> No.38276271

Hands up, how many people in this possibly-cannibalistic-horror-mermaid-waifu thread are reading Pact?

>> No.38276347

Nope, read worm though

>> No.38277059


I'm praying that nobody read Tales of MU

>> No.38277138

Oh, you should, it's pretty good. (And the reason I want to play a Warlock now)

>> No.38277917

Don’t forget about when she takes the rest of the adventuring party down to meet her folks.

>> No.38278080


New thread up since this one will fall off soon.

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