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What the fuck /tg/, shed some light on this crap.

Is this "Lord Inquisitor" fellow supposed to be a Space Marine? A Grey Knight? A Custodia?


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A... Inquisitor?

Where are you having doubts?

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Could be like Hector Rex, a human jacked up on body mods.

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He's a human who got some power armor and a power hammer. He's not a marine.

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Maybe because he is Space Marine size and is wielding Astartes sized weaponry?

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You cant compare him with anything, he could be 30cm in that pic

Or you know, he is an inquisitor, he could have been augmented

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>you are now aware that they make human-sized versions of power armor and thunder hammers, and that ][nquisitors use them all the time.

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Humans have suits of power armour too

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>Is this "Lord Inquisitor" fellow supposed to be a Space Marine? A Grey Knight? A Custodia?

Remember kids everyone who wears a power armor with big pauldrons is a Space Marine!

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Yes. Because regular non-augmented humans move like they are walking on a swamp when they wear Power-Armor.



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Your damage control is just making you look like an idiot. Asking what an inquisitor is just because he's wearing power armour as if its unusual is ridiculous.

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to be fair with that guy there is no "Lord Inquisitor" in the lore.

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> there is only one person in 4chan

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You're wrong. At least read the thread man

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> Coteaz

Jesus Christ, I've been thinking his name was "Torquemada CORTEZ" all this time.

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Actually it is pretty easy to tell when you put a space between your post link and your text in every reply you've made in this thread OP, including that one.

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Doesn't he wear artificer armor, not power armor?

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Wait it is not?

Too spanish for this shit, but the inquisitor' s name should have been that.

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Artificer armor is a type of power armor.

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Is the image from the upcoming Inquisition fan film?

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Artificer Armor is the Toyota Supra of Power-Armors.
A random fuck added a rim or a pair of dice plushies to it and now it's "tuned".

In contrast, Terminator Armour would be an F650 that moves like a Lamborghini Gallardo

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Inquisitors have had power armour and almost unrestricted weapons access (as a group, there's often ordo-based restrictions) practically forever.

Also, as >>38169272 said there's FW's Marine-sized Inquisitor Hector Rex, who wears goddamn artificer armour.
And warrior acolytes can get power armour too,

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Artificer armour is heavily modified and upgraded. It is the Ace Custom of power armour.

Terminator armour is fat sacks of super thick crap that are shit in tabletop now.

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He has a model

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Isn't Artificer Terminator Armour like, the best thing in the universe?

Isn't this why Calgar and Dante can punch Gods and Daemons in half and walk through planets? (hyperbole warning)

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Do all inquisitors have tiny tiny heads then?

Is that what the big hats are about?

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> Making fun of an Inquisitor's hat
> That's a paddling

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Dante doesn't have termie armour, and I think Calgar benefits from being good weapons/tactics wrapped up in a hard to crack shell.

As far as I know Artificer-Terminator isn't a thing, because Artificers are the ones who do all terminator armour.

I've heard it's good in Zone Mortalis/Kill Team style games, but normally yeah

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All Imperial powered armor has big pauldrons, including the Light Powered Armor the Sororitas use. That said, Light Powered Armor doesn't actually restrict movement, and an unaugmented human can wear it just fine and retain all of their unarmored agility.

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Lord Inquisitor was a fucking HQ choice you could take in the old SoB book.

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There's probably ridiculously expensive implants that mimic a black carapace. Wit Inquisitors you don't ask "Can they do this?" you ask "Will their peers let them?".

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There are implants that can equate a human to an Astartes. They are just very, very expensive.

Examples of this are Luther, that bodyguard guy from the HH series, and some other Dark Angels.

Custodians for once, are examples of things that are more powerfull than an Astartes, but who don't use gene-seed. (However they do have a Black Carapace since they wear the same grade of Power-Armor)

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How many Lord Inquisitors are there?

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Loads, why?

A Lord Inquisitor is just an Inquisitor that has reached a certain level of seniority, as determined by other Lord Inquisitors.
Hector Rex and Torquemada Coteaz are both Lord Inquisitors, and they're just the ones mentioned by name in this thread

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>same grade power armor
This is where I'm gonna disagree, their power armor is beyond anything space marines will EVER get. Even the GK won't get nice stuff like the Custodes

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hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands? 40k is a setting of uncountable worlds and immesurable population. There are at best 100 canon planets, everything else is a subject fanmade stuff

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I just realized that the space marines' precious gene-seed is actually just a "cheap and simple" way to make supersoldiers.

The Emperor was just a cheapskate who developed a gene-seed-based army instead of augmenting soldiers normally.

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You're calling eficiency a bad thing. Stop it.

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Warahmmer 40k - where the lore is made up and the numbers don't matter

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Actually no.

Yes, gene-seed is a means of mass producing super-soldiers, however it's still elitist as fuck and only a select few can assimilate it as we know.

In the Grimdarkness, genetically enhancing people to "godhood" is actually pretty fucking hard, despiste all the implants and stuff around.

Yes, you can take a general human and augment the fuck out of him and spray hose him all genetic implants you have. Just remember the Emperor did this once, and the Thunder Warriors turned out to be a bunch of physiologically and physicologicaly unstable motherfuckers, they bodies failing after a few decades. Or you can meticulously enhance a regular human, but this is way too costly and doesn't provide return because there's still a large risk he ends up mutated or unstable (Fabius Bile has tried, among other experiements, to out-do the Emperor in enhancing humans, and he has failed miserably at every turn)

Yes, you can just enhance a regular human until you get a Custodes. But nobody knows how Custodes are made, it's implied it has to do with gene-seed engineered directly from the Emperor's genetic material. And remember, while 1 in 100 humans can become an Astartes, 1 in 10.000 gets to become a Custodes. Rejection rates are high like that.

So no, gene-seed isn't "the cheap way", it's just the most effective method.

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Don't forget a Inquisitor or Sister of Battle in power armor is still S3 T3 with the only exception being Hextor Rex who was always described as freakishly huge and in superior armor.

Meanwhile all space marines are S4 T4 even outside of their power armor

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This used to bother me, now I just kinda head canon it that most power armor only augments the user's strength just enough to cover additional weight of the armor and gear, not actually make them notably "stronger".

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You ignorant SOD!



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>This used to bother me, now I just kinda head canon it that most power armor only augments the user's strength just enough to cover additional weight of the armor and gear, not actually make them notably "stronger".

First Edition Space Marines received a +1 bonus to hit in melee, which was attributed to their power armor.

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Normal humans CAN wear power armour, it's not just for Space Marines. It's just prohibitively expensive for most people, so most often it's just worn by Inquisitors who like to "lead from the front".

Hell, Witch-hunter Tyrus (IIRC) from the Inquisitor game had pimping power armor and a powerfist. It was clearly different from Astartes power armour, but it was still power armour.

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>As far as I know Artificer-Terminator isn't a thing, because Artificers are the ones who do all terminator armour.
Horus' armour is considered artificer terminator armour, I believe, but that's obviously an outlier.
I'm sure plenty other primarchs' suits would qualify as well.

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I kind of think at least half the reasons Fabius Bile fails is because he gets detracted by doing really weird drugs made out of alien pituitary glands and then decides to try and make a marine with hallow bird bones made of out hyperdense future liquid suspension jell, by liquifying the bones of a marine by injecting him with daemons.


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I'm not at all sure than the M41 Imperium could replicate Luther, let alone the Custodes. It's not even just the general declining tech-level over the last 10k years, but in this specific field, the Emperor was the foremost expert. I imagine a lot of the knowledge of gene-tweaking was lost with the Big E himself.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Inquisitors have access to the current top of the line, but I don't think that's Luther level any more.

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Damn right it was.

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OK, you want me to eyeball numbers? I'll eyeball some god-damn numbers for you.

In the Emperor's Gift, there is an Inquisitor with 5 Grey Knights at her command, who is told to stop hogging the Grey Knights, essentially. So there are at least enough Inquisitors that they can't have 5 GKs each.

Assuming two thousand Grey Knights (we know they aren't Codex chapter sized, but I don't think we know exactly how large) and assuming that there are maybe three Inquisitors wanting GK teams for each 5 man GK team, that suggests 1200 Ordo Malleus Inquisitors.

Assume equal numbers of Ordo Xenos and Ordo Hereticus Inquisitors, we'd have about 3,600. Assume 1 Lord Inquisitor for each dozen Inquisitors and we have 300 Lord Inquisitors.

Now, those numbers are very, very eyeballed. But it's probably within an order of magnitude of that. Hundreds, not thousands of Lord Inquisitors and thousands, not tens of thousands, of Inquisitors.

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>Autism: the post : the poster

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The Custodes are still maintaining their numbers. So they still know how to make more of themselves.

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Indeed. They have an ongoing war agaisnt the Daemons that are always trying to break into the Imperial Palace through the Webway (which they fight without armor and high-tech weapons by the way)

And since they don't talk to anyone or ever get out of the Imperial Palace, nobody is getting a clue of what makes a Custodes tick.

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yeah, let me reply you for you bullshit
>So there are at least enough Inquisitors that they can't have 5 GKs each.

there are at least enough ORDO MALLEUS Inquisitors that they can't have 5 GKs each.

and not all inquisitors have grey knights, maybe they want to keep low profile?

and your calculations crumble

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See image attached. :P

Eh, that's the thing with order of magnitude type noodling. Even if I'm out by a factor of two or three at one of the steps, a) the inaccuracy may cancel out later on and b) it probably doesn't make a difference to whether it's hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands.

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>(which they fight without armor and high-tech weapons by the way)
Citation needed.

Not that I dont think that is cool as fuck, but would like to know if its just bullshit you invented or what.

>tfw Valdor rekting Great Demons in single combat.

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>taking GW numbers seriously

I shiggy no diggy

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He's Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz, of the Ordo Malleus. He's a canon character.

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Why can't we have a movie of an aspiring Warboss aiming to lead a massive WAAAAGH! and getting the greatest fight of his life and dying content?

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>Fighting and dying content
>Not fightin' and winnin'

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Ordo Malleus is also the smallest major Ordo by a magnitude. I wouldn't be surprised if there were three dozen Ordo Hereticus inquisitors for every one Ordo Malleus inquisitor.

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>he is Space Marine size

nigga pls

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To be fair, that is terminator armor they're wearing

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And he's wearing power armor. He's clearly a foot or two shorter than they are.

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He's an Inquisitor.

He's not even big enough to mistake for a Space Marine, much less a Custodian.

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> Citation needed

After the HH ended the Custodes refused to wear armor and traditional wargear. They opted for spears, swords and leather cloths.

This is the oldest bit of info on Custodes, you can look it up yourself, it's also why /tg/ thinks Custodes to be glorious homosex.

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Everyone in 40k has tiny heads. That's why they don't wear helmets.

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What yall niggas talkin about, he's fucking Torquemada Coteaz
>where the lore is made up
Isn't it made up in every fucking fantasy/sci fi setting? Fantasy is not real, anon.

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