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I can be anything. We are talking about fantasy gaming

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My favorite is the Bastard Sword because it's a big, meaty blade you can wield in one-hand or use in two (which I always describe as actually being one handed, but during swings and such you use the other to add power behind the swing.)

Spears are growing on me, though.

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Fuck your plate armor.

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War Razors are neat.

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This. Yeah I know it's basically a club but I really like the design of the Japanese one.

I'd love to own one in real life but unfortunately they only sell wooden ones. I'd fucking love to have a metal one.

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A Nail bat is just as effective.

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The Pollaxe, pic related.

Stabby bit for stabbing, pointy bit for poking, spiky bit for spiking, and choppy bit for chopping OR a hammer bit for hammering depending on your preference
The weapon of choice for the late-medieval man at arms or knight and other badasses who went up against other people in plate armour and fucked them with sharp implements.

Swords are for showing off how rich you are and for cutting down peasants, pollaxes are for going up against your equals and smashing their heads in.

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+1 vote for Weaboo club here. "Hulk smash!" is always the best combat style.

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But can I make one out of a metal bat?

The light weight of an aluminum bat with the devastating power of smashing nails into something. Theoretically good I'd say.

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Weld the nail on.

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nodachi why cuting thing in half is fun

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Explain to me why this isn't the ultimate weapon.
>Slashing/Piercing and Blugeoning
>Light Weapon
>Improvised Grappling Hook
>Easy to conceal (Collapsible)
>Easy to upgrade/customize (Segmented)

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Mine would have to be the Dane Axe, I don't think anything else encapsulates power quite as well. It would be very satisfying to cut through things with a big axe like that.

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>Low mass, little impact, no threat to anyone in armour.
>Can get tangled, disarming you
>More weaboo than a Pokemon wielding a katana.

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Svardstaff, or poleaxe. I like long weapons. I dunno why.
Bardiches are cool too.

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That one isn't really a correct one though, it's not angled enough. A real dane ax should be more sloped, to get a smaller point of impact.

But I agree, great weapon. Best of it's era.

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Arming sword

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I have an affinity for the iconic longsword.
But nothing hits like a spiked mace

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There's something very aesthetically pleasing to a scythe properly refitted into a combat weapon.

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I'll just give you a regular mace.

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Lately I've felt a growing appreciation for the dedicated thrusting sword; especially the hefty battlefield type like the Estoc. A wonderfully refined killing tool, shedding even it's edge for the purity of the killing thrust.

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I'm pretty partial to knives, myself.

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I see your mace and raise you a real skull brutalizer.

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fucking messerboos

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But they are so sexy!

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Halberds. The master polearm.

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She is a large knife, not your waifu.

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Probably just been playing too much Mount & Blade: Napoleonic Wars, but nothing says 'pwned' more than shooting someone's horse out from underneath them, then beating them to death with the butt of your musketoon whilst they're disorientated.

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So you like long handles huh?

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that's an axes

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I-Is that a Gundam museum?

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>Tfw no spears in sci-fi setting
>Tfw no face

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messerboos are the new katana enthusiast cancer

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I love me a halberd, but I've got a certain affection for hammers, and a shameful fascination with the meteor hammer.

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Rabenschnabel or some flat-ended sword.

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Axes are my favorite melee weapons.
Axes are also my favorite ranged weapons.
Axes are also my favorite tools.
I fucking love axes.

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>Muh peasantry
And probably a wooden spiked mace as my close quarters weapon.

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In this spirit of dane throwing axes, Tomahawks.

>weighted to be thrown
>can pick it up out of dead corpses
>tons of utility use

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> number 13

My weapon is my ENTIRE BODY! By all means, come at me.

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Like? No, I LOVE them.

Nothing feels better than a handle of supple leather or smooth bone.

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My negro.

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I've always been partial to polehammers

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Weight is most of what makes a blunt weapon desirable, though. You make the weight work for you. If you want samething light get a bladed weapon.

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Spears are always neat, I also love axes when I just want to hurt things a lot.

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dane axes, and axes in general.

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I'll never understand modern art.

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Daily reminder that the one group of ruffians famous for using totally oversized swords like that also dressed like trannies.

Though some were smart enough to just get themselves an outrageously oversized scabbard.

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That's it. I'm sick of all this "Katana" bullshit that's going on in /tg/ right now. Daos deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine dao in Japan for 125,000 Yuan (that's about $20,000) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid steel with my dao.

Chinese smiths spend years working on a single dao and fold it up to a million times to produce the finest blades known to mankind.

Daos are thrice as sharp as Japanese swords and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a katana can cut through, a dao can cut through better. I'm pretty sure a dao could easily bisect a samurai wearing full plate with a simple vertical slash.

Ever wonder why medieval Japan never bothered conquering China? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Shaolin monks and their daos of destruction. Even in World War II, Japanese soldiers targeted the men with the daos first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Daos are simply the best sword that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Daos:

(One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon)
2d10 Damage
17-20 x4 Crit
+5 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the cutting power of Daos in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Katanas are overrated, daos need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

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Yeah, but battle trannies.

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>fold it a million times to produce the finest blades known to mankind

Fucking weeaboo idiots. You fuckers realize the folding thing was a necessity because of the shit metal quality the Japanese were working with, right? Folding doesn't inherently mean shit. If you folded a higher quality metal then at worst you're undermining the strength of the metal and making it break easier. At best you're adding nothing to the quality.

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a nice solid Louisville slugger is all one really needs.

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Its a fucking joke, for fuck's sake this is on 1d4.

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I have a dude in my post apocolyptic book that has an aluminum bat. The dude was a supersoldier with electrical powers and he uses the metal bat to conduct electricity and shit.

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I personally think that flails are under utilized

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All pasta aside, the Dao is a very attractive version of a scimitar.

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I'm fairly certain that's an edited copy pasta from a post about Katanas right?

Also, yes. But you still fucked up because he was talking about Chinese smiths who, along with Indians and some middle eastern guys, pretty much invented modern iron and steel working.

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I am my favorite melee weapon

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The bigger the better.

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>He still thinks Japanese metal was shit
It isn't 2005 anymore, and you don't need to be retarded to counter retarded weeaboos.

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One time during a siege of a dwarf hold, my character grabbed one of these and dropped it on an ogre.

The character then got a title for his last name as Dogrem Anvilsplatter

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>Not knowing that anti-katanafags are the new retarded weeaboos

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>electrical powers
>Calling Cole MacGrath from inFamous "your character"

ait say something else, I want to see if it will be more or less stupid than that.

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I kek'd.

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ehh, I'm a bit old fashioned. Plus I'm totally in touch with my scottish heritage.

holy fuck where did you get Sauron's weapon from?

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>Implying scimitars aren't sexy as fuck
What are you, some kind of infidel?

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Fun fact: the Chinese word for katana is "wodao", or literally, "Japanese saber."

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Japanese polearms> Japanese swords

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Shaska > Dao

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KATAR, ballin' as fuck.

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Did you arrive yesterday? This has been on the internet for years and years.

I'll take a Tibetan sword.

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>wanting to use a woman's weapon

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>a woman's weapon
I unironically and whoelheartedly wish to know more.

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Japanese samurai's wives and daughters were often trained in the use of some polearms in the event they had to defend their homes. Ritual suicide was also very much a thing with them as well, to avoid the inevitable rape.

The naginata is often associated with women users.

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By the Edo Period, the naginata became something of a women's status and social symbol. There's a reason why you often see women using polearms in Japanese games.

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Really only the Naginata, and only in certain eras. And even then, it wasn't considered a "woman's weapon" so much as "The only melee weapon suited for use by women."
The yari (Anything that could be called a spear) and other polearms were associated with standard military.

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Nah, you really don't. It's a modern idiocy.

Way back before they all stopped doing any war and got relegated almost entirely to being bureaucrats/administrators, bows and polearms were the primary weapons of samurai (actually of most people who went to war anywhere).

So, most people who learned to fight, whether monk or noble, man or woman, generally learned to fight with polearms, because what the fuck else are you gonna fight with (sad fact: 'ninja sex battles' weren't actually a thing).

However, as the samurai stopped actually being of any war use, they stared to focus more on what weapons they COULD carry around with them to murder each-other (and unarmed unarmored peasants with), their little badge of office, the daisho.

Meanwhile, though, for killing off bandits when you're outnumbered, or for general defense, not-bureaucrats continued learning and using polearms. Thus, they "became" by modern times seen as what 'monks' and 'women' use because no no men ALWAYS used FORDED ONE HUNDLED MIRRION TIME KATANA.

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Definitely warhammers. So satisfying to describe killing something with a warhammer

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>in the event they had to defend their homes
Now that I think about it, that makes a lot of sense of a culture full of cowardly suicide bombers who never retreat and regularly commit seppuku because MUH HONOR.

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The Naginata was quite popular with everyone, it's just that it was also one of the best choices for women. Good reach, light, good stopping power, relatively versatile, and crafted fairly well; if you've got to keep two or three brigands off of you and your servants/children/whatever, this was the way to do it.

Plus, since it was probably something you used in the last two wars you had a pretty easy time teaching your daughter how to use it.

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Way to ruin the joke, anon.

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Is that supposed to be Odin?

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To me there's no other...

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Suicide Vest. Literally unbeatable in tight enclosed quarters combat. You can get a respectable K/D ratio with one of these.

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I got really excited when pathfinder releases psy classes. Too bad my group didnt want to play test them.
I am also a sucker for all the FF12 Judge weapons

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>Not glorious M1917

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spears are fun. tomahawks as well.

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I like picks, especially the one-handed kind, but it's hard to find good art of them.

I also like jians - pic related. It's really just a short-sword, but I like the style and design.

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My nigga.
Mechanized Claws with automatic shotguns built into the forearms
Alternatively, this.

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We're talking about melee weapons, shotguns don't count, despite what some video games try to say.

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No, its one of the main characters from Wheel of Time

he's also odin

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I love me some franciscas.

>> No.38159399

an otherwise pretty forgettable furry game I picked up yesterday (it was free) held the Sawfist

it is exactly what it sounds like

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Fuck all of your metallurgy and harnessed kinetic energy.

>> No.38159630

I like this.
Stick is good.

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either ahlspiess or billhook.

>> No.38159761

mah nigga

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Nah man come on. A 500g mace on a 2ft pole will fuck your shit. A small hammer on a long pole will do you, even in armour. You don't need the weight to do the damage, past a certain point.

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What is this, some sort of pilum for barbarians?

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Do keep in mind that even weapons like warhammers or pollaxes/lucerne hammers etc were a lot lighter than we think.

A pollaxe, a two-handed pole-arm with a hammer, spike, axe head and buttspike, longr than the weilder and with a metal reinforced haft, meant to kill people in plate armour, usually clocked in at below 7lbs, a one-handed warhammer at a bit over 2,5lbs if it had a wooden haft. By comparison, what we call a "longsword" usually clocks in at 2,5 lbs or above.

Overall weight is less important than how much of it you have concentrated near the striking surface.

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>A 500g mace on a 2ft pole will fuck your shit. A small hammer on a long pole will do you, even in armour.
500 g is a bit on the light side, 1 kg is minimum for armour

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M4 and M1917 are the designations for the bayonets, not the guns.

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I like this glaive in the middle

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This is true; tabletop games tend to have equipment chapters written by people who've probably never even been outside, let alone seen any of said equipment.

Like FFG's notorious 35kg empty metal tubes that fire half-kg homing missiles, or their 25kg ammo backpacks (that's 80 laspistol shots or 200 1-ish-kg autocannon rounds the size of your arm, take your pick)

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Oh, my mistake.

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I really like the inward curved swords, like the yataghan.

>> No.38160176

Flashy, but pretty gay.

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We talking round or with them spikey corners? Rounded, I'd go weight. Spikey corners concentrate the weight on one area.
And we're not even discussing what period, what area what armour?
I spoke way too hastily my negro. The heavier maces need to be, the sharper the spikes get. Most swords don't get to weight up to a kilo. Just does not work. by the time you need a 1lh mace you're on some spikey shit.

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Zweihander, followed by the Glaive.

>> No.38160296

>Calling a small sword a large knife

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>> No.38160319

Swiss Saber

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>> No.38160368

Heavy rapiers give me a boner. As do side swords, especially when they have swept hilts.

>> No.38160395

>never retreat

Seriously, /pol/, try harder. This isnt even funny.

>> No.38160398

> Most swords don't get to weight up to a kilo
What we define as a "longsword" starts at about 1,1 kilos and goes all the way up to 1.8.

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hey nothing wrong with liking the katana as long as its not because you are weeaboo and you dont act weeaboo yourself

i quite like the shape of the weapon myself but in the end i have to put my vote in for the good old quarterstaff

>> No.38160418

why stop at just a bat?

>> No.38160421

The term longsword is often use incorrectly. What do you mean when you say longsword?

>> No.38160437

wait you ordered from Chinese smiths in japan

proofread your pasta anon

>> No.38160458

ah yes the flail i change my vote from quarterstaff to flail

>> No.38160476

that they are anon that they are

well there is some truth to the crap metal thing but not as much as they make it out to be

>> No.38160498

Always this

>> No.38160518

is that from the mummy?

>> No.38160525

or glamdring minus the cross guard

>> No.38160534

come to think of it lately videogames have been moving towards more realistic ranges on there shotguns the only short range shotgun i can think of from a recent game is the scattergun from tf2 and even that is accompanied by shotguns with more realistic ranges

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>> No.38160552

European, cross-shapeed, straight, double-edged, handle that accommodates two-handed use, usually second half of fourteenth century or later with some less common earlier examples and late examples all the way into the sixteenhundreds.

Which is pretty much the dictionary definition.

>> No.38160560

Don't worry man I like it too thats how I know it.

>> No.38160592

aha favourite movie ever, Rick O'Connel is the man I wish to become

>> No.38160595

>putting personal honor above defending your innocent countrymen
Never retreating is suicidal, and suicide is for cowards.

>> No.38160634

And this beautiful beautiful sword

>> No.38160644

I remember being in high school when the first came out, totally got my hair like his.

>> No.38160666

This wasn't even a thing until the 20th century. Educate yourself.

>> No.38160671

>old fashioned sword
>16th-17th century

yeah nah

> claymore

thats not a claymore. thats a claidheamh dà làimh.

Pic related a claymore

>> No.38160713

Ahaha! parted it down the middle for like 4-5 years, also made me want to wear those snazzy white shirts. When spartacus came out it was so weird seeing jonathan as a badass and not this thieving little shit.

Some cool artwork as well

>> No.38160774

I totally went through a 1920s adventurer phase. Got a leather suitcase, we actually traveled a bit as a kid so I got a leather notebook and a outback hat.

>> No.38160793

The pic he posted is most definitely a claymore. Your's is actually a "backsword", a claidheamh cuil which has more in common with the typical italian type basket hilted swords like the Schiavona.

Claymore is from a gaelic term for "greatsword" that should be your first clue that your one-hander there isn't it.

>> No.38160864


Made me a total egyptoboo, as well as thinking true love can only be found in a 7,000 year old pyramid amid hordes of undead mummies. And thats awesome!, so you were basically Alex?

>> No.38160867

It's a Zaku Heat Axe, less modern art more gunota's wet dream.

>> No.38160985

Sorta haha I ended up with some nice stuff like an ancient greek vase, a helmet from WWII

>> No.38161070

Those are some sweet souvenirs, best i got was a shoddy old sidearm katana, almost certain it was a fake though :P watching the end of the mummy now, he keeps that sword after they escape, wish it had shown up again for numero 2

>> No.38161094

Isn't it in their house in a statues hand in the second one?

>> No.38161121


no you victorian cunt.

I bet you believe swords were used as iron clubs, too.

>in common with the typical italian type basket hilted swords like the Schiavona.

only true part of your mad ranting.

>Your's is actually a "backsword", a claidheamh cuil

the claidheamh cuil is one edged
the claymore is a basket hilt with two edges.

>Claymore is from a gaelic term for "greatsword"

It literally can be translated as "great sword".
It is not necessarily a term for "greatsword" aka grete sworde of war aka two handed sword. Nice Petitio principii + nice word shenanigans.

To spare time, copied from MyArmoury:

Claude Blair notes in Scottish Weapons and Fortifications, 1100-1800, that the word claymore was used in 18th Century literature to describe the later basket-hilted broadswords.
The literature of this era clearly denotes that the claymore was worn at the side along with the pistol and dirk, and Blair notes finding no indication that the large two-handed swords were ever worn at the side. In a postscript to Blair's chapter in Scottish Weapons and Fortifications, 1100-1800, Stuart Maxwell notes that in all pre-1715 literature, there is a clear delineation between "swords" and twa-handit swords. Maxwell contends that the word claymore was not used until 1715, and was used to describe the basket-hilted broadswords.
Robert Archibald Armstrong
A Gaelic Dictionary in Two Parts.
Duncan, 1825

Claidheamh mòr or Claidheamh leathann: Broadsword
Claidheamh cuìl: Backsword
Claidheamh da làimh: Two-handed sword
Claidheamh da fhaoshain: Two-edged

>> No.38161124


Nancy boys and airy-fairies, the lot of you.

>> No.38161133


My favorite, no competition.

>> No.38161144

Falxy falxy falx falx.

>> No.38161159

>train with fists and legs whole life
>go out onto battle
>day one get your legs and arms injured
>fucked forever

>train with weaponry whole life
>go out into battle
>weapons get weakened or broken
>get new ones perfectly fine

>> No.38161163

But does it work?

>> No.38161175

My nigga

>> No.38161184

>weaponbabby detected

>> No.38161185

>Going into battle without proper armor
>Not making prosthetics for when your limbs break

>> No.38161191

Polearms are basically the rifles of their day, and poleaxes, halberds, lucerne hammers and so on are specifically the AR-15 types.

>> No.38161228

Daneaxes were essentially the predessesor to the halberd, they were just as good or better at the choppy-choppy and still highly versatile and cheaper too. If you had the money and resources however and were not looking for dueling or gladiatorial combat, it would be hard to turn a halberd down.

>> No.38161230

The Schiavona is a ridiculously pretty sword.

>> No.38161241

Reading path of daggers as I type Perrin is the manliest man that manned the manning of the man man


>> No.38161250

>>train with fists and legs whole life
>go out onto battle
>day one get killed by people with weapons and armour


>> No.38161257

Those are definitely not repurposed harvest scythes. Totally different shapes, the ones in the pic are excellent for cutting men down and crap for grass and wheat, and vice versa for an actual scythe blade.

>> No.38161263

I was under the impression that "dao" meant "knife", though.
>tfw I own a dao and am not sure what the word even means

>> No.38161275

Both of them are Claymores, just from different eras.

>> No.38161284

>train with fists and legs whole life
>day one get your legs and arms injured

Sounds like you didn't actually do much training.

>> No.38161297

Perrin's always a favorite, but Mat's my main man. Have you read the graphic novels?

>> No.38161309

oh snap

>> No.38161316

Dao sort of means saber.

Its not a perfect translation, but its the closest.

Also, I'm fairly certain pic is a Changdao, which would be rather odd if 'dao' meant knife.

>> No.38161350

My favorite is the khopesh, something about that hook shape is amazing.

>> No.38161360

No, but Im keeping my eyes out for the.i've saved a lot of the art from it. I love Rand for sheer badassery but mat and perrin have so much more personality

>> No.38161395

Eh. My dad kept dropping the "THAT'S a knife" quote when he teaches people about the sword, so I assumed he knew what he was talking about. That having been said, we learned the meaning of the word "dao" while learning a martial art that comes from southern China, so maybe it's a dialect thing.

>> No.38161411

That's kinda where I'm at. I really like the fact that I can't definitively say who my favorite character is.

>> No.38161413

>Mechanized Claws with automatic shotguns built into the forearms
Holy shit are you me? I remember coming up with a bunch of cyborgs for a warhammer project and one of them had two of them, he was the best.

>> No.38161458

That does not change what the common usage of the word is, if you google your image, I guarantee it'll say backsword somewhere, and if you google his, you'll definitely get "claymore".

I get that flaunting your swordtism has made your day, but there's no reason to call people cunts for using the terms like most people use them.

Also, because you had to make a big show out of it:

>“It is not uncommon to find that old technical terms modified or widened their meanings over long periods as the objects for which they were originally the names themselves modified their forms or were replaced by something else that did the same job. In light of the evidence I have put forward in this article, I suggest that there can be no doubt that the word ‘claymore’ did likewise, and that it is perfectly correct to apply it to both the two-hand and basket-hilted forms of Highland sword. Indeed, it is positively desirable to do so"

Claude fucking blair, in "The Word Claymore"
So there, even your idol agrees that it's desirable to use the term for the greatswords, and everyone knows that that's how the majority of people use the term.

Just relax a bit.

>> No.38161474

Knaifus can be waifus too, faggot

>> No.38161476

...either you guys are Rooster Teeth, or they stole your idea. Go look up the Yellow trailer for RWBY.

>> No.38161489

Khopesh Fag? Is that you?
Is the Song of Swords thread not enough for you to haunt?

>> No.38161501

Fuck yes! i could go on for hours about them.
And Lan "totally aragorn but so awesome in and of himself you forgive him for being plagarism" Mandragoran

>> No.38161557

>Implying they didn't take it from Guilty Gear

>> No.38161566

>totally aragorn but so awesome in and of himself you forgive him for being plagarism
Beyond both being warrior kings, I don't see much in common between the two. Tolkien doesn't have a monopoly on badass warriors.

>> No.38161594

for fucks sake anon the man posted his favourite melee weapon in a thread asking people for there favourite melee weapon and did not even talk about it much whats your problem

>> No.38161622

Maces. Specifically ones with sharp bits like this (They're called flanges, but I cannot take the term seriously outside of "flanged mace")

Probably should have just started with "Flanged mace" Image from google.

>> No.38161680

It's more the whole heir to a fallen kingdom and being an unstoppable killing machine, and a little bit of the outfits they wear. Cloak, circlet. That kinda stuff, but i agree.

>> No.38161767

Whoever wielded that must have been a big samurai.

>> No.38161799

For you

>> No.38161826

Rooster Teeth just have good minds.

>> No.38161829

I hate egyptians

>> No.38161849

I think most examples of these were just swordsmiths showing off their skills.

>> No.38161855

They're called pernaches.

>> No.38161894

>the claidheamh cuil is one edged
>the claymore is a basket hilt with two edges.

Dude, did you actually LOOK at the picture you linked?

It's fucking single edged.

>> No.38161969

matrim was by and far my favorite character from the series, and his chapters were always the most entertaining. perrin is a close second.

fuck rand.

>> No.38161995

And bitches

>> No.38162001

that's some sexy slav shit right there.

>> No.38162084

>It's more the whole heir to a fallen kingdom
>fallen kingdom
Only half the kingdom fell when they lost Arnor. Malkier however is truly a dead kingdom.
>and being an unstoppable killing machine
Aragorn is no bitch, but he's not half the warrior Lan is.
>and a little bit of the outfits they wear. Cloak, circlet
Everyone wore a cloak back in the day. They were both tall with light eyes and shoulder length hair though, but those characteristics are hardly uncommon to the archetype. The two really aren't comparable enough to warrant that plagiarism line.

>> No.38162252


Are you me?

I just love the Claymore, I think there's just somethign very primal and heroic (in a stupid way) of guys just charging wielding giant swords while mostly/partially naked.

Just hits all my manly feels.

That and I am a Glaswegian (born and bred) so maybe its in my blood?

>> No.38162258

Aragorn is specifically the heir to isildur, so the heir of Arnor, a kingdom wholly apart from Gondor after Elendil dies, as well as a kingdom that was 1 in the north 2 fell against the forces of darkness after hundreds of years of warfare to protect the peoples further away from the border. They both have enchanted cloaks that conceals them. They both dedicate their lives to battling the armies of darkness, often by themselves. And Aragorn is fucking nuts in the books! sure Tolkien cant write fight scenes like RJ but he has to be atleast on par with Lan. Aragorn has the elendilmir and lan has his battle circlet of Malkier. They both have a magic companion. They both have a "revelation scene" where we find out who they are and their royal heritage. I agree its not plagarism but goddamn is it close.

>> No.38162354

>> No.38162374


>> No.38162417

>Not shielding niggas to death while simultaneously having an excellent defense

>> No.38162466

Mein negger

>> No.38162488

Looks like it.

>> No.38162543


That's a glaive.

>> No.38162653

OK, you obviously have a stronger recollection of the LotR series than I(I haven't read them since I was in middle school) and there are enough similarities between the two that I will concede that the plagiarism comment wasn't completely unwarranted. I'd completely forgotten that the cloaks they'd received from Galandriel could onceal them. I also can't clearly recall Aragorn's heroic exploits. However, about both having magical companions. How many warriors traveling with the story's MC in a magical setting can you think of that aren't affiliated with some sort of magical companion?

>> No.38162715

Mono filament banana

>> No.38162724


>> No.38162777

Yes yes, I will concede that point as well :P magic companion is a staple of any self respecting warrior king. I did not seriously mean the plagarism comment, It's more a nod at how similar they are than any serious accusation. Hows about we conclude this and agree we are both gentlemen and scholars?

>> No.38162894

I want to see something crazy

>> No.38162970

>Hows about we conclude this and agree we are both gentlemen and scholars?
Yes, I concur.

>> No.38163138

Ahhhhh /tg/, this is why i love you so

>> No.38164524

A weapon that only a naive 16 year old girl could possibly think was a good idea.

>> No.38164537

>yfw monty is kill

>> No.38164733

Gets fucked by a guy with mandalorian crusher gloves grabbing your lightsaber in one hand and crushing your face in the other.

Mando Iron stronk!

>> No.38164820


Fucking Mando fans.

>> No.38165208

I bet you also think Grievous is a villain to be a villain/for monetary gain.

>> No.38165381

Right, I have to be blunt here. That is a SWORD strapped to a SHOTGUN.

It doesn't count unless the shotgun is the accessory.

>> No.38165473

Chaste kisses on the cheek can stop most fights.

>> No.38165834

best way to make one of these:

take wooden bat. wrap entire striking surface very tightly with bailing wire. this will reduce splitting of the wood due to nails and stresses of use. medium gauge nails, hammered halfway in, no deeper than half the bat thickness. use bolt cutters to cut off heads of nail at an angle, leaving a point. keep oiled to maintain wood flexibility and prevent breakage.

leaving the heads on is generally a bad idea. they will catch in flesh, clothing, and armor, leaving you open to being disarmed. not recommended for zombies that spread by infection, as it causes a lot of spatter. very effective against unarmored targets. high chance of maiming wounds prone to infection.

>> No.38166063


>> No.38166085

Doesn't that guard make it harder to use like a longsword?

>> No.38166096

You don't strap an M1917 bayonet to guns. You strap guns to an M1917 bayonet.

So of course the shotgun is the accessory.

>> No.38166135


They have so many of those at Graz. So many.

>> No.38167168

I am not the only person in the world who has seen the light of the glorious Khopesh you know.

It is a lovely weapon of beautiful curves and mighty percussion crafted in that most noble metal of bronze.

>> No.38167253

In a fantasy world it would be made from more impressive materials.
Add enchantments to all of this.
It just gets better than it already is.

>> No.38167551

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Tonfa" bullshit that's going on in /tg/ right now. Tonfas deserve much better than that. Much, much better than that.

I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned a genuine tonfa in Japan for 2850 Yen (that's about $24) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even cut slabs of solid steel with my tonfa.

Japanese gardeners spend years working on a single tree for the tonfa so it will have up to a million rings to produce the finest blades(?) known to mankind.

Tonfas are thrice as sharp(?) as dao swords and thrice as hard for that matter too. Anything a dao can cut through, a tonfa can cut through better. I'm pretty sure a tonfa could easily bisect a samurai wearing full plate with a simple vertical slash.

Ever wonder why medieval America never bothered conquering Japan? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined Shaolin monks and their tonfas of destruction. Even in World War II, American soldiers targeted the men with the tonfas first because their killing power was feared and respected.

So what am I saying? Tonfas are simply the better than any sword that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Tonfas:

(One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon)
2d10 Damage
17-20 x4 Crit
+5 to hit and damage
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the cutting(?) power of Tonfas in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Daos are overrated, tonfas need to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

>> No.38167576

I cant go past an highly decorative partisan spear.

>> No.38167717

damb it I wrote ("Tonfa" bullshit) insted of ("Dao" bullshit). serves me right for not double checking

>> No.38167821


I read the series solely for the adventures of Matrim Cauthon

>> No.38167967

>I read the series solely for the adventures of Matrim Cauthon
>not recognizing the clearly superior character

Pleb detected. Next you're going to try and tell me Min wasn't best waifu, or that Fain wasn't the best antagonist. Just kidding, that series was stuffed to the gills with terrific characters. Nynaeve, Ishamael, Verrin, Loial, the list goes on.

>> No.38168016

I like to think of tonfas as the kinder, less-lethal grandparent of the pile-bunker.

Which, incidentally, is my favorite melee weapon particularly when affixed to something really built for close combat, like a starship.

>> No.38168112


...that is arguably the best art of Mat I have ever seen.

I'm mildly impressed. Also, saved.

>> No.38168168

It is terrific, though sadly he's not wearing his trademark hat, but I suppose that's to be expected considering this is the cover for the book in which he purchases it. Also predates his appreciation for lace, another thing I'd like to see reflected in art of this quality.

>> No.38168270

OH gods yes!
pile-bunkers are the best, nothing says you're fucked quiet like loding your fist.

>> No.38168434

Damn, now I have to go grind arena fights in Mount and Blade until I can afford a Balanced Long Awlpike.

Fuck you.

>> No.38168754

I also support this motion.

>> No.38169383


I have been designing an arm mounted pile bunker weapon on and off for the past year.

It has a pressure plate situated in front of the fist. When punched against something, the weapon pierces a 12 gram CO2 cartridge which drives a lightweight 8 to 12 inch spike with 800 PSI of constant pressure. At the end of the stroke, the pressure is used to open the bolt and auto-eject the CO2 cartridge. A spring quickly retracts the spike at the same time.

To give you a rough idea of the forces and energy involved, "Mike tysons punch was 800 psi in his prime" [Yahoo! Answers].

I've been spending a lot of time on the CO2 ejection mechanism because one of the biggest design specifications of the weapon is "must look as cool as fuck."

>> No.38169445

Spears are god tier
Flanged mace is 2nd
Then ax
Tulwar / shamshir

>> No.38170010

Stick is good.
Always liked Bo Martial arts as well.

>> No.38170024

Lets be fair, Zweihander doesn't mean anything, but then also sort of does.
You mean a specifically styled claymore.

>> No.38170065

*They grab your shield or press against you and you're literally useless
They stab the fuck out of you because they can now easily reach around your shield.

Especially with that Era of shields, so many fights have shields just cracking together, shield bashing didn't really exist because you couldn't even let up your guard to shield bash, you just walled your shields together and struck over them with swords and axes.
You'd get hacked to pieces.

>> No.38170071

I'm dying

>> No.38170272

Fol liu.

>> No.38170310

Messers or Nagamakis

>> No.38170391

you made me lol

>> No.38170596

Cavalry Sabre

>> No.38170783

swiss saber

>> No.38172473


>> No.38173201

Dude you were responding to. The shotguns in the arms thing came up in a game I'm currently in. My character, a vicious murder-priest, lost his arm and combat tower shield in an antimatter cannon explosion. Instead of letting the team's medic give him a brand new one, he had the team's robot builder whip up a cybernetic one, with a BELT FED auto shotgun. She also made a backpack that has a capacity of 1000 rounds. He's currently packing some buckshot, but the next time we swing by the interstellar trader, he's looking to get some stuff that can rip armor to shreds. Definitely flechette rounds. After that, no idea what else to get, except maybe some grenade rounds that are compatible with it.

>> No.38173330

Although having finished reading the thread, maybe I'll make the arm modular, and have a pile-bunker as one of the options...

>> No.38173554

When life gives you razor blades...make a baseball bat covered in razor blades.

>> No.38174754


>> No.38174801

The first melee weapon.
Seriously though, I just prefer unarmed characters. Something about a paladin smiting shit with his fists.

>> No.38174899

jineta sword.

A small arming sword that was used by Nazari cavalry.

>> No.38175080

Falchion and Halberd are my favorite sword and polearm

>> No.38175181



>> No.38175243

I dunno, it might be a bit too much for one robot arm. If you go for the pile bunker for instance I'd cut the claws and maybe more.

>> No.38175332

I've always had a soft-spot for Ball-and-Chains. They have some serious impracticalities, but there's two things they do well:
- allow a single fighter to control a huge space
- hit like a train
They're basically a defensive weapon designed for one customer to block any trespassing force without overwhelming numbers, and even then said crowd would have to accept a few of them getting smushed.

>> No.38175497

May be interesting for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkhpqAGdZPc

Something that'd come up more when skirmishing or lines breaking, but still an interesting take on it. And a sensible enough way of striking. Lot of force delivered with a very small contact area.

>> No.38175752

Min still best waifu, though.

I really should get around to reading A Memory of Light...

>> No.38175967

Long weapon?
I'll take a halberd. Choppy, stabby, and long.
Up close I'll take a Khukri. More choppy than a knife and more stabby than an axe.

>> No.38176123


>> No.38177075

>Plus I'm totally in touch with my scottish heritage.

>> No.38177690

Thinking about guisarmes as one does, I had an idea for a weapon with a leaf-shaped blade that was thick and blunt on one side, allowing it to act as a bludgeoning instrument. Spikes, hooks and other twiddles could be attached to the fixture of the blade. Has it been done before? Now that the inspiration has worn off, I wonder if the speed of of the blade would suffer too much from the added weight and if a simple long projected hammer wouldn't be a better cutter, but my guts says there's a purpose to this design. What are our thoughts?

>> No.38177865

two words:
Mosin Nagat
>inb4 not a melee weapon
it is when you have no ammo, and what else are you gonna use that bayonet for?

>> No.38177949

just get a big machete
you don't want extraneous hooks

>> No.38178969


>> No.38179224

I named my computer after her.

>> No.38179588

thumper of goblins, cracker of helmet visors

in space, no one can hear you WORK DA BOLT

>> No.38179597

That nigger's reflection

>> No.38180147

Zweihänder means two-handed sword. Any kind.
When using this term in English, you usually talk about late medieval/early modern weapons from the Holy Roman Empire and neighboring areas.

>> No.38181474

I'd think it'd depend on size. a smaller, more piston-spike style bunker would be easily capable of exiting through the palm of the hand.
Also, the character is seven feet tall and built like a brick wall, so his arms aren't that thin.

>> No.38182468

Sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.38182513


>> No.38182540


>> No.38184034

Joyeuse? You know that name is gay as fuck, right? I bet this is why Charlemagne is less popular than Arthur: Arthurs sword didn't have a gay as fuck name.

>> No.38184053


>> No.38184436

>Arthurs sword didn't have a gay as fuck name
You're right, just his dagger.

>Little White-Hilt

Arthur didn't even name his sword.

>> No.38184559

I like the look of celtic swords

>> No.38186267

i saw some police with those when i lived in china. granted they were not sharpened spikes, but full metal nonetheless

>> No.38186503


>> No.38186657

This is a pasta reply to the pasta, right?
I'm confused.

You can't tell the difference between a Naginata and a Jumonji Yari?

Both great choices.

Pick two.

Masterwork club bullshit?

>> No.38186736

That's it. I'm sick of all this "Masterwork Dust" bullshit that's going on in the d20 system right now. Pocket Sand deserves much better than that. Much, much better than that.
I should know what I'm talking about. I myself commissioned genuine Pocket Sand from Texas for $20,000 (That's about 12800 British pounds) and have been practicing with it for almost 2 years now. I can even blind entire rooms with my pocket sand now.

Texan diggers spend years working on one pile of Sand and sift it up to a million times to produce the finest Sand known to mankind.

Texas Pocket Sand is thrice as irritating as European dust and thrice as hard to get out of your eyes for that matter too. Anything some dust can blind, Pocket Sand can blind better. I'm pretty sure Pocket Sand could easily blind every knight in the Battle of Agincourt with a simple underhand throw.

Ever wonder why Europe never bothered conquering Texas? That's right, they were too scared to fight the disciplined rednecks and their Pocket sand of destruction. Even in the American Revolutionary War, English Musketeers targeted Americans with Pocket Sand because their blinding power was feared and respected

So what am I saying? Pocket Sand is simply the best weapon that the world has ever seen, and thus, require better stats in the d20 system. Here is the stat block I propose for Pocket Sand:

(One-Handed Exotic Weapon)
1d12 Damage
19-20 x4 Crit
+2 to hit and damage
Save vs death or be blinded for 1d4 rounds
Counts as Masterwork

(Two-Handed Exotic Weapon)
2d10 Damage
17-20 x4 Crit
+5 to hit and damage
Save vs death at -5 or be blinded for 3d6 rounds
Counts as Masterwork

Now that seems a lot more representative of the blinding power of Pocket Sand in real life, don't you think?

tl;dr = Pocket Sand needs to do more damage in d20, see my new stat block.

>> No.38186826


>train with fists and legs whole life
>go out onto battle
>day one get your legs and arms injured
>no wait
>that was their arms and legs getting injured
>mine are fine
>and killing them
>breaking their armor and shields with my fist
>suplexing niggas dead
>diamond cutter, going straight DDP on their asses
>everybody get rekt
>falling armies with bare hands
>strong style fighting spirit
>I am become death

weaponfags pls

>> No.38187095

Shaolin monks from Japan fighting medieval America?

Million ring trees grown in less than a million years?

This is a joke, right? I'm surprised that everyone else doesn't seem to be treating it as a joke.

>> No.38187164


>> No.38187211

>favorite melee weapon
I have a lot of favorites, so damn many.

but what I'd probably make most use of is a Cavalry Saber. mostly because, aside from being a one-handed weapon (which means I can pair it with a shield) it was designed to both cut muscle and slice tendon, but also break bones and dislocate joints. It's effectively a sword that thinks it's a mace.

>> No.38187453

what about the feeling of slamming a long silver bullet into a well greased chamber?

>> No.38187499

Hands down my favorite melee weapon.

>> No.38187923

really enjoy flails, to bad most of my own injuries have been caused by my own weapon, but at least I look marginally cool doing it...I geuss

>> No.38188167

>> No.38189029

>common usage
>quibbling over nomenclature of archaic weaponry
Y'all are funny.

>> No.38189064

that handle looks way to short

>> No.38189089

Don't worry, 100 years ago snooty faggots will frown upon the shit their generation is producing and remember all this with tears in their eyes.

>> No.38189157

The voulge, because why not have a point meat cleaver on a stick.

2nd has to be a flanged mace.

>> No.38189199

Dao means "Tool/weapon/blade with a single edge." Period.

Kitchen knife is dao
Saber is dao
This weapon is also dao

>> No.38189359

Matrim Cauthon is supposed to be hot as shit.

That dude looks like some Ginger Pommy.

>> No.38189446


I don't know about "hot as shit", but I always imagined him as more handsome than he is being depicted in that artwork.

>> No.38189495


preferably with magic fire

>> No.38189746

why would you shoot a man before throwing him out a plane

>> No.38189857

Get on my norwegian level

>> No.38189873

>> No.38189879


>> No.38189929


Jian. I love double-edged straight swords. I've heard some jian were made with circular hilts, but I've never seen any.


These things are pretty bitchin, too.

>> No.38190204

Good old mosin with bayonet. Even if you can't make it go bang it still makes a decent spear or club, so it's a good compromise. You need the bayonet to make the rifle shoot properly, too.

>> No.38190282


>> No.38190620

Machetes aren't polearms and don't have a blunt backside. Those two things are the distinctive features of this theoretical polearms. The hooks are not. The idea that extraneous hooks are a bad thing on a polearm is a different issue altogether.

>> No.38190623

Absolutely none of those were harvest scythes either. You know nothing about agriculture.

>> No.38190941

I like yataghans.

>> No.38191456

Voulge is pretty cool, like a beefier glaive or less axey bardiche.

Not my art or character but there are relevant things I like about it.

>> No.38191866

>> No.38191959

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