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Can non-orks eat them? Would they taste good for those who aren't well up in Orkish cuisine?

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It's probably raw protein.

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Physically, a non-ork could eat them in the same sense that a human could eat a fistful of glass.

No idea on the taste

However, the orkish spores would cause a fatal case of snotgut, as the spores attempt to mature into snotlings and other orkoids inside of your stomach.

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Isn't it canon that squigs are edible by just about everything and taste like really soft pork?

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In Fantasy? Yes. No idea if it applies to 40k.

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I believe in 40k they are very much the same, but I doubt you'd find guardsmen tucking into squigs unless things were really fucking dire, even then I doubt they are very palatable.

I think it's a pretty shitty deal to even give them a consciousness, I mean it doesn't really have much of a life. Maybe the fact that it was killed makes it all the more edible by Ork appetites.

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