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Paladin thread

>character art

All things Paladin!

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Does anyone have the story of the edgelord GM making a Paladin fall for trying to save explicitly good civilians? A cap would be very nice.

What with that edgeposter and all of his "punishing moralfags" threads, I thought it would be nice to have.

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This Is all I got Anon

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God that is an ugly paladin

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Lawful Good is best alignment.

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Thanks for that redundant comment in response to a post thats sole purpose is to say that.

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Lawful Freckles are best alignment

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Remember this and do good /tg/.

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The difference between a "Fuckin' awesome" paladin and a true paladin.

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>The DM didn't make That Guy fall for raping, or anything before that for that matter


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Posting this one

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>5e rules just came out
>Decide to play Mine of Phandalin
>Im playing a classic Halfling Thief, one of my friends decided to be a Dragonborn Paladin
>At some point we decide to travel to Thundertree to do a quest (we were level 3)
>Meet a dragon in the tower
>We talk to the dragon, it is actualy thinking of sparing our lives.
>During the conversation the Dragon "insults the Dragonborn race"
>The paladin is triggered
>Attacks the Dragon
>Imminent party wipe
>Thanks Rhogar

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Love me some paladins.

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one of my favorites

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preach it, my Moorish brother

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I love this story, re read it every time it comes up.

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You might enjoy this one too then

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anyone got the on where the paladin fights an army alone and fights the BBE in a duel, get smacked around, rolls a crit fumble and kills him?

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thank you based anon

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Paladins really are the best class.

And you know what? I don't even care that so many people don't think that. I like the idea of them being a special niche interest that only a handful of like-minded people enjoy. It's like being left-handed or meeting someone who went to the same college as you.

We're all on the same team.

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This one goes without saying.

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da fuck?

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Paladins are the best class, but the Paladin stories on /tg/ are TERRIBLE.

I almost want to sit people down and have them go through a basic writing course so that they can avoid making such cringe-inducing bad stories that actually make me reconsider what my favorite class is.

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This guy gets it. For all the times Paladins get dumped on, everyone always wants one in a fight.

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Lol'd at this story m8

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I kind of like it. It shows that no matter what beast-like race a character is, they can still rise up to the standard of Lawful Good.

Kinda like this card's flavor text.

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Man, I'm honestly kinda disappointed I've never rolled a paladin before.

Anybody have that story that started off as something about Mage: the Awakeneing but somebody changed the kinda lame ending to make it about a modern day "paladin"?

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Ah, thanks Anon.

Still kinda wanna see this become a full thing. I remember reading an old thread where they started building it, but don't think it ended up getting anywhere solid.

I do remember a pretty good story being written on the thread, I could probably go back and get it if anybody wanted to read it.

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anyone got the one about the paladin of Kord who falls, then further pisses on his dogma and is eventually turned into a training dummy?

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People who don't want to play Paladins, I get those guys. I really do. People who just hate them? Those can go fet fucked. Paladins are awesome and if I get off being the good guy, that's my problem. Many people get off to objectively worse things.

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Paladin the Redemption?
Paladin, the Purification?
Paladin the Just?
And my own personal mindspawn-
Cleric the Called

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Some of my more militant Paladinfag brethren will probably tell you the popular distaste for paladins comes from people mostly wanting to play animoo edgelord characters.

I can tell you most of the time that's not the case. I think most people just think it's more fun to play criminals. I'm probably the only person in both my groups that doesn't like doing that. I guess it's the same appeal that Grand Theft Auto has. I can see why other people like it, but damn if it's not for me.

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They went with Paladin the Redemption.

Thread is here if you want: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/21869883/

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I remember a while ago I played solaire in a paladin to thread on tg, I posted around 60 or so solaire images. It was fun and I did it all on my phone in caps.

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Oh, and the guy writing was "Knight Motherfucker"

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i like the idea but i ended up just using it for hunter the reckoning and playing an all zeal team.

zeal team 6, we called ourselves.

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I played a tiefling paladin named Francis for a while. Everyone expected me to be super conflicted and edgy, but I was just a guy who felt rather awkward about his horns and tried to do right by others.

And then we ran into cultists of Asmodeus, which was kind of awkward for me, but w/e. Dumbasses used branding irons when I resisted fire damage.

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Paladins are so fucking cool.

It's the only class that demands that you make real sacrifices in order to do what's right.

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Screw the haters, I want smites.

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master race coming through!

Why smite when you can realign them to good? WITH YOUR DICK!!!

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>Zeal Team 6
Kek, this is god tier

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neutral good

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If I took levels in bard to gain some sort of perform skill, could I become a paladin of balance?

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Repeating my question. How the hell does a Paladin fall for trying to save innocent people, no matter how edgelord the GM is?

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the problem is is that most DnD campaigns aren't heroic save the world quests. It's usaully honorless mercanary missions and if you step out of line Judge Dredd the paladin HAS to fight you or they lose their powers.

I like paladins but I think they belong in more heroic campaigns

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I've always wanted to run a game where the players are all different kinds of LG-flavored champions of justice who go on a tour of every dungeon and town they come across righting wrongs, defending the helpless and dispensing the wrath of God on any villain that refuses to quit.

My group is far too CN-leaning to do this.

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Some DMs don't know Lawful Good as something other than Lawful and also Good. So they give you the choice between Evil-leaning or Chaotic-leaning, and decide either way you fall.

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I admit, I don't know the context, but "trying to save explicitly good civilians" seems to be about as safe of a moral grounds on Lawful and Good as you can get.

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Try going the One Piece route. It's the next best thing. They just so happen to be put into situations where they do good, but they aren't actually good people.

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okay I honestly have no idea if this is a perfect depiction of a paladin or if this is just silly.

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Alright /tg/, I'm going to be playing a more non-traditional paladin next game I'm in. The system isn't very important to my question though.

Essentially the character is equivalent to a fighter/paladin multiclass with some feats to pick up a light elemental familiar. In his backstory he was a peasant mercenary who admired the knights of his kingdom and strove to emulate their style. So he had kinda this hedge knight thing going on, even if he did work more unsavory jobs. Anyway he would later awaken his great grandfather's familiar, whom he would mistake for an angel and pledge service to in awe, the familiar of course went along with it. So now hes decided hes been blessed by his god and set out to do right in the name of his religion.

There isn't an alignment system, but the character has to do what the familiar wants. As the same time due to how the familiar was bound it has to serve the family, and that means the character since he is the last of his line.

How would you suggest I roleplay this?

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As a matter of principle, make the paladin's "powers" an extension of just the Familiar stealthily helping out the guy.
And when the guy asks the familiar for divine guidance, it tells him what it honestly thinks is best for the family as a whole, rather than proper laws of a religion, to the point that despite being reveled as a holy angel, the familiar is more along the lines of a wingman.

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Sounds reasonable, to be honest the "paladin" himself doesn't have anything supernatural beyond the ability to (try to anyway) banish nasty supernatural things, but yea having that be with the help of the familiar would make more sense. The familiar meanwhile has a bunch of light themed supporting arcane spells, but it would be easy enough to have them flavored as "boons".

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Thread bump, because I had to actually stop and take a moment after I read about Sir Weyland.

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I admit, I only saw the thread, and it was a while ago, so I might get some details wrong.

>A That DM thread
>Guy comes in complaining about how the DM made his paladin fall.
>They're playing some super edgy sort of world, where in the background info you had the archtypal war between the gods thing, the good gods were winning, but because they're gods rampaging across the countryside, everyone was dying in the victory of 'good'
>So the good gods and the evil gods made this big agreement as to not directly intervene in the world unless invited by a cleric and they could only manifest miracles in a way that was few and far between. Other than that, they couldn't touch the !not Prime Material.
>Explicitly states that this is when evil started to get the upper hand.
>These restrictions not only bind the gods, but their attending angels. (in system, even evil gods had angels, demons were something else.)
>General planescape idea, you die, your soul is drawn to the god you were most like, (not necessarily the one you worshiped), and eventually you become an angel in their service.
>There is, however, a way around it. You can 'fall', and become mortal once again. You don't become a human/efl/dwarf/whatever though, you're a fallen angel, and even the weakest of them are pretty damn tough. If they die again though, it's poof.
>Campaign ground to a halt when the brave heroes bumped into a fallen angel.
>He was trying to build an army to assault Hell with.
>Specifically, he was building it by running around, casting Detect Good, finding good people, murdering the fuck out of them, and then using his thingamagic to skip the usual process and instantly convert them into fallen angels, which he'd usually manage to impress into his army.
>Paladin hears about this as he's about to assault a temple.
>Doesn't even try to violently stop him at this point, tries to talk the NPC out of it.
>'You have obstructed a prime agent of good. You fall."

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Best Paladin screencap I've read

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>Specifically, he was building it by running around, casting Detect Good, finding good people, murdering the fuck out of them, and then using his thingamagic to skip the usual process and instantly convert them into fallen angels, which he'd usually manage to impress into his army.

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The funny thing is that Nephandi are, you know, more like the antipaladins and chaotic evil randumbs of owod.

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>not playing heroic campaigns
>not taking your group of mercs and turning it into a righteous paladin orders

top pleb

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Wow...that is very, very dicky.

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Can Paladins of Freedom play too in this thread?

I mean, they don't accept your ability to make decisions about being in the thread for them but they do respect that it would be kinda dicky to just turn up and make the place less fun.

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Being a paladin doesn't mean you have to be a whiner.

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So I have one hell of a paladin story for you guys. Before I begin a little background info on the world. Basically our gods were based off metal bands. Dragonforce, god of dragons, Anthrax, god of disease, Deathklok god of time etc. Any way I was just joining the party but the story was that a bunch of heroes from a previous group had become legends and we were trying to rob all their tombs for wealth. Enter Uih, a kind hearted retarded halfling who was picked up by the church of iron maiden when his parents drowned trying to ford a river.

>> No.38150808

The rest of the party was a gnome mage who had a baby dragon, a dwarf rogue trying to start the world's first thieves guild, and a halfling rogue who was essentially a murderhobo. Anyway Uih was simply traveling from village to village spreading the good word of iron maiden when he stumbled across these fellows and asks to join along, he didn't like being alone. Upon joining the group he recieves a message from Iron Maiden telling him to not fight with the group that they may do bad but ultimately want good. >Dms way of telling me not to get pissed at the all evil party. Anyway Uih adventures with them and all is well they have their good times. When fights occur Uih always tries to save his friends/protect them. Being a halfling most weapons were far too large for him so he stuck to fist fighting. Being a retard he had ridiculous strength and wore chainmail, being too little for plate.

>> No.38150869

After some traveling we come across a village. Cue shit getting real. Within minutes of entering village mage locks himself in room to play with dragon and two rogues are trying to rob people. Uih tries to stop the rogues physically but then Iron Maiden gets pissed with him. So he prays that they change their ways, divine intervention. Ends up changing the dwarf to chaotic neutral to where he steals but doesn't kill anymore from seeing the light of Iron Maiden. Halfling rogue is completely unaffected and continues murder hoboing.

>> No.38150926

Uih isn't all that bright however, so most the killing goes on without him realizing due to party members lying and him believing it being dumb and friendly. He hears about murders everywhere they go and says prayers to the dead, visits family, and gives them all the gold he has to try to help them out. All the while he is having to apologize to numerous guards for his parties, to his knowledge, only thieving ways. He plays up about them being on a mission from God and how Iron Maiden herself told him good things will come from the party. Every time it gets them out of trouble letting the party to continue their bad ways as Uih tries his best to set stuff right. Eventually Uih get's a divine mount for all his hard work, a giant grizzly bear that was essentially a big loveable oaf. Uih and Beary were inseperable. Beary helped protect the party with Uih as well as dance to please guards to not jail the party.

>> No.38151024

Fast forward a couple months of play and the party reaches the capital of the land. Here lies one of the greatest temples to Iron Maiden of all time. Uih spends his time here, the rogues try to start a thieves guild, mage jacks off dragon. Anyway the halfling rogue thinks it would be funny to be a dick to me. So after a day of prayer Uih goes to the inn to sleep for the night. By this time he is starting to figure out about murderhobo halfing but decides to ignore it because Iron Maiden said so. Wake up in the middle of the night, everyone is running from inn. Uih is trying to figure out what's going on. There is a fire at the temple of Iron Maiden. Uih and Beary are on the scene. Uih is healing burn victims and Beary is bringing buckets of water. Uih hears a groaning inside, runs into see the head priest with multiple stab wounds. Uih pulls him out of the fire to hear is dying words as he tells Uih it was the murderhobo who did this.

>> No.38151162

Hell have no fury quite like a retarded halfling and his pet bear. They run straight for the rogue. At this point he has recruited a couple local punks for his theives guild, nothing big just some muscle to help him with the coming storm. Uih and Beary show up, Uih knocks both out almost instantly completely breaking their faces. Beary pins down the rogue before he can do shit. Uih demands to know why his friend would do this to something he loves so damn much. Halfling replies with for the lols. At this point I am furious IRL as well as rest of party we were sick of his shit. But Uih was nothing if not loyal to the Iron Maiden. He punches a giant crater through a stone street beside the head of the rogue, warning him to change and then simply walks away. At this point halfling Rogue is laughing knowing I cant touch him because Iron Maiden. Then Beary rips his throat out.

>> No.38151199

Player of rogue is furious demanding DM do something. DM simply tells him to rip his sheet in half. Punishment from Iron Maiden is a simple slap on wrists, saying that he brought too much danger to the party. Uih ends up being face and shield of party. Ends up sacrificing himself to fight off Kraken while party sails away. When he died whole party went outside and buried the character sheet as well as Beary's.

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I suddenly want to make a Jewish paladin.

>wears a tallit over heavy armor
>shield and holy emblem is a sephirot, with each circle labeled with their meanings in Hebrew
>mace has six prongs surronding seventh in the center, representing menorah without actually carrying one
>spells are in Hebrew
>Calls his patron deity 'El Shaddai' and uses it for appropriate battle cries.

>> No.38152015


Tzevahoht would be more appropriate than El Shaddai for a battlecry. It's admittedly a less common name of god, but it's almost universally used in martial prayers or martial settings.

>> No.38152262

Yes. I want to see how long it takes for my friends to figure out what my paladin is. Tzevahoht would be more obscure and more appropriate

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>I suddenly want to make a Jewish paladin.

Oh boy here we...

>none of the usual 4chan casual antisemitism


I'll go sleep now, so the day ended with a positive surprise.

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Welcome to /tg/, fagtron.

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>mfw I'm a positive surprise for not being racist

I also don't use the n-word *winks*

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Hitler was wrong

>> No.38153686

Reminds me of another story I saw about a paladin who tried to massacre a goblin village. The OP turned on him and the paladin tried to use Smite Evil on him, only for the DM to tell him that he had fallen ages ago and hadn't noticed because he had been using nothing but brute force the whole time rather than his paladin abilities.

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Found it

>> No.38158317

Sounds pretty fun

>> No.38158610

it always bothers me that there is an error in the story.

only 10 of the 15 children had names, so either they got it wrong or wrote "Burned up orphan with no name #1-5"

>> No.38160907

I know this is really vague, but can someone post the screencap of some anon or anons writing about "A paladin does what a paladin does because he's a paladin" sort of thing.

A bit long, if I recall, but well worth the read.

I remember it had the line of "A paladin never takes the easy way" or something along those lines.

>> No.38161921

Femanon here. I want to play a female paladin but all the great archetypes are male. Anyone got a good historical or fictional woman to model a pure paladin build on for 3.5?

>> No.38162014

Joan of arc

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File: 2.06 MB, 1600x4250, Fallen Paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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She wasn't really a paladin though.

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File: 158 KB, 900x1118, Half_orc_portrait_by_LolloBoloz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would condescendingly pat on the head.

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Joan of Arc. Akkadevi, an Indian princess who I think could be entertaining. In Japan there was a woman named Hangaku Gozen who reportedly protected a fort until she was killed. Agnes Randolf has some nice artwork made of her, same story. There was an Isabella who attacked France to put her son in charge; Another Isabella sacked a castle to rescue her husband.

Also, Queen Arturia.

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Probably not perfect, but not a bad place to start.

>> No.38162648

My life as a paladin is off to a start, nothing too grand or heroic yet, but there is time. Thus far I have: smote the living fuck out of a demon, critically smashing it into a two-dimensional stain on the floor with one blow, and bashed a dire rat to death with the party's CE gnome.

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Fucking awesome.

>> No.38164042

Does that mother fucker have a flail on his mace?

>> No.38164060

>Not unsightly blemishes that signify impurity

>> No.38164090

>Not representations of the silvery stars around the righteous gods, signifying their holiness and lifted up bodies

>> No.38164170

I see no problem with just taking your favorite paladin archetype and swapping the gender. Just say you're a battle nun or something. The idea of a battle nun is fucking awesome.

>> No.38164268

>Hell have no fury quite like a retarded halfling and his pet bear.
Underrated sentence

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>Be the son of a wealthy merchant who earned his money adventuring.
>"Son, go forth and adventure to earn your inheritance."
>Great... So I get on a ship heading to Keoland to meet with an old friend of my father's and his son.
>"Hello there, I am Sir Jeremiah Shepherd, loyal servant of Wee-Jas and you're new adventuring companion!"
>He presses on: "What manner of adventurer are you? Wizard? Bard? Rogue?"
>"I'm a merchant."
>"Rogue it is!"
>We "pal around" Keoland and the Hold of the Sea Princes for nearly two years, saving villagers, slaying Scarlet Brothers, and facing down all manner of horrible creatures. I nearly die several times, but Sir Jeremiah is always there to help.
>We encounter an Inevitable in the forest attacking villagers, claiming that they are "impure." No way we can handle this fight.
>Sir Jeremiah charges in bravely (I say stupidly) and engages it in single combat. Somehow we defeat the thing, and Jeremiah turns its metal, armor-like skin into armor.
>Continue adventuring for another year or so until we wind up in an old manor, probably haunted. Run into a lich, so it's definitely haunted. We manage to beat its lich owner.
>"Oh well, let's get the hell out of here," I say.
>Jeremiah opens a door and suddenly finds himself face-to-face with an Inevitable, this one larger than the last one.
>"Hello Sir Jeremiah, I've been looking for you."
>Opens a portal into another realm and tells Jeremiah that he has to come along or all of his friends will die. Jeremiah looks at the the rest of us, then hands me his sword and asks me to return it to his father. Steps through the portal without another word.
>Look at the party ranger, then curse at myself. Hand the ranger all of my things, and Jeremiah's sword and tell him to send it back to Jeremiah's father.
>Jump through the portal just as it's about to close.
>MFW Sir Jeremiah inspired me, a greedy rogue who only looked after himself, to jump to his almost certain death.

>> No.38164506
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See? Not so hard to be selfless when the life of a good and loyal friend is on the line!

>> No.38164576

very Gygaxian

>> No.38164692

So. I want to play a paladin in stealth, my group is fond of FC so I was thinking I'd start off with Assassin to throw them off, since I typically make rogues they won't meta me for it, and make use of the stats I'd want for my eventual paladin levels. I think it could be fun to reveal my paladin nature later on, particularly if they decide to be lolrandum.
Should I go with something else, like a lancer?

>> No.38164848

Do you want to mechanically be an assassin with paladin-like fluff? Because that sounds cool. Makes me think of some kind of vigilante that goes after criminals that slipped through the cracks of the law.

Might not be possible depending on the setting though.

>> No.38165558

In FC paladins are expert classes, so I can't take it right away, but a vigilante is kind of the idea.
Maybe my deity demands that I prove my determination. Or I'm just trying to infiltrate the bad guys to take them out better.

>> No.38165846

No. Wonder woman does not get to be a paladin. Maybe a warpriest or something or a fighter with an archetype, but she's way too eager for blood to be a paladin in my opinion.

>> No.38165948


I don't even think Gygax would step that far into the realm of That Guy.

>> No.38166590

Sounds a lot like Ser Weyland.

>> No.38167007
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Greetings, elegan/tg/entlemen. Gunna dump what I have.

>> No.38167017
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>> No.38167029
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Is futuristic paladin a thing?

>> No.38167036


Just a bit of casual homophobia though.

>> No.38167038
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>> No.38167048
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>> No.38167057

I really like this. The sword is a bit much maybe, but overall it's well done.

>> No.38167068


I would simply do this, but I have a gripe with your approach. Women don't need to be 'battle nuns'... they can just be paladins as well.

>> No.38167082

>I would simply do this, but I have a gripe with your approach. Women don't need to be 'battle nuns'... they can just be paladins as well.

ok time to ditch the thread. made it farther than I thought I would. eat shit nigger

>> No.38167096

What has you so angry?

>> No.38167118
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I wanted to used this guy in one campaign I DMed, but the story didn't last long due to TPK. He was supposed to be a time traveler who somehow got mixed up in fantasy realm.

>> No.38167130
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>> No.38167195
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>> No.38167215
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Dude's gotta crazy sword, but I like the overall design.

>> No.38167339

Well? And then what happened?

>> No.38167345
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If you don't name your sword Durandal or Joyeuse, you're a fag.

>> No.38167366

I too have that picture saved and I did not know it was an armor set from Final Fantasy XIV for the longest time.

>> No.38167425
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>> No.38167914

>implying you're a fag if you name your sword Hauteclaire
Do you even Olivier, son ?

>> No.38168842
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One of my players knowingly challenged a Vampiric Knight that had been cutting a swathe through his Order (one of which was the Master and had been several levels higher than the PC) at the head of a horde of Wights and Skeletons. I honestly expected his death at his decision to seek out the Black Knight himself in the melee, he'd exhausted nearly all his lay-on-hands and was down to a single Smite Evil so it would be a struggle to even fight through the undead horde to get at him. I was wracking my brain for a way offering him a way out of this mess, the Vampire Knight was nearly twice his level in CR. Lo and behold, in an exhausting combat that went for 20-something rounds I witnessed some high-class rolling that saw the Vampire Knight driven to his knees, his armour sundered and sent fleeing (in gaseous form) to recover in his lair while the undead horde milled in confusion in his absence. His character was on 3 HP, I love upsets like this.

I had started the session with the expectation that he would at best achieve a fighting retreat from the overrun city, but with that upset they're still holding on. He plans to hold out until dawn then (if he can convince the non-elven quarter to assist him) push through the minions to the vampire lair, if they can locate it.

>> No.38168882
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On top of that he left the relative security of the barricade before to gather as many trapped civilians he could in the heavily contested parts of the city and lead them back, defying the wishes of his Order in doing so, who viewed that whole area as lost.

>> No.38168972
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Tizona y Colada discrepan.

>> No.38169009

This ams much brutal. Is good

>> No.38170293
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The Inevitable's portal led to what amounted to a study. Indicating two seats for Akbar and myself, we sat and found ourselves bound by animated iron bands. The Marut offered us refreshments before informing us of the arrangement- it would ask questions, and Jerimiah would answer.

He had been singled out due to his armor and reputation, but the creature had not outlined the rules of the encounter yet. If I lied, and it would know, it would kill Akbar. If I lied again, it would kill me. If I was honest and forthright it would allow both of us to leave unscathed. Luckily for us, I tend towards honesty in most situations.

It grilled me about the nature of our quest, the strength of the Fortress Ravannor (which was a peaceful haven for those brought back to life after a great war), and the location of a powerful artifact- a Spear used during the Suel Imperium and consecrated to the Goddess Lydia. I answered time and again with honesty, but broadly. I avoided specifics when possible and managed to get us both out of there alive.

Now the Marut has an army of humanoids at his back with eyes fixed ever on the Fortress. Hundreds of innocents lie within. Even as a loyal and faithful servant of Wee Jas is my purpose clear.

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