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're requesting my post in the new thread
>Can I get someone to draw my druid and his faery dragon?
>I have a druid who is pretty much a stoner him and one of his companions, the faery dragon get high all the time.
>He's a human and the faery bro is pink, only real specific details are the dragon rides his shoulders like a cat and my druid has bull horns straight from the side of his head, he wears ironwood bark armor and looks like a stoner, goatee and ponytail.

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Putting your own request as the OP is incredibly selfish, Anon. Shame on you.

You didn't even include the rules for the thread.

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wow, wtf now everyone sees your request ahead of everyone else

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Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it.

Additionally, please provide good, detailed references, so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can.

Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember: say thank you!

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Last thread is kill, new thread is life.
Post any art requests you have ITT. Keep in mind, the drawfriends are doing this for free, so do not be surprised or upset if they gloss over your post. Just be patient, and bump your request ONE time, every 24 hours after posting it.
Additionally, please provide good, detailed references, so the artists know what you're looking for as best you can.
Mind your manners, don't be rude to other people's requests, and remember: say thank you!
Sorry here they are

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Re-requesting again from previous threads.

Can I request a female gnoll ranger with exaggerated hyena features? More beastly than anthropomorphic. Covered in frayed animal hide armour, carrying a crude looking bow and arrows on a belt. Like pic related, but replace the sword with arrows.

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Sorry man wasn't thinking straight running of 25 minutes of sleep.

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can someone do a more detailed version of this

It's basically a fusion of Shagogod, Metal Gear Rex and the Dreadnought from Final Fantasy

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I've got you son, but it's gonna be a rough one.

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It's cool man I've had some pretty rough ones that I liked

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Pic related

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Just to clarify It's got the 'head' and legs of the rex, the front of the Shagogod in place of the back arrangement and the Dreadnoughts arms in place of the Shagogods Archimedes screws

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Okay, this is my character on the far left. Some of you've seen him by now so you know what to work with. The theme I want to explore now is 'primal instincts and urges', and how that applies to a half-dragon. It's nothing set in stone, in fact I'd much rather your own interpretation.
Off along the sides are some inspiration pictures. For instance, do half dragons have mannerisms of a cat, such as Toothless from HTTYD? Do they search for treasure by digging up valuable gems? How do they use their tongue and breath weapons?
So I'm looking for something animal-like. The only consistency I'd ask for would be to adhere to the character design. I wanted to make it difficult to distinguish between his gender for character reasons also those hips. Other than keeping his appearance pretty androgynous, go all out if you want.

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No, fuck you. Not again.

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>How much art are you wanting for that character now?

Pic related.

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Wanted to let the drawfriend from last thread know that I received this! Thank you so very much, she's perfect. Your time is very much appreciated.

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I requested this elsewhere from another drawfriend, but if anyone is feeling masochistic enough to take on such a large amount of work for fun, I'm looking for some art of my Pendragon party.

"I'd like them to be sat at a feast table, or possibly riding abreast on horseback, but a back/foreground isn't essential - The character art's the important part.

The players are all English knights in the late dark ages/early medieval period, wearing chainmail (no plate) and a tabard which displays their heraldry clearly on their chest.

Knight 1: He is the youngest of the knights at 21 years of age. Tall, but gaunt and lanky, with a long face. He is slightly timid and cautious. He is known for his sense of prudence.
His heraldry is a vigilant crane on an azure blue backing.

Knight 2: A 22 year old knight. He is the largest of the knights by far, very tall with a proportionate build. He's quite handsome. He is known for his vengeful and sometimes reckless behaviour.
His heraldry is green and black, intersected by a gold stripe. The black segment contains a gold bundle of wheat.

Knight 3: The third knight is 22 years old, and the most muscular of the group, a man of enormous strength. He is known for his renowned bravery and his sense of mercy.
His heraldry is a red lion rampant on a gold field.

Knight 4: This knight is the oldest of the group at 26 years old, but also the shortest. He is considered to be somewhat of a pipsqueak. He is, however, incredibly handsome, in an androgynous, pretty-boy sort of way, his looks bordering on womanly. He is known for his strong sense of justice.
His heraldry is a red castle wall on a white field.

In advance, if you decide to do it, thanks a million. Remind me to get you a gift on steam or something some time.

Pic related are rough images of the knights' general appearance above each of their respective heraldries."

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I would like to request a small scene.
Lucinia the Stupendous Vespus, half-elf bard, is politely chatting with a gang of orcs and asking them nicely to hand over the Macguffin that they stole under the orders of Lord Anthrax (pictured to the right). The orcs, not used to actually being asked nicely, do as they're requested, and Lucinia ends up doing a song circle with them and they have a good time. Lord Anthrax, however, is looking on in a mix of disbelief and disgust as his nefarious minions are not doing their jobs in the slightest. His expression should encapsulate the phrase "what in all the hells is going on here."

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Can everyone quit acting like entitled assholes and just chill and wait for their art to come?

We don't even have a drawfag in here. People are making requests at empty air and already you are scrambling over each other and tearing each other's throats out over this shit.

...This furfag totally is a greedy jerk, though.

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This is why requestfags shouldn't post new drawthreads. Let the drawfags do it next time. If there is no drawfag around to draw, sit and wait for another one to pop up.

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Way too much drama in these threads people.

Contributing my own shitty art. Can't you assholes just draw in MSPaint if you need stuff so bad? Don't be entitled.

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That turned out great, I must have missed it in the last thread!

Would someone mind sketching up my vampire huntress for me, please? She carries a big 2 handed crossbow, and wears a fantasy equivalent of a modern day plate carrier which has pouches of various herbs and salves attached. Her cloak and boots are as pictured, and if you wanted to add a wooden stake attached to her boots, that'd be killer.

Her face and hair are close to as pictured, I don't think I forgot anything but if I missed a detail you'd like to ask about, please do!

Thanks so much if anyone picks her up, I've really enjoyed playing her so far, but can't find any good artwork for her :(

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Does anyone see the irony in a vampire hunter requester complimenting a vampire delivery..?

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Proper term is scaley, and he's from /mlp/. So he might be some degree worse.

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A little bit. The op pic is a pic I got drawn last thread of my paladin.

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Is he a vampire paladin? Because I played one before, and he was one of my favorites.

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>Wanted to let the drawfriend from last thread know that I received this! Thank you so very much, she's perfect. Your time is very much appreciated.

My pleasure. Was my first contribution to a drawthread and I had fun doing it.

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Nigga - guess what?
The pic not taken with calculator will follow shortly.

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Awww shiggydiggy, lookin' pretty sweet drawbro. I hope Or likes it.

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Lol allrighty

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guess i can sketch up a few things later maybe after the city im doing. anything you guys want me to draw?

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Well, mine's a bit too complicated for a quick sketch, but I'll toss up one that isn't mine and suggest one of these: >>38129366

>> No.38130119

Seeing anything from the thread get done would be wonderful, I don't care which request it is at all.

Just here to collect /tg/ art.

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I'd say this (>>38129172) so people would stop complaining and I could leave.

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Wow, way to prove everyone wrong about you.

I know that >>38129366 has been after those for a looong time. Seeing any of them done would be cool.

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Anyone know if that guy finished my Horseman of War?

>> No.38130242

I saw an update of it in the last thread, I think he'll be here soon.

>> No.38130256

Or you could hit up the /mlp/ drawthread since that's related there, or you could, I dunno, commission people for pictures.

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I second this one
Not because I'm a furry and want new material to jack off to it anything. Just because gnolls are new to me. I don't visit /tg/ much

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Commissions are sketchy sometimes though. I paid Bored Drawfriend $120 for a quite large piece, and I haven't heard from him in almost a week, and the rough WIP he sent me was over 2 weeks ago.

He almost never responds to my e-mails either.

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You missed your third option, which is "Go elsewhere and quit being a selfish cockjockey"

>> No.38130312

Loving it so far

>> No.38130314

That's why you only pay half in advance, dingus. Besides, he might actually have a job which prevents him from drawing.
Besides, "almost never" isn't the same as "not at all." So suck it up.

>> No.38130327

Aw sheit. Can't wait.

>> No.38130334

Don't be an asshole about it, if he had told me upfront that correspondence would be few and far between, that's fine.

But when I go from hearing from him consistently to not at all for over a week, it makes one a bit nervous.

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I think the problem with having these organized drawthreads created by nondrawfags with rules and everything are that they attract these kind of people who think they can just show up from another board or an internet culture unrelated to /tg/'s, demand something, and keep whining about it until they get it, and then leave the board or whatever without contributing in any way.

The last time I hung out on /tg/ frequently, a couple years ago, drawthreads would be unorganized and posted the drawfag themself, and then end and you would almost never get this kind of person because there wasn't a culture of always having at least one drawthread up where all the drawfags would gather. Each thread would be for one drawfag and they would show up irregularly.

Either way, please go away. I'm certain than almost no one here understands the culture of "furry" or "scaley" or "my little pony" or whatever, so you're probably not going to get good results no matter how many times you ask.

Complaining about your personal commissions doesn't contribute, either. You are certainly not going to get more reliable results from a free drawing thread than from a paid commission.

Go away.

>> No.38130366

how 'bout a drinking party? or well, that's technically still a feast so, i'll get on to it

gnolls pretty much fall into beastmen races rather than full blown fapping materials, so they're okay. i've been eyeing that for a while though so, mihht try that out later

>> No.38130369

>raising a valid concern about a paid commission

Eat shit, I'd be worried too if I was $120 in the hole for nothing.

>> No.38130379

I'm not being an asshole, I'm being a dick.
And you're being a pussy.
However, it's fine to express concern, and you were already told by other people, a few days ago if memory serves, that BDF works at a glacial pace, especially when it comes to commissioned work. Besides, it's not like you gave him a deadline.

>> No.38130398

It's just a half-dragon, I just saw a thread on here a short while ago. It's nothing unorthodox in the realm of fantasy.

>> No.38130402

Retoasting from old bread.

Requesting my half orc tiefling inquisitor. He's a torturer by trade, and uses a long bow with kukri as backup.
Just a bust or profile would be totally fine.
Maximum god tier bonus mode would be him torturing someone.

>> No.38130404

I swear it was the satan who told me to start colouring this one.
Enjoy nonetheless

>> No.38130424

Not OR, but i'm pretty sure he meant the horns go forward, not upward.

>> No.38130452

If glacial pace means cranking something like this out in about 2 hours for a free request, I might have expected a bit more progress from a paid commission than 1 WIP/2wks.

Pic related, I requested it in a draw thread a few weeks ago, and BD picked it up and finished it in a couple hours. For free.

>> No.38130462

he did.

>> No.38130475

>Anon recommends my post instead of his own.
Aw, man thanks.You the real MVP.

>> No.38130479

Deadline or not, he constantly tells me to expect a wip on X day, and then that day comes and goes with no word at all. When I try to contact him, it's like sending an e-mail through snail mail.

>> No.38130480

I hate seeing this shit, a lot of the drawfriend blogs I follow will "open commissions" when they want a couple hundred bucks for some toy or bills or shit, and then apologize for not filling any commissions in the past two months. Any other freelance job, you're expected to get the work done in a reasonable time

>> No.38130482

they also might have been going to the sides, that's why I choose straight up. Found them cool.

>> No.38130495

Here's the thing about artists, though (and I'm speaking from experience since my brother is one): if they don't really feel like drawing, they are willing to procrastinate for days at a stretch and still see that as acceptable. However, when they DO feel like drawing, they can pump out like what you've requested. Though I'm fairly sure that took at least two threads to do.
That is a bit sketchier, and I'll agree you should have some concerns. He's got more than one method of contacting him, correct? Have you used those venues?

>> No.38130515

>He's got more than one method of contacting him, correct? Have you used those venues?

I don't know of any. Just his e-mail.

>> No.38130555

It was literally the tail end of one drawthread, and delivered in the beginning of the following linked one.

So yes 2 threads, but also 2 hours.

>> No.38130600

Side and up

>> No.38130612

WIP. This monstrous enough for you?

>> No.38130639


>> No.38130648

Ask around, see if he has a tumblr or DA.
Fair enough, but the point stands. When motivated, artists can shit that out in hardly any time at all. When they aren't, it can take weeks. And sometimes money isn't motivation enough, especially if it's paid in full before anything's delivered.

>> No.38130654

That looks awesome. If OR doesn't like it he needs a hit on the head.

>> No.38130656

Love it man but can you take a bigger pic and post it?

>> No.38130676

Did the man tits up only. I think I may have another go at it tomorrow. Sleep time man

>> No.38130694

That looks cool. Not or either just saying.

>> No.38130709

Allrighty thanks though love it

>> No.38130791

Requesting a character. She's a techno junkie going by the name "Queen Bea" (real name is Beatrix Honeysuckle). Just over six feet, Dark Complexion, Curvy, big afro/hair tied up in a bun. Wears a pair of Augmented Reality goggles that give her a buggy look, honey-colored lipstick. Cleavage-showing top, long gloves, and thigh-high boots all styled to look like black chitin, with yellow pants on under the boots. Could be flying with a set of hard-light bee wings and escorted by a couple of attack drones with a similar bee motif controlled by her antenna-like datajack. It's a shadowrun character that's going to serve as the player's main contact and eventual mid-boss when she decides to tie up some loose ends involving some runners that just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time

>> No.38130823

since some are talking about artists and such i am curious what people are thinking since this is more the customer or consumer side of art.

what's a good price for commissions? fully colored or just line work, is there a preference between the 2? how about sketches or value studies, would people request those? do people want only digital or is ink/pencil okay?
maybe some logos, idk if anyone besides a business would go for commissioned logos since character/profile art is the big request.

>> No.38130834

I can't quite place what this art reminds me of.

I think it's the racial portraits from Oblivion maybe.

>> No.38130874

Oops I posted in the dead thread.
Mang, you're too kind.
That's... that's a sweet question! I was pleased with it, I just wasn't pleased enough. Lots of the mistakes are probably only going to be obvious to other drawfriends, because as your art skills improve your ability to scrutinize something visual also improves. It's sort of like how Gordan Ramsay might take your favorite dish and tell you it taste like shit because he can find all the errors in the process that you wouldn't have given a second thought. I will however, probably be posting it to deviant art sometime this week.

I was pleased but not proud of it, wasn't polished enough. Only people who would care are probably artists but they're also who I want to impress the most.
It's really nifty http://www.coolorus.com/

>> No.38130886

a thing from last thread

>> No.38130901

Bored Drawfriend charges $20USD for a piece like this, and then Slitch charges $20USD hourly, regardless of detail.

One is good because you get a flat fee that you know you will pay (BD, pic related)

the other is good because if your artist really sinks into it, you can get a high detail piece in just a couple hours (Slitch, next pic will be related).

It really depends on the artist.

>> No.38130913

It's only been like a week, tops, but I appreciate the +1. Thanks dude!

>> No.38130919

Slitch example.

>> No.38130942

Wait, that's color, so I meant to say $40USD.

>> No.38130961

Request for a DMing friend.

Could I get a golem made out of marble. He'd look like a roman soldier, but his shield would be rusty and the paint faded, while his sword, made out of adamantine, is nearly pristine save for it's decayed leather handle wrappings.

>> No.38131041

Direct Repost from yesterday's Draw Thread

"I've a request for anyone wishing to try something a bit more scifi oriented. Because I'm an uninspired prick, I've based the armor for my Dragonstar cleric/fighter off of that of the Helghast, and would much like a picture for him.

I would like the character to be in a similar pose to that of Area 3, wearing the armor and garb shown in area 2. The armor need not be a direct copy of that shown, but I would like the ornate look of it and the mask to remain. In his off hand, where the reference's hammer is, I would like the axe shown in Area 1, save with an elongated handle to denote a weapon of a two handed nature. I would also like for the book in his hand to be opened, as if he were reciting openly something from it.
Now for some optional art fluff if you wanna go through the trouble of little details. On his waist, were the ref would have his smaller book, I would like the weapon shown on the left side of area 4 to be holstered, save with ornate engravings and relief similar to that of the weapon on the right. But like I stated, this is optional.

Any other details i'll simply leave to Artist's discretion.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who takes this humble lurker's request."


I remember seeing the sketches for that piece last night, it turned out friggen amazing.

>> No.38131063

What a fucking douche.

>> No.38131079

Unfortunately that's hard to say, it really depends on the skill of the artists. The better they are the less mistakes they make the less time they take to finish a commission and the better it ends up looking. There are other factors like how detailed the scenery is, lots of machinery or structures that have to be precise and detailed would take a lot more time and focus then drawing something like a gelatinous cube. For the imagine in OP I'd probably have charged between $20-35. I'd advise just finding an artist you like, telling them what you want and seeing what they expect you to pay. If it's too much just go find another artist and do the same thing until you get a better idea of what people want to be paid for the quality you're looking for.

>> No.38131087

>gnolls pretty much fall into beastmen races rather than full blown fapping materials, so they're okay. i've been eyeing that for a while though so, mihht try that out later

OR here, I'd really appreciate that, drawanon.

>> No.38131089

We already covered it anon, thank you. OP realized his mistake.

>> No.38131098

Aw, Lil' Mora from the ES General. More of her would be great.

>> No.38131099

Some time ago i made a request for a god of a pantheon in my setting. It was the Lord of Pain, the Flayed God, who bound the holy book with his own skin. A drawfag said they were doing it, even showed me a WIP, and then vanished and haven't seen that drawfag since. Is there a place where I can find finished drawfaggotry and if not there, could I get another drawfag to draw him if interested?

>> No.38131104


Dude, thank you so much!

>> No.38131117

Morathi as a Daemon Princess of Slaanesh riding a Steed of Slaanesh?

>> No.38131132

If you take commissions, I really liked your work on the OP image, and would LOVE if you knocked my piece out, too..? It was this one >>38129809 if you could give me a rough estimate?

>> No.38131134


>> No.38131155

Got an unusual request:

I need a Driver belt drawn for me. Like the top three, a transformation belt for a Kamen Rider, but instead of Fruit Locks, USBs, or Flip Phones, it uses a 80's style Casette player.

Thanks in advance, if anyone is intersted

>> No.38131162


>> No.38131171

Sure thing.

>> No.38131279

Whatever it is, it's too late now to bitch about it.

>> No.38131323

Sure I'd totally do it for $30 if that works for you. Send me an ask at http://devinhoyt.tumblr.com/ask with your email and when it's done I'll send you a thumbnail of the finished piece along with a request for payment via paypal. Once I get paid I send you the full sized piece and you can request changes.

>> No.38131380

$30 is great, I'll send the request now. The e-mail I include in it is my PayPal e-mail, too.

>> No.38131442

A Heresy-era Alpha Legionaire in Mk V armor and an Iron Warrior in Mk III Iron armor doing a back-to-back badasses action movie poster pose while holding bolters.

Color schemes:
Alpha Legion armor:
with http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Images/Product/AlternativeFW/large/mkv-1.jpg for the helmet.

Boltguns: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Images/Product/DefaultFW/xlarge/tigris-bolters-revised.jpg

>> No.38131469

It won't let me link the image, but the reference is still this >>38129809

Other than that, request deployed!

>> No.38131521

Reposting + 24 hr bump.

Requesting a Snow Elf.

Male, pale asf skin, long, pure white hair, azure blue eyes. Wearing the Ebony Armor (reference picture), save the helmet with fur-lining around the collar of the armor. Dual wielding the sword in the reference picture aswell. Feel free to add war paints as well if you wish.

>> No.38131556

Huh, It's not saying I have any messages. Give me a few minutes to goog- I mean troubleshoot this.

>> No.38131578

That would be easy to make in skyrim itself with some modding or maybe not. Why do you need a drawfriend on it?

>> No.38131611

I put it directly in the link you provided.

If nothing else, my full request is posted right here in the thread >>38129809

>> No.38131628

I already told him the same thing last time.

>> No.38131648

Because I like drawings more than really poorly or overly modded 3d renderings.

I also need a picture over a 3d model for reasons and I don't feel like shelling out $50 for a decent bust.

>> No.38131699

Ok, fuck tumblr. I'll get started on your character now.

>> No.38131723

Great! If you have any questions, just drop them here.

>> No.38131791

Or, to save posts, my e-mail is [email protected]

>> No.38131808

I'm the gnoll OR, I just want to make sure the artist knows that I appreciate the fuck out of this I hope I didn't piss them off fuck

>> No.38131812

Requesting a spooky undead plague doctor with purple tinted lenses and smoke coming out of his beak. Preferably with a bit of a hunch back

Be creative with it

Thank you

>> No.38131926

The inking got a little messy, but I hope that you like the end result.

>> No.38131957

Damn! I'm stealing this for use as a pack leader to harrass my players for a few sessions.

>> No.38131976

OR here, this is awesome! I really appreciate this, thank you so much!

>> No.38132032

Better Morathi.

>> No.38132162

Do you happen to have a scan of the sketch or WIP by any chance? Or is it all by hand?

>> No.38132206

I wish I could say "here's your sketch" like the cool guys, but this took me awfully longer than expected to make.

I hope I didn't go overboard with my interpretation of her clothes.

>> No.38132224

I was about to ask if you were psychic, actually. Thanks, mysterious drawfriend!

>> No.38132230

Inked right over the blueline sketch.

>> No.38132279

Aaaah right, no worries!

>> No.38132305

I'm not the requester, but that's neat. Good job.

>> No.38132474

Requesting a upcoming boss for my group.
It is a tall humanoid about as big as two to three medium sized humans.
It has four eyes and four long arms with two arms coming from the same shoulder.
All its joints are deep green orbs that emit green slime.
It's skin is bright orange and wrinkled.
It wears a wrestlers mask and shorts.
I know I may be asking for a lot but thanks to every one trying his hand at this.

>> No.38132524

We just encountered a pirate that I'd like to get a picture of if possible.
He's an older looking man wearing a sleeveless coat like the one in pic related, open to reveal his ripped upper body. He has a shaved head, an eyepatch and a somewhat crazed look on his face. As oppsed to limbs he has four pegs, starting at his elbows and ankles.
He has smooth silk slacks, much like a monk would wear, along with a sash around his waist.
If you take this up, thank you.

>> No.38132534

i'm curious, what's the name of this beast? wizards messing around with genetics again?

>> No.38132584

can i get a human male
Blond hair blue eye
6'2 tall and built like a linebacker?
Want him in rebel commando clothing like picture on the left or middle. If its the middle can the helmet be off? and carrying a machine gun of some type.

>> No.38132664

It's an alien general for a superhero game.
The particular alien is named general clemon, I haven't really thought about a name for the race since they are part of the galactic hordes.

>> No.38132829

Maybe name them something like Gorran or Harzan? That's just off the top of my head what the image I'm getting in my head makes me think of.

>> No.38132831

>It wears a wrestlers mask and shorts

Gotta know where this is going.

>> No.38132834

Now I want to see something like this, except with a full size vinyl record player.

>> No.38133031

Can I get a version of this with a slightly less retarded looking head? Maybe an elongated beak to fit with the Ravenish style? Or just, less silly out of place looking; the head ruins the style of the monster.

>> No.38133097

I've a request if someone wants to take on something a little odd. Its not exactly the BBEG of my setting, its more of a beast for the mythos of the land, its what the BBEG would want to release if they wanted to just kill everyone.

The beast's true size is immeasurable, spanning forth into the near infinite dark of "her" prison. That which looms in the dim light of of the prison's opening is immense, hundreds of feet in height. Vaguely feminine in shape, the beast seems comprised of millions of corpses; twisted, broken and writhing in agony. Its flesh bloated and festering, tears and bulges with the shattered bones that protrude it with every movement, but almost immediately heals in a more grotesque fashion. A massive mouth of splintered teeth and gnarled bone adorns the main mass of the beast, pouring forth mounds of the thing's very viscera and flesh, which are inevitably consumed by the lesser mouths found throughout. A mass of wiry, matted hair flows from the thing's "head", obscuring its massive dead eyes. This beast existence is pitiful and saddening, as it lives only to consume, to become one with that which it once loved.

This is a little fever dream of mine for the lore of my setting, as such, I've only have my headcanon for its design. As such, Artist's can take what ever liberties they wish with the request, being as grotesque and monstrous as they wish it to be.

The supplied picture is how I imagined the lighting to be, as well as a scale for the main mass of the beast (a person can be seen standing in an area at the lower left)

If anyone wants to take it, have fun with it.

>> No.38133165

He will wrestle them of course, for the galaxy championship belt.

>> No.38133212

>I don't see a person standing anyw-WHOOOOOA

>> No.38133215

I think I will go with gorran, thanks.

>> No.38133389

Reposting this WIP update from the last thread.
I still have to add the gauntlets I forgot.

Also wanted to say that my slowness is what prevented me from doing commissions as it works out to be a low rate of pay.
But if I took a commission, I'd be frelling professional about it.

If scale impresses you, the pointy things at the bottom of this drawing are massive trees.
Which will be more obvious after I polish and color it.

>> No.38133418

Good fucking stuff, you.

>> No.38133497

Thanks, I thought the subject would make a good portfolio piece.

>> No.38133499

Using my 24 hour bump.

>> No.38133510

Using your 24 hour bump? Nigger it's been 3 hours.

>> No.38133526

Since i moved it from the old thread, yeah.

>> No.38133544

It looks ridiculously awesome, I'm sure Horseman will be pleased.

Speaking of horsemen, I have this one that Souz did as well, were any other ones done?

>> No.38133545

...You stole half of that drawing from the pathfinder bestiary.

>> No.38133562

Who the fuck cares? Sit down and shut up and enjoy the homemade artwork.

>> No.38133611

good artist barrow great artist steal

>> No.38133626


Now painting but may hit the hay before it's properly finished.

>> No.38133662

He has no arms and legs? How the heck does he eat?

>> No.38133685

Ohhhhh!! He's HUEG

Holy shit dude, that's some ferocious shit right there, I'm honestly grateful, holy hell

>> No.38133686

It looks very good

Thank you

>> No.38133697

pretty much, i think the person who made the request even posted the image you're talking about. call it, another take on the idea

>> No.38133749

No it's fucking not.

>> No.38133772

I specifically asked thay he use thay image

>> No.38133787

What did you contribute to the thread? Anything that made a requester happy? Or are you just here to shit?

>> No.38133832

Requesting this ugly motherfucker going "my preciousss" over a rapier with a skull shaped basket hilt.

It's a 5e halfling and the trinkets hanging from the buttons on his cape are just random holy symbols.

>> No.38133842

Can I get a picture of a cat smoking an opium pipe real fast?

He used to be a big shot cleric, but flaunted his goddesses teachings too much. Basically showed up when he needed something from her, like a cat would.

>> No.38133953

His mouth
He still has his arms above the elbows, so he can at least hold the bowl while he bends down
or, people feed him. I think he's an epic leveled monk so it doesn't matter fully

>> No.38134162

Any specific kind of cat?

>> No.38134172


>> No.38134230

Just dropping by to say I'm working on it.

>> No.38134265

Oh, nice! I dunno what OR is going for exactly, but that's pretty sweet.

>> No.38134273

>tfw I played a cleric who got turned into a cat thanks to a mirror-mirror fight
>baleful polymorph never works when I use it, but when it's in the DM's hands...
>other players essentially shoved me aside when I tried to get their attention on some matters (namely the party's ranger/barbarian shooting into a crowd to hit one guy, which resulted in my character getting put in a clothes bin that was then weighted down with the wizard's books)
Worst part is that, even though I kept my brain, I couldn't cast spells since I didn't have the wildspell feat. So I was pretty much out of the game aside from clandestinely spying on people. I mean, who suspects a cat at a dock?
Honestly speaking, I got zero respect despite keeping these schmucks alive.

>> No.38134516

Well fuck them.

>> No.38134521

Well, it's a greek god type curse, so whichever you think is appropriate.


>> No.38134561

Would that I could. They were also my only ticket at getting turned back into a human.

>> No.38134719


Overworked and rushed, but it is what it is.

>> No.38134842

Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

Hope OR likes it.

>> No.38134970

OR here

Looks amazing. Thanks a lot guy


>> No.38135283

Jesus Christ
I'll just take my chances with the plague. Really good job man

>> No.38135356


>> No.38135464

requesting Shub-Niggurath as a sassy black woman, with a group of small, chibi-fied sheep-men from katherine around her. I'd also like her to be quoting alexander anderson from the anime "Hellsing ultimate", with the small goat-kids echoing his "AMEN!"

>> No.38135481

Wow, thanks! She looks really nice. It's a bit hard to tell what is torso and what is cloak at first glance, but I figured it out haha. Thanks so much!

I still intend to honor our agreement, as I assume you have already started on her, and I keep my word. Can't wait to see what you've got in store!

>> No.38135616


You have good taste, anon.

>> No.38135647

reguesting a female elf in elfish leather armor with two elfish type swords tanned short jaw length black hair with grey eyes in an idle pose smelling a flower.

>> No.38135670

Anon, what do Elfish swords and armour look like?

>> No.38135696


They look elfish.

>> No.38135697

Tall (over 6'), broad-framed but sinewy, more of a lanky soldier's build than a body builder's. Buzz-cut hair, blonde or orange, with angular Anglo-Saxon features and a strong jaw. Somewhat sallow cheeks as age has started to set in. Eyes a little close-set, set back under a protruding brow. Overall impression is strong but also agile; predatory rather than merely brutish. He wears a black spandex bodysuit that covers him from the neck down when he isn't wearing his power armour. He also carries Hector, his folding axe. Hector would be rather unornamented and functional in appearance: just a folding metal frame attached to a square, perfectly geometrical axe head. Gunmetal Grey with a grip attached to the frame.
His power armor is heavy, with prominent hydraulics, covering his entire body. The head is encased by a tinted, one-way screen embedded in a solid metal helmet. Lots of reinforcement, little ornamentation; extremely functional and durable. He also carries a LMG that continues the theme of unornamented functionality.

>> No.38135711

Did you even try?

>> No.38135880

She's quite pretty. Are you doing color, Pilgrim?

>> No.38136036

Much obliged mate, but no, no colors tonight, that was my warm up exercise of the day, now I must hit some work.

>> No.38136068

The goat thing or the unholy abomination spawn of chaos one?

>> No.38136079

the goat-thing

>> No.38136090

something like this i guess?

>> No.38136102

By Spawn are you referring to a dark young? Cause that's just Shub's kids, not Shub herself. She looks different.

>> No.38136142

Fantastic. Love it so far.

>> No.38136280

Cool, hope you enjoy.

>> No.38136289

Re-posting from yesterdays thread it's been 24 hours give or take.

>> No.38136309

That looks fucking rad, drawfriend.

>> No.38136449

My DM is in love with it. Thank you, sir/ma'am.

>> No.38136485


The raddest shit, man.

>> No.38136566


Thanks guys. I've been in a really big artistic slump for the last couple of years and I'm really having fun with this, so expect to see me around here again.

Signing off for the night, cheers.

>> No.38136616


Night, drawfriend

>> No.38136679

reminds me of mike mike mignola, you should look into pen/ink/india ink stuff since it seems to be your style

>> No.38136799

Big Mignola fan here, so the influence is correctly spotted. Lines were done with a brush and india ink, like >>38131926, though with a bit more restraint. Thanks for the tip, though.

Okay, now I'm really signing off. Good night, drawfriends.

>> No.38137068

You'd probably do a lot better with larger picture references and less walls of text, Anon.

>> No.38137098

I only really need the three references there isn't much else that fits it really. I don't know anything else to add other than descriptions to capture the idea of it...

>> No.38137279

Yup no worries. Ran into a few snags while coming up with the pose but I'm just about to move onto colors. Don't worry this picture is just cropped, it's going to be a full body shot.

>> No.38137409

Very nice, super pleased so far. Did you spot my e-mail above?

>> No.38137486

yup, I'll use it when it's time.

>> No.38137499

Corbett, the tech minded post apoc leader.
A dark skinned woman in her late twenties/early thirties. She's got mid length dreadlocks tied back into a ponytail. She's got numerous grease spots on her. She has welder's goggles either on her forehead or over her determined eyes. She wears a torn and patched old yellow hoodie and jeans in similar condition. Her boots are definitively military as is the pistol and holster at her hip.
If she's going into battle she'll have full riot gear and swapped the pistol for a SMG. Both are patchy, damaged, and ancient but she keeps them in working condition.

>> No.38137516

Excellent. I'll be up for the rest of the night pretty much, so I'll be checking my inbox every so often.

As far as colors, the only specifics I have are dark hair, light skin, and for the chest gear to be a dark tannish (almost earthy tone). Everything else is whatever you think best!

>> No.38137843


>> No.38137858

ver. with black eyes

>> No.38137975

Requesting a "Knight in Shining Armor" style charismatic Paladin leader dude.

Concept based closely on Alistair (Dragon Age). Looks like a young Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson ver).

Race is Silverbrow Human, weapon is a greatclub or kana-bo.

>Basically requesting a golden-armored pretty-boy Nick Fury.

Included a cool kana-bo pic I found, doesn't need to be as ornate but go ahead if you want.

Hair optional. Eyepatch optional. Take greentext concept and run with it. Can elaborate on concept/idea/reasons if asked.

>> No.38138107

Glad you like it. I plan to try to get more done tonight.

I can't imagine why you felt that observation was post worthy

>not homemade
>adjective meaning made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker's own efforts.
1. It was made by the maker's own efforts, so you are wrong.
2. I believe you meant that portion was not an original design, which is both correct and intentional.
3. Stop acting like a shitrooster. This is not the place for such things.

This made me think of both Seamus Levine from Family Guy and Mind Quad from American Dad!.

>> No.38138278

ooh, pretty

>> No.38138722

A little bit, yeah
He's some random idea our GM got. From what I know, he's an epic level monk in a setting where epic leveled characters are rare.
His strategy involves ramming his ship into other pirate ships and beating the shit out of them. After that, he takes some stuff and leaves. his ships rarely survive so he doesn't end up taking things often

>> No.38139049

I'm not OR, and your stuff looks great, but just a bit feminine don't you think?

>> No.38139135

>He is, however, incredibly handsome, in an androgynous, pretty-boy sort of way, his looks bordering on womanly
Pretty spot on I think

>> No.38139211

I missed that, disregard me.

>> No.38139295

Requesting what I can only think of as a Cthulhumancer.

I'm thinking alien, green eyes, long, flowing hair, Skyrim's Miraak-style staff. Male. Drow preferable but I'll take whatever.

>> No.38139398

What's Miraak? How alien? Naked or clothed? What's a Cthulumancer? Answer those questions (preferably with picture references) and you might get the request filled.

>> No.38139474

Don't be so autistic, his request made sense to me.

>> No.38139721


>> No.38139764

I'm not going to lie I just saw "Dragon Age" and "Nick Fury" and started drawing, didn't pay attention to the charisma bit. Woops. Includes normal, scars, and eyepatch modes.

>> No.38139792

Jesus, I'd be happy if I were the OR haha. Looks good drawfriend. Can't wait to see what's next.

>> No.38139856

24 hours, man.

>> No.38139964

Hey guys can anyone draw me ranger getting overpowered by a tribe of kobolds like that one scene from The lost world JP? pic related and can the kobolds be female?

>> No.38140145

So I posted in the deadthread without thinking last night. I'm going to repost cos it's not a bump if the thread was saged.

Ref is in the pic. Thanks in advance.

>> No.38140290



>> No.38140381

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

>> No.38140465

I went more vulture but it looks slightly less retarded now.

>> No.38140474


>> No.38140543

working this one.

>> No.38140608

Good luck. Shit looks intense.

>> No.38140655


Not the OR, but this I like. I can probably use this for something.

>> No.38140680

>tfw Bad Ass is a real enemy in my campaign

I-I'm sorry, g-guys
I won't s-shit p-post anymore

>> No.38140682

Yeah, but I draw battletech shit for fun too...

>> No.38140778 [DELETED] 

Caps lock isn't cruise control for cool

>> No.38141115


>> No.38141121

OR here, looks great either way, charisma isn't always just in physical appearance. are you planning to color it at all?

>> No.38141144

"Oh bird, what would I do without you?"
"Die, probably."

>> No.38141155

The Vampire woman on the right doing the pose of DIO on the left, topless and wearing the same outfit as DIO.

>> No.38141190

Oh fuck this is fucking perfect.

Have my babies, anon.

>> No.38141204

What the hell. That's sick

>> No.38141205

Mistakes at the start made me take a bit longer then I intended so I figured I'd take my time and try to make it look real nice. Here's the Vampire hunter commission done for >>38129809

I really admire your work Radium, just in case I haven't mentioned that before.
These are maga
sweet too.
Maybe some time we should all work on a big /tg/ drawfriend mosaic or something.

>> No.38141258

OR here, don't know if you got my last e-mail or not, but I will definitely be contacting you again in the near future for additional commissions, if you are available! I love the piece you made for me, it is perfect.

>> No.38141272

I was considering it, but I'll scribble out some other anon requests first before fleshing out yours.
Like this one, I fucking love jojo. I'm ON IT

>> No.38141512

No trouble man. Being that I got caught on some pretty stupid spots [spoilers]hands,feet,limb placement[/spoilers] I'll need some time to get myself fresh with some good figure studying. I don't want to dash your hopes but for this same quality I might charge something like $45 next time. I don't want to be hurting my or anyone else commission prices by charging too low. But thems the breaks.

>> No.38141547

oh lawd I messed up my spoiler tag.

>> No.38141590

No worries, it'd be totally worth it, drawfriend. Thanks again.

>> No.38141797

Start of shagodread rex. Taking a few liberties. It's still really rough, but last time I started something like this it was a seven or eight hour project. I need to sleep soon, and don't get to catch many drawthreads thanks to wage slavery, but requester, email me at [email protected] and i'll keep working at it on downtimes.

>> No.38142201

I'm wondering if someone would be willing to help me out with a character I'm working on for a PF game.

The character is a kobold gunslinger, and since we're setting up to go mummy huntin' I wanted to give it a middle-eastern spin. Unfortunately, the internet seems to be strangely lacking in Arabian themed art for a Pistolero kobold.

Pic related is a good idea of what I had in mind.

Thanks in advance if anyone decides to take this on.

>> No.38142408

Requesting a slightly hispanic looking elf for Shadowrun. She should be young, of slight build, no visible augmentation, and something about her doesn't sit right in the shadows-maybe it's her perfect teeth, overall state of cleanliness, or a naive demeanor. In terms of dress, the style looks western punk-a duster with fringe pulled over a vibrant band tee and some torn utilitarian pants and boots, and her black hair is midlength-short enough to spike easily, long enough to be worn a few different ways. Other gear she might have with her would be a massive revolver plus holster, her commlink, and goggles, but she's just as likely to be holding a mic onstage in streetwear. Thanks.

>> No.38142443 [DELETED] 

That sounds like a pretty good character. Is the rifle repeating or black powder? Not a drawfag just asking, I wanted to play a similar character but in the wild frontier of America

>> No.38142675

Don't expect anyone to deliver, but I wouldn't mind seen an interpretation of the villain of the current arc of my campaign based off his loose description: a man of average build, early 30s, with a tattoo on his forehead and a lot of rings on his fingers; traveler, self-proclaimed sorcerer, hedonist, and trickster.

Just a quick sketch or something, no color. I'm just wondering what kind of image comes to mind.

>> No.38142880

i'm flattered! i love your work as well, it reminds me a lot of hellboy.

>> No.38143313

Could I request an astronaut wizard, please?

The suit's slightly futuristic, it's a bit more form-fitting or streamlined, still has a big helmet. He's sort of just floating in space with planets and stars behind him, or just totally black. If the background might be a problem, it's absolutely fine to just leave it out.

The suit looks more like the one on the left, but can I get him in the pose of the dude on the right, glowing energy and all?

>> No.38143418

[jojo rumbling sfx in the distance]
My wrist is killing me, had to stop early with this.

>> No.38143442

and just the lines so you can see something

>> No.38143514

No OR, but that's wryyy-lly good

>> No.38143542


>> No.38143588

Hey I'm looking to request a mashup of a WW1 British soldier and a medieval crusader. It's as if a medieval kingdom suddenly shot up to the technology level of a WW1 nation. I imagine it sort of looking like a guy with a tommy helmet ontop and chainmail coming out from underneath the helmet or somehow built into it. Then a shirt/tunic covered with a top with a red cross on it. He'd be carrying a rifle like in the picture with a sword at his waist. I hope that makes sense.

>> No.38143664

Sounds a bit silly. What's that for?

>> No.38143692

A friends D&D world. It's a very silly world including Furry Nazi's.

>> No.38143780

End Town?

>> No.38143805

>furry nazis

Stealing this.

>> No.38144090

Thanks! I plan on fixing some of the requests up when my hand can function and posting them in the next draw thread. Polite sage for not contributing.

>> No.38144198

>Aaron Marx, gmpc

>> No.38144262

I'm actually the creator of said D&D world directed here by this guy.
He's playing a feudalist crusader nation in a geopolitic RP set up by me. His end goal is to launch a crusade, gas masks, rifles, and barbed wire galore, against the wolf furry nazi menace.
He is by far playing the most interesting and entertaining country I've seen anybody RP, and the game hasn't even begun.
pls deliver, based drawfag
deus vult

>> No.38144502

Can someone please shoop Excuse Me Guy into being the Warhammer Fantasy races please?

>> No.38144521

The base image.

>> No.38144555

excuse me anon, but i did this one yesterday. planning to annoy the board into insanity are we?

>> No.38144611

Crazy von Hasshelm's Warhorse Emperium?

>> No.38144642

Not to intentionally annoy, but I really get the feeling End Times: Archaon is going to leave a LOT of justification for use of them within the same thread. Not as OP's though.

>> No.38144800

not sure what you mean, i based it off a peasant from mount/blade

there is a shitstorm coming for sure. i hope it at least has something amusing like when the skaven dropped a moon on the lizardmen

>> No.38145049

Furry Nazis.

And I wanted to actually take on this one.

>> No.38145140

Lol the ww1-era crusaders are full on purge the mongrel filth gas the furries wear their pelts into battle.

>> No.38145166

Simple, I want a half-orc druid that's a little enlightened, rather peaceful. With a (this will be hard) slightly bulky quarterstaff. (he believes blunt force is a nicer way to die)

around 6'5
peaceful attire
short hair
bit of a beard

>> No.38145559


>> No.38145563

Hey, this was requested a few threads back, but an anon requested a short-haired red-headed chick with a Flamberge. Sorry I didn't get it done quicker!
Dunno if yer around bud, but here you go.

>> No.38145603

They posted this for reference, I should add, in case the requester in question is unsure who's request I am talking about.

>> No.38145656

You got me on this one:

Ladies and Laddies- a private with a halaberd-bayonet.

>> No.38145842

this is perfect
I'm the OR of this guy
I'm pretty sure the scars and their light would be impossible to do in lineart, so this is a fucking 11/10 job, thank you very much

>> No.38146109

Absolutely lazy sketch but:
Some special units - Snipar, Heavy weapons and chem warfare.

>> No.38146149

not requester, but these are great

>> No.38146799

I need a space wanderer, /yg/. A cosmic vagrant who travels from system to system with the solar winds on his back and a twinkle in his eye. He lives and travels in a magic vardo caravan, pulled by his trusty companion Aster the Ursa. I'd like both the vardo and the bear to convey a whimsical feeling, with stardus trailing behind them. For the wanderer, anything is fair game. I'd like the general clothes to be something like the bottom right, with the big scarf with a coat and a hat, but it's not totally neccessary. Another optional inclusion would be a weapon, maybe like a flintlock that shoots comets, or arrows made out of moonbeams. With all regards and the humblest of thanks, just wow me.

>> No.38147069

Looking for a headshot/profile picture of a character.

Character is pic related, a ninja dog. I'm thinking a headshot from the collar up, with intense lighting. If you're in the mood for a MGS5-style thing, I was thinking of
>Over There
>Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark
Also, mouth open/tongue hanging out would be good, too. If you're going to have anything serious, have something funny in it, too.

Much appreciation and gratitude in advance, thanks!

>> No.38147082


>> No.38147237

Sorry, I don't believe I follow?

>> No.38147323

Wicked stuff Radium, thanks a millio!

>> No.38148697

The staff in question is pic related, though I thought including 'Skyrim' would make Miraak an easy reference point.

I'm thinking eyes like the little ones on the picture reference, except maybe in green. That's how alien I mean.

A Cthulhumancer is simply the only way I could think of describing the character. A mage who relies on the sort of magic you'd expect from that mythos. Summoning things from a tentacley abyss.

Wearing at least leggings but I'm less concerned about the clothes rather than the person themselves.

>> No.38149229

Listen here you little shit, you had your request filled for pic related in the thread just before this one.
There's people reposting their requests for the 5th time, and you're asking for a redraw already?
Get the fuck outta here.

>> No.38149332

Not mine, but fits the request.

>> No.38149463

Original requested here, these are great thanks.

Jesus Christ that's awesome, what's it from?

>> No.38149719

Sort of rough, but here you go nonetheless!

>> No.38149770

Filename/image say it's by Michael Kutsche.

>> No.38151020


>> No.38151296


Man, fuck you greedy assholes.

>> No.38151654

Plague Doc scribbler here, some kind of joint draw-friend project sounds like a blast.

>> No.38151659

Bumping request

>> No.38151736


>> No.38151751

I hope you choke on a dragon dildo.

>> No.38151887

Not or but very cool.

>> No.38152377

Can I get a coyote in leather armor, had this guy for a long time he's even put away the leader of a thieves guild. Not a great story behind it but he ran up and tore the left ass cheek off the guy and started a fight that almost got us all killed.
He has the spell call lightning which for some reason gives him an electrical aura.
If you draw this much appreciated.

>> No.38152393

Almost forgot on his armor is his name Ku'Ra

>> No.38153326

Was anything happening with this?

>> No.38154093

I think so too, but what on earth would it be?

>> No.38154225

Would you guys mind to tell me what you think of a pic I've done?

>> No.38154295


Could you post this pic?

>> No.38154555

Could I post what pic? You didn't post anything.

>> No.38154589

Post the pic you want us to critique, ya dingus.

>> No.38154590


>Would you guys mind to tell me what you think of a pic I've done?

The pic you've done. We can't tell you what we think of it if you don't post it.

>> No.38154618

Your pic, you mouth breathing retard.

>> No.38154643


this one

>> No.38154674

Couldn't resist.

>> No.38154704




Could use some improvement.

>> No.38154738

Maybe like a collaborative project based on a single world? Have some Write-fags brew up some world building and have a wiki with entries that any scribbly minded peeps can draw for?

>> No.38155082

There's not a lot to critique at the moment. It looks like you just started drawing or only spent a few minutes on that particular drawing. Keep drawing, that's the only way to get better.

>> No.38155145


I could write some stuff. Anything in particular?

Also, not strictly related, but was any of you in that thread about the Sphinxes and the world in an Ice Age?

>> No.38155174

Ding dong the thread is dead
This faggot thread
the thread is dead!

>> No.38155256

OR here Dayum son thats awesome

>> No.38155262

Is there a new drawthread? I thought I saw one but now I can't find it.

>> No.38155295



>> No.38155327

Thank you.

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