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So, haha, traditional games! Such fun!

Hey guys, do we still discuss counterfeit 40k models in the vein of based chinaman and the like? I just moved and I want to get in on the local 30k scene, but I've lost my list of reputable overseas poison-resin producers. Thanks in advance.

Haha! Pen and paper role playing games! I love Dungeons! (not so keen on dragons though)

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I'm sorry that I know fuck all about what you want to know.

But I like your thread and the way you asked your question. So have a Bump on me!

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Fuck you, dragons are awesome. Dungeons are smelly old things stuffed with goblins and traps!

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This is also something I am interested in as for some reason the email I was provided for zhanchui isn't working. Now with war dream getting busted right before I was going to order from him I'm getting desperate.

Haha just normal discussion going one here, 40k is a fun game, am I right guys? I would never dream of buying a counterfeit model haha

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