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I'm making a fishman race for my setting and I have an idea where different cultures or "ethnicities" of merpeople are based off different kinds of fish.

Problem is, fish are fucking boring.

Any interesting fish that would make a good basis for a culture, /tg/?

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What kind of cultures are interesting to you anon?

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>most of them are women
>the males are weaker than your average slime

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To be honest, I'm fine with just about anything right now. I want a wide array of possibilities for the players. I already got a a kinda sturdy and disciplined warrior culture themed on sharks and some more reclusive tribe-based undersea cave dwellers with a stonefish kind of feel. Just something that'd help give the players a bit to choose between.

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I had giant psychic fish in one SF campaign who had a kind of shoal-based collective consciousness going on.

The party ended up working with a fat catfish banker who had multiple pipes, one in each of his whiskers

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Can't remember their name but there is a fish that is male when it's born and becomes female later in their lives.
Also there's barnacles that can choose their own gender when they find a partner they like.
Those are the most interesting fish I can think of right now.

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1. Sharks are pirate themed orks

2. salmon are an imperial state. Ancient japanese shogunate or ancient roman. Doesn't matter what.

3.Eels are shady scumbags. You can't trust them, they run a thief kingdom.

4. Sea turtles are some wise mofuggers.

that's it from the top of my head.

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Can't remember their name but there is a fish that is male when it's born and becomes female later in their lives.
Also there's barnacles that can choose their own gender when they find a partner they like.
Those are the most interesting fish I can think of right now.

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What's that one fish where the tiny male permanently attaches itself to the huge female during mating?

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So a teegee wet dream? That sure got magical realm fast.

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Not unless you like your everything-but-your-balls melting off.

also I may have sent this response like six times because of connection errors.

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Here are a few good tip for a aqua adventure:

First give the party Water breathing potions.
Second make the mer-race live in a ancient sunken Giant castle.
Third- CRAB PEOPLE, CRAB People! Look like crab, Talk like people.

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Savage and cannibalistic with many large toxic spines.

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probably thinking of Emperor Angelfish.
Many fish have hermaphroditic tendencies though.

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>Eels are shady scumbags. You can't trust them, they run a thief kingdom.
But they are so friendly!

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Clown fish mrefolk - they will change their sex and sexual orientation within a week if their husband or wife gets killed.

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Yep. Matriarchy with males taking care about children.

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Most species of fish that form a school will have a slight electromagnetic sense that lets them know when other nearby fish are turning, so that they too can turn. You might be able to get something out of that.

If you need ideas though, go watch Finding Nemo or play those old Freddi Fish games. They had an eel who was a thug, a squid mafia head, and a manta ray black marketeer.

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Cichlids and clownfish change sexes. That's neat.

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look into crustaceans and octopuses

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>want to run an aquatic campaign
>nervous because Ruto is very entrenched in my magical realm

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One Piece fishmen are a great reference point in general because of the variety of fishmen present. In this picture alone we have:

Wobbegong aka carpet shark, species of sneaky camoflaged filter feeder than clings to the underside of larger marine animals to eat the scraps of their meals. Suitable for a society of stealthy scrappers, lone urban survivors and ninjas.

Hammerhead shark - big breed with a distinctive cephalofoil. Here it's just used for a pun on hammers, marking out practical, stolid workmen and carpenters. Alternatively, one can borrow from Hawaiian mythology, which sees the hammerhead as a positive being and a great protector and warrior.

Cookiecutter shark - little bastard rascal jack russel of the sea, famous for tearing perfect chunks out of creatures far larger than itself and getting away with it. Fitting for a small, aggressive, invasive people that find jobs in enforcement and sting operations.

Great white shark - obvious huge breed of terrible power. Possibly associated with a barbarian doom tribe, or with feared and respected soldiers, gladiators and crime bosses.

Giant squid - Who says fishpeople have to be limited to scaley things? Huge with many long rubbery arms, giant squid are useful to a society for any role that requires coordination of many heavy objects and moving parts, as well as for crowd control police and paramilitary. Giant squidman societies would be isolated as each squid is huge and independent, capable of doing many essential tasks at once.

Not picture here is a blue-ringed octopus man, who would find work as an assassin being one of the most poisonous species in the world, and a gargantuan pufferfishman used for siege warfare and transportation.

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What is this, a photo for crabs?

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>Smaller and weaker males
>Not having the males be absorbed into the females after sex
>Not having it happen to nonanglerfish that fuck the females also
>Not making the females into the succubi of the deep
>Not giving the females stat boosts for everyone they've turned into assfat
>Not giving the males favored class psion/otherwise making it hell only for any nonanglerfish this happens to

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Goblin sharkmen would be super creepy mother fuckers. Even without the grasping jaws they're pallid and flabby bastards.
Perfect libertarians.

I'm kind of at a loss as to what a thresher sharkperson would be. A dominatrix?

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>fish are fucking boring
Go deeper, son.

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>not the dopey dogs of the sea
They even bark for fucks sake.

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All cephalopods are party central.

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Parrotfish are a thing Anon.

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Mimic octopus

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Insular religious race who gravitate towards banking and entertainment professions.

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Does it rub its fins together when planning?

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Oy vey, remember the Shoahl

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... you stupid
I think I'd get kicked out of my group If I was allowed to play a fish man.

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Stupid coy*

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Surely that would be a unicornfish instead of a toucanfish

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Oy gevalt check out the shnauss on that one.

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I think it's barramundi that change gender mid life cycle.

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Clownfish can change gender too IIRC and one kind of fish change gender back and forth according to their pecking order in relation to others in the school since it goes something like Alpha Male > Alpha Female > Beta Male > Beta Female.

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Clownfish live in small groups. The biggest clownfish is the female of the group while the rest are males, though iirc only the largest male will actually mate with the female.

If the female dies, then the next biggest fish will change from being male to female.

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Why did no one ever tell me sharks were so damn adorable ? Why can't I have a sharkbro ?

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You can roll with the Party Shark

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You're going to hate me for this.

In the setting for a Quest thread on this board, Magical Academy Quest, Larro wrote up a species of fish people called Undines. The ethnicities are exactly what you think of, being based on different fish/sea creatures. One so far identified race are jellyfish like blobs that can only really come to the surface while possessing a dead body. There is one anglerfish girl who usually wears a big scarf because she is self conscious of her GIANT FUCKING MAW OF RAZOR TEETH. Other undine include a cephalopod girl with tentacles on her head and an extra set of eyes. Skies the limit...errrr...depth are the limit.

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Behold a Mantis Shrimp girl from said setting.

You know mantis shrimp can punch the water so quickly they create an underwater bullet shockwave?

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If you play one, I guess you'd be a real maneater

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and the Jelly with a fresh corpse...she isn't wearing a hat, that's the actual creature.

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>Why did no one ever tell me sharks were so damn adorable?
Dolphin propaganda keepin da shark down.
>Why can't I have a sharkbro?
>implying you can't

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That's fucking ADORABLE.

Now I want a race of fish people who use sharks as hunting poodles.

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They have a second jaw inside their mouth that they can use to grab things from inside their mouth. This feature is what inspired the xenomorph from aliens.


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Fishmen you say?


Carry on.

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>They have a second jaw inside their mouth that they can use to grab things from inside their mouth. This feature is what inspired the xenomorph from aliens.
You're not making a very strong case

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I didn't mean don't use them, I'm just saying that eel merfolk would freak my shit out.

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Damn straight

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Nah, goliath grouper.

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Rainbow Shrimp.

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>barking shark

I never knew sharks were capable of making vocal noise.

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Apparently they can not only vocalize, but they go "wah!".

Sharks confirmed for a cutest.

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>Apparently they can not only vocalize, but they go "wah!".

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Does that make sharkgirls the doggirls of the sea?

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That man almost just killed that shark.

Also, I'm gonna dump fishmen, followed by merfolk, if that's okay with y'all.

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>fish are fucking boring

Fisherman here.

Get a life you ultrapleb.

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Praise to Umuruk! Mighty is he!

May the Seas run red with the blood of the Unworthy! May their Skulls serve as our Goblets and Houses!

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Thresher sharks are paranoid. They're "large sharks" as far as sharks go; length is determined by measuring from nose to tail, and the thresher shark's prodigious tail is generally as long as its main body. They can reach good size though and are highly prized sport fish.

They are solitary predators and don't like fucking one bit. Seriously. They HATE reproducing. Pretty much any large shark out there has this aversion to mating that's baffling.

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Maybe they're all secretly Neckbeards.

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>That man almost just killed that shark.
You're retarded.

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sharks gotta keep swimming forwards and have water continue goings past their gills, or else they'll suffocate. That's why they don't sleep.

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Sharks can rest for quite a long time and there's even sharks who burrow in the sand and practice ambush tactics.

Don't take everything you learned in the second grade so literally or else you'll just look like a tool.

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You're probably right, but just going out of your way to call someone who's minding his own business a retard without further explanation kinda makes you a bigger tool.

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>acting like you know what you're doing and spreading misinformation
You're retarded.

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Anyone recommend not-fish like anemones?

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At least this retard is contributing to the thread, unlike certain whiny salty john who need to learn to chill and not kvetch too much.

Hey OP, ever though of making a race of Bobbit Worm Men? They could basically be the dickass assasin Goblin-men of the sea.

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First off, you posted a plant. Not even an oceanic plant at that. Plants are not fish.

Secondly, Splatoon has one.

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Well, thats the last of my fishmen.

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And you need to learn to fact check yourself before you fact wreck yourself.

It's also pretty ironic that you're bitching about bitching at contributors when this whole reply chain started because you bitched about a webm that got posted.

>> No.38028783

I just made a single sentance reply, said no more, and started posting as well. I made no efforts to start a fight, and you're acting awfully defensive and thin-skinned. Either you're the poster of the clip, or you're purposely shitposting. Further this whole reply chain happened because you felt "offended" and just had to whine and spew your Vitrol against someone who clearly isn't worth your time considering the lengths you've gone to insult my person.

Just to spite you I've found another fishman picture to post (technically a Bobbitworm, not a fish, but close enough for OP). I've done enough of indulging your baiting and would like to inform you that I will not be replying after this in case you try to get even prissier. come back when you learn how to not post like an angry /v/tard whose venting his frustrations out on anonymous people because he has nothing better to do.


Now then, back to topic. What sort of Culture would Bobbit Worm folk have? I'm guessing that they would have some form of culture that exalts and worships the act of Hunting and Stalking. Maybe in larger fishmen societies they form religious cabals thatalso double as Assassin Guilds much like the Morag Tong from Morrowind.

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>Thick Selkie chick
why boner?

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Aquaria is a videogame that actually had a pretty diverse cast of merfolk species (and aquatic monsters for that matter) and a really weird cosmology to go with it. There was stuff like:

-Literal sealion folk who loved to wage war
-Delicate looking sirenfish that sang rocks into crushing their opponents
-More traditional looking merfolk with fancy cities and castles
-Oceanic dryads who tended to a massive, sprawling kelp forest
-A bunch of weird bulbous looking fuckers who worshiped the sun and built strange contraptions to get ever closer to it

I think I'm missing a few too, but that's most of em. It also had a really cool magic system. It's cheap, too, so I suggest it for anyone who likes ocean games or metroidvanias.

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what a pretty necklace

>> No.38029694

>exp points: worth your time

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because she's warmer than the selkie who isn't thick?

>> No.38029815

That's a regular mermaid, not a selkie.

>> No.38029961

the thick one is warmer and therefore better for cuddles

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>Get this goddamn thing off me, I cannot fucking see goddamn.

>> No.38030014

I'm just saying, mang. The whole joke of the picture is that the chubby selkie is fine in the wintery waters while the slim, buxom mermaid isn't. No need to get so defensive about it.

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not meaning to sound defensive, I'm just not up to task when it comes to identifying various types of merfolk

>> No.38030188

You're probably right. Damn, doesn't she look cozy?

>> No.38030540

It just occurs to me how sufficuently far away from land mermaid may start to thing that things like diving suits are standard fashion on the surface, I wonder how surface dwellers/kingdoms would be depicted by merpeople

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I'm appropriating this for my next setting.

I'd already planned on having a kind of merfolk race in my next campaign. The twist is that they're a kind of Orcafolk known to sailors as the "Water Gods," and they are quite a bit larger than the animal they're derived from. They tend to sink ships unless you offer them something tasty and/or shiny. The bright side is that they're long lived and general dislike the taste of manflesh, and cattle, being an animal that doesn't often dive into the ocean, is something of a delicacy to their people.

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Oy vey.

>> No.38034717

I'm genuinely surprised that nobody has posted sharktits in this thread yet.

Also OP should just rip off One Piece like >>38016027

>> No.38034831

Wasn't there a thread a while back about making musclegirl sharktits into something usable in a setting?
In addition to a fapfic I think that thread produced a weird Imperial Chinese + Amazon barbarians shark people culture

Found it, it was a "take a magical realm and turn it into something usable" thread,

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I remember that, it was fun
Why don't we have more of those?

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One piece fishman always seemed wrong to me, don't know why

>> No.38038612

wikipedia electric fish. Not the overused electric eel, but something weakly electric. it would be like giving them all tremor sense and blind fight. Remember, the deep ocean is dark. Or you could make the electric field be magic like either anti-magic field or maybe suggestion.

And do tell me there are Aboleths in play?

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Source of the image?
what the fuck is that some kind of spider submarine?

>> No.38038848

Thanks for murdering the ecosystem, trawlerscum.

>> No.38038939

>what the fuck is that some kind of spider submarine?
Hermit crab using a battle ship as a shell

>> No.38039013

Holy shit dude, you were wrong. This is all anonymous you don't have to defend wrong things you say just let it go.

>> No.38039057

i believe several fish have that capability i know that clown fish (as in Nemo) can do that

>> No.38039123

Quite a few can. Sheepheads can, and since only the biggest fish turn male, the fact that there's a size limit on fishing them means the population is even more skewed than it should cause literally only males get caught.

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