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So, my group's Explorator has gone full chaotic evil and tries to servitorize every "corpse" (read: anything that's unable to resist, be it living or dead) he comes across. What should I do? Say "Hey, stop that"? Impose some kind of mechanical limitation?

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Is there a reason why the rogue trader missionary starts with a flamer but doesn't have the weapon proficiency flamers and has the worst ballistic skill advancement possible?
Flamers are arguably the most iconic weapon of the ecclesiarchy so why gimp the missionary that way?

On another not; I'm looking for images of non-military humans.

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Well, there are several obstacles you can put in his way.

You could demand a profit factor check since he would need spare parts and tools.

The mechanicus could have a problem with him doing such things.
The ecclesiarchy will certainly have a problem with it.
It will have a negative effect on your dinasty's reputation.
An inquisitor might want to invenstigate this excessive creation of unsanctioned servitors.
He might make a mistake in creating the servitors leaving them partly conscious so they might turn against him and/or the group.

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Missionary starts with Basic Weapon Training (Universal), this should include regular flamers.

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And also they can buy Flame Weapon training (Universal) at the first rank for 500.

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iirc universal basic weapon training specifically excludes flamers

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You are right, I just read the description.

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I'll be figuratively tapping my foot until the hobby/game shop opens. Literally soon enough, what with the caffeine intake and the music having such catchy beats.

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What are interesting build directions for a seneschal?

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A collector of knowledge both common and forbidden in the sector with libraries dedicated to the secrets of the galaxy.

An incredibly regular accountant who has no idea why he is a high ranking officer of a Rogue Trader ship. He's very good with numbers and freaks out in firefights.

A silver tongued explorer who searches the expanses of the galaxy for a variety of artifacts both heretical and non-heretical from any source he can find so long as it is new and intriguing for him.

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Oh, I have no problem with character concepts.
I was talking rule-wise since I'm not very good at making effective characters.

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Charles Foster Ofdensen of Metalocalypse.

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Oh! Well, as far as a Seneschal goes you're not going to be the focus of a firefight. Having some Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill would be good but you don't have to make it a priority since just about all other classes are much better than you at it.

Try to focus more on Intelligence and Perception with a bit of Fellowship. At Rank 1 you'll probably want skills such as Awareness, Barter, Commerce, Evaluate and Inquiry, depending on what your character concept is.

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There are are rules for Aervitor Crew, Servitor Crew is not very good.
If only part of your crew is Servitors moral drops for the fleshy crewmen.
If you transform people to servitors that you don't own that's murder. Murder is a crime.

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If you don't know the show, it's basically a metal group that got so big it's considered 8th economical power in the world. Despite that, the band members can't cook a dinner and constantly get themselves in trouble, often resulting in hundreds of people dying. The fans attending their concerts have to sign a written waiver that they won't sue for eventual damages.
Ofdensen is the band manager and the only sane person around.

Hell, Metalocalypse is probably one of the best models on how to make a grandiose, grimdark, but at the same time tongue in cheek RT campaign.

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Now I'm thinking of the manager from Metalocalypse.

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My char has 38 ballistic skill and I might push it to 48 when I have the exp tp spare.
Other than that I'll put some exp into dodge and agility and try to get a force field as soon as I can.
(In which book can I find force fields by the way?)

I'm mainly focusing on getting information and using it to the group's advantage.

Personality-wise he's calculating but reasonably idealistic.
He's loyal to the emperium but not without reason.
The rest of the group is more or less only loyal to their wallet.

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Servitorisation ain't murder. It does freak out the common man but the fact that servitors retain their shining human souls intact is an important theological component of their usage.

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My gm allowed me to get a servo-skull as my starting aquisition
but what can they actually do?

The description in the corebook didn't really say anything specific.

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It depends what you get on it. Servo skulls can come with, by default, a las-pistol, a multi-tool, or an Auspex. You can also use it to scout ahead of the party and such as they are quite sneaky. Keep in mind, though, their stats are pretty shit so a combat-oriented servo skull isn't going to be that great.

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I understood that much, but can I communicate with it in any way when I'm not a mechanicus?

I'm mostly interested in using it for surveillance/espionage.

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Still looking for non-military human portraits.

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definity bump agility, probably pick up some stealth skills.
get a camo cloak to further up stealth.

Balistic skill can then be a bit lower because being a ninja butler lets you ambuse people after aiming or at close range to up your window of success for attacking people.

I've found agility and fellowship let you do what you are good at being a spy/account.

the trick to being a senschal is never do anything on the enemies term. try to always be dictating how things are going. (Don't fight fair, try and have something on people you are bartering with, know the secrets of the people you employ, make it not worth it for others to attach you)

also the peer talent is your friend.

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Here's what he looks like so far.

Homeworld: Noble Born
Birthright: Savant
Lure of the Void: Duty Bound
Trials and Travails: Calamity
Motivation: Renown
Career: Seneschal

Weapon Skill 25
Ballistic Skill 38
Strength 25
Toughness 30
Agility 40
Intelligence 40
Perception 40
Willpower 40
Fellowship 50

Skills: Literacy, High Gothic, Low Gothic, Logic
Barter, Commerce, Common Lore (Underworld), Deceive, Evaluate, Forbidden Lore (Archeotech)
Inquiry, Traders Cant
Basic Weapon (uni), Pistol (uni)

Awareness, Charm, Dodge, Silent Move, Security

Talents: Armour of Contempt, Air of Authority, Light Sleeper, Nerves of Steel

Traits: Etiquette, Peet (Nobility), Peer (Administratum), Vendetta

Special Skills: Seeker of Lore

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