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Reposting this since the last thread died about half an hour after I finished it.

Chaos companions and Adeptus Sororitas companions for everyone!

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If anyones interested in the Highschool of the Dead, its in the WIP folder. Up for Adoption. Enjoy.

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Haha, time for holy fire.

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Well, even knowing the drawbacks I destroyed the Deadlight, so why not add to the shenanigans?

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> Like the other Mandrakes that many suspect he is the progenitor of he is a master assassin, though Kheradruakh has turned murder into an artform.

That... needs fixing. Somehow.

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Can someone explain this series of jumps to me?
I only saw them posted once or twice and was busy at the time

>> No.37958079

It makes sense to me, but I can see why it might confuse you. A better structure would be.

>Like the other Mandrakes, which many suspect him to be the progenitor of, he is a master assassin, having turned murder into an artform.

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You're stuck in a spacehulk in 40k with your powers gone. You have a simple choice. Smash the deadlight and get your powers back, or leave it intact. Shit escalates from there.

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It's basically one huge gauntlet jump. Each jump follows one after the other, and unless you take a SERIOUSLY bad drawback you lose all your powers. The rewards are pretty incredible, though.

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That does flow a bit better, I'll change it over to that.

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Might have too many commas, but that's just how I do. It shows up in my jumps too. Along with that unintentional rhyme, which happens all the time.

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>mfw we-I mean, I won't need eyes for where I'm going

...well. Lets. Let's see where this bizarre adventure takes us

Tempus Class Frigate. Whoever I'm dealing with, whatever I'm dealing with, it sounds like boarding will be required at some point. And this is the ship for the job

>Skirmish with the Hollow Men (400 CP)

Oh, I'm sorry-you were expecting vulnerable fleshy targets? TOO BAD, IT'S JUST NECRONS. Well, mostly Necrons. Including a Destroyer-I WILL find a way to fit the big lug into one of these transport ships just so's I can shoot down these fuckers with impunity. As for myself, that plasma weapon will be put to good use.

>exit jumper, bonked on the head
>end scene
>enter jumper, sisters of battle, and lewd

I would like to remind everyone I am like 99% Necron at this point, of our own volition. This must be both the most tolerant and also sexually repressed group of sororitas in the galaxy.

I dread to think how much of my mechanical chassis has been lubricated.

I can already see my companions' reactions: Odin is bent over trying to contain his sides, Elodie facepalming, Natasha silently raising an eyebrow, Killer and Kirsty giving me the thumbs up wearing shit-eating grins as Frost, and L-Mo take the oppurtunity to volunteer for assistance in...oiling...and Morathi shamelessly laughing her ass off. That bitch.

>acquired SoB party members

...well, we've come this far. I might as well go all in on this one

>The Carrion Deeps (1400)

>Complications: Kheradruakh, the Decapitator, Wrath's Carrion, Hollow Men (2300)

>Ship upgrades
Fleshmetal (1700)
Star Engine (1500)
Necrodermis (Free)

>Weapons and equipment
Atomizer Cannon (1100)
The Pleican Tome (600)
Black Death (300)
Kakophoni (0)

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This might be a dumb question but where can I find info on harry potter magic?

how does it differ from dresden magic?

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It has a wiki I believe. If you haven't read Harry Potter though I'm really surprised.

>> No.37958241

I have but it was long ago.

>> No.37958242

Yeah, that's definitely a lot better. I found the first version largely incomprehensible, but the restructuring makes sense of it.

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Er. If you got the Light of Terra Upgrade from the Carrion Deeps you only get 200 CP, not 1000 like you have here.

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It has a Wiki, but long story short is that HP magic is the king of Utility.
It has some useful spells for combat, most well known being the Killing Curse. But it's really power is Utility. Enchanting things to warn you of danger, warding areas so people will "remember" something they need to do and walk away, making things bigger on the inside than they are on the outside, etc.

Utility is HP magic's strong suit

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Sweet thanks.

Any way to not die to the curse other than the mother love thing?

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That reminds me
>We are one from Vandread
>Spiritual enhancement from Super Robot Wars
Ladies and Gentlemen, Light of Terra Overdrive

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In Canon? No
You want to dodge it or block it with something big and heavy like a Statue or a Tombstone
A shield might work, but it'll explode into pieces

In Theory, just Theory mind you, you might be able to survive if you have all three of the Dealthy Hallows and are their 'master'.
But you'd need to beat Dumbledore, Malfoy, or Harry at any given point in the story to master the Wand. And god only knows what it takes to master the other two

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WHOOPS misread dropping the necrodermis.

Which uh. New total of 1900 CP so-uh.

[brain problems]

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Ok thanks. Guess I could block with archive shields.

Wonder if it would be blocked by adamantium without breaking it.

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I worked out a while back when Light of Terra part 3 first came out a way to compact the ship down to a mecha. One that can be enhanced by both mecha import options and companion import options, makes for a damn fine machine. All the benefits of your combo, but in a much more space-efficient form.

>> No.37958456

No, needs to be a solid shield
It goes right though magic like it isn't even there.
Magical shield's don't do a damn thing, you want a big piece of metal.

Also you could always use Transfiguration to make something that could get in the way

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Doubt it, magic does damage adamantium, though it likely won't shatter unless the person casting the killing curse is putting a hell of a lot of power into it.

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Who would you rather Pod from MGR Rising: Blade Wolf, or Jetstream Sam?

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It goes through Harry Potter magic like it isn't even there. And Harry Potter magic isn't that powerful. I think a jumper could bring to bear enough magical power to block the Killing Curse. Or just use one of the immunity to instant death effect abilities throughout the chain, laugh as the Killing Curse bounces off you and does nothing.

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I thought archive magic was solid. Ah well whatever.

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Hang on, I thought you could fire the Killing Curse through walls and such. Isn't that the reason why it was Unforgivable, because a miss will just keep going until it kills someone? If you want to block it you need, like, a sack of kittens or something.

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No it's blocked by Dumbledore with stone multiple times. It's unforgivable just because it's instant kill.

>> No.37958601


>Ship upgrades
Fleshmetal (1300)

>Weapons and equipment
Kakophoni (1000)
The Pleican Tome (500)
Black Death (200)

Inferno Rounds (0)

>> No.37958604

No, it's blocked by stone. It's Unforgivable because you have to hate someone to death to use it, which is apparently worse than using some other spell to kill them.

>> No.37958606

Pretty sure Dumbledore blocks it with a conjured slice of stone in the ministry battle, though I can't remember if that's in the books or movies.

>> No.37958619

Books. In the movies Voldemort doesn't use the Killing Curse at all in their fight, oddly.

>> No.37958630

It's unforgivable because all of the unforgiveables need you to Want to and to take pleasure from whatever they do.
You need to Want to kill and to enjoy killing just to cast the damn thing
You need to Want to cause pain, and to enjoy it to cast the cruciatus curse

>> No.37958649

And you need to get off on mind control to use the one everyone forgets the name of.

>> No.37958665

Huh. HPMoR has thoroughly ruined my knowledge of HP canonicity.

In that case, you might be able to block it with Archive Magic, since you can block arrows and such with that. I'd want to test it safely before attempting the trick in combat, though.

>> No.37958696

It's alright, but it has a LOT of issues

>> No.37958700

Huh, would armor stop it? Ive got that set of armor enchanted with reflect from ffta.

Could probably make a cloak of reflect.

>> No.37958705

Sounds more forgivable to me, then. A spell that only kills people if you really want to kill them would be a safe and humane replacement for other magical attacks. No collateral damage, it only kills when you intend it to. And it can't be blocked by magic, too, so you don't have to worry about it rebounding off your target's shield. Used properly, it would be a safe and humane way handle threats.

>> No.37958735

No it will kill anyone, you as a person need to get off on killing people to use it.

>> No.37958766

Right, but you have to intend to kill them. It kills the person you hit, and no one else, and only if you want to kill them. There's still the issue of missing, but otherwise it would have much better safety than cutting or blasting curses.

>> No.37958776

If it was thick enough I don't see why not. Though, once again, it explodes. So shards of metal in your chest.

Yeah, I had the same issue, but I re-read the books. It first comes up when Harry tries to use the Torture Curse on Bellatrix, she tells him you need to WANT it.

But you need to want to kill PEOPLE, not just your target. All three curses require you to be fucking crazy to be capable of casting them in the first place.

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Probably Sam, since Bladewolf finds himself a family of his own eventually

ANWAY how I plan to not immediately die to various factors:

>Wrath's Carrion
At the end of the day, they're men with human frailties. Locating that base is a priority, via good old fashioned scouting. Specific order /not/ to engage; I intend to use the frigate to blast the shit out of their life support systems from the outside in. By boarding if necessary.

>Hollow Men
This will be trickier, without them having a fixed base. Keep the ships moving-away from derelict wrecks. Maintain constant communication; never split up the main party to ensure the ships can cover each other. If boarding needs to occur-this is where the Inferno Rounds, Kakophoni and Necron troops shine. Engaging at a distance is of course preferable.

Well-lit corridors. Constant cross-examination of myself and associates, via in-jokes for the companions, key words for the Sororitas. Again-do not split the party. Keep the Black Death near our person at all times.

Oh, and stick near the Necron Destroyer. After ensuring its detection abilities are buffed as highly as possible.

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How much more dangerous are the worlds closer to the Heathen Star? How dangerous is Blight compared to The Carrion Deeps, for example?

>> No.37958944

Popular consensus is that the only reason the AK is considered an unforgivable is because the Ministry are stupid fucks.

Personally, I find that the Imperius is a lot worse than AK, with the Cruciatus somewhere in between.

>> No.37958946

Might be because of the space hulks that are still around the planet and that it's being saturated by the Heathen star?

>> No.37958957

The closer you get to the Heathen Star the more deadly things are.

The Carrion Deeps are one of the most deadly places in the Galaxy, The Blight is dangerous, but with extreme care you can survive.

>> No.37958972

Not why they're more dangerous, how much more dangerous.

>> No.37958976

I sorta agree, mind control is the most unforgivable while torture follows behind. Killing is just killing.

>> No.37958998

Might be because it is greatly unknown compared to the blight and since it's so close the the Heathen Star.

>> No.37959120

On the other hand, I can see it being useful in a hostage situation. Or else with someone who's standing on the edge of a building about to jump.

Really though, it's not like the AK is a particularly painful way to kill someone. You get hit with it and you just...die.

>> No.37959172

>Do not go to Mt. Zinit unless you want the secret ending
The secret ending doesn't force a lose condition for your chain, does it?

>> No.37959220

Is there any way to take one of the sister's power armor? It seems like that is easier than getting the Spyrer armor.

>> No.37959223

Not this secret ending, no

Mt. Zinit just happens to be the stomping grounds of what can be best described as a very angsty flesh golem whose power threatened that of the gods thanks to the Primordial Dofus it acquired for its waifu. It's called Ogrest

>> No.37959268

plenty of dead space nuns around, you could loot one.

>> No.37959294

Okay, so we can still establish a cult/religion and continue to jump?

>> No.37959298

Light of Terra 2.5 You can (not) retcon
Tempest Class Frigate, seems like it will be the most useful for here.
Skirmish With the Hollow Men (400) Honestly I'd say it would fit better if the Deldar was the one that gives you cp while these guys give you nothing (or maybe split it 100-300) that's more fluff though since it all comes out the same
Sisters of Battle, eh suppose I can't complain too much, frankly I'd prefer the aetheists because they have the more interesting shenanigans
Decay, the Second World (1000), I've got a grudge to settle here.
Kherakurd the Decapitator (free)
Dropping the Reflex shield from my part 3 build (1500)
Stealth Field Generator for the Light (1000)
Yeld Spyrer Armor (300) An ever improving camouflage suit that removes bodily needs, this baby will be seeing a lot of use
Pyroclast Flame Projector (0) This should be immensely useful against Kherakud
Entropic Anomalies (300)
Genestealer infestation (700) Well this will be really annoying to deal with
Counterfire Defense System for the Light (400)
Automated Repair system for the Pre-Emptive Retaliation (0)
As for how this works out, I leave the Archeologist and Priscilla to run the affairs back on the world I'm colonizing. Meanwhile Deathmark, the Tomb Spyder, 20 Necrons, My Nakama and Platoon Guy (and a bunch of guys from the Light) go off on an adventure in search of sweet loot. Frankly Kherakud will probably whittle away at key crew members before going after me personally, the Necrons will hopefully be able to get some hits in and will be serving as a security detail for critical crew members. In the end I managed to purge him with the light of the Emperor (a flamer) though.

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>> No.37959351

>Adeptus Sororitas companions for everyone
Oh sweet, I broke the Deadlight but I can still get some companions I li...


>> No.37959368

>implying they aren't the superior alternative for a jumper

>> No.37959392

Not him, but they're chaos worshippers. They're going into the furnace,

>> No.37959425

they are and they aren't
frankly compared to Cultist-Chan they're a positive influence

>> No.37959467

I... I just wanted some nice, pure spacenuns. Is that too much to ask? I wasn't going to waifu them, or do anything lewd... Just... Spacenuns.

... man. I'm going to go lay down now.

>> No.37959476

The furnace would accept her as well, were it possible.

>> No.37959539 [DELETED] 

So which well known (ex: Red, Wakfu, Toriko, Konatanon) jumper would be most difficult to kill?
For each of you, personally.

Konatanon for example would be relatively easy for anyone because she's not collected a lot of power, but red would be dangerous on the offensive despite having a weak and squishy body.

>> No.37959541

Hey, for the Iji jump, do we replace the titular protagonist? Because that's what the origins seem to imply and I just wanted to make sure.

>> No.37959547 [DELETED] 

Fuck off. Not multiplayer.

>> No.37959557 [DELETED] 

In before twenty or so people go 'NO MULTIPLAYER.

No Multiplayer!

>> No.37959558 [DELETED] 

we're not doing this
you can't make me

>> No.37959565

Iji is so old I'm not sure if the maker is around, but I do believe we're meant to be Iji's replacement.

>> No.37959569

Man, you're really upset by that.

We've had asshurt, we've had ragequits. Have we done sad? Did we make a sad?

>> No.37959571 [DELETED] 
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Multiplayer when?

>> No.37959595 [DELETED] 

But we already have potatoes

>> No.37959604

For the Johnny Test Jump, does the Grounded for Life drawback also lock-up powers and gear you get from the Jump itself, or just outside stuff?

>> No.37959626

Typically it's just stuff from outside the jump.

>> No.37959628

Just outside stuff I believe.

>> No.37959644

Thank you.

>> No.37959666

Kay, thanks for the response. Also I regret not playing the game sooner, I finished it yesterday and it was awesome.

>> No.37959742 [DELETED] 

No Multiplayer

>> No.37959908


Which internal organ most represents you as a jumper?

>> No.37959927

The brain.

>> No.37959932

The liver. It's the place where emotions come from.

>> No.37959945

You've been spending too much time in gritty medieval settings.

>> No.37959954 [DELETED] 
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>Janitors deleting multiplayer posts

>> No.37959964

Hell yeah, motherfucker. Did you go pacifist or violence route?

>> No.37959967

The Mucranoid. Because I can survive in a vacuum.

>> No.37959970

My heart, because it's broken >>37959351

>> No.37959982

The Heart

Wait, I'm not Kubo

I'm not sure which Organ it is

>> No.37960004

The brain because to me being a jumper is about the memories and the feelings acquired through jumping.

>> No.37960009

If you're not sure, I'd go with the pancreas. Nobody else will pick it.

>> No.37960029

The swim bladder.

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Monster Pulse could be a fun jump if it would hurry along. Anyway, stomach.

Go to sleep, Ed.

>> No.37960106

The index finger.

>> No.37960129 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
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>reported for garbage outside of /b/
Someone's fucking mad.
Is this what you do every time someone asks a question you don't like, even once?

And the janitor deletes everything related to it unnecessarily?
What was the point to that?
I'm talking directly to you, janitor.

People usually think you're based, but now you're fucking with threads that don't need it.
Or are you some new faggot cutting in on based janitor's work?
Or did based janitor leave after the IRC leaks and rapeape taking over?
Nobody was starting shit, and it wasn't an issue that required intervention.

Hurry up and delete this before someone sees someone else questioning moderation, god forbid.
RIP in piss, M00T

>> No.37960150 [DELETED] 




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Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Let's see wh-
>read the pdf
>see the Deadlight Broken tidbit


-Ship Type: Sword-Class Frigate (Free) -Ah hell. If we're going into this shit-hole, we need reliability.
-Clear the Hollow Men (+400CP) -Hey hey HEY. GET AWAY FROM THAT SHIP, ASSHOLES.
-Companions: Choir of Lost Voices (Free) -I'm immediately regretting saving that ship.
-Court of the Heathen Star: Oblivion (+800CP) -WELL. A heck of a risk, but minerals and the like are good.
-Kheradruakh, the Decapitator (+0CP) -Oh FUCK THIS GUY. Seriously, to hell with him.
-Wrath's Carrion (+200CP) -By this point I'm just using my bow. This is a mercy killing.
-Hollow Men (+300CP) -Oh for the love o-NOT AGAIN. BATTLE STATIONS.
-Vivisection Gage (1500CP) -Well, nothing wrong with making sure I have the tools for the job!
-Black Death (1200CP) -Well THIS is a curious find indeed!
-The Plecian Tome (700CP) -Oh fuck the hell YES. This is a wonderful treasure.
-Spyrer Armor: Jakara (0CP) -SHIIIIIIIT. This armor. THIS FUCKING ARMOR. Guess what's being studied?
Dice Rolls: -
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Okay, so I won't lie. I've probably got a TON of materials and metals to work with, I'm apparently coming home with some super-sweet finds, and overall combined with this weird cloak made of Delf skin (which I am modifying with a knife and sewing mind you, because it seriously needs to be reworked), one would think I should be happy, right? I mean I dice rolled for my chances due to uncertainty and it worked, so it's a good thing?

WRONG. I've got five ex-Chaos nuns who all are obscenely modded, hellaciously quirky, and violent atheists to the point where they shoot anything that looks like a god. Put into a room with Cultist-chan who's constantly saying "FHOR KAY-OHSS!" and a 12+ foot demon amazon who's delved HARD into magic and loves studying the concept of gods. And they all apparently have a thing for me, and all get jealous.


Fuck my life.

>> No.37960176

This is what you get for breaking the Deadlight Red now you have five kinky Sisters that might have fallen for you.

>> No.37960188
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None, I plan to evolve to the point where I only require my consciousness/soul to survive, and I can freely lave and shape my body as I desire.

Violent first, then pacifist, I also managed to figure out how to save Dan. In total I spent 9 hours playing through everything!

>> No.37960206

Pffft. Go ahead and guess.

>> No.37960210

That ord looks like a celestial clown nose.

>> No.37960266

I advise cleansing fire.

>> No.37960285

>Not wanting 5 Atheist chaos chicks after you
It's like you don't want shenanigans.

>> No.37960290

>Sparing genocidal xeno scum.

>> No.37960296
File: 59 KB, 550x729, Cultist-chan04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...aaand you don't into Companions, so they're like, your only Companions, aren't they?

Wow, that's truly epic amounts of screw you.

>> No.37960315

Pituitary gland?

>> No.37960320

Man, wouldn't that mean that you could Prevent the Komato from ever coming to Earth?

>> No.37960333

Yeah, except for the fact that I get called a god with some frequency, I put up shrines to myself in new worlds, and... yeah, its just not going to end well.

I just wanted spacenuns!

>> No.37960339
File: 174 KB, 564x432, 1262580730832.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The whole damn thing was a surprise! I didn't know they were on the ship, I didn't want this! With Cultist-Chan there and everything else, I've got a situation that is literally WORSE THAN TENCHI. Even more so when I get past part 3 and Cultist-Chan gets upgraded and I rename her to get her away from Chaos.

Seriously. This whole thing is a nightmarish sitcom waiting to happen, and there is so many issues I cannot even begin to describe them. The demon they're going after doesn't even have a sex drive, WHY IS THIS A THING.

Pic unrelated.

>> No.37960360

think of them as works in progress
me, I've got Civ right after this, a few millenia should be enough time to get them in a relatively functional state

>> No.37960378

No, the stomach. That counts right? If not then then the tongue.

If neither of those count then I probably needed to have paid more attention in biology.

>> No.37960404

Honestly, for as heartbroken as I am about no spacenuns I have to admit your situation is hilarious.

>> No.37960438

Stomach is an organ, yeah. A horrible one full of deadly acid.

>> No.37960494

Don't call it a grave, this is the future you chose Red.

>> No.37960503

>Not getting the whole message of the game.

Not unless you can stop the Tasen from sending their fake transmission, because once they do, the Komato will arrive no matter what.

Also I'm really pissed that the creator decided we should just replace Iji, she was totally waifu tier and I would've loved to go through the jump with her.

>> No.37960506

S2 organ.

>> No.37960509

Honestly, Red? You can just kill 'em.

>> No.37960534

Message be damned, those aliens exterminated mankind. No mercy. No forgiveness. No peace. Nothing but revenge.

>> No.37960542

But doesn't the fake transmission totally work, until Iji botches it and sends another one? Its been a while, but I was pretty sure that's how it went.

>> No.37960595
File: 107 KB, 459x356, 1271464935505.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Yes it is. The only 'companion' I had before this was a trustworthy and understanding Clank who understood me. Now suddenly it's six clearly-altered women, five of them who are violent atheists and one who's super-religious. All of them are jealous, all of them are clingy. Each one a psychotic nutjob of a varying flavor.

This is NOT a good thing.

I'm honestly not sure if it can even be called that. WH40k folks can be pretty damn determined.

It's fucking irony is what it is, due to the description above.

>Honestly, Red? You can just kill 'em.
I'm not sure how to feel about this.

>> No.37960628

Think about it. They're crazy cultists. Nobody misses them, nobody cares about them. You're doing the world a favor and with no real reason to feel morally unjustified.

>> No.37960674

>I'm honestly not sure if it can even be called that. WH40k folks can be pretty damn determined.
Yeah, for as well as they're written, funny flavor text and all, I don't know how redeemable they are if you're not willing to engage in mindrape or reprogramming.

I'm not a fan of those two things, so I don't know what to do about them.

>> No.37960727

The Komato general knew the transmission was fake because the Tasen mentioned a planetary scanning system, something that the Komato made up as propaganda. He didn't invade at first because he was tired of all the genocide.
If you have a high kill count then Iji sends the signal that causes them to invade. If you have a low kill count, Iji rfuses to send the signal, but Iosa (The invincible Komato warrior and 2nd in command.) convinces the general to invade anyway, because he won't be able to explain his decision to high command.

>> No.37960760

Oh damn. I didn't actually do a full pacifist run, so it never occurred to me that's what might've happened.

>> No.37960944

Oh look, we're being punished for destroying the Deadlight again.

I love these jumps, but fucking hell do they piss me off.

>> No.37960988
File: 1020 KB, 500x281, know that feel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friggin' Chaos, man.

I don't actually know that feel, though.

>> No.37961065

So Jumpers. What are your favorite jump combos? Like what do you take from one jump for the sole purpose of using in another jump? Or what abilities do you find play off each other well (not including stacking) ?

>> No.37961083

>I love these jumps, but fucking hell do they piss me off.
I don't know about the punished part, but I can agree with the above.

I smashed the Deadlight based off of what B5 said: narrative overlay. So every time one of these comes out, I have to fight the urge to metagame and redo my jumps. Undo the smashing of the Deadlight. I don't like metagaming, so I don't do it. But still, it does irritate me that I got stuck on a Chaos path.

>> No.37961151
File: 144 KB, 1280x1024, chaos_space_marines-1466305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So... you're unwilling to kill them, since they apparently like you. But they don't respect your boundaries, or personal space, and are clingy and physical, and they want to do lewd things without much concern for civilized concepts like 'consent'.


If I had a bunch of borderline-rapist not-chaos cultists infatuated with me, and diplomatic attempts to resolve the situation failed, the next step is Befriending with extreme prejudice, and if that failed, I'd probably leave them behind somewhere in disgust. Possibly after resorting to Moral Manipulation to impose upon them proper consciences, depending on how much they un-impressed me with their conduct, and the need to violate their rights to preserve those of others.

Not sure if any of that helps, but this seems to be a "brought upon yourself" problem; Companions are optional, and there's no reason they need to stay with you beyond the jump. If it's really THAT much of a problem, you don't need to live with it for any longer than your time in 40k.

>> No.37961215
File: 17 KB, 500x312, 3982hq9ncnu9mcai9fsgn99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Combining my Xenomorph hive from the still WIP AVP jump with Zergs from Starcraft to create Zergomorphs.

>> No.37961227

Don't forget your tyranids.

>> No.37961277

Don't forget any flood or perhaps gourmet cells so they taste delicious too.

>> No.37961348

Ehh. Are you advocating for non consentual telepathic rewiring? That's always just creeped me out.

>> No.37961351

NO, fuck the Tyranids! I read up on those things and they're like the biblical locust on steroids!

In fact, I've come up with a good threshold system to compare them all. If you want to take over an area, send in the Xenomorphs. if you want to take over some planets, send in the Zerg.

If you want to wipe out all life in the universe, send in the tyranids and run like hell.

>> No.37961512

But the Zerg are literally Blizzard's not-Tyranids.

Starcraft was originally supposed to be a 40K game.

>> No.37961785

The Tyranids are also completely uncontrollable unless you're the hivemind. And I was one of the people who decided to smash the deadlight in Light of Terra, so I can't get any of the benefits from the Tyranid companion unless I cheat.

>> No.37961817

No you've got that wrong. Warcraft was originally a warhammer game. Zerg are different from Tyranids, early Tyranids were not the same as zerg. The art styles may have influenced each other, but over all starcraft was not Warhammer 40k.

>> No.37961823

>I can't get any of the benefits from the Tyranid companion unless I cheat.
If there's a jump I'd cheat on, its LoT.

>> No.37961845


It makes enemies significantly stronger, poisons them until they reach 1HP, and turns them against their own side until they get hit by someone.

>> No.37961858

Whelp. Once again, Babylon 5 Anon has created a masterpiece. Heartbroken Jumpers and rage-tears abound.

Well played, B5 Anon. Well played indeed.

>> No.37961915

Seriously, I can't be the only one struggling not to metagame this. I understand, now, that it's a CYOA with branching choices. But am I the only one who wants to go back and rejump it? I hate save scumming, but fuck if this jump doesn't make me want to do it.

>> No.37961931

So... I just finished reading over Heathen Trail.

>tfw didn't break deadlight
>tfw this fucking chain turned into Tenchi at five separate points without my meaning it.

>and now with the Sisters, it just got crazier.

God dammit I was NOT going for a Harem run, Babs.

>> No.37961967

His jumps are good, they inspire tons of discussion. The controversy is mostly overblown and not really angry though, it's just part of the discussion. Overall I think it's lighthearted.
Meh, only thing that kinda makes me want to restart is the fortress of arrogance. I don't consider Toby a big loss. I'm fine with my decision.

'Sides you have Commoragh, there's probably a captured sister to buy there.

>> No.37961988
File: 21 KB, 300x338, Moral_Mnipulation_Machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Befriending is similar in general, and I'm willing to Befriend more or less indiscriminately, since it makes people more Good-aligned.

As such, I will outright brainwash people for a Good cause, generally as an alternative to execution. Imposing a conscience with my knockoff of the Moral Manipulation Machine effectively makes someone into a Good person, and that's better than leaving a corpse. If circumstances permit, I'll offer the choice of the MMM over conventional justice (and resulting imprisonment/execution), but sometimes it's just too useful to suborn the BBEG and thereby thwart the plot.

I view the involuntary use of this power to be only slightly better than an execution, though. After I developed this power, I thought about it for awhile, and concluded that I'd only use it in cases where I'd otherwise actually have to kill the individual in question, and not just because, say, they're a sociopath and could use a shot of morality.

It's definitely worth thinking hard about, since the fact that I have this power makes me more willing to 'kill', since they're not really 'dead' afterwards. I've got my companions to keep me honest, though, and the other two original magical girls each have veto power over the use of the thing. I've occasionally been tempted to distribute copies of my MMM to existing prison systems as a capital punishment alternative, but I've been convinced each time that negative knock-on effects would outweigh the benefits.

>> No.37962016

>Overall I think it's lighthearted.
>implying that the loss of spacenuns won't cause me to go back to drinking
Motherfucker, don't push me.

>Sides you have Commoragh, there's probably a captured sister to buy there.
Reading through it and based off of discussion here, I thought that Commoragh was a trap jump for anyone not full edgelord. I'd be all about jail breaking a Sister or three, but I just don't know how survivable that place is for my build.

>> No.37962064

I get the arguments behind the death of personality, but they still creep me out beyond the telling. I don't know why it feels more moral to just off someone, as opposed to rewrite them, I just know that it does.

>> No.37962067

Well, mostly you have to be fine with torture unless/until you get your hands on a soul stone. That's the hard part. Me? I rolled that one splinted city that was in the warp. It's dangerous, but if you buy that location or roll it, you get a free soul stone. With a little discipline, you won't have to torture anyone since it prevents Slaanesh from eating you on its own. You just have to get out of the warp.

>> No.37962103

>get your hands on a soul stone
Can you purchase one or do you have to "find it" in jump?

>> No.37962131

Find it. Only way to get one in Commoragh proper that hasn't been corrupted into a weapon is by rolling that location I told you about. You'd have to leave and hope to convince some regular Eldar to take you in, or try and raid a former Eldar world in the warp.

>> No.37962133

find it most likely Eldars would let an entire sector die to save those soul stones.

>> No.37962239

The jump maker DID say you can choose not to go to Commorragh as a Dark Eldar, just as yourself. The only issue is you'd have people trying to go after you to torture you.

But I'm pretty sure anyone who does that has a battle plan for dealing with it.

>> No.37962258

Ah, in that case yeah. He needs a way to get out mainly, the sneaking in and grabbing some captured sisters part is, relatively, the easy part.

>> No.37962264

Fair enough.

I lean towards preference utilitarianism, so modifying someone against their wishes in such a way as to prevent them from wanting the things they want is basically worse than rape.

But... the resulting individual is also a person with their own wants and desires, and the kicker is they usually thank me for doing it to them; they're glad to no longer be the kind of person they were and to want the things they now want. And the net results, in terms of preferences fulfilled, are positive, since they'd have been dead otherwise, but are instead upstanding moral citizens, or possibly even heroes.

And, again: utilitarianism. The ends really do justify the means, if you've done all the math, including accounting for knock-on effects (which many naive utilitarians fail to do).

>> No.37962349

I think I've got the high ground over you, because at least when I manipulate people's minds, I don't honey coat it.

>> No.37962377

And therein lies our issue, I think. I've never been a fan of Mill or his various spin-offs. I'm more of a Pragmatist with a healthy does of virtue ethics.

Always interesting to read something from another perspective. I wonder if there are any deontological jumpers?

>> No.37962413

Do you guys think, if I can already fly really fast, that it's worth it to buy the ability to run really fast? Are there many situations where it wouldn't be feasible to just hover a quarter of an inch off the ground when I need super-speed?

>> No.37962438

>But I'm pretty sure anyone who does that has a battle plan for dealing with it.
I have been tempted to go to out and out war with Commorragh. My build isn't optimized for direct action and conflict, but I've put enough of that in there to make it interesting.

The only issue, as I can see, is dealing with Slaanesh herself. At some point in time, if your campaign is successful, wouldn't she try to intervene personally? That's not a fight I could win.

>> No.37962442

When you need to maneuver underground.

Traction is useful.

On that note, do we have anything besides One Piece that improves swim speed?

>> No.37962448

Better off not even hovering a quarter inch off the ground if going that speed. A lot of potential obstacles.

Shit if you got flight, better off just not worrying about land speed.

>> No.37962449

Rough terrain, high gravity?

>> No.37962484

Slaanesh is not the patron of the Dark Eldar. They hate and fear her more than anything else. If anything Slaanesh is happy you're slaughtering them, because dead Deldar go into her mouth.

>> No.37962513

Carribean had a swim perk didn't it?

>> No.37962561

Related question to this: What jumps give you perks that let you function at high speeds? Is it too much of a fanwank to say that super speed perks come with the reaction time needed to use it effectively?

>> No.37962569

Huh. So no gods to fight there? That changes things.

>> No.37962584

Unless stated, reflexes to match are probably the intent. I do know of a few jumps that give you speed without the reflexes on purpose, though.

>> No.37962607

You have to fight the oldest beings in the setting that aren't gods, but yeah, pretty much. Nobody wants the Deldar alive.

>> No.37962634

>You have to fight the oldest beings in the setting that aren't gods, but yeah, pretty much. Nobody wants the Deldar alive.
How old are they? Care to throw some knowledge my way, or point me at a solid wiki?

>> No.37962701

Older than 10,000 years, some of them. A few of them, including their leader, were alive during the old Eldar Empire, before their fall and the birth of Slaanesh. That would put them during the Dark Age of Technology and before the ascension of the Emperor to his leadership of mankind.

>> No.37962879

I think it was only said in irc but no I don't think we do. Though I think J.B.'s reply was more along the lines of whatever you want, fanwank it.

>> No.37962971

This is what B5 has driven me to, planning an assault on spess Gomorrah to rescue space nuns.

Damnit, I'm going to need more fluffy.

>> No.37962995

I've got a question about the Evangelion jump that I'd appreciate if anyone could answer: If I import a companion as an Evangelion, does their Eva form keep their abilities or do they just wind up as a control interface like Yui is? Because with the new Light of Terra offering more options for customization of the ship, I'm revisiting my "use Kantai Collection, Transformers and Macross to turn the Light of Terra into a super robot" plan. And it occurs to me that making it an Evangelion would be a nice and simple way to install the mind-machine interface I've been trying to put into it. Plus, the current Light of Terra-bot is only 15 meters tall, and Super Robot Wars has conditioned me to believe that all the coolest mecha are at least 40 meters tall. So turning it into an Eva would be really nice for my purposes. Would it keep its abilities, or just become a standard Evangelion?

>> No.37963043
File: 1.98 MB, 500x207, biggerboat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Damnit, I'm going to need more fluffy.
Among other things.

>> No.37963086

I don't think you want to put them in an Eva. Being an Eva is constant torture and suffering.

>> No.37963135

No, it's cool, I edited their brain to not feel suffering anymore. It's one of the perks in Banjo-Kazooie that's free for companion imports. They'll be fine.

>> No.37963138

Huh. So if you don't take Dark Eldar Physiology or Power From Pain, do you side-step the Slaanesh soul-draining issue?

>> No.37963152

Not the jumpmaker, but based on the description it sounds, to me, like it puts their soul inside an Eva which they can eventually climb in and out of, instead of giving them it as an alternate form.

It's kind of a shame too, since a direct hit from the Nova Cannon sounds like one of those things that are powerful enough to smash through AT fields. Horrible collateral damage would result, but eh.

>> No.37963158

If you're not a Dark Eldar Slaanesh doesn't have a claim on your soul.

>> No.37963162

Not to be weird, but Corromagh is a little advanced for even a late game jumper. There are billions, if not trillions of Dark Eldar living in Commorragh. Some of the cabal leaders are really smart like Vect. Other Dark Eldar are insane scientists or ancient warriors including one corrupted Eldar Phoenix Lord.

>> No.37963192

Yeah, that was my thinking, too. Plus the fact that my Light of Terra has the Dome of Crystal Seers upgrade means that I'd be immune to Angel mindfuckery. It would have made things so much easier.

>> No.37963223

I know it's a bad idea, and I'm probably not going to do it. Probably. But I'm just gaming out how I would do it if I did. Again, I'm kinda on tilt right now due to the LoT DLC.

So, has anyone tried to daisy chain a bunch of Orgel of Origins? No reason, just curious.

>> No.37963231

Daisy chaining music boxes?

>> No.37963232
File: 461 KB, 521x888, 1422682556907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thread Question,

What's the worst thing you've transformed your companions into? Also, this is now my thread question image.

>> No.37963254

Music boxes of infinite energy, but yeah. Music boxes. I wanna daisy chain them.

>> No.37963255


>> No.37963266

Well, if you look a few posts up you'll see that I plan on turning one of my companions into an Evangelion, that's pretty awful. Even though I've given them the mental fortitude perks they'd need to not be traumatized by the experience, it's still kind of monstrous.

>> No.37963369

Well I haven't transformed my companions much. So the worst things I have transformed them into would be the non sword companions, transforming into swords in Soul Eater, and the use of Killing Bites to turn my Gyarados into a Dimachaeron(a type of tyranid) hybrid.

Oh wait I also turned Hooligan Tuesday into a high elf in warhammer fantasy. That was kind of fucked up, but I had already turned her into a demigod child of Hephaestus, so I think after becoming a demigod she would view becoming a high elf as less important.

>> No.37963384
File: 489 KB, 300x173, ivanova.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37963471

>Hooligan Tuesday

>> No.37963491

Are you saying you actually turned all your companions into various swords? If so, that's really fuckin' cool.

>> No.37963515

Or, yanno, incredibly horrifying. One or the other.

>> No.37963535

It's Soul Eater that he got the weapon forms from, so they can turn back whenever they want. So not that horrifying.

>> No.37963609

Eh demon weapons in Soul Eater, they aren't swords so much as they can transform into swords at will. Also all of them but one that did the free Meister thing with as well as Gyarados and Aegislash are chainswords, Gyarados being a big zweihander Aegislash having a custom form most like their pokemon form, so they are both sword and shield. I don't know how to actually turn any of them into actual regular swords though I doubt the Aegislash would mind, nor would my Guide from Legend of Zelda, who is bound to a sword just like Fi.

>> No.37963768


Get out there and vote, jumpers.

>> No.37963818

If you mean change your build, do whatever, but also shut up about your space nuns, you lecherous wench. Though if you mean to take the light of terra again, then that's a bit much but I don't care, also shut up about your space nuns you lascivious whore.

>> No.37964010

I agree with >>37963818

Changing your build is fine, shit I've gone back and changed builds before, it's especially OK when the jump up-dates

But jumping it again? That's just being a cheater unless you seriously fanwank the Return function of your Warehouse

>> No.37964028

Mount and Blade: Warband jump here.

As per usual post builds, comments and suggestions. I actually read through it this time so if there's any actual errors I'm just an idiot.

>> No.37964047

Thank you Cats. This is the best thing i've ever seen this month.

>> No.37964067

He's effectively asking if he can change his build so he can choose not break the deadlight.
>No mention of how being a woman is basically hard mode.

>> No.37964069
File: 501 KB, 290x163, dcc.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.37964092

Does Envy effect companions?

>> No.37964152

There's a drawback on it.

Yeah. They'd probably feel bad about it though.

>> No.37964153 [SPOILER] 
File: 313 KB, 542x248, 1423544558686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.37964189

That pic was funny and topical the first time. Now its kinda tired.

You Tried/10

>> No.37964195

God, it's like every other thread.

>> No.37964231

Yes but usually it's posted after people talk about their escapist fantasies to kill a young child who is against their escapist fantasies.

>> No.37964238
File: 977 KB, 900x1125, deep_sea_mermaid_by_moni158-d36umcx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, who wouldn't, given this chance?

Personally I don't see myself lasting too much longer in reality. I'll make it to, what, 35 tops before something bumps me off?

>> No.37964246


>> No.37964258

>Waah waah why don't people let someone kill them?
You're as tired as that image.

>> No.37964259

You forgot the daaaarksiiiiide part.

>> No.37964278

I'm just saying that that is a rather common topic, and it usually comes before the image.

>> No.37964287



>> No.37964340

Would it be possible to get a mod perk? Something to add in Floris, Brytenwalda or some other mod's unique features?

>> No.37964490

Not really. I get why you want it though, haven't played vanilla myself for ages.

There's just a power discrepancy there. There's better equipment in nearly every mod and there's even magic in a fair few of them. There's Star Wars and LOTR ones as well.

I guess Calradia as a real place probably works a bit more like Floris anyway.

>> No.37964525

I asked about that when it was first announced. But as I was told, too much power discrepancy.

If it was ever allowed It would probably specify specific mods.

>> No.37964593

That's unfortunate, Was hoping to bring Floris & Odval along with me on my adventures.

That said >>37964525 has a good idea if you ever decide to add it in. Specific mods and all that.

>> No.37964636

Due to an incident the Rvb jump is currently on hold, i should be able to post it tomorrow but i cannot work on it or do anything with it tonight because my laptop will not stay on past 2 seconds.

>> No.37964644

Laptops are pretty unreliable.

>> No.37964700

I turned a computer into a human. Think of how limiting that must be.

I think I also turned one of them into a Filthy Assistant. Possibly all of them, but only one was purchased.

>> No.37964705

Specially with milk all up in them.

>> No.37964751
File: 162 KB, 409x518, cestree_too_lewd_by_redlife-d66tfqg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.37964759


I remember the time I accidentally spilled orange soda on my family's computer.

>> No.37964936 [DELETED] 

I turned my Mobox into a fleshy human. Aside from that, not to much. I try to keep my companions as human as a bunch of Pokemon, an AI, an Inukami, a Spirit of Intellect, and a Motherbox can be. The Only one who was human originally was the queen from LLTQ... I'm forcing my humanity on others. huh

>> No.37965191

So do I. I'm still disappointed in you son.

>> No.37965221

That got a good laugh. Well done, that got a good laugh.

>> No.37965235

I should go.

>> No.37965309
File: 27 KB, 500x281, i-should-go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not posting requisite picture
I am disappointed son.

>> No.37965342

On phone
Knew someone would do it.

>> No.37965375

Well, I aim to please.

>> No.37965445

It's all fun and games thinking about it online but if you ended up actually doing the jumps do you think you would do it differently? Going less murderhobo?

I'd become more of a powergaming fuck since it's my life on the line, everyone on my team would be kryptonian, martian speedforce users.

>> No.37965458

I am please.

>> No.37965482

Nah, I already build for caution early on, like there was a real risk. I definitely keep that in mind.

>> No.37965493

Im well aware that im going to go through an emo phase some time after instart killing and before i have the mental heath perks to deal with it

>> No.37965499
File: 1.78 MB, 2000x2200, World killer minion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I one-up you with a Xeno-cryssalisk. They launch acid coated spikes that burrow into a host and spawn more of themselves.

I'm going to use them to cleans Mars of Johj.

>> No.37965500

Nah, I game it out as though my jumper is me. I make the choices I would make given the rules of /jc/.

>> No.37965521

Isn't the victory condition that Mars is colonizable? How colonizable is a planet of super Xenos?

>> No.37965531

My your double dubs I dub thee: based.

>> No.37965568

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say that it is already colonized. Also it has to be terraformable not colonizable.

>> No.37965571
File: 19 KB, 467x346, 879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do what I did- get wind as your element in the Spyro jump (it lets you fly at Mach 2), then combine it with DC's super-speed perk (800 mph running) Congradulations, you can now run faster than an SR-71.

Imagine what a running drop-kick delivered at that speed would do. Hell, add in Envy's weight (one tonne), and you can wreck people's day just by bull-rushing them.

>> No.37965577

Add in a kill-switch to them

>> No.37965612
File: 79 KB, 640x400, Planet Cracker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a tentative plan to fit one to a drill-missile for planet cracking purposes. Overload it at or near the core and pop the planet like a watermelon.

>> No.37965630

God damn it, I just got the references in the names and character traits of the Sisters of Battle companions. Well, good thing I was already keeping the Deadlight intact, because having realized this I would feel bad if I didn't get them as companions. Though I have to ask? Why no Serene sister?

>> No.37965641

Wait, what references?

>> No.37965645
File: 107 KB, 640x480, 1394218501057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Time for medieval!

-Background: Drop-In (Free) -Strange! Very strange world.
-Feastmaster (950CP) -You can never go wrong with cooking!
-Looting (650CP) -Waste not, want not.
-Strength (Free) -FIT. FIIIIT.
-Power Draw (550CP) -More bow accuracy? Yes.
-Agility (450CP) (Discount) -Faster faster faster!
-Intelligence (150CP) (Discount) -Faster thought process! I'm for this.
-Bread (0CP) -Tons of bread! Yes!
-Butter (-150CP) -Oh. My. Gods. Yes.
-Spices (-300CP) -And flavors! So many flavors.
-Lady (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Reyvadin, 18 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So I'm in a world which things are curious! But for whatever reason they look at my tits and go "HA! Ye fair lady shant torment herself with the glimmer of a blade! Remove thyself and retreat to the cooking pots so thou doesn't besmirch thyself!

Considering the things I've done? And that this is Jump No. 272? Big mistake.

I won't lie, this is probably going to end with being called a witch, running off and establishing my own dark kingdom. Pic related.

See >>37965500, I try to make my decisions as if it were me being actually there. It's the reason why I keep to a strict moral code and try not to get in over my head unless I think I can handle it by then.

>> No.37965658

It's a reference to Riviera- The Promised Land, most specifically the Something Awful LP of it.

>> No.37965665

They're the female characters from the game Riviera: The Promised Land. And the jokes in their introduction are very similar to ones used in the Something Awful LP of it. (http://lparchive.org/Riviera-The-Promised-Land/). The only one missing is Serene.

>> No.37965680
File: 923 KB, 2560x1440, Army-knights-medieval-1440x2560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled 20
Squire - Closes to a noble option, and helps me be a battlefield commander.
Rolled Choose Sargoth (or maybe Shariz) - My two favorite factions, Norsemen are cool and the sultan is a decent guy, plus mamalukes. Hard to decide.
Riding (Free) - Mandatory and appreciated.
Right to Rule (600) - Hahaha, this one is incredibly useful. Mostly I want it so I can unite Calradia without having to marry someone with a claim or work out some other complicated deception, but it'll continue to be useful.
Power Strike (Free) - Weak spot vision? Not bad.
Tactics (100) - Going to make this an early jump, so this will be useful too.
Weapon Mastery (200) - Why not? I don't use weapons much past this early, but I guess it helps to be able to use them.
Leadership (300) - Can always use a leadership boost, especially when you're shooting for emperor here.
Saddle Horse (Free)
Basic Weapon (Free)
Bandits or Bickering (+200) - Can't decide here. One I'll eventually set up proper patrols to handle, the other will constantly be in my face annoying but is less dangerous. Will decide later.

Well my plan is already obvious, unite Calradia, like a proper game of Warband. Then? The world beyond. Not much else to say, politics and war all day every day, should be fun.

>> No.37965693

Baby has some good taste. Reminds me that I'm planning a jump for it.

>> No.37965694
File: 47 KB, 430x430, 9-7-song.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, right on the money. I was planning on setting up a song-magic based kill switch. I'll set up some Ar Tonelico terraforming relay towers thingies and just broadcast the death song once all Jhoj signs are gone.

>> No.37965729

Newton's Third Law though. Gotta take that into account.

>> No.37965740

Spyro's wind dragons actually use an air bubble to help mitigate that.

>> No.37965777

Spyro lets you hit Mach 4 with Wyvern
Faster with Air magic(which I have)
Faster still when you combine it when the enhanced flight speed abilities from Divinity for Dragon Form
Even faster when you add on a magi-tech jet-pack. Hell even just one using Mass Effect tech would let you go above and beyond Hypersonic speeds

Then you ram the enemy with your multi-ton dragonic body moving at hypersonic speeds

>> No.37965789

The problem there is that a drop kick would necessitate a high force kinetic impact on a target that is comparably stationary. It's not the air that's the issue, it's the kick. Even a bubble negating and distributing it would still put a fuckton of force on your body.

>> No.37965800

Oh, well sure. Gotta make sure you have the durability for it.

>> No.37966046

So who is the most infuriating character in any jump, and would you still jump if you had to take them with you everywhere?

>> No.37966109 [SPOILER] 
File: 70 KB, 622x600, 1423552461784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd tell you but that is a secret!

>> No.37966157

That depends, can I make them change their behavior?

>> No.37966365


>> No.37966407

Then Joffrey. If I can't get rid of him, or make him change, I would spend every single jump infuriated
I would still jump because I can still lock up the little bastard

>> No.37966650
File: 59 KB, 196x270, 2009-03-14-150231.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. His name is Excalibur and he is literally the incarnation of the madness of rage.
2. I AM taking him with me everywhere.

>> No.37966673

Speaking of Excalibur, is there any way to pick up the real deal among the jumps somewhere? Better, is it possible to pick up the scabbard?

>> No.37966703

Well depending on which Arthurian myth you go to with the Arthur jump it could be easy to steal, and result in a good excalibur. Course there is also a crafting perk in it that seems to be along the lines of giving you the skill to craft such things yourself.

>> No.37966741

Yeah, I suppose that's true. Probably better to just make my own, it's not like I lack the skill, especially taking into account the singular sword I've been applying all my hard work and upgrade perks toward.

>> No.37966908

Divine artifact from Percy Jackson is pretty much that choice.
What does Excalibur actually do? What makes it so good?

>> No.37966929

>no vajra splice
>no giant sponge splice
>no tonberry splice
>no kaiju alt mode...splice

Step it up son

>> No.37966935

Mostly it's a matter of the history behind it, and I accidentally King Arthur for my trip through Supernatural.

>> No.37966960 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.51 MB, 1200x1768, 1423557656526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Giant sponge?
Why a giant sponge?

>> No.37966974

They are unkillable in dwarf fort, or they were before pulping mechanics.

>> No.37967151
File: 20 KB, 635x352, luolang3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Drawbacks: Bandits, Claimant (1300)

Student, Age 17 (1200)

Praven, Kingdom of Swadia

Riding (Free). We sure wonder how this land will react to robot unicorn/motorcycle/space bike cavalry
Inventory management (1150). Perhaps this will make the Warehouse slightly less cluttered?
Feastmaster (1100). Ain't nobody under our command dining on maggoty bread, for longer than three stinkin' days
Strength (Free). Well, we lift-have we mentioned that we're also a non-euclidean kaleidoscopic mass of reality warping energy, data and tentacles squeezed into the form of a vaguely Slavic man?
Leadership (500). To stop the silly buggers from starting a cult in our honor
Wound Treatment (300). "Tis a fleshwound, milord! Just give me a moment for my arm to respawn!"
Surgery (0). MAGIC surgery judging by how that works
Trade (Free)

Hey, you know what would really level the playing field in a medieval setting?

Giant robots.

Lots of giant robots.

Obviously the design will have to be dumbed down-to the point where we should probably just magic together a hollowed out giant stone golem which emulated bodily movement. Because nobody native to here has a damn clue what a "firing solution" is, but they know how to charge at each other yelling.

>> No.37967326

I'm thinking of going Demigod in Percy Jackson with the British/Celtic pantheon,any suggestions on who to pick as a parent and the abilities that would come with them?
Also are there any interesting choices for divine artifact other than Excalibur?

>> No.37967349
File: 118 KB, 291x291, Director.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hollywood Jumpchain

To get enough money to use Nook & Associates to upgrade my gear, I'm going to remake summer blockbusters the way Tarantino uses grindhouse movies. Everyone in Hollywood will hate it, but I'll make money!

Starting budget (1,000 CP)
Leonardo DiCaprio (1,200)
Writers' Strike (1,500) I don't need quality! These are summer blockbusters we're talking about.

Director and Auteur (100 CP) No Bruckheimer. I work solo.
Movie Magic(100 CP) If there's one thing I've learned, this game's about motherfucking money.
Lights! (0 CP) I make that dollar yall.
Director's cut (0 CP) Motherfucking money.
Triple a production (400 CP) Even make mark wahlberg make some motherfucking money.
Blockbuster Setpiece (50 CP) I give the people what they love.
Protection From Editors (200 CP) All the critics say I'm evil
Camera! (100 CP)
Hollywood 'No' (100 CP) Got no time to read reviews while I'm working on the sequel.
Director's cut (0 CP)
Action! (200 CP) Got a gift from above.
Backed by the... (200 CP) And the eyes of an eagle.
Good Lighting (0 CP)
Fully functional prop (50 CP) Verizon commercial detonator
Co Star (100 CP) Shia Labeouf
Shia Labeouf takes actor (50 CP)
Shia Labeouf takes Oscar Worthy (0 CP)
Shia Labeouf takes Action Hero (50 CP)
Shia Labeouf takes Hollywood Heartthrob (50 CP)
Shia Labeouf takes Screen Idol (50 CP) When it comes to blowing up no director is my equal.

>> No.37967355

Cae Bolg - the seven-headed spear of Choo-Choo Trai- 'scuse me, Cu Chulainn.

That'd be a good artifact.

>> No.37967366

Plenty, there are a bunch of swords such as Caliburn, Arondight, Clarent or Galatine. There's a bunch fo shields, rings that protect against magic, cloaks that make the wearer invisible etc

>> No.37967384

There are a number of Celtic grails or such items(cauldrons cups and so on) of great power, be hard to track down the legends to find out which one to go with though. Of note though the cauldron of rebirth which brings back the dead, like as many of them as you can shove in the thing.

>> No.37967387

Lugh's spear. It's a fiery spear that fights by itself with berserk rage, and has to be keep drunk to stop it from killing indiscriminately. A nice fire and forget sort of thing, something that's useful if you're otherwise occupied.

>> No.37967392

Bran the Blessed? Guy's mostly famous for having his head cut off and buried near england, so he probably wouldn't interfere with you very much. As for what he does-he protects Britain, and was kind of seen as a hero. So presumably-you get a nice boost on magic and physical traits as long as what you're doing is directly related to defending Britain. Otherwise there's Brigantia (cattle, learning and poetry) and Cernunnos, the god of nature (spec'ing in forests) if that's more your thing


The Gáe Bulg. The version seen in F/SN replaced its actual function with some perfect probability attack bullshit: When it stabs a dude, it opens up into 30 barbs, tearing them up from the inside.

>> No.37967416

>30 barbs

Oh dammit. I thought it was 7?

Regardless, the spear's goddamn awesome. Get it.

>> No.37967438

Wasn't it each head had seven barbs, and there were seven heads?

>> No.37967453

Actually-I think it's 'cos there's different versions of the legends. In another version, it has 7 barbs-but also 7 heads. And uh, you had to prime it over a stream to make it ready for killing folk with, and then cast it at people by flicking it from your foot.

Not sure if anon was looking for a man-sized death shuriken wielded with the whole body, but there you go

>> No.37967472

I'm finding it funny that most of the weapons suggested have F/SN turn up at the top.
Gáe Bulg sounds brutal as fuck, I bet it would be amazing with some enchantments on top.
Is it known to be durable or am I likely to break it by accident?

Cernunnos is the parent I'm drawn to most so far, I like the ones that give interesting powers and I'm partial to nature control.

That also sounds good, is it fully sentient and speaks or is it just something which fights?

How would that even look? Like a fucked up pitch fork?

>> No.37967503

>That also sounds good, is it fully sentient and speaks or is it just something which fights?
It just seems to be bloodthirsty, not intelligent. It'd be funny if it was intelligent enough to count as a companion, you could import it to soul eater.

>> No.37967529

Ummm... Goddamit mythology, why are you so convoluted.

>man-sized death shuriken wielded with the whole body.

That sounds more awesome than practical. I want it.

It's nowhere near intelligent. Just think of it as a 'radiating' emotion - the spear constantly thirsts for blood, so it radiates that hunger almost constantly.

>> No.37967558

Ah ok, if it was intelligent enough to be a companion then I probably would have taken it but as it is now I'm leaning towards that other spear.

With Gáe Bulg do you know if I can control how the barbs attack someone? Like just messing up their leg instead of killing them?
Also would the barbs activate on every stab or could I will it not to?

>> No.37967563

Very little is said on the durability of the gae bolg-however. do note that it is considered standard practice to cut it out of whichever poor bastard you stuck it in.

Considering the main guy famous for wielding it was taught how to do so by someone else, it can be inferred that other people spent a long time mastering the gae bolg, and that it has been cut out of A LOT of victims.

It might not be famous for it, but it sounds pretty damn durable to me. There's certainly no record of it being smashed, to the best of my knowledge.

>> No.37967579

The barbs activate on every stab. That's why it was considered so feared, and a last resort.

>control how the barbs attack

uh...the guy who wielded it couldn't-but he wasn't a demigod. So-I'd say there's a chance you MIGHT be able to exert some control over the barbs if your parent is a Celtic war god of some sort. I'm not sure, but it seems worth a shot if you have a cow to practice on or something


>> No.37967584


I'mma have to agree with what anon says.


>> No.37967588

Liar detected, Morrigan is most fun parent.

If I wasn't already going full coyote I'd be her child.

>> No.37967637

Thanks, I'd still be careful with it so that I don't break it on some of the tougher enemies.
Having to cut it out of someone sounds fucked up, do the barbs not retract until it's removed?

I'd hope for the best and that I can eventually learn to control the barbs.
If I took it at a discount by stealing it would the previous owner be dangerous on his own or is it mostly because of the spear?

All this spear talk is making me want to use them like Oberyn.

>> No.37967657

I never saw Sword art online is being kayabasl accomplice and making him be happy for the world seed a reasonable goal?

What exactly does the seed DO?

>> No.37967672

The Seed is sort of your basic framework for a vrmmo, like a game engine.

>> No.37967673

If you are worried about it breaking just make it unbreakable sword art has that option to make something permanent

>> No.37967679

Ah ok. Cool.

>> No.37967722

I would but then not being able to improve or tinker with it puts me off that option.

If possible I'd want to use the import option for legendary implement in Percy Jackson itself so that it could be made of Stygian Iron.

>> No.37967740

Whats good about the iron? Just asking.

>> No.37967783

From looking at the wiki it's said to be indestructible, can damage gods and titans and doesn't just kill monsters but also absorbs their essence which makes it effective against ghosts too.
It's also pure black with a faint purple glow which I think would look cool.

>> No.37967835

Good Can a person get that if they import a pantheon I wonder?

Grow that stuff and make everything of it.

>> No.37967868

I don't think you are supposed to interact with other pantheons as a general rule, as in the deities would tell you to not do that. However if your imported pantheon has an afterlife that could be used they may have their own variant of Stygian Iron.

>> No.37967884

I hadn't thought of that but I assume so since the metal still exists in the setting so it could be explained as a weapon you found.
I don't know if it can be replicated in other worlds since it is cooled in the River Styx but maybe that isn't essential or a perk can get around that.
Makes me wonder what other metals would be available through imports.

>> No.37967936

Personally, I imported Jubileus as my parent goddess. She definitely has her own afterlife as a thing going on, which either leads to eternal bliss or immortality as a footsoldier for Heaven depending on who you ask. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much info on the gold and marble her angels use beyond what can be determined from in-game angel weapon-which seem to be much slower than the demon-infused weapons, but also hit much harder.

I ended up just grabbing a divine fiddle, to work dem music perks and harm spiritual entities at the same time

>> No.37967970

>Wakfu Variant of Stygian Iron
>A blade of pure Stasis or pure Wakfu

>> No.37968036

It is actually theoretically possible to create a blade of pure Stasis, Elder Scrolls magical blade style, if you're an Eliatrope. Yugo got a racial ability upgrade from a dragon, and in pitched combat created a shield and short sword from wakfu to fight Qilby with.

Stasis seems a little less clear cut though; nobody seems to know whether my plan to create artificial Stasis Dofus and a Stasis Sphere to amplify my powers is viable or not

>> No.37968060

I'm aware
I was saying it though because Stygian is a reference, to my knowledge, the River Styx, where the dead go to get to the underworld in Greek Mythology

People in Wakfu turn to pure stasis after they die, are recycled, and come back into the world as Wakfu and are reincarnated eventually

>> No.37968077

Speaking of magical metals-has anyone here figured out anything interesting to make out of the Hellbrass or Hashut's chains? I feel like there's great potential for refurbishing them for something else but for the life of me I'm not sure how best to go about it

>> No.37968087


>> No.37968090

It is a reference to that but it's forged from Stygian Iron found in the underworld and is only cooled in the river.

>> No.37968100

Hashut's chains are going to be added to my jacket,they're getting re-forged into a much longer length of much smaller chain and the
cuffs are being made into handcuffs which are adorning the sleeve cuffs.

>> No.37968109

Then a blend of Wakfu and Stasis? They are pure energy, no metal to be found
It's the only equivalent in Wakfu I can think of, since we know blades of Wakfu can be made

>> No.37968135

Well, Hellbrass is apparently a) immune to enemy magic (not sure if immune to your own magic) and b) gets stronger when people attack you with murderous intent. Hashut's chains apparently can no longer bind a god but are saturated with a Chaos entity's pure hatred and can summon things called Ashen Angels and can move to grab things on their own.

How will you get around the whole "the chains sometimes try to whack and coil things on their own volition" thing?

>> No.37968136

+1000: Wither
Miner 50
Bonus Chest:free
5: Mushroom Island
Rei’s Minimap-100
Multiplayer Server-200
Multiplayer Bonus Chests-100
Public Multiplayer Server+300
heart of Steve -300
Crafting Table-100
Not Enough Items, Recipe Mode -200,
Not Enough Items, Cheat Mode (1000
Resource pack free with Miner
Tool Pack -50
Inventory of Steve-100 Discount Miner
*The plan:Have Mars on watch every night to take care of the wither at moonrise, have an armed retainer guarding every structure we build for both trolling players and creepers, use alchemy to turn the diamond armor into a glistening diamond jumpsuit and enchant it with continual light from DND, use cheat mode to start stockpiling copies of my jacket, give the first one to TJ, then every other month. Everyone except the retainers gets one, that should leave me with about 112*

>> No.37968145

IIRC wakfu and stasis aren't necessarily good and evil according to the lore (in practice they pretty much are though) but they ARE apparently forces in opposition to each other, so they'd probably explode on contact with each other

>> No.37968160

I'm aware
Wakfu is Creation, Stasis is Destruction
Both are bad in overabundance, they actually work well together.

It's how all living things came into being, a blend of Wakfu and Stasis.

>> No.37968186

Yeah but...didn't that happen as sort of the big bang event for Wakfu? They seem fairly volatile forces on their own. I don't recall anyone making an energy-weapon incorporating both either in series or in the MMO

>> No.37968200

All I said was it's possible in theory, and that it would be the equivalent of Stygian Iron for the purposes of the Percy Jackson Jump, if you imported the Pantheon

I've got no fucking idea if it's happened in the MMO

>> No.37968356

I'm pretty sure the Wither drawback works off Minecraft months. That means an attack every 10 hours for the rest of the jump, or roughly 33k attacks over 10 real-world years.

>> No.37968367

that's why I keep them coiled around parts of my jacket so they only have enough length to let me move and the handcuff parts locked until I need them. when it's time for them to do their thing I free the coils and send them bursting forth at my foes.

>> No.37968375

there's nothing that says it works in mine craft time, I assumed mine craft time was a result of a videogame Not being able to accurately replicate a natural orbital cycle,

>> No.37968381

No, time in jump doesn't work like time in minecraft.

>> No.37968998

Minecraft Time isn't a thing... or, at least, I didn't intend it to be a thing when I wrote up the jump.

The Wither attacks no more than 120 times over the course of the jump.

That's still plenty (and that's a seriously tough fight), but at least you can sort of see it coming.

>> No.37969045

Mars was a planet buster spaceship before she became a woman, I don't think mine craft is has that high of a power level.

>> No.37969148

This is a specifically OP version of the Wither, that uses area disintegration blasts and deals magically unhealable damage. It's also going after you, specifically, and will spawn in attack range of you.

I get what you're saying about power level; I'd certainly trust my Bolos to take down the Wither. I just wouldn't be totally confident about their ability to act as bodyguards against the Wither.

>> No.37969515


If your Sisters of Battle count as 1 companion. How does importing them into other Jumps work? Say I wanted to import them into Transformers Jump. They get 500cp to spend. Do they each get 500cp? Or is it 500cp divided among them?

>> No.37969562

500 CP divided among them.

If they count as 1 companion, think of it was 1 unit.

1 unit = 500 CP for that 1 unit.

>> No.37969573

Generally the various pantheons (including imported ones) will have their own sacred materials somewhat unique to the pantheon. So while you probably won't technically be Stygian Iron you can probably get something akin to Stygian Iron filtered through the lens of your pantheon. Do keep in mind that those things are traditionally used by children of the gods of the Dead and may have minor adverse effects when wielded by others.

>> No.37969605

There's no coherent ruling on this, since different people interpret them differently. What I've been doing for my Waddle Dees and Christmas Elves is treating them as one person with a lot of bodies, so any CP upgrades I buy for them affect the lot. So instead of "500 each" or "500 between them" it's "500 to their group, and they all get in on whatever you buy with it".

>> No.37969616

...I imagine it'd have reduced effect, since the upgrade would have to be spread amongst them.

>> No.37969685

Sort of, yeah.

My inherent assumptions are that the groups are less competent than individual Companions, which works out semi-analogous to explicit CP-dilution. I've been working with a round number of 10,000 Waddle Dees, so they're basically just mooks, and can't specialize at all. The 15 Christmas Elves I have are more individually competent, but given their specialization, they're mostly just lab/workshop assistants.

>> No.37969759

10,000? Do you need that many slaves? Especially ones as stupid as Waddle Dees?

>> No.37969846

Because Waddle Dees are adorable?

>> No.37969878

Better question how can you feed 10,000 Waddle Dees?

>> No.37969921

Raiding a twinkies factory

>> No.37970091

Question has anyone house ruled on magic and cybernetics r robotics? I mean I know Shadow Run is specific that magic doesn't work as well with cybernetics, but what about others where the question is never brought up? Like Slayers and Elder Scrolls?

>> No.37970144

If it's never said that you can't use magic and have cybernetics then you should assume you can. Most magic systems don't interfere with tech like that.

Worth noting that Shadowrun magic only malfunctions around Shadowrun tech, according to the jump.

Only other cases I know of are Dresden Files, where magic fucks with all tech (goes away post-jump I believe), and in a minor way with Star Wars. In Star Wars, force lightning doesn't work through cybernetics because it'd fry them, so assume the same with any lightning magic and Star Wars cybernetics.

With Elder Scrolls though, I'm pretty sure magic and tech work together fine, both the Reman Dynasty and Dwemer combined magic and tech to some level. Reman to build space ships, Dwemer in a lot of things.

>> No.37970199

It comes in handy here and there. It helped that I was leading a corps-level force instead of a platoon-level force in WW2, for instance, and Base Defence in Minecraft was loads easier with an army to fight monsters with.

Being inordinately rich, for the most part. RNG sent me to Nine-to-Five early, and I went for Master of the Craft in business (and that wasn't the first of my financial-type perks). In any civilized world, I wind up spending lots of money on food and supplies (I make more back by plundering the stock market). There were a few worlds in which I wasn't able to do this properly on account of insufficient local infrastructure (TES comes to mind), resulting in my having to limit how many Waddle Dees I have active at any given time (which is also sometimes a practical constraint in general; armies are obvious, after all).

Post-Minecraft, my Waddle Dees are basically self-sufficient, since they can do farming/hunting in Ages, and store the resulting food and supplies in my Applied Energistics storage servers.

>> No.37970239

you know what dog talisman does right? it's a part of my coat now so with heart of Steve I'm pretty much good against the much anything. Also remember that all my companions have heart of Steve. also remember that Mars has multiple universal fire turrets and pretty much every weapon system. I've been able to come across, she only needs to take it down once before she has my jacket as well. planet killer trumps giant monster.

>> No.37970250

with infinite pizza,water and ice cream from Devil May cry

>> No.37970386

Ah, the Dog Talisman + Heart of Steve combo. Yeah, I remember that discussion. Fine, you've got the best invincibility in Jumpchain... and for all your Companions, at that. I concede the point.

>> No.37970562

I don't recall that discussion. How does it work? Heart of Steve makes you run on an HP system so that you're at full effectiveness no matter how much you're hurt, Dog Talisman protects you from any attack that would kill you outright...so do you just walk around with 1 HP hoping that you don't encounter anything capable of bypassing the talisman's power? Seems kind of risky to me. If you ever do find something that can negate it you'll die to even the most minor of attacks.

>> No.37970706

yeah, but the power of the talisman can only be bypassed by destroying it , or moving its magic somewhere else,, and there is nothing in mine craft that can do that. especially since it's protected by being part of my coat

>> No.37970724

Nothing in Minecraft, but I'd be worried about antimagic abilities in other jumps. You'll be fine against the Wither, though.

>> No.37970750

I was only asking about mine craft. of course, with the red robes of death, Incorporated into my jacket. I'm also immune to reality warping, such as anti-magic affects

>> No.37970764

Heart of Steve means you take HP damage instead of physical wounds, Dog Talisman means you don't die as long as you have it. The combo means that, in the face of absurd damage that would otherwise blow through all your toughness, health, and regen, you're still alive and regenerating back up from 0 HP.

To negate the Dog Talisman, someone will need to specifically remove it from you. With Dog Talisman alone, you aren't protected from dismemberment, so if (say) you're holding the talisman in your hand, someone can cut off your hand and then kill you. Add in Heart of Steve, and they can only pull that trick for the moment or two when you're at 0 HP, before your regen ticks again.

It's possible that an intelligent opponent that overpowers you can figure out how to get past the defence, but the Wither is a mindless monster. The Wither's disintegration and permanent damage effects could probably break the Talisman eventually, if he and all his allies were totally defeated and it was able to just shoot him repeatedly for days, but I imagine that he's got some trick he'll be able to pull to make that not happen.

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