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Couldn't find old thread so here is new one. I'm posting with tablet and don't have the usual mediafire etc. links but I hope someone will post them again.

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=GURPS Resources==

If you want to learn the basic mechanics of the system, get GURPS Lite for free at www.sjgames.com/gurps/lite/

Character Templates:http://gurps.wikia.com/wiki/Character_Templates

GURPS 4th edition:


Combat Examples:

GURPS Murder Simulator:

GURPS 3rd edition:


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And then to my agenda.

Im working o a Saints row game and wondering how to handle turf wars. The amount of participants on both sides and how many join in later and where does it stop?

Also how to handle random encounters where homies jump in to help the team? I like the idea of letting one or two extras jump in when o ow turf and when the players gain respect they could just bring helpers with them, i want to keep things saints rowish but at what point ddoesit get too op?

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It's supposed to be like saints row so would it be ok with the random homies to have bad stats and be cinematic cannon fodder after some point? In the end Fun is the word

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Thanks dude

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And lastly im talking about saints row one and two not the third and fourth.

I already have some mission ideas planned and the main story is the players rise to be the leaders of the gang. Havent come up with any interesting npcs yet or how many other gangs there are in the city. Ideas are very welcome.

I guess im going to let the players come up with the gang colours and theme.

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Perhaps Mass Combat could work for broad high-level stuff.

The players do their zoomed-in thing, where they do "missions" and take over locations, and those earn Troop Strength or upgrades that then go into the Mass Combat minigame.

IIRC the PCs start as regular thugs and get better quickly? Having their homies jump in works at the start, because that shit be dangerous, and at later points is just useful backup.

So long as the enemy has more homies or is more dangerous it shouldn't get too OP for the PCs to have reliable backup.

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Need to clarify that mess. I ment that after one or two regular thugs the rest after that would be low stat cannon fodder

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Didn't think about mass combat imagined it to be for whole armies. I'll look into it thanks

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Also, http://www.gurpscalculator.com/ for general gurpsan
and http://www.sjgames.com/gameaids/gurps/g4innatecalc.html for innate attacks

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Link to last thread: >>37922386
Or https://archive.moe/tg/thread/37922060/#37922386 for the extension impaired

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nah, fuck that
even the trees are fucking venomous

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No, they're not venomous, that's a common misconception. As a natural defense, they secrete a natural neurochemical that causes a burning sensation and raises blisters.

Heavy doses have been known to kill small dogs, but humans only experience extreme irritation, vomiting, and epidermal scarring, but it is not lethal.

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They're toxic.

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Toxic does not mean venomous.

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Had it confused with another tree.
But this bush http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendrocnide_moroides can kill people, right?
Also, sorry, I can't into the whole poisonous vs venomous thing

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Oh yeah, that shit can kill ya.

It covered in venomous stinging hairs.

The TREE has a toxic sap.

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Oh man, what about a damn nature, you scary campaign in GURPS? Are there rules for huge bugs and shit?

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Which one is the tree that sheds ... something all the time and ruins the lungs of anyone who approaches, and that touching it is a death sentence?

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Oh yes. There'a rules for survival games, and seeing as you can stat just about anything in this, nature can get rather scary.

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Where are the rules for survival games?

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I remember a thread a while ago that had this idea of a spooky forest overtaking a city. I think I would combine that with that one SCP blood pond thingy. It would still be eerie but have more action and shit

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Guys last thread died early don't let that happen again
This one.

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So this is how the dream dies ;_;

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Not with a bang but with a whimper.

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Nah, past 2 threads were funny and the second to last got to bump limit in like a day.
We had a good run. Better to love and lose and all that.

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I suppose so. I for one am going to put "Australia" as my religion in the unlikely event that I'm ever not GM, so that's something.

Regardless, this probably isn't the quietest point these threads have had in their runs.

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And I'm gonna insert Boneshanks somewhere

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Yo, I collected anon's rundown of the magic systems


let's put it in next op because there will be one, fuck the unbelievers

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>implying dead

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Saints Row Basic Thug / Homie
ST 11
DX 10
IQ 8
HT 10

HP 10, Basic Move 5, Basic Speed 5

Skills: Brawling 11, Housekeeping 8, Clubs 11, Carousing 11, Gesture 12, Firearms Default to 6

.45 Fletcher pistol, Baseball Bat

On any given turn roll 1d6
1 = fire three rounds with pistol while running sideways
2 = run to nearest cover
3 = charge and attack with bat
4 = ignore incoming fire, shoot with pistol braced, determined attack, aiming
5 = run between friendly and target, blocking their shot
6 = get in car and try to run over someone.

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Brotherhood Template:
+2 ST, +2 HT, +1 Brawling

Sons of Semdi Template:
+1 DX, +1 IQ, High Pain Threshold (from Loa Dust)

West Side Rollz Template
+1 Basic Speed, Driving at DX +1 instead of defaulting

3rd Street Saints Template
No Benifit, but players may buy the following advantages.

"Taught them to shoot." 5pts
Your homies use firearms at dx+0 instead of defaulting

"Goddamn it, stop getting in the way!" 3pts
Treat a roll of 5 on the AI table as a roll of 1

"Don't aim for people in purple, asshole!" 3pts
On a roll of 6 on the AI table, only try and run over hostiles.

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Why do luchadores and morning star have the same tags?

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I think with a saints row game you never, ever have to worry about it getting too crazy. These are games where you fly around in a helicopter, burning weed fields and getting increasingly baked out of your mind as you fight with a machine gun.

Given how useless most homies are, and how bad their AI was, they are mostly funny/an extra target for hostiles.

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Luchadors almost never use their tag, but yeah, it's lazy that they use the same star. On the other hand, Morning Star gets wiped out fast in SR 3 because they (didn't really) kill Johnny Gat.

Suggestion: Give the Boss, Johnny Gat and anyone else you think would be funny Unkillable 2

They always wake up in the hospital/safe-house/an alien warship rather then die.

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Could someone explain that picture?

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Does anyone know where I could find general crafting times?
Basic set doesn't have them and gadgeteering/prototyping rules aren't exactly what I'm looking for.

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Originated from this edit

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So some fuckwit photoshopped "asparagus" into the collection? Is that all, THATS the joke?

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It's a joke about the sheer number of source books there is for GURPS.

Man, I feel like that should be under Smithing/TL or something, but you are right. I'll try and find that.

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Yes. The joke is that GURPS has a shit ton of books that specialize in very narrow areas.

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No, the joke is about how gurps has books for EVERYTHING. Even asparagus.
Shit, i even remember a book about sex, with tons of rules.

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Sure. Keep believing in it.

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That was fanmade though, wasn't it?

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Well, Erotic Art is a skill in the basic set.

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Pretty sure it is, but still.

But seriously, why the fuck do you need rules for having pretend sex? Shit, i even remember some retards non-jokingly reccomending me that book, since it was soooo good at realistical portaying this stuff.

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Ad yet, only humans are playable, at least according to my inner GM.

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Could be fun, or at least entertaining, in an erotic focused game. Those happen, people enjoy them.

Lots of people really like pretend sex. I don't judge, I figure when I own 500 points of Ultramarines I really don't have any place to say someone's having fun wrong.

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>GURPS pistachio
>GURPS monkeys
What the fuck.

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what why

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You don't like racial templates? They really work pretty well, though some of the ones in Fantasy and such are pretty messed up. (Elves is really damn expensive).

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Also Pokeman, Pistachio, Sail Boating, Exalted, Cannibalism....

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No, there's nothing wrong with doing ERP. But... when i'm ERPing i'm more intrested in describing details and NOT GODDAMN CRUNCH AND DICES.

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Because my inner GM is shit. I don't let myself play anything nonhuman, because I don't want people to think I'm forcing anything on them.

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"Virginity can have spiritual bonuses and side effects as well. Sir Galahad, known throughout his life as Galahad the Pure, is defined in GURPS Camelot as a "spiritual" knight, as opposed to Lancelot and the others, who were considered more "worldly". His rewards for purity included winning the Holy Grail.

When it comes to resisting a seduction attempt, a virgin may be either better or worse off, depending on the rest of the components of his/her character. A strong-willed virgin who is determined to keep his/her virginity is at a +1 to resist, while a virgin who is naive and unprepared is at a -1.

The GM might wish to rule that a virgin cannot learn certain sexual skills or even make a default roll. Only so much can be learned from a book, after all. Someone can read a thousand cookbooks and still might not be able to turn on the oven."

Seriously, what the fuck.

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I don't know, it could be a funny challenge to try and match your play and descriptions to the dice.

"Oohh.. A 17 on erotic art..Well, I guess Marian gets too excited and bites Sarah's neck and pulls her hair way too hard while grinding on her thigh. She works herself to an orgasm, crying out in pleasure and lust before realizing Sarah's been crying and saying 'teacup' for the last 90 seconds."

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Those are dolls right?

>> No.37955084

Well... i guess that could work, but you dont really need lots of rules for that, right?

Also, why the fuck she has so thick eyeliner? Or is this eye shadows? Either way, gross makeup.

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I just noticed the note at the bottom.
What the hell, they are uncanny valley like fuck to me.

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Are there rules for drugs in GURPS?

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/mtg/'s consensus is that they're the first Phyrexians.


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>1d10 TL
1-2 TL5
3-7 TL6
8-9 TL7
10 TL8

>1d8 Gun type
1-4 Rifles
5-6 Shotguns
7-8 Pistol

>1d100 TL5 Rifles
1-40 Brown Bess, .75 Flintlock
41-70 Kentucky Rifle, .45 Flintlock
71-85 Martini-Henry Mk I, .450 MH
86-95 Winchester M1873, .44-40
96-100 Greener Elephant Rifle, 8-bore

>1d100 TL5 Pistol
1-30 Wogdon Dueller, .45 Flintlock
31-50 Elgin Cutlass Pistol, .54 Caplock
51-70 Collier, .50 Flintlock
71-85 Allen Pepperbox, .31 Caplock
86-95 Colt M1848 Dragoon, .44 Caplock
96-100 Colt M1873 SAA, .45 Long Colt

>1d100 TL5 Shotguns
1-50 Tower Blunderbuss, 11G Flintlock
51-80 Manton Double, 16G Flintlock
81-100 Remington Hammer Lifter, 12G 2.5”

>1d100 TL6 Rifles
1-30 Mosin-Nagant PV-1891, 7.62x54mmR
31-40 Winchester M1894, .30-30
41-45 Remington Model 8, .35 Remington
46-59 Springfield M1903, .30-06
60-64 SMLE Mk III, .303
65-65 Mauser T-Gew18, 13x92mmSR
66-70 Browning M1918 BAR, .30-06
71-80 Springfield M1 Garand, .30-06
81-00 Winchester M1, .30 M1

>1d100 TL6 Pistol
1-30 S&W Model 27, .357 Magnum
31-50 S&W Model 36 Chief’s Special, .38 Special
51-55 Mauser C96, 7.63x25mm
56-80 Colt Government, .45 ACP
81-90 Walther PPK, .32 ACP
91-100 FN-Browning HP, 9x19mm

>1d100 TL6 Shotguns
1-20 LeFever Automatic Hammerless, 10G 2.875”
21-50 Winchester Model 1887, 10G 2.875”
51-60 Winchester Model 1897, 12G 2.75”
61-80 FN-Browning Auto-5, 12G 2.75”
81-90 Ithaca Auto & Burglar, 20G 2.5”
91-100 Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight, 12G 2.75”

>1d100 TL7 Rifles
1-30 Izhmash AK-47, 7.62x39mm
31-40 Springfield M14, 7.62x51mm
41-45 ArmaLite AR-7, .22 LR
46-55 Remington Model 700, 7.62x51mm
56-60 Izhmash SVD, 7.62x54mmR
61-70 H&K G3A3, 7.62x51mm
71-85 Colt M16A1, .223 Remington
86-90 FN BAR Magnum, .300 WM
91-100 Ruger Mini-14, .223 Remington

>1d100 TL7 Pistol
1-25 S&W Model 29, .44 Magnum
26-30 Ruger Standard MK1, .22 LR
31-55 Izhmekh PM, 9x18mm
56-90 Beretta Mod 92, 9x19mm
91-100 AMT Back Up, .380 ACP

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>1d100 TL7 Shotguns
1-60 Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75”
61-100 Franchi SPAS-12, 12G 2.75”

Huh? Only two Tech level shotguns.

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Ok /tg/ I'm currently putting together the TL8 Rifles list and I could use your help deciding what to drop from it.

Anything in this list american wouldn't be getting ahold of?
Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
TsNIITochMash AS Val, 9x39mm
H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
NORINCO QBZ95, 5.8x42mm
FN MK 16 MOD 0, 5.56x45mm

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I have a weird relationship with GURPS.
I only had the 4e character book in like 7th grade, so i could never play it, but I spent hours just making ludicrous characters. so fun.

>> No.37958739

Come on, when was the last time where someone botched sex in ERP? The dice give a bit of a random element.

And trying to apologize for failing at BDSM makes a fun scene.

It's post-processing that really dose it. The contrast is very high and the skin's been smoothed out too much.

Those should all be pretty rare, acutely. All of them are illegal to import and are too new (save for the G-11 and AUG) to be legal automatics.

Other then ones bought fully de-milled for cinematic prop work, legal samples for museums and the US DOD and illegal imports, they wouldn't be within the USA.

>> No.37958872

>Those should all be pretty rare, acutely. All of them are illegal to import and are too new (save for the G-11 and AUG) to be legal automatics.
>Other then ones bought fully de-milled for cinematic prop work, legal samples for museums and the US DOD and illegal imports, they wouldn't be within the USA.
Well we have another 40 or so years before the nuclear exchange takes place so anything you think would be legal by then?

>> No.37958878

The poses are rather unnatural too
the brunette looks like it's about to fall

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File: 76 KB, 640x960, 1379226_1026991047326299_7276019649731768814_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's suffering for art, carrying her weight on the shin like that and balanced there. It makes for an interesting shot, but it's not very natural.

As an artist/model, she's really improved from then, but I'll always have a soft spot for her early stuff.

Sure. Gun laws are very odd in the US, and the ban on new automatic weapons in the registry could be lifted by an NRA backed congress. There's been pretty much no crimes ever committed with a legally registered automatic weapon, in truth it's very difficult to justify why the registry is closed.

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File: 13 KB, 435x153, jackhammer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got to include the jackhammer for a PA game.

>> No.37959173

You know, she looks like something out of GURPS Magic if the art there were actually good

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paging through the characters book. its been a few years since i lost mine, and i remember it well. this fucker i had forgotten about though

>> No.37959321

>Sure. Gun laws are very odd in the US, and the ban on new automatic weapons in the registry could be lifted by an NRA backed congress. There's been pretty much no crimes ever committed with a legally registered automatic weapon, in truth it's very difficult to justify why the registry is closed.
Ok so if there's some form of gun law reform that happens between now and then what in your opinion would be the most common?

Page number?

>> No.37959858

I don't think the Jackhammer has GURPS stats, so you'd need to fix that. It's just an auto-shotgun with high ROF, Malf and cost, given they only made a few dozen.

>> No.37959921

Divine Favor looks neat what book is that in?

Well it does make sense Anon.

Can I get a link to the real life gun stats then?

>> No.37959947


Most common on that list? The FN SCAR (Mk 16 Mod 0), adopted by law enfrocement agencies, along with the G36C. The Val and G11 should be very rare, being extremely limited production, and the QBZ is a wildcard. A trade treaty with China to allow it's free import as a surplus military weapon could see tons of ROF 3 civilian versions flooding the market.

>> No.37959991


It was awesome in Fallout 2.

>> No.37960069

What are some of the more weirdly specific ones?

>> No.37960242

>Most common on that list? The FN SCAR (Mk 16 Mod 0), adopted by law enfrocement agencies, along with the G36C.

>The Val and G11 should be very rare, being extremely limited production,
Well the lowest the numbers go is down to 5% so the rarest TL8 Rifle that can be on the list will have a 1 in 400 chances of spawning. So are they to rare to include?

>the QBZ is a wildcard. A trade treaty with China to allow it's free import as a surplus military weapon could see tons of ROF 3 civilian versions flooding the market.
Ok well in setting china and the US don't get along.

Ok well sense fallout was meant to be a GURPs game I can probably find a .pdf with stats for it.

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File: 319 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_mdv8kjB0oq1qjtttio1_r1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's fine then. The players seeing/having a chance to get exotic guns like that is nice, even if it's not technically very logical. (Because fuck logic. Who wants a game where 80% of the weapons are AR-15's?)

>> No.37960522

Well I am in a situation were some fat does need to be trimmed, but I could definitely do a miner refluff of the G11 to be a newer model that solved the cook off problem.

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File: 155 KB, 784x547, 3423-934x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Make the G11 the standard US service rifle
>4.7 caseless everywhere.
>Kraut Space Magic Clockwork Guns for everyone

It's so beautiful.

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decided to make a stupid character for old times sake

starting with disadvantages

>> No.37961361

He is my second worst slave.

>> No.37961460

I vote autism.

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File: 31 KB, 915x436, Screenshot_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He has 179 points left if someone wants to give him some skills or whatever.

>> No.37961710


>> No.37961771

Make him Ambidexterity for the lolz

>> No.37961808

Give him Erotic Art skill level 18

>> No.37961820

i'm going to sleep.
if there's a gurps thread tomorrow i'll crap something out.
carry on my work for me for now if you want

>> No.37961853

oh and Blessed (flying spaghetti monster)

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File: 798 KB, 2857x4000, 54717_shakti_bath_0009_123_397lo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For a TL 3 game is it better to go 2 handed weapon, or 1 handed and shield?

>> No.37963214


Depends. Can you avoid projectiles without a shield with your character's abilities and equipment?

>> No.37963218

depends on your characters build and other equipment.

>> No.37963239


>Disadvantages as positive points and Advantages as negative


>> No.37963395

nice joke unless it's real :D

>> No.37963989


What's the trade off here? Most characters aren't going to be able to reliably avoid projectiles. Dodge 10 is pretty damn good, after all, but it's still not going to save you from projectiles.

Block 12 looks pretty sweet, and two handed weapons don't seem to have that big a damage advantage over one handed. Parrying advantages seem pretty limited too.

>> No.37964042


>Most characters aren't going to be able to reliably avoid projectiles

We can't possibly know what kind of character is in question. It could very well be a medieval Jedi that parries all the arrows.

And DR 5 from mail and plate with high HP and HT might be enough to resist most of the arrows.

>> No.37964165

Assume a 100 point game where everyone isn't casting Missile Shield or parrying arrows out of the air.

So heavy armor is the deciding factor for bother with a shield or don't, if you can't just ignore shields because you got magic, or DR 30 skin?

>> No.37964198

It's fanmade for 3rd and I'm not even sure it's complete but here you are.

>> No.37964229


Pretty much. Enemies having heavy armour also means you might want that two-handed weapon to deal with them.

I tend not to take shield's, because #YOLO, but they are often a good investment in an arrow rich envinroment lacking plate armour.

>> No.37964814

I go to sleep and look what happens. Thanks homie.

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File: 214 KB, 330x569, 1420227970133.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like that the awful homie AI is simulated.

You should be able to get them as dirt cheap Allies because of how fucking stupid they act.

>> No.37965247

What makes a shield better then a cloak anyway? Is a heavy cloak just as good if you don't do damage to shields optional rules? Doesn't a cloak take piss all damage anyway because it's homogeneous and flexible?

>> No.37966319

You fags still here?

I'm thinking of running a sort of space opera game, was thinking I'd get opinions. It's probably either GURPS or I try to pick up Traveller.
>inb4 GURPS Traveller

>> No.37966371

Either has flaws. GRUPS sort of choaks on a cock when it comes to handling high tech armor and weapons. You get a limb exploded with every hit, and anything that doesn't hit an extremity kills you instantly.

Traveler can be crazy fun. It can also be like writing out a plan for a small business.

>> No.37966388

Stars without number

>> No.37966640

Huh. Well, shit. This actually doesn't seem that bad, even if it is an early D&D clone with a SPACE skin on.

Might have to gut some things. Not too keen on psionics and I definitely want FTL. Thanks, anon.

>> No.37966691

Ok it's down to the following times
Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
NORINCO QBZ95, 5.8x42mm
FN MK 16 MOD 0, 5.56x45mm

>things that will defiantly be in the list and what present there have
5%Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
10% AI AW, 7.62x51mm
5%H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
30%Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm

>currently cut items
Voere VEC91, 5.7x26mm
NORINCO QBZ95, 5.8x42mm

So yes we have 5 guns and 50% to split between them.

>> No.37966758

Maybe 15% to the G36? It's been a popular prop gun and IIRC has been ordered by at least one law enforcement agency. Same for the FN SCAR. 10% to the AUG, 5% to the Enfield and whatever replaces the QBZ-95?

>> No.37966907

1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-30 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
31-35 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
36-65 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
66-80 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
81-95 FN MK 16 MOD 0, 5.56x45mm

So what to do with the remaining 5 points?

>> No.37966955

M79 40mm Grenade launcher.

>> No.37967057

That's an entirely different list, Anon. ;)

>> No.37967087

Hi-Point carbine. 9x19mm

Teach them to hate themselves.

>> No.37967110
File: 43 KB, 600x395, hi-pointcarbine001w-69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That goes on the Mall Ninja list.

>> No.37967150

I don't understand what you mean by that?

>> No.37967184

There are a considerable number of flaws with the Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, and it's generally considered a gun of people that don't know better.

It's a 9mm carbine with a 10 round magazine, combining the firepower of a pistol with the bulk and weight of a rifle, it has shitty sights, and the polymer and sheet metal construction is not particularly robust.

>> No.37967656

Seconding this, it's pretty alright in general.

>> No.37968146

>really damn expensive

So? Its better that they try to properly portray them than water down the template to make it easy to afford.

>> No.37968220


It should be noted that the standard elf racial template in Basic and Fantasy is the "immortal fair folk" Tolkien-esque kind. If you want D&D style elves, it's not appropriate.

>> No.37968280

Which is a good thing, means elves are only PC's in high powered games. Though even the 70 point template in Fantasy is too low powered for a proper Tolkien elf.

>> No.37968336

I do not have Thaumatology handy but if you give Dwarves racial magic resistance can they still make magical items with runes using symbol magic with the default rules?

Want to go for Warhammer style ones.

>> No.37968370


Dungeon Fantasy has most of the standard fantasy races for 20 points. It's just the bare essentials and a racially-appropriate Talent.

>> No.37968453

Ritual path magic might be more appropriate, and yes, you can do dorfhammer using default rules and specialized magery.

>> No.37969221

How good is Warhammer fantasy setting anyways? I never looked into it, but from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNFGJQIW5ZM and similars, it looks rather hype

>> No.37969386

Excellent and thematically strong, if you play Imperial humans. Pretty meh if you play anything else.

>> No.37969611
File: 2.25 MB, 1555x1480, 1386270214734.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not playing the best faction

Seriously though, you are being extremely unfair to almost all the other factions. Though GW seems determined to ruin their own setting lately.

Well I like it, I still flinch internally every time I see a dwarf wizard in any other quasi-medieval fantasy setting.

>> No.37969675

If you're talking about the wargame, then yes, I am being unfair.
On the other hand, if you're going to play/run an RPG in it, there might as well be one race and one faction (not that you can't do elves or dorfs or CHIVALRY, HO!, it's just there isn't much point in using the setting beyond 'I want to play warhams').

>> No.37970099

1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-35 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
36-40 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
41-70 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
71-85 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
86-100 FN MK 16 MOD 0, 5.56x45mm

Final version

>> No.37970770

Have you fleshed out your map yet anon?

>> No.37971507

>Havent come up with any interesting npcs yet or how many other gangs there are in the city.
have you watched The Warriors

>> No.37972874
File: 43 KB, 785x500, 1416283209470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No AK
What are you doing, there's a boatload of AKs on worldwide market, including modern AK-108 with recoil negating system, chambered for 5.56

Take 74 stats, rechamber for 5.56, add spare point of accuracy and collapsing stock.

If dont want to rechamber, just call it AK-107

>> No.37973220

So how would you stat a LOTR orc?

From what I remember they are weaker than men on average, faster with more endurance, good night vision but a strong dislike of the sun.

>> No.37973449

-1 ST
+1 HT
+1 DX or +1 Basic Move
Night Vision 1 or 2

>> No.37973518


I'm currently planning a game set in Middle-earth, and I'm sure as Angband going to rape the lore with different varities of orcs with easily recognizable code names.

Goblins be small, Uruks be ancient, strong and big (and Avari).

>> No.37973758

Not sure phobia is really appropriate, that would cause fright checks. Its more like they are slightly weaker in sunlight and they hate it.

>> No.37974150

Heliophobia at CR15 would give them a -1 to all DX, IQ and skill rolls whether they failed or not.
And they'd fail (rarely) by at most a margin of 3.
You could also decide they only have to roll when they, for example, get out some cavern to run after the hero, not when they've been out for hours already, and forget about the "roll every 10 minutes for as long as you're exposed to your phobia".

>> No.37975005

Dearest /tg/, how do I make a radical wrestler character in a superhero future setting?
What advantages, etc. should I get?

>> No.37975293

How many points?
And how "wrestler" do you want it to be? What would be a source of inspiration that is close to what you want?

>> No.37975367


I've got 290 points.
I'm not sure if I have any sort of inspiration, other than ridiculous WWE wrestlers like Undertaker and THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR.
I want lots of punching, lots of suplexes for hard damage, smashing + grabbing, and if possible, AoE.

>> No.37975569

You're gonna be a human-like hero right?

>> No.37976198

Innate Attacks up the ass
use the calculator >>37947996 for them

>> No.37976363

anyone got a link to that star/planet generator some anon linked a while ago?

>> No.37977174

Sorta' basically, yeah.
Seems scummy.

>> No.37977186

No, my autism refuses to let me work on it till I get this bandit generator going. :(

AKs aren't TL8

>> No.37977238
File: 10 KB, 334x229, 1419192863523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Seems scummy.
say what

>> No.37977275

Innate Attacks are fucking radical, but is there anything crazy in Martial Arts I could take advantage of?

>> No.37977361

AK-100 series and AK-12 are TL8, they have everything that other firearms like M4 have.

>> No.37977474

Page number

>> No.37977572

So what is the actual difference between an M-16 and an M-4 despite one being TL7 and one being TL8? It seems sometimes TL penalties for things like armoury are a bit unrealistic, you could easily use a TL7 or TL8 kit with either weapon without issue.

>> No.37977637

There's lots of stuff, the Fairbairn thing has some neat things too. Obviously use cinematic rules and look into the fictionaly styles

Innate attacks can be good for some abilities for which you thought the fluff but haven't found the crunch

>> No.37977696
File: 2.23 MB, 720x405, 1411337199001.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

High-Tech 114 under Kalashnikov an AK-101 is listed

To get AK-108 out of it, add +1 to accuracy
To get AK-107 out of it, take damage from AK-74 and add +1 accuracy, change ammo to 5.45x39
To get AK-103 out of it, take damage from AK47 and replace ammo with 7.62x39

For Carbine variants that are AK-102, AK-104, AK-105

Just take stats of their older cousin and remove 1 bulk and 1 accuracy.

Shorter barrel and other pieces made to accomodate that. I believe buffer tube is different for one. I am noguns so my knowledge doesn't go beyond info on the net though

>> No.37977726

Nevermind AK-103, it's officially part of GURPS high tech in the same Kalashnikov piece as AKM variant.

>> No.37977734
File: 336 KB, 750x750, 1419658870624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking to kind of replicate the magic of Wildbow's Pact webserial, is GURPS appropriate for this and if so what books do I need?

>> No.37977786

> the magic of Wildbow's Pact webserial
Explain how the magic works there, please.

>> No.37977921

Yep, you aren't wrong. The tools used on TL 7 guns and TL 8 guns are identical.

>> No.37977963

Basically it's AK's with rails everywhere.

>> No.37978053

And polymer instead of wood/metal to lessen the weight, as well as full collapsible stock.

>> No.37978138

Foldable stock, sorry.

>> No.37978813

what the fuck is that

>> No.37979505
File: 85 KB, 448x377, the truth about Iron Man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /tg/, what skill do I need to build my own suit of powered armor?

>> No.37979578

Armory (Body Armor)/TL9+ to build it, some specialty of Engineer to design it.

>> No.37979604
File: 327 KB, 620x900, 1419658870663.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Magic is low and primarily ritualistic, it relies on influencing supernatural entities called spirits, bartering with/summoning/binding magical beings called Others (such as faeries, goblins, dragons, demons, etc.) for boons, and/or using your own willpower/blood/etc. to produce certain magical effects.

Generally speaking, mages (called practitioners, since actual magic is really the purview of a fairly small segment of the population informed about the supernatural) have four components: 1) Awakening: a ritual performed to enable people to see various elements of the supernatural as well as intangible connections between objects and people, which forces you not to lie, or else face serious repercussions (usually you get weaker, are attacked, you assume a lot of negative karma); 2) Implement: the tool used by a practitioner which often serves to channel their energy more efficiently, which identifies and colors the type of magic they use (sword is more combat oriented but less practical, cup is good for storing energy but not much else, wand is good for targeted spells, etc.); 3) Familiar - an Other of some type who is bound to the practitioner and serves as a companion/advisor/combatant/etc.; 4) Demesne: the territory controlled by a practitioner, in which they are far more powerful and capable, the process for claiming it is essentially to challenge all comers to a duel over the territory until they stop, demesnes also have certain protections afforded to the owner that prevent unwanted practitioners and Others from simply entering without permission.

I'm planning on starting my players off in the 18th century and running the game as a dynastic/succession campaign. There is a large variety of potential magic in the setting but I want to prioritize ritualistic magic and "shamanism" rather than willpower based magic.

Is GURPS capable of simulating this?

>> No.37979625

>some specialty of Engineer to design it.
Yeah, that is kinda the problem. Which one?

>> No.37979638

It depends on how you want to stat it out, whether you want to buy it with cash as equipment or buy it with points as a Gadget.

If the former, then Ultratech should sort you out.

If the latter, then Basic Set, and maybe Powers will get you there. Most of the time you're going to be buying different advantages with a couple of gadget limitations.
The "Dreadnought" template on page 45 of Supers has exactly what you want, but could be too expensive (the template total is 1,000 points.) It does, at least, give you a solid framework from which you can design your own armour.

>> No.37979693

That's Ritual Path optional magic system almost verbatim.

>> No.37979697

>If the former, then Ultratech should sort you out.
But Anon, I tought Ultratech was shit.

>> No.37979748

Yes, you'll need a template for mages (for awakening and not lying) and the ritual magic rules with various implements providing bonuses at various stages of a ritual (somewhat like "real magic" is performed in a lot of traditions).

>> No.37979780

Only if you have no idea what to do with it or think all the things in it need to apply to one game.

>> No.37979873


As far as I can tell, most complaints about UT boil down to one of two things:

>this one TL8 armour from a Pyramid article is nearly as good as cheap baseline TL9 armour!

>ETC weapons are overpowered!

>> No.37979902
File: 101 KB, 640x640, 1419658870772.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What books do I need to get, exactly?

>> No.37979918

I just want to build some power armor for my friends.

>> No.37979962

Basic and Magic is all you need to make it run.
Thaumatology expands the alternative magic systems, so if you want more than one kind of magic in a game, or more options, that's your book.

>> No.37979992
File: 59 KB, 480x456, 1408861019998.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Engineer (Goddamn Kraut Space Magic) - IQ [Very Hard}]

>> No.37980003

>But Anon, I tought Ultratech was shit.
FFS, people need to stop parroting this shit; it's as bad as the "Vehicles = calculus" crap.

No! Ultra-Tech, by and large, is fine. There's a few little wonky bits that have needed fine-tuning, but Errata's pretty much got them sorted.

The biggest issue is the comparisons of UT Weapons vs. UT Armour, and UT Armour vs. High-Tech Armour.

UT weapons are pretty high powered, high enough to overcome some UT armours pretty easily, and have exceptional ranges. This means that it *can* become a game of rocket tag, not that it will.

The second issue is comparing some of the Ultra-Tech armour from TL9 to some of the Late-TL8 armour: the Late TL8 armour has a better DR:Weight ratio than the TL 9 stuff. This came about because UT was written before HT.

If you feel that these two issues with UT armour are problems, then my suggestion is to look at the option on pp. 15 for "Expensive" items - they weigh 2/3rds as much, and cost double. If you follow that, you could have armour that weighs the same as the base stats, but has 1/3rd more DR. Just let that one upgrade be free, and you should be pretty sweet.

>> No.37980009

Is that Elona?
Anyways. Basic set and Thaumatology and Thaumatology Ritual Path Magic
This. The awakening could just be a ritual required to gain Magery or something. The truthful disadvantage covers the rest

>> No.37980063

Yeah, I forgot you can just roll for seeing and sensing supernatural shit when you have Magery.

>> No.37980390

1) Practitioners would have some combination of Illuminated, See Invisible (Spirits), and possibly Medium. Cursed (Accessibility, right after lying, -X%) would represent the karma backlash; I'd set the discount from -20% to -40%.
2) Any of a number of traits with the Gadget limitation. In you example, a sword would give a Talent-like bonus to offensive spells, the cup would grant an Energy Reserve, and the wand could give either extra accuracy via DX+X (Spells Only) or a bonus with targeted spells like the sword, defending on how you interpret "good for targeted spells."
3) Ally advantage.
4) The easiest way would be buying extra levels of Magery with the limitation (Only when within Demesne). The tournament-like acquisition of a demesne shouldn't affect the cost.

You're a little vague on the magic system itself, but from what I gathered, your ritual magic could be RPM. Your Other-dealing magic has a variety of approaches. The Medium advantage lets characters call forth supernatural beings. What happens next is up to the DM. If the spirits in the setting have some innate leaning towards servitude, they would have the Reprogrammable disadvantage, and a practitioner would just need to fulfill the requirements to trigger that disadvantage. If magical servitude is all based on the practitioner's ability, then the practitioner would need to have some sort of advantage to bring the spirit under his control; modified Mind Control is the most obvious, but a creative application of Affliction could work as well.

If Other-dealing tend to be more long-term, then you could just give practitioners the Ally advantage, possibly as a reward for good roleplaying with a spirit.

Lastly, a modified Divine Favor could work. If spirits tend to stay on their home turf, this would be the best bet. Calling a distant spirit you're familiar with penalizes the appearance roll, but calling a nearby spirit who you haven't dealt with before penalizes the reaction roll instead.

>> No.37982663

ded thred?

>> No.37984009

sweet, thanks man

>> No.37984629

Just curious; how many prefer the optional Effect Shaping rules to Energy Accumulation for Ritual Path Magic?

I'm trying to figure out how to make certain other RPM optionals from Ghostdancer's blog and the Pyramid articles work with the Effect Shaping variety, like metatronic generators for RPM. In that case, I'm wondering to handle the fact that you do Effect Shaping rolls instead of Energy Accumulation.

It seems that enchanted items work best with the EA rules rather than ES, unless you give an item its own inherent skill for self-powered generators (or base the skill on the user's) and allow for penalties to be taken to speed up the casting, or some mechanism to let the item have a skill bonus to represent more powerful and faster-casting generators.

>> No.37986271

Honestly, I've never really looked at it because it's always seemed like a lot of work for very little reward. Actually reading it however, it looks pretty good, not sure why I've always skipped over it. Not sure if I prefer it over the accumulating energy rules, but effect shaping might be introduced in my next campaign. I love that Magery is back to something closer to its original role as "general power boost" for mages. Effect shaping also looks easier for determining successes; it's easier to understand your chances when it comes down to one penalized skill roll instead of a bunch of repeated rolls until you charge up enough energy.

>> No.37987186

UT and a lot of HT are rocket tag. The math just doesn't work any other way. The only way it isn't rocket tag is if everyone is always encased in armor and even then there's a paper-think line between 'attack did nothing' and 'attack exploded your leg forever.'

>> No.37990227


Especially if you're talking actual rocket launcher tag.

>> No.37990553

Well, one could probably adjust some of the damage issues for the campaign feel they want, anyway.

Survivable Guns option is, what, double armor divisors and halve all damage across the board for firearms?

One could also tweak the tech in a setting to get the feel they want. Maybe rocket tag isn't practical because laser tech has advanced to the point that power suits come standard with shoulder-mounted anti-mortar guns strong enough to detonate the munitions in a missile but impractical or secondary to other power suit infantry arms. Or maybe jamming tech so outpaces sensors that missiles are easily spoofed or jammed.

Really, if you don't like UT's figures, you can probably figure out a way to adjust them to get the results you desire. Maybe PCs and their opponents carrying around guided anti-tank rockets is problematic because of legality issues or collateral damage concerns.

And if you don't want to do that, you could always consider changes to medical tech to increase survivability. Go GitS or EP where everyone has cyberbrains or cortical implants that let them have an armored black box that can preserve their consciousness to upload into a new shell. Maybe losing an arm is something easily fixed with prosthetics or bio-tech flash-cloning.

>> No.37990580

>Survivable Guns option is, what, double armor divisors and halve all damage across the board for firearms?
Armor divisor becomes 2, I think

>> No.37990639

Ah, just to define things, rocket tag doesn't mean literal rockets, it just means that either person carries a gun that will waste the other person, easily, in a single hit. The only thing that matters is the first person to get a hit in.

In UT and HT, you either have your armor stop a hit dead or the hit deals enough damage to cripple a limb or kill you, and guns can generate several hits in a single attack.

>> No.37990664

Survivable guns halves the damage and adds an armour divisor of (2), but ONLY for rifles. That's pretty important. It means that rifles have to contend with less DR, but still do reasonably, though not ridiculous, damage afterwards.

There's also the blow through rule (should be in HT somewhere), where any damage in excess of the target's basic HP (or possibly 2x HP) is lost.

>> No.37990665

I guess it does double. (1) becomes (2).
AP ammo goes from (2) to (4), HP goes from (0,5) to (1). Gauss guns only go from (3) to (4), though.
There's nothing about lasers and particle beams and all, though.

>> No.37990982

AP only adds one to the AD - if it has AD 2, then it becomes 3.

>> No.37991041

>When special ammunition is added to weapons with an intrinsic (2) armor divisor the following modifications are used:
>Armor Piercing Hardcore: The (2) armor divisor becomes a (4) armor divisor.
>Hollow Point: Instead of giving the attack a (0.5) armor divisor, the armor divisor is simply removed.
>Similar rules can be applied to the various armor divisors in GURPS High-Tech.
Because, you know, we're talking about the survivable guns Pyramid rules.

AP doesn't add one to AD.
AP makes (1) get to (2).
Guns that already have a (2) in HT already use AP ammo and do not get to use AP-er ammo.

>> No.37991388

I stand corrected. It's been a bit since I read the article.

>> No.37992083

Is there a way to make knifes actually effective against high tech armor?

>> No.37992171


Slap all the modifiers from UT and use powered armour.

You could also decide that the best armour is rigid plates and there is bound to be caps in the best armour that is only covered with advanced fabrics.

>> No.37992183

High tech enhancements? Such as vibro blades, hyper dense, or mono wire edge.

Otherwise, high strength and aim for the chinks in the armor (-8) for an armor divisor (2)

>> No.37992245

Guise im new here
how much shit i need to read?

>> No.37992272

GURPS Lite for learning the ropes. 32 pages only. Attached it to this post if you want it.
Basic Set if you want to go all in. Basically the Player Handbook and Dungeon Master Guide of GURPS.
And then whatever looks interesting/relevant to your campaign.

>> No.37992932

So how do you rip a persons arm off in GURPS?

>> No.37993005

Do maxhp in damage to that limb i think

>> No.37993043

I just use the rules for limb dismemberment (double crippling threshold) and apply them to Wrench (Limb). You need really high ST along with a decent level of skill, but it makes sense.

The real question is, what skill would you use to beat a person to death with their own arm, and what are the skill and damage penalties? The elbow hinge makes the arm flexible enough that maybe Flail could work, maybe at -4 since it's not as flexible as cord or chain. Soft squishy fleshy probably drops the damage by -2, or only -1 if the limb has hard armor on it to act as a striking surface. Any other ideas?

>> No.37993174
File: 57 KB, 504x750, 1338682120571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would say that makes sense.

Yeah that makes sense, just trying to figure out how strong a guy would need to be to pull a Beowulf. Especially since by the rules you need two arms to wrench a limb and he does it one handed.

Assuming he is a good wrestler he gets +2 to ST from that but he still needs at least ST 20. Which would give him 4d crushing damage with a wrench at least, poor Grendel.

>> No.37993267

Any tips for making interesting (maybe slightly magical/supernatural) advesaries for a low-fantasy setting where PCs are pretty much normal, highly competent, humans but slightly better? I mean, what kind of warriors would be interesting to fight against?

The setting's Middle-earth, but all sorts of semi-mundane game mechanical things can be excused.

>> No.37993295

Where in Middle Earth?

>> No.37993316


East, on the shores of the sea of Rhûn.

I'm planning on having some orcs and ancient Numenorian exiles there just to spice things up. I'd think killing just easterlings would get boring after a while.

>> No.37993369


Wouldn't the racial template for these guys before they were scattered and watered down just have +2 in every stat.

>> No.37993389

How do I handle NPCs? Do I make an individual sheet for all of them, including mooks? Or is there a sci-fi enemy template I can use?

>> No.37993405


That and some Longevity/Long Lifespan, resistance to disease and perk that allows them to commit suicide in their sleep after they get bored of lfie.

>> No.37993422

How would you make a mage character in Middle Earth?

>> No.37993438

you don't, unless you want to break both lore and mechanics

>> No.37993441


By being an elf or some bad guy. And even then it would be pretty limited.

>> No.37993443


You don't make a full sheet, and ignore character points. You should only list their important stats. So if the players are fighting them, they should have something like HP, HT, Basic Speed, Basic Move, a weapon skill, a weapon damage and DR.

No-one will know if Faceless Mook #343 has a bad temper and is convinced that ghosts are real if he gets murderised two rounds into the combat. So don't worry about it.

>> No.37993489

is being incredibly overpowered an option too?

>> No.37993499

that's what i meant by breaking the mechanics/campaign
it's just not fun

>> No.37993500

Or if you must give them full stats just use a relevant template.

>> No.37993518

I'm just asking if it would be possible without braking the setting lore, not if I should allow it in a game or not.

>> No.37993526

Literally all NPC mooks need is their strength, HP, DR, to hit score and damage type/score. Higher level ones might have HT if you will bother to roll for staying alive, expendable ones just collapse/die when they hit negative HP. Like:

Space thug - DR 18/6 (ballistic vest), ST 12, HP 12.

Carbine (12) 6d pi RoF 10
Knife (12) 1d cut/1d imp
Punch (10) 1d-1 cr

Space has job templates you can use for science fiction NPC's, alien generation rules as well. If you look up the 3E Aliens conversion it has stats for a few dozen alien races you can use as well.

>> No.37993562

depends on how you define "incredibly overpowered"
but overall, you will end up fucking up things, maybe not too big, if your players aren't tolkien geeks won't notice
but then again why go full middle earth if they aren't

>> No.37993592

I'm not a big middle earth, but as I understand it gandalfs a demigod/angle and the only reason he's not munchkining is that there's some limitation put on him by even higher beings?

>> No.37993640

>but as I understand it gandalfs a demigod/angle and the only reason he's not munchkining is that there's some limitation put on him by even higher beings?
that's kind of it, yes
that's why making a wizard isn't feasible on a middle earth campaign, wizards are angels, magic isn't something normal people can learn
making a player a maiar (angel) with free reign would bore the other players (obvoiusly bad) unless they are too (will break lore, probably). making them limited maiar can be pretty boring too, you could make it work somehow but i really doubt it

>> No.37993653

Technical Grappling allows for one-handed Wrenches, though the penalty to effective ST means that you would have to be 2swole2control to actually pull it off against a normal person, let alone a monster like Grendel.

But Beowulf IS an epic hero; if he clocked in at anything less than 700 points I would be incredibly disappointed.

>> No.37993677

Was the necromancer Sauron posed as made whole cloth by Jackson?
I mean, I know Sauron posing as one wasn't in the original book, but was there anything in the Silmarillion that suggested the existence of mortal magic-workers?

>> No.37993688

I was just about too ask that too.

>> No.37993700


Mortal servants of Melkor and Sauron seemed to have magical abilities, but they were pretty much just applications of the lore they learned from their masters and just extension of their will and ability to corrupt Creation.

>> No.37993711


From what I've heard, the Necromancer is Sauron, and that is true to Tolkien's stories. But it isn't mentioned at all in the Hobbit, and comes from other books.

>> No.37993749

Ok so If I REALY wanted to make a "mage" character in Middle Earth, it would just be a guy with fireball as an innate attack?

>> No.37993763


It would be a guy with really high skills, enough to tank penalties like -10 "It's not magic".

>> No.37993783

Well at a minimum the guy is probably strength 24, he is described as being able to lift Grendels head when four normal warriors (assuming ST 12) cannot.

>> No.37993792

Just how lore braking is shadow of mordor?

>> No.37993802
File: 1.51 MB, 250x250, doc-rivers.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it would just be a guy with fireball as an innate attack?
pls go and stay go

>> No.37993825

Anon, I'm just trying to rap my head around this, I'm not trying to actually run a game like that or anything.

>> No.37993830

I haven't read The Hobbit since I was a child and I distinctly remember Gandalf mentioning the Necromancer.

>> No.37993843


this helps

>> No.37993901

>this helps
Yes, yes it does.

>> No.37993984

It's really bad. Basically, since the Tolkien estate wouldn't give them the Silmarillion rights, they took anything from the Silmarillion mentioned in the Jackson movies, and made their own canon around it. It's bad.

>> No.37994035

Even if we removing all gameplay and just judge the story on it's plausibility?

>> No.37994047

All he says it's that he was away fighting the Necromancer.

>> No.37994049


>since the Tolkien estate wouldn't give them the Silmarillion rights, they took anything from the Silmarillion mentioned in [LOTR and the Hobbit]s, and made their own canon around it

That's also the reason why all the "official" RPGs about Middle-earth suck. The rights for stuff in the other books are not allowed to be used, because reasons, so the settings end up with all this non-Tolkien stuff because the developers need atleast some content to their RPG books. And also the making og Arda into a generic dungeon fantasy land.

>> No.37994111

That's what I was commenting on. Its whole premise is that the main character has "wraith powers," which he got from the elven smith Celebrimor. Now, Celebrimor forged the Rings, but he wasn't responsible for the Nine Kings becoming the Nazgul.

>> No.37994115

What's the reason for them not agreeing to let people use the Silmarillion and other stuff anyway? "We don't want you to make more terrible content, which was terrible because the LEGO box we gave you only had a tenth the pieces it should have had and you filled the holes with ill-fitting Playmobil"? Or are they asking for too much?

>> No.37994148


I think it has something to do with most of that stuff not having been published by Tolkien himself. So, if the adaptions ended up being horrible, it would be like double sacrilege.

>> No.37994176

I think your reasoning is exactly correct, they're only given the main 4, and so they fill cracks with their own content. The release is bad, so the estate goes, "every time someone makes a Lord of the Rings thing, it's bad. Don't give them anything so they don't make it worse." it's circle logic.

>> No.37994391

>1d100 TL7 Shotguns
1-60 Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75”
61-100 Franchi SPAS-12, 12G 2.75”

>1d100 TL8 Rifles
1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-35 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
36-40 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
41-70 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
71-85 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
86-100 FN MK 16 MOD 0, 5.56x45mm

>1d100 TL8 Pistol
Taurus Mod 608, .357 Magnum
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull
Glock 17, 9x19mm
Intratec TEC-9, 9x19mm
Lorcin L-25, .25 ACP
IMI Desert Eagle, .50 AE
H&K USP, .40 S&W
FN Five-seveN, 5.7x28mm

TL8 Pistols look good to you guys?

>> No.37994498

Isn't there a GURPS book dedicated entirely to minions?

>> No.37994528

Four ST 12 warriors (assuming no Lifting skill for simplicity's sake), can collectively lift 928 pounds. At minimum, we should round the weight of Grendel's head to 950 pounds for ease of use. According to Pyramid #3/51, the head counts anywhere from 6% to 9% of the body's total mass. I've always visualized Grendel as big-headed (the better for eating humans), so I'll bump this up to 10%. By that calculation, Grendel's total body weight is around 9,500 pounds, or just short of five tons(!). According to the ST by Weight formula, 9,500 pounds would put Grendel's base ST at 42 (or 42.3 to be more precise).

For Beowulf to cripple that arm, he'd need to deal 21 damage in a single attack, and to remove it he'd need to deal a whopping 42 damage! Ignoring any innate DR Grendel may or may not have, the basic grappling rules -- where Wrench Limb deal swing/crushing damage -- would require Beowulf to possess an equally monstrous ST score (ST ~42: 7d sw damage), and that's assuming that he rolled max damage! For Beowulf to perform such a feat on an average basis, he'd need to have a swing damage rating of 12d, meaning he'd need ST 90. Technical Grappling's approach isn't much better; dealing 42 damage with Wrench (Arm) requires that the attacker both spend 42 CP to set the max damage, and then win a quick contest of (Wrench Arm + Training ST Bonus) vs the target's ST, DX, or HT with a Margin of Success of at least 42. ST 42 is the minimum, as you cannot accumulate more CP than your ST, but the MoS would require an ST somewhere in the 80s.

I rounded a lot of things and made some pretty baseless assumptions, but I think I got a good ballpark estimate for the insanity of epic heroes of myth and folklore.

>> No.37994548

Swap Glock 17 for Glock 20.

10mm is the real TL8 round, plus you already have 1 9x19mm gun.

>Still no AK-101 or AK-103 in TL8 rifles

>> No.37994611

>Swap Glock 17 for Glock 20.
>10mm is the real TL8 round, plus you already have 1 9x19mm gun.
page number

>Still no AK-101 or AK-103 in TL8 rifles
how would you suggest I change the list to incorporate a new AK?

>> No.37994658

Christ, do you even read the book?
High Tech 101

>Glock 20(1990-), 10x25mm Auto: Dmg 3d-1 pi+, Wt. 2.4/0.7, Shots 15+1, ST 10, Rcl 4.

About AK, swap 86-100 FN MK 16 to
86-93 AK
94-100 SCAR

>> No.37994729

Addendum: I totally forgot about Trained ST. For Technical Grappling, Beowulf could get by with a technically more reasonable ST in the mid-60s, assuming a professional level of Wrestling skill (which seems like a perfectly safe assumption).

>> No.37994761

>Christ, do you even read the book?
I've just been using the weapons tables for this project so anything like that has been cut out.

>About AK, swap 86-100 FN MK 16 to
>86-93 AK
>94-100 SCAR

I'm trying to keep things divisible by 5 so a d20 could be used I'll go take a look at what cut back on or drop though.

>> No.37994833

86-91 AK 101/AK 103
91-95 SCAR MK 16

Also, you have a lack of DMRs in TL8 rifles, you can shove stuff like
SCAR MK 17 96-100 in

HT 122

The MK 17 MOD 0 SV has a 19.7” barrel, and a detach-able 1-lb. 4X scope replaces the collimating sight: Dmg 7d pi,
Acc 5+2, Range 1,000/4,200, Wt. 10.2/1.6, Shots 20+1, ST 10†, Bulk -5*, Rcl 3

>> No.37995206

What do you think about chopping 5% off the G36 to help make room?

>> No.37995227

Or that if you dont wanna add more rifles, sure.

>> No.37995264

Don't forget cinematic skills like Power Blow. That would help with a one-off feat like that.

>> No.37995319

>1d100 TL7 Shotguns
1-60 Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75”
61-100 Franchi SPAS-12, 12G 2.75”

>1d100 TL8 Rifles
1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-35 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
36-40 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
41-70 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
71-85 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
86-90 AK 101, 5.56x45mm
91-95 SCAR MK 16
96-100 SCAR MK 17, 7.62x51mm

>1d100 TL8 Pistol
Taurus Mod 608, .357 Magnum
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull
Glock 20, 10x25mm
Intratec TEC-9, 9x19mm
Lorcin L-25, .25 ACP
IMI Desert Eagle, .50 AE
H&K USP, .40 S&W
FN Five-seveN, 5.7x28mm

What I'm thinking is we cut 5% off the g36 and or the M4 and add it some were else.

>> No.37996047

can we go back to worldbuilding

>> No.37996176

Well Anon after this it's shotguns then I'll go finalize the generator, but after that yes worldbuilding.

Oh and if you have any ideas feel free to suggest them. :)

>> No.37996397

I imagine most of the "post-apocalypse" will be farming, ranching, and trying to get industry off the ground again. Sure, there would probably be some raiders, but it would be more like vikings than Mad Max.

>> No.37996469

>1d100 TL7 Shotguns
1-60 Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75”
61-100 Franchi SPAS-12, 12G 2.75”

>1d100 TL8 Rifles
1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-35 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
36-40 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
41-70 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
71-85 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
86-90 AK 101, 5.56x45mm
91-95 SCAR MK 16
96-100 SCAR MK 17, 7.62x51mm

>1d100 TL8 Pistol
Taurus Mod 608, .357 Magnum
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull
Glock 20, 10x25mm
Intratec TEC-9, 9x19mm
Lorcin L-25, .25 ACP
IMI Desert Eagle, .50 AE
H&K USP, .40 S&W
FN Five-seveN, 5.7x28mm

>1d100 TL8 shotguns
1-35 Armsel Striker, 12G 2.75”
36-85 Benelli M1 Super 90, 12G 3”
86-100 Daewoo USAS-12, 12G 2.75”

Ok more or less done for now I'll probably do some editing move a few things around and make a few more charts for grande launchers and stuff, but for now its serviceable.

>> No.37996561
File: 880 KB, 2172x2420, mymap0.375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree to an extent.

So here's the most up to date map any ideas for where to put a "bandit" town or ideas for the flavor of that town?

>> No.37996602
File: 867 KB, 2172x2420, mymap0.39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually no this is the most up to date map

>> No.37996830
File: 199 KB, 1600x1200, PEO_M26_MASS_Stand-alone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

M26 MASS would be common in the US since it replaced Masterkey system as TL8 mounted breaching shotgun, it also comes with stock and pistol grip combo for compact shotgun.

Give it bulk -4* for standalone version

>> No.37996924

How do you propose I change the layout?

>> No.37996991

What do ya mean bandit town?
Like generally bad guys who dont follow the "rules" that other people have agreed on?

Or just a large group of raiders?

>> No.37996992

Bandit town should obviously be set not far from a trade route or the railway, so bandits would actually have people to bandit, remote from any vigilante/wasteland cops areas to prevent backlash and possibly set in concealed places like caves or canyons where they could prepare traps and secure kill zones for anyone who wishes to chase after them to their home base.

Maybe set it between Nomad Camp and Farming Town, they'd have a hideout in the forest, attack the railway or the farming town, rob them blind/murder them and disappear back into the woods.

>> No.37997010

What layout? M26 MASS is TL8 and has it's stats written out in the table. The only thing it's missing is bulk rating, so you just homebrew it at -4*(collapsible stock)

>> No.37997027

Wait, you mean it's position on the dice? Take away some points from USAS since I believe it's banned from import to US, while M26 MASS isn't.

>> No.37997074

True, very true. It would also let a Trained ST 80 Beowulf rip off Grendel's arm one-handed, because otherwise he'd need to boost it up to ST 160.

>> No.37997113

The place bandits go to after raids to sell loot, buy gear and party.

the rail system is underground these city's are impotent because there's safe trade between them.

>1d100 TL8 shotguns
1-35 Armsel Striker, 12G 2.75”
36-85 Benelli M1 Super 90, 12G 3”
86-90 Daewoo USAS-12, 12G 2.75”
91-100 C-More M26 MASS, 12G 2.75”


>> No.37997325

>Including 45% chance to get very rare and shitty shotguns
>No Saiga 12, no repeating hunting shotgun (of the kind you're more likely to see, like a Remington 1100).
Come on man.

>> No.37997385

Also, I actually know a few people that have Kel Tec KSGs, never met anyone that owned a Street Sweeper (classified as a Destructive Device in the US, making it difficult to obtain, expensive, and shitty), M26, or USAS-12.

Most common shotguns in TL8 are still probably Mossberg 500s (or 590A1s) and Remington 870s.

>> No.37997404

I'm sorry anon, your tables are just too fucked up and not in line with reality. There's no hope for you.

>> No.37997455

I can only include what I know has stats so give me page numbers and I can add them.

Could you enlighten me to your preserved problems with it?

>> No.37997544

Mossberg 500 and 870 are TL7 at best. Only M26, KSG, USAS and maybe Saiga can be called TL8 shotguns, alongside fresh stuff like Benelli M1 and M4.

Just telling you how logical bandit town would work. There's no point in setting it in the desert deep west because there doesn't seem to be not only resources like water, but also certain lack of people to blast and loot.

Without that, there's no way a bandit town could function and your best bet would be setting up bandits already in towns(if they're sufficiently big enough for people being unable to know everybody and areas having enough places to hide away).

And the other option I already outlined is setting up in the woods to the east, near farmlands or Nomad town since I assume Rangers are the guys who would just LOVE to ruin some no good punk's day and boast about their law enforcing skills.

>> No.37997957

I just wrote out a whole response with stats but accidentally hit the back button. Anyway, here you go:

TL 8, 1d+1 pi, acc 3, range 40/800, weight 6.9/0.6, rof 2x9, shots 12+1(2i), st 10, bulk -4, rcl 1/5, cost $990, lc 3

Saiga 12:
TL 8, 1d+1 pi, acc 3, range 40/800, weight 7.9/0.6, rof 3x9, shots 5+1(3), st 10, bulk -5, rcl 1/5, cost $650, lc 3
2, 10, and 12 round box magazines are available, as well as 20 round drum magazines.

They may be consider TL7, but they're the most common shotguns around today, in TL8.

>> No.37998051
File: 283 KB, 1086x1210, mymap0.4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do you suppose I change this around to include theses?
>1d100 TL8 shotguns
1-35 Armsel Striker, 12G 2.75”
36-85 Benelli M1 Super 90, 12G 3”
86-90 Daewoo USAS-12, 12G 2.75”
91-100 C-More M26 MASS, 12G 2.75”

maps updated I've added the first non-linked city; I'm thinking about giving it an arabian theme.

>> No.37998288

1-20 Kel Tec KSG
21-40 Saiga 12
41-70 Benelli M1 Super 90
71-80 Armsel Striker
81-90 Daewoo USAS-12
91-100 C-More MASS
That's probably a bit too high for the last two, considering their LC

>> No.37998425

It's the future Anon, and about ten year before the bombs fell china and the US entered a cold war which saw an increase in prepare activity combine that with some loser gun restrictions and this suddenly becomes more plausible.

>1d100 TL7 Shotguns
1-60 Remington Model 870, 12G 2.75”
61-100 Franchi SPAS-12, 12G 2.75”

>1d100 TL8 Rifles
1-10 Steyr AUG A1, 5.56x45mm
11-15 Enfield L85A1, 5.56x45mm
15-20 Barrett M82A1, .50 Browning
21-35 AI AW, 7.62x51mm
36-40 H&K G11, 4.73x33mm
41-70 Colt M4A1, 5.56x45mm
71-85 H&K G36, 5.56x45mm
86-90 AK 101, 5.56x45mm
91-95 SCAR MK 16
96-100 SCAR MK 17, 7.62x51mm

>1d100 TL8 Pistol
Taurus Mod 608, .357 Magnum
Ruger Super Redhawk, .454 Casull
Glock 20, 10x25mm
Intratec TEC-9, 9x19mm
Lorcin L-25, .25 ACP
IMI Desert Eagle, .50 AE
H&K USP, .40 S&W
FN Five-seveN, 5.7x28mm

>1d100 TL8 shotguns
1-20 Kel Tec KSG
21-40 Saiga 12
41-70 Benelli M1 Super 90
71-80 Armsel Striker
81-90 Daewoo USAS-12
91-100 C-More MASS

>> No.37999090

Progressive Blade: Adds Ignores DR to knives.

>> No.37999298

Hey Saints Row anon, I found some gang tatoos that might give you some inspiration:

>> No.37999336


So a little bandit town where the people are poor and don't have much, but are happy to welcome the bandits and give them booze, whores and fried food in return for loot.

>> No.37999507

I remember I used to mess around with the templates. I made an alternate Elf template that was a little cheaper, but also had "fragile," "dying race," and an ST penalty in exchange for higher DX and a Magery boost. They were glass cannons who couldn't take a shot in melee very well, but who could do a lot of damage if they specialized in combat spells and who were also very dangerous melee fighters because of their speed and high default skills with sword. I will admit I was not thinking of Tolkien Elves--superhuman magical demigods--as some other sources, with Elves being beautiful and unaging but also skinny and fragile.

>> No.38000751


I once made modern urban elves from Mercedes Lackey Bedlam's Bard books.

Fast and strong compared to a human with innate magic, but a real, real problem with iron and even high iron alloys like steel. Rust could give them something like lead poisoning, but they got access to elf magic humans couldn't do.

>> No.38002463


>> No.38004031

I don't think there's anything weird about them.

>> No.38004984

>issue of Pyramid telling people to use non D6 dice

What is this heresy.

>> No.38004996

Which one?

>> No.38005631

>never met anyone that owned a Street Sweeper

Here you go.


The guys at Forgotten Weapons get an old pre-ban Street Sweeper shotgun and shoot it and stuff. The design is fascinating but it isn't very well made and it kind of sucks. Bummer.

>> No.38005913
File: 144 KB, 725x619, RG10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just an observation, but the most commonplace handguns even in the present day in the US, are cheap .22s, generally potmetal junk. Here's a pre-1968 ad from one, back when such things were sold by mail order. They were poorly made, not very reliable or accurate, and might break if you dropped them. There are probably more of these than all others combined, hidden in dresser drawers.

Single action revolvers are TL5, double action revolvers are TL6. Revolvers are not TL7 or TL8 firearms.

If you're talking about what one might call "service pistols," that might be carried on duty by a police officer or a soldier, or that someone who had figured out that the aforementioned potmetal revolvers are garbage might purchase for self-defense, these are in the present day almost entirely either in .40 or 9mm caliber. Mechanically speaking they will generally be striker-fired and will generally have a polymer gripframe rather than metallic. There are lots of different makes and models. There is the FNS from Fabrique Nationale Herstal. There is the new Military & Police line from Smith & Wesson. There are the XD and XDM from HS Metall of Croatia, imported into the US by Springfield Armory Inc. There are the M9 and M40 from Steyr. There are the Glocks, of course. There are lots of others. Use the stats for the Glock 17 9mm or the HK USP .40 as appropriate. The rest is really "flavor text," except insofar as spare parts, magazines, etc., aren't interchangeable.

There's also the category of "CCW pistol" or "hideout pistol" intended for discreet carry by the discriminating armed gentleman. At TL6 it was generally a snub-nosed 5-shot .38 revolver, or a seven or eight shot .32 or .380 semiauto pistol. There were no real changes at TL7, but TL8 has seen the introduction of seven or eight shot striker-fired 9mm pistols with polymer frames, which are smaller and lighter than the .32 "vest-pocket" pistols they are beginning to replace.

>> No.38006039

Sometimes breaking the setting is lots of fun, but usually not for the GM.

I remember when a gadgetry/engineering sourcebook for Traveller cam out that was called "Fire, Fusion, & Steel." Stuff appeared immediately on the Internet that rules-lawyered the gadgetry in the book in hilarious, game-breaking ways. There was, to my recollection, an antigravity pogo stick that could go up past 15km altitude if the kid bypassed the safeties--oopsie, life support is NOT built in.

Google search for Ditzamer Spofulam and Famille Spofulam, to find blackly hilarious fluff about the genetically engineered, supergenius, functional sociopath, nine-year-old girl who designs new weapons systems for a very old Vilani munitions manufacturer...

>> No.38007309

This is still pretty true, though a lot of old Saturday night specials have been melted down these days, and because of liability and insurance issues it's hard to make a really cheap, shoddy .22 revolver these days.

There's still tons of them, but the cheap gun market has been dominated by crappy polymer frame pistols for the last twenty years.

That said, the modern .38 hammerless five shot revolver is a fine example of a hold-out gun of last resort for a fine gentlemen.

>> No.38009309

Got a sort of dark fantasy game going on with 250 point characters. Anything wrong with this guy that jumps out?

>> No.38009381

I know, I've seen the video and I'm subscribed. By that I mean I've never met anybody in real life that owned one.

>> No.38009438

Only suggestion I have is maybe cut back on ST a bit and use the points to spread our your skills some. There's a good Krommpost somewhere about skills all adventurers should have to cover common actions.

>> No.38009449

I want to start out my players in the early 18th century as what are effectively the scions of minor borg. houses in Colonial America. What starting wealth, status, and income should they have?

>> No.38009512
File: 296 KB, 1430x1300, 1362632446677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Might not have to cut back much. Apparently it didn't apply the 10% price break on ST and HP. That should give back 11 points.

What's he missing of the things everyone should know?

>> No.38009602

You could justify a pretty wide range at that. 2-3 Status and Wealth would work relatively well, though one could be all the way down to Wealth: Struggling if their parent has cut them off for too much drinking and whoring.

What will they be doing? Building up to the revolution? Killing monsters of the new world out on the frontier, trying to survive hide-behind and wendingo attacks out north?

>> No.38009637




Cover them pretty nicely.

>> No.38009644

Maybe my GURPS knowledge is out of date, and maybe I'm misunderstanding the skill list.

But I read this and get the impression that the character is designed as a combat monster. Is he supposed to be a combat monster? If he's not, stop me.

If he's a combat monster, with ST 20, why is his highest combat skill 14, as a 250 point/demigod level character with 80 points in disads? This is not very efficient, if we're minmaxing. In medieval melee combat I'd very much rather have a skill of 20 with the relevant melee weapon and an ST of 10 than a skill of 14 and an ST of 20. I'd crank down the ST a bit and put those points into broadsword skill, and if anything's left over when it gets up to 20, put the remainder into shield skill. When shield skill gets up to 20, we start putting points into the other combat skills. I'd go for bow/archery first, then brawling/unarmed combat skills.

Of course if this is the character concept, Really Strong Guy who is Only Fair with a Sword, disregard everything I'm saying.

>> No.38009656

Well, if he's a royal hunter of some place, perhaps Area Knowledge (City where your king is at) and/or hometown.

Putting points in swimming climbing etc doesn't go wrong either. Also, get Brawling to DX+2 for that strength bonus of +1 per die since you got 2d-1 thrust. Might as well you know.''

Perhaps Animal Handling for your mount. If you wanna be real fancy get the horse as an Ally and get Special Rapport (Mount) to have that kind of special bond with it.

In any case, click where the points says -150 and type in 0, it adjusts the points above to show 250p

>> No.38009671

1) Monasticism keeps you from having any Status beyond and free levels of it gained by your Religious Rank. Even though you can't really stop being your father's son, your religious vows basically put an end to any benefit from that title.
2) I don't know if the rules for this are in the basic set, but every other supplement (lot tech, martial arts, etc.) has armor for high-SM creatures be exponentially heavy and costly. If your GM isn't using that rule, bully for you, but I'd make double sure he isn't. If he is I'd go for lighter armor and a bigger shield, possibly with the perk to remove the skill penalty for large shields (if your GM's breaking out the high-SM armor rules, he should be including that perk).
3) If it's a dark fantasy game, all of your "good" disadvantages might make you the target of the world's shittyness, like how only paladins seem to find orc baby orphans. Nothing wrong with the disadvantages, but heads up.
4) Stealth. Stealth. Stealthstealthstealthstealth. Every adventurer need it. A group is only as sneaky as its clumsiest member, and as a fantasy cop that wants to avoid collateral damage, you probably will want the ability to get the drop on your quarry (not necessarily get into attack range undetected, but sneak up to his base so they don't flee before you get there). Even in armor, a couple couple points in the Stealth skill goes a long way.

>> No.38009722

Not that guy, but:

I get what you're saying about stealth skills.

But this character is over eight feet tall and wearing a hundred pounds of jingly, rattly chainmail. He might as well have a marching band to announce him wherever he goes.

>> No.38009725

Also, if you plan on using swords. Maybe ask if you got any buddies with wealth that could hook you up with a high quality sword. (Check Low-Tech's box on weapon qualities for stuff like Balanced etc)

>> No.38009759

That's damn useful. I haven't even thought of observation or weaseling, two things that Gregor there really should have. Anything else a monster-hunting exorcist working for the crown should have?

A point each in diplomacy and intimidate could be nice. Gregor is pretty terrifying, might as well codify it.

>> No.38009807

The campaign is succession-based and the main 'plot' revolves around magic and magical societies.

Specifically, they're going to start out in a group as part of an expedition to Cambodia.

>> No.38009816

>A point each in diplomacy and intimidate could be nice. Gregor is pretty terrifying, might as well codify it.

This, also maybe talk about the very reasonable possibility of letting you use your intimidate with ST when the situation calls for it.

>> No.38009909

He's supposed to be something of a grim giant of a young man with unpolished but diverse skills, but I see exactly what you mean. He's defiantly inefficient when compared to other options. 20 ST and 25 HP are too high, I think I will drop at least 3 points out of ST if the other characters are optimised much and shift the points like you advised.

Royal Hunter is the thing the group dose in the ST's game. They hunt daemons, basically. Movement skills would be great though. Goddamn, brawling damage of 2d is a lot.

Stealth could be good, along with a heavy cloak and some lighter clothing. It's pretty much a basic set game, so he won't pay more for armor for his SM. The GM has liked in the past when I've gone for noble and upright souls he can put though hell, so that's part of the fun for us.

Uh.. Yeah. He's hard to hide. Weirdly, other then shadowing people being goddamn huge doesn't seem to effect stealth. Now I sort of want to dump a bunch of points into it so he could just suddenly show up behind people though. It's like getting stalked by a small car.

>> No.38009953

You can get +1 to +4 for Intimidate for displays of ST along with +1 for SM.

>> No.38010031
File: 20 KB, 243x206, u6yUNVm[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cool. I hardly ever play high ST characters so I didn't know how it worked.

>> No.38011295

We Autosage Now.

New Thread.

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