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>I am Elminster of Shadowdale, called by some the Old Sage, and called far worse things by others. I've walked these realms for over a thousand years. Yet, I am far from the oldest, wisest, or mightiest being to walk the ground of Faerûn with my well-worn boots—and that is truth.

So who is/are the oldest, wisest, or mightiest being(s) to walk the ground of Faerûn?

Also Forgotten Realms thread, because why not.

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That lich guy who hangs out in his fortress and thinks a lot.
Fuck if I can remember his name or anything.

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It's one of those "The truly wise know that they know nothing and have much to learn" things.

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>So who is/are the oldest, wisest, or mightiest being(s) to walk the ground of Faerûn?
Well, technically I'm sure Shar has walked the ground of Faerun from time to time, so that'd be it then.

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There are a couple of Elves around who are old enough to remember how Mythals and Mythalars were made, even if they can't be made any more (Mystra changed magic's operating system to close loopholes and errors). Halaster Blackcloak was ancient and bug-nuts insane when Elminster's father was young. There's a few dragons who qualify too. I think the Sharn are technically ageless, so some of them are probably older, though they don't really walk.

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Szass Tam.
Yeah, either him or Klauth.

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Ed Greenwood.

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I admire Elminster for remaining focused and being in however small a way morally relatable considering he lived a thousand years in enduring magic-medieval stagnation no matter what he did.

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Szass Tam or Klauth are good ones. Apparently Tam pays visits to a wizard lich survivor from Netheril from time to time to learn stuff, so I'd say that disqualifies him.

My money's on any of the surviving Netherese wizards. That, or Zalathorm because the dude can divine almost anything.

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Khelben Blackstaff, Gromph Baenre, and Elminster's rival with all of the clones would be a few good bets.

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Huh. Never knew Gromph was that big a deal. I knew he was hot shit by the standards of Menzoberranzan and objectively powerful as hell, given the spells he throws out, but I didn't know he was in the upper echelons of the setting itself.

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>enduring magic-medieval stagnation no matter what he did.

Look, not everyone lives in the backwards "somalia with swords" sword coast. There's Waterdeep with a freaking spaceport. There's the island nation of Latan which is more technologically advanced than we are. There's Thay where they mass produce magic items to the point that nearly everyone in forgotten realms uses an illusion torch instead of a real one because they're cheaply mass produced in factories in Thay. Then there's Halruaa with it's democratic magocracy with universal education where magic is a science and everyone is taught it right until they graduate high school so you have barmaids using cantrips to clean taverns.

Sword Coast will eventually leave the medieval stagnation but don't lump the rest of the world with it.

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>Elminster's rival with all of the clones
Manshoon, I think.

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Well, he's immune to aging and sleep, and looks way younger than he is. He's been Archmage for a long fucking time.

Probably still weaker than Khelben, definitely still weaker than Elminster; in 3.x he was level 22 diviner/archmage, and he was born in 670 DR. As of the end of 3e (1385), he's 715, which is downright venerable for drow if you look at most of the sources; but he's physically just a bit past his prime.

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He's one of the oldest, and most powerful, and he knows a lot; but if you're referring to upper echelons as in "frequently associates with the other heavy-hitters or otherwise interacts with him" he doesn't really. Dude seems pretty happy as Menzoberranzan's resident badass archmage.

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>Well, he's immune to aging and sleep, and looks way younger than he is.
Isn't this pretty easy to achieve given mid level magic? Why isn't every wizard peak physical specimens? Heck, why doesn't everyone with a few thousand gold just have themselves true polymorph themselves into elves so they can live for a thousand years without worrying about old?

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Elves in FR typically have a lifespan of 500-800; depending on subrace.

Gromph actually stopped his aging and sleep requirements; such that he can effectively live forever if nothing kills him. IIRC he crafted a wondrous item for that purpose.

I wouldn't be surprised if he has some clones or contingencies set up, just in case though.

But my point is:

>He's pretty old (715 in 3e, 808 in 4e).
>He knows a lot of stuff.
>He's a serious powerhouse (level 22 mage in 3e).

Even if he tends to be stick to his cave-city.

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Max ages got inflated a bit in 3e; mostly matching the corebook.

On the left was back in their ancient civilizations. Their lifespans have supposedly shortened (in the fluff) due to how the world changed or someshit.

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The true best FR wizard.

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I only managed to play NWN2 for like an hour before uninstalling it. I got it when it was new, before they patched everything.

Who's that?

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>Meet Elminster in Throne of Baal
>admits you can kick his ass

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Gentlemen please... are we forgetting the Simbul and the seven sisters?

She may not be as old but she's fucking gaining on them fast.

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