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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

>What the fuck is Space Station 13
A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.

>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.
Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.

>Hey /tg/ station I...
We are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.

>What is Dorf Station?
Dorf station is a custom map and game mode in development by the server, where all members of the station start on a bare-bones base on an asteroid, and must scavenge ship wrecks and mine for supplies to upgrade the station and expand it. Currently, Dorf station is set to run every Friday and Saturday, starting at 4-5 PM eastern time.

>How is this station different from [station]?
Join the server and read the rules and changelog (located at the top right of the game window). The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Custom mapfag has been AWOL and nobody knows what's even going on with the map.

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.

Based codefags providing content.

don't email [email protected] whatever.com because literally nobody checks it just yell at an admin in game or on the thread

Note: This is NOT SS13 general

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First for you shits need to post more

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>Draw up plan for xenobio for dorf
>Think it looks nice, something you'd see on a normal map
>get out the blueprint of the entirety of the research department I built last round
>The new xenobio is over half the size of it
I have no sense of scale. And I don't care.

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>for dorf

>> No.37793329

The janitor gets a huge ass loot room and a starting room, I can build research however I fucking please.

>> No.37793455

>building over-the-top giant rooms
this is why nobody helps you build giant rooms
>flooring it all
>walling it all
>muh presuriziation
you pissed me off last game because >muh canisters were all being sucked dry by the vent system which was now nearing needing to have its length measured in kilometers

also the pressure on the asteroid of dorf before it crashed was on average around 45 or so KPA, so we'll just chalk that up as a success

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I don't like having to use these tiny ass 6x6 rooms. I'll probably scale shit down, but I want to fucking expand. Plus, big rooms can hold the same amount of shit as a small room without looking as cluttered.

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Next time don't rebuild rooms like the Bar, which no one used. Also if you're going to make super big rooms for everything, make botany larger so they don't get annoyed whenever someone else is walking through it.

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So how long was the server active before crash this weekend? New record claimed?

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>making research that big

>> No.37796443

>Plus, big rooms can hold the same amount of shit as a small room without looking as cluttered.
besides air, which big rooms hold vastly more of.
and it's not like air is a valuable resource on dorf anyway, right?

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There's a reason why Xenobio and Atmospherics make up the "Neck" of my ship station idea...

>> No.37796854

Don't be a mapper.
The original Titan room was a good size for the content. This past weekend was... a bit much.

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So, Dorf Mode has its first stage well and done now- building the fortress. But it's still lacking one thing: invasions and sieges.

Carp events are too sparse (and spawned inside the fort?); it needs something more.

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Serious Sam mode?

>> No.37797347

I wouldn't go that far, but there needs to be something to test the defenses and mettle of the station.

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i remember back in my day meems where sophisticated
ayy lmao

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>not recognising the best enemy in any game ever
shame on you

i've ran ayy lmao into the ground anyways

>> No.37797759

meme in peace ayy lmao
no meme memes forever

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Woah hey guys... welcome to EB games :)

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that matt blue guy sure is shit :^)

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That Lone Lee guy sure is shit :^)

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that anonymous guy sure is shit :^)

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That anonymous shitposting guy sure is shit :^)

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>that anonymous funposter sure is cool :^)

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That anonymous funposter sure is a nigger :^)

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that anonymous rudeposter sure is rude :^(

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that anonymous nigger sure is a nigger :^)

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This isn't /s4s/, fucking knock it off with this shit.

In other news, I expect to be done with diagonal drifting today, so the batch of updates I made will go through.

Changes : updated changelog, clay shards added (may be welded into clay blocks), plates, bowls, and mugs have a chance of shattering on impact, producing a clay shard. Apc no longer needs large items to break it (Gordon also did this while I was waiting) table climbing removed (Nernums did this while I was waiting), and a few other assorted changes. Hopefully this makes this shit work right, so I can move on to new projects.

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That Mezzo guy sure is based :^)

>> No.37798645

I still think all that needed to be done is give objects on the table that you're climbing on a chance to slip.

>> No.37798647

s-sorry mezzo no more funposting i promise

>> No.37798721

I agree that table climbing should be adjusted some, but it wasn't wholly a bad thing.

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>wake up
>50% of the posts in the thread are shitposts
stop it with this shit you fuckers
you may think it's hilarious d20 culture but it's the exact reason why the /s4s/ containment board exists for people who think it's hilarious to pretend to be retarded

once or twice is fine but you people are going fucking over the top

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Heads of Staff. Discuss.

>> No.37799376

quartermaster counts as head r-right

>> No.37799387

If you believe hard enough.

>> No.37799470

I used to play Captain. I stopped.
It was for the best.

>> No.37799532

unless they know exactly how to run their department (and how several other departments run) they have no reason to play head other than the want to loot the bridge
quartermaster is technically under the command of the Head of Personnel, so he's not a true head of staff, but he heads a department.

He's like a squad leader for cargo techs, and the heads are like the lieutenants
you only play captain if you want to have a bad time

>> No.37800241

Useful in larger stations with groups of personnel particularly if you're trying to wrangle more difficult or complicated projects, assign the correct number of people to a problem, and so on and so forth.

As the number of people go down the usefulness of the role goes down, similarly with the complexity of problems.

tl;dr not worth playing on mini unless you want dat access or teaching a group of newbies

>> No.37801202

I like playing head roles when there is actually staff

usually the people who end up playing headroles are the ones who know way less about the department than the rest of the people in it sadly, although CMO's have a tendency to be the most capable, but I think that's simply because being a medic is a position that attracts a lot of noobies who just want to try and be helpful.

I've seen many a noob murder a man with his medkit by bashing him into crit with it and not knowing how to fix it

>> No.37801406

HOP sounds like a job that would be good for a teacher, as he is supposed to control all service jobs, which new players should play.
I've never seen this though.

>> No.37801530

CE is by far the most likely teaching role, showing people good practices and debugging their nooby work is a lot more practical as a CE than as an RD or CMO for example

>> No.37801600

s-serber ded

serber down


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worst round of life
>doctor demands i make drugs
>"the bad kind"
>make poly acid pill
>he knocks me down with one click
>RNG not pleased with me today
>feeds me pill
>eat some tricord and anti tox
>go take a piss after slipping the guy and feeding him 50u of chloral
>come back and see i was murdered by a doctor
>choke to detah because anomaly destroyed part of medbay
>cloned again
>pass out a bunch but a knight in shining armor saves me
>make medicine
>still mad
>cry a little
>leave game
i made tricord dexalin anti tox both types of cryo tube medicine some space lube for the clown some space cleaner and a bunch of other shit and i was rewarded with that.
quit game
quit game minutes before serb crashes

>> No.37801653 [SPOILER] 

I like playing as HOP
and requiring forms be filled out in triplicate for anything to happen.

>> No.37801677

pointless even on large servers since no one listens to you any more than they would have as a normal dude, which honestly relies on metagaming and name recognition more than "im hos do wat i say"

HoP is still useful though

iawtp the only place it could be really badly abused to gain access was in the bar anyway, and it's not exactly a super high value zone

its also useful for positioning things around tables

>> No.37801726

Knight in shining armor? Damn, it was just a miner job...

>> No.37801750 [SPOILER] 

>was queen.
>fist fight with spider,
>then server is kill.
>who will care for the larvae?
>won't someone pleases think of the larvae!

>> No.37801751

I would think it's meta gaming if you give specific examples.
But if it's like
>Wow, it's Tits Palmer, the famous HOS! I heard he stopped an entire nuke ops team single handed with a bar of soap and a dead corgi! Well I heard he stopped a rogue AI with three paradoxes in two seconds!
Then that's reputation, and not really specific to any event.
This implies anyone cares what you say here once you say "RP" though.

>> No.37801772

Why the fuck were you grappling the spider?

>> No.37801775

>xeno nip slip
d-dont try to cheer me up

>> No.37801825

You prolly kill'd the serbr.

>> No.37801857 [SPOILER] 

how else was I going to eat it and gain its powers?
>oh sure, some may say that can't happen, >that, that's fucking retarded
But, I dare to dream

>> No.37801890

Do slimes, former metroids, attack aliens? If they do, are they effective in any way?

>> No.37801900

>posting all this xeno stuff
allright fine ill stop being mad

>> No.37801924

I've seen it happen. I have no idea how much damage it does, or even if player-controlled aliums can take gene damage.

>> No.37801929

I meant more reputation as a player. Less
>Wow, it's Tits Palmer, the famous HOS! I heard he stopped an entire nuke ops team single handed with a bar of soap and a dead corgi! Well I heard he stopped a rogue AI with three paradoxes in two seconds!
and more
>Wow, it's Tits Palmer, played by BYOND key tittymonster420xXx, a fine gentleman who I've met in-game many times and tends to be an informative and helpful person in general!

Like, there are some players who are just valid no matter what (less so on d20 than on goon) and some players that even when confirmed tators you should help out because it'll be funny and they'll pay you back.

>> No.37801988

this is pretty much as correct as it gets because in a playerbase of 15 people you don't often get huge groups of assholes wanting to lynch the wrong people
dealing with rowdy people is always a fine line because you're very unlikely to talk them down if they want to really go through with it, and they'll fight to the death because lolvideogame
>tfw you will never teach security as head of security
hop is probably the worst job on the station, everyone who signs up as one gets the "I'm the captain and if you don't agree with me you are a valid salad" syndrome
>requiring people to fill out forms or jump through a needless number of hoops
enjoy your lynching
>go to cargo
>ask for some beanbag shells for the flare gun I found because dem niggas hate me
>cargotech decides to be an asshole
>"yeah man that's a lot of work but tell you what if you go get me a coffee and fill out these forms I might"
>tell him to fuck off and just deconstruct his window open
>he sputteres out a bunch of protests and I steal a bunch of shit
>cargotech became a bit wiser that day

>> No.37802026

>hop is probably the worst job on the station, everyone who signs up as one gets the "I'm the captain and if you don't agree with me you are a valid salad" syndrome
I find it's the opposite. I usually get lynched by security whenever I play HoP.

>> No.37802041

>Cargo not electrifying their grills
That's one of the first things I learned playing cargo.

>> No.37802050

>antagonizing a wage slave
freeman pls

>> No.37802055

>requiring people to fill out forms or jump through a needless number of hoops

I know, that bullshit is usually a pain in the ass for little reward. Like, could you imagine if cargo told you you had to bring them fucking plasma or shit if you wanted to order anything? Goddamn ridiculous.

>> No.37802073


>> No.37802092

plasma was an example you nig nog
besides plasma serves a purpose, unlike a thousand pieces of paper that nobody but you will read

in the system I proposed /everything/ short of trash would have some sort of value

>> No.37802165


The main purpose of slips of paper is on larger stations so that the heads know when somebody is ordering something dangerous or contraband or the like. I've only ever seen it used to order weapons or get a spacesuit from EVA or similar.

It's kind of pointless on a smaller server because everybody is fairly aware of each other, but on a larger server, it helps people keep shit straight.

But mostly, I was just taking the piss out of you.

>> No.37802204

stop roasting my jeromes mezzo
and if someone wants something dangerous can't you just run it by a head of staff to get their okay

and even then to double check can't you just write down "what'shisface got a space suit from cargo"

>> No.37802257

That's what I've had to seen.
If you're ordering something like that, you need to get the head of staff's stamp/signature, and I think either the QM's, HOP's, or captain's as well, not all three though.
But this implies the heads would care and know what they're doing.

>> No.37802281

Speaking of plasma, I've noticed stacks of materials ground up consume the entire stack instead of the appropriate maximum for the container they're trying to kill.

5 plasma sheets = 100 units of plasma, I believe, but if you put a stack of 50 the grinder will eat all of them.

>> No.37802314

serber up when???

>> No.37802321


Yeah, that's exactly how the paperwork typically works. "Get the Captain/HoS/HoP to stamp this and I'll give it to you." Then you know that they have permission, because there's no real guarantee that whoever you're trying to contact is reading comms or checking their PDA, and it's boring to just have them sit there while you wait until you're a skellington for the head to respond.

If you give them a form to get stamped, it is out of the ordinary and the head will make a note of it rather than just "Cargo[133.7] I'm giving this guy a space suit HoP"

As for bribery I.e. "get me a coffee or no suit", that's lame for run of the mill things, but if you're doing something technically illegal (I.e. HoP giving the clown all access, cargonian ordering weapons for greyshirt) it's a good way to both make a friend and do a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours". They shouldn't need incentive (forms, coffee, plasma) to do their ordinary job, but when they do something they /shouldn't/ be (I.e. according to the in-character repercussions, even if from a game perspective it's fine) it makes sense.

Plus, using forms lets a crafty traitor actually use the Chameleon Stamp to game the system.

Yeah, the grinder code needs some love. I'll revamp it once we initiate the materials system, but for now, I'll make it add only a single sheet when you click with the stack, rather than all of the stack.

>> No.37802341


VNC is down, so whenever ASTV gets it set back up.

>> No.37802353

if you tried that shit against me when I'm playing cargo you'd be flat on your ass before you get through the door

its a coffee and a properly filled out form m8, the coffee machine is all of 7 tiles down

as cargo it is your responsibility to make sure people write down actual reasons when requesting crates
>clown wants hat crate
>Reason: :0)
>stamp DENIED
>write why it was denied
>hand form to clown
>clown resubmits order
>Reason: I want to have a fancy hat party.
>put in filing cabinet and accept order

>assistant wants shotgun crate
>Reason: sgihgfg
>stamp DENIED
>write no hand-rolls
>assistant resubmits order
>Reason: i want 2 kill chunk mcdonat bcuz he tase me for brek windos
>stamp DENIED
>write down reason, inform security via pda

>> No.37802373

Some of the best times I've had as HOP was tempting people with all access.
From a bigger, different server,
>Clown, I'll give you all access, but only if you get me the entire mecha toy collection from the arcade machine
>Ion rifle's in the armory that he can't get to

>> No.37802375

the only time I used the chameleon stamp the hop in question literally went OH LOL NO and bothered the captain for a solid 10 minutes until he responded 'no, i didn't do that'

then I killed everyone instead

>> No.37802376

Looks live now.

>> No.37802407


Some people are just metagaming assholes, I guess.

>> No.37802489

I don't seem to have any luck with being clever, and saying "Please play along with my traitorism or else I will kill everyone," gets you hurmbuttoned.

>> No.37802534

Most people view that as the "Evil villain giving his 30 minute long monologue, and you still have a gun".
AKA tase, strip, space.

>> No.37802551

you give your evil villain speech AFTER you have them at your mercy

hello, kids! today we're going to learn to BAKE! :*)

>> No.37802645

>enjoy your lynching
"First you've going to need to fill out a 724b-lynching-request-form"

Lynching Request Form
Lynching As per CENTCOM workers addendum 724b worker collateral damage must be suppressed per quota per diem. SAFETYLOT #1002a requirement. On the spot Violence suppression, by ways of staff reduction raise a return mulitplier 78% to applicable.
Form must be stamped and held on file as per #c3 requirement.

Offending member of staff.................................
Militarized head of assembly...........................
Recommending Head of staff..........................

>> No.37802968

request: more stuff to do with wood? wooden walls would be nice, instead of the see-through barricades.

>> No.37803046


Actually, there are wooden walls in the code. I'm not sure why they can't make them by default. I'll take a look, but be warned, wall code is a huge mess. If it winds up that I need to do something substantial to add them, it'll probably have to wait for me to completely rewrite walls, similar to how I had to completely rewrite floors to get mineral flooring to work.

>> No.37803098

Walls work by adding sheets of the material to the column. Have brick walls been properly put in yet?

>> No.37803143


>Walls work by adding sheets of the material to the column. Have brick walls been properly put in yet?

Yes, I'm aware. I was more referring to the fact that walls don't use inheritance properly, instead electing to use a huge fucked up chain of if/else statements. If I'm adding wooden walls that currently don't have associated build processes, I'm not going to waste my time nestling that shit in a jumble of spaghetti code, I'm going to tear the whole thing down to build it properly.

And no, still no sprites for Brick walls, so.

>> No.37803229

You don't need to tell Mezzo that people sit in chairs, anon.

>> No.37804543

recharge time on chem machine reduced when?

>> No.37804611

when you upgrade it

>> No.37804653

>being an rnd nerd

>> No.37804676

>being such a bad chemist that you burn through the obscene energy reserves

>> No.37804696

>being bad at chemistry
this aint no stoichiometry shit nigger how could you possibly be bad at this.

>> No.37804713

you could probably trade the rapist gear in your backpack to emiko for upgrades

>> No.37804816

ask for some extra portable dispensers

>> No.37804858

>make the omnipotent magical energy-to-matter machine more ridiculous than it already is

>> No.37805177

This probably constitutes actual rape, holy shit.

>> No.37805241

Wait what the fuck is going on?

>> No.37805324

Do not worry, the hostage situation has been resolved.

Lone Lee forces Karla Robinson to swallow Date rape pill. x2
Lone Lee is trying to put handcuffs on Karla Robinson!
Lone Lee tries to put the gag on Karla Robinson.
Karla Robinson is buckled in to the roller bed by Lone Lee!
Lone Lee attempts to force Karla Robinson to swallow Whiskey (10u) pill. x20
Lone Lee says, "u gunna get waifud"
Lone Lee says, "now drink this milk"

>> No.37805395

he lived as he died
surrounded by all his friends

>> No.37805423

Lee will never have a proper waifu
you dont capture your waifu
your waifu captures you

>> No.37805485

fucking slut i fed you salad

>> No.37805638

Out of context this was funny to me

>> No.37805853

thats the last time i have a nice dinner with someone next time ill name the pills inaprovaline and it wont be milk you will be drinking

>> No.37806220

There's no time for doubt
There's blood on your hands.

That shit was embarrassing to watch, Emiko. You were pussy footing around like a freshman at her first tryout, even after Eliot shot an explosive dart at you.

>> No.37806288

Oye, I shot it at welderfuel tank, just for fun.

>> No.37807765

>distro loop of mini pushing 20 atmospheres

>> No.37807802

A job well done for the local security team.
>metagaming nigger 0/3
>shidcuridy 3/3

>> No.37807901


>> No.37808042

Remember kids; never play sec, as people can and will fuck with you, and YOU'LL be the one getting in trouble for trying to stop it.

>> No.37808056

Four for Four

>> No.37808069


>> No.37808355

Place is getting crowded.

>> No.37808541

Overcome, and transformed into a subhuman.
Alas, that I have only dead niggers to comfort me.

>> No.37808542

>looks like you got thrown in
>how CLUMSY of you

>> No.37808578

enjoy your clumsy

>> No.37809172

Clam Johannes survives, a free man.
A changed man.

>> No.37809216

>he killed me after i said we couldn't rebuild him because of gordon
actually i was deaf the whole time i told some guy you had a rape dungeon in xeno bio and i dont know who the other guy was i just thought you making trouble in the neighborhood then i got in one little fight and mezzo got scared
lee johannes

>> No.37809250

I was acting like a big gay nigger that round

I fixed R&D's power and atmos settings and logged, I had too much griffon

>> No.37809291

im not a shithead every round like that but it was funny

>> No.37809293

I just kinda sat there the entire round being fucked with by Gordon and you.
>Rape dungeon
You're one to talk.
I actually had a grenade I labeled "Rape Whistle", but the trigger phrase didn't work.
What'd you do at the end that would not let the research machines be connected? I had that problem on the last dorf round.

>> No.37809299

That round was full to bursting with niggery.
Glad you at least came around;Lee just committed suicide without a comment.

>> No.37809384

I had pulled the cell out of the APC and shut off its charging, breakers, and other functions and cut the cable that allowed it to charge

I don't know if I did anything specifically to neuter the R&D machines but it might have been the Ion blast
yeah but I was being niggery before the real niggers even showed up
I mainly wanted to see
>how much air is in the air room
>how much of that can I pump into R&D
>will emiko explode from overpressuriziation before she fixes it

>> No.37809420

servers back up

>> No.37809438

>Rape dungeon
>You're one to talk
ill tie you up gag you and hold you r hand you slut
actually my last words where "forgive me father i know not why i shit

>> No.37809447

I never questioned why there is a research APC in maint before.
Now I do.
Do the other departments have that? I can't remember.

>> No.37809475

every other department to my knowledge has an APC in maint

I just happened to notice that research also had an air alarm next to its apc in maint and started flickering the lights (I.e being a nigger)

>> No.37809512

I meant air alarm, sorry, I know about the APC thing.
I thought several times that someone wanted to become a pAI because of the flickering lights.

>> No.37809544

Just observed, they do have air alarms.
I get it's for engineers, but this means you can fuck up both power and atmos, without moving, as proved by Gordon.

>> No.37809556

the alternative for engineers wanting to fuck up atmos is to just burst as many pipes as possible and see if any of them burst in the department they targeted

>> No.37810325

small things that people don't know about
>smoking raisins

>> No.37810426

I know about butter and margarine, but I don't know how to get it

>> No.37810595

same recipe guidelines as cheese
corn oil instead of milk
cream instead of milk

>> No.37810721

Hmmm, thank you
Does it serve a purpose besides lubrication?

>> No.37810790

butter is its own reagent as well as brick form, liquid butter acts as ghetto space lube
margerine just grinds back into corn oil which is already slippery

>> No.37810922

>smoking raisins
For what purpose?

>> No.37810949

Smoking adds whatever contained reagent into your system.

Thus, smoking raisins feeds you.

>> No.37810952

>The clown can make his own lube

>> No.37810988

The correct answer was 4no raisin

>> No.37811103

can smoke jerky too

also for some reason the drying rack doesnt currently allow all foods while papers accept all dried foods so I need to rectify this

>> No.37811773

Can you also make it so you can use ANY paper to make a doobie, not just rolling paper?

I want to be able to offend people as HoP or cargo tech by demanding paperwork, looking at it, stamping it with DENIED and then rolling it up and smoking it before grinding it out on their face I'm a horrible person.

For some reason matches cannot light candles. Amongst other things.

>> No.37811824

You kind of people are assholes.
>Low RP bay server
>Cargo trolley that starts in cargo, but more can be ordered
>Be engi
>Want one to transport canisters, scrubbers, and to pick up chicks
>Captain's in cargo
>Make two request forms, give to him
>He uses the me command to say he crumples them up, pees on them, and then throws it away, two times for each order
>Tells me to fuck off
>Proceeds to order weapons crates for himself

>> No.37811886

You killed him right?

>> No.37811890

>peeing on orders
have some class, at least use the bathroom. also you only deny super shitty orders like
>give me all the guns lol
>monkehs for funzies
both of which are real orders I've gotten.

On the other hand, there was a chicken-man starting a chicken-cult who wanted as many chickens as I could order which I then agreed to. Sadly, on smaller stations it doesn't really work, because most people who come up to you aren't gibbering retards.

>> No.37812085

He was the captain with gun crates.
I was an engineer. Who was not robust nor cared enough.

>> No.37812097

you'd probably get reprimanded for that.

>> No.37814743

Seclights don't have a sound effect for bludgeoning.
I'm disappointed.

>> No.37814938

You know that we aren't bay?
Or are you talking about the SS13 community in general?

>> No.37815989

holy shit /tg/
this is the fantasy SS13 based game we have always wanted
use google translate

>> No.37816039

Download where?

>> No.37816043

Fucking stilted-
So, Call of Cthulhu? I'm having trouble reading this.

>> No.37816108

VtM meets Call of Cthulu meets parts of WH40k meets Dwarf Fortress
there is a thread on bay discussing translating the game to english.

>> No.37816348

you have a dick, its size is based on which house you are from.

>> No.37816357


>> No.37816377

They have a forum

>> No.37817729

>> No.37817752

It's so... grey.

>> No.37817757

SS13 is grey too, son.

>> No.37817781

the whore is dead that's why it's grey.
the guy standing above the corpse and puddle of sperm is a bishop who did some erotic asphyxiation that went wrong.
he later buried her body fuck knows where

>> No.37817790

SS13 has an amount of grey walls and floors, with many other things providing shots of color. That rape scene is just- drab.

>> No.37818257

>dick sizes
>erotic asphyxiation
Truly, what /tg/ always wanted

>> No.37818567

How do I gain robustness

>> No.37818615

Consider the clown a prime candidate for target practice and learn to build your own weapons.

>> No.37818762

he wanted robustness not murdered

>> No.37818841

>half of the commands are still in English
>announcements use English
>names use English
this is a half-assed russian translation

>> No.37819056

ask people to spar with you and use boxing gloves when you do, boxing gloves deal double damage, but the damage is fatigue damage which heals automatically over time and very quickly

this will train your ability to click other spaceman faster while they're also moving

the next step past that is learning what you can use to your advantage, I.E making a spear, speargun, mug bolas, using water, and knowing when to throw your weapons at people if they're too hard to hit (spears have 20 throwforce so they're a good finisher, and if you know what to look for you can easily catch it if they try to throw it back at you)

>> No.37819252

>Thinking people can catch shit
They can't catch when neither of us are moving, and I tell them in advance I'm throwing something.

>> No.37819269

that's why it helps to know when some nigger thinks they're smart and they start throwing things at you

>> No.37819485

Thanks for the advice

>> No.37819621

I feel the main reason I am robust is I feel bad about killing my targets as autistic as that sounds since I dislike taking people out of the game hence why I play xeno for golems or medical mainly

>> No.37819708

you can always disable them

>> No.37819751

But then they'll come for you and come for you over and over taking advantage of your mercy to gain the upper hand. They'll fuck with your department, your friends, and make your life miserable.

>> No.37819808

Why is ling so easy

>find target alone

>stun and mute sting

>cuff and take off headset


Eassiest valid of my life

>> No.37819931

this is why ling is a shit game mode
I find it fun to see how many times you can shut someone down before they finally get you

>> No.37819998

On big stations with oblivious and uncaring players, a changeling would always mean maintenance tunnels filled with husks, as far as the eye could see. To prove their superiority, several would just walk around with just a jumpsuit, not even shoes, and proceed to murder everyone. There's no defence against the sting, and more advanced changelings had a toxic sting that would kill a man in under two minutes.
Fuck changelings.

>> No.37820150

Someone should really rewrite ling stings so it either cannot bypass exosuits or has a chance to fail to sting it's target

>> No.37820220

Just get rid of some of the more bullshit stings all together.
I've been killed by a ling, literally standing still for two seconds to type out something, and he stung me and dragged me to maint.

>> No.37820303

I think most are fair but need lower duration and need to be relied on less

Mute sting has enough of a durarion to stun/cuff/undress and take off headset

>> No.37820405

Here is how you defeat a ling:
>stun it
>stick it in a empty room with lit candles
"i have a proboscis too ifyouknowhwatimean.getonyourknees.brazzers.com"
>goes braindead from fear

>> No.37820442

On another station I was playing Surgeon and a Medical Doctor comes in and asks what I'm doing
I start to explain when he mute stings me and then pulls out a fucking double e-sword
I run around the table, get to the 4 bed area and hit him with my saw, knocking him down
He heals / adrenalines and comes after me, we fight until we get to the left of the table in surgery again
He gets me to red / 1 point off crit when I knock him down, drag him onto the table and begins brain surgery
He heals, but to no avail as he's on the table
Announce over radio I fucked over a Ling, Captain gave me a medal and promotion to CMO
I then proceeded to debrain all of the cloned people / braindead dead people

Pic unrelated

Fun round, shit ling

>> No.37820542

an inspiration to all cargotech head of personnel surgeon generals everywhere

>> No.37820543

Silly, fucking unrobust ling.
>Opening with mute, not stun.
>Using an esord.
>Not knowing how to get off the surgical table.

>> No.37820616

Why do lings speak in this weird view of themselves

>"We" ready our proboscis

Explain the lore please

is it hivemind

>> No.37820635

I know right, even without the stun sting it was hard dicks killing him. The Chef was very happy to receive a brain, appendix and body to prepare food out of.

>> No.37820668

Why are people obsessed with appendix organs

>> No.37820708

They are delicious

>> No.37820784

fuck i dont know but you are asking me so here is my spin on it
a changling is the spirit of a man who died a virgin and the body of a demon who displeased their dark lord,they are doomed to share a body and please themselves via absorbing more hosts
in other words any one of us could be a changling right now

>> No.37820832

>contains the subsumed forms of countless persons

>> No.37820891

Yea the form but not the actually consciousness of the person but that is true

>> No.37821107

Changelings don't have stun stings, just cryo stings. I have no idea what you're talking about unless you speak of goon.

the most awful thing a changeling can do is turn a monkey into a human with every disability and massive mind damage, then extract the DNA and transformation sting the entire crew

Changelings were a carbon copy of The Thing. They had a headspider that they turned into when they died and infected other people, along with an alternative mode that turned them into a gibbering, horrific six-legged and multi-faced monstrosity.

>> No.37822520

i was not a man of the people,but i was a man FOR the people

>> No.37822716

ah I never saw the thing was it good?

>> No.37822737

round will be over soon ill shitpost about it soon

>> No.37823086

>the thing
Yes. The original is a well-done piece of horror and tension, with believable acting.

>> No.37823182

>be me lee best hop in the world
>crew is actullay not flaming retards
>mime and clown and barman get sat down for sensitivity training because they where being mean
>emiko teles all of armory
>flick smacks her shit in
>hand out all access passes
>clone emiko and try to ballgag schoolgirl her
>she runs away because lag
>Eliot kills the whole station
>im spaced while wearing a medal i stole off of emikos clothes
>we watch as ghosts while eliot and emiko move at the speed of slow
>eliot gets btfo
>adminbussed in as a gangly corpse
>emiko breaks into the escape shuttle but i disarm her
>she keeps shooting the chap
>i run around and stunbaton her
>me and chap bash her face in
>round end
>eliot was not a tator
emiko you are lucky i was lagging otherwise you would have been stuck in my office forever :^)

>> No.37823476


>> No.37823512

Ok, lemme give my viewpoint.
Keep in mind, this entire time I had to watch over a needy puppy IRL.
>Spawn in as traitor on low pop. round
>Decide to see if I can steal the entire armory with telesci and a magnet
>You can't steal the entire armory
>You can steal most of the armory
>Chuckle, hide weapons
>Later, Lee sends me messages about armory and how people need the guns to robust eachother
>Don't reply
>Flick, assistant, says he's looking around
>Come back after doing some shit, he walks out of xenobio
>Tases me
>Takes off my headset
>Stuns me a lot
>Tells me he enjoys hurting me
>Strips me in sec
>Implants then locks me in perma
>Goes out and spams the implant, which is full of deadly toxins
>I try to robust him but die
>He laughs, throws my shit in the armory, hides my body in the back of perma
>Watch for a while, try to get people's attention with ghost powers, no one cares
>Elliot setting fires, figure he's traitor
>Lee clones me, I run like fuck because fuck his waifu shit
>Run around, find flick's shit, but no flick
>Take his shit, get my shit
>Hide in science, get guns
>Elliot telling me he's killing people
>Tell him to not kill Nanna, because she's cool
>He comes in, starts talking to me, power goes out
>Flick's back
>Remove Flick
>People start respawning in and fighting us
>Call shuttle
>Fight off respawners
>Remember objective
>Try to find metal
>It ain't on my jumpsuit
>God tells me Lee has it, and I must fist fight him
>Get to shuttle through space because plasma fires
>Break in
>Puppy starts whining
>Have to deal with puppy and these two
>Buckle in thinking it's about to leave
>It's not
>I die
Yes, I was a complete shit and deserved a lot of the things that happened.
But Flick was a shit, and I had to watch a lot of stupid stuff while dead.
I wasn't the one murderboning, Elliot was.

>> No.37823606

Eliot has been doing a lot of "kill people, set fires" lately as a non-traitor.

>> No.37823622

>Don't reply
>Flick, assistant, says he's looking around
actually thats captain flick :^)
>Tells me he enjoys hurting me
>Lee clones me, I run like fuck because fuck his waifu shit
>Lee clones me, I run like fuck because fuck his waifu shit
i saw the medal on your shirt in the armory and though "shes is fucking shit I DESERVE THE MEDAL" and the Eliot spaced me
>Yes, I was a complete shit and deserved a lot of the things that happened.
But Flick was a shit, and I had to watch a lot of stupid stuff while dead.
I wasn't the one murderboning, Elliot was.
yeah eliot tried to get me to walk into hop maint
obvioustrap.png so i too thought he was a tator
best hop represent

>> No.37823688

I can't say I've ever seen you perform well at a job.
It doesn't help that you revel in your own shit.
This waifu rape-kidnapping shit is getting pretty fucking stale.
And to make it worse, now that you've latched onto HoP for your own inane reasons, you're enabling all the other shitheads through your own negligence.


>> No.37823722

Hey now, I wasn't a shit, I removed someone who stole the entire armory.

>> No.37823762

>Tases me
>Removes headset
>Removes clothes
>Kills while already in perma using bullshit implant and while prisoner is not resisting at the time
Please, Flick.
I fought you after you implanted me and I heard the implant go off, so I knew I was dead.

>> No.37823784

>People start respawning in and fighting us
theres been a lot of abuse of that function this week

>> No.37823798

What are you mad because I was lagging too much to fight you, so therefor had to go other routes to kill you?

>> No.37823907

I'm mad because of the route you took.
You had a stun baton, that you proved you could use the entire time. If the plan was just to kill me, you could have easily beaten me to death.
You went into xenobiology to look at my loot, of which several guns were there. You could have shot me.
You didn't have to give me the false illusion of justice.

>> No.37823982

I went to xeno to find out where you were hiding everything. And I never said I was going to brig you, so I don't know why you thought that. And for the implant I've never used it before so I figured that it'd be a good time to try it out!

>> No.37824006

never happened babe
>I can't say I've ever seen you perform well at a job.
look harder babe
>ow that you've latched onto HoP for your own inane reasons
played hop for three rounds overall babe
its ok to be mad

>> No.37824085

Bedcuffing someone in perma naked doesn't exactly have too many different implications.
Even with the lag on your part, you took away my shit, cuffed me in perma, put down the blast doors, and only then did you come in, confident that I would be dying.

>> No.37824159

That's called taking no chances, do you expect me to be a Bond villain and let you have a chance to escape?

>> No.37824205

To be frank, you /do/ have a history in those regards.

>> No.37824218

What, letting you escape?

>> No.37824369

You get arrested. You know your crime, but the only thing the guards tell you is how much they enjoy hurting you. Then, they do all the proper procedures, and lock you away. Just as you think you get a life sentence, they drop a shark on you from a hole in the ceiling, and laugh as you die painfully, claiming that there was an injury, and that it would not have been good for them.
Yes, I'm salty. I'll stop now because it's in the past. But god damn Flick.

>> No.37825212

>daterape bullshit
can this also stop
it was funny three months ago and now it's going to get you in trouble
>lagging too much to beat an incapacitated person to death
if you had enough time to strip clothing off, you have enough time to gore someone with a reasonably robust melee weapon

as for the rest of this bickering
>security killing someone who stole the entire armory
is pretty valid as long as you have proof (which seeing the enitre armory stuffed in xenobio and a scientist rapidly tapping away at the tsci console is just about more than enough proof)

>> No.37825865

Oh hey Emiko is complaining about doing traitor stuff and then getting wrecked. Where did I hear that before?


>> No.37825923

Quick question; how is the traitor choosing process done?

>> No.37826159

I think it just comes down to it picking one of the players with the traitor candidacy enabled at random at the beginning of each round, if any such player is available. And if not, it will just pick players completely at random. Don't think you can become the traitor if you join the game midgame and have the option disabled.

>> No.37827147


>> No.37827622

Maribelle is biggest creep according to Irvan

>> No.37827661

Bicentennial reminder that nernums is Mezzo, and by extension your server is astv.

>> No.37828095

OOC: COMMIEkettle: Note to self. It is definitely possible to blow the cold-loop.
OOC: HeadRox: how?
Eliot Styles [145.9] says, "WHOLE ENGINEERING IS ON N2O"
OOC: COMMIEkettle: I have yet to figure that part out.

>> No.37828179 [SPOILER] 

>daterape bullshit
can this also stop
it was funny three months ago and now it's going to get you in trouble
kidnapping yes rape no holy shit scream fire in a movie theater some more you understandably upset person

>> No.37828443

You don't even know how greentext properly?

>> No.37828471

it was an accident not worth deleting my post for
how dare you accuse an expert memer such as myself of not knowing how to greentext

>> No.37828613

i think you meant:
>You don't even know how to greentext properly

>> No.37828802

I only kidnap people to remove appendix

>> No.37828859

>so fanny ballgag and parade around station in cuffs
the point i'm trying to get across is it's getting old, and thus unfunny and annoying
annoy everyone too much and you'll start pissing them off it's already annoyed I know for sure myself and astv

>> No.37828976 [SPOILER] 

i know good advice when i see it,alright
also a picture to commemorate the round

>> No.37829017

Maybe you should just BAN it...

>> No.37829047

god damnit i said i would take his advice but now he will be upset fucking whiteagle

>> No.37829064

If someone made me a personal target of their meta-fetish for rounds-on-end, on top of dealing with everyone else's shit, I'd be pretty upset too.

>> No.37829106

emiko please

>> No.37829170

More people than Emiko are sick of this shit, Lee.

>> No.37829265

That's not me.
You gave the chaplain access to R&D, told him to remodel it, and then PDA messaged him, telling him to actually blow it up.
There was no reason.

>> No.37829314

hmm i guess i should take a hint and tone it down a notch then sorry

>> No.37829618

I won't just to spite you

>> No.37829699

nevermind whiteagle keep posting they'll make me an admin at this rate

>> No.37829788

Mwah-ha ha... All according to Keikaku...

>> No.37830019

PDA-Gwenevere Graham (Assistant)
PDA-Gwenevere Graham (Cargo Technician)
PDA-Gwenevere Graham (Security Officer)
PDA-Gwenevere Graham (Captain)

>> No.37830059

A hierarchy of shit, is ascending order.

>> No.37830201

>trying to set up long range communications networks in kerbal space program
>a shitter appears and nobody is on to deal with it
fucker is banned for a week

>> No.37830204

I thought that captain had a wait limit?
Or is that a regular being a shit?

>> No.37830348

it might not effect latejoiners, but I super seriously doubt it doesn't and he just joined at one time in the past and joined again now with intent to be a fagtron
>he killed himself trying to break into security/the bridge
dumb as a brick, I for one hope he doesn't come back

>> No.37830459

Is there any way to counter the "join a month ago" thing?

>> No.37830541

no, the database that prevents people new to the server from joining important roles only filters out the newest of newfriends, and even then it only makes sure that people who have no idea how to switch hands or the like can get the positions

It doesn't prevent people who know what they're doing from being bad at the role, and it doesn't help new players learn about the role in the 30 days they're not allowed to play it, because even after 30 days of playing ss13 you might still not be ready for security or a head role.

the /only/ thing it does is filter out people who don't want to wait to be shitty and filter out the newest of new people from instantly getting access to important roles. It's better than nothing but nothing is a very close second.

>> No.37831190

>> No.37831491

I'd like to say "OH YA STRONK" and all that but she was a literal retard.
The first few times she did it, I kept IC and still tried to help, be nice make contact. Shitter just kept trying to stab me. Captain was end of the fucking line.

>> No.37831765

So why is there no intercom in perma?

>> No.37831794

So shitters in perma can't spam the airwaves with drivel.

>> No.37831799

repeat ad infinitum

>> No.37831824


>> No.37831974

But Lone Lee contributes and is (usually) pleasant to be around in general. I don't think we've banned anybody with those characteristics before.

>> No.37832038

Have you not been paying attention this week?
Nevermind that his contributions are little more than annoying stuttering and >memes
see also >>37805324
>Date rape

>> No.37832546

That's why I said usually. He was toeing the line with his recent kidnapping shit, but he apologized and recanted.

>> No.37832635

reminds me of the time whiteagle managed to loose his ID in the identification console and thus trap himself in the hop's office

>> No.37832707

Do you mean like the console lost power, or he didn't know how to remove it?

>> No.37833155

So, you guys know that's not what toeing the line means, right? It means participating without wanting to, not coming close to the edge

>> No.37833484



We're both wrong. I should have said he was "barely toeing the line" I suppose, but.

Thanks anon, learn something new every day.

>> No.37835544

Server updated with a myriad of fixes and additions.

>> No.37837892

>cant meme
>cant "rape"
>the surgery thing is getting stale
>shitty cargotech is getting stale
>waifu shit is disliked
f-fuck i might actually have to play the game correctly
my only hope is i don't become a greytide shit or a fucking robot

>> No.37837955

but you've been a fucking robot, lee
it was awful

>> No.37838108

good times good times

>> No.37839667

I was Adminbus completely retarded via brain-damage and thus couldn't operate it...
As I didn't know what retarded characters could and couldn't do (I had already operated the Chem Despenser and Master perfectly fine), I was attempting to hand my Captainship over to someone else.

Funny enough, Emiko then broke into the HoP office and killed me for my ID, only to drag my corpse back to Science for striping and spacing to find that I didn't even have it.

And then NEXT round, Froman bans me on false pretenses, GREAT SERBER!

>> No.37839772

We all know what happened. Everyone and their mother knows.
You gain nothing from continuing to lurk in these threads, waiting for another chance to complain. Just leave already.

>> No.37839836

>trying to skew what happened again
i'm not going to even bother this time, all anybody needs to know is that you sperged out on the thread for nearly a week straight and proved freeman right.

reminder to hide and report whiteagle shitposts.
he's already been banned for this at LEAST once.

>> No.37839843

mad because bad at videogames

you're banned because I don't like you

>> No.37840434

Yes, I know.
Just reminding everyone you're a hypocritical asshole...

>> No.37840462

no need to I got that covered

it's a good thing everyone here shares the same opinion of you though, because I think you might be mistaken that you think you're right and everyone else is wrong

>> No.37841030

While banning him from your server is acceptable and commendable, being a giant faggot that everyone hates is not actually against the rules on 4chan.

>> No.37841058

Shitposting is though.
Which he's been banned for.
Multiple times.

>> No.37841119

I would agree with you, but it's not really up to me.

Still, there's something to be said for tolerating someone nobody likes -- just as long as that individual being tolerated doesn't mistake it for acceptance. Maybe if everyone stopped feeding him, he'd realize that and go away? Because when people respond, it just makes him think people actually want to talk to him. But, you know, it takes two to tango. Troll me once, shame on you. Troll me twice, shame on me. If you get trolled once you shouldn't get trolled again!

>> No.37841162

he's been hovering around and not participating in the server (but participating in the threads for some reason) for quite literally 6+ months

looking at his shitposts on other boards in the archives the situation is exactly the same everywhere else (even on /vg/ and /m/)

>> No.37841337

In game Brain Damage. Makes it impossible for you to use certain objects.

Makes Brainrot epidemics really fucking stressful for chemists.
Nothing like wondering if this moment is the one where you forget how to use the only gear that can save your fucking life, much less the rest of the crew's.

>> No.37841342

>While banning him from your server is acceptable and commendable
Actually Scythe it isn't, because...

>a giant faggot that everyone hates
I wasn't even a regular faggot on the server, hell most people couldn't even name my characters they were so unobtrusive.

>> No.37841390

the formula for brain damage is
>less than 60 damage
a probability check with a success rate equal to how much brain damage you have will give you the message "you momentarily forget how to use [machine name]"
anything 60 or higher will make you "stare cluelessly at [machine name] and drool"
however this only manifests for things like APCs, atmospheric machinery, and computer consoles, not the chem master (which is the only magical device that actually cures brain damage)
>act like a faggot on the server's resources (the thread)
>expect not to receive punishment
>which you wouldn't have if you just posted anonymously instead of namefagging
>but instead you namefag so we know exactly who it is and exactly who to ban
you may think you're right but you've been wrong from the start
just because you don't play doesn't mean you can't get banned

>> No.37841463

Uh Scythe, this thread isn't a "Server Resource" because then it would be considered "Advertising" and thus be very VERY reportable...

>which you wouldn't have if you just posted anonymously instead of namefagging
>but instead you namefag so we know exactly who it is and exactly who to ban
God, is this why your damn panties are in a twist?

Namefaggotry happens, you can either be an adult and not give a crap or be a whiny child and start a shit storm over a single line of text...

>> No.37841536

>be an adult
no u

>> No.37841562

>telling someone to be an adult

>> No.37841570

Hey if I could actually pull off being an adult, I probably wouldn't be here...

>> No.37841592

>b-b-ut it's against the ruurs!!
rulefag please go

we use it to discuss the server, you shit it up, you got banned for it
>namefaggotry happens
I'm not complaining about you using a name, I just find it funny that you would have never gotten banned if you hadn't posted needlessly with identification because then we wouldn't be able to track it back to your Ckey.

Instead you post everywhere with a name that's exactly the same as your ckey, so we can tell who is being a faggot and thus ban you so you can stop shitting everything up in game at the least.
>be an adult about it
funny how we told you to be an adult about getting banned and you instead told us "I am going to throw a tantrum like a spoiled child until I get what I want"
>a hypocrite calling someone out on hypocrisy

report the thread all you want, we've been here for almost a year and kept to ourselves. I don't see a reason a mod or janitor should start taking their time to sweep this single thread off the board when it shows up.

also that last post was me, i'm trying to get some advice on orbital transfers in /kspg/, posting without a trip or name because I know that my identity is not important to that particular conversation
>b-but it's justified if I pretend not to be an adult, then i'm not a hypocrite!!

>> No.37841637 [DELETED] 

you guys are a bunch of whiny pricks, you know that?

>> No.37841659

Yes, yes we are...

>> No.37842257

>he thinks he knows who i am

I don't know anything about SS13. I just know your faggotry. It is massive and intentional. And nobody likes any of your characters.

>> No.37842290

>sec being shit as usual
sec is always valid. If you don't open every round by flooding sec lobby with plasma and lighting it up, you deserve your red tides

>> No.37842400

I don't know his key or whatever. Who is this guy and what did he do? I'm betting it was something like getting tazed for setting up disposals and complaining about it, or daring to actually produce any food or drink on station as barman?

>> No.37842587


Talking about it generally leads to a ton of off-topic discussion and bitching, so I'll summarize it once:

His CKey is Whiteeagle.
>He rarely plays, but usually talks about the Colonial Marines server here, and often gives advice or information, which is often misleading or completely incorrect.
>This isn't bannable in and of itself, but one of the admins, Lonesoldier (Aka Gordon) got pissed off over time.
>Playing a collaborative roundtype, "Dorf Station". Whiteeagle is attacked by carp which destroys a window, due to a misunderstanding, Whiteeagle winds up beating somebody to death who was trying to get him to fix the window.
>Gordon bans him for this, but mostly because he dislikes him

>Whiteeagle complains in thread about it. Most of the other admins think Gordon overstepped his bounds, and are going to punish him.
>Whiteeagle continues to derail the server, whine and act like a petulant child in the thread, losing basically any sympathy he had. Understandable, given that he's mad, but still.
>Continues to insult the admin staff and bitch for literally a week's worth of threads, actively attempting to drive people away from the server and constantly acting as if Gordon is somehow running a fascist adminocracy because he got banned.

>By this point, absolutely nobody wants him unbanned if this is the way he's going to act over something like this.

>He gets banned from 4chan for shitposting off-topic, thread derailment, etc.

>Comes back anyways, continues to shitpost, continues to try to drive away people.

His original ban was in the wrong, and if he had acted mature, he would have been unbanned, and Gordon would have been punished. However, he acted like a fucking child and proceeded to do his best to ruin everybody else's good time in the process, which means that he will not be coming back anytime soon.

>> No.37842793

So basically, typical
>player did a thing totally within normal scope of the game
>sec, admin or other supposed VIP comes by and robusts him out of metagriff

His posts itt weren't bad, and then everyone freaked out. I'm having a hard time having whatever the opposite of sympathy is for him. And considering the shit I've seen "respected players" get up to, I have no doubts in my mind that he wasn't antagonized first. Kinda like itt

>> No.37842843

You may also know him as NiceDaemonette

>> No.37842897

good thing you left room for chance there because I don't

>> No.37842931

>I would agree with you, but it's not really up to me
Which is good, since your agreement has nothing to do with whether or not it's correct.

For the rest of your post, Whiteagle's like ND, in that he'll misconstrue something as an anon thinking he's not complete shit, and continue being a fucker for at least another month. This thing he misconstrues could easily be someone calling him complete shit.
So what you get is someone who, content in the fact that at least one newbie wasn't openly hostile to him, will outright refuse to leave until he's banned.

>> No.37842985

His posts absolutely were bad.

>> No.37843068

white eagle is the same person as ND

>> No.37843199

ok so was >>37796493 antagonistic in any way?

or >>37829017
>Maybe you should just BAN [weird bay-style fetishey ERP]...

>> No.37843231

he's not a decent player by any means of the word, he's terrible at everything he does and insists that the server is catered to the lowest common denominator of skill (his) by suggesting things like "adding at least one space suit for every crew member on the station" and insists in talking about colon marines/fetish servers in this thread
>but in this thread it's not bad!
it was bad in the 4-5 threads we had up over the week after he was banned. A good timeframe to look for posts by him is around new years, he was banned about the 31st of december, 2014, just before newyears rolled around on the east coast.
>totally within normal scope
beating people do death who try to stop you from futher fucking up repairs as security is a no-no anyways, not that it even matters anymore since this happened quite literally a month ago
NiceDaemonette (a regular cumlord or something that exclusively plays on a vorestation server, which is a server catered to a sexual fetish in 2d spaceman no less and has problems with people wanting to be special snowflakes) and whiteagle's posts are pretty much exactly the same in tone and construction, they're the same person.

pic related is the example of shit he/they try to stir up on a regular basis

>> No.37843276

I bet you ahelp when you get arrested for bombing the bridge.

>> No.37843330

Serber ded

>> No.37843451

I bet you declare anyone not wearing a faggot red jumpsuit as tator and space them as soon as they spawn in the arrivals shuttle.

>> No.37843501

>faggot who says a certain job is always valid
Sure thing bub, you definitely aren't a shitter.

>> No.37843524

Why don't you guys understand that not all sec is instantly shitcurity?

>> No.37843592

because they're the ones that get beat to death even by good cops because of how shitty they are

>> No.37843648

I get beat to death more by people pretending to be sec then actual security, including, but not limited to
>Heads in general
>Assistants who broke into the armory
>Chaplain cults
But maybe that's because I don't break the rules, and am a good crew member.

>> No.37843745


>> No.37843751

yea seriously, especially when you get stupid shit like the cults that instalynch for the exclusive reason that you don't want to do whatever "totally cool and random!" shit they're doing.

>> No.37843754

>Why don't you guys understand that not all sec is instantly shitcurity?
I've literally never seen a sec officer not be shit. Ever.

No hyperbole. I've not had a single good experience with sec, ever. I've not had a single round where first contact with security has been anything constructive, or even polite. Hell, last round, I was doing some remodeling, so the first thing sec does is comes by and breaks it all down, and tosses flashbangs in. Because how dare I put up some wood structures!!

>> No.37843773

>I've not had a single round where first contact with security has been anything constructive
Well if you're being visited by security, something's not right.

>> No.37843832

Lemme guess.
You barricaded in the front door of botany, had a false wall into chemistry, and were growing corn?

>> No.37843854

>yea seriously, especially when you get stupid shit like the cults that instalynch for the exclusive reason that you don't want to do whatever "totally cool and random!" shit they're doing.
So, security?

The only worse human beings than sec players are actual mall cops.

>You barricaded in the front door of botany, had a false wall into chemistry, and were growing corn?
Nah, I had like 8 trays of tomatoes and apples and shit.

>> No.37843910

Don't forget Cargo.

If they're not locked away in their massive autism-castle, they parade around like they're in charge and will kill you if you say otherwise.

>> No.37843948

They are, though.

>> No.37844031

...yeh, they are.
The standard cargo uniform;
Gas Mas, Insulated gloves, Meson Scanner, Toolbelt, Captain's Spare, Galoshes and Energy Gun.
Now when we get to their traitor loadout..

>> No.37844054

Security answers to the captain, and then nanotrasen (admins). If they're doing random shit, expect them to not be around long, if the crew wasn't able to take care of them.
I never said sec was always right, I said something's not right. It really depends on the situation and players in question, you really can't generalise something like that.
You originally said "Wooden structures". Please elaborate, for there are four that I know of; doors, barricades, drying racks, and bookcases.
I've never had to deal with that, because I have not seen cargo try to uphold the law, and do not try to get on their bad side.
Medbay, on the other hand... you never expect it.

>> No.37844118

>If they're not locked away in their massive autism-castle, they parade around like they're in charge and will kill you

good luck getting them to actually order anything for the station ever, either. But expect someone to totally dismantle botany when it's actually producing batteries, healing chems and more booze and coffee than anyone can handle

medbay is usually busy cloning people. Y'know, being helpful. Unlike sec, cargo and engineering

Try building anything ever. I've been permabrigged for setting up disposals before. And good luck getting any admin to help, because "muh time limit before playing risky roles!! so effective, no griffon culd ever play cap"

>> No.37844198

the fuck server are you playing on

>> No.37844250

sounds like you're playing on goon
my advice is to quit playing on goon

>> No.37844298

>complains about how things are on another server
>argues with people as if they were also talking about that other server, even though this isn't a general
find a better server
like the one in the OP
telling people that things are shit in an unnamed server they'll never play is a literal waste of effort

>> No.37844365

I left goon for d20 thinking it'd be better.

It is, honestly, but sec is still the same.

It's almost as if it's a fundamental problem with the types of people who would play as "security officers" in a 2d spessmans doing spessman things game.

>complains about how things are on another server
Ooh, and the ducking and weaving begins. Where did I say I wasn't talking about d20, faggot?

>> No.37844397

were you around for the legendarily autismic shitfit he had when he was banned
he was shitposting for about a week straight

because his almost passive-aggressive posts here are nowhere near the levels of ass-blast and salt he managed to sustain for over six days.
he basically got himself a horse so high that had he fallen off of it he would have taken several minutes to hit the ground, slagged off the entire administration team and claimed admin conspiracies even after they stated that gordon was going to get a reprimand, admitted that he was shitposting to scare off newcomers, and was overall refusing to act like an adult instead of a mewling child (again something he actually stated was INTENTIONAL)

his behaviour basically made everybody hate him and feel completely unsympathetic to his situation, to the point where nobody actually cared that freeman had done something wrong.
had he acted like an adult (or even just went to get a juicebox for a few hours until astv came on and kicked gordon up the ass) he would likely be unbanned.

when i say EVERYBODY hated him i mean everybody, i'm pretty sure we even had a couple of shitposters turn around and go 'what the fuck, dude' to him.

if you really want, i or somebody else can spend a while digging through the archives to bring up the threads where he shat the bed so horribly.

>Try building anything ever. I've been permabrigged for setting up disposals before.
sounds like you aren't playing on d20 mister

>> No.37844422

we haven't had any regular security for months, I have no idea when this shit is happening to you

being the playerbase as small as it is there's much more interesting jobs to play and anyone who plays security is either sorely mistaken that they'll have fun or is looking to be a cockass.

>> No.37844426

the part where you mentioned timed roles, which doesn't exist

they only check your playtime if you're a griffon playing cap, so if you're worth shit the "time limit" doesn't apply

>> No.37844432

Wait, wait, wait.

People play sec on d20?

>> No.37844449

no but i might play sec and botany together now
these plants have rights too you know

>> No.37844463

>sounds like you aren't playing on d20 mister
ya tell me more about my own life, surely you're a greater expert than I

>anyone who plays security is looking to be a cockass
basically what im saying
actual traitors and other antags are less disruptive than the average sec player

>we haven't had any regular security for months,
they're rare, but they exist

>> No.37844478

>the part where you mentioned timed roles, which doesn't exist
except there is absolutely a limit on playing AI, security, cap, HOP and maybe a couple other things too? You need to have played for 30 days or whatever.


>> No.37844519

last time i said that i was called a liar by everybody
would you like to prove it

>> No.37844541

I have yet to take it off my job prefs, as a challenge to myself. It rolls once every several rounds. Three times, I had a fairly good go of it, and the round played out like an HBO drama. Three times, people decided to do try and do stupid shit like bombings or antagonize shidcuridy beacuase, and a lot of people died.

>> No.37844549

Guys the REAL ANSWER is that we don't need security as often because everyone on d20 needs to learn to be pretty damned robust.

>> No.37844617

It only triggers for game options, I think. Late join just doesn't provide the options. When you set your prefs, some will have red text instead of a link to click to raise/lower the priority of the job at spawn

That, and traitors tend to either stealth it or be gimmicky and fun anyway

sec in general should go the way of the detective

>> No.37844661


That isn't the case on this server. In fact, we have a game round basically dedicated to cooperative building, called Dorfstation. It happens Friday-Sunday, and a single round can last up to 36 hours of continuous building. Here's the last round's progress. The starting station's area is highlighted in red. (Although they've also reorganized and fixed up that as well)

>> No.37844784

Forgot my actual image.

>> No.37844804

>That isn't the case on this server.
Probably because you don't have failed mall cops running around chucking flashbangs because OMG HES USING THE CHEM DISPENSER, MUST BE BOMBS, VALID SALAD BAYBEE

>> No.37844854

Rounds should be able to go past 36 hours now that the server can use all 8 gigs of ram for DreamDaemon.

>> No.37844876

wait a minute
I know who you are now

Navry killed for 4 times for respawning to get revenge on him after he arrested you then beat you to death for breaking into chemistry as a chaplain.

that was legitimately the first officer other than myself and one meta pair from /vg/ I've seen in months

>> No.37844890


I think that's a bit hyperbolic. Not every security officer is a valid-hunting sperglord. Sure, they often may well be, but it is by no means always the case. You can make your point of "it's an annoying occurance" without going all the way to "It happens every time".

That sort of jump usually just starts arguments, anyhow.

I think more to the point, everybody is more laid back on d20station, even the security.

>> No.37844958

>Not every security officer is a valid-hunting sperglord.
I'm yet to see otherwise

>even the security [is laid back]
sec here is even worse than goon, because on goon, someone watched Wrestlemania at some point so cqc is unreasonably robust and tasers are nerfed to shit, making sec less untouchable

but they have the portabrig to make up for it, so whatever

>> No.37845025


Here, you can make Mug Bolas, which are a ranged stun, you can still act while handcuffed if you're not being pulled or buckled, and there are a myriad of other things that expand the combat system and let you use ghetto ways to fight back against better-armed persons.

That being said, I have to ask what your sample size is. How many rounds have you had run-ins with security, out of the number of rounds you've played on this server?

>> No.37845164

dude I don't think you understand how wrassle-happy goon is. throwing someone into a vending machine can instacrit them. it's actually ridiculous. also chair flips and suplexes.

>How many rounds have you had run-ins with security, out of the number of rounds you've played on this server?
The summer after I came back from basic, it was every fucking round. I stopped playing for a while, but when I came back, every few rounds was something shitcurity related. It's tapered off for sure, but still happens.

>you can still act while handcuffed
on fucking what? and when are you ever handcuffed and not about to be buckled or dragged? Assuming you weren't stripped, too.

>> No.37845239

Dorf needs sec. There's hostile mobs, why don't we have a sec force?

>> No.37845268

Cause that's everyone's job to fight them off

>> No.37845324

dorf forts typically have standing armies, why not dorfstation?

>> No.37845325


I've been handcuffed and slipped away a ton of times. When handcuffed, you can do most anything you could when not handcuffed, but you have like a 4 second delay between clicks.

>> No.37845376

>I can't robust a sec officer
tell me more about what it's like to be a less-than-average grifflord
>a deticated force to fight mobs
that's dumb and you're dumb

if you're worried about getting killed by simple mobs free up some gear space for a spear, that will poon pretty much any mob

deticating a bunch of people to stand around and do nothing with weaponry but kill people who they think are breaking space law that doesn't exist because they're not on mini is not what's needed, people are perfectly capable of fending mobs off themselves
>I'm unable to take up opportunities to escape
if you're cable tied you can instantly free yourself if you use wirecutters on yourself
if you're cuffed you can disarm sec and use their stun weapons against them
if you're bad at spaceman you can bitch and complain about how you can't outsmart the dumbest of pubs in a space station thread

>> No.37845414

Because a wise dwarf master makes sure every man and woman is in a militia squad.

>> No.37845443

>sec comes by, flashbangs the room, beats you with the baton for good measure, maybe splashes a beer in your face
>cuffs you during the absurdly long stun time
>drags you off to valid salad storage facility

where in there is there four seconds to do anything? You can't even move again at all by the time you're dragged to sec lobby.

>if you're cuffed you can disarm sec and use their stun weapons against them
oh ya sure
>"Greyshirt McGee has attempted to disarm Shitcurity!"
>they just stun you and probably weld you into a locker for the attempt
>even if they do drop their item, they just pick it up because you're still cuffed and can't interact with it

>> No.37845463

what part of "being able to act while cuffed" don't you understand
disarm them, then push them off of it, then pick it up, then chase them around with it and use cover when they miss five times with a taser

you're just horrible at spaceman is all, it's okay to be bad and want to get better

>> No.37845695


It's situational, obviously. If you get flashbanged then stunbatoned then cuffed and pulled, sure, there's no escape from /that/, but there is still time, it's easy to accidentally walk into the person you're pulling, freeing them, or not buckle them fast enough, or hold still too long, or any number of things.

Besides, that scenario is something going perfectly for the officer. I can think of a dozen ways that plan could backfire, giving you the advantage.

>> No.37846166

>beating people do death who try to stop you from futher fucking up repairs as security is a no-no anyways
Mother-fucker I flashed and cuffed Griffin, he was the one beating ME to death with the pickax I had used to kill the invading space carp.

>No hyperbole. I've not had a single good experience with sec, ever. I've not had a single round where first contact with security has been anything constructive, or even polite.
Because Froman and Nurnums basically want to turn this server into their own autistic version of SS13.
Some of it is cool, like being able to set stuff on a table where you click it...

...But then you get into their idea of inter-player interaction; which is nothing more than Survive of the Robustest.

Well of course, because if you play those as a well-meaning, generally helpful human being, an Admin will get pissy with how you post on an Imageboard and ban you.

>even after they stated that gordon was going to get a reprimand
No one said anything about him getting reprimanded until Mezzo finally said something a half a week later.

>sec in general should go the way of the detective
Nah, but they barely even use the fucking permabrig...
Either they kill the prisoner in question or the prisoner kills themselves to respawn.

>> No.37846325

right after you finished gently trying to move glass and rods out of the way of a hull breach which was sucking all of the station's air for a good two minutes before he intervened and tried to fix it himself

the fix would have taken a competent person about 15 seconds, it took you two minutes to realize you were doing something wrong, thus letting the breach get so bad to the point where it was impossible to stand still without getting sucked out by atmosphere and thus he had to nigger rig it by stealing windows from arrivals and securing them there

>survive of the robustests
not my fault if you can't defend yourself, this server is meant to get away from the hand holding attitude

>play well meaning and post like an immature preteen on an image board and get banned
this is 100% accurate

good try
maybe if you didn't spreg the fuck out constantly when people told you to take your ban like a reasonable person I would have gotten in trouble too

>> No.37846533

>right after you finished gently trying to move glass and rods out of the way of a hull breach which was sucking all of the station's air for a good two minute
Well if someone hadn't made me completely retarded, I wouldn't have been afraid to grab a tool box and fixed it myself, least I risk setting myself on fire or some shit.

>thus he had to nigger rig it by stealing windows from arrivals and securing them there
Why didn't he weld the damn shards I had spent so much time throwing back into the station?

>this server is meant to get away from the hand holding attitude
Yeah, because everyone punching each other in the face is SOOO much better...

>> No.37846656

>you are to blame for my incompetence
no, you are to blame for your own inability to want to fix it
>weld the shards
you mean the ones that got sucked back out into space by the atmosphere leak that you failed to fix
>everyone punching each other in the face
have you ever heard about how increasing gun control leads to higher crime rates

if everyone is capable of fending for themselves, people will be less inclined to try to start fights lest they be bested
something you wouldn't understand because you are perpetually at the bottom of the skill ladder where you avoid any conflict at all because you can never successfully defend yourself, thus repeating ad-infinum because you never learn

it is better and it's a good thing you're not part of it or else you'd try to casualize the fuck out of it

>> No.37846828

>else you'd try to casualize the fuck out of it
just before i go to bed, i'd like to mention that gordon's right on this part
one of whiteagle's suggestions a while back was that we add MORE spacesuits to ministation
for the unitiated; there's currently 5 armoured hardsuits, 2 unarmoured hardsuits, 2 sec hardsuits (pure garbage), the captain's armour, and 3 spacesuits on-station, we're a little over the limit for it being a retarded amount already.
chances are i'll cull a few at some point, or move them, but there's some decent reasons for the ones that're there to be there

>> No.37846878

>space law that doesn't exist
so griffons should be allowed to go around cutting holes in stuff and breaking into engy storage and shit?

>> No.37846923

no you fucktard

dorf is purely cooperative and anyone doing that shit is going to get bwoinked

thus there is no need for security

>> No.37846957

speaking of freeman being a faggot and hull breaches, are full windows airtight and is there much reason to use them (or not use them) over grille + window setups?

>one of whiteagle's suggestions a while back was that we add MORE spacesuits to ministation
tbf when was that suggestion? because I remember last year, there were no hardsuits for anyone other than engineering and the EVA suits were the shitty oldschool ones that dont even work so a hull breach was basically a death sentence for anyone who's not freeman's precious atmos pets

I know now theyre all fucking over but there used to be a genuine shortage

>> No.37846981

>have you ever heard about how increasing gun control leads to higher crime rates
except thats not true and youve been owned by /k/ again, freeman

but yes, in a world where crime actually doesn't pay and armament is but a click away (i.e. every ss13 situation ever) arms proliferation does work. but dont for a second let that influence your rl politics

>> No.37847037

full windows are airtight but they're garbage because they both look bad and once they break instantly expose the area

window/grille assemblies provide three layers of protection, outer window, the grille (which can be electrified to kill simple mobs, ect), and the final window, and is airtight until all three sections are broken.
>add more spacesuits
this suggestion was not much longer than 1.5 months ago, when we already had about 13-15 suits on station and a regular day saw about 10 players peak
>precious atmos pets
when did this become a thing
i'm not going to force political garbage on you but stopping normal people from buying guns doesn't also stop criminals from buying guns, they'll get them wether it's legal or not
when the weapons are legal it just levels the playing field and makes tyrone less likely to try and cap someone who can cap you back

>> No.37847065

>reason to not use them
They're ugly, for starters. And they are far more likely to lead to breaches that layered one-ways.

Injuries and suicides rise, but outright murders drop.

>> No.37847076

>2 sec hardsuits (pure garbage)
you mean the suits that act as pressurized EOD suits without the movement penalty? yeah, such garbage

even the medical hardsuits are insane. why does med even have hardsuits

>> No.37847121

>EOD suits
>no move penalty
Nigger what?

>> No.37847161

>needing to protect yourself from bombs during an EVA
what kind of bomber bombs somewhere that's in space or already bombed

the sec hardsuits have completely garbage armor for a hardsuit designed for security, the only boon they have that i'd consider over other suits is they can hold a weapon on their suit storage and free your hands for work in EVA.
Sec hardsuits have about 25 or less armor from energy, laser, bullet, and melee each. Bio is probably high and bomb I can't imagine being super high. True EOD suits have 100 bomb armor which is all that matters when handling bombs since your body won't gib. Beyond that it's just praying that you're far enough away.
>sec hardsuits have no move penalty
this is wrong
I don't even know if bomb suits have move penalties either.
>medical hardsuits
have paper thin armor at the benefit of having no slowdown penalty for wearing them, making them obviously useful for the intended personnel using them, medbay.
the only bomb suit I know that doesn't have movement penalty I know is bulldozer armor because I forgot to add it. this is why I end up using walk when I put the stuff on.

>> No.37847224

EOD suits have a movement penalty. You go slow. Coffee and hyperzine negate it, though.

>Injuries and suicides rise, but outright murders drop.
That oft-cited statistic is a reversal of when murderes went up following the NFA, which is easily explained as "fucking prohibition, dude"

youve been owned by /k/ again!!!

>[full windows] are ugly, for starters.
I find they go better for interior windows than the grille thing.
>And they are far more likely to lead to breaches that layered one-ways.
I thought they took twice the hits of a one-way though

>what kind of bomber bombs somewhere that's in space or already bombed
I think you might be illiterate, Freeman. I'm saying the sec hardsuits own because they're pressurized (or whatever you wanna call it, they negate damage from being in spess) but also protect against bombs and projectiles beautifully

i.e. an EOD suit except it's also pressurized, and you can move easier in it.

>Sec hardsuits have about 25 or less armor from energy, laser, bullet, and melee each.
what do the other hardsuits have? and isn't 25 a lot anyway?

>I don't even know if bomb suits have move penalties either.
they do, but the harsuits have way less

>medical hardsuits
they're still very robust for something doctors are wearing. and its a mystery why docs would be doing EVA stuff anyway

>> No.37847269

>one of whiteagle's suggestions a while back was that we add MORE spacesuits to ministation
>tbf when was that suggestion?
A couple of months ago when I started building Shipstation...
In fact it wasn't even a suggestion for Ministation, but my Ship Station, and:
>the EVA suits were the shitty oldschool ones that dont even work
They were going to be the shitty regular suits, not freaking hardsuits.
The whole point of Shipstation was that you COULD easily GO outside it, but if you slipped you'd be shoved off the Station Z-level.

It is kinda bullshit that the freaking "EVA" room, an area that requires special access, only has shitty soft suits while half the Hardsuits only require department access.

>> No.37847288

If there's a breach or the like, in an airless, or otherwise uninhabitable environment, a doctor can rush in and grab patients, leaving engineering to fix/security to deal with the bad guys.
The ONLY department, true department, not a singular job, that doesn't have hardsuits, nor needs them, is science, because they have zero reason to go outside if they're doing their job, and not mining.
I could imagine a scenario where the area is over pressurized, under pressurised, or too cold, but the likelihood of such things to happen is low.
Full tile windows might take twice the hit of ONE window, but there's at least two in a normal window.

>> No.37847328

>EVA needs special access
Normal crew are not supposed to go outside.
The suits are for emergencies, if it was all access, they'd be hogged by dumbass assistants.
There's emergency building supplies in there as well, can't have someone take those "For muh table hallway".
There's also some high risk items, jetpacks, RCDs, blueprints, and not here but elsewhere, magboots.
We also need a new thread.

>> No.37847360

>Full tile windows might take twice the hit of ONE window, but there's at least two in a normal window.
so basically number of hits to destroy is a non-issue? ok then

>It is kinda bullshit that the freaking "EVA" room, an area that requires special access, only has shitty soft suits while half the Hardsuits only require department access.
yeah that is actually kinda strange. As it stands, EVA is basically just Tator Objective Storage.

>> No.37847371

Pls refrain from shitposting in the next one.

Some of you feel free to not post at all.

Make the thread harder for crying birdman to find

>> No.37847373

I don't get it.
>the NFA increased murders
That's what you just said, yes?
How does that contradict the anti-gun-control stance at all.

>> No.37847398

Full-tiles are still worse unilaterally. Even if the hits to break was equal between the options, the full-tile still comes out worse for the comparison.

>> No.37847408

>The suits are for emergencies, if it was all access, they'd be hogged by dumbass assistants.
>There's emergency building supplies in there as well, can't have someone take those "For muh table hallway".
>There's also some high risk items, jetpacks, RCDs, blueprints, and not here but elsewhere, magboots.
I'm not saying Secure EVA is a bad idea, I just question why it has the shittiest Space Suits on the Station...

As for "Normal Crew" going outside, that's kinda the idea with Shipstation; You CAN easily get outside, but if you do you're probably going to end up drifting forever.

>> No.37847425

>The suits are for emergencies, if it was all access, they'd be hogged by dumbass assistants.
what emergencies? all the departments already have hardsuits. Especially engineering, they have a fucking ton of them, plus the advanced hardsuit, and more metal/glass than they can even handle

>There's emergency building supplies in there as well, can't have someone take those "For muh table hallway".
See, if only it were possible for anyone to properly set up disposals so we could have tons of spare metal, glass and plasteel from all the garbage people produce!! too bad trying to set up disposals gets you tased and spaced

>There's also some high risk items, jetpacks, RCDs, blueprints, and not here but elsewhere, magboots.
tator objective storage, basically
also on d20 EVA houses a pair of extra magboots anyway

because the NFA itself had no impact, it was that prohibition was enacted about five minutes later, leading to increased gang crime.

>> No.37847436

>statistics that nobody has
nobody has any evidence leading either way so i'm not going to argue anything I can't back up

but still muh freedoms and muh 2nd
>full windows
they are ass ugly, I don't care what anyone else says they look absolutely horrid
>full window health
standard oneway windows have
>15 hp, 320 kelvin max temp
reinforced windows
>40 hp, 1040 kelvin max temp
plasma windows
>80 hp, 32000 kelvin max temp, reinforced is 90 hp with INFINTY (defined as 1x10^31) kelvin maximum temperature (I.e they will never break as a result of heat stress)
looking at this there is no difference between the health of full windows and standard windows.
>rig armor key (melee, bullet, laser, energy, bomb, bio, rad)
>10, 5, 10, 5, 10, 100, 75 (atmos has no rad protection)
CE rig
>40, 5, 10, 5, 50, 100, 90
>40, 5, 10, 5, 50, 100, 50
syndicate rig
>60, 50, 30, 15, 35, 100, 50
medical rig
>10, 5, 10, 5, 10, 100, 100
>security rig
>30, 15, 30, 10, 10, 100, 50 (it has 10 bomb protection that is way less than I even estimated)
25 is a 25 reduction from damage if you're hit where the armor covers
not to mention your entire map wouldn't have even functioned

>> No.37847459

Prohibition was 1920
The NFA was 1930s
Are you retarded?

>> No.37847481

>Make the thread harder for crying birdman to find
I will find you...

>See, if only it were possible for anyone to properly set up disposals so we could have tons of spare metal, glass and plasteel from all the garbage people produce!
Actually, I figured this was the Job of the Janitor on Mini...
Since it only has Trashbins, he has to go around collecting with his garbage bag, then he dumps it into the Grinder.

>> No.37847494

Science does not have them, nor do any of the civilian departments, save cargo.
>What emergencies
I want to argue, but I just can't. If you have to ask that question, then I question if you've played before.
Engineering's not always going to be around, are they? And they have three hardsuits, that is, if the HOP hasn't already stolen the atmos one.
That has nothing to do with what I said. At all. And materials are not supposed to be cheap.
>Tator objective storage
>Implying every single objective item is not useful for anything else

>> No.37847548

>statistics that nobody has
imply ugh whatever this isnt even k who cares

>looking at this there is no difference between the health of full windows and standard windows.
that is dumb as fuck, rip in piece full window then

or you can make it not retarded and hook up a disposals network, and let the janitor do what he's actually good for and clean up decal-based messes and fix minor dents and dings like scorched plating or displaced girders that engineering proper wouldnt give a shit about

>> No.37847554

>not to mention your entire map wouldn't have even functioned
And why wouldn't it?
I am aware there are things I don't understand about mapping, and things might work the way I want them, but you've never given any reasoning behind why Push tiles would fuck everything up.

>> No.37847625

because you'll do things like push people into walls and get them stuck there (or better case they just die instantly from being slammed into a wall 10 times a tick)

because a singularity on a push tile would rip through everything
because your engineering setup was severely lacking in basic ingenuity, such as how to properly run cable to emitters
because your engineering had no defined area and thus nowhere to put an apc
because your particle accelerator was set up half backwards
because you probably use box station as a reference and thought "I can just rotate this 180 degrees based on how it looks and have no consequences"
because you didn't do anything but engineering
because people would be completely unable to EVA if they get thrown into another sector upon stepping on a space tile
because if you put hundereds of throwers all over the map you would kill the master controller
because if you want to make a map you have to understand every aspect about how the game is supposed to function

>> No.37847677

fuck it just do it in UE3

>> No.37847759

>nor do any of the civilian departments
Service has all the space tobacco they can handle. That's kinda like having EVA gear

>> No.37847785

space tobacco is the equivalent of breathing on internals

having internals is not having the ability to unprotected EVA

I'm now considering adding that temperature stabalization reagent to one of botany's plants so chemistry can't hoard unprotected eva secrets

>> No.37847836

new pepper breed?

>> No.37847843

stop being shits

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