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>>Old threads

Nechronica, a game of undead things, awakened and trying to find meaning in the world well past the end...


Just a revival of the dead thread.
Feel free to post character ideas, art, stories, campaign ideas all that good stuff.

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I keep wanting to screw with a Savant via having the necromancer have created 5-8 copies of one of them and released some of them at the same time.

Just imagine the PCs reaction when they talk to a Savant they where working with and then she just asks who the hell they are.

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You brilliant bastard

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Hey Red! How are you? How are those requests coming along?

Hope you're having a good one.

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I've ran a few one shot Nechronica games. In formats like those I tend to lean a bit on Savants in order to help move the story along.

Because of that I tend to think that creating something that gets the players attention pretty early is a decent idea.

Which is actually something I noticed about Nechronica a lot of the enemies aren't really things you can really talk to very well. So most of it is driven by PC drama because there really isn't a single thing to focus on.

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Pretty good, busy weekend so far. As for requests, I got the basic for Toi done and started Rain, but work tonight so I'm gonna at least get the headshots done in the morning.

How are you doin tonight?

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Evening Red

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My boyfriend's posting a bait thread in /mlp/ under the same name I'm using which is mildly irritating, but otherwise I'm doing okay. I was planning on printing out the Nechronica pdf and battlemap and showing them to the guys at my local game store in a couple of weeks.

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I keep expecting the picture to move

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Ya it originaly got me too
Nice i plan on doing the same with my friends eventually as well.

So it needs work but at least its something to show. Planning on fixing it up in photoshop.

Toi from the last thread

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Also, you forgot your name

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Only a little lewd for sempai.

Posted from cell so i forgot name

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Only criticism I can make is that the eyes seem a bit off, looks slightly crosseyed, although I think it's because of a line you didn't erase all the way

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I use blue lead for line work and its a pain in the balls to erase, but i plan on fixing it in ps.

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Thought it would fit in this thread, so here it is.
Not finished yet, though, and I'm not entirely satisfied with how it turned out.

I'd take a request or two if people are interested, though.

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Not bad mate, I like the makeshift pick and the face of teeth. Minor suggestion, maybe toss a piece of shrapnel or makeshift peg leg so she has a reason to stand. Post the finished pic when your done

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Sure, here's a description from the previous thread.

A girl who is about 5' 5" and quite thin with long brown hair. She is wearing what looks to be a vest with the front covered in sewn on pockets, her pants are covered in patches as well and she has a beret upon her head. The beret is the only thing that actually seems to fit her. She has a large rifle slung on her back and her arms are covered in armor plating.

With the exception of her head and the beret upon it, everything of Valentine shows signs of wear and repair. The severity of this ranges from her pants, which just have an extra pocket or two sewn onto them, and obvious patches, to her AT rifle, which has had so much of it replaced with scavenged parts, it's impossible to tell what it originally was. She'd been forced to make do on her own for a damn long time, so any visible part of her body that isn't the head shows signs of the wear and tear that occurred, patched with the makeshift first aid kit she keeps on her person.

Our session next week is going to be the last one of the campaign/story arc depending on how badly we fuck up the world. We kinda already fucked up badly last session.

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Toi headshot for now

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hey, we only fucked up 1/3 of the whole world in one action. It could have been worse.

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Dat ahegao

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Yeah, we could have died!

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Lookin good

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She has some serious balance

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So I'm reading the rulebook and i'm kind of confused on some things
What exactly are Favor Points supposed to do?

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There's a section on it in the rulebook, look at the table

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any chance of storytime?

In the meantime have some creepy pics

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Not today, we'll likely do one next week after that session. Then you fuckers can have a story time of a year long campaign.

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Holy shit

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You promised creepy, and you deffinately delivered

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Looking forward to it

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How would a stomach mouth even work?

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Any progress with translation?

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Hey, we're supposed to be undead, not dead

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your right, so more creepy pics

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Toi's player here.

Dear god dat's Kawaii.

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So does hetza do nechronica art officially? Or does he just make a lot of stuff about it as a fan?

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He's actually a party drawfag, so it seems. Pixiv has stuff about "2nd Nechronica game together", and pic related is pretty certainly a character sheet. I'm seriously jealous of whoever gets to play with him, the guy makes some bitching art.

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Dude does some great work

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You fucking fagets. Am I going to have to become the new world core to fix your shit?

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I'll take the lack of response as a no

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There is this PDF (does not contain the stuff from the recent suppliment book) some anon threw together.
There is also the TLWiki: http://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=Nechronica

I'll post the character sheets as well (been too lazy to work on fixing the layout issues with a fillable one)

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And character sheet.

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Also the battlemap, for good measure.

There you go, you have everything everyone else has and plenty to run a game with

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Thanks for the help, but I was asking if anyone had translated any more of the book

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Not that I know of. Moonreaders are thin on the ground on /tg/.
Plus you need to get a damn copy of the actual book (no pdfs) which is pretty expensive.

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Well that sucks

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Anyone have anything they want to share?

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That probably won't be necessary, but you're welcome to try.

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I hope it doesn't come to that, but it might.
The magic crystal eye has the same aura as that little faceless girl who's trying to chessmaster everything. I might have to race her to the heart of Damocles so I can stop her from going godmode.

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About that

Let's just say that things happened.

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If you idiots blew up Damocles, we are going to have WORDS.

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I've been reading the wiki and the pdf linked earlier, but I can't find what the actual dice mechanic is for this. The high TN numbers and rarity of bonuses lead me to belive that it's 2d6, but the action checks section refer to it as if you normally just roll a single die. So what is it? 2d6, 1d6, 1d12, what?

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So it's like that WoD Frankenstein game, but with really disturbing pedophilia overtones? Okay.

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What does it say about you when you see paedophilic overtones and no one else does?

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And a creepy guro fetish.

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>WoD Frankenstein game
Yep, pretty much
>Really disturbing
Depends on the GM, but quite probably
>Pedophilia overtones
Nope, thats just you

Only so much as old horror film body horror was guro fetish.

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At first glance, yeah, it is kinda pedo, but once you read it, it becomes less so

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You probably can't pull your eyes off Eiko's crotch when you play FF9.

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Really, it's only as pedo as you make it.

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>old horror film body horror
The Thing is my favorite movie...

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...you can?

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Don't worry, we have no idea what we're doing.


It's a 1d10 for any check you might make. 5 and below is a failure, 6 and up is a success.

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Really? I thought almost all Japanese games were based on the d6. Cool.

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Well, not any more I can't....

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d6's are the most common but d10's are probably second. I imagine they caught on at least partly because of the long popularity of CoC there, but that's mere conjecture on my part.

http://www.bouken.jp/blog/senappa/index.php/archives/492 has a bunch of pics of the inside of a Japanese grill's dice bag. d6's make up the majority, but d10's are second after that (followed by several 20s, a handful each of 4s, 8s, 12s, and one lonely 30).

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Huh, you learn something new every day

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Hey red, still alive?

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Never played it, may have to now

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I do have some stuff, but most of it is cringe worthy. I will consider posting it. I feel the moment I do post it, my Youtube page will get flamed, flagged, and I will get banned. Maybe even hacked. That would really suck.

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So akita morgue's geocities site is still up.

They post all their shit on tumblr now though.

Years ago they did a bunch of preview art for this game and I got the urge to check it out again because of all these post.

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Oh shoot! This was meant for another thread! I apologize!


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Hey, a bump's a bump, no harm done

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Live, damn it!

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Red, we need you

>> No.37835633

Sorry still alive just life stuff.
So how are people doin?

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Quick question:

Does anyone know if the Dolls' current Basic Parts array is mandatory or not?
Like: can I take 3 Arms instead of current Shoulder + Arm + Hand?

>> No.37838469

RAW has a fixed array of basic parts, but your GM might be willing to let those rules slide. Talk to them.
It's pretty definitely a mandatory array by the written rules, though. If that were not the case, there would be very little reason to not swap your jaws out for a second brain, nor to have entrails instead of two extra spines.

>> No.37838582


>two extra spines

>Not two extra feet in your torso instead

The funny thing is that you also have no reason to have two extra spines, since the spine is an has "action" timing so it can be used repeatedly during the same round and if you are losing your spine, its because your entrails are already gone. (And if a Stacy is around, it's objectively worse as they can have everyone regenerate their entrails)

>> No.37838608


Yeah, it kinda makes sense - it's the most Basic stuff people IRL need.
OTOH, 'customizing' your doll might just be the icing on the cake.
Like: no jaws - no Conversation. (mwahahaha)

Oh, well, there are always the leftover looted parts after the battle ...

Although, why I should take extra spines in the first place, I dunno - it's mostly useless - like the entrails ...

>> No.37838692


>Not two extra feet in your torso instead

which brings me to another question:
Does 2 Bones in Legs means that you get to make Move 2 for the cost of 3 Action Points or 6 Action Points?
Like - you're using both legs at once ...
(so, with 4 Bones you'd be @ Move 4 ;)

>> No.37838751

Nope. Each bone is its own action. A bone will always move you 1 space, for 3 AP. That you have two just means you have a backup if you have to break one.

>> No.37838925


Think of the spine as "transferring" AP to another character or stalling for time. It's not something you always do, but there are times where it can be quite useful.

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Aw man - 2 No's in a row.
You guys are no fun.

Fortunately, nechronica is
and Mako-chan's (Holic / Requiem / Baroque) combat test run (vs. 20 Witch Birds) no.2 begins now.
(With a little luck, I might actually win this one)

>> No.37839303

I'd allow it, within reason
Wire reel or energy tube instead of intestines? Sure
Lightsabers for hands? Go for it
No eyes just because? Whatever floats your boat

Have fun with your test run
And now I'm thinking of kill la kill
god, she's cute

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You can see if your GM will let you add more basic parts to yourself during play, RAW, there is no way to add more, only fix what's broken.

>> No.37840972

If your gm will allow it, you could probably get spines for arms like that one pic

>> No.37842067

>on your torso
>not on your head

>> No.37842298

So by RAW, you cannot just pick up a katana that an enemy dropped and wield it?

In fact, do enemies even drop specific items, or only generic 'parts' (basic and reinforced) that can be used for repairs?

Does that mean the only way by RAW to obtain new 'gear' is by spending 10 favor points on a new reinforcement point?

>> No.37842376

By RAW you repair your parts. So if you damage your Katana, you then find some scrap metal or something on the enemies and repair your katana with that.

>> No.37842389

Enemies don't drop specific parts, at the end of a battle you can regenerate parts equal to the total threat level divided by 10

>> No.37842677

Nah, you want them concealed within the neck, so if you get decapitated your severed head can wander off to safety.

>> No.37844593

My thoughts exactly

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Go home fran, you're drunk.

>> No.37844685

Fran would actually be pretty viable in Nechronica

>> No.37845661

Actually, the crab legs enhancement would work better

>> No.37845839

The way I see it, the only goal the Dolls have is acquiring more Fragments of Memory, and whatever goal (Karma) the Necromancer assigned them.

Is that really the only driving force the Dolls have? Since there is no point in survival (they're already dead) or rebuilding (the world is dead too), is there nothing else that can make them move?
(I guess that's part of the Necromancer's job, but a Doll's prospect for the future seems... empty.)

And if they find a Fragment of Memory, the Necromancer decides what happens in it? So by RAW, it's the Necromancer who 'rebuilds' the Dolls lost pasts, not their players?

>> No.37845954


>Is that really the only driving force the Dolls have? Since there is no point in survival (they're already dead)

They can still be destroyed and have a sense of self preservation.

>or rebuilding (the world is dead too), is there nothing else that can make them move?

There's nothing saying that rebuilding is impossible. It's up to both the players and the GM to decide what reasons a doll might have to keep going. You can even roll someone who's perfectly happy with the world being dead, desiring only to accumulate knowledge or some such.

And if they find a Fragment of Memory, the Necromancer decides what happens in it? So by RAW, it's the Necromancer who 'rebuilds' the Dolls lost pasts, not their players?

Yes, that is correct. A good GM will give you memory fragments that make sense given how you play the character, and honestly, it's more fun that way as you can't really plan how to react to your character's past.

>> No.37846775


>They can still be destroyed and have a sense of self preservation.

But with the right parts they can be repaired by themselves, their companions or the Necromancer. The only way to 'destroy' a Doll is by making them loose their Heart (and thus free will) by damaging their fetters.

But indeed, in the end it's all about how the GM and players work together to create a fun story for all. Like any rpg.

>> No.37847439


That's if you win the battle. If a doll gets destroyed and the others are forced to retreat or otherwise lose, they're gone for good.

There's also the fun of mental scarring from being ripped to shreds multiple times.

>> No.37847539


> There's also the fun of mental scarring from being ripped to shreds multiple times.

I like the way you're thinking.

>> No.37848277

I think I might be too nice to be a necromancer, I'm giving my players op parts and I've yet to have them roll a sanity check, hell, I actually preempted a sanity check

>> No.37848565


Is anyone complaining about it being too easy or there not being enough madness? If not, gradually start getting worse. Do more sanity checks, throw tougher fights, don't give them enough parts to fully patch themselves up. If they start actually complaining and not just go, "Aw, you jerk you" then being meaner isn't going to be that enjoyable for them. How you'd want to handle that is up to you.

In our game, it was probably 2 months before we actually rolled our first madness check, and even as checks have become more frequent, it's been more of a slow build up rather then a sudden "Have all the madness, FOREVER!" And it's been pretty fun.

As for OP parts, what did you do?

>> No.37848938

No complaints so far, but it's only been two sessions (three technically, but the first two mini-sessions are kinda lumped together in my mind
I instituted a homebrew favor reward "mystery box", which varies depending on the player, the player rolls a d3, and they other get an upgrade to an existing part (that I came up with) or a useless item
So far, one of my players has earned aan upgrade for the rocket launcher (bunker buster) that ignores defense, and another earned an upgrade for meat snake (hydra) that causes the part to regenerate and gain chain 6 after taking damage

>> No.37849211

One of this guy's players here, dropping by to say that you need to be careful what you hand out to your players. For example, giving our littlest horrorterror that hydra arm is going to end in a lot of enemy shit getting rekt, and giving me the defense-piercing rockets means he can't really rely on tank enemies to do their jobs.

>> No.37849309

Yeah, I might've fucked myself over on that one
Honestly, I was mentally debating on retconning them and refunding your points

>> No.37849555

You really shouldn't freely offer stupidly powerful parts like that. Making them available to pick up only at certain points is much easier to deal with. Additionally, I'm inclined to give wonky gamebreaking parts some drawbacks to compensate for the increase in power. That could mean something like a madness cost or huge AP drain or something less overtly reliant on game mechanics like mental/physical corruption.

>> No.37850160


That last one is just insane. What the hell were you thinking? Tying becoming over powered or useless to a dice roll is not a very bright idea. If you want to include items that has stuff like that, implement them as temporary items. For the sake of your game, retcon some of that shit.

>> No.37850264

Yeah, I fucked up
It sounded like a good idea, and then I realized how horribly broken it was

>> No.37852778

Does anyone know any sites that do Nechronica play by posts?

>> No.37854807

So, players, what do you think?

>> No.37857610


>> No.37857632

So, thought I may as well check.
Any games going got open slots for a new player?

>> No.37858416 [DELETED] 

*priorities, sorry.

>> No.37858935

Owner of the rawkit lawnchair here, and I say some form of nerfing may be in order. Offer refunds if you do.
For the record, the meat hydra is more of an issue due to endless free regen than that absurd chain count. A limit to how much it can regenerate seems pretty important to make it be a thing to protect instead of unlimited survivability.

>> No.37858966

Oh, I should've been more clear, hydra only works once per battle, and lasts until the end of battle

>> No.37860413

I think someone mentioned earlier about starting a game

>> No.37861214


>> No.37861702


Is free regen really that powerful?

Stacy (Remain Dead) and Gothic (Feast of Flesh) can regenerate basic parts at will (once per round), and Gothic (Voracity) and Baroque (Extreme Mutation with the Stacy's or Gothic's regen) can even regenerate reinforced parts.

>> No.37863165

Yes, free regeneration can be very powerful.

Let's say that you just lost all parts in a location. Now you regenerate just one part in that location. Now you can basicly tank a big hit on an attack roll of 6 or x where x is the hitlocation. Damage doesn't overflow to other locations, so you can make the enemie waste a high damage attack like the anti tank rifle on your 1 part location. And then you regenerate it again for the same bullshit (preferable with gothics feast of flesh since it's an action and can be used an unlimited time per round.)

>> No.37864305


>> No.37864354


Cool, I see what you mean now.

I'm kinda giddy about that idea. Not the power it gives during combat, but the roleplaying potential of being half blown apart without dying.

>> No.37864444


You can get reduced to nothing but a knife and still not count as annihilated.

>> No.37864931

This is also the reason why chain attack 6 is way to broken. You see, a chain attack is a new attack that hits another location (if it hits). There is little overkill so you can spread out that damage very even. A meatsnake with chain 6 would do 12 damage maximum with the potential of hitting every location. If you minmax it just a little bit (with, let's say gauntlets and/or super strenght) you'd deal 16-20 damage with for 3 AP. That's enough to kill a fresh player character. It's enough to kill almost every savante that lacks defense. Heck, even 12 damage would reduce almost everything to dust in one attack. You should realy refund it or send alot of strong monsters on your players.

>> No.37865295

Sharks get such a bad rep for something so adorable once you train them. Shit, just listen to them bark on command and watch them beg for bellyrubs

>> No.37865685

I see your point

>> No.37868510

quad 4s, woah

>> No.37869942


Oh god no, not the 4's. 4 is the number everyone in our game hates.

>> No.37870764


>> No.37870849


Long strings of failures that came from rolling 4's.

>> No.37871883

Didn't /tg/ try to design a game around loli necromancers years back?

This isn't related to that, is it?

>> No.37872664

I doubt it, this is from japan

>> No.37873531

Oh, makes sense
Any particularly hilarious failures you'd like to share?

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>> No.37876192

>endless 4s
I'm reminded of the one time I ever had a fight go really, really far south. Fucking lightning sentinels fried my legs off. Literally OFF. I had to flee by dragging myself away with my shoulders.
That inspired me to tread down the Path of Broken Supertank Bullshit, wherein lie Remain Dead, Meat Shield, the Coffin, and a whole lot of movement tricks.

>> No.37878875 [DELETED] 


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