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I'm putting together a session on some of Tau fringe worlds for RT, but my grounding on Tau lore is a lot shakier than I want it to be and most of the official stuff seems rather unhelpful. Hence the thread.

So, uh, to start with:

>How diverse are the border worlds between Tau and the Empire? Would you expect a fair mix of Tau, Humans, and xenos? Sort of like a Trading station, but more civilian?

>Are there corporations and such on Tau worlds? It's not 100% communist state owns everything right?

>What are some general guides for the castes, like which ones the players would run into and how they look/act.

>What level of armament would you expect from the police force on a world like this, I'm under the impression that typical fire-warrior armament is rather expensive.

>Outside of the fap-fics are there female Tau. I know this will come up and want some firm footing to argue with the players.

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>How diverse are the border worlds between Tau and the Empire? Would you expect a fair mix of Tau, Humans, and xenos? Sort of like a Trading station, but more civilian?


It's a mix of traders from all sorts of worlds and races. There are trade stations and stuff scattered around..

>>Are there corporations and such on Tau worlds? It's not 100% communist state owns everything right?

Yep, alien cooperation. As an example the Rokshashi Wealthweb merchant guilds. But they were eaten by nids.

>>What are some general guides for the castes, like which ones the players would run into and how they look/act.

Try the Rogue Trader Tau guide book or tell them to read Tau related novels.

>>What level of armament would you expect from the police force on a world like this, I'm under the impression that typical fire-warrior armament is rather expensive.

The standard Tau warrior kit.

>>Outside of the fap-fics are there female Tau. I know this will come up and want some firm footing to argue with the players.

Yes, there are.

A female Tau is the supreme general of the Tau forces in the TSE.

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>>How diverse are the border worlds between Tau and the Empire? Would you expect a fair mix of Tau, Humans, and xenos? Sort of like a Trading station, but more civilian?

There are more Humans in the Tau empire than Tau at this point. This was the case after the second Imperial Hive world was conquered. These humans were removed from said world (because they were unmanageable shit holes) and spread around Tau space.

>>Are there corporations and such on Tau worlds? It's not 100% communist state owns everything right?

Tau are not communist, they are a theocratic caste-based meritocracy. That is inherently incompatible with the idea of communism. Please learn more about economics than they teach you in high school.

>>What are some general guides for the castes, like which ones the players would run into and how they look/act.

Water and Earth most likely. Air caste if they are on a sub-orbital plate instead of the surface. Earth makes up the bulk of the population.

>>What level of armament would you expect from the police force on a world like this, I'm under the impression that typical fire-warrior armament is rather expensive.

Fire Warriors are not police. Community volunteers associated with their religious organizations would handle most policing.

>>Outside of the fap-fics are there female Tau. I know this will come up and want some firm footing to argue with the players.

Yes there are. Their current warmaster is female.

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>This was the case after the second Imperial Hive world was conquered.

Argellan only has more or less 7 billion humans after the Tau conquered. 7 billion isn't much considering that a single Tau city can support billions..

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I thought it was 700 billion. What Hive world am I thinking of?

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The Tau conquered two hiveworlds. You are thinking of picture related.

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Man those guys have some trouble with numbers. We're at 7 billion here on earth and not running into serious crowding yet.

I believe the usual ballpark given for a world to be labeled a Hive World is 100 billion.

Actually I just checked the wikia and lexicanum and got 10-100 bil per hive from one and a list including hives with less than 25 from the other.

So honestly this shit is a mess.

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Thanks guys, a few clarifications if you're still around.

>The standard Tau warrior kit.
>Fire Warriors are not police.

I'm really trying to get a handle on what the local cops are going to be carrying when one of the players starts shit in a bar or something. The fluff I'm finding states that Tau warrior kit is pretty damn pricey stuff, but doesn't suggest what would be used in place.

I'm leaning towards Flakk and pulse-pistols, but damn if those things don't pack a punch for civilian use.

>Water and Earth most likely. Air caste if they are on a sub-orbital plate instead of the surface. Earth makes up the bulk of the population.

Gotcha. Fluff is vague on Air caste. Tau merchant shipping would typically be flown by them and run their grav super light, right?

>Yes there are. Their current warmaster is female.

Can either you point me towards where it lists distinguishing features, or better yet some decent concept art. I am guaranteed to have to deal with the Seneschal asking which ones are female every time he leaves the ship.

Finally do you guys know which table lists Tau ship speeds? Need to know if they can run from the authorities after they inevitable piss them off.

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Tau also don't like to give their tech to non-tau, so in area's with high-non tau pop (like humans) you'll probably see most cops being Human, with a few T'au commanders, equipped with 'local' tech. So shotguns, lasguns, flakvest, etc - albiet engineered and colored to whatever sept it is.

They would also make proliferous use of Drones.

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Ah nifty, makes sense.

Also can you tell me what the reaction to the psykers on the crew would be.

I know the tau don't have their own are supposed to be pretty psyker immune, but can't find anything about how they deal with human psykers.

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Pulse weapons are military-grade. Arbites have web-guns and shock mauls and shit, I'd fluff up some Tau equivalents

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>Can either you point me towards where it lists distinguishing features, or better yet some decent concept art. I am guaranteed to have to deal with the Seneschal asking which ones are female every time he leaves the ship.

Average Imperials can not tell the difference between female and male Tau with or without armor. Studied Imperials can tell the the gender of a Tau by examining the movements or facial features of the Tau.

>Finally do you guys know which table lists Tau ship speeds? Need to know if they can run from the authorities after they inevitable piss them off.

Depends on what era your adventure is set.

During the Second Sphere they had Near light engines.

In the Third Sphere they have slow light speed engines.

In any case, anything with a Warp drive will outrun them.

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Pyskers would be of intense interest to them. They aren't completely unfamiliar - they have growing human populations, and the Demiurge are all entirely pyschic. It would be an immense scientific curiosity.

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It's possible the process of conquering it significantly diminished the population, either through the Tau offensive, or an unnecessarily costly imperial defense.

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As has been said, Tau females have terminal manface. There's no reason to suspect that fashions aren't different for them though. They're likely more slightly built, wear different cloths. They probably don't have tig old bitties like all our art shows, alas. So no delicious blueberries.

In fact, given that they're evolved from plains grazers, udders or a row of nipples is more likely

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Before the invasion the planet had 14 billion humans.

After the invasion, about half of the human population survived the war.

the number dropped by an unknown amount after the Tau started moving the humans offworld to settle them on established Sept worlds in the Sept of Dal'yth,



You're thinking of another race. The Nicassar.

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right, those, sorry.

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>In fact, given that they're evolved from plains grazers, udders or a row of nipples is more likely

A non please. Outside of /tg/ fanfiction, that's unlikely.

The Tau are lizard-like more than they are mammal-like.

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they have hooves, man.

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They have leathery dry skin. Smell with their tongues. Their eyesight see further into ultraviolet spectrum.


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> /tg/ approved tau lore

They don't belong in 40k. Remove them.

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I found the Imperial.

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Or the Tau sterilized the humans, as is common.

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>single line mention
>in a non-canon videogame

When will this misinformation stop spreading? This is "space marines have broke penis" tier.

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it's mentioned in the fluff too. why is it a big deal to tau players?

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because it's an isolated incident spergs point out to justify their irrational hatred of people who like something they don't like

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well it does seem rather unkind to sterilize all humans.

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Isolated incident performed by a commander who was tried for war-crimes.

The Tau are many things. Arrogant, naive, self-absorbed. But they want and need bodies.

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tried for war crimes? now that's a bit i don't seem Imperium fans mention.

i'm pro-Tau anyway.

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For the greater good!

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Tau equipment is so damn cool.

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I've got a question, what are the words for Tau numbers? I know they use base 8 as their number system, and the wiki has a pic of the symbols they use to represent their numbers, but I'd like to know the written form of the numbers. Does anyone remember seeing anything like that in, say, a BL book or something?

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Who makes these?!?!
Because that's pretty awesome.

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More like this?

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Greater Good bump

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What makes a hive world is not population but the presence of hives. The reason that hive arcologies are created is because the surface is so inhospitable that no one can live there. Almost all of a hive worlds surface is not a hive while the overcrowding comes from the fact that population is heavily concentrated into a small place while on earth the population is a lot more spread out.

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The Warrior caste will rule! Er, I mean Fire caste.. yeah...

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>Babylon 5

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Because it was a silly ass attempt to make the tau fit into the dumbness of everyone else.

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I love that one. I still remember the thread it popped up in while I was streaming season 1

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The Tau endure because they fight like a modern military. They try to not wage protracted battles against impossible odds. they know how to make people suffer enough casualties greater than their own number. The amount of effort that any one group has to throw into annihilating them isn't worth the gains. And that is why they prevail. Not because they are the strongest or smartest, or oldest race but because they know how to make killing them off cost more than it's worth.

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>but because they know how to make killing them off cost more than it's worth.

But, since all things in 40k are doomed, this just make them super attractive to the Orks.

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well they're definitely the smartest

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Game's canon. Tau ending is not because Tau didn't win.

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That and they know to make an offensive against the Imperium only when they are too busy in other sectors.

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One thing that confuses the hell out of me. With the growing number of humans, the Tau should have run into psykers already. If so, why are they still so in the dark about the true nature of Chaos. They don't seem to make the same countermeasures as Eldar or humans to stop possession, so what has prevented some guy exploding into a Daemon portal in the middle of a Tau city?

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I'd like to believe that it's happened more than once, but the Tau just sweep it under the rug and suppress the information.

>> No.37654270

That's not a high bar to pass.

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Ethereals are doing the same thing Emperor did.
Consider Farsight a less retarded Horus.

>> No.37654528

Less successful too

>> No.37654655

well he's still alive though so that beats horus

>> No.37654685

In what way? By being a coward? Horus BROKE the IoM, cut a swathe through it, and nearly ended the human race there and then. Farsight is alive because he's fapping by himself far from Tau space.

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Tau endure because the entire galactic campaign map will change to create semi-plausible reasons why they aren't ground to death by a galaxy full of factions who really dig this whole "endless war" thing the 41st millenium has going on.

There must be some kind of bizarro eye of terror expanding with their empire, all who venture in find against all sense and probability they must eventually turn away and fight a different threat for a while.

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>Horus BROKE the IoM, cut a swathe through it, and nearly ended the human race there and then.

This is supposed to be a merit? Are you fucking kidding me?

Horus was a guillible little faggot despite being 200 years old by the time he rebelled.
He had visions about his father being a hypocritical power hungry asshole who wants become mankind's god, so instead of talking with the dad about it, his next logical step would be to bunch up with FUCKING BUTTHURT WORDBEARERS, got corrupted by fuckign chaos and launch an attack that killed astronomical number of innocent people who had nothing to do with his father's SUSPECTED corruption. His own actions fulfilled his visions. He fucked up on every possible level.

Farsight flipped a finger to fags who hijacked his race, did all kinds of shady shit to firther thier goals, and kept people in the dark about Chaobroke of. And his people are happy withous some self-important geezer telling them what to do and what not.

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>why won't the Tau die!
cry more

>> No.37655677

>because they fight like a modern military
Most armies in 40k that fight like modern militaries get raped because 40k is not a very good environment for that kind of thing. Forgeworld is fond of that setup.

The Tau get a pass because they've got an enormous advantage in natural resources because of reasons (letting them keep up production of high quality gear), and because they're in the sticks where no real threats attack.

"Modern" tactics mean little when most races are capable of teleporting FUCK YOU walking tanks into your command HQ.

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Reading your post, it's something that also tends to happen a whole lot in real life too...

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Because butts.

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How do Tau communicate across interstellar distances?

What's their astropath network equivelent

>> No.37657977

They can keep up production mainly because there are very, very few of them comparatively. There are probably about the same number of space marines as there are tau fire caste, if not more.

>> No.37658002

Drone relay points, bouncing signals between them. If you want ftl communication, you could star trek technobable it so the signals use the same slow ftl that Tau ships use.

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There is million space marines give or take few thousand.
Tau govern hundreds of planets.

Fucking WWI mobilized 70 million soldiers.

>> No.37658361

Space marines are also gods of death and destruction with decades to centuries of experience in doing just that

>> No.37658449

>they've got an enormous advantage in natural resources because of reasons
Free Trade with oher species and coruptionless planned economy.

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>> No.37658538 [SPOILER] 

That's a pretty suit you have, tau. Mind if I loot it?

>> No.37658714

still only a million of them

>> No.37658833

No, the reason is that the worlds they live on and colonize are extremely rich in natural resources. This is also a major reason why people don't just nuke them from space.

Exactly why this hasn't garnered them much attention from the tyranids, who are moving through the eastern fringe in great numbers... is left unexplained. No, a couple of splinter fleets do not fucking count.

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The worst of fluff indicates that a squad is capable of taking an entire world while the most conservative numbers a chapter capable of the same
It's important to note that this is against non-mobilized targets, however mobilized for 40k ≠ mobilized for WWI, so it's pretty safe to assume that a similar technology level is given should ALL of those under the tau empire's control be mobilized for war
Similarly, if you're arguing numbers and mass armament, imperium wins, no question

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Seems slower than that. Given how long it took for the Tau to respond to that one Dark Eldar invasion. By the time they had a response force ready, the planet was already scoured.

>> No.37658902

Actually in 3rd sphere they have a simple form of warp drive (the ship "dives" into the warp, the pops back up some distance away, allowing them to make short warp jumps). Still slower than a proper warp drive, though in some ways safer (since they only "skim" the Warp, there is far less risk of getting caught in a warpstorm or attacked by daemons).

This used to be the Tau form of travel in all their expansions untill the current codex retconned it, but apparently they realized Tau having no FTL was stupid so a WD clarified that the old FTL drives are still canon for 3rd sphere onwards.

>> No.37658943

According to fluff, most combat scenarios need about a hundred to resolve a conflict. Get a thousand and damn near nothing can stop them. Get tens of thousands(like the Black Templar chapter) and they can genocide even the Tau because 'muh faith'

>> No.37658997

What the fuck are you even getting at?
We were responding to a post that claimed entire Tau military caste numbered same as space marines, which is monumental fucking bullshit. Tau commited millions of soldiers to defend single planet during Damocles Crusade.

>> No.37659994

Still, assuming that said scouring took several months, that's WAY faster than the speed of light to get to another Tau world

>> No.37660118

In all honesty, I could think a couple of reasons for sterilization.
Didn't play the campaign, so I don't know the details, but if that place had a lot of chaos activity, mutations could be rampant and the logical move would be to sterilize them, assuming you don't know about chaos.

>> No.37660324

A lot more marines than that, considering each legion had around 250 000 marines to my knowledge, so that's 250 successor chapters per loyal legion (assuming they were at around full strength when codex astartes came to be) and then the successor chapters from those chapters.

Of course, you'd redact the fallen and dead chapters from counting, but I've not seen any sign saying that Astartes are a dying breed, so they must be at least keeping up with the losses.

Especially when it comes to the ultrasmurfs and Imperial fisters, seeing those two chapters spawn a metric fuckton of successors.

>> No.37660366

Never mind, the 250k marines was only for ultras.

>> No.37660409

so uh, has anyone told them that yellow is the color which most attracts the human eye?

>> No.37660457

After re-running the numbers, I got around 750k marines from when codex Astarte's got implemented, so them going up to be around 1,000,000 - 1 250 000 in number is not that unreasonable, but that's only if we actually believe the numbers, which in 40k often are kind of wonky.

>> No.37660507

I'm guessing it's made to make stealth suits less noticeable, I mean when they're wearing bright yellow armor, you sort of pay attention to them instead of looking for invisible dudes.

>> No.37660579


Speaking of Stealth Suits, DoW has left me a little confused as to their cost and firepower, since they're treated as the cheap scout unit there.

How do they compare to a typical firewarrior in the tabletop or whatever?

>> No.37661030


That's the Tau homeworld sept color. They come from a desert world.

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>> No.37661171

Steppes I think it was, but desert too.

>> No.37661186

I think it was to do with A) Chaos and B) Kronus rebelling constantly whenever the Imperium show up decades after they had joined the Tau C) They needed the number of Tau vs the number of humans to be more manageable after said rebellions.

It's non-canon though as the Tau don't even win.

>> No.37661202

Sept colour is white but homeworld is desert.

>> No.37661511

Son, the average hive city citizen doesn't know what chaos is, they don't teach that in Sunday school. Then there's the fact that psykers just don't randomly live among the common folk, they are herded away.

Shit I don't think the average human citizen can tell near anything about the imperium other than the planet they were on.

That and that GW has no consistent writing, but I like to imagine it's their own non-existant psyker levels that makes them so ignorant to chaos and chaos related stuff. They simply believe that they have some things the imperium doesn't and vice versa when it comes to tech. They believe that when a psyker makes it rain hellfire specifically on them that it's an advanced kinda machinery that they need to find out, ergo they start asking a buncha questions the captured psykers will in no way understand or they dissect them and find nothing particular. I mean they wont just go "Of course, mystical magical otherworldly forces!" because that's like if the Canadians went and attacked the americans with strange, magical powers which is nothing like any of them have seen, the Canadians have no books about it, no actual way for the americans to deconstruction it and in the end the language gap is big for the tau to constantly bring in an translator for all the "eh?'s" and "sorry.'s"

>> No.37662383

Well yeah but even if the locals are unaware, there has to be someone around who can round them up for the Black Ships when they come by. That means someone has to have some system in place for detecting psykers as they develop and a means of keeping them from going apeshit before they are shipped back to Terra.

>> No.37662447

>Dammit, posted before I finished.

Also, the Tau have been dealing with psykers before they ran into humans. How do they keep psykers from getting possessed and rampaging through a civilian populace?

>> No.37663071

True, but that either means they have neither had success capturing one of those people and convinced them to explain it or their lack of understanding about the subject means that they will treat them as any other armed personnel.

Also because they don't know how it's happening they are obviously not gonna know what is causing the psykers. And they don't think mind=power rather than technology=power, so that boggles it up even more.It's an incredibly alien concept for them.

And for the rampaging trough, they either don't get them because they don''t have the entire imperium and since psykers are even an rare thing for the imperium I'm guessing they don't have any. That or they just shoot it and think it was an cleverly hidden secret agent, leading to worse relations between the people and the tau.

But no, it's probably dumb writers.

>> No.37666010

It's not even a single line of objective-view narrative. It's a freaking in-universe rumor or speculation.


>"The humans left on Kronos found life increasingly difficult for them. Many had embraced the Imperial return, and now found themselves subject to re-education, or other penalties. Intensive colonization by T'au and Kroot led to a rapid demographic swing, with the human population dwindling to less than 5% less than a decade after the Dark Crusade. Although no public announcements were made to this effect, it seems clear that human births also dropped precipitously. In part this is due to the single-gender re-education camps imposed by the Tau, but it is also *possible* that the alien powers undertook some form of sterlization project, all for the so-called 'greater good'. "
ire Caste, yes.

>> No.37666088

No, it's perfectly reasonable for a world to be full at only 17 billion because it's not fucking earth- maybe most of it is fucking oceans or it's just a smaller fucking planet, or any number of reasons. Fuckiong TG autists, spends all thier goddamned time trying to find tiny holes in the fluff or ruleset of fucking everything to make themselves look smarter, usually they've just misread it or are totally wrong.

>> No.37666203

Moar Tau Pics.

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you guys didn't read p352 of the deathwatch rulebook then

>> No.37666763

Concerning Tau and psykers, Matt Farrer's short story "The Masters, Bidding" has a bit of explanation. In the words of Dark Apostle Drachmus:

>"‘The tau do not understand the warp-touch in the way that humans can. They cannot feel the currents of the god-sea and respond to it, can never share our relationship to the primal. And thus blind, they knew not how to govern once a new generation began to grow on the world they had “freed” for themselves to rule. The children grew. Their children grew. The numbers of psykers grew. And the tau would not understand what was happening. They scoffed at the Imperial traditions as witch-myths peddled by Imperial confessors, to foment anger and weaken the flock for more effective control. And so the warp-touch spilled out upon Aechol Tertia.'"

>"‘It was on the last continent, and among its serried islands and basalt reefs, where madness had truly incarnated. Here was where the tau had laid down their quarantine camps for what they thought was madness and rebellion, exiling here the first psykers to arise among their subjects as they strove to stay ascendant. By the time we landed there, the black cliffs and lichen groves had become playgrounds to the warp-touched at their maddest and most free. When we stepped from our lander we were greeted by a flayed torso and head that walked towards us on spider-legs made of lightning, calling our names. Behind it crawled a thing made of four human bodies that wriggled along on a tangle of limbs and turned the ground it passed over to bleeding flesh.'"

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>> No.37666808


>> No.37666959


>> No.37667001

>"Shas'o, one of the gue'la grew two extra heads and killed several Earth caste workers with lightning."
>"just a loon send him to da quarantine island lol"

>> No.37667021


>> No.37667114

Add this to that infamous story about a Tau expeditionary force thinking they had "killed" Slaanesh, and we see that the Tau mindset fundamentally lacks any concept of the supernatural.

This is really important to understand, as it is essentially the biggest difference between Tau and just skeptical humans. The Tau mind can't even comprehend the possibility of the existence of magic, or anything that might cheat or transcend rational, physical laws. They probably don't have any fairy tales, or any actual myths for that matter, save historical legends about real people and events that were passed down orally. Even we modern-day humans, and the humans in the time of the Imperial Truth, have a tradition of superstitions and beliefs in the supernatural that cross our minds at those times when rational explanations fail us, no matter how skeptical we try to be.

Even if we accept the idea that the Warp does ultimately follow certain rules and can be studied, measured, and manipulated with a certain degree of consistency and scientific results, ultimately the Tau are still utterly unprepared for what Chaos truly is. Here is a species that was seemingly biologically preprogrammed for atheism due to one feature: the lack of the genes that lead to Warp-sensitivity. I hypothesize that, in-setting, the superstitious nature of humanity is a direct result of our possession of those genes, because our experiences with psykers and Warp-stuff gave us not only a rational basis for such beliefs, but the capability to accept the whole idea of the supernatural in the first place.

>> No.37667488

That's all my vaguely srsface Tau picture. Now for something a little more, uh, lighthearted and/or silly.

>> No.37667643

You know that one annoyingly skeptical character in the movies who just won't believe in magic no matter what he sees? The one who always says "There must be a rational explanation!" even if the rational explanation is actually the presence of the supernatural? The one who keeps screaming "Hallucinations!" when demons are breaking down the door?

The Tau are a whole species of that character, but worse. Even the most obstinately skeptical human can comprehend the possibility that maybe something supernatural is going on, even if they don't accept it. The Tau can't even do that much. It would never occur to them to think "Magic!" or "Demons!" because they simply don't understand the ideas of magic or demons in the first place.

This isn't to say that they can't potentially learn, though. Even if they never had any experience with the Warp during their species' development to sapience on T'au, they are now in exponentially more frequent contact with elements of the supernatural than before, and as such will inevitably develop the necessary mental equipment to comprehend all this new stuff they're dealing with. The Ethereals and the other caste leadership might already have done so to some degree, but keep the rest of their civilization in the dark out of necessity, or some remaining blind hope that it's all just some crazy lie.

>> No.37668385

>Slacking Firewarrior on the far right
Oh shit shas'la, what are you doing?!

>> No.37668521

does pathfinder suits have some kind of power armor strength enhancement? that shit looks damn heavy.

>> No.37668565

never watched that show, any good?

>> No.37668663

>I have never noticed that before

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>> No.37668803

And...now I'm out. Enjoy, /tg/ .

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Shit yes.

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>> No.37668908

Anon, what in the actual fuck is this
>pic related

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>> No.37669240

Here you go, I will continue this thread from here, anon

Excuse the shitty file names, I don't know how to categorize them further

>> No.37669245

That looks like Metal Slug.

>> No.37669287

I am going into some more Tau where they may not be the focal point of the piece

>> No.37669321

>> No.37669350

>> No.37669387

>> No.37669412

>> No.37669709

Anyone have any further thoughts on this?

>> No.37669854

Uh yeah, those ears are awfully pointy, and the jaws are very orky.

You sure you burned a bunch of gue'la and not a bunch of Ork kommandoes posing as gue'la?

>> No.37670083


Forget where it's been stated, but it's been said that there's more Crisis Suits in the Tau Empire than Space Marines in the IoM.

>> No.37670248

Yeah! Stay out of my goddamn bike lane!

>> No.37670359

>imperium pov

>> No.37670375

Except those are Deathwatch. It's their business to know everything about everyone so they can cover it up.

>> No.37670679

>The Tau mind can't even comprehend the possibility of the existence of magic, or anything that might cheat or transcend rational, physical laws.

They can comprehend it as shown in the Farsight supplement. Its just its much easier to believe some of the many alien species that they have interacted with have strange technology that they don't understand rather then accepting that magic is real.

They just can't feel the warp they way other species can.

>> No.37671102

True, but Farsight is ahead of the curve. The Tau are still children as a sapient species, still learning, and the vast majority still don't have the mental architecture to deal with it fully.

>> No.37671296

The described not transmitted opinion even if , what is not the answer even whether ? And asked do not know , publish combat data in order to clear the the planning line to try to improve the XV104 of TAU, or hostile machine comparison data , others by opinion questionnaire is the most important , battle by the pilot is most Tokari cheap
>Fuck google translate

>> No.37672142

>Me'Tau Slug
>playable characters are La'Kais (brash all-rounder), Farsight (Dark and edgy guy with tormented past, head-on melee specialist), Torchstar (overjoyous klutz girl with flamer fetish), Darkstrider (stealthy operator operating) and Shadowsun (MILF officer that don't-need-no-man-but-is-tsundere-for-Farsight-sempai)
>fighting wave after wave of nazi imperial guards and filthy xenos who hate our Greater Good

>> No.37672175

my thoughts are as soon as chaos decides to play around with the tau they are fucked plain and simple, if they can't even comprehend the existence of their enemy how will they fight it?

>> No.37672242


> if they can't even comprehend the existence of their enemy how will they fight it?

You think anyone understands anyone else in 40k? How much understanding does it take to point your boom-stick dangerous end first and hit the actuator?

Nobody truly understands Chaos, but they still fight it. The Tyranid hive fleets are massive beyond comprehension, never stopped anyone.

>> No.37672469

I guess but lets take the imperium for example, they design their ships to look like cathedrals in spees to help ward of chaos incursions, same with their buildings, grey knights use vials of the emporers tears to protect themselves in battle against demons, the fact that the grey knights exist in the first place with the sole purpose of fighting chaos, then you have branches of the inquisition dedicated to outing and killing heretics, of course like you say every faction will fight eachother like they are just another enemy but the imperium in this example recognizes that chaos is more than just another enemy and takes specific actions against it because of this, whereas the tau don't

>> No.37672629

Let's be real here, gentlemen. The minute ANY faction decides to focus seriously on the Tau, they're fucked. Stellar empires greater than they have been taken down by single Chapters of Marines. The Tau's survival as a species has been mostly a result of pluck and luck, from the warp storms that destroyed the Explorator fleet about to terraform their planet to the twin windfalls of Imperial incompetence and the encroachment of Hive Fleet Behemoth on Imperial space during the Damocles Gulf Crusade.

>>37672469 has the essence of the real issue at stake, which is the nature of the Tau's way of dealing with Chaos. Despite their species' lack of psyker-genes and Warp-sensitivity, they still have to weather the martial attentions of daemons, Chaos Marines, etc. and their skeptical, rational methods of combating such supernatural threats are not the methods which are most effective, such as the faith-based powers of the Living Saints and the sanctic daemonology of the Grey Knights and Ordo Malleus.

Plus, as highlighted by the events on Aechol Tertia mentioned in >>37666763
the Tau have to deal with the ramifications of their client species' Warp-sensitivity, even if they themselves don't have that problem. (Further support: during the infamous Slaanesh event, certain Kroot who ill-advisedly fed upon fallen Chaos Marines were corrupted in turn, which despite the lack of evidence for Kroot psykers indicates a meaningful degree of susceptibility. If the Tau are to survive in a galaxy where Chaos is always present and waiting to strike, then they need to take steps.

>> No.37672705

I'm pretty sure that in the Damocles novel the Tau refer to psykers as using "mind science".

>> No.37673436

Necrons figured out how to combat and push back the Ruinous powers with pure science. They defeated the Old Ones and their psychic races.

Surely, the Tau would start to develop anti-psychic technology at some point the future.

>> No.37676248

How would they develop equipment against something they cannot learn?

That's like giving a nuke to ancient Greece and expect full on nuclear power in that millenium or at all.

>> No.37676307

>So honestly this shit is a mess.
That sounds about right for the Administratum.

>> No.37676417

>40k fluff in general
top kek

>> No.37677679


If the Tau take over human worlds then what do they do with he human witches and mutants? Sooner or later some poor psyker is going to ice a Tau colony by birthing endless cthuluoids through his exploding skull, and mutants can be downright unstable persons.

>> No.37677706

convert them to the Greater Good, my misguided friend :3

>> No.37677763

looks like he's enjoying that Go-Gurt

>> No.37678241

Now I want to start a Tau smut thread. Do I go to /h/ or /d/ for this?

>> No.37678370

you go to /tg/

>> No.37678516

>tau pov
>objective truth

>> No.37678601

Sorry my Gue'la slave of the Imperium, but only those who embrace the Greater Good know of objective truths.

>> No.37678666

I dont have any offical lore to offer, but I do have a sept located in the expanse (along with explenation for how they got there) I made for my RT game that my players seem to like, if anyone is intrested?

>> No.37678721


>> No.37678978

Must be why less than a few hundred worlds belong to the Tau and dont know shit about chaos.

>> No.37679146

The Ethereals know about Chaos.

The Water Caste administrator in the Fire Caste novel talked about the psychic sickness that haunts humanity, the one the humans call Chaos. He says perhaps the Tau can cure humans from this sickness.

>> No.37679257

You mean the same tau that have been stuck on a small group of stars in the eastern fringe for over 1200 years is going to save humanity which expanded and established the imperium of over 2 million worlds in less than 200 years?

Can you please stop this irrelevant fanboyism and just enjoy the game instead of trying to stifle other peoples views? It usually does come right back around.

>> No.37679275

>>37678721 Alright here it is. Inb4 I make someone mad with fan work.

Alright: Sept Mont’ J'karra (“Broken Mirror”) was founded by accident rather than design, an exploration fleet on the Eastern Fringe having encountered an anomalous half blue half yellow star that sucked them in to it gravity mid warp travel. Surprisingly they survived , throw of a different half yellow half blue start. The reason was this happened was due to the shattered remains of an ancient Stargate (same type as the one from deathwatch) that collapsed the stars it was orbiting on either end of the journey. Unable to return safley to their side of the galaxy the fleet was forced to land on the habitable world orbiting the half-yellow half-blue star and create a new sept. Several hundred years later the unstable one way gate has resulted in a pocket empire based around the sept world of less than a dozen star systems, most uninhabited , deep in a small nebula. Due to its immense distance from the rest of the Tau Empire (and the Ethereals, who will not risk the journey) the sept is forced to rely a lot more on mercenaries and auxiliaries, which it fortunately has plenty of in the form of a densely inhabited (non chaos) human pirate system known as Triumphs Wrath, and a large Tarelllian colony. Using the human pirates and tarellian dog soldiers as proxies and smoke screen, it has secretly begun to search out potential Xenos allies and trade routes, as well as quietly raiding or destroying any imperial settlements that spring up to close to the sept. All the time keeping its own existence a secret as best it can till it is strong enough to begin its first sphere of expansion.

>> No.37679295

Crap, thats the broken english version, sorry. Well Im sure you can read it still.

>> No.37679313

No fanboyism here.

I am just telling you the facts that the Tau have some knowledge about Chaos and telling you the opinion of one their officials.

Stop getting all triggery.

>> No.37679342

Looks need but the broken English slightly confused me. It's on the opposite end of the known galaxy from the Tau Empire? With no way back to the empire? And no ethereals?

>> No.37679343


Named after the female Shas'vre from "Fire Caste", I hope.

>> No.37679349

Calm down , he sad the Tau said "perhaps they can cure humans", its highlighting how naive the Tau are abou the nature of chaos is all not saying they have an actual cure.

>> No.37679398

Yeah the Expanse is on the oposite side of the galaxy to the Tau empire so reallly you need an excuse if your going to put them in the standard RT setting (though you could always have a RT game in the Death watch standard setting instead.). And yeah they're in contact with the Etherals, but none present. You can change that if you want I just did it to spice things up.

>> No.37679399

As opposed to your perfectly one sided arguments that you feel the need to defend. Nigga please.

>> No.37679421

Necrons developed that technology over millenia with the sole goal in mind of screwing over the Old Ones because they hated the long lived bastards and everything to do with them, involving psyker powers. Plus they were personally helped by the C'tan, near all-powerful beings who live with the dream of permanently fucking over the Immaterial plane and nomming on the Material one.

Tau are developing quickly but they don't have the time, knowledge or intention needed to build weapons dedicated to removing a threat that barely effects them.

>> No.37679469

I just entered the thread.

I saw one anon saying that Tau "don't know shit about Chaos". I just corrected him by stating that they have knowledge about Chaos, and then some anon got triggered for no reason.

If you're that anon, eat a chill pill.

>> No.37679547

>I just entered the thread.

>> No.37679563

I swears!

>> No.37679717

C'tan are evil motherfuckers, but ironically they may be the last best hope for the continued existence of the Galaxy.

Though that existence may not be worth it.

>> No.37679724

Stop triggering bro

>> No.37679768

The C'tan's power is shattered and what remains of them languish in servitude to the glorious Necrons. Though the Deceiver shard codex entry implies that they may return to power.

It's the Necrons who are guardians of order and reality.

>> No.37679825

>can you tell me what the reaction to the psykers on the crew would be.

There are no such thing as psykers, only madmen and deluded superstitious primitives.

With proper medication, education and full frontal... corrections the delusions disappear.

>> No.37679891


>> No.37679930

If yoou look past the dated as fuck CGI, Very.

>> No.37680021

It's funny because I've watched B5 so many times the CGI doesn't even stick out as anything but distinctive to me. Besides, starting in season 3 it gets really good. Only in season 1 did I think it looks rough.

>> No.37680059

>mfw I once ran a Deathwatch game with a female Ethereal named Aun'El J'karra

>> No.37680077

The space flights look soo fake.
Like glossy plastic toys with no inertia or texture.

>> No.37680113

Meh, I disagree. It's one of the only sci-fi shows I've seen that took inertia seriously. The first episode even deals with it in a space fight.

>> No.37680119

>humanity which expanded and established the imperium of over 2 million worlds in less than 200 years?
You are saying it like that wasn't a completely retarded, absolutely fucking impossible thing to do.

Like that piece piece of fluff that says that Tau killed - and this is not a typo - hundreds of billions guardsmen in a battle for single planet.

It's just something that completely bypasses logic and common sense. Something that sounds it was written by people who can't even wrap their fucking heads around the numbers they are throwing around.

>> No.37681353

Got more?

>> No.37681461

Not much.

>> No.37681592


The Daemons will politely refuse your Greater Good and make a counter offer for their better good.

>> No.37681675


>> No.37681679

>That's not a tentacle ripping me apart, it's the gue'la's deluded imagination doing that.

>> No.37681712


>> No.37681771

No, that's mutation, a common ailment among lesser species that procreate outside their castes.

>> No.37681890

Don't forget, we killed Slaanesh.

>> No.37682040

Thread is managing to get some decent info that could potentially be relevant to my RT campaign.

Also devout IG please go. You're most unreasonable.

>> No.37682650

I meant that they'd grow to a state of mind better able to comprehend Chaos, not that they'd necessarily develop warp-tech.

>> No.37682824

Ignorance is their protection.

Once they learn they will be open and weak.

>> No.37682834

Probably because the 'Nids are drawn towards psychic emanations as their way of identifying food.
With this in mind, they are far more interested in that crazy-bright astronomicon thing that someone set up as a stop-gap.
They are also likely being drawn towards things like the Eye of Terror and other warp-holes

>> No.37682861

And get slowly fucked by entropy.

>> No.37682980


Many moons ago, there was a thread on here about a guy running a Necromunda game on a hive world now in the Tau sphere; the usual gang violence continued, with Tau weapons being on the black market.

Every now and then, the campaign would be interrupted by "the occupying forces" sending Peace-keepers into the Underhive (Fire Warriors in Devilfish, with some back up).

Later, the storyline had the gangs being contacted by the Imperial resistance and encouraged to do more 'direct action'.

The storyline idea was even if the gangs got wiped, the spate of "Terra-ist" attacks on Tau positions would cause reprisals which would send more recruits to the Terraists.

>> No.37685033

I actually really like this, because it's a reasonably cunning plan, with one massive, massive flaw that the Imperial characters would absolutely never think of (despite staring it in the face) and nicely contrasts Tau and Imperial thought.

This plan only works if the Tau decide that the best response to an attack by a gang is to do reprisal killings of everyone in the vicinity if not outright attempt to exterminate. As far as the Imperial characters are concerned, that's a given, because that's pretty much the only way they can think of to deal with a threat from an uppity alien population. Except the Tau aren't the Imperium, they have the Aun and Por castes to handle this sort of thing, and the wouldn't naturally conclude that the only response is to round up everyone and shoot half as a lesson to the other half. They'd do something no doubt repressive, but much more subtly repressive, like 'disappearing' subversive elements, and in the mean time would use diplomacy to smooth over the situation without leading to support for the Imperial guerrilla fighters.

>> No.37688540

Could excuse it as a radically different Tau is in charge of operations with the local Ethereal just saying 'take care of it'.

And this radical Tau, who has a grudge against humanity because<game reasons> will take care of it by sending in death squads that round up people for interrogation/reeducation and those that don't are shot in their homes.

Like that mst3k film, Escape 2000 but with better actors.

>> No.37689356

That kind of revenge is very, very out of character for an Ethereal. Though if they successfully kill the Ethereal, the Fire Caste *will* start shooting and not stop until they run out of munitions or targets.

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