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Calm thyself, anon.

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Sorry, That was the Grammar Nazi in me.

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More like "I'ma make Hellsing" Edition

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So, with Artificial Alloys from Anno 2070, it is now possible to invent processes that synthesize materials otherwise impossible to produce in a given universe. What are the best jumps to abuse with this? There are a lot of science fiction settings with incredibly powerful technology based on unobtainable materials. Mass Effect, X-Com, Code Geass, etc. Who has the best unobtanium to mass produce?

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There's an anno 2070 jump?

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It's on pastebin. Hasn't been made into a pdf yet, but the creator plans to. Have a look, it's got some really cool perks available. http://pastebin.com/n8CrpkTr

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Updated Bioshock Infinite. Mostly just corrections. Changed Vigors to 100 CP as well.

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>90's cartoons edition
So, which 90s cartoons would you want to jump? Include both shows that we have jumps for and shows that we don't have jumps for.

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Shit that's an unlucky namefag alteration. Lots of issues. Probably cursed.

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Huh, surprising amount of people went for Katerina as a companion.

I got one person who took Isaac, one who took Friar Carl, and one Father Alexander.

Nigh-on everyone took Bigby. Fuck, how do I make people on Bigby's level.

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>I just noticed perks gained via the CYOA itself are twice as strong as ones gained in-jump
>And it stacks with the PI 600 point perk
>My undertow is 3x or 4x times as strong as normal
>My whole purpose for getting it is to pull people into melee range so I can punch the shit out of them.
Oh my yes

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I know this is going to sound like nitpicking, but wouldn't the siphon inhibit us if we take the Lamb origin?

Also, I think it's rather easy to fluff out that we were "Volunteered" to be one of the Lutece's test subjects in their early experiments, it's even more believable if you picked the Mick drawback.

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I haven't posted my build, but I went for Hugh Jackman. Though that shouldn't be surprising, I'm the one who asked for him to be available. Does this Jackman have the singing skills of his namesake?

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Yes, yes he does. Although he doesn't advertise them.

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Magnificent. I'll have to find a way to get him to act in a production of Les Miserables.

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Bigby is a cool guy, he's The Big Bad Wolf and Sheriff of Fabletown. I took him because of that, not because he's strong
And I took Carl because I asked you to make him available, it would be silly if I didn't take him.

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>someone makes a Fables jump
>Bigby meets Bigby

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Well, this one isn't the Sheriff of Fabletown (though now I want to make a Fables jump so we can have that one, too). He's similar in personality and character, though, so good enough.

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Also, since I didn't notice you mention her, I took Katerina because she's a cool lady in the games.
Also, you know, Waifus for the Harem Throne.

I would kill for a fables jump.

True and True about it being good enough.

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> 90s Cartoons
Reboot. Ducktales. Ninja Turtles. Darkwing Duck. Chip 'n Dale. Really Any Disney Cartoon. Beetlejuice. Captain Planet. Freakazoid. Maybe Swat Kats.

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Siphon more or less just makes powers not work properly. Works for Lamb and everyone else. Results in Tears not working as consistently too.

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I think he means "Wouldn't we face the same limitations on Tear powers that Elizabeth has due to the canon Siphon, if we took Lamb?" Though I don't think it should, as the perk just gives us power equivalent to what Elizabeth's limited version is, so it wouldn't restrict us any by comparison.

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I haven't read Fable and I haven't played the Telltale games, so I have no attachment to Bigby and won't be taking him.

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>Captain Planet
I'd pay many CP for the power of Heart.

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People complain about it being worthless, but that's just because Mati wastes it. Though none of the Planeteers use their rings to their full potential, really.

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>which 90s cartoons would you want to jump?
Dexter's Laboratory, Cybersix, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and most Disney cartoon spin-offs. Maybe Beast Wars.

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Imagine any jumper with a ring, using that.

Hell, imagine a jumper who manages to get their hands on ALL the rings.

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>Earn all the Rings
>Gain Captain Planet as a companion
Sounds like a good time

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Darkwing duck, Batman the animated series (a dedicated jump.. I know I know you could just take the DC jump but lets be honest. DC has about a half dozen continuities that each deserve their own jump and we aren't allowed to use a jump more than once). Lastly I am very tempted to say Cybersix but I really only remember that it had a cool opening.

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Also, to that anon who asked literally the last question in that thread.

Y'know what. I'll add that to the new edition (the one not missing a page of drawbacks, the Outro, and the clarifications pages).

You can transfer some of your CP to these new companions (up to a cap of 300) to spend in the Van Helsing jump.

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Personally, I'd rather get the evil pollution rings the villains made, or the super powered gauntlets that other god made that one episode.

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>inb4 people start up the "forget you I'm helping Dr. Blight" stuff again

It's only a matter of time.

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1.Dexters Lab
2.King of the hill
3.Hey Arnold

>Ninja Turtles
I'd rather have TMNT 2003.

Yeah that's what I meant, and I was thinking the same thing as I posted it but I figured I'd ask anyway.

Also, Is it bad that I now want to go through the jump as an Irish version of Elizabeth?

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>not wanting to pod Dr. Blight
...actually, wait, didn't she go back in time to sell nukes to Hitler? Who was so evil that his evilness made Captain Planet weak?

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>King of the Hill
"Hello I help produce Propane and Propane products would you like to see our stock?"

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>Duck Tales
>Darkwing Duck
>Swat Katz

Yes. YES. You. You're instantly cool to me now, Viper Anon.

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There is no set way on how to take a jump. Helping the Villain is perfectly acceptable. Hell a lot of series have more interesting villains than they do heroes.

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Don't get me wrong, I know that.

Wait, what?

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I'm not even kidding. With her future self. And it's like they didn't expect him to stab them in the back.


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Tail Spin
Darkwing Duck
Batman the Animated Series
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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>concentrated negative emotion hurts Captain Planet
>positive emotions hurt Mazoku like Xellos
>they can now theoretically meet

This can only end in pain.

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The thing is that Captain Planet is so hokey and dumb that being the bad guy would be kindof fun. Some of their morals are actually pretty disjointed, wrong, or even occasionally dangerous to practice.
And the villains are also dumb, but at least they have the power to disagree with the protagonists, who are always correct, even when they contradict themselves.

I generally disapprove of being edgy just for the sake of it, but Captain Planet is one of those worlds where I'd honestly find it kind of hilarious.

That said, I'd probably just build a lot of super eco-friendly factories and make bank as I outproduce all other competitors despite defying all logic and reason.
Then when the Planeteers came to congratulate me on being a wonderful person, I'd taser the fuck out of them and steal their rings.

You know what's funny is you could probably make four pretty good identities to choose from just by stealing off the four main characters. Conspiracy Theorist, Army Barber, Playboy, and Guy Who's Always Right.
One of the drawbacks is being Peggy's best friend and you can't hurt her or change her mind about anything.

Gee, thanks, Red! Darkwing was always one of my favorite shows.
I didn't really watch Swat Katz a lot, but it always looked like a cool setting to me.

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What's with Hitler's mustache?

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It's supercharged with the power of evil.

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I only included KOTH because I wanted to see if it could actually be done.

Alright I thought of a few more.

>The Magic School Bus
1.Teacher, student and bus/pet origins?
2.Knowledge or transformation related perks?
3.A magic bus of your own?
>Sabrina the Tennage Witch
2.Witch and familiar origins?
>Men in Black: The Series
1.Alien and agent origins?
2.Alien tech?
>The Powerpuff girls
1.Giant monster Form?
3.Science perks?

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I should have known it was you, Konata! Though we may have different goals and morals, you are a jumper of fine taste!


-Background: Businesswoman (Free) -In a place like this, it could be easy to make a profit.
-Barbershop Quartet (975CP) -An AMAZING voice, this is!
-Particle Physics (675CP) -Truly, I am a genius.
-Savvy (Free) -Eh, why not.
-Engineer (475CP) (Discount) -I guess I'm a smart person!
-Veni Vidi Vigor (175CP) (Discount) -I can CREATE my own Vigors? AWWW YISS.
-Vigor: Return To Sender (75CP) -This could be neat! I mean really.
-Lockpicks (50CP) -You neeeever know.
-Bag of Eaglesx5 (Free) -HA HAAA! I'M RICH!
-Salts Machine (0CP) -And with this, my dark work begins.
Dice Rolls: 21 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'm gonna be amaaaaazing. Work on the place, learn more on the tech here with the particles, and see if I can't hang out with the Lucetes. Seriously, they seem FUN to be around.

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ReBoot, TMNT, Samurai Jack, SWAT KATS, Animaniacs, Bonkers, Angry Beavers, Street Sharks/Dinosquad, Biker Mice From Mars, Butt Ugly Martians, Looney Toons, SCRYED, Wolf's Rain, Thundercats.

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Hey jumpers, quick question. On a scale of 1-10, how dangerous/grim dark is Asura Cryin?

>> No.37626387

Dangerously Cheesy

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>Looney Toons

That depends, what is Asura Cryin?

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Little girl's souls are used to power robots from another world. Said world is turning to dust. And some lunatic tries to bring back his lover by creating a brand new world that will probably destroy both previous worlds if it's created. All wrapped up in a Romatic Comedy.

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>what is Asura Cryin
A bollywood remake of a classic Aerosmith song. Pay it no mind.

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>That depends, what is Asura Cryin about?

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Uh, it's some weird Japan thing where they use souls of little girls and force them into a killer robot. They eventually lose all memories of who they were, and shit. I'm edgy but I wouldn't put a little girl's soul through that. I have soft spot for little girls, like a big brother/fatherly thing. Little boys not so much, I tend ignore them.

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he's cryin because his daughter is cryin
see, anon, those aren't tears of sadness you're seeing

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>I took that flaw
God damn it, now I need to run again

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Businessman (free) I am a man of wealth and taste
Savvy (free)
Engineer (800)
Veni Vidi Vigor (500) Know how to make Possession, Murder of Crows, and Devil's Kiss
Vigorous (-100)
Particle Physics (-400)
Possession (free)
Return to Sender (free)
5X Bag of Eagles (free)
1999 Mode (-300)
Mick (-200)
Unstable (0)
Honestly here my big thing will be combining Veni Vidi Vigor with Craftsman of the Gods. Mostly just have fun figuring out how to run the current vigor manufacturers out of business. Also find a way to avoid the whole accidentally sinking the city thing. Also make the occasional TF2 joke as I'm a Scotsman running around with an eyepatch (Strike Witches Drop In capstone) and a propensity for explosives, maybe use the name perk from Jackie Chan to get everyone to call me demoman.

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No Elizabeth?

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funny you should ask...
Drawbacks: Mick (1100), 1999 Mode (1200), Scavenger (1400)
Background: Businessman, 24
Skills: Free Savvy, Discount Engineer (1200), Shield (800), Particle Physics (500)
Gear: Free 5x Dosh, Free Skyhook
Companion: Elizabeth (0)

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I mean who wouldn't choose her to follow you around?

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>No Elizabeth
Always Elizabeth

LOC: Columbia
Businessman - 20
Dumpster Diver
Particle Physics

Bag of Eaglees - 5


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Not a companion person. So I see no reason to bring along someone I'm probably not going to pay attention to. I get too caught up in my work, I'm too busy exploring things, and I'm asexual. WHY should I bring someone I won't interact with?

Anyhow, super mario.

-Setting: 3-D (Free) -Expand my options!
-Background: Princess (Free) -Princess Red! ...a bit odd but oh well.
-E Gadd! (900CP) -Super smart! It is me!
-No Need to Breathe (700CP) -Um. Shit. Before I lost the need to sleep. Now breathe. This is... concerning.
-Super Jump (600CP) -YAHOOOOOO!
-Increase Charisma (Free) -Curious! I'm fond of this, but curious!
-You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me! (400CP) -It's stacking willpower by this point, but why not.
-Fire Breath (0CP) -FIIIIIRE. Add another fire breath weapon for MAXIMUM BURN.
Dice Rolls: -
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Princess Red of the... I dunno. Magic Kingdom of something. Point is I'm gonna kick back and relax, and any dumb shit that tries to get in my kingdom to kidnap me is gonna burn. Hardcore.

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>WHY should I bring someone I won't interact with?
Because she got dealt a shitty hand, her dad is an abusive asshole, and she just wants to see the world. C'mon, Red. Save the girl!

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No Pokecompanion?

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Let's also not forget the fact that she goes on a multi-dimensional purge-fest, killing all Bookers and Comstocks. Even the ones that risk their lives to save her.

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>Let's also not forget the fact that she goes on a multi-dimensional purge-fest, killing all Bookers and Comstocks. Even the ones that risk their lives to save her.
There's that. But given how much history fractures around Brooker and Comstock, can you blame her? Best Brooker took a hit for the team. The rest of them likely wouldn't have been so inclined.

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She could be like your sister, or BFF. She wants to explore and see new worlds.

I know I plan on waifuin' her.

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Chained up with Fem-Shep and other women on your throne of obsidian, carved into the shape of dead babies?

Who are themselves made of tinier, deader babies?

>> No.37628405

She only went killing Comstocks, and the only Brooker she killed (well besides the PC's Brooker) was actually Comstock but his Elizabeth died. So he reverted back to Brooker.

>> No.37628428

Nope. It's implied she's been killing Bookers as well. Both names wind up dying.

>> No.37628431

Anon, you forgot the fire. The babies are all on fire and screaming, even though they are dead.

>> No.37628451

>Both names wind up dying.
Because they have to.

>> No.37628460

Shep/FemShep was a bro, I didn't do anything to her besides change him to a female. Although Obsidian throne does sound nice.

There was that one Brooker that was seen that didn't sell his daughter.

>> No.37628508

Okay, I still don't get why you changed Shepard's gender at all. If you wanted FemShep, why not just start with FemShep? It feels like you've added an unnecessary component to this plan.

>> No.37628530

Yeah you say that, Mr. Edge. The truth will come out sooner or later, however.

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No pokecompanion.

The problem is I take her. And then what? She's stuck with someone who doesn't pay attention to her. Not on purpose mind you, but someone who just keeps focusing on other things to a fault. Too focused on following her curiosity. Too focused on finding out what something does and how it does that thing. I would be trading one abusive situation for another. It's nothing against her, it's a mark against me due to my irresponsibility and my lack of trust in myself.

Speaking of Irresponsibility? Grand Theft Auto.

-Background: Wild Card (Free) -Let's start this the old fashioned way, hrm?
-Style (Free) -Savvy businesswoman. Could fit well in the mob. Stylish. Sharp. Not to be fucked with.
-Behind the Scenes (950CP) (Discount) -Sometimes a small push is all you need.
-Fight Smarter (850CP) -People who brag about fights are idiots.
-Trader Joe (700CP) (Discount) -You want my toys? You gotta pay.
-World Under My Thumb (400CP) (Discount) -I run this city. ME.
-Dandy (300CP) -I'm going to LOOK GOOD, damn it.
-Loadsamoneyx2 (200CP) -And of course, some capital to start my empire.
-Home (Free) -A nice place to hang my hat at the end of the day.
-Box On Wheels: Sports (0CP) -And naturally, one of the best cars!
Dice Rolls: Liberty City, 31 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I'm gonna do some odd things here. How odd? I'm going to start the first mob affiliated with the occult. Strange things happen as you climb the hierarchy. Talks of rituals, of magic. It all seems crazy until you notice the tattoos. How unnaturally fit everyone seems to be as they get more important. Until they're just flat-out demonic, with the head of the crime group being this glorious 12ft amazonian demon who controls the city. After all, it's a criminal UNDERWORLD... and is the underworld not associated with demons?

>> No.37628640

I seriously thought about going Businessman, but I ultimately decided not to on account of it requires a source of ADAM to create Vigors, and I was just kindof like, "Eh."
It seemed easier to just get a free energy shield. I like defensive upgrades. They help placate my rampant paranoia.


Super Mario
> Setting: 3-D
> Background: Drop-In
> E Gadd! [Get a Freebie!]
> Warp Paintings [-300CP]
> Increase Charisma [-100CP]
> Beast [-100CP]
> Airship Fleet [-600CP]
> Shrunk [+100CP]

So, way early on, I took Super Mario RPG Jump, to get Engineering and Smithy's Army. And then I helped Mario fight Smithy, not directly, but by giving them golems I created to assist them. And they were pretty dinky and weak, but it's the thought that counts.

And now I'm back. And even though it says "Beast" up there, I'm going to be using my doll form the whole jump.
And I am now taking over for Smithy. Same plan. Basically the same motives ("for shits and giggles").

The airships won't fit in my warehouse, but I will get some delicious schematics out of this. Also, it REALLY pumps up my threat level here from the get go.

I went Drop-In because I love all these characters and have no desire to replace any one of them.

And, I don't actually intend to win here. I don't want to actually kill anyone or even take over the world. This is literally for shits and giggles. I think I'll start by kidnapping Peach for no good reason whatsoever. That'll piss off Mario AND Bowser!

>> No.37628695

>I would be trading one abusive situation for another. It's nothing against her, it's a mark against me due to my irresponsibility and my lack of trust in myself.
Fair enough, then. Good on you for being self aware enough to make that kind of decision.

>> No.37628718

>mfw I'm now imagining this tiny little Konota-zilla roaring in victory. And somehow being half the size of Peach

Fucking priceless.

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Nah, already have most of the companions I want and since she'd be joining after Kancolle she'd be at an extreme disadvantage compared to my other companions who all have Savage Salvage.

>> No.37628771

Not complete

>> No.37628781

>It's nothing against her, it's a mark against me due to my irresponsibility and my lack of trust in myself.

... Oddly similar to a situation myself here. Took a companion in Marvel, a daughter that I've been trying to guide from outright street-level Villain to more of a Rogue.

Unfortunately, my jumps immediately after Marvel?
>Dead Space

Ten years out of 40 I'd risk bringing her out. I feel like this isn't exactly going well.

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Why are you making this?

>> No.37628799

What the hell are you doing?

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Is there a reason this is necessary.

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Please keep your writefagging in a pastebin if you must. And we don't need a post spark supplement if that's what your doing.

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Why would anyone trust someone who murders their father?

>> No.37628872

Because it was an accident and/or their father was a sufficiently big asshole to deserve it.

>> No.37628873

One of my favorite episodes. That ending always gets me.

>> No.37628874

To why im curious how /jc/ would react and also i might be asking if you guys want a post spark action

>> No.37628875 [SPOILER] 

It was for a just cause

>> No.37628881

No. Stop. We do not want this.

>> No.37628889

Yeah she went on a multiversal adventure over an accident.

>> No.37628896

>To why im curious how /jc/ would react and also i might be asking if you guys want a post spark action
See: >>37628833 and >>37628881

>> No.37628900

Because it's much more hilarious that you have this macho N7 Male Shep, and then when he wakes up after 2 year nap he's a she. I thought it was funny at the time.

>> No.37628905

Nothing post-spark. That's fanwank only territory.

>> No.37628910

Our Elizabeth hasn't been through the mountain of shit that caused the "normal" Elizabeth to go fucking insane

>> No.37628920

No we don't. This should be very obvious. There are effectively no rules for post spark, nor can there be. Just leave this along.

>> No.37628956

From the posted file, I was under the impression you were working on some kind of fanfic. I mean, feel free to post your fanfic, but 'post-spark' content doesn't seem to fit.

>> No.37628958

And she will never will. Then there is the question does that mean if one rescues rapture liz and brings companion liz does that mean can meet ?
Will hilarity ensue?

>> No.37628991

Post-spark Content doesn't make any sense
Also yours works off of a lot of assumptions
Like we view Jump-chain as "The Boss"
Or that we returned home.

I'm coming back just to pick up friends and family, then I'm fucking GONE. Forever. To sail the Omniverse in a ship of my own design while I look for Adventures and such.

>> No.37629080


...HA. Okay, good one.

We really don't need it. That's fan-wank territory.

ANYHOW. Time for No More Heroes!

-Background: Cool, Beautiful Foil (Free) -Drop right on in and use LASER SWORDS.
-You're a Disgrace (Free) -Ha HAAA! TIME TO HAM.
-Magnificent Bastard (850CP) (Discount) AHAHAHAHA. It's... wow, this is nuts.
-MY SPLEEN! (750CP) -Hey, some durability is nice.
-It's Kill or Be Killed (650CP) -This will help me out. Besides, WRESTLING MOVES.
-Grasshopper.2 (550CP) -You're going to know who the fuck I am.
-The Clothes (Free) -Free clothes is always fun.
-Tsubaki (450CP) -A nice starter weapon to get me going.
-Launderer System (50CP) -Huh! So I know how to make beam katanas. Nice.
-Fashion Hero (0CP) -Niiiiice. I make ANYTHING look good.
Dice Rolls: 19 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

It's... I don't know what the fuck I'm going here. I'm just running around showing off awesome beam katanas I'm creating with my insane tech. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING.

>> No.37629210

>i might be asking if you guys want a post spark action
Kindly. Fuck. Off.

>> No.37629273


-Clarifications Page
-Proper Fucking Outro
-Two new items
-Added ability to transfer up to 300 CP to companions obtained in-jump, to be used in the VH jump
-another page of drawbacks.

>> No.37629303

Could also be called 'Savior Edition,' if you look at two of the final drawbacks.

>> No.37629341

>Bonnie Tyler intensifies

>> No.37629345

Good times
But I like my current build, oh well

Plus right now it fits into my "monster" arc, if I took the two end draw backs I would need to hold off on it for a while.

>> No.37629348

A question about the DC jump- IF I go Alien, do I automatically get the natural abilities associated with my form, or do I need to buy them?

I'm going Tamaranian, and I want to know if I need to buy Energy Projection and Flight, or if I already have weaker forms of those due to my Origin.

What's more, do I also gain the Tamaranian ability to absorb sunlight as energy?

>> No.37629359

I think you're supposed to just be a generic alien, not any specific species from existing DC

>> No.37629393

This. >>37629359 If you really want to though, you could just say that you're an off shot race of that species like I did. That way you'd still retain that species appearance, but not it's powers.

>> No.37629396


-Background: Mad Doctor (950CP) -THEY CALLED ME MAD! I'll show them all!
-A Sense of Class (850CP) -When slaying monsters, one must be stylish.
-She Who Fights Monsters (550CP) -FUCK VAMPIRES. FUCK WEREWOLVES. The only transformations are one I desire!
-Devilish Deals (250CP) -Considering the amount of times I plan to mess with demons? I'll need this.
-Crazed Physician (Free) -Despite my laugh, I DO know how to fix someone up.
-Deranged Alchemist (100CP) (Discount) -OH LOOK, MORE ALCHEMY. Time to include this!
-The Laws Are Mine (-200CP) (Discount) -The Laws of Fashion Are Mine! AND THEY WILL OBEY ME!
-Variable Accent (-250CP) -And now I have FUN.
-Period-Appropriate Wardrobex2 (-350CP) -I'm gonna look stylish now, too!
-Portable Examination Station (-500CP) -Holy shit. This... holy SHIT. THIS. YES.
-Research Notes (-700CP) (Discount) -Ha HAAAA! TIME FOR SCIENCE!
-Holy Scriptures (-800CP) -To splice thy enemy, one must KNOW them. This will prove beneficial.
-Hunted: The Brides (-600CP)
-Hunted: Mr. Hyde (-400CP)
-All Is Lost (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Paris, France, 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

It is a world of darkness. A bit of a shithole sure, but it's there. But that is not to say it is all bad. For there is RED, SUPERNATURAL HUNTER AND RESEARCHER. Roaming the land and causing swathes of evildoers to perish under my blade and bow!

...until they find it's all a plan for me to splice myself with the best stuff and become even more of a blasphemous being.

>> No.37629410

>Off shot
Offshoot, sorry.

>> No.37629520

Alright, at this point I can fake all the requisite powers well enough anyways.

>> No.37629547

Also, thinking about it, you could claim you're Tamaranian if you want
But you're like Blackfyre if you don't purchase the powers

For those not into Comics-Blackfyre is unusual among Tamaranians, she can't fly, or shoot energy bolts, or use their super strength.
She needs a suit specifically designed to help her do so

>> No.37629579

An interesting Idea but your slaughtering a sacred cow by doing it so expect a tidal wave of flames probably including a few requests for you to die and maybe some stuff about your mother. As much as a "Oh shit you broke reality" sounds kind of interesting; I am guessing that's where you were going, likely it will just turn out to be a headache around here.

>> No.37629700


Grand Theft Auto
> Profile: The Playboy [-50CP]
> Age: 28 [Rolled7]
> Location: Los Santos [Rolled8]
> Style [Get a Freebie!]
> Behind The Scenes [-100CP]
> Daddy's Money [Get a Freebie!]
> Fight Smarter [-100CP]
> Radio Deal [-100CP]
> Boss Said Knock You Out [-300CP]
> Scum Of The Earth [-150CP]
> Lies, Damned Lies And Statistics [-300CP]
> Street Clothes [Get a Freebie!]
> Dandy [Get a Freebie!]
> Loadsamoney (Super-Size) [Get a Freebie!]
> Piece [Get a Freebie!]
> Home [Get a Freebie!]
> Box On Wheels (Truffade Z-Type) [Get a Freebie!]
> It Never Gets Easier [+100CP]

> Style:
> Tally: Phone
> Instrument: 8-Bit Tunes
> Association: Gears & Bronze
> Carrying: Rich Idiot?

Note questionmark.

So, weirdly dangerous rich kid collects videogames and retro paraphernalia, dicks around and doesn't accomplish a whole lot. Enemies tend to die in mysterious and excessively large explosions.

I probably act like a cocky shit this entire jump, just to piss people off.
If anything, though, this drawback should help lean me back a bit on the karma. I try not to fall too far, you know?

>> No.37629726

likely your meant to be a generic alien however you likely could build a tameranian. I think as long as you cover the major powers available you could likely fanwank the minor ones that are not covered. Though I suspect that the available powers cover a Tameranian's abilities rather well down to polyglot to represent their ability to kiss someone to learn their language.

>> No.37629878

Batman Beyond. I'd also really, really enjoy a JLU jump because I am obsessed with the Question, especially that iteration of him.

No seriously. Obsessed.
I think I might have a problem.

>> No.37629942

Enjoy trying to live in Hub City.

>> No.37629964

Rolled 7 (1d7)

Well now I know what I'm doing after CCS. Rolling for foe.

>> No.37629973

I will! Thanks!

>> No.37630014

To be fare though, JLU Question is awesome as fuck. Also Him+Huntress is a really adorable couple.

>> No.37630037

Yes, yes they are.

>> No.37630046

What is the context of that picture? I am mainly confused on why the question zaps superman.

>> No.37630060

H: "So, what are you wearing?

Q: "Blue Overcoat. Fedora.

H: "You really stink at this."

Q: ""Orange Socks?"

>> No.37630087

Aliens sent him on a fake hunt around the world to find a false conspiracy they pretended the league had set up. He figured out both conspiracies at the same time.

>> No.37630280

Gypsy (950)
Paladin (350)
Cursed Caravan (300)
Necromancy (150) Always useful to get another approach to this
Devilish Deals (0)
Hexer (-300)
Ancestral Guardian (-600)
Dark Journal (-700)
Katerina Dupois (free)
Gigobretz (-800)
Rebellion (-500)
Explosive Carriages (-200)
Hunted: Fulmigati (0)
Vive le revolution. Behold my amazing ability to turn horse drawn carriages into bombs through my mere presence. Also my Ancestral Guardian includes the Joestar line so that should be fun. My experience from Tropico should also come in handy here. CCS should be amazingly useful here for the undo button and ability to distribute interesting cards to the revolutionaries.

Also if I convince someone to give me a piggyback ride will they become explosive?

>> No.37630412

> Also my Ancestral Guardian includes the Joestar line so that should be fun
You thought you would be receiving the wisdom of the joestar line, but you instead receive the advice of ME! DIO!

>> No.37630834

So many new jumps, so little time.

Drawbacks: One Hit KO (1600). The challenge is not to inflict sufficient damage on us, but to actually hit us. And we're very, very good at dodging

3-d, Drop-In

E-Gadd! (Free). More fuel for the Spark!
Warp Paintings (1300). Well, we're all about creating subdimensions and all, but those goombas seem like an unfortunate side effect. To that end, we shall paint many, many kanji with ink using our Okami Time god brush techniques, to make little pockets of stasis'd time in the worlds we create
Star Power (900). When you can pop at any moment from a mushroom bumping into you, you kinda need this
1-up (300). And also this. Seriously-goombas are friggin' everywhere in this place
Star Spin (100). It begins
Choose Your Own Destiny (0). Princess Bowser has been kidnapped by the evil Peach, while Wario and Waluigi set off on a grand journey to rescue them! Also for some reason the only enemies around are those slow moving bullet things, so there's that.

Meanwhile in the background somewhere an eldritch abomination follows the heroes on their journey, trying to paint all the landscapes they come across because we're a hack with no originality whatsoever.

>> No.37630844

Okay. You've been using these new images of this guy. AND HE'S TOO FRIGGIN' FAMILIAR BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER FROM WHERE.

>> No.37630885

Google the file name nigger.

>> No.37630891

Sword of the Stranger, a pretty neat animated movie. The character in question is Luo Lang, who despite the Chinese name and the fact that most of the other antagonists are Chinese, is in fact from Europe. I don't know what that's about. Gives him a distinct look compared to the rest of the characters, though, so I suppose it isn't without reason.

>> No.37630901

I keep getting stupid advertisement links instead of anything concrete, nigger.

>Sword of the Stranger
DAMN that was a good movie. Thank you for reminding me.

>> No.37630916

So unhelpful! I thought we were better than this.

>> No.37630982

So. You have time travel. You have AI. The best you can do with this is to go to the past and give Hitler nukes. Not go to the past and take over with a robot army. Or build a spaceship and fleet to bomb Earth if it does not obey. No.

You go back to sell to Hitler. With no safeguards, the most retarded bomb design I have ever seen(A red button to arm it. No codes. )

How does she dress herself in the morning, let alone do evil?

>> No.37631044

And that glorious Fu Manchu. I think they must have gone to the Mirror Universe or something... then again we're expecting a kid's show to get anything right. At all. Ever.

If it had been a competent villain, she'd have gone to the past, used her advanced tech to set her up as a god-empress, and conquered the planet. But nukes are bad, mmkay?

>> No.37631084

Oh, it's all Mal's work. Seriously, the series pretty thoroughly establishes that she's an idiot savant and if it weren't for her managing to make an AI with more common sense than her she'd never get anything done. Unfortunately, Mal easily gets roped along into her zany schemes and winds up not being nearly as helpful as he could be. At least he gets some great one-liners off in the process.

>> No.37631133

Drawbacks: Explosive Carriages, Hunted: Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, Mr. Hyde (1800).

Mad Doctor (1750)...FOR SCIENCE

Black Forest, Germany.

Differently Sane Physician (Free).
Deranged Alchemist (1600). We wonder if the missing link to Panacea might be found in our mastery of Chinese alchemy, or in one of the Crucible's byproducts...oh, and we're totally making Homunculi out of Dorf Fort sponges, tonberries and vajra DNA.
Lightning is My Art (1300). And it too, shall obey us! Hopefully the Necron Spyder remembers the schematics for creating living lightning...
The Laws Are Mine (1000). To break and bend as we please!
Transylvanian Horses (Free). May also tend to explode around us
Borislav's Guide to the Ink (950). Oho? What's this?
Inkwalker's Bracer (800). A whole new avenue of exploration! And we don't have to share it with anyone!
Inkgate Schemata (600). It's our own private mini-Webway!
Research Notes (500). IT BEGINS
Blueprints (300). IT CONTINUES
Dark Journal (100). IT CULMINATES. Yes, we have created a seamless merge of oh shit wait Red's already done this, like, a 100 jumps ago. Maybe Fulmigati's notes make everything work better together?
Infectious Bite (0).

Our plan of attack in this jump is simple-we shall uplift numerous vampire hunters and paladins into Rakasha, and give them information on the terrible trio. All the while our companions will be charge with rounding up all the livestock they can find, and harnessing them together in a massive toboggan made of sacred wood

All the while I'll use precognitive rituals to determine when and where my archnemesi will inevitable meet up at to conspire together in order to destroy me. This is the signal for my companions to drive the massive, shambling sleigh straight to that stronghold-where I will immediately teleport to and start driving it along myself-ensuing a massive explosion that will fill their dark souls with LIIIIIIGHT

>> No.37631299

Drawbacks: Scavenger, Songbird, 1999 Mode, Fear of Heights. OH SHIIIIIIII-you know what's hilarious about this? We actually have a means of perfectly negating fall damage /and we're still afraid of heights/ somehow!

Lamb (1300). BAA BAA (transforms into Goat Sim alt mode)

Tears (Free). Reality itself fractures around us, unable to comprehend our magnificence. Truly, these are the end times when the limits of what can be and what never was are ours to decide
Particle Physics (1000). But holy balls we just want to go inside AWAY FROM THE EDGE and do nerd shit so we don't have to think about heights argh argh argh
Engineer (600). They all float down here-I MEAN UP. NOT DOWN.
Barbershop QuartetX4 (500). One for myself, one for Elodie, one for the Necron Spyder and one for...
Elizabeth (0). Well hi there totally inconspicuous person from another iteration of reality! Wanna go on a magical adventure?

>"Anon, there's something you should know. I can warp reality by accessing alternate dimension-"
>"-you too? Join the club! Here, lemme show you something called the Nevernever!"

And so it begins! A whirlwind chase after the protagonists in the name of giving them SPOILERS before offering both of them a portal out of this madhouse. All the while chased by angry American agents, a fuckhuge airborne Big Daddy and probably at least a dozen zeppelins. We'll...probably not fancy melee so much because MUH HEIGHTS so we'll stick with blasting fools with Dragon Salves, lumen sage evocations, portalspam and Dresden Files hexes.

All the while the Luteces are either totally perplexed or breaking out the popcorn, depending on how up to date they are on the whole jumpchain thing

>> No.37631343

Fun. Would watch with Jumpchan.

>> No.37631910

And here's the finished product.


>> No.37632228


>> No.37632295

What happens if I buy multiple arcs or technologies? Do they get combined into one thing or will they be kept separate?
I'm not familiar with the setting at all but how big are the arcs? A small city? Rapture sized?
Would I be making a big mistake getting the FATHER AI and bringing it to the ocean floor?

>> No.37632336

>What happens if I buy multiple arcs or technologies? Do they get combined into one thing or will they be kept separate?

In the game you just get combined techs really. Like even though you are ecos you have access to tycoon tech and vice versa.

well usually you start in your ark with a bunch of settlers and then find a strip of land you can settle them in. In gameplay really you have to built up a large amount of executive (elite population) Before you get access to SAAT techs. Usually this means due to your recent sucess of your initial colony the SAAT are willing to give you a partnership in undersea exploration.
Other than the ETO nobody can settle in the undersea floor and everybody lives on the surface islands. All the other factions simply extract resources like oil or farm corals for their 3d projectors and rejuvenant shots

>> No.37632427

Yes, you can buy multiple technologies; it broadens what you can build.

You can't buy multiple Arks(you only get one), but if you want to fanwank it, go ahead and pruchase multiple to combo the bonuses each Ark gets.

The Arks aren't city-sized, but they're not exactly small, either. I'm shit at guesstimating size approximations, but think city-block-size on up.

And yeah, you'll be fine with the the F.A.T.H.E.R. AI option on the ocean floor. After all, what could go wrong?

>> No.37632458

Just a small thing: 'duPois' should be 'Dupois' (sounds kinda modern, though) or 'Du Pois' (a noble's name).

>> No.37632530

Alright thanks, I'm thinking of going independent since I like the sound of the free arc and tech for them but the Artificial Alloys perk is also great.

Really though is the F.A.T.H.E.R. AI definitely going to screw me over? Is there anything I can do to help stop that from happening?

>> No.37632790

You forgot the "Move on" option in the "The End" section.

>> No.37632912

>Transylvanian Horses (Free):
>During a time of great peril, need, or trial, an ancient Transylvanian tune will echo behind you. You can adjust it’s ambient volume, can be
turned on and off at will, and

>> No.37633132

If you're already Irish, do you have the option to stop being Irish if you don't take the drawback?

>> No.37633298

I imagine it's possible to downplay your Irish heritage with disguises and/or fake accents without the drawback; with it, you just sort of start becoming a bad Irish stereotype that's so obviously Irish all of Columbia wants to beat you up

>> No.37633348

Though really, that level of Irish is "any Irish at all".

>> No.37633363

That's like asking if I can stop being stupid if I don't take the drawbacks that make me that way. We really just have to live with who we are, Irish.

>> No.37633459

I mean sort of like-if you take the drawback and shapeshift into a dragon robot or something, you'll still come across as Irish. Somehow.

Whereas otherwise you could pass your accent off as Scottish, or maybe northern English. Or something. Maybe just claim you've been having a bad cold lately.

>> No.37633712

I made a pdf of the mess in the upload drive. Not sure if there's already one.

I'm not the author.

>> No.37633753

You paid points for it, so no, it's not going to screw you over.

>> No.37633797

Tell that to Fell Mood from DF.

>> No.37633816

Sram's Shadow, Eliotrope's portal, Ouginak, Puddly, Bellaphone are unreadable because they don't have that background WakfuAnon put under everything else.

>> No.37633978


>> No.37634034

Drawbacks: Mother Nature Is A Bitch, Fallout, Hector Hates You (1800). Between our waterbending proficiencies and arcane control over the weather hardmoe seems like an appropriate challenge. If nothing else-all this adversity might help in securing aid from all the other factions. We can't wait to see how our fusion of Chinese, European and Animeland Alchemy fares on removing pollutants. Oh-and someone seems to have forgotten to tell Hector not to fuck with the guy who owns Neptune's Trident when /you make a living on the ocean/

Independant. Reckon it's best to play things by ear, given the circumstances

Kerykeion (Free). That is one fine looking submarine

Techs (1600). Always good to stay on the cutting edge of technological development
E.T.O. (Free). And THIS on the other hand is going to have wonderful synergy with the fragments of shoggoth culture from the /last/ civilisation we ran

O Captain My Captain (Free).
Simulation Training (Free).
A Moving Reef (Free).
Dedicated Philosophy: Transhumanism (Free)
Unified Front (1400). Shit's about to get DIPLOMATIC whether the rest of the world is ready or not
World Council (1100). Our faction's flexibility and unique advantages will hopefully earn us a place as an ideal compromise between vested interests
Academics Unite (900). We're probably lightyears ahead of SAAT in terms of technological proficiency-but they will be worthy allies in the coming struggle to ensure humanity's survival
Trenchcoat (700). Given how rare some natural resources can be to find in some settings-this guy will be invaluable as a business partner
Community Support (600). Hey, at least this way the hippie faction will vote us into power
F.A.T.H.E.R. V3.0 (0). Through the magic of Artificial Friend Friend and also several firewalls, we're foreseeing a longlasting and productive partnership with our new assistant.

>> No.37634048

wakfu pls start telling us about your jumps again

>> No.37634082

Questions-does the purchasable AI count as a companion, and what are it's capabilities? I'm assuming it's far more formidable than, say, a HALO AI considering it's priced higher, but what sort of things is it capable of other than building other robots?

Also-is Trenchcoat based off an actual guy in the game? Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of the no-multiplayer policy-but the idea of a dimension-travelling merchant kinda reminds me of at least one other Jumper's character concept.

>> No.37634331



>can only give title image because the whole thing is 13mb at maximum compression

FUCK! well, check the drive then. I added it to folder 3 until someone sorts it otherwise.

Changelog (from what I can remember)
>every class now has a second 300 and 600cp skill to buy
>600cp skills are no longer mutually exclusive. yes, you can buy infusionist with mad genius now
>re-priced some armor skills and dropped the drop-in discount, favoring a species-specific format instead
>merged silver bullet and honed blade armor skills into hunter capstone - weapon savant
>re-purposed peak performance armor skill into alt 300cp hunter skill
>new freebie - storage chests!
>clarified balance bangle to work on all powers not gained through your current jump, for all you who want a hard mode option beyond this world
>dropped price of perpetual dash juice and increased its effectiveness
>added HEALING SUPPLIES to buyable loot
>new 300cp drawbacks and a super-secret 600cp drawback
>renamed unfortunate pheromones to aggressor pheromones
>added in a clarifications page for most shit I could think of that you may or may not have thought to ask.


>> No.37634372

muh dick

>> No.37634618

Trenchcoat is an actual thing in the game. The only reason he follows you to make the ability and not one off and actually worthwhile to buy.

The AIs benefit is primarily automation. Otherwise you'll need people to help run things. It's not a military AI(it was made by academics) but I'm sure some jumpers will fix that real quickly.

>> No.37634643

If you were to save up the pieces would it be possible to put the lords castle in the caravan(increasing size of interior), the underground sanctuary in the upgraded caravan, the lords castle in the underground sanctuary(and would it be possible to place the lords castle/gentlemen's manse combo inside the underground sanctuary. Yes I'm aware that doing that(if it's possible) would take a lot of time and/or cp.

>> No.37634751

So far I got this.

Still trying to find a way chose who's a joker that doesn't leave someone whining.

As always, open for ideas, powers, perks, items, etc.

>> No.37634992

Why is Werewolf and Vampire Physiology so high? It seems rather lackluster compared to some of the other available stuff

>> No.37635007

Only if you don't choose Private Investigator. Any other option will have you born into a WASP family.

Plus I mean realistically you've probably gotten a non-Irish form by now anyway.

>> No.37635026

Why are powers so high in cost? Joker should just be a drawback with various degrees. Not!Hawkgirl is a Joker, despite her only deformity is beautiful wings and hallowed bones. That would be like 100cp drawback. You might get some looks and it hampers your daily life a bit. Then you have Jokers like the guy who makes Jabba the Hutt look like a runway model.

Deuce powers should be classified under "Deuce power" for like 100cp. These powers include stuff like making a plant grow slightly faster, or influencing a coin toss, or turn invisible only when no one is looking (and naked).

>> No.37635055

They should be high in cost, considering what you get out of them.

>> No.37635065

What about Scotch-Irish? They're Scottish that immigrated to Ireland, but clashed against the Catholic majority and then migrated to America. Several
POTUS were Scotch-Irish, like Andrew Jackson.

>> No.37635091

Needs more storytiem.

As it is the document is basically "Here's some bangin superpowers have fun lol".

Some more fleshed out details about the story itself would not be amiss.

Needs a bit more meat on its bones.

>> No.37635108

You might want to take a look at the Deuce powers again. Memory Restoration is worth much, much more than 5CP. I'd charge 200 for it.

And I suggest that you not deal with absolutes. 'Unbreakable', 'Invulnerable', can be very misleading, even if the intent was not so.

Again, this feels more like a superpower lottery than anything else. I know the meaning of 'Jumpchain Compliant' has been diluted over the months with the amount of questionable content we have, but you could try to give the jumper a purpose.

>> No.37635129

Not them, but likely cause they are a cocktail of powers, including power transfer, regen, durability, strength, hypnosis, shapechanging and the like.

>> No.37635151


Well, both are rather strong, a bit more than actual super strength actually.

Also, they all come with several other advantages somewhat implicit on the kind of power: metahuman agility, mild metahuman speed, some of the bite power, metahuman senses, meta regeneration.

They are may not excel like the other choices, but have some of everything.

The powers are costly because of the world, they can grow over time, but one of the reasons I made a list like this was because everyone said that some powers where either OP, or too weak.

Second what if all the powers made you like bloat? would you like that? im trying to keep everything reasonable.

Third, actually read it, there's a list of deuce powers. if you don't want to read the wall o' text just don't.

>> No.37635153

They shouldn't cost you all your points and drawbacks for one power. In WildCards everyone important is an Ace or Ace-Joker. Badass normals are few and are street level, compared to most Aces which are National or even Global. It's like comparing Batman to The Question.

>> No.37635188

I have just been informed that the grafics'd Monster Hunter jump has just been shanghai'd by brutus into the 'complete with images' folder, if you guys are still trying to find it.

>> No.37635204


I know, im going through the books. the version is still 0.0.5

I'll check, the deuces.

The books are a mosaic novel, several stories over a somewhat normal background

>> No.37635206

Well, then the power shouldn't be offered in that case, no? That's the only alternative if he wants to maintain any semblance of internal balance.

>> No.37635239

Where are all these anti-jump people coming from these last few days?

>> No.37635258


What stops everyone to fill on ace-only builds?

>> No.37635391

>making a plant grow slightly faster
"if used on a single plant can result in an explosive growth."

Cactus airbag, growing a giant tree to crumble down a building, wall of trees.

>turn invisible only when no one is looking

That's less a invisibility and more of a mindfuck power.

"induce an amnesia like effect to forget the existence of the user"
"Disappear from existence" 3 sec Here's izanagi dude

>invisible when naked
Thats the fluff for the joker, hell not all jokers have a horrid deformity, chrysalis has permanent invisible skin that lest see into her organs but is more or less normal.

>> No.37635392

So here's the final version of Golden Sun, now with some Dark Dawn stuff in there and graphics. I would've liked to have a little sprite in all sections, but there just wasn't anything for certain thinks like abilities.Things will be a little strange because of the age, but hopefully they still work out.

Now I'm going to work on Final Fantasy 8. If anyone has any perks or items they'd like for that, now would be a good time to say something. In particular, I'd like to see ideas on what backgrounds their should be outside of SEED and Sorceress.

>> No.37635601

The Ulster Scots who migrated had already been established for nearly 200 years by the time Bioshock Infinite takes place. They pretty much became as much examples of standard white Americans as anyone else. Plus they largely

It's also rather hilariously used as an excuse by a vast number of white Americans who use it to smokescreen the fact that they're mostly English (something they've been downplaying since the Revolutionary War). It's not a term used in Britain or by actual Ulster Scots.

Either way, Mick usually refers to Catholics and pretty much anybody with an Irish accent would most likely be treated like shit in Columbia anyway.

>> No.37635625

You'll find very few Americans who hate England or say they're not descended from the English out of some kind of grudge. More often, it's done because they think it's 'boring' or 'normal' and would rather claim to be something interesting.

>> No.37635631

Sentence starting 'Plus they largely' was supposed to be something about them ending up mixing a lot with English settlers after they'd been on the frontiers for a bit.

>> No.37635640


>> No.37635708

I am very easily distracted. But yeah, once I got through DD it didn't take very long at all to finish.

>> No.37635732

That's largely true of course.

I remember I read an interesting article about how when asked about their ancestry there were a shitload of people who responded with German, Scottish or Irish and barely any who said they likely had English.

It's not really about ill-feeling now, just families that have identified as Scots-Irish or whatever for the past two hundred years or so (after being English in America became suddebly undesirable) and passed that down onto their children.

>> No.37635764

Alright, let's see what's changed!

Drawbacks: Dragon's Ire (1300).

Human, Drop-In

Rolled Yukomo Village

Kinetic Cestus (1050)
Balance Bangle (Free)
Starter Weapon (Free)
Item & Weapon Storage (Free)
Official Documentation (Free)
Felyne Comrade (Free)
Weapon Focus: Cestii (950)
BBQ Specialist (900)
Survivalist (Free)
Pacifist Pheromones (750)
Combination Prodigy (600)
Whisperer (300)

Extra drawbacks: Tasty!, Double Hunger (600)

One With the Wild (300)

>> No.37635789

Monster Hunter Jump
Cat Got Your Jump(1600)
Yukumo Village (rolled)
22 year old (rolled)
Human Trader (1550)
Smooth Talker (free)
BBQ Specialist (1500)
Survivalist (1400)
Keikaku Formulator (1250)
Disciple of Hassan (1100)
Silver Tongued DevilJo (800)
Money Talks (500)
Anti-Theft (450)
Pro-Transporter (400)
Speed Eating (350)
Wellness (100)
Free Stuff:Balance Bangle, Starter Weapon, Weapon & Item Storage Chest, Felyne Comrade, Official Documentation
Hunting Party: Lexington(0)
400000 z because free Money

Lexington becomes Human Craftsman (300)
Journeyman (free)
Waste Not... (150)
...Want Not (0)

So, I'm a cat and the person I would be is now in charge. I fluff my origins as being me but with a different life, so Lex and I are worked to the bone traveling with someone who is constantly lost. They're pretty easy-going when not Capitalist Satan, though. It'll be nice just being a helper and having someone else put on the big show.

>> No.37635969

Repostin' build

Drawbacks: Silent Protagonist, Mimic Curse, Annoying Mentor (1400). So-typical JRPG fare, here goes nothing

A free pick? Might as well head to Vale

Rolled Garoh. Well, I sure feel awkward being the only non-lycanthrope

Human, Monk, Age 19. Might as well have an identity to fall back on

Physical Training (Free). Really, really redundant right now-but meh
Willpower (1300). Stack willpower all day everyday like a chipmunk in autumn
Chi (1150). Now we're talking. Wuxia jump's tricks gonna be even more powerful
Counter-Rush (850). An oddly specific form of precognition-especially the time travel bit, given my previous monk identity's proficiency in Deja Fu. Not that I'm complaining
Tomegathericon (550). Normally not a fan of this sort of thing, but I like the idea of throwing curses around and necromancy's rare enough to be worth it
Tisiphone Edge (150). A worthy addition to my zweider, once I figure out how to extract the spirit
Mercantile (50). Yes, gib me all your monies kind travellers...
Ruin Lore (0). So's I know what to avoid/what to go treasure hunting in

>> No.37636058

Oh boy oh boy! Time to see how my build w-

>Zephyr's Bow

-Background: Monk (950CP) -I am a monk! A follower of the mind. Utilizing plenty of chi from Wxuai and Negima.
-Race: Human (Free) -Let's not make things complex. Stick to human.
-Ruin Lore (900CP) -Combine this with JoJo map. I'll start exploring all kinds of things.
-Physical Training (Free) -Just as my mind is a steel fortress, my body is a beautiful temple.
-Alchemy Knowledge (800CP) -If I'm going to be exploring ruins and the like, I want to know what's going on.
-Mercantile (700CP) -Some extra market skills never hurt anyone... and come on, it's Ancient China.
-Willpower (600CP) -Stack those willpower buffs! STACK THEM.
-Puzzler (400CP) -Use this to help me start cave exploring. Unlock things, get some nifty items.
-Chi (250CP) (Discount) -Extra skill and accumulation of chi? Hell yes! I will take it.
-Blacksmithing (50CP) -I'll have to find a way to become an Adept over the years, but once I do? This will come in handy.
-2,000 gold (0CP) -A little spending cash to start me off with some nice wares.
-Zephyr's Bow (-300CP) -A curious thing. A powerful thing as well.
-Annoying Mentor (-200CP)
-Silent Protagonist (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Xian, 20 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Gonna slightly suck with a nagger over my shoulder, especially with not talking. BUT. At least I'll have a lot of things to do and learn.

>> No.37636150

Does anyone know what the Golden Sun actually is, and why having a piece of it inside you would be a good idea?

>> No.37636269

It's the series' plot device. Light all four lighthouses with the Elemental Stars, and their energies converge on one spot. Anyone who's in the right place to absorb said energies gets godlike power. So having a piece of it in you is pretty useful. You're basically holding onto a not insignificant portion of the world's life force.

>> No.37636277

It's the gathered light of the four elemental lighthouses over Sol Sanctum in Mount Aleph. It's a giant ball of pure Alchemical energy. Might have something to do with Light psynergy too. The overarching villain of the series, Alex, wants it desperately, because if you get the whole thing, you can, in his words, 'become a god'. You get a tiny tiny piece of it like Isaac did though. As a downside Alex might try to murder you though, so watch out for that.

>> No.37636278

>Golden Sun jump finished

>> No.37636358

On FMA, if I take Wrath do I get the full Homunculus regeneration or just just what the canon Wrath had? I rolled North for location so I'd like to know if I need to buy another location.

>> No.37636427

The scholar capstone kinda sucks donkey balls. Aging comes up extremely rarely in the chain and generally by the time you hit 20 or so jumps you'll at least have an alt form immune to age.

>> No.37636472

Just what Wrath had, though you get the full regeneration after the jump is over.

>> No.37636538

I know it's not the best now, but this was written back in November I think? I'd seen examples of things like the Philosopher's Stone which costed the same for the same benefit and thought it would be fine. It's part of what shows its age.

Only thing on that level I can think of for scholar is blueprints to a GS Philosopher's Stone, but considering that one of those effortlessly defeated Alex (who had absorbed the vast majority of the Golden Sun), that would be quite a bit too much.

>> No.37636652


Golden Sun
> Location: Prox [Rolled5/OBJECTION!] [-100CP]
> Background: Mage Adept (Mercury) [-100CP]
> Age: 19 [Rolled7]
> Ruin Lore [-50CP]
> Alchemy Knowledge [-100CP]
> Mercantile [-100CP]
> Willpower [Get a Freebie!]
> Puzzler [-200CP]
> Elemental Adept [-150CP]
> Magitechnician [-300CP]
> Annoying Mentor [+100CP]

Why is a Mercury Adept in Prox...?

I think I'm gonna help the badguys. Or the not badguys. Or the whatever. This whole thing is confusing. But basically Alchemy is great and I'm gonna save a town from falling off the side of the world. Probably attempt to curb Saturos and Menardi's more violent aspects and prevent them from actually dying, because they're strong enough that, if I could prevent that, it'd make this whole thing way easier. Besides, they could use a Mercury Adept who actually cares about them.
Maybe bug the crap out of Alex for shits and giggles. I don't actually care about his plan. If the wiki is any indication, he doesn't even do anything once he escapes. So. Good on him, I guess, for figuring out a way to become immortal. If I weren't so lazy I'd probably try to steal his idea.

Otherwise study magitech and alchemic junk. I would almost say I'm like Alex's less annoying Kraden. Do you think my Mentor is a Proxian? Talkative scaly guy...?
I'm keeping him, by the way. For the rest of my jumpchain, I shall be followed around by an old guy who loves to learn and hear himself talk. We'll learn lots of things together.

>> No.37636704

Perhaps something like knowledge of how to create Djinn or some other semi-unique items. Or general item creation with the Philosopher's Stone being something you have to build up to over ages of work and refinement.

>> No.37636733

Yeah, the whole plot of the games could have been resolved much faster if Saturos and Menardi had ever bothered to stop and explain what they were doing. They were the good guys, they just had serious impulse control problems. Having the Laziest Godling to balance them out would help them a lot, I think.

>> No.37636789

There's no indication that djinn creation is a thing. They do have general item creation in the magitech perk, and the blacksmiting aspect is also available as a perk. I've got most of the bases covered there except raw Alchemic creation, and that's a perk that wouldn't do anything unless you followed the plot.

If I had been writing this now I wouldn't have tried to base perks on in-game skills or items so much as capabilities, so they might've gotten access to a big wisdom boost or maybe an ancient workshop. Live and learn though, anything after this is going to resemble Okami more than my older stuff.

>> No.37637175


Monster Hunter
Free Choice Moga Village
23 years old
Weapon Focus Longsword
BBQ Specialist
Hunter 100
Weapon Master
Survivalist 200
Keikaky Formulator 500
Peak Performance 650
Weapon Savant 950
Acrobat 1200
Guts 1500
Balance Bangle
Starter Weapon
Weapon & Item Storage Chest
Felyne Comrade
Official Documentation
Tasty 1300
Dragon’s Ire 1000

>> No.37637516

Platoon time I rolled Australia a few threads back.
Change back to male finally (free)
Commandos (800)
Marksmanship (free)
Assault Training (600)
Demolitions (free)
Concealment Training (free)
Runs on Electricity (300)
Interpreter (free)
Engineers (0)
Intelligence Officer (-200)
Hated by the War Department (0)
Import my Nakama as Sergeant, Priscilla as Intel officer, Archeologist as engineer. Some quick rolls had one of my squads eradicated except one guy who I'm saying is the assistant commander. From there I got serious and did some re enlisting of that squad along with all other casualties on that field. Abused replication magic to help with the supplies and wound up accidentally causing America to join the war on the side of the Axis after they heard about some of the war crimes I'd been committing and me accidentally sinking a ship or two of theirs. The war got kinda extremely ugly even with me trying to end things and avoid mass casualties.

>> No.37637523

Lots of things dropping these last few days.

>> No.37637567

Rolled 8 (1d8)

After that clusterfuck I'm on to Sabaton jump for a hopefully less FUBAR prone war. Rolling location.

>> No.37637664

• Garoh (Rolled 4)
• Starting in Golden Sun Original
Background (100)
• Age: 19 (Rolled 7)
• Warrior Adept (Venus)
• Human
Abilities (400)
• Alchemy Knowledge
• Willpower
• Blacksmithing
• Weapon Training: Long Swords (Free)
Items (600)
• Venus Djinn x3
Companions (500)
• Warriors of [Town]
• Mimic Curse (+100)
• Annoying Mentor (+100)
• Invisible Energy (+200)
• Silent Protagonist (+200)

Jump Goal: Find a Sol Blade and a Soul Brand, learn how to copy their enchantments. Replace the swords where they should be if I can. Find Djinn. As many as possible. I’d love to fanwank that I get 8 of each kind, but I’m not going to on the basis of Mary Sue.

>> No.37637720

The line between sci-fi and magic seems to be blurred with the C'tan powers in the latest installment of Light of Terra, but they do seem to be quite powerful. And the C'tan themselves vary from being the equal of the Chaos Gods to lesser beings depending on which edition you're reading IIRC. My question is-would things like the Cosmic Fire and Pyreshards be capable of damaging entities considered gods by themselves?

>> No.37637739

It is not possible to place the Lord's Castle + Gentleman's Manse combo in the underground sanctuary because the Manse requires the road, courtyard, stables, and all of that general chicanery.



Going off the video game had it at that spelling, but Google says your 'Du Pois' is actually correct. Thank you.

>> No.37637848

But that is to say...

Lord's Castle + Caravan
Underground Sanctuary + Caravan
Lord's Castle + Underground Sanctuary

Are viable. But because the Underground Sanctuary is tied to the Caravan, I should note that there are no other entrances except for the trapdoor in the Caravan Space.

>> No.37637873

Alright then, still going to buy all 4 properties despite that rather severely limiting my other options.

>> No.37637875

After thinking about it a bit, I've got a few ideas for additional FF8 backgrounds. So far, there's the possibility of Soldier (Laguna and co. , might be a little hard to make distinct), Instructor (Quistis and Cid), Merchant/Bussines-ish (NORG), Scientist (Odine) and Rebel (Rinoa and her band of misfits, probably gonna be the drop-in one if I use it). Do any of those sound interesting to anyone?

>> No.37637888

So, the Sanctuary + Caravan just makes some sort of weird pocket into nowhere? Gypsy magic is strange.

>> No.37637895

Sweet, that's what I figured. Thanks for the confirmation.

>> No.37637927

Not just any weird pocket into nowhere. A weird pocket into nowhere that has a flowing underground river (CLEAN) with fish.


No problem.

>> No.37638015

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

That or Stunt Dawgz

>> No.37638091

I like my Gentleman's manse+Underground Sanctuary

>> No.37638214


Van Helsing
> Location: Venice, Italy [Rolled5]
> Identity: Mad Doctor [-50CP]
> Age: 25 [Rolled1]
> A Sense of Class [-100CP]
> Cursed Caravan [-100CP]
> Crazed Physician [Get a Freebie!]
> Lunatic Trickster [-50CP]
> Deranged Alchemist [-150CP]
> Lightning is my Art [-300CP]
> The Laws are Mine [-300CP]
> Transylvanian Horses [Get a Freebie!]
> Variable Accent [-50CP]
> Holy Order’s Map [-200CP]
> Blueprints [-200CP]
> Research Notes [-100CP]
> The Lord's Castle [-200CP]
> Companion: Father Alexander [Get a Freebie!]
> All Is Lost [+400CP]
> Bring The Dawn [+400CP]

Did you know I can make sunlight? Literally make it, or at least a very close approximation of it, through technological means I learned from W.H.O.O.P. I can also glow with sunlight, to a limited extent. Is that enough to stop this eternal night?
The answer is no. Not by a longshot.

But it's enough to try.

So we'll create outposts, and fortify, and bring light to the people, and we'll arm ourselves with weapons made from sunlight wrought from the Cities of Gold, and I'll defend these people, and we shall storm the castle, and we will succeed. It may take ten, or even twenty years, but I'm not milking this for fluffy tails or dragon scales. I'm going to save this world and bring back the light and I KNOW I will succeed. Because I'm the only one who can make it so.

>> No.37638216

They are all good combinations, once I complete my Caravan+Castle with Underground retreat+Castle I will likely start making Gentleman's Manse+Castle +Underground retreat.

>> No.37638254

Here comes the sun, between my heavily upgraded Sun Blade, my Gross Incandecence, Hamon and Sunshine Power from Venture Bros. I am rather well suited for beating back the night. That may not get the job done instantly, but it is surely a good start.

>> No.37638349

Let's go with 40:1 so I can complete my WW2 4x combo.
Engineer (900)
Saboteurs (free)
Panzerkampf (750)
Firestorm (450)
Metal Crue (50)
The Toolkit (free)
Money (0) No other 50 cp options
As for companions:
Soldier (free)
Back in Control (free)
The Gun (free)
Resist and Bite (200)
Hail (100)
The Bomb (0)
Rebel (free)
Resist and Bite (free)
The Bomb (free)
Aterro Dominatus (0)
Engineer (free)
Saboteurs (free)
The Toolbelt (free)
Panzerkampf (150)
The Gun (50)
Money (0)
Remnant of my Platoon
Drop-in (free)
Metal Ripper (free)
The Axe (free)
Metal Machine (0)

>> No.37638381

Gummi Bears(ended in the 90s)
Street Sharks
Darkwing Duck
Daria(I would find it a great vacation and would love to get Daria as a companion)
Doug(would also be a good vacation)

>> No.37638400


-Background: S.A.A.T. (800CP) -Technology can help us out. Technology will ensure wonders.
-Ark: Vortex (Free) -And thus we sail! Off to find new places!
-Technology: Eco (600CP) -To ensure we survive, we need to be friendly to the Earth.
-Technology: Techs (Free) -But along with being friendly, we need the edge to thrive.
-O Captain My Captain (Free) -OH THANK THE GODS I know how to pilot this thing.
-Simulation Training (Free) -Oh! Oh good. This will help considerably.
-A Moving Reef (Free) -SEEEAAAA. Fishy wildlife! This is amazing, and gonna be cool as hell!
-Science Works (Free) -Technology! Insight! I'll never turn this down.
-Cavernous Holds (500CP) -This is awesome! More reserves means more options!
-Aesthetics (400CP) -Cheaper, little to no upkeep, AND it looks amazing? How could I NOT take this?
-Resupply (Free) -It's always good to have materials on hand.
-Reuseable Resources (200CP) -Wow. Just... WOW. Able to use all the materials you put into something? This is AMAZING.
-Academics Unite (100CP) (Discount) -Ho HOOOO. Far more open to communication with scientific endeavors? YES.
-Artificial Alloys (-200CP) (Discount) Oh holy FUCK. This kind of synthesis is just balls out amazing.
-Hector Hates You (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 24 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I get to have my cake AND eat it, too. Combined with prior perks like Tropico and Light of Terra, I have an amazing system I can get set up. Eco-friendly, cutting edge, organized as hell, and extremely little waste... likely even NO waste, as anything that we can't use just gets fed into the Tenchi Muyo's Matter Converter to be turned into something we CAN use!

It is time I brought things into a golden age of prosperity.

>> No.37638449

So I try to be a bit more subtle this time around. Avoid using powers obviously but still try to turn the tide and take out certain key targets with them. Up next is the reason I felt the need to go through WW2 four times, Light of Terra deadlight intact edition.

>> No.37638492

Yeah, Artificial Alloys sure is nice, isn't it? What really makes it for me is that you can teach your synthesis processes to other people. Now I can give people eezo or naquadah technology and not worry about them being unable to replace parts as they break.

>> No.37638641


I didn't expect anything like that. I was just focusing more on making synthetics so we didn't have to constantly mess with the Earth and keep it preserved. But with that in mind... it literally expands so many different options technologically. Oh my me.

>> No.37638648

Gahh, I really want the crafting skills in this but I also want to go out to hunt monsters and get the combat perks. (especially the dwarf guard ones)

>> No.37639244

>you can teach your synthesis processes to other people. Now I can give people eezo or naquadah technology and not worry about them being unable to replace parts as they break.
I need this
I need this so hard for my 40k End Game.
I need this so I can help save the Imperium, including and not limited to FTL that doesn't require the Warp.

>> No.37639273

Okay, so Light of Terra part one:
Companion: Necron Tomb Spyder (-600)
Enemies: Redeemers, Wargears (-200)
Xenos Horrificus (0)
So my initial problem is that I'm squishy. Will probably end up flaying a few key portions of my body to get some improvised body armor because I really need some decent protection. From there it's a matter of getting my body up to spec and becoming used to not having any number of powers. On the plus side the Necron lungs should help avoid some of the xenofungus' more annoying tricks. From there it's figuring out how to dispose of the Redeemers as well as hopefully talking the wargears down. Also my enhancements should help get me even better treatment with the Kin of Iron. As is I'm scared and alone but I don't feel at all safe breaking an unknown artifact of the sort of potency it would take to disable all my powers.

>> No.37639483

I know, right? I really think it's the best perk possible for any tech-heavy build. There is so much you can do with it. And remember, it doesn't say "materials", it says "substances". Which means you can probably use it to synthesize biologicals as well. So you could teach people to replicate exotic organisms, too. So say you want to put Fontaine out of business and stop the exploitation of the Little Sisters? Now you can just create a technology for artificial ADAM synthesis. The possibilities are limitless.

>> No.37639554

I love you. I know what I must do for my Anno 2070 build

>> No.37639620

What's the best way of quickly creating an entire society of people under your command?

We can all do robots, golems and other magical shit but I'm talking about a whole race of organic beings, let's say humans. Clones may be the best way of going about it, genetic diversity becomes an issue though.

I was thinking that it might be neat to rule, terraform and populate Mordor after Sauron and his armies are destroyed. Could just invite people to come but would probably not get enough takers as Mordor is fucking massive

Any skills, magics or technologies from jumps that would be particularly useful in this?

>> No.37639686

You may encounter a few problems. Firstly, Mordor isn't exactly a pleasant place, but that can be fixed. The reputation it has and who is associated with it? That's a lot harder to heal. You'd find it very hard to get anyone but the most desperate to come live in mordor.

>> No.37639721

Yeah exactly. That's why I'd create my own people. With blackjack and hookers.

>> No.37639773

Overlord Jump gives you access to a few hives full of minions. If you just want quantity-the hives just keep spawning 'em. Maybe graft some Mosaic Organs and splice some things into 'em or even a reverse GKV to make humans out of evil little imps

As for terraforming, Leviathan Tech from Godzilla seems to be primarily for that. Though I'd also recommend the Earthbending lava speciality for making the most of nearby natural resources for geothermal energy purposes. Heck, Earthbending in general could help clear out the slag-especially if you have that scroll from Wild Card's Avatar jump that teaches others a specific style of bending

>> No.37639820

Serviles are a perfect canon example of created Sapient beings

>> No.37639835

Hey, Jumpers! While I'm trying to figure out perks for Warrior, Amnesiac, and Farmer in Bravely Default, let's talk about whether you have Companions who like you, but can't stand each other.

>Pic related - my Gardevoir, Gloriana, when she meets the Mayhem Goat, Lavertus, Utarefson, and... even my Aggron, Eisenkopf

>> No.37639849

Well Geneforge for one, as that sort of thing is the actual point of the magic in the games. Shaping magic in general is great at creating flora and fauna suited to an environment, so it covers a large part of the terraforming process. As well using shaping to create humans is less a problem of the magic, and more an issue that it's banned in setting. Serviles in the games are basically mutated humans there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to create actual humans or similar beings.

>> No.37639858

The thing about Mordor is that it IS populated, by humans and Orcs. The humans are people, and function how you would expect, and even Tolkien said that technically orcs can be redeemed. So for eradicating both to populate by your clones, the moral questions are on you.

Even beyond that, you know Mordor isn't entirely a shithole? On the side most of the characters see, it's blasted and barren, because that's where the armies are and the area most scarred by volcanic activity. However, on the other side of the volcano, Mordor is filled with rich farmland enriched by volcanic ash. The area is covered with farms that supply Sauron's armies with plenty of food, and are heavily populated.

>> No.37639899

>Mordor is actually kind of a nice place

I don't know how to feel about that.

>> No.37639930

Well sure. But to the majority of the world it is in fact hell on earth.

>> No.37639965

You should feel exalted by the might, brilliance and excellent leadership of Tar-Mairon!

>> No.37639973

It's more like I expect it to be mostly empty.

Yes I played Shadow of Mordor too but I never got the impression that Nurn was anything more than slightly more tolerable than the rest of Mordor from Tolkein. Like it's still pretty arid.

I'm certainly not against redeeming the orcs or bringing in the natives if they want to get in on it. The majority of Mordor is pretty sparsely populated (particularly given its massive size) though and there's a pretty high casualty rate amongst orcs in the upcoming years.

>> No.37639975

Yeah, Sauron's original goals were summed up as "I like order and structure, I think the world would be a better place if it was ruled by a tight fist. That way the elves and humans would be prosperous and safe.". Working with Morgoth corrupted that heavily over time, but Sauron is still really fond of orderly and structured rule, and wouldn't set up shop somewhere hellish where it's hard to maintain his servants.

>> No.37639997

>Yes I played Shadow of Mordor too
I didn't, I just read the books. LoTR, Hobbit, Sil, you name it. No clue what the fuck Shadow of Mordor does, but I do know that Tolkien considered Mordor to have tons of good farmland on the far side.

>> No.37640049

It shows a lot of good parts in Mordor. Good farmland, grassy areas, etc.

Honestly, that game was fucking excellent in it's own right. But part of the issue is that I suspect a publisher went 'MAKE IT A LORD OF THE RINGS GAME' when they were trying for a new IP, and they got kind of forced into it. It doesn't feel Lord of the Rings-y, aside from the heavily dropped names like Saruman and the two blue wizards.

>> No.37640065

I hear it messes up the lore but it a decent game on its own. It's definitely on my list, but I'm poor so it'll probably be a while before I can play it. Lot of people are praising this nemesis system but I don't know what it is.

>> No.37640084

Yeah, people always forget that "Sauron" isn't his name. It's an insulting nickname the elves gave him. Seriously, don't call the guy Sauron, he hates that.

>> No.37640136

I imagine my companions fight a lot. Like all those girls I got in Tenchi? Hate my pokemon partner, but they probably like Elodie. The Sekirei? Probably fight with the Tenchi girls, but probably get along better with the partner. They also like Elodie, because why not? She's the daughteru, not only is she not a threat but she's a great person. Then you have my ghost girl stone, who probably gets along with everyone just because it's nice to have not-evil friends.

Um. I know I have more but I forget who I have. That coordinator or whatever from Black Bullet? I imagine he is REALLY protective, because as far as he's concerned I'm still that weird traumatized cursed child who needs someone to look out for them.

>> No.37640140

Oh the lore is everywhere, just fucking everywhere. And the final boss is a FUCKING QTE CHAIN. Because they had to rush it out.

Also, the Nemesis system is really damn cool. So part of the game is you have a large group of Orcish captains that you have to hunt / murder, with a specific lineup called Warchiefs. These orcs get more powerful over time, gaining immunities to specific attacks and more powerful attacks themselves. As well, if you don't kill them via decapitation / stabbing anywhere in the braincage, there's a chance that Orc will live.

And will recognize you in the future. Now as well, if you lose to an orc? They get more powerful exponentially, and are promoted to a Captain level. And will recognize you as that Ranger they killed, and try to do it all over again.

It's a really fun system, especially once you can Dominate orcs and twist them into your own captains.

>> No.37640145

Well, to be honest, he's kinda been acting like a dick head for a few years, even if it isn't completely his fault.

>> No.37640172

I always felt bad for Sauron that he ran away from redemption because he was scared of what they'd do to him. In the first age he had a real chance to go back, and he almost took it.

Same thing happened to Saruman, and I feel almost as bad for him.

>> No.37640202

That actually does sound pretty cool. Hope more games integrate that kinda thing in the future.

>> No.37640222

The two blue wizards? I've heard of them but know nothing about them, where do they come on the wizard power totem pole?

>> No.37640247

Hell, even the volcanic soil probably has lots of ores and rare earths in it. One man's barren wasteland is another orc's potential for kickstarting an industrial revolution

Well uh. Let's put it this way: Our companions have formed into three factions.

There is Team Evil, which includes Morathi, Glorificus, The Omnivampiric Biological Abomination Formerly Known As Mary, a certain Deadly Decadent Court and many others who are objectively horrifying monsters kept barely in check by loyalty to us.

Then there's Team Save Anon's Soul which includes Elodie, Solaire, my starter Gar and PMD companion Blaize, Amaterasu and Dusk. All of whom may or may not be part of a grand conspiracy to slowly restore our humanity and going mad with power, while manipulating us into serving justice instead of universal preservation. We USED to think we could stay ahead of them, but given we quit being the Anti-Spiral post Light of Terra...

Finally, there's the unaffiliated who have various reasons to not take a moral stance. Some like Odin and Natasha just tend to take the long view and stay out of inter-companion conflicts. Some like the King or Morrigan Aensland are too detached to start something. Some like Clone 24601, Asami (er, the wuxia apprentice) and our little sister are first and foremost loyal to us. And a minority like The Imaginary Friend are so horrifying that everyone stays the hell out of their way and just lets us handle them.

tl;dr depending on who's working with who without us to act as a mediator and leader our companions can function like a well-oiled machine or a herd of rabid cats.

>> No.37640266

Lessee, there's Saruman the White.

Gandalf the Grey (who was later promoted to White)

The two blue wizards whose names I can't remember.

Radagast the Brown (who's the more interesting of them all I feel).

That'd be the totem pole.

>> No.37640278

I took Keef from Invader Zim (Neet), and the Lolichan from Raildex (Yumeko), and I'm dragging them both around the chain with me as part of my retarded and ill-advised plan to collect drawback companions.
They absolutely adore me and they fight like rabid cats in heat. The only time they're not sniping at each other is when they team up against someone else who's inadvertently fallen for me.

On a related note, I recently decided to take Scrappy Doo with me, and I'm pretty sure he's actually getting on Excalibur's nerves. It's hard to tell, though. But I think Scrappy might actually be immune to Rage Madness.

On the flip side, not!Kraden from Golden Sun tends to follow around my Yugioh rival more than me. She's such a trooper. You can tell sometimes that it wears on her, but she handles it well.

Elodie gets along with everyone though. Even Scrappy. Even Excalibur. It's the weirdest god damn thing.

>> No.37640320

I wanna see someone try befriending on Sauron now.

>> No.37640426

Oh yeah, also? Nobody likes Cultist-chan, she's definitely the weirdo outcast of the group.

>> No.37640670

There are two version of the blue wizards. In Tolkien's earliest conjecture, they were named Alatar and Pallando and were considered to have failed and fell. However, in his later life, he decided to revisit it and named them Morinehtar and Rómestámo, and said that they had succeeded by using sabotage to cause humans in the east and south to rebel against Sauron and otherwise disrupted his plans.

>> No.37640785

I'm sort of doing this too, I have a couple companions from drawbacks I like to keep around because they're interesting.

I doubt you can use companion imports on them, so I go out of my way to teach them stuff to keep them alive on my own.

>> No.37640814 [SPOILER] 

Did you keep Xellos?

>> No.37640861

I kept him for a coupe of worlds so I could refine my trickster-ness. He's great to play off of because of that, and I want to compete with him until I'm able to one up him. After that I'll let him go home.

>> No.37640873

I'm certain several of my companions will take issue with Azula.
Hell I'm certain there will be all sorts of issues considering just how many Companions I've picked up.

>> No.37641308

The only one that most of my Companions dislike is my Edolas twin. And that's mainly my fault, since I introduced her as my evil twin. Of course, the fact that I seemed like I had a personality change after that jump, and the fact that she doesn't exactly try to fix her image don't help.

Of course, my companions DO have arguments occasionally. Which tend to flare up if one girl is perceived to be trying to get all of my attention. Generally, the battle lines are drawn with my pokemon companions on one side and my podpanions on the other, with poor Felicia (my PMD partner) and Caroline (USS North Carolina) in the middle.

>> No.37641525

Think I'm gonna go with Scientist and Rebel, but I'm going to try and include Soldier and Instructor too, just have a bunch of origins this time.

For Scientist, how does the ability to create your own magic system (needs a power source though) sound as a cap? Other skills include being able to build magic suppressors and general mad scientist magitech business

Rebel of course'll get skills related to leading one of those, plus some stuff cribbed from Rinoa. Not sure on a cap. Annoying personality not required.

SeeD perks are going to be one that makes you look cool and mysterious, a junction system perk, and of course a perk so GF don't eat your memories. Honestly, I'm thinking about making that last one the cap. It sounds funny to me to make the powerful one 400-tier while making the ability for it not to screw you over more expensive. They're missing a 200 one, but that could be general battle experience, since that stuff is important for anyone taking it early.

Also I'm going to have a drawback where Doomtrain is trying to run you over.

>> No.37641582

>Doomtrain is trying to run you over

>tfw I have suplex from Generic Fighting Game


>> No.37641593

My first companion is a Kyubey-like magical animal who is nominally responsible for my Magical Girl powers. He has the power of meta-awareness, perhaps unfortunately. My first jump went rather badly, and he was responsible for saving my life there... on the condition that I swear a magically-binding oath to take him with me. It is possible that he arranged for things to turn out that way.

Regardless, he doesn't especially get along with my other companions in general, as he tends to be just a bit too transparently manipulative, and spends most of his time pursuing his own private agendas as we travel the multiverse. I put up with this partly because magical oath, and partly because he seems to be particularly good at saving me from surprise threats that I wasn't aware of. Regardless of the sketchiness of how he joined me, I've come to accept his presence... but we're not exactly friends.

I'm also travelling with two other magical girls from the same world, who come in 'Conspiracy Theorist' and 'Innocent' versions. Naturally, the first suspects him of all the bad things, doesn't trust him at all, and occasionally suggests that we figure out a way of getting rid of him. The second, though less naive after the centuries, still tries to see the good in everyone, and insists that he must have had a good reason to do whatever bad things he potentially did.

>> No.37641612

Questions of a more RP/introspective perspective! So please to be ignore hard rules when convenient to question answering greatness!

What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?

What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?

What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?

What do your companions think of you?

>> No.37641640

Hell yes, pull a Sabin, that'd be amazing.

FF 6 is on my long, long list of settings I'd love to see as jumps.

>> No.37641649

I've got the feeling that I'll have a hard time choosing between scientist and SeeD.(or Instructor if it's a thing, mostly for Quistis)

>> No.37641711

If I can, I'd like to make it so all of the backgrounds have something that's hard to pass up. Scientist and SeeD probably will end up being the most popular though, but I bet I'll see plenty of Sorceresses, and Instructors too if I can manage it. Mainly from companion builds.

>> No.37641740

QUick opinions.

Doing the Disney Princess jump, and so far I've gotten nailed down the Horned King for the Villain, and Merida for the princess of this story. Now, my issue is this.

I have only one companion so far. An adopted daughter from Marvel. Do I take this jump as a chance to let her be the Hero while I waft around as MYSTERIOUS SMOKE MONSTER MENTOR? Or sideline her as Sidekick?

>> No.37641758

from what I've heard/seen, it actually gets some more obscure lore right, and then proceeds to fuck up on really obvious things

>> No.37641776

Buy an extra hero slot. Then you can both be heroes.
And you can have a talking crab too.

>Captcha is seafood.
Stop spying on me you fucks.

>> No.37641780

Wait we can choose who to be the villain and Princess for our jump?
Do we get them as companions?

>> No.37641801

I think it'd be nice to give her a chance to be the hero occasionally, I've done it with my own companions before. Ultimately it's about what's most interesting for you, but if you like the sidekick stuff I'd go with making her the hero.
Oh yeah, like how it has Celebrimbor in it. But yeah, I can handle lore being broken if it's fun, no snobbery over here.

>> No.37641820

You can import Companions as the Villain, Princess, and Hero, but I don't believe you can take existing Villains and Princesses (and Heroes) as companions.

>> No.37641833

I like to keep a small group of companions (3-4) so I look forward to seeing how things turn out.
It's always a struggle deciding whether to focus on myself or my companions.

>> No.37641834

an entire ~half of the continent we will never see because Tolkien took it to his grave

>> No.37641861

Damn. Was hoping to get Elsa without needing to pod her

>> No.37641874

Let it go.

>> No.37641879

Aside from that, there's no particularly major rifts in my organization. The only particularly notable case is my last companion: Rommel, a Bolo AI patterned after the historical Rommel. He's a very honourable being, and that puts him at odds with my less honourable companions... my Assistant in particular, as she's basically grown to effectively become a Rule 63 Moriarty.

>> No.37641884

I like you.

>> No.37641927

yep, that's on my list as soon as I finish building my PC

>> No.37642017

Suppose I used Savage Salvage from KanColle to mimic the properties of a psi-amp from X-Com. Would I then be able to scale my psychic powers up with me if I grew larger? I'd have a much larger amplifier, so it should lead to an increase in power. At least, that's my logic. Does that seem right to anyone else? I'm trying to amp my Esper clairvoyance up high enough to do major long-term predictions, this is the best method I've come up with so far.

>> No.37642019

I was going to build a new PC but I lent my deadbeat sister $200

>> No.37642046

The main limiter on your clairvoyance is how fast your brain is, not the power. If oyu want to boost Raildex clairyoance, you need to be able to think faster, compartmentalized, and approach problems from multiple angles at once.

>> No.37642133

>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
Fucked if I know.

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
Single Player. They'd probably want to kill me though.

>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
Single Player. They'd probably avoid the experienced one or make plans to kill them.

>What do your companions think of you?
Not a lot of companions, so hard to say. Clank probably keeps me in line, cabbit loves me for carrots, and Fiona/Cultist-Chan probably still has that sibling thing going on.

>> No.37642150

I agree I'd need that to process the data I received, but with all my intelligence upgrades I figure I have that on lock. What I'm looking for is a way to gather more data in the first place, so I have to do less inference and can do more direct observation.

>> No.37642155

mate I spent nearly $1000, did a fair share of bargain hunting, and my specs are still considered "mid-range"
only reason this isn't an unmitigated money hole is because I've been averaging ~$5 per game.

>> No.37642175

The scenario is imaginary! Use your imagination if you haven't hawked it in for more points! You robot!

>> No.37642257

That's what I mean, I had $800 saved up, wanted 200 more, but now I have 600 because of my sister.

>> No.37642280

Who is Fiona?

>> No.37642293


A Normal, if really good looking, guy. My normal form is a better looking version of myself. Maybe with Silver Hair if I feel like letting the Veela Blood out.

Same thing, until I pull out the transformations.

Depends on the Jumper

Well since most of them are Waifus for my Harem, I'd like to think they think well of me. The others are close friends and allies that I treat as family.

I wouldn't try to kill ya Red. You might not be an ally of JUSTICE, but you're got a bad person either.

>> No.37642314

ah, honestly I wasn't expecting to have mine ready until this summer but an unexpected motherboard for christmas put me over.
read the spoiler

>> No.37642316

You're NOT a bad person either*
Fucking typos

Fiona is what she re-named Cultist-Chan, after redeeming her.
Redeemed Cultist-Chan is basically a mini-Red

>> No.37642358

I renamed Cultist-chan when they eventually got awarded. And I thought "Well shit, this is unexpected", but decided to try and make the best of it until they decide to roam elsewhere. So she's Fiona now, and I'm trying to wean her off of the Ruinous Powers. They may have gifted her, but she is no longer their slave.

Look at the spoilers! I gave you my opinions on how jumper-to-jumper interactions would go! I wouldn't last a day!

>> No.37642372

I think I'm going to do some background-specific bulk import options too, since teamwork was a thing in the game. So Instructors get students, SeeD gets team members, Scientists get researchers, Rebels get freedom fighters, and a Sorceress gets her own Knight. That should make the companion section a lot more interesting, along with the general options like the Moomba, GFs, and maybe the singular import.

>> No.37642386

>I wouldn't last a day!
For jumpchanmas I suggest you ask for some credit.
Sent by you.

>> No.37642406

Yeah, that's a good idea. Giving her name is a great first step to helping redeem her.

>> No.37642410

Pretty normal, if muscular dude. Unless I took a gender swap, in which case an Amazon.

I dunno. There's nothing really too unusual about me. Certainly nothing that would scream "threat"

"Gosh. I want to be like him/her someday"

I don't know. They probably think I'm a good guy, if a little bit boneheaded some times.

>> No.37642425

That okay you dirty robot you'll be okay! Even if you are a robotic soulless ginger as indicated by pictures and names.

>> No.37642489

>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
"Dude's dressed a bit funny. Also does he smoke, he constantly smells like it."

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
"HAH, LOOK AT THIS CHODE. Missing a limb and hasn't replaced with magitech yet! What a chump!"

>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?

>What do your companions think of you?
Only one companion so far, being an adopted daughter. Lemme tell ya, that plot line was difficult. She was so far down the street-level Villain route she damn conked me on me noggin with that enchanted baseball bat. We've gotten better at working with each other though, and I think it's worked out for the best.

>> No.37642502

What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
>oh God, that hoodlum is going to kill me, why is there so much darkness?!

What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
> nice coat

What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
>damn that is a nice coat.

What do your companions think of you?
We are family, through and through

>> No.37642550

>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
Depending on our mood-a glitch in reality that walks like a man, a shapeless mass of metallic tendrils/limbs/eyes, a voice of pure power that speaks from a great fire-or a suave looking Russian businessman in his 30s.

What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
That...really depends on the Jumper in question, to be honest. We'd imagine some would attempt to kill us on sight, some would run away and a few would just sort of be like "sup"?

We wouldn't pick a fight with another Jumper, but it's understandable one would be disconcerted in our presence

What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
The future.

What do your companions think of you?
It really, really depends on which one. The range of thoughts goes from pity to undying loyalty to disappointment-but in general? We imagine there's a bit of camaraderie because we're evenhanded with our companions, and probably a bit of relief that we eventually gave up on universal domination.

>implying we wouldn't want to talk shop with a fellow omnidisciplinary scientist
>implying we wouldn't enjoy discussing what sort of experiences someone who's been in our position has gone through, and what choices they made

Though realistically we'd run away if you attacked us on sight.

We don't fear The Bow, actually. But the DPP would give us paranoid nightmares if we knew it existed

>> No.37642618

Unless I'm fighting, I like to look normal. A normal woman who fits the setting and place, so everyone is just gonna see me like that.

I hope they see me as a friend, a mentor, or a parent. I don't have a lot of companions, but am close to the ones I have.

>> No.37642649

everyone with a self preservation instincts fears DPP.

>> No.37642657

>trying to redeem cultist-chan
You should just drop her in a black hole and be done with it. Though if you could actually redeem her and turn her into a useful person, that would likely result in some sort of supernatural power to do the same to anything, even a box of radioactive and magically corrupt rocks. As the box of rocks is likely far more useful than her.

>> No.37642679

Someone doesn't know about the secret ending.

>> No.37642723

>pic related

I thought so as well. Even just removing 'cultist' from her name would go a long way. Out of sight, out of mind. Plus she needs to learn some independence.

Compared to the godlike beings others are propping themselves as? It's completely true. I'd burn against a fair portion of jumpers.

...wait seriously? You could EAT the DPP and call it a day.

>> No.37642742

Jokes on you, ginger, I live in a fridge box!

The rent is killer though.

>> No.37642764

There's a secret ending. During the final boss fight with Orikan, Cultist-chan's immortality is removed due to the entropic forces being thrown around. If you can keep her alive anyway, the Chaos Gods respond by turning her into something actually respectable. They clean her of all her diseases, make her smarter and less annoying, improve her looks, and grant her a superhuman physique. At that point she's not the Cultist-chan you're thinking of. More a completely new creature that was made with Cultist-chan as the raw material.

>> No.37642772

You'd kill me, just due to your Bow, and the fact I'm shit at Range.

Though Bioshock Infinite helped me with that weakness. Because Undertow, I can pull a "Get over here!"

>> No.37642803

I like to think she keeps the lisp and enthusiasm. 'Cause I like her lisp and enthusiasm.

>> No.37642826

It's still cultist-chan, and she may as well be the most blessed of Zuvassin.

>> No.37642832

>Meanwhile, over in the corner.

If anyone so much as looks at me wrong, I will die painfully. STAY AWAY.

>> No.37642848

they are her sexiest qualities.

>> No.37642862

hidden as per request good sir :^)

>> No.37642886

Seriously Red, you underestimate yourself. I've stacked teleportation, time fuckery, and precognition to the point where I can dodge planet killers, and I'm not sure I could handle your bow.

>> No.37642904

Haha, watch everyone as I slay the one armed man! Elodie

>> No.37642922

What if I just want to give a hug?

>> No.37642955

Yo yo, loving VH. Can't wait for the next jump.

>> No.37642986

Want some magi-tech Power armor?

>> No.37643171

>EAT the DPP
>implying you haven't long ago planned for this contingency
>implying we wouldn't end up eating a fake DPP while the real one scans our stuff

We're not going to lie-from what we've heard of the DPP, and the things it's processed? Eating REAPER TECH would be safer; how do we know you haven't rigged it with some sort of meta-digital virus to bypass our Jumper nature?!

Let's be clear-we aren't afraid of losing a physical matchup, and you've made clear you stear clear of some of the avenues of power we've pursued. It's hard to tell, but we reckon our toys are at least on par with yours-if a bit more brute force to your less is more approach. And you're only 7 or so jumps ahead of us.

No-the reason why we'd NEVER pick a fight with you? Because if we did /it would be a fight we cannot afford to lose/ or even drag on. See-you specialise in science and exploration. Our own combat doctrine follows three principles: Overwhelming force, efficiency and attacking from an angle where we cannot expect retaliation i.e. through a portal or something.

Because of how earnestly you study everything, there is a very real risk that you'd find /something/ to exploit that we'd overlook, and abuse the shit out through some combination of your technology and Jumper powers to bypass parts 1 and 3. I think this is what Type-MOON calls a "hard counter" where one guy's MO tears through another's like thin paper. And we haven't forgotten you have a Masters of Karma device in your warehouse, from the safety of which you could work your biomancy without retaliation

In short-this is where other BBEGs wade in all confidant just because they have higher powerlevels, and make fools of themselves. We'd just /leave/ before the conflict drags on until you figure out all our tricks.

Besides c'mon-we'd be genuinely pleased to finally meet someone technmagically on the level, as it were.

>> No.37643201

> What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
... a semi-short but otherwise regular woman. In a labcoat and goggles. This is a question?

> What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
Probably dinner. Single Player.

> What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
Lots of crap to steal. Single Player.

> What do your companions think of you?
It really varies, but most of them see me as an excessively eccentric scientist who is prone to either extreme casual laziness or balls out insanity with very little middle ground.

As far as jumpers go, I'm really low power. I mean, I can't even vaporize a solar system on my own!
Honestly, if I showed up in another jumper's universe, they'd probably never even meet me. I'd nope so hard I'd climb in my Voot Cruiser, kick on the hyperdrive and all thirty cloaking devices, and drive on out past the edge of the universe.

>> No.37643392

I'm not doing it any time soon, but if I were to make a Dragon Quest jump, do you think I should divide it up into individual games like what's been done with Final Fantasy, or should I just make a collective DQ jump?

>> No.37643475

I think it depends mostly on if there is enough material to make multiple jumps from, and while I'm not that familiar with Dragon Quest I do think there likely is more than enough material for multiple jumps.

>> No.37643568

DQ experiments less than FF, but you're probably right. I know 7/8/9 have enough division to work individually 10 could too but non-moon speaker. Like with the earlier FF games they kinda blur together in the NES/SNES eras, but 5 would make a great one individually, I know that.

>> No.37643630


>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
A handsome guy, with a nice jacket, and if they look close enough, multicoloured tattoos flickering into and out of existance.

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
A technomagically, and necromantically skilled supergenius who's just shy of being able to detonate a planet. So, fishfood, essentially, I'm barely half a hundred jumps in.

>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
"Holy shit he just raised the dead with a wave of his hand"
"Jesus christ is that a legion of robots"
"Crap I thought this world was pre-rennaisance, when did they industrialize"
"I'm going to go hide somewhere safe"

>What do your companions think of you?
Leader, teacher, confidant, family.

Also, mandatory

>> No.37643718

Which jumps would either give me a great power source or let me use myself as one for some power armour?
I should be brimming with various energies just a few jumps in and I'd want to take advantage of that.

>> No.37643771

Ar Tonelico. Use the Orgel of Origins to power your armor. Do it. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like anything bad happens if someone damages a delicate white hole generator, right?

>> No.37643785


> What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
It varies depending on world/setting, but I tend to present as an ordinary businesswoman. It's not so much that I go to any great lengths to hide my power level, so much as that I usually prefer to operate organizationally rather than personally. As such, your average everyday person is more likely to be interacting with the local branch of Extropy Unlimited than with me in person.

> What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
Single Player. Odds are that first they'll run into my organization, so the aspect I present to them depends on the aspect they present to the surprisingly beneficent corporation that's unloading all kinds of awesome tech and magic. I'd fight a troublemaker, if it came down to it, but only because I'm very good at running away at a moment's notice if things go badly.

> What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
Single Player. But I'd be willing to share tech and such with a reasonably benevolent-seeming Jumper, especially a less-experienced one.

> What do your companions think of you?
They've chosen to assist me on my quest to Save All The Worlds, but their reasons vary... from the magical girls that admire the heroism in my quest, to the AI honour-bound to the defence of humanity across all worlds, to the lewd elf slavegirl who's just weirdly obsessed with me.

>> No.37643806

Man you got me started playing cata again and now I want this as a jump. Bah

>> No.37643925


I'm still busy with the Chrono Trigger jump, but I might do that one next.

>> No.37643928

The majority of my companions are pokemon that i've had since the beginning of my jump. Whatever issues they had were resolved within the first few jumps, tops. Granted, machamp still does stupid shit with almost clockwork frequency and refuses to learn, and blaziken is always there to kick his head into the nearest wall until he does, and my gardevoir sometimes swings from a caring, loving, motherly figure of the team to a completely sadistic psychopath if she believes I am in danger the darkrai encounter screwed her up pretty bad. Its kind of funny, out of the whole group, mewtwo has probably become the most level-headed of everyone after the first few decades when he had the opportunity to leave the pokemon world behind.

thats not to say we don't have our share of scuffles, but they are temporary trists over minor things (who gets the last piece of food, who's turn it is to go in the jacuzzi, etc). at the end of the day, we are a family, and whatever bullshit we fling at each other is done under the premise that its either all in good fun or to snap us back to reality.

a disturbingly tall, handsome man who looks simultaneously young and old and speaks with a wisdom of the cosmos
psychic powerhouse who's disturbingly difficult to kill
>novice jumper
'holy shit how can you do that with telekinesis? what he fuck, man?'
they are my beloved family, so hopefully like pic related

>> No.37643979

Oh neat, I didn't know you were working on that. That should be a great one. Is one of the drawbacks where we get cursed like Frog?

>> No.37644060


It'll probably be a low-end drawback, though.

>> No.37644102

Yeah, it's mostly a vanity deal, hurting your social life, though it probably limited him physically a little. Wouldn't be a high end one. Probably gonna take it, end up looking like a salamander.

>> No.37644236

Pretty much. A majority of jumpers unless I could flat out confirm at first glance that they aren't there to devour me alive, take my shit and use my soul as a fuel source... I'd try to hide from.

>that entire post
... ...well. Shit. In a way, I'm kinda honored. In other way, I'm actually fairly terrified. I always assumed that in regards to science and raw power that you beat me flat out, simply on the grounds of how far you'd be willing to go and how you brazenly tread lines I wouldn't dare to. ...of course, with your new morality... ...maybe. Either way, it WOULD be interesting to exchange notes, same thing with Konotanon.

In truth, Time Fuckery and teleportation are two of the BIG things that would fuck me over. Throw in a dash of Anti-Magic and it's a recipe for shutting me down.

...but... fine, I'll do it seriously this time.

>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
Anywhere from 'Awww, how cute' to 'Holy SHIT she is ripped... and stacked... and huge... HOW DO YOU EXIST'. That or if I go demon or kaiju, tons of screaming. With nearly every single appearance perk, who knows!

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
...anywhere from fear, to attraction, to curiosity. I've stacked a ton of perks, but by now I am just OOZING magic and make Aphrodite look very very VERY plain. Take that as you will.

>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
"...how. HOW. Oh gods please don't let them see me don't let them kill me I LIKE MY SOUL WHERE IT IS."

>What do your companions think of you?
See prior post of >>37642133.

>> No.37644915

>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
A tall, muscular, genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist.

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
Just a tall, funny guy who wants to compare notes and hangout maybe.
A 12ft cybernetic being who is immune to disease, poison, radiation, magic, psionics, possession, extreme cold, time manipulation, and the heat of a star.
Regenerates faster than wolverine.
Can shrug off supernovas and cause them as well.
And has a limitless amount of energy.

>What do your companions think of you?
Friend, companion, family member, lover, guy who builds/buys them a lot of stuff.

...am I power-gaming too hard?

>> No.37645052

No, if you're taking perks and such that you like and that interest you then there's nothing wrong with it.

>> No.37645120

> ...am I power-gaming too hard?
> shrug off supernovas

To reference XKCD ( https://what-if.xkcd.com/73/ ): "However big you think supernovae are, they're bigger than that.

Here's a question to give you a sense of scale:
Which of the following would be brighter, in terms of the amount of energy delivered to your retina?

1: A supernova, seen from as far away as the Sun is from the Earth, or
2: The detonation of a hydrogen bomb pressed against your eyeball.

Applying the physicist rule of thumb suggests that the supernova is brighter. And indeed, it is ... by nine orders of magnitude."

So, no, you can't actually shrug off supernovas. Sorry.

>> No.37645246

>you can't
You don't actually know that. Seriously, I'm not going to sit here and crunch numbers, but you cannot possibly determine that fact without looking at his build. Jumpers are capable of absolutely ridiculous things.

>> No.37645621

Stacking toughness from hundreds of worlds or not, I am reasonably confident that you can't 'shrug off' damage a billion times more powerful than a nuke. You might avoid it by dodging into a pocket dimension (like the Warehouse, given the shield), outrun it by predicting it and going FTL, or respawn after getting killed by it, given a source of extra lives (a source good enough that it doesn't just drop you back into the blast to die again). But you are seriously not tanking it. The blast WILL fry the entire planet you happen to be on; everyone will die without exception. That kind of energy release will kill lowercase-g gods on their thrones. You are emphatically not surviving such power head-on.

>> No.37645708

Quick question: For One with the Wild, would setting foot in a ghost town be alright? Could I hang around in the crumbling ruins of New York or Tokyo in a post-apocalyptic setting without losing my wilderness powers?

Is society more about the buildings, or the people?

>> No.37645713

>portal shield
>displacement magic
>space manipulation(the abstract concept not the place)
I can think of a number of ways to shrug off multiple entire orders of magnitude off of that number, Combine enough with forsight and yeah, tanking a supernova becomes possible.


>What does a (generic everyworld normy) person see when they look at you?
Another normy generally, well, a very very attractive prime specimen normy. I only pull out the stops when its needed.

>What does a Jumper see if they look at you, another Jumper?
One ass tonne of deception. If they can figure out that I, not my companions are the jumper, I will be very surprised. Its very likely they will not trust me at first, depending on how much they can see through the deception then varying levels of fear and/or conflict emerge. When powerful beings meet things are always tense.

>What does a novice Jumper see if they look upon a more experienced Jumper?
As a normy, well, a very very attractive prime specimen normy. Noticing that I'm not a mortal is my bar for interacting with me on a higher level. We can be allies, we can even interact a great deal, but I will never fully open up to you in the meaningful ways we jumpers are truly capable of because there is no need to expose you too them.

>What do your companions think of you?
They think I'm adorable and need to be protected, most of them are better in most ways than me by a quantifiable margin. However they also know my deepest secrets and I theres and when its really time to pull out the stops we combine forms(You would be surprised how many perks in the chain support this tactic.)

>> No.37645772

In that case, I would rule that you wouldnt lose the bonus. Civilization is more about the society than the buildings, and in the case of post-apocalypse, i'd say that the bombed out ruins of new york that have been overcome by nature for decades would still allow you to reap the benefits of the perk. It's when you start getting into settlements and what would be quantified as 'civilization' that the power begins to degrade and revert your progress.

Pic related - you'd still be fine

>> No.37645811

>portal shield
>displacement magic
>space manipulation(the abstract concept not the place)

That's more or less my point, yeah. You can't tank a supernova, so you need to arrange to be somewhere other than where it is.

>> No.37645837

>That kind of energy release will kill lowercase-g gods on their thrones.
We can be those. We can do that too even.
When most people think 'tank' they're probably including their ability to make magical shields.

>> No.37645869

Like Tokyo Jungle.

>> No.37645915

I'm pretty sure I can. I know what kind of energies we're talking about with supernova's. It's not something I took lightly, but I've geared most of my jumps in preparation for this. I'm more durable than superman, who has withstood several supernovas before (I know that doesn't mean much as he's a comic character, but it's still something). I am a conduit for raw energy and have more than a 100% resistance to heat itself. My very being is built of materials such as adamantium, vibranium, and neutronium as just a base ground. I want to be both and unmovable object, and an unstoppable force.
I'd go into more detail, but it's a 100+ Jump build that has forced me to build a list to keep track of just the powers I consider important to reaching my goal.

Also, because it is difficult to get emotion across in text, I hope you do not take this as me being angry or yelling "yes I can" like a 5 year old. I do not mean for this to be negative, I just wish to state my view.

>> No.37645949

yes, that would be an applicable scenario where you'd still be in 'one with the wild' mode. you're still technically in what would qualify as wilderness, just with more concrete and a logically constructed pattern

tokyo jungle jump when? i want my pomeranian death-squad that can take down tigers

>> No.37645959

You realise how inconsistent supermans powers are? And that powers do not stack exponentially?

>> No.37645965

Don't supernova's usually lead to black holes?

>> No.37645989

it does with larger stars
smaller ones collapse into neutron stars

>> No.37646005

It'd have to be a gauntlet. Not enough content otherwise. It'd be fun, though.

>> No.37646013

Yes. I do.

>> No.37646090

Jimmy Neutron jump. Gotta blast

>> No.37646103

I haven't seen a invincible build before, could you post more details on this? C+Z a pastebin?

>> No.37646124

interesting segue...

>> No.37646135

so /JC/ I have a question for you.
What do you think of your mortality?
Do you wish to be above being mortal to just surviving enough to learn everything, or just live long enough to see your family live nicely?
Do you see your mortality as a curse or a blessing or do you see being immortal as a curse itself?
Are you real tired of my first year psych student bullshit?

>> No.37646151

And thus we come into the huge issue of Jumpchain.

"Well of COURSE I can tank Supernovae better than anyone ever"
"Well of COURSE I can beat up all the pantheons in an afternoon and fuck the women after"
"Well of COURSE I can create universes to destroy YHWH with"

MoeAnon does the same thing with how he claims he can eat any god ever, Manyfist does the same thing with how he thinks he's the edgiest fucker in the universe... it's bland. It's boring. How is this fun?

This is a serious question, how is it fun doing the same thing over and over and over in a power climb?

>> No.37646188

Uh, no? People build stuff and get powers. This isn't a problem or an issue just because you don't like that.

If you think it's bland and boring that's up to you, but that's only your opinion. Your opinion doesn't decide what is objectively boring or what is objectively right for us to do or build towards. Your opinion is nothing more than that.

>> No.37646221

It's a curse.

I want to live forever, because I want to keep learning an experiencing things, and in an omniverse this will never run out.

Yes I am a little tired of it.

>> No.37646237

I can think of something more bland and boring then his claims, and that's posts like these. Calm down.

>> No.37646250


>> No.37646303

It's possible that being immortal could suck, but it's definitely true that dying sucks. Immortality is a blessing, and anyone whose died would tell you the same.

>> No.37646309 [SPOILER] 

>What do you think of your mortality?
it is the law of the physical. all that is born must some day die. entropy waits for nobody
>Do you wish to be above being mortal to just surviving enough to learn everything, or just live long enough to see your family live nicely?
among other things, yes on both accounts. there is alot to learn in the multiverse, and while familial relations are a spec in the wind in the grand scheme of things, they are nonetheless important to the individual life, and its those times that make the whole experience worthwhile
>Do you see your mortality as a curse or a blessing or do you see being immortal as a curse itself?
all that lives must eventually die, only to be reborn anew. existence is a continual cycle of life, death, and rebirth. immortality delays the inevitable, but every immortal that grew from mortality will one day grow tired, and seek the one thing they had been desperately trying to escape oh so long ago.
>Are you real tired of my first year psych student bullshit?
pic related

>> No.37646322

I'd like to say something along the lines of "Ok, your skeleton might be made of bullshit invincible metal, but don't you still have squishy brain bits that can be burned out, leaving you dead?" or "Ok, you're immune to heat, but what about radiation? There's really quite a ridiculous amount of it, after all."

And, y'know, points like >>37645959
and >>37646151

Just saying "I can do X impossible thing because" isn't especially informative, and leads people to call bullshit. It's a lot better to post in-depth explanations about HOW all that works together, ala Red's "Bow of Infinite Fuck You's".

>> No.37646351

I just wanna be happy with what time I have.
If I'm immortal and can make my people immortal? All the better.

>> No.37646377

What point? All that guy is doing is trying to force his opinion on people.

>> No.37646382

I still fear death - and I'd need to live forever to see the infinite cosmos in all of its glory.

>> No.37646402

>do you see being immortal as a curse itself

Anyone who sees their immortality in the chain as a curse is a right edgy bastard. You have to choose and work at immortality for one thing.

It's like killing your parents so that you can have a tragic backstory in which your parents died.

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