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So, I quickly threw together a PDF version of the character sheet and am in the process of making a fillable one as well. On that note, I'm trying to work out how to make the Madness Points section work properly (using OpenOffice Draw) and get the formatting right.

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>and am in the process of making a fillable one as well

May I ask for an ETA or is that in the undefined future?

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As soon as I can work out a solution to the Madness points bit and fix the formatting overlaps (nothing damaging, but it bugs me a bit)

If you want, I can leave the points alone for now, fix the formatting and upload it as a WIP. Hell, I'll up the unfixed version if you want.

Also, have a PDF of the battlemap, which I converted as practice (first time making a PDF ever)

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Eh, did it anyway. Here is what I've done so far.

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And the translation pdf of the rules that someone else did. May as well upload it for everyone else.

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As you can probably see, the text and tick boxed are overlapping stuff and I cannot work out a way to resize buttons to make the madness points system workable....

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Just mark the madness points like you did the initial placement. Noone will realy mind it if it isn't overlapping anything.

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Is the Dependent Fetter that you start with supposed to refer to your personal treasure?

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I do like the art I'm finding of the game.
Considering there's stuff like pic related and,

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Yes. Your own fetter/treasure is always dependent.

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Hi, I'm from the Phyrexian Orthodoxy, have you considered accepting the Father of Machines into your soul?

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I don't think there's anything beyond suffering left in her soul.

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So, who here has played a session?
Any funny stories?

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Nechronis is one of those cool, obscure games that /tg/ will occasionally talk about and mention how much they want to try it out but will never play.

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I can copy paste one from the thread I started last week...

the guy who posted it called it "alcohol and mistakes"

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I know of at least 3 nechronica partys that /tg/ has right now. 2 are coming to an end soon and the other one has been formed in the last thread a few days ago.

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Please do. I failed to save the story last time.

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Alcohol and Mistakes:

After a particularly harrowing series of events, our heroes find themselves reunited and in possession of alcohol. There's some debate over whether alcohol would even affect them before one of the lunatics the party has picked up in their travels chimes in. "Try knocking holes in your heads and pouring the booze in," she says. Right after this, she recounts a story of how she and the other nigh invulnerable abomination wound up destroying a liquor store in the process of trying to knock holes in each others' heads.

If you guessed that the PCs decided to do it, you'd be right. It even seems to work, crazy as the act is is. Almost everyone there partakes (not all PCs were present for this) and there is much bad singing and uncoordinated dancing and similar merriment. The resident pyromaniac player, Alleah, even gets the idea to boil alcohol and inhale the fumes through a rigged up gas mask.

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After a while, most people have collapsed or gone off to do their own thing. This is when things get awkward. Valentine, resident sniper, medic, and more often than not the voice of reason, gets completely plastered. She hits the point where she no longer has the coordination to get any more inhibited than she already is, then gets the idea of kissing Priscilla. Priscilla's story is long and depressing, but Valentine has pulled her back from the brink through some ethically questionable methods. But what matters right now is that Valentine is drunk and Priscilla is not. Valentine fails to really do anything she can't take back, owing to Priscilla being about a meter taller than her and her inability to struggle out of her own shirt.

Then you have Shalott, another PC who is basically a cross between a puppy and a xenomorph. Imitating Valentine, she actually manages to kiss her target Fallen Leaves, another sniper character who happens to be drunk. A "Was it good for you?" from Shalott just seals the embarrassment.

Naturally, when they recover some uncertain time later, the girls are mortified. They swear off of alcohol and trepanning much the same as any other first time drinkers.

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Gm for the newest party, going well so far (even though it's only been rp)
Rolling fetters cam have some interesting results

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You know what to do if anything realy funny/interesting happens.

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In way, something already has
Due to the fact that no one wanted to gm for us, I volunteered
However, I still wanted to play, so, after asking the players if they were cool with it, I created a gmpc
When rolling for fetters, he (yes, male characters are allowed without the mutation) ended up "protective" of 3, later 4, members of the party
In addition 4of the 5 other players rolled either devoted, possessive, or idolatrous
Completely by accident, my character simultaneously became team mom and a harem anime protagonist

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*in a way

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It's on the list of games that the podcast You Don't Meet In An Inn says they'll play. So we might get an actual play recording of it someday.

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Hope them wacky Nips make a anime out of a session record ala Lodoss and a dozen or so other shows.

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>podcast of people going full oni-chan~ as zombielolis

I shouldn't want this, but I do

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Any drawfriends here?

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Is this how your average Nechronica party looks like, /tg/?

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Most likely, depends on whether the gm will allow gender options and how many players want to play guys

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I like how this game is the in-thing nowadays.

Wonder if Meikyuu Kingdom will get a resurge in popularity too?

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Girl in the middle reminds me of the hunters from l4d

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Drawfag reporting in.
At work currently but still lurking

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Anyone got character descriptions, i might take a shot once i get off of my shift.

Quick question, is anyone still awake?

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online gm here, I have some descriptions of a few of the characters along with faceclaims

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first up, Rain, our team mom/ harem protag
in addition to pic related, he has the anti-tank rifle, dual pistols, and first aid kit

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next, our youngest, Emily
in addition to pic related, she has a second head, two sets f eyes per head, horns, gauntlet on one arm, meat snake for the other, and a karma processer, whatever that looks like

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third, Violet, our damage sponge
I only have a headshot, so clothing is up for interpretation
she has scales, and carries a katana and coffin

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ad, for now, lastly, Sen, our psychedelic shooter
another headshot
has a sniper rifle, twin pistols, slurper (long tongue), and karma processer

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There are two other characters, but, for the time being, I don't have a list of their reinforcement parts

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Sweet, my posts will be a bit sporadic for the rest of the night (last break) but im gonna keep an eye on the thread and post when i can.

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I'll get you descriptions of our two other players, and, if you want, the npc necromancer

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Is there scans of Japanese rulebook floating around or are the translators working of the physical books?

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Ya, might as well toss it up and I'll give it a shot

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He actually doesn't have a faceclaim
Mr. Quinn is a tall, thin man in a tailored suit and leather gloves, his face is completely covered by a harlequin's mask, his bleach blond hair slicked back
His voice comes from a speaker-like device around his neck

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Player for Emily here, GM is slightly wrong. Rather than having two sets of eyes per head, she has like one or two dozen eyes, littering one head that has no other features. The other has her other, normal features, excepting the horn sitting in the middle of where her eyes would be. I was thinking karma processor could be a bracelet, but hell if I know. Finally, I don't know if you want to include her treasure or not, but it's her other arm that was replaced with the meat snake, tied to her working human arm.

I hope that helps paint a better mental image of what I was going for with her. But it is your drawfaggotry, if you'd like some artistic interpretation by all means, I just appreciate your offer to draw my zombie waifu at all.

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Holy fuck that's creepy
Didn't realize you were still up, I would've asked you to clarify before I posted her description

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All these Nechronica threads lately have been making my days for a while now.

Shit's good yo.

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>Holy fuck that's creepy.
Yes, yes it is. Gotta enjoy that ero guro while you can, not many times you can go all out in good conscience.

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>them fetters
>so easy to make a game of zombie lolis into yuri zombie lolis

Is there anything about this game that isn't great? I love it.

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>tfw you'll never be a 6-armed lesbian gunner

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I'm already 1/3 of the way there.

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>It's a sin to interject your fetishes into a game
>This game promotes literally all of my fetishes

This is paradoxical.

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>It's a sin to interject your fetishes into a game

Only according to retards. The issue is doing it unwanted though. People might be offended by your lesbian four armed vore centaur but if you ask beforehand and they say its okay, then its okay. This isn't rocket science. Those that immediately assume the worst and start braying magical realm magical realm tend to be projecting, at least from my experience.

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It's not a sin to inject your fetishes into a game, it's a sin to force them on the other players.

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I can give you the descriptions of shalott, valentine and ghee, our party smartass and turret. The descriptions are copypaste from what we postet a while back, so if anyone of those players wants to correct me about things, go ahead.

Ghee (Age: 12): About twelve, the firt thing you notice about the girl i that peeking from her thin, sparse hair are many tens of eyes, covering most of her scalp, of various colors and sizes. Some of them aren't human, and clusters of them track each of you individually, the rest reflexively scanning the area. Wearing the frilliest, most disgustingly girly white dress ever, the hem only slightly covers her raptorial, digitigrade legs and tail, and the neckline is low enough to show off a quite intricate shiny metal medallion on her collarbone, its centerpiece a shiny red gem. as the distance closes, you can see her face is mostly immobile, her lips having been stitched together. When she speaks, her mouth doesnt move. Her hands are dark with machine oil despite her frilly attire, and she wears a book strapped to her back the size of her entire torso.

Valentine (Age 16): A girl who is about 5' 5" and quite thin with long brown hair. She is wearing what looks to be a vest with the front covered in sewn on pockets, her pants are covered in patches as well and she has a beret upon her head. The beret is the only thing that actually seems to fit her. She has a large rifle slung on her back and her arms are covered in armor plating. Her hands are resting on the top of two pistols in holsters hanging on her waist.

I don't remember fallen leaves having a real description, but our dm uses crazy gunbitch as her token, so I guess she looks like her.

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Shalott (Age: 12): Shalott: She is slightly taller than Ghee, has catears and a cattail and looks...wierd. Some of her fingernails are teeth, she has black lines around and through her eyes and her legs are a little discolored. She is wearing a slightly torn skirt and a shirt that look like a school uniform. The lower arms of Shalott are covered in spikes and on her right arm is a rather short, thick tentakle.
By now, she has a very flexible spine, a shotgun and a backpack full of flesh that she keeps around with her.

I attached the picture that I used for Shalotts token.

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Oh yeah, I forgot. Valentine snatched a grenade launcher a while ago which she is still using alot.

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It's not injection if it was already right there in the game rules. (NOTE: the replay is not the game rules.)

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The fuck, bro. I gave you my reinforcement parts before our last game. Hell, I linked you to the character sheet.

Player for Toi here.

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Oh, well yesterday I asked everyone present to add them to the character profiles

>> No.37634814

Frei's player here, reminding you that some of us weren't on last night.
Also, the only visible parts in my case are the rocket launcher and the coffin full of guns.

>> No.37634902

yeah, I know, I was just trying to explain why I couldn't add a parts description

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also, Freischutz's picture

>> No.37634930

fuck, forgot the pic

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I might just be dumb but whats a meat snake?
I'm pretty sure I have a good idea of what it is but I'm not a hundred percent clear... Apologies if wasting time

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In Emily's case, it's literally a snake for an arm.

>> No.37635519

Whatever you make of it. Might be a snake-arm. Might be a xenomorph tongue. Might be a tentacle that moves on it's own.

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bump, so the drawfriend can see the descriptions

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Not happening.

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Why not? What's wrong with it?

>> No.37637076

No fanbase at all, it can't be helped.

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Clarification on that: Freischutz is deliberately ordinary-looking, aside from the permanent bags under her eyes and the perpetually burning cigarette that somehow never shrinks. Also, the necromancer is an asshole and decided it would be funny to make her run around in an impractical skirted suit.

>> No.37637482

Everyone in the roll20 session, we have about 20 minutes until we start
I'd like to explain some things before we get started, please enter the chatroom

>> No.37638144

> we have a session today
shit, thought we weren't doing it again quite so soon.

>> No.37638412

Yeah, we should probably cut back too weekly sessions after this

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If the drawfag cares much about it, some clarifications.

I fluffed the katana as a cavalry saber, because they're cool and I had trouble adding the katana in to the mental image.

She has thumb sized fat, white maggots with big ol' eyes and mouth parts in her stomach.

Her limbs are salvaged and stuck on to her with metal contraptions, kinda like the head bits of Slayers from The Suffering or a trap from Saw 1 or 3. Clunky, heavy, painful looking.

Also has a a puffy jacket, one of those black, plastic ones that look like they were made out of a garbage bag. Probably quite busted up.

This is still the base image I have in my head for her face, but for ease of use not her portrati.

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Oh, and the scales are widely scattered, dark, and roughly hexagonal.

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badump tish

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I need your help /tg/. I need some freakish monster art. Horrors, zombies, anything. I'm trying to get an apocalypse game running but I'm running low on the whole monster aspects of this type of game.

I'm posting in this thread since it's relevant enough.

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B-lister cenobite?

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She'd make a pretty fucking rad Nechronica character.

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A wild Necromancer appears!

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Last one.

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alright, thanks for the dump. That will help.

>> No.37644187

Polite bump.

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Trying to gm on 3 and a half hours of sleep sucks

>> No.37647069

Hey, red here got emily's rough done and working on the others.

Sorry for the wait, ended up crashing hard once I got out.

>> No.37647139

Gm here, No worries, we all have to sleep sometimes

>> No.37647193

That looks nice but where's the second head?

>> No.37647272

I don't think that's the actual rough draft. That's way too polished for a rough draft.

>> No.37648266

Just thought I should say thanks, I really look forward to seeing the finished pieces

>> No.37650670

Bump gently

>> No.37652047

Yeah, I have to say, even if only Emily's gets done, that's still real cool. Thanks, drawfriend.

>> No.37653351

Looking forward to art of our adorable little eldritch horror

>> No.37653866

Red here, got to make it quick.

I have roughs of almost everyone, but i was wondering if anyone had a description of sen and toi.

Also any personal quirks

>> No.37653879

Mais c'est l'amour interdit!

>> No.37654004

Well, you have toi's pic >>37633477
, and he (yep, it's a trap) has a drill (comes out of his hand), gauntlet, tail, and a limiter (don't ask me what it looks like, I have no fucking clue)
CC, am I forgetting anything?

Also, sen' s description is here>>37630969

>> No.37654080

Toi's kind of lewd and pun-y.
Emily's all bubbly and silly.
Freischutz gave off the kind of the tired-numb feel, where you're borderline stoned from exhaustion but at a completely neutral mood. Violet is sad, upset, and a little defiant.
Not sure about Sen and Rain.

>> No.37654125

Sen's player here. Not sure how much detail you want, so I'll just toss some stuff out and you can take whatever from it.

If you wanted stuff like clothes, I've been picturing a pleated skirt that comes to a bit below her knees, running shoes, and a windbreaker jacket with more pockets than one really ought to have. She's blonde with bright blue eyes. Armaments are twin revolvers and a rifle. Sen's pretty much human shaped right now, aside from her tongue, which is this foot long snaky thing she'll probably develop a complex over. Other than that, she's been trying, with mixed results, to be one of the more serious characters. She has minimal understanding of subtlety or tact and is pretty innocent regarding certain things.

>> No.37654163

Great these are super helpful, thanks.

Also meant to ask about clothing Here since i saw the initial portraits and descriptions, but i was typing too fast. Thanks for adding that though

>> No.37654385

After a brief review of her condition, i. e. the whole limbs crudely attached thing, I decided Violet's jacket had it's sleeves hacked off by the shoulders so it's more like a vest. She has mismatched hiking boots, short shorts, long arm warmers and stockings. As close to actually having pants and long sleeves as possible while remaining practical (cause it's practically impossible to put on proper clothing while having awkward messes of metal bracing where your legs and arms connect to the torso).

At least, that's my idea. At the end of the day, you basically have free reign to do whatever with Violet.

>> No.37654511

Hey Red, I have my doubts about the thread surviving until you're done. Any way we can contact you/see the art if the thread dies?

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>> No.37654779


You think that's lewd, you haven't seen the amount of terribad puns from Toi.

*in a toyshop*
"I'm going to go to the stuffed toy section to use a plush for a pillow"
Toi: "Wouldn't be the first time I've slept with a bear~"

God damn it Toi.

>> No.37655021

da http://lunchbox4000.deviantart.com/
Twitter. https://twitter.com/DeadPandaRed

I'll keep updates there if the thread dies

>> No.37655595

Sooo maid outfit?

>> No.37656055


I always imagined it like the bolt that frankenstein has out of his neck, except out of his leg. O'course, it's hidden underneath the skirt, so god knows if it'd be visible or not

>> No.37656410

it's clearly seen as a bulge at the top of one thigh...

how trap can he trap his trap?

>> No.37657183

>> No.37658010

Also a possible version of meat snake

>> No.37658128

I kinda like that, yeah. Also reminds me of the shoulder snakes from the Darkness 2, also pretty alright for how a meat snake would look like.

>> No.37659045

Oh man, I totally forgot about that game
I really should've gotten the full version

>> No.37659571

>> No.37659657

>"hey lil' mama lemme whisper in your ear"

>> No.37659671

>> No.37659697

>> No.37659979

I'm actually surprised monkey feet aren't a mutation in this game

>> No.37660845

I'd hit it

>> No.37661105

you and me both brotha

I kinda want a monkey girl sniper now

>> No.37661303

Now I'm wondering if it's possible to start off headless

>> No.37661378

Emily rough

>> No.37661489

Not sure whether to hug her or run in terror
Mission accomplished

>> No.37661763

That looks awesome!

>> No.37662642

Could you post the other roughs?

>> No.37662938


Is it too late to get in on this? I've got a five strong party of Dolls I'd love to have drawn.

>> No.37663392

Sen, gonna rework some details but a rough none the less

>> No.37663395

You can propably post them here. It would propably take a while through since he has at least 9 requests right now.

>> No.37663945

Thanks a bunch, I'll rough out their descriptions and get them up on here.

>> No.37664057

Remember, post stories if you have any.

>> No.37664286

cant guarantee I'll get to them right now but feel free to post mate.

still workin on them but I'll post as I finish

Like >>37664057 said, stories always appreciated here

>> No.37665574


Kat's a six foot two Slavic amazon covered up almost completely by heavy riot gear and an overcoat. She wears a gas mask with a glass lens through which you can see her deep crimson red eyes. Her left eye has a scar over it like she had a nasty run in with a cougar. She's armed with a flamethrower and is a bit of a pyromaniac but otherwise the most level headed of the group. Around her torso she has a strap for a pump action shotgun that hangs by her side. She also has an old Russian cold-weather cap with a barely visible communist Russia symbol embroidered on the front.

>> No.37666186


13's appearance is essentially a genderswapped, teenage Raiden from Revengeance. From the neck down she's completely cyborg and her eyes have hellish red scleras with slit pupils. She always carries her katana in a vaguely dieselpunk looking rig on her back. She has oil stains on her lips from where she occasionally belches it up and tries to wipe it away as best she can. She has a tattered and barely usable book bag around her that holds her Treasure, "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins. Her hair is tied in a long anime style ponytail that goes down to her thighs. She has a large number 13 stamped onto her forehead.

>> No.37666537


Rose competes with Janelle for the most freakish looking of the girls. Her whole body is almost entirely inhuman with a too-lean, emaciated look as she crouches down on her reverse jointed, chitin covered legs. Her fingers are nothing but grotesquely elongated claws. On her stomach she has a drooling, large fanged maw that grimaces when she's upset. Her face looks mostly like the picture provided, but she's got a filthy bandage over her left eye and her right is yellow with a tiny pinprick of a pupil. She wears nothing but tattered scraps for a bare minimum of decency. A horn similar to a 40k plaguebearer's horn emerges from her forehead. She protectively, jealously clutches a battered old stuffed bunny toy wherever she goes.

>> No.37667293

Damn, they sound really cool

>> No.37667441

Janelle has a mantislike profile, bent over with her two functional arms clutching a sniper rifle that looks far too big for her to conceivably wield with the ease she does as two withered, atrophied and barely functional arms clutch the group's much prized first aid kit. A chitinous tail tipped with a blade the size of a man's forearm emerges from the base of her spine. She wears what appears to be a WWII U.S. army medic's uniform apparently torn by her mutations and walks on legs that look disturbingly like someone tried to break a human's legs and sculpt them to look like a cricket's. Her mouth is partially fused together by strings of flesh at either edge and she has four extra eyes around her face, with one pair almost the size of her normal eyes and the other a bit smaller. They are arranged in a line that follows the curve of her skull around her normal eyes.

>> No.37667930

Oh thank you, that's very kind of you to say.

With an appearance of nine years old and a personality to match, Harmony is the group's Alice and overall heart. She has Aryan features and looks very well put together, but on the part of her neck where her voicebox should be is something that looks suspiciously like a radio from the last World War sticking out of it. Fused to her back as though she were hit by white phosphorous in just that area is a backpack sized, complex rig that looks like it would be used for communication and it incorporates an antenna and a power cable that links up to her cybernetic right arm. Her mechanical arm is capable of unfolding out into a potent laser weapon when she is under extreme duress and the veins around her eyes bulge out when she makes use of her Psychedelic powers. She carries a hand woven basket filled with objects she finds interesting, including the occasional dead animal and body part, around with her constantly. She wears exclusively the girliest dresses the five of them can scrounge up on their travels and becomes deeply upset if made to wear anything else.

>> No.37668462

I've been wanting to join a Nechornica game with /tg/ for the longest time. Hope I can catch a DM hosting a game one day.

>> No.37669148

Sen's looking really good so far. I especially like the hair.

That Emily is absolutely terrifying.

>> No.37670395

Don't worry, just lurk for a bit, I'm sure you'll find something eventually

>> No.37671464

You're welcome

>> No.37672996

Did that one gm with all the stories ever come back?
I know they had way more than we got through

>> No.37674163

Precautionary bump before bed

>> No.37676025

Well, he's my dm and I get him to post more. Or I could just type up some storys about the valentine/shalott/ghee group.

>> No.37676896

why not do both?

>> No.37676988

Because my writing is rather bad with loads of mistakes. If I realy have to then sure, name a subject and if something fitting happened, I will write about it. Otherwise, I'll just tell my dm that the thread wants more storys.

>> No.37678445 [DELETED] 


>> No.37678702


Could type up some stories of that group instead of him (this is Valentine's player). The first story would likely be of the party's first... outing. Though, having missed the first session, someone would have to fill in that gap.

>> No.37678854

There wasn't much that happened during the first session. The other two players fucked off anyway, so I don't think that it realy matters.

>> No.37678924


It can still provide some context.

>> No.37679624

Like I said, there didn't happen alot. Shalott traveled with Aides and Azure Flowers away from something huge, meet a stonegirl who pointed them to Ghee and Madeline who then went to Fallen Leaves. Fallen Leaves (as mentioned before) is a snipergirl. She's also missing both her eyes at this point in time and uses her sniperrifle as a crutch.

She explained everything there is, the huge thing was a former Ally of her who now is called equalizer, because he mutated into a city-huge worm that eats everything in it's path. She knew how to kill him through. The plan was to rig up a cityblock that we where in with explosives, play bait and detonate it inside of him to immobilese him. Then we walk inside of him to finish his vitals off.

The plan worked, we got inside of him and met Valentine shortly after, who apparently survived inside of equalizer for a long long time. This was basicly the first session and the start of the second. Like I said, not much happened during those parts.

>> No.37680039


(Valentine's player here)

As was said before, missed the first session, and showed up for the second. The second session started with them detonating a questionable amount of explosives in the worm's gullet, the question here being "Where in God's name did you get all of that?" This is where they enacted step two of their masterful plan to kill Equalizer, get inside of it. It was certainly a plan to come in on that makes you wonder what kind of game you're getting yourself into.

Fortunately for them, they didn't have time to question the validity of this plan as step two was completed for them. The worm's momentum carryed it far enough that it ended up swallowing the cathedral they took cover in. For reference, the party as of this moment is Shalott, Ghee, and Fallen Leaves who are described above, and Madeline, Aides, and Azure Flowers. Azure flowers is pretty much a freaky tentacle monster that is vaguely girl shaped while Aides and Madeline look pretty normal, if memory serves. Anyway, they continue onwards for a bit before a voice calls out to them. This voice comes from a mostly destroyed building, the only potential sign of someone they can see is a gun barrel sticking out of a window. The voice asks them if the loud bang was their fault.

The party is both surprised and suspicion about this turn of events. That someone is actually alive, for a certain definition of the word, in this worm is certainly odd. There's a bit of back and forth as Ghee readies to fire a laser beam at the suspicious person. The stranger decides to leave their perch when its mentioned that they may be able to get out of the belly of the beast.

Enter Valentine, looking quite scared and practically hugging her AT Rifle. The party gets moving as Valentine and everyone else is quite anxious to get the fuck out. Introductions and such occur as the party continues on, everyone being various degrees of welcoming to their new member. (1/?)

>> No.37680408


Anyway, after some banter, we run into what are probably stomach parasites and everyone reveals how comically unaware we are of the rules. Nothing overly terrible happens, however, we do decide that using arms for the support 1 means that you wiggle your arms during the action. This logically follows that since you can use it to help allies as well, that we can wiggle our arms to inspire our teammates to not fuck up. Anywho, some people take some damage and some of which is patched up with Valentine's first aid kit.

The party continues deeper into the beast until we hear noises that is either more eating, or the worm's heart. Valentine says never been this far in before as it was too dangerous a proposition trying to get past all the parasites and shit. Leaves, meanwhile is acting a bit nostalgic and talks about the history she had with the worm before he was a worm. We do eventually find the heart, which is a freaky mass of arms and mouths. We learn Leaves fed Famine, the former name of the worm, her eyes for reasons. Combat starts, shit gets shot and stabbed, and the mass dies when Leaves uses freaky aiming powers to finish it off with her own AT Rifle. The mass falls into digestive juices as Valentine gets filled in on what everyone was doing here.

The mass contains what could be considered the real heart of famine, the source of its hunger powers. Leaves mentions that she has her own special piece and she doesn't want to have two. So we have a discussion in and out of character of what to do with it, Valentine, for obvious reasons, doesn't want it and would rather break it and be done with the whole thing. Mechanically, we could give it to someone who is not a gothic and they would be able to get gothic skills as class skills, or we could give it to a gothic and get the mystery box option. We picked the mystery box option. Aides cuts Shalott open with her katana and shoves the black heart of Famine into the chest of the wee lass. (2/3)

>> No.37680754


That was the end of the second session. Valentine being found alone in the worm and Shalott having its heart shoved into her are things that will come to define the characters in the future. Anyway, session three starts and Azure Flowers disappears for good due to the player disappearing. The first casualty of the campaign, but not the last.

The session starts with the party discussing what to do while still in the worm. We decide to follow Leaves' advice of heading to Rome since none of us have any other place to go. She lets slip it's in our best interest to avoid a necromancer named Morrigan.

Morrigan, or as we sometimes call her, the crazy bird bitch, is the big necromancer on the block. She controls most of what was once Europe and on a side note, she allegedly doesn't make her own dolls. Morrigan has a thing for birds and some other things that would come to light in the future. She's the BBEG of the campaign, and Leaves just so happens to owe her for all those lovely explosives she borrowed. This is an issue as Leaves had no plans to pay her back, banking on the fact that she was going to die killing Equalizer.

The party makes their way out of the worm and find that some birds are already picking at the corpse. We decide that messing with the undead birds is not a great idea as we notice some massive ones pass overhead. These are the forward scouts of the aforementioned necromancer so we have to book it. We do consider the possibility of shooting Leaves and handing her over, as we weren't really involved in the deal and, logically, the necromancer should have no beef with us. We decide not to as none of us really want to test whether or not the necromancer is insane enough to find us guilty by proximity.

And that's how our first adventure went. The next thing we run into is a lab, the story of that has already been told by our GM in previous thread. That's all the story you're going to get right now as it's time to go to classes.

>> No.37681627


>> No.37681807

>> No.37682235

Looks like she's ready to fuck someone up

>> No.37682283


Is that a wow of amazement or a wow of "You're terrible, please stop posting"?

>> No.37682590

Wow as in "holy shit that's awesome"
What did the heart do?

>> No.37682712


Mechanically? Any part she damages with her fist or jaws causes her to regenerate a biological part (mutation or basic).

As for what it did to the character, that's something else entirely.

>> No.37683516

Can't wait to hear more

>> No.37684256

violet profile shot, and currently workin on line work

>> No.37684403


You'll either have to wait a while or convince someone else to tell you those tales. Since not only is it a question of "is this really a good story" but also a matter of stuff later on that is supposed to be a secret for now.

May decide to do a story time of the entire campaign when we finish our current bit.

>> No.37684889

Looking forward to it
Good job, I'm sure violet' s player will love it

>> No.37685335


>> No.37685578

I'm Frei's player and I approve of this lineart.

>> No.37686065

I'm going to expand the storyline a bit further. I'm guessing that everyone read the part in the last thread about the lab at the border, this is what happened between this and what I'm going to type up now (if someone saved the story, go ahead and post it, just for the heck of it). The next session was more of a filler for us, but a fun filler.

You see, after we annoyed morrigan at the lab, she had to head back because of all of her wounds. That didn't mean that we where save through.

Birds where still following us so we decided that to hole up in an abandoned house for a while. The house was basicly a farm house, not alot to it. Now, remember when >>37682712 said that the heart did something else to shalott? Well, for the cost of the power of healing cannibalism, she got the hunger. Everyone around her started to look more and more delicous to the point of the hunger almost taking over.

It became clear that we had to give shalott something to do when she kept staring at one of the birds outside. Sadly, there where no boardgames left. The only thing we could do where a small dress-up party.

>> No.37686391

Madeline told shalott about that idea. She loved it and went upstairs while Madeline practicly had to pull Ghee up there since she started tinkering on something. Once she got upstairs, she saw a Valentine looking lost while a Shalott started to throw on all the clothes that she could find.

"I dont think thats how you're supposed to do it" said Madeline to which Shalott replied ''But I'm winning!'' She explained further how to play dress up, but everyone kept missing the point. Shalott put on clothes over her normal clothes, Valentine put a shirt over her vest and Ghee starts to look silly in a far too large sweater.

It was clear that Madeline was the only person here that knew what to do, so she started to sort through everything to get the best stuff out. She pulled a dress out for shalott, which didn't suit her and told Valentine flat out that her vest doesn't suit her. This was the point where Fallen Leaves steps in.

>> No.37686424


>> No.37686714

Leaves stayed at the doorway. ''Having fun, kids?'' Shalott informed her that she was winning until Madeline told her that she was wrong, Valentine just gave a maybe and Ghee told them that she has less fun than it is visible to her. The only person that had a great time was Madeline, who now made new outfits for everyone.

Fallen Leaves: ''Ghee, you're always having less fun than is visible to us. It's like, negative fun or something. Anti-fun?''
Ghee: ''I can be fun... How do you be fun?''
Valentine: ''Do something that makes others smile?''
Madeline: ''I don't think she can be fun then.''
Valentine: ''Oh.''
We talked a bit more about Ghee and what would be fun to her. We soon learned that she likes silence and reading and could be classified as the most boring person in the world. The outfits from Madeline where done shortly after. Valentine had to wear some normal stuff, Shalott got something that looked like a school uniform and Ghee got a very special outfit from her. I am going to quote Madeline on what she said here.

Madeline: The out fit she held in her hands was the epitome of feminine, or at least its was before years of dust and neglect took its tole in the delicate white fabric, leaving it an offish grey
Still though the dress was covered in all sorts of frilly buts and ribbons make it quite girly none the less
like something you'd see on a china doll
'You're gonna look SO CUTE"

>> No.37687263

Ghee states her concerns, but Madeline just tells her to shut up and look pretty. This is the point where Leaves tells them that she misses having eyes, so obviously we had to do something about this. The plan was to get some flesh, remove Shalotts eyes and give her those eyes while Shalott just regenerates her own eyes. We agreed to do this later since cannibalism would just ruin the mood right now. They also agree on wearing those clothes so Leaves could see them. Valentine and Ghee where not so happy about it, but still agreed to it. This also spawned the next plan. See, why should only we dress up while Leaves didn't have to do anything?

A short 3-loli assault later and the door was locked with Leaves on the ground. Shalott, Ghee and Madeline where all giggeling while Valentine just watched. Ghee turned a curtain into a cape, Shalott brought some other clothes and Madeline did the fine tuining. The end result was that Leaves started to look both incredible embarrassed and actually feminine. It's clear that she's as far out of her element as she can possibly be.

Everyone likes what they did to Leaves. However, there was still one person here that didn't had any new clothes. "...!...M...Madeline needs a floppy hat!" squeaks Ghee, immediately blushing at her outburst. ''Yeah! With ears!'' Agreed Shalott.

Valentine found the hat for them while Ghee started to collect as many ribbons and other cute things for the hat. Shalott focused on the most fluffy stuff she could find. A few stitches to the hat and it was done. Madeline actually tried to hide from them at this point but Leaves and Valentine had a thirst for revenge.

>> No.37687681

They pulled her to her doom. They put the mess of a hat on her while Madeline kept making a very long and stressed 'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm'.

Madeline: ''I feel ridiculous.''
Fallen Leaves: ''It looks alright from here.''
Ghee: ''Is it fun?''
Madeline: ''...yes. I guess we both look preety silly now, huh?''
Shalott: ''But you don't!''

Shalott had to make sure that everyone understood that they had to wear those clothes now until Leaves got her new eyes. They soon found out that the birds around the house left, so it should be safe enough to continue on with there trip to Leaves friend.

Now, you might have noticed that someone here wasn't mentioned. Well, Aides player didn't show up for this session, but that didn't stop us from dressing her character up offscreen. I droped the bomb rather quick with the suggestion of the curtain-kimono, since Aides basicly went rules of nature on an enemie last session. We then decided that this kimono had to layers, a floral print tablecloth and a ''frogies and duckies'' shower curtain.

This story ends here. The next thing that happened in the story was us ariving at fallen leaves friend. Our adventure started to turn more grim after this meeting, but I won't write those down for now (since it is 2 am over here). Maybe valentines player or our dm wants to pick it up. I'm also apologizing for all the typos that I made. Like I said before, my writing is rather bad.

>> No.37688164

Last one for tonight. Really cool characters. Can't do 'em justice.

>> No.37688294


>Not making a pun about the blind girl seeing what was coming.

Goddammit, man, you had one job!

>> No.37689383

Not bad, I kek'd

>> No.37689510

lined Violet

>> No.37690411


>> No.37690488

Damn, dude. This is the first char art I've ever gotten, too.

>> No.37690645

There's only one thing missing, and that's the coffin she lugs around via a chain, kind of like a backpack with one strap around one shoulder, but, honestly, it's not important. Thanks for the pic, drawfriend.

>> No.37690669

Gonna be a faggot and instead of giving you more of the story from >>37687681, going to elaborate a bit more on the description of Valentine from >>37632450 in case our friendly drawfag gets around to drawing her.

With the exception of her head and the beret upon it, everything of Valentine shows signs of wear and repair. The severity of this ranges from her pants, which just have an extra pocket or two sewn onto them, and obvious patches, to her AT rifle, which has had so much of it replaced with scavenged parts, it's impossible to tell what it originally was. She'd been forced to make do on her own for a damn long time, so any visible part of her body that isn't the head shows signs of the wear and tear that occurred, patched with the makeshift first aid kit she keeps on her person.

>> No.37691547

I looked quick and thought it said coffee

>> No.37691661

Even undead dollgirls need something to get through the morning.

>> No.37691815


Even if they have to crack a hole in their skull and pour it in that.

>> No.37692352

Thank you so much! That's the first art I've gotten for any RPG characters and I'm loving them. I can't wait to see what Red does with them too.

>> No.37693569


K, added the coffin. It's just a quick toss in but i hope it looks good.

Glad you like it!

Sweet glad you approve mate

Happy to see some more art
and loving the stories!

>> No.37695595 [DELETED] 

bump for the morning

>> No.37696973

>> No.37697041

She's so fucking creepy but I still wanna hug her!
What do I do?
Awesome job, by the way

>> No.37697646

10/10, I would placate her with cake and then spend all day cuddling her into submission.
That is seriously great, thank you.

>> No.37698019

When red's done, I'm thinking of replacing your tokens with his pics

>> No.37699304


>> No.37699349

I'd really like to see the section on legion done

>> No.37699356

So, I've recently got a new computer which will actually allow me to play games online again. Are there any openings going? Assuming we don't have timezone issues (britbong time here)

>> No.37700289

I don't. Fighting legions is rather boring because they realy are just a faceless swarm whos only adventage is that they gain a chain attack if enough are there.

>> No.37700414

>shoes not matching
Undead or not I can hardly imagine girl that won't make fuss over that.

>> No.37701058

Yeah, the idea of Legions is that they are the mooks of the game. They are there for things like the early game "oh shit, we have like 300 fucking corpses lumbering towards us!" followed by "What the fuck? How are we so powerful? What the fuck ARE we?"

That and as extremely disposable meatshields for actually dangerous enemies.

>> No.37702241

I'm hoping someone will finish the "enemy specific part" section

>> No.37703287

They're good filler though, not every building is gonna be full of horrors and savants

>> No.37703984

Indeed. I'm also rathr fond of the idea of enemies strapping them with explosives and using them as walking bombs or as a way of innocuous looking Savants to hide as something trivial.

Hell, I really want a chance to GM it with my group and have the enemy being a group of Savant Operators who use guerrilla tactics and shit to bring down the servants of the necromancer they've been sent to kill.

>> No.37705051

That's pretty cool

>> No.37706558

Four down, two to go

>> No.37707831

So, how are everyone's campaigns going?

>> No.37709064

Damn, this thread' s more dead than the pcs

>> No.37709375

I-it's going great, a-anon. We're totally having a lot of fun. In the campaign we totally run every week. Heh heh heh.

>> No.37709383

The group that came out of these threads won't have a new session till later this week. The groups that already existed have storytimed a lot already.

Unless you want to do something like roll up a character, talk about mechanics, brainstorm ideas, etc., there's not much left to say.

>> No.37710108

Okay, how about this, create a group of savants (3 minimum) with a common theme

>> No.37710229

Zombie loli versions of pic related

>> No.37710505

Ren without the tongue out.
I kek'd

>> No.37710739

Close range experts who each have a different martial style, and compete to declare one of their styles the best.

>> No.37710752

It's Sen, actually
I'm glad you liked my joke, though

>> No.37710769


>> No.37711265

The KR Girls, a five member savant group in the service of the Necromancer Yung, a shadowy figure clad in a multitude of strange clay masks.

The girls:

Debbie: absolutely delusional, does not seem to see the whole apocalypse thing and them being dead. Acts like a normal girl her age. Goes into a dissociative fugue if forced to confront reality, violent against everyone during that. Defense focused, blocking damage being her main thing. Wields a lead pipe as her only weapon, but has several different kinds of armor, biological, worn, and implanted, and carries around a riot shield with jury-rigged reinforcements. Her six ears had all been messily hacked off. Wears fairly ordinary outfits.

Annabelle: frothing mad. Best likened to a rabid attack dog, with literal chains and shackles on her held by Acacia when they need to go somewhere, as she can fly into a rage at the drop of a hat. She's antagonistic and verbally and physically abusive toward everyone except Yung and Acacia. Melee combatant. The largest of the five, grotesquely muscled and badly proportioned. Right arm is a literal mess of snake-like tentacles that attack each other or her if without something to kill for too long. Has no eyes, relies on her overly large her batlike ears to make sense of surroundings. Wears rags.

Barbie: peppy, friendly, talkative and manipulative, desperate for others to like her. She regularly finds something to get obsessed about, and lies, cheats, steals and kills to get it, just to forget about it after she finds the next thing, but does not let go of anything, even if broken. Medium range combatant and party buffer. Has a gold plated AK from somewhere, as well as a number of shiny, mint condition new military gadgets and weapons. She has an oversized bifurcated tongue she can use to sniff things out. Wears expensive jewelry and trendy, high fashion outfits.


>> No.37711747

Dee: apathetic, gloomy and mute. The smallest of them all, she's emaciated like a famine victim. Focused on hindering enemies and tying them down. Has no hands on her real arms, but the mechanical second and third pair growing from her back, which often seem to have a mind of their own and act maliciously toward her, are filled with tools and various odd bits. She has no mouth on her face, though she has numerous small speakers around her body that whisper obscene, disparaging and dark things to her. The top of her skull is missing, and some parasite has taken to nest in there, attacking her foes with psychic blasts of ennui, despair and self-loathing. Her body is in a constant state of decay, only held at bay by the preserving fluids a unit grafted to her spine and back pumps into her. Wears the same dress she died in, stained unrecognizable by filth and blood.

Acacia: possessed of a smiling, zen-like calm. Kind, understanding and reasonable. She acts as an older sister to the other girls. Party leader and MBT, all-rounder combatant. Her left arm is covered in bone-plate armor, her fingers ending in strangely jointed scything talons. Her right arm is cybernetic, and has a built-in flamethrower and flechette cannon. Her legs have been replaced with a high-tech prosthesis like a runner's from the knee down. Her body is a hive for insects, worms and fungi, and they, alongside a number of glands, fill her body with a chemical cocktail containing every psychoactive and sedative under the sky, which she injects into the other members of corporal punishment is necessary. She wears a nun's habit.

Can you guess what the common theme for them is?

>> No.37711797

Am I imagining things, or are they the five stages of grief?

>> No.37711893

Correct! They are clumsily themed after the K├╝bler-Ross stages of grief. The Necromancer is an even clumsier (and barely formed) reference to Jungian personas and shadow.

>> No.37713276

Yay, I got it

>> No.37713810

Those five sound awesome, I might have to nick them as villains.

>> No.37714144

If you'd like, do go ahead. I very vaguely tried to use actual parts as inspiration, the flechette cannon is the undead gun, for example, so it shouldn't be an issue to make 'em.

>> No.37716654

I know they're pecs, but it looks like that guy in the middle has boobs

>> No.37718375

Quick, roll a character based on someone from the last anime/cartoon/tv show/movie you watched

>> No.37719325

Who are you planning on doing next?

>> No.37719884

Holy shit that's creepy

>> No.37719979

Wait a minute, you're trying to cheat me here, aren't you?

>> No.37721055

once I finish ren, either fei or toi. I'm gonna save rain for last

>> No.37721776

VanHeist on DeviantArt has some pretty cool monster art when he's not focusing on Didi and Gogo. I'd recommend everyone in this thread visit the "creepy waifu" threads over in /d/ as soon as another one is made, they're great fodder for Nechronica ideas whether it's for Dolls, Horrors or Savants.

>> No.37721832

Eh, I wouldn't promote the creepy waifu threads. Most of them aren't that great or just flat out too perverted for anything. There are only a few that are good to go.

>> No.37723119

Huh, I never actually looked at any on his other stuff

>> No.37723959

Cool, also
Good taste

>> No.37724731

Gm for the roll20 campaign here
Can't wait for tomorrow

>> No.37725405

Are there any slots going free for the campaign?

>> No.37725589

I guess, but counting my character we're already up to 6
Well guys, what do you think?

>> No.37725641

Don't worry about it, 6 is already pretty big and I wouldn't want to drag things down.

>> No.37725671

Honestly we probably have enough party bloat as it is. Other guy's right, 6 is a lot. Let them try and form their own Nechronica game, with blackjack and hookers.

>> No.37726186


Which one? Everyone who is in a game in this thread runs it in roll20.

>> No.37726393

Oh, the new one
Okay, I hope you can find/make a session

>> No.37728302

Separately or together?

>> No.37728431

Together, obviously. What better way to shake off the couple madness points from that last fight than to unwind with some blackjack to determine who gets to play hooker?

>> No.37729063

Rolled 7 (1d10)


Madness check as that is both hilarious and kind of horrifying when you think about it.

>> No.37730856


>> No.37732823

Just the thought of that thread worries me

>> No.37734346

Bumping for awesome drawfriend

>> No.37735519

Challenge: create a group of characters based on rpg classes

>> No.37736862

Okay, the thread might be dead, but you're still awesome red

>> No.37737163

I'm trying to convince my group to play this thing. I vaguely recall an expansion being released? Is there a translated PDF of that?

Probably because they are boobs, Anon.

>> No.37737207

Hey guys just made a roll20 profile, maybe once the pics are done we can get a group together.

I've got no problem running

btw anyway to search specifically for a nechronica game, but came up with nothin.

Thanks mate

>> No.37737518

Try searching "nechronica" or "other games: nechronica"

>> No.37738804

Different strokes for different folks. Speaking of which, what are other really good places to get art appropriate for Nechronica? I've got a folder all set up and ready to be filled.

>> No.37739194

I'm a GM who wants to play Nechronica, but my players are afraid I'll grimderp it up. Wat do?

>> No.37739453

You just have to find the middle point of deliciously dark and cute, hell go for noble dark session

>> No.37739838


Pitch whatever intro you might want to do to them or give them a brief summary of whatever kind of plot you want to throw them in like, or just give them something like "The world's fucked, you can't change that, but maybe you can make it a bit less fucked."

>> No.37739869


"Listen carefully, my little creations. I gave you the gift of free will, and I hope you will treasure that gift, but I must violate that free will once: NEVER lose hope. Now be on your way; I have no right to pray to God, but I will always be praying for your safety."

>> No.37741053


>> No.37741549

10/10 would play!

>> No.37743291

Wait, hold up, necromancers can be nice?

>> No.37743842

Looking forward to tomorrow's session guys?
It's more like later today at this point, though

>> No.37744102

Now is as good a time as any to give a short Necromancer writeup. I can't really promise coherence, but I can at least contribute something.

The Neverborn, she who waits in the light.
Locked within her tower high, a girl awaits the day she will be set free...
It is said that no Necromancers have been born since the Last War. This creature was to be the exception, were it ever completed. Having no proper body, Neverborn projected the shape of a child formed purely from light. It was only able to communicate by flashing colors and parroting gestures. Neverborn cared for little more than the electricity it fed upon, occasionally even eating the lightning guardians that harvested energy for it. With Neverborn's death and the subsequent destruction of the lab it was created in, its nature and potential have been lost. Perhaps it was meant to be an overseer to a power grid that no longer exists or a defense system left with nothing to protect.

>> No.37744284

In the grimdark future there is only moe and necromancer sempai
>cereal business jpg

>> No.37744297

>girls competing over sempain noticing them

>> No.37744357


>Someone who will never notice you.

>Wow, I hope senpai notices me this year!

Even Urban Dictionary gets it right from time to time.

>> No.37746381

That's so cool!

>> No.37747403


>> No.37747457

>MFW I was there when we killed her
>MFW she lives on in this arm
>Eye. I meant eye.
>MFW I have no face

>> No.37747704


You should have let the person cutting your head open do some tests on it. We even had booze on hand to dull the pain.

>> No.37748231

That crystal matrix probably started growing into Lauren's brain the last time she took brain damage. More mucking about with her gray matter might have accelerated the process.
And what she saw in the mirror with Magic-O-Vision makes her a wee bit hesitant to let that thing grow in more.

>> No.37748493


That's why you get a pair of tweezers to pull out the crystally bits, there's no way that can go wrong.

>> No.37748919

Okay guys, one hour til our session starts

>> No.37752427


>> No.37754540

I curse this thread with death

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