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Post yo list, son.

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Collecting Iron Hands for a 30k army. I figure that 2000 points is good to aim for as a first list. I'm going to be playing against other 30K armies.

This list is very much in beta, so tear it up, that it may be reborn stronger.

30k Iron Hands
Rite of War: TBD

Spearhead-Centurion Castrmen Orth (80pts)

Legion Tactical Squad (220pts)
15x Legion Tactical Space Marines Legion Vexilla

Legion Tactical Squad (220pts)
15x Legion Tactical Space Marines Legion Vexilla

Contemptor-Mortis Dreadnought (180pts) Two Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons

Gorgon Terminator Squad (574pts)
2x Combi- Plasma, 4x Gorgon Terminator (power axes)
Gorgon Hammerbearer:
Cyber-familiar, Grenade Harness
Legion Spartan Assault Tank:
Armoured Ceramite, Flare Shield

Legion Rapier Weapons Battery (110pts)
2x Laser Destroyer Array

Legion Sicarian Battle Tank (175pts) Lascannons

Legion Sicarian Battle Tank (175pts) Lascannons

Legion Vindicator (145pts)
Machine Spirit

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Dark Angels 1850

Interrogator Chaplain on Bike, Mace of Redemption 160

Librarian on Bike, Psy 2, 120

Ravenwing Command Squad x 5; Grenade Launcher, Banner of Fortitude 285

Ravenwing Command Squad x 5; Grenade Launcher, Champion, Ravenwing Company Banner

Deathwing Knights x 5; Perfidious Relic 245

Scout Squad x 5; Camo, Snipers Heavy Bolter 78

Tactical Squad x 5; Melta, Combi-Melta, Drop Pod 125

Ravenwing Attack Squadron x 3; 2 Melta, Combi-Melta, Melta Bombs, Attack Bike with MM 170

Darkshroud with HB 80

Devastator x 5; 4 Lascannons, Razorback with TTLC 225

Predator Annihilator with Trilas 140


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that's a useful reference sheet thanks anon!

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Yeah, it has seriously saved me from a lot of BS. A guy I played said when drop pods scatter off table that they are automatically destroyed. Another dude backed him up. I had the page reference for deep strike mishaps and it doesn't slow down the game.

Glad you like it. Between this and battlescribe I don't even really need my books =D

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fateweaver 300
Herald of slaanesh, lv2 95
Herald of slaanesh, lv2 95
10 deamonettes 90
10 deamonettes 90
10 deamonettes 90
deamon prince of tzeentch, lesser, lesser,exalted, armor, lv3, wings 355
soul grinder, nurgle, baleful torrent 170
soul grinder, nurgle, baleful torrent 170
lesser brass scorpion 400
callidus 145

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You'll probably want to go with Rite of the Gorgon 90% of the time with Iron Hands. They're lucky in that they get one of the best unique Rites of War.

Gorgon's can't take more than one combi-weapon; it's an error with battlescribe if that's what you're using. Only the hammerbearer is supposed to be able to replace his combi-bolter with a combi-weapon.

If that Contemptor-Mortis is your anti-air it shouldn't have Kheres. If it's anti-horde then that is technically cheaper than a normal Contemptor with Kheres. The problem is those guns are simply too short range to be effective anti-air weapons, and even with that many shots and rending they're still only doing damage on 6s.

And, honestly, at 2000 points I feel like I'd have a hard time not wanting to bring Ferrus. He's pretty much the best primarch and his bonuses synergize very will with the unique Rite of War. The only issue is figuring out where to put him since ICs can't join groups of MCs in 7th (you'd stick him in a group of Castellax before since he has a Cortex Controller and any other unit lowers his toughness via majority toughness rule).

All in all it's not terrible, although I'd consider figuring out how to stick a Fire Raptor in there somewhere. The model is a bitch but it's one of the best flyers in the game, and should cover most anti-air needs unless the enemy just brings more of them.

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Just bought a ton of recasted vets to run Sanguine Wing. Here's what I'm hoping to field.

Sanquine Wing

10x Sternguard w/ 8xcombi-plas and 2x LasCannon (260)

2 squads of 10x Vanguard Vets w/ 2xPower weapons and 2x Power Fists (540)

StormRaven w/ Lascannon and Multi Melta (200)

Baal Strike Force

Sanguinary Priest w/ Jump Pack and Valors Edge(95)


5xSanguinary Guard w/Banner, Inferno Pistol and Power Fist(210)


5x Tacticals w/ Heavy Flamer and Hand Flamer in Drop Pod (125)

5x Tacticals w/ Flak ML and Storm Bolter in Drop Pod (100)

Fast Attack

2x Land Speeder w/ Assault Cannons (160)

Land Speeder Tempest (90)

Lord Commander Dante (220)


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Awesome advice thanks

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HQ- 325
Master Harath Shen
Vulkan He'Stan
5x THSS Land Raider Redeemer- Extra Armor
2x Tactical Squads, MM, Flamer
Fast Attack- 250
2x Storm Talons with Skyhammer
1x Predator With LasCannons-

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Cultists x20- autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers and leader with shotgun.

Cultists x20- autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers and leader with shotgun.

Cultists x20- autoguns, 2 heavy stubbers and leader with shotgun. 121


Nurgle obliterators x 3


Vindicator, blades and combi bolter

Vindicator, blades and combi bolter




Forgefiend, autocannons


Aegis, Icarus cannon


4 chaos spawn Nurgle


Chaos lord, terminator w/tzeech mark, claw and p-fist, horns of slaughter


Lords unit:
4 terminators, Tzeech, power axe, combi melta


I win 1 in 10. FORGE A NARRATIVE.

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You'd beat me :)

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My buddy told me that he doesn't want a competitive list for Grey Knights, he just wants a list that can win sometimes. I told him

>level 3 Libby with Domina Liber Daemonica

>10 Terminators with 2 Psycannons, 5 Hammers, and Melta Bombs

>10 Purifiers with 2 Incinerators
>10 Purifiers with 2 Incinerators

>Stormraven Lascannon and Multi-Melta

>Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Greatsword, and Teleporter
>Dreadknight with Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Greatsword, and Teleporter


Draigo and Libby get stuck with the Terminators. Toughts? So far I've only seen him run two Strike Squads in Rhinos with support from Stormravens.

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Do you run the cultist and brute with the helbrute formation?

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Company of the Great Wolf

Wolf Lord
- Wolfclaw, Powerfist, TWM, RA
- Fellclaw's Teeth

Wolf Lord

- CM/SS (Pack Leader)

- CM/SS (Pack Leader)

- SS/BP (Pack Leader)

Drop Pod
- Deathwind Launcher

Drop Pod
- Deathwind Launcher

Sicaran Battle Tank
-Armored Ceramite, Dozer Blade
- Legacy of Glory: Schizm of Mars

Long Fangs
- TDA SB/SS (Pack Leader)
- 5x ML
+ Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Launchers

1750 points

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I do indeed, I also swap it out for the three brute deepstike formation. I love the idea of dreadnoughts, and I would like the IA13 because I think it's got a Warlord helbrute

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Purifiers can take 2 incinerators per 5 (so 4 in a squad of 10)

Might be a thing to consider

5 hammers AND meltabombs seems excessive. S10 hammers makes the armourbane a little arbitrary

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Nice dude. I've been thinking about doing something similar but as Iron Warriors with a booby trapped fortification in the backfield. Either Redoubt or Redemption.

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++Space Wolves: Champions of Fenris++

+HQ (255 pts) +

Bjorn the Fell Handed, Last of the Company of Russ (255 pts)
-Helfrost Cannon, Drop Pod

+Elites (1445 pts)+

Dreadnought (190 pts)
Blizzard Shield, Fenrisian Great Axe
-Extra Armor, Venerable Dreadnought
-Drop Pod

Dreadnought (190 pts)
-Blizzard Shield, Fenrisian Great Axe
-Extra Armor, Venerable Dreadnought
-Drop Pod

Dreadnought (220 pts)
-Helfrost Cannon, Great Wolf Claw w/ Heavy Flamer
-Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought
-Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Missile Launcher

Dreadnought (170 pts)
-Helfrost Cannon, Great Wolf Claw w/ Heavy Flamer
-Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought

Dreadnought (170 pts)
-Helfrost Cannon, Great Wolf Claw w/ Heavy Flamer
-Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought

Dreadnought (160 pts)
-Plasma Cannon, Great Wolf Claw w/ Heavy Flamer
-Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought

Dreadnought (160 pts)
-Plasma Cannon, Great Wolf Claw w/ Heavy Flamer
-Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers, Venerable Dreadnought

Murderfang, the Curseborn (185 pts)
-Drop Pod w/ Deathwind Missile Launcher

++Officio Assassinorum: Dataslate++

+ Elites (150 pts) +

1x Vindicare Assassin (150 pts)

TOTAL: 1850 pts

My dream list.

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I meant to quote>>37602872
but thanks for that spot about the purifiers.
>For every five models in the unit, TWO Purifiers may take an item from the Special Weapons list.
The TH and Mbombs were there to fill in the last 55 points but now I can suggest some MSU

>5 Purifiers with 2 Incinerators (x4)
135 (x4)

Then that leaves 35 points left over for 3 Thunder Hammers and something extra.

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I feel like Tzeentch is fucking with me.

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Anyone have any experience with blending DE/Eldar forces? I'd rather not take farseers if possible as they would be very points inefficient in a blended force.

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This is fuckawful.

I wrote a huge write up on tactics last list thread. I'll get you the archive link.

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I dunno, I'm here though bruh. Use this post

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asides from the 2 large and underequipped Purifiers (and the lack of Str 8+) what all is bad?>>37603300
>Hamnurgler with Cries
All of my heresy. It reminds of when I gave my brother a box of Khorne Flakes for his birthday.

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Dark Angels ~1850 Point

Interrogator-Chaplain (Terminator armor, Mace of Redemption) - 170pts
Deathwing Command Squad (Champion, Apothecary, Deathwing Banner + TH/SS, Cyclone ML + TH/SS) - 335pts

10x Tactical Squad (plasma gun, multi-melta, dedicated Rhino) - 200pts
10x Tactical Squad (meltagun, plasma cannon, dedicated Rhino) - 200pts

Ven. Dreadnought (TL lascannon, ML) - 160pts
Ven Dreadnought (2x TL autocannon) - 145pts
5x Deathwing Terminator Squad (assault cannon, chainfist) - 245pts

Fast Attack:
3x Ravenwing Black Knights (Ravenwing GL) - 126pts

Heavy Support:
10x Devastator Squad (2x ML with flakk, 2x lascannon, Drop pod) - 265pts
Total: 1846pts

Just starting in WH40k, so any advice is useful.

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Scroll about halfway down I think.

It's probably not all that bad, but he needs bodies, or he'll get tabled a lot. Grav and plasma will eat those NDKs. Target saturation is gonna help, and this list doesn't have it.

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Yeah. That's a bit of a problem with GK unless you use them as allies to SM or AM. Would breaking the 2 units of 10 purifiers into 4 units of 5 make a significant difference? I play Orks and I usually stomp on his army but with this purifier focused list he should do a lot better. The idea is that he would use the GK force org to deep strike just about everything but I know he owns a couple rhinos and stormravens.

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When I'm getting two guns for my crisis suits, is one gun 15 points and the other 20 points like buying them twin linked, or are they both 15 points?

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5 man purifiers are nasty. I like to run mine close together so I can have two instances of Cleansing Flame that overlap. Also it somewhat negates the salvo issue if you want to try and use them as a close fire and assault duo. Personally I like 10x Puris, falchions on the KoTF, 3 Halberds (this is ten points and keeps it a multiple of five), a Daemonhammer, one sword, and 4 psycannons. Zoom the Rhino up a flank. Drop off psycannons and sword guys, then leave the combat team close by. Shoot side armor, and then you also have a nice countercharge unit. Both teams together can clear hordes with Cleansing flame, just hug cover and rock it.

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Sternguard need a transport. Drop Podding 2 squads of 5 is your best option. I would take melta for AT and monster hunting personally, but plasma has its merits.

Lascannons are pointless on these guys.

For the Vanguard Vets it'd probably only take 1 powerfist per; your high initiative, furious charge, etc, really benefits you with the power swords more.

HQ is fine. Inferno pistols are too short ranged for my taste.

I would fill out those tac squads to 10 men; give the first squad a flamer.

Don't use flakk missiles. They are pointless. You can put a lascannon in this squad, combat squad them, and drop a sarge with hand flamer/flamer in the pod while the lascannon camps an objective.

Land speeders are...okay. A Baal Predator is about the same points and gets the benefit of twinlinking and much heavier armour. So many things ignore jink these days.

Dante is alright.

6/10, would purge with.

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You can very easily get screwed by bad reserve rolls, and you autolose if your land raider and predator get shot off the board. Which any 1500 point army should be able to do pretty easily.

Well met, brother.

I'm pretty torn on the Deathwing Command Squad vs. Deathwing Knights. The Champion is pretty great, but with your setup, I don't know how you are going to get them into range. I'm assuming you are teleporting on your black knights. The hard part is then doing it somewhere they won't get shot off the board instantly.

I would also consider making your squads plasma gun/plasma cannon melta/mm and give the sargents a combi weapon to match. That one round of shooting has won me plenty of games.

Venerable is honestly a waste of points with your shooting being twinlinked on the autocannons. You reroll damage, sure, but you are going to get glanced to death in one round anyway by any at shooting.

Deathwing Squad is alright.

Here's a thought for you; drop pod both of your tactical squads and one of your dreadnoughts; turn one you Deathwing Assault and drop pod both the tactical squads; if you consider changing the banner to a fortitude standard you also give nearby units Feel No Pain, which can be a very big deal.

I love Black Knights.

No reason to take 10 devastators. Put 6 in a Razorback with Twinlinked Lascannons. Flakk Missiles are bad.

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Purifiers can't deep strike :(

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Posted in this list in the 40k general but I guess this would be better? Anyways let me know what you think!

500 Ponts

'eavy Armor, Power Klaw
(Goes with Boyz without Nob)

-10x Boyz

-10x Boyz
Boss Nob: Bosspole, Power Klaw

-2x Deffkopta's
Twin-linked Rokkits

-5x Kommandos
Boss Nob: Bosspole

-3x Kannons w/Grots
2x Ammo Runts
2x Extra Gretchin

Also, if I were to kick this up to 1500, what would be the logical next purchases? I expect to fight at least 'crons, DA, and IG for sure but idk about the rest of my area's meta.

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Have you considered burna boys in a trukk?

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Are you illiterate? I'm not even him but he says "almost everything"

>> No.37606096

Thanks for the ideas.

Yeah, my original idea was Deathwing Assault on the Black Knights, back that with the Devs and Dreads, and drive the Tacticals either for the objectives or the flanks (depending on the mission).

You've got a point about deep strikers being shot dead the turn they arrive, though. SoF would probably help that.

I like your thoughts on the Tactical loadouts. I've heard mixing weapon types like that wan't ideal, but I figured I'd throw it up and gauge the reaction.

Venerable on the rifleman does seem superfluous. Only occasionally useful on the hellfire, too. Not sure where I was going with that. Just to check, TL and Preferred Enemy still only gives the one re-roll to hit, right?

I'll have to consider drop Tacticals vs mech Tacticals. Likewise the Razorback Devastators; it's basically an inversion of my original thoughts. Does put some more firepower on the board though.

Anyway, I appreciate the advice.

>> No.37606336

as in, "instead of boyz in a trukk" or as in "additionally get some burnas in a trukk"?

>> No.37606338

3 of his units can't deep strike (5 if he combat squads) and 2 of his units probably won't deep strike (dread knights)

That means 1-3 units will deep strike, and 3/5-5/7 units will not deep strike

"almost everything" to me implies at least 75% of his forces deep striking

>> No.37606351

He was referring to the codex, not his army comp.

>> No.37606399

In post >>37603709 the poster very explicitly states that his friend's plan with the GK army is to deep strike just about everything. Not referring to the GK codex's ability to deep strike nearly everything, but for his friend's strategy with his army.

>> No.37606481


Biggest problem with Rhinos in my experience is that they don't actually last long enough to get you where you are going. You'd be lucky to get 12 inches and disembark. That's not very far. With drop pods you stand a very decent chance of getting near where you want to go

SoF doesn't protect you from plasma or melta and there is enough AP2 everywhere that it makes delivery of terminators difficult. The Deathwing Knights get T5 if they are bunched up but that makes for a very tempting target.

Land Raiders just aren't competitive but a Crusader with Deathwing Vehicle AND a techmarine with a powerfield generator may last long enough to get shit done.

Yeah, you can't get more than one reroll. Check out >>37594088 for me details.

The problem with drop pod devastators is that they have to snapshot the first turn they come in.

Personally, I'm a big fan of a cheap unit of scouts for holding an objective. My list is above with the Reference Sheet from earlier.

>> No.37606653

BA vs all comers. Competitive meta, total asshole waac community. will this list allow me to say 'fuck you waac faggot' win or lose?

Astorath (165)
Librarian (110) melta bombs, jump pack

Death Company (535) PF x1, THammer x2, Power Axe x4, Chainsword x7, dual Power Axe x1
Furioso (165) Talons, Grapple, bones of baelsor, extra armor

Scouts (65) boltguns, chainsword, camo cloaks
Scouts (65) boltguns, chainsword, camo cloaks
Tactical Squad (225) heavy flamer, flamer, hand flamer, power sword, drop pod

Attack Bike (55) multi melta
Attack Bike (55) multi melta

Baal Pred (150) assault cannon, heavy bolter sponsons, storm bolter, extra armor
Sicaran (180) lascannon sponsons, extra armor, storm bolter, dozer blade
Stormraven (205) extra armor, assault cannon, multi melta

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So now that FW released the missing Thallax/Castellax models I want to stop dragging my feet and put a Mechanicum army together. Curious if this would work at all for a 1000 point starter since it lets me pick up more models and expand to 1500 and 1850 fairly easily while keeping the cost relatively sane.

Magos Dominus with Conversion Beamer, Infravisor

Thallax Cohort, Destructor Augments, Multi-Melta (x3 Thallax)
Thallax Cohort, Destructor Augments, Multi-Melta (x3 Thallax)
Thallax Cohort, Phased Plasma Fusil (x3 Thallax)
Thallax Cohort, Phased Plasma Fusil (x3 Thallax)

Heavy Support
Myrmidon Destructors, 3x Volkite Culverins, 1x Irradiation Engine on the Myrmidon Lord

Myrmidon Lord would be the Warlord, and the Magos Dominus would use one of the Myrmidon Destructor models for simplicity. Seemed like a good way to both make the Warlord less of a free kill when you're trying to avoid spending a lot of HQ by taking a Dominus and it leverages the way that Myrmidons are only sold in sets of 3/9 with equal numbers of each weapon.

>> No.37606998

In general, would a Deredeo or a Sicaran be better anti-air? I know the Deredeo hits harder, but the Sicaran is much cheaper and ignores Jink.

Also the Sicaran isn't fucking ugly.

>> No.37607051

For 30k or 40k? For a normal C:SM army I think a Sicaran would be better IF you take the Battle of Sarosh Legacy of Glory upgrade since it lets you have Skyfire, Interceptor and Tank Hunter for a turn. Otherwise the Deredeo is going to be a lot more effective since it'll actually hit. Sicaran is way more cost effective and, like you said, it looks a lot cooler. If it's a choice between which model you want to buy for your army I'd go with the tank.

>> No.37607055


sounds like you want a sicaran anon

>> No.37607115

For 30k, actually. So no skyfire ever, but I'm likely to also run a Fire Raptor. Which now ruins the entire purpose of the original question, so we can start discussing which one is more versatile, and oh fuck it.

>>37607055 is right, I just want a sicaran and I'd like support that it's not the wrong decision.

>> No.37607202

Just get the tank then. What legion are you playing? If it's Iron Hands it makes even more sense to get the tank since you can put Orth in it. The Deredeo doesn't really seem very good for 30k yet, gonna have to see what weapon options they add to it in the next book.

>> No.37607241

Primarily Alpha Legion. Whichever one I take, it'll just be sitting in the backfield while the rest of my stuff outflanks/infiltrates/deepstrikes.

>> No.37607264


I've played extensively with Thallax and the Ad mech list in general. You might not like what you are about to hear:

Units of 3 die like dogs to even moderate fire. You need to be running units of 6 Thallax if you are not also taking chaff units like Adsecularis or fire magnets like Castellax.

I genuinely would not field less than 3 units of 6 if I was not also taking multiples of the other troops options as well. Even units of 6 die quickly to imperial tanks if they are ever forced into LoS.

>> No.37607291

Drop the pred you need more troops

>> No.37607305


You do realize you don't need troops to score in 7th.

>> No.37607343


Second. The mechanicus troops work best when used together for different roles. If you are going thallax heavy you need to take so many to offset the gaps in your capabilities your lists ends up having maybe 1 or 2 non-thallax units.

>> No.37607354

That's something I was aware of, and I was planning on lumping them together into groups of six at higher points levels. I was under the impression that at a low level like 1000 the need for multiple scoring units would outweigh the importance of model count... am I wrong?

How would you fill 1000 points? I'm not super keen on Thralls since half the reason I want to play Mechanicum is to play low model count elites.

>> No.37607364

Look into the Mortis 4 dread I think they're called. 105 +/- points you can take 3 in elites. They have two missile launchers but you can give them las or auto cannons. If you don't move you can get sky fire and interceptor

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Cannae remember all point values but here we go

Faboulous bill
Sorcerer, ml3
35 cultists, 3 Flamers
20 man CSM squad, MoK, CCW, icon of FC and gift of mutation for the lulz
3 Nurgle marked obliterators
3 Nurgle marked obliterators


h8, r8, ber8

>> No.37607626

Ditch bill and the sorc, get a prince?

Instead of a blob, why not MSU?

>> No.37607696

Shrink cultists to two squads, go auto gun and stubber. It's better.

Dump a pack of oblits and get a troop of Fabious Boys, they are the whole reason to take him.

Other than that, MSU is butt. You have the worst marines/3+ saves of any codex, and unless your shooting orks the bolter isn't worth the cost, it's easier to get in breakable cultists

>> No.37607737


This isn't exactly how I would fill out 1000pts but I am leaving out the 3 units of Adsec because you said you don't like them in favour of a 3rd tank.

65pts Magos Dominus

285pts 6 Thallax w/Multi-Meltas
275pts 6 Thallax w/Irad-cleansers

125pts Krios Battle Tank
125pts Krios Battle Tank
125pts Krios Battle Tank

>I'm not super keen on Thralls since half the reason I want to play Mechanicum is to play low model count elites.

Oh boy.....

They really, really are not that type of army and I don't understand why people keep thinking they are an elite army. I've been playing them about as long as it has been possible to play them for and I can tell you that the only lists that actually stand a chance at being worth your money, effort and time playing are ones that are not elite. The Krios is the back bone of any low points Ad Mech list, not it's infantry. You need dem pie plates more than you need anything else in the list because you need a strong alpha strike to just not lose.

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File: 181 KB, 1852x927, hnnnnng.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A single explosive squig

>> No.37608090

That's flash son

>> No.37608157

Interesting, thanks for the advice. I'll probably hold off on collecting the army for a while.

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File: 106 KB, 800x600, 133303_md-28mm, Based, Chaos, Chaos Space Marines, Conversion, Death Guard, Dreadnought.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2000 point CSM

Typhus 230pts

Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought 200pts
>Chainfist with Heavy Flamer
>Thunder Hammer
>Dedications of Nurgle
>Lord of the Long War

Ferrum Infernus Chaos Dreadnought 200pts
>Chainfist with Heavy Flamer
>Thunder Hammer
>Dedications of Nurgle
>Lord of the Long War

4 Chaos Terminators 198pts
>Lightning Claws
>Icon of Vengeance
>Champion has PF+LC

Land Raider 247pts
>Dirge Caster
>Havoc Launcher

10 Chaos Space Marines 268pts
>Marks of Nurgle
>2 Plasma Guns
>Veterans of the Long War
>Rhino with Dirge Caster

10 Chaos Space Marines 268pts
>Marks of Nurgle
>2 Plasma Guns
>Veterans of the Long War
>Rhino with Dirge Caster

20 Plague Zombies 90pts

20 Plague Zombies 90pts

=Heavy Support=
Forgefiend 175pts
>2 Hades Autocannons

>> No.37608362

Grey knights alpha strike list.

1000 points.
Pretty straight forward. Libe and inquisitor goes with the termis and deepstrike. The knights and interceptors shunt up and try to wreck as much face as possible.

Grey knights Nemesis strike force


Librarian (135pts)
Psyker ML 3 (25pts) Probably pyro
Two Nemesis falchions


Terminator Squad (201pts)
3x halberd
Nemesis Daemon hammer

Fast Attack

Interceptor Squad (135pts)

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight (220pts)
Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon hammer, Personal teleporter

Nemesis Dreadknight (220pts)
Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon hammer, Personal teleporter

inquisitorial detachment


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (89pts)
Servo Skulls x3
Terminator Armour
Nemesis Daemon hammer

>> No.37609081

Inquisitor can't T1 Deep Strike with the squad.

Only models from the GK detachment get that benefit. It's so you can't do something like sticking Lysander with Draigo.

Sorry m80

>> No.37609119

Also, keep the Libby with the staff. The deny on 3+ against a bunch of stuff is premium. I like Sanctic and Telepathy powers more. Psychic shriek is honestly good enough to lose the other primaris powers.

I like the list though. Maybe add a choppy DCA/Crusader Retinue for the Inquisitor and stick the lot in a Stormraven at 1250 points?

>> No.37609198

Shit, you are correct sir.

I would love a stormraven but i don't have one atm, and i don't have any DCA or crusaders ether. I just have about 10 terminators and like 20 power armors. Back to the drawing board again.
On a unrelated note, what do you people use to build lists?

>> No.37609228

Battlescribe is good for list making, it has some problems, but does it's job well enough to not cause complaints

>> No.37609255


Second try.

Grey knights Nemesis strike force


Librarian (135pts)
Psyker ML 3 (25pts) Probably pyro
Two Nemesis falchions


Terminator Squad (201pts)
3x halberd
Nemesis Daemon hammer


Purifier squad (170pts)
incinerator x2

Heavy Support

Nemesis Dreadknight (220pts)
Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon hammer, Personal teleporter

Nemesis Dreadknight (220pts)
Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis Daemon hammer, Personal teleporter

inquisitorial detachment


Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (54pts)
Servo Skulls x2
Power armor

Its what i'm using to

>> No.37609306

Battlescribe is good enough, I like Army Builder from WolfLair though.

I'm actually both those people you responded to

Also. I just realized something else. Why no swords on your NDKs? They're an absolute necessity. NDKs without force is silly.

Perhaps you could run one with teleporter incinerator, and sword and go punch a tank or MC, with the Interceptors guarding him (read zoom up and flame grav bikers/tarpits) Then have the other one with the heavy psycannon and no teleporter or melee weapon (I know what I just said) slog behind your Termies. I used to use this setup in 6th and it was pretty good for a nice anvil.

Now potentially you can reserve him and deepstrike when you need. Anyways it's up to you.

The PT is great, but the dakka is also nice and sufficiently well ranged that the PTs jump isn't so important. Keep him in cover and snipe bitches with the heavy psycannon. He's also a nice counter-charger for those GKT.
Consider dropping the inquisitor and grabbing a squad of Strikes to either deepstrike, or camp on home objectives

>> No.37609344

OMIs cant take Incinerators...

>> No.37609351

The nemesis deamon hammer is a force weapon. All that greatsword dose is master crafted.

>> No.37609369

Totally glossed over that.
Sword is much better though. Concussive isn't a huge boon because you're already going first a lot. That MC will give you the edge to get out of cc and onto newer and better adventures.

>> No.37609391
File: 47 KB, 475x587, omi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Idk if this is out of date but looks like they can.

True the sword is better, maybe i can find the 10 points i need to give them swords.

>> No.37609436


Oh fuck me again.
>Power armor
not terminator armor
Carry on.

If you drop the halberds, you'll have the points. I've found that Hammerhand hand plus on DH usually gets the trick done more often than not.

>> No.37609509

Dropped the 3 halberds and changed the inquisitors Incinerator to a combi-melta, That gave me the 10 points i needed to give swords to the knights. I'm looking forward to trying this list out. To bad no one in my entire city plays... Oh well.

>> No.37609521

Well, best of luck anon.

>> No.37609575

Baal strike force 1850
ML2, veritas veritae, terminator armour, force axe & storm shield

Tactical (10)-210
Hand flamer, flamer, heavy flamer & rhino
Scout (5)-65
Cloaks & Shotguns (for maximum DOOMguy)

Assault terminators(5)-225
4 th/ss, 1 lc/company banner
Furioso dreadnought-165
Frag cannon, meltagun, grapple & drop pod
Death company (15)-425
Jump packs, bolters, 2 powerfists & thunder hammer
Death company dreadnought-170
Heavy flamer, meltagun, grapple & drop pod

Assault squad (5)-135
Dual inferno pistol sergeant, 2 meltaguns & drop pod
Assault squad (5)-135
Dual inferno pistol sergeant, 2 meltaguns & drop pod

Stormraven -200
Multimelta & lascannon

>> No.37609605

I like it.

>> No.37609957

The formation doesn't get the initiative bonus that's why I went with the Power Fists on the VV. The LasCannons are a good point. The Sternguards are in the Raven; the formation doesn't allow for drop pods.I may drop the ML for another Heavy Flamer but some of the armies in my meta are heavy on flyers so i need AA (I'm looking at you Matt, with your Sky Tyrant Formation complete with Harridan) I'm only using skimmers because the Tempest has Skyfire which BA seriously lack and the benefit from Dante's DOA... All that being said this is my first high model count Marine army so there are tweaks I'll be making along the way. I've been playing mech/assault for years though, so I have a good bit of Baal Pred centric lists I run as well. Thanks for the advice m8.

>> No.37609992

A few Powerfist are good.
Curious though, why don't you have max power weapons and claws? (this is the 1st company armory formation right?)

>> No.37610154

I'm not sure how that is supposed to be competitive. How is that waac and what in your meta could that possibly counter? In my experience the sicaran is cool but way too slow for any mech list I run but still proxy the model as a dakka Baal in because its sexy as all hell .

>> No.37610171

>Using Astorath
>Waac buster


>> No.37610174

Oh dual wielding power axes?
Are you stupid or something?

>> No.37610194

Correct. I do have max power weapons, the 2x was a typo. Sorry about that. And I was going to run everyone but the Sarge with dual claws but I simply don't have the point allowance or claw parts to do so at the moment. Most of the VV's are repainted Assault Squads from the 5th edition days. What armies do you run battle brother?

>> No.37610250


Seriously, since the new codex I've been using DanteWing in place of a kitted out DC that I used to use and it has exceeded my expectations. Dante, Sang Guard with the banner and Inferno, Sang Priest w/ Valor's Edge and A Libby with an Inferno has killed everything I've dropped it next to so far. Fear of the Dark, Unleash Rage, Wings of Sanguinius hell, even the Primaris Power buffs the hell out of that unit for roughly the same point cost.

>> No.37610251

how does this sound for a 1000 point blood angels army?

captain w/ bike artificer armour thunder hammer and storm shield

assault terminators w/ thunder hammer and storm shields

2 death company squads with a power fist each

tactical squad w/ 5 extra men plasma gun combi melta and heavy bolter

scouts w/ snipers and camo cloaks

3 drop pods

>> No.37610259
File: 657 KB, 3072x1728, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood Angels and Grey Knights, I've got a Farsight suits and drones only list too, but haven't played it yet.

I'm planning on running the VV + 2x Assault Squads Formation from WD with a Captain with the Jump pack. Probably 5x squads all around. I feel like bringing that much weight to bear all at once with so little chance of mishap would be nasty as all hell.

Captain will also have the Veritas Vitae. The reroll on reserves+the chance +/- 1 reserve warlord trait means I have a good chance of deciding exactly when my murder team comes in.

I can't wait. Captain goes with VVs, they drop in, Assault squads come in on either side. Good chance of survival against all but the meanest pie plate partial scatters. Next turn mulch everything.

>tfw Vanguard Vets are playable

Pic related is the captain I made up for the squad.

>> No.37610283

Son, if you want bike captains play White Scars.

Grab a chaplain instead and run him with your DC. Also consider a Power sword for your DC. Also boltguns on the Powerfists.

Otherwise it looks fine I reckon.

>> No.37610301

The primaris only affects a single model right? Still on Dante that's massively disgusting.
>dat I5/6
>dat AP2
>dat angelus Boltguns
>dat everything.

>> No.37610313

yeah i already had chapter master smash fuck from a while ago so i didnt want to buy a new captain untill i had tested the army out abit

>> No.37610346

That sounds fun as hell. I love that we can use Vets and Sang Guard now instead of DC spam, it feels better both gameplay and fluff wise. And all of the rules catered towards jump units means we don't need to spam transports or drop pods. That Jump Pack looks sick, I'll be doing something similar to one of my Sang Priests once the model comes in. The rules against Skyfire will be perfect for getting my dudes next to all of the WeeaTau. Have you ever allied BA/and GK's? I've always thought it's be cool to run an assault army with a ridiculous amount of Psykers buffing them.

>> No.37610398

So much hate. And I Primaris does only effect one model. I've used it on Dante but the initiative boost is a moot point. Using it on Power Fist Sang guard is the tits though. Those extra Sx2 Aps hits are rage inducing.

>> No.37610406


>> No.37610448

I actually hadn't because up until now they didn't mesh. Blood angels were too expensive to bring along as I couldn't fit the essentials in my GK list. Anyways, I'm probably gonna run Bro-Cap Stern, Draigo and some of those sexy new blood angels Hammernators together.
Stern gives the squad a +1 to their invul from Sanctuary. 2+/2++, Gate of Infinity, S10 from Hammerhand, murder machines.

But yeah Vanguard Vets are conceptually my favorite units and I've had a bunch that I haven't had a chance to actually use until now. I'm thinking of using Dante in place of the captain so I can run a Priest and a Librarian.

I have a Blood Angels bike apothecary and a full squad of bikes/attack bike for monster hunting. The bike guy can detach and zoom over to the murder squad and buff Dante and the VVs as well. Nobody expects you to detach the priest either.

>> No.37610472

Yeah, the initiative "dat" was referring to the priest. Still
I'm pretty damn satisfied with everything in the dex except Assault troops going bye bye blood talons getting nerfed and just how shitty DC dreads are.
Everything else feels really good to me.

>> No.37610513

Do you have any other advise?
I could drop a talon for a Vindicator,

>> No.37610548

Everyone is bitching that it doesn't feel like BA but I disagree. Armywide rules that reflect the fluff is much better than spamming Assault Squads and DC to show "hey, we're the rabid mad close combat Marines." Luckily for me the only time I use Dreads is a Furioso with Assault Termies in a Stormraven, which doesn't happen often.


Bro... I'm just about to sit down and build my bike squad for a new mech list as we speak. Also, I feel like the deep striking Archangels FOC would be insane with GK's but I've never played them so I can't say for sure.

>> No.37610610

I'm actually the same guy haha. Posting from mobile though.

Speaking of bike mech---
I've got a plan to add two autolas preds when I get some surplus dough and not so busy with school.

It's unfortunate that the scatter/reserve rolls won't pair with the GKs and that the GKs rites of teleportation won't stack as well, but starting on the board and Gating around would probably be plenty in and of itself. Might add a priest for extra fuck you.

Ah forgot my other gripes
No Termie Priests
No old Litanies of Hate on Chaplains/Reclusiarchs other than Astroshat.
Also just how they managed to make the Sanguinor worse is beyond me.

>> No.37610724


My plan is to have two Dakka Baals providin support for Flamer Tacs in AssCann Razorbacks (leftovers from the RB spam days). And my LasCann Pred and grav bikes for tank busting. What are you doing for bike modeling? I'm going to try and convert the Ravenwing box set to Blood angels... and I feel like the lack of Termie Priests was hilariously stupid considering how hard the are pushing their BA Terminator models.

>> No.37610731


>> No.37610842
File: 632 KB, 3072x1728, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my biker priest. I have friend that plays RW so we split the command set and I took the Apothecary bits.
As for bikes, I've just got some regular bikes but with bits from the Sang Guard, DC, and the new Tacticool box to make em bloody.

>> No.37610899

Can you use Nova powers in combat?

My friend and I were going back and forth about this. It says you can't fire Witchfires in close combat, but Novas say that they automatically hit, regardless of line of sight, locked in combat, etc.

>> No.37610935

The one thing I have to say is that a Rhino is a prime target for First Blood. Just be aware of that. Sticking the Inquisitor with the Purifiers, I suppose, but he's really there for the Servo-skulls. I would highly look into taking Divination because Prescience is based, and you might get a 4+ Invul for your PAGKs.

>> No.37610938

Yes, yes you can.

>> No.37610948

Good, I thought so. Because when the fuck else are you gonna use them, right?

Cheers. I needed that validation. Like, really badly.

>> No.37611161

Yeah, the handful of novas are really quite good.

I miss pre nu codex, 7e GK.
Mordrak with Cleansing Flame deepstriking right inside the enemy line and cleansing flaming everything.

>> No.37611230

The Sang Guard bits is a great idea. I'll post a few prototype pics once I get a feel for what I want.

>> No.37611398

No, you can't. They're a witchfire power and nothing about the nova rules overrides that you can't use witchfire powers in close combat.
The bit about hitting units locked in combat is referring to the targets, not the casting unit.

>> No.37611413

You mean like a lot of 5e shit - brokenly OP and completely bullshit?

I just wish droppods suffered more problems from deepstriking so that entire fucking armies aren't based on that. Like say something as simple as: droppods can only deploy in the half of the board that contains your deployment edge.

boom. Fair, balanced and logical.

>> No.37611438

But the entire point of droppods is to deploy in the thick of enemy lines...

>> No.37611805

With not nearly enough access to interceptor or skyfire in opposing armies.

Have you ever tried to play fucking Dark Eldar? They literally have NO response to this kind of shit outside of taking a fortification. Literally NOTHING.

>> No.37611857


>What are reserves

>> No.37611886

>Not deepstriking everything

Park a Talos/Cronos on the map and laff as it shrugs off every thing the pods throw at it. Then cut off his Podsquads before his allies can meet him.

>> No.37611900


Eh, I would consider just drop podding your marine squads to get them where you want. It's the most reliable way to get them into the enemy lines. It's really hard to count on getting reserve rolls for flyers. I wouldn't run vindicators unless you take 2 personally as they draw so much fire it's hard to keep them alive; but this does give you the benefit of taking some heat of the land raider.

>> No.37611923


This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

>> No.37611928

ITT: Illiterates

He was saying that DE have no answer to Drop Pods. The two posts above yours gave them the answer.

>> No.37611949


This was a response to a completely different post, asking for advice on a Salamanders list. I'm also the person who gave him the advice to reserve his troops.

What were you saying about being illiterate, again?

>> No.37612015

Why do I want all of the same weapon in my devastator squads? It seems like it would be better to have a variety so that no matter what, I have at least one weapon that can be effective in a-take-all-comers list, at the very least I think I want to go 2 missile launchers, 2 lascannons or 2 heavy bolters and 2 plasma cannons. One unit that is really good against armor and one that is really good against infantry.

>> No.37612056


Because mixing your weapons means that half of them are ineffective against what you are shooting at. 2 Missile Launchers/ 2 Lascannons isn't terrible, but shooting at AV 13 or 14 and you will wish you had all lascannons. 4 Plasma is nasty against TEQ obviously, especially with a divination librarian to stop them from getting hot. Heavy Bolters are pretty underwhelming in most situations.

>> No.37612337

You idiots think you are being witty but archons are not autarchs and you might get absolutely fucked by reserve rolls.

You clearly have an amateurs understanding of how to play DE.

Let me spell it out for you fuckwits so you can understand.
1. You vitally critically desperately NEED to have the realspace raider detachment formation fucking whatever.
2. Our only reliable anti-air is the razorwing or voidbomber. Meaning you sacrifice slots for an av10 model with just 2 shots against flying vehicles that have statistically like only 25% chance to cause any damage whatsoever. The Voidbomber consumes a heavy support slot which is even more unforgivable for a totally unreliable av10 vehicle that can't hover.
3. Because we have such overpriced units relative to their stats and weapons implying that anything can sit in a table corner is tantamount to lunacy. Maybe YOU get away with it because your opponents are fucking terrible but I certainly never could.
4. Moving fast means losing all attacking power. Moving fast is to get OUT of combat, not IN. The only exception is wyches and pain engines, everything else moves fast to RUN AWAY.
5. Multiple units of reavers and/or scourges are essential for skirmishing action. They melt under any incoming fire and cost too god damn much for what they have. Only reavers are now competitively priced at 16pts each and are probably the best unit in the whole codex, which will see them nerfed next edition guaranteed.
6. Lots of fear causing weapons/equipment/special rules. Which is great against anything non-daemons, non-SM and other fringe units with fearless or ATSKNF. Actually the amount of negative leadership modifiers you can field makes this a very strong idea provided you take it in that direction far enough. Too bad like 7 armies in the game outright ignore it.
8. Every poison weapon is strength 1 for purposes of resolving damage against vehicles. While spacemarines can volley down av10 we can't.

>> No.37612874

so i made another list since i got my deamon princess in the mail, but the fateweaver list is probably stronger

keeper of secrets, exalted, greater, lv3 270
herald of slaanesh, lv2 95
herald of slaanesh, lv2 95
12 deamonettes with champ 113
12 deamonettes with champ 113
hellflayer 60
soul grinder, slaanesh, baleful torrent 170
deamon prince of slaanesh, exalted, greater/lash, lv3, armor, wings 340
deamon prince of slaanesh, exalted, greater/lash, lv3, armor, wings 340
lesser brass scorpion 400

hellflayer and champs are because i already bought everything else i needed and had spare points leftover

>> No.37613271

Going to be starting a CSM army soon. Are there ny reasons for not just running the CS rules instead of the base book. Making my Lord have a 2+ and IWND along with giving a Sorc access to Divination as well as having a better table for Possessed seems worth losing the Black Mace. Anything else I'm missing?

>> No.37613924

Both are 15 unless one of the two is twin linked then the second weapon is 20

>> No.37613998

nope and if you want mace prince you can still ally with csm as cs. the nurgle lord you can make on a bike is silly. i love the cs lord.

>> No.37614556

Alright thanks. Probably running a Nurgle army, most likely Death Guard, using the CS rules, I just couldn't see a drawback, apart from only being able to take VoTLW on cult troops.

>> No.37614932

1850 Slaanesh:

1x Chaos Lord + Sigil of Corruption + MoS + PF/LC = 145pts (In Land Raider w/ MoS CMS Squad)
1x Chaos Lord + Bike + Sigil of Corruption + PF/LC + MoS = 165pts (w/ Bike Squad)

9x CSM + MoS + Icon of Excess + Bolter swap for CCW = 175pts
6x Noise Marines + Blast Master + Rhino = 177pts

Fast Attack
5x Bikers + 2x Melta Guns + MoS + Icon of Excess = 175pts

Heavy Support
1x Land Raider + Dirge Caster = 235pts

Ally HQ
1x Daemon Prince + Wings + Warp Armor + 3x Mastery levels (Biomancy) + Greater Reward (Lash) = 310pts

15x Daemonettes = 135pts

Fast Attack
14x Seekers of Slaanesh

Heavy Support
1x Soul Grinder + MoS + Baleful Torrent = 170pts

>> No.37615536
File: 41 KB, 500x425, immortals4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the general is a dumb one.

I'll ask here

Are graviton gun support squads any good?

>> No.37615643

Which allied detachment would work better with storm troopers, blood angels or Inquisitorial warband with some crusaders?

>> No.37616171


>> No.37616202

Even with the Heavy 1?

>> No.37616815

Ok then

>> No.37616861

Quick rules question:

If a flyer jinks, can it use power of the machine spirit to shoot one weapon at full bs?

>> No.37617978

Yep. Jink away.

>> No.37618084

You skipped point 7 in your rage.
You're right, though

>> No.37618188


GW is trending more and more towards using reserves to represent unique faction fluff. E.g. DE Webway, Daemon portals, teleportation, etc.

They really need to make it a 100% guarantee reserve arrival if this is the case. Things shouldn't trickle in MAYBE on a good roll or if you buy hundreds of points of reserve manipulation. When marines/GK teleport, they do it EN MASSE, SIMULTANEOUSLY. When DE emerge from the Webway, they don't go "Okay send in one Raider then wait 10 seconds for the next one." It's a constant stream of the entire raiding party.

GW please.

Deepstriking has NEVER EVER been good. Even drop pods are only good because inertial guidance and 50% dropping in and being able to round up to cheat in an extra squad.

I have no idea why those idiots think making you depend EVEN MORE on a SHITTY MECHANIC that has NEVER EVER BEEN GOOD and that NOBODY GOOD HAS EVER RELIED ON TO WIN is smart.

>> No.37619455

Spiritseer, wraithforge stone - 100
2x 5 Wraithguard, d scythes, wave serpent, holo fields - 690
3x 3 jetbikes, 1 cannon each - 183
2x 7 warp spiders, exarch - 286
Wraithknight - 240

1499 points

Thoughts? Main opponents are space marines with drop pods, land raiders and storm ravens at all point levels being seen. Hard to kill/ strong units like command squads with SS and meltas are also common.

>> No.37619611

Alternatively, I could do:

Spiritseer, wraithforge stone - 100
5 Wraithguard, d scythes, wave serpent, holo fields - 345
2x 5 Dire Avengers, wave serpents, holofields - 400
3x 3 jetbikes, 1 cannon each - 183
2x 6 warp spiders - 228
Wraithknight - 240

1496 points

>> No.37621029
File: 76 KB, 610x960, BT_Seeking-the-Emperor's-Blessing_Matt-Bradbury.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A 30k army for a small game that has a limitation of no vehicles except walkers:

Imperial Fists Recon Group 88, 997/1000pts

Vigilator, Scout Armor, Bolter

Legion Praetor, Artificer Armour, Power weapon, Pride of the Legion

Legion Dreadnought, MultiMelta

Legion Tactical Squad
Legion Tactical Sergeant, 9x Legion Tactical Space Marines

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad
Legion Veteran Sergeant, 9x Legion Veteran Space Marines, 2x Missile Launcher and Suspensor Web, Tank Hunters

Legion Veteran Tactical Squad
9x Legion Veteran Space Marines, Power Weapon, Furious Charge
Legion Veteran Sergeant, Power Weapon

>Fast Attack
Legion Attack Bike, Multi-Melta

>> No.37621111


They can be. Graviton guns will fuck up orks and nids pretty bad. Really anything with a 4+ save or AV that want to move towards you will get rekt.

>> No.37622170
File: 72 KB, 590x738, 881a86587576017ad7a1126443cf49b1640a5ec131a9fec38cb892d54cc65f74.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Christ man, swallow an icecube or something.

>> No.37622220

i love it. i play death guard and the things you can do with nurgle and giving them fear for free is nice.

>> No.37622342
File: 98 KB, 1000x625, 1406075024877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are Space Wolves like since the codex dropped? I'm curious because it seems like nobody talked about them anymore...probably because simply naming them brings out catcalls of "yiff" and "hurr durr, muh world eaters are more 'edgy' because they don't follow the rules". Anyway, not trying to start shit, just making an observation and curious what they're like.

>last I heard they had really good tacticals...?

>> No.37622520
File: 111 KB, 841x671, BloodAngelsSymbol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lookin for feedback before I start to buy minis. This is for 2000 points. All Independent Characters go with the Death Company

Astorath 165

Librarian 125
Level 2
Jump Relic
Staff Relic

10 Tacs 205
Pod / Rhino
Heavy Flamer
Hand Flamer
Melta Bombs

10 Tacs 205
Pod / Rhino
Heavy Flamer
Hand Flamer
Melta Bombs

5 Sanguinary 165
3 Swords
2 Axes

5 Sanguinary 165
3 Swords
2 Axes

15 DC 420
3 Fist
Jump Packs

5 ASM 110
2 Meltas
Melta Bombs

5 ASM 110
2 Meltas
Melta Bombs

5 ASM 110
2 Meltas
Melta Bombs

Dante 220

>> No.37623674

You can only get 1 relic per model*

*in most 7th edition codices. Honestly haven't read the Blood Angels one but would be VERY surprised if it wasn't the same

>> No.37623752

>Only one of each Relic of Baal may be taken per army. A model may replace one weapon with one of the following...
>The Angel’s Wing 3, 4, 6…25 pts
>3 Note that these pieces of wargear are mutually exclusive. For example, a Librarian riding a Space Marine bike may not also take a jump pack.
>4 May not be taken by models wearing Terminator armour.
>6 Does not replace one of the character’s weapons.
>One Librarian in your army may replace his force weapon with Gallian’s Staff…10 pts

Straight from the MOBI file, I don't see a problem here. Seriously, who are you quoting?

>> No.37623824

How is this for 1000 points tau:

Commander w/ Iridium, fusion blaster, missle pod, target lock done controller, 2x Gun Drones


3 Crisis Suits w/ TL-Fusion Blaster, Misslepod, 2x Gun Drones

Riptide w/ Ion Accelerator, TL-Fusion Blaster, Stimulant Injector, Velocity Tracker

12 Fire Warriors

12 Fire Warriors

Fast Attack:
10 Pathfinders

>> No.37623883

HQ- 325
Master Harath Shen
Vulkan He'Stan
5x THSS Land Raider Redeemer- Extra Armor
2x Tactical Squads, MM, Flamer
Fast Attack- 250
2x Storm Talons with Skyhammer
1x Predator With LasCannons

Okay, So I can drop a Talon and get two drop pods, but what do I do with 55 points? Drop both Talons for two vindicators for a heavy armor set up?

Most of the time I'm playing 2v2 so I'm not afraid of getting shot of the table turn 1, but Everyone has flyers in my group.

>> No.37624440

Oh Blood Angels Librarians have a special exception to get the staff and another relic. Alright.

>> No.37624555

Did you miss the part where it says "only take 1 of any of these as long as you have a weapon to swap for it" not your fantasy land out "only take 1 of these per character" please into reading comprehension. It means if I have say... captain with a sword and a pistol, I can rake 2 relics plus the jump pack if I wanted to

>> No.37625073

What's the maximum number of gants I can take and still have an effective list?

>> No.37625285

Is there a pdf that contains the 30k legion army lists floating around by any chance?

Was thinking of starting a Night Lord or Alpha army.

>> No.37625484


Play on tables with more terrain and it should fix 99 percent of your issues. We have a DE player who finishes top 5 out of 20 people fairly regularly; granted, his revenant does a lot of the heavy lifting but...what are you complaining about again?

Seriously use more terrain. It plays to your strengths.


Archon, WWP, Blaster = 110

5x Warriors, Blaster, Raider Lance/AS = 120
5x Warriors, Blaster, Raider Lance/AS = 120
5x Warriors, Blaster, Raider Lance/AS = 120
5x Warriors, Blaster, Raider Lance/AS = 120
5x Warriors, Blaster, Raider Lance/AS = 120

5x Trueborn, 4x Blaster, Raider Lance/AS/NS = 195

Razorwing, Lances/NS = 155
Razorwing, Lances/NS = 155
Venom SC = 65
Venom SC = 65
Venom SC = 65
Venom SC = 65

Ravager, Lances = 125
Ravager, Lances = 125
Ravager, Lances = 125

You get 14 lance shots on your opening salvo, followed by 48 venom shots. Dark Eldar has always been an all or nothing army.

>> No.37625540

that's not what it says, bud.
>A model may replace one weapon with
one of the following:
>A model may replace ONE weapon with
ONE of the following:
>A model may replace ***ONE*** weapon with
***ONE*** of the following:

If you replace a sword with the relic sword, you have replaced ONE weapon with ONE of the following
If you then replace the bolt pistol with something you have replaced TWO weapons with TWO of the following
if you then try to take the jump pack you do not have to replace the weapon but you are now attempting to have THREE of the following.

>> No.37625569

>20 people
>only gets top 5
>not even top 4 or first

That's only the bottom of the 25th percentile. That's like saying you were 50th place at a normal GT.

>> No.37625742

Actually not the same guy.
Ripleys believe it or not. Kind of surprised to see someone else physically mad about it though. Idiots should just fuck off and not tell me how to play DE using another armies tactics.
Like this guy here;
>hey just take a 880pt titan that costs $600 if you want to win.

or GW could just not fuck my army. In 7th ed the old codex was stronger than this one.

>> No.37626041

Orks, DE, and BA are the CSM and DA of 7E, just gonna have to deal with it till 8E.

>> No.37626111

Renegades and Heretics - 1250pts

Renegade Command Squad- 70pts
Autocannon Team + Plasma Disciple, nothing on the Arch-Demagogue

Troops- 430pts
x4 Infantry Vets w/ chimera (upgraded two with dozer, all with pintle stubber)
4 las guns per squad + 1 melta

Fast Attack - 750 pts
Two Hellhound Squadrons
Banewolf + Devil Dog + Hellhound per squad, all have pintle stubbers

Probably not at all competitive, but I only really play against DA and CSM out of Dark Vengeance with the expansions, and one blobby IG.

>> No.37626115


Don't worry, when they release 7th Chaos, they'll find someway to nerf us.

Not sure how, but somehow chaos will get nerfed.

>> No.37626367


Some armies are consistently better than others, with a big emphasis on consistently. DE have always been a win big or melt army.

The best finish he has taken is 3rd, out of a group running competitive lists, with players that are mostly 8-10 year vets.

You will note the army I posted doesn't include a titan and does fine. With the current trend of downcycling power levels I feel like balance is being restored slowly.

If you can't win, play with people who will take less optimized lists. We have a revolving comp system for bragging rights where new players are given so many more resources etc to compensate.

Incubi got cheaper. Mandrakes got a lot better. Grotesques got a lot better. Beastmasters got cheaper. Scourges got a huge buff.

Undoubtably it appears that GW just made the shit no one wanted better to try and improve sales. Design is pretty spotty.

Don't bitch about drop pods. They aren't even the worst thing marines can do to you.

>> No.37626434


Chaos/Daemonic unique rules too unique for 7E. Will be changed to something like Zealot or Adamantium Will.

Have fun with those Forge Fiends.

>> No.37626459

>Some armies are consistently better than others, with a big emphasis on consistently. DE have always been a win big or melt army.
>The best finish he has taken is 3rd, out of a group running competitive lists, with players that are mostly 8-10 year vets.

I would easily be willing to place a bet of $20 or less that it's not the DE that won, but either him having a good list, bad opponents, or being a good player.

>> No.37626624

I've won the last 8 games I've played straight and run the gauntlet from every power list in the last 3 years.

I agree about the power scaling down and agree that it's necessary. Regarding units being changed it was more to do with the loss of options in a lot of places than it is to do with some things getting better.

My own list is barebones as fuck not because I wanted it to be that way but out of necessity as that kind of build is the only one which can hold up under pressure. It's mostly larger unit sizes in transports with a couple of antitank things to give me more options. Not desirable at all.

>> No.37626711

>My own list is barebones as fuck not because I wanted it to be that way but out of necessity as that kind of build is the only one which can hold up under pressure.

This is my biggest complaint about 40k. It's so fucking boring because of this. You don't want to take apowerfist because you'd rather have two more marines.

Wargear should just be free, it's extremely limited to like one per squad anyway. That way 99% of the premade models with weird wargear on them aren't useless like they currently are.

>> No.37627646

>NuBlood Angels

>> No.37627805

I love all infantry lists, but you really need some range. See if you can get some Preds in there.
Also, Jump Relic isn't really necessary since you have Dante. Unless you are going up against Tau and want dem pie plates to be irrelevant.

Also 2 PFs on the DC should be plenty.

Looks alright I think.

Might wanna consider some plasma on one of your tac squads

>> No.37627844

I think they're quite good.
They have a lot of really good hammers and ways to support the swinging if that makes sense. Also the Stormfang/wolf might be the best flyer in the game right now.

>> No.37627981

Rookie tau player here so take my advice with some salt. Ethereal might not be worth since you already have a commander. He's really squishy without devilfish to hide in. Maybe split up the pathfinders so you can mark different units?

>> No.37628000


>him having a good list

That's the point of the new codex brah, just saying.


Yeah, I've had to do this with my Dark Angels as well, which is sad. I wish they would have rebooted everything in 7th. Start with marines as a baseline and go from there to achieve real balance.

>> No.37628042


Bad is relative. They're certainly not as good as the best 7E and 6E books. DE, CSM, DA, and even Orks aren't "bad" if you want to get autistic about it. Even SoB aren't bad after their 6E buffs.

The worst armies in the game were 4E BT 5E SW and 5E BA. Let that sink in. Even 4E Orks were better. 6E BT are not much worse than any 6E C:SM but only suffer due to lack of representation in the data.

>> No.37628066

>That's the point of the new codex brah, just saying.

Then your point is fucking stupid, because we shouldn't have to be min/maxing for the 30th year in a row.

If you can only play ONE type of list with a predetermined skeleton, and never stray from it more than one or two pieces of wargear then your codex has failed.

>> No.37628140


Seriously, It's so much cheaper and versatile.

>> No.37628141


Every codex does this. I don't know why you have to be such an insufferable faggot about it.

40k at a competitive level has always been monolist minmax bullshit. Competitive 40k is an entirely different game than beer and pretzels with your friends.

I ran a 10th company list with nothing but scouts and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't good. Should I complain because GW has ruined my army?

>> No.37628193

I have played Imperial Guard in 3rd/4th edition. had a Tau army, and 'Nid army at different points. Oh and a speed freaks army that's collecting dust in their bags. Took a break from the game for a while due to real life and I have decided to play again recently. I have never built a marine army and I figured they would scratch my modeling/painting itch pretty w ell. After reading the codex I decided Black Templars sounds like my thing and this is what I came up with as a first draft. Prepare the flamers!

1850 points

Chapter Master 130
-The Shield Eternal 50
-Relic Blade 25
-Artificer Armor 20

Honor Guard 85
-7 additional guards 175
-Chapter banner 25

(x3) Crusader squad 70
-5 initiates 70
-sword brother 10
-2 power weapons 30
-Flamer 5
-Rhino 35
-Dozer Blade 5

Land Raider Crusader 250
-multi-melta 10
-extra armor 10

(x2) Vindicator 125
-Siege Shield 10

Stormtalon Gunship 110
-skyhammer missile launcher 15

>> No.37628235

I keep hearing that mono-Slaanesh Daemons is absolute dogshit. Is it true, /tg/?

>> No.37628248

As a BA player I have to disagree. After getting used to the new rules/formations and finding the best synergy with buff units my Spehs Twilights have eaten some really nasty lists.

>> No.37628347


The Warp Table can fuck you with any mono god.

>> No.37628369


Nothing BA get can compare to Wave Serpents or Centstar, don't be retarded.

>> No.37628413

>. I don't know why you have to be such an insufferable faggot about it.

Because you're the faggot who's the retard running around going "YOUR CODEX IS FINE YOU'VE GOT A NETLIST" in a discussion about game balance.

>I ran a 10th company list with nothing but scouts and it was a lot of fun. It wasn't good. Should I complain because GW has ruined my army?

And now you completely flipflop. YOU'RE the faggot who started talking about competitive lists to begin with, what the FUCK does this line even have to do with the conversation, you dipshit? If people are being "insufferable" around you all the time, it might just be because of YOU.

>> No.37628542


Everyone in every game has the most optimized build. Everyone who wants to win either runs that or runs a list to spoil that. Welcome to competitive play.

Everyone else is fine, you're just being unreasonable. Find people that are playing less minmaxed lists, or quit bitching and step up your game.

>> No.37628572

Wanted to try a list for my Dark Angels that wasn't just Ravenwing. Also wanted to try out Veterans since I really like their models.

+++ Dark Angels (2000pts) +++

++ Dark Angels: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Command Squad [5x Combi-Plasma, 5x Veterans]
Banners [Devastation]

+ HQ +

Company Master [Power Field Generator]
Power Armour [Bolt Pistol, Chain Sword, Infantry]

+ Elites +

Company Veterans Squad [5x Combi-Melta, 5x Combi-Plasma, 10x Veterans (with Sgt)]
Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

+ Troops +

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Tactical Squad [4x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

+ Heavy Support +

Devastator Squad [Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, 4x Space Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt pistol, Bolt Pistol]

Devastator Squad [Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, 4x Space Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt pistol, Bolt Pistol]

Devastator Squad [Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, Missile Launcher, 4x Space Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt pistol, Bolt Pistol]

++ Fortifications and Stronghold Assault (2013) (Fortification Detachment) ++

+ Fortification +

Aegis Defense Line [Gun Emplacement with Quad-gun]

Firestorm Redoubt [Gun Emplacement with Quad-gun, Magos Machine Spirit, 2x Quad Icarus lascannon]

>> No.37628660


Librarian is cheaper and give you more utility.

Give your tac sargeants matching combi-weapons.

Missile Launches are pretty subpar. LC is worth 5 points more.

>> No.37628712

Pinpoint deep striking Melta squads. Stormravens, free Combi on 10 vets. It's a Dex that caters towards making the most of formations.

>> No.37628717

I know it's expensive as fuck, but a BT Master with BB and SE is stupidly good im challenges. Also, what if you dropped the Land Raider and grabbed a Stormraven? I think it would combo really well with your list, and since you have the Stormtalon it could be pretty nice. Sure you have a bug chunk in reserves, but still. Once that Honor Guard is in, just mulch any and everything.

>> No.37629046


Thank you for the idea. I honestly have very little experience with flyers as I quit before they really became a thing. So it won't hurt me to pick up a Stormraven and swap it out till I decide if I like it or not.

>> No.37629269

The reason I suggest the Raven is that with the big availability of Deepstriking Meltacide and crossmap Bright/Darklances that will turn your LR into a 250 point piece of cover, this gives you a chance to keep your expensive honor guard and chapter master from having to slog, and it also prevents them from being on the map (usually) an extra turn or two so you have less chance of giving up Slay the Warlord.


>> No.37629655

Are Veterans ever worth using? I feel like they are a waste, but god damn do I love the robes.

>> No.37629670

I don't play Dark Angels, but I've heard command squads are vastly superior...plus you get robes!

>> No.37629671


Dropped the LRC and picked up the BB on the master and a Stormraven with multi-melta, extra armor, and Hurricane Bolters. Oh, and added melta bombs on one of the honor guard.

>> No.37629774

As far as Ravens go I always take that Extra Armor. Getting stun locked is the absolute worst thing. Especially if you're using it as a transport.
Lost a game once because of that....only once

I tend to run mine in 2 configurations
Either TLLC/TLMM, maybe sponsons
TLAC/TLHB, yes sponsons.

If I'm using the Raven as a delivery vehicle, I tend to keep the sponsons at home. I prefer the TLLC/TLMM because with my GKs I don't have much anti armor. You have a ton of anti infantry already, it might be nice to save a few points, maybe grab a fist or Thunderhammer for your honor guard. Wasting the Champions high attacks on Melta bombs seems criminal.

>> No.37630228

I tweaked it a little more since I probably had devoted too many points to AA. My groups isn't very AA heavy.

+++ Dark Angels (2000pts) +++

++ Dark Angels: Codex (2013) (Combined Arms Detachment) ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Command Squad [5x Combi-Plasma, 5x Veterans]
Banners [Devastation]
Razorback [Dozer blade, Storm Bolter, Twin Linked Lascannon]

+ HQ +

Power Armour [Bolt Pistol, Force Sword, Infantry]
Psyker [Level 1]

+ Elites +

Company Veterans Squad [5x Combi-Melta, 5x Combi-Plasma, 10x Veterans (with Sgt)]
Drop Pod [Storm Bolter]

Company Veterans Squad [2x Combi-Melta, Combi-Plasma, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, 5x Veterans (with Sgt)]
Rhino [Storm Bolter]

Company Veterans Squad [2x Combi-Melta, Combi-Plasma, Plasma Cannon, Plasma Gun, 5x Veterans (with Sgt)]
Rhino [Storm Bolter]

+ Troops +

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma]

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma]

Tactical Squad [Plasma Cannon, Plasmagun, 9x Tactical Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Combi-Plasma]

+ Heavy Support +

Devastator Squad [4x Lascannon, 4x Space Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

Devastator Squad [4x Lascannon, 4x Space Marine]
Sergeant [Bolt Pistol, Boltgun]

++ Fortifications and Stronghold Assault (2013) (Fortification Detachment) ++

+ Fortification +

Aegis Defense Line [Gun Emplacement with Quad-gun]

>> No.37630500

The mixed roles on the Veteran squads seems a bit silly to me.
I'd honestly try and grab some tanks or something instead. You already have a metric ton of infantry. Some heavy armor could draw fire away from your rhinos. Instead of tanks, maybe some Ravenwing melta bikers instead?

>> No.37630898

I'll probably drop the devastators for some tanks.

I wanted to stay away from Ravenwing since my usual list is just a bunch of Ravenwing and I wanted to try a more infantry type list since the Dark Angel Veterans look really cool to me.

>> No.37630938

Why are you putting a heavy weapon on two of those veteran squads full of specials?

>> No.37630944

Ok, Ultimate Blood Angles Cutting Edge GOTTA GO FAST 1750 list

ML2, Angel's Wing, Veritas Vitae
>Sanguinary Priest
Chainsword, Bike, Combi-Grav Auspex

>10x Tacticool Squad
Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Combi-Plas, Rhino
>10x Tacticool Squad
Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Combi-Flamer
Razorback w/TL Heavy Flamer The fire rises

Fast Attack
>Full Strength Bike Squad with Attack Bike
2x Grav-guns, Combi-grav, Multi-Melta

Heavy Support
Lascannnon Sponsons, Overcharged Engines
Lascannon Sponsons, Overcharged Engines


---Angels Wrath Intervention Force---
>5x Vanguard Vets
3x Storm Shields, Melta Bombs, Powerfist, Power Sword, inferno-pistol or grav pistol
>5x Assault Squad
2x Meltaguns, Power weapon
>5x Assault Squad
2x Flamers

Dante and Libby go with the Vanguard Vets. Libby is warlord because the Angel's Wrath Formation won't benefit from DoA, but it will benefit from The Angel's Wing. Dante is there to hit things and give me hit and run.
If I'm Playing Tactical Objectives I can condense the Formation into a CAD or a Baal Strike Force and then let Dante be boss instead. The fifteen points of the Veritas Vitae can go to put melta bombs on my sarges in that event.

Flamer Tacs are obviously Combat Squadded with the flamer team in the Razor, and the other half camping backfield. I might drop the squad size to 5x, but 3 flamer weapons is just too appealing.

Preds, run up close to the Rhino and Razor. when Dante and the Assault Squads all come in (with a single roll and barely any scatter), anythng capable of hurting them should be dead thanks to my Monster hunting Bikes.12 T5 FnP Wounds should also be hard as balls to get rid of, plus Blood Rode is cool.
The bike Priest will Detach and zip over to buff Dante's veteran squad when they prepare to charge.

R8 and h8

>> No.37630956

I had some points left over, but it makes sense to just keep them with bolters and give them meltabombs or something.

>> No.37631008

My local meta is low on flyers and heavy on MCs such as Wraithknights and Dreadknights, along with Imperial Knights.

Detachment: Realspace Raiders

Archon w/ Huskblade, Shadow Field, Soul Trap: 135

9 Incubi: 180

Raider w/ Night Shield, Dark Lance: 75

10 Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster: 95

10 Kabalite Warriors w/ Blaster: 95

Raider w/ Night Shield, Splinter Racks, Dark Lance: 95

Raider w/ Night Shield, Splinter Racks, Dark Lance: 95

Razorwing Jetfighter w/ Dark Lances, Night Shields: 155

5 Scourges with four Haywire Blasters: 120

5 Scourges with four Haywire Blasters: 120

Dark Artisan Formation(Haemonculi Covens Supplement)
Haemonculus w/ Webway Portal: 105
Talos Pain Engine w/ Ichor Injector: 130
Cronos Parasite Engine: 100

>> No.37631010

Not him but Plasma Cannons are Metal as fuck
I dig, but Bike support isn't a bad idea. Honestly I'd try and rehash the vet squads as well. Dark Angels vets are ass compared to Sternguard, especially if you mix weapons. Also don't think you can take 2 specials unless you number ten models.

>> No.37631026

>but Plasma Cannons are Metal as fuck
I'm not part of this conversation, but I agree, which is why I run a Devastator Squad with four Plasma Cannons in every list.

>> No.37631054

You can run 1 special for every full 5, 1 heavy per squad and as many combis as you want. I had heard mixing was a good idea if the plan was to keep them in a rhino.

But yeah, I wish I had some sternguard, and can only hope DA vets get better when they are updated.

>> No.37631056

>9 Incubi
What is overkill Alex?

Tone those puppies down to 4. If you want a Combat character, Grab the Succubus, she's infinitely better. If not at least grab the Klaivex to deflect the Challenges for your Archon.

Reavers with Cluster Caltrops are excellent so, maybe grab some of them as well. Auto hitting against invisible shit is awesome.

Do you attach a divination inquisitor to them/what army?

>> No.37631080

I put them in a Wall of Martyrs Bunker and give it the Ammo Store upgrade, which provides rerolls on 1s. The way my club has ruled this is that, when I roll the gets hot checks, any that don't fail the gets hot check get rerolls on scatter. Any that do instead spend their reroll on the gets hot check itself.

So it's pretty good against. Well. Everything short of AV13

>> No.37631130

Nifty, that at least is something Sternies can't do.
I get the mixing with a Drop pod, but the other ones i'm not so sure. It's easy to get stranded out of range when your rhino gets #rekt and then you just spent 20 points on melta guns you may not even get the chance to use.

Greenwing is pretty cool though. If I ever pick up Dark Angels I'd probably run that. with some Deathwing support.

Your meta sounds chill.
I know a guy that runs an ethereal paired with broadsides in a bastion, since the Ethereal buffs extend from the walls of the tower he can just buff the hell out of his fire warriors. each squad shits out 33 S5 shots and then the broadsides just chil the fuck out inside his bastion.
Fortifications are powerful, if not exactly fair sometimes.

>> No.37631143

Gotta remember that building damage table. If you blow the bastion(easy enough to do with melta) that's 4d6 S6 AP4 hits with Ignores Cover on the squad inside. They use random allocation, so no tanking them all on the broadsides. I doubt his ethereal would like that much.

>> No.37631144

Trying to decide if I want to ally to Coven or Eldar. I don't actually know very much about Craftworld Eldar, The only players I've ever player against with this played very odd-ball lists.

Archon- 170
Agonizer, Webway Portal, Shadow Field

Archite glaive, Armor of Misery

Blaster, Venom, Splinter cannon

Blaster, Venom, Splinter Cannon

x9,Shredder, Raider, Nightshields, Slinter racks, Dark Lance

x4, Klaivex, Venom, Splinter Cannon

Dark Lances, X2 Shatterfield missiles,

x9, x3 Cluster Caltrops

Splinter Cannon


Jetbike, Singing Spear, Runes of witnessing
Dire Avengers-210
x5, Wave Serpent, TL Scatterlazer, Shuriken Cannon, Holofield

Fire Dragons-145
Exarch, Fire Spike, Fast shot

>> No.37631170

Archon- 170
Agonizer, Webway Portal, Shadow Field

I can't really see this guy contributing much to your list.

Dark Lances, X2 Shatterfield missiles,

Why Shatterfield missiles? They're almost never worth the points.

Splinter Cannon

What goes in here?

>> No.37631174

1850 points, Sorry.
And the Fire Dragons Ride in the empty Venom.

>> No.37631175

>tfw armored bunkers and castles are weaker to conventional damage than land raiders


>> No.37631186

Exactly the same actually. The Bastion and the Land Raider are both AV14 and 4 HP.

>> No.37631226

I've seen it happen to him. Still, mighty fucking powerful, plus with all that interceptor he's got a good chance to eliminate all the melta chumps.

>> No.37631241

>plus with all that interceptor he's got a good chance to eliminate all the melta chumps.
Remember the Bastion's fire ports don't cover 50% of its sides, so you can get in the broadsides' blind spots if you're clever.

>> No.37631251

I agree, he isn't fantastic. But I can shoe hrn in into which ever group I need too. He Can deep strike the raider onto Hive Tyrants on turn one, Or the fire dragons on to a knight, Or the Wave Serpent if that needs to happen for some reason. And if that is all unnecessary He can ride around with the incubi.
Also. Its all comer, he can kill Tyranid monsters or stall a C'tan shard if the Necron player is being a dick.

And I don't even remember what my thinking was on the missiles.

>> No.37631265

Interesting approach. I hadn't thought of stalling a hugeass combat creature with a single archon.

>> No.37631286

I think you should get some Wraithguard instead. slap em in a raider and deep strike em. hell, grab an autarch with some combat goodies and stick him on a bike to run around and cause havoc with the reavers..plus his reserve boosts are nice.

the autarch turned traitor or something and brought some wraiths with him as a token of "friendship"

I feel like Guardians would be fine to use as a wave serpent tax instead of Dire Avengers as they don't really add much. Maybe ditch the Fire Dragons in favor of some Ravagers? >>37631251 although deepstriking em sounds fun. Also pretty sure you can't T1 deepstrike even with a WWP.

>yfw he has a riptide standing on a hill behind the tower.

>> No.37631292
File: 709 KB, 1836x3264, IMG_20141227_150456_521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was a hero. It took three turns for it to roll a six on stomp to kill him.

>> No.37631295

>I think you should get some Wraithguard instead
I only say that because I love Wraith construncts. not sure if they'd actually be valuable

>> No.37631301

Webway portal causes the bearer and his unit to deapstrike automatically on turn one with no scatter, including the vehicle the are riding on if the are.
He wouldn't be able to bring the venom but he could deep strike them.

>> No.37631302

I hate that new model.

>> No.37631324
File: 95 KB, 1221x485, webway portal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Webway portal causes the bearer and his unit to deapstrike automatically on turn one with no scatter
No, it just prevents scatter

>> No.37631328

Ok, I just read the rule it doesn't say anything about turn one...

>> No.37631333

Nobody has r8'd or h8'd...

>> No.37631340

Well shit.
Where did I even get that from.

>> No.37631354

No idea M80.

New idea 20 Man Kabalite Blob with archon and WWP The unit gains the deep strike rule and waltzes into ur houze and not gibs a fuk

>> No.37631369

Do it with a Haemonculus for earlier FNP

>> No.37631384

Good idea, and it's cheaper to boot.

Anybody ever tried Drop Podding Terminators with the Space Wolf book or New Blood Angles?

>> No.37631389

It eats up your FA slots, and blood angels like their FA slots

>> No.37631398

I know it does, but what if i don't care because I'm using formations to get my assault marines? And now that Baal Preds are in Heavy it doesn't hurt as much

>> No.37631411

Try it out and report back to us with your results.

>> No.37631430

I won't have the opportunity to try it out for a bit., but I will when I have the chance. Never played AssTerms, but I'm looking to justify buying the new kit because the models are pretty.

>> No.37631442


>> No.37632328


>> No.37632600

Oh good idea with path finders

>> No.37632975

Why ain't you chumps talking?

>> No.37632998

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.37633014

I touch myself during the day too

>> No.37633036

I have been shown who's boss

>> No.37633117

Sometimes the Jimmies get rustled and I gotta readjust.

>> No.37633231

What can Chaos use to effectively punch 2+ armor.

My Thousand Sons continuously have a problem vs anything with 2+ armor and I am looking for something that could deal with it.

>> No.37633260


>> No.37634202

Plz r8, plz h8, I need help to deliber8

>> No.37635014

Any advice on playing Big Squiggoths in an Orks army? I'm planning on buying two next paycheck.

>> No.37635125

Was going to say Axe of Blind Faggotry, but then i read
I dunno, some kind of psychic power?

>> No.37635530


I usually Run Arhiman and go for doombolt and default to smite for two of my 4 powers.

This usually lets me thin out a bike squad with smashfucker or a chaptermaster who just dropped in, but most of the time, by the time they are in 18 in it's too little too late

>> No.37636293

I am playing with a bunch of WSYWYG faggots this weekend, 1,650pt lists, so I'm using models I actually have with appropriate configurations. How does this list sound?

++ HQ ++

Winged Hive Tyrant - 230
>[Venom Cannon]
Winged Hive Tyrant - 230
>[Twin-linked Devourers and Brainleech Worms]

++ Troops++

3 Tyranid Warrior Brood - 100
>[Barbed stranger]

20 Termagaunts - 160
>[Devourer x20]

20 Termagaunts - 160
>[Devourer x20]

12 Genestealer Brood - 254
>[Broodlord, Adrenal Glands]

10 Genestealer Brood - 160
>[Adrenal Glands]

5 Ripper Brood - 75
>[Deep Strike]


1 Venomthrope Brood - 45

1 Venomthrope Brood - 45

++Heavy Support++

Mawloc - 140

1 Biovore Brood - 40

Total Points: 1639

>> No.37636321


It it helps at all, I know for a fact there is going to be Orks, Dark Eldar and Astra Militarum. Their list building is a mix of casual and netlist faggotry, leaning more toward casual.

>> No.37638228
File: 303 KB, 2048x1548, 10710380_965004533515933_2628730057482203180_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Less of a list, and more of a fucked up squad I've been using for fun-(obviously not competitive since there is no anti vehicle shit) Pretty much the concept is I get a giggle when conscripts double out Space Marine characters.
>Take all independant characters (and priests)- attach them to 50 man conscript unit.
>Azrael gives Furious Charge, 4++ to ENTIRE squad
>3 priests to give hatred RE-ROLE ALL FAILED SAVES
>Coteaz for hammerhand +2 strength
>Inquisitor with rad grenades for -1 toughness on enemy plus 'troke nades for extra laughs
>Unless the enemy has a fuck ton of barrage weapons, or some efficent way to get Azrael out of the squad- it can kill anything with minimal losses (due to conscripts with a re-roll able 4++)
Azrael -215 -Taking the Furious Charge warlord trait
Scouts w/ Snipers -60
Scouts w/ Snipers -60
>Imperial Guard detachment
CCS- 60
Priest- 25
Priest- 25
Priest- 25
Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon
Pcs- 30
Infantry Squad- 50
Infantry Squad-50
Conscript Squad(50 models)- 150
>Inquisitorial Detachment
Coteaz- 100
Inquisitor w/ Rad and 'troke Gernades plus power armor -63
>913 pts
>Conscripts really do teh Gawd Emprah Prowd when they can one shot a chaos lord.

>> No.37639691

Can I make 2 squads of wraithguard with d-scythes work in a 1500 point list? Would be something like:

Spirit seer
2 squads of 5 wraithguard with d scythes in wave serpents
5 Fire dragons in a wave serpent
2 squads of warp spiders
Shield/cannon wraithknight

>> No.37642122


>> No.37642140


>> No.37642198

Is it viable to make a WW2 Air Borne Company out of Astra Militarum?

>> No.37642235

Yes, its called Elysians.

>> No.37642400

Ok cool, so they all have Deep Strike, I don't have to book but I do have the bsi file. Do they get turn 1 deep strike?

>> No.37642760

iirc yes they can get drop assault.

>> No.37643102

No one plays 30k? Sucks, are 30 Marines a good enough bodycount for a 1kpts game? The plan with this list is to join the Vigilator and Praetor to the CC Veterans to Infiltrate+Scout somewhere safe to assault next turn and for the Missile vets to shoot shit while the rest moves up.

>> No.37643139

Looking to get some feedback on an 1850 list that incorporates IG, 40k SM, and 30k Admech all into one list. Can anyone here help me out?

>> No.37643140

EasyCompany (1500pts) Elysian Drop Troops
HQ (210pts)
• Elysian Company Command Squad (210pts)
o 2x Bodyguard (30pts)
o Company Commander (20pts)
o Missile Launcher Team (15pts)
o Officer of the Fleet (30pts)
o Veteran w/ Medi-pack (30pts)
o Veteran w/ Vox-caster (5pts)
Troops (560pts)
• Elysian Drop Infantry Platoon (370pts
o Heavy Weapons Squad (70pts) each
o 3x Mortar Team
o 3x Mortar Team
o 3x Mortar Team
o Infantry Squad (60pts)
o Infantry Squad (60pts)
o Platoon Command Squad (40pts) (IA3ed2)

• Elysian Veteran Squad (95pts) (IA3ed2)
o Heavy Bolter Team (10pts)
o Vet with Vox Caster & Lasgun (5pts)
o Veteran Sergeant
o 7x Veteran w/ Lasgun
• Elysian Veteran Squad (95pts)
o Heavy Bolter Team (10pts)
o Vet with Vox Caster & Lasgun (5pts)
o Veteran Sergeant
o 7x Veteran w/ Lasgun
Astra Militarum: Codex (2014) v8 (Allied Detachment) Selections:
No Force Org Slot (125pts)
• Enginseer (50pts)
o Servitor w/ Servo-arm (10pts)
• Primaris Psyker (75ptsMastery Level 2)
• HQ (70pts)
• Lord Commissar (70pts) HoC: The Emperor’s Benediction (5pts),
• Troops (60pts)
• Veterans (60pts) (Codex: Astra Militarum p38)
Flak Armour for Squad
o Veteran Sergeant
o 9x Veteran w/ Lasgun
Heavy Support (375pts)
• Basilisk Battery (375pts) (Codex: Astra Militarum p50)
o Basilisk (125pts)
o Basilisk (125pts)
o Basilisk (125pts)
Fortification (100pts)
• Aegis Defense Line (100pts) (Stronghold Assault)
Gun Emplacement with Quad-gun (50pts)

The Allied Guard are a FOB under attack that need support.

>> No.37644913 [DELETED] 

GK list I've been having some success with. Needs work, but I'm trying to stay around 30 models.

++ (Nemesis Strike Force) (1686pts) ++

+ HQ (150pts) +

Librarian (150pts) [Cuirass of Sacrifice (Replace TDA), Nemesis force halberd, Psyker [ML 3]]

+ Elites (291pts) +

Purifier Squad (291pts)
····Knight of the Flame [Melta bombs, Nemesis force halberd]
····4x Purifier (falchions) [8x Nemesis falchion]
····4x Purifier (halberd) [4x Nemesis force halberd]
····Purifier (hammer) [Nemesis Daemon hammer]

+ Troops (604pts) +

Strike Squad (202pts) [Grey Knight (sword)]
····Grey Knight (halberd) [Nemesis force halberd]
····Grey Knight (hammer) [Nemesis Daemon hammer]
····Grey Knight (incinerator) [Incinerator]
····Justicar [Nemesis force sword]
····Razorback [Twin-linked lascannon]

Terminator Squad (199pts) [2x Terminator (sword)]
····Terminator (hammer) [Nemesis Daemon hammer]
····Terminator (psycannon) [Nemesis force halberd, Psycannon]
····Terminator Justicar [Nemesis force halberd]

Terminator Squad (203pts)
····2x Terminator (halberd) [2x Nemesis force halberd]
····Terminator (hammer) [Nemesis Daemon hammer]
····Terminator (psycannon) [Nemesis force halberd, Psycannon]
····Terminator Justicar [Nemesis force halberd]

+ Fast Attack (156pts) +

Interceptor Squad (156pts)
····3x Interceptor (falchions) [6x Nemesis falchion]
····Interceptor (hammer) [Nemesis Daemon hammer]
····Interceptor Justicar [Two Nemesis falchions]

+ Heavy Support (485pts) +

Land Raider (260pts) [Multi-melta]

Nemesis Dreadknight (225pts) [Heavy Incinerator, Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis greatsword and power fist, Personal teleporter, Warlord]

++ (Inquisitorial Detachment) (64pts) ++

+ HQ (64pts) +

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (64pts) [Liber Heresius, 3x Servo Skulls]
····Carapace Armour [Bolt Pistol, Incinerator]

>> No.37645014

Could you maybe at least attempt to fix the formatting?

I'll comment, but sifting through that is a bitch

Try something like
>5x GKT
Psycannon, 2x Halberds, Daemonhammer, Falchions on Justicar

Easy peasy, and it helps us to comment more accurately to boot.

>> No.37645038

Give me a sec.

>> No.37645058

I'll be here for a bit.

>> No.37645428 [DELETED] 

This is a little better, I hope.

1750 GK

+ HQ +

>Librarian (150)
ML3, Halberd, CoS

+ Elites +

>10x Purifiers (291)
5x halberds, 4x falchions, Hammer, Meltabombs

+ Troops +

>5xGKSS (202)
Incinerator, 1x Halberd, Hammer, LasBack

>5x GKT (199)
Psycannon, 2x Halberds, Hammer

5xGKT (203)
Psycannon, 4x Halberds, Hammer

+ Fast Attack +

>5x Interceptors (156)
4x Falchions, Hammer

+ Heavy Support +

>Land Raider (260pts)

>NDK- Warlord (225pts)
Sword, Incinerator, Psycannon, Teleporter

++ (Inquisitorial Detachment) ++

+ HQ +

>Malleus Inq (64)
3x Servo Skulls, Incinerator, Big Book of Heresy
+ HQ (64pts) +

Ordo Malleus Inquisitor (64pts) [Liber Heresius, 3x Servo Skulls]
····Carapace Armour [Bolt Pistol, Incinerator]

Created with BattleScribe (http://www.battlescribe.net)

>> No.37645489

1750 GK

+ HQ +

>Librarian (150)
ML3, Halberd, CoS

+ Elites +

>10x Purifiers (291)
5x halberds, 4x falchions, Hammer, Meltabombs

+ Troops (604pts) +

>5xGKSS (202)
Incinerator, 1x Halberd, Hammer, LasBack

>5x GKT (199)
Psycannon, 2x Halberds, Hammer

5xGKT (203)
Psycannon, 4x Halberds, Hammer

+ Fast Attack +

>5xInterceptors (156)
4x Falchions, Hammer

+ Heavy Support +

>Land Raider (260pts)

>NDK- Warlord(225pts)
Sword, Incinerator, Psycannon, Teleporter

++ (Inquisitorial Detachment) ++

+ HQ +

>Malleus Inq (64)
3x Servo Skulls, Incinerator, Big Book of Heresy

>> No.37645506

How are Dark Angels as Blood Angels allies? Am I better off with Vanilla SM over Dark Angels? I really like Deathwing Assault and Ravenwing, especially the Darkshroud providing cover for my fast vehicles and other stuff.

>> No.37645656

I want to hurt other peoples plastic soldiers.

Canoness (135pts)
>Mantle of Ophelia

Missionary priest (55pts)
>Power axe
>Liatanies of faith

Battle sister squad (120pts)
>(x2) Meltagun

Battle sister squad (135pts)
>Heavy Flamer

Battle sister squad (265pts)
>+15 battle sisters
>(x2) Flamer
>Simulacrum Imperialis
>Superior w/ Meltabombs

Seraphim squad (95pts)
>(x2) pair of hand Flamers

Exorcist (125pts)

Penitent engine squadron (240pts)
>+2 Engines

Inquisitor Coteaz (100pts)

>> No.37645657

Looks, pretty chill.
Personally I wouldn't have my NDK as warlord because of dat grav/melta easy first blood/slay the warlord give away against alpha strike lists.

I'd also take some psycannons/incinerators on my Purifiers and instead of the LR, Combat Squad before the game, stick the choppy guys in a Raven and run the shooty ones close to your Termies. This way you have a really nice shooting/protection for your GKTs as well as a nice counter charger in the GKT to protect the puris. Also melta bombs seems shameful on the KoTF given his high attacks.

>> No.37645759

Oh and two other things to add, interceptors are a shit CC unit. Don't pay those extra points for falchions, instead get an incinerator (maybe keep the hammer) and run around running defense against the grav bikes and Reavers that are gonna be gunning for your NDK

Also, Libby absolutely needs the staff. Denying on 3+ is massive. Don't pay more for something else. Also, the Domina is great, I like the Cuirass as well for the FnO against Perils.

>> No.37646068


Yes. Only reason to take DA is for the powerfield generator wargear. If you want their librarians they have a formation for that, making everything else they can do pointless, unless you wanted to ally in DW or RW but why the fuck would you want to do that? Their wings can be done by other armies and aren't good for allies since they require most of your points to be spent on them.

>> No.37646227

Furthermore, you'd have to take a troop tax on top of the Ravenwing bikes. However, they come stock with locator beacons right? That might be handy for a DoA list

>> No.37646736

Any opinions on this list?

I'm thinking that splitting the pathfinders in half would be smart as someone else suggested

>> No.37646821

Why not try it as a Farsight list? Sure no iridium, but ECPA on the 'Tide is ebic

>> No.37647029

Spiritseer + Wraith Units
T6 footsloggers with 12" weapons made of FUCK YOU, template weapons made of FUCK YOU AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU, swords made of FUCK MARINES, and axes made of FUCK TERMINATORS!
Use them to fill a nice gap of sturdy units.

>> No.37647158

Phone List.

Templars 1415/2000 Points

Chapter Master w/ BB, SE, Artificer Armour

Honour Guard w/ 9 Dudes, 1 Champ, Banner

2x Crusader Squads w/ 9 Dudes, 1 Power Weapon, 1 Meltagun, 1 Sword Dude, 1 Power Weapon and Combi, 5 Neodudes, Land Raider Crusader

1 Stormraven

What else do I throw in? Another crusader squad And spend 85 points on upgrades?

>> No.37647773

Either add a Typhoon Speeder or a small Crusader squad with a heavy weapon.

>> No.37648109

dealing with 2+ armor
>weight of fire
>chosen/plague marines with plasma guns
>ectoplasma forgefiend
>helbrute formations with plasma cannons and power lashes

drop ahriman for more psychics with familars, he's a nice model but a point sink. maybe drown them in deamonettes... though that doesn't work well for me either.

>> No.37648719
File: 76 KB, 484x714, DA_Librarian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A bit of an experimental list Ive been thinking of for a while

DA Librarium Conclave 415


Librarian w/ Force Sword, Power Field Generator, Shroud of Heroes, Auspex

Librarian w/ Force Sword, Power Field Generator, Auspex

IG 1085

Commissar Yarrick

Veteran Squad, Autocannon, Forward Sentries

Platoon 1

3x Infantry Squads

2x Armored Sentinels, 2 sentinels in each squad

LR Executioner, Plasma Cannons, Hull lascannon

LR Executioner, Plasma Cannons, Hull lascannon

LR Exterminator, 3x Heavy Bolters

If Im reading things right the Shroud of Heroes gives FNP and it'd confer this to whatever unit the model joins, so Im sticking that Libby and Ezekiel to the 30 man unit and then the other goes with the Russes to cover them with 4++ goodness.

>> No.37648750

Both Libbys are ML2 by the way, I guess they roll on Divination and maybe give them Smite for some shootyness.

>> No.37650226


Use robes as your tac marines.

>> No.37650281


Black Knights are pretty sick and a librarian with a bike and a squad of 5 with a scout squad is less than 500 points.

>> No.37650693


500 points is 27% to 33% of your army. That's more than a Knight, two Land Raiders, or a superheavy.

>> No.37650923


Shroud of Heroes is bad. It gives the unit shrouded if he is running solo. 5+ FNP is not worth the points.

Take a DA Librarian on a bike, 5 Black Knights in a ravenwing command squad, and a techmarine on a bike with power field generator. take a tactical squad to give yarrick something hard to join.


Well, it's 410 points, which includes a lot of mobility, utility, and the ability to score. Importantly, they are teleport homers, not locator beacons.

>> No.37651170

IG 500
2x LR BT
2x Vets with Autocannons
1x Company Com

Drink my pals tears with this shit, cus they dont get any armour saves.

>> No.37651347
File: 49 KB, 720x480, 1406245612718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 russes at 500 points

>> No.37651389

Thats right m8, sit back and Shit in, on, and around all spooce marine equals.

>> No.37651554


4+ cover is easy as shit to get. Your list loses in the 500 point meta to anti-tank tailoring (for those people wanting to beat 2 Riptides and lists like yours) and also 100 guardsmen if they decide to carry plasma or melta. Or even just losing to straight up infantry due to the numbers.

So I guess good job beating all the unprepared armies at 500, which is like what, 1 HQ and 2 Troops for MEQ? Any person that tailors for 500 will beat you easily. Hell, just take a Knight. GG.

>> No.37651585

But thats only if they are tailoring, also IF they make in range of the russes. my other 500 point list is basic and hard hitting.

>> No.37651649

A single Imperial Fist lascannon dev squad can kill those tanks.

>> No.37651655


Sanguinary Priest (65pts)
Chainsword, Melta bombs, Warlord

Sternguard Veteran Squad (185pts)
4x Combi-Melta, 4x Sternguard Veteran, Veteran Sergeant

Drop Pod
Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad (125pts)
Hand Flamer, Heavy flamer, 5x Tactical Marine

Drop Pod
Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad (125pts)
Meltagun, Combi-Melta, 5x Tactical Marine

Drop Pod
Storm Bolter

Looks like my standard 500 point list would probably shit on yours.

>> No.37651727


Nobody doesn't tailor at 500. If you play IG at 500 that automatically counts as tailoring anyway. No marine player is going to agree to play against IG at 500. You literally need 500 points MINIMUM just to be battle-forged with marines.

>> No.37651745

shit, i felt like a dick for taking a bloodthrister and nurglings at 500 once. this is mustache twirling level of evil. i don't know if i should hate you or shake your hand for taking baby carriages from babies

>> No.37651792

Hows about
30 guardsmen blob, 3 plasma, 3 lascannons. (255)
x1 Company Com with MOO and Pysker fag and autocannon (110)
x1 hvy weapons squad of mortars (60)
x1 guardsmen with melta and autocannon

Played this one against 2 eldar players and Imperial fist, won all 3 games.

Opinions and advice?

>> No.37651803

175 points is the bare minimum you turbodweeb

>> No.37651819

I let AM enjoy the rape they can hand out at low points and other specific situations, since they absolutely blow chunks at GTs with not a single top since their update.

I still don't understand why Pask Punishers and Conscriptstars aren't winning. I'm going to assume either Wave Serpents and Centurions kill them fast enough, all AM players are bad, or the armies are just too slow to play with properly in a timed tournament.

>> No.37651850


If you want to take pussy naked cheapest HQ you can get and minimum size naked scouts.

1 HQ = 100, which is generous given that ML2 is mandatory on Librarians making them 90 points, and normal MEQ HQs being 200-300.

Tactical squad with transport and one special weapon, melta bombs, combi, etc = 190-200. No heavy weapon yet.

Okay, let's say you shave down to 175 because "hurr gotta save muh points". What are you realistically going to add with 325 points that will be able to do anything to 2 Riptides or a Knight and not auto-lose to 100 boys or conscripts?

>> No.37651877

Transport? Rhinos are trash, wast of points to get everyone inside auto hit at s:4.

>> No.37651894
File: 3.43 MB, 3686x1356, 20150126_203043-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm relatively new, still building my army. I played a smaller game without the terminators against orks and did really well. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated. My camera is a potato.

1500 points

Captain with bolt pistol, burning blade, teleport homer, artificer armor, Digital weapons
185 pts

Command squad 2x bolt pistol and chain sword, 3x flamer, 1x power sword
135 pts

Dreadnaught with multimelta, heavy flamer
110 pts

Terminator assault squad, 5x thunder hammer and storm shield
225 pts

Tactical squad, 8x bolters, 1x flamer, 1x combiflamer
155 pts

Tactical squad, 8x bolters, 1x flamer, 1x combimelta
155 pts

Tactical squad, 8x bolters, 1x meltagun 1x combimelta
160 pts

1x Stalker, icarus stormcannon, storm bolter
80 pts

Centurion Devastator Squad
2x grav cannon and missile launcher, 1x tl lascannon and missile launcher, omniscope
290 pts

>> No.37651904

At 500 points ML1 is sufficient.
Get a squad of podding Sternies, and then some Devs for support and you have a good list.

>> No.37651918

Played salamanders myself, you're doing goo m8, even the list is right on target.

>> No.37651987

Thanks! I'm going to be at 1850 soon, I have another tactical squad Im going to build like the ones Im using now, Which will leave me with 190 points to fill, I'm not really sure what to bring or change.

>> No.37652014

More Melta is always good, plus salamanders love their melta.

>> No.37652039

Does anyone know the specs on the Leman Russ Annihilator?

>> No.37652045


This list auto-loses to Anonymous's 2 LR chassis list, auto-loses to Riptides/DPs/Tyrants, auto-loses to hordes unless you put HB on the Devastators (which is tailoring).

You do beat Knights with combi-meltas on the SG, so good job on that.

The 500 meta is stupid and making lists for 500 is even more stupid. If you actually play some xenos lists and see how much cheaper and stronger they are than MEQ equivalents you will find out soon enough.

For example, I can have 2 Wave Serpents at 500. You won't be able to touch this list with SG and Devs.

>> No.37652082

>"making list for 500 is stupid"

>> No.37652093

Same as any other LR except it has a twin-linked lascannon as the turret weapon.

>> No.37652101

Point cost?

>> No.37652149


Making armies specifically for 500 IS stupid. Either play Kill Team or just buy whatever you need to work your way up to 1250+.

How many people do you REALLY know who specialize in 500 points? As in "I designed and purchased this army specifically to play at 500, against other 500 specialists, FOREVER!"

>> No.37652180

I have 12,000 points of guard, but i like playing 500 point games. Less models to pull out.

>> No.37652184


If you people think normal 40k is unbalanced, try playing at 500 against cheeselords. You can't even play the mission to win since you don't have enough units so if they decide to bring unkillable/unbeatable lists, you're completely screwed.

Maybe if you play 4x4 with 5-6 objectives, but at that point you're just homebrewing. Might as well play kill team or Warmahordes.

>> No.37652208

>Either play Kill Team

Of course an IG player will like 500. You can STILL take over 100 models at that point level if you so desired. Everyone else doesn't get enough points to do anything so at least make it fair by playing with Kill Team rules.

>> No.37652211

WH40K is not unbalanced and i will never sink as low as to play Warmahordes.

>> No.37652238

Kill team is a pain in the balls though. I only play it with my Wolves.

>> No.37652243

>WH40K is not unbalanced
>being this delusional

Any game with non-identical sides is unbalanced by default. Only mirror matches in 40k are truly balanced. Even chess is unbalanced since white goes first and this has a documented and long-studied advantage.

>> No.37652257


It's easier to get people to play 500 than Kill Team too. Not everyone knows Kill Team rules but anyone can scale their army down to 500 if they really had to.

>> No.37652273

Whut, You probably just need to revamp your army or something then, because i have 4 and they all work fine in any combination, no army is truly broken. Any army can beat any other army, everyone is equal, if you can list build properly and such.

>> No.37652308

>This is what Eldar players believe

>> No.37652319


Why do you assume I am losing, scrub?

It's easy, especially for Eldar players and Tau players who don't play against competitive opponents to see how broken the game is because their (our) armies are so unbeatably good.

>> No.37652338

Which is why every low-point tournament has heavy restrictions on what can be taken.Otherwise it's just a Pacific Rim themed rock-paper-scissor with WhateverKnights battling against Monstrous Creature X.

>> No.37652341

i play Wolves, IG, Blood angels, and Chaos spooce marines. I also have some Inquisitors i use with my Imperial armys for lols. Never played xenos, never will.

>> No.37652391

True. I'm just a little worried about hordes. If I add another tactical squad with a combimelta and meltagun, and a centurion devastator squad with all hurricane bolters and linked heavy bolters, and switch the stalker for a hunter, I'll be at 1840.

>> No.37652393

>Any army can beat any other army

True, and irrelevant.

> everyone is equal

False. Completely false. Just by having different points cost and unit rules this statement is already false right out of the gate within even considering "balance" or "good vs. bad".

>if you can list build properly and such.

With how varied the game is now, you cannot build a successful TAC list. You will never be able to beat psychic deathstars, horde armies, 5E Necrons, bikers, etc if you build to fight Adamantine Lance or mechdar. You will never be able to scratch AV armies if you build to handle non-AV threats. You will never be able to handle gunlines if you try to build against Wraiths/TWCs.

Every single successful list as of January 2015 is a thematic list, whether it be gunline or deathstar or whatever. There is no successful TAC list. In fact, the most TAC balanced list is actually mechdar, and "take as much of the broken units as you can". No good list does NOT spam, because there is no reason to take LESS of a GOOD unit.

That fact alone means the game is not balanced. It's not balanced because you will never take a Falcon, you will take ANOTHER WAVE SERPENT.

>> No.37652407

Dont worry about hordes, your flamers will take care of that for you, and make sure you get the Vulkan He'stan model, hes really fucking good.

>> No.37652452

Who gives a fuck about "successful list", i don't play to win, i play have some fun.Plus i fucking love painting and modeling.

>> No.37652499

>Who gives a fuck about "successful list", i don't play to win

Then don't butt in on a conversation talking about building the best list in a thread about improving lists, idiot. Nobody wants, needs, or asked for your worthless opinion.

>> No.37652528

Then its bed time, Hopefully we can meet at the table someday to play game, and not even know it.

>> No.37652581

Yeah the forgefather rule kicks ass. Seems like a lot of people use him.

>> No.37652606

Yeah hes a badass, and Rule number 1, NEVER FORGET YOUR CHAPTER TACTICS.

>> No.37652791
File: 1.82 MB, 4128x2322, 20150126_194836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I definitely make use of them, rerolling failed flame wounds and saves, free master crafted weapons for characters. It works out really well.

Its been a fun army so far, though Ive only played against orks and other marines.

>> No.37652891

Is there some kind of list maker online to keep track / has all the units and stuff?

>> No.37652912

Actually you're wrong. There's that Calgar Tac build that does very well from time to time.

>> No.37652924

Army builder or battle scribe

>> No.37653015

Download battlescribe for your phone. Its free. Youll have to get the 40k data files too, theyre also free.

>> No.37654222

The rest of anon's post is correct though, possibly exempting one very specific example in a single codex.

>> No.37654234
File: 60 KB, 600x480, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sure, but he was shitting on Tacs and Tacs a best. Had to call this fucker out

>> No.37654243

TAC means "takes all comers", not tactical marines.

>> No.37654249

no u

>> No.37654259
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There's nothing to be ashamed of, I'm not trying to win an argument. I'm just clarifying so you'd know for next time. Not everyone on /tg/ is a "I gotta crush everybody all the time" sort of person.

>> No.37654272

Where do you think we are?

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